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Teal winces.

"Well, you keep taking those bets even when life's screwing you over and over again. Either you're a gambler at heart or you're a really tough nut to break, Veta. The best quality there is for a mercenary, really. Lesser would break by this point."


Pyrite offers the dog a bit of a glare, and shakes his head a little bit more. He doesn't feel like taking it much further, though, and instead looks back to Teal "S-So… arena, yeah? Do they provide some sorta… holo equipment?"



"Yeeah, that -was- a hard. I'm not gonna lie to your face or sugarcoat it. Usually you just lose one at first, not so many, alongside the ship no less. Sorry you had it to have it this, newbie. We're all in this pile of dirt together though. Don't have to crawl outta the shithole alone."


"I-I… alright. I-I'll try t' work past it, I guess T-Thanks, Teal." he says, giving her a soft nuzzle. He doesn't look much happier, but his tone's a little warmer.


"Heartwarming. Now can we go already? I'd like to go virtual and forget about all this shit for awhile some time today, please," Veta remarks, walking/caning off to the arena.

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The search for statues continues.
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Shrug. "its the only way I can think of to tell a bunch of ponies something so quickly, I can't exactly fly all over equestria in time."


"And how do you expect to garner great emotion?"


"Well, the strongest emotions are… rage, joy, sorrow, love.. So we just have to force one of these?"


Chell shakes her head.
"You cannot force emotions!"
The doctor nods.
"It would have to be quite the feat."


"You think not?" I grumble and rub my head. "It would take time to go see him in person."
"Maybe I just need to eat and then I can think of a better plan." I reply and lean back as if exhausted.

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File: 1512940385196.png (12.94 MB, 6000x5000, MLP - Luna49.png)


>After staying together for quite some time in your dreams, you and Luna finally leave to face Tiamat
>You both agree that you must face her in her prison to decrease the amount of lives lost should you fail and give the others a little more time, and prevent her possible escape should you choose to face her outside of the prison
>While Luna discusses this with Celestia, you visit a now healed Lucent with Baron
>Lucent doesn't want either you or Baron to go fight Tiamat, but you all say your goodbyes for you and Baron depart for the prison
>You meet up with Luna in Emperor Halberd's throne room and decide upon the following for your party
>Celestia, Luna, Baron, Pierce, and yourself
>Gold Heart, Thorn, and Halberd are to prepare troops and evacuate the city while you're away to prepare for Tiamat's arrival
>Starswirl will help how he can from outside the prison's maze
>Upon entering the maze, Starswirl helps to lead you to Tiamat's cell and leads her to you
>The final battle has begun

Luna and Celestia are carrying the Chains of Harmony through the air and attempting to restrain Tiamat's movement. Pierce's fireballs and Baron's magic blasts are having little effect on Tiamat, and there's a chance she could shoot another burst of fire again.

There has to be something you can do with the magical power you have. Figuring who you should help first might help you figure out how. The princesses are agile enough to avoid any of Tiamat's physical attacks for now, but you'll have to keep moving if you want to avoid any of her attacks on the ground. You assume her current raging state is the only thing keeping her from using her own magical ability to attempt to harm you much like Tiamat harmed Lucent.
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You feel weak, your body getting heavier by the second as more of the star's power leaves you.

You stumble forward, wanting to see for yourself what's happened to Baron, and end up falling on Luna for support. Fatigue creeps into your muscles and bones as she carries you toward Celestia, who is carrying Pierce. There, lying on the ground before you, is Baron's body, still and lifeless.

"His magic kept him safe from the heat, but the force of it carried all the way through," Celestia says, fighting back tears.

"He died protecting me," Luna says, tears streaming down her face. "He died protecting me."

She struggles to say the words again, kneeling next to Baron's body and she weeps.

"No one should have to die protecting me."

You roll off of Luna and fall to the ground, unable to hold yourself to her. As Celestia kneels next to Luna and does her best to comfort her, you hear your own voice calling out to you.
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>One week later

Baron's funeral service was held in Canterlot where he was given his own stained-glass window as part of the service. Lucent hadn't stopped crying until the day after the service. She was restign on a bench in one of the castle courtyards where they'd given Baron his own statue. Completely free of her armor and looking well-rested, she smiles at you.

"Is Princess Luna still busy?" she asks.

You've only seen bits and pieces of her outside of formal ceremonies, for you, her, Pierce, or Baron, and those moments were small kisses and "I love you"s to let both of you know you were still there for each other. She'd told you on more than one occasion that the two of you were taking a long vacation once things had been thoroughly sorted out.

"I'm glad everyone's doing well," she says and looks back at Baron. "It's gonna get pretty lonely without that grumpy old soldier keeping an eye on me every second of every day. In case you haven't been told already, I'm retiring from the Royal Guard."


"So what's next?" you ask her. "Something that keeps you close by, I hope?"

"Something like that," she says, laughing with her usual bubbly rasp that always reminds you of soda. "I'm gonna travel around Equestria for a while, doing shadow plays for the foals. See if I can't find myself a new home."

"A new home?"

"It's always been somebody and not something," Lucent tells you. "For the longest time it was Baron, and I thought my new one could be you."

Lucent nudges you playfully.

"You've got a nice home to make for yourself and Luna now, though," she says with a sigh.


"Baron made me promise that if anything ever happened to either of us, we'd take care of you."

"That sounds like something he'd do," Lucent smirks. "He knows I can take care of myself, he probably just wants to make sure that if I ever need anything, I don't get left hanging."


"How long before you head out?"

Luna's voice calls out to you from somewhere in the courtyard.

"I think that's my sign," she says with a laugh.

You ruffle her mane for a bit and she wraps you up in the biggest, tightest hug she can muster, nuzzling her head against your chest.

"I'll miss you," she says as she lets go. "I'll write you from the road and make sure to visit so you don't get worried."

Rising to her hooves, she leaps up into the air and flaps her wings.

"Take care of yourself and Luna," she tells you, and then dashes off out of the courtyard.

"I thought I heard voices," Luna says as she appears from behind a bush. "Pierce just left for Taloran. He says that the city and its dragons and ponies are all back to their everyday lives. Starswirl will be keeping a close eye on Tiamat's cell, but he does not think we will be hearing from her any time soon, or ever again."
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"At least a thousand years"

"And one thousand after that," she kisses your cheek, "and one thousand after that."

Luna gives you a long and lingering kiss as the two of you sink deeper into the bed and into each others embrace. Neither of you are sure of what tomorrow will bring, what dangers or adventures will be waiting for you, but for now, the least both of you can do is wish for this moment to last forever.

The End.

File: 1514844744766.png (94.67 KB, 1686x620, 1460107572279.png)



It was not long after departing the Highlands, mushrooms in tow, that you made landfall in southern Equestria. The wilds between cities, it reminded you a lot of the wilderness in which your old den lay. In many ways you had come full circle, in the most obvious: literally. With your arrival back in Equestria, you have officially circumnavigated the world, meeting all sorts of individuals along the way.

Old Ram MacMeal has called for a meeting - mandatory. Everyone's going to be there, except Professor Steve, who is still working on the filters made from the mushrooms for the final design. That still leaves you, Flapjack, Gunny, and the Ram himself, though.
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Roll once for sneakiness and once for gliding! (also don't forget you can collect your pirate dice, 3d10 choose two)


'1d10' sneaky breezy
'1d10' gliding

'3d10' yarr dice

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 5 = 5 / Roll #3 4, 6, 4 = 14


I'll just take the 6 and 4 and use a six to help sneaking.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Critical! With the added weight of Horosha, though, you glide down and land at the giant paw of the diamond dog that looms above you. They seem a lot bigger and scarier when they're ninjas instead of shopkeepers! Fortunately you manage to go unseen, and the dog hurries onward up the mountain trail, leaving the two of you behind, lost in the forest of grass, to catch your breath with a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately all your stuff is soaked. You can't fix Horosha's size until all your gear dries out, that means the two of you are spending the night as two tinies in a scary jungle.


I better look for a nook to hide in, let's just hope there are no spiders or mice!

File: 1506879594059.jpg (2.12 MB, 4800x2700, MLP - Luna48.jpg)


Bit of a warning here, but the Internet is fickle where I live and tends to go out for no reason at all for brief to extended periods of time. I'll do what I can to restore it if it does go out. Thank you for your patience and I hope you're all doing well.

It's been 2 years…

At least that's what it feels like. After you and Luna fell asleep, the two of you met up again in your dreams. It was here that Luna explained to you the full potential of Heart Song and Kris' hideaway. Time outside of it stood still for as long as the door was sealed and two beings were inside. This allowed whoever used it as much time as they wished to be with the one they loved without any consequences that time might take on they body, and without the world going on without them.

This coupled with Luna's powers over dreams meant that the two of you could essentially live your lives here and explore whatever worlds or possibilities your minds could imagine together. The thought of abandoning the world outside and spending eternity dreaming with Luna was tempting, and Nightmare Moon and made this offer on more than one occasion, but you both knew that you'd have to take care of Tiamat eventually. Leaving things as they were wouldn't feel right to either of you.

Two years was nothing more than a moment to someone who lived over one-thousand, but it was a good moment, and one she would always remember.

The two of you awoke, clinging to each other and taking in everything you both could offer. The desire to fade back into your dreams was almost impossible to resist with Luna resting in your arms. With one more kiss, lingering as long as the two of you could allow, you and Luna gathered up the strength to leave.

"You chose a convenient time to awaken," Luna said and paused for a moment to take a deep breath of the cool night breeze that blew by, her mane restrained by the hairband you'd gifted her. "Celestia should be raising the sun soon, then we head for Halberd's throne room to discuss further planning and preparation."
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>Your magical ability gives you plenty of options, all of which are only limited to your imagination and your actual skill.


Gosh, the worst Baron is ever going to do to her will be chipping a scale
Wondering if you could actually do chip one of her scales


okay lads, brainstorm. Doubles are good and we aren't going to hurt her in any way unless we do something smart.
Who's for making a Double ride baron and make him run around and act as bait while we fly around and taunt her


I'm pretty sure she's pissed enough to want anything that resembles us obliterated


Calling it for the night. New session next time.

File: 1467153420614.jpg (50.93 KB, 811x456, image.jpg)


A cloaked figure trudges along the snow laden path as he eyes the walled settlement upon the hill…

Another day I walk this land, the wood buildings built upon stone foundations, Greater cities existed before this very spot and an even greater one will be built after this one is burned to ash and scattered to the wind. I hope that there is a warm place to lay my head…


I know we're using S10, but is there anything apart from standard creation rules we should be aware of?


No, You can just create your character.


I'm here guys.

File: 1506194677848.png (460.08 KB, 362x441, cthuluquest.png)

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Another one of London's famous fogs covers the streets as Edward Sullivan makes his way to the George's Court Pub. The streets are bustling with scruffy laborers carrying equipment and stone, while the housewives are going from store to store haggling for whatever food they can get. On the street there's an old filthy man with only one leg begging.

A certain uneasiness has fallen over the greatest city in the world after the war. While the Great War ended in victory, the effects are still felt in daily life.

As you open the door, Edward steps from the fog outside to the smog of cigarettes and pipes. Old men are drinking a pint while playing cards and a red haired with a voluptuous figure keeps the ale flowing.

At the table in the corner, Edward sees the figure he's looking for. An older man with a white beard dressed in a costume that must have been top of the line ten years ago.
He's accompanied by another man…

Perhaps you both could briefly describe how you look and introduce yourself.
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He says he's looking forward to reading it.


"Write some articles, but not sure… hat about you?"


"Going home, back to Cairo."


"What are you planning to do there?"


End of the adventure

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Titans used to speak your name with fear, oh how quick time passes. Upon a gentle wind do the wonders of newer heroes get carried, so far and wide have they replaced your works. The life of an adventurer-retired is peaceful, tranquil, and well afforded. Such is the tradeoff for not dying with no one to mourn your passing. Unfortunately, this cannot continue as a threat unknown to these generations arises. Out here by shoreline of the Equestrian provinces there’s little need for any sell sword for civilized ponies, so when idle gossip and caravan word picks up about approaching danger it’s time to worry.

It is morning and a familiar bonnet wearing mare is politely knocking on your door, Ms. Carrot Juice.
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Silver Lane lands next to you, burnt with her cooked mane jutting behind.

"Got a few good scars out of this, but we'll live. Oh I want to explode, we just stood hoof to hoof against your old foe! THINK OF THE LEGEND!! WHOOO!"


"I'm thinking more of the cleanup. And the fact I don't have to relocate my house."
Chuckle a bit.
"But try to leave me out of this story, if you can? My time in the spotlight is long over."


"Yea that retired life looked like a boon from here! Hahah, you know that someone will include you in this story even if we don't. Right? Anyway, we're gonna stay around to see if someone'll pay for this. You're welcome to sit and tell us stories if you want! That house ain't going nowhere."

It's around afternoon as the dome disintegrates and several more groups of adventurers come wandering in.


"Well, what did you want to hear about? If you've been following me since the Wendigo, you probably know most of them."
I should probably make sure no one touches it. Last thing we need is for all our work to get undone because of one touchy chronomancer.
If nothing else, I can hire one of these groups to act as guards until the experts from Canterlot make it out here.


File: 1508352109789.jpg (657.78 KB, 1920x1441, dmytro-krymskyi-6.jpg)

Hearing stories not just about your successes, but about the preparations in between-adventures made this group's day. With several other groups stationed nearby, guarding this self-made tomb wasn't difficult. A small processing unit from the Provincial capital teleported in, haphazardly touched the materials to everyone's horror, and concluded that there were no life signs coming from Star Whisper here. The trip home, like any trip this far from the border, is quiet. Peaceful, glowing myconids standing as tall as your leg dot the wilderness. The day after is a sore affair made easier with magic, seeing that Carrot Juice's friends have time to wisen up upon listening in on Silver Lane's heroic deeds against the "Whispering Star," informing lumber yards and cleanup employment of damage done, and undoing all the wards with a clear mind.

After this things were quiet again, and a week later a familiar bonnet-wearing pony knocks politely on your door.

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Statues, flowers trees and more!
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You surface with a gasp, drawing in some of that much needed oxygen. The stormy sea can hardly be called calm, but you spot her, quickly grabbing her before she sinks.
You see a strange glow around your body, and it feels much lighter…
Someone from the ship got both of you!


"The egg! What happened to the egg?" I shout franticly in my low oxygen confusion.


"She's got it!"
The unicorn says, and you can see that Justine is clutching it, being pulled out of the sea by some fellow crewmates.
The captain is laid out onto the deck, coughing up water mixed with blood, but you hear the cracking of bones as the last of the empowerment leaves her statue, righting her body again.
She stays down too, unconcious.


"Good.. we might make it out alive.." gaze up at the storm a moment as i go to make sure the ladies didn't drown.


You see both of them are fine.
…maybe not fine. Far from fine, actually. But they are alive.
You are alive.

That's the last thought before you fall unconcious from the strain.

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File: 1488679149661.jpg (388.83 KB, 1919x1080, screen-8_0.jpg)

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This is a sci fi game using FEMTO. Information on it can be found here: http://pastebin.com/pf0hnWFi
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She cowers slightly, but then meekly nods and disappears through a door. After a minute or two, she returns with a familiar orange cylindrical bottle. "H-here you go, ma'am."

Scrum thinks for a moment. "Hm. Well, I'm no engineer, nor a fighter, but I can pilot a ship just fine. 'Specially the Moonstruck. Know all the secret compartments that Redgrave weren't able to find. Plus, I'd say I'm well connected. I know people what know people, y'know? Can get you into places, get favors from friends of friends." He takes a final swig of his gin and tonic. "Can cook pretty well too, with the right stuff." He shrugs.

A panel opens on the robot, and a third appendage hands you both a small data pad. From the lunch menu, you can choose from the following:
>Caesar salad
>Fruit salad
>Chicken, beef, lamb or vegetarian burger
>Beef rump with mashed potatoes
>Chicken salad
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test post please ignore



Guys, I am unable to turn on my pc and my default phone net is barely working, to the point where this site loads ~15 min. At least the former was not an issue until today. Can't really play like this, sorry.


Got it, will run in the new thread next week.


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