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Seeking refuge, the party have fled the Sands, staying hidden in the elusive town of Last Hearth. While they are safe from Lysander for now, they have found that Last Hearth comes with its own slew of problems. The borough is entirely controlled by a party of elites known as the Parliament, keeping hegemony over all its residents in the form of imposing constructs.

While exploring, the party have discovered several things:

The Keepers, mechanical sentinels that watch over Last Hearth, are in fact composed of the corpses of captured criminals.

Several areas of Last Hearth are marked as "Condemned" - though what this means and why is unclear.

The Parliament are a reclusive cabal, operating in and around a building known as the Parliament House.

An event known as the Night of the Hunt has been organized, due to happen in two weeks. This involves the mass slaughter of slaves purchased from the nefarious Chanticleers, and the subsequent reclaiming of their corpses to a place called Morrilcole, though to what end is unclear.

Perhaps most importantly for the party, Silver and Aegis have met a waif called Lilura. Afflicted with a disease that renders her vulnerable to fractures, Lilura has been pining to escape Last Hearth for a long time. She has offered to trade her entire supply of stockpiled goods in exchange for being smuggled out.
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The compass spins in circles wildly before vaguely pointing southeast.


Well, this is as good a lead as any. I just hope whoever stole Ri doesn't kill her before I get to them. I pull my crossow and try to beeline toward where the compass points, not totally confident I can keep up with someone with wings. If I can just draw a bead on them at a moderate diatance then that shouldn't be an issue, but even that feels like a long shot.


Following the compass doesn't accomplish much. Following it directly just takes you to a solid wooden wall, taking you away from the marketplace.

Captain Marques catches up to you with a frown. "What happened? Why did you run?"


"They stole my rat for some reason. I heard wings. Not sure if it was a bird or something like a a griffon, but whoever it was decided my rat was more interesting, stole her, and flew away." I look down at the compass again. "As long as they don't decide to get rid of her for one reason or another-" Hopefully especially because they don't need most of her parts. "Then I should still be able to track her. Unless you guys usually have incidents with crows or magpies or some echoes equivalent this might actually be our pickpocket. Just not really sure why they took Ri."


"A bird? That'd be a first. We didn't see any griffons or pegasi take off. Very strange. We'll have to keep searching, but it won't be easy. Especially not if whatever this is is camped outside the walls. In the meantime, keep an eye on that compass of yours. With any luck, it won't lose the trail."

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Ive got a quest for you guys come on out for the greatest party of your entire life every single pony is welcome


Thanks anyway /sp/ but I went to one in real life instead. TV was too loud, my feet hurt, and I wished I was at home playing games.

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Last time on PirateQuest…

The party met up in the manor's dining hall, trying to make sense of all that had transpired so far. Thessaly, Cloud and Alder could only remember vague snippets of the events of the past few hours, but even then, their memories did not match up with Cerulean's and Cutlasses. Thessaly, Cloud and Alder remembered battles lost, battles ending in death against the Immolatioknight, but Cerulean and Cloud remembered only winning.

Without more clues to go on, their discussion could only go so far. So, following the maps and the instructions of the mysterious notes that Alder had found on his person, they went upstairs, passing through an unused children's room into the master bedroom. In the bedroom's walk-in closet was a door with a most unusual mechanical lock, requiring a special medallion depicting a bear cub and a deer fawn playing together. Thessaly and Cloud dimly recalled picking up such a medallion earlier, and indeed, it was in Thessaly's purse without any explanation as to why.

When they inserted the medallion, the door gave way, revealing a ladder to the attic. The attic was cramped, made worse by the plethora of boxes and barrels stored up there over the years, and choked with interminable dust. Upon heading a little south, they came across a sprawling play-city, made out of toys, scraps of cloth and junked machinery, overturned cabinets and tables and book, and no small shortage of imagination. The "city" was so immense that they could not proceed without either knocking it all over or shrinking themselves down with Cloud's magic, and so they chose the latter.

To their surprise, when they shrunk down, the toys came to life, milling about with city business as if they were all real. Taking a moment to visit the inhabitants, they came across two key objects. The first, which Cloud and Cerulean "bought" from an imaginary shop, was the tone arm of a record player. The second, which Cutlass obtained from a barkeep who thought it was a rag, was another of the notes written in invisible ink. The message was short but partly garbled, due to one of the verses being used for its encryption being marred by water damage. The most likely renderings were either "can't dodge," "shouldn't dodge," or "don't dodge."

With all that gathered, the party left the toy city down the western road, regrouping at a small crawl-space door just outside its borders. There, peering through the ajar doPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Alright. Get well soon!" She waves goodbye to him and, feeling better, looks back to her beetleband.
"So…wanna do another song," she asks them as she decides to head back to the ship, wanting to do another song with them.



Another freebie; it seems like your beetlebands are full of classics now. You arrive back at the ship feeling the rock in your very bones as Captain Kukulcan's workers continue installing the magitech engine onto the stern.


"Yea that sounds good. Maybe get something to keep the salt from the sea away too. Now we'll just need to get some seeds somewhere."


Cerulean gets into the song more as, for an oldie, its got a fun energy to it. She finds herself singing easily as she takes some of the more secluded streets, but was in the zone with singing that she didn't notice all the workers around as she's moving and grooving her way onto the ship.


"We'd better hit her up while she's in the mood to spend money constructing Thessaly's accomodations. That's how you can always get someone to spend some more on you."

You notice a hooded Gullveig furtively exit the captain's quarters and make a beeline for the stairs leading down belowdeck. She doesn't respond to any attempt you might make to get her attention, and if you try to follow her to see where she's off to, you cannot seem to find her again. In any case, you, Roger and Tabasco are looking absolutely fresh, and the recent bout of singing has given your aura a wave of invigorating energy.

>Pause; any further shopping can be added to your sheet and assumed to have been done before the expedition

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>Fun fact, I've been numbering these wrong so we're actually up to 11 mlpg threads now!

Last time on HolyQuest…

The Saviors wrapped up the last of their business for the night before retiring to bed. It had been a very long and very eventful day, and needless to say, their exhaustion gave them a good night's rest.

Amy Thest and Flaming Shorthorns met with Fairy Castle in the Observatory. There, Fairy Castle explained what it meant to be a Witch, and what one's Craft represented. Put simply, to be a Witch was to be free. Though Witchlings are cursed from birth by the Mark of the Crone to lives of misery and misfortune, adult Witches have the power to rebel against that fate. The point of choosing one's Craft was not just to gain power, but to exercise a strengthened Will, to go down a path not because they are forced to by fate or destiny or any other external pressure, but because that is what they desire. Thus, the highest virtue for any Witch was to be free. Regina lost against the Saviors because she attempted to take their freedom, and because she created Replicas and Replicants, and tried to take their freedom for the sake of defeating Mudi. Mudi, Vizsla and Azawakh were also guilty of stealing others' freedom; in this way, they sinned against what it meant to be a Witch.

Fairy Castle concluded with a formal ceremony, in which she, as Shekinah of Wacachan, gave Amy the Arc of the Moon, a special talisman designed to inspire Amy, helping her develop her own spells relating to her Craft. She also gave Amy a title – well, Amy basically chose it herself: She was dubbed "Amy the Inescapable Revelrous Friendmaking Heartthief Hugger." Perhaps an abbreviation would be in order.

Shei spoke with Gadriel and Buiwong, accidentally spilling his plans. Some days prior, Shei had consulted a group of Umbrals via the Augur Grail, the relic of Tartarus recovered from the Tower of Traitors. During this time, he learned about the power of the Sacrifice: It was a special property of Tartarus. Those who entered Tartarus from the Overworld, the land of the living, could sacrifice their lives for another's sake. They would be given tremendous power in exchange, but their deaths would be all but assured. In addition, a life that is sacrificed to the God of Tartarus would be claimed by that God, with no hope of escaping Its jaws. Shei hoped to sacrifice himself in the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"That'd be more of a seven legged race, which is possible for you and me, but not them," LJ says. "She'd be swinging Box around like a bracelet at his size."
"I could shrink myself again," Regina offers.
"Where's the fun in that?" Box asks. "Surely you or another witch can make me huge, right?"
"That is not outside the question, but it is more than likely to leave a trail of destruction in our wake."

Lockjaw leans against you, nearly knocking you over as he comes in to get all warm.

"The details are a surprise, but River and I were talkin' yesterday about us not exactly being the toughest of customers," Zjetya says. "We're looking to get some stronger armor, plus a couple of custom weapons good for keeping foes away from us. That Vector Peculiarity she talked about looked like the perfect linchpin."
"I bet we'll be her employees for a week to pay off the costs for this…" River complains.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



"What!?" Amy challenges Shei's head shaking as they both return to their bodies. "What's wrong!?"


"I didn't say anything." He shrugs wildly, as if he were trying to shrug off the heavy feeling of disgust



"You're just jealous," Amy says playfully with a conclusive nod. "You wish you could have hugged the Buddydarma."


File: 1579591997725.png (217.11 KB, 500x432, tumblr_nejklcm7fj1r4y7nzo1….png)

"That's sick!" Shei spits as he finishes the sentence "That is a distance that should not be crossed with more than a couple of very close ponies. Maximum! And I do not appreciate you involving my little brother in your -your.. fffflings."

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Welcome players!

NPC list: https://pastebin.com/AhPF3hUg

Please post sheets in your first reply.

>>Last time….

Celestia, dragging the gray by the hindleg bumping over the rocky terrain, tries to grok the room with his gooey sensibilities. Vision cannot cut through the inky blackness; the sound of bubbling water is faintly audible. As he concentrates, however, the eldritch goo-pony becomes aware of life in the chamber. The three changelings with him are bright/loud obstructions to more distant signals, but he realizes there are more beings in the darkness. Perhaps three or four distant shapes curl around each other at the far edge of what Celestia realizes is the edge of the cavern.

It's really, really dark. Em feels like they can sense the presence of Celestia and their captive, as well as the former prisoner. Beyond that, all she can tell is that there is a big dark cavern with water flowing maybe, somewhere in the distance.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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With Veddy knocked for a loop and the guards mostly occupied by Jiàndào and Starfish, Falling marches up to Veddy, eyes narrowed as he gasps for air.
"You're going to tell me where Diamond is. Now!"
She states, horn glowing again.
>Intimidate [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


Em taps her chin and hums. "I can't put my hoof on why, but ever since this morning I've been in the mood for something smokey with a bit of a kick. Kinda smoldery, y'know?"


KC shifts Gallows out of harm's way and beckons for Cit to join him. She obliges, blinking over with teleportation magic to make a getaway down the elevator shaft.
[1d10] Winkmaster

Roll #1 8 = 8


The weapon in Dr Hojo's hand fires a multicolored beam of light, which impacts Celestia a split second before he reahes out and wraps the doctor in a big, tight hug. His eyes bug out in that moment, but he is too late to prevent the explosion which results in a crystalline bubble forming around the pair of them and floating in the air. The device itself drops out of the bubble and hits the floor. The doctor struggles against Celestia's iron grip, fear beginning to reach his eyes for the first time as he realizes they are locked into this claustrophobic space together.

The janitor begins to chuckle, then to laugh. He slaps his knees as he walks over to the device and picks it up. Studying it a moment, he presses a button carefully.

Alys: operate the device [1d10]

Reverb throws her body against the bubble wall separating her from Celly and Hojo.

Reverb: Slam [1d10]

Jiandao, wooden blades flashing around her, approaches the guard slowly, intimidatingly. He tries to stand, narrowly dodges one blade, looks at her triumphantly and is completely blindsided by her second swing. Knocked into the air, her third strike slams him into the ground with a solid crack. He is out cold.

The third guard dog begins to audibly wheeze, but makes no move to help his cohorts.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


"Something… spicy?" Border asks, giving her an apprehensive look. "No…" he taps his chin. Clicky hops up into the booth and slides next to Em. "How about…. smoked lizard?"

A well-dressed pale pony with an exquisitely-maintained blonde mane appears from apparently nowhere to arrive at their table, perfectly poised with eyes closed. Three glasses of water arrive, apparently under his telekinetic control, land on the table without so much as a ripple on the surface.

"Monsieur has brought guests. We are always pleased to see you, Monsieur Frontière. Will you be having the usual this evening?"

"No no, Golden, not tonight," Border laughs nervously, sending a look at Em and Gray. "We're just having… a little something. Whatever the lady will have. And… two for the little one."

The poised blonde waiter appears ready to take your order, though his eyes have not opened.

Cit, KC and Gallows disappear down the shaft, KC simply leaping from floor to floor with the doctor in his arms and Cit following them, teleporting from safe ledge to ledge. They make their way down, eventually ending on a taller level than all the rest with the crash of the wardrobe/elevator chamber in a twisted heap at the bottom.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1570030108182.jpg (416.85 KB, 2000x1026, dccheic-d73b6c82-39c1-4820….jpg)

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The party's expedition into the Shifting Sands has been successful, though it did not come without great change.

Upon returning to the initial spot they found the Egg, they found only Discord, freed from his stony prison and weakened by his long slumber. The first thing he did upon meeting them was to drain the seer Mercutio, absorbing the power he had granted him and effectively removing the Mad Oracle from existence. All that remains now is Purdue, wiped of his memories of his centuries-long ordeal, slowly adjusting to his newfound consciousness.

Upon reaching the Hive, where the Egg was being hoarded by the guardians of the Sands, they did not find the Egg themselves; instead, they found their old adversary Clawson, acting as transport for Lysander in the form of a flock of cuckoos, along with several other prominent adversaries of the party. These include:

Cecile Grosvenor, the Lady of Braildorn, Lysander's closest confidante. Aegis has promised to kill her in the name of the demon Ragalaseab.

Elaina, Grosvenor's personal assassin, who can effortlessly phase between the astral and physical plane.

Reck, a largely unknown figure to the party. He appears to be a member of the Bloody Mummers.

Kairon Irse, the deposed Queen of Equestria, unwittingly freed by Norv. While she accompanied the party for a long time, she eventually abandoned them in favor of Lysander, finding him more to her liking.

Through spying, they learned that Lysander had cut ties with the Oneiromancer completely, renouncing his scheme to erase the Echoes in favor of using the Egg as a bargaining tool to gain greater power in the realm. After a long and brutal skirmish, the party managed to steal the Egg from under their very noses, fleeing the scene and heading south, vowing to hide the Egg in a place it can never be found again.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"That-" I smack my forehead. "That's actually a really good idea. I don't know how I didn't think of something so simple."

I follow the voices to the dining room and stop to knock on the door before entering. My dirty white undershirt is half tucked into a pair of black slacks, but my mask and coat are gone. "Sorry," I say, "Am I interrupting something?"



Roll #1 8 = 8


Zunden rubs her temples, wrought with guilt for Aurora and worry from Hermodur's past actions. With one eye covered by the claw gripping her head, she looks to Etrigan, searching for something. About to open her mouth, she turns her head towards the footsteps.

"R-right. I'll let you zpeak togezher, I am zure it'z been a while."

Zunden turns and gets up to meet Norv, looking haggard. She notices Norv's state and and lack of signature clothing, and grips her staff with more worry. "Are you alright? What happened? Are ze ozherz okay?" She asks with quiet urgency.


"It only sounds simple on the surface. How do you plan on acquiring their uniform?"

You find Zunden, Etrigan and Dawn seemingly in the middle of a deep discussion. Etrigan tilts his head slightly, seeming curious at the sight of you. "Oh? Who's there?" the latter asks. You notice she has a bit of a nosebleed, and generally looks a little bedraggled. "…Oh, Norvegicus. Hello. We were just discussing the current state of affairs. Zunden here has found a way for Etrigan to communicate with us more freely. Though, it's only one at a time, for now. As for myself… well, I've stumbled upon quite a discovery. If my theories are correct, it wouldn't be understating it to say that this breaks the world."

She lets that statement linger for a moment. "I was hoping to make the announcement when the others return." She looks over to Etrigan for a moment, and the two seem to communicate somehow, non-verbally. "Oh. You're alone, then?" she asks you. "Where are the others?"

Etrigan's usual air of melancholy is replaced by a staunch sense of determination. "He says that even if you do not accept… he is here to help. Whatever you need of him, he will provide. …I feel the same, truth be told. We all owe you our lives many times over."

Norv enters the room, underdressed and looking rather shabby, like he's been in a scrap. He doesn't seem too injured, though.


"Well, it's still something."

I nod a greeting to Etrigan and Dawn. "Hey," I say. "Oh, wow, seriously? That's incredible! You've been working on that by yourself?" I knit my brow and look at her bloody muzzle. "You, uh- you alright?"

"I followed some Chanticleers to the parliment building, snuck in to get a look around, and killed a keeper. R&G are hanging on to my mask and coat because I ran away from a few others and I'm sure they got a good look at me. There's this event where people hunt down slaves, and the Chanticleers supply them. That's in two weeks. I'm not hurt, but I have a lot of planning to do. I'm sure the others are fine. I split up from them at the place you sign up for the hunt." I tap my finger against the side of my leg and think for a second befote glancing down at Purdue "Did I miss anything?"

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File: 1567687010970.jpg (85.61 KB, 1600x796, climber_by_andreasrocha_dc….jpg)

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In a time long past, before the coming of the Two, was a time of gods, heroes and monsters. A world as yet unexplored, an age of high adventure.

And in this age, eons ago, four wayward wanderers did find themselves crossing paths. Perhaps it was chance, or perhaps ordained by fate. I alone can elucidate the adventures of these four.

Hearken now to the Tales from the Age of Steel!
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Eager to finally make some progress but wary of the open view, Vajra unfolds the blanket to allow her skeletal ally to reconfigure itself, living and dead saurians taking up the rear guard.

[1d10] Perception, DC-2 detect life

Roll #1 1 = 1


Kalidan is already waiting as the gang cuts the last obstacle of of their way. "Took you long enough," he snarks, before casting a look around the slightly clearer area.

Perception [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


Noghu keeps his spear ready, staying aware of surroundings.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Vajra gets a bit of a sensory overload as she tries to detect life. There's a lot of creatures nearby. A lot.

As she tries to recover, the rest of you notice some rustling nearby. Before you can react, however, a small, furry creature bursts out, biting Vajra's tail, then rushes back into the bushes as quickly as it appeared. You hear it let out a shrill staccato yelp, followed by an answering call of dozens of the critters all around. The bushes seem to come alive as more of them start rushing towards you from afar!
>Vajra takes 2 hits

"This doesn't look good," Kothbiro comments, readying her axe. Saskia growls quietly and bristles, baring her shark-like teeth.


I grip my spear in both hands. As more of the little critters dart out, I haul back and sweep it close to the ground, aiming to strike it with the shaft even if I miss with the blade.


Roll #1 7 = 7

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File: 1570485830227.png (484.9 KB, 2304x1540, Cerulean Library Card.png)

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Last time on PirateQuest…

Thessaly's (unintentional) summoning of Seravelum, and the demon's obvious control over blood and curses, was more than enough proof for the Kalphite King and Queen to relent, and agree to the party's terms. They released the ostriches and chickens that they'd taken captive from the town of Gecko, and Kalphite guards saw the party to the cave's exit. Seravelum was quite disappointed that they didn't get to whip up a blood curse, and so Thessaly had to appease them by agreeing to sacrifice the first thing she killed to them.

With that resolved, the party passed by Obstinance's tent, which had been left empty and apparently unguarded. This offered them an opportunity to investigate the enigmatic exorcist, but Thessaly and Alder wisely warned against it, figuring (correctly) that the tent was trapped. Now, while the rest of the party continued on their way back to Gecko, Cerulean went off in search of Obstinance, finding him sprinkling salt mixed with wine and incense on the ground in a vast, circular perimeter around Gecko. The two talked a little about demons, and Obstinance seemed capable of detecting the demonic power that Stone Cold Classic had given to Cerulean after her wish for power. In a very strange move for a demon hunter and exorcist, Obstinance offered to help Cerulean bring out that demonic power, and gave her a small, wheel-shaped medallion, the Yana of the Moon and Stars. The medallion was enchanted, and would draw oddities unto itself. How exactly this would help Cerulean was not explicit, but he assured her that it would be made clear in time.

Meanwhile, Captain Cutlass was finally reunited with the rest of the party after a long train ride from Xallan, the major port town on Agyl's northwestern point. She had much to tell them about her battle with Shiro and Kuro, and needed to figure out how that all fit in with the unexplained conch call between Phillip the Gentlecolt and Thessaly on the night that Cutlass had disappeared. Phillip had apparently known about the so-called "mutiny" of Cutlass's crew and the resultant battle, despite Shiro and Kuro having every reason to keep it a secret, and despite them actively taking measures to keep it a secret. This gave credence to the possibility of an informant's involvement in all this. And to make matters worse, there was their bounties to deal with – particularly that photo of Thessaly with the Liber Animarum, apparently taken on Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Strange… what could be the meaning of this? We shouldn't… we shouldn't dodge? We don't dodge it? I am… confused."


You gain a fierce-looking lopear dust bunny as your thrall. It looks to you with glowing eyes for orders. But something about it feels… unenthusiastic? Quiet? Dulled? Something is off with this minion. From experience, you know that minions tend to be evocative of the element from which they are drawn.

>optional insight roll available


She tilts her head, beckoning the killer rabbit closer and looking it in the eyes. "Now what's eating you then. Hm?"
[1d10] Insight

Roll #1 8 = 8



"Right… Well, let's look for more notes after we deal with this dilemma."

Then, she eyes the bear. "And by 'we', I mean you."


By the look in its eye, it seems like it doesn't want to do anything. No, that's not quite it. It doesn't want even to move, to eat, to drink, to do anything that would cause movement in the world. It's not sloth, but something more… something lies underneath it. A feeling that it shouldn't do anything. That, just by being there, it is making things worse. That it is guilty even for being alive.

As Cerulean darts in at toy size to try and make it to the phonograph, Cloud's spell misfires. He hits a rod of steel that was holding up some precariously-stacked toolboxes, which fall to the ground with a crash and bang, showering the dust bear with shards of small tools. It snarls and roars, gradually climbing to its feet after its rest is interrupted. Its eyes open and they are a dull and dead gray. Yet, upon seeing Cerulean charging into its lair, it clambers up, sweeping a massive paw at her with a fierce growl.

[1d10+4] Blast vs Intruders (Autocrit)

>Cub, the Sin of _______


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1568588653939.png (75.27 KB, 918x877, Amy.png)

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Last time on HolyQuest…

With Regina delivering her confession to the Replicant Witches, whose lives she nearly ended for the sake of revenge against Mudi and Vizsla, the rest of the party was free to tend to various matters.

Flaming set off for the west, where she discovered a series of cottages at the base of a hill. Atop the hill was an enormous Witches' castle, woven together out of many colossal wisteria trees and mushrooms, surrounded by a wall. Based on the sheer size of the doorways, this was obviously Regina's main shelter. There, she met Chorazin, Tantra and LJ, newly freed from their various stories. They complained of a lack of treasure, but found it somewhat easy to believe that the party not only talked down but struck a kind of alliance with Regina, given the party's track record.

Meanwhile, Pryce met with Zjetya, Zjetyaca (A Replica made in Zjetya's image) and Yadala, Witch of Judgments, and fellow Replica. Zjetya had apparently told Yadala and Zjetyaca about the fallout between her and Pryce following his confession of love, and the two were not happy. They gave Pryce beef until they had to go hear what Regina had to say. From there, Zjetya and Pryce had a difficult talk, one that ended with Zjetya agreeing to speak with River later about their "situation."

Amy and Shei discovered that the unnamed gods whom Regina had built a shrine for were none other than Buiwong, god of spiders and fables, Ba'drel, god of promises and cattle, and Cer'rog, god of wealth and birds. The three gods praised the Saviors for their deeds, and promised great power to Amy, as they would complete her tattoo with their blessing. While Shei rounded up Pryce, Flaming and the others, the three gods baptized Amy in fire and water, hearkening back to the mythic origins of the mortal race. What Amy saw in her vision could not be fully understood by anyone but her. Her body, mind and soul broke down into their smallest pieces, and she even separated herself from Ego, her demonic half. It was there that she was struck by an epiphany, an enlightenment… and as she emerged from the waters…
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"Sure, just come up with another title instead of Queen-Mother," Zjetya says.
"How about… King… Master…?" River asks.
"That'd be more suitable for another type of game," Zjetya says.
River blushes. "How about… Dungeon… Ruler?"
Lockjaw grunts, rolling the dice with nudges of his tiny front claws.


"Dungeon Ruler, that has a good feel to it. I think we're all set to start then."
Pryce says, lifting up the book in his magic and flipping to the rules for starting. He taps the open spots on the bed, offering for River and Zjetya to sit to be more comfortable.


Zjetya and River sit beside you, and Lockjaw puts his head on your leg. All are waiting the beginning of their adventure.


Pryce smiles as they all gather together, the night coming to a nice close. He flips a few pages in the book, and puts on a voice for the start of their adventure.
"You all look out from the deck of your boat, land rising into view ahead from the endless ocean. A lush land covered in forests and mountains like a secluded piece of the past, and where your bounty lies…"


It seems that even the night can be full of adventures, both real and pretend.


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The party have departed the Swap Meet, embarking on a journey north-east towards the Shifting Sands. After a series of misadventures, and reuniting with Dawn, Carabas and their ally Etrigan, they have returned to the living desert, racing against time to find the Cuckoo's Egg.

Upon arriving at the Sands, they have found that their trusty compass no longer guides them towards their objective, an odd phenomenon that was not present before. They have been left to search for the vault where the Egg was kept on their own, navigating the Sands by way of memory.
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"Of courze, zhe haz alligned herzelf wizh a tyrant and wizhez to zupprezz one'z ability to realize zheir fate, inztead confiding zhem to rot in prizon zellz. I have no qualmz wizh your tazk."


''Then I might seek you yet again in the future, but that is a task for another day. I'm sure Ragalaseab will be patient and understand the delay on fulfilling their request'' Aegis stood back up and bowed her head ''This is all I had to say for now Zunden. Do you have anything to tell me? If not, please excuse me''


"In honezty? Reztrict yourzelf from being zhort wizh ozherz. Zhey are in need of zheir time to heal. Take a pauze to dezide if zomezhing will help zomeone'z emotional ztate before conzidering vocalizing a fact or opinion."


>can't delete to fix
>assume spoilers are italics


Aegis kept her cool caze fixated on Zunden, silent for a long couple of seconds after she spoke
She simply nodded ''I understand''
And left

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