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A timid fall sun shines above the Great Forest. Far down below near the ground, beneath a golden brown canopy, a caravan, too tiny for even Big Pony eyes makes its way through the bushes.

At the head, riding on a white kitty named Ribbon, is a courageous breezie named Fairweather. Foollowing behind, in a blue tunic with a gear emblem and wearing goggles is the genius tinker breezie Petilia.

They're very close now to their destination, the Big Pony village on the edge of the forest. Their missions is to obtain a Big Pony item of great value. Their contact in the city is an ex-Tinker, a toymaker by the name of Twinklebreeze.

Do you want to talk a bit and get back in the routine before making our way to town?


What do my breeze eyes see? Are we on a road, or taking a rough country path? Can we see the town from here? Wildlife? How dense is the foliage?

"Hmm, about this Tinker, do you know the so-called Twinklebreeze?"


Do I remember that breezy? '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's a small dirt breezie-sized road, through the bushes, large enough for a breezie but Ribbon simply puts his paws on both sides of the road. Every once in a while, you have to duck to not get a stick in your mane.
You know you're close to the Big Pony village by now, yet you can't see it yet through the foliage. In any case, you know there's an open field before it, so you can't accidentally run into a Big Pony.
You know there's a big pony road not far from here, hence why this road is a little more concealed.
You see a few butterflies and mosquitos flying up above but there are no large animals this close to the Big Pony town.


"No.. I know she worked on robotics and quit.." I mumble softly in reply.


"There's a lot of big game here. Butterflies grazing, means we're near the field - flowers nearby. Mosquitoes means big animals with lots of blood, and standing water for them to lay eggs in. If I were going to put a settlement near here, I wonder where I'd choose…"


I look around hopelessly. "I don't see anything, not even a road!"


You hear a series of beeps behind you.
Looks like your little robot got stuck in the mud. Again. It beeps helplessly.

Ribbon purrs approvingly.


I pull the robot out of the mud..


With a little effort he's out of the mud again.
While at the start of your trip it thanked you or beeped happily, now it simply seems to avoid your gaze, as if it's embarrassed.



The ground shakes!
And you hear very loud voices in the distance!


I sigh and shake my head at him.
"Oh Scrap.."
I screech in terror!! Hide under a leaf like in class.


'1d10' for scrap.

Waitan on Fairweather

Roll #1 5 = 5


Cover Pattern's face with a breezer and swing the reins, urging Ribbon to pull the cart off into the brush.


Ribbon quickly hides into the bushes.
Ears low, he crouches, pressing himself to the ground.
Scrap makes a run for it as well, hiding next to Pattern.

THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP. The noise grows louder and the shaking ever more violent.
The butterflies have long since fled.
The mosquitos stay around but fly a little higher.

Suddenly the big brush not far ahead of you parts and impossibly high long yellow pillar smacks down. Followed by another yellow one next to it. And another set of sky blue pillars next to it.

They raise up again and smash almost right beside you again. The ground shakes again. And far behind you see another set of pillars appearing from the bushes.
Looking up, you see the furred pillars join far above.

Those of you who know Big Pony speech hear a loud "WHERE ARE THOSE BERRIES?" booming from a high voice way above. So high you can barely see the faces of what must surely be a Big Pony


I'm too spooked to move from this spot!


Two different colors? Peek out of the brush to get a better look, it sounds like we're dealing with two ponies!


You see even Ribbon is very spooked! If such a big beast is spooked, it's no shame for you to be!

You see indeed that there's two Big Ponies. The yellow one has an orange mane and is a bit smaller than the blue one who has a short white mane. You'd guess the yellow one is female and the blue one male. The female answers "RIGHT HERE." One of the yellow hooves lifts up to point at a bush to the right of you. And then smacks back on the ground, crushing grass and ground beneath it. "SUGAR! COME HERE. STAY WITH MOMMY!"

thump thump thump thump. You hear another set of tremors, this time a bit weaker yet faster and another smaller set of pillars jumps out of the brushes and runs in front of the other ponies.
The smaller pony is blue with yellow mane and starts hopping in place. Shaking the ground violently for you.


the second link is also for you


Dealing with colossi is too unpredictable. For now, we should lie low. Glide about the cart, stacking up leaves from the ground and pulling the hanging boughs of the bush down, cloaking it more carefully.


Oh no, this close to something so big, I barely resist the urge to fly away and just stay hidden.


"IT LOOKED JUST LIKE MY BROCHE!" the smaller collossi seems to show something to the large ones.
You hear a high pitched noise emiting from the smaller Big Pony as she walks to the berry plant with the larger ones.

For several minutes everything is quiet. Then the smaller one breaks off and the tremors get louder again as she seems to look through every brush.
She's now walking to your brush. Unlike with the large ones, you can see her enormous blue eyes and mouth coming right towards you!


Nonono, go into a bush she just checked quick!


With a deft swing clear from my scabbard, cut loose the reins so that Ribbon can get free and escape into the more densely forested area. I'm staying with the cart though, I'm not just going to surrender it so easily. Fetch my bow and arrows!


You hide away quickly and watch the dramatic events that unfold from afar!

Ribbon starts walking away as the pony keeps edging closer.
"OH MOMMY!" it shouts
The pony's attention is completely grasped by Ribbon as she trots behind him.
The bigger collossi start moving away again together with the smaller one. Who waves to Ribbon "GOODBYE KITTY!"
They disappear again in the bushes and slowly the tremors subside again as they move further away…


Another victory for the bold. She who hesitates is lost, after all!

"To my side, Ribbon. Our destination draws close."


I let out a held breath and float back to the cart.
"The big ponies were so close!"


Ribbon quickly runs back to you.
There's something sparkling in the grass where the small Big Pony was!


Nod seriously, "You didn't think we'd be only seeing them from a distance while on expedition to their town, did you?"

Check it out, but be quick about it, I need to get Ribbon secured again.


"I thought.. I don't know, just not that we'd be next to their faces!" I squeak in distress.


You see it's a huge broche shaped and colored like a butterfly.


"She dropped this artifact. Hmm, although…"

Rub my chin with a breezer, "I don't know, it felt less like opportunistic looting when the question was put to me back at the Hollow celebration. This feels more like stealing from a child. Albeit a huge one."


"Do we try to return it? Leave it by her window?"


Raise a brow in surprise, "Just a moment ago you were cowering in fear from that creature, and now you want to do it favors. Not that I object, I'm just surprised."

Glance over at the wagon, "Will it even fit? You have measuring tools, right?"


"Um.. W-well it might be important to her.. And you just said it felt like stealing.."
Point at the broche and order Scrap "Measure please."


Scrap quickly goes towards it and takes a few moments to scan the measurements.
"Result: possible provided the current inventory on the cart is rearranged."


"Well, we can take it with us, though I cannot say we'll surely find this so-called Sugar, much less the much-talked-about Grannie."


"Maybe the big ponies have a lost and found bin like at school!" I suggest hopefully and start rearranging stuff.


"Maybe… We'll keep our options open."

Secure Ribbon back to the cart so we can keep going.


Things seem clear and soon you see the edge of the field!

Another kind of horrible creatures roam the field, even bigger than the Big Ponies. They are spotted, white and black or brown and they have horns!
The giant creatures don't seem too interested in you however.

In the distance you see the yellow straw roofs of the village.


"The cows aren't dangerous, just lazy. Let's push on, we're almost there."


Warily watch the black and white things as we go toward the village.
"I should have borrowed a helmet from the guards."


"They seem too big to notice us."


"They talk, but it takes them too long to say anything, I have no patience for it. I'm only asking directions if the situation gets dire."


I gasp. "You've spoken to one?"


"They're just big animals. Like Ribbon."

Scratch his ears as we continue on.


As you approach the main street of the village. You see another set of Big Ponies leaving town, happily chatting to each other. At the edge of the field, you can see that main street is packed with Big Ponies, there is some sort of market going on!
It would be difficult to traverse there unseen, especially with a cart and cat.
The closest house has a large sign spelling in Horse "Prancing Donkey Inn" and way down near the ground, you see the small breezie and tiny critter entrance for the Dancing Mouse Inn.
Ribbon won't fit inside though.


Point enthusiastically, "Let's try over there. But not to linger, we need to find a place we can stay for the night that can accommodate all our stuff."


"Can we stop here? I'm so thirsty after traveling in that huge field!"


Survey her dubiously, "Just practice a little restraint, I don't want to have to carry you if you get all drunk on morning dew or honey wine!"


"I won't get drunk!" I huff and cross my little breezy legs.


Urge the cart over and disembark so we can check inside.


The door opens into a small room.
There's two grasshoppers here with straw hats chatting with a wheat beer. They look at you for a moment as you fly in but return to their conversation.
You see a set of stairs here as well with a sign marked "bar & restaurant" and an arrow pointing up.
You hear guitar music from upstairs. You note there's also a hole in the ceiling going the same way. Perhaps an alternate entrance for flying creatures?



"The wagon will be safe for a little bit with the bolt bucket and Ribbon. Get us dinner, I'll ask around for this ex-Tinker."

Approach the grasshoppers, "We're looking for a Breezie, Twinklebreeze. Heard of her?"


"Okay.. I'll find a spot to sit." Go up the small hole toward the music.


The grasshoppers look up. One pushes his straw hat a bit up to look at you.
"Yeah, the toy maker breezie." he says with a raspy voice. "What's your business with her, stranger?"

You fly up and the tunnel bends so you horizontally exit into the bar next to the stairs.
You see the bar has been made up one of the wooden bars above the bar itself. You can see the Big Ponies drinking and eating way down below if you look over the wooden fence. Up here there's wooden chairs, tables, a beige hamster is playing guitar while a caterpillar is baking the orders on the side.
A breezie girl in a red outfit greets you. "One breezie?"


"Table for three actually."


"I'm her great grandmother and we're visiting for the holidays. Where can I find her?"


"Right away!"
She leads you to a table right next to one of the cracks in the wood, you can see part of the town from here!

"No need to be snide, stranger. The toymaker lives in the attic of the Pony watchmaker…uhm…Winding Hoof, I think his name was. She has a shop there as well."


"Thank you! Do you have a menu?" I get comfortable at the table.


Gruffly, "Well, thanks - for what it's worth. Trip into town like that will have to wait 'til tomorrow, then. You know anywhere to stay with big, spacious rooms, or a stable?"

Consider thoughtfully, "You know the names of those colossals, too? Hmph, interesting. Know where to find a smaller one called 'sugar'?"


"Yes, here you go! I'll be right back!"
She hands you a menu and puts two others on the table as well.

"There's a place with a stable not too far from here. Just follow the small path next to the field. It's hosted by my cousin."
He takes a swig from the beer.
"But if it's just you and your girlfriend, you can use the cables upstairs that go between the houses, we use it as a way to visit one another when there's a lot of ponies around. Keep in mind the wind though, don't try to fly."
He then rubs his hooky green chin. "Sugar…sugar…what color is this pony?"


Look over the menu a moment happily.


"Blue coat, blue eyes, yellow mane. I'll visit your family stable, we're traveling with a large wagon, planning on a profitable stay. Good for the both of us, if it brings in money."


Leaf salad with cheese
Pea soup
Veggie burger

Anything in particular?
As for drinks:
You can chose between morning dew, honey wine, root beer or Breezian Nectar Reserve.

"That sounds good, but this filly, I think I've seen her around but I'd need to ask one of my other cousins, he knows all those horses around here. Tell ya what, since you stay at my cousin's place tonight, I'll make sure to tell him during the day"




"Fair enough. Let them know to find a big space, my war kitten likes soft material for sleeping."

Unless he has something else to say, head up to find Pattern.


"I'll have A Pea Soup and a Morning Dew please." I tell the waitress, and use my time here to look at the patrons.


He returns his attention to his grasshoppery companion.

You fly up the tunnel and land in a restaurant up high from the Big Pony inn.
Down the railing you can see Big Ponies talking and drinking way down.
You see a beige hamster with a top hat playing guitar and a caterpillar baking behind the counter. A red breezie girl is taking the orders.
You see Pattern has already taken a seat.
A metallic ticking alerts you to Scrap finally making it up the stairs.


Anyone you'd like to know about in particular?

>beige hamster in top hat

>red breezie waitress
>Caterpillar cook

There doesn't seem to be many patrons today.


"What'd you order? I'm half-starved from the trail."


"A pea soup!" I show you the menu

"I got three chairs, in case she was here. Um. I don't see her though."


What's the hamster doing?


He is playing a very mournful song on a tiny wooden guitar.
It is about a breezie maiden in the Valley who waits for her husband who's gone on a long nectar migration.
Each night she sits waiting near the portal to the outside world, yet summer turns to fall and the portal closes again…

What's the second one referring to.

The red breezie turns to you "And for you?"


The menu!

"What a pretty song, so sad." I say.


The menu doesn't respond!


The red breezie waitress nods. "Fluffy has a real talent for making a breezie feel blue. Are you from the Valley?"


"Whatever she's having."

"I found a place to stay tonight."


The red breezie puts another mark down.


"Great! They have a stable for your cat there?"


"Yes, and information about the town. Grasshoppers on a small path near the field."


"Grasshoppers? They live nearby?"



The red breezie flies off to get your orders.
Fluffy the hamster starts a new song about a breezie lost in the woods.

Scrap finally makes it to the table.


"It looks like your pet finally arrived. And yes, by the sounds of things."


Look at scrap surprised "Why didn't you fly? Are your wings disabled?"


"Great!" then looks suspicious whispering. "What did they ask for? Seeds for winter like the stories?"


"I think they just accept regular currency."


Scrap seems to mull this for a second.
Then prints a little note that it gives to you, making sure to not show it to Fairweather.


"O-oh, that's good too."
"how much did they want?"
I groan. "Really. If you didn't fall down all the time." Shake my head and pat him. "We'll clean that up later."


"They didn't say. If it's too extreme we can always bivouac in the field. Investing in the locals is more of a diplomatic gesture, the same reason I originally got a house in the Hollow."


It makes a :3 face.


The red breezie comes back with two bowls of Pea soup and cups of leaf green Morning Dew.
"Here you go, enjoy! Can I get you anything else?"


"This is fine. You haven't met the toymaker from the watchmaker's house, have you?"

Take a sip.


I take a deep breathe and nod. "They know the area better. Good call."

Draw a ">" on top of the face he printed out and hoof it back to him.

"No.. No thankyou."


"Yes, she lives nearby actually. She comes here every afternoon to eat." She looks around. "Hmmm, usually she's here by now. Perhaps she's busy today."

Scrap sits down on the chair you left for him and puts the > into a compartment under his head.


"Let's hang around and keep an eye out, in that case."


I gasp, and push scrap out of the chair with effort.
"Tell her to sit here if she comes!"



"If I see her, I'll be sure to let you know."
The red breezie flutters off again to clean the tables.


With a bang he drops on the floor and quickly gets up to stand next to you.


Sit up straighter, as if she might come in any second.


Have a glance down below, at the big pony part of the restaurant.


When the song about the breezie that gets lost in the forest has been followed by the one about the grasshopper poet looking for his lost wife and the song about the trailblazing ladybug herder that comes home to find his wife cheating on him is over, she still hasn't shown up.
Your back is starting to ache.

You see many ponies of different colors and mane styles. Roll a 1d10.


Sigh and look at Scrap, whisper "sorry."
And eat my soup.





Roll #1 10 = 10


The red breezie flies by again.
"She's running late today. Do you want some more Morning Dew?"

You take note of all the patrons drinking and eating. But in a corner you see a two ponies talking to one another, doing their best to let no one else hear them.
You see the pony slide something to the other, while making sure the rest of the bar can't see.
While you can't hear what they say, you do see a Tinker emblem on the tiny device.


"Pattern, do you recognize that? Look, they've got Tinker stuff down there."


"Okay.." I reply quietly and give her my empty glass.
Look at what she means, do I recognize it?


The pony with the pink mane looks excitedly at the device. But the other one with the blue mane hushes and puts a hoof over it.

It looks like a nectar cooker! Put some raw nectar inside, get some sweet nectar punch out of it. Not a very advanced design.


What kind of outfits are they wearing, if at all? Ages?


I make a panicked squeak.
"That belongs to some breezy on the move. It processes small amounts of raw nectar. Only someone who lives away from a city would need that."


"I don't get it, something like that isn't even useful to big ponies, it doesn't make enough nectar for them to eat. Unless you think they took as a trophy after catching the Tinker?"


The pony with the blue mane is not wearing anything but does have a nice set of white/blue saddlebags with a cloud mark on it. She seems like an adult.
The pony with the pink mane wears a purple scarf and a red cape. She puts a bag of golden bits on the table.
The pony with the blue mane starts to count it.


The second one seems like an older pony.


"They must not know what it is, and just found it with her! They must have her!" I start hoovering in place because my wings are beating in anxiety. "What are we gonna do?!"


Call the red breezie over, "Do you recognize either of those ponies over there?"


The red breezie looks down.
"Hmmm, I don't recognize the one with the blue mane. But the one with the pink mane comes here all the time. She has a lot of foals! I think 4 or 5, I lost count a while ago! She comes here with her husband and foals every once in a while."


I worriedly hoover up here, then ask her. "Um, do you have a bucket I can borrow?"


"Foals… Does she think it's a toy…? Or, for a pet cage?"


"Um, sure, let me take a look in the back. I'll be right back."

The blue mane pony takes the bits and gives the nectar cooker. Then quickly gets up and starts heading for the exit.


"Nooo She's leaving, we have to follow her."


'1d10' fly toward the exit forgetting even about my robot.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Get your bucket. I'll trail her, and leave drips in the dust to show you the way."

Carry out what's left of my drink and quickly leap onto Ribbon. "Let's ride, go!"

From there I'll carefully splash little bits of my drink as we go to leave a drip trail, and use my canteen after that runs out.


You fly to the exit quickly. When you realize you forgot your robot and look back you bump into the wall of the tunnel and tumble all the way down. Breezie are too light for a hard fall though.

You see Fairweather flying past you to hop on Ribbon.

You see the blue maned pony walking into an alleyway across the busy street. Are you going to attempt to cross the street with ribbon or look for some other way?


How busy is the street?


I frown and carefully fly back up to the robot, very embarrassed.


As you do so, you hear a lot of ricky ticks on the stairs…

There's two ponies talking to each other on the side. And a group of farmer ponies walking to the outskirts of the town


I groan and go see if the bucket has arrived at the table.


Time is of the essence, stay low and urge Ribbon across! Pattern can afford to be more stealthy, but I can't lose the target.


You find the red breezie has indeed put the bukcet on your table. She looks relieved to see you. "Miss! You forgot your bill."

Ribbon starts running over the street leading to a few amused stares from the bystanders, but they don't note a little breezie hiding to the side.
The alleyway is luckily deserted except for the blue maned pony, whose tail you can see up ahead.
Ribbon slows down to follow.


Be sure to continue the drips as I get a good look. What else is in the alleyway? Cover like a trash can to hide behind? Does it just lead out the other side to another street or does it dead end? Doors?


"S-sorry, I'll pay for it now." I fumble around with my purse and give her enough money for the food.
Then call "Scrap! Come here. We need to get you flight ready, 10 minutes ago."


Scrap doesn't seem to be here.
"You mean your cute little robot? He went down the stairs…." asks the red breezie "you really call him Scrap?"

The alleyway is a dead end. At the end is another Big Pony house painted white with a horse double door. There's no trash cans, but you do notice the ponies have put a few little patches with fragrant colorful flowers next to their houses. Easy to hide in. In the middle of the alleyway is a fence with a hole towards the bottom, an easy way to get here or get back to Pattern.
The blue maned pony seems to be going all the way to the house at the end.


Middle as in halfway


"Y-yea, its faster than calling 'Scouting Unit 7301' right?" I reply anxiously and hold the bucket. "Can I borrow this a little longer?"


A house entry through an alleyway? Weird. Still, no reason to out myself early. Hide here where I have cover and wait until they go inside. While I wait, have a look behind me to make sure no one is coming… other than Pattern of course.


"Yes, if you promise to bring it back, I don't have a lot of them."

You don't see anypony in the allayway so far.
The blue maned pony knocks at the door and an elderly pony with gray mane opens.


"Yes. I promise!" I reply too loudly and go after my robot, looking downstairs.


Continue observing. What's the elder ponoe wearing?


Looks like he tripped and fell all the way down. Maybe that was all the rickety ticks you heard!

The older pony is wearing a cape over her body. She and the blue maned pony are talking. The blue mane pony seems to give her a few coins from the pocket! The older mare looks happy and gives the blue maned pony a hug.


I understand what's happening I think. Can I make out any words? They do YELL SO LOUD and this alleyway is a good noise funnel


Help him up, and urge him outside.
"Come on we have to get moving."


Once you get a little closer you do hear them talking!
OLD "-n't know what I would do without you."
BLUE "There's no need for that. I'll be back with some groceries tonight, grandmare."
She turns around again. You're very hidden though.

Beep boop!
He gets outside.
You see Fairweather left a trail for you, however it goes right across the busy street towards an alleyway!


I sigh in relief, at least there is a trail.
"Perform cleaning cycle." I order the robot.


There's a high beep and the robot smokes a little. It then opens a little hatch and ashes come out. "Purge complete!"
It opens its wings to confirm the action has been completed


"That wasn't so bad. Guess I didn't need this." I gesture to the bucket. "Give this back to the waitress and come back out here. I'll be following this trail." Offer the robot the bucket.


That's what I suspected. But I think Blue is the one with access to the stuff, I should trail blue from here.


It salutes you and quickly flies inside!

Blue is going out again!
Ribbon stalks her dutifully.
As Blue walks into the busy street again, you notice Pattern still hiding at the corner across the street.


Now. I can finally go. The trail! How busy is the road?


Wave to Pattern, and keep trailing blue!


There's a couple of ponies talking nearby, but you can hide in the flowers the ponies have put next to the road!
Ribbon is stalking through those anyway.
You hear a beeping sound coming closer and closer!
It's…Scrap, flying in from above, seems he took a fast way out now.
Follow together with Fairweather?


Following Fairweather. And make a shush sound at Scrap.


He's on buzzing mode.

You both follow the blue maned pony, code named Blue, through the street. Two houses further she steps into a door next to a toy shop. The sign of the shop says "Jouets Bleu" and there's a sign indicating it's closed.

The shop window displays a set of white painted pony dolls, blocks and games.
There's another two curtained windows on the second floor. And a draining pipe leading all the way to the roof.


Yes! This is the one! Hurry over. Is it a wood house? Or brick?

Wave back to Pattern to hurry!


Wooden house! Most of the pony houses seem to be wood here actually!


"You think you can scale that wood, Ribbon?"


Roll a 1d10 +2


Look around this building she went inside.



Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Roll a 1d10

He shakes his head. Not the front side at least.



Roll #1 2 = 2


"If a breezie lives here, there's a breezie entrance. Let's look around the base for an entrance."


Your breezie eyes don't notice anything!
But you suddenly hear Scrap buzzing!
He points to the roof, there's a breezie house there! You can't read the name, but it seems like another kind of shop.

There's nothing down here. But you do find an entrance to a basement. Perhaps a breezie could squeeze through the holes in the wood.


"Up there!" I tell Fairweather and start flying up to the tiny house on the roof.


"I don't want to leave Ribbon behind… but maybe if we make it quick? Ribbon, you can find somewhere to get comfortable?"


Ribbon gives the universal cat sign of agreement.

You fly up there, why it's another toy shop!
The sign says "Twinklebreeze's Wonderland" It also looks very closed. No lights.




"Not good…"


You followed a mysterious blue maned mare who's apparently been dealing in Tinker technology.

You've both followed her to her home. Searching an entrance, you made it to the roof where you found another little breezie home built into the roof.

The windows show a remarkable assemble of colorful toys. Dolls, carriages and other colorful contraptions. Above the door a sign says "Twinklebreeze's Wonderland". Twinklebreeze was, if you recall, your contact breezie here in the Big Pony Town.
Her shop is closed however and no light shines inside…


I'm gonna look under the rug for a key.


Just to be sure, bang on the door.

"Can you tinker the door open or something? We've got reason to be worried."


"Wouldn't that be really rude? What if she's just inside napping?"


You think you hear something. But very vague.

What luck, there's a key right there!


Hold up the key, showing it to fairweather.
"No need to break it down, here's a key."


"I don't get how using a hidden key is any less rude than picking a lock, but alright, if it's okay by you it's okay by me."


Unlock the door and go inside to check on her.
"Helllloooo? Are you in here?"


The little animal dolls watch you as fly inside the dark store.
What was barely audible from outside, you hear better here. You faintly hear someone banging on a wall and shouting "Anybreezie there? Help!" from the door behind the counter.


"We're here!" Fly toward that door pronto.


"Keep an eye on those dolls. They might be golems or something."

Fly to the back, to the source of the noise.


Opening the door behind the counter, you find yourself inside a workshop. Half finished toys and carpenter tools are laying everywhere. There's several doors, the one on the other side of the workshop seems to be where the shouting comes from.


"If they were golems, they would activate to help their owner!" I say confidently as I keep floating toward the distressed breezy sounds.


In that case, *carefully* make our way toward the remaining door. Don't want to step on any trains or traps.


While the half finished toys seem threatening and spooky in the dim light, they do not move!
You open the door and see a tunnel going down through the woodwork.
You hear the voice clearly now and there's a light burning down the end.
"Hello? I'm down in the basement!!"


Stick my hand across the door to stop Pattern from going any further.

"Who are you?"


I keep trying to float toward the light.


Grab her!

Mutter: "We can't be sure that's not some kind of voice box talking. Let's listen closely first."


I frown and whisper to you "There's no way a big pony set a trap in here, its too small for them."


The light is so shiny and attractive!

After a second of silence, the voice responds. "Twinklebreeze! I don't even know who you are or what you're doing in my house!"


"This all just feels wrong to me… Maybe not a big pony, but don't be so trusting."

"The two of us arranged to meet you. Do you know who we are and where we're from?"


I scrunch, but let Fairweather take the lead.


"Oh…Uh…I'm not so good with these kinds of things. Hmmmmm….let me think for a moment…."
A few moments pass in silence.
"I remember one breezie who was coming here from the Hill. For some big pony antiques. Not two."


"Are you trapped back there? We noticed you didn't come to your usual lunch spot, and it seemed like your possessions were being sold."


"S-sorry, I didn't know it was a private meeting."



"My possessions were sold?!? Oh I have to get out…yes I'm trapped…but..well it's complicated to explain."


"Does it involve that light?"


"I'm a Tinker, with the guild! I can understand it."



"Oh…well, oh Duchess, this is so embarrassing. I…uh…accidentally spilled my tank of glue all over me and I'm stuck…"


"Understood, where do you keep the A2 dissolvants?" Look around for something that could undo the glue's binding powers.


"Most of my alchemical equipment is down here. But I only have very little dissolvant left. And can you come down, my voice is hurting from shouting!"


Try to go, but not hard enough to get past Fairweather's grip.


Alright, let her go. But I'm still being careful to float far above the ground where I might get stuck!

"Well, I'm glad you're okay. Did you know your nectar converter was taken?"


"I don't have a nectar converter in my house."

Going down?


"All I can say for sure is that a big pony from the house below you left with a nectar cooker and sold it to another big pony."


Yep, down I go.


Follow, but very cautiously and stubbornly, and keep my eyes on Pattern!


"Oh that must have been something else! That can't possibly be. Big Pony things sometimes look very much like Breezie stuff, you know."

You fly down the tunnel and come into a room faintly lighted by a set of oil lanterns. They're flickering as if almost empty. The circular room here is full of boxes and bottles. Some open ones show there's metal bars or gems inside. There's also a section that seems to be reserved for alchemy. The room smells of chemicals.
At the wall you see a large tank has toppled and a yellow breezie girl is next to it. She's laying on the ground covered in a sticky white glue. Her face is barely sticking out and just has a few white splatters. She strains to look up behind. "Aw..aw…oh am I glad to see somebreezie!"


I immediately go to the alchemy section and look for something to unstick the poor breezy.


"And they duplicate the sigil of the Tinkers?" I ask, doubtfully.


"Oh…well..aw shucks.."
She closes her eyes and starts mumbling.
"Knew I should have scraped it off."
She opens her eyes again and strains to look at you. "Look, it's not what you think…"

You find a small bottle of dissolvant. Enough to correct little mistake while creating dolls. But not enough to free the breezie completely by far.
Most of the ingredients to make more are here except for sulfurdew. You'd need to find that.


Let's get her front free, so she can breath easier.
And ask her. "Sulfurdew?"


"Please elaborate. We've probably seen more than you expect."


You wipe some glue off her face and free up her neck. "Thank you." She revels in the feeling of freedom for a moment. "What's your name? I'm Twinklebreeze, former Tinker, Bureau of Robotics."

"Okay, but…you need to promise me you won't tell the Tinker Guild."


"Personally, I've no loyalty to the Tinker Guild, and have seen my fair share of good and bad Tinkers. I can't speak for her, though."


"Pattern Pitch. I'm an ac-" The remember about my promotion. "I'm an inventor now. Technically this my vacation!"


"Inventor Pitch, if I tell you about the nectar converter, will you not tell the Guild?"


"Ah. Well." I look unsure. "No breezy are in trouble right?"


"I should probably point out that whatever the truth is, it's probably better than what we've seen. From the looks of things, you are either giving or selling Tinker objects to the Big Pony in your house, so that they can in turn sell those objects to miniatures enthusiasts in town to help fund an elderly relative of said Big Pony."


"So perhaps it is what you think after all.
It's not even actual Tinker equipment. I repurpose them into special big pony trinkets. Necklaces that give light or ear rings that spread a special perfume. There's nothing Tinker about it anymore.
But if the Tinker Guild found out they might not like it anyway. They'd be very unhappy if they found out I revealed myself to a Big Pony and gave her things…but she was in such despair, I couldn't help myself…"


I nod. "O-okay, since nobreezy is being hurt, I won't tell anyone."


"Justice is defined by the hand that wields it."


She breathes a sigh of relief.
"Thank you. So about the sulfurdew, There's a Breezie in town who sells it to me. He lives at the other side of town. His name is Murmurleaf. Just tell him to put it on my tab."


I will write it down!


"Hmm. Will you be okay to remain trapped here?"


"Oh, as long as you come back… I've been here since last night. What time is it anyway? And, could you get some water?"

You note it down on your nice notepad


"It's passed noon. Is there a faucet back here?"


"Um.." I look through my rations for a little bit of nectar to eat.


"There's a bottle of water over there. I think it's the second one…Oh boy, I should learn to put labels on everything."

You have some!


Pick up the bottle, inspecting it with scrutiny. "This isn't acetone or something, is it?"


Offer her the nectar, holding it for her.
"Its not very fresh.. sorry."


"I…don't think so. Smell it."

She takes a bite. "That's allright. I needed that. Aw, my hair." she says as she reaches a bit too far.
"Oh, it's gonna take weeks to get my hair back to normal!"


"Right. I'll go see Murmurleaf. See. see you soon." I float up the tunnel.


Waft a whiff.


There is no odor.
Still, there are chemicals that are odorless and tasteless.
"Any luck?" asks Twinklebreeze.



"How many odorless, clear chemicals do you have in your lab? Wait, this is stupid. Just tell me where the faucet is instead of playing twenty questions so we can gamble on whether I'm giving you poison."


Go outside leaving the key where I found it but the door unlocked.


"Oh, right in the back. Between those buckets of paint."
She looks down.
"You don't sound like you're from the Hill."


It seems easy to fly over the roofs to where you need to go. You see little Breezie or bug houses on the roofs.
Skip to Murmurleaf?


Sounds good.


Just fill up an empty container with water for her.

"No, though I stayed there for a while. Maybe too long. There was money in it. And other things."

After she's been watered, I ask, "Is there a better way up here? I've got company I left behind down on ground level that can't fly this high."


"If you fly back up and take the door on the left in my workshop, you'll end up in Blue's house. If she's there, she knows Breezies and can speak our language. If not, the window next to the backdoor is pretty easy to open."


Murmurleafs house is at the end of village as promised. He seems to be a jeweller. As the windows are full of trinkets and jewels.




If its a shop, then I'll just go inside.


"If you fly back up and take the door on the left in my workshop, you'll end up in Blue's house. If she's there, she knows Breezies and can speak our language. If not, the window next to the backdoor is pretty easy to open."

You step inside.
Sparkling jewels are everywhere! There's no traditional counter. Instead you see a bench with a breezie cutting jewels. "Please let me know if you'd like something" he says without looking up


"I see. Then I will return – I guess you're not going anywhere, but I won't be long."


"Yes, I need." Glup and show him the paper I wrote earlier.


And follow those directions!


You fly down one of the tunnels and as you open the wooden door at the end. You find yourself high above a Big Pony room. It's hard to say if it's a living room or a work space since tools, a workbench, a couch and clothes are spread seemingly randomly over the room. You don't see any big ponies here though. Opposite you, you see the window Twinklebreeze spoke of.

Murmurleaf takes it and looks at it after a few more moments of work. As his hunched figure gets up, you note he's very big and muscular for a breezie. He has very short green hair and a blue coat. His big jaw moves as he reads the note. "The sulfurdew is in the back. Just a moment." He flies off into the back room.


I'm pretty strong but a window is a formidable foe. I'll test my strength against it but don't strain anything. Maybe he has a mechanism set up or something.


As a matter of fact, there is! There's a small little rope here that when pulled opens it! This must have been set up by Twinklebreeze. With permission of the Big Pony since it's noticeable.


I nod and wait patiently, admiring his jewelry in the meanwhile.


Pull the rope, then poke my head out and call, "Ribbon! The window! C'mon up."


The ccraftwork is exquisite! Rubies, diamonds, emeralds…beautifully cut and crafted.

He returns before you have even a chance to look deeper at it. With a huge barrel marked 'Sulfurdew'. "Here you go, young lady". he says with a rough voice.


Ribbon jumps up and manages to squeeze inside.
Though, how you're going to get her up to the roof is another question.
Ribbon jumps off into the room and starts inspecting the clothes and tools, sniffing it and carefully poking it


I look a little intimidated by the barrel and say "Thanks, Its super important." And, can I even lift it? Maybe strap it to myself to carry it?


It's pretty heavy, but Scrap quickly runs up and shows off by lifting it up!


Close the window. "Find a way up if you can. Or, if you can't, at least this will be more comfortable than outside. Meow if the big pony gets back."

And with that, I'll return. Any new developments upstairs? What's with those creepy toys anyway?


"Great! Your joints aren't squeaky anymore too." I flutter happily at his ability and guide him to leave with me.


Go back towards the home.

Roll for inspecting the toys


Yes of course, we are making a delivery.



Roll #1 9 = 9


Roll for noticing!

While Ribbon is slowly creeping upstair, you take a closer look at the doll in the workshop.
You can't make sense of what the machinery exactly does, not being a Tinker, but you do notice the eyes seem to have some kind of mechanism to see breezies. The eyes follow you. You've seen similar machinery inside the constructs of the Tinkers.


Creepy. Maybe Pattern would like it. I mean I guess Scrap is the same in a way but it's weirder in toys.



Roll #1 2 = 2


Definitely creepy! You hear a meow coming from the tunnel down.

You notice there's an abandoned house a bbit further from the village. Go back to the shop?


Yea, some abandoned house isn't important, getting that tinker breezy free is!


I guess the Tinker can wait. Not like I can free Twinklebreeze without that solvent anyway. Go back to check on Ribbon.


You find Ribbon trying to get into the tunnel, but he doesn't get in! He mournfully meows while putting one paw inside the tunnel.

You get back, you hear a meow from down the tunnels!


Scratch his head with a breezer. "I bet he has a way of fitting bigger toys out the door if he sells to big ponies. There has to be another way in and out, I'll find it."

Go back to Twinklebreeze. "Do you have any bigger doors inside? Your tunnel's a little too small."


Oh, there's Pattern as I exit the tunnel. "You brought the chemicals, I guess?"


"Fairweather? Yes, oh and your cat needs something." I say as I proceed into the tinker's home.


"Yeah, the tunnel is too small."


"Is he stuck?"


Scrap chirps as he shows off his carrying skills, throwing the heavy bottle in the air and catching it again.
You want to go down together to see Twinklebreeze again and have the response to Fairweather?


Yea, that's fine.


"Not so much stuck as he can't get into this room, so he's waiting back there."



"Poor thing."


You bring the barrel back downstairs. Scrap looks to Pattern while holding the barrel.
Twinklebreeze seemed to be murmuring to herself before you got in. Before she can say anything she's interrupted by Fairweather's question.
"Uh….Too small for what?"


"My friend. Here, let's get you free first. Say, what's up with the creepy toys?"


Point him to an empty spot in the lab area to set the barrel.
And get to work making enough solvent to free the breezy.


Scrap puts it on the table. You get to work.
Roll a 1d10+3 for the quality of your work.

"Free is good…wait, you think my toys are creepy too? Why? I thought they'd be the new revolution for little breezies? Like those monster toys"



Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


"Well, if monster is your goal, creepy is a step in the right direction, right?"


You manage to create a pretty good dissolvant, it will be mostly painless, and not leave any scars. Great!

"Those monsters look really cute for monsters though. What exactly is creepy about my dolls?"


"They look a little uncanny. And the eyes…"


"Follow you happily, giving the illusion that it cares about you?"


"I didn't notice anything weird about your toys." I chime in and start freeing her from the glue.


Shake my head. "This is no time to be arguing about dolls. The market will prove you right - or wrong - in time."


As the dissolvant eats away the glue, Twinklebreeze doesn't immediately get up.
"I've been having some trouble with selling them. I really think other breezies just don't get what's so amazing about them!"

The dissolvant eats away the glue without any harmful side effects. "Thank you. I don't know what I'd have done if you both didn't come here."


"M-maybe you should get an assistant?"


"Now that you're up, we can reconvene with Ribbon, the least mobile of the four of us, to plan our next move regarding these big pony artifacts."


She gets up. "An assistant…are you looking for a job?"

"So how big do you need this tunnel to be?"


"We can meet up with Ribbon in the tunnel and you can see for yourself."


"N-no I have a nice job. But maybe you'd be safer if you weren't all alone. In the guild there is always somebreezy around."


She gives you a forced smile. "Ah, the guild. It's not something for me. I tried but, all those deadlines and rules, they're not for me."

"Fine, lead the way. You helped me so much, I'd be glad to help."


I get really quiet to a whisper. "I like rules.."


Usher them along til we meet up with the catface filling the tunnel.


As soon as she sees the cat, Twinklebreeze hides behind Pattern. "NO WAY."


"Hm? What's the matter? You're not scared of a kitty are you?"

Scratch Ribbon's ear.


"W-well, what we really need is help finding some big pony stuff. Um, we also found a big pony thing already, but it looked important so we want to give it back."


"I don't like cats! They always look at you like they want to eat you!"

"I can help, I can help you! But I don't want that cat in my house!"


"Well Ribbon can't fit in to begin with so I guess it's not that big of a deal. Let's hear what you have to say, then."


"He is a bit big to be in here."


"Mister Tumbleweed wants something very rare. I found it for him, but it's in a place I cannot get to." she says from behind Pattern. "That's where you come in!"
"KITTY!" you hear a high voice from outside!
Ribbon turns around and jumps down.


As Ribbon turns away, Twinklebreeze's grip lessens and she pokes her head up behind Pattern


I look very concerned about this idea.


"Ribbon can take care of himself, continue, and I'll investigate in a moment."


Twinklebreeze takes a moment, making sure Ribbon is away before she flies up again.
"Mister Tumbleweed wants an antique silver Moon dial. Those haven't been made for a very long time." With a slight edge of pride she continues "But I found one, right in this village , no less. It's all the way at the edge of the village, in an abandoned well. But…" she looks at both of you. "there's a ghost protecting it."


Suppress a laugh. "Pft-t, I see. We will need to be prepared."


"O-oh that's all.. just an old well, with water at the bottom, probably huge stones falling off it, and big mean toads and s-spiders.."



Twinklebreeze puffs
"Don't laugh! It's true! I've seen it myself! You think I would tell Tumbleweed that if I could get it myself?!?"


"When does the ghost come out?"


Cough, "No, no, I said we'd take care of it. Don't worry. We're experienced ghost hunters. I mean, would Tumbleweed betray you by sending people without even mentioning the ghost? Never."


"It can be heard sometimes at night. But I tried going there during the day and as I could see the Dial it appeared behind me and tried to kill me!"

"If I were you, I'd try to creep past it."


I frown. "How did you get away?"


"We brought a ghost killing ray from the city, we'll be alright. Can you get us a map of the town? Besides the well, we'd also like to locate a certain breezy's house… and some other things, if possible."

Relate what I've learned about the young big pony, and also the grasshopper place I'm planning to stay the night. Oh! And ask if there's a good place to get scrap materials for Pattern's tinkering projects.


"It was by the slightest of chances. I flew away and the ghost kept chasing me. I managed to stay right ahead of it and flew back up. It wouldn't follow me out."

"I can help with that. As for the young Big Pony. I think your cat knows where she is.."


"Wait, are you implying that the child lives here?"


"Not in my house. I live in hers."


"My statement didn't imply ownership, I just said 'here'."


I gasp "Ohmygoshwetotallyalmoststolefromyourbigponyfamily"


"Relax. We resolved to return it long before. This is merely convenient."


"Maybe.. but would they understand that we weren't stealing it? Twinklebreezy should be the one since they know her!"


"She's not my family, just a friend!"

"And she's not a child, she's quite mature for her age!"




"I don't see what the big deal is. She dropped her possession, we're returning it. The logistics of scale may be somewhat irregular. I refuse categorically to be limited in this matter by size!"


"I'll introduce you, she might be a bit uneasy if you two show up out of nowhere. Wait here!"
She flies outside.


"I read this story once, where somebreezy tried to return a shoe to a big pony, and the big pony thought they were stealing it and tried to hit them with the shoe!"


Check on Ribbon in the mean time.


"I've taken down real butterflies. No mean broach facsimile can go breezer-to-breezer with me."


no mere*


You see outside (inside the Big Pony house) that Ribbon has gotten quite comfortable laying on a cushion while the blue maned pony brings him a bowl of milk!
Twinklebreeze flies down and lands on her head.
You can only hear the blue pony.
"Twinklebreeze, look there's a kitty in our house!"

"Don't be mean, she's adorable!"

"What?!? It's a he?"


I wait really anxiously, "This is breaking so many rules.."


"Rules are the boundaries a society creates to feel comfortable. They provide stability, but the needs of one society are not the same as the next. You can't make river breezies live by the same laws as city breezies and bush breezies. That is why there will never be one unified breezie empire, though if you believe the books, some bold generals have attempted it."


"But WE still have to follow our own rules.. right?"


"Twinkle, I got those things you asked for"

"Oh, you have friends here? Are they breezies too? OHMIGOSH"


I shrink down at being mentioned


Lean in a bit closer to hear.

"We are at the legal behest of our hosts, at least. As they say, When In Breezie Hollow, Do As the Hollowites Do."

You can't do that! We left the shrink ray back with our caravan! We really should check in on that sooner rather than later.


"Oh I really want to see them! What?"

she giggles "It's a promise!"


Its got a code on it anyway.

"R-right, that's true."


"Things sound like they went well downdraft, anyway."


"You go first.."


"I will then!"

Descend, gliding down onto Ribbon's back.


The blue maned pony looks with big eyes as you glide down. From here you see she's a little bigger and less childish than the youngest ponies, still she's not an adult either.
She covers her mouth. "ohmigoshohmigoshohmigosh"
She then crouches down to your eyes level and whispers. "Hi!"


Leeean my head out to see how its going down there.


Strike a bold pose, rattling my scabbard a little just to make sure she knows who's in charge!

"There is no need to whisper on my account. In fact, we've come here to help you. Has Twinklebreeze already told you about the broach?"


You look very intimidating and the pony backs away a bit.
Ribbon has a glint of amusement in his eyes.
"Broach? No…" she looks at Twinklebreeze.


"Are you missing a personal effect? One shaped like a butterfly?"


Fairweather drew a sword! Something must be wrong. I fly down there at high gliding speed.





"It was by the slightest of chances. I flew away and the ghost kept chasing me. I managed to stay right ahead of it and flew back up. It wouldn't follow me out."

Twinklebreeze rubs her chin. "A young blue big pony? There's many blue big ponies in this town. But the broach makes me think it was the Sugarloaf family, I've seen one of them wear such a broach. As for the grasshoppers, I've heard they've got a good breakfast actually. Beds are okay, if you don't mind animals waking you up in the morning. And whenever I need materials I simply go to Murmurleaf, he might have a better idea of where to get scrap."


"Sounds like several good leads. Can you help us by drawing a rough map of the town from your memory and indicating those places? We need to prepare and maybe stake out the place before we go ghost hunting."


"Scrap, take a memo. Sugarloaf family. Murmurleaf."


"You sound like some sort of soldier. Have you been a Duchess guard or something?" She does take a piece of paper and start drawing.

Scrap notes it in his brain! Be sure to not break it.


Blow my breath, "Pff. Those guys? They're not so tough. Thanks though."


Satisfied with that I sit proudly.


File: 1518894637469.png (11.06 KB, 725x648, 9000 hours in paint.png)


Twinklebreeze takes her time makingh the map. "This is what I can do quick, if you want a good map, I'll need some more time." she gives you the map.
"See we are here at the red X. The Sugarloaf family live in the large house at the market, the big square in the middle. I suggest avoiding the market, but cross the street and you'll see there's a small gap there, go through it through their garden and you'll end up right here." she marks it in red. "And you can enter the cellar from there. As for Murmurleaf, he lives right here at this corner of the street, you're better off crossing the roofs to get to him. Lastly the well is aaaall the way here at the edge, she marks the circle. You'll have cross the roofs all the way to the edge and then go there. You can try the streets though if it's night."


"Thanks, that's very helpful!"
"So, um, you live with a big pony, and you don't get bothered by other big ponies?"


Nod, "This map will serve. In truth I would've settled for half this detailed. Maybe a quarter!"

Add thoughtfully, "So they're some kind of wealthy giants. Hmmm."


"Oh yes, but only recently I think, their family used to be farmers.
Maybe there's more things to collect in that house as well? I'm sure mister Tumbleweed might like that."

"No, Dandelia can be completely trusted. We go back a long time, and she has never talked about me to other Big Ponies, so our secret is safe."


"I'm not opposed to the idea in essence but I'm not sure I would have an eye for what's rare exactly. Hm. Maybe Scrap can do appraisals or something."


"Alright.. I'm glad it works for you so far.." I breathe a sigh of relief.
Shrug. "If you want to trust a robot."


"Perhaps an experiment is in order? I have some antiques upstairs"


"You've done more than enough already, but I won't turn down the offer. Besides, being able to verify the veracity of the silver moon dial benefits you as well - I assume you have some kind of finder's fee arranged?"


"Yea, best to be sure he can do it."
I look at Scrap. "Don't break anything."


"Of course. And if the robot doesn't do, I'd be happy to help you with finding anything rare."


"Let's test it, then."



"Wait here until I call you. I'm going to prepare a few things." She flies up.


I nod and then look at Scrap. "So, do you know what's a valuable material? "


'Gold, diamonds, silver, platinum. Copper is valuable to the Guild as well."


"Okay, ready!!!"


"Alright, but you know things with a special shape are valued too, since we never see big pony things."


"Define special shape…"


"Like the non-flower shape cups they use."


"Adding this to the specifications: non-conform shape."


I nod, and wait patiently for our hostess to return.


She's upstairs.
"Hey, did you hear me? It's ready, come upstairs!"


"Oh!" I fly upstairs and only stop at the top to wait for Scrap.


Physically usher Pattern up.



You go upstairs and right on the table you see a collection of five items.
>A very old looking cork with some big pony symbols on it.
>A little plate of what seems to be gold
>A large Big Pony spoon
>A big pony regular button
>A breezy sized toy.

"Scrap, take your time and chose what's the rarest."
Pattern may roll.


Don't interfere with his choosing.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Whisper conspiratorially to Pattern: "I mean if it were me I'd go straight for the gold, but I'm pretty good at taking tests and I figure you've laid something that seems low-value in there to test the machine's aptitude. Toy's probably not it - plus pretty hard to carry. And I've seen buttons like that before - it's not the one. Cork's got potential, it's old. Age has value. Spoon… I dunno, maybe."


"We'll see how it does, I do have something your friend might be interested in."

Scrap takes his time inspecting each of the items and eventually choses the cork.
"Oldest item, clear Big Pony origin."

"Not bad. Scrap didn't let himself be distracted by the gold. The cork is definitely one of the oldest items here and to the right breezie, very valuable. However…the spoon is newer and custom made. Made by a craftspony from the big pony capital. Very rare, very valuable as well. I'd dare say, slightly more rare than the cork, but a good effort." says


I smile at Scrap and Fairweather. "None us know much about spoon trends, so the cork was the best choice, even the information available."


"Good enough, then. I think our first order of business should be checking in at where we're going to stay the night, then tonight after the streets are clear we can deliver that broach and case the big house."


"If you like, when I was still working for the Guild, I made a construct upgrade to help constructs like scrap detect such rare objects. I can upgrade him if you like."


"Huh, is it late already? I was really hoping to at least give the broach back by nightfall."

"Really? May I watch you do the upgrade?"


"You may even do it yourself if you'd prefer. In return, all I ask is that if you use it to track down things for mister Tumbleweed, I get my finder's fee."


"I just came along for metals and stuff, Fairweather is in charge of profits." I point to the bush breezy.


"After nightfall is better, since there will be less traffic on the road and we have to bring the wagon up the street with the stuff loaded inside, right?"

"There's something else besides the Moondial in particular?"


"W-wait, if we go at night.. then Owls are awake!"


"I'm close to tracking down something else of interest. But I'd rather talk about that once you secured the Moondial. The finder's fee on the upgrade is because since it's my antique chip and it finds something on the way, it's like I found it, no?"


I point out, "We travel at day all the time and that's when hawks are awake."


Squeak in fear.
"I didn't even think about those!"


"Unique, rather than antique," I correct, "We can give it a try. I'm sure we'll work something out, I need to get a letter back to the Hollow and speak to this parts master."


"Think of it this way, as long as we're traveling with the caravan you can try to blast it with the shrink ray if it comes at us. We're actually safer traveling with our stuff than we are right now, traveling light."


"I-if you say so.."


"Of course. That's agreeable."


"Right. If you want to stay here and upgrade Scrap, you can, but I'm going to move the caravan and get us checked in. Will you be okay to get to the grasshopper place on your own? I'll leave the map with you so you don't get lost, just don't forget to bring it!"


"Okay. I'll meet you at the inn."


"Remember, we're going to the grasshopper place, not the bar we were at originally. Don't get mixed up!"


"I'll find it by the trail of white fur if I get confused."


Move to the caravan?

Will you do the upgrade yourself?


No, I'll watch unless I'm needed. Partly to see if this breezy really does know her stuff.



Are you going to collect Ribbon as well, or leave him here? He'll find you eventually for sure.

She puts Scrap on a little bench carefully and places a black case next to it. She opens the case and inside is a gold chip. "Scrap, I'll open your casing now." She turns to you. "I remember in this model, that the drives are in the head? But perhaps my knowledge is outdated."


Yeah, let's go down and see if he's preoccupied.


"That's right. The body has the wing and leg mechanisms, as well as the print-out paper."
"Scrap, cooperate with her."


It's dark here but you can see by the faint moonlight.
You see the blue pony you followed earlier is down there with him. She has fallen asleep on an old couch with a book next to her.
Ribbon is seemingly sleeping on a cushion on the ground with an empty plate next to him. But he straightens his ears and gets up once you fly down.

Scrap opens the head casing.
"Right, this won't take long." She puts on some goggles and starts to work, slowly and delicately attaching new wires to his drives.


Moonlight already! It did get dark fast!

Float over to the window and open it, then motion so the two of us can sneak out.

From there, use the inactive town's inactivity to sneak over to our caravan and pilot it, barring any distractions, to the Grasshopper Inn


Watching and judging in silence.


She then attaches the new chip with a little click. She made it look easy.
"Scrap, do a diagnostic and see if the new chip is installed."
"…..new chip detected. Code named AMAZINGCHIP3000." "Oh, eh, forgot to switch that name. But it works. Good bot, Scrap." she closes the casing again and gives him a pat on the head.
"Now, we have to wait and see."

Ribbon follows you out.
The grasshopper inn seems more of a farm rather than an inn. As you knock at the door, the smell of cornbread hits your nostrils. A large grasshopper woman greets you. "You must be the breezie we heard about. Welcome! Now before I lead you to your rooms, how many were you again? I heard two breezies and one cat."


"A field test even."
I flutter my wings, and yawn. "Okay, I'm going to find the beds Fairweather got us. See you tomorrow maybe."
"Come on Scrap." Start to leave.


Nod, a little dourly, "The other will be along. There's a construct, too. The Tinker sort, if you've seen them - maybe if you know the Toymaker, Twinklebreeze. It doesn't take any space really, though. I'd like to get my cat settled first - he's had a long day."


"I think I saw them before. If they're housebroken, that's fine! Now, let's get that beautiful cat of yours to the stables."
She steps out.
"You're lucky, the ladybugs are all on a trek, so he'll have the stables to him alone. I thought it would be a big cat so I made sure to make it nice and comfortable."
She opens the stable doors and in the middle a large bunch of hay has been collected and upon it lays a large cloth bed sheet.
Besides it is a large trech with water.
Ribbon eyes it suscpiciously, testing the sheet with his paws. Before nesting in there.
"I reckoon he likes it!"


Go to the farm?


Yea, floating carefully.


Pat his head. "How's it rate?" I ask him.


Roll a 1d10

He looks critically at his trench of water. Perhaps a nice bowl of milk would have been better. Still the hay and sheet isn't terrible



Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'll see what I can do."

Head inside, and see what's on the menu, "What've you got for drinks? My partner is a bit of a lightweight."


You suddenly hear a loud OOHOO from above and as you look up, you see the shadow of an owl high up above. You freak out and quickly hide, dropping your Tinker goggles on the ground.

Looks like homemade flower pie tonight!
"Well we got delicious freshly brewed sweet tea! Otherwise we have some apple cider and milk."


"I-is the owl gone? Check for me." I ask Scrap.


Scrap checks. "No owl detected!"


"Great. Fill a bowl of milk for the cat, I'm good for it. I'll wait on my own dinner until my companion arrives."


"Whew, let's get going before it comes back!" I fly much faster toward the farm, not bothering to look for the goggles.


"Okay. Shall I leave the stable doors open for your cat? Perhaps he'd like to go out during the night."

You make it without any more sightings of nasty owls! You see a large grasshopper just leaving the stables. "Hello, are you perhaps Fairweather's companion?"


"Yes.." I reply softly. "Did she already check in?"


"He can push them open if he cares to, I am sure."


"She did. Come, I'll lead you right inside."

"Okay hon, be right back."


"Okay, I'm really tired today." Follow the grasshopper.


"Looks like you made it. Here, we'll have the special. And what do you drink again? They've got tea, cider, and milk."


Indeed, Pattern and Scrap arrive!
The grasshopper checks with you. "Do you want to see your rooms first or eat first?"


"A-a.. A tea is good, I ran most of the way here."


"Let's eat, I trust you on the rooms."

Besides, I'd slept bivouac


"A tea then, and for you miss?" she asks Fairweather.


"Maybe some cheese too?"


"I'll have the cider, no cheese for me though."


The grasshopper leaves and soon you'll get your drinks and dinner!



You're still at the farm ready to eat. The sweet smell of cornbread and stamped flowers fills the air. You've been given your tea, cider and a small plate of cheese.

Do you wish to talk now or skip till after dinner?


Skip I think.


It's all the same to me to skip ahead, I think.

"You remembered the map, right? Trip go okay?"


You finish your food and the grasshopper brings you upstairs to see your rooms. "They used to be my son's rooms but that's a long time ago."
The rooms are both simply but comfortable each having a big bed and a little desk to write on. Light is provided by a set of candles. To freshen up there's a bathroom right next to your rooms.


"Yea, here's the map." I give the map to Fairweather.


"I'm going to wash off, but we can't tarry too long, once it gets late we should go to that big pony big house."


"Oh, It looks very comfortable."

I think I'll get a shower and lay in bed after my frightful owl encounter.


"Why do we have to go at night.. I barely dodged an owl on the way here.."


"The streets and the house we're going to will both be safer once the big ponies are asleep."


I grumble softly.


"You'd rather deal with big ponies than owls? They're a lot bigger!"


Roll a 1d10+5 for comfy


'1d10+5' comfy

"W-well, I don't know, big ponies might not notice you."

Roll #1 8 + 5 = 13


Very very comfy!
You wash the owl right off!


"Alright. I feel much better. But do we really have to go?"


"If you're that against it I suppose we can try in the morning. It has been a long day with the travel."


"But that means less daylight for looking at the scrapyard." groan slightly. "Fine. We'll go when you're ready."


Put a breezer on my forehead, "Just say when you want to go!"


I make a motion to put on my goggles, and point at the door.. but my goggles aren't there so it looks like I'm wiping my face or something.


"Is this some kind of Tinker code? I seriously hope that's not the secret gesture for 'someone is eavesdropping on us' or something."


"N-no, I just.. let's go." Walk toward the door.


I'll hurry along outside so I can get our caravan ready and bring out Ribbon.

"First, we'll return that broach so we have more cargo space, and maybe your bot can find us more stuff to loot while we're in there. On our way back when morning comes we can visit the scrapper if we've got space."



Ribbon is ready to go. Eager to hunt some little mice or rat. Not breezie of course. His eyes reflect spookily in the sparse light.


I nod and follow, floating around beside the big kitty as he gets attached to the harness.


Off we go to the Big House! And not a prison this time


"Maybe I should make some cat size goggles.."


"Anything too restrictive and Ribbon will shake it off, I don't blame him."


"He likes that bow thou, hmm."


"That's not a bow, it's a battle banner that just happens to be tied similarly to a bow! It's very fierce."


Ribbon starts a slow pace to the town dragging the cart with tinker devices behind him. The town seems deserted at this time and it's eerily quiet! Only the sound of the wind and the occassional distant owl are audible. The Big Pony in the Moon is looking down menacingly from above.


"Oh, a banner." I look more closely at it and pretend to notice the difference.

"Uh, you were right about the big ponies not being here."


Who says that's a big pony in the moon? I think that's Frightmare Spoon, a spooky folk witch breezie. Not that she's real of course, just part of local folklore!

"Let's make the most of it so we have plenty of time to look at parts. If we make enough from this haul, maybe we can even buy the first pieces today. So be thinking about what you want for your blueprint!"

Head onward to the mansion!


"Oh! I wonder if he has anything I use as fan blades."


"Can't anything flat work like that? Or I guess it's gotta be light or it'll weigh things down, huh?"


"Light and sturdy too, can't have it tear in half after an hour like paper does."


Must be some exotic Bushbreezie custom! Every civilized Breezie knows that the Moon is way too big for a Breezie to be visible on it!

Ribbon wears his pretty battle banner with pride.

You make it to the Biggest of Mansions in good time. It stands apart from all the other house and you see a large gate with the initals SL in iron letters above it. The iron fencing would be too small forany but the youngest of big ponies to squeeze through but for a breezie it would be easy!


I fly through and look at Ribbon, "can he fit?"


Float through, but keep an eye out for dogs or anything like that!

"Cats are good at squeezing, but I'm worried about our caravan fitting."


"Maybe we should get a narrower one next time."


"Can you just use the ray to make the caravan fit? Or do we have a limited amount of 'juice' in the battery we're saving?"


"O-oh, the shrink ray. We could use that."
Does the caravan actually fit thou?


The caravan just fits. With a little scraping.


Assuming I didn't spot anything dangerous when I looked before, let's case the place.

"See anywhere that might be a foal's room?"


"whew, we didn't need to shrink it yet after all."


You don't spot anything dangerous.
Ribbon puts his nose in the air and starts hissing while showing his fangs.
Looking around, Fairweather can find strands of dog hair on the ground and in the main door, there's a big dog door. An easy way to get in, but chances of running into the owner of those dog hairs increases significantly.
Pattern sees a little fissure in one of the stone walls, a tight fit for you, impossible for a cat with caravan, unless you shrink both.

The windows look locked from here.


"Dog. Glad we came at night."

Check the upper floor for unsecure windows too!


Roll for a very lucky open window!


"Okay, now we need the shrink ray." Fire it up and set it to 'shrink' mode while waiting for fairweather to say its okay first.



Roll #1 10 = 10


Yes, at the third floor! Somepony left a window slightly ajar! Must be cold in these windy night, better take the opportunity before someone closes it!


Float back to them.

"I found a window up there. You think you can jump up Ribbon? We may still need to shrink the caravan to carry it with us, though…"


You put your shrink ray ready.
The manual did say to put safety goggles on though.


Ribbon looks through the window and nods to the caravan, he shakes his head.


Alas, my goggles..
"Alright, I'm ready to shrink it!"


"Wait, one second, let me release Ribbon."

Let Ribbon off.


"Secure the ray to Ribbon's harness once you've pocketed the caravan, I'm going to get some ropes to serve as a support line and set up on the other end, so that when he's climbing we can counterbalance the weight, like a pulley system. Alright?"

After leaving one end with Ribbon's harness, head up to the third floor and see if there's anything heavy I can weigh down my rope with.


Shrink the caravan!


Keep your eyes open?

You mean going inside or up the roof?


Inside the third floor window! Assuming there's no evil gargoyle or something waiting for me.


Yes, I have to look where I'm aiming


Your funeral.
The shrink ray beams up and flashes brightly. You're seeing everything purple for the moment and feel dazed!

There doesn't seem to be! Hmm, the big ponies seem to have spanned some kind of white sheet to confound breezie intruders, but you quickly manage to go under it. This seems to be some Big Pony bathroom. You recognize the water taps and the bath tub, even though it could hold a hundred breezies easily! You see a brush, all kinds of different bottles of soaps and oils, all huge sized. You see a big bar of red soapy substance. Perhaps one of these could be used as a counterweight. The room lights up for a just a second by a flash from outside.


Aha! That water tap! I'll tie it around that, it should be more than enough to support Ribbon's weight. But I'll take my time and tie several knots to make sure it holds well – Pattern can handle herself outdoors for that time.


feel around for the cat. "Ribbon, stay still."


You tie the rope and tie it very strong!
Now as long as the breezie rope holds, you should be fine! The manufacturer did guarantee it could hold cats. Small ones.

You daze around, slowly the world forms again, purplish and you find yourself tugging at Ribbons battle banner. Ribbon seems a bit annoyed and puts you back on the ground with a paw


Head down. Everything look in order here? I'll help secure the ray to Ribbon if so.


"I need to get new goggles.." I complain rubbing my eyes.


"Maybe we'll find some inside," I offer helpfully


You see that the hair of Pattern and Ribbon is standing up! But the shrinking ray is fine and the caravan is shrinked to a snug portable size. Be careful not to drop it!

When you stop rubbing the world is normal again. You see Ribbon is trying to put his fur back down again. Oh right, your beatiful hair is standing all upright as well!


"Maybe, if they collect dolls.."
Help secure the shrink ray to the cat?


Once I'm done hooking up the ray to the cat and securing lines, I'll go up.

"I'm going to reel in the line as ribbon climbs, looping the rope around the faucet I tied it too. You just have to ride along and keep things balanced."

Time to finally get in this house!


Give a bobbing in the air gesture of understanding!


First Ribbon has to make a jump to the first window. He crouches readying.
Roll a 1d10 to see how well your rope system holds during the first jump.



Roll #1 7 = 7


More than adequately!
Ribbon then tip toes along the window edge and uses small edges along the wall to make his way up. However, for the last meter to the window on the third floor , there's no way but jumping. He crouches for one last jump! Roll a 1d10


Reel in the line so that it can't drop even if it comes loose.

All these jumps are making me wonder if this window was more trouble than it's worth.


Roll #1 10 = 10


And Ribbon makes one last jump, gracefully landing on the window sill!
He makes it look easy! He creeps in together with Pattern!


With some relief I'll release the lines, bring them in, and set the caravan on the ground.

"Hmm, we shouldn't keep letting you stare straight into the light, though. I was thinking, soap bars are transparent if you cut a thin enough slice. What if I cut out a chunk of that bar of soap, you could use it as an improvised visor to eat up most of the light before it gets to your eyes, but you'd still be able to see."


Pat him on the head for being such a good jumper, cats like that right?


Cats like pats, and cat nip!
Good thing your shrink ray is still safe.
Hmmm, a moving beast with a shrink ray on top. A terrifying combination!
However, as you sit on the window sill, you notice something.
The window lock has been messed with. Someone small has opened it, judging by the way the lock has been forced internally, like someone climbed inside to do it.

The cute little caravan is on the ground! Hard to imagine it holds most of your supplies.


"Pattern? What do you think? Want to try some kind of eye shield? Or maybe we could find a rag in here…"


"Wait, I think some other breezy lives here and uses this window."


"One way or the other though, we're going to want to fix our caravan so that we can move the ray back and return the broach, right?"


What's the next part of your master plan?


"So soon? don't we want to look around first?"


"Hmm, well, we could hide the caravan and shrink ray somewhere near here. But we gotta take it off Ribbon so he can move safely."


Look for a place to hide the shrink ray..


It would be easy under the bathroom cupboard! No one would look there, at least until cleaning day. You're not staying that long.


"Okay, got it." Take the shrink ray and hide it in the bathroom.


Alright! First let's scour this room in case there are hidden breezie tunnels or something


It is hidden and Ribbon is once again free to move!

You scout the room but can't find any sign of secret breezie tunnels. However, you see someone messed with the locks of the door here as well. The copper keyhole seems to have been too tight for whoever was here and was partially melted away.


Look around for the bedroom doors.


Right! Let's look through to the next room then.


You go through the hole into the hallway. You see, right across a door with a small pony doll attached to the door and slightly ajar! That must be the children's room. What luck!


"I found the foal's room. Third floor for the kid? I wonder why… maybe they are the distant type of parents."


"We found it! now we just need to put the butterfly inside her room."
"I'll go unshrink it." float off to the bathroom.


"It's pretty big though. We're gonna need to open the door to get it through once it's full size. I'll work on opening the door."

Get my rope out again and tie it around the knob so I can leverage to pull it open.


The door creaks slightly as it opens. But you don't immediately notice any response from the sleeping Big Ponies. Ribbon sneaks outside into the hallway


unshrink that butterfly jewelry.


I'll stalk ahead with Ribbon, peaking into the tiny big pone room


The beautiful butterfly broach is unshrinked! Scrap immediately picks it up. Or tries to, at least he can drag it.

Ribbon puts his paw before you before you can enter. He puts his nose in the air and crouches, showing his fangs. You follow where he's looking. And indeed, above the door you just passed, on the top of the door frame, two tiny figures are watching you. One clearly a breezie, the other you can't quite make out. In any case, as you notice them, they jump off and start gliding down towards you


Leap on top of Ribbon, as a defensive maneuver, but stand my ground, one breezer on my scabbard!


Hold the other side and fly with him toward the bedroom.


The Breezie figure drifts lower and lower but stays out of range of your cat, preferring to land a bit further. She puts up her breezers. "Please, there is no need to be apprehensive. Me and my companion mean you no harm, we merely desire to converse."

You come out to see Fairweather in defensive posture on Ribbon, while you see an unknown Breezie a bit further to your right!

The Breezie on the red carpet has a yellow body with dark purple short straight hair. You can only tell she has a yellow body from her unobscured face though. Her body is covered in a bodysuit not unlike Pattern's Tinker suit. However while Tinker's is elegant and shiny. The unknown breezie's seems to be stitched together from random parts, wires and parts from different machines have been stitched together to form it. Even her goggles seem to have been made from 4 trashed goggles. Despite the lack of refinement and finish on the suit, it does look like it might function as well as Tinker suit. Besides her lands a construct companion, made similarly from different pieces of scrap he seems a lot more like scrap than Pattern's Scrap. The construct is slightly taller and has some robot arms ending in fierce looking hoofplates.
"It is my sincere belief that we have common reasons and goals for scouring inside this Big Pony living space. Let me introduce ourselves, my name is Geardrift and this is my companion, Spark."


"Perhaps. We've come quite some ways. Who are you? Do you know Twinklebreeze?"


"I know her by reputation. Failed Tinker, turned even worse toymaker, then becomes Big Pony artefact connoisseur to get by. It is for that last quality I sought to meet her just today, yet her shop was closed and none responded. Hence I decided to go by what some might call instinct and inspect this house for any unusual artefacts. I acquire rare Big Pony artefacts, you see. And by you both being here, carrying a rare custom Big Pony broach, I dare to guess you are of similar purpose. We need not be competitors in this regard. We are more than happy to share the spoils."


"Um.." I scrunch at her and keep bring the broach into the room anyway, look for a desk or something to put it on.


The Breezie follows you with her eyes as she talks, while you bring the broach across the hall into the room.
You're in the sleeping foals rooms! They're fast asleep, two of them! Oh how do you know which one?


It's the blue one, duh!

"We can be picky about what we salvage. I am not interested in stealing mementos from children - hence, we're bringing this one back. There are things here that won't be missed."

Glance at Pattern, "It's not the most economical solution, but I suppose I can't grumble about ethics all the time if I'm not gonna keep to my own."


It doesn't really matter, they will just give it to the correct one. Sibling share right? haha.


I nod. "Yea, it was a special gift I'm sure!"


She nods. "I understand. The mark that seperates breezies like us from common thieves is exactly this. Thinking of the destination and purpose of the artefacts, rather than pure greed. I will not stand in the way of you returning this artefact to the child, there are enough others here that deserve a more beautiful home."

As you put the brouche on the nightstand you note there's a bunch of hoofkerchiefs crumbled around. And a picture in the middle. It's an older mare with the two young foals next to her happily smiling. The older mare has the same broach in her hair.




"Very well, then. What method are you planning to use to extract your finds? We've got a setup that's alright – but it might be able to be improved. Moreover, what's your plan regarding the dog?"


I'm going to look under the bed.


"For carrying the artifact outside, we've experimented with many different methods, alas so far brute force is still the most universally applicable." she taps Spark on the head. Outside however, we have a hawk that can carry any loot fast and safely across great distances. As for the dog, a little sleeping powder in his food did the trick hours ago."

You find several dolls and little trinkets. Use Scrap to find valuables?


"Let's try that new upgrade of yours out." I point the robot in the right direction.


"We have a wagon that can move things while we're still indoors, among some other tinkering tools. I've been thinking since earlier today that a big house like this might have a wine cellar full of old corks and forgotten things like that. Might be a good place to start."


Roll a 1d10 for lucky breezie

"I've done some scouting ahead and you'd be right. I can show you the way."



Roll #1 9 = 9


"It's certainly a windfall running into you, then. Pardon my suspicion for being a little doubtful that this is too much of a good thing – but until you give me reason to think otherwise, we can work together. I'll grab our caravan." Pause thoughtfully, "Speaking of, do you have a spare set of goggles?"

"Ready to go Pattern?"


"I'm still looking."


Scrap points out an old doll that clearly has been here for a long time now. It must be of some value if Scrap likes it!

"I can make some if you have the materials. Ready when you are"


"What do you need? I don't think we're likely to find breezie-size lenses here and without a forge I doubt you can just use any old glass."


Motion to scrap to pick it up and get it where the others can see.


Scrap lifts up the doll and brings it to the middle of the hallway.

Before Geardrift can answer Scrap flies back into view with a large pony doll and drops it unceremoniously inbetween Fairweather and Geardrift.
Geardrift puts on her goggles and inspect it. "Sheriff Waldy doll. 834 ANN edition. Slightly stained but nothing that can't be washed off."


"Children's dolls now…? Well, at least it's not a dead relative's momento."


"Note the thick layer of dust. She probably doesn't even know she has it."


"Alright, alright. But maybe you can borrow Geardrift's goggles before you ray our caravan so we can load it, no?"


"W-what, but." I scrunch a little. "That's such a personal item."


"You want to burn your eyes again?"


"No.." I sigh and try to look humble when I turn to this 'Geardrift' "May I use those goggles until we leave?"


Geardrift takes off her goggles, looks at them a moment before slowly handing them over to Pattern. "Until we leave the house, no longer."


"Thankyou." I say quickly taking the unstandard pair of goggles and strapping them on.


"Make the wagon big again and the doll smaller so we don't waste space, I'll get Ribbon hooked up to pull."


"I could figure out something so simple!" I say in a flustered way.


These unorthodox goggles fit badly on your head but they'll do for now.

Geardrift follows your conversation


Fly off to the bathroom to shrink and grow items to fit better.


Hook up Ribbon


The doll has been shrinked to Breezie size and now fits into the caravan.
Ribbon is hooked again to the caravan. Ribbon is still looking apprehensively towards Geardrift and Geardrift takes care to hold her distance from the cat. "Can I pet her" she asks Fairweather.


Raise a brow quizzically, "That's up to him, not me. War kittens are proud and intelligent creatures and have opinions all their own. They demand respect on a higher level than other creatures."


I sigh, floating nearby.
"Scrap, there wasn't anything valuable in this room was there? Do a scan."


"Oh! I've never heard of a war kitten before. Are they specially trained?"

He takes a moment to do a scan and floats over towards Spark and points to him.
Spark looks agitated towards Scrap.


I look agitated too.

"Um, Geardrift, were you still going to lead us to where you found salvage materials?"


"Training seems to diminish the process," I wave dismissively, "It's not like teaching a ladybug to return to a pasture. It's about building a bond and foundation of trust. Symbiosis!"

"We were planning to check the wine cellar, right?"


Geardrift raises her antennae "The wine cellar is closer and easier to reach. I can bring you both to the scrapyard later, the night is still young."
You all hear metallic TUNK behind you
"I imagine you and Ribbon have been together for a long time then."


Turn sharply, taking up a defensive stance.


I yawn slightly at the mention of night, barely noticing the thunking sound.
"Right, lead the way please."


Hiss, "Shh. Pattern, get in the caravan!"


You see Spark standing exactly like it stood just a few seconds earlier. And Scrap thrown a few feet further onto the ground. Scrap gets up and points towards Spark.

"Everyone ready to go then?"


"Uh fine.."
Float in the caravan and look for Scrap to follow me.


"The machines are malfunctioning, banging into each other I suppose. Make sure they stay quiet, we don't want to give ourselves away."

With that, I'll encourage Ribbon onward so we can lead the party to the cellar!


"What? Malfunctioning?"


"They clanked into one another! Maybe they've got bad servos or whatever makes them move. I don't care how it happened, just keep them quiet. Sooner we get the wagon loaded the sooner we can go back to the hotel and sleep, alright?"


"Oh, sorry."


Scrap quickly floats towards you and points to Spark and then to a little dent in his metal frame.

Geardrift looks towards Spark. "Spark, I don't want any trouble! Play nice with the other robot!"


"Right, let's investigate the cellar."

No more delays! Dive, dive!


I panick and fussily fly all around Scrap.
"What?! Noo!"
How bad is the dent? "At least you're not property of the guild anymore, so we won't get in trouble."


It's just a little dent and damage to the paint. But you can repair it if you have free time.

You all go downwards using the stairs and soon you go into the dark cold cellar. There is no light here and your antennae start lighting up. The cellar is full of barrels and old bottles. The dust tickles your noses.


Aha! time to start searching.
"Perform a scan Scrap, quietly." I tell the robot in a hushed voice.


Scrap beeps and flies up. After a few moments he starts floating inbetween one of the barrels towards one of the walls.


Float over there and see what he found.


While she does that, I'll investigate for any threats like rats.


Scrap stops before a part of the wall. You see one of the bricks in the wall has broken here revealing a small dark space behind. You do note there's a spider web right next to the dark little hole.

You do not see any traces of rats. However, you do see old spiderwebs on the ceiling. While there's some good spiders like the one you've met, you've known your share of extremely nasty ones.


Old spiderwebs are just a distraction. Spiders are meticulous, they don't just let their webs get old and dusty, they won't catch flies like that.

I'll investigate the other spiderweb near the hole first.


I look anxious about it, but float as close as possible without touching the web.


Scrap stops before a part of the wall. You see one of the bricks in the wall has broken here revealing a small dark space behind. You do note there's a spider web right next to the dark little hole.


Look around the web for a spider hidey spot.


Spark and Geardrift fly up behind you.
"Can this robot tell what's in there?"

You see this spider web is definitely new. The spider should be close by. The dark hidey hole seems the most natural spot for it to hide. It's so dark in there though that it might even be looking at you right now and you wouldn't see.


Ask the robot.
"Scrap, what did you find?"


I'll just ask it then, in bug language! "I know a fresh web when I see one. Who's in there? You may as well say, because none of us are blundering into such an obvious web trap."


He prints out a little note and gives it to you. "Cute" comments Geardrift "I need something like that for Spark."

The note reads "70% iron shaped in twisting line; 29% wood attached; 1% unidentifiable materials; estimated age: 200-250 years"

You hear a hissing high voice from the darkness. "Then what do you want here?" it spits at you


"We're looking for something in that crevice very old, made of stone and wood. After we have it, we'll leave you alone."


Made of metal and wood**


"Uh, a printer? Its not that special.."
"Its an old iron artifact, somewhere in that hole."


"This trinket belongs to me. What would you give for it?"

"It's handy if I want to make notes. Iron, you say, I wonder what it is."


"We'll need to get past the web to find out."
I frown and look at Fairweather as she chirps at the walls.


"You're located down near the floor, in a crevice in a wine cellar where there is no life. That suggests you're subsisting off of ground-dwelling insects and don't have access to morning dew or nectar, which are staples in forest spider cooking. We have a nectar cooker with us, and some rations of the same - if you're willing to barter and add some variety to your diet. If not… well, we're staying with grasshoppers in town. You can handle individuals on your own with ambush, but if a lynch mob ever got together, you'd have to find a new home, right? Being able to cook your own nectar would pad your diet in the slow months, too."


Back in Breezie speak: "One moment, I'm trying to reason with it."


There is some clicks and hisses from the crevice. Like a bunch of spiders are whispering to each other.

"Show us this…cooker…we want to see how it works."


"They seem interested in the nectar cooker, can you demonstrate how it works? Don't get to close, mind you."


"The nector cooker? Spiders like nector? I suppose I can show it.. where is the spider exactly?" I look around for where I should be facing to demonstrate.


"Multiple, and in that crevice. And yeah, you remember that soup we had back when we got blown away from the storm after the Radan attacked the Hollow? That soup had forest nectar."


"I had no idea they ate things besides flies!"


"Many species of jumping spider feed on nectar and may even drink it raw. Besides that, others will eat aphids and lice that can be harmful to plants or large animals."

Add thoughtfully, "That's not to say there aren't plenty of aggressive insectivores, though. The biggest spiders will even eat lizards or bird eggs, those things can be as big as that enslaved bunny we tangled with back in the secret lab. But as far as I know, there are no spiders like that here in our forest."


While fairweather talks, I shiver in the creepiness and set up the nectar cooker facing the hole, gesturing with my little hooves as I show how to use it.


You hear a bunch of clicks and hissing from the hole.

"Closer, we cannot see!"


Detach Ribbon from the cart and have him loom threateningly in his choice of pose above the crevice, ready to pounce.

Draw my own weapon as well, and move in close to Pattern. "Don't try anything, I guarantee my cat is faster than you."

"They want you to go closer, is it something I can demonstrate? I'd rather not put you so close to harm's way."


I frown unable to understand them!


"We mean no harm. We simply want to see how it worksss."

More menacing clicks and hisses


"So be it. I'll be the one to show you, then."

"Can Spark or Scrap shine a light on it?"


"U-uh, why are they mad?!"
Does scrap have lights?


"Spark can light up everything with fire…but if you want diplomacy that might not be the best option."

Scrap has a tiny light, but not enough to light up the whole thing. It's barely stronger than your antennae lights and is more intended to find him in the dark.


"They can't see it very well, they say. Hearing there's more than one inside concerns me, a little. I was thinking, if you go back to the caravan and sit at the shrink ray, even if you miss, the light would be blinding enough to maybe get away."

"There's no helping it then, I'll just get closer. Cover me."

I'll get out my rope and cut a few lengths off the end, then tie them into bows on different parts. "Maybe you are more tactile learners. Here, I tied bows onto the different parts. The one with just one knot is where you put in the nectar. The one knotted twice is the lever, pull it next to spark the ignition. This with the three knots is the pressure gauge, once it passes the red line the nectar cooking is done. You should wash out the old nectar remains, too, if you want a better taste."

I'll explain all this at half the distance Pattern was sitting.


"No no, fire in a wine cellar is a bad idea."
Pick up the shrink ray just in case something goes wrong.
"Good luck.."


You're sitting close enough now that your antennae lights reflect on hundreds of tiny little dots in the crevice. One set of them significantly larger than the others. They are all fixated on you. "Washing?"


I think I understand now. Perhaps a mother with a freshly hatched brood, possibly still on her back.

"To wash is to run water over waste material to make it come off of what needs to be cleaned. To bathe is to wash one's self or another, washing is the inanimate equivalent. Nectar tastes best when it's fresh, so leaving old remains behind in the cooker will dilute the taste. Perhaps you've never tried fresh nectar."

In Breezie: "Slide me one of our nectar flasks."


It's in the caravan. Scrap or Pattern can give it


Oh right, we've got Scrap. "Scrap, deliver them a flash of nectar."


Scrap looks to Pattern for confirmation of this order.


"Deliver the nectar flask, just one." I nod.


Scrap gets the flask and flies into the crevice to hold the nectar flask right in front of the biggest spider eye set. There is clicking and Scrap's little light disappears for a second before showing up again.
Scrap flies back out with an empty flask and some traces of spider web and other goo on him.
"It is acceptable" the spider clicks "Come and get your prize." The eyes climb up the crevice and you see what seems to be an old corkscrew amongst old web and insect leftovers.


I'll return to the caravan then. "Sounds like everything worked out, now Scrap can make the exchange of the cooker for the corkscrew himself. I must say, even as an experienced veteran, it's a relief to have that machine to handle the trade."


"He has been doing his job lately." I hum and help scrap pick up the cooker just to be sure he doesn't scratch it. "Scrap, give them this, and get the valuable item."


Scrap beeps and soon returns with the ancient corkscrew.
Geardrift claps "Impressive."


"Yes!" I happily float in the air, enjoying this victory.


"Hmm, this is a pretty impressive artifact on its own. Maybe we should avoid being greedy and call it a night, carry what we've got back. I want to visit Murmurleaf, the scrap master, tomorrow, so we can't stay up all night. Besides, we have an unlimited amount of time in this town, we don't need to clean it all out in one go."


"I am a little tired.." and whisper to fairweather. "but we do have to split the profits with two extra breezies now, maybe we need more stuff."


Consider her point, "I see what you mean. Still though, it raises a good question."

"So, Gearshift," I comment, as I reattach Ribbon and start getting the caravan ready. "How are you planning to cash out your findings? Do you have a reseller?"


"That depends on the item. It just so happens there's a trading caravan not so far to the north of the city. Easy to reach by bird. If you go there as well, ask for Violet. She can always be trusted to give you a good deal. I'm not going yet however. I still have other business to attend to. You two seem like you can handle yourselves. If you both are interested in an adventure that is both exotic and profitable, you're welcome to look us up at the Donkey Inn."


"We have someone at The Hollow waiting on ours, thanks for the tip thou."
"Let's try for one more room, where do you suggest?"


"Hm, I see. We've already arranged to sell to a specific buyer back in the Hollow, but I want to make sure you get your cut properly and fairly rather than each just taking half of the items we salvage."


"That would require properly assessing the value of each of the items and then calculating each share. A task that would be much more appropriate during the day light. We could meet again at the Inn, I'll even let you know about my little proposal. Even if you refuse, I'm sure it'll be of great interest to know for somebreezie of intelligence."

"Hmmmmm. I wouldn't know where to go next"
Out of nowhere another breezie drops next to Geardrift. Clothed completely in a tight black cloth, including the antennae as to not be betrayed by their little light.
The head is uncovered but smeared with charcoal to make it black as well.
Geardrift jumps up in surprise but then relaxes again.
"Thristleswirl, you should cease doing that. It's simply not polite."


I squeak in fear and hide aim the shrink ray at the new comer.


"This mansion gets more business at night than the Dancing Mouse Inn at noon."


"Allow me to introduce my associate Thristleswirl. He's a forest Breezie with a penchant for pretending to be a bat." She says that last part a bit sarcastically. Thristleswirl whispers something in Geardrifts ear.
"I see. He says there might be something of interest in the living room upstairs near the clock." Thristleswirl starts to fly up but notices Ribbon and they start a staring contest.


"No need to charge ahead, it will be safer to travel as a group anyway."

Let's go!


I sigh relaxing and putting the shrink ray down safely in the caravan. Hoover along and say "Scrap, stay close to me." being sure to fly in a way that we won't bump into the others.



Ribbon hesitantly abandons the staring contest to start the climb back upstairs. Thristleswirl flies up high above you all. You make your way back to the hall above and see the sleeping brown dog of the house next to his food bowl. Next to the dog is a antique standing clock against the wall. Thristlebreeze flies to the side of the clock, against the wall and points to it.


Fly up there and look.


You're that ninja… Thistleswirl. I thought you died in Zanzibarland.

Cautiously maneuver our caravan to cover out of sightrange of the sleeper but still near the clock, giving the dog a wide berth.


The dog remains asleep for now.
Ribbon keeps a careful eye on the dog as well as you maneuver.

Thristlebreeze moves aside. There's a little opening inbetween the clock and the wall and you do indeed see something in there. Something of gold and round, pressed inbetween the clock and the wall. Perhaps it fell inbetween long ago. The opening is too tight even for a breezie though.


Once we're parked, I'll join them. Hushed, I'll point out, "I suppose we could just shrink somebreezie… but then they might not be strong enough to dislodge it. Can't just shrink the clock because the light would definitely disturb the dog. We've been relying on Tinker tech too much."


"What do you mean? We've only had this thing for a few days." I say and go to the shrink ray with the borrowed goggles on. "But, maybe we should duck around the corner, so the light doesn't wake up the dog."


"I know! And we've already used it for like ten things! I just don't want to get dependent on it. I don't know how it works… makes me antsy. What do you propose shrinking around the corner? We can't move the clock."


"Two of us, you go in, and push out the coin. You and Geardrift perhaps. So its one from each 'group' ."


Geardrift interrupts
"I would suggest Thristlebreeze, I'm not much of a breezer worker."




Squirm a little bit in displeasure. "Well, it can't hurt to try. But be careful, I won't be able to protect you. And with Thistlebreeze out of the way too you might be in trouble if something unexpected happens."


"I'll get you back to normal immediately after you get the coin." I assure Fairweather.
"What do you think Thristlebreeze?"



Thristlebreeze glides down.

Roll both a Notice check


you know the mistake


Just a 1d10 will do.
But Fairweather gets a +2 bonus for being a bush breeze.



Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


From your perspective, you see Thristleswirl just floating there like a silent weirdo dressed in black.

As Thristleswirl floats to your height. You see him give the slightest nod of approval for your plan. Perhaps your own difficulties in talking top others has given you a higher sensitivity to noticing it in others? Whatever the case, you now are capable of understanding Thristleswirl's social cues.

Geardrift coughs "He says-"


Direct the others to where I parked out ride, out of view of the dog


Nod as well, going where the light can't bother the dog, direct the two brave breezy. "Okay, ready? Float there please.. One, two.." and shrink those two.


Since no one interrupted her she continues "-yes."

They are both ready to be shrinked.

Fairweather roll a 1d10


Scrunch stubbornly! And close my eyes so they don't get burned.


Roll #1 9 = 9


You feel heat hitting your face and tingly all over as your breeziefur stands upright, but luckily it seems to not be painful at all.
After a few seconds the sound and light stops.


Open eye suspiciously. Hopefully nothing has gone comically wrong and we can quickly retrieve that golden thing.

Squeak, "It will save time if you carry us, since it's a much longer glide at this size."


You're like a baby breezie in size now!
As well as Thristlebreeze who's kept the same stoic expression throughout the process.

Geardrift has to hold her breezer in front of her mouth as she sees the new tiny-sized breezies.


I offer the now tiny fairweather a hoof to stand on.


Perch on the hoof looking very serious. I'm not cute!


Geardrift does the same for Thristleswirl. She carefully floats to the clock and leans her breezer in the opening to get him as far as possible.


To the opening we go!
..Carefully and seriously.


Plant my lower breezers on the ground for leverage and put my back into shoving the golden thingy. Can I get it to move at all?


Another roll for STRONK, a 1d10



Roll #1 8 = 8


You and Thristleswirl put your backs into it, and indeed the round golden object starts to move towards the light.
You're getting closer and closer to the outside edge.

You see the golden object getting closer and closer!


Is that all there is to it? That went pretty smoothly.


Pluck the coin up once its loose enough.


Finally it's out and two sweaty tiny breezies behind it.

It's not a coin though, looking at it from here it seems far too big for that.
Geardrift looks at it. "I think it's what Big Ponies call a saddle watch. We should check if it still works. Try to find a way to open it."


Float over and eye it critically for some kind of latch or opening.


"A watch? That makes a lot of ticking sounds, let's leave it off until we're safe."
Pass the thing to my robot.. "Put this in the cart."
And offer to carry fairweather again.


Topple off the watch as she moves it from under me suddenly, but I'll barrel roll with my wings into a stable position, then take up the offer of the hoof.


Ya'll leaving? Thristlebreeze snuggles into one of the pockets of Geardrifts belt, leaving only his head sticking out, looking for any trouble



I start floating toward the Inn where we'll have lots of space to look at things.


I suppose we're going to fix our sizes after we get to the inn. Well, less light shows in a dangerous area I guess.


Grow those two back to normal non-cute size.


As you fly back, Geardrift admires the shrink ray. "I have never seen one of these before. Does the Guild make them?"

In the house still?


"I think so, not sure. We got this one as a token of thanks after we apprehended a rogue tinker."


"Tinker technology is amazing." I reply with a smile.
Yea, as soon as its reasonably safe to do it.


You would better do such a thing in an empty room or the cellar then.

"Would you allow me to study the device? After you've restored our companions ot their original size naturally."


"Sorry No, Its not mine."

Go to such a room then.


"Just a little while. An hour?"

You're in the cellar again!


"The cellar? I thought we were going back up to meet up with a bird or something."


"No, but I can see if the guild will sell you one."
"Hold still you two. One, Two.." Zap them normal size again.


Fairweather and Thristleswirl are back their regular selves again!

Thristleswirl immediately floats up again to hide in the shadows.

"You will? That'd be wonderful."


Let's just cut through all the unnecessary stuff. We split up our findings, sleep, and visit the scrap yard. We'd like to find out if they have any other cool stuff, and also get a quote on just how many pony artifacts we're going to have to loot to fund this airship project.


"With how much salvaging you do, I'm sure you can afford it.. Speaking of let's go look over the haul, unless you needed to go somewhere else."
Guide them to the inn with us.


It looks very cloudy today!

You make your way to the scrapyard. Geardrift gave you a hint about the boxes marked with the star of the local unicorn school. They tend to have better quality junk.

As you enter the scrapyard, you see a tiny sign "Ring bell here" and a little bell next to it.


Bing bing bong! I'll ring the bell to summon someone who knows a lot about trucks, among other machinery.



Trucks? You ring the bell until Ribbon starts hissing.
You see a Radan in a blue work suit running towards you!


I think I smell a rat! But they are known to be mechanists of a sort, are they not?


I squeak in fear and hide behind a leaf or pile of junk.


The Radan stops. "Yes, I heard you the first time." He says in a raspy voice. "How can I help you Breezies?"

The Radan looks at you but says nothing.


"We want to look at your junk. I mean, salvage. We're in town hunting treasures, funding a big work project off the findings. Trying to get a quote on the materials we'll need."


You do a lot of negotiating with the rat.
Eventually you settle that you need 3 more valuable artefacts, or 1 Super Rare artefact in addition to the Super Rare artefact already rumored to be down the well.
It would give you enough materials to construct the airship.
In addition the junkyard has a lot of unstable unicorn tools that can be used as a primitive stun grenade.




Yawn. "I know it was my idea, but I could've gone for a little more sleep. Still, we've got a busy day ahead. Looking into that well, I'd say."


"I'm kind of excited! We're going artifact hunting today right?"


It's a sunny day for artifact hunting!


"should we go down the well first?"


"Well, there's that silver moondial, right?"


I blush at speaking at the same time.
"Y-yea, we promised to look. Let's do that."


So be it! Get our wagon and we're off across town!


You follow directions to the well, making sure to avoid the busy town streets. The well is slightly apart from the rest of the town. You see from afar there's one burnt out house beside it. The well itself is of stone and an old bucket lays beside it. As you approach it, the sun hides behind the clouds and it cools noticeably. There's no big ponies here, you do not see any living creatures big or small.


I shiver, "Scan that rope." I gesture to it, ordering Scrap.


Hover above the precipice. "Haunted, huh? I wonder what spooked him."


Scrap dutifully scans the rope.
He prints a note saying it consists of cotton and hemp.

You hear a rushing sound coming from the deep dark well. Roll to dodge!



Fast Brz

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Hmm" tug on the rope a bit, does it seem strong?


A gust of howling wind hits you from the well. You tumble away into the air uncontrollably towards the burnt house.

Strong enough to hold a cat.


"Strong gust!"

Can I break free and drift to the ground?


"Fairweather!!" Give one end of the rope to Scrap, "tie this to the well!"
And race after fairweather with the other.


Roll for it!



Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 6 = 6


Ribbon is spooked and runs after the tumbling Fairweather as well as Pattern.

Running so fast the caravan gets loose and falls over on the ground.

Fairweather manages to gain control and slowly drift back to the ground.
She's currently a bit dazed as up and down are still a bit hazy.


"Ah… I see, it was probably just the wind that spooked Twinklebreeze. We should be careful about that. Oh, but our wagon tipped…"


"Oh.." check the goods for damage.


Ribbon does his best not to look at both of you and be distracted by the burnt house.

It seems most of the equipment and artefacts are unscathed, perhaps a little mud on them.
Except the Shrinking ray, it seems the stabilisators got misaligned and until they're realigned, which can take hours for one breezie, the shrinking ray might have unexpected side effects.


"The shrink ray has been damaged, I'll have to repair it before we can use it."


How convenient for any game masters who want to have challenges we can't just shrink away!

"Ah, well, hopefully we won't need the ray for this mission."


"You didn't get new goggles yet anyway, right? So we probably weren't going to use it."


"True. This moon dial is probably small anyway."
"Lets get the wagon unhitched and use the rope to climb down."


Nod. "Come on Ribbon, nudge the wagon back over."


Ribbon slowly gets up and starts pushing the wagon to you both.

Scrap returns having attached the rope to the well!


"Hmm, I may have to come up with a new name for you after this." I pat him on the head for being a good robot.


"Right. Let's waste no more time – I'll attach Ribbon and we can lower ourselves down."


I nod and float over looking down the well.


*happy robot noises*

It is very deep, you cannot see the bottom from here.

You're attaching Ribbon to the rope to lower him?


"You think the rope can support a cat?"


"Yes, it feels quite sturdy." I assure fairweather and ribbon.


"We might be able to use some cushions or something to make the ride a little more comfy…"

I rummage around in our wagon for our sleeping gear.


"Unless you want to use the bucket."


In fact I'll check out the bucket, make sure its not gonna rot away on us.


The bucket and rope will hold normally with Ribbon inside it.
But how do you plan to lower him slowly?


We can use the wagon as a counterweight at the top, and when it's time to leave pull the bucket back up with the same wagon – it may require a bit of pushing but the wheels will hurt.


Sounds like a plan!


"Hmm simple, but should work without wasting a lot of time. "


Once everything is alright, I'll use one of Pattern's resizable wrenches as a winch.

"We'll be glad for the weight, I think. Ribbon won't be easily blown away. Now let's go!"


unconftrble and slightly nrvos cat is lowered down to the bottom of the well!
It takes a long time but you suddenly feel the weight disappear and you hear a meow from the dark depths.



I nod, helping ribbon down first, and then going after him by floating.


Finally, I'll follow, bringing up the rearguard


You float down.
But the howling sound returns! You hear the rush of wind coming from deep down!


"What's making all that wind from below?"


"Maybe a tunnel? Could work just like the wind pipes at the hollow if it was open to the side at one part."


"Ah, now that you mention it, it does remind me of that wind chamber at the top that blew us away."

Light up the breezers, "Can you make anything out?"


'1d10' looking around

Roll #1 2 = 2


AS you float down another heavy gust comes up again….what do?


Hold onto something, like the rope.


Hold onto her, full body bear hug! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You hold onto the rope and each other as the gust blast by!.
Scrap beeps and falls down into the darkness but you manage to hold on until it passes!


Just shake my head as he falls, "um, its safe to go down now.." I tell fairweather, who's holding me, as I simply let go of the rope and float down.


Let's hurry down then. The air doesn't reek does it?

"At least it's probably not something breathing on us."


I shutter at the suggestion.



You float down.

You see the cramped downward tunnel gives way and you land in a room. A ray of light from up above gives you enough light to see.
You see the bucket has landed in what seems to be a large stone bowl carved into the ground. Deep and big enough for several Big Ponies to swim inside if there were any water. Ribbon climbs up out of it and looks at the huge big pony statues that flank it. Two mares carrying big flasks seem to be pouring their empy flasks into the bowl. They're unicorns and wear stone necklaces with a moon symbol over their exquisitely carved dresses. At the left side of the room inbetween and behind the mares is one statue of a big pony with sharp fangs and what seems like bat wings. He is wearing some sort of armor and holds up a reflective shield with a moon insignia flanked by bats.
To the right, you see a tunnel has been constructed leading further down. There's a small dry channel going down from the bowl there.


"This is… weird. Why is it so elaborate? No one should be down here to see it."


"Hmm, I've heard the big ponies can use magic to control the weather. Maybe this is part of their magical ritual? Maybe it makes rain water fall into the bowl!" I suggest cheerfully.
Where did Scrap land?


You look around and see he managed to get himself stuck in a crevice in the wall.
No doubt he tried to fly and save himself, and slammed into the wall instead.
He's still functional though, judging by him fluttering his wings to get out


Any parts you'd like to investigate more detailed?


Sigh softly and pull the little robot free. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Investigate the batwing statues.


There's only one batwing statue in the room. The other mares seem to be horned Big Ponies.
The batwinged pony has a an evil looking reptilian eye on his chest armor. As you float up to take a look at the reflective shield, your antennae lights illuminate the shield, which starts glowing white very faintly, like moonlight.

He's free again! HE looks at you happily before pointing down towards the pony statues.

As the shield glows, so the other statues slowly begin to glow white. You hear a gargling sound before water starts flowing from the mares' flasks. Surprising Ribbon who jumps out the bowl in a panic.

Then a light beam springs from the shield, going straight into the tunnel on the other side of the room. Where it is reflected by a mirror, going down.


This is just like my Spirit Temple in Ocarina of Time.

"Hm… maybe we should follow the light. Could lead to the moondial."


I jump in surprise.
Then laugh in victory. "Aha, it is big pony magic to make water!"


Ribbon shakes his fur angrily. He's a very wet kitty now.

The moment Fairweather flies a little away however, and her antennae don't reflect in the shield anymore, the light dies down and the water stops.


"Right, we should measure these statues later, for research." I float on after Fairweather.


"Oh, I see. Look, only the light at a very specific time of day will hit the shield and activate the setup."


"If we knew how to copy this ritual, we could set it up in a dry area where breezies don't get much rain."


"Let's hurry to see where the light normally goes."


"Okay." I cheerfully float along down the tunnel.
"I really hope THAT mirror wasn't the moon dial, might be impossible to move without shrinking. "


"I assume a moon dial has markings on it, like a sun dial. Also we may not even be able to use a shrink ray on something so shiny – you'd end up shrinking yourself by accident!"


"If we shrink it from behind it could work."


You follow the tunnel down. Ribbon following on paw below.

The wall is unadorned but you do see small mirrors once in a while on the way.

At the end you arrive in a circular room. At the left side there's a statue of a winged and horned pony in armor. Above her is the sign of the full moon. The pony's fangs are sharp and she has a malignant gaze in her stone eyes. It reminds you somehow of the Big Pony in the Moon looking down.

On the other side, a similar statue without armor. This one seems to have been far worse maintained. Parts of her horn and wings have broken off and above her is the sign of the Sun.

Above, near the ceiling are batponies holding more reflective shields, four of them. And in the middle of the room on an altar is a blue circular dial. It glows blueish in the dark and on it you see the different phases of the moon, inidicated by a string of magical stars.

The altar is covered by what seems to be a glass dome, sealing off the dial from your grasp.
Around the altar and the Moon statue are remnants of candles and herbs. Traces of which Fairweather can tell could be as recent as from the past week.

There's another wooden door on the other side. It seems more recent than the rest of the room and has probably been put there to replace the broken stone door on the ground.



Point a breezer at the candle. "That's exactly what we need. Can Scrap light a candle?"


"Scrap, do you possess a lighter?" I ask him.
"Don't you think we should try that new looking door Fairweather?"


Very good question.
Since pattern asks, she didn't install one.
So I'll leave this one to the 1d10 gods to decide


And for Andy to roll


'1d10' I should have looked at the manual on him

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I get the feeling some secret will be revealed in this room if we can light up that first mirror so that the light bounces all the way back here. Maybe the moondial will come free? Or maybe just a hidden door."


Scrap Seems to have night vision installed but no lighters.
Another way to make fire will be required.
Of course, why would breezies learn to make fire if their antennae always light up?


"Well, if someone is placing candles here they probably have lighters. Let's check out the door."

To the door!


The door is made of wood and looks more recent than the rest of the room. It has been placed right over the old structure and doesn't fit properly. As a breezie you can easily fly underneath. A kitty like Ribbon would have to really squeeze though



"Right, you go ahead and check the door, I'll look around for something to start a flame with."
'1d10' perhaps some dry wood is here, at the bottom of this well.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"What are big ponies doing lurking down here? Hmm…"

Take a sneak peak under.


The corridor up ahead is pitch dark, your antennae light the immediate surroundings but are far too small to tell you whats up ahead.
Besides the drips of a bit of water, you do not hear any Big Ponies here right now. And the echo should make any of them moving around here audible long before you see them.
The corridor here is made of the same stone as the previous room.

You look around and you do not find dry wood in this well! You do manage to find some animal bones.


"The path goes much deeper. I want to try one more thing before we move on."

Go to the last mirror before the big room with all the statues and light it with my antennae.


I squeak in fear and hide behind Fairweather.
"Its Its.."


"Yes, some kind of ritual site."


"Then.. Then they. They killed things here.."


Do you leave Pattern in the big room to observe?


"Perhaps… or maybe things got trapped in the well and couldn't fly out. Or maybe they just do funeral rituals here. We can't say for sure without inspecting the bones, but I want to investigate this first. Would you watch what happens when I light up the mirror? Take good notes, use your observant Tinker skills."


If she'll agree to it, she might be too scared!


"Notes, right. I.. I can do that." I nod and float over to a good place to observe, with a handy notepad ready.


Do you leave Ribbon here or will he come with you?


Ribbon's a smart cat, he can do what he likes


He needs a break from climbing all the time and stays with Pattern. You go back into the tunnel, you can see the statues again in the distance in the faint light of the well above.

As you see Fairweathers antennae nights disappear in the distance. You hear Ribbon suddenly meow and hiss down below.


I just wanted to light up the last mirror before the big room, so that I wouldn't go all the way back. Oh well, since I'm here I may as well light it up from the start.


With this cat here I feel a little less spooked, and ready to take notes!


You light it again. Your petite antennae lights are absorbed by the shield and reflected into a beam into the tunnel downward.
You hear the sound of water again streaming into the stone bowl.

You see the light beam appearing from the tunnel, as well as water which hits little canals at the edges of the room. It hits one last mirror before being sent upwards to the ceiling of the big room. There a glass breaks it, sending it into 4 directions. Each to one of the bat pony statues holding another shield mirror. Two of the rays are sent onto the Moon signal above the evil looking armored pony causing her to light up in a ghostly white glow. The other two hit the Sun image on the opposite side of the room, causing the broken Pony statue to light up in a pleasant yellow light. The light illuminates the room and you can see that the 4 mirrors up above could be moved direction with relative ease.
The Moondial remains inside the glass dome though. As you look around you see Ribbon has become nervous and looks to one of the corners.


Well, write down where the light bounced too.
then check out the corner Ribbon is looking at.


Hmm, I should probably remain here a while to give Pattern time to study it


Something that resembles smoke is coming out of a fissure in the wall there. It glides over the floor towards ribbon. In the glow of the lights, you can see sometimes what seems like faces appearing and disappearing in the mist.

Pretty nice and calm here.
The bowl has filled up and water is now streaming down the little canal as well. If it was warm water, you could have a nice breezie bath.


"What?!" I go to one of the adjustable mirrors and reflect light on the corner so I can see where the smoke is coming from.


As you move one of the mirrors away from its Sun or Moon seal, the respective statue starts shining less powerfully.
As you shine the light upon the smoke, it disappears again. Ribbon walks up curiously, inspecting the ground, before looking up to you with a little confused meow.


No time for baths unfortunately.


Make a little note about the smoke.
Try reflecting the light back up at the glass.


Business first.

As you point the light at the glass, the glass flickers, but you don't feel like this helps you in any way


Let's try moving the mirrors to only reflect on the scary moon pony, instead of all four.


As you move the first mirror on the Moon pony, she looks stronger and more menacing.
As you move the second, she even seems to grow a little and her eyes flicker in the ghostly light, almost alive. The Sun statue seems to shrink even more by comparison. As if to accentuate the Moon statue's victory, one of the wings of the Sun statue falls off. However, your hunch is right for the glass dome opens allowing you to get the Moondial.
Scrap beeps a set of victory beeps.


Idle around in the first room, "We really should have planned some kind of communication, I have no idea how long Pattern needs… Well, with how echoy this place is I'd probably hear a scream if she was in trouble."


Aha! Retrieve the treasure!


You go for the Moondial. Ribbon meows and Scrap beeps. You see the smoke returns, this time fast. Forming as a large armored pony, similar to the statue, it's galloping towards you!


Fly faster to the moon dial, "I-its not real." and try to pull it free before Fairweather decides to move.


It's not attached to the altar, with the help of Scrap, you can easily move it. The evil pony opens its mouth and lunges for you. You see its fangs going towards you!


Man, this is getting pretty boring. But I can't move or she might not finish whatever she's doing…


Scream, really really loud! While flying toward the entrance.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Hurry down the tunnel, let slip the cats of war!


You drop whatever you have and dodge! The ghost misses you and passes through the altar, gallopping around for another round.
Ribbon tries to SLASH the pony, but it's not very effective.
As you scream, the lights die down and the pony looks even more spooky in the dark.
The glass closes again and now Spark is trapped with the Moondial

The light dies down and you see a ghostly pony in blueish glow galloping down there. She resembles the evil statue of the Moon pony. Ribbon is attacking like a true warrior but his attacks seem to pass through.


I notice I lost the dial and Scrap, and its all dark! I frown and call out "Fairweather? Scrap? Ribbon? Where are you?"




Roll a Perception check!
That is, unless Fairweather starts shouting, you can assume you see her then.



Roll #1 12 = 12


"There really was a ghost? Where'd it come from? Did the light rays hurt it? Figure something out while we hold it!"

It seems at least that the ghost hasn't landed any hits on Ribbon either, "If we can't hit it, it can't hit us, right…?!"

Let's try beating the evil moon statue with the pommel of my blade to see if that disrupts the ghost at all.


"There was a-a huge shadow pony! It happened when I tried to move the moon dial."


"Forget the moondial for a minute, focus on figuring out how to bust this ghost!"


There she is!
The ghost has been reduced to mist again. It glides eerily through the room.

Where do you hit the statue?
Ribbon has crouched into the corner, sniffing the air.


I want to go look at the edges of the room!


Roll a 1d10!



Roll #1 1 = 1


Does it have any obvious weakpoints, like gemstones or something?

"Hmmm… so the ghost coalesces when the mirrors are lit up? But I'm not even sure the 'ghost' itself is even physical and not just an illusion… What do you think Ribbon?"


You glide past the wall and suddenly smell a whiff of something very sharp. You start seeing faces in the mist.
There's constructs there, the assassin constructs from back in the forest, they're back and flying for you with glowing red eyes and hideously contorted robotic grins.

Yes, there's a gemstone in the neckband of the horse. The mist seems to slowly coalesce again however. Unnaturally being pulled together near the Moondial.
Ribbon however seems to have no interest for the statue or the ghostly mist. He starts sniffing the edges of the room, seemingly looking for something.


I'll help him investigate. "What do you smell Ribbon? Someone lurking in the shadows? False wall? Rotting meat?"


I scream and randomly swing a paper sword at the constructs and assassins.

Roll #1 2 = 2


He seems to be looking for something. But as Pattern Pitch screams, he starts running in her direction.

You hit the constructs but they just keep coming!
Your vision is fading. Roll a 1d10 for keeping conscious!



Roll #1 6 = 6


You manage to keep yourself going…for now.
Oh no, the constructs are stepping aside, because one particularly huge construct is coming. As big as a cat, its eyes lock onto you. There's a Radan beside it, no doubt controlling the monstrosity.

Ribbon stops before getting close to Pattern however. Holding back. If you try to get closer to Pattern, he'll growl as a warning.


Try attacking the Radan! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"What's the matter, Pattern? Calm down!"


The Radan asks you to calm down…his voice carries an unmistakable hint of deception.

Pattern attempts to fight you, but you can avoid her attacks for now with skillful dodging.


We don't have the luxury of this noisiness, but I fight with my mind not with force. Land near the corridor back to the main well so she has to give chase, and position myself so that Ribbon is on the opposite side of her when she follows. Then signal for him to pin on top of her from behind. This is where the landing part is important so she'll be near the ground.

Special tactics



What's his game?! Try to trip to Radan so he drops the robot's remote! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You try to attack the Radan again but he quickly evades you. Too late you notice the trap as the huge robot slams one of his legs down to pin you down! But you notice the robot legs is a lot softer than it should be…in fact, the robot starts to look more like a cat than a robot…

Like a charm! You and Ribbon work excellently together. Pattern is stuck under one of ribbon's claws.
Still Ribbon does his best not to hurt her.


Flutter over to Pattern and pat her head, "You're behaving irrationally. I think this room might have fumes in it, like those mushrooms in the forest. It could be causing those ghostly hallucinations. Remember the mushrooms? That witch we thought we saw? Focus on your memories."


Struggle under this robot-cat.
Wait, a radan wouldn't know about that.. Blink reppeatedly in confusion.


Your realization seems to rob the visions of their power and you see them shrink away. Giving way to Fairweather and Ribbon looking over you with concern.

Pattern seems to recognize you again


"Feeling better?" I ask, as I help her up.

"I think this room might be some kind of illusionary trap. I'm not sure how it works exactly… could you ask Scrap if he saw the ghost from before? He doesn't breathe like we do, right?"


"What just happened?" I look around at the room, and remember. "Ah! Scrap is still trapped."


"We can, but he's up in the glass with the moon dial."


"Hmm, this might be important to figure out before we trigger the mechanism again. Let's go ask Scrap what he saw through the glass… and make sure he's still functional. What else did you see, besides the ghost?"


"The statues changed, when I switched the light away from the sunny statue to the moon one, the sun one started crumbling and the moon one made a new pose amd glowed. Then we could get into the glass. But when we moved the dial that ghost showed up, and I panicked. Then you were here. I looked near the edges, and suddenly a radan and a robot were there. I tried to stop the rat, but it was too fast. "


"My intuition tells me this is some kind of trick. Hm… Maybe it would be better if this time you trigger the lights and I try to quickly lift the dial out now that it's free."

What's Scrap's testimony?


"I could use a break from this room anyway.."


Scrap is behind the thick glass. You see him tick his arms against the glass, but communication seems to be very hard. Roll a 1d10 for understanding.



Roll #1 4 = 4


You cannot make quite out what he's saying. You hear `mist` but what does he mean?


I'm gonna go to the start so I can light the mirrors up.


Position with Ribbon at the ready to seize the dial when it becomes available!


Your antennae light up the shield again. The water starts streaming and you see a beam of light going down the tunnel again. It's much more pleasant here. You feel like you can breathe better. Must be because of the opening of the well here!

You see the lightbeam come down. The mirrors are already placed well and the statue of the evil moon pony lights up mysteriously again. There's a hint of anger in her stone eyes as the glass dome opens again to reveal the Moondial and Scrap


"Ah, pleasant air.. and water.. wait water.." I frown at it in thought.


Right, "Scrap, grab one end, let's move!"

Hoist that moondial and get it PAST THE GLASS first things first, then beeline for the exist!


Scrap grabs one end, you the other..you drag it as fast as you can to the edge of the glass and over it! You made it. As you start flying towards the exit, you hear a voice shouting behind you. "WAIT! NO WAIT, STOP PLEASE!"


It looks very pleasant and clear. In fact it might be the most pure water you've ever seen.


It… has to be a trick, right? This is 100% going to be some kind of illusion that's attempting to subvert me in a different way than Pattern.

Against all of my better judgment I'll look back while still moving, at least to see who it is!


And its flowing right toward that room where the moondial was. How big does the water channel look?


You see a Breezie at the edge of the wall flying towards you, waving his or her breezers! She wears a little witch hat. "PLEASE! WAIT, I'LL FLY OVER. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE!" she flies towards you. Scrap and Ribbon are seeing the witchy breezie too.

At least 4 breezies in width! And three breezies deep!


Hmm, can I spot a rock big enough to block it from here? '1d10' luck

Roll #1 10 = 10


Keep moving! I don't have a lot of time here to enunciate complex questions or get out complicated ideas, I need to be as time efficient as possible, cut through all this so that we can communicate while running. Besides, it conserves breath. "Five word answer why?"


You're in luck, you see some loose stones from the well. With a few smaller stone throws, it comes loose and more than a few tumble into the channel, blocking the whole thing and you didn't even have to leave!

You see you fly a lot faster than the witchy breezie. Certainly you can easily escape! The only words that reach you are "IT IS CURSED!!!"


"I know a witchdoctor! Thanks for the concern!"

Out we go!


I make a triumphant pose for my victory over water.


You feel the water spirits bow to you in defeat! You feel much better at home in water now!
And as on cue, there's Scrap and Fairweather, followed by Ribbon.

You leave the witchy breezie far behind you and see Pattern doing a triumphant pose near the shield mirror.
You still need to get the Moondial and Ribbon up the well however!


Wave at them. "Hey! You made it back."



"Got the moon dial! And there was a trick played on me too. Really taking a lot of effort not to go back and investigate. Let's go up quickly before my temptation overcomes me."


Let's see, we should hoist Ribbon up first so he can help tow the moondial. Like we planned before, pull the rope down using the top of the well as a leverage point so we can drag the bucket with the cat up, like a traditional pulley system.


"Awh, I guess stopping the water didn't help with the illusions." I shrug and start floating over to the bucket.


Ribbon takes his place in the bucket and the rope is ready.
Roll for stronk! Fairweather gets +2. Scrap as well.



Break yourselves upon my body

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


'1d10+2' scrap
'1d10' myself

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1


It gets eerily dark as you start lifting up Ribbon. Perhaps a cloud blocks out the Sun way up above. Only the light of your antennae, reflecting in Ribbons eyes and slightly on the water below, and the blue shine of the Moondial break the otherwise deep darkness.

As send Ribbon more up, you see ripples appearing in the water as if something is pulling the water left and right.
Another howl echoes through the tunnel as suddenly the rope snaps and Ribbon tumbles down into the water. He quickly gets above again and panicked tries to reach the edge of the ribbon before he suddenly seems to be pulled under the water!


"Oh no!!"
Try to get the rope ends knot them.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Stand fast – another trick! An illusion! Take it like a drill!"

Keep my hands on the rope, feel how much tension it has in it. Has it gone slack or is it still taut? Is this even happening? How I wish my bow was a crossbow about now!

"Ribbon! Are you okay?"


"Robot, help me fix the rope quick!"


"Huh, you think its not really breaking?"


You don't see him getting out of the water for several moments!
Nope still not. Sure hope this is an illusion. He's going to get out any second now….any second now.

You tie the rope back together! It's functional again. Perhaps it's all an ilusion though and it was always functional!


Lower the bucket for the cat!


"I don't know! Hold the line fast, I'm diving in!"

Into the water!


You dive in. Your wings are now too heavy too fly until they dry off.

You see Ribbon struggling right under the surface of the water. It is hard to see in this darkness but you see something like a plant or a black tentacle wrapping itself around Ribbons back leg and he's stuck!
Roll for freeing him!

The bucket is down. The water is moving omlinously and the statues are suddenly no longer graceful bat ponies pouring water but seem to have a sinister aura around them. Their eyes are grinning in devilish delight and you start to imagine they bit their fangs into other things than apples.


The statues are still pouring water?


'1d10' to free him

This can't be right. It doesn't FEEL right. A tentacle? It seems too dreamlike.

Also '1d10' to try to focus very much on what this tentacle is, it can't be an anonymous object, it has to be something real – or not be real at all!

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 3 = 3


They're not. But the water keeps rising…or is it merely your mind playing tricks on you. And what is that spooky light coming from down the tunnel? You hear what might be Big Ponies chanting songs that make your hair stand up on end and drums, war drums.

As you touch Ribbons leg the tentacle or whatever it is, shrinks away and Ribbon quickly makes it to the surface.
You see whatever it was shrink back away into the dark bottom where you antennae lights don't reach. You're not sure what is going on, is it your mind playing tricks on you or are there dark figures sliding around there?


"Up, Ribbon, you gotta ride up!"

"I'm sure of it, these are all illusions! Help get Ribbon up, shut them out! Focus on pulling!"


"Alright.. Robot, let's pull them up."

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 8 + 2 = 10



What makes a breezie run faster than is possible? Jump higher than possible. Pull stronger than possible? The most powerful emotion of the breezie spirit, fear.

You and Scrap pull Ribbon all the way up. The drums and songs grow louder as the bucket comes down again. This time, Ribbon can pull it. Fairweather will have to use the bucket in addition to the Moondial since she can't fly for the moment


"Fly up ahead of me, I'll be alright! I'll keep it secure as we go up, I'm not afraid of any illusions down here. It'll take something besides fear to pin me in place."


"No way I'm leaving you with the big ponies! Ribbon, You help pull too."
Get Fairweather up here next


Scrap flies up above and soon the bucket starts to move up. Pattern stays with Fairweather downstairs to make sure she doesn't have to face any stray Big Ponies alone. As you go back up, the sounds and drums fade and you feel as if something heavy falls from you. Certainly the effects of the strange water vapor wearing off. As you get up, you see clouds have gathered and soon it might rain. The Moondial glows gently in the bucket.


"That place was mysterious… even now I'm tempted to go back and investigate that chamber. But it's probably best to put that chapter behind us."


Ribbon shakes himself off. But he looks slightly disturbed now. His battle standard got wet and dirty as well, making him look way less intimidating.


"Poor Ribbon. We should all take a well deserved rest. Well, first, let's rid ourselves of this moon dial and collect our payment. But then back to the inn."


As you walk away from the well, you hear one last mournful wind howl escape from the well.
While the Moondial is safely in your possession, whatever other secrets it might have held will be buried forever!



"I'm really curious about the light triggering the water, but its just not a good idea to investigate if we can't tell what's real in there."

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