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You've returned safely and unscathed from the nightmarish well. A good meal and sound sleep later, you feel yourself ready for more adventure.

Twinklebreeze mentioned he had another potential location for an artefact. Such an artefact would be enough to get you at least 500 bits after Twinklebreeze's finder's commission. Combined with your reward for the Moondial, that's enough to fund the airship construction!

It's a grey and dreary morning. The ground is still damp and wet from last night's terrible stormy weather.
As you fly outside the inn towards Ribbon's bed in the barn, you notice a Breezie once again wearing a Tinker uniform. This Breezie wears a peculiar hat with lights going on in and off in different patterns. He has short white hair and white short beard. His coat is blue.
Ribbon seems to have noticed the breezie already and is eying him suspiciously.
The Breezie turns and flies to you both as you go outside.
"Observation." He announces quite dramatically. "You are…" he gets out two little cards "Pattern Pitch and….Fairweather."


"Our reputation proceeds us."


I simply nod, spooked by this new pony with the official looking hat and suit!


"Agreement. I, Tinder Wind, the grandest Tinker Grand Inspector overheard you were in town and had business recently with a former Tinker named Twinklebreeze. Tinder Wind wants to ask you a few questions about Twinklebreeze."
The Breezie strikes a few poses as he explains his reasons for being here


"Are you sure that's within your jurisdiction? Shouldn't we first be questioned by a local and provincial grand inspector before getting elevated to grand grand inspector level?"


I look a bit intimidated.
"Um.. D-did we do something wrong?"


"Inefficiency! Tinder Wind has decided to skip such time-wasting bureaucratic hogwash to work in the field himself!"

"Negation! No, but it is Twinklebreeze who might be. Tinder Wind suspects Twinklebreeze is illegally giving Tinker technology to Big Ponies. Tinder Wind offers a great reward for any who can help him!"


"It's not as though we don't want to help you, it's just that we've been busy with our own work here doing the opposite: stealing big pony technology for breezies. Tinker Breeze has a bunch of weird dolls, big ponies probably would be too weird-ed out by them anyway."


"Disbelief. You state you have not noticed any interaction between Twinklebreeze and Big Ponies? Tinder Wind wants to inform you that any information leading to the truth behind this matter will be rewarded with the sum of 500 bits paid in full!"


"Why would you pay that much? It's a lot of money for some backwater breezie."

Point out earnestly, "For what it's worth, I think I have seen something suspicious, but I have no evidence Twinklebreeze was involved, other than that he's a weirdo. I can take you there to see it, maybe."


"Interacting with big ponies? She was scared to go outside her workshop, we had a hard time getting to her!"


"Excitement! Take Tinder Wind to this place so he may observe. Tinder Wind wants to secure Breeziekind from any outside threats and as such, when I can confirm Twinklebreeze is behind this, this is worth a lot of money to him."

"Deception! Twinklebreeze is very cunning . Always hiding her true intentions from anybreezie!"


"I don't know… this sounds like it could take a long time and it could be a wild firefly chase, if you don't mind me saying so. We're very busy in this town collecting artifacts, and we're competing against some kind of ninja and another beast tamer for goods. We can't afford to waste time on something where you may not even pay us in the end."


Gasp "You think Twinkle Breeze lied? Why?!"


"Dissapointment! Tinder Wind will then perform his own investigation. However, the better the information, the faster such payment. If you can tell where Twinklebreeze meets with Big Ponies, then Tinder Wind would have little to do and the payment would follow swiftly." He taps a sealed satchel on his belt. "Tinder Wind will be in town for some time, if you find more information, you can always contact him." He gets out a little ball with a button on it. "If you press this button it sends a signal to Tinder Wind and he will arrive." He offers it to you

"Partial disclosure. Tinder Wind cannot give full disclosure because of guild regulations. But Tinder Wind was involved in discovering Twinklebreeze violating Guild procedures during her time in the Guild. Tinder Wind knows how Twinklebreeze thinks. She is clever and merely seeks to serve herself."


"We'll think about it."


The Breezie flies off towards the city.


I nod along, very convinced by this breezy investigator.
The frown. "I really shouldn't take you to her place, maybe I could convince her to leave home, to clear this up with you?"


It seems she's left. "A lone ranger wandering into lawless territory, trying to extend guild law here. None of my concern."


"Fairweather, I promised her, but she swore she wasn't giving them real items. Maybe he thought like I did, that the fake ones are real."


"We can do our own investigation, if you care to. I have no cat in this fight, though, it seems to be a matter of interest to Tinkers."


"No, I think I should go back and tell her what's going on."


"We have to go there anyway to learn about that new lead, so let's head out now."

Mount up Ribbon, "It's somewhat muddy, so try to stay clean."


I climb onto the kitty's back. "I'll float here, nice and dry when you don't walk in the mud."


Ribbon stretches and is ready to go…


Then go!


At the command of her rider!


You go back to town and make it to Twinklebreeze's shop. The sign says OPEN. And lights burn inside, there don't seem to be any customers however


Go through to the back where she was before.


Yea, to the back room.


As you go in the back, you see Twinklebreeze flying out. There's a slight hint of disappointment on her face. "Oh, I thought it was a customer. Welll, nevermind that, I have found what you needed!"


"Excellent. Give us the news in brief – we have some for you as well, but I want to get the location while it's fresh in your mind."


I agree with Fairweather, anxiously rubbing my hoovies over each other.


She takes you to her workshop and shows you a drawing of a necklace with cube baubles and what seems to be a tiny pony skull in the middle. "A ritual necklace from the far-off zebra lands! Only Zebras have it. And it just so happens I know there's one zebra that lives in the woods alone."


"That doesn't seem so bad, if it's not too far…"


"That's the problem. I know there's one, as she sometimes visits the town, but I don't know where she lives…"


"Huh could you ask your big pony friend about it?"


"I have and she says the other ponies don't deal with her since she's an evil enchantress, performs evil dances, and eats ponies in a big tasty stew. She advised caution.


I gasp in horror.
"That's awful!"
Then kind of blurt out "Also the tinker guild is investigating you, there's a breezy called Tinder Wind who thinks you're giving tinkerer technology to big ponies. He went into the city. Be careful not to be seen talking to big ponies."


"Either way, it sounds like you should get the ray working again, in case we need to defend ourselves, Pattern."


"Tinder Wind?" she rubs her temples "Now he followed me here too…did you tell him I was dealing with Big Ponies?"


"I didn't say anything! I promise!"
Pick up my little wrench and nod at Fairweather.


"That's good. He and I…it's complicated." she shakes her head. "I'll have to keep a low profile while he's here."


"It's none of our business, so no. There's a big bounty on you, though. Anyone in town might know enough to satisfy him."


"…how much?"


"He said it was, 500 bits." I frown.
"Twinklebreeze, you didn't really give them actual machines right?"


"No, of course not!" she says quickly.


"Twinklbreeze.. I know you're just trying to help the pony you live above, but this is a serious charge, if you were, and this guy found out, he'd take you to the hollow and then no one could help that big pony.."


Twinklebreeze considers this for a moment. "He sure is going through a lot of trouble to get to me. I'm afraid even if I don't do anything, he'll fabricate some evidence to get me dragged back to the Hollow, or perhaps even the Valley…"


Shake my head.
"An official guild inspector abusing their position just to bother you? Don't joke about that."


"Tinder is a bit…weird. You probably noticed that. I don't know what he might do!"


"Perhaps. Try to stay free until we get back from this Zebra investigation at least."


"Right, I'll try so…but I did promise to give Dandelia, the big pony, a new gift today…she's expecting it"


I shake my head. "There's nothing we can do if you're seen giving stuff to big ponies."


"…Maybe you can give it to her. Tinder is looking at me, not you!"


"I wouldn't be so sure. Tinder seemed to know we had a connection to you, and called you deceptive. If he suspects you're up to tricks and an inspector worth his salt, he won't tail you, he'll tail your contacts."


"That's true." she mulls it over for a few moments. "I won't talk to Dandelia, I won't contact her while I'm here…I just hope she'll understand…"


"The tinkers only care if you're selling tinker goods to the big ponies, if I understand correctly. Why don't you just sell some of your weird – I mean, your very marketable dolls? Take out any machine parts and just sell them as detailed clothworks?"


"Are you sure we can't put it somewhere she'd find it? Maybe Ribbon can deliver it, a cat's allowed to be around big ponies."


"I…well, but that's what makes my dolls unique, right? The parts that make them move…" she looks to Fairweather and Pattern. "Sure, they haven't been selling as well as I thought, but…I feel breezies just can't understand what makes them so great…"


"Perhaps…yes, Dandelia really likes animals, she'd be petting Ribbon and then she can find the gift!"


"It's your Tinker Guild dispute. Pattern can decide."

But whisper to Pattern, "If you agree to this, you better check whatever she gives Ribbon to make sure it's legal and don't get yourself duped."


"I think we should help, Twinkle has been helping us so far.. And I think she's probably innocent, living with big ponies has changed her!"

"I'll check that its a harmless toy, for sure." I assure Fairweather.


"Great! Oh, you don't know how much this might mean to Dandelia!"


"Okay I have start on the shrink ray now." And go to do repairs.


"Let me show you the gift, Pattern."
She shows you a metal contraption shaped like a vase and painted in different colors.
You may roll a 1d10+2 to notice any illegal things in here


'1d10+2' checking the vase over

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


You note that there is some machinery inside. However it's not of Tinker design, not any you know of, and there's not Tinker insignia on there. It seems a simple spray for perfume that goes off on a timer. The mechanism is small…but then again even Big Ponies can make small things with magic. It's unlikely this device would be recognized as Breezie design.


"Its very pretty, I'm sure she'll like it. " sniff it curious about traces of perfume.


"She can sell it to Big Pony mares. It can be used as earrings, or part of jewelry, get it?"


"Okay, but if its an earring, why make it spray perfume?"


"It's a bit special perfume. It doesn't affect Breezies but it does affect Big Pony stallions so they'd be just slightly more excited you know." Twinklebreeze waves her breezers. "Just slightly. A little extra help during a date."


"O-oh, its for something like that. "
My breezers glow a pink color.
"Well, n-no problem, we can take this."
And I float go to the shrink ray to fix it.




When we last left off, Pattern was repairing the Shrink Ray. You've been told of the mysterious Zebra living in the woods, no doubt performing secret and vile magics.
If you want to find the zebra, you will have to use all your skills, diplomacy and strength…


The best place, I think, would be to go scout around the forested edge of town. Maybe I'll run into some grasshoppers in that area, or a friendly finch. Maybe I'll spot the zebra myself.




Tinkering complete!
The shrinking ray beeps as it's powered up again

You leaving?


"Scouting Unit, provide possible woods navigation options." I order scrap.
Now to catch up to fairweather, float around and look out the window for her.


I figured I'd scout ahead while Pattern is Tinkering, she can catch up I'm sure, since I am not headed anywhere in particular and will be on the forested edge.


good plan


Scrap is silent for a few minutes.
"If we know where this zebra last entered the forest, we could look for traces of her and figure out which way he went!"
You can see Fairweather leaving on Ribbon through the window.

You reach the forested edge of the town. There's no signs here of the zebra. Luckily there don't seem to be any ponies around right now as well.
You see a robin sitting in a tree up above.


"Hmm, not a bad plan. Maybe the locals know where she enters and exits the woods at."
I will float out to follow Fairweather.


Birds can go either way, but I'll approach cautiously and hail from a distance, gruffly observing, "Morning."


During the day, owls are fast asleep, but the ponies are up and about, roll for being a stealthy breezie

The ribbon turns his head sideways and looks at you.
Then hops one branch down.
"Morning!" it says with a cheery tone "What a lovely day!"


'1d10' rollin

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I am Fairweather, my party and I are hunting for the witch of the woods, a zebra known to perform evil dances. Have you any news of the mare?"


Maybe Fairweather is rubbing off on you!
You make it all the way there to see Fairweather interacting with a robin bird.

He hops down again. "There is a zebra living near the circle of stones in the middle of the forest. But I've only seen those stones from far away, they give me the creeps."


"Oh, you're already asking around. Great. Ask where the zebra usually comes from, on this treeline."


"So it is said by the others, even here among the big ponies, who have no reason to fear one woodswitch, I think. Thank you for the advice."


"Yes, near the center of the forest, apparently there is a large circle of stones."


The ribon chirps "You're welcome. And be careful if you go there."


"The trip will be pretty arduous. We should regroup with Ribbon and our caravan."


"Big stones.. that sounds pretty easy to spot."


"How deep in the woods do you think it is? Maybe we should ask some local spiders or mice about what path is safer.."


You see Ribbon stalking towards you in the distance.
He'll be ready for another trip into the forest.


Let's make sure we bring the shrink ray.


"The center of the woods is no doubt far. We may even be out more than one night. We should free up our rooms at the inn. I'm familiar with the routes of the woods though, I'll lead the caravan."

Let's get ready, then move out no later than noon.

Yes, everything with us. We could be gone quite some time.


Preparations time!

What are you bringing as equipment in your caravan

Things already in there:
>Tinker Shrink Ray
>Scrap (the robot)

Don't worry about money, just tell what you want!


All our stuffs, but if you want it listed out

2 Copper picks
2 Copper battle axes
1 Iron anvil
1 Birch Wheelbarrow
1 Stepladder
4 barrels containing Northern Copse Stout
4 barrels containing Hollow Ambrosia
4 barrels containing Western Sunbrew
2 barrels containing roast bug
2 barrels containing wild berries and salad
2 barrels containing mushroom
5 linen fiber thread
5 linen fiber cloth
5 linen fiber bags
3 cave spider fiber ropes
3 birch buckets
3 birch splints
3 birch crutches
1 birch cage
2 soap
1 shell
1 birch table
1 birch chair
1 birch door
6 oak blocks
1 enormous oak corkscrew
6 gabbro mechanisms


"We need to pack lots of food. and water. And something to clear leaves.." I advise.


You put this all on the caravan. It's a large tower of stuff that leans dangerously from one side to another, but with proper rope fastening it holds. Scrap sits all the way above on top of the pile.

Fairweather: roll a 1d10 for the first part of your journey



We may need to build a second wagon at some point… no! We'll just make sure the gondola of the airship is big!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your first part will lead you due east into the forest. This is one of the lesser known parts of the forest.
As you fly further and further into the forest the foliage up above gets denser and denser until you can barely see the Sun above. Only your well honed breezie survival sense keeps you on track…or does it? Roll for keeping your sense of direction.



I've got the scent!

Roll #1 6 = 6



Your trained breezie eyes can keep track of the direction you're going by the plants on the ground.

As you both go deeper and deeper, the plants and trees around you are twisted and turned in unusual ways. Sometimes they seem to have faces looking at you angrily. You hear a growl in the distance. Ribbon halts and starts to crouch in the grass. Fairweather knows the growl comes from a timberwolf. They're unlikely to hunt a breezie, but Ribbon might be a nice target if they're hungry.


Seeing our brave battle cat trying to hide, I worriedly draw my paper cutter.


The creepiness of the woods is increasing, meaning we're probably going the right way to find a witch. Let's pull over the caravan then, below some foliage.

"Let's set up a camp here for a while, we can rest and shore up the ropes on all our stuff while we wait for danger to pass. I'm going to use some of our cloth to build a canvas roof over our supplies, would you fix some salad and pour some drinks?"


Nod and put away the paper cutter with a sigh, floating around to the food stock and getting out little bowls and cups to set up lunch with.
"Sure, a rest sounds nice.."



As the Sun goes down lower, it becomes darker. It's hard to tell how late it is outside the forest but here, it's becoming more difficult to see. Luckily all of you have either cat eyes or little lantern antennae.

The howl of timberwolves echoes again through the forest.
This time a little closer…


"Eep!" I get spooked and nearly drop my salad leaves.
"W-what if it comes here.."


(Release the cat!) "I must rest now, Ribbon. Your nose must guard us tonight."

(Low stress meters) "We are straight-backed as a royal guard. Good."

(Plenty of food items) "Whatever treacheries await us ahead, starvation is not one of them."

"Give the cat a pat. Always brightens the spirit." I encourage Pattern.


"He is pretty soft.." take a deep breath and
reach over and pet the cat's side.


He is very soft! You immediately feel less stressed knowing that Ribbons trained nose will be keeping watch in the dark!

After you've eaten your food, Scrap comes to pick up your plate.


It wasn't a bad start at least, we seem to be headed the right way.



"That really helped, thanks Ribbon." Sighing as I relax, I finish up my food too and get snug in my sleeping bag.


Do a quick rest before continuing..?




You wake up a little later again…
Ribbon has been awake all this time and seems more relaxed. You don't hear any more timberwolf howls!

Fairweather may roll a 1d9 when you're ready for the next haul of the journey…


Help her pack up the little tent and stuff so we can move further in.



Roll #1 1 = 1


You continue the journey and as you move further, the forest seems to become lighter again. You can see the Sun up above.
Flowers are blooming all around. There's bunnies hopping around and birds chirping up above. Things are certainly looking a lot more pleasant now. You see a little stream in the distance. You'll have to find a way to cross with your caravan…



"Hmm, I wonder if this is still the right way? I would expect things to be pretty dark near a witch."

Let's survey the area, look about for birds, foliage, fish, rocks, shallows vs deeps, lilypads, frogs, all that stuff!


"Scouting Unit, help me find something to use as a little bridge "
'2d10' we go looking for like strong leaves or sticks.

Roll #1 6, 7 = 13


You take a good look around.
You certainly hear birds, but you don't see them, they must be either hiding in the foliage or flying around too high. The birds chirping though is a good sign there's no immediate danger.
You do see a chipmunk jumping from one branch to the next up above.
There's a few fish lounging in the water. The water wouldn't be deep for a Big Pony. You could fly over it. Ribbon could swim the deepest parts if you can convicne him to. You'd still need something for the caravan.
There's no rocks sticking out of the water, but you do see some lilypads with large green frogs on them.

You're in luck! There's a number of sticks and leaves not too far from the bank. You could make a raft with this


Aha, frogs. Guarded, I'll edge up to the side of the river with Ribbon,

"Hey, you, out on those lilypads. We want to cross this stream, but it's too deep for our caravan. If you can help us patch together some lilypads to float it across, you can have one of our barrels full of roast bug. Easy lunch, yeah?"


"Nice job Scouting Unit." I praise the robot and start tinkering away at a raft to get our stuff across with.

Roll #1 7 = 7


The fatest of the frogs licks his lips. "Roast bug? Show me the barrel and it's a deal, breezie." He croaks and the other frogs jump off their lillypads and push them towards you!

You've made a small raft with sticks and leaves. Pretty comfy. You feel it could carry the caravan.


"Oh, I'm getting pretty good at this." Push the raft over to where fair weather is to show her.


I'll go back to the caravan to retrieve a barrel, then, setting it aside and checking the contents to make sure this is the right one, since we brought eighteen barrels total.


This seems to be the right barrel! The smoky smell of roasted bug hits your nostrils. You note that Pattern is doing her very best to draw your attention to the raft next to her.


"H-hey, over here. I made a nice raft."


"Ah good Pattern, I thought you wandered off. I bartered passage for our caravan across with those frogs over there."

I indicate the frogs.


"What for? The caravan? You think it's enough on its own?"


"Oh, that's probably safer.. Its strong enough to hold the caravan, but uh, I'm not a sailor breezy."


"Well… at least they can hold the sides steady to make sure we get across okay. Come on, let's get the wagon aboard and I'll take them the barrel."

Once I take the barrel over to the shoreline, I'll pop open the top so that the smell wafts over the waters.


"Ah, loading objects. I remember doing that when I was an apprentice." I say in a fond memory, "fresh metal pieces smell great."

I'll help load the caravan up.


The frogs smell and smile. The fat frog opens his mouth and faster than you can blink grabs the barrel with his big tongue and swings it to his side.
"MMmmmm, delicious!" he says slowly.

The lillypads are ready! Ribbon edges very suspicously at the bank however. He looks around, trying to find another way over.


Scrap is doing his best to help as well!


"If you want to look for another way that's fine Ribbon, but if you want to ride the lilypads and raft across you gotta come now!"


The frogs are really big! I hide behind scrap during the ride over.


After a bit more dawdling, Ribbon finally sets paw upon the lillypad raft


Switch to hiding behind Ribbon


Onward to next forest part? '1d8'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Pattern hides behind Ribbon as you pass the fat frog in the middle of the stream. The fish eye you suspiciously but stay far away from the frogs. You've made it to the other side and continue on your way!


You took the words out of my…post? Fingers?

You go on and make good time. It's getting colder and you see the Sun starts to disappear behind a thick dark carpet of clouds. Not too far from you a huge mass of water falls to the ground and explodes, dispersing in every direction, as it hits the ground


Just once like a singular water burst or constantly like a waterfall?

It's bigger than an individual raindrop?


Just singular.
It's a raindrop as far as you can tell. A pretty big one though.
You see another one fall down a bit closer now.


Is it a spring?


Let's get under that wagon covering I made last night, good thing I built it then! "We should try to cover as much ground as we can now, because no big animals are going to want to come out in a storm. Can you try to tinker up some kind of raincoat for Ribbon so he won't get so wet?"


It's definitely coming from way up above!

Pattern can roll for quick tinker!


"A raincoat, I'll need a good deal of material, but I could do it." I scratch my chin looking around.


'1d10' let's try

Roll #1 3 = 3


You stitch together a little coat from leaves! Which is unfortunately not very protective! Ribbon is extremely annoyed and it's taking every bit of training for him to not run to the closest cover!

The rain is now starting in earnest. Thick drops of water are exploding all around you. You're safe under the caravan however. Snug together. Scrap is trying to hide underneath one of the barrels in the caravan.


"It can't be helped, let's look for a good outcropping of rock and pull in, build a fire and pour some of our whiskey. If the rain gets up any more we'll get our wheels stuck in the mud anyway."


Damnit Fairweather, I'm a Tinkerer not a Tailor.

I look at the derpy robot and shake my head. "come over here, Scrap." and let him squeeze in beside me.


You look around and see a little tunnel in the ground you and the others could fit in. You feel a metallic touch as Scrap snuggles in nice and dry inbetween you and Pattern

He beeps and quickly snuggles inbetween you and Fairweather


No way, that hole will get all muddy. It needs to be rock or at least in the roots of some tree.


I look a bit dismayed
"How are we going to make any progress in this?"


Hmm well maybe fate is kind to you?

Roll #1 10 = 10


Then up and over the noise of the drops, you hear hoofstep fastly approaching closer and closer!
The ground starts shaking with every jump of the hooves. You see a group of slender brown legs appearing out of the bushes. It jumps and then stops abruptly before you!
It lowers it's head to show a brown horned deer face with big brown eyes. The deer looks at you curiously. "Breezie friends, what brings you so deep into the forest?" it asks with a kind voice.


"huge.. horned.. dark furred.." I squeak in fear


Gesture to my sheathed blade, "Rumor that the grim shadow of a woodswitch has cast its visage as far as the forest's edge. Though I can't say whether our expedition is enough to put an end to the despoiling, we've come to see the truth of these rumors with our own eyes, and if possible make away with the spector's artifacts of power."


A rumbling sound comes from the deers throat. "Hrumm. A dangerous path you are on, Breezie friends. The witch has many minions. Animals, insects, even plants. If you choose to go there, you might not return…"


"Have you met the witch?"


Ribbon gives a fierce war hiss!

"Our trek isn't being made hastily, we've prepared a caravan to excess. If you know the way, or the dangers ahead, they would not fall on deaf ears, though."


"Hrumm. I have seen her from afar. She performs her dark rituals near the ancient stones during dusk and dawn. The magical times of the day when this world and the others touch each other…"

"The way is still long and dangerous but I can bring you to the edge of the ancient stones where the plants wither and die. You must seek your own way from there."


I squeak. "Yikes, she really does dark magic that kills plants?!"


"It would make our supplies last longer, if nothing else. Perhaps whatever plants and animals she has in her thrall will be freed when we relieve her of her magic items. We've traveled here two days from the forest's edge, how many more to the witch's hutch from the edge of the stones at our speed? Perhaps if we meet again on our way out, I can share what we've learned of the situation."


"Hrumm. Magic taints all it touches. The ground, the rocks, the sky, and life. especially life."

"From the edge of the ancient stones, you can behold the tree where she makes her home. It would not be far flying for you. 15 minutes, perhaps less. Yet what would be more prudent is to be able to enter her house without her being there. It will make it easier for you to fly around unseen when her minions are outside with her."


"Hmm, her despoiling is not so wide as initially thought. You'll be getting quite close yourself, be careful. You will not be as easily overlooked."


I nod worriedly "Maybe when she's doing her evil dances.. we can sneak inside.."


"I do not fear her, Breezie friend. As long as I am in the forest, the forest will protect me. There is a great silent strength in the trees, the brushes, the life of nature."

"Perhaps. Or provide a lure to draw her outside. You will have to be careful, Breezie friend."


Uh, okay, float out closer to the friendly forest dweller.
"W-well, you can't call us both 'Breezy friend' it will be too confusing plus I don't know you well enough, I'm Pattern Pitch."


"Things are not so grim as they seem, we will find a way. Onwards, then."

Mount up the caravan.


"Hrummm….Pattern Pitch…Breezies have long names…"

You get up the caravan as the deer's antlers glow and the caravan floats gently up the deer's back.
He starts walking northward, keeping a green bubble over you to protect the caravan from the rain


I mumble "Um, thanks." and realize that wasn't the right reply, and hurriedly sit on the edge of the caravan on the deer's back.


Move to the edge of the tainted forest?





The deer makes his way through the forest, once in a while you see the yellow eyes of a timberwolf shining in the bushes yet they dare not disturb the deer as he passes.
As the rain stops and you see the Sun of the late afternoon peaking through the clouds again, the deer stops. Before him, you see the trees stop and a clearing with no trees, brushes or even grass stretches out through the small valley. In the middle you see the granite ancient stones and not too far from it, a black dead tree.
"There is the end of your journey Breezie friend and Pattern Pitch."


"Until we meet again, then. Since we are running ahead of schedule and have a great deal of supplies, my plan is to set up an observation post here and camp or a day or two while we determine the witch's schedule."


I stare at the desolate area for a moment, and give the deer a bow in thanks before floating onward.


"Maybe we can camp out under her house?"



"Take care to hide yourself. Do not trust the animals that live here in the shadow."


"I do not trust our supplies to not spoil if we camp inside her stones. We'll set up in tree nearby. Perhaps you can send Scrap to spy from under her house?"


"Hmm.. not a bad idea. Scrap, go scout the house area."



The deer floats your caravan of supplies gently down.
He gives a nod. "Perhaps we meet again."


As you fly over the grass, a dry smell of arid earth comes from the desolation. There is only the sound of the wind.

He takes a long look at the tree and back at you. Then seems to steel himself and flies towards the tree.
Who put in doubt alghorithms again?


The high tinkerer naturally, to cut back on replacement costs.


While Scrap starts scouting ahead, I'll set to work on building an observation post. Lash together branches to create a protective roof and use the leftover wood from the supplies we've emptied previously to make the branch floor a bit more even around the edges. "Pattern, I brought an anvil and tinkering stuff along, do you think you could make us some kind of telescope?"


"You did?" my wings flutter excitedly and I start tinkering away on a telescope.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You start building and quickly you have a crude but effective little shelter that will ensure you remain undetected from the sky. It might get pretty cold in the night however.

You shape the glass and metal and create a crude telescope.


I'll look through this telescope at the spooky witch's house.


It doesn't need to be an iron fortress after all. After our work is done I'll retrieve more ambrosia and today's dinner is mushroom.

"We'll keep tabs on her routine tomorrow and maybe another day after, so that way we know what we're up against. I thought of another thing too. If you could rig up some kind of signal flags, maybe it would be best for you to stay back at the observation post and give early warnings to me and Ribbon instead of entering the hut directly. That way you would be safe and we could escape before she gets back."


Looking at it closer, you see deformed masks, a pony skull and several icons of animals before it. You do not see a door yet. Though the tree is shaped weirdly in front. You note several holes in the tree that you might use to enter. You also see a black raven sitting in the tree.

You have plenty of supplies! you could keep this up for days if you wanted.


"There's a big raven in her tree, might be her servant.."


AS you speak, you hear another raven overhead. It seems to have not seen you and simply flies towards the tree. And look, another flies towards the tree from the other side of the valley!


"Have some dinner. You'll tire yourself out if you keep going without a break. We're playing a long game here."


I shutter and whisper to Fairweather.
"Its a whole flock of them, flying from all over"
Taking a little meal break to unspook myself


"Hmmm…" Take a look out the window myself.


As you eat, you do indeed see more and more ravens gathering at the tree.
They sit on every branch, silently.
You hear steps closer by though. Something is sneaking towards the camp from behind!


Probably just someone walking under the tree we're camped in, I doubt they've seen us. Poke my head out the door.


Ribbon pokes his head up as well, listening intently…but then relaxed sits down again. After a moment you see the head of a brown rabbit appear above the grass looking at you curiously….



I get my paper cutter ready, just in case.


The bunny looks nervously at both of you. Ribbon pokes his head up behind you and the bunny presses himself to the ground ears down. He stomps the ground once.


"Stop doing that!" I tell the bunny waving my little hooves around in panick at the noise its making.


The bunny doesn't make the sound again. It looks very scared though. Pushing its head against the ground, it's breath is rapid and its black eyes are fixed upon you and Ribbon


Okay, let's try, giving it some of our food, the biggest leaf I can find.
"h-here, see, we're nice."


The bunny shrinks away at the sight of the leaf. You yourself notice the leaf has a weird smell, like a hint of rottenness. Perhaps the nearby desolation taints the plants this close as well? Maybe fresh food could ply the bunny


I frown at the rotting vegetation and toss it away, floating nearby to look for a fresher leaf to give to the bunny. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


You don't see anything nearby. Perhaps if you go deeper back into the forest. Or you do still have a few barrels of nectar…


"Well.. if bugs and spiders like it, maybe a bunny too.." take one of the nectar barrels and try giving the bunny a bowl of it to see if it will eat it.


You offer one barrel to the bunny. It studies it curiously before taking a little nip…then quickly eating it all. It seems to relax now and stands up.
Ribbon seems a bit annoyed.
The rabbit eyes you curiously.


I sigh in relief. "Nice bunny, good bunny, now uh, don't tell anyone you saw us, we're hiding." I say, not sure if the bunny actually understands me.


The rabbit shakes his head. Then leans forward to study your antennae. It's now so close you can feel its soft fur.


I let it get close, since it seems friendly.. for now…
"Do you know a way to that scary house without being seen by the birds?"


It goes a few steps back. It runs back towards the bushes but then waits for you there.


I…follow the rabbit.
Watching the sky anxiously.


You go into the bushes while Fairweather keeps watch. The bunny stops at a hole in the ground where it runs in when you arrive


Right, let's lurk after it!


Fairweather has a change of mind and goes as well!
Your antennae light up as you crawl into the rabbit hole. You see the rabbits tail up ahead wurming its way through.


Poke my head down that little bunny hole.


This tunnel sure is big.. and spooky.. better keep following the fluffy bunny.


"Suddenly brave, isn't this? Hm…"

Follow after her.


"I just don't want to sit around listening to the crows.." I shutter.


The tunnel is deep and spooky. You see some roots hanging from the ceiling, as you go deeper, the earth becomes more dry and a smell of rottenness permeates the tunnel.
The rabbit stops at the end of the tunnel. You see dark roots here and the rabbit points one of his little paws up.


Float up where he's pointing, is there an opening?


"We were just warned not to trust the animals here."


No. It's hard to see how deep you are, but the rabbit digs his paws into the earth.
Perhaps he could make a tunnel into the tree!

The rabbit looks at you ominously!


"W-well, It hasn't attacked us yet."

I get my trusty paper out and fold a paper shovel to help dig. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Slide my blade out of my scabbard just a little bit, letting the strip of metal near the grip flash in the demilight.


You plant your shovel in the earth and it bends!
Tough earth. You need a machine or a bunny for this job.

The bunny looks at you with ravenous hatred, or is it confusion? Hard to see in this light


"I can't dig this dirt, would you, um, could you help us bunny?" I ask it.


Stand guard but don't interfere


It nods, but then rubs its belly…


"Ooh, I see."
"It really liked nectar, do you think we can give it another barrel?"


"We have a lot of drink reserves, but I'm not sure about this."


The bunny nods his head and starts crawling back through the tunnel but this time takes a different junction


"Uh, is it leaving? Maybe I can make a drill back at camp for us to use.."


Are you guys going back to camp, try to follow and reason with the bunny? Perhaps something something?


I'll mark this spot by leaving a little sign here, and go back to camp.


You're back at the camp. It's gotten a little darker and more crows have gathered at the tree. A light has begun to shine as well from the several holes in the tree.


I'm really spooked now.
"Scrap, um, help me make something to drill a big hole with."
'1d10' '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 7 = 7


You sent Scrap away for reconnaissance remember!
You can make a little drill but its going to require time.


Oh, right.

Well, might as well do that, unless we come up with a better plan.


You start tinkering…

I want to do a bit of a time forward, showing what happens during your reconnaissance.
But without knowing what wf wants to do that's kinda hard




As Pattern starts tinkering on the new drilling machine, Fairweather observes the tree diligently through her scope.
Ribbon has laid down on a soft patch of grass and is having a little nap.

As the hour passes, more crows come to the tree until…at last a door opens in the tree and a cloaked figure appears holding what seems to be staff and several vials.
Slowly the figure crosses the earth to the standing stones. The figure drops some of the vials and a cold blue fire is lit inbetween the standing stones.
The figure is starly outlined against the blue light and the crows fly up to fly together in strange and seemingly random formations in the sky. The figure kneels before the fire seemingly staring into the fire and ignoring the crows. Every so often the figure drops one of the vials into the fire, making it crackle and change color.


Continue? Or perhaps you want to see anything in particular


Hmm, indeed. Continue observing. If this seems like it's taking a while I can fix us a meal and we can have fresh drinks. This stakeout could go a long time, and we have enough supplies for that. Keep an eye on the ritual in case anything changes.

Perhaps tonight I'll shore up our observation post with more branches.


You have enough food and the smell of the food and the cozy feeling of your makeshift shelter is a stark contrast to what is happening down the hill.

The figure is definitely taking its time. Only every once in a while moving to either throw something in the fire. Its long hair seems to move slightly on its own however even when the figure is doing nothing. And up above the crows have split into two groups and continue their dance. One of the crows suddenly dives and disappears into the fire which flares up high.
Then the fire dies down and the crows disperse. The figure gets up again, carefully collects the items before going back to the tree with a slow pace. The figure seems to be limping now.


"What a bizarre wood ritual. And accursed besides. I have no patience for Witchery. How is your work developing?"


Good thing I'm not looking at that spooky stuff, and have my comfortable machines


It's night now.
The figure has retreated into the tree but light still shines out of it.

Are you both staying up the whole night?


I'll just tinker until I get tired and then sleep.


What about Fairweather?


No need, Scrap will know if she leaves at night, and Ribbon napped all day so he can watch at night.


You wake up Ribbon and get him to guard for the night.
And you both go to bed.

You wake up in the morning to another very rainy day. Luckily your nice little shelter protects you.
As you prepare more food and Ribbon gets ready for more napping in one of the bushes. The tree opens again and the cloaked figure steps out. In this light the figure seems smaller than before. He has a knapsack on his back and starts trotting in your general direction.


Walking this way? But why, it must be random chance..


A good chance to get a good look. Get in position with the scope for when he passes by.


The figure is coming closer and Ribbon hides in the nearby bushes.
As he gets closer, you see the zebra is male with a small grey beard. He carries a large brown knapsack and wears a belt with a gold sickle attached. It seems to be indeed chance he walked your way as he goes to one of the trees about 15 yards away from you. Grabs a rope out of the knapsack and throws it in the tree to attach it. He tries the rope and then starts climbing inside. He doesn't seem to be very well in shape and after a few falls he finally manages to get up the tree.


I keep staring in curiousity, ponies don't usually climb trees.


It's a zebra! You could see his stripes as he climbed up. You can't see him now since he's in the foliage.

After a few minutes, a large branch of bright green leaves fall down out of the tree. A bit later some more.


"Is he the one from before? He doesn't seem fit, for a giant."

Hmm, what's he doing up there? Looking for apples?


"Maybe he's after the crows?"


"He can will them into the flame, I don't think he needs to climb trees for them."


Suddenly a crack and the zebra falls from the tree with a yelp. He lies there for a few seconds before slowly getting up rubbing his back.
He mutters to himself in a language you do not recognize. He picks up the bright green branches and puts them in his knapsack. He looks up back into the tree and mutters again before going deeper into the forest. He move slowly and mechanically, looking more at the ground than the trees.




"He's been limping like that since yesterday. I think we should enact the plan before."

I pass Pattern the scope. "I'll fly in and check on Scrap, plus scout myself. You can send me a warning signal if he starts back. What do you think?"


"Okay, good idea, what should I use.. a bright reflection or burn a little bit of our wood?"


"That sounds like a good idea. In the worst case, strike as hard as you can against the anvil we brought, and the cracking sound should echo through the woods. Don't do it unless it's urgent and I'm not looking for a signal, since the zebra might hear it!"

Waste no time, take off! I'll let Ribbon linger here since he stood guard last night and I'm only planning to scout.


You fly over the earth way down. Soon you see the tree right before you. In the faint daylight and rain, it seems less menacing than before. The raindrops tick against the wooden masks decorating the tree and the pony skull looks quite silly. The door is closed again but you see several holes leading inside the tree.

And Fairweather is off! The zebra is still gone. Who knows what he is doing?!? Ribbon seems to have it cozy in the bushes as you see he's having difficulty keeping his eyes open


I watch fairweather through the telescope, breezy eyes peeled for danger.


First things first, I want to examine the site of the ritual. Where the fire was. Any scorchmarks left behind? Perhaps faint residue of the ichorous fluid?


She's going to the site of the standing stones!

You definitely see scorchmarks on the ground of perhaps many fires and a strange smell is present here. Sulfuric. There are no traces of burned wood or even the remains of a raven. The standing stones themselves are prisinte,a s if they were carved yesterday. Here you can see strange drawings etched into them. It shows horned goat like creatures. Perhaps some pony or zebra evil deity. Next to one of the stones, you find what seems to be a mask of a ravens head with a long beak. Curiously it is extremely small for a zebra, why you would fit it easily.


She's so brave.


Something mysterious is at play here. The limping figure from this morning and even after the ritual seems different or something…

Let's fly in the house through one of the openings.


You hear a stomp behind you!

As you fly up and into one of the holes you fly through a tunnel. You can't help but feel you're being watched. Several times you either fight the need to look behind you or look behind you only to see nothing.
At the end of the tunnel, you see you're entering a large room. In fthe middle of the room there's an empty cauldron. To the sides there's a shelf with books but judging by the dust they haven't been touched in a long time. You see a patch of hay that seems to be the zebras bed. There's also a stairwell leading down. On the top of the tree you see several other small tunnels that have been blocked by some kind of black webbing.


gasp?! is it the zebra?! look that way.


It's a mouse! Not unlike the bunny, it's studying your camp.


stay hidden in here, maybe it will move on..


I should be wary of spiders. Not that I wouldn't dispatch such lightweights in an instant.

I can wait no longer. Flit about the room in search of the amulet. It's probably in a case or something, but I'm just here to investigate today. Make note of all the entrances which are NOT web-blocked, too.


It creeps closer!
But behind it…you see Ribbon has awoken again and is stalking the mouse.
You see Ribbons intentions…in a few seconds, if you do nothing you know what'll happen.

Roll a 1d10



Roll #1 10 = 10


Gosh that's too brutal for me, float out and try to spook the mouse away. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


This room seems remarkably bare actually. Perhaps you were expecting perhaps tomes full of esoteric mumbo jumbo, magical herbs, maybe a dead frog, but there seems to be nothing here. You find a bucket with water Maybe for washing or preparing some of those supposed evil stews.
You then take another look at the bed corner. You find a loose plank and see there's a number of personal items inside. A little clay sculpture of a zebra with short hair. An old book written in the usual big pony language titled magic for beginners. There's some jewels there also. And you find pieces of a letter that seems to have been burned yet whatever was left carefully preserved. You feel these seem to be personal belongings of the zebra, from his past. But why would he hide them in his own lair?


The mouse scurries off and Ribbon misses his target.
Ribbon looks angrily at you.


"Sorry boy, you'll have to eat later." I apologize to him.


Exactly, why hide them? It's his lair he can leave them out if he wants to. What drives a zebra to woodswitchery? Probably a tragic past.

I should inspect what I can written on the letter, careful not to let it get damaged. Are any of these jewels what I'm looking for? Then again, some huge jewels would probably pay for our airship anyway…

Hey, since this is under the floorboards, does it connect to where Scrap is hiding out below the house?


You haven't seen Scrap yet actually. He doesn't seem to be underneath here. Though maybe if you climb down you might find him.

The jewels are quite rare, on their own, perhaps they'd pay for the amulet without you needing the amulet. Just have Scrap carry them if you can find him.

The pieces of the letter are written in zebra. Unreadable for you. But strange that the book is in regular Big Pony. Perhaps he can read regular Big Pony language.

Ribbon snorts and looks towards where the mouse disappears. Then shakes his head.


I frown in that direction.
"Sure are a lot of rodents around here."


You hear a crack and Ribbon hurries back into the bushes. You see the zebra has returned. He has his knapsack full and looks to the tree. He puts the knapsack down and goes to take a nap against one of the trees.


Down inside the floor thent o lookf or connection


Your antennae light up and you see the dark underbelly of the tree with roots burying themselves in the dark earth. As you look for a way out you hear a faint beeping in the distance.




"Psst! Hey, Scrap!"


I make a silent gasp and float a little closer to the zebra.


He starts snoring so he's fast asleep!
He must be pretty tired.

Beep beep!
You see a little light up to one of the sides. The little robot is waving near one of the tunnels.


Uh, check his bag, what kind of spooky stuff is he carrying?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Approach. "Scrap, there's a hidden passage into the chamber. Help me quickly search the room for our target amulet."


The robot stares at you curiously for a few seconds. Then it nods and points to the tunnel its next to. This one seems to lead downwards.

You go inside the bag and look around. You don't know much about plants, the zebra has collected a bunch of flowers and different leaves. Certainly not too spooky or strange.
You suddenly hear the zebra yelp in pain!


I can't stay around in his bag if he's up again. Let's us a leaf he has lots of as cover to float out of here.

Roll #1 6 = 6


No need to tarry, I should check it out. Could he have been corrupted by staying overnight? I have to find out one way or the other.


You quickly manage to breeeze it out of there. You see that he rubs his back leg.
"Stupid mouse" he mutters "Why did he have to bite me?!?" He quickly grabs the bag and starts trotting towards the tree.

You fly down the tunnel following Scrap. He leads you down and down until you fly downwards into another chamber. To the side, you see a wooden set of stairs leading up, probably to the room you were before. This room is a bit more eerie.
With salt, a large circle has been painted in the middle of the room and all kinds of strange symbols are drawn within. The circle is surrounded with candles, though only one is lit at the moment providing a bit of light in the otherwise dark chamber. On a nearby table, you see salt and a large array of dried plants. At a small book shelf above it, you can see a few black leather books without title. Underneath that shelf, behind the plants, there's an iron box.
Scrap leads you to it and points towards the keyhole.


Oh nooo, I um, make a signal to fairweather that he's coming back, like a shiny light.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I should make at least a nominal attempt at opening it. Jam my sword in and try to lockpick it!


Roll #1 8 = 8


You poke and poke until you hear a sudden click and the box lid opens! Scrap goes up and holds the heavy lid up for you.

With the glass of the scope you can make the sunlgiht reflect. Luckily the zebra doesn't look back. But how will Fairweather see this if she is inside the tree!


Uhoh, there's no way I can be faster than the zebra.. oh, maybe I can reflect the light through a window or opening and hope she sees it.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Is the amulet within? If so, try to lift it. I need to figure out if I can transport it now or have to come back later. Hurry now, I've already been in way longer than I wanted, this whole room was too long of an excursion. I only expected to poke my head into that secret compartment, not travel deeper TWICE.


Yes, there's a white crafted amulet inside, beautifully crafted depicting two winged zebras!
As you try to pick it up however, the light starts to disappear and you look up to see the lid slamming shut again! You're trapped inside. The only light coming in is from the tiny keyhole.

You try again. This time the zebra does see something however and turns his head.


Jam my blade below the lid and leverage it. Lift! '1d10'

"Scrap, lift. NOW!"

That bot, I knew it was corrupted!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Eep, but maybe it can make him delayed a moment. yea, distract him by flashing the light on a nearby bush or something '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You stick your blade below the lid and push, for a slight moment it seems as if you will succeed as a tiny ray of light shows the lid to open. But then your blade breaks in two and the lid closes again!

Unfortunately, trying to beam the light to another place is just bringing more attention to your place and now the zebra styarts gallopping towards your position!


aaaa panick and hide somewhere '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Broken? It's a friggen metal! Have I really been stabbing people with something so brittle it breaks under pressure of wood?

Whatever, squeeze through the narrow keyhole, uncomfortable though it may be '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You are frozen in fear as the zebra approach, sees you, you see his hoof reaching for you and…you see a white paw before it throws you out of the way. You tumble backwardsq and see Ribbon has positioned himself between you and the zebra. Ribbon slashed the zebras hoof. The zebra looks at the cat and you and tries to scare Ribbon off by wildly swining his knapsack towards him.

You climb through, but you get stuck midway! Poor little breezie. But here you can see Scrap is still on the table.
"You don't give up easily, do you?" it says in an uncharacteristically natural voice.
He brings his two arms to his head, grabs his head and slides it forward.
He becomes hazy for a second and then you see a purple Breezie with grey hair holding a wooden mask in front of her. The maslk is shaped like Scraps face.
"When this construct showed up, I knew somebreezie else couldn't be far behind." She floats forward out of your reach studying you closely. "Are you here alone or are there more of you?"


Go hold onto Ribbon's back for safety. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Pull my bow off my back and knock and arrow with lightning speed! I don't need to be able to move!

"If you want to die, sudden moves would be an excellent way to tempt me to let go of this bowstring. It's been too long since I've had an excuse to shoot something properly. All this mucking about with swords!"


You quickly climb up and Ribbon dashes for the bushes again. You look back to see the zebra chasing you, stepping on your caravan and destroying your camp!
The zebra is quick, but hopefully in the bushes his big size will hinder him.

The breezie halts and looks at your bow and into your eyes. "Even if you shoot me, it won't help you get out of there…"


Fairweather is going to be so mad.
stay quiet under the bushes '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I agree, but won't hurt either. Will shoot anyway. Convince me not to quickly or die."


The zebra searches fruitlessly for you and goes deeper into the forest.
Perhaps on Ribbon you could dash now for the tree, the way is wide open…

"Not only a thief, but a cold-blooded murderer as well. Lord Trik would like you. I can help you get treasures far more fabulous than such petty trinkets."


"Start by propping this box open. Be quick, bows are not easy to hold taut."


"Ribbon, we've got to find Fairweather, go to the tree." I encourage him.


He mrows in response and starts running for the tree! As you get closer and closer you see the main door is closed.

She nods "Very well, you win. But it is pretty heavy. Don't shoot, I'll put my mask back on so I can lift it." she says slowly as she grabs the Scrap mask again.


I'll do my best to *not* shoot. But a bow is heavy in and of itself!


A house has more than one door, or at least windows or something, keep looking around '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


She puts on the mask again and turns into Scrap again. She starts floating towards you and the box.

There's many. Ribbon jumps and manages to crawl in one of the larger tunnels into the tree.
He starts squeezing his way inside.


"Good job boy." Follow the cat, he probably smells his owner.


"I feel like I've been holding this arrow back for fifty minutes. Will you get on with it? Seriously, move!"


Ribbon squeezes through and you enter a a large room. In the middle of the room there's an empty cauldron. To the sides there's a shelf with books but judging by the dust they haven't been touched in a long time. You see a patch of hay that seems to be the zebras bed. There's also a stairwell leading down. On the top of ceiling you see several other small tunnels that have been blocked by some kind of black webbing.
Ribbon starts sniffing the ground and starts to run down the stairwell.

As the fake Scrap floats up above you to lift the lid he suddenly drops down and attempts to push your bow and arrow aside.
'1d10' Roll higher to resist!

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 9 = 9


Get my paper cutter ready to cut any spider that approaches, flying after the loyal cat.


Your world explodes and you float through space and see stars.
Ribbon is walking next to you floating in space. He's drinking a cup of tea.

When you get down to the bottom you see Ribbon looking up one of the tables. You see Fairweather there, stuck in a keyhole and apparently unconcious.


I gasp in distress and hurry to the keyhole, how stuck is she?


"Ribbon! There you are. Let's go, we need to get back from here,"

I reach for him to mount up.


It's her derrière that causing her to be stuck. But if give her a good pull, you can get her out.
You could also easily push her back in, but then you'd have to pick the lock.

He grabs you and puts you on his back. He flies off with a rainbow trailing behind him. Upwards into the sky.
There's a little breezie witch floating through the sky. "The world is going to end, the world is going to end." She shouts.
Ribbon chuckles. "What a weirdo!"


"What's your name…? I already can't remember. Petalia? Some 'destiny' you had."


I'm going to try pulling her out!
Its just like getting something out of jammed up gears.


Ribbon runs up and up and lands on the moon. A little white flat disc.
The Mare in the Moon grumbles annoyedly as Ribbon steps on her mane.
You see Scrap here tinkering with a tiny robot Pattern.
Scrap waves. "Will you help me? This one doesn't have a brain!"

You pull and pull and suddenly she slips out and you both tumble down.


I lay fairweather down and gently nudge her trying to wake her.
"H-hello, its not time for sleeping, fairweather?!"


"You're blind, she has a brain, she has no courage."


She slowly opens her eyes and…

"Ah, then perhaps I can borrow some of yours!"
Without asking Scrap rumbles in your mane and pulls out a heart!
As you look at it the image fades and you start slowly hearing Pattern's voice "-ing, Fairweather?" as her head comes into view. The light is very bright.


I watch really worriedly as she wakes up.


"Dumb robot… the heart and courage are totally different."


She's rambling.
Definitely brain damage!

Your head hurts but you've had worse. Shapes are beginning to make sense again and you feel control of your limbs returning


Blink, "Pattern… wait, no! Where's Scrap? Don't trust him!"


"Scrap? I don't know, he never came back from scouting.."


Ribbon jumps up the table and starts rubbing fairweathers cheek with his head


As you are getting your bearings, you hear the door above open!
The evil zebra has returned! You hear his wandering up above!


"No… there was this… spy? Someone wearing a disguise to look like Scrap. But they can't talk like him, they had to gesture. I was tricked."


"We should get out of here." Glance back at the amulet box… is it still in there?


"That means they have Scrap! He's guild property, I have to return him." I say as I look for place to hide under.


You peek inside the keyhole. Yes, the amulet is still in there. You reach for your sword but realize its still broken from your failed attempt to foce the lock. And then you notice your bow isn't here either!


As a tiny breezie, you can hide under furniture, in tiny cracks in the wood. There seem to be certain tunnels in the wood, breezie-size but those are covered in a black webbing.
The problem would be more how to hide Ribbon


I frown, and float around to the huge furniture, anything that Ribbon will fit under like a bed?


"Let's get back out of here for now. We can come back to find that deceiver when we're prepared."

Show Ribbon that sneaky route we took through the floor so he can get under the floorboards and sneak out under the house.


Ribbon sneaks under the floorboards and squeezes his way out of the tree.
Are you going with him or are you staying here for now?


I tremble but shake my head. "If we leave that spy with Scrap he could be taken somewhere and sold."


I hide in a little breezy size nook under furniture.


"I can't get him back with a broken sword and a missing bow. We have to come back."

Leave with Ribbon, getting my sword as we go.


You tuck your antennae away as you hide in the darkness.

Pattern appears to be sticking here as the hoofsteps get louder.
Are you sure to leave?


I'm gonna drag her out because I need her to fix the sword.


You both leave and sneak out of the tree.
You catch up with Ribbon who is hiding at the edge of the roots.
He hisses.
As you peek outside, you see the crows have gathered again outside the tree. Who knows what they might do….


We'll just have to dart for the edge of the woods and hope to avoid notice.


Ribbon is a very white cat, it'll be hard to avoid detection of him. Even though his fur did get already some black spots because of the mud around the roots.


We're under a tree, gather up leaves and build a camo canopy!



I still have my paper cutter, I draw it and look up anxiously.
"So many birds.. How can we deal with them?"


"Not by fighting, put that away. We're sneaking past, and failing that, making a break for it."


Ribbon has that annoyed face again as you stick all the leaves on him. But like a good warrior cat he knows that sometimes you have to get dirty. You can even hide inbetween the leaves now!


Let's go!


"I could make a paper worm, but that would only distract one.." I frown and follow along, insisting on having the weapon out anyway.


You've disguised yourself and Ribbon slowly starts sneaking away from the tree, stopping every once in a while. But the ravens do not seem to detect him so far.
You make it back to your base camp. The fire has long since died out.


"Can you use the anvil to fix my sword? It'd be even better if you can help me make a bow, too."


Since we're at camp again, I'll eat and think about what I could do to defeat a spy!
"What did the spy who broke your weapon fight like?"


"W-well I'm not very strong, but I can make a mold of the sword so we can try to melt and reshape it.." I suggest.


"I think she was weak on her own, but the mask she had gave her great lifting strength."


"A mask.. did you see how it was attached to her? Like a strip of cloth maybe?"


"She was… purple, with gray hair. The mask was made of wood, but it was designed to look like Scrap's faceplate. It was dark and hard to see, but it was almost like it fused with her face magically. She became smoky and distorted and seemed to fully transform when placing the mask on her face, taking on new powers. I believe that when the mask is off she is vulnerable, because she was afraid of getting shot by an arrow. It was only by blunder, and my arms getting tired, that she got away. I hesitated… gave her a moment to explain, and the strain of the bow was too much to keep nocked."


Nod along with the story thoughtfully, and pat Fairweather's shoulder at the end. "She was a spy, they're notoriously tricky. But this means she doesn't have any weapon aside from the magical mask.. if only we had a breezmancer here to blow it off her face." I sigh.


You eat some of your supplies.
The food doesn't taste bad.

To repair the weapon you'd need to stoke the fire more. Together you could repair it, not as good as a true bush breezie smith of course, but serviceable.

You note that the zebra is leaving his tree again and going to the fire…


Right. Stoke the fire, and I'll keep watch at the telescope while she works.

Nod, "I'm not sure a breeze would be enough for a magic mask though…"


"Don't you remember the mighty gusts that the breezmancers at the hollow would summon? The giant organ? Have we been out in the wild that long?" I ask in dismay.
If only I had scrap to help me with this, but I'll do my best to repair her sword!


"It was magic! It was like she became the mask! How can wind blow off your face?"


You get ready to repair the sword as you stoke the fire up high. It shines brightly.
The zebra down the valley makes the fire again as well.
However this time the ravens do not just fly around, they start flying in differnt directions outward!


"With a magical wind!" I declare confidently. "after all, she can remove it, so it can come off.. I wonder if a fan would work."
Weird birds..


"Tomorrow we'll have to strike again. I don't know what her motives are, though… What if she's working for the zebra?"


As the fire gets nice and hot, one of the ravens starts to fly towards your fire…


I squeak in fear and hide behind fairweather.


Send Ribbon up to the roof to prepare to pounce if it comes too near.

"The Zebra has weird wooden masks in the house too. They may be working together."


The raven simply flies in a circle around your fire!
Screaming loudly. Other ravens start to fly now towards you as well…


"Are the birds working for him too??"
I take a little stick with the end on fire and float away from the main fire.


What a hassle.

"I'm sure. We may just have to pull back from this area entirely until my bow can be replaced. That spy has given us a bruising. Next time I see her, I'm not asking questions, she dies."


A few of them start gathering around your campfire and the zebra has started moving towards you as well.
Are you going to make a break for it or is this your last stand?


Can't do anything about it without the bow. Repack our gear and let's abandon the camp.


"The crows like fire, let's give them something to follow."
'1d10' to light one of the dead bushes away from camp on fire with this burning stick.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"We're going to have to settle in for the long campaign. Let's just move out and avoid fighting. We can use the old way."


You burn your little breezer as you try to make a fire, but worse the ravens seem to have realized your intentions and start dropping down to block your escape.
Ribbon manages to scatter them but they keep dropping down again.
If you want to escape, roll a 1d10 to mount Ribbon and get out of here while avoiding the ravens!



Roll #1 2 = 2


I'm going to mount a raven instead, grab onto its back feathers if possible. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Wait, they mean to block us? Nevermind, cancel the escape order. Kill command on Ribbon's natural prey, and I'll bury my blade in another.

"You made a mistake coming within my reach, fowl!"


Roll #1 3, 3 = 6



Wherever you try to force an exit, the ravens strike back.
They manage to hold you here as the zebra comes closer and closer.
This close to you, the zebra seems enormous! He looks down at you seeing you, yet he seems more surprised than angry to see you.

From his many another purple breezie with grey mane flies up!
She laughs triumphantly. "Haha, thought you could run away. No one can escape me! Oomar, squish them!"
The zebra seems to hesitate…"They're just like you, I didn't know there were other spirits like you. Why do you want them dead?"
The breezie gets angry. "You spineless coward. Your ancestors are looking at you, Oomar, do you want to disappoint them again?!?"


Another breezy? purple?!
I get very angry myself and fly up towards her ignoring the dangers. I try to tackle her, "What did you do with my scouting unit?" I demand.


I see what's happening here.

"Oomar, the spirits of the wood are angry with you! Did you think your reckless laying waste to the forest would go unnoticed? You have been seduced by a deceiver!"


Roll to tackle her…

Oomar looks confused at both of you. "What, the spirits of the woods are angry at me? she said she was a spirit sent by my ancestors. But why would there be other small spirits around here? Why are you here?"

"Oomar, for the last time-" cut off to see how Pattern's tackle goes.



Roll #1 7 = 7


"Look around you! The land decays and wildlife fears to tread here! The stench of decadence and corruption causes even other ponies to flee before you!"


He looks around and there's definitely doubt in him.b "I…I always thought this wasn't right." he turns to you again, gathering his resolve. "But she can control the ravens, if you're a spirit can you control animals?"

You tackle the breezie mid-air and you tumble to the ground. Out of the breezie's bag a few weird looking masks tumble on the ground. As you're on top of her, holding her down, she tries to grab one of them as she struggles furiously.


Wave dismissively, "Ravens are for evil spirits. Just look at how they squak. Good spirits control beautiful and elegant things like cats!"

Indicate Ribbon


I scrunch and try beating my wings to push the masks away from her.
"Where is he? I won't let guild property be stolen."


Ribbon gets the hint and starts purring and rubbing against the zebras hooves.
The zebra is impressed. "Are you here to help me defeat the evil spirit?"

"Let me go, you're crazy!" she tries to struggle out.
Roll higher than '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"If you are not too far lost to corruption!"


'1d10' rolling

Roll #1 3 = 3


Unfortunately, your grappling skills are not yet up to par and she slips out.
"Oomar, grab them!" she screams as she grabs one of the masks. One that looks a bit like Scrap.

Oomar shakes his head.
"No, I see now. You've been lying to me all this time. I was blind. You made me sleep in hay, you made me do wicked magic, but you are not sent by my ancestors, you are a deceiver!"


Send Ribbon to subdue PurpleBrz


Is that mask.. No.. is it metal?
"Where did you get that mask?" I shout angrily at her and.. pick up a mask myself, putting it on without really checking what it is. '2d5' lucky roll

Roll #1 3, 5 = 8


The mask is definitely metal.
You grab a random mask that looks like a hawk face. As you put on the mask, you feel overwhelmed with a sense of sadness. You feel for a moment how you fly proudly into the air only to get crippled by unknown forces and crashing to the earth alone. The nest you fed will never see you again. You close your eyes…and open them again as a huge hawk. Towering above both the purple breezie and the ravens. The purple breezie quickly puts on her mask and transforms into scrap. Smaller than you but his steel frame will make him hard to attack.

Ribbon runs for it but you see how Pattern disappears and is replaced by a huge hawk as she puts on the mask. Ribbon is spooked and jumps back.


A bit disoriented by the change I fly really low to the ground trying to pick up the fake robot.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Enough of this!

"If you're made of metal, I don't need to hold back!"

Jab her face with the sword! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Unused to your bird body, you tumble to the floor.
Hmmm, these wings are very different to your breezie wings!

—— COMBAT wait for my follow up post –

Scrap 2 tries to evade! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Scrap2 tries to get away but you stab it with the broken sword. With a sword planted in his face, his robot eyes turn to you. It doesnt seem to have hit any vital systems but he's not getting away easily either!
"MINIONS" it bleeps.
The ravens fly up. However Oomar prays to the spirits of the wilds and roots start to rise up to keep the ravens at bay for now.


Enough, let's overheat him!

Slash through the embers of the fire, coating the robot in hot coals.


Roll #1 10 = 10


'1d10' I will stick to hopping along the ground and trying to peck at the fake robot.
"Ribbon, help me corner her!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Ribbon is very confused.
However, you do manage to get your own again.
And looking at the other ravens, you do realize that despite your clumsiness your sheer size and weight is intimidating enough to keep them at bay
With your broken sword glowing with fire, symbolizing your righteous rage towards the violation of nature and your own breezieness, the sword cuts right through metal exterior and the fake scrap breaks into pieces. The pieces vaporize and rematerialize into a very bruised purple breezie. She's knocked back and dazed.


I will try flying now, let's circle her to make sure she can't escape. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Aha! Is now our chance?"

Press X to join in all out attack!

Tackle her with Pattern and Ribbon!




While the new Patternbird keeps the crows away, circling around your perimeter, Fairweather tackles the purple breezie witch, locking her down to the ground. The breezie remains struggling, screaming a cascade of curses towards Fairweather, Ribbon, Pattern, Oomar, the crows, the trees, the spirits, Tirek, Grogar and a whole host of names you've never heard of before.


If nothing else I'm very scary right now! Make bird noises at the crows to warn them to go away.


She doesn't seem so tough! pin her!


You succesfully scare the crows some distance away. Your height, your large wings and excellent muscles are a great advantage to you. Why, you could now crush any scary insect or Radan right under your claws!

You pin her breezers to the ground while hholding one breezer against her throat, ensuring that if she even does one thing wrong you could choke her unconcious in a second.
After a few more seconds of senseless struggling, the purple breezie calms down and starts mumbling to herself, she raises her eyes to the sky, seemingly looking for something way up above.
Oomar steps carefully a bit closer to look at her. "…you're not a spirit…"


I will try landing on the zebra's head. I've never been so huge!


You're not yet used to your new non-breezie wings! Roll for hawk flying using physics not breezie magic


'2d6' okay, will these do?

Roll #1 6, 6 = 12


"Last time I had this fool captured, she tried to escape. Pattern, stop messing around, get the rope and a gag. I swear I am not going to capture this one a third time."


I speak in hawk sounds at you, gesturing to my form with a shrug. Trying to show I don't actually know how to get back to normal.


You spread your wings and…
Fly off into the sky at massive speed!
You've never gone this fast with your tiny breezie wings. You might feel terrified for a moment, however, these hawk wings are strong enough to handle any wind, even use it to go even faster. Soon you're flying up and down with the greatest of easy and land carefully on the surprised zebra's head. He holds as still as possible. "Oh great bird spirit, thank you for your blessing!"

It seems like Pattern has flown on top of the zebra.
However, Ribbon runs off, rummages through the remains of your earlier camp and comes back with a breezie rope in his mouth.


"Just… just take off the mask! Like, try to pull off a mask where one would be on your face!"


I will sit proudly on the zebra for a few moments.
Then push at my face with a wing, trying to knock off the mask.


After a little trying, you suddenly feel the edge of your mask, pull and in a flash you're a breezie again, holding a wooden hawk mask in your breezers


Float down to Fairweather and the mean breezy witch.
Immediately asking again. "What happened to my scouting unit?"


Tie her up. "Better give her answers fast before I take revenge for last time you tricked me, purple."


The breezie stares in anger.
Then with a voice dripping with glee.
"You mean the little floating piece of junk that stumbled into my home? I took it apart. It didn't even put up a struggle. It probably thought I was friendly because I was a breezie."


"WHAT?!" I take a few deep breezy breathes and then say "Okay, so where did you put the parts?"


"This means I get my revenge, right? Let's shoot her with the our collection ray."

Tie off her ropes to something like a root so she has to stay still.


"It's in my home in the tree. I just needed enough parts for my mask." The broken pieces of the mask lie next to her. "I wasn't sure it would work for metal beings."

You successfully tie her to a nearby root. The breezie shouts "Oomar, you traitor! How can you let them do this after everything I did for you." Oomar shakes his head "You're not my friend." He lowers his head. "What is happening?" he asks Pattern in Breezish.


"Wasn't sure it would work? So you normally remove the faces of organic beings to make masks? That's more disgusting than I thought. Shoot her, Pattern. I'll put what's left of her in one of our zap bug jars."


To Oomar I timidly explain. "She was using magic to trick you, do you feel better now Oomar the forest guardian?"

I look uncertainly at Fairweather. "Well, we could turn her over to the guards for interfering in a bigpony."


"We're several days of travel away, and I don't trust her to not get free. She did last time and shoved me in a box. Call it pettiness or just being extra careful, but I know you want to get even for Scrap too."


I nod, noticing my little breezy hoof is curled in anger. "I agree, let's shrink her."


"No, I'm sad she has done this. I'm not a forest guardian at all. I've done bad things to the forest because of her…"

The witchy breezie struggles vainly. "Go ahead…try all you like, I cannot die! I'll be back as a terrible wraith and haunt you for the rest of your days!"


"Oh, I don't plan on killing you!"

Bring around the caravan so that Pattern can fire the ray from within it.


"Oomar, you can be a great guardian and restore th-" I gasp at her words, and go to the shrink ray to fire it up before she can start cursing us again.


The breezie's antennae twitch.
"Shrink? What? What are you breezies?"


Fetch our bug jar so that she can be safely stowed away once it's done. When I got this shrink ray, they told me the Tinkers have a nice zoo of shrunken animals in the Hollow. Maybe they like to keep tiny robot destroyers there too.


Teh witchy breezie eyes the jar suspiciously.
"Oomar, your ancestors will curse you for this!"


I push the button and shrink her.


A bright flash blinds those who are unprepared and as you open your eyes, the Breezie has disappeared and you can barely see a tiny little dot flying around dazed.


Snatch her up once it's done, and with care not to hurt the witch, stick her inside her new home. "You may not be able to see her anymore, Oomar, but she does still exist. She's just very, very small. One of the littlest creatures in the whole forest."


Now that she's not a threat, I'll go look at the mask she made of scrap, can I see any important parts in it?


You have a Breezie in a bottle

Oomar looks at the bottle. "What will happen to her? Will she be sent back to the shadow realm?"

You note some of his visual components that are in Scraps face have been pressed into the mask, as well as some metal and what seems to be wiring. No other parts. You can salvage one of his visual components, it would be enough to at least him see again.


"Well, the full answer is complicated. But the simplest way to put it is that we will not be harmed. We will take her somewhere far away where she can think about the trouble she has made. A change of perspective, you could say. But there's one last thing we need to stop the spread of all this bad magic, Oomar. There's probably some kind of dark amulet around here, have you seen something like that?"


I will take the visual components, but that means, that his circuit boards are somewhere else.
I float up to Oomar and ask him "Will you show me where the evil spirit dwelled in your home?"


"A dark amulet…yes I know of such a thing. I brought it here from my homeland. It was a lucky charm, but perhaps this creature has tainted it." He buries his head in his hooves. "Oh no, what have I done…I let everything happen. Please spirits forgive me, I was tricked by her. I should have known better."

"Yes, we can go back to the tree. I will show you the tunnel where she lived but I have never been in there myself."


Content with that answer, I float up to his shoulder and grab on, waiting for him to take us inside.


"My friend pattern is a maker, I am sure she can make you a new charm to remember this day as a boon for your redemption."

Ask her, "Can you put something together before we go?"


"Yes, after I look inside her home."


The zebra runs to the tree with Ribbon in tow….

Inside the tree Oomar points out one of the tunnels that was previously covered with black webbing. It has now disappeared and you can safely go in.
As you make your way through you enter a large chamber apparently used for carpenting. There's a work bench with what seems to be dried blood and oil on it. On the wall, you see feathers, a few small bones of various animals. And next to the bench you see Scrap! His face has been unsophisticatedly ripped open for the parts. He is pinned down with ropes to the floor and his lights are still blinking. One of his arms moves cautiously. Perhaps his hearing detection is still intact and noticed someone coming in.

The zebra brings you back down to the chamber you were trapped earlier. He carefully opens the lid and takes out the golden amulet for you. "This is what you mean, yes?"


I hurriedly untie him! "Scrap?! I mean, Scouting unit, are you able to process audio inputs?"


"Ah, yes. This looks like the artifact. We should keep it off of wood and other natural surfaces… Ah, what a pity it's made of gold. I am not totally oblivious to the value of the object she has corrupted, you know, I shall hope Pattern can make you a splendid new one…"


"No, please. I am not worthy to have this anyway. I would rather you take it with you and cleanse it of its evil influence."

It raises up its arm in an OK-sign before reaching out haphazardly and trying to hug you


I give him, uh, it, a hug.
"I'm here now, I can fix it."


"I'll put it inside our caravan. But I want you to have something to keep, as a gesture, so that when ponies come by you can show them as proof that you have given up the bad ways. Pattern will make you something new. Let me offer you some of our wine, too. We have more than twenty barrels of alcohol and we need more space to carry back the amulet. It would be a good friendship gesture to share some of our breezie wine."

I feel a bit idle here since it's up to Pattern to do all the fixing now, so I'll move the amulet to the caravan.


Who added hugging subroutines to this thing?!? You'll need to do some serious code scrubbing.
As you put him back together you note that that somebreezie, probably the witch made some markings on the inner circuitry with chalk. It probably doesnt interfere with his workings too much. But still, why? Perhaps if you look around you can find a clue.

"I..I thank you. But I do not know if I should stay here. I do not know if I can return the forest to its proper state…Perhaps I should return to my home and tell my master he was right, and beg his forgiveness."


Hmm, I get a piece of paper and draw out the markings, maybe I'll see a pattern?


"I feel bad to run you out of your new home… but if you want to meet some proper, real witch breezies, you could come back with us. We're going to return to a big city of forest spirits soon. You're too big now, but you could try learning from a new master if you were the right size. Just a thought."

Shrug, "Well, maybe you prefer to go back to your old master, I wouldn't blame you. Home has its own comforts and appeals."


He has stars in his eyes when you say it.
"Visit a city of forest spirits? It would be such an honor. Really? Oh I'd give up everything for that…"

She has marked several of the interior most complex looking components. Though she clearly went only by sight. Some of them are subroutine processors which are very hard to construct, others like one of the movement components look advanced but are easy to make.


"Bah, she was trying take any important looking parts, probably to sell them." Erase all her markings.


"You could come, but you have to let us make you our size. And we need to make a quick stop in the pony town so we can talk to the city spirits there about this. Could you gather up everything important to you and meet us on the edge of town in a few days?"


You remove the markings and put Scrap together as best as you can. Though his face is still a bit mangled. He lets out one of his most positive beeps as you activate his visual systems again.

"I will. I will make sure to be there. Oh this is the greatest moment of my life! And being your size I can better study the plants and beasts!"


"There, all in one piece again. Don't worry me like that.." I sigh at him, smiling.

Now to check out the rest of this room, "Did you see her hiding anything valuable in here?"


He flies to one of the sides and picks up a
Black lockerbox oozing with evil


I cautiously accept it, and look it over, does it have a lock and key on it?


There's a half orb like indent in the box that you'd guess would function a


>There's a half orb like indent in the box that you'd guess would function
as a keyhole. At least, it seems to be in the right place.
But the only thing you see close to it is a pyramid shaped with the same material as the black box. It is slightly bigger than the keyhole but obviously the wrong shape.
Yet it is the only of its kind you see here and right next to the box. Clearly this is somehow related…


Hmm, this could go better with more breezy eyes on it, bring the pryamid and the box out of the tunnel and look around for Fairweather.


Hmm, anything I know about this shape or the material? I am pretty worldly. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


You've seen a similar material once.
Back in the bush breezie village, the wise breezie of the tribe had a similar yet smaller box. There were stories that he had it to lock away cursed items and that there was a secret way to open it. As you were not a shaman, instead a breezie of reason and logic, you never learned the way. But obviously it cannot be a magic key, there must be a trick to this if you can study it.


"This is a [curse sealing vessel]. We can have it examined when we go back to see the witch breezies, or maybe we can puzzle over it to pass the time on the road. Either way, let's deal with it later."


Say your goodbyes and go back on the road?


Sounds good! We'll sell off the amulet, get our airship parts, and put it together for a few days before we meet back up with Oomar. That's the plan, anyway.


"Are you sure we shouldn't look around for a key? Or maybe we can look when we come back?"


As you leave the tree again and start the long journey back home, you notice the deer you met a few days ago at the edge of the devastation. It nods its head in thanks before disappearing again.
Armed with the artifacts you finally will have to acquire the parts for the airship.
Not only that, you have made new allies and enemies who will join your journey.
And many questions remain…what is in the black box, what was the witch breezie planning, will the zebra fit into the Hollow

Only time will tell…

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