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The king gestures to the discus, which is about three feet in diameter. "It appears to be a kind of seer-stone, and if so, it would have been used in the past as a method of divining possible futures. The power is so potent that even I received a glimpse of a most terrible possible future upon brushing it with my cloak as my geomancers and I explored the vault. Upon further tests, it seems that it can offer a limited glimpse of the future as it relates to whatever you are concentrating on, allowing inquiries into specific matters. Before I say more, it is best for you to experience it yourselves."



"Ooooh, okay!" Amy says before tying the rope to the railing.


"I could not think of a more convenient test." Shei-Sher steps forward and touches the discus "What awaits me in Tartarus."


"Nice, I'll be back in no time, don't worry!"

She looks up at the 60 meter height of the portal, thinking, "Now let's see… that's a pretty long way up to climb. I could take the stairs o-"

She pauses, then looks over at Pryce as he tries to tie himself down. She puts a hoof on the colt's, and says, "Wait, Pryce, I need you!"


>"Be careful Flaming!"

KP pauses.
>"But, I thought you told me to tie myself to safety?"

Pryce nods, stepping forward to the disc.
"Seeing our futures. Even if their only passing possibilities, I can see why this was locked up."
He comments, before placing his hoof on the disc.

Pryce tries not to think of anything to keep the power unbiased, but his mind cannot help but worry what lies in his future after this Tartarus excursion is finished.



"But, Shortyhorns! You already have a boyfriend!"


Vice and Trapper groan.
>"I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try."
>>"Yeah, I guess."
Vice concentrates on what they'll face in Tartarus.
Trapper concentrates on the sword that they just got from the demons. He knows that Vice will think of the important thing.


LJ snorts, his hair and tail all standing on end as he looks at Flaming in confusion.


File: 1540268262306.png (14.33 KB, 616x561, diagram.png)

"I know I did, but I just realized, if I use you to float up there, I can jump down into the portal much more easily!"

Flaming looks at Amy, "Huh? WHAT, NO! Not like *that*, I meant I can use him to get close enough to the-"
She pauses, blush forming on her cheeks as she coughs. "A-also, what boyfriend? I-I don't have a boyfriend, yet."


>"Are you sure it's safe? I don't wanna float away…"

>"Yea Amy. We already had that one date that didn't work out, remember?"



"That wasn't you," Amy says with a straight face and no further explanation.


As you place your hooves upon the disc and concentrate, your senses recede until they are no more than an inclincation at the back of your concsciousnesses, and at the forefront of your vision, a dark cone expands, filling your vision to the utmost, surrounding you in a cloudy and shuffling murk.

You feel yourself suspended in the air, an out-of-body experience, as when astrally projecting. Below, you behold the party traveling through an immense darkness, traveling along a long and thin road, shaped like the root of a flower, which curls outward for an interminable distance through the darkness. They are no bigger than ants upon its surface. They face all manner of beasts and trials as they walk, sometimes fighting, but are almost always forced to flee. One by one, their numbers dwindle, some picked off by demons, others lost interminably to labyrinths of space and time. Yet in spite of immense odds, you and the core members of your party – Flow, Amy, Pryce, Flaming, and Mudi, reach a white field, many miles across, full of pure white flowers, a dome of light in a deep valley of broken and dead trees. Shadows pull at your vision, obscuring the details, but a battle breaks loose, and you succumb to Mudi's power, with many words written all over your body, becoming a black net. One by one, as your body starts to morph and mutate, you see yourself attacking your allies, enthralled, manipulated – no. Against all logic, you behold this vision-self doing it of his own will, gleefully, unrepentantly, slaying them to the last.

You behold the armies of Zha and Ecclesia losing battle after battle against the endless forces of the Treibheanna, despite having access to no end of blessed weapons from the church, artifacts of earth-shaking might from Zha, and even the modern weapons of the Apostles – nerve gas and shrapnel bombs, gatling guns, land mines, and no end of poisons. The forces are routed and scattered, and many look to you for leadership. No decision you make is without the cost of many lives, and though you try to shepherd the survivors to escape upon the shores of the northern ocean, you are caught, enslaved, separated from all you know and love, stripped of your powers and weapons, even your name and memories, an utter husk and slave to demon captors as they roll across the countryside. As you behold Fantasia crumble and burn, you are broken, unable even to recognize what you have lost.


(refer also the geographical details in Shei's reply)
The two of you behold Flow, fighting alone, a whirlwind of chaos and bloodshed, a terror to endless legions of demons and a powerhouse even against seemingly insurmountable odds. You fight alongside him, yet cannot hope to match even a tenth of what he is able to accomplish. Yet, the road is immeasurably dangerous, and each battle is not without the loss of an ally, whether you fight or flee. Flow falls into depression, forgoing eating, drinking, and sleeping as he calculates battle plans, tactics, sharpening his weapons without end, even when they can get no sharper. He summons you less and less, finding you inefficient and weak, a hindrance, not even worth being a distraction. There begin to be long periods in which you are not summoned, and each time you are, you only see another one of your allies lost. In time, Flow does not summon you at all, walking a road by himself, his mind blank except for the memorization of attacks and maneuvers, the names of his allies wiped from his mind. You are cradled in the voids of his mind, holding nothing, knowing nothing, being able to act upon nothiing.


LJ stammers and fishes for words, his forehooves prancing in place as he awkwardly attempts to handle feelings he is ill-equipped to process. Eventually he clears his throat and swallows hard. "Uh, yeah, you go get that egg!" he ventures.

With KP secure, Flaming uses him like a balloon, and then drops down into the ripples of space floating in the tower, vanishing upon impact. A great crackling of lightning erupts from the Anomaly as she drops inside, turning many books and bricks in the tower's walls into confetti, turtle-doves, streamers and gobs of cake.

As you vanish into the ripples of space, you find yourself in a long hallway, furnished rather plainly, as though it were no different than a local tavern's or guild's. There are some windows on either side, and as you look into them, you behold a sea of colors, chaotic and ever-churning, saved for a small collection of fixed points in the sea, which are various in shape: some are domes overseeing a flat surface, others are spheres.

At the end of the hall is a door, which is open, and various objects and magic phenomena are periodically tossed out through the door, though you can't see by whom.


Shei-Sher lets his hoof off the disc. He appears thoroughly repulsed and sorrowful from his vision. Averting his gaze from the discus and now contemplating what he saw. "It's good know what is at stake. At the cost of failure. Thank you King Lininas, have you now deemed us worthy?"


Both goos simultaneously blink, and hang their heads low.
>"Whew…what a doozy, eh?"

Flow jumps, but not as hard as before when Shorty goes through.
"…did it work?"


Flaming turns towards LJ as he stammers, her big eyes gazing at him as though curious what it is he has to say. She stares at him for as long as it takes him to swallow, and when he tells her to go get that egg, she frowns, as though slightly in disappointment, before quickly covering it up with a smile. "S-sure thing, I'll be back before you know it. Just don't let things get out of control while I'm gone."

She follows the plan, hopping on to Kid Pryce like a ballon, and then floating up above the portal as she looks up to Pryce, "You know, it's ALMOST like we have another flyer now. Maybe we should keep you like this, heh…" She says as she makes sure the line is secure, before dipping in through the dark portal…

Flaming looks around after coming out on the other side of the portal, she looks on either side of the hallway she finds herself in, eyebrows raised as she walks through. "Well… this is a lot more normal than I had expected…" she says before looking out a window and beholding the sea of colors beyond. "Huh… okay, that's more like it."

She looks around the hallway until she gets through the door the various objects are being tossed out of, before cautiously sticking her nose through. "Hello? Anyone in there?"



Amy just marvels at the pretty show the portal is making.


As you poke your head into the other side, you see an odd trio of fat frog-like humanoid monsters sitting upon the bank of a river, through the river appears to be of the same swirling essence as that which you saw out of the windows. They are fishing with nets, casting them out and pulling in all kinds of magic phenomena: spheres of concentrated magic energy, pure elements, even random wizard-household objects. All of these they toss through the doorway, and once the objects reach the hallway, they float onward, until they reach the other end of the hall, where they fly through another open door and enter your world.

As you greet them, the monsters turn and unleash a blithering slew of sounds that you can only guess was some kind of alien language.


Both ends of the hallways have actual physical doors, by the way.


As Flaming is greeted with the frog-like trio, she tries not to show disgust at their grotesque appearance, barely hiding her being grossed out by their looks before putting on a smile.

"Uh… hey to you too! Um… can you understand me?" She asks approaching them slowly but surely.

"I'm sort of looking for something. Have any of you seen something like an 'egg'? You know?" She takes a moment to draw a big oval with her hooves to illustrate it. "Eeeeeeegggggg?"


Pryce looks on, seeing ruin follow even decision. No matter than plans, with disaster is the only outcome and his hope falling with it. His vision of his husk ending feels as it drags on for an eternity before Pryce pulls away from the disc and snaps back to reality.
His face weighs heavily as what he saw runs through his mind, some color having faded as the possible truth behind it pounds are the forefront of his thoughts.

>"I don't wanna stay like a balloon!"
KP protests.
>"Be careful down there."
He adds after with concern.

KP holds onto the rope tightly as he floats up to carry Flaming along. As lightning shoots out when she enters, he flails about to avoid them.
>"So much for no reaction!"

>"So, uh, do I stay up here until she gets back?"


The frogs babble incoherently, and somehow, in spite of all reason, you feel they're answering in the negative.



"Yes! How else will she get back!?"


King Lininas nods gravely. "I assume you have just seen possible events to come. There is more to the stone, if you are willing to face it again. Concentrate entirely upon yourselves, not upon any future events, when you touch it. This is of an utmost importance. When it is done, I will explain the weapons I will entrust to you."


A bit more hesitant this time, Shei gives the discus a mournful look before touching it again. This time Shei thinks about himself. What he is, what he wants, why he wants, where he came from, etc.


>"I could always float back up!"
KP says, as he goes back to hanging off the rope, floating against his will.
>"…This is boring."

Pryce looks to the King. He nods, looking back to the stone. He takes a breath, calming himself, before placing his hoof on the stone again. Pryce focuses om himself, clearing the horrors he saw from his mind as best he can.


The two goos nod, and focus on themselves. They then put their hooves on the stone once more.


Flaming looks at the frogs with a disappointed look, her ears flopping down. "Well, I take that is a 'no'… okay then. Well, another question," she says, reaching over towards one of the frogs, pulling on its limb as she points towards the hall she came from.

"The portal on the other side there is causing a LOT of problems on our side! Do you know anything about how to close it?" She tries to think about how to pantomime this, and makes another hole with her hooves. "Poooortalllll," she sticks a hoof through the 'hole' she made in the air, "Bad stuff, coming throuuuuugh," she then makes a *close* motion with her hooves. "Close portal…?"


The three of you find yourself in a dark valley, illuminated only by the faintest points of light far above, the moon being only a faint point of light among many others. Across from you stand your vision-selves. They bear the injuries they incurred in your visions, and though their faces are partly obscured by shadows, you can sense their fears, their horrors, their travails all exuding from their bodies, as though there were some kind of invisible connection between you.


The frogs jibber-jabber away, and point at the door right next to you, mimicking your 'close' motion.


Pryce looks down the alley, expecting another horrid vision, but only sees his other self. The fear, the hopelessness, the defeat. Pryce steps forward towards his vision, extending a hoof to help himself up.


Both of the goos look straight at their vision-selves, and walk forwards towards them. They both wince when they see just how injured they are, chunks of goo missing from every part of their body.


Flaming turns and looks at the door she came through that they toss all the objects they pull out of the river, which end up bouncing through the hallway back to her world.

"You're saying… all I have to do is close this door?" She looks at them, and leers. "Well, I'd say YOU three should be the ones to stop throwing your junk into our world! But, if it's that easy, I'm not gonna throw a fit. Thanks a bunch!" She says simply running back towards the door they're tossing stuff through, and pulls it shut with her on the side closest to the portal she came through. "What a weird place…"
>CLosing the door


You shut the door and, realizing that there's not much else to do, proceed back down the hallway, and poke your head out through the other door. Past the aureole of light, you see your world, but the doorway is facing downward, and if you step out, you will surely plummet 60 meters to the ground and splat on impact. However, the Anomaly doesn't appear to be doing anything now.


Flaming gives her rope a good tug, making sure it's securely tied to herself, and hopes KP's new found floatiness is up to the task as she leans over towards the edge of the portal, giving a shout through it

"AMY!!! PRYCE!!! FLOW!!! Can you hear me?!" She shouts through the portal, looking out at the steep drop directly ahead of her.


Shei-Sher ambles towards the bloated mutant image of himself, eyeing it with repulsion, knowing it is something inside him. "What am I to do with you. I can't kill you, and neither can I run away or control you." Shei sits down infront of the image of himself just staring at it "Yes all you want is love. Should I hug you? No -I don't love myself. I know what I am, hopefully that is enough."







"Phew, okay good! I think I have everything taken care of on this side, but the portal is showing me looking STRAIGHT DOWN at the floor over a 100 feet! I'm going to use the rope like a swing to fall safely, Pryce you said you're still floaty? This might put a LOT of weight on you! And if anyone could get ready to catch me just in case something goes wrong, that'd be great!"


As you connect with each of them, the vision-selves hold out their hooves, and in a swirl of dull blue light, three spheres, shaped like the moon, appear in their possession. You feel great power hidden within the spheres.

They look at you, and though their faces are obscured, a feeling of utmost gravity exudes from them. They are offering these spheres to you, a kind of symbol of that which may come to pass. Accepting these spheres is an acceptance of the possibilities they represent, of accepting the endless night in which you find yourselves now, a willingness to accept that this journey may end in darkness.


"I'll catch you!" LJ shouts, and you see him zoom up the stairs, hurrying around bookshelves and plants to reach the third level of the tower's platforms. He runs to the railing and holds out his hooves.



"I'll catch you!" Amy baselessly and thoughtlessly promises.


"Yes I will take it" Shei takes the orb with an air of impatience "I already said I cannot run away."


>"Yea I'm still floaty. I think I should be fine if you jump. Just give me some warning first.

Pryce pauses, looking down at the orb. The possibilities they carry, the future he's seen.
"I promise that this won't be our future. We will succeed, and we will make this world safe again."
Pryce says in devotion as he places his hoof on the sphere his alternate-self holds.


Both of the goo clones take the orbs, and show no fear when doing so.
>"If it comes to pass, so be it."
>>"As long as we took some bastards down with us," Trapper says with a smirk.
>"We won't be defeated. We trust Flow to give it his all."


Flaming looks out below as she sees Amy and LJ both volunteer their services, feeling herself blush a little bit when she sees LJ rush up the stairs to catch her. She takes a deep breath, grabbing on tight to the rope as she eyes the two targets. "Alright… get ready, here I come!" She steels her nerves, and makes a running leap towards the 60m drop with her heart pounding as she grabs hold of the rope, preparing to swing like a jungle-pony

[1d10+1] to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwHWbsvgQUE

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


The visions fade as you accept the orbs, and they dissolve into mist, mingling with your souls. You are brought back to the room where the king is inspecting the stone artifacts.

>Choose one Aspect from the Sphere of Dark, and then choose 1 level 1 skill and 1 level 2 skill from that Aspect.

As you leap, you feel yourself coming up a bit short toward the railing, and just before the panic of falling can set in, LJ leans out and grabs you, princess style, and you see him straining with his back legs to hold onto the railing as they're pressed up against it. He strains and pulls himself back, slipping you out of the rope and back onto solid ground.

You both see that the Anomaly now lies dormant, but is still there, floating in the air. However, it's not doing anything. The bird in the nearby nest looks up as the coast is clear, then looks down at the nest, where you hear a very faint peeping.




Amy tosses a potion at Flaming as she falls. [1d10+3]

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Flaming catches it as LJ catches her, and the potion is so good that it can last and be used later as a free action.

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