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The party now returns to Kaco Island, having accomplished many things during their time on the small satellite island:

First, they learned more about aura and developed their potential even further, culminating in the creation of new abilities for some and improvements on current abilities for others. Second, they recovered a large cache of red herbs, called Helltongues, which would enable them to cure people from infection by Queen Toko's white parasites. Third, they resued an alien from outer space whose spaceship had crashed at sea during his research for his dissertation.

Now, Cutlass and Thessaly are heading back to meet with the leaders of the Three mafia Families who rule over Aristar and who have rapidly become the last stable leaders on Kaco Island following the Queens' thorough destruction of Potnia and other towns on the southern half of the island. Meanwhile, the rest of the party has plenty of time to kill before Alder and Cerulean are due for their circus performance in Aristar at 6. Thus they're heading back to check out some of the destroyed towns and pick over what might remain.

Post sheets.
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Alder gently adjusts the windpipe, trying to re-set the windpipe and keep it from creasing and permanently messing up Boneless. While he works, he looks to Ruby curiously "So, how did you meet Boneless?"


Cerulean watches closely, looking like she's about to cry while muttering sorries.


You struggle against the flame serpent, and manage to worm your way out of its mouth, landing on the ring with a heavy thud, losing 2 Hits.

You see that Toko is visibly panicking, but forces herself to sit in her seat, smiling and waving occasionally at anyone who looks her way. Each time one of the fire serpents draws near, she recoils, but is unable to flee, likely to keep up her public image.

The serpent that dropped you (Serpent A) comes in for another round to take a bite out of your leg!


Some of the guards rush in to try and help you attack it, fighting it off with swords.


The two serpents coil around you in tandem, giving you light first degree burns and blowing away your wind cyclone. You lose four Hits.

As all this goes down, Little Smokey poses in the center of the ring, twisting and gesturing dramatically with the staff, all while laughing and having fun with it. You see that the snakes move in tandem with the staff's directions.

Serpent B tries to wrap you up in its tail again, while Serpent C simply shows off in front of the crowd, twisting and turning and cartwheeling.


"He had a falling out with one of his closest colleagues – something about 'creative differences' and the direction of their group? I found him face-deep in a bottle of whiskey one night at a bar and told him all that the Pattern Juggler and the Crimson King did for me… oh god, please save him!"

With a careful touch, Alder resets Boneless' throat, and a low honk, a bit hoarse, comes out. Boneless will live.

Ruby Curls appears to faint with relief, flopping over backward.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #3 6 + 1 = 7


She thinks she gets it. He's trying to force them to show their hand. But that won't happen. She tries to dodge out of the way of the attack again, unsheathing her standard issue sword and swinging at it. Not that a sword will do much good against a monster made of fire, but it's better than nothing.
[1d10] Dodge
[1d10] Attack

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Cloud takes a few steps away as the snakes burn him, the heat making him sweat and gasping for clean air. He glances at Smokey as he continues on his happy little act. He grumbles again, hoping he doesn't see that kid after this show is done.
When only one snake goes in now, Cloud hops over the tail like a jump rope and he flicks out his wand again to snuff it out like a candle.
>Dodge [1d10]
>Wind Wand [Gust] [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"I see. Well, he should be okay now. Please, try oto, ehm… be careful with him until he is rested, yes? A-Are you alright, miss?" he asks, giving her a concerned look as she falls over.


Seeing and hearing Boneless will be fine, it's Alder's turn to get a big, tight hug.
"Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I thought I might've killed him by accident! You're the best medic ever!" She looks to the side in some thought.
"Well, you're also the only medic I think I know, but that doesn't change facts here."


>Thessaly 0/4
Your leg is bitten, and the monster shakes you like a chew toy then tosses you toward the VIP seating area, where you skid to a halt in front of the bleachers, to much applause. The guards fight off Serpent A, and then rush over to help you up.

[1d10+2] Guard assistance (on success, you can act this turn).

As the guards come to your aid, you see one of the butlers step down and approach, holding out his hoof to assist you. With a chill, you recognize him as the butler who infected Cloud with the parasites at the funeral. "Your leg is injured – allow me to take a look at it, would you? How dare that reckless lout put you at risk this way."

After slipping around Serpent B's attack, you blast it with a powerful current of wind, and it is snuffed out. Little Smokey puffs himself up. "Aha! You think you can best my magic? Have at thee!"

He waves his staff in your direction, and sends Serpent C to attack you. The serpent spits a ball of fire at you, and gets shorter as a result, since the fire came from its own body.


After a few moments of being unconscious, Ruby Curls curls herself up and does a hoof-stand, good as new. "Good job! It's a miracle! Oh, I was about to call the morgue and everything!"
"Would've been too good for that hack!" Perfect Pair spits, looking with disdain at Boneless.
"What!? How could you!" Ruby protests.
"You've heard the rumors about that chicken! Plagiarised jokes, drug sprees, speeding tickets! He'd never work in this town again if I had it my way! He's a disgrace to this circus tent!"

Boneless simply lies there and takes it, being an inanimate object.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


Alder squawks a little as he's crushed in a tight hug by Cerulean, giving her a gentle pat on the shoulder. "I-It is of no trouble, Miss Cerulean. I am glad I could help."

"I-I did not realize this chicken was such the, ehm… wild card. Is it not better to save someone, even if he is somewhat of a pain at times?"


Cloud smirks as he puts the snake out, feeling big now that he brushed it away with one blast. As the kid boasts for his show, Cloud turns and decides to play back if they're going to be forced in the show.
"Hey kid, didn't anypony tell you not to play with fire?"
He says, standing tall as he casually flicks out his wand to send a small tornado to put out the last snake while sidestepping the fireball.
>Sidestep [1d10]
>Wind Wand [Mini-Tornado] [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Cerulean smiles and lets go of Alder before she accidentally breaks his neck next.
"Oh yeah! Speaking of breaking, let's see if legs are being broken out there." She peeks back out at the going-ons outside.
"Woah, guys, look at this! They have flaming seasnakes floating around the place!"


She gets up with the help of the guard, nodding in thanks to him. "It's… nothing," she says to the guard, trying not to let her recognition show. "I'll be fine." She glares daggers down at the Juggler. A bright idea pops into her head, and she starts playing up the injury. "Say, Jeeves, would you be able to give me a hand? There's some first aid stuff out back. I'll just need to patch up, take a breather and I'll be right as rain. Would you mind walking me though? Can't move too good with this busted leg." She puts on a pained grimace, leaning against the bleachers.


Perfect Pair grunts and raises up his red plastic nose proudly. "Yeah, yeah, I know you docta types got your degrees and your hypocrite oaths and all that – but if he hurts a member of my troupe, even after I retire, then someone's going to wake up battered, grilled and served in a bucket!"
Ruby Curls laughs and shrugs. "Clowns… whaddya gonna do?"

The butler looks down at his outfit. "Strange, I don't believe we've ever met, how did you know my name was Jeeves…? Ah, no matter. Right this way sir. Queen Toko, ma'am, I'll just be a min–"
"Go, just go and get back on the double!" Queen Toko spits.
"Of course, ma'am," Jeeves says. He walks with you in the direction of the entrance, where you see a first aid booth, complete with a little secluded room for keeping the injured.

Cloud clashes with the fire serpent a few times, having a few close shaves as it flies over his head in an attempt to bite it off. However, with a well-timed blast, Cloud blows it away, leaving only Serpent A, who slinks around the guards trying to fight it off, and heads your way, trying to swing at him with its tail like a long whip.


Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"Flaming Sea Snakes? Bizarre…" the griffon says, looking around the corner to take a quick peek.

"Oh! There is no reason to worry- my tribe did not have such hypocrite oaths, or degrees. Most of what I learned was self-taught, anyways."


Cerulean watches the fire serpent go after Cloud, then gets an awful idea. She runs over to the props, looking around at what things are there, but eventually goes for the jar of Hopcorn. She runs back and, after placing a hoofful on her tail, tries to launch the hopcorn into the flaming serpent, curious if fire could bounce. She also opts to give herself a slight aura boost to the throw.

>spending 1 TBP


Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"Oh, you're one of those back-alley street doctors? Fantastic! How's the organ prices on the black market doing lately? I heard they took a dive recently after all the violence that's going on around Horshu Island and those raids that pirates conduct around there!"


Cloud starts to get cocky as he avoid the serpent so narrowly before blowing it away.
"Gotta do better than that kid if you wanna put on a show!"
When the remaining snake leaves the others and focus him, Cloud scoffs.
"Should've made more than three of these, this is getting boring now!"
He brags as he deftly rolls out of the way and gives one last swing of his wand to send a gust of wind to flick the snake back for a stylish blowout.
>Roll [1d10]
>Wind Wand [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"All butlers are called Jeeves," she shrugs. "I think."

"Thanks, chum." She grins again, looking back at Cloud rather anxiously, hoping he'll be okay.

"Really appreciate this, you know," she says as they walk. "Dunno what that grinning bastard's up to. Probably finds it funny terrorizing the audience like this. The King ought to keep him on a leash."

As they get to the first aid room, Thessaly hobbles over to the first aid kit, taking it and sitting on the bed, starting to tend to her leg injury as best she can with what's available. She doesn't actually know first aid. "Thanks again, Jeeves," she says with a smile. "You've been a great help."

As soon as Jeeves turns his back on her, she raises her arm, conjuring ropy black tentacles to wrap around his face and throat, trying to choke him out. "Géill," she whispers.
[1d10+3] Shackles, spending 1 TBP

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


>Shackles: spell; Thessaly conjures shadowy tentacles to bind a target in place, rendering them immobile for 2d3 turns. On a crit, this roll also gets a +1 bonus, but the effect cannot last more than 6 rounds. A Shackled target may roll to break free of the spell. Larger targets may be more resistant or outright immune to Shackles.

Roll #1 2, 2 = 4


>Cloud helpless, losing 1 wound

"Better?" Little Smokey scoffs back, now fully into the performance. "Ahahaha! You want better!? How about well done!?" he bellows, launching Serpent A into Cloud, knocking him back under a current of fire, which burns his sides and chest. However, Cerulean comes in and launches a hoofful of Hopcorn into the serpent's mouth. The serpent chews it, then pauses. It starts to vibrate in mid-air, as it cannot 'jump' due to its floating. It begins to vibrate so rapidly that it quickly evaporates, having vibrated itself into nothing.

The crowd erupts with applause, giving you all a hearty reward, rife with cheers and whistles. Little Smokey falls back onto his rump, but looks quite pleased with the results, unaware of what the Pattern Juggler did. He waves and smiles for his applause, then heads backstage.

"Actually, my peers are Walter and Alfred," Jeeves corrects a bit peevishly.


"And yes, Queen Toko has collected some rather unsavory company, as uncouth as it is for me to speak ill of our financiers. A demon, a peddler of cursed artifacts, spellbooks, and even pirate raids… to think that the Royal Line would have to ally itself with the worst scum of the Ribcage."

Before he can go on, you paralyze Jeeves by chaining him up with your Aura. Unable to move, shout, or even activate his own, he remains frozen, twisted in an awkward pose as the chains hold him in place.


She wills the oily fetters to bind him to the bed while she thinks. They won't hold for long, as she cannot hold her concentration on them forever with the task at hand, and unlike with the two guards, there's no Cloud to ensure they are trapped there indefinitely. She contemplates her options, looking at Jeeves coldly. While the tendrils hold him, she looks around for anything that would serve as a more permanent binding for the hapless butler.
[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 6 = 6


Cloud shouts in pain as the serpent flows over him and leaving him burnt, falling onto his back from the force and pain. He lies there a moment, out of it from the sensation until a groan shows he still is breathing. He looks over himself, making sure the disguise is still on, though at the moment he doesn't care about that as much as if he can still move after a burn like that.
He tries to move his hooves. seeing if he can still keep going.
>Recover [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I suppose, yes! That would indeed be one way to do it, but… I am afraid I do not do organ selling. S-Sorry. Though, is there anything else I can help with while we prepare?"


There's a fair amount of tape and bandages in the first aid kit, as well as painkillers. The former two could keep him bound there longer, while the latter would knock him unconscious or even kill him with a high enough dose. There's also Droplet in your pocket, though he would have to be a master assassin to kill anyone at his current size.

"Darn, I was gonna see what I could get for Boneless' most organic bits. Well, I suppose you should just stay on standby if there are any injuries during the show. I doubt the Pattern Juggler will follow regulation and put the show on hold if someone gets hurt out there. Hell, even if someone dies. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a bottle in my office with my name on it!"

He and Ruby Curls cartwheel away toward his office.

You manage to get back up amid the applause, and hobble back over to the VIP seating area. You notice that Thessaly is gone and Toko looks like she could kill the Pattern Juggler with a look. Something in her dress moves, and you see the faint outline of a bag underneath the layers of her clothing, which she tucks deeper into her dress.

The Crimson King looks down at the guards as they regroup and survey their light injuries. "Go backstage or near the entrance if you require first aid, but be quick about it."

The guards survey themselves, and most stay behind, with a couple heading for the back.



Post Cutlasses for the Cutlass side-session. Cutlasses mandatory. BYOC.


File: 1545360487363.jpg (24.11 KB, 480x480, 88cs.jpg)


>Cutlass restored to full H/W by Sparkler

Last time on Cutlass's segment of PirateQuest…

After striking down the two guards left on the deck of the transport ship, Cutlass led her team down to the second level, where they found the last eight guards stationed in the middle of a meal. Effortlessly, Cutlass and her team slew seven, and Make Believe turned the sole survivor into a thrall called a "Sticker Star," named after Make Believe's brainwashing Aura Ability.

With that done, they went back up to the carnival, signaling to their troops in waiting that it was time to move. Slowly, as to not attract attention, her forces headed for the northern docks and boarded the ship.

Now aboard the ship, your allies look to you for their orders, keeping The Golden Vein in sight as it drifts in the waters, off in the distance. The carnival is not set to begin for another hour, but sailing out to the Crimson King's ship will undoubtedly take a good bit of time.



"Set sail for the Golden Vein, but maintain a low profile for now."

"Make Believe, when we get there, we will find someone for you to make friends with. First, we'll need to interrogate them to find out what kind of numbers we're dealing with. Relying on you for that, Sparkler."


Sparkler nods, and takes charge of the soldiers, directing them to the lower decks to weigh anchor and begin rowing out to sea. She herself heads to the helm, and prepares for departure.

What's the plan if we're intercepted or spotted by a guard on the way there? Make Believe asks. I can give my Sticker Star puppets commands for action, but I can't make them speak or divulge information, so this one I have here can't give us a cover story.

"And, captain, if I may interject," Ossie says, her snout poking out of your shadow. "At what point are the Secret Assassins to attack the circus?"


Keep the first two paragraphs of this post but change Ossie's dialogue to:

"And captain, if I may – if you find or hear of any news relating to Colobok while we are aboard The Golden Vein, I ask that you turn away and avoid it entirely. I cannot guarantee that I will remain in your shadow if I learn where he might be, thus jeapordizing our strike, and putting your life at risk."



"Get rid of them as quietly as we can," Cutlass answers Make Believe. "Sticker them if you can. Otherwise, kill them quietly.

"Now, anyone who isn't directly involved in sailing this ship, get below deck. We can't have them noticing this ship is being run by pirates."


"Half the reason I want to take this ship is because I assume he is being held somewhere on it. If we find information on where he is, I guarantee we will act on it with all due expedience. There's no need to get reckless over it."


"…You're a fool to put such trust in me to not lose it after what we saw in his message," Ossie says. "I'll constrain myself from endangering your life as best I can."
"Don't beat yourself up over this," Little Miss Sunshine says. "Beat THEM up over it instead."
Ossie is not visible, as she is within your shadow, but you can feel the annoyance from here.

Oh, I'm going to have quite the fun time riding with you, Make Believe says, patting his sticker box quietly. I'll save you a golden star sticker for all your hard work once this is all done.

"Yes, captain!" your various followers say, quickly heading belowdeck.

>Just to get it in writing, you have 30 mooks with you, as well as Little Miss Sunshine, Sparkler, Ossie, Schnitzel, Make Believe and his mook.

>When ready to skip ahead to The Golden Vein, confirm so.



"Ossie, you have been my best companion I've had at sea. I trust you. So, trust me. We WILL save him."

>ready to skip


Ossie doesn't respond, but exhales steadily, and you can sense her commitment – shaken by anxiety, but held stable by your bond.


The ship sails along, with Make Believe forcing his thrall to man the helm, so that all your crew can hide belowdeck. Your allies hardly move, watching the sea go by through the rowing ports and whatever other small windows the transport vessel has. Talking is nonexistent; the only sounds are of the waves, and the jitterings of various nervous tics – tapping hooves, dagger-tips grinding against stray pieces of wood, the quiet clicking of talons against the hilts of swords. Time grinds by, and you lose track of its progress amid the quiet, heavy tension in the air.

Eventually, a shadow descends over the waters. The crew go to every window available, and you see that your vessel has reached one of the openings of The Golden Vein. The crew rows your vessel forward toward the port, and then the ship suddenly stops with a shudder. With a mechanical clanking and grinding, the vessel is pulled up at a sloping angle. You see that your vessel is now on a platform, which is being pulled upward by a mass of gears and pulleys, up to a dry dock station. There are several other stations like this, all of which are empty of ships or staff.

Beyond the dock, there are several platforms, connected by stairs, at the end of which are doors. This dock area is labyrinthine, but you're in, at the very least. Ossie pokes her head out.

"…Is the coast really clear? Won't be for long. Even on a ship this big they'd have to notice sounds like that. Maybe they'll think that some VIPs got bored and came back, but we shouldn't wait around to see if anyone will come investigate us."



"There shouldn't be anything too terribly suspicious about a ship returning to its place," Cutlass responds.

"Sparkler, Make Believe, come with me. We need to find someone to interrogate."

Cutlass goes quietly on deck. She looks for the place most likely to have a lone guard. [1d10] Master Thief

Roll #1 7 = 7


You and your allies sneak off the ship, leaving the rest of the crew to lay low til you return. You climb up a few flights of stairs, carefully making note of your route to retrace it later.

After reaching one of the doorways, you find directions on a wall, which indicate that the stairs leading to the first level of the ship can be found to your left. As you glance that way, you see a pair of guards hanging about in the hallway in front of a staircase, idly drinking from fancy-looking bottles of rum. They don't notice you yet.



"Kill one," Cutlass instructs. "Keep the other alive."

She makes the first attack by throwing a dagger with her telekinesis. [1d10] ranged attack

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Gladly," Ossie and Sparkler whisper in unison. At the last moment, the first guard turns and sees your knife flying at him, and leans back. As he sees Sparkler spring toward him, he throws himself at the stairs, with no time to scream, as he flees for safety.

[1d10+2] Sparkler
[1d10] Guard

The second guard runs after him, but Make Believe is right on his tail with a "slave" sticker.
[1d10+2] MB
[1d10] Guard

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #4 2 = 2



Thinking quick, Cutlass telekinetically grabs the second guard. [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


Sparkler grabs the first guard, throwing her hoof over his mouth, before swiftly snapping his neck. The second guard rushes up the stairs, but before he can bust through the door leading outside, you snag his legs with your magic, and he stumbles backward into Make Believe's sticker. Make Believe's pink aura surrounds him, and he contorts and hunches over, quickly adopting the servile demeanor and posture of a slave. He cowers before you, looking disgustingly pathetic as he holds his hands up in a gesture of submission.

"Wh-what do you want? Spare me, spare me!" the guard quietly begs.



"Bring him back with us," Cutlass orders. "It's not safe to do it here."


Sparkler picks up the first guard's body, and Ossie temporarily drops out of your shadow to pick up the guards' weapons, your knife, and to dust away the debris stirred up by the brief encounter.

Quickly, your group returns to your ship, stuffing the captured slave into the second level, where he falls to his knees, terrified out of his wits at the confusing new scene. "But – why is this ship back? Not that I wish to impose or to offend you, but the show's only just begun! What's going on?" he blubbers.

Sparkler flashes her flowery pink aura, and the monster's black, misshapen arms appear around her, reaching toward the slave. "Questions, captain?"



"Where is Colobok? How many guards are there? Is there any significant threat on this vessel?"



Roll #1 4 = 4


The monster in Sparkler's aura manifests, grabbing the guard and wringing out his body until he resembles a wet towel. As the words fall from his head, she rearranges them carefully to make sense of them.

"…Not a whole lot to go off," Sparkler groans. "The first guard we interrogated on the island said there were thirty-five guards on this ship. I don't see anything about Colobok specifically, but the prison ward is on the second level. He does know a bit about the security, though. There might not be many guards on The Golden Vein, but he seems to be aware of at least ten 'giants' on board – monsters that make trash like this guard look even weaker than they already are. He has only seen them on the second level and the third level… which is where the controls are, I reckon."


>Posting with Timber's permission due to internet troubles

"Alright then," Cutlass says after taking a moment to think. "We'll have to divide our forces. If we take the control room, the battle is ours. And, while they are distracted, we'll search for Colobok in the prison. If all goes well, we'll get this thing moving before anyone on shore knows what's going on."
"Shnitzel and Make Believe take 25 of our fighters and take the control room. You're in charge, Shnitzel."
"Everyone else come with me to the prison."

Schnitzel and Make Believe gulp a little; fear is written plainly across Schnitzel's face, and Make Believe, though also nervous, has an expression of pure excitement over his. By your order, captain!

"Agreed," Ossie says.
Sparkler is already heading for the door, impatient and worried. "Stay quiet, everyone. Don't engage unless we have to. I don't need anyone else getting themselves hurt or worse before this night's over. That goes triple for you, captain!"



If it isn't clear, Cutlass' post ends after "come with me to the prison," and my response begins with "Scnitzel and Make Believe…"



Cloud eyes the squirming under Toko's clothes, assuming it must be some parasites she has prepared with how she glares down Pattern Juggler.

Cloud takes his spot back at the side of the bleachers, toughing this out and not taking the quick reprieve. A feeling he starts to regret as he stands there with his minor burns, making his skin crawl and his legs wanting to just rest.


"N-Not to worry! I will ensure that everyone is safe!"


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