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Post Sheets.
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Amy's smirk fades immediately. "I'm talking about sex," Amy deadpans. At this point, she's said that exact phrase in the exact same manner so many times to Flaming that Amy's beginning to be disappointed in her little sister.


"OH! Good thinking. I hadn't even thought of asking the festival performers. This will be far later in the day I suspect, but I have a very special ritual in mind for contacting my old Master, Aliester Crow-ley. I need his wisdom on several matters." Shei-Sher leaves the table "Let me show you the score." Shei-Sher leaves to his bunk and is quick to return. He hands Onion several sheets of music for their respective instruments "A small momento I have always kept. Crow-ley's favorite song. He says it embodied Thelema and was a 'rockin groove'"


Shei-Sher chokes on his tea. He actually fidgets for a bit and then breathes loudly "That was hot." The tea. The tea was hot. "Scolding -scolding hot." Shei pretends he didn't hear what Amy said.



"I'm glad you liked it," Amy says proudly.


>Reminder that Pryce's ceremony is today when you want to do that.

River can't help but smile, squinting through her headache. "No problem."

Spark burps a little fire, and then sets a claw on your hoof in a display of animal affection. Mirror Image gives him a slightly perturbed look, and you recall the Accorsian stigmas against dragons. Wireframe, on the other hand, lets out an "Aww," and you recall that the Changelings allied themselves with dragons following their exile from Accorsia.

"He's alright now, it's just all sort of spilling out of him right now. Nonstop, he's been talking about these dreams with Tantra. But he doesn't seem distraught or disheveled, it's rather like he's onto some kind of insight he can't quite articulate at the moment. Shall I put him on?"

"About one-third the size of Fantasia Palace," Chorazin answers. It could crush you dead with a single stomp of one of its claws."
Lockjaw gruns and lays back as you pet him, wagging his tail. "Oh, and that tail could launch you a mile if it struck you," Chorazin adds. "Do make sure you train him well."

"Yeah, let's go with that," Zjetya says. "I'm definitely not a vagrant anymore."

As she says that last line, she winces a little.

Today's the fourth day. We have all of today and tomorrow before it begins. Do you have any plans today, after that ceremony's done? I want to get a little more exploring done. A dungeon, perhaps, or some part of the wilds that hasn't been tamed yet.
Vice recalls that there are still more locations on the stone tablet that can be explored through the use of the Garment of the Founder. Any of those could be a good start, and the Ecclesians may have leads of their own too.

Onion looks over the sheet music, his fingers twitching as he finger-picks at the air during his sight read. "A song that can contact others? Why that's… actually that makes perfect sense. Y'got it, Shei. I'll ask around and find the people skilled in these instruments, then we can get ready for the ritual."


"Th-That big?!" Pryce says in shock, looking a how small Lockjaw is, "I can't believe it, Camelzotz must've been fearless to catch this one then."
As he wags his tail, Pryce chuckles.
"I can see the force behind it already."

KP smiles as Zjetya goes with that logic, but when she winces, he gives her a small hug.

>Good for the ceremony anytime


"The concept is more that I must shower my ritual in his affections, to make the signal loud enough for him to notice. He just recently ascended our mortal plane you see. I do not expect him to be completely aware when someone is praying to him. And thank you Onion."


Flaming frowns. "Oh. Gross." She says, moving back to her bowl of porridge before her eyes open up wide, spitting into her milk and porridge.

"Wait. You had sex… in OUR bed? The bed *I* usually sleep in?!"

Flaming chuckles as Spark exudes his flames, looking down at her little friend with adoration, "That's a big strong dragon, yes you are! Just wait, soon you'll be bigger than the whole air-ship we're standing in. Then you can go off on adventures and find all the spicy stuff you want."

As the Dragon offers to put LJ on the line, Shorthorns shouts, "Yes! Ahem… I mean, yeah, sure, I-I mean if he'd like to talk to me, if it'd make him feel better."

>Also good for ceremony after this



"Whatever you guys are doing, I'm ready and willing to do too. I'm feeling pretty good after that tattoo upgrade yesterday… and last night," she adds with a smile.



"Oooh yeah," Amy laughs. "Those sheets are just RUINED."


Shei continues drinking his tea. Letting the conversation go on beside him, as if it wasn't even happening.
>"Those sheets are just RUINED."
"I think the blood will be useful for the ritual. This way I won't have to kill a crow."


"UUUGGH!" Flaming groans, retching at the thought of such depravity occurring in the place where she usually sleeps at night. "Well, I'm never sleeping in that bed again period then. I'll find a new bunk. A clean bunk."

"Blood?" Flaming asks. "Just… what?" She narrows her eyes. "You didn't hurt Amy, did you?"


>>[Well all right then! We might know a few places!]
>>”Oi! Where else can we go, eh?”
>”I’d have to ask around…but I’m sure we can find something to explore around here.
The two goos go downstairs go eat.



"Flaming!" Amy says as if Flaming said something inappropriate. "You should know me better that! Obviously, it's not MY blood!"

"R-right?" Amy then turns to Shei to ask, apparently not actually realizing blood was involved.


Onion nods. "I'll pass along your instructions. Either we'll rouse his spirit from doing well, or we'll annoy him with a botch so bad that he'll have to come down and punish us," he jokes.

"True, whoever he is, he's a skilled monster hunter."

Zjetya reciprocates the hug, a look of sadness distant in her eyes.

"Then I'll put him on right aw–"
"Flaming!" LJ says, and you hear him trot up to the conch.
"Ah, here he is now."
"I'm here, what's up? How's things on your end? I'm great," he says, brimming with energy.

Volkama produces a pocket watch from his vest and checks the time. "Alright, everyone. It's just struck six-thirty and we ought to be there no later than a quarter til the hour so they can get Pryce ready. Get on your best garb and try to straighten yourselves out will you? Oh, and brush your teeth, for heaven's sake. They might be calling us the Saviors for what we've done, but you can all still make sure you're making yourselves presentable for a public ceremony. Let's meet up outside once we're all done. River, can you be our ride?"

River grumbles in discontentment. "I'll try…"

Volkama snorts. "On second thought, you look quite busy trying to chase off that hangover. "Flaming, have the others who can use the Dark Corridor come this way to transport us to Lilane, will you?"

After that announcement, Deriva, Blessings and Mirror start to put away the dishes, putting untouched food and other leftovers into small magic crystal bins so they can be preserved for later. The others, one by one, get u pfrom the table, finishing of the last of their meals before heading to their respective rooms to get freshened up for the ceremony in Pryce's honor.


get up from the table*



Instead of taking this time to make herself presentable, Amy elects to sneak up on Deriva, Blessings, and Mirror and tries to nose her way through the leftover containers so she can sneak in more yummy eat time.

[1d10] for sneaky food snatching

Roll #1 8 = 8


KP looks up sadly as he sees the distant look in her eyes, wishing he could help in someway.

Pryce offers himself as support for River as they head off to get ready.

He changes out of his robe into his new outfit he purchased the previous day. He looks himself over in the mirror, feeling like a new stallion with his new look. Making sure Lockjaw is all neat from his breakfast, and all snazzy and ready himself, Pryce heads out with River for them to head to Lilane.

KP doesn't need much to get ready. But he makes sure Hopper is all fed and clean, and joins everypony else outside.


The three goos don’t really need to tidy up, and linger around the table.


Flaming looks back at Amy, "Well as long as it's not yours, I guess that's okay. But, you sound like you're unsure… do you even remember what you did last night?"

"Journey!" Flaming shoots back over the conch, gripping it tightly.
"Hey! I… I saw you weren't at breakfast and, I wanted to see where you were. I heard you had more visions last night and were feeling out of it, are you sure you're okay?"

As Volkama alerts them all to the time, Flaming looks up with surprise, "Oh wow, it's almost time for the ceremony already?!" Flaming finishes up her last bite of haytor tots, and then finishes up her tea as she moves from the table. "I'll go get cleaned up, I'll be sure to wear my Ecclessian coat for the ceremony and make sure my fur is nice and presentable."
She pauses, "Uh, though I could borrow some tooth paste if anyone has some."

As she rushes to get ready, Flaming looks to Volkama, "Sure thing! I'll see if they can hurry back so they can open up the Dark Corridor. If they're busy, *I* can open one there I think."


Flaming looks over to Pryce as she rushes to find her Ecclessian coat, making sure it's presentable and free of as many creases as possible. "Hey Pryce! Feeling ready for your ceremony? Nervous?"


"I don't know" Shei shrugs "It's someone's."

"heheheh" Shei laughs nervously "Well Crow-ley can be quite finicky, so do well to find some well practiced fellows."

Shei-Sher watches everyone get ready for the ceremony. He looks to Gadriele and Miracle "You're staying with me right." there's only a twinge of patheticness in his voice.


Chorazin wew


"I've been ready since last night. I probably wouldn't have been able to sleep if it wasn't for all the work we did as well."
Pryce says, confidence in his voice.
"Nervous, maybe a little. Even in front of a show crowd you can't help but have a few butterflies. Mostly I feel thankful that I'm even having a ceremony. I still can hardly believe it's happening."



"Oh, I remember all of it," Amy says dreamily. "But, I was definitely not focused on what body fluid was coming out of who."


"Flaming, I would very much appreciate it if you could leave the conch with me for today. I may need to call you through Journey later, to make use of your dark corridor."


"I think I was more focused on keeping my chains wrapped around your neck. A ride that seemed to last for days." Shei says fondly.



"Oh, is THAT why it was hard to breathe?" Amy says as if she's putting two and two together.

She then stares off into space for a moment. "Remember what you did there…"


Much like a family dog during a holiday season, you sniff through the plates and containers and sneak off with some of the leftovers. It's not until you grab a piece of dry toast that Deriva notices something. Up til now, she's been mute, her mind clouded by the demon fusion she's been infected with, but you hear a quiet word from her: "Wait."

She takes a knife and spreads some butter on the slice of toast, before she turns back to the food and lets you have the slice.

River dresses in her modest black dress, and the pets, although lacking outfits, fall in line with you as you head outside.

Renee returns to your room and puts on the coif to complete her outfit, then returns to you and hooks her arm into yours.

"Surprisingly, yes. I don't know how to put it, but there was something that I just started to become aware of as I was seeing and living out those memories in my dreams. It took so long, but as I went through the memories, it was… it was like I was traveling through a dark tunnel with no light source, and I had my hoof on the wall. As I went forward through the darkness, I couldn't see or hear or smell anything, but I could still *feel* it. I could feel something larger than me, something that told me I was getting closer to my goal.

He grunts. "Oh, I'm not explaining it right. I'll figure out a better metaphor once I've mulled it over a bit!"

Gadriele hesitates. "I'd like to go with Pryce as a sign of my good will to him."
"As would I," Chorazin says. "But, as I understand it, you won't be allowed into Lilane. Do you wish for us to stay with you? I doubt anyone else will stay."


Once you're all ready, you head outside, where you are shortly joined by LJ, Tantra, Mocha, Vortigern and the Dragon. Mocha waits and heads over to Shei, having been told that he wanted her to remain behind so as to teach him to use the Dark Corridor.

However, the rest of your allies, including Observer and Yes Mare, have made themselves ready for the ceremony. Without futher ado, LJ, River and Flaming open Dark Corridors leading to Lilane, which you then file through. After a period of walking, you notice something odd about the Corridor as you come within sight of the end. Normally, there is a faint light at the end of the tunnel, which guides the traveler as they walk through the Corridor. However, at the end of these, there are spiraling seals of light, which cause the ends of the Corridors to fray, tearing apart at the edges like ripped paper.


When you get close enough to the light, the Dark Corridors dissolve of their own accord, depositing you outside of Lilane's gates earlier than you had expected. You are struck by an immense light that radiates from Lilane, an aura of sunlight and majesty that illuminates the dawn. Lilane's walls have been fortified by a beautiful white metal, one which is textured and raised like an insect's hive. Angels crouch upon the watchtowers surrounding the town, bearing staves and swords of gold.

As the gates open upon your approach, you find that there is a sense of good cheer all about, a vast improvement from the gloom and apprehension that lay upon it just yesterday. Many people are about, and you recognize various people, whom you had seen with greivous injuries, sometimes even missing limbs. Now, they have metal prostheses, and those who were severely scarred and deformed have been made new, their flesh healed and as spotless as a child's.

You see that people at the top of Lilane's hill are setting up chairs and religious icons of a sort, indicating that that's where the ceremony is to begin. Your allies are struck by the sudden change in Lilane, and appear wary of the angels keeping watch, but they make no attempt to attack you.


"Sto-o-op" Shei cranes his neck "I humored you long enough. Now go brush your fur, Ecclessia might see you for the beast you really are disheveled like this" Shei tossles Amy's mane, sliding his hoof done to cradle her chin affectionately.


"Not only would it be lonely, but there are also more things to be done before our days are finished. On my list of things" Shei actually has a list, that he takes out from his pocket "The only thing I could get on with by myself would be asking Metatron to return my data."


As Pryce heads outside, ready to go, he looks back as Shei is separate from the rest of the group.
"Aren't you coming Shei?"


"You'll do great out there, I'm sure. I'm actually a little excited myself, I haven't seen a warrior award ceremony since I left my clan, and NEVER a pony one. I'm curious to see how many customs we share." She smirks. "Still gonna get that tattoo? And, is there anything else we should do, am I allowed to stomp my hooves and shout?"

Flaming puffs out her cheeks, before turning around to make sure no one is listening, then leans in close to whisper
("Was Shei… you know. Good? Sometimes I don't know if he would know what hole you… you know.")

"You want the Conch…? Um, okay but, if you need to call *me*, and you have my Conch, how will I pickup?"

"Okay but, just so I'm clear: your head's okay? You don't feel like Gadd was yesterday with a bunch of jumbled up nonsense rattling around in there and you aren't going crazy? I'm just worried."

After preparing for the ceremony with all the care and attention a warrior like Flaming knows to give herself (horns polished, chose the right headpiece to adorn her hooves, her latest treasure from Wineberry's temple wrapped around her neck and adorn in the customary cloak of Ecclessia), Flaming steps out from the air-ship, happy to see LJ and his party all well as she helps to open up the dark corridors to Lilane. "Here we go everyone…"

As they emerge out in front of the shining white walls of Lilane, Flaming gasps in shock. "T-those walls are new! Wow, they've really been busy since we've been here last. I swear it looks like a real fortress now." She looks up towards the angels standing watch over them all from afar, raising her eyebrow. "They have angels guarding them? When did that happen?"


"Pryce, I would love to go but you know I can't. And if I could, there is still a lot of preparations to be made if only to afford a small chance of victory in Tartarus."


"I assume Little Journey will be at your side. You are both so close these days."


With Renee next to him, Flow walks out of the airship, and eyes the city with suspicion.
“Well, quite the site this is…”
He continues onwards, and keeps his guard up around the angels. He ponders whether or not they can see Magatsuchi or not.



Amy stops in her tracks and looks down at the floor as a guilt-ridden dog does when they are caught in the act of doing something they know they shouldn't be doing.

But, her tail starts wagging when she's given MORE food. "Thanks," she says before giving Deriva a quick hug, a mouth full of toast.


Amy groans and quickly combs her mane and tail with the claws of her hoof-paws. "Better?" she asks like an indignant teenager.

However, she does seem to enjoy the chin-scratching.


"H-hey," Amy says in extreme discomfort as she looks around warily of everything around her. "Am I welcome here…?"


"Well, first of all, there IS no wrong hole," Amy says with a grin. "A lesson I taught Shei last night…"

"Anyway," she says, shaking her head of her own fond memories. "It was actually like… SURPRISINGLY good. I mean, I'm sure some of it was just because it's been sooooooo looooooong. But, he definitely put in a good effort. I was kinda expecting to just totally ruin him, but he held his ground," Amy talks as if she's recounting the events of an epic battle. "He was clumsy, but he had a lot of good tricks up his sleeve. Definitely didn't see them coming."


"Tattoo? …O-Oh, right. I'm, uh… not sure. I'll admit I was a bit influence last night, but it may be a good idea. I'll think on it after this."
Pryce smiles as Flaming asks for the customs.
"When I receive my medal, you can do that as much as you want. Other than that, you can pick up most of what to do from watching everypony around you."

Pryce opens his mouth, but then remembers the run-in they had when they left the camp.
"I'll vouch for you Shei. They'll have to make an exception for this moment."
He says, pausing for a moment.
"It would mean a lot to have all my friends there."

Pryce walks through the Corridor with River in wing. KP walks along with Hopper on head as the pets follow behind. As the Corridor's fray, Pryce looks concerned, remembering how they fell apart during that escape from Mariposa.
Once they exit and are greated by the brilliant light, Pryce looks on with confusion as his vision returns. The sight of the brilliant lights, the angels in watch and golden walls. The ponies restored and rebuilt better than new. It leaves Pryce in a torn state. The visions give remembrance of his time in the Church, his meeting with the Devas, he can't help but wonder if it's coincidence. But his time in the Birdcage, the fallout with the angels at the Rapture, and the regret he had over his old knight life make this a sour sight.
But he won't let it ruin this day. This is a celebration of his service by his peers, not by these beings.

Pryce marches on into the city with River to find Gegenschein. KP follows along as well, looking up in awe at the angels and also at the ponies with their new prostheses.


When he can get a break from conversation Shei ambles over to Mocha. "Last evening in Ecclessia I made a fool of myself and disturbed the peace. When a member of the choir confronted me, to answer to my crime our friends in the camp came and vouched for my moral character. It wasn't explicit on the terms, but I know if you asked Chorazin if I were a good person she would say yes, as she did that night."


Flaming blushes, looking away from Shei. "I don't know if I'd say *that*, but, yeah I guess I could borrow his if you ever needed to call." She reaches for her conch, "Just so we're clear though, I expect this BACK. It was a gift from Ichimonji, if you lose or break it I WILL be angry with you."

Shorthorns starts to turn a little green in the face, shaking her head as she tries to shake the image of Shei like that out of her head. "Urp… I-I'm sorry Amy, but, forget I asked. I'm sorry I just… I don't think I'm comfortable talking about it after all."

Flaming frowns, "Aw, but you have to! Every warrior in my clan when they received accommodations got a new tattoo representing their new rank. Aren't you part of my clan, Pryce?"

She gives him the biggest, saddest looking buffalo eyes she possibly can in an attempt to appease to his sense of tradition.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Deriva hugs you back, coming out your mane a little to straighten it out and make it presentable before the hug breaks off.

"And we can't do that after an early morning ceremony?" Gadriele asks in annoyance. "Who's this Metatron anyway?"
"An extremely powerful angel. Even suggesting this around the others would elicit utter disapproval, I gather," Chorazin says.
Gadriele huffs. "So what good am I going to be in that regard?"

"No, I'm much better off than I was early yesterday morning," LJ says. "I was prepared, and I had an inkling of what I'd be getting into last night. This time, rather than fight against the memories, I observed, and I tried to figure out what the people whose lives I was living out were doing and thinking and feeling and why."

Busta taps his elbow against you, clearly also nervous himself. "Don't worry, I won't let 'em harass you. They didn't say anything to me yesterday when I was here… but admittedly there also weren't angels around yesterday."

"Chorazin told me this was going to happen," Mirror Image says. "Last night, at midnight, Metatron sent his angels to administer this city, to fortify and keep watch upon it. He's also worked his wonders upon those whose battles with demons have rendered them crippled and scarred. These people have been equipped with the remnants of dead angels, themselves, giving them the use of their lost limbs once more. But I just don't understand why he would do that, after all the trouble he's gone to in order to wreak havoc upon the world and its inhabitants, mortal and demon alike. Why watch after this city-state, after Ecclesia himself, when his ultimate goal is to let the world be razed by demons, and then dissolved by the Anomalies?"

As she speaks, you head up through the newly-fortified and blessed Lilane, seeing many angels assisting the Ecclesians with various tasks, namely martial training and the securement of the walls and fortifications, including several new pieces of anti-siege technology, such as catapaults and systems for pouring hot oil from the ramparts.

At the crest of the hill, you see an impressive setup. Many chairs are arrayed in a semicircle before a raised podium, upon which Gegeinschein stands, wearing a new robe, a black one that is trimmed with white letters from the Enochian script. He carries his crucifix with him, and surrounding the podium on all sides is a swarm of religious icons, statues, relics and murals, arrayed in such a way as to be reminiscent of a cathedral's interior. Pryce knows that this is the standard setup for this ceremony, but coupled with the presence of the angels, there is an undeniable presence emanating from the whole display. Gegenschein extends his hand as Pryce approaches. "Welcome, good Sir Pryce. Are you prepared for what is about to happen?"



Shei sighs and puts his hoof on Pryce's shoulder "We have been through a lot, haven't we. You deserve this honor, but I don't need a pin to see it. I saw it when you fought a God of Spiders on the day of rapture, in spite of the gap in power, in spite of the circumstances. When you were deigned worthy for ascension you denied it, and came back to our humble patch of earth to save it. Those clowns in charge of the union were begging for what you always had. And they can't give it to you Pryce. I like the People in the Choir, verily I do despite our disagreements. I would not like putting them in such an awkward situation but if you'll keep insisting I won't have the heart to deny you."


Pryce looks down at Flaming's big sad eyes, honestly making him a bit uncomfortable.
"W-Well… If you can find somepony that can do a tattoo, we'll talk about it. Okay?"


"OH! I'll ask Tantra, he's the oldest buffalo here. If anyone knows a thing or two about tattoos it'd be him, he was one of our finest warriors."


"Hehe Right." Shei feels awkward about borrowing this "Your conch is in safe hooves."


Pryce pauses. The words from Shei as his friend praises him, they touch him deeply.
"Thank you Shei."
He says with a deep feeling of gratitude.
"Out of everypony here, you've travelled with me the longest. You were there through the worst, and through what looked like the End. I don't want to make you uncomfortable or force you to come after what happened last night, but I would be grateful if you came."

"If Tantra does it, then i would fine with that."
Pryce responds after mulling the suggestion over.


Shei nods "There is much to be done. Trust in me you will be far more grateful I kept to my work once we are in Tartarus."


Pryce smiles, putting a hoof on Shei's shoulder.
"I'll expect big things then."
He says in understanding.


Shei-Sher gains a pause in judgement "On second thought, no- this is fine. There is another thing I can tend to." Shei-Sher strokes his chin "You both go see Pryce's ceremony and give the Ecclessian's my best regards."

"I do not intend to speak with Metatron right away, but last I and Mudi met with him he seemed very reasonable, very.. equine. As though he remembers his past life. And he did not kill me despite his opinions on me not being in any higher of esteem than Mudi. I've spoken to Tartarus's God. I've spoken to Y'dryth, I should speak with Metatron as well." Shei appears resolute

Before Gadds and Chorazin leave he urges them to stay just one last minute to act as witnesses for the claim Shei gives Mocha.
"Last night in Lilane I made a fool of myself and disturbed the peace. When a member of Ecclessia's choir demanded I answer for my crime I did and the rest of our company had chanced upon my trial. Ichimonji asked them, without knowledge of either our accounts if they believed me. And everyone vouched for my good character. That includes River Spring and Chorazin."

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