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Last time on HolyQuest…

Dawn rose on the fourth day before the Tartarus mission was set to begin. The party has all of today and tomorrow before their expedition begins, leaving them with precious little time to spend with one another, and on their preparations. Power, allies, weapons, spells, potions, scrolls, armor – just forty-eight hours to obtain all they would need before they would descend into Tartarus itself to determine who would rule the new, demon-infested world.

After breakfast, the party returned to Lilane in order to attend Pryce's award ceremony. Pryce had earned the honor of the Star-Blessed Watch in recognition of his twelve years of service as an honorable knight of the Union Church.

Upon returning to Lilane, they were met with a most massive change of scenery. As Chorazin had alluded to yesterday, Metatron had visited Lilane in the night, sending his angels to guard and fortify the city which Ecclesia had claimed as its fortress. They had also apparently healed the injuries of many Ecclesians, who had been scarred, deformed, and had even lost limbs as a result of their battles with demons. Though the Ecclesians were overjoyed at this, the party was more than unnerved because of their previous encounters with Metatron.

Shei remained behind with Mocha, partly in order to take care of various tasks during the morning, and because he was shunned in Lilane for his outburst the previous day (although he was not officially exiled).
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Lockjaw grunts with enjoyment as you pet him. "Prickly Pear," the alpaca says. She then pulls a spellbook out of her bag, and starts to flip through it. You see many magic shapes and symbols inside. She flips and flips and flips and flips and flips and flips…


Ichimonji starts to roll up the scroll, placing the seal upon it once more. "Ah, and your payment for your work," she says, turning. She opens up a nearby chest, full of neat stacks of gold coins. She counts some out, scooping it up into a bag, and hands it your way. It appears to contain 500 Bits. "When I've found out more, I'll be in touch with you."

As Trapper inhales the incense once more, he briefly glimpses a vision of an old and primitive forest, lush and thick, untouched by the machinations of the civilized world. In an eternity that feels that it lasts an instant, the duration of a blink, Trapper witnesses a group of robed monks enter the forest, clear an area out, erect a monastery, and worship their gods there. In that same instant, raiders from another tribe attack the monastery, burning it and the forest, reducing it to a heap of ash. The vision then ends, with Trapper feeling simultaneously that no time has passed and that an eternity has passed.

"Well… to be honest, we're not really sure about them ourselves," the witch says. "I… it's hard to explain if you haven't been there, been with them. I know I've heard their names, but for the life of me, I can't recall them once the Dances are over. It's like when something's on the tip of your tongue. I do know, however, that they are warmth, and light, and shape. They're like an ecstacy of sort."
"The incense and the White Dance are what summon the Gods, give them shape, give them form, let them be with us," another witch explains. "Without them, we can't experience any closeness with the Gods, nor can we feel their protection. It's getting a bit worrying to be without the incense; if another wave of demons were to come, we'd be without their saving grace."

"Sometimes I wonder if you even live on the same planet as the rest of us," Chorazin mutters.

As you phase through the walls, you see that the Temple is a long corridor, filled with rows of carpets, with cushions arranged outward in rings. They are centered around a great pit in the floor, which a group of attendants, witches all, are cleaning with utensils with long poles. From the ceiling hangs a constallation of incense-burners, all empty. Stained glass fills the ceiling and the walls.



"I don't like them already," Amy says petulantly as she listens to the witches describe these 'gods'.


Pryce reaches into the snack bag and takes out a few treats for Lockjaw, given he'll need more than one to fit his size, and tosses them up for him to eat.
"Nice to meet you Prickly Pear."
Pryce says, then frowning immediately at the sound.
He repeats with worry.


Flaming frowns at Amy. "Amy! Show just a 'little' respect, these gods have kept these lands safe from the Demons, protecting ponies. That makes them good as far as I'm concerned."

"Wait… so, you worship them and they protect you, but you can't even say their names?" She asks, dumbfounded by the revelation. "That sounds really weird… I mean, how can you worship them if you don't even know what to call them? And you said without the incense you can't perform the dance, so, how long has it been since you last met with them?"

As it's made clear how integral both the incense and the dance are to their worship, Flaming puffs out her cheeks. "Well, where is this incense? Can't you get more?"


Flow and Vice both nod in acknowledgement.
"Thanks for the work, lass," he says with a small grin.
>"By the way, would it be wise to approach Sir Keinmal with the note in hand? It could just be a coincidence, after all…"

Trapper's head snaps back when the vision ends, and he seals the bag up once more.
>>"Bloody 'ell, what is this stuff?"


Shei steps into the temple, making his hoofsteps light and keeping an inconspicuous appearance. "I wonder what Chorazin meant by that?" He whispers to himself.

Shei steps along the corridor but doesn't enter the pit below, silently watching. He looks into the surrounding qi, contemplating the white dance.

[1d10] qi working to see a memory of the last White Dance held, maybe find clues about the Ecclessian that passed by

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Well, then you're in luck," the first witch grumbles. "Regina's cut us off from our supply of the Dove's Incense, so we've not been able to perform any of our Dances."
"I blame that chap with the septagram badge and the funny hat, the outsider," the second witch says. "It went missing not long after he persuaded us to let him witness one of them."

"I know I'm not painting the clearest picture, but I swear to you it's true. During the White Dance, when the Dove's Incense fills the air, their names, their faces, their presence, all of it is clear, and all of it is real, and tangible. The last time we got to perform it was about three weeks ago, back when Regina was still in negotiations with the Treibheanna lords who were the masters of the feral demons that invaded Threecoins."
"Regina has our supply, and the herbs and other reagants that we used to make more of it," the second witch explains. "Personally, I blame the outsider, the one with the septagram necklace. One day he was here, participating in the Dance, and the next day, it was gone, and Regina threatened to cast us out of the city if we ever even thought about using it again."

As you attempt to gather up a bit of the area's remaining Qi, one ot the robed attendants turns your way, noticing you with a small start. Others turn your way as she draws attention to you.
"Explain yourself," the first attendant says. "Who are you? The Temple isn't open right now; it's closed until further notice. Who let you in?"

Lockjaw chomps noisily on the snacks. "I… can't shrink him. My teacher never went over that spell," Prickly Pear confesses. "I can make him bigger, if you like. Uh, but, that'd probably result in quite a bit of property damage, wouldn't it? Maybe another witch can help you out?"

"Certainly not," Ichimonji says. "He was part of the Legionem before he was an Ecclesian. But see if you can't get him talking about what he's been doing lately. He's always going on about this project or the next – perhaps you're right, and perhaps the Lich ended up with the note by coincidence, or accident. The Lich was kidnapping travelers, after all."
"A little Moonlight Whiskey might help get him talking. He's always got a bottle on hand, but he appreciates them as gifts as well," Direnus adds.



"Yeah, so they could rely on these gods," Amy responds with a grimace.


"But, I guess you guys need protection… Do you know where the guy with the funny hat went?"


The sensation of piano strings tearing enter Shei's mind the moment the robed pony announces his presence.

Shei turns around to face the pony addressing him "I only just walked through the front door."
>technically Shei-Sher did walk through the front door

"I sincerely apologize for interrupting. My intention was to read the Temple's qi, not bring any attention to myself. I am investigating the whereabouts of an ecclessian that passed through here during the last White Dance. A crystal pony with a septagram badge and a flower in his hat."


"Well… I can't say I understand it entirely still, I don't know if I could believe in a god I couldn't name, but, you all definitely sound dedicated. I won't dismiss that."

As they mention a septagram necklace, though, Flaming's eyes open wide. "A septagram…?" She pauses, thinking, "Does… does the name 'Ecclessia' ring any bells? Did Regina ever explain why she stopped giving you the Dove Insence?"


"Gods asking for praise in exchange for their protection isn't anything to frown upon. The gods draw their power from belief, if the people didn't rely on these gods they wouldn't have the power to protect them… which I know sounds confusing but, do you get what I mean? One needs the other."


Flow nods.
"Aye then, we'll see what we can get from him…uh…where can we find him?"
>>"An where can we find that whiskey?"


Pryce's frown turns into shock, what he thought was going to be a little presentation now becoming a mostly permanent problem.
"N-No, no, I think we can pass on more growth."
He says with a sigh.
"Hopefully, though they don't seen too receptive to talking since they walked off. Do you know any that may help, or your teacher if she's available?"
Pryce asks, while also looking around for anypony else around ,while also making sure Lockjaw stays close and doesn't move around too rapidly.


"Through the locked front door," the attendant deadpans. "Right."
"Calm down, calm down, he's not an intruder," another attendant says. "If you want to look around, you're welcome to do so. Everyone in the city wants to know where he is. You'd be doing us a favor if you could find him."

"Ecclesia?" the first witch asks. "I assume that's something from the outside world?"
"Regina explained nothing, so we asked no questions," the second witch says. "If she shuts a conversation down, it's pretty much a dead subject."
"As for this 'Ecclesian' fellow, I didn't catch where he was going. If he really did steal it and give it to Regina, however, then he'd have gone to the Library of the Sancrosanct, which is to the northeast of here. The easiest way to get there is crossing around to the south, and then heading straight north."
"There's no road straight from there to here?" Rus Tea asks, pulling out the map that Xiasi, Rrise and Canaan gave the party.
"No, Regina's used that entire area as a testing grounds for some of her newest spells," the first witch says. "I wouldn't get within a mile of that district if I were you."

"S-sorry," Prickly Pear says, evidently realizing what a problem she's caused. "My teacher lives just down the road, across from the Public Garden. I'm sure she'd be able to help you out."
Lockjaw bumps his head against you, a sign he wants to play.
As all this happens, Chorazin floats your way, her eyes widening as she sees what's happened to Lockjaw. "So… I see I've missed something quite significant."

"His office is just down the hall," Ichimonji says. "Oh, and leave that incense with me, as well. I'll have Gjenganger run a few test on it. He's likely to know what's up with it."
"The brewery in the residential district should carry some," Direnus says. "Tell 'em I sent you; otherwise he'll gouge you like a fish on the price."


"Everyone in the city?!" Shei says with some dismay "Those rotten Ecclessians, of course they did something to encroach upon your community. What did this Ecclessian do to earn the entire city's disdain?"



"The Literary Anarchist, got it," Amy says with a nod as if she didn't just COMPLETELY get that name wrong. "Let's go get the possibly drugs back for these witches!" she happily declares to the party.

She starts heading in the direction she assumes is northeast, completely ignoring the warnings. [1d10] for northeast!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Trapper nods, and gives Ichimonji the bag.
>>"Jus be careful luv, that bloody stuff'll git ye proper mashed in no time."

Flow nods to Vice, and he nods back. Both he and Trapper leave to get the whiskey, taking some bits with them as they leave.

Flow also takes his leave, and leads Renee out to look for Sir Einmal's office to wait for Vice and Trapper.


"Yes… the septagram you spoke of? It sounds similar to the symbol of an organization called Ecclessia. I'm a member too, but I have no idea why someone would be speaking to Regina. Maybe someone else should have a talk with her as well about why she's suddenly with-holding the incense from you."

As they mention the Library, Flaming raises her ear, "Where is Regina herself? I figure we could just go straight to her and ask she give back the incense, right? And what's so dangerous about the area directly between here and the Library?"

Flaming turns towards Amy as she decides the library is the place to go, and Shorthorns gives a chuckle. "Well, I think our course is decided then. We'll be back with your incense soon, I promise."


"It's fine, really. I was just talking about how he'd be full sized before we got here."
Pryce says to help ease the issue.
"Down the road, got it. Thank you Prickly."

Pryce nearly falls as Lockjaw bumps him, the massive size packing far far more force than he's used to.
"In a second big guy, let's check where the others ran off to first."

He then turns to Chorazin as she floats in.
"Yea… Prickly offered to show what he'd look like full size, and now we need to find somepony to shrink him back," He explains, "Have you seen where the others went?"


Before Amy heads off, Flaming shouts, "Wait, Amy! Do you want to see what's inside the Temple first? I think I saw Shei go in there. we should stay together."



"Well then tell Shei to hurry up! I won't go far!"


"To be clear, we don't know for certain that he did this," the second attendant says. "But the Dove's Incense, the incense that we use to conduct the White Dance for the gods of these temples, went missing shortly after this… Ecclesian, you said? The one in the hat, with the septagram badge, anyway. After we allowed him to participate in the Dance, it went missing. Naturally, he's the first suspect."

"Regina has made the Library – if you can call it that, anymore – into her lair. Whether or not that Ecclesian fellow is there, she will be there."

"The… what?" the first witch asks of Amy's mangled repetition. "Err… best of luck to you!"

Scratching her head, Prickly gives you an embarrassed laugh.
Chorazin gestures in the direction of the street adjacent to the temple, by the guild halls and the mercantile district. "They went off that way to learn a bit from the local witches. Shei went into the temple himself, but Amy, Flaming, Zjetya and Rus, I saw by a cafe, I believe. As for Tantra, LJ and Box, I've lost track of them, but I don't think they'd have gotten far."

Upon heading for the Temple, Flaming and co. find that the massive front doors are locked, and flanked by a pair of doll-automaton guards, both wielding shields and swords. The guards look your way simultaneousl. "Can we help you?" they both ask, in wooden, mechanical voices, perfect echos of one another.


Renee bows to Ichimonji after downing the last of her tea, getting up with you. You both head down the hall, finding that Einmal ist Keinmal's office is down at the other end. It appears to be locked, though there is a light on inside, visible underneath the doorframe.

After searching about in the residential district for a short time, Vice and Trapper find the brewery, where the Moonlight Whiskey is on sale for 30 Bits per bottle – quite a solid price. They obtain it and in time make their way back to the longhouse.


>Forgot to add
"Oh, and Wireframe, Vortigern, Wireframe and Volkama went out to look at the shops," Chorazin adds.


"Alright, well let's catch up with Amy, Flaming, and the others. Maybe they found out more about the town from the locals."
Pryce looks up at Lockjaw, spreading his wings to fly.
"See you Prickly. If I ever need to get him back to full size, I'll know who to find first at least."
He says with a laugh, flying up into the air to help lead Lockjaw through the town without stepping on or knocking anything over as he heads off to where Chorazin pointed for Amy and Flaming.


Once his clones have returned, Flow hides the whiskey behind his coat, and points to the light coming from beneath the door. His clones nod, and stack up on the other side.

"Sir Einmal ist Keinmal?"
Flow knocks on the door.


After proceeding down the road, you come to the great Temple of Lakaeum, where you see Amy and Flaming standing at its doors. Lockjaw obediently stomps after you, making quite the ruckus as he does, which earns another wave of glares from the few nearby witches.


"AH! Alright, that's perfect then. So whether it's the outsider or Regina, we'll find someone at the Library. Thanks again. Before we go, is there anything else we should know about how to address your Queen?"

As Flaming is halted by the doll-like automatons, Flaming gives a small yelp of surprise. "You talk?"
"I-I mean… that… what I meant to say was yes! I was wondering if we could see the inside of the Temple? I think a friend of ours entered earlier, a goat?"


"Sorry, news from the outside likely doesn't find its way into your community. Ecclessia is a fledging community, though quickly growing in their armada. Began from the remnants of Ruined Accorsia and her Union Church -Does this mean anything to you? The guts of the matter is they are aligned with angels, and whether they are aware of it or not are a tool for this world's dissolution. Though they strive towards the absolution of all peoples who are willing to fall into rank. It would not surprise me if one of their scouts stole from you to bolster their forces against the war with Tartarus to come. Though I suppose we can find out now, I just need a moment to read the Temple's memories."

"If you will excuse me." Shei-Sher ambles back over to his spot and starts looking at the ceiling incense burners. He looks for the white dance in the constellation
[1d10] qi reading

Roll #1 10 = 10


Shortly after you knock, the door creaks open, though you heard no hoofsteps on the other side prior to that. On the other side, is a short, humble looking gray pegasus, wearing an Ecclesian jacket, a black septagram necklace, and circular glasses. He smiles as he sees you, and you note dark circles under his eyes. "Ach, Zir Vlow! Good to zee you vonce more. Eh, vhat may I help you vith? I vas just in zhe middle of my lunch. Care for zoup?"


Flow jumps a little as the door creaks open.
"Th-that was fast…"

>"We came by to inquire about your studies, Sir Einmal."

>>"Aye, we were in the neighborhood after a mission, n' figured ye could 'elp us."


Pryce apologizes as Lockjaw causes a ruckus as he walks after, probably not helping their group to be accepted. Once he reaches the temple, he lands down on the ground.

"Hey you two," Pryce greets Flaming and Amy after reaching them, "How have things been going for you?"


Flaming turns towards Pryce, "Hey! You're here too, great. Listen, I think I found our next stop if we haven't found anything here at the Temple: we're going to a library."


"We're going to a library? An odd choice after the demon fighting, what did you find?"


As you ask about what else there is to know about Regina, the first witch scoffs. "Have you ever met someone who believed, so thoroughly and completely and sincerely, that everything and everyone belonged to her, that all who believed otherwise were simply deluded?"
"Don't be so reductive," the second witch replies. "Whatever you think of her personally, she has the power to assert whatever she damn well believes on us. When she led us to safety across the wasteland all those months ago, going from hideout to hideout looking for somewhere stable we could live, I don't doubt for a moment that she could have done all the fighting by herself. As far as I'm concerned, she's the rightful queen, and I'm sure many others here believe it too, even if they would rather serve the New Gods."

"Vell, vell! I mean no offenze, but I didn't guezz you'd be interested in mein vork. Come in, come in."

He leads you inside, his office is a cozy, small thing, made so by the stacks of books and scrolls surrounding him, far more than the packed shelves could hold. He brings over some more chairs for Renee and the goos. A big bowl of soup sits on his desk. "Zo… vhat iz it I can help vith? I've moztly been cataloging the technology and magics of the local kingdomz, trying to preserve all that ve can from the Old Vorld. Have you found zomething you vant me to appraize, perhapz?"

"Ah, he's with you?" the guards say in tandem. "He invited himself right in, walking clean through the wall. Is he always in such a hurry?"

The guards come to the doors, and unlock them, pushing them open for you.

As you examine the building's memories, you get a glimpse of a faint and murky vision, clouded with thick, curling incense.


You see a crowd of witches praying atop the mats for a time, circled about the pit in the floor, while white smoke fills the room, curling about from the incense burners. In time, the incense starts to gather in the pit, pooling there in its depths, and then it starts to rise, in the shape of some indistinct bird. The worshippers begin to rise, their faces a shape of ecstacy and incoherence, awash in rapture and awe. As the white bird begins to fly about the room, they try to follow it, walking around the room after it.

At the same time, you see a tall, lanky crystal pony, wearing an Ecclesian jacket, with a black septagram badge pinned to the lapel, wearing a tall, dome-topped hat with a flower in the side. His eyes have dark circles, and his body is a collage of different crystal types. He seems unaffected by the ritual, and seems to be unseen by the worshippers. He carries a large velvet bag under one arm, but quickly puts it into his hat, where it vanishes. Shrugging, he takes his leave of the building by walking toward a wall, and pushing on it. The section of wall spins about, as if it were a revolving door, and he vanishes after crossing the threshold. The wall goes back to normal after he's gone.


The goo crew take their seats, a little tense.
>>"Kind of…"
"We found some interesting items on our latest trip. We had found an interesting scroll."
>"The language it was written in was something we've never seen before."


"It's where Regina is currently held up. I was talking to a few witches over there about the gods they worship at this temple, and it turns out they-"

Flaming pauses in her dialogue, turning and looking towards the massive monster that walks alongside Pryce, only having just now noticed it as she lets out a shrill squawk. "AAAAAGH! W-what the- Pryce, behind you!" She says, pushing herself in front of Pryce, "There's another monster, be careful!"

"I think I have an idea of what you mean…" Flaming says. "So she truly believes everything in the world belongs to her? I'll keep that in mind and try not to step on any hooves. I've heard she's pretty strong, so I will be polite."

As the guards open up the doors for them, Flaming chuckles, "Hehe… I'm afraid so. He's always working on SOMETHING. Please excuse him, I'll make sure he stays out of trouble"
>Entering the Temple, though reacting to Locjaw's new size before doing so


"Oh, that's good!"
Pryce says at hearing they found where Regina is. Pryce is about to follow up, but looks back as Flaming shrieks. He's startled at first from the loud sound, then looks back. Pryce chuckles, putting a hoof on Flaming's shoulder to calm her.
"Oh, that's just Lockjaw. We met a witch who… put him at full size."
He explains.

"Sounds like him."
Pryce comments at the guard's summary of Shei, looking up at Lockjaw as he clearly can't fit inside.
"Wait out here, ok Lockjaw? Can you stay still?"


"Hm…" shei releases a hoof from his temple as his mind slowly unreels from the vision "You followed the effigy of a Bird, you all seemed to be having a good time. That crystal pony -his crystal skin was hodge podgy wasn't it. Dark circles under his eyes. He appeared completely mute to the ritual transpiring. You might have not taken notice of him as you were so enraptured in your god."
Shei begins walking around the outer end of the corridor to the other side of the Temple wall. Speaking as he does.

"I cannot say I saw him take your incense. But he was carrying a large velvet bag he seemed to be protective up. He put it in his hat. And I suppose his hat occupies an extra dimensional pocket. He didn't stay long, the pony left through a portal."

Shei reaches the side of the wall where the suspect Ecclessian disappeared through. He pushes on it with his hoof just to make sure if his portal was still in effect.
"If you want, I can open a portal to Ecclessia's main camp in Lilane. And we can ask them personally if they received any incense as of late."


>He pushes on it with his hoof just to make sure if his portal was still in effect.
to clarify
if the Ecclessian's way out the temple was still in effect


While all of this goes on, you scout ahead, heading down the district's streets and passing several buildings, some sparsely occupied by witches, as you can see through a window here and there, but most appaear simply to be abandoned, perhaps for no other reason than that there is simply not enough people about to occupy them. These sad buildings simply droop about, empty and lifeless.


After pressing on northeast toward the end of the main street, you are a considerable distance from the temple, and it's at this point that you start to notice oddities in the environment. Although the buildings are as clustered together as they were before, you notice that several of them seem to have been blended into one another, combined in a haphzard manner in a way that suggests the creator was hoping you might not notice. Other buildings are now nonsensically small and narrow, resembling thin slices of cake or uneaten bread crusts; they have all the walls and windows and the like, but they are so small that nobody would consider living in them comfortably.

You notice a similar phenomenon with the streets. In this area, the main road has split off, snaking down in several paths between the gaps in these oddly-shaped thin buildings and giant building clusters, often times circling into one another and leading whoever walks down them in strange loops. You notice this phenomenon getting worse the deeper one goes to the northeast. In time, you start to see a high, dome-like wall to the northeast, made out of many such pieces of gothic-style architecture that it is like a massive castle's wall.

"A zcroll, you say? Urm, may I zee it?" he asks, looking about you both. "And, ah, vaz there anything elze vith the zcroll, or juzt that? It zoundz like a magic implement, you zee, and zuch thingz often have multiple components vith them."

Lockjaw grunts as Pryce orders him to stay, then sits with a loud thud and an impact that causes both guards to leap. Seeing him docile, however, they do nothing else.

There is no effect as you push on the wall.
"A velvet bag? Then that confirms it; those are the bags we keep the incense in!" one of the attendants says. "Yes, please do check in with them, and we'll take it back if they did so."




Flaming tenses up as you put the hoof on her shoulder, before listening to what Pryce has to say and looking up at Lockjaw's looming form. She squints, trying to look for similarities to the little critter she knew before, and her eyes open wide. "By Vir-can.. it IS Lockjaw! I-… How did he get so big?! What do you mean she put him at 'full', he wasn't his normal size before?"

"How are we going to get him back on the ship…?" She asks herself as much as pryce, looking up at his looming form.


"Like I said, we met a witch named Prickly Pear. She recognized his species, and commented on his size, which he was shrunken when I got him from Camelzotz. Though, I thought he was still young. I didn't expect him to get this big when she offered to show what he'd look like."
Pryce says with a bit of regret, looking up at Lockjaw as he sits.
"She didn't know how to shrink him back down, but told me where her teacher was that could do the spell."


Pryce feels a little upset as Lockjaw grunts, shutting him down when he's so big now and probably wants to explore. To help him out, Pryce pulls off his bracelet, thinking for a moment. Meat isn't something he's seen too often, so he's not entirely sure what to try and conjure. He thinks back to the stuff they saw in Mariposa, though he quickly shakes that picture out, not wanting to go for that kind of meat. Instead he tries go with a bigger version of those meat snacks that Camelzotz gave him, so Lockjaw can have a sizeable snack to tide him over.
>Hat Magic [Meat] [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


Lockjaw looks down at you expectantly, but you end up with nothing in your hoof except empty air. The guards go back to their posts, but keep wary glances on Lockjaw. "You can keep him from knocking anything down, can't you?" one asks.


Pryce looks down at his hoof as he fails to produce anything getting a little nervous at leading Lockjaw on. He reaches into his bracelet, trying again to pull out a big chunk of meat for him.
"Of course I can. He's well trained, and he wouldn't even think of wrecking stuff."
Pryce says to reassure the guards, though mostly himself.
>Hat Magic [Meat] [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


Still nothing comes to your hoof, and the continual use of magic starts to drain slightly on your stamina and mental focus. Lockjaw grunts again and then, with a great thud, lays down on his side, like a bored housecat. His foreclaws scrabble at the open air and his tail starts to toss this way and that.

Seeing this, Chorazin starts to get worried. "I'll go pop by one of the shops around here. Surely there's a place here that sells meat; all the stories of witches assert they eat nothing but children, after all."

She glides up the street, leaving you with Lockjaw.


Pryce slips his bracelet back on, a little headache forming from trying to push his magic.
"Get anything you can, and thank you."
He says to Chorazin, while also noting to himself to prepare for this in the future when Lockjaw grows up.

Though as the deviljho lies down and starts to swing his tail, Pryce worries about his boredom. Another idea forms, pulling the rope out of his robe that he grabbed earlier from the clock tower basement. He spreads his wings, flying up into the air and dangling the rope down to play a small game of tug of war to keep him occupied until food comes.
"Come on Lockjaw, let's see if you can pull this rope from me."


Lockjaw slows his thrashing down, then looks up at the rope with curiosity. He sniffs at it, appearing puzzled by its purpose. It looks like "tug of war" doesn't come naturally to a creature such as him.

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