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Last time, on PirateQuest…

Despite Professor Shrimp's best attempts at bribery, making threats and pleading, the party turned him in to the Constable's Barracks. There, he would wait in a small aquarium unti he could stand trial and receive his punishment, which would be determined via majority vote by those whom he had conscripted into his would-be army. They collected their bounties, coming in at a whopping 900 gold per person.

With multiple jobs now under their belts, the exhaustion of their hard work, compounded by the heat and hunger, finally caught up with them. Many members of the Beesting started up a potluck, ordering takeout dishes from a variety of Manenhi's more popular eateries. They brought the dishes back to the Beesting, allowing everyone to pick and choose as they pleased and eat aboard the comfort of their ship.

There was, however, an unsettling matter at hand. Cutlass was still nowhere to be seen, and even the Hidden Dagger was missing. Not a single member of her crew was present at the docks, nor anywhere else in town. Things only got worse when Thessaly attempted to contact them via the Caller Conch. Not a single person picked up. But just as she was about to hang up on the final call, she found an answer. It was the voice of Philip the Gentlecolt, and though Alder was unaware of the conversation, he learned just that day of Philip's role: One of the dreaded fleet commanders of the Crimson King.
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She frowns, then shrugs. "…Whatever most people don't like in a spa, I suppose." She obviously has no idea what she's talking about. Fun is forbidden for her.

She frowns. …"Have you considered the possibility of a mole among the crew? Perhaps someone on board your ship is trying to sabotage our plans."

She nods. "That was after our little stunt at the circus, yes… Wanted posters, you say? I don't suppose you kept any as souvenirs." She mulls over the seemingly impossible account of the photo. "That's extremely… weird," she says anticlimactically, for lack of a better word.


You find the others (minus Cloud, Plague and Schnitzel) gathered with the chickens and ostriches outside the fountain located in front of Mallea's gated manor. Puddin' offers you a stiff wave as you show up.

Zerk bows his head to the ground. "Yes, sensei! I won't fail you! Thank you, sensei!"

Paraiba snorts. "Now he's just rattling off what he saw in a Flick once."

Schnitzel salutes before he heads out, knowing that his task is Sisyphean.

Chiu lifts the lid on a nearby platter, revealing a small pile of frosted cookies saved for you.

Mallea curses in the Krikral tongue, and makes a multitude of compulsive gestures that you can only guess are some kind of charm for warding off unwanted oddities. "Inviting a spirit from the Sidhe under my roof? Forget it! Even I won't traffick with them."
Chiu frowns. "She's really nice. Quite a bit like you, actually. I'd kind of rather you not speak of her like that."
Mallea winces. "…My apologies. It's mainly that I don't wish to give Obstinance any more reason to come knocking on my door. You steered clear of him, didn't you?"

Splendid shakes her head. "You're a bad liar, Thessaly. It's decided – I'll take over this operation and get her the complete spa package. And then I'll make sure you enjoy the fruits of my labor too."



"That's practically impossible," Cutlass says, shaking her head in response to the suggestion that there's a mole.

"Among the people who actually matter, the only I've picked up since its original formation is this idiot," she says, gesturing to Puddin. "And, if the Crimson King seriously send someone to kill his own allies just for the sake of gaining MY trust before he even knew who I am… well then I guess I deserve to get spied on for that amazing level of forethought. If it's just one of my mooks… That doesn't seem like the Crimson King's style."

"Have you considered a mole on YOUR end? You have a book that's acting peculiarly - to the point of warping the order of events. It's supposed to be tied to demons - of which the Crimson King is one. And, as I've heard it, the only one to be able to get into contact with anyone was YOU. And, it happened to be someone in the employ of the Crimson King. This certainly seems to add up to the issue being on YOUR ship."


Cutlass reaches out as if she's about to pat Alder on the shoulder, but her hoof stops just before it touches him. She pulls it back.

"I certainly hope you haven't made any deals with this… What did you call her again?"


Cloud smiles, taking one cookie and popping it whole in his mouth.
"You really are the perfect mare."

As Mallea curses and is clearly opposed, Cloud holds up a hoof of understanding, while sitting down next to Chiu.
"Alright, we'll hold off on that. And yea, we steered clear. We did pass by him on the way out, but we only mentioned we were dealing with the kalphites and carried on. He wasn't around just now on the way back though, guess he had to get more water or something."


Alder cocks his head to the side and flicks his ears a little, before looking to Pariaba. "Ah, I understand." He doesn't. "We can work on that later, though."

"I do not think so, no. And her name is Mallea. She is a witch, or a…" he stops to recall the word, before chirping out "Brujita! I think the second one was rude, though."


Cerulean sees Puddin', and has an inquisitive look.
"Wait…I think I remember you," she says happily, "and if you're here, then that means." She starts looking around a bit….

…and soon sees Cutlass.
"Cutlass!" She says very happily, going over and hugging her tightly.
"Where d you keep going off to?! Things aren't the same without your pouty moods!"



"Well, that's good. You never want people like this having an excuse to say that you owe them. Of course, you've still been 'taking advantage of her hospitality'. I suspect that will come up eventually and used to make you feel selfish and worthless."


"Nonononono!" Cutlass shouts as she sees Cerulean quickly approaching. But, to no avail, she is hugged. And, her entire body stiffens up at the undesirable feeling.

"Don't… TOUCH… me…" she grumbles before she's finally let go.


"I would rather skinny dip in a piranha tank," she retorts dryly. She goes to find Mallea, to deliver the news of their success.

"Greetings again," she says when she finds her, bowing her head slightly. "I wanted to thank you, sincerely. If it were not for you we would not have achieved what we did today. I, for one, am in your debt."

"Perhaps," she nods. "But perhaps it is because it is not his style that he WOULD do such a thing. If there is a mole, they would want to remain as inconspicuous as possible, wouldn't they?"

"That doesn't seem likely either," she replies, rubbing her chin, "though nothing is outside the realm of possibilities. The book has a mind of its own, and it has chosen me as its owner. As far as I am aware, the King has not come across it. And, from what I have seen and know of him, he would give much to gain access to what this book can conjure. I am of the opinion that this book is a neutral party in all this." She thinks for a while. "…Perhaps one of the demons within may be able to elucidate on this matter, and if the King has any prior connection to the book. In any case. It is an unlikely theory, but not one to dismiss entirely."



"Have you met ANYONE who works for the Crimson King which you might describe as 'inconspicuous'," Cutlass deadpans.


"There it is!" She says happily, letting her go shortly after.
"So, what has Captain Cutlass and crew been doing lately?" She looks excited as she expectantly waits for a possible story time.


"What can I say?" Chiu smirks. "I was raised by the best."

Mallea frowns, tying a bandanna over her mane to keep the dust out while she cleans. "Good… good. Best to give him a little information – something mundane. If you had avoided him altogether, he'd have gotten suspicious and pursued. Making him think you're common mercenaries is safer than giving him a reason to think you're involved with my like."

Mallea brightens once she sees Thessaly enter. Her stoic expression remains intact. The effect is a bit like seeing a grouchy cat receiving a treat.
"Think nothing of it," she dismisses as she sweeps and dusts the foyer. It is only now that you are more familiar with the area that you notice the fine layer of dust on most things. "You are helping me. It's normal that I should help you in turn. Keep the Ice Grape jelly if you have any left – but if you fancy the recipe, I'm afraid that's a secret I can't divulge."
"So, do we have any plans until the evening?" Chiu asks.
"Do you?" Mallea repeats. "I for one expect I'll be at this dust for some time. Come sundown I shall make my preparations. Until then, you are free to do as you like."

Paraiba clears her throat. "Not to interrupt, but do you want us to go and deliver the birds back to the farm? Looks like they've gotten their fill of the fountain's water."
"Yeah we could run 'em back now, or do it as a group if you want," Zerk adds.
True, it seems that the birds are pecking around, looking for seeds, mice and bugs to snack on.



"Wait, so you DO remember me telling you not to touch me, but you do it ANYWAY?" she says, squeaking out the last part in a high-pitched scream.

Then, she huffs and shakes her head. She takes the hint and opportunity to tell a story. "I had to leave suddenly because I was told that my crew was leaving me behind. Naturally, I had to stop this from happening. As it turns out, half of my crew had been abducted by a couple of monkeys with mind-aura powers. I chased after them, used the Hull Shredder to shoot down all their masts, and boarded their ship to get my crew back," she says proudly.


"Exactly what I thought. Just give them a little chit-chat about something you're already doing and they'll leave you alone."
Cloud says in agreement.

"Well we do need to bring those birds back before they mess up the yard. Feel like stretching your legs Chiu?"
He asks, hopping up off the couch and holding out a hoof for Chiu if she wishes to join, while also scooping up he rest of the cookies with the other. Then he looks over to Mallea.
"When we get back I could give you a hoof with that, as a little thanks for giving Chiu a safe spot to sit in."


"Ah… hmm. I-I am afraid I do not fully get it, but thank you for the advice." he says, smiling a little bit.

"Yesyes- let us return. It would not do for some of them to be snapped up by a hungry animal while we were idling."



"Oh, if you're going to take these birds somewhere," Cutlass pipes up awkwardly. She looks back at the manor behind her with discomfort. "If it's alright, I'd like to come with you."


"Hmm? Yes, of course you can come along with us, Captain Cutlass! We were returning them near town." the griffon chirps, giving her a friendly, albeit somewhat hesitant pat on the shoulder.


She thinks. "Truth be told, I haven't met too many who serve him. I couldn't say. I take it subtlety is not their strong suit."

She frowns at the sight of the dust, looking at Mallea quizzically, not voicing her question. "Well, if there is anything we can do, you need but ask." She glances at Chiu, and the demon looming over her, greeting them both with a nod, trying not to stare at the hideous creature too much.

"Oh, by the way. Gullveig gave me this to use as I see fit." She shows the key. "If you wish, we could pay our mutual friend a visit. I, for one, have questions to ask of her."


Cerulean can't help but give a playful laugh as Cutlass' pitch goes up.

As Cutlass gets ready to tell her story, Cerulean sorta hunkers down a bit to get comfy.
"Woah. Mind-aura powers? Did they make lights go in all kinds of pretty colors and patterns? Those always messed with my head in the dark."

"Oh, yeah, we should do that. I'll help out in a moment," she says, looking back at Cutlass to go on with her story.



"Don't touch me," she says firmly.


"They're all a bunch of clowns and nonsense!"


"I… what? No," Cutlass shakes her head. First to answer in the negative to the question. Then, she shakes her head more vigorously as if she's horribly confused.

"What?" she asks again. "I just… what? Is that some kind of shark thing?"


"I can't tell if you're being literal about the clowns or not," she comments. "In any case. I'll trust your judgment enough to dismiss the idea of a mole on board the Hidden Blade." She doesn't actually dismiss it.


Roll #1 4 = 4


"Not really. But if you swim in really deep, dark, cold waters you can come across these weird…fish? They're really weird to look at, but they make all these pretty lights that you just can't help but stare at, ya know?"


Mallea nods, relenting to Cloud's offer, and Chiu happily takes his hoof. They head outside and rejoin the others, Chiu stretching and yawning in the invigorating sunlight. As they come down from the steps, Chiu notices Cutlass and Puddin, as well as Schnitzel and a drenched Plague, who in a rare moment is actually clean. Plague looks like he doesn't know what to do with his life now. Putting that aside, Chiu smiles at Cutlass and her crew. Cutlass notices that Chiu is basically bouncing with joy on each step. "Cutlass. Good to see you're still in the land of the living." She then looks at Cloud as if to say "Have you told her?"

All the while, you head southwest through town, remembering Tranquilino's directions. Cutlass' crew catch up with the Beesting's on what both sides missed of their respective adventures. Along the way, many townsfolk stop and point as they see you with the chickens and ostriches. Many give cheers and whoops as they see the massive flock of freed birds. Even without a translator, it's plain to see they're giving you thanks.

Eventually, when you reach the farmlands, many of the workers put down what they're doing, and call over the boss – a mid-sized locust Krikral who you can tell is the leader through his large and distinctive rancher's hat. The birds gather round him without needing to be told, allowing him to inspect them. As he inspects, the boss turns to you. "¿Qué pasó?"

Immediately intrigued, Mallea finishes emptying her dustpan and shakes out her rag. "Of course you'd have to bring it up when I'm all filthy from the cleaning. Just a moment–"

She withdraws from her apron's pocket a small, round pod – about the size of a strawberry – with a clear mixture inside. She drops it on the ground, where it dissolves. A puff of smoke flies up over her, and when it clears, she is clean and presentable.

With her assent, you demonstrate the key's power by inserting it into a nearby door.

Unlike before, where the door immediately opened unto Gullveig's realm, it takes a moment for the door to open. You nearly miss the delay – it can't have lasted for more than a second or less.


But still, the door opens, revealing Gullveig's cluttered shop. Inside, she waits, in her standard Vola form. When she and Mallea lock eyes, Mallea rolls hers. "Couldn't leave well enough alone, you old meddler?"

"If you were competent, I'd need not to interfere," Gullveig smugly retorts. She comes around the counter, offering Mallea a light hug.

Mallea takes the banter well, returning said hug. "I've not seen you in a dog's age. Not since the last–"

She cuts herself off with a look at Thessaly, then at Gullveig.


She tilts her head inquisitively when Mallea clams up, but does not press the matter, feeling that she won't get any answers. She subtly fingers the Karmic Seed in her pocket. "I thought you might want to speak," she shrugs, greeting Gullveig with a stiff little bow. "For my part, Gullveig, I thought I would inform you of our status. The Kalphites have been seen to, with a peaceful solution no less. As for the other task… well, it will be seen to in due time. Tonight, most likely." She gives Mallea a side glance.

"I wished to ask a few questions, as well, if you have the time. Things have come to pass that I did not foresee. I had hoped like minded souls like the two of you would be able to weigh in."



"I am being literal," Cutlass says flatly.


"Aaaaah," Cutlass says, only just now understanding. "That makes sense now! I'm… still confused by your… entire existence. But, I understand that fish DO seem to be drawn to lights."

"Anyway, no. The one using his aura was more subtle. He used a hoofshake or… handshake - it was a monkey - to take over their minds. It took Make Believe using all of his effort to negate the effect long enough for us to win the fight. And, we barely did."

"In fact, it would have gone worse if it weren't for MY negotiation skills," she adds proudly. "As it turns out, they were working for the Crimson King. Or, rather, they were working for an ex-crewmate of mine who is now working for the Crimson King. When they found out who I was, they changed their tune very quickly. They didn't want to have to deal with Red Dress Cutlass," she says her title proudly.


Cutlass eyes Chiu suspiciously, confused by her cheery demeanor. "Helloooo," she says slowly.

Upon seeing all the locals cheering at seeing a flock of domestic birds, Cutlass looks around in confusion. "What in the world did you all do…?"


"I believe that should be all of the ones we could find, Mister." the griffon chirps, not really sure what the rancher had said.

"Noted. A-Apologies."



"I-I'm sorry," Cutlass stammers awkwardly. "I just say it out of habit. I mean, I mean it too. But, I just don't… mean it in a mean way."

Cutlass sighs. "I'm trying…"


Cloud leads Chiu outside, munching down on another cookie as they rejoin the others. He swallows as Chiu brings up the news.
"Oh right, almost forgot. Kinda funny with how often she called."
Cloud looks over to Cutlass and her crew, the big smile coming back to his face.
"Guess who's going to be parents?"

Cloud looks around as the townsfolk cheer for them with the return of the chickens and ostriches, walking with his head even higher, if that's possible.
When they reach the farm and the animals run to the boss without instruction, Cloud gives a wave.
"We got all your birds back in one piece. You shouldn't have a problem from those kalphites again."


"Aww man, your title sounds cooler than mine. They just called me 'the Hungry' in the newspaper…even if it is true."

"Still though, seems like he wasn't kidding when he said he had helpers and stuff everywhere. And if its that kind of help…well dang, this bet just got more exciting."

Cerulean waves to the crowd, feeling pretty good about having helped them.
"Oh, we went into a kalphite cave and rescued their animals. Though Thess did all the cool stuff of scaring their King and Queen into giving us what we wanted."


"Nonono, I understand. It is okay, Captain Cutlass. Everyone has their boundaries." he says, flicking his tail a little.


The announcement makes Chiu gleam with pride and stand up tall and proud.

Gullveig clicks her tongue. "Now, now, Witchling. You know how annoyed other Witches get when you cut yourself off like that. Better to have not said anything than to leave Thessaly hanging."
"I'm just thinking of the catechism of silence," Mallea counters.

Turning then to you, Gullveig seems surprised. "Not often that an extermination job goes peacefully. Kudos to you, then. What might I answer for you, Witchling?"

The locust-rancher seems a little annoyed with the language barrier getting in the way, but signals for you to wait there. He enters a nearby worker's lounge, and is busy for some time. Quickly, some workers come out, escorting the ostriches and chickens into one of the few undamaged coops. You notice that many of the vast and well-built barns have been pock-marked with bullet holds and dents, evidence of past Kalphite attacks, and are in the midst of repairs.

Eventually, the boss comes back, and hands Alder a check for what looks to be 8,000 Bits. It's unlikely that a small town like this would have a place where you can get it cashed – Manenhi definitely would, though. Paraiba and Zerk light up at the mere sight of a check that fat.



"Isn't Beeholder way too old for that?" Cutlass asks in response almost immediately.


"Are you kidding me?" Cutlass laughs. "Mine is literally just about the clothes I wear. Yours is so useful for making threats! I can see it now…"

Cutlass pantomimes as if she's talking to someone in front of her. "I know you have what I want. And, here's the thing. You also have something my friend Cerulean here wants. You might recognize that name. It's usually followed by 'The Hungry'. Well, the name is accurate. She IS hungry. And, what she wants is your body. So, ONE of us is going to be getting from you what we want. Me or her. So, which is it going to be?"

Cutlass laughs as she finishes the false interrogation.


Cutlass raises an eyebrow at Alder's little twitch. "You seem uncomfortable. What's wrong?"


"Oh, look at that," Cutlass says as she eyes the check. "A down payment on the loan you owe me."


"What? No, why it be her she's not even here. It's us."
Cloud says, gesturing to himself and Chiu.

While they wait for the head farmer to return, Cloud glances over the state of the farm, feeling a little bad they didn't deal with the kalphites more. But, the scare they gave should be good.
When he returns, and Cloud sees the check in Alder's talons, his eyes widen at the numbers. Even when divided up, it's still a hefty pay for how simple the job ended up being.
Then his eyes shoot to Cutlass as she chimes in.
"You'll get paid when you get paid. I have other things to prioritize first now."


Alder looks over the check, and looks to the others with an excited chirp. "We made a lot! I suppose we will need to return to a larger town to exchange this, so we should take good care of it. Who would best take care of it?"

"Ah, nothing. I tend to get worried when I bother someone, is all."


Cerulean claps as if she were an audience member, looking very amused by Cutlass having her fun.
"Huh, I'll have to remember that for when grinning doesn't work."

Cerulean may not know checks, but she still knows numbers. And she could see that it was a good chunk of change.
"I'd say that's another job well done!"


"I'm fine with you holding onto it. Just don't let Cutlass get her hooves near it."


She shoots Mallea a glance before speaking. “It’s about a demon we have encountered. A benevolent one, from what we have gleaned, but a demon nonetheless. It protects a friend of mine, and her unborn child. It has a docile temperament, but…” She looks over to Mallea again. “It seems to dislike you. And I cannot fathom why.”

“Moreover.” She produces the Karmic Seed of Galutisons, observing it for a short moment before continuing. “I felt this Karmic Seed tremble in your presence before. We do not know each other well, but as a rare breed, we witches must form bonds, and trust one another. …Do either of you have an idea of why this might be happening?” She is not mistrustful of Mallea, more asking out of genuine curiosity.


Alder nods a little, and tucks it away carefully.



Cutlass stares at Cloud as if she's trying to process what he said at first. Then, she bursts out into an obnoxious high pitched laughter.

"S-seriously!?" Cutlass barely manages to get out through her own cackling. "YOU a FATHER?" she says, pointing to Cloud.

"And, YOU!" she says, pointing to Chiu with similarly amused enthusiasm. "A MOTHER!?"

She continues to laugh for a while. Eventually, the laughter dies down until she wipes some tears from her eyes. "Oh my goodness, that just lightened up MY mood."


"I'll get paid when I get paid, huh?" she says with a devious expression on her face. "I see. Well, that certainly is ONE attitude to take as a soon-to-be father."

"'Mommy,'" Cutlass says, imitating a child's voice (though her voice is already high pitched enough that it's hard to tell). "'Why is daddy missing a hoof?' 'Because he thought it would be a good idea to put off paying off a loan he owed to a pirate captain.'"


"Try putting the two together. Just grin and say you're hungry."


"What a peculiar habit," Cutlass contemplates. "Do you find you bother people often?"


Cloud is a tad annoyed as Cutlass just laughs, but he brushes it off quickly enough.
"Yea, I figured a child like you wouldn't appreciate news like that."
He scoffs.

As Cutlass continues on with her threat, now Cloud laughs in turn.
"Hey if it's your habit of throwing down money to things the moment you get it, well then I guess you wouldn't make a good parent now would you?"


Puddin and Plague look a little sour at the check's sight, knowing they won't get a cut since they didn't help for this quest. Schnitzel doesn't seem too upset.
"We're gonna need some funds to account for the repairs," Plague complains. "Know of any other odd jobs we can pick up?"
"If there are, the locals couldn't tell you," Zerk says. "We only met one guy who spoke Equish."
"Investing in some kind of translation tech would be prudent…" Puddin notes.
"Well, if you want to help us with the manor later, that's always an option," Paraiba adds.

"What a cope," Chiu says, smiling smugly. "And if you even think about doing anything to Cloud to try to speed up those debt payments, you'll have to answer to my guard."


Mallea stares down at the Karmic Seed with a look of muted dread and quiet contemplation. "…I suppose my deeds are going to chase me even after Palafox is gone, aren't they? How ironic that it would be after getting onto better terms with Chiu and the Wetnurse that this would come to light."

She sighs and takes a seat. "I don't know for certain, but I have the strongest feeling that this is the most likely explanation. You might have noticed from my earlier explanation that I was not Mayor Palafox's first wife. I married him shortly after his divorce from his previous wife, Cosecha. Despite all rumors and gossip, there was no infidelity. It was… complex. Even had I not gotten involved, it would have happened anyway–"

Gullveig clears her throat gently. "Mallea."

Mallea catches herself, and sighs. "I'm… getting events mixed up. I'll start from the beginning."

Gullveig goes to fetch the three of you some water.




Cutlass scoffs. "I'm a pirate! Of course I wouldn't be a good parent! Which is why it's so hilarious that YOU are going to be one!"


"I worry that I do, I suppose." the griffon says, scratching his neck a little. "I worry about messing up a lot, in general."

Alder smirks a little bit, and stifles a giggle as the two go off on each other.


"Plus also you're a kid, have a terrible attitude, can't hold down a crew…"
Cloud lists off a few other aspects into why Cutlass wouldn't be a good parent.
"And also that touching thing you have. I really feel sorry for any stallion you'd end up with, if that even happens."


"H-Hey, no need to be too rude."


"She started it."
Cloud comments.


"W-Well… act like the mature adult you are, then." he says, flicking his tail again.



"What can I say?" Cutlass shrugs. "Pirates are dirty. I don't want them touching me."


"I would argue YOU started it by having a kid. I can't help that I had the appropriate reaction to it!"


"Hmm, I certainly understand that feeling," Cutlass nods. "Still, though. It must come from somewhere."


"I do suppose pirates can be rather dirty, yes." the griffon comments, looking his hand over. "As far as that goes… I-I do not know, really. I tend to be a somewhat nervous person in general, I suppose. I need to… unwind a little, I think the term is?"


"Well somepony has to point things out to her."

"How is laughing an appropriate reaction?!"



"Because it's a terrible idea! How is that not obvious at this point!?"


"Ah, you should have drank with me at the bar the other day! That was a great way to unwind!" Cutlass offers.

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