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Last time on HolyQuest…

With Regina delivering her confession to the Replicant Witches, whose lives she nearly ended for the sake of revenge against Mudi and Vizsla, the rest of the party was free to tend to various matters.

Flaming set off for the west, where she discovered a series of cottages at the base of a hill. Atop the hill was an enormous Witches' castle, woven together out of many colossal wisteria trees and mushrooms, surrounded by a wall. Based on the sheer size of the doorways, this was obviously Regina's main shelter. There, she met Chorazin, Tantra and LJ, newly freed from their various stories. They complained of a lack of treasure, but found it somewhat easy to believe that the party not only talked down but struck a kind of alliance with Regina, given the party's track record.

Meanwhile, Pryce met with Zjetya, Zjetyaca (A Replica made in Zjetya's image) and Yadala, Witch of Judgments, and fellow Replica. Zjetya had apparently told Yadala and Zjetyaca about the fallout between her and Pryce following his confession of love, and the two were not happy. They gave Pryce beef until they had to go hear what Regina had to say. From there, Zjetya and Pryce had a difficult talk, one that ended with Zjetya agreeing to speak with River later about their "situation."

Amy and Shei discovered that the unnamed gods whom Regina had built a shrine for were none other than Buiwong, god of spiders and fables, Ba'drel, god of promises and cattle, and Cer'rog, god of wealth and birds. The three gods praised the Saviors for their deeds, and promised great power to Amy, as they would complete her tattoo with their blessing. While Shei rounded up Pryce, Flaming and the others, the three gods baptized Amy in fire and water, hearkening back to the mythic origins of the mortal race. What Amy saw in her vision could not be fully understood by anyone but her. Her body, mind and soul broke down into their smallest pieces, and she even separated herself from Ego, her demonic half. It was there that she was struck by an epiphany, an enlightenment… and as she emerged from the waters…
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Your look of disappointment doesn't pass unnoticed by Vortigern or Mocha. Vortigern nudges LJ, who takes a while to get the point.

"…W-well, we could start off as a double date, but MY plans are going to be buffalo-only toward the end," LJ amends. "Wouldn't want for the lesser races to get hurt."
"Hey, no problem!" Box says. "We can be together til about, say, noon, and then we'll figure things out from there."

In the background, you hear people talking. You aren't able to pick up on specifics, but you get a good earful of dismissive and derisive talk, recognizing it thanks to years of Crow-ley – whoever it is, they're talking shit. Probably about you.


Flaming's ears perk up when she hears LJ mention he has some buffalo-only plans afterwards, immediately piquing her interest. "OH! Y-yeah, hehe, don't want to make them feel too bad if they can't keep up. That sounds fun, I can't wait! She says eagerly.

She lets out a yawn, "Well, until then, wanna grab some grub? After I have something in my belly, I'm ready for a long, LONG nap. Today has been crazy."

>With that, Flaming goes to grab something to eat with her friends, intent on going back to the ship afterwards to catch some ZZZ's with Fairy's advice still fresh in her memory


Shei-Sher further focuses his attention into the Goblet, to hear the voices better.


"Hello? My name is Shei-Sher, I'm mapping an expedition to Tartarus. I have some questions, if someone could help?"

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


After eating your fill of the leftover soups, salads and pastries from the dinner tables that the witches set up, you attempt to head for the ship. But Vortigern, seemingly on Zjetya's advice, stops you. With some gestures and mouthed words, she advises you to find a place to sleep in the Witches' care. Of course, the Witches are glad to provide, and show you to some spare rooms a few floors down from the Library's rooftop, where you find some couches, blankets and cushions which are comfy enough for the strongest of buffalo warriors.

As you start drifting off to sleep, you recall Fairy's advice once more. One with a connection to a god, such as yourself, may commune with them if you meditate and pray before you sleep.

"Fuck, he heard us," someone whispers. "Why didn't you just sever the connection?"
"Thought I did," the voice you heard earlier whispers back.
"Gotta deal with it now, dickhead, I'm still on break."

You hear some rustling and clattering of what sounds to be magical equipment, and then the first voice picks up, taking on a dramatic and medieval tone. "What is it that you want, mortal? You're obviously no ordinary individual if you can make a connection to Tartarus. It is impossible, owing to the Great Seal, without coming into possession of a piece of Tartarus itself. What is thy will?"


As Flaming fluffs up her pillow provided for her by the witches of Threecoin, looking out a window from the Library over the night-covered town, Flaming ponders Fairy's advice, and kneels besides her bed, lowering her head in reverence.

"O mighty Vir-can, if you can hear me, please… answer my cry for help. I'm in need of guidance, now more than ever, for a difficult path lies ahead of me. Please… you have guided me in so many ways thus far, and I could really, REALLY use your advice one more time if you have the strength to reach out to me from the dark lands you roam. Please…"

She lets out a breath, wanting to avoid seeming like she was groveling, and with that tucked herself in under the cushions, pulling the sheets up close and resting her head against the soft pillow, letting an entire day of exhaustion catch up to her.


"Thank you for receiving me. I and my company make plans for an expedition into Tartarus. Currently, we are compounding research before we embark. So I beseech thee with questions"

"First I must know, what transpires after death in Tartarus? What is the process by which your house cycles the dead?"


"What is in it for us if we answer thee? We do not give out such information for naught," the voice responds.

>Roll whatever you think is applicable

Sleep comes almost the instant you close your eyes, after all that's happened today. Darkness envelops you gently, bearing you upon its mighty back.


Soft grasses under your tired hooves… the playful smell of wildflowers, giving vitality to your exhausted form… a hillside of green, steep and yet inviting, coated with towering wisterias upon both sides, ushering you up its seemingly endless slopes. In that strange dream logic, a memory not quite yours, and yet yours all the same, fills your mind. You and the countless others accompanying you – one hundred and eight tribes altogether – have been walking for an interminable time. Walking, walking. Across desert, over mountains, through snow, against the rain, all in search of that one land, the promised plains…

As you crest the hillside, you see the land sloping down before you, a sea of green, dotted with dashes of purple flowers and blue-glowing stones and mushrooms among them. The landscape abruptly ends some distance out in a sheer cliff wall, over which you see nothing but an interminable void. There are the remnants of a great and imposing bridge, hanging on the edge of the cliff on your side. The ropes extend out over the chasm, far beyond what you can see, but there are no more planks in the bridge's surface. The bridge is decayed, broken down by the harsh elements.

Beside the bridge waits a solitary buffalo.


Shei-Sher slumps over as his back slides onto the ground. They seemed so much more amicable before, perhaps this is the cost of discard my oath with God. Shei-Sher lies there, thinking, was is it he has that could be of any value to them. Something that wouldn't cost him a life this time…

Shei-Sher finally speaks up after some pause "Tell me.. How is the food in Tartarus? Tiring maybe? Those of us here regard your realm as a realm of beasts. At least the simpletons do.. How would interested would you be an exotic meal plan. Food so novel, so fresh, it is quite literally out of this world."

Shei-Sher tempts the secretary with the savory delights of the overworld.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Flaming looks out over the vast slopes ahead of them before hitting the infinite abyss of the cliffside, looking back to shout at her fellow Buffalo to halt their advance. "WAIT! The earth falls up ahead, everyone stop!"

Taking the position of chieftain and herd-leader very seriously, Flaming makes sure all the tribes have halted to avoid going over into the void, and decides to head on herself to investigate the scene. Up ahead, looking at the sole buffalo, she squints her eyes, approaching him slowly but confidently.

"Hey! You know what this place is?"


retyped because of errors
"How interested would you be in an exotic meal plan. Food so novel -so fresh, it is quite literally out of this world."


"Hey, can you get me a coffee from the break room?" the voice on the line asks. At first you might think that he was speaking to you, but then you hear some coins being tossed. Seems he was speaking to the guy from before.
"Fresh food, from the Overworld… the Realm of Life…" you hear his lips smacking and tongue curling. "Very well. You'll get three questions answered from me. If and when you step foot into my domain, mortal, I will ensure you are directed to the Hanging Port with my delivery.

"Now then, for thy first question. It is written in the Book of Life that, in thy realm, the Overworld, a soul – the source of Life – remains in the body for three days after the body falls. Decomposition of the mortal body may take weeks or months, depending. Not so for Tartarus. Here, soul and body alike are reclaimed by the soil upon the moment of death. Everything here that dies, is reborn as something new, something old, something lesser, something greater. I believe an equivalent term in your language is 'chimera'. Rebirth, reincarnation… think of it along those lines. In the House of Death, reincarnation is instant, and constant.

"Now, what is thy second question?"

The figure turns, and it is Vir-can. His old war paint is gone, as is his poncho and yoke-shaped axe. Instead, in their place, are the traditional mourning-paints and poncho of Climbing-Fire. A brilliant shade of scarlet and black are his colors, the color of flame and ash, produced by every body interred in the great flame of the Slumbering Dragon. The paint upon his body and dyes on the robe illustrate him as if he were the Slumbering Dragon itself, overflowing with magma, as is foretold in your narratives of the end of a kalpa, when the Dragon will wreathe the world in fire, preparing it for another birth.

Vir-can looks incredibly tired.

"Come, sit, child."


As Flaming is shown the visage of Vir-Can, she immediately gasps, falling into a low bow as she lowers her head. "Lord Vir-can! I'm sorry, I-I didn't recognize you. You-" she blinks. "You've never appeared this… 'small' I think is the right word." She prances over to his side, taking a seat besides as she notes his fatigue and exhaustion.

"Are you okay? How are you holding up in the Colosseum?"


Shei-Sher's skin crawls at the secretary's explaination. "euueugh. Excuse a Foreigner's tongue, but that sounds ghastly if I imagined it right. Then my second question. Death cannot all be the same, because I see God takes offerings. So then where do sacrifices go? What are your rules for such, what can be considered a sacrifice, and with what preference?"


"Spare no worry for me, child. None are mightier than I. Not in this world, nor in any other, have I encountered any who can smite me, god, demon, umbral, lumine, or whatever other entities wander the endless cosmos beyond our world. Do not mistake my robes as being for my own funeral!"

In a rare moment, he laughs, then falls silent shortly after.

"…Are you afraid to die?"

"They go to the bottommost layer of Tartarus, into the abyss that lies underneath the Ninth Layer. But God abhors a sacrifice of no worth or value. From within Tartarus, there is nothing that can be sacrificed to It, for It rightfully owns all that was spawned within Its lands. Therefore, there is only one thing that God accepts as sacrifice:

"A life. A life that came from outside. And in exchange… the most brilliant of flames. All of that life's potential shall be burned out in a funeral pyre, so bright that all Umbrals cannot help but be illuminated by its light."


Flaming breathes out a sigh of relief, glad to hear the mighty Vir-can is as unstoppable as he has always been. "I knew it, I dont' know why I was even worried. No one can stop you…"

As he asks that question, her ears fall flat, and she looks down to the ground.
"…yes. At least, I am afraid to die without having done what I set out to do. I don't know if there's a difference there, it's not like I WANT to go out a martyr but… if I died, knowing that I did what we all wanted to do going into Tartarus? Died having saved the world from the demons, even if that meant never seeing my family or friends ever again, I-I could probably live with that. What scares me more than anything is going into Tartarus, and… and just dying for nothing."


"fascinating… " Shei-Sher ponders on the knowledge imparted to him. Thinking it over maybe a bit too long before getting to his next question. "Right! My final question.. Then how is the soul and body harvested from a sacrifice made in Tartarus from a foreigner from the world of Life To a foreigner from the world of Life. Would the act simply destroy the sacrifice entirely during the process? or would the spirit be brought to the abyss?"


nobody understands schizo wizards
Post Rephrased

"If a person sacrifices themself to another person. Then is the sacrifice completely burnt up in the process and nothing is left of them?"


"Good," he says, slapping your back lightly. "…I too, am afraid. Your fears are mine… and mine, yours, as you now know. It is good to be afraid, when there is a task as daunting as yours awaiting you. If there is no fear, there can be no courage. If there is no fear, there can be nothing to temper your soul. If there is no fear, there can be no heroism. And a god must be a hero for his people… or perhaps, 'her' people, if I know the voice of your heart right."

Vir-can turns his head off to the right, looking far over your head. "…Get thee gone, Spider."

"Nothing remains that can be taken. For what God takes, no force can ever wrest from Its grasp."


"Hmm well then that is all my questions. Thank you for your time.." Before Shei removes his focus from the goblet "OH! How about one more question. Please? What do you look like?"

If there's a way for this guy to show Shei-Sher what he looks like then that is what he's asking for
[1d10] do it, do it, do it

Roll #1 2 = 2


Flaming smiles as he pats her back, looking up at him with awe. "I think knowing that even gods can be afraid is, really more of a relief than I thought it was. I want to be brave, and I want to be a hero for Clan Climbing Fire… no, the entire world at this point. But I don't know if I'm strong enough to shoulder that burden. I met a god today who had achieved what I think I need to do and… it was awful. I don't know if I'm going to be any better."

She perks her head up, "Spider? Is Buiwong here?!"


"Yeah, yeah, great, anyway…" the voice says, dropping all atmosphere and pretensions of mystique as he brushes past your last question. "The records of mortals entering Tartarus are quite antiquated. Most probably aren't even true, more tall tale and legend than actual history. However, there was one dish that the last group entering Tartarus was said to have brought with them and made. Something called a 'pizza.' Bring me one when you come down here, alright?"

Vir-can puts your question on hold for a moment, standing and looking eastward as Buiwong, clothed in a weathered traveler's robe, comes over the horizon in his zebra form.
"What? I can't visit my old friend and drinking buddy?" Buiwong asks, shrugging.
"You are looking to be in worse shape than I am," Vir-can says. "I wouldn't be talking so flippantly in your state."
"That's why you could never accomplish what I will, forest-dweller."
"Indeed; my dreams will actually come to fruition. Now, enough talk – state thy business before I banish thee."
Buiwong scoffs, then looks down to you. "I heard what you were talking about, and since I have something relevant to the topic, I thought I'd drop by. I have… think of it as a quest, for you."


Shei-Sher relents hearing the secretary skip over his question. "Ba-ah, you're no fum. A pizza it is then, I will try to keep it hot for you."

And with that Shei unfocuses from the goblet.


Flaming snorts, getting alongside Vir-can as he stands against Buiwong. "You think you've still the right to call him your friend after what your schemes did to him?! Don't make me laugh."

As he approaches her on godhood, Flaming growls. "And who gave YOU the right to listen in on my conversations? I don't care if you helped Amy, there's no way I could ever want anything you have to offer." She sighs, "What kind of 'quest' is it, anyways?"


Suddenly, your blood runs cold. Something you have never seen before now stands before you:

It is Buiwong, wearing a grave, almost somber frown… you are struck by how different he looks in this strange moment of utter gravity and sincerity.

"Observer has already told you the rule that governs all expeditions into Tartarus. All who enter Tartarus must have a destination in mind, and a strong will. Tartarus makes you encounter things based on what it finds when it probes around in your psyche. Every hope, every fear, every desire, every secret plan and scheme. If a group enters Tartarus, their wills must be united. If even one person is out of line with the group on a psychological level, it could spell disaster. Chaos will chase them at every step, and they may become lost for eternity.

"It's Vortigern I'm here to talk about. A servant can hide nothing from their god. I have spoken to LJ, Tantra, _____, and even Mocha about what is to come. They know the risks, and are prepared. I can see their hearts… they truly are ready. Even LJ, which surprised even me. But Vortigern… she says she is prepared, just as they do. And, on a rational level, I think she really believes that.

"But deep down, in the most hidden recesses of her soul… there is the faintest crack of doubt. A tiny line running down her heart of hearts. A connection, you might say. A connection to her husband and three children, who are still alive on this earth. It is that inseparable connection that all mothers have, and that no force, neither divine nor demonic nor magical nor mundane, can sever. I have questioned her about them, and she tells me time and again that her Faith is stronger than her fear of never seeing them again… but that is not the truth.


"That modicum of doubt… even that can endanger the Expedition. No attempt I've made to change her has worked. If I send any of my servants to talk to her, she will put on a brave face for their sake, to avoid letting her own terror weaken them. That is why I need someone who is not my faithful to speak to her. Someone who despises me… someone who would destroy me if given the chance… someone who speaks my name as if it were anathema… someone she has come to see, even unconsciously, as her own daughter."

Buiwong affixes you with a chillingly grave look.

"I need you to speak to her, Flaming Shorthorns. Either ill in the gap in her heart, mend the crack in her Faith, and bring her with you into Tartarus without any doubts in her heart… or the opposite: Exploit her doubt, break her Faith in me, and force her to remain behind. I shall render null her Covenant with me, that she may go and find her family once more."


Either fill in the gap*


Flaming listens to Buiwong intently as he describes his quest to her. As he mentions Vortigern, she snarls, angry that he would think of speaking ill of someone she holds close, but as he goes further to explain what it isthat worries him, it starts to worry her as well. The thought of Vortigern leading to their endangerment in Tartarus, and thus herself, causes Flaming to take his word of warning seriously.

"…I can't say that I blame her. She's a mama. She's treated me as kindly as my own mother has and I can only imagine how she feels for the rest of her family. There's reason for her doubt. But still, if she DOES have doubts…"

Flaming grunts. "I'll talk to her, if only because I want to make sure she stays safe. I've already made peace that not everyone is going to be coming into Tartarus with us. But how does this tie in to my becoming a god, you said it was in relation to it?"


"You're wondering whether you've got what it takes to be a god, right?" Buiwong asks. "You want to know if you can bear that responsibility, to carry upon on your wings all those who depend upon and follow you. Then, start with this. A god must fight using the lives of all those who worship them. One foolish move, one ill-advised decision, and the life of your servant is gone. Not even the gods can restore the dead to life. We can only grasp desperately at their fleeting souls… or revive them as a demon.

"Your decision here may save the Expedition or damn it. If you take her when she is not ready, that is the entire Expedition you have endangered. If you leave her behind despite her being ready, that is one fewer warrior who shall be at your side… one warrior whose power could have turned the tide of a desperate battle."

Vir-can sighs. "Your curse is of your own doing, Spider."

"You're late, Buffalo," Buiwong says. "Amy already beat you to that line."

Vir-can snorts, then turns your way. "He isn't wrong. These are the kinds of decisions you will have to wrestle if you should seek to become like me. Do you wish to look inside yourself, to know if you are worthy? You may not like the answer… but if you are to be brave, then you must look all the same."


"…I see. So that's what it is to be a god: to take into account the state of your followers, and act accordingly both for their own benefit and the rest. But, this seems less like what's expected of a leader of any kind, god or no. Is there no real difference between a chieftain who must make decisions of this kind for their clan, and a god who must make it for all the world?"

She sighs. "I… I would rather take Vortigern into Tartarus with me." she says to Vir-can. "She has been so great to me, been there when I needed someone to look to most. But, if that's the case I guess I have to do what's best for her. Even if that's 'tough love', huh?"


"You're already learning," Vir-can says, leaning back to survey the endless chasm before you. "More than I can say for certain other gods."

Buiwong simply laughs. "You and I were small gods once too, calf. We learned the hard way what it would mean to become part of a pantheon when our tribes and sacred lands were invaded by the Vadaharans. We survived thanks to one another. We refused to disappear when our followers were seduced by more popular gods. When Vadahara fell, we tore down our rivals and grew fat again on their corpses. And when time came to rebel, we fought the Devas together. If you want to call me a fool, I'll remind you we've walked the path of foolishness together."

"Tch," Vir-can grunts. "All talk as always. Go. You have your other star servants to counsel. Leave mine alone."

Buiwong shrugs. "As you wish."

He then looks to you once more. "A god has no need of servants who cannot kill and die for them. And a mortal has no need of a god for whom they are not willing to kill and die for. Always remember that."

He turns and goes over the hill once more.



Pryce sets the autopilot, then gets up to follow River and Zjetya down to his room.
"Are you sure about this?"
He asks.
"My room really isn't all the big, it's more of a storage closet really."


River shivers as she enters your room. Lockjaw is already curled up on the bed, having tangled up all the blankets around him like spaghetti twirled around a fork. Zjetya raises an eyebrow. "It's not like any of our rooms are any bigger. If you don't want to, we don't have to."
"There's always the couch," River says.
Zjetya winces. "No, no no no no."
"S-sorry," River says.
"You're both clearly nervous," Zjetya says. "Don't fake enthusiasm if you're not up for it."
"I…" River sighs. "You made a good point, but it seems so wrong to rush it just for fear of losing out on the opportunity… do we have so little faith in Pryce that we think he can't come back alive?"
Zjetya shrugs. "…Guess I was a bit too pushy."


Pryce looks down at Lockjaw, and how how quickly the devilho took over the entire bed.
"It's not… exactly that," Pryce comments, "Er, I mean… It's just a lot to jump into, so quickly."
He tries to correct, scuffing his hoof on the floor.
"Just two days ago was my first real, well, anything for a relationship, and now there's both of you."
He says, looking to both of them.

"It's alright Zjetya. I guess this… sorta of thing must be important to changelings."


Lockjaw opens one eye lazily, and his great tail begins to flap against the bed, almost inviting you to lay down with him and serve as a heater for him.
Zjetya smiles, shaking her head. "Believe me. I've waited this long. I can wait a little while longer. Just sitting with you two is enough to keep me going."
"So you…" River stutters. "This would have been your first time?"
"What, you think I'm a hoe?" Zjetya asks.
"Not what I was implying. I just wasn't sure where you fell on a scale of one to Amy, given how confidently you suggested that we sleep together just now."
"Scale of one to Amy, I'm a zero," Zjetya says. "And, as I said, if even one of you is feeling hesitant, I don't want to go up to one."
"What should we do then?"
"Well, we have the ship to ourselves all night," Zjetya says. "When I told Vortigern about my plan, she said she'd make sure nobody interrupted us… could play some board games."


"This would've been your first time?" Pryce repeats, "O-Oh. I thought when you tried before at the forest, you had… experience."
He looks over to River.
"And… you?"
He asks, a little hesitant with the topic.

Pryce turns to Zjetya.
"Y-You told her about this?"
He nearly exclaims, keeping his volume lowered to not wake Lockjaw, and also as if somepony might hear.
"I guess we could. Just having some quiet after today is nice, it makes processing this a little easier."


Zjetya laughs again. "You people think the worst of me! No, no experience. I just know what I want and try to get it."
"None myself," River says. "Never had the time for stallions in my youth. Was always more preoccupied with trying to find enough food and water each day to not go to bed with horrific stomach pains…"
"You would be surprised, but despite being mute, she's the best wingpony a mare could ask for. From what she pantomimed to me, she'll be helping LJ ask out Flaming later."
"Good for them!" River says. "About time those two faced their feelings."

As talk turns to board games, Zjetya taps her chin. "You know, I heard from Tantra earlier that Regina had some interesting selections. Whaddya say we 'borrow' a game from her with your magic?"


"N-No, not at all!" Pryce says in defense as Zjetya laughs at the bad impressions of her, "I think only the best!"
When River says this also would've been a first for her, Pryce has a little chuckle at this outcome.
"I guess we're all pretty inexperienced with this then. A quiet night is probably the best for us."

"LJ and Flaming? Huh." Pryce mutters, not having noticed that, "I hope he makes her happy."

"She does. We were looking through a whole room of them when we were gathering those treasure she offered."
Pryce steps over to the bed, giving Lockjaw a pet after his little attempt for attention. He pulls off his bracelet, trying to pick a fitting game for them from what he saw at Regina's.
>Hat Magic [Game] [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


You retrieve what appears to be a companion book to Witches and Wargs: Covenkeeper, third edition. Much like Regina's copy of Witches and Wargs, this book is well-annotated and has been read many times, but is still in good condition. Zjetya and River give the book a respectful distance. "We'll want to keep this in good condition," River says.

It looks like a pared-down version of Witches and Wargs, intended to get new players a running start with a simplified version of the system. It also offers quite a bit of modularity for more experienced players who want to use it in their own way.

River gently pokes through the introductory pages. Zjetya seems a tad bothered, since she can't read its written language, but there's plenty of illustrations of scenes from adventures – fighting monsters, raiding dungeons, taming rampant plants in a witch's garden – that her attention is captivated.

Lockjaw, laying snug and cozy, grunts as you pet him. Every time you try to pull your hoof away, he bites into it gently to pull you back to him.


"Yea, seems this one has been in her collection for a while."

As Lockjaw tries his hardest to keep Pryce petting him, Pryce relents and climbs onto the bed as it seems he won't be leaving. He looks through the book, the gameplay looking simple enough that they could get set up easily. Remember Zjetya's lack of equish literacy, Pryce reads out the basic rules for her.

"How about we start with this quest? It says it's a monster hunt that's good for beginners."
He suggests to Zjetya and River.


Lockjaw wiggles about in the blankets, scooting in until he's wrapped around your flanks. He looks very comfy as he drifts back off to sleep.

When they hear that it's a monster hunting type game, possibly taking place on some kind of island, the mares gasp, looking to Lockjaw as if he may be offended by such a prospect. But on further consideration, their concern fades.
"I think Lockjaw would find it all quite amusing," River says.
"Think he might have some trouble rolling dice and moving his character around, though," Zjetya adds.


Pryce looks down at Lockjaw as the pet settles down on top of him.
"I think he'll be fine. Lockjaw is pretty smart."

Pryce sets down the book as they prepare to start, conjuring up the needed dice and papers.
"I think I'll go with the knight class."


River and Zjetya look over the book for a while, with River reading out the various classes and skills and the party's niches to Zjetya. It takes some time to get through it all, because Zjetya takes a very intense interest in all the different ways that skills and classes can interact. Despite her illiteracy, she seems to have a head for numbers and syncretizing information.

"I think I'd like to be a Pilgrim," River says, writing down her skills and basic information. "What about you, Zjetya?"
"I wanna go with the Deathmaster," Zjetya says. She's already sketching out a rather grim-looking character with an eyepatch, a black cloak and what appears to be a cross between a scythe and a cello on her sheet of paper. "I'll take that skill, and this one, and throw in some of that," she continues, pointing at the various skills River narrated.
River is baffled at her decision, blinking in silence.



Lockjaw raises his head, looking over at the book's pictures. He focuses greatly on a picture of two great monsters waging war over a patch of turf.


Pryce writes down his sheet, taking a good selection of defensive skills, though his character isn't looking all that creative.

Pryce looks over as Zjetya states her class, already sketched out in an interesting design. He looks surprised at her choice and aesthetic.
"I didn't know you could draw so well."

As Lockjaw looks over with interest, Pryce gives him a pet.
"Let's see if we can fit you up with a god monster class."


"Had to keep myself entertained somehow when I was wandering solo. You run out of things to do pretty quickly with nobody to talk to."
River looks over at the book for a guideline on pets. "Hmm… seems you have quite a bit of freedom with regard to pets. A pet can be of any class, but starts off with fewer skills. Why not… a monk? That way, he won't have to worry about weapons or the like. Something simple for him."
Lockjaw looks like he's just happy to be here.
"With that settled, now what? Didn't you say that someone has to be in charge?" Zjetya asks.
"Ah, right, the Queen-Mother. It's not too inclusive for males, but I suppose they don't have many in their target demographic," River says. "Who wants to do the honors?"


"Well you won't need to worry about that anymore."
Pryce says, putting out a lighter tone.

"A monk?" Pryce says as he looks down at the sheet, "Yea, that looks like it'll be perfect for him."

"I could take the lead, unless either of you two want it." Pryce offers.


"Sure, just come up with another title instead of Queen-Mother," Zjetya says.
"How about… King… Master…?" River asks.
"That'd be more suitable for another type of game," Zjetya says.
River blushes. "How about… Dungeon… Ruler?"
Lockjaw grunts, rolling the dice with nudges of his tiny front claws.


"Dungeon Ruler, that has a good feel to it. I think we're all set to start then."
Pryce says, lifting up the book in his magic and flipping to the rules for starting. He taps the open spots on the bed, offering for River and Zjetya to sit to be more comfortable.


Zjetya and River sit beside you, and Lockjaw puts his head on your leg. All are waiting the beginning of their adventure.


Pryce smiles as they all gather together, the night coming to a nice close. He flips a few pages in the book, and puts on a voice for the start of their adventure.
"You all look out from the deck of your boat, land rising into view ahead from the endless ocean. A lush land covered in forests and mountains like a secluded piece of the past, and where your bounty lies…"


It seems that even the night can be full of adventures, both real and pretend.


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