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Last time, on PirateQuest…

Cutlass, Alder and Cerulean went south through the jungles of Cuauhtemoc, seeking after Captain Bee Holder and her four first mates, to update them on the situation with the informant, and the investigation of Gullveig's attack. It wasn't long before they found them, as the Watchkeepers seemed to guard the southern regions of the island far more jealously than the northern ones, and Bee Holder's party were forced to turn back after surviving encounter after encounter.

Cloud aided Mallea, Thessaly and Godot in collecting medicinal plants to restock their supplies following all the intense battles that had plagued their stay on this mysterious island.

Meanwhile, aboard the Thunder Serpent, Captain Kukulcan and his own trusted inner circle raised an automaton of their own – but not one of the Watchkeepers, over whom Kukulcan supposedly had authority as a god of the island. Rather, it was Two Tons, a sapient construction purchased on the Black Market. They were not expecting any manner of intelligence from the robot, so rather than press it into indentured servitude, Kukulcan negotiated for the robot's loyalty in exchange for fair wages, living accommodations and mutual aid.
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"Went well, found Two Ton's friend and brought him along for the party."

"Well, you're not the oddest thing here all things considered," Cloud says, looking around at the shades bustling about.


"Yeah, we do our best," Chiu says to Willow's comment. As you all group up again, there's something of a commotion, as from the east come running several golden shades. At first glance they seem to be the escapees, but instead, these shades start to usher away the crowds that have gathered, making clear the eastern road. The purpose starts to clear up, as from the far end of the eastern road, you can see a large retinue of shades approaching, carrying upon their shoulders a sedan chair. A decidedly tangible figure can be seen within, some kind of wooden image… As it gets closer, you can see an image of a scarab beetle… the icon of the decrepit beggar god that you met earlier.

Unexpected… his voice intones. I did not direct them to do this at all… ah, but don't let that put off your plans. I heard something about storms, and prison escapees, and fires? Would you happen to have any of those fireworks I once heard about, some strange import from deeper within the Ribcage?

"G'day mate!" Splendid says, offering a claw that could crush Willow's head, and his shoulders too.

After ascertaining that the danger is minimal, you set an example in the ways of stealth, and lead your group through the path without waking the Watchkeepers. Once a safe distance away, the ninjador quickly resume their earlier pace, and run the rest of the way to the door of the spire.

The entrance to the curious leaning spire, shaped so much like a rib, is barred by a complexly decorated door. Hollow sneaks up, examines the door for traps, then finding none, tests it, and finds it unlocked. Just beyond it is a mercifully cool foyer, marked by a large pool at the far end, beyond which is another doorway. There seems to be no way to get to the far door without entering the pool.

The others follow after you, taking the maintenance road between the warehouses on either side… okay, you were pretty sure the skittering led here, but there's nothing much of note… ah, there it is again; between two warehouses to the south, down another road, you hear the skittering again. Surely you'll find it this time.


"Fair. Kirin are as far as I know nonexistent in this region so I have come to be a bit used to standing out. I forgot what it's like to blend in."

He used his magic to take the massive claw and shake it "Feels a bit more like this actually fits your grasp compared to my hoof." the beanpole of a kirin said with a mildly amused smirk.

He turned to the figure "If you'll give me a minute and some time with Two Tons I can prepare something that will be closer to actual fireworks and less balls of magma being shot in to the air."


Cloud steps to Chiu's side, and Shadow Cloud to her other, ready to get into the festival food. But as the shades clear the road and bring in a statue, their attention is pulled back to the plan at hand.
"Oh, right. Do you know what they're doing with that though?"
Cloud asks the voice.
>"Starting to feel like we should let the festival go as is. It'd be nice to unwind a bit."
His shadow comments.



"Aaaah," Cutlass lets out a sigh of relief as they enter the chamber. "SO much better. I hate this heat…"

Cutlass observes the pool and cautiously approaches it. She looks to see how deep it is.

[1d10] to be ready for any sudden ambush

"Where in the temple are the crystals anyway?" Cutlass asks as she cautiously tiptoes toward the pool.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Mmm- I've only seen one or two like you before, but only in passing. There were none like you at my homeland, truth be told." he explains, before giggling. "And, yes- her handshakes are a tad overwhelming! It's nice though, I think."


"Ahh wait…did I just imag-wait!" She chases after where she thinks she hears it.


Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


It looks like a regular bathing pool. A muffled technological humming suggests that some ancient mechanical system filters the water to keep it clean. Its presence here suggests a purpose of ritual ablution before the penitent can endure the trials that lay before them.

Hollow and Auspicious doff their outer layers, and toss them to the other side, before taking a quick swim to the other side. Sparkler and Ossie, after making sure Hollow and Auspicious arise unharmed from the water, do the same.

"High within the central chamber," Hollow answers as he pats himself dry. "But from the maps Kukulcan provided, aerial defense systems prohibit anyone or thing from approaching from above. Otherwise we'd have just gone around all of this."

A chase begins as you dart down side road after side road, pursuing the mysterious scrabbling with all your speed, but somehow, it seems to elude you with each new turn. Until, at the very last, with a great exertion, you catch up to its source, and–!

There's… nothing there. Just an empty road, and your allies trailing behind you. It is as they at last catch up that you realize something quite important… the scrabbling was coming from below.

With a sudden grating of stone against stone, the flagstones below, and around, and behind, and ahead – start to lift up, casting shadows as they rise upwards. Below them, hidden by the shadows cast… you cannot see much of it, but what you can see are very thin, thin hands. Innumerable, and variable in their counts of fingers, the hands scrabble at the underside of the flagstones, like how one might entice a cat to draw near.

Dripping from the hands– is a stew of the murky cosmic ooze.


Without a second thought, Droplet and Colobok turn, jumping for the window-ledges of the warehouses to get some air on the hands.


Very slowly and carefully do the hands closest to you approach, carefully remaining under the cover of their flagstones, but still, their free fingers point to you, and slime approacheth, as the slime is able to move even in the sunlight.


Perhaps they are going to immolate my image as an offering, or make an offering in full view of it… maybe this is a ritual they remember, but I do not, following my destruction by the invaders… I am quite interested to see where this goes…

The shades set the statue down in the middle of the festival, and start to put fruits and drinks and other foods before it as offerings.

Quite what one might expect, so far… the beggar-god notes.

"It looks like they're really doing their own thing at this point," Little Miss Sunshine says. "You guys want to stick around?"
"There's still much to do, but…" Chiu notes, mulling it over. "I'm not opposed to whiling the day away here. What do you all feel like?"

Roll #1 9, 3 + 1 = 13 / Roll #2 10, 5 + 1 = 16


Sensing that somewhere out there is a cosmic being that has briefly neglected you, Splendid pats your head. Despite the massive size of her claws, her touch is delicate enough to be suitable for a cat. In your case, a bird cat.


>"I'm content to chill here."
"Helping the god here remember more might help us out. Might help counter that Vault if we restore some memories here, right?"
Cloud surmises, grabbing some fruit and walking over to add to the offerings to go along with the shades.


"I personally vote to remain here. I wish to show some of my talents and this is a good example. I will need to have some materials gathered before I make the device though." he said simply and motioned for Two Tons to go salvage some more metallic things he could fashion into the device.

"Ah but have you seen one of us when we get angry?"


Alder hums a little, saying "Why not wait around and relax a little- we have had quite the hard time, lately- a chance to relax can not be too bad, right?" He suggests, before using his tail to reach around and tickle Splendid's side… since he can't really just reach up and pat her head like she can reach down and pat his. "Besides- we might learn more by sticking around, right?

Alder tries to wave down a waiter, if there's one around! He'll try to order something for Splendid and himself.


"Wh-hey! No fair! You're supposed to go away in the sunlight!" Cerulean watches as the slime draws near and acts fast by slamming her tail on some of the flagstones to press them back down, but also activate her aura power to flood the area and try to wash it away.

>Slam, take better, crits 8+, DC-1, Tidepool


Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11



Cutlass finds herself staring at Hollow as he removes some of his clothes. After a few moments, she catches herself and quickly looks away, blushing. She hopes no one noticed.

She telekinetically holds her hat above the water so that Remmy and Sir Pent can stay safe as she swims across. Her dress remains pristine and dry from the trip, though her own mane gets wet. It honestly is a good thing, though. It gets rid of her hat hair.

The rest of her body dries unnaturally quickly when she gets to the other side, thanks to her dress.

"So, are there stairs leading directly there or is this going to be… predictably complicated?" she asks as she telkinetically dries her mane using her own dress.


"G-gah!" Splendid gasps, almost folding in half as she recoils from the tickle. Being that you're sitting at her side, this means that she folds up around you as if she were a constrictor snake. You're sandwiched in around all sides by muscle, fur and bone. Were it not for your Aura to increase your endurance and defenses, that could have gone much worse. Instead it's like a big weighted blanket.

You place an order, and the waiter soon brings out a coffee and some ambiguous banana cocktail, which is what Splendid managed to get after trying to order alcohol and not quite being able to communicate that to the waiter across barriers of time, language and status of existence. It only runs you 3 Bits total.

When Granny and some of the crew start to tire of making music, some of the festival-goers start to pick up in their stead. It's clunky and not great listening at first, but as the beggar-god said, they're acting of their own volition now, a far cry from when he had to control the shades entirely earlier. Gradually, with some subtle coaching from Bent Scales, they start to improve.

With the decision to stay, the ladies decide to kick back and relax. Chiu and Little Miss Sunshine take up seats at the cafe as well.

"So… you're going to be joining us then, right?" Little Miss Sunshine asks Willow. "I'll have you meet our Captain soon enough, she's great. We'll probably end up taking over the world together."
"You will, is that right? What if we do it first?" Chiu asks.
"The Captain will just have to have a talk with you."

If Droplet was uncomfortable with you ogling him, Hollow looks REALLY uncomfortable with it. He gets dressed faster than you can blink, and makes sure you can see his left hand– he's not making a rude gesture, but he does have a peculiar decorated armband about his wrist. You recall the female ninjador in his vision had one of her own. Perhaps it's their culture's equivalent of a wedding ring. Hollow allows an awkward silence to prevail following your question.

Auspicious, rolling his eyes, answers for him. "It wouldn't be much of a penitential ritual without the pain of penitence. Perhaps for some, the tedium of a long staircase would suffice, but I think we're more like to run into traps and maybe even monsters."

You slam down the closest flagstone, and the hands are crushed back down with a grisly crunch. Water flowing from the impact clears a path down one road, but a horrified shout from behind warns you of more trouble. Several hands have gathered together near Colobok, rising up in terraced columns to create enough shade for them to clamber atop one another and grab him down from the window-sill. As they drag him down, dark ooze spreads across his skin, and several colorful jeweled spheres start to fall out of his head. His expression instantly becomes blank, his flesh pale, his body limp and inert.

Droplet becomes a furious blur, snarling as he leaps from the window sill and axe-kicks down the flagstones.

[1d10+2] Cleave vs. 3

The hands try to grab for him next…


Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 8, 7 + 1 = 16


Cerulean gasps as Colobok is having the same thing done that happened to her. Cerulean rushes over to try and free Colobok from the ooze's grasp.

>Drag them free, spending a temp aura point


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5



Cutlass blushes even more intensely, she does her best to not look in Hollow's direction.

"Well then, let's get this penance over with," she sighs as she goes through the door.


With the decision to stay being made, Cloud comes back and retakes his seat by Chiu, wrapping a wing around her while his Shadow does the same from the opposite side.
"Really? I don't see her taking over anything."
>"She should start something more scaled to her size. Like a globe."

Cloud also orders three fruit smoothies for his trio.


Alder lets out another squawk as he's almost crushed, feeling the immediate payback for his actions- even if it wasn't intentional. "A-Ack! It was just a tease, but I suppose I deserve such a thing!" He manages, giggling a little. "Not entirely bad, though- this is very, very… warm, and

"Ah- look! We have gotten the festival started so well, they are doing it themselves, now! Good job, love." Alder says, squirming free enough to nuzzle against her side happily.

"The Captain is quite something, yes- I must admit I did not know what to think of pirates at first, but they have been a… good experience! Well, this crew has. Some are nasty."


Willow levitated a small metal orb from his pocket and began to tinker with it as he waited for Two Tons to get the parts listening "There is a possibility. Though my staying would more than likely be a show of returning the kindness Cloud showed me by finding Two Tons." he said simply as he fiddled with his orb. A bit, mainly putting on the finishing touches to it.


Droplet crushes down the first of the flagstones, then uses the momentum to launch himself back into the air for a second, then a third axe kick, sending hands flying and dark ooze squishing into the earth beneath. The hands smolder, burn, and then evaporate as they're exposed to the sun. You scoop up Colobok, and Droplet pockets the spherical jewels that fell from his head at the hands' touch. Juniper and Cycle scramble your way, chased by more of the hands and the dark slime. Wordlessly Droplet follows them, trusting you'll escape as well.

>if attempting to escape, roll for running

Your ears are burning… you get the sense that many people are talking trash.

Beyond the next door is another small chamber, or at least, the area immediately surrounding the door is. At the other end of the chamber is a rather long stone slope, quite smooth, nowhere for hooves or boots to find traction. There's nothing besides that slope, no platforms or suspicious panels or anything like that. The roof is low enough that a winged person would not be able to comfortably fly over the slope. Atop the slope is a flat area, and another door.

"Seems a simple enough puzzle…" Auspicious mutters.

"Oh, s-sorrEEEEE!" Splendid squeals, trying to keep herself from crushing you again as she find your nuzzling to be quite ticklish. Some of the shades look over, in fact, how could they not at such an outburst? Splendid repositions you to a seat between her wings for a much safer experience.

Chiu sips the smoothie, smugly enjoying the thought of a pocket-sized Cutlass trying to conquer a globe somewhere in a library.

"Oh, Cloud's on a different crew than ours," Little Miss Sunshine says to Willow. "But maybe I can sell you on ours instead. If I can ask, are you a pirate? What do you want out of sailing the seas – out of life?"

>somewhat early pause


>>757215Now carrying someone, Cerulean didn't want to risk being here longer than she should for now. She opts to join the others in running, even though she'd gladly stay and fight in any other circumstance, using the flooded area and her general fitness to her advantage.

>Sprinter: Once per combat you can perform feat of great speed as part of an escape or charge. If used to escape combat only fast fliers are able to catch up with you as long as there is open terrain.

>Earthly Affinity: When on chosen terrain, your rolls to recover from helplessness are DC4 and traversing on your home terrain is automatic.


Last time, on PirateQuest…

Your group hits the bricks, near-literally as you stomp down some more flagstones lifted by hands that want to grab you and drag you down into oblivion. You don't stop running until you reach a very broad and long promenade that runs along one of the Capital's central rivers. There is little shade here, and grass is plenty enough that you need not worry about attacks from below.

Colobok's condition has clearly worsened, his skin going from pale to a most fetid blue… Droplet grimaces, looking at the crystal spheres that fell from Colobok's head, and places them against his temple. Colobok's coat glows at the site of contact, and the orbs sink back into his head, one by one. His coat ceases to get worse, but he's still unconscious.



Cutlass does her best to ignore whatever muttering about her may be transpiring. Though, her face feels slightly hotter.

"It could also be problematic…" Cutlass muses as she tentatively puts a hoof on the slope and sees how difficult it is to climb up it.

[1d10] for careful climbing

Roll #1 1 = 1


You slip and faceplant almost immediately as Hollow and Auspicious leap up with the Gates of Justice members, easily ascending the slippery slope. While the ninjador start to check the following door for traps and locks, Sparkler hops back down, kneeling slightly to let you climb aboard for a piggyback ride.



Cutlass's embarrassment is even more apparent on her face now. When Sparkler offers help up, Cutlass opens her mouth to object.

"I-" she begins. Then, she sighs. "Fine… But, I better not hear about this later!"

The smol pony climbs up on her friend's back.


Cerulean looks at him worried, but sighs as he at least gets his color back.
"He should be alright. If its like what happened with me: a little nap and he should be back at in soonish." She looks to the others a bit nervously.
"Uhh…sorry, I…I guess that wasn't a good spot…."


Alder snickers a little, before saying "Truly, it was nice! You ought to do it more sometime, Splendid. Though, your wings are rather comfortable too."

"You would be a welcome addition, to say the least… ehm, how does this work, anyways? Can Two Tons mend himself? Do you need to do it?"


You briefly hear Sparkler grimace as she adjusts to your weight. She's not much larger than you, but still an assassin – she must not have gotten her reputation as the weakest of the four killers for nothing. Still, she leaps, and your stomach leaps too as you're hurtled along with Sparkler's flash-stepping.

The ninjador manage to get the door open, and beyond it, you see another room, near identical to the one you just passed through. A long, smooth slope awaits, and at the top, is another door. Your companions double-take to the previous room, wondering if you have not walked into some kind of magical loop.

There is, however, one key difference with this room: The previous room had a stone ceiling, while this room has an open ceiling.

"He'll recover quick, all our bodies are engineered for it," Droplet says to reassure you. "Now, that aside, I wonder if those things will have the wherewithal to alert their buddies about us."

Cycle nods. "They might seem mindless, but we've seen them demonstrate an alarming amount of intelligence, for whatever they are. They can cooperate about as well as wild wolves, at least as far as we can tell."

"So they might be able to raise an alarm…" Droplet says. "They're still limited by the sunlight, but that could be trouble, especially if more can travel underground like the hands."

"Invest in a saddle and some barding, too, yeah?" Splendid asks. "Maybe if I can learn a few combat spells, we could be a right nasty sight on the battlefield."


"Hmm… riding bareback would not be too difficult, for what it's worth." He remarks, before flicking her beak with his tail.
"Ah- speaking of spells, how has the magic practice been going?"



"Thank you," Cutlass says awkwardly as she climbs off of Sparkler. "That flash stepping was an interesting experience. How do you learn how to do that anyway?"

Upon entering the new room, she looks around suspiciously. "Hmmm. It seems like some sort of intended bait and switch is at play here. So, what is different about this room?" she asks as she looks up at the open ceiling.

She observes the ceiling. How far up does it go? Is there anything on it? [1d10] observation

Roll #1 2 = 2



Cloud and his Shadow Clone each sip on their own smoothie, listening in on Miss Sunshine selling the idea of Cutlass's crew.
"You work quick, don't you?"
>"Probably has to bring up the height average of the crew."


"Then maybe we should be quick about what we're doing then. Things knowing you're hunting them is always a mixed bag," she comments out loud.
"Ya know, I'm starting to think maybe instead of pre-making these escape routes, maybe we should just make 'em as we need them?"


"Lots of practice," Sparkler grunts vaguely. "What I can tell you is that it involved crashing into a lot of walls. Sort of our equivalent of a pegasus falling out of the sky, or a cyclist falling off their bike."

The ceiling is open to the sky. There are grooves and gutters carved into the masonry to direct water flow into drains at the lowest points of this room.

Sparkler, Auspicious and Hollow step cautiously around, the three attenuating their senses as they suspect traps nearby…


"I was thinking along similar lines," Droplet says. "No hope in committing to a single route if the plan has to change in a hurry. And, assuming the worst case scenario, the Capital's captors are about to wake up and come looking for us… what if we went to them instead?"

"A more aggressive approach, you mean?" Juniper asks.

Droplet nods. "You compared them to wolves. If we take out their leaders, we just might see the rest of the pack scatter and crumble. Cerulean, whaddya think?"

"Yup, but that's nothing; my brother Schwarzwelt can recruit people to the Gates of Justice twice as fast."

Splendid flashes red, and starts to fan herself, until the talking turns back to magic.

"Well… hit a bit of writer's block, so to speak… singer's block, more like," Splendid says. "I try to listen every time Mallea tells me summat, but all that hullabaloo just flows right over me and I can't grasp a smidge of it. She tries her best, she does, but I think I may need a tutor of me own, one who's a Hummingheart like me."

Roll #1 2, 4, 9 + 1 = 16



As Sparkler searches the corridor, Hollow's eyes suddenly snap to her position. A mechanical whirring stirs beneath the panel of rock she walks across, and the panel, with the force of a shotgun, launches upward, flinging her through the open ceiling into the azure sky. Hollow launches a shuriken into the sky after her, then he disappears into a puff of smoke. The shuriken suddenly drops to the ground where he once stood, as if it fell out of his pocket. Now flying alongside Sparkler, he grabs her, and the two disappear again, reappearing once more where the shuriken was just a moment ago.

He sets down Sparkler, whose face is blank with shock. "So… that's what's different," she breathes.


"Hrm… well, I think we could start looking for something like that, maybe. I can not claim to be an expert on magic- I can hardly use any- but it does sound like a rather excellent idea!" he says.
"Hrm… perhaps their crew is short? I can imagine running a ship with too few crew members would be exceedingly difficult."



"I would have thought that panels on such smooth stone would be easier to spot…" Cutlass muses as she looks at the slope for more such panels.

[1d10] observation

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Works for me!" She looks to be back to her high-spirited self at the mention of that plan.
"I'm way better at chasing things, not being chased!"


"That's…" Cloud pauses, considering his wording. "Yea, fast recruitment is a red flag no matter the instance."

"You can say that again," Cloud says with a snicker. "Though, I can see the need for a tinker now that we got these special engines that got us down here."


Sparkler grumbles in annoyance, and Hollow deftly catches his falling shuriken. Sure enough, very fine and subtle gaps in the masonry separate the rigged stone panels from the safe ones. They have been laid out in such a configuration that even knowing that information won't be of much help to one who wishes to cross.

>DC to cross this time reduced by 2

Sparkler is able to fly over this time, but floats nearby to guard you. Auspicious and Hollow start to wall-run around the trapped panels.


"Glad we're all aboard," Droplet says. "So the first order of business, then, is to find these big shots of theirs. My guess is they'd be hiding somewhere with the most shade, the most cover and protection. Somewhere underground perhaps?"

"That'd be the Heart Temple," Juniper says. "I know we wanted to avoid that area, but it's not like there's only one way in or out. It's the largest Temple upon the island; there's much more to the place than what the others are going through… and they'll be taking the least crowded route, I'll bet."

"Something that will have to wait until we're out of here, though," Splendid says. "Don't think any tutor'd appreciate being dragged into the Sea-Beneath-the-Sea just for a tutor's fee… say, you ever get hit by artist's block with your performing?"

"In his defense, it helps that he's usually talking to people who are already predisposed to join the Gates of Justice," Miss Sunshine continues. "Independent bounty hunters, furloughed guards, veteran soldiers… everyone with a bone to pick against those who pillage and plunder as they please. And then with Cutlass, it's the same thing, more or less. We recruited our pirates from among malcontents, revolutionaries, people with no other prospects besides begging or selling themselves one way or another… who wouldn't want to pillage and plunder as they please against a society that threw them aside like so much refuse?"

Roll #1 6, 6 + 1 = 13



Cutlass lets out a sigh. "Would it kill you all to show a little more caution? I get that you're skilled, but still…"

Cutlass uses her telekinesis to press down on one of the panels from afar. [1d10] if necessary

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Suppose that sounds better. Still not a fan either way."
Cloud comments, finishing off his smoothie. He then looks to Chiu.
"Wanna explore the festival before things kick off? Could use some good unwinding."


"Mhmm- it would be a little much to ask of them… and, I have! Everyone experiences a sort of block- For me, I would try to work on something else in the meantime… sometimes stepping away gives you a new perspective!"


"Well then? How about we get going before they get a chance to huddle up and hide good?" Her tail moves around fairly eagerly, looking like she's been storing up energy the entire time they were trying to be cautious.


Colobok steadily climbs to his hooves, groaning and rubbing his forehead as he does. He tests his limbs for movement, woozily shaking off his earlier enfeeblement.

"You three get started, we'll catch up once he's capable of moving," Droplet says. "Anything happens, we'll communicate by conch."
"Agreed…" Colobok grumbles. "I'll need just a spot of time."

>roll for navigating the city safely, DC raised by 1 due to low alert

Keeping certain trapped panels securely in place, you cross over the trapped floor with no issue. Auspicious adjusts his comically large glasses in confusion. "What do you mean? That was us being cautious."

Hollow unlocks the door, having no time for trivialities as caution.

The next room beyond is a very long corridor, at the end of which is, finally, a normal staircase. Scattered across the floors are suspicious square holes of mysterious purpose.

"This is concerningly easy so far…" Ossie mumbles.

"I reckon you're right… I do need a few more hobbies, anyway!"

Splendid and Miss Sunshine perk up at the mention of doing some exploring. Chiu looks around. "I just can't help but wonder where those prisoners went… thought they'd circle around by now. But, no use in being beholden to them. Let's see what everyone's made of this festival."

The festival has hit its full swing, as the crew has begun a gradual transition of letting the shades take over. The shades are clumsy and only capable of mimicry at first, but the more that the crew coaches them – in sword juggling, fire spinning, music and feats of skill and daring – the better they get at it. The beggar god has gone surprisingly quiet for now, his avatar watching over his memories' gradual regaining of autonomy.


"Mhmm! We can try all sorts of things- even if I am not thieving to get by, I find lockpicking a fun hobby- and, hey! It got me a handy tool." he remarks, removing one of his hands and waving it around a little. "It can be anything, really- take my brother for instance. He's a good deal larger and stronger than I am, but his hobby was painting and tattooing. He gave me my tattoos."



"They're building up false confidence," Cutlass responds to Ossie as she telekinetically tosses a dagger into one of the square holes.

[1d10] for a good throw

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Alright. You guys stay safe." Cerulean then heads out and tries navigating around to their destination, hoping this'll have a different result from her last time leading somewhere.


Roll #1 8 = 8


"I shall consider my options amongst the two. If I like the idea than I shall join your crew and go with that path." He said simply as he pocketed his orb for now as he seemed satisfied with its completion and moved to join Two Tons who had gathered a good bit of old metal bits and pieces of average home metal tech such as kitchen ware and maybe a water clock or two. "Though if anyone wants to watch me work on a machine for the fireworks they are more than welcome to."


"Yea, they'll be fine. They can't roam off too far."
Cloud says dismissively as they explore the town proper.

"Wow, they're getting good at this stuff."
>"Wonder what this place was like in it's heyday."
Cloud glances around, seeing the spread of festivities.
"Hmm… wonder if there's any games set up…"
Cloud wonders aloud, looking for something entertaining to partake/show off in.

"Come on, you can walk and work, right? Let's have some fun!"
Cloud offers to Willow as he puts aside the crew talk to work on the fireworks.

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