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File: 1472787660204.png (308.97 KB, 1200x941, Hey it's me Sunset Shimmer….png)

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Reformed villain edition.




File: 1472787799137.png (719.9 KB, 901x1200, Twalot by Pencils colored.png)

Would you have preferred Twilight?


File: 1472787878447.jpg (289.15 KB, 1024x1280, dX7DZnU.jpg)


File: 1472787896895.png (715.44 KB, 900x1199, Twalot by Pencils colored ….png)

>the guy who colored that one forgot part of her hair


What a qt

>Facebook's satellite exploded

>Facebook had a satellite


File: 1472788434390.png (822.3 KB, 869x1130, Hefting.png)

>not expecting Facebook to have a satellite
One wonders who or what it was tracking, though.


At any rate, I'm off to sleep. See you guys tomorrow evening, probably.


It was meant to bring the third world online.


Zuckerberg approached a couple of pajeets for it first, he wanted to make the satellite only give Facebook access and a few other sites, luckily they told him to fuck off


A large influx of beams ought to put a stop to that


What did you mean by this?


Oh, and have you looked at the Fantasy Craft stuff?


No, I'll do some weekend reading


File: 1472796273328.jpg (50.71 KB, 389x590, horsedurr.jpg)


File: 1472796359017.jpg (74.37 KB, 390x536, tmp_27602-UzjkB5n145251127….jpg)


File: 1472796511784.jpeg (313.11 KB, 1920x1282, 6uF7fZV7pFZvUyKgs.jpeg)


File: 1472796927588.png (548.36 KB, 1007x705, 1472607505426.png)

Just to let you know, the vanilla enemies in XPONY quest were literally one hit away from killing Cheesy. This should keep you happy during work, since I'm certain you'll like having a few characters drop.

I was actually expecting Andy's character to leave Cheesy's to bleed out in the street.



Roll #1 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 2 = 15


Next session when?


I'll have more of a chance next week. I might need to work on the weapons, though.


Ah, allright
Just make sure to tell me when


File: 1472798168664.jpg (38.78 KB, 637x477, PumpkinDisaproves_minus_20….jpg)

>leaving a man behind


I got gold ranking.
Am I acceptable yet?


But it's not a man, it's a goat




>tfw will rank silver like the scrubs we are so we won't be able to play with Top Tier Andy


Would you abandon a robot though


I would never abandon a chell- wait, I sort of did leave her alone with a bunch zombies… uh.. but I told her to stay in the safe room?


You never checked if the mare you met was a demon or not


>implying you won't rank as diamond league team


Have you looked at us


I assumed that chell would scan it automatically and react if it were. Kelani never suspected anything at all, so no reason to check.

Yea, you're right. With Nasse and Sion on your team you will place Grand Master for sure.


File: 1472798661011.jpg (556.36 KB, 768x1366, Team tonk.jpg)



Yes, she checked
Remember when I said there are pros and cons to bringing chell? One of the pros that was she can scan people




Right, well, add in fidget and you're sure to push it to the max!

chell didn't say anything, so kelani doesn't know


File: 1472798916381.jpg (702.53 KB, 1192x1192, 1469394286687.jpg)

>tfw D.Va will never bully you


File: 1472798975649.webm (3.97 MB, 476x268, 1469060716405.webm)


File: 1472798994996.jpg (45.72 KB, 700x800, 1306049078367.jpg)

no please
I'm trying to git gud for you my angel


>tfw D.va will never make IdrA quit the game without saying gg

More when?


File: 1472799185423.jpg (546.48 KB, 1680x1050, 1425788096565.jpg)

Not today.


File: 1472799197339.png (560.78 KB, 800x800, 1471000604311.png)

>D.Va punches you in the gut, takes your money
>"gg ez, no re"


>"If you wanted my 5 dollar bill to buy snacks you could have just asked. I would have bought them, geez."


File: 1472799332466.jpg (345.54 KB, 1920x1177, 1471964394835.jpg)

>turns out she bought poisioned doritos
>she dies




File: 1472799390590.jpg (277.36 KB, 604x362, 1472661666659.jpg)

She comes back as a zombie!


File: 1472799396338.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1080, 1469115212612.png)



File: 1472799580376.jpg (453.58 KB, 1024x2462, Kelani runs for presidency.jpg)


File: 1472799832557.gif (219.11 KB, 488x488, 1152624__safe_solo_screenc….gif)


File: 1472799916144.gif (8.6 MB, 740x655, large (8).gif)


File: 1472800101347.gif (439.44 KB, 294x294, 1206444__safe_solo_flutter….gif)


Whenever it's slow and/or you see me on Steam.

He was full of holes. It's not a happy ending for him.

I'll probably do my rankings as Lucio and Pharah. Junkrat is fun, but I need a lot more practice with him and Roadhog.

Also, it feels weird to switch to Reinhard and win at times. I just switched, parked myself on the Payload, and off we went.


File: 1472800205097.png (1 MB, 878x1024, floot.png)


File: 1472800593108.jpg (64.5 KB, 500x264, tmp_15182-1472174893238-16….jpg)

Can wait to get home and be shown how much of a shitter I am


You'll do fine with your pro Genji skills.


I just know how to wall climb and press E
I played super safe by maining soldier last time I calibrated, I should do whatever I feel like now


You'll do fine. Don't worry.

Good night.


Hope squire is around tomorrow


File: 1472802676413.jpg (16.93 KB, 460x353, 361141.jpg)


I did most of mine as Lucio and Zarya. Rein is quite useful, I used him a few rounds too.


Would you do a Lucio or a Zarya though


File: 1472803082610.jpg (23.64 KB, 1024x768, DontDie.jpg)

You'll be fine. Don't stress out or get worried before it even starts.


File: 1472803119128.png (172.22 KB, 811x576, 1431458696115.png)

No hooves ew


Really now


File: 1472803362423.png (55.72 KB, 640x480, 1432410953287.png)

>seriously being attracted to humans


File: 1472803474791.png (44.11 KB, 728x579, tmp_15182-1472197376672-18….png)

I care about my virtual matchmaking numbers more in other vidya, luckily


But what kind of hooves would you?


File: 1472804348386.jpg (52.43 KB, 440x759, 405591.jpg)



blue ones


File: 1472804631016.gif (18.41 MB, 1000x1000, large (3).gif)


File: 1472805404018.png (156.69 KB, 1024x781, mrs__cake_loves_her_plot_b….png)


File: 1472805499258.png (172.02 KB, 850x1024, large (46).png)


D "that's not an offence class stop playing it like one" M will carry you to victory


Are you absolutely sure about that


File: 1472806384725.png (1.31 MB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 09-….png)

Arena Foe Tilter 4000 confirmed


File: 1472807065872.png (986.75 KB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 09-….png)

>5-0 arena priest with Malcheazazazazazr

I am scared


File: 1472808024005.jpg (46.92 KB, 405x377, 1467282264455.jpg)

Fillies are spook
If you don't calm them down RIGHT NOW they will panic!


Unspook tiny '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Your attempt is a failure


That's only one filly.


I colts too


File: 1472813545623.webm (1.93 MB, 962x826, hoverbird.webm)


Smartereveryday is a pretty fun channel sometimes.

I like how the bird was staring him down like that.


He does have a lot of fun videos, yes.
ANd yeah, it makes it so good that it takes him a while to notice the bird at all, and then they have a staredown when the bird notices back


I don't know why I thought OW Comp would be a good idea today.


>not waiting for us

Good jerb


I only did two matches.


File: 1472815460012.gif (1.48 MB, 515x515, 1469310071469.gif)


I'd blast her face and mouth full of my cumfetti IYKWIM

I doubt you people will wait for me to get home from work, huh


File: 1472816019192.gif (4.06 MB, 452x452, 1181244__safe_screencap_an….gif)


I'm going to be away tonight. Leaving in about five hours and I won't be back before midnight.


These are pon


How did she get in there


File: 1472820803581.jpg (105.77 KB, 600x800, horse-inexplicably-stuck-i….jpg)

No one knows.



File: 1472820897705.png (1.56 MB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 09-….png)

>be arena
>opponent plays Muster for Battle on turn 3

Love it


Is this a horse thing?


File: 1472821020997.jpg (40.57 KB, 800x532, dt.common.streams.StreamSe….jpg)

Horse does weird things.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was a pony in Ponyville with a qt mark in getting horses unstuck


Oh my fucking god that would be the best horse eer


Horses are as dumb as a brick.


File: 1472821377735.jpg (8.22 KB, 338x322, benbrode.jpg)

>second firelands portal



Also, it turns out I don't have to stay for a 12 hours shift, so I can be home in an hour and a half if we want to OW


>Lose first point fast on defense
>Guy leaves
>We hold pretty long on def 5v6
>We get 30m from the final point on attack
>If we had one more person it would've been a free win

Fuck Blizzard sometimes


Everyone must be playing comp


Have you noticed there's a Mei on both teams in most matches now? Called it.


I need help.
Trying to setup twitch, care to pop in and check on the quality?


Just link it.


In a minute, starting it up.




Works for me.





Oh wow, now I can look at a loading screen on Twitch!


That's laggy as fuck, though


It's what I was worried about.
I can only stream through my vpn, so I'd hoped Twitch would have better performance than steam, but seems like it's a negative.


It's like a powerpoint presentation mostly
The hacking went fine and smooth for a bit, but then it all fell down the stairs


The worst part is, I have 50mbit/s in upload and nobody uses them.
But since port 1935 is closed, there's no way of streaming without the vpn.


Take it to the monks
I miss my reliable 100mb/s dorm internet too




File: 1472826581825.jpg (42.46 KB, 640x528, 1346773[1].jpg)


>Found a group of really good random players who communicate and know their roles and can play the objective

We won several placement games


File: 1472827238789.jpg (15.59 KB, 200x303, doub.jpg)

>know roles


File: 1472827278328.gif (123.4 KB, 1000x325, fpf429eng.gif)


File: 1472829703756.png (211.4 KB, 700x466, 1410496428002.png)


>explosion in the Philippines
start the counter again


>Philippines are part of euro


File: 1472831425669.png (60.25 KB, 241x205, 1346556050948.png)


I thought that was only about europe


>other countries don't matter
I'm sure BDN is happy about that.


File: 1472832063744.png (129 KB, 1108x721, 1346313709017.png)

Its not that the rest of the world 'doesn't matter', the counter is only for Europeans thou?


File: 1472832084413.jpg (26.04 KB, 529x399, 1304454650797.jpg)

>Phillipines explosion
>some pinoy dota players may have died

You bet I'm happy


More like other countries are not part of the joke.


Well aren't they special, with their radical islamics and such.
You need a life.


>check nbc's site for numbers
>around the site a bit
>everything links back to the kaepernick news
stupid nigga, making up bullshit about how he's sitting because of racism when he didn't tell anyone before he started doing it.


His heart's in the right place, but holy shit is he being a complete tool about it.


More like his PR guy found a way to make being a lazy nigga look noble and get him attention


Well he kept doing it in his last game, and now everybody hates him for it.


well, now he's even ruining my news finding experience. So I hate him too.


but #blacklivesmatter


File: 1472833093114.png (104.27 KB, 313x262, 1317634610411.png)

>Go pick up some laundry after work
>End up eating with my family and going to the stables for an hour
Well that was a detour


More importantly antibacterial soap may have been a scam all along, the FDA is ordering its removal on the grounds there is no evidence that it works.


File: 1472833230141.jpg (297.85 KB, 500x1000, 1471955472161.jpg)

I'm off for a while. Probably wont be back before midnight.


If you asked anyone they'd tell you everyone in overwatch is gay.


>tfw still no FemHanzo drawing


You mean hanzo isn't already a girl?


Also florida is drowning again


Oh shit, I forgot all about that.


Stop stealing California's water!


I thought everybody knew about that


Is there a way we could get the info on who designed the R&D platform target practice so I can murder him?


There's actually more to this story.

There's no evidence that antibacterial soap works… with the amount of scrubbing the average user uses it for.

People who do a full surgical scrub DO benefit from using that kind of soap, but the average consumer rubs once and washes it off.


just things that the NBC site finds more important terrorism


Is that why its not being removed from hospitals?


I wouldn't know, I didn't hear about it being removed


Wait, Eichenwalde is out of testing? Why aren't we playing it then?!


season two is up nasse, time to go carry the euros


Who gives a flying fuck about competitive anyway?


Everyone else on the Yuro side is doing it, even hitting 50 last time.


File: 1472835194343.jpg (223.06 KB, 1920x1080, 20160902114935_1.jpg)

[Serious, philosophical look at the nature of war]


But you're the star player Nasse, they need your ana and mei!


>posting pictures of my bed


File: 1472835462527.png (227.42 KB, 540x540, NN37fsP.png)

This is the french word for war.


But competitive is unfun and goes against every sense of justice in videogaming!


excuses! Get in there and fight for groves-chan already


He's not even here
And DM is playing Warhams anyway
Overwatch is ded


When he comes back then


I, like Andy, actually think comp is usually more fun

Feels more balanced… Less blowout losses. No meme strata.


I like when people actually try to win the game, and the match making is significantly more accurate too, because level is not skill level, if you spend 300 hours running around everywhere but the point and not killing anyone, you're not gonna be better than someone who spend even 3 hours total playing the actual strats of the game


File: 1472835854069.webm (817.35 KB, 631x480, 1472791703281.webm)

Mōe is an important factor in helping remove stress from soldiers.


that black one reminds me of a Beldum


The typical brain damaged MC of anime is so much more tolerable when he actually is brain damaged.


Who the fuck wants to play 5 rounds of King of the Hill, also known as "the worst maps in the game"?


File: 1472836189354.png (676.58 KB, 2386x1200, 1375818a0ef71594d21a87c2bc….png)

eez cute
Brain damage is moe
>read pages left to right, panels right to left


I love the part where they realize the best love interest was the best friend.


File: 1472836615733.jpg (277.89 KB, 1000x1000, Beldum.full.1520802.jpg)

>beldum's face when


Is that the Zoe anime?


>it's a team picks Torb, Bastion and Hanzo in comp episode
>it's an Illios for 4 rounds with the team being shitters episode


Yeah, I haven't seen it myself though so I can't really comment on its quality.
ooh who'sh a widdle leg-eye cutie

Roll #1 8 = 8


Success, Beldum gained one amii heart from the praise


Yeah, it's "I, Dolores". I recommend it if you like manly protagonists who punch people at their weddings.


File: 1472837214612.jpg (105.64 KB, 1200x900, 8.jpg)

>googled 'welcome to the nhk ultimate moe'
>this was on the same page as the one earlier


File: 1472837257725.png (271.66 KB, 460x478, 403072.png)


oh nooo


File: 1472837372577.png (90.54 KB, 284x219, 1453894486697.png)

Pony is bored



Good Lord those puppers are adorbs


>let's just ignore half the classes in the game because if you pick anything other than the annoying nigger you're going to lose :^)


Delicious Brazilian fuccboi.


But Maali isn't in OW


>today people picked torb and bastion
>we lost
That is how it goes
In arena you actually have to put effort into playing, good god, what a twist
QP didn't go anywhere, but it's a nice change of pace


Guys pls.
Just accept Nasse as he is.
A filthy casual.


File: 1472838809201.jpg (139.53 KB, 752x1063, mercy_devil___overwatch__p….jpg)

Comp in 30?


Maybe. I already studied today but test is in 3 days… How long are we playing?


I dunno? As long as we feel like?
Maybe Swatz will be back by then too.


Ok poke me on steam. I only have until midnight.


Dex progress: 656
lacking the pokemon 3: the swinub line
pokemon to breed / evolve: 10
pokemon to trade evolve: 4
Legends I could possibly obtain, including going back generations : 23
obtainable legends I can't get through my collection: 3 (4 if phione counts)
Event only legends I can't get : 5


pokemon to stone evolve: 3


Catfaces to do in the post by accident :3


File: 1472840538899.png (86.33 KB, 1083x737, _300___skitty_by_pkmn635_h….png)


File: 1472840662273.png (596.62 KB, 1250x1024, pokepon.png)


delete this!


File: 1472840765022.gif (1 MB, 499x374, poke and chill.gif)


File: 1472840815952.jpg (60.18 KB, 800x800, 04462676d0c1e09517245077b3….jpg)

stop it


File: 1472840916922.webm (3.82 MB, 800x450, k plays pokemon.webm)

Stop what


File: 1472841051555.png (226.01 KB, 1280x796, fruitershy.png)


File: 1472841088531.png (167.33 KB, 900x805, 1446170335050.png)


File: 1472841158338.gif (391.17 KB, 339x339, fluttercat.gif)


File: 1472841174576-0.jpg (236.53 KB, 1200x1414, 1472833270812.jpg)

File: 1472841174576-1.jpg (188.4 KB, 658x2047, 1472833303093.jpg)

File: 1472841174576-2.jpg (298.19 KB, 1355x2048, 1472833457386.jpg)


File: 1472841188601.png (408.58 KB, 900x1000, 1452711601376.png)


>wanted to play some Comp
>can't even log into Bnet

If this is another motherfucking piece of shit DDos by butthurt fuckboys who got banned because they cheated like the cocksuckers they are, I'll flip my shit


File: 1472842260702.png (610.09 KB, 750x750, 1235814__safe_solo_flutter….png)

That's not flutterwhore…


File: 1472842470024.gif (1.63 MB, 614x634, 1450558846608.gif)

I post what I please


File: 1472842536848.jpeg (40.8 KB, 555x430, 1239708__safe_fluttershy_….jpeg)

post-S4 Fluttershy is a good pony to post


File: 1472842572346.gif (303.92 KB, 104x152, fluttershy attacks.gif)


File: 1472842787806.gif (1.61 MB, 720x402, 1235807__safe_fluttershy_s….gif)

That's what you get for being a dick


I want to bully Fluttershy
Or Fluttershy to bully me
One of the two


File: 1472842977524.png (123.13 KB, 300x361, 1234992__safe_solo_flutter….png)


In need of another memer?


I've seen more people complain about picks in QP than comp


>legends I can maybe get (more than double the next category)

Legend bloat is real


ORAS hoops are a godsend in this case, since I can maybe run into most of these legends in one game.
I think one legend can show up a day? Is that how it works?
I suppose I should transfer up what I can this weekend and stop procrastinating it


Update after an afternoon of playing:
Dex Progress: 665
lacking the pokemon 4: the swinub line, dunsparce
pokemon to breed / evolve: 6
pokemon to trade evolve: 1
Legends I could possibly obtain, including going back generations : 21
obtainable legends I can't get through my collection: 3 (4 if phione counts)
Event only legends I can't get : 5
pokemon to stone evolve: 3


What a shame, I just saw a Dunsparce, I would've traded it to you

They're just floating around in the early routes of X Y


I'll probably just ask the gts for one. Not a huge problem.


>Ask the giantess


Kansas is good territory for giants, lots of open fields for them to not get into trouble in.


I've actually gonna quite a few pokemon from the gts, the way it works is you have to put up decent trades first, and then other people will see it and trade with you.



y-yea you too


>going to all-night open market to get some late-night groceries
>notice Police car turning the same direction
>oh god no
>they're going to the same store as I
>they get out of their car and walk in
>I'm right behind them
>manage to fall on my ass spectacularly right on the doorstep


File: 1472852692227.jpg (119.82 KB, 489x607, 1472849973234.jpg)


tags: implied_bestiality


Good thing it's only implied


>implying beastiality isn't the best


File: 1472853583712.jpg (348.59 KB, 1920x1104, XcbHZDS.jpg)

You're the one saying that


Yes, and?


And nothing


You gettin' uppity on me?


File: 1472854059230.jpg (844.81 KB, 2560x1536, 20151225_045256.jpg)


Fucking bullshiiiiiit


File: 1472854220768.jpg (328.53 KB, 960x640, tumblr_ocu6kieCzs1sxkih7o1….jpg)

>Swatz and I got plat
>Sylt got gold like a babby-leauge


Both you and swatz started out in gold!
And I'm 14 points off plat
With 7 wins


>started out with gold
Lol what
No, we started off in Plat


everyone will be in plat in a few days I'm sure


I know for a fact swatz started gold, we discussed it.


What're you going to buy for your first gold weapon?


File: 1472858010338.gif (1023.04 KB, 500x465, 1470959044709.gif)



File: 1472859017405.jpg (28.54 KB, 513x719, 5d56f63abc7fe0263ddf9c6bc5….jpg)


File: 1472859798428.jpg (21.79 KB, 400x225, 400x230_pokemon-s14e44_520….jpg)




>buying a weapon


What else would you do with those CP?


File: 1472860634558.jpg (169.06 KB, 1005x795, ancient_green_dragon_by_be….jpg)

Why horde them of course! They are little purple gems right?





>called in to work to cover someone else
>fine by me
>get squid juice on my work shirt and end up smelling like jizz
>burn my finger on a hot panhandle
>get sent home early because it's not really busy
hahaha kill me


>>tfw I still miss it


File: 1472861976665.png (174.68 KB, 865x469, Shining Armor goes to v.png)


>you are the game


Shining get out of Nasse's bag


>tfw you'll never be the game


File: 1472862406365-0.png (1.95 MB, 1226x3388, Friday plans 1.png)

File: 1472862406365-1.png (2.24 MB, 1237x4141, Friday plans 2.png)


Why is bug butt so surprised?


File: 1472864039025-0.png (834.67 KB, 1589x1631, Changeling plans.png)

Because Anon's a terrible influence.


>when's that going to change



I can't even.


Out of nowhere it seems like HeatSt started running a bunch of liberal stories and suddenly their comments section is moderated.

Was it a trap the whole time?


Pretty sure I got Plat right away after my qualif game

Sym meme beam maybe?


>girls being passive agressive like that

Can get under my skin in a second


File: 1472866796667.png (214.78 KB, 688x700, spice-details1.png)

I feel like going to sleep


File: 1472866839292.jpg (91.85 KB, 1280x720, 1472602380539.jpg)


It's their greatest technique, next to crying.


It is something that can get me upset quite quickly.
It's not the act of being passive agressive, it's some girls having… a certain passive agressiveness to them sometimes that just makes me want to rip my skin off.



The amount of details in this adventure is amazing
Gonna sleep now though


File: 1472867533055.gif (1.11 MB, 320x240, 1307679040294.gif)

It really is.




>You were born 150 years too early to be the host of "Cooking With Marina"


>implying anyone would watch it
Maybe after Luna comes back and TV gets invented.


150 years is how long it will take for TV to get invented


Do ponies even have TVs? I know they've got arcade cabinets, but… have we seen one?


They've been outmoded by magic tables


File: 1472870937750.gif (313.11 KB, 500x281, 1468887518557.gif)


File: 1472870956836.jpg (47.42 KB, 1280x720, tv.jpg)

yea they have tv


Truly a magical time to live in. A pity Marina will be long dead by then.


File: 1472872819684.jpg (110.84 KB, 310x380, 310x0_1472807507451.hebdo.jpg)


File: 1472873680701.jpg (57.44 KB, 540x720, 1458093601672.jpg)


File: 1472875278768.webm (2.74 MB, 960x540, IT'S THINMAN WHACK HIM.webm)

I still find this amusing.


>Can't believe the Magnificence he's seeing that he takes two screenshots
The worst part is that I've had Thin Mints jump through non-damaged walls/roofs too.


Long War was a mistake.


File: 1472876145428.jpg (2 MB, 1920x1080, 1460154094900.jpg)

It's almost as bad with XCOM 2. It's terrible to be setting up an ambush, only to get spotted through a completely intact wall.
But without it, how would we get scenes of mass carnage like this?


Gary's Mod.


Early XCOM2 suffered from that, but I haven't experienced it since.

It was still infuriating when it happened. I was shot through a solid wall because a Viper nabbed one of my soldiers and triggered a pod.


File: 1472877610780.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, 1461746946762.jpg)

Glad to hear it. I still see it happen in the dlc missions every now and then, but I'm glad the rest of the game is more reliable now.
But that's fake and gay! These scenes are evidence of a hard-fought battle, not some props thrown around!


You can set up fights between AI units in GMod.


I had a funny idea earlier in the shower.
Horizons characters, 20 years down the line, will have some incredible contacts.
Princess of what might be the first official Luna sect in Equestria since millennia, Inquisitor set on a great career path with upper management written all over her, Leader of a Zaibatsu with friends on the yakuza and finally Yura Gagadoga, first bitch on the moon.
If there is a team to start the Patriots with, it's that.


My back is killing me.


Wait, you got it to work?

I think Tier 2 is when it gets the bloodiest. You have more options, and you have to use them. I've left Advent city centers looking like Sarajevo.


Centuries, sylt. Luna was only banished like, 600 or so years ago. Give or take.
But that is certainly an unusual gathering of folk.




But at least these ones die. After like, 200 years or so, unless Granny Smith is an aberration in pony life expectancy.


We have the technology.
Electronic old mares and their 'flexibility'.


La li lu le lo


It'd be kinda cool to use out contacts to kick-start a kind of illuminati out masonry of sort.


Sorry for 0mons
I fucked my phone up and needed to get it fixed


Maeda'd never really stick with it, though. Not unless she brought Celestia herself into it and got her okay.
Unless she turns out like Redcoat, where his will is Hers, and no he doesn't need to hear her give the orders he just knows okay


What did you do? Break the screen?


She'd go the way of Big Boss, Maeda is actually not a fanatic celestial. She just wants to do good to as many ponies as possible and recently has begun to realise that maybe the codex isn't always the best solution, using critical thinking instead.


Congratulations, Stricture. You're the Big Boss now.


It's a thing I can see driving a wedge in their relationship.


Might have flashed bad firmware
I love my Sony Z3 but trying to tinker with it is a fucking pain,I'm thinking of getting a HTC10 right the fuck now


Probably a lot of relationships.
Anyway, I think I'm gonna go pass out for now. See you guys later.


Me too. Night.


Up for some Overwatch, or are you at school?


Up until about halfway through my campaign. Then my computer decided it was too old for this shit and refused to load the save without crashing.


In town,getting repairs done and possibly just getting another phone


File: 1472883106539.gif (236.09 KB, 250x250, 1205838__safe_screencap_an….gif)

One two three four
It's Minuette coming through the door.


File: 1472884006368.png (244.89 KB, 972x584, 1472520141281.png)


>meanwhile dumb fairy contributes nothing of worth to the story again


The Tiny folk are unsung heroes.


Doesn't stop me from being jelly of other characters actually being worth thinking about
I think Nolin was the last character with a chance at becoming someone worth chatting about.
Kelani is good too, but no one else is really around to notice him.


You and Maali are the only ones with a Cyberpunk character you can talk about.


File: 1472884879920.jpg (31.15 KB, 628x472, 079693180b869cb7794f818a11….jpg)

I do miss hawknia, she feels like she can change the world if she ever gets over her vendetta.


You could replace almost any high-ranking clone and use their influence towards your goals. Right now, you're getting a tour of all the power players.


File: 1472885413693.png (5.13 KB, 257x261, 1453171754014.png)


I was planning on getting a new phone anyway


File: 1472885535649.gif (568.12 KB, 512x288, 1472699319485.gif)


>tfw she's more likely to just team up with a politician clone, acting as a body double / sneaky assassin for her


File: 1472886414045.jpg (1.95 MB, 1400x2154, 1472620526609.jpg)


>Hawknia gets pushed further and further back as deals and paperwork get the best of the crew
>She isn't even let go, the checks just stop coming in and her office is repurposed without telling her


>goes to apply for a new job
>there is no record of her work history
>"its okay that you lied, we do have a position open.."
>salad chef


>Has to cater the funerals and anniversaries of all the people she killed
>Can't take the extra food home


>after a few months she gets bored
>almost falling asleep at a funeral
>notices one of the grieving ponies being followed
>its her own clone following that pony
>trying to clear up confusion that SHE didn't kill that guy
>Hawknia feels obligated to help out


>Someone snaps a picture of all the clones
>Word starts getting around town
>All the Hawkins clones have to gather and work together


>that's it, I'm moving us all to a private island


>Just funnel all that drug money, catbutt
How's Monday evening sound for a Cyberpunk game?



Nice, I'll need to make up for being gone all weekend.


File: 1472888693153.png (271.64 KB, 448x480, 1430642204719.png)

>reach into pocket
>don't feel the same flat, sleek glass greeting my hands

I feel responsible for the death of a friend


I hope you're having a nice time


File: 1472888736658.jpg (83.66 KB, 739x667, 1465720606280.jpg)

its okay
you'll get a new friend


I-I have, but he's not the same ;_;


I know that feeling when I had to be without my Nexus.

Nope, lots and lots of work. I don't even have time to write down ideas like I planned to today.


Also, BW2 PCs are the best

You guys gonna be around?


Nah, I should be falling asleep any minute now


Right. I'll see if I can get up early instead


Don't worry, when I started in Horizons, I felt the same way about Rhanna. Dumb and annoying kid who didn't even fit in the game so I always felt out of place
Now I have a lot more fun playing her thanks to Wf and Sion's advice


File: 1472889513042.png (11.97 KB, 838x438, 1465620048479.png)

yea, not having fun isn't the issue here


File: 1472889709689.png (10.86 KB, 487x254, cf3d9977e3a5bde64f19170fc7….png)

You mean not contributing to the story? I also felt like Rhanna was that too!


Sure, but then Wf let it be that your science will matter later on.
Compared to the others kotone is just a joke who's always going to be in the way. I shouldn't have played her.


Cello might need to learn how to do some serious work soon


File: 1472890210937.png (1.72 MB, 1500x1500, fda1ae6ff1eefaf5e5482ebcb5….png)

There's beauty in character development Andy, you should give Kotone a chance
You mean he haven't been so far?



>having fun adventuring and going out

The Professor might need some less fun work done, but you'll be paid at least


File: 1472890664228.jpg (23.1 KB, 480x480, 1472146430077.jpg)

I mean it
Now lighten up you big grump
Hey, since when you can't do your work AND have fun with it?
But maybe I'll ask the proffesor for what he wants later, like that dragon


I hope you enjoy spending several days in a lab just watching a microscope and praying it works

>implying I'm not trying to share my pain


>Spending several days in a lab just watching a microscope
For what purpose?


Is it really unthinkable that I'm happy with who kotone is, but unhappy that she's exists so racially differently and less impactfully that she would not fit in a sequel like the others?
Is it truly bothering you that I might feel a little left out and regret not making her manako 2.0 so at least she could make her mom happy?
Why does it even bother you that I'm not 110% happy with all of my characters? Its normal to have some regrets like this, finding out only later that it wasn't the best choice. I rarely ever feel a complete click with a character/setting/team combo anyway. Its nothing new, not a real complaint anyway.


It isn't and it doesn't bother me, I just wasn't sure if i knew how you felt, which I didn't. Sorry


File: 1472891355007.jpg (68.77 KB, 447x453, 1316277141851.jpg)

You need to take three micrographs of twenty slides each.

It takes you anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to find an acceptable spot to take your micrograph, and another five to fifteen minutes to take one micrograph after finding a spot. There is also a 10% chance something goes wrong and you have to redo a graph or whole slide.

So, yeah


File: 1472891559986.jpg (19.84 KB, 364x427, 1439201282199-1.jpg)

Shit, I barely understood half of all that


Brings me back to Chemistry class

>ROLL D100

>If 1, someone pulls the fire alarm at a critical moment


File: 1472891697848.png (385.4 KB, 907x324, 1472857189629.png)

Also, turning off phone to see if darkness let's me sleep


File: 1472891744451.gif (816.17 KB, 500x343, 0bImFEt.gif)

Good night


File: 1472891916381.jpg (2.78 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_1646.JPG)

A micrograph is basically a photograph of whatever you're seeing through a microscope.Usually to look at stuff with microscopes you have to put them on a glass slide.

These are glass slides covered in a graphene (carbon) paste and the current bane of my existence

Also I just found it we're supposed to pay to use the laser microscope and we've probably blown our budget already


Why are they covered in that carbon goop? and what are you taking micrographs of?


File: 1472892346211.png (138.38 KB, 600x360, 1465783355518.png)

>20 aegslash super training minigames
>1 dusk stone
Well. This is gonna take a while. Also no legendary mirage spots today.
Going to bed then


File: 1472892429493.png (362.94 KB, 1280x1000, 334b08298480cd89f0aca42469….png)

You caught the best legendary yet?
Also night


Bacteria and other stuff that gets onto the slides after we've dumped them in seawater for a while. It's a pain to analyse them because it takes forever

It's a pain


No. I haven't run into it "soaring in the sky", only honchrow with bad IVs are up there.

I think I have the old event one to transfer up..


talk to you later


Fucking science
At least what you do is definetly more important than making pretty pictures


File: 1472896769524.jpeg (66.2 KB, 998x660, 6uG0ynODZriKG6Aes.jpeg)


Also, the fucking post mare.


File: 1472897823513.jpeg (161.85 KB, 443x663, large (15).jpeg)

Would you fuck the postmare


File: 1472898166224.png (492.82 KB, 750x750, tmp_4567-1469726472754-210….png)



File: 1472898243054.gif (80.27 KB, 806x806, 1450222154378.gif)


File: 1472898873930.png (523.52 KB, 1191x715, 1336945423985.png)

*panananannas into thread*


File: 1472898939240.png (153.58 KB, 313x223, 1472531474987.png)


File: 1472899848297.jpg (23.53 KB, 464x640, Akibas-Trip-2_Fami-shot_10….jpg)


File: 1472900345615.gif (1.95 MB, 320x248, 4NkSyAi.gif)


File: 1472900498670.png (124.49 KB, 358x396, unsure equine.png)

>you will never be swarmed by goats


File: 1472900567361.jpg (119.66 KB, 720x404, 1471526593379.jpg)

>Let's play a quick match of Comp
>Gold elims at 1
>Two people leave before the first round is even over
I don't even know anymore.


>playing comp
>playing comp solo


Comp is usually more fun than QP.


>no silly team setups allowed
>follow ze meta or go in ze oven juden
>you want fun? here have 5 rounds of ilios fuck you


You say that, but you know

I had more fun playing comp with Swatz and Sylt yesterday than most games we ever had in QP


On the other hand, people talking over VOIP is far more common in Comp so you sometimes get into these really nicely coordinated games.

The lack of hero stacking is great too. And people are more likely to take offense to some tard playing attack Widow.


Meanwhile half the heroes are unplayable and you know every mcnugget you meet is going to be Hammer


I think you are suffering from a very severe case of needing to git gud


I don't enjoy heavily competitive-minded video gaming, as you may have noticed by now


You pretty much see every hero being used unless you're like top 500 material. Even Mei and Mercy are common sights now.


File: 1472901576092.png (779.37 KB, 1280x720, faltershi.png)

>two recently-buffed heroes are common sights


Mcnuggets don't usually hammer anymore, they just go for the headshot immediately


Hammer was a player we met like a month back who was playing mccree and single handedly wiping us out


What's your point? You also see Genji's and Lucio's if you're worried about the heroes who got nerfed.


File: 1472902257082.png (1.49 MB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 09-….png)

Ah yes, Paladins
Still retarded


File: 1472903448223-0.png (1.03 MB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 09-….png)

File: 1472903448223-1.png (1.1 MB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 09-….png)

Next Level


What does recombobulator do if used on a minion of a unique cost, like the 25 mana lava golem?


And of course it won him the fucking game because topdecking the 3 possible lethals from 7 cards is impossible when I have to do it
Only the opponent can topdeck lethal

Just transforms them into another copy of that minion
So Molten Giant becomes a new 8/8 Molten Giant


Fucking Book Wyrm is the most useless fucking card in the existence of fucking Arena

God, I'm glad this run is ending with 3/3 because it was an unbearably shit deck
The picks were so horrendously fucking bad


File: 1472904120654-0.png (1.62 MB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 09-….png)

Oh hey I won


File: 1472904352812-0.png (1.5 MB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 09-….png)

This absolute lack of tempo, however, looks like a loss


File: 1472904479598-0.png (1.08 MB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 09-….png)

>Maybe Firelands portal will give me some tempo an-

>Ben Brode laughing in the distance


802 years ago

He did say the zaibatsu


>wake up to everything shaking
>settles down
>sirens loudly race back
>can't find anything about it being a quake


Enjoy your radiation-induced superpowers


to be a Kansan super hero you have to be an alien though!




Woke me up too. I got a message from someone in Oklahoma you said they feel it too. I wonder where it was centered


Andy, most of the cast have really bad/weird relationships with their parents. Kotone actually has one of the BETTER relationships.

>Maeda: Hates her dad, is a bastard

>Lilly: A prude, moral no-name courier is the daughter of a sexual conqueror, amoral, ambitious pirate queen. She also knows neither of her parents because they're probably dead.
>Rhanna: Ran away from home because she hates her family, also generally dislikes her own race entirely
>Marina: Still pissy at her dad for not being there when she grew up, in a weird position with her mom because she's like an alien intelligence after being warped by divine magic, and now she has to get in a political marriage and do princess stuff


I'm officially blaming oklahoma.


>On defense, we lose
>Girl voice: "Why did we have SYMMETRA"
>Me: "Well it seemed to be working."
>Girl: "Well it didn't, because that's the reason we lost."
>Me: "Gee, I got gold elims and objective kills, why weren't you doing shit with soldier 76?"


File: 1472905206551.png (189.77 KB, 283x459, grumpyDog.png)


Don't worry about it.


Is there any force of power that does not try to kill you if you live in Kansas


Girls can't play video games, everyone knows that


Which heroes do you people think don't appear in comp?

The only one I can think of is Hanzo


People who only complain after the game are the worst.


File: 1472905279210.png (62.87 KB, 225x199, 1471382636485.png)

Wow RUDE! Stop being mean to GIRLS Wf!



Did you get Dunsparce?


Yes. Muslims


I see him all the time in high gold/low plat games

>Keep getting one win away from plat

>Bad team


Oh, wow, low blow
Top bantz, I rate it 10/10


File: 1472905389053-0.webm (3.76 MB, 640x360, smug.webm)

>not starting out in plat


Yep! All good on that now.
I need swinub, houndour, licklicky, a shiny stone, and 2 dusk stones.

and then its the legends.


File: 1472905553241.png (427.66 KB, 1024x534, twilight_snuggles_pancakes….png)

I bants best when first waking up


I asked my friends in Pokemon X to call me "Kaz" and now I have to imagine all the voices in Metal Gear gruff gravely voices.

"Kaz… what is it?"
"That's a sleeping Snorlax boss. There's no way to cross the bridge - this has to be the work of Cipher."


heh, nice


File: 1472905742810-0.webm (3.09 MB, 202x360, No Coffee for you.webm)

Are you saying coffee affects your bantz in a negative manner?


but that's only if its possible for coffee to be negative


File: 1472906257975-0.jpg (127.22 KB, 533x797, cofeeee.jpg)

File: 1472906257975-1.jpg (115.77 KB, 600x927, clff.jpg)

File: 1472906257975-2.jpg (54.9 KB, 480x642, coff.jpg)

Some evidence suggests it turns people into monsters


Do you think it's viable to use Shedinja in regular gameplay?

I kind of want to for meme potential, but I'm sure I'm gonna get fucked when some random electric type just happens to have Bite


Monsters into people*


I don't see why not, just swap if you think you'll be in danger. Usually the NPCs don't know surprising moves, just whatever the level up set is?


So, OW anyone?


No, you see, you only turn into a morning monster once you get addicted to coffee
I sure was less cranky when I wasn't addicted to coffee

In a bit


I guess so, but you never know when you'll be surprised by a random move.

In a bit… I fell asleep in my contacts and I need to let my eyes recover


Unless you're doing a nuzlocke what's the problem?


I guess so


That first one the blonde xir is just being an asshole


sure, give me 15


It looks like Starbucks 'coffee' and only assholes drink that, true


the brown haired one wasn't much better thou, smacking away the expensive coffee


Home soon


Is all that available with the carts you have? Besides event legends


Wait, you don't do that?
You don't knock things out of the hands of people on a regular basis with witty one-liners?


Counting on those mirage spots to show themselves here for at least half of these.. only three are absolutely not available.

ho-oh, Groudon, Yveltal


>Wander over Yonder episode about Sylvia and an old friend of his reuniting to do adventures
>could be a GREAT lesson about 1, Not wanting to keep friends all to yourself 2, Not being a third wheel when you can avoid it
>part 2 does a fucking 180 and turns the old friend into a douche so part 1 is justified without any lesson

Craig 'No Balls' McCraicken, am I right?
I bet he enjoys being pegged by Faust too


File: 1472907626841.png (635.43 KB, 616x1920, tumblr_ocwbyjpLTo1rqejd7o1….png)


File: 1472907668510.png (475.97 KB, 537x719, smooshershy.png)


I expect some sort of adventure
Or something
Holy fuck all of these are so appropriately titled because the ending is SO anti-climatic


File: 1472908271017.png (1008.65 KB, 667x1600, Fast.png)

Why are we no allowed to ride a salamence instead of a latias/os ?


File: 1472908335072.png (1.02 MB, 638x1920, tumblr_oacmvnLHwo1rqejd7o1….png)

Fluttershy has a very anti-stressful life


Lazy sprite team


File: 1472910038531.jpg (51.47 KB, 480x520, Oya3nc1.jpg)

>In Japan they have over 100 different ways to count any different groups of things like dishes, animals, books, electronics…
Ah yes
I found the part where people give up


>they all are [thing]number


The stallion's cm tho'


File: 1472911656688.jpg (21.94 KB, 873x255, Ruzyib2.jpg)

Yes, exactly!
At least the teacher told us that not even the Japanese memorize all of them so I don't feel so bad


That's retarded and easy to make up on the fly!


File: 1472911813430.png (375.09 KB, 647x525, 1469312008859.png)

Why are you learning Japanese?


File: 1472911984049.jpg (50.69 KB, 616x960, rEYBdsa.jpg)

I love learning, especially languages
Learning English was the best thing I did in my life and it opened a lot of opportunities and got me to know a lot of people
I'm hopeful it'll be the same with Japanese


File: 1472912466036.jpg (57.21 KB, 600x283, dredmain.jpg)

Wait a minute
Those eyebrows…


File: 1472912724106.png (82.34 KB, 365x392, 1321896349155.png)

That's really nice


I just like studying
But I feel a bit guilty since my parents spent a fortune on me


make it up to them by making ads for other people, in different languages.





Drampa is the first dragon pokemon in a long time that I've actually wanted on my team

only on the sub


Isn't there a new episode today?


Is there?


I think it features Snails?



Buckball Season

When Applejack and Rainbow Dash discover that Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are the two best Buckball players in Ponyville, the former pair agrees to train the latter.


File: 1472913782578.png (186.13 KB, 500x348, faJlNBl.png)

But that would have no use here
Especially since the Olympics and the world cup are over and probably never happening here again
At least I can help mom and my little brother with their English stuff
>Huge tits and pantyshots in walls out in the open for everyone to see
What a magical place


>that would have no use here
>ad creation has no use
What kind of third world country is this?
Just make digital ads then.


Well it has no use in other languages since no one comes to Brazil, plus we live in a very calm residential area


But.. a job making ads is the classic artists job.. and if you know how to translate their ad properly its got to be a bonus to hiring you!


Well Making ads is not a bad idea…


every artist I've talked to in real life did this at one time, go for it!


Remember to insert memes in all of the advertisements you make.


I could also use my skills to draw porn on the internet
Decisions decisions


why not both?


I'm 2slow


File: 1472916072351.webm (3.87 MB, 590x330, tornado.webm)


Estimate how much you'll make per hour of doing each


Look for work making the ads, you'll probably be making one at a time and have to slow down anyway because they keep changing what font they want you to use.


File: 1472916206810.jpg (30.64 KB, 368x324, Shiva is tired of this.jpg)

>check X
>331 mons in national dex



File: 1472916313652.webm (3.49 MB, 640x360, launch.webm)


File: 1472916334419.webm (7.9 MB, 750x422, EnragedInsecureIvorybacke….webm)


I've long since given up on "catching them all."


Well… Jay Nailor got over 1000 bucks for a ych pic
If I can get close to being that good, I'm set
Those sound like the words of someone who did this before


682 so far. Most of that is 'living' too. Could let you two 'see' my pokemon if you get serious about it later.


File: 1472916486145.webm (3.85 MB, 1024x576, 1472780816876.webm)


Where/what was that?


Cape Carneval, a day or two ago




Recycled space rocket exploded on the launch bad


Falcon 9 rocket. Blew up during fueling with the payload on board, a 200 million dollar satellite.


You forgot to add it was a Facebook sattelite



I have an uncle who's an artist and he told me a lot about it. But he basically used the art as a way to get through until he could get all his certifications for the career he really wanted.


It wasn't. It was a Israeli communications satellite that was going to get partially leased by FB.




Dosh ruining everything again


same thing


I watch Buckball for the groans


Not really, no.


File: 1472916728428.png (392.23 KB, 1920x1080, libestreamer.png)

Oh so THAT was the exploded facebook sat.


>I agree to join the [sport] team… how do you play?
>Well, you'll need this dildo and lube…


>a sport


I'm done with this semenslurping sport.


It's called Hoccer in Manehatten


>ass backwards "cultured" unicorns can't even play the most basic of sports




>national dex at 506 obtained, 607 seen
>most of the Kalos region pokes just need to be evolved, barring the ones I can't get in Y


Would you try out AJ an RD?


>Unicorns fucking up again


So are the unicorns on the opposing teams?


>flooots using the tail

TOp cute


>Background pony gets promoted episode


>hey kid wanna /buckball/


Isn't Snails like, a schoolchild?


Okay Rainbow, AJ, it's time to discuss who gets into comp and who gets the bench.


>RD and AJ didn't spasm the fuck out about being outplayed



File: 1472917245204.png (292.13 KB, 452x363, 1469196890354.png)


Close enough!


Oh boy I can't wait for the Weaver comics


I'm not too concerned about the dex. Maybe I'll do it just for ORAS


File: 1472917317829.jpg (270.62 KB, 980x1203, chewbaccaheadshot.jpg)

>Chewwy dot com


I think it's mostly to get the Shiny Charm so you can haul it over to Hawaii.


File: 1472917438749.gif (535.11 KB, 304x367, 1468980718143.gif)

Why can't they just ask first?





QP over
Comp time now


File: 1472917505732.jpg (72.16 KB, 480x487, 0174bb71f69f4c6a03d79f38f2….jpg)

>it's a "playing for fun is more important than winning" episode



The lesson today is tryhards are a shit


I really wish pony was good.


>all about ball control



T. Snips




My main motive is to get the shiny charm anyway.
I suspect that SunMo is going to be the most newfag filled generation, and that the value of genwun and honnen shones is going to sky rocket


File: 1472917752397.png (44.92 KB, 185x214, 1469335442771.png)

Remember kids, tryhards fuck up the game.
Stress is bad.




Man, Pinkie Pie is so cute
I remember why I now


>Underhanded rogue mode activated




4str 4stam leather belt
so good


File: 1472917842188.gif (422.25 KB, 500x281, 1472425226911.gif)



File: 1472917860762.jpg (742.87 KB, 469x10000, 405902.jpg)


True. Especially since the only way to get classic version of pokes instead of Alolan versions will be via transfer.




Also why are those the colors of Ponyville?


That spergout sounded like DM when he gets salty


File: 1472918013061.gif (643.61 KB, 770x416, 1469335176486.gif)

Snails is alpha as fuck


File: 1472918062648.png (13.99 KB, 638x77, tears.png)


File: 1472918099122.png (455.48 KB, 1135x805, 1224135__safe_pinkie pie_s….png)


File: 1472918100819.jpg (49.91 KB, 540x426, 1421346491441.jpg)

You say that like its news.


Exactly, "vanilla" pokemon might even be considerably more valuable in general, a "vanilla" shone might be worth like, multiple legends or something.


>multiple trades for one poke
>in pokemon
Andy, please, you're getting carried away.


I want this achievement




File: 1472918175103.png (519.39 KB, 1280x710, screaming butterhorse.png)




File: 1472918183179.png (168.54 KB, 693x1152, 1469338376099.png)








File: 1472918219695.png (1013.38 KB, 1708x1316, 1468908445168.png)



>Its a shiny, 5 iv, good natured, egg moved, execute, and it won't evolve into that long necked thing since its ORAS, come on you want old executor right?


No, I mean you physically can't trade multiple pokemon for one. This isn't the card game.


It's actually not that, it's just that they already had THIS episode like, four times now.
And there's nothing interesting or cute or fun about it, I don't get why.


but qt pons


File: 1472918325752.jpg (154.63 KB, 1086x720, 1471786566962.jpg)

>Literally Overwatch episode


>pro team stomped by day 2 casuals


File: 1472918379343.gif (1.18 MB, 636x357, OH OH TIME TO ACCELERATE.gif)


>that unicorn mare

She's a cutie


Did they just go
On them?


File: 1472918424312.jpeg (105.87 KB, 455x1024, DM gets asked to play com….jpeg)


File: 1472918433026.jpg (39.82 KB, 900x900, angry_pepe.jpg)




I rate 8/10 lots of cute ponies

Also, literally the sub with OW


sure you can. It works like this.
>agree on the number of pokemon and everything
>add each other / gts into acquientces
>get into the trade window
>Show the shiny, so they know you're not lying
>trade the extra derps you brought first for the additional pokemon
>trade the shiny last
>both of you leave the trade window





7/10 bretty okay


Featuring Snails as Zenyatta and a bg pony as Mccree


File: 1472918513006.png (343.67 KB, 712x720, 1469871830371.png)

Look at this people.
This is the best pony can be, post season 5


That just seems… wrong on a fundamental level. It's like tricking a child into trading you a foil card for a land/energy.


File: 1472918582920.png (76.16 KB, 512x95, a_ecmZw0Ev.png)


>no reward


The reward is not having to listen to me complain


But you complain anyway.
Also I need to get plat. Is swatz around?


Its not a trick if they actually want the shone you're offering?

Its more like having an attractive and suddenly popular foil card, and asking for a couple rare/legendary cards for it. Pretty realistic.


I guess.


Well don't worry. I'd never do that to you guys! You're my friendz.
But it is a relatively fair deal considering it takes a lot of work to get a shone at all.

I mean, you could at least put 5 points up there, I think that even the falling down achieve is that much!


True, even with the charm boosting the success rate, it's still like 1-in-1000 or something.


Not yet I think

WITHOUT complaining
It's literally "Defeat Heroic Algalon alone with all of your abilities disabled with a level 1 character with no gear"


Then why no reward?!


See.. perfectly rational


Algalon has no heroic mode, you fucking noob.


Well excuuuuse me for not knowing, I actually have a fucking life unlike you, with your encyclopedic knowledge on Monk macros

Silence is its own reward


Didn't he have a Hard Mode though?


Give me a "instant nopony muter" then


hey, I wrote my own macros and was damn proud of that thing!
No, Ulduar was the last content patch before they introduced the toggle to hard mode, back then you had to do a specific set of things during the fights to toggle hard mode, and Algalon had none, because it was already as hard as they could make it. Hardest problem with Algalon was how it despawned after 1h irl time.


Yeah I was unsure about Algalon because I remembered you had to already trigger a prior hard mode to even get to him.


But then you will miss all the
>colorful swears
And so on

Dynamic ass!


You had to trigger and beat 5 different hard modes. First the council of iron, to get the quest item, and then all four keepers. Then you could fight him.


>says the reward is silence
>doesn't want to literally give silence as the reward
its like you don't even pla- oh I guess you don't.


>looking through armoire for some hand-me down clothes that would get charity-d away otherwise
>find a black blow-up doll

Well now


Paint white lines across it.


At least no 0 lights Yogg


I'm thinking it will be a nice addittion to the meme-coration of the apartment

I don't even what?
I want to know!


Play WoW!


Don't play wow.
Not even the hammer required that.


Are you meming or should I just continue playing MGSV?


I used to
Until WotlK but I never got to the big-boy league of raids back then because… I don't remember why, we just stopped playing with our friends and I never picked it back up.


I'm not.



File: 1472921778894.jpg (453.51 KB, 724x1100, 1421345935226.jpg)


File: 1472921799054.jpg (822.05 KB, 2048x1536, 1322491573258.jpg)


Fucking elves


File: 1472921825461.gif (1.64 MB, 519x519, Rage against the Casual.gif)


File: 1472921985644.jpg (230.43 KB, 1600x900, 1421346968683.jpg)


Damnit Katarina, you're not a good assasin, and you're ugly for a redhead too!
Also, you're a cunt in general, so I'm hoping some paladin of light will just end you!


File: 1472922099444.png (145.11 KB, 500x700, 1421355217160.png)


File: 1472922348309.png (584.5 KB, 1600x900, rockpit.png)

>have to learn 10 pages
>can't stop browsing /qt/



>have to try solving some exercises for the upcoming test
>after studying for 6 weeks straight
>can't stop browsing /qt/



File: 1472922471276.jpg (124.66 KB, 1000x1414, 1469655092965-0.jpg)

Let's join the Navy instead.


We're too old.


File: 1472922569563.png (108.84 KB, 401x407, mlfw1570-132285486638.png)


>Water is rumored to be Fairy type final evo


I'm still sticking to seal poke. My choice is. [locked in] I'm going on an adventure with a seal on the islands of hawaii and no one else's choice will stop me!


>watching the episode
Shit, the training montage is like the reddit team prepping against the /v/ team for Tribes.


>Not grass
I don't know you anymore


File: 1472922970386.jpg (40.36 KB, 335x475, MV5BMTg3MjU1MzYyMl5BMl5Ban….jpg)





I'm leaning towards owl, but seal looks good too. Having seal means I can't have qt isopod without overlapping types though


Do what makes you most happy.
I'm personally going to try and raise all the new pokemon I run into, at least to try it out


File: 1472926493185.png (577.89 KB, 1015x1276, Can't stop won't stop.png)


Horses. Talk about horses.


Truly fine steeds with which to ride into battle and crush the skulls of heretical fanatics.


Now you're stretching it, tin can.


File: 1472927032480.png (49.61 KB, 454x389, Armored shrug.png)


File: 1472927823332.webm (1.43 MB, 640x360, sign.webm)


>oh wooooow
Good old DSP.


File: 1472928251675.jpg (41.83 KB, 632x444, 1472654500887.jpg)

>Amazing attack
>Defense is pretty good, only lose in Overtime at the end
>The two people we're grouping with FLIP THE FUCK OUT out of nowhere and start screaming about how they're the only good ones on the team
>After that we melt because these two can't play with a team
>Roadhog going for tank picks completely ignoring a Genji shredding our back-line, has the stones to complain no one is shooting the pharah


File: 1472928378777.jpg (2.57 MB, 1800x4300, 1472915123538.jpg)

this helped me


Bleh, I made plenty of mistakes too. Winston would have been good to mess with their Zen and Genji.

And who shoots Pharah as Reaper?


I tried Winston but it didn't work, their Genji was at that semipro level where Winston stops working, plus Zarya was shielding him, he was getting a fuckton of healing

I could handle the Pharah as Zen, but how can I shoot at her when I constantly have Genji on my ass? Genji control is Roadhog's job.


Lucio is even worse at that.

Oh well, at least you're still close to Platinum. Maybe Numbers and the others will join up with you.


What did you two get?


Still doing my Placements, 2w 1l so far


File: 1472929262732.png (904.62 KB, 1080x1920, TT4rox8.png)


13 points shy of plat

Although I guess I lost some after that shitshow



I'm 14 away from plat myself, and I don't want to do randoms in fear of falling lower…


I'm going off for a few minutes, but check with the rest of the Yuros. They're pretty good.


File: 1472931260272.png (861.99 KB, 1280x720, Coco_Pommel_wide_smile_S5E….png)


How about those ten pages?


File: 1472931457155.jpeg (146.18 KB, 1280x720, large.jpeg)


What a good pony!


File: 1472931720698.jpg (88.15 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefaultddddddddddddd….jpg)


File: 1472932205878.jpg (1.41 MB, 1500x1125, 6d14c72118e1e089926c0e6649….jpg)


File: 1472934660561.jpg (200.91 KB, 391x423, 1472792561312.jpg)

Trabajo time.

See y'all Monday


Bie bie


Also let me just point out, in my local dialect "work" as a verb is "travagliari", with the 'gli' part spelled like a j.
Funny how small the world is.


File: 1472935972576.png (5.41 KB, 228x221, hurr.png)

>maybe we will lose AGAIN if we stay with this level 14 Genji called Trump and these double Hanzos, huh



>playing with DM
Props on using t. right though.


Sadly he is too afraid to play Competetive since he can't play Torbjorn there which means half his classes are out of the window.
If only Comp had a limit on heroes and were played by people who actually like teamwork and winning instead of the next 500 hours Genji/Hanzo who only play them because they are Bleach and Naruto fans


I'd like to play a round, you up? No comp though, I want to learn new heroes.


Helped you what exactly?


I had quite enough for today, sorry.
Really not feeling like playing anymore at this hour.
We can play tomorrow after work


Nah I can't play tomorrow.


It's getting late, I'm a bit tired, I have to sleep soon, and I got salty about OW because there have been an Instalock Genji and an istalock Hanzo in literally every single fucking QP we had today and I'm just sick of it because they are not even good
You'd expect they WOULD be after 40 hours


Get over my ex-wife


Sorry to hear that man
At least now you can know that Ex gon give it to ya


Ah, your arranged marriage didn't work out?


R8 my playthrough

Badges: 1

Nincada L16
Wartortle L20
Braixen L23
Pancham L18
Oddish L11
Honedge L12

Flabebe L18

Riolu L20

Trying to decide if I want to take my Flabebe or level up Oddish to Vileplume for lategame poison/grass


They never do


File: 1472937967949.gif (1.72 MB, 315x365, 406666.gif)


I heard they're getting rid of HMs

How will that work I wonder…


Was this a locke?

And that team looks okay. 8/10



Free to catch whatever I want, and if they faint they get permanent boxed instead of released


I wouldn't mind this actually, remove the need for HM slaves.
But that also means early game weak pokes don't have a place staying on the team, and that puzzle gyms won't use HMs.


>puzzle gyms



When have gyms ever used hms?


I must be very disoriented by unrelated matters
Also 683


Everything is related
And congratz. What's left?


licklicky - evolving lickitung must know roll out
Jellicent - evolve / trade

honchkrow - dusk stone needed
togekiss - shiny stone needed
Chanadlure - dusk stone needed

scizor = trade evolve with item

— Legends to catch
raikou, entei, suicine - trackless forest
uxie, azelf - nameless cavern
dialga, palkia, heatran, - mirage locations
regigigas - route 105 - island cave - interact
Giratina - soaring in the sky
Cresselia, - cresent isle

tornadus, thundurus, landorus
cobalion, virizion, Kyurem
Zygarde - terminus cave in XY

— Uncatchable by me

ho-oh - trade
Groudon - trade
Yveltal - trade

Event legends:

victini - locate from bank?? I have this.
phione - trade
<Jirachi, manaphy, meloetta, genesect >


I actually think it's a bold choice to get rid of gyms entirely. And the plot seems cool.


I have those legendaries you can't find


All three?

Also that list assumes I will go back and transfer up every possible legendary I can.


I am worried this will be the shortest pokemon game yet.


>Have no fear, after analyzing what made Red/Blue/Yellow such long games, we have tripled random encounter rates and added six new caves


>Swatz is in Top 500
>I am Top 564

I guess I'll keep doing tryhard mode with him next week for our Diamonds




What the fuck
For real?


If you're basing that off MasterOverwatch, it's not accurate


No, phione only.


I'm not sure I have more than the one I do, but I've got the Ho-Oh and Groudon.
Only got the one Yveltal, since I think the distribution event for that didn't come stateside.
I've got multiples of the three other birds, though. I'm pretty sure. I think.


According to Watcher.gg

Then again, it might not be the most accurate thing in the world


Also note that we are slowly and steadily 'falling' just by the virtue of not playing and people gaining ranks over us because of that
Sadly, Swatz can't play until Monday or so, which is sad.


Imagine if S/M didn't have a party limit. You can carry as many Pokemon with you as you want, maybe with some bag item limit which pokemon in balls count against. Then after you set up a league, you decide that's crazy and set the limit to six.

Obviously no XP Share

That website tracks 1.4% of the playerbase


Well, it was Swatz who told me this over Steam
Also, it's nice to dream at least, right?
I thought my +90% winrate on Lucio would be the bomb


Oh, this is that website they were talking about how easy it is to cheese your rank

The top player on that website has 7 hours played, he just made sure to get 100% winrate in his ten total games.


Just give me a mobile PC, change out your party on the fly. would be the one thing to make fustration actually do something in run


I literally do not know anything about that website
Don't really know anything about cheesing it either, unless instalocking Lucio+Zarya with a premade is cheesing


Oh, okay.
Thanks for the interest.
I'm getting really close here!
Also going for the night.




I'm not saying you were, I'm saying THIS guy was

He's rank #1 on that site:



How do you even know this stuff?
I've never heard of this site or this guy before



Dinner nao


Also top 500 is its own tier, above grandmasters.


I fell for the ruse and hype of Swatz
I guess I'm just a plat shitter still
Gotta do that climb to Diamond next week


File: 1472941499356.png (3.56 MB, 1500x1200, 1454777876763.png)





File: 1472942374997.png (117.32 KB, 600x800, 857554.png)


Did you two think about my proposal?


File: 1472943440673.jpg (26.34 KB, 328x466, 1471745943358.jpg)

>Top 500 in Platinum league


You two could learn a lot from today's episode


Which one? The shadow cabinet or something else? I'll have to admit yesterday was kinda fuzzy.


The proposal that Marina would teach Maeda and Rhanna all her sex tricks


But Marina doesn't have any. She is a pure maiden.


I like both ideas!


What proposal?




Sorry I don't remember


Old mares running the world.


You mean generation 3 horizons?


I mean all our current horizon characters have the making of great power players. We could start an in-game illuminati 20 years down the line


File: 1472948009361.jpg (1 MB, 2448x3264, 1472941772740.jpg)

OOoh I see
Well, if Maeda uses her words right, she might be able to coerce Rhanna into that


File: 1472948031676.png (116.33 KB, 383x386, 1328138928325.png)


"Hey wanna rule the world from behind the shadows?"


Something around that probally wouldn't work on Rhanna
She wants the fame and the love of the crowd


It's a plan for future us, asking a kid cosmonaut if she wants to rule the world us silly. Even the idea of ruling the world in and of itself is stupid. What makes sense is the team, years down the line, CA asking onto each others for favours. And that's just how the masons got started.


I dunno about this, Scoob…


It kinda makes sense!


Are you sure? Rhanna only wants to get the recognition she thinks she deserves for being a genius (for now)


It's about making the world a better place, of course. Thanks would enter politics in the doge kingdom.


Rhanna doesn't like other dogs though

But that may change after Novdogod…


Rhanna has been avoiding learning about her real story for too long. Next time she's getting a suit down to learn the true history of Toffee's Rocket and MacMeal's enigmatic past. Hormones be damned!


File: 1472951196371.png (363.59 KB, 1198x360, flatpon.png)


>DM and Nasse try comp.jog


What Wf said

Oh cool, she's getting a suit?


Sit down****



File: 1472953646104.jpg (11.18 KB, 236x314, 0bbcfdb33f77ad019385477413….jpg)


File: 1472953987536.png (489.43 KB, 1182x1200, 1470832342518-0.png)


File: 1472954093664.gif (1.01 MB, 400x400, 1326195206174.gif)


File: 1472954436262.png (693.74 KB, 739x540, reinsofdt.png)


>Balderich von Adler
>Aldrich is in the name
>Really close to Balder too


File: 1472958449607.gif (416.23 KB, 300x300, 1320672471927.gif)

Sorry for noquest this week

Yesterday busy unfucking my shit and I'm gonna go do more work today
On a sunday


I have decided that I want a 500% spooky team this playthrough of Pokemon X


>Rotom (Tuesday, Lost Hotel)
>Chandelure (Lost Hotel)

Recommend more Spooky pokes that I can get in X without trading (rules out Froslass, Spiritomb, Jellicent)




What was the jellyfish one you turned upside-down to evolve?


>Pure ghosts


It's a squid and it's dark/psychic


That's creepy, innit


File: 1472962474119.png (44.08 KB, 550x400, 1314714897434-(n1323354248….png)

Gourgeist too


Wow, Shedinja is actually a beast in normal playthroughs.

You get the TM for Shadow Claw pretty early and he hits hard with it.

Maybe… I've never liked his design.


I played with one in Emerald, but I sort of ended up preferring the normal evolved one.


File: 1472963477492.jpg (33.34 KB, 1280x720, rot king.jpg)

>finally pulled off a Rot victory
Well that was a grind and a half. The worst part was I almost had it on a previous game; had higher rot, full heal, and attacked the king. We basically bounced off each other without either of us taking damage. He died of sunlight the next turn.
I was so mad for the next hour or so.


You had more rot than the king and still couldn't kill him? That must have been some horrible rng. You still get their rot as extra dice right?


Yup. the problem was that we both rolled way too many shields and not enough damage.


Okay, I had some genuine horror dreams tonight
What fun


What happened?

He's still the King. Can't go in there without a plan.


Happy birthday ~


I nicknamed my Shedinja "Flrogofida"

Any guesses why?


File: 1472966528521.png (273.51 KB, 1112x1094, 1454650403116.png)

I ate like, four schnitzels

Also, magic possessed video cameras trying to kill me and my family by drowning us in a river in a storm

Why thank you


File: 1472968046909.png (154.28 KB, 800x957, 1240970__questionable_comi….png)

This is what you requested


Whoa, I thought I only posted that in mlpg


I picked it up off derpibooru


I mean, when I posted about weaver





Good night


File: 1472971335441.jpeg (103.4 KB, 780x585, 1456532971089.jpeg)


Would you settle on a ponbutt


I'm not sure ponbutts are comfortable to sit o
But you can saddle them and do that


I find Zenyatta way harder to play. Feels like I have to play Coach to the entire team. I'll admit it is fun to hunt Tanks with him.

>4th and 5th Game of Competitive

>Sort of join up with the same 5 stack
>Go Bastion and the entire team rages at me
Worst part, I was NOT GOOD. I think I barely got a participation medal that time, but the whole enemy team kept hunting me down. Two or three Ults down the drain just for me.

Fortunately, there were 5 other people on my team who realized this and capitalized on the Bastion Hunters.


So did you win it?


Draw on Anubis. Better than a loss, I suppose, but the lack of medals probably hurt. Plus, the entire enemy team stayed around long enough to call me a Noob even though it was everyone else killing them.

I wasn't even getting kills at the end.


File: 1472974078079.png (576.47 KB, 670x762, 1471106174962.png)

Happy birthday plainnigger.




File: 1472975256159.png (20.18 KB, 803x643, Unshaven ponk.png)

Good night you people from the other hemisphere.



Goodnight sweet prince


File: 1472978767974.png (262.07 KB, 900x600, 1471908559.goattrain_08-22….png)


File: 1472978828873.jpg (120.6 KB, 774x1031, Vinyl-vinyl-scratch-260260….jpg)

I'm Vinyl Scratch, A.K.A. DJ Pon3! A Musical Soul with a deep sense into that bass. A slave to the beat and rhythm. You do not program me, because I'm already programmed in my biological CPU!


Dropped your name, Wf
Also, Ewww

Are you
A robot


File: 1472979322688.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.22 KB, 716x960, OmegaconA.jpg)

I just copypasted that from the CWCki


Ooh, fuck you


Did I ruin your waifu~


No, you're just an awful faggot


File: 1472979657323.png (Spoiler Image, 688.42 KB, 1000x568, bed.png)


I have a feeling that is cropped


File: 1472979774893.jpg (119.67 KB, 1280x720, rainbow dash_screencap_hub….jpg)

You think so?


>tfw STILL haven't ordered my very own medallion

I'm going to swab it for microbes, culture them on petri dishes and get famous for discovering a few new life forms


I have this feeling for some reason


He doesn't sell shit anymore. Ever since the incident where he doxxed one of his medallion buyers.


Looks like I missed that. Ah, well.


>Just lot to Fluttershy


File: 1472980045399.png (74.19 KB, 197x261, 1471295086367.png)

Well lemme take a look through Goo-

Never posting that again


File: 1472980095505.png (575.22 KB, 1280x719, gh.png)

Still accepting donations if you're feeling generous

>tfw the CWC saga is coming to an end as Chris is drowning in debt


>drew 5 weapons in my first 8 cards

Do tell


There's one version with regular horsevagoo
Then two with diapers


File: 1472980469488.gif (1.33 MB, 231x191, 1459124988032.gif)


I'm not buying legos for him


File: 1472983968055.webm (7.83 MB, 427x240, 1471965875219.webm)


File: 1472984845884.webm (2.68 MB, 640x360, meemeeeees.webm)

That Hillary lookalike is on point so hard


File: 1472985467857.png (695.45 KB, 778x655, 1zBKg36.png)



File: 1472985722622.webm (986.6 KB, 716x404, 406844.webm)

>playing Zarya


Just won a double widow, no tank defense scenario on Hollywood. Comes to show to never give up even in meme games.


Aaaaaaand then I enter a Dorado Attack game in progress, our team stuck on the first point, go Reaper and proceed to fucking demolish the enemy team and grab 3 golds and 1 silver.


Aren't you a carrier

Now do it in Comp!


Unfortunately it didn't work quite as well on Defense.

Still happy about those two games though.


File: 1472991828386.jpg (30.42 KB, 1024x768, 1318317455773.jpg)

*pons into thread*


File: 1472992205121.png (266.2 KB, 600x691, 1470221066549.png)


File: 1472992289950.jpg (210.15 KB, 960x680, 1461478144277.jpg)


File: 1472993966933.png (123.82 KB, 448x472, 1234998__safe_solo_flutter….png)

Complete the sentence.
I want to ____ Fluttershy.





File: 1472994221394.jpg (42.57 KB, 567x672, 1176558__safe_solo_rarity_….jpg)

Next question.
I would like to ____ with Rarity.





File: 1472994342268.png (32.19 KB, 125x175, 1472454430493.png)

Rape and pillage


File: 1472994406367.png (97.73 KB, 342x335, 1241206__safe_solo_appleja….png)

Getting very mixed reactions here.
Applejack is made for _____




Wait why did you word that one differently you cock





File: 1472994565894.png (134.52 KB, 363x417, 1225944__safe_solo_pinkie ….png)

Pinkie Pie is the best at ______
It's part of the game you tool.
Adapt or die.



>panna means cream in italian
>AJ is made to cream
You lewd or what?


File: 1472994693892.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080, 1471117183066.png)


being a waifu


File: 1472994939255.png (577.01 KB, 1366x768, 1239769__safe_solo_twiligh….png)

I wish Twilight would _____ me


cuddle with


panna also means to put, to fuck or a ban in finnish


It is the name of Thumbelina in Hungarian


File: 1472995558243.webm (3.67 MB, 1920x1080, quality hanzo gameplay.webm)


Fun fact.
The guy who made this
Is the 12 fingered pianist in GATTACA.


File: 1473000934319.jpeg (190.37 KB, 675x1024, largeff.jpeg)


File: 1473000947914.jpg (567.58 KB, 1280x905, 58070987_p0.jpg)

floofy robo


File: 1473001154200.png (155.58 KB, 675x774, tumblr_mzzqwk7v7e1tojomio2….png)


>wearing a corset

She's just asking for the D isn't she?


D is dead.


Maybe she just wants to feel pretty like her sister


File: 1473001482462.png (231.71 KB, 768x1024, 1470332151632.png)


File: 1473001638360.jpg (117.99 KB, 840x600, 57767686_p0.jpg)

Are you implying she feels ugly the rest of the time?


File: 1473001884328.jpg (367.62 KB, 1280x1724, tumblr_n3okk5w3P51svooimo1….jpg)

Maybe she's just insecure
How can she ever hope to compare to her?


Somehow I doubt that


So is Mona if you shitpost like that


You silly, she is too young to die!


She wouldn't be the first


>google Ryan Dorin

Well fuck me, he really is Ratboy


That's what you get for not believing me.


File: 1473003284328.png (497.07 KB, 1280x720, Rainbow_Dash_sweating_S4E2….png)

Hahaha, Nopo's just pretending to go along, there's no way OHMYGOD


>donkey tail


File: 1473003406289.gif (1.25 MB, 500x500, wither.gif)


Oh wow, you're super not helpling.
No, some unicorns have traditionally had tails similar to those of lions.


MLP is not an accurate representation of mythical unicorns


Maybe so, but fan-artists can pretty much do whatever they feel like.


File: 1473003750004.png (1.6 MB, 2000x1869, 2000px-Coat_of_Arms_of_Edw….png)

Yeah, see here, the unicorn has cloven hooves and a longer tail with a tuft at the end.


>Selena wishes her life was like Fluttermom


And the lion appears to have a vagina-mouth.
Your point is?


File: 1473003956229.png (748.1 KB, 1280x1846, tumblr_ocymuwlAYm1rqejd7o1….png)

No shit.
Fluttermom has a pretty good life.
Also is Aira just a NotMarble?


Don't we all?


File: 1473004043737.png (14.16 KB, 203x209, 1402847302086.png)


>tfw no conspiracy theory quest


You saw my funposting about Horizon?


I don't follow horizons


I want to create the Illuminati in it.


Are you saying Emrille killed JFK?


But the Illuminati are descendants of Martians who came to earth with an artificial merkaba


I'm saying we will make her.
No you got it all wrong.
The illuminati are empowered by ancient jewish technology which allows them to dominate the world through controlled social evolution.


Jews are aliens and are innocent, it's the martians who fucked over Atlantis and made things worse by failing to create a second artificial merkaba.


You just need a paramedic, a smith, a gay spy, a slut and a movie buff


We have a princess, a cosmonaut, an inquisitor and an industry titan.
Is it enough?




File: 1473005128629.png (376.76 KB, 1024x1000, fluttershy_breezie_by_beny….png)

Reminder that sometime next week Breezie will return.


>FINALLY have my phone rooted with xposed running
That only took a whole weekend of watching a screen and praying it doesn't brick (again)

As long as at least two of them are fags!


Let's just say they all like dick.
Good enough?


File: 1473005236002.png (405.72 KB, 560x661, smilyfloot.png)

Is Flutterbutter the optimal mix of cute and pon?


File: 1473005308204.png (281.52 KB, 709x463, Fluttershy_as_breezie.png)

She's a bit too cute and not pon enough


Pig nose.


She is pretty adorbs


File: 1473005436377.png (38 KB, 256x256, gzky-1432561301-182832-med….png)

That's just a breezie nose


File: 1473006936808.jpg (807.14 KB, 1230x1646, 1470257286693.jpg)



I could


File: 1473006986613.jpg (79.07 KB, 900x900, 1459731089262.jpg)

>Hey, can you revise this translation?
>It's all done, you just need to revise it
>it's so shitty I have to redo 70% of it

Well, this isn't what I agree to, but I'll just ask three times the money since I'm doing more than half the work at this rate.


Tell them first.


Hmm, I don't think so, Marble doesn't seem very creatively inclined. Her only talent seems to be having a big butt.





I like her a lot more now that she's more confident


Once I'm done

It's one of my old contacts, she'll understand


File: 1473007246121.png (899.49 KB, 1265x1024, large7.png)

That's not Marble's only talent


If we're going based on that comic, her other talent is probably handling sausage


She can blow the horn


File: 1473008341012.jpg (40.94 KB, 460x519, jPB6GsF.jpg)

I'll be away most of today
Please be nice to the deers while I'm out


>deer does a home invasion
>immediately eats all the food

Dumb shits!


'1d10' lock deer in the closet

Roll #1 8 = 8


File: 1473008493635.png (185.96 KB, 380x506, 1469389139387.png)

>has dog
>dog doesn't chase deer away

Shit dog


I've known some really chill dogs who would just not care about a deer unless it looked like it might threaten the owner


I'm pretty sure deer is out of the closet already

Some dogs just don't care


I don't know, man; free food isn't a bad deal.
>Scared of a deer
It's sad that society has become this unused to dealing with non-human creatures.


File: 1473009404841.jpg (75.23 KB, 600x443, MarsRivers.jpg)


This is fucking gtranslate tier shit right here
I'm pretty sure it is/was


Are those the moon rivers?




mars rivers then!
Would you date a martian boy ?


>The Mars had water

In other news, the Sun is a star


I'm not into necrophilia.
It's just a pretty picture.
Very old one, too.


File: 1473010010001.jpg (12.08 KB, 258x473, martian queen.jpg)

I would her though


File: 1473010306552.png (279.83 KB, 1551x1387, 1377382516789.png)

>Martian ghost boy has this
>asks you where it is


In my heart.


In the trash where it belongs


File: 1473010496746.png (46.35 KB, 843x624, Nolin_no_grin.png)

t-too cute

next he asks about this guy, who is it?


Someone who I miss very much ;_;


Yet another victim of the oddomane empire.


File: 1473011022757.png (277.47 KB, 1252x1992, 1392561843422.png)

Oddomanes? Is this an Oddomane?


Nah that's a shriveled prune.


That's a top cunt, it says so right there on the hat


You guys work on your Canterlot Quest character concepts?


Oh, yea.
I'm gonna play Morrigan now.
But DM has to decide what level and classes we have.


Not sure who to play yet


Who is Corrigan? The Darkstalkers girl?

As a character concept, I mean. Like a Criminal doing this for a pardon, or an Indiana Jones type doing it for the thrillz.


File: 1473011717797.jpg (88.02 KB, 500x333, Morrigan_True_Form.jpg)

Stupid Equstrian. Its MOR-ee-gan.


Hey I know you're playing a donkey. If DM uses FC I'd like to run a duo character with Andy, problem is, my character would have to be a donkey too. Is that fine?


Your Necromancer, right?

Go ahead and play what you like. We both know my schedutle is wack.

I made Molly with the hopes that maybe I could get a solo DM quest.I was able to finish PH and two parts of Cyberpunk, so I was hoping to keep that record going and see the entirety of a DM quest.


She's a druid really.
In s10 terms it was shaman/necro with a specialization in shapeshifting


Wildshape time.


File: 1473013037606.png (8.16 KB, 256x256, crow.png)

Most of the time she hangs out like this.

The necromancy part she just picked up to be more useful and is her mom's specialty tbh


I miss doing fun duos


Why would a horse be a crow


File: 1473013594713.png (104.02 KB, 3000x2442, dash_silhouette_by_m99moro….png)

Because it makes a pony feel free and at one with herself. Rather than a shadow of her teachers.


But a horse is a horse


File: 1473013701289.png (257.31 KB, 421x590, burdFlag.png)

this horse is a burd


Talk with Sion. The quest takes place during moderner times, with the PCs coming from experienced backgrounds and being employed by Nobles with considerable pull. A more aggressive Mulder and Scully would fit in.


But she is supposed to be a horse.


I was wanting to talk with him about one, yeah.


[dark and brooding intensifies]


File: 1473017343923.png (32.23 KB, 593x1131, I was gonna make that brac….png)


What a weedhorse


File: 1473017842120.png (596.58 KB, 1024x1024, large (89).png)


Feeling a bit lonely, Nopo? I'll admit it's pretty dead for a Sunday.


Why, just because I post cutest and best secondary character ship?


Nah, because you're the only one who posted, aside from me, in the last five consecutive posts.


Gee, here I am, what a pain!


More like what a pon, right?


Your joke is bad.


Update after spending far too long catching puppies and realizing I don't have B2 anymore.

Dex Progress: 686
pokemon to level evolve: 2
pokemon to stone evolve: 4
pokemon to trade evolve: 1
Legends I could possibly obtain, including going back generations : 14
obtainable legends I can't get through my collection: 5 (6 if phione counts)
Event only legends I can't get : 4

licklicky - evolving lickitung must know roll out
Jellicent - evolve / trade

honchkrow - dusk stone needed
togekiss - shiny stone needed
Chanadlure - dusk stone needed
Ludicolo– water stone needed

scizor = trade evolve with item

— Legends to catch
–W or earlier transfer

–from X
Articuno. zapdos. moltres. Mewtwo
Zygarde - terminus cave in XY
–from AS or transfer

uxie, azelf - nameless cavern# 8pm-8:59pm , 9pm-3:59am
dialga- soaring in sky#
heatran - Sorched Slab
regigigas - route 105 - island cave - interact
Cresselia, -cresent isle
Giratina (optional found event) - soaring in the sky#
landorus- Soaring in the sky#
virizion- pathless plain - Mon or Thu

— Uncatchable by me

ho-oh - trade
Groudon - trade
Yveltal - trade
Kyurem - Trade/ get a copy of B/B2
tornadus - Trade

Event legends:

victini - locate from bank?? I have this.
phione - trade
<Jirachi, manaphy, meloetta, genesect >


She's actually very chill, compared to how she grew up.


I'm still a little lost on FC but I'll get there. Tips are appreciated.


There's a section about GMing it in the book!


tip for learning any system: try to create a character, and figure out how to roll their attacks



Is she less paranoid than her mother?

Here's a joke
Mona isn't a slut


instead of 100/100 paranoia, its only 60/100


File: 1473018834935.png (515.41 KB, 1080x1200, 1470258697694.png)


[muzzled linking park playing in the background]


File: 1473019048228.jpg (9.21 KB, 275x184, images (8).jpg)


That family has issues


I must have been thinking of sluts.


But how do you put benis in mouth if they are muzzled


Well, I only have the one Kyurem, but I've got a spare Groudon, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, and Meloetta.
If you're looking for them.


Muzzle them with horse reins.


File: 1473019450040.jpg (48.24 KB, 680x541, 1469118425597.jpg)


Those are a bitch to handle


True. Guess we will just do without oral for the time being!



But you know!


Yes. I know. However, consider you might not be the slut in question.


Oh, the side seldom matters, it is the act that counts!


I mean
You might not be involved at all!


Can I watch though


Are you that much of a cuck?


>two pálinkas and one beer later, I'm feeling tipsy

Woah now

Excuse moi, it is called a voyeur


File: 1473020177062.jpg (113.39 KB, 1200x497, 1469080102456.jpg)


>Torb is the one not wearing a skintight shirt because it would show off his beerbelly

Also, I'm interested in what that black girl is going to be
Looks like she has a robo-arm too even back then


It feels like your trying to say something, but I can't quite pin it down


we just had a long OW chat on mumble so I dumped relevant images


How did the earlier matches go?


>gun that does more damage the more ammo it has in the clip called Wind-up Gun
>it plays Pop Goes the Weasel when you wind it up

This shit is hillarious during bossfights


Does it cap out near the end of the verse, so that the firing is the "pop" of Pop Goes the Weasel?


No, it comes in bursts
Like every reload/wind is a verse
So the point is you want to rapid fire a few powerful shots then wind


Sounds like it's something that would take a bit of concentration if you didn't want to get killed while charging it.


The most distracting thing for me was my own snickering at how insane it was to just wind it constantly during a fight with a swole pigeon with a gatling gun


Yeah, I can see how that would be a problem. Recognizing the absurdity of a situation is the leading cause of death when using jokey weapons.


What game?


Enter the Gungeon


File: 1473028074920.jpg (111.49 KB, 640x800, 4ZVpmfe.jpg)

I am very disappointed with you people
Deer are fierce and scary creatures


Remember that show about the scientist and his grandson, it was animated and on adult swim

Even though its lines are ab libed and the production values are super low I guess it takes like a year and half to make half as many episodes as a normal TV show


There might neeeeeeeeeeever be a new season.


File: 1473029963674.webm (2.96 MB, 640x480, Ode to Destruction.webm)



Also leaving this here

Turns out Octopi dream






>Find black children in jail
>Kaz: You know what to do


KKKaz Miller.
Kazuhira "Mother Base for the Master Race" Miller
Kazuhira "Fulton a coon pop the balloon" Miller.


A non-white race will not set foot on mother base
He's making a lagoon out of the blood of coons
A grave for every slave
He's gonna keep jigaboos in the zoos


Whaaaaaaat's hiiiiiis nameeeee
Hiiiiiis name iiiiiiis


Another axed location for Horizons (as a random encounter during sea travel) – and I'm glad DM is asleep for this so he can't comment on it – was a chance to run into "Punished" Voxam's Outer Heaven platform. Arriving as Maeda, Rhanna, or Selena would be bad event, or a neutral event for anyone else.


Time to find a can of compressed air and a lighter.


Maeda, that's an enemy gunship. One blast from its cannon can tear a pony in half.


You'll have to go for an underwater insertion.


Don't worry, got this.
[Maneater starts playing]

Some side ops with tanks and gunships had me reading, trying to do them non lethally.




>3.25am the morning of a test
>can't sleep
>randomally remember eve facts
Did you know that Nova and Polaris are the only two J-space systems classified c6 with a c6 static?
I used to live in Nova ;-;


Would you play an secret world/deus ex-like Illuminati conspiracy quest set in Pirateverse decades after the events of Horizons?


Against the current horizon team? Hell yeah. Do I get augs?


Well the time period would be more like The Order 1886

"Steam essence" is now commonplace - trains and iron-hull ships are filling the world. Zeppelins and hand grenades are appearing. The mechanical television ("televisor") has been invented. Urbanization is more extreme than ever, and the highrise apartment complex is emerging as a popular design.

Mastering electrical essence is proving frustrating but engineers are getting there. Unwieldy weapons like the telsa coil, some doctors experimenting with shock therapy, and a new era of bards is emerging utilizing electrical essence in their guitar. What new world do these "Rockers" represent?


So 150 years after H?
You sure you still want it to be s10 though?


Televisor, google mechanical television and learn what REAL LIFE steampunk is

69 years after, in the year 871 AN



>it will literally be old mares running the world
I need this.


Easy there fellas
Horizons isn't even finished yet



>Within the week, we will be old men
>No, within six months
Gets me every time


>Despair. Your turn.


And which system do you plan on using?


Before you is a strange device. It is not unlike the paddle of a steamboat - the sort that have become very common along the many rivers of Equestria that you have traveled. You know, however, from experience, that it spins at much faster speeds.

It begins to churn to life, and within a second, it is spinning with such intensity that a breeze begins to blow back your mane. The hard-lined face of Brigadier General Sunrise comes into focus – an illusion created by dots on ever-shifting panels, moving with such terrible speed. The picture begins to move, and within the depths of the device, a droning, buzz of an electrical voice croaks to life.

[Cue title theme]

No idea, that's months away at the earliest.


>How to: not send a discreet message


Who needs discreet when you control every televisor in existence?



I guess I get to go white-water rafting tomorrow. Woopie.
At least it's only a class 3-4, so as long as there isn't a retard aboard we should be fine.


why do you hate fun?


It's not that I hate fun, it's that
I enjoy kayaking and canoeing, It's just been a long time since I've done either, so I'm going to be very rusty. It doesn't help that I've never done white-water before, though I know how dangerous rapids can be if you go overboard.
It probably doesn't help that our family's track record with boating isn't stellar; somebody capsizes at least once along the way every time (usually my dad).


>69 years after current horizon
But I don't want to play an old lady Rhanna…


File: 1473043736180.png (173.49 KB, 351x336, 1471421451309.png)


>old dog lady
Yeah, I can see how playing a character that just sleeps all the time might be boring.


Don't worry about it until after H ends anyway


File: 1473046133689.png (386.69 KB, 990x810, 1396814093988.png)

Alright alright


File: 1473046457229.jpg (100.41 KB, 854x640, tmp_7453-whatsu78046811.jpg)

Looks like we need a new thread again


You lyin'


File: 1473047247514.gif (854.71 KB, 503x506, Pat pat pat pat pat pat pa….gif)

It is pretty fat.


Now I know from where that image of "but that's forbidden love" comes from


Watching your meduca meguka I see.


Yeah, I said I would a couple days ago

Do you have a wish worth fighting witches over?


Not one I'd sell my soul for.


I'm gonna
I'm going to
I'm about to
I'm getting ready
I'm almost
I'm about


The witches are weird

Things I expected from witches
>Other girls
>Some kind of bizarre EVA-esque monsters
>Anything actually drawn

It might be TOO much for me


I'm a sucker for mixed media, especially in animation.
What episode are you on?
Is this your first ride on an Urobuchi show?



3 - Bluehair asks about possibly healing her boyfriend and decides against it


I assume that's a studio or director name, I'm guessing yes

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