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File: 1473052930670.png (728.01 KB, 1069x1200, 1472519569188.png)

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system links in their own thread now


Sylt was already too excited about Old Mares without this stimulation, now he'll see it every time he looks at the meta


Gen Urobuchi is the writer for the show. He's also written some games with Nitroplus, like Saya no Uta, along with the anime Psycho Pass, he wrote the light novels turned anime for Fate Zero, wrote the live-action children's show Kamen Rider Gaim, and his most current show is the wuxia puppet drama Thunderbolt Fantasy.

His works most often deal with elements like nihilism and heavy emotional oppression on the main characters, at least as far as I've experienced.


File: 1473053192139.jpg (1.08 MB, 2480x3507, 1375912165101.jpg)

Yes. All part of my plan.


>It's an "Andy stimulates Sylt" episode


Hey Andy, could you check and see if you ever verified my friend code, in case you need any of the pokemon I've got squirreled away?
It's 2380-6137-2222




I only seek to stir up quest talk

Would you make a hat for a pony?

Mine should still be
Amber 0018 1124 8314


Yep, there it is.


I do need someone to trade evolve my bug of scythe hands with me, you up for it?


In hindsight, especially now that I'm into Touhou, I should have had more hats for my ponies in-game.


I named my Oddish "Hat" in hopes of evolving it to Vileplume some day


Sure. I've also got a few pokes you said you needed. I mentioned them in the last thread, but I can list them again if you want me to.


Please do or link the post.


Pokes I've got available are Mewtwo, Zapdos, Moltres, Groudon, and a Meloetta.
Willing to part with them for a Vullaby, Electabuzz (or one of its kin), Tepig, Glameow, and Shieldon.


Unrelated to anything on-topic at the moment
Have you ever taken any interest in Ultraman? It's one of the heavy influences of NGE, and I'm into it since it naturally falls into my purview of interest for live-action SFX shows, but I'm curious to know whether you're familiar with it or not.
I'm reminded of Patton Oswalt's joke about how 'I don't care about where the things I love came from, I just want more of them.'


give me a few, I have to retrieve them from the bank since I moved everything up there when I started getting full in my boxes


Sure. Just ping me with a trade notification thingy and we'll go from there.




File: 1473054909100.jpg (133.44 KB, 1600x900, 1469915654885.jpg)

What a pretty pony!


What is derpy dressed as?


File: 1473055155789.gif (163.23 KB, 503x503, 1210661__safe_solo_flutter….gif)

A villain from the Daring Do books


okay, got them.
They all have an item attached to make up for not being prefect IVs. I hope its okay.
Brittany is me. Chris is you I assume?


What a cute


Did you want/need any particular items? Evo stones are in short supply (as in I've only got the one of them except for Sun/Thunderstones)


Shiny or Dusk stones are what I need, but don't stress, I'll just grind out the training minigames for it



I should probably get to filling my dex too

Going to have to swap new FCs another time


4 hours of sleep. If I die, know I loved you all.


Stay hydrated


File: 1473056281975.jpg (93.06 KB, 836x928, 1423307182509.jpg)


Thanks Andy.


Thank you! That's a huge chunk off the list.


How many now?


If you could do me a solid, though. Do they still have Friend Safaris in AS? I don't know what my FC generates.


Who here is/was watching Kamen Rider Kuuga?
I'm going to be watching it again and was wondering what you thought.


I was. Haven't finished it yet but it was enjoyable as background noise.



Yea, I never reset for fear that I'd lose the HA safaris I have,


Was talking to someone about it just now.
Apart from the soap-opera camera, the first batch of episodes being a little slow to introduce some important concepts that end up being pretty easily accepted in later series, and the McDonalds plug near the middle of the series, I feel like it's a perfect series.


I see.
It's a pity my first FC went away, long ago. That one was, like, the perfect one if you were looking for fairy types. Then it became common grass types after getting it sent into the shop for repairs…
I don't know what my newest FC puts out, though. Perhaps one day I'll finally know. I could throw it at /vp/ if I was really desperate.


Throw it at me come the weekend.
Maybe I'll finally catch/transfer my available legends and clone them before I distribute them to you guys, if you want.


There must be something off about my list, because I count 21 pokemon listed out, and 26 pokemon are missing from the dex.

Logging X now, you beat the league?


Yeah.Quite a long while ago.
Might be neat. Don't know how many of them I'm missing, to be honest.



I see one called "fidget" for the old fairies, and one called "fidget" for grass types, but need you online to see the third poke there


That'd be pretty cool of you

something something honor and redemption


Should be online now. Let's see if it pops up a third one or not.


see a third slot, going in now to look around


Okay, so it's still the grass ones.


>DS wifi is ded
I'd ask for help on gen 4 if it wasn't


looks like sawsbuck, pansage and gogoat


Could be worse, I guess.


File: 1473057689039.png (1.18 MB, 2377x1032, Side_by_side.png)

This meta pic is very flattering
But it also made me suddenly realize this


Oh, that's a shame.


Honestly I want to reset X once I finish everything I can with the dex, so I'm planning on getting samples of each safari poke w/ HA I have access too, banking it, and never worrying about it again.


I wanted to 100% Platinum, Soulsilver and White 2,

Bleh, I'll just keep enjoying my challenge runs on my phone in the meantime. Or I could extract the saves off my cart and port them to my phone emulator so I can play whenever


>tfw no meet


Can you not trade with yourself from phone to ds?

Also do you know off hand where to check the weather in X?


I'd rather be working on my real save so I can clock up game time, times evolved and other small stuff anyway.

And nope, you just have to go to the place yourself to see the weather. If you're trying to evolve goomy, try to trick the game into thinking you want to horde train at the weepinbell route, because every fucking time I do that it starts to rain and sweet scent is disabled


Makes sense.

Huh. I always thought I recalled a bulletin board with news about what routes had weather on them, but I guess not.


Oh hey, there's an internet event going on, where you get a Victini for going through "mystery gift -> get from Net" for X/Y.


Also no, I haven't been watching as much anime as I'd like to because of OW and practicing.

This is my list. No matter how many times I count, it doesn't add up to 26, which is how many my dex lacks. I must have skipped over a whole generation or something. I'll have to comb through the dex one by one again, how infuriating.

Jellicent - evolve / trade

togekiss - shiny stone needed
Chanadlure - dusk stone needed
Ludicolo– water stone needed

— Legends to catch
–W or earlier transfer

victini - probably sitting around in W

–from X
Zygarde - terminus cave in XY
–from AS or transfer

azelf - nameless cavern# 9pm-3:59am
dialga- soaring in sky#
heatran - Sorched Slab
regigigas - route 105 - island cave - interact
Cresselia, -cresent isle
landorus- Soaring in the sky#
virizion- pathless plain - Mon or Thu

— Uncatchable by me

ho-oh - trade
Yveltal - trade
Kyurem - Trade/ get a copy of B/B2
tornadus - Trade

Event legends:

phione - trade
<Jirachi, manaphy, genesect >


Hey, if you want to evolve that Jellicent, I've got a pumpkin that needs tradevolving too.



Yep. Running from the 1st to the 24th. Works for X/Y and ORAS.


[getting two intensifies]

Its a level evolution, I've just been too busy legend hunting to go evolve one. I can help you trade evolve your pumpkin thou


You mean Reshiram? Or Zekrom? Both are available as long as you have either White+White2 or Black+Black2


Nah, I'm pretty sure she means the ice one.


the one which can fill #646?
Also I only have white anymore no 2s until I reclaim it. So I need Reshiram.


I sure hope your White 2 went to a good cause. Kyurem is catchable in White anyway

I sure wish it was better


It was lent out on a whim, I kinda doubt the person even finished it, just need to pressure them to give it back


File: 1473060230023.png (622.44 KB, 1050x1500, zeebvinyl.png)

All hail the zeebs


Looks like Volcanion is being distributed in October via codes.


Very nice

I got the X victini, booting up AS and we can trade evolve your pumpkin if you like


File: 1473060462113.png (532.02 KB, 1280x951, Cup of Skitty.png)

Right. I'm going to move to bed and get off the computer, but I'll be around to throw it back and forth with you in a minute.
So, for all intents and purposes, good night. Even though I'm probably going to spend another hour or so dicking around and leveling pokes.


Okay, goodnight.


No silly, good morning


File: 1473061207645.png (202.24 KB, 776x1024, ZECORAH.png)


File: 1473061271136.jpg (1.64 MB, 1366x1634, 1472915089695.jpg)

Cool. Apparently most of this show's scenery is taken from RL places.

Too bad it's a bit too serious for my tastes.



Updated list.
Still two unaccounted for missing pokemon

Dex Progress: 698
Lacking: 23 pokemon
pokemon to level evolve: 1
pokemon to stone evolve: 1
pokemon to trade evolve: 1
Legends I could possibly obtain, including going back generations : 10
obtainable legends I can't get through my collection: 4 (5 if phione counts)
Event only legends I can't get : 3

Jellicent - evolve / trade

Kingdra - trade evolve w/ dragon scale

Chanadlure - dusk stone needed

— Legends to catch
–W or earlier transfer
Kyurem - catch

–from X
Zygarde - terminus cave in XY
–from AS or transfer

azelf - nameless cavern# 9pm-3:59am
dialga- soaring in sky#
heatran - Sorched Slab
regigigas - route 105 - island cave - interact

Cresselia, -cresent isle
landorus- Soaring in the sky#
virizion- pathless plain - Mon or Thu

— Uncatchable by me

ho-oh - trade
Yveltal - trade
Reshiram - Trade
tornadus - Trade

Event legends:

phione - trade
<Jirachi, manaphy, genesect >


I was trying to start up conversation!


I'm very busy trying to figure out what I lack, its infuriating because I know that I'm lacking 23 pokemon but can't find what the all holes are.


Koffing has lots of holes I think
Hope that helps


Nah, I have koffing.
Well. I don't have a hoopa of course, so that might be one of the unaccounted for.


There is still hoopa for your dex, don't worry


File: 1473064841246.png (188 KB, 1000x1000, Zivur.png)

C-Cast Raise Ded on meta

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You know, modern phones really feel like cool cyberpunk devices


they certainly cyberspy on you like them!


So I can jack them in my head?


not quite, but earbuds are getting so tiny that certain chocolate chips outsize them


I tried turning my old phone as secure as possible. CMod, stop all internet traffic, no Google services. Was neat. Then my main phone broke and I needed it for a GPS.

VR now
Jacks soon


For a second I misread that and thought I was tripping balls because you said some earbuds have chocolate chips and flakes coming out of them


I'm not sure even a 'disposable phone' would be secure anymore, so much tracking on those things


File: 1473065765334.webm (4.76 MB, 1280x720, trapped_in_vr_forever.webm)

What about disposable pony?



File: 1473065932003.png (218.07 KB, 1217x764, 1406609108083.png)



Kelani when?


If you just want a palmtop computer you could root and outright stop all traffic.

I'm thinking of getting that cardboard VR headset…


File: 1473066035816.jpg (29.56 KB, 640x480, chitrash.jpg)

I meant to post this.

Also sure.


Hm, could be useful..


I'd take that hand-me-down tied up girl

Does that mean now?

I'd love an HTC Vive, alas, it costs an arm and a leg


She's a broken robot.
Are you sure you want it? Its software is totally wiped and her hardware is some kind of custom model not really compatible with any upgrades..


also yes it did mean now


Alas, the only reason I don't exclusively use Nexuses is no sd slot

SD card storage saved me when I accidentally factory reset in the middle of Belgiumeet


I'll just install something on to her that lets her be happy


File: 1473066492781.jpg (446.13 KB, 1024x1606, 1468795335251.jpg)




File: 1473067076141.png (36.26 KB, 533x169, 295653.png)

Satan pls


Most shows do that.


File: 1473068484564.png (266.4 KB, 490x283, 1472226607162.png)

Having a backup is pretty useful!

Azelf captured. now I'm up to 699 pokemon



File: 1473068859483.png (1.07 MB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 09-….png)

Feels good man


File: 1473068906280.png (852.09 KB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 09-….png)

>Got enough gold off of that Arena to buy the last wing of Karazhan immediately



uproar made it a real pain to keep asleep.


How did it go?


Dialga capped, making 700.


Indian drivers should be rounded up and shot


File: 1473074036172.png (Spoiler Image, 334.75 KB, 900x718, my_little_pony___the_thing….png)

Getting tense yet?


I don't get what you're trying to tell me about the pups


You killed one
There is three inside the house
Sleighs are drawn by eight
That means 4 are behind, since that was the bait


>homebrew free offline Pokebank available
>no offline Poketransporter


Oh good. Then they won't escape us.


>"No pentagon, its shit anyway :^)"





File: 1473074972985.jpg (748.36 KB, 1280x960, 1392964430461.jpg)

>there are people who care about pentagon
>there are people who actually want the pokemon to have come from the shittiest gen
>implying anyone can't just slap a pentagon on it


File: 1473075192575.gif (156.58 KB, 296x259, 1443764479853.gif)

>"Its the only way to make sure its not a fake brah"


File: 1473075269251.png (184.77 KB, 600x746, touch fluffy butt.png)

Good goys, my 10 boxes worth of 6IV shines are legit, trade me your shinies and legends for them. They have the pentagon, see?


File: 1473075443114.png (161.6 KB, 657x644, 1375664037347.png)

Heh', these are the people we're gonna be playing with soon as sunmo comes out, people easily fooled by such things.

But really, its no big deal to pay 5 bucks a year, even a kid with nickle and dime allowance could manage it.


Pop quiz:
If you have 1024 boxes and need to fit up to 255 cats in them, how long will it take the compsci student to realize 1024 > 255?


Link me that OB, I need it.


About 3 days after the cats ran away


>everyone else too deep in thought to realize it
>do in 1 page what others did in 5
>make it work orders of magnitude faster
I'm very pleased with today's test.



File: 1473075783452.gif (1.18 MB, 400x400, 1422247389668.gif)

Well done


File: 1473075802673.png (199.58 KB, 356x256, 1454365367425.png)



Don't worry.
I have EA this time


File: 1473075917071.png (309.59 KB, 1112x1094, 1453553659988.png)

You imply something bad will happen to Kelani because of that


Basically the test was "create a firmware unit which stores values associated with keys. You have 2 memories of 1024 slots each and each slot can store up to 8 bit."
The trick here is, you can only store 256 different numbers in 8 bits. And since you are using "keys", they have to be unique. So you have 1024 slots to store up to 255 (because the key 0 isn't valid) different keys.
And it seems like I'm the only one who realized it during the test.


File: 1473075989229.gif (360.9 KB, 512x288, 1435342193609.gif)

I'm saying that going helpless won't stop him is all.


File: 1473076126542.jpg (353.72 KB, 1800x1469, 1457237659267.jpg)

I just fundamentally dislike the idea of paying to use a cloud service when they could just let us pay once to store our mons locally. If it's to prevent cheating, it sure isn't working

Wanna trade and help me evolve stuff?



Speaking of cheating. What do you use?


Fair enough, I do feel its really inconveint not to be able to access my pokemon bank when on a long bus/plane ride without access to internet.

Sure, I can do that. I'll jump on my AS


savedatafiler and pkhex


Gonna need your FC
0963 2981 7820



File: 1473076692296.jpg (21.9 KB, 261x261, 1453464496602.jpg)

Helplessness is a bad mechanic anyway.


>tfw you will never hunt event Pokemon with BDN in Japong



0018 1124 8314


Goes into all the spaces!
You didn't post it on an image though, 4/10


I-I just got home, I'm tired


IGN: Brittany

I didn't have time to take a picture of my friend code and upload it


Gimme whatever you feel like for the legends
Preferably something hatched though


Did you get those legends with cheating, you cheaty McCheaterson?


Me? No, never! All honestly written to my save, yep yep.


Also pls give me back my poke and seapony


So XY and ORAS save to sd?


Nope, you use savedatafiler to write them to SD, edit them, then write back to the cart.


I mean, I'm not the biggest pokemon fan, but if I had a DS, I'd
Actually catch them
What is the point if you just write them onto your save with a cheat?
That's like buying a game, DL-ing a 100% save and saying "Wow, I sure did like that!"



I do get whatever I can without cheating, though. But unique game exclusives or event exclusives will be cheated in with no remorse


well of course


That's all then, thanks!


File: 1473078212288.jpg (108.61 KB, 850x939, 1421287215055.jpg)

>seeing Starburst again
I didn't know how to react! Such a strong looking star now


File: 1473078359807.png (144.11 KB, 828x1035, 1400131126970.png)

I usually keep my old mons in their generation, but I think Starburst will be one of the few who ascend onwards.


File: 1473078490692.png (86.45 KB, 648x317, 1426107746649.png)

W-what an honor


File: 1473078764638.png (1.03 MB, 1920x800, vlcsnap-2016-09-05-14h28m0….png)



Kelani will feel very conflicted about this.
He just learned that Nature doesn't consider her part of her creation, and then she dies protecting it.


Chell was a construct made by a donkey, therefore not her creation!
She is not dead forever though, the core has all her memories and thoughts and such. She just needs another body.


I gathered, but Kelani will still feel very strange about this.


Consider the following
It was also very important to Chell because these were the demons who survived, and they were from the group of demons who destroyed her home and everthing she held dear


>honen dex now has a little crown next too it


>implying Kelani won't be completely blind to the fact she did it for her own reasons when it was a mission for NATURE


Talk about religious fanatism!
But maybe if he complains enough to Mother Nature she will just give Chell a pony body


No, but he might beg, so that Chell can be rewarded by being part of her creation properly!


That would be a first!
But possible


Of course, Mother Nature can do anything


>chell going back to the Doctor after getting her new body


Also, not anything



That body looks very robotic


It's a work in progress.
I just got reminded of that movie because it is about a robot getting replacement parts until he becomes fully human


Sounds the opposite of cyberpunk


If there wasn't a very cheesy plotline in it about falling in love with a girl, or if it was not '90's cheesy' and more 'non-cheesy romance' it could be one of the greatest 'robots outlive us' and 'do robots have a soul?' movie


File: 1473080318017.png (120.3 KB, 402x600, Heresy_Pony.png)

Robots having souls?
I'm starting to think this is nercomancy. Decidedly not natural.


Oh, so you don't want Chell to have her own body after all?


I'll have to consult the book of druidic rites on this


Savedatafiler only decrypts the saves, it can't extract them from a game card. AFAIK.


You could just ask Her!


Also true.


And I'm safe for another year



File: 1473081798269.gif (2.21 MB, 624x476, 1386512174628.gif)


File: 1473081962927.gif (288.21 KB, 285x481, 1453888741061.gif)

Nobody expects the Canterlot Inquisition


Breezie this week. I'll decide a date


>it was all leading up to Kelani getting captured by inquisitors


File: 1473082140693.gif (556 KB, 442x339, 1391364111904.gif)


They aren't actually inquisitors though, they are a containment team


That's what it does though, have it export from CTRcard


File: 1473082336339.png (862.59 KB, 3508x2278, nightmare_rarity_by_ispinc….png)

I'm suddenly all too tired too go on.


We got some good stuff done!


Night breezie


Busy till Thursday.


File: 1473086660373.png (1.1 MB, 939x597, featherypane.png)



File: 1473086690391.png (241.47 KB, 694x1121, 1464313289778.png)



Delete this.


Stop summoning things from meme hell, it's not safe


File: 1473087416449.png (389.6 KB, 553x752, 1473024943368.png)


File: 1473087442554.gif (262.96 KB, 500x390, kZuUA99.gif)


>"That should have put you out of commission for three months."
>"She made her wish to heal someone, so she recovers twice as fast as a normal human."

I hate to interrupt you Kyubey, but she actually healed more like 130,000x faster than a normal human, as a conservative estimate.


>get missionaries at the door

This is still a thing in this day and age?



I should watch this cartoon too


File: 1473087867745.jpg (242.19 KB, 495x600, 1471596453109.jpg)

New episode today.


File: 1473089711286.png (556.11 KB, 526x454, memes.png)


1 hour to new ep


File: 1473090053204.jpg (73.83 KB, 382x528, 1464815901872.jpg)





Roll #1 2 = 2


File: 1473090334359.jpg (807.14 KB, 1230x1646, 1470257286693.jpg)

Wouldn't mind doing some OW, fam.


Normally I'd like to, but I really ought to get some work done for once

Maybe this afternoon, but until then I'm outtie


Actually my family is coming over so I will meme a bit


Probably won't be around much today and tomorrow


File: 1473095686953.webm (1.45 MB, 640x480, 1473092342411.webm)

What happened?


Just traveling back to the apartment and I'll spend soe time catching up with friends


Reach Out to the Truth is still probably the catchiest battle theme of all time


Wait you finished MGSV already?


Nah, only 20%, I'm talking about the P4 battle theme

Boss themes don't count as battle themes either, so I'm not counting any of the best MGR songs


Yes I figured you were talking about that, which is why I was wondering if you'd finished mgs already to switch off to P4.


Nah, I played P4 ages ago, I was just reminded of the theme song from Crunchyroll, they were recommending to check out the preview of the P5 anime


Speaking of Animu, Mob Psycho 100 episode 9 is out



File: 1473100549934.png (1.38 MB, 4876x4309, 75936 - Artist-kooner01 ma….png)


FC class suggestions, keep in mind I played a "tank", a couple casters both divine and arcane, and had a good plan for a strong bruiser.
Also keep in mind we won't break level 10.


I found Captain to be a lot of fun


Played. Kinda.



Fighters are generally good for those first several levels, assuming they remember to pack a ranged option. You won't get much of a return on your caster until the tail-end. Unless you specialize in "Summon Monster" type spells, since you can use them to great effect. Especially if you use wolves. Racial bonuses to trip attacks, and standing up provokes attacks of opportunity which means more trip attacks.


File: 1473100807530.png (155.94 KB, 700x700, 1329602513216.png)


This is not DND


As I've not even looked at fantasycraft rules, that's the best suggestion I can offer.
I'd say just stick with something that most closely reflects your personal idiom.


File: 1473101024895.jpg (142.79 KB, 1024x524, 1422501091604.jpg)


I dunno what to tell ya.

I *really* like some things that FC does, but I've always felt a lot of its classes feel extremely blah.


That's a big lizard.


There's not enough diversity.


Eh, the abilities you get each level just aren't exciting, they're mostly like "you fail this kind of roll less often up to a certain DC"

You look at the burglar and you get
>Level 1: Fail acrobatics/sneak less often
>Level 2: Evasion tanking
>Level 3: Bonus feat
>Level 4: Evasion tanking
>Level 5: Bonus feat
>Level 6: Bag of Tricks **this is the first actually interesting skill**
>Level 7: Bonus feat
>Level 8: Evasion tanking

All those evasion tanking skills instead of burglary stuff. I guess the level 1 skill at least makes it easier to burgle but really you could nearly as easy be an explorer and steal stuff.

Almost all the classes are this way.


I agree, but I can't place my finger one why, each class has a very stand out, game changing unique ability. They should each feel good to play.


Except that >lv14


>level 14
stop talking about things which aren't real sylt


I don't feel like most classes get a standout ability until later.

Bag of Tricks is cool but it's not until 6
Captain is one of the really good classes because he gets his interesting skill, Battle Planning, very early, at 3
You look at Assassin and it's MECHANICALLY strong but it's not very *fun* imo to just add BAB.
Keeper gets Right Tools at 5 which at least offers you choice but it's still mostly +2 (whatever)
And all the level 0 magic for casters seems pretty limited


File: 1473102239558.jpg (188.63 KB, 640x480, 968full-detective-conan-sc….jpg)

Maybe you're onto it.
I think the magic itself is kind of limited in FC, probably intentionally, because they didn't want the PF problem of caster bias.


Clearly, a better system must be built!




DM no
I'm not making another system with you.

I'd be up for making a set of classes for FC thou.


Listen, where do you look up good strats for double battle pokemon?


I don't.


File: 1473102783540.gif (999.46 KB, 500x301, 1389007227869.gif)

I will just keep guessing at what might make good teammates for doubles and test them on showderp or something


OW anyone?


Maybe it really doesn't get better than PF, maybe my old group wasn't a bunch of faggots, and PF is the best system with the most interesting things available


>tfw you will die hundreds of years before Detective Conan ends

Why wasn't I born in 2845?

I only play casually


File: 1473102935845.jpg (82.7 KB, 704x525, 1421826209166.jpg)

in 30 or so


>Finished episode 6
You humans are so touchy about the placement of your souls

Nah, PF is breakable EASY. You have to know nobody in your group will powergame or the fights will be impossible to balance.

It ends up being like Superman on the Justice League… he always has to be somewhere else or what's the fuckin point of Batman and Wonder Woman?


I want to do something nice with my pokemon and singles is boring, besides the japs use doubles for their tournies right?


Breakable but so interesting that people keep playing it and making content for it! Maybe its really the best.


I don't follow pro games at all, but I have seen doubles tournament play

I think everyone uses Primal Legendaries though


File: 1473103293376.gif (738.86 KB, 508x508, eyeroll.gif)


File: 1473103534403.jpg (171.33 KB, 820x605, 1422191269337.jpg)

Any idea where to follow that meta?

In all honestly, we could probably just convert a few PF classes into FC classes to keep things interesting.


>There are only 12 episodes of Madoka
I should've watched this sooner, I didn't realize it was so short

FC already has things like "rage" in the form of feats. It seems like they want to make everything a feat.


very easy to keep it modular that way, the general feel of FC is modulization, since the campaign set up section lists lots of categories you can choose to include or exclude to get the right feeling for your game



File: 1473106609317.png (618.16 KB, 1280x720, nmmmm.png)



spooopy mega is really popular I see


Bronzong is also amazingly popular for not even being an Uber

He's not even a semilegendary


Bronzong has resistance to half of the types in the game plus very high base defenses


Well doubles is a very different meta after all, access to levitate immunity of any sort is probably really important


A few years ago someone won the championship doubles with electric squirrel


>Anime is 2/3 over
>Madoka isn't even a magical girl yet

Cocktease OP?


Squirrel has a nice shiny, I'm going to eventually get one once I have that shone charm


Just keep going and you'll see


>Same after 9 episodes

Okay 3 episode left to become one

>That bodycount


>Episode 10 is an alternate timeline right off the bat
I should've seen this coming




All the reviews of Thornwatch are super positive. When it comes out, we should try it. I'm sure rules rips will be up eventually.


It's based on DnD 4e, since that was the black haired guy from PA first RPG.


"black haired"


Too late.


I assume he means Bald, not Piglike.


The brown haired one is the one that gets the bald jokes


The bald one is the one that gets the bald jokes.


I don't know if it's true in real life, but Bald is always portrayed as being the one skilled and knowledgable whereas Piglike just likes to have fun


Still, back to Thornwatch. Last time I saw it, it used cards like 4e's. Classes were a bit more limited, but it should be easy enough to mod. It will have the advantage that a character sheet isn't 10 pages long


>2 episodes left


I want to see your reactions to


>All of human history is shaped by the wishes of women, and therefore all suffering is caused by the foolish wishes of women who weren't thinking rationally

I can't remember if internet feminists were a thing five years ago when this came out, but if they were, I bet they howled


They weren't.
Madoka was a beloved series.
"Feminists" don't actually consume media so they wouldn't know.


Well, they "consume" it in the sense that it is destroyed over time. Just look at the state of vidya.


You mean that a canon where the teenage girls literally changed history to their whims isn't something a feminist would like?


The whole alien explanation is a little weird, I think I'd rather believe it was magic than technology

If aliens have the tech to give a girl time travel powers (which is the opposite of entropy in the first place) why aren't they all over using that???

I guess that's not really fair because I'm using a word that has ceased to have meaning.

Old feminists (first/second wave) would appreciate the strong female characters and intricate character interactions that don't pull punches and have an interesting world where women feature prominently

New feminists (modern era) wouldn't like it because it doesn't showcase a narrative of victimhood, which is their bread and butter


I gotta say, I don't really get new feminist then.
It doesn't make any sense to want to be portrayed as weak and helpless victims exclusively.


>magic rather than science
Yes, they way I understand it. The aliens never fully understood why the girls get the powers they do, nor do they have real control over what power any magical girl will get. The girls basically generate their own power, related somewhat to their wish.


It makes sense if your goal is to get reparations. They would say something like, "Any story that depicts women as being the primary drivers of history is dangerous because it dilutes understanding of female subjugation." In other words, they don't want to bring about a new future where women have good portrayals in media, they want media that dwells on the past. But these radical modern feminists are not very popular. I'm a liberal arts grad student so I'm in the kinds of circles where I get a lot of contact with radfem and far leftist people, and those ideas aren't very popular with normal laywomen. At least, in my experience.

I've had to bite my tongue about some really extremist things I've heard said after class because sometimes you have to pick your battles. These people are really crazy sometimes – you have to remember I'm talking about a small group of radical fringe thinkers, though.


I never watched madoka.
Thanks for the spoilers I guess.


You said you don't watch anime anymore and it has been 5 years

You'll forget by the time you like anime again probably


File: 1473115019025.jpg (137.75 KB, 1000x707, 1435030228094.jpg)

It kinda sounds like they're envious of the attention black people get in the media, and therefore are mimicking the most noticed behaviors of black people in the media, crying about how oppressed they are and their race's history of being oppressed


I've had it in my backlog for the last 4.


To be fair, nothing in your post here >>760856
indicated you might not have watched it.


Anyone here see Kubo and the Two Strings?
I'm in the theater now waiting for it to start.


No, but I hear it's pretty good.


It's pretty good.
Wait until you get to the 18ft-tall skeleton model.


Its very good.
And very oriental.
I actually think it might border on racist.


Maybe so. I'm halfway through the next to last episode but
>Low battery
I need to go find a starbucks

You aren't allowed a backlog if you say you don't watch anime anymore!

That's true, but it's probably more than simple mimicry. Women's lib happened at the same time as a lot of the civil rights movement, so even though very few of the actual members are the same, those groups are still very intertwined.

Anyway, I didn't mean to start a discussion about modern feminism, sorry. All radicals are crazy by definition.


Main gripe is that they didn't call bugman Kabuto.


The animation looked really great, although based on the trailers the writing seemed a bit inane


probably because they wanted a name that kids could say


it's a suspended backlog.


>found an outlet in the park
Such a nice park


Its great really.


How is Ka-boo-toe hard to say?
Well, yeah, but the thing about Laika is that it's about the spectacle, not the money/story. It's an alright adventure store rife with cliches, but that doesn't really knock it down that much.


The only thing I know for real

There will be blood-shed


The K sound is a difficult one for the little guys


File: 1473115485839.jpeg (55.58 KB, 500x385, image.jpeg)

I like bug men named Kabuto


Where did my name go



Yeah, but just calling him Beetle is kinda… well, dumb I guess. I wonder how it would all sound in a JP dub, though.
Also was the moon king supposed to be China? Because I got a really strong Chinese vibe from him.


>Disneyland ad about a deaf girl signing with Minnie Mouse
Oh that's sweet
In the JP dub he might get called Kabutomushi.


>dusty doesn't know how to use spoilers


they might change the names in the jap dub


File: 1473115791773.jpg (64.63 KB, 720x449, ffj.jpg)

By the way, my family dragged me to this and it was good

I have major respect for Meryl Streep, she is such a talented actor


File: 1473115819944.jpeg (181.86 KB, 1024x768, image.jpeg)

Why would I need to spoil that?
It was an esoteric joke.


Probably. The "mister-miss monkey" gag will probably come across more naturally, too.


Oh cool there's gonna be a showing of Labyrinth remastered.


The least believable part about Madoka is a world where Japan has this many giant glass windows.

Earthquake central.


Hey you
Get on OW now


Its a secret of the movie that the character exists


The architecture is non-diagetic, I'm certain.


Sorry, I'm on my laptop in the park

Nothing to do here but work and watch the gran finale


>When you try to get a broad to wish for 12 episodes and then she completely memes you with her wish in the last episode


Now watch the rebellion movie.

Good thing we have children's movies so famous rich actors can always be in business.


I'm still only six minutes in, I don't even know what they're going to do with the last 18 minutes

What else is there to say?


Okay I admit I feel a little weird watching this naked lolis on a shining background ina public park


It's kind of funny how a magical girl show can just be straight up and acknowledge they know what a magical girl is, unlike zombie shows where they have to spend the first five episodes going WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE THINGS I HAVE NO IDEA WHY ARE CORPSES WALKING


I won't forget the promise we made
I'll close my eyes to make sure
I will move forward
Shaking off the surging darkness

Ending was bretty gud. A little drawn out but I can't not like it since I'm such a sap for a happy ending. I don't know why people said this would depress you.

Should I watch the movie Dusty recommended?


File: 1473118649377.jpg (25.04 KB, 300x460, Ebina.jpg)


What has you in such an Ebin mood?


File: 1473118706139.gif (424.31 KB, 480x270, 1471466600449.gif)


Maybe tomorrow, mailhorse?

x-ams are over (4u big guy) rite?


Tbh I haven't seen it but I think I will now.


If you like, I think that's the one knight said differs from the source manga, but its all still interesting


Y'all stopped OW?


Yea well, everyone else went to bed


File: 1473119211583.jpg (89.32 KB, 720x960, 11149588_768320779945288_6….jpg)


Maybe I should too, but I don't feel like it, but tomorrow I will have drink so much with all the friends I haven't seen for the summer do uni related stuff
I just feel like doing something before I do, I just don't know what
Maybe some videos…

Any thoughts on the session we had today btw?


Yes. One big one.
You took away any sense of danger


I cannot decide


BDN watches pro pokemon, this is your chance to ask for doubles tips

Also was it really Nopo's birthday yesterday?


I go for the carrot.


Freud: Interesting choice of verbiage… going for the phallic object


Whitewater rafting is SO. MUCH. FUN.
When you've got a group that works together and listens to the instructor, it's not really scary, just exciting.
The most danger actually came from wildlife; once when a copperhead started swimming across the lake just a little ways ahead of us and we had to backpaddle to make sure he didn't jump into the raft, and a second time while I was driving home when >Suddenly bear


He didn't mention it.
BDN what's a good place to look at double battle strats?


What format? Anyway, smogon covers everything, but for VGC there's nugget bridge too.





God damnit
It was the problem with Chell, really
And I will admit, I completely held back because I didn't want to be too 'edgy' but I guess that just made it worse


I guess you're not a fun hater after all


It would be something different than singles, and isn't the only format the VGC one?

the first time he was the demon was good, it felt urgent to run away.
The time today when there were 7 and none of them could touch me even when I crit failed made me feel very safe. It seemed like a good time to have chell leave to fight along side the animals, or an animal get possessed and have to fight a tougher thing like a wolf or bear, particularly if it was the end of the zombies.


I mean, you being hard to touch was the reward for you figuring out that you can actually just go and get help from Mother Nature specifically against demons.
I also just dislike making critfails put you down on the ground with a not too serious wound, but I'm experimenting with new things all the time, I guess this one didn't work so well. I wanted to see what happens when S10 bad rolls and critfails are not just the PC fucking up compeltely or bumbling around, but something that is generally bad for them


VGC is 4v4 out of 6, smogon doubles has you use all 6 on your team. Also, different banlists.

Have something fun


>I'm Always Angry: No matter what you might look like on the outside, the beast inside you never stops raging and never rests for anything. At Level 10, you may enter the Berserk Stance even while you aren't in combat. Also, you may use your Strength modifier in place of other modifiers when making skill checks; if you do so on a skill that would not normally use your Strength modifier, your error range increases by 3. Finally, your successful attacks always deal at least 1 point of damage even after resistances and immunities are applied.
>Also, you may use your Strength modifier in place of other modifiers when making skill checks;
>Strength spellcasting check
>Strength Stealth check


Spellbound is out?


Its not the concept of what you did that was the problem..
I meta-wise understood that it was because of getting help from MN, which came across okay as the animals and the cure, but the slippery bonus was a little too hidden, maybe hint at feeling nature's touch or wind helping me move or such.
Well, that I understood too, but it didn't feel like Kelani causing the failure, but you just killing her off because she was OP, a fair thing to do really, maybe if the dog kelani was fighting got away from him and tackled chell, causing her to lose that, would have been more like his fumble.
I also might have been slpy at the time, which might be me misreading clue that were there.


File: 1473120446842.webm (3.03 MB, 640x360, I never asked for these c….webm)

For Sylt




Hulk plz



It was an opportunate moment to nicely wrap that plot of Chell up. She got back to her home and destroyed whatever demons there were. Anything else would have been a drag, but the core being intact, and your idea of asking Mother Nature for giving her a real body, which I never even considered, is a much better way to continue her being a character with purpose, and it gives a 'doc tries to rebuild it anyway' plotline too. It was closing one door to open others, really


Nah, I just have bad memories of prior experiences with boating; namely, my dad managing to flip a canoe three times over the course of a two-hour trip downstream, through completely calm waters. Standing in the muck, struggling to keep your head above water while simultaneously trying hold up the canoe so it doesn't sink isn't fun.
I was also partly nervous due to the sheer lack of communication beforehand; I didn't find out that "4 hours on the river" meant "4 hours whitewater-rafting on the river" until about 3 days prior, and the actual discussion on what exactly the plan was only happened the night before the actual event.

The bear was honestly the scariest experience of the day; I saw something black stand up by the side of the road, saw it start running out into the road, thought "that's a big dog" as I started slowing down, realized "That's a bear," and had to swerve and hit the brakes. According to my brother and the other passengers, I avoided it perfectly, but it was damn close; close enough that I wouldn't be surprised if there's some bear fur on my bumper.


>use Turn The Aberration on Kotone, she only half flees


>use it on Manako
>does nothing
>use it on Tree
>he burns


In boy scouts, part of the canoe badge is learning how to unswamp a canoe midstream


You're gonna burn alright


I thought you were a gep gun


Pretty cool, It seems like FC doesn't even do shapeshifting?


What happens if you use it on Schrodingers cat?


Not only that, but getting back into it, too. Without help and without swamping it again.


There's the one with turning into Dragons


that's true.
there's still the miracle to investigate thou!




Did you eagle?


that's not really like shapeshifting in other games, and its only for dragons, so they can fit into places, and only at decent levels


FC doesn't have shapeshifting.
Because >spellbound never ever
>level twenty



>shapeshifting is gimped and dragons only

Dark souls pls…


One of the researchers could help, if the plague doctors don't burn everything to crisp first!

I mean, it's usually for people to turn into dragons, because being a dragon is cool, but I guess only a fool would play a dragon originally

Never ever?


Ask yourself what games ever reach level cap.


None ever?


I see you understand


to be fair, this is true of other groups too.
Even very long running games pretty much never reach level cap, particularly when starting from 1.


>dying age of fire
>only a handful of humans much less heroes left alive after everyone hit level 20 and, lacking further monsters, PvP began
>all that remains are roaming skeleton minions from necromancer heroes


And level 20 ones are just too OP


Nah. I fell off somewhere near the end of Star rank, or at the beginning of Life rank.


Better to be safe!

Yes, its gonna be touch to play a morrigan in a system which forbids her original talent.


A level 15-20 campaign could do it.
The trick is to plan for a five level gain total, so you can finish in 6-10 months of time


If you go fight gnolls, sure.
But at level 20 you face lv20 enemies.


heh' remember that time I asked PF General what enemies would challenge a ninja and what I was doing wrong that you were tearing through everything?
That was funny.


Did they recommend greater fiends?


I wasn't in the thread but I remember you being quite bummed.


>>Manako was not a fey in the first place
poor thing


>she was just a shrunken earth pony with fake wings glued on

You have to admit this would explain a lot….


Wait, DM is running his quest in FC after all?
It wasn't just a myth?

Silly Andy, quests never finish

I'd rather stick with the gnolls


They basically said to use demons, ghosts and fiends, with access to invisibility and dark vision and fear abilities


I never got to join the boy scouts; my parents talked about it, but never found a scout leader who met their standards.

The trip did have plenty of amusing moments.
>Sitting in the second row
>Kid in the front is a fat twelve-year-old
>isn't holding his paddle by the part we just got a twenty-minute lecture on "ALWAYS KEEP A HOLD OF THIS PART"
>refuses to keep any sort of rowing tempo
>figure he's going to end up going in at some point
>reach the first rapids
>hit the first bump
>watch in semi-slow-motion as kid rolls backwards off the raft
His mom behind me immediately started freaking out, and it started getting a bit tense when it took him longer and longer to pop back up, but he did eventually come back up, perfectly fine.
It was made funnier when it was in direct contrast to the other guy in the front, a friend of me and my brother named Tom, who is the scrawniest, nerdiest kid imaginable, and is not only doing a great job, but is clearly having the time of his life.


But not how she got a fey daughter..

Perhaps. Maybe.


Should I think of characters for that quest in FC then?
That is important


if you'd like to play in that game, yea, probably


Tree was a giant wingless breez!


Back in august I was salty that Cyberpunk is pretty much the only quest I can actually play in that runs, so Knight told me to join that, but I couldn't come up with a good enough concept just yet.
It being in FC might help, at least, if I read up on some class I haven't played before.


it can't be true

I see.
Well talk to DM and see if he's serious about it, I haven't seen him ask any questions about FC so I don't know if he's looked it over or is having trouble or what


I think I saw him looking at FC stuff and taking about it last thread


If yesterday really was your birthday I'll forgive you and let you play H again. But if you'd rather have nothing to do with me anymore to avoid fighting again, that would probably be wise too.


Well that was a nice movie.
Surprised that was Matthew McConaughey.


>4 movies in 2016
So which one are you talking about?

Kubo I guess?


If your forgiveness is given that easily and it is not a Road to Canossa I'd play in H again because I do like Emmy
Also, that fight was dumb and blown out of proportions, and I'm sure we'll bitch at each other again at some point since we are all shitposters at heart, but the 'not doing anything with each other' thing was pretty dumb.
So tl;dr I'd like to play, you're still a faggot, so am I, water under the bridge and all that.


"Our paths cross for now, as to the future… who can say?" - Ganja, Overwitch


"And I thought I was the comic relief!" -Blowman, UberBitch


Yeah, Kubo.


Yes, the movie that I asked if anyone has seen because I was in the theater about to see it.

Really nice craftsmanship all around. Looked a little too good at times, I always like it when something's more obviously stop motion but you can't blame them for doing their absolute best with it, and they did. I don't have any real issues with it, and it was rather nice overall.


By the way, I was thinking of H tomorrow


I might not be around, gotta catch up with some people


No idea.


Well, if three aren't here, it won't run. That's how it always goes.

So it's not too much worry if it doesn't happen.


File: 1473124449193.png (293.64 KB, 959x1034, 1461854220313.png)





>tfw you're born into a pack there's no choice but take orders to attack locked up in chains you get fed but the hunger still remains


Have you seen any new/different rpg systems lately?


No, I'd like to take a little time to look though.

More systems than you could ever possibly learn…


File: 1473125544962.png (181.67 KB, 500x731, 1473064318720.png)

Most systems are shit. There's a reason this is a thing.


Do you think you might want to run a superhero/superpowers campaign?


I don't run.


>Let's just see how hard it would be to learn Riddle of Steel
>Like 15 character attributes


Link me.



>RoS attributes:

Mental Aptitude


Those sound… Redundant?


In fairness, everything from Reflex and down are actually just "derived attributes" (e.g.: your reflex is your agi + wit)

But that's still a fuckton!


Okay. But why so many?



Wait, no it isn't…


>Wanted to move over to the fountain where my view is much better and I get a better breeze
>Down to 2 bars of connection
Hmm… worth it? We shall see


Time to sleep


I'm reading Torchbearer and it seems VERY promising





File: 1473127833192.png (9.75 KB, 928x596, underseaboat.png)

I forgot I mostly drew this for you


That… is a fairly shallow boat?
Chaos is weird.


No, the opposite, I said it's an extremely deep sloop. This is twice as deep as a normal sloop.


I'm not good with ships. Still, it's small for the purpose of transporting goods and ponies.


Yes, very very small. I wanted you to have an idea of how cramped it is. The reason why you travel with such a light crew and why it was impractical to do the attack run on Bright Harbor from that ship instead of the Locker.


I'm still curious as to how the Celestials found the ship while it was submerged outside of the minefield. It's not like they have seaponies of their own.


mid carry bought wards


I swear, it's almost like you're trying to speak with me, but the words make no sense.


When you're setting a trap for fish ponies, start by setting alarm wards underwater


Ah. Fucking Redcoat.


Marina had a hard life


It runs in the family.


Does that mean her child would have a double hard life?

(too soon?)


Finally freed up, I can Cyberpunk if you're free.


File: 1473130232320.png (93.41 KB, 239x437, Artist at work.png)


File: 1473131129643.jpg (166.87 KB, 1137x785, 1430342847940.jpg)


Say, did you still need a Phione? I think I can breed one since I've got a Manaphy in my PC box.


Yea, that's right. I never had a manaphy.
Thanks for thinking of me.


Well, you're in luck because just about 30 seconds after I dropped it off that Manaphy got busy with the ditto who's pretty much been living in the day care. Once it hatches I'll give you a shout.


File: 1473131621349.jpg (67.88 KB, 900x724, hunting_break_by_polarityp….jpg)


Say you're getting moon or sun version?


I'm going for Sunlion. I believe you mentioned you were getting Moonbat.
Also, any nickname preferred for the Phione?


File: 1473131752075.jpg (525.99 KB, 1442x989, Fallout Equestria 4 Revean….jpg)


Are any other differences between versions yet known?


Not by me.


I really wish I could cyber, but when we are both truly free to quest I'd rather mon


File: 1473132127157.jpg (60.09 KB, 585x749, open disdain.jpg)

I didn't even wanted to sleep anyways


What a top qt

Are you looking for legends as well?
And which starter you picking


I am going for moon yes, just wondering if someone in our group was getting Sun.

Whatever you feel like. Also having some internet issues today.

No one knows about exclusives yet, we'll have to wait for the dataminers I guess.


You're getting really good at griffs


Not sure about legends, but there's a bunch of common-ish pokes that I'm probably missing. I'm going to have to go through my PC and release duplicates. Which is probably the smart thing, but I really don't want to ditch the ones I've dragged all the way from Emerald/Red/etc.
Well, I don't have to toss it at you now, but just be aware I have it.


I won't get a chance until Wednesday evening.


This was drawn ages ago though, even before that lewd groof pic where she's licking the pen
But thanks, though


>not enough space to name it "HoldThePhione"
Shit. Now I'm going to have to actually think of something.


This one seems more expressive than that one

However I can see how a face is easier to master than the whole body, like in that one


I think I got it to connect.


Anything besides legends can be easily traded for, anyways.

>tfw Moonbat dies to a single sucker punch

>tfw torn between leaving my oldmons in their games of origin or carrying them forward


Oh it was done in paper, it's much easier to draw on paper
I had an easier time to sketch too, compared to how I can't whip up fast drawings in the computer


Okay. Just give me a minute to think of a proper name for it.


>Gen 1 bully type not so tough after getting Dark'd


Just a little patience yea, I'm a little sad that Cresselia seems to be a random chance island. But I'm making good progress on getting the others I can find.


File: 1473132772160.gif (969.03 KB, 500x281, tmp_17260-1471856883485-24….gif)


File: 1473132931899.gif (891.29 KB, 500x317, 9Io3RKl.gif)


File: 1473132969335.jpg (74.37 KB, 390x536, tmp_17260-UzjkB5n712605432.jpg)


File: 1473133025151.gif (1.99 MB, 336x252, tumblr_o2deajThKv1v57eeso1….gif)


I'll toss you the Phione for a Seedot, since it seems I haven't found one of those. Also I have a spare Cresselia, if you've got a Huntail to toss around.


Oh! Okay.
also connection issue again, stupid wifi. reconnecting again


It's fine, no rush. Let's just hope this doesn't happen during the trade.


its been really shitty all day, I might have to call them about it if it keeps up, what a hassle


File: 1473133913523.png (257.82 KB, 1200x1200, 1436229878676.png)

Thanks for helping out.




>Living in a place with bad wifi
It's one of two things - the other being basic nutrition - that I need to survive

My PUBLIC PARK offers speedy wifi


File: 1473133960364.gif (400.15 KB, 400x240, Trading pokemon via LinkCa….gif)

Enjoy your pokedex completion.


>wf owns a public park


How did you miss that

Roll #1 1 = 1


just 12 away now.


Like, when you pay taxes, you own a part of everything public, maaaaan.


>Wf's taxes from his job with his family are enough to pay for a park, a park with its own wifi


Because it isn't in X/Y and I never seemed to have bothered to transfer one or its derivatives upwards.
Besides, it gives people things to trade.


I'm pretty sure I have at least one somewhere.


I would say that your family should just move into our doghouse, but I'm afraid it only has a half-bath so you wouldn't have anywhere to shower.


Andy threw both at me, so no worries.
A lot of the ones I'm missing are via breeding ones I already have, catching them in fishing spots, or evolving them.


I should probably complete OR first, come to think of it.


Well, as long as you don't have any cats.


File: 1473135850375.jpg (66.29 KB, 500x500, nurse_cat.jpg)

particularly not cats which won't hunt


What if you were the cat.


File: 1473135933619.jpg (42.84 KB, 750x600, 15.jpg)

'1d10' toot cat horn for a boost

Roll #1 10 = 10


The cattest cat.


Big fat cat t– rolls



I am the top cat



I've been thinking about this:

Kyubey says that they are being more kind to humans than we to cattle because they require a contract to be signed before 'harvesting' anyone for emotions, but that doesn't excuse the large number of casualties caused by witches who were totally innocent. Kyubey even says that one big witch could end the world and "that's humanity's problem now". How does that logic make sense??


All the dead can still be used to power the whatever. It's like giving a child a gun and then not caring about what they do with it because they already "paid" for it.


Kyubey is an assholethey are giving emotionally kids super powers and then blaming the kids when it all goes wrong, because its 'not their fault' that the kids use their powers to destroy things. Because Kyubey sees all humans all mentally equal, and doesn't realize that preteen girls aren't really responsible enough to make contracts in the first place




File: 1473136751210.png (115.31 KB, 459x558, liepard_by_keijimatsu-d3fj….png)


My other complaint is that if witches come from magical girls and magical girls tend to kill more than one witch before dying, HOW ARE THERE STILL WITCHES???? Basic laws of scarcity dictate that somewhere you're gonna run out!

Also I was surprised about two big bait and switches: the main character arguably isn't Madoka, it's Homura and Homura "wins" Madoka out of nowhere

It was still p good, it was an easy watch at just 12 eps


I believe it was mentioned, but the Familiars, those little attack helpers Witches make, can grow to become full blown Witches.

SO even if you kill a Witch, you need to make sure you killed EVERYTHING


File: 1473137248648.png (86.33 KB, 1083x737, _300___skitty_by_pkmn635_h….png)

You are worthy to join my crew!

Good catch, but remember that magical girls can die to witches before becoming one themselves


Hmmm, I guess so.

The other thing was that they don't actually imply your soul gem gets darker from anything other than using magic… so if you just take your miracle and ignore witches, there appears to be no consequence.

That's true too but that doesn't result in a witch e.g.: Mami

Now, if the AVERAGE magical girl dies without a single kill, or gets completely corrupted in their first fight, that would explain a bunch of low power witches. On the other hand, it looks like Kyubey doesn't recruit low power magical girls because they'd be a waste of time and not generate much power


It's one of those human psychology thing. Kyubey did say that they had to pay off their reward, which would basically be a statement of fact to kids.

At the same time, Witches will exist and they have the power to defeat them. Most of the magical girls have friends and family they care deeply about.


Yea, like knight said, since Kyubey said that was the contract, they fight witches in exchange for their wish, the girls just accept that's how it works, and feel they have to keep doing it.

>that last spoiler

Well it seems like he has a quota, if you will, he really acts like has to reverse a certain amount of entropy in an alloted time, particularly his speech about how alien civilizations are dying being because of entropy every minute.. so of course a strong magical girl is much more efficient, but I bet he would take on several weaker ones to get his job done


AH, Also Kyubey isn't the only alien thing around


I think it's weird that Kyubey was cool with granting Madoka's wish, because he had no idea the consequences that would have on the universe, and it might have resulted in a universe where all the aliens die out or something so there are no witches


>fire engine outside, lights flashing

oh boy


Kyubey doesn't have emotions, and is more concerned about SCIENCE and observing magical girls potential and power than actually fixing the universe like his role is


don't burn


I'm 2cool for that


Maybe, I think he's like a robot/AI, which is why he has all those replaceable forms, and he acts in a robotic way. Like he just accepts the contract because that's what he's programmed to do no matter the consequence. And he'll tell you the truth about anything if you ask but he won't volunteer any information - just like a computer.


He's gonna burn alright


…Very possible actually. Particularly if we are really dealing with an alliance of advanced races who are being killed off by entropy.


At long last, after 5 years, I understand this video



Okay okay one last one Why was the only time that destroying a soul gem creates an explosion that one time in the fight with Sayaka witch? We see soul gems get cracked in alternate timelines a BUNCH of times and it never causes an explosion.


I honestly never noticed.

spoilers, the video


It's not really spoilers because I saw it several times and could never figure out what the hell any of it meant

You have to have seen the show to get what the fuck they're talking about


We've been running for a bit. Now is actually a good time to give you a level up.


I feel like turning on the comlinks was a bad idea


It was necessary. Those pictures are important.


I bet.
I need to recruit a tech pony to handle this stuff in stealth for me, disable the antenna or bounce the signal into neighpone for me


Why would you keep watching it not understanding it?


There's a Hawknia for that.


File: 1473140904923.jpg (28.54 KB, 513x719, 5d56f63abc7fe0263ddf9c6bc5….jpg)

That would be something huh, a hawknia that's great at tech and tracks me down instead. Hijacking my commlink and shit saying she wants help.

I bet she eats Doritos and plays league of equines too.


I like silly voices

Apparently a lot of people do because Nyanners is still in business…


it was pretty funny


>League of Equines
Please, everyone knows Defense of the Lunanites is where its at. Didn't you see the AR ads for its E-Sports© Tournament at the Grand Stable™ Colosseum?


Oh, what about that game.. No Mare's Sky? I hear its supposed to be great!



Lame, I could just mod Dogcraft if I really wanted that. At least I can mod in other players



Thank you. I'll see if I can run on Thursday next.


Whenever you feel up to it. I sense the next session is gonna be combat which is always either painfully long or over in tenminutes. Hopefully my skillset is good enough to make it over quick.


I'm not crazy enough to send you against 12 enemies, but there will be some fun involved.


There's only one door and one window. They will have to funnel inside.
>got so distracted by the pictures I forgot to set traps with the light bulbs and mirror
darn, maybe next time


Ugh I wanna do a Touhou RPG


File: 1473143822835.jpg (479.63 KB, 800x717, 1435749196824.jpg)

well gonna try to sleep a bit


goodnight burbs


File: 1473143969968.jpg (155.19 KB, 400x532, T&Dcoverart.jpg)

Good night.

Probably better for Aksol you didn't.

DnD 4e?


I guess I could learn the system, but part of the problem with wanting to do a certain kind of game is finding other people who also want to do it who'll really play ball with you.
It's probably just a pipe dream anyway, Touhou stories are fantastically shallow.


File: 1473144501642.png (103.81 KB, 1200x947, 1468707211522.png)

I have arrived.


I'm sure Maali and Cheesy wouldn't mind playing as girls with funny hats.

Put it back


Hats are the best.


File: 1473144679569.png (534.29 KB, 798x2398, 1468599285651.png)

Too late now.


File: 1473144720791.jpg (1.07 MB, 2560x1920, 20150204_114734.jpg)

I know nothing about Touhou
I really dig that Bad Apple song though


File: 1473144900995.jpg (144.66 KB, 1005x795, 1472759262656.jpg)

Touhou games go like this-
>something innocuous happens
>player character goes out to see what the source is
>fights everyone in their path
>the innocuous thing turns out to be sinister and presided over by a super being whom you beat and become friends with
Most of the time, at least. That's the general gist I get from them.
Also most of the girls have hats or other head accessories.

Also your picture is sideways when expanded.


We just got ice pops like those melonsicles here in Finland like last summer


Cool beans


She has two right feet?
Also her left eye seems to be bulging out of her skull. Otherwise that's a really good draw


File: 1473145215732.jpg (527.36 KB, 1200x900, 1472237206242.jpg)

They're pretty yummy.
Yeah they're p-cool. The 14th one is my favorite.


There actually were AR effects at the International!


File: 1473146934145.jpg (227.77 KB, 667x1197, 1471537353997.jpg)

This sounds like a very Ork-y feat


>wished me a happy lesbian

Uh, what?


File: 1473151183887.png (147.6 KB, 833x971, 1458633272402.png)

That was for


I was wishing gayness on you


File: 1473151660012.jpg (37.28 KB, 238x228, 1468597199368.jpg)


Facebook translated it as you wishing me a lesbian


But bluberr is straight, she had a husbando


File: 1473151822243.jpg (108.95 KB, 1200x906, 1468795405198.jpg)

But now she's brainwashed and lusting for this.

/owg/ said so.


File: 1473151917755.webm (1.51 MB, 1280x720, jump off a clif.webm)

Oh, well if owg said it, it must be true




File: 1473153139635.jpeg (4.33 MB, 2888x4036, 1458160168346.jpeg)


[shambles awake]


File: 1473155523509.png (290.71 KB, 700x700, 1457215870638.png)


>sleeping in the first place


>play in Wild
>Secret Paladin

Good fucking God I forgot how absolutely fucking cancerous that deck was
And I could have beaten it too, which is the worst, if I didn't draw like complete fucking shit the entire game


File: 1473160971768.jpg (26.98 KB, 1280x720, tmp_17260-maxresdefault-11….jpg)



File: 1473161041664.jpg (75.8 KB, 740x531, 1468591241796.jpg)

Don't nanoboost Lucio you old hag.


>100% charge Zarya
>glowing from nanoboost
It's like staring into the Chernobyl reactor.


*unsheathes katana*


I couldn't register for the MA course yet because I didn't have on me a certificate that has nothing to do with my application but the system says I have it, therefore I have to prove that I have it
The joke is, the system knows that I have it, and it certified it three fucking years ago, when I applied here first, which means they ask for a paper I have that they know I have because I have given it to them, but now they ask it again for some reason
Which means I can only register next Monday, since they are lazy fucks and don't open this week as they should, which means I might not be able to sign up for the courses I want in time

Fucking peachy
Love bureacracy
It's my fucking favourite


spray fucking everyone with an email


That's not gonna work.


At least have as much proof as possible if they start making excuses for themselves so they can't say you never asked.


I mean
What's the fucking point
I can register next week, I'm not going to not get applied because of this, I might just have to pay a small amount which I don't give a shit about, and if I can't sign up for those courses, I will make it my crusade to print out and get signed on every single 'expand course placements' papers from all the profs

The worst thing about this is going to be my parents bitching out at me for this dumbass fucking red tape shit


Proof means nothing in our world.


Bureacracy is a l'art pour l'art form of institution


File: 1473167523946.png (796.43 KB, 827x390, 1473167158469.png)


Oh my


File: 1473167570091.gif (1.99 MB, 346x245, 407192.gif)


>Spirit - Wild Horse


>Type: Null

Did they mean ability or species?


it is called type null. it is a synthetic pokemon.


I think that's the name



File: 1473171514268.jpg (59.5 KB, 518x840, 1473167029836.jpg)

That's the name.

It's pretty obviously an artificial pokemon created by the obviously real villains



>Pokemon Sun is daytime, Pokemon Moon is night time

I now know which version I'm getting

You don't play a beach game without enjoying sunny beaches


Pokemon Moon's times are flipped, so if your DS is at 9pm it'll be 9am in-game, it seems



>total ham themed doters items were given to people who pre-ordered hams
Nice try Valve, you won't get me that easily!


>start playing Morrowind
>spend an hour spamming a 1hp heal spell to train up restoration because I didn't choose it as my class skill


>Start playing Morrowind
>Didn't put 50 points into a weapon skill


>I'll buy a fire ball spell
>90% of Vvardenfell is populated by Dark Elfs with 50% resistance to fire


>Playing a single player sandbox to powergame

What did he mean by this?


>not using it to enslave more lizards


No but it literally takes off like 5% of their health and I can only cast it like 5-6 times before my mana runs out


Oh I see, I thought you meant to train it like with the heal spell
>Cast it over and over on the same weak target because they won't die


No need to do that, since I took Destruction as a primary skill. My long blade is like 48 and I still only hit on every 4th strike on average.


The right way to play Morrowind, of course, is to play an Orc and start with like 75 axe skill




Your human anatomy is getting pretty good; you already draw bobs more realistic - looking than the majority of artists do.
The one thing I've noticed that is usually considered a sign of a learning artist- you're not comfortable drawing hands. You hide it by posturing the figure so the hands are flat or hidden from the viewer, which is a valid way to compensate for now, but if you want to draw dynamic poses, you'll need to be comfortable drawing hands. I'll readily admit that hands are the most difficult part to draw, since there's so many joints in such a small space, so I'd recommend practicing by taking a sheet of paper and filling it up with nothing but drawings of hands. Start with hands held flat, then start making more complex gestures- your own hand is good for reference.


15-20 mins


File: 1473173678235.jpg (344.63 KB, 529x763, bob.jpg)

>you already draw bobs more realistic
I agree, just look at this unrealistic Bob


File: 1473173764360.png (4.12 MB, 2400x2033, 1460597412308.png)

I don't deny it I suck at drawing hands
That's why I draw ponies!


>edgelord rival


>legend trio are jellyfishes


I remember when X/Y came out we weren't sure if fashion was going to be region exclusive to Kalos (like Pokemon contests, etc.) or if they'd keep using it



>tfw it's still the same boring game at the core


>start playing Morrowind
>level up Unarmed skill by boxing a scrib for hours
Grandmaster Scrib, with his 300 fatigue, was an excellent teacher.


Why not use a console command at that point?


>Nobody on OW
>Nobody on Mumble
>Sylt got off Steam
I'm gonna coop SC2 more


I had to post on lechin and my vpns are banned.


Because this was original Xbox Huge and the closest we got to console commands were the cheat codes for regaining health/magic/stamina. Also the glitches that raise stats/skill levels by the hundreds because switching weapons before the buff animation finishes causes them to stack ad infinitum.
It's how someone speedran Morrowind in a little under four minutes.


Finally got back


How's your study of FC going?


File: 1473176553726.png (184.78 KB, 555x476, grinning lemonpon.png)


Ok. Guess I won't be holding my breath for that quest!



File: 1473176957646.png (990.84 KB, 944x782, 1473170652931.png)

>Height 6ft 3in
That thing is massive


>still noone on


>Can't even give us 5 minutes of time
And for that, I'm going to make coffee first.



>it evolves
>mask comes off


File: 1473177277353.jpg (456.82 KB, 1920x1080, ScreenShot_16-09-06_17-54-….jpg)

>actual reflection


You're joining too?


>Arena FPS game has better reflection than Deus Ex


Mainly to play a duo with Andy. And to see how you like the new system!


Does it reflect dynamic objects or just terrain?


No idea, it's reflecting the map right now.


File: 1473177886343.jpg (56.31 KB, 518x501, 1473111333871.jpg)

I vaguely remember Nopo saying something something about some kinda duo thing.
He should get back to me on that.



Call me old-fashioned, but I believe being able to draw bobs that wouldn't be giving the girl serious back problems a virtue.
Everyone sucks at first. Learning to draw hands, even if it's just passably, opens a lot more flexibility in your posing. Though I guess wanting it matters too; I worked on learning to draw hands because I wanted to draw fight scenes.


>going through my PC in Pokemon Y
>find a gardevoir named Selena
>Strong-willed with an Impish nature
Struck me as funny.


File: 1473182678846.png (792.94 KB, 987x483, 1473180051796.png)

Now how about a poke-Rhanna and the rest of the cast?
You already god Selena and Marina, right?


Nope. I've never actually named a pokemon Marina. And Selena is one I dragged over from D/P/Pt.


I wanna pet that love dino




File: 1473185213296.png (1.62 MB, 699x828, ScaryMonstercolor.png)

>dio dino
hon hon hon



File: 1473186142535.png (32.18 KB, 144x142, Laughing Rotom.png)

She was in her earlier years.

>sorting pokes

>find a Jynx that's Sassy and loves to eat


File: 1473186969411.png (405.83 KB, 1280x709, berp.png)


File: 1473188575566.jpg (97.13 KB, 600x800, 1438965192862.jpg)


>sorting my PC
>discover that I have somehow neglected to bring over any of the slowpoke line from previous games
Irritating, but fixable.

How's your quest for completion going? Down to single digits?


No. I gave it a rest for today.
Mostly because I am puzzled about my missing list.
I have 709 so far. I can only list 9 of the missing ones.




I've been pretty much just stacking it against a list while sorting.
I'm around.




File: 1473190622453.png (290.37 KB, 514x568, 1471295366425.png)


File: 1473190665960.jpg (36.48 KB, 480x351, 1472581540878.jpg)

>exiting the Witcher crashes my whole pc


Reached end of disk 14
Please insert disk 15
Save state summary:
>Type: Bastard/Mom
>At court in Instanbull, Oddomane Empire
>Type: Bastard/Church
>Garrisoned at Princessland, Greater Sister
>Type: Bastard/Princess
>At sea, Caballerian Waters
>Type: Bastard/Heiress
>At sea, Caballerian Waters

Is this data correct?


Sure But I am doing one more round of OW first.


It seems Groves needs 20 and Nopo is OWing too, so maybe we should start at 3


That means I've got time to make some food.




File: 1473191086688.png (428.56 KB, 854x480, 1328814164733.png)



And did it TWICE


Surprise, surprise, mommy was a slut.


File: 1473191186515.gif (2.71 MB, 557x308, 1223385__safe_rarity_scree….gif)

You wanna talk shit m8? I know where you live!
PS, can I drop by next weekend to drop off the matress? When would suit you?


File: 1473191209793.jpg (5.51 KB, 250x203, 1447013176696.jpg)

>lost around a hundred ranks

It was a honor playing with all of you



File: 1473191291061.png (375.09 KB, 647x525, 1469312008859.png)

So in how many minutes we're starting?


This coming weekend might not work, but the one after should be better.



File: 1473191348380.gif (3.97 MB, 1280x720, 1469304408434.gif)



>Type: Lesbomination/Mail
>Quartered at Bokis Cargo, Pekopon
>Type: Fancy/Urtyp
>Performing Investigate at Canterlot, Equestria


File: 1473191625541.jpg (207.19 KB, 1280x760, 1467796915426.jpg)

>Sylt turned off the Minecraft Server

RIP in pieces.


File: 1473191625951.jpg (49.6 KB, 440x429, 1470642467009.jpg)



No one was ever on anyway?


>turned off
No, it probably crashed since I left it unattended. I'll go check on it another time.
It was making automatic backups without deleting them for some reason, against the settings I had specified. So most likely it ran out of disk memory and now I might have to reimagine the vps.


I totally forgot about finishing my witchery cabin and sitting around for a new cat


File: 1473191774087.gif (1.48 MB, 515x515, 1469310071469.gif)

H-hey I dropped in once in a while…

Oh. I zould hqve understood if you turned it off though


You should have spoken up about it, we could have opened up the twilight zone and tried to fight a hydra or something


Also here.


As I said, it's not a server I pay for, so it's fine.


And back.



That was fast!


I'll look around for a king's rock tonight, they're supposed to be off wild Hariyama in my game.


Well, all else fails we can just cycle pokes back and forth. All you need's the data, not the pokemon itself, to qualify for the completion rating.


Transmitiendo información a ómnicos activos… 25.5370%


File: 1473192497311.jpg (56.15 KB, 885x903, 1468963750732.jpg)

Great ARG blizzard


True, but Ideally I'd like a living dex for Aola




Also, why is she presenting to a rock?


At least I can fish up Politoads in Y instead of having to juggle a king's rock around.


You're saying you need two kings rocks?
Well. I might get lucky dex naving it, who knows.


Nah, it'll be fine. Catching one will save me the need of having the rock.
Not to mention I forgot to bring over any of them, too. Which I could have sworn I did.


Maud told her about rocks


Oh, boo, Wf. That was a terrible joke.


I really don't mind helping out, I'm not going to try for heatran today anyway


low hanging, really


Well, I don't think I've got anything you need that I could trade it for. At least, nothing that I have spares of.


Don't fret over it, I don't have the stones yet after all.


Neither does Cumin




The rabbit turned him into a mare as the price for letting him out.


I was referring to the higher than average amount of jokes he's making


That's right.
You just left your fae sister with a lesbeen moon princess


She's my BIG sister, she'll be fine!


Sorry about that, back now




Marina's just very… open-minded.




Did she fuck any mares yet though
>inb4 Emmy lesbians her


She's marrying a Mare! (male)


Takes one to know one.
Oh wait that doesn't work here.
If we don't sort out Cumin's distress, she might.




She'll be Cumin then?


Its a Stallion (female)


Well, she'll certainly be Cumin 'round to it eventually.




Says the mare that says Celestia doesn't have family, despite recently being acquainted with an entire city of ponies who do believe she has a sister.


Heretics gonna heretic.


You are supposed to agree with the loons.


I bet Marina will be the one wearing the strap on.


Well she's both bigger and stronger than Cumin.

She's a Knight multiclass, and "he's" a cleric


Well, if it can't be reversed, then Marina will just have to poke the altar and turn into a guy.


File: 1473194373093.gif (535.11 KB, 304x367, 1468980718143.gif)

>IS bans burka's
>West still can't do it

[continued laughter]


File: 1473194443567.png (891.83 KB, 1024x768, SweatMan1.png)

>gender bending


File: 1473194704448.gif (1.62 MB, 375x500, 1469213687562.gif)

While all breezies are here, did you update your sheets yet?


Not even a little bit

>truly I have become Nopo


Hey, I update my sheets, I just take a lot of time to make them!





File: 1473195002556.png (376.45 KB, 2488x3151, 1468895715186.png)

Andy and Wf leveled up.
I think you already are lvl 6


You know, I just had a thought. What if Team Skull are the good guys?


Yeah, that's the prevailing theory on /vp/ right now


1 king rock obtained.
Do you still need two?



Nah, I'll just catch the politoad. Apparently you can fish them up on Route 19 or something in Y.


Okay, come online when you're ready to receive stone


Anything in particular you want? Or should I just see what I have extra of?


unown, water mice, electric spider of amii bait, all grass pokes, or a luv disc.


Well, I don't have any Unown in Y (another oversight), but I should have an azurill if you want it.


File: 1473196575520.png (99.09 KB, 1082x739, marill_family_by_pichu90-d….png)

Yes! I love water mouse


Then you'll get him.


File: 1473196905686.jpg (478.33 KB, 800x1170, 1468654942945.jpg)


>that Sentret's nickname


Not sure if unf


File: 1473197070642.gif (482.27 KB, 500x469, 1433708501791.gif)


File: 1473197247688.jpg (14.72 KB, 540x332, 1471966534996.jpg)

>all I want is the revelations
>Wf cockblocks me at every turn


If you would rather revelate, you can skip ahead and not faff, I wouldn't hold it against you


I'd rather would actually.
I feel like I've faffed too much with the twins already


Okay, but let's get to the end of this scene first


File: 1473197479316.png (189.76 KB, 658x634, 1468867246632.png)

Or if you're stalling for time so the others can catch up, I'll just wait.


>chances of masked colt being Face: pretty dang high
I mean, age magicking your way out of chronic diseases worked for Light Heart.


File: 1473198707397.jpg (419.64 KB, 695x932, 1469341739542.jpg)

I think Wf is just trying to bait me.


Well, how weak is Selena to Shotas?


She's not into colts if that's what you mean


>The importance of win and losing streaks

>We don't know for sure yet as the new system hasn't been explored that thoroughly, but using Occam's razor we can probably agree Blizzard didn't change much how their matchmaker works.

>Meaning: if you start winning 1 game after another (the system kicks in around the 5th win in a row) the matchmaker will think your skill has improved so much that you don't belong in such scrubby low ranks and will shower you with points like a Hanzo main spamming a corridor. You will skyrocket.

The same will happen on losing streaks, so beware - and stop playing when losing 2 or more games in a row, just to make sure you aren't tilting. Will explain later.

>TLDR: Win streaks are the best thing in the world since freeing a really long held fart from captivity and losing streaks are like, really bad for ya. Like…uhh…an overly-attached girlfriend.


There are other ways such a weakness can be applied. Invoking the motherly feelings can put a mare off-guard, you know.


She was prepared to help him with his laundry job, but he disappeared!




File: 1473199155990.jpg (60.18 KB, 800x800, 04462676d0c1e09517245077b3….jpg)


File: 1473199435990.gif (702.96 KB, 578x390, 1220053__safe_cute_animate….gif)


>she doesn't go off the screen at the bottom, making a clean loop
Is that due to scene transition or just lazy gif-maker?


File: 1473199779802.png (219.66 KB, 920x869, 1468711769929.png)

Too lazy to find the scene


File: 1473199789233.jpg (167.12 KB, 1024x768, 1420638792025.jpg)

>ninja came back just to play the game
What a thing.

But I have to take a call, back when I can. Sorry for leaving you trapped here fidget.


It's okay, I'm being told to change shower curtains and scrub down the tub. So I guess we're both out of it for now.

Thanks for running Wf, if you finish before we get back.


I'll be around at least a bit longer


>sleeping mask

What are you, a faggot?


File: 1473200624015.gif (151.27 KB, 500x403, fulloo.gif)

I bet emmy sleeps like a pleb


File: 1473200810448.gif (1.97 MB, 400x250, tumblr_n0ylt7D8Gx1qdlh1io1….gif)

A sleeping mask means you can't draw your gun from under the pillow and see who you are shooting if you are woken up


File: 1473200895135.png (116.55 KB, 384x428, Princess_Cadance_ID_S4E11.png)

Top Pleb!


File: 1473200981027.jpg (31.03 KB, 670x503, 1471069025387.jpg)


H-Here he is.
Emmy is totally not touched and plays tough to shield that


Hmm, should we pause now?


File: 1473201088178.jpg (28.24 KB, 297x297, 1470527835465.jpg)

Your call.


It would be the perfect time now that I got on


I wanted to see how many people would say NOOOOO

But on the other hand it is after midnight for you…


Pls no


I could go on.


>Emrille wants to be emotional but her facade won't let her


Abilio, why are you such an idiot


On the one hoof, I was going to use the game to trick her, on the other hoof she doesn't want to hurt us, so I don't need too anymore.


File: 1473201874579.png (36.44 KB, 376x410, Kotone in Coconut - high v….png)

>not tricking her anyway
What kind of fae are you?


What now?


File: 1473201942747.jpg (147.12 KB, 894x894, 1469560387045.jpg)

>using derivatives of your own name in the fake name

It's the pinnacle of hubris!


"Why yes, I am a pony you have never met Twilight Sparkle. I am the normal and unsuspicious Tr…ee Seed."


A fae rasied as a pony


File: 1473202061636.jpg (104.01 KB, 1024x853, 1473015539107.jpg)

"I'm just a simple pony named Tricks V!"


The Fair Folk never broke their bargains without horrible repercussions.


Not to say they didn't portray information deceptively…



File: 1473202224250.jpg (344.03 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_od2y8pPwM81r1tzzko3….jpg)


Doublespeak and lies by omission don't count.


Well. I suppose we will just roll for luck during the game?


That image looks cropped




>wordlessly leaps down approaches the table
>says things while approaching the table
Unless you're implying she says that after reaching the table.


yes that


>And here we see Nerevarine, the chosen hero to save Morrowind, in a slap-fight with a rat where neither party seems to be able to hit each other
I'm not going to leave Balmora until I can pay someone to teach me at least 90 Long Blade skill.


You know they have a list of Master trainers floating around the Net, right?
Or you could just cheat by using bound weapons and switching them so fast their buff effects never wear off.


I wonder if the boots of blinding speed affect my chance to hit.


Well, considering they black out the screen, I'd say they would in the most direct sense.


Blind obscures the vision of the victim at 0% to 100% for 30 seconds on touch, reducing their chance to hit an opponent with a weapon or hand-to-hand attacks.


I cast like 80% magicka resist before equipping so my screen is clear enough, but it still lists the effect on my character.


Boots of Blinding Speed afflict the wearer.
Ah. Then no. There's really no other effect other than blacking out the screen and boosting your speed to absurd degrees.


I know what those boots are

The blind affect DOES lower chance to hit in Morrowind


Well, color me stupid then.


File: 1473204115488.jpg (92.85 KB, 559x800, Wait a gosh darn minute.jpg)

>kinda want to commission somebody
>can't think of anything that isn't done to death or would reveal my power level
>the artist had moved away from horse so I don't want to drag him back to it
>no humanized references of any characters other than Marina




sometimes I miss a reply


File: 1473204203337.gif (167.98 KB, 541x400, 1473132522121.gif)


You have an addiction to commissions!




I have an addiction to helping people who are legit broke. They just happen to offer goods and services.


I thought we were going to pause soon


File: 1473204283920.png (230.3 KB, 540x600, 1473109369846.png)

A wild filly appears


Dude you are legit broke.


File: 1473204367298.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, 1471107665832.png)


Molest it


I got paid Friday. I'm sitting on like, 700+ USD. I can afford one commission and still pay all my insurances until the end of the year.


that's some hard kindergarden math

Marina is a qt friend


But why?


He is right you know
You should stop comissioning artists for a while to save up money


File: 1473204451373.jpg (215.19 KB, 1280x1014, large.jpg)

Those ponoes are legit in high school




What's your price for smut?


Sarcasm is an ugly form of humor, Sylt.




Same as any regular pic I suppose Plus a discount if it is my fetish ;)


I'm honestly confused about that, weren't they going over letters in one episode?


Letters is very hard for ponoe.
It's a high school class.


On principle


What triggers me is how a bracket never closes.
Let's say hyperscat, cheese grater, and hand holding


Well, if that's your budget then okay, but maybe consider saving up so you can move out when you start getting paid a little more


Maybe it was a "find the mistake" exercise.


File: 1473204760368.jpg (460.62 KB, 1000x673, 1471533216513.jpg)

I'll try my best


Oh yes of course.


File: 1473204780445.gif (869.9 KB, 179x203, 1235051__safe_solo_flutter….gif)


I'm likely never going to make enough to move into my own place unless I start working two jobs. Living to work to live is not how I want to spend my life.


I'm assuming Canter is NotLatin.


Here's what you do.
Become. Cameraman. For a documentary crew.
They go all over the world and see the most amazing thing but nobody wants to be one because, surprise surprise, they live too nomadic a life.
I honestly would become one if I could.


But then I'd have no free time to mess with you guys.


File: 1473204951906.png (123.13 KB, 300x361, 1234992__safe_solo_flutter….png)

Here we see Sylt telling other people what to do so he can live the life he wants vicariously


Sure you will.
Over sat phone.


I'd be a horrible parent.


"Son, be sure to become a cameraman, so you can go on adventure! DO IT FAGGOT"


Just go be a cameraman in the warzones
That shit pays big buck too


I seriously wish I could.


File: 1473205172958.jpeg (146.18 KB, 1280x720, large.jpeg)

What's stopping you?




That might be a problem.


File: 1473205297857.jpg (112.25 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefaultdr.jpg)

Daily reminder that the Dragon King is basically the best leader we have seen in the entire show

>respects the laws of dragonkind

>is bigger and badder than all other dragons
>able to seperate the essential from the secondary


The interest in starting a family.


File: 1473205426692.png (791.14 KB, 1280x720, largelkk.png)

You could do it for a few years and then start a family afterwards



I would then have no marketable skill, and I don't want to leave my children or my wife without a father/husband just to chase after my job.


that moment was so fucking adorbs. Legit tears.

As long as you don't have kids or a wife now, you're not leaving them!


But I would have to down the line, did you miss the "lack of marketable skills" part?


You'd be skilled at handling cameras!


Like a billion other people.


And you're crazy enough to do it in warzones!



But I wouldn't be able to once I have a family! And how would I feed them then!?


File: 1473205861200.png (32.19 KB, 125x175, 1472082044876.png)

Be a regular camera man?
Grow to be a journalist?
Cash in that hazard pay.
Live the Italian dream of having a family back home while you spend 3 weeks abroad and bang local hotties


Well, you'd have to be pretty exceptional to keep control of the entire population of fucking dragons; control-staff thing or not, a species as prideful as dragons would require a really good leader to keep them all in line.


File: 1473205989372.jpg (41.05 KB, 564x554, d88e34fb00c1e7e94eae0f2244….jpg)

>tfw remembering all those awesome Majora's Mask moments


>it's LITERALLY 2AM in Yurop

Should we rest?



Would likely be best.


File: 1473206556857.png (232.18 KB, 475x404, 1469301635248.png)

I'd take a break here, I need to think how Selena would react to all this.


Nothing to do tomorrow


I guess I wasn't good at making it a surprise. You knew from the start!


I'm sensing that the ninja pone is not impressed yet.


File: 1473206749538.jpg (31.72 KB, 271x425, 1469040586319.jpg)

I'm not sure what it was again, but there was something about the way you wrote that dinner that tipped me off about the colt.
Though I will admit you did try to bury it underneath all the other new ponies, like that soldier type guy


We're about to take the oldest route into anyone's heart. Through their stomach.


Boop again


Homecooked by a princess no less!


Is onee-chan going for the fobidden love?


She has two mares in her room right now~




File: 1473207022707.jpg (105.38 KB, 700x525, 1424256288628.jpg)

Hey sis, wanna come down to my room and play with my tiles.



File: 1473207522023.jpg (254.62 KB, 640x1136, 1468679505605.jpg)

I think I'll go to bed.




File: 1473207553094.jpg (42.86 KB, 455x266, 1920a.jpg)

Fancy tiles.




Though, speaking of food in relation to nothing, I'm going to go grab some dinner. Probably be back in a half-hour or so, if Wf wants to wrap up.


might be a good place for it.
>briefly thought about leaving the ninja tiny for dinner too
she would have been easier to feed that way.


Thanks for running
I feel feels coming soon


thanks for running!


Wow, this was a big session for everyone. Spoilers in case you don't want to know about other peoples' plots.

SELENA: Learned her husband was affected by age magic like Emrille due to similar overuse, and while she got +20 years, he got -20 years and ended up a tiny colt.
KOTONE: Finally convincing cold ninja to hang around, turned everyone tiny for boardgames. Considered tricking ninja and keeping her tiny, but decided not to.
EMRILLE: Finally found Abilio and Cloudy and met their daughter.
MAEDA: Got the homecoming celebration she deserved, got passionate with Stricture in bed (no penetration), and found a book by Terrebonne


Sure, it was fun

[very small shouts of protest]
[closing box lid intensifies]


I like how you specified 'no penetration' in my recap.


>inb4 hey kid wanna /ss/ with Selena


Selena discovered her husband is a child (there was no penetration)
Emrille met Abilio's daughter (there was no penetration)
Kotone is befriending a ninja (there was no penetration)


Well, she would have kicked the box until it made a hole and ran away in truth.
And its a pain to move everything to a new box.


Lesbians, the lot of them.


She'll fuck a mare as soon as she gets un-olded


>Kotone: "Hey ninja, I noticed you were really good at trapping me. Do you have some advice for keeping a tiny pony prisoner?"

Although "Kotone is now jewelry" is legit one of my favorite moments from the quest


File: 1473208749459.jpg (91.39 KB, 694x1044, 1472656475576.jpg)


time 4 rest


I also ninja pony didn't mind that I knew she swam here.


neither confirmed or denied!


File: 1473209313163.png (151.35 KB, 395x274, tumblr_mtcoepV4201r9okebo1….png)

Now that the euros sleep…


File: 1473209377946.webm (5.28 MB, 900x600, fucking degenerate.webm)


Such a good game.


File: 1473209501911.jpg (34.86 KB, 584x386, tumblr_nkkb40XcJ81u496xso2….jpg)


File: 1473209620432.gif (2.53 MB, 720x404, ONJ8MEi.gif)

>Nopo's birthday was two days ago


Are you still running Witch? What's it about?


Sometimes with Andy yes
It's a test quest we agreed to do so I could practise DMing a bit
it's about this teenager witch schoolgirl that was sent back in time to an age where witches and magic are outlawed as she finds a way to go back to the present AND DESTROY THE FUTURE THAT IS AKU


Yes, yes it was


>Marina will cook dinner
>there will be penetration



Weren't you resting!


File: 1473210402244.png (1.05 MB, 1000x795, Marina making breaded file….png)


I am, see phone name


I want to learn all those dead languages!
Reports from the day of creation look too juicy to pass up.


Nah, the earliest text is three weeks out

Gar's writing is difficult to date because he has a foreign perception of time


Oh I'm sure nobody important died in those 3 weeks.


>turns out Celestia died on day 2
>ever since it's been Luna in pink bodypaint and a wig
>the whole Nightmare Moon thing was an unfortunate cloning accident


File: 1473210888454.png (190.86 KB, 880x800, 1455477922276.png)

Convince me to slp


>you are worshiping a clone of an impostor


'1d10' hipnosis

Roll #1 3 = 3


The weekend will approach faster.
>still thinks we worship Nightmare Moon
See, this is why it's so hard to be friends.


but clones are ponies too


Not working

All the same to me this week


Okay so… Who was Luna?
Go to bed Arnold.


You can briefly tune out the world.
Luna was phone.


Seriously though, since there have been necromantic ties to Lunar worship, it could be that Celestia did die, and Luna brought her back from the void as the first Necromancer.


But a clone could be a hero!


File: 1473211209657.jpg (17.7 KB, 400x399, 1379522717779.jpg)


File: 1473211239563.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.81 KB, 450x557, True Human Bean.jpg)

But could a clone ever be a true human bean?


>this is what lunanites actually believe


'1d10+4' rolling empathy appear to be a human!

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5


>Rei stare


File: 1473211398703.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.21 KB, 800x900, 1456084228632.jpg)


Not really, just throwing out what-ifs.


Top success.
Clone will smugly record this in her digital tape journal.


Clone has some real strange kinks.


Clone has serious identity issues


Goddamnit girl, in 10 years nobody will care about Anno anyway!


It's been over fifteen years since and people still do.


In 2030 it will have been 35 years!


Just wait until you hear about 7





Will that make her 7 of 9?


File: 1473212161119.png (547.62 KB, 726x768, 1433498413175.png)


Hey I'm gonna sneak in a few practice games of quick play, anyone wants to come along? 25 minutes top.


yes! EU?


File: 1473212324769.png (2.88 MB, 1920x1200, Republic_Assault.png)

>forgetting best clones


What's happened so far?

I'll be home in about 15 minutes



I shouldn't stay up too long man, doubt we'll catch each other.


File: 1473212521039.jpg (56.54 KB, 960x636, Cheese-Fries-3.jpg)




Those look pretty good. Nice and cheesy.


>gold objective time as the tracer
>gold kills and obj kills too
Pointless to say, we lost that one.


mage student was time traveled back to the past


Explain further.


Magic. Time travel.


She is a crystal pone, she lives in the future in a world of magitek


Knight? Back yet?


File: 1473214220377.jpg (233.21 KB, 618x828, 1472949413188.jpg)

Booting up the rig now.

Details like these sound nice.


We're playing on EU, waiting for you.


File: 1473214473651.jpg (66.34 KB, 628x1000, 1473183485531.jpg)

>pokemon finally has a female evil team leader
>she's qt as fuck


[invite to group]


Well it haven't progressed much…
She arrived in the past, found a town, managed to keep her identity a secret, learned about how witches are feared as monsters, meets up with gryphon daughter of the innkeeper, shows her she's a witch, they both plan to escape together, groof tags along because she wants to leave town and find her mom

They traverse a forest, on the way, witch teaches the groof how to do magic, they carry on, arrive at next town and see a doe that knows who they are and that they're a witch and has been telling the townsfolk
They go after the doe after she runs to the forest and arrive at absolutely not magical realm deer forest


File: 1473214861120.jpg (587.22 KB, 1200x894, Elesh Norn.jpg)

Is that…


She also might be an ayylmao or synthetic pokemon.


>find her mom


I have become the baby merlin of the world, taking on apprentices and traveling desperately to learn of all kinds of magic in hopes of getting home, or getting to the next town in one piece.


Unsheathes katanaman is nice.
Bit hard to play, but nice.
You can do so many neat things.
>losing with him
>switch to Zarya as payload is literally 1m off the cap
>we hold it


File: 1473216694250.gif (2.55 MB, 421x300, 1423859131876.gif)

I can't wait until you git gud

I need to stop teleporting inbetween pillars and getting stuck as edge master


Sorry did you say anything?
Those hips were talking to me.



She did tell you about her mom back in the inn at Ashenfort


File: 1473216896226.png (83.42 KB, 246x318, tumblr_od3pkxpLcT1qfokxao1….png)

Jesus dude this lady already has so much fanart of her what the heckie


Just wait until MSOB and Nasse see her.


Never underestimate the power of support.


I said extreme ways are back again


I bet Bulbapedia already has a page for



But she seems to be getting a normal amount of POTG?


We played a lot of games today and it seemed she got every POTG, even for just a 2-res


Now I have to learn tracking magic too.
Truly I'm on the path to being an old witch


I agree.


I don't think its unusual for 2 rezs to get a play, I mean that's what it was since beta, just the this patch people actually play her again


I don't even have to, I see her everytime I check the mlpg chat
it's the boobi, of course
Fucking Gamefreak
Not if you master time spells


I'm certain there will be drawbacks to changing my age too much


Just ask Emrille!


>Huge 'slender' glasses
>poofy 70's hair
>soft colors
>outfit outlines the breasts
>brightish golden pins
yep. its gonna be very popular.


Maybe Maali will let me gain ageless body like DnD, when I'm an old and wrinkly hag


A soul can't be cut!


But it can hurt.


Who hurt your soul Andy?


Not if you're good enough with it
Just hope you don't miss that sanity, you won't need that
They really outdone it this gen it seems
>Molinya doesn't find a way to go back home in the future
>Decides to just live through all the years
>goes back to school at the age of 573


it was Mei.


>turns in a crumbled and moldy paper

>its barely legible
>like some kind of parchment from 575 years ago
>"Sorry its late Mr. Stargaze. But I did the extra credit questions!"
>its dated for tomorrow


File: 1473218309479.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.02 KB, 905x1062, 1473178402703.jpg)

Nah, there are better


Would she look like an old lady or regular self?
Would she meet present Molinya and make a time paradox?


not with that hair no thanks


I don't know! She would probably try to avoid meeting herself, but getting the day wrong would mess that up.


Well its pretty much like this everytime, pokemon is really popular, so a lot of talented fans want to use it to show off.


Would you let Jellyfish Waifu turn you into a Pokemon abomination?


Oh gosh
What if
what if
Molinya came back to her school under the disguise of a teacher in Molinya's class and has been teaching her since day one
Too bad I don't have a 3ds…


File: 1473218912630.jpg (100.85 KB, 768x1137, 1473187498407.jpg)

F-for a while

>letting slightly worse hair get in the way of S U P E R I O R qt


File: 1473219045156.jpg (11.54 KB, 255x251, 1473213088987.jpg)

>eyes resemble Dialga/Palkia/Giratina/Arceus
>helmet has spokes resmbling Arceus' wheel



What a fatty fat fat


But they would be such abusive owners!
>Turns you into BDN-01
>Leave you in daycare with a ditto
>Box you permanently to keep your perfect IV children



As long as it doesn't cause time to implode or something..

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