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File: 1473474653113.png (519.39 KB, 1280x710, 1472918175103.png)

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Peeved edition


File: 1473474812787.jpg (130.58 KB, 738x793, this... is my curse....jpg)

Sunday Horizon


File: 1473475558155.jpg (59.22 KB, 423x951, 408168.jpg)

Goodnight you beautiful failures


File: 1473475590057.png (2.09 MB, 1280x1004, tiny princesses.png)

Deploying anti-Andy tilt


File: 1473475607631.png (393.29 KB, 1000x1000, tiny princess.png)


>anthro horse


File: 1473475650102.gif (76.73 KB, 550x591, 1444259209204.gif)

>no Knight



Pretty sure anthro only ever makes things worse

Thank you for the zebras, they were very nice


File: 1473475684789.png (401.12 KB, 1280x870, large (12).png)

>Andy choosing between pony micro and human micro


yea well. it didn't even work.
good to bed already


File: 1473475773144.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 848x1200, 1471597720047.png)

Did you say you like Tinkerbelle?


File: 1473475777232.jpg (173.46 KB, 1100x1000, 387598__safe_rainbow%2Bdas….jpg)

always select the rainbow horse


very qt


Well, not when I can't open it during a game!
It did work afterwards!

That looks a bit risque


File: 1473475846388.png (Spoiler Image, 6.64 MB, 4147x2480, 1180332__twilight sparkle_….png)

I actually just realized this is the only microdash I have

I like her expression a lot.


File: 1473475891414.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 848x1200, 1471597652889.png)

More tink, this is one of my favorites.


File: 1473475912720.png (698.4 KB, 1193x671, 1466337292221.png)

Better luck next time.
And before you ask, I've got a full day tomorrow, so I won't be available for Mons tonight. Sorry.


>Macross's character designer is in town


Ah, fine.

Andy, you wanna finish your fight?


Well, since it's just going to be lewd micro art posting for the next hour or so, I'll just go to sleep


File: 1473475995933.png (2.25 MB, 1920x1536, 585424__safe_fluttershy_fl….png)

Thanks for the tinies.

Sure, lets do that.


File: 1473476026248.jpg (Spoiler Image, 434.11 KB, 990x765, 1471465178118.jpg)

Any time. Last one.

I bet you actually know the name of this other fairy, having watched those little girl shows


Oh, I don't remember her name but she's the "animal" fairy, her job is to raise animals to help the hollow, or just to get to adulthood like their adoptive mom.


File: 1473476366881.gif (383.17 KB, 150x113, Stuck.gif)

Y'all niggas lewd.


They know what they were doing with that character


Fae creatures are small things. They're only big enough for one emotion at a time.


I'm not making stuff up, she's kind of got fluttershy's job.


Oh I know, we ended up watching those during a sort of "bad movie night" drinking thing. Some of them were actually half-decent.


Tink must be after a girl who knows how to "ride"


You have to accept them for what they are, but they manage not to leave plot holes, which is better than certain colorful human movies.


Sadly true.



>human movies

Y-you've seen alien movies?


File: 1473477583669.gif (2.58 MB, 427x240, NotAchangeling.gif)


Sorry, went for a bike ride. I'll be doing a few things at home, but I should be able to respond regularly.

>Not liking Anthro
I can understand that

Go see him.


playing with Shedinja is like playing a survival horror, but with more deaths


File: 1473478913071-0.png (431.76 KB, 1000x867, 1436491945802.png)

File: 1473478913071-1.png (197.07 KB, 806x570, 1436492243078.png)


File: 1473479935155.png (Spoiler Image, 372.52 KB, 865x493, 1473476570959.png)

So there's this minor but major thing that might attract WF and BDN's attention towards the boy centric spinoff of MLP


What is this?


File: 1473480217113.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.52 KB, 957x540, 1473474510900.jpg)

The Guardians of Harmony alternate timeline game.


Seems that instead of learning about Friendship, Twily had to deal with Spikezilla.


File: 1473480815893.jpeg (55.4 KB, 768x1024, 1125556__safe_solo_trixie….jpeg)

Hasbro did this?


File: 1473480897518.jpg (125.21 KB, 731x787, 1374348351285.jpg)


File: 1473481258314.jpg (273.49 KB, 1600x702, 1473437366258.jpg)

Apparently, loads of people on the the team are memesters who put stuff in like that. It's not like the suits care enough to check.

Also, Shiny is a girl now.


Been a while since I've seen those.


They are really good. Commission them when you have more spending money. For now, you should focus on improving your internet.


File: 1473481704246.jpg (89.34 KB, 1349x457, 1473441564651.jpg)

>Chilling with your Pokés while it's raining
Yes, this comfy


File: 1473481730821.jpg (27.28 KB, 862x666, This_Sign.jpg)


Its a web game yea? I guess they can get away with it as long as its non-offensive then


File: 1473482073660.jpg (609.13 KB, 2400x3240, 1374966988093.jpg)


>This luck of Squire's
It's cool.
It's alright.
I just have to do what I do in XCOM.

Lateral thinking and loads of explosives.


File: 1473482528700.png (2.47 MB, 1200x1500, 1473374680738.png)


Other people can spend money too, you know. Wf's just sitting on his.


File: 1473482866386.jpg (434.47 KB, 1000x867, 1473474258987.jpg)

I've done some Kickstarter, so I'll be holding off on commissions for a bit. You should spend on some life improvement things first.


Wait a moment, do you have a spare $50-$70US dollars?


File: 1473483459607.jpg (59.14 KB, 732x760, 1402494336644.jpg)


Nope. Season's winding down so I have to tighten my wallet.
Besides, Verizon's FiOS cables end like a block or two from my house, so we've honestly got the best net we can expect at the moment.


I was going to recommend buying a USB wifi adapter for your PC. Move the repeater closer to the router, and this way you should have a way more stable internet connection, which will go further than speed would.

It would still be a bad internet connection if you're further out. And with bad wifi, it wouldn't change one bit.


Oh no, I've already got a range extender. Got that last year.
It's just now this year the microwave's internal shielding finally wore away so every time someone uses it it jams the signal. It's one of the main reasons I haven't been playing MMOs or multiplayer games in general for the last several months.


No, just a USB wifi adapter. That way, you can move the Range Extender somewhere else where it will get a better, stronger signal to send to your desktop.

Otherwise, why not a new, cheapy Microwave? They're not much more, if not the same price, for something that won't give you cancer.


I do have a wireless adapter that I got when I built the PC. And the extender has been moved to pretty much directly under (with the floor and one wall between) the router itself. Light's green, but I do have to compete with the Roku box (because people love watching TV), and at least two other people on the Net at all times (barring the dead watches of the night at 2~3AM).


File: 1473485216213.png (180.03 KB, 821x960, TeenLightAndDragon.png)

feeling pretty sleepy gonna lay down
thanks for running!


Dang, then the only thing that will help is a wired connection to the modem, but you said that was a no-go.

Only other thing I can think of is those mesh network devices (welcome to the world of Shadowrun), but they are much pricier.

At least you'll have more free time. Work out and quest more during those moments.

Good night.


Nah, what I should be doing is trying my damnedest to nail down a second job.
>tfw the working poor is not a myth


Everyone got a massive xp boost too.


File: 1473487541476.jpg (Spoiler Image, 176 KB, 1920x1080, Mailgroof.jpg)

Well, I guess I'm going to bed. See you guys tomorrow, probably after the new episode.


File: 1473488292243.png (222.81 KB, 900x1472, 5fe.png)

I promise I can swim, stop calling me about flooding google


Flitter and Cloudchaser are cutest horse


File: 1473488411728.jpg (59.72 KB, 564x705, 5db65f1c70254643741addba25….jpg)

>Such low rolls
What is this, Pirates? Were Quetz and I criminals before?


File: 1473488464353.png (343.67 KB, 712x720, Firefly_S1E11.png)

They have the benefit of being cutest race!


Put your stats on


File: 1473488557958.jpeg (1.66 MB, 3300x2550, 1187779__safe_shipping_st….jpeg)


File: 1473488746728.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.44 KB, 1054x1024, large[1].jpg)

Flitter > Cloudchaser


Done. Hopefully Marvel Scale carries me through this fight.


File: 1473488951135.png (185.14 KB, 1024x768, mlp_fim_flitter_by_creamip….png)

Is that so?



File: 1473489068448.png (163.27 KB, 806x992, flitter_by_3luk-d4ub4ti.png)

But have you drawn a flitter pony?


Yes I have, actually. But it's lost since I lost all my pony drawings when I re-installed my windows last time.
I guess it might be on my tumblr?


File: 1473489200881.jpg (489.91 KB, 825x959, Flitter_and_Cloudchaser_by….jpg)

What about a flitter human?


File: 1473489234659.png (Spoiler Image, 359.85 KB, 1000x1414, tumblr_msfhcats8v1rgu2c4o1….png)

This was coloured by Goat Train, I did the lines. Also yes but it was so horrible I should delete all traces of it.


File: 1473489340709.png (464.55 KB, 2000x2805, flitter_staying_joyful_by_….png)

what a qt


But this is actually cute


My genwunniness got to me again. I kept reading Scizor as Scyther, and of course I ignore my super effective moves because of it.


I was talking about the humanized Flitter I drew when I said I should delete all traces of it.


File: 1473492254897.png (164.04 KB, 349x332, Flitter_id_S2E22.png)

draw a new one


File: 1473492349703.jpg (2.92 MB, 3000x4000, tmp_13337-IMAG003820915609….jpg)

I'll quest till Squire wins

Have this while I was walking around


File: 1473492442700.gif (1.72 MB, 491x360, 1154028__safe_screencap_an….gif)

Oh neato cosplay

Also taking another shot at bed, nite


"Well, all that stuff they pumped into me has to be good for something."


I cain't


File: 1473492963462.jpg (3.8 MB, 3000x4000, tmp_13337-IMAG0042-1057527….jpg)

Should I


What other Attack stat is there? You said not to add the extra +8 before.

Force Palm is showing 2d8 + 10 + 8


Nope, you're supposed to do it. Hard to see sheet right now so it's helpful



Also yes, go buy it.


Now I'm going to finally pause so I don't have to quest will trying to walk around a con.


Thanks for the game, really having fun.

Good night.


File: 1473494033360.jpg (2.56 MB, 3000x4000, tmp_13337-IMAG005156631179.jpg)


File: 1473494860010.jpg (3.07 MB, 3000x4000, tmp_13337-IMAG005447562440….jpg)



File: 1473498513975.jpg (26.34 KB, 328x466, 1471745943358.jpg)



File: 1473498754683.jpg (3.26 MB, 3000x4000, tmp_13337-IMAG0056-3385427….jpg)


File: 1473498998685.png (62.87 KB, 225x199, 1471382636485.png)

Be careful you don't summon Andy.


She just went to bed.


File: 1473499103530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.25 MB, 3000x4000, IMAG0049.jpg)

Cheers luv, calvary's here


>go to freens
>free weekend for ow on ps4
>let's play an hour
>end up playing 7 hours straight

Fuck I figured it would, I didn't think it would be that good


>would be good


I thought this might interest you for Breezie, what do you bugs actually farm?





File: 1473503171826.png (90.54 KB, 502x503, 1325070290397.png)

peeve a pon '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


File: 1473504080528.gif (1.94 MB, 500x286, New-Game-Hajime-Panic.gif)


File: 1473504766595.jpg (3.28 MB, 3000x4000, IMAG0077.jpg)



File: 1473505228675.jpg (101.77 KB, 500x625, 1469776452708.jpg)


There is no way that I can communicate to you normies how big a deal it is that teamless ByuN won the GSL Code S championship of Starcraft 2

Today is a great day for Terrans


Breddy cool


>those hips
Oh boy


File: 1473505667408.jpg (2.98 MB, 4000x3000, tmp_13337-IMAG0062-2640847….jpg)

Wait no not those


French team at ESL playing a strong Ana-Roadhog combo

Sleepdart while hooked, guarantee the kill confirm, no way to ability out


France running Mei on Eichenwald D!


>Finland vs. Hungary game today


An interesting idea, though can't Reaper and Mei still just wraith/block out the moment Hog wakes them up with his shot?


What if Mad Max had been set in the frozen wastes of northern canada instead of the deserts of australia?


Sleep dart takes a full 0.5 seconds to wake up from


Oh right.
Also I guess Ana can just shoot at the same time as Hog too.


File: 1473509434773.png (325.08 KB, 1009x800, 1469409317490.png)

The Hollow farms different kinds of nectar from the flowers on the hill. One of the major problems the storm did was ruin this years harvest.
There's also bush breezies that herd ladybugs, you've met one of them already


File: 1473510101180.png (852.18 KB, 629x1920, tumblr_od86o2WDnu1rqejd7o1….png)


File: 1473510184191.jpg (9.02 KB, 211x367, ______.jpg)

Is it just me or does Abyss watchers reminds me of the four kings? Also they look like Artorias wanabee's.

Also, damn… regarding that lore on their armor and how the new londo is already forgotten, perhaps along with the entirety of lordran, perhaps declining to link the fire and becoming the Dark lord is a bad idea after all.


Ants also farm fungus

What time will you run Brz at?

It's like you're trapped in a timewarp from a year ago


I didnt play DaS 2 really…. perhaps I missed a lot of lore there.


File: 1473512664230.jpg (137.51 KB, 1024x723, 1473356470920.jpg)

Without posts of meta, we must rely on breakfast, and indefatigable updating sheets


The Abyss Watchers are an order that idolizes the legend of Artorias, but doesn't really live up to his history.
Hence the rules against shields, sword style, and emphasis on killing anything related to the abyss.


Carrots pls
Is that a sandcastle in the sand?


Left: Sandygast
Right: Palosand


I'm aware those are mons.


File: 1473514055514.png (3.42 MB, 2000x1983, 4NAjhn1.png)

>Heard teacher saying Maeda-san in class today


File: 1473514113378.jpg (5.85 KB, 227x225, 1453540649281.jpg)

Doing god's work, teacher.


Where did you get the idea for that name btw?


It's a very old name I must have read in some latin exercise, I've used it once or twice before, even.


File: 1473514871129.png (160.64 KB, 331x989, 1473501852888.png)



File: 1473515666453.jpg (961.42 KB, 4960x1450, schoolisneverover.jpg)

It gets better.


Someone, I think maybe Nopony, was excited for The Tomorrow Children

I guess it's out now because reviews are popping up. Looks like a mixed bag, 3/5.


File: 1473517648674.gif (291.99 KB, 500x400, 1469355448529.gif)

About 3 hours and 30 mins from now.


File: 1473517717097.jpg (31.72 KB, 271x425, 1469040586319.jpg)

Also if you people have your updated sheets already you're welcome to send them to me.


1pm huh…

I was thinking about going to see Kubo, but it would end at 12:47, and it's about a 10 minute drive home. That's a close shave…


File: 1473517838282.png (149.33 KB, 659x1024, 1468979340379.png)

I can wait a bit if you're late. I've got nothing to do tomorrow so I can run late.


File: 1473517872448-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 538.88 KB, 500x3240, I want my humanity back 1.jpg)

File: 1473517872448-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 570.74 KB, 489x3179, I want my humanity back 2.jpg)

File: 1473517872448-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 707.04 KB, 489x3430, I want my humanity back 3.jpg)


Fucking spoiler tags ruining lives since 2006


And then the dev went on gaf to cry about it.


>Sheet is broken again, can't enter new data


Okay I have the sheet updated except for my renown/other rewards from the adventure. Which were…?

Also did I get any renown from my animal taming adventure? Since I was adventuring for reputation instead of money.


I gave 20 rep for the adventure.

As for your downtime Rep….

Roll a Survival roll.


Strong enough to Survive '1d20+10'

Roll #1 7 + 10 = 17


Well the table says zero, but I'll give you 2, you did alright.


The table is mean. MEAN.


File: 1473519035555.jpg (1.05 MB, 1430x2210, 1469340583353.jpg)


I think my sheet is all ready. upload where?


Just send it through dropbox


Also for Horizon, I generally try to avoid scenes that are mostly NPCs talking to each other since that is less engaging to the player.

So my plan for next session unless you object is to skip ahead to being toured around the city by Face.

>Groves really getting behind

I need to make him play.


File: 1473519583031.png (189.76 KB, 658x634, 1468867246632.png)

No prob, just give me a summary of how the twins each reacted.

Also you must talk me out of buying OW


Ribbon (Large Beast Walker — 100 XP): Str 18, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 10; SZ L (2×2, Reach 1); Spd 40 ft. ground; Init VII; Atk VIII; Def VII; Resilience IV; Health VII; Comp None; Skills: Athletics VII, Notice VII, Sneak V; Qualities: Chameleon I (forest/jungle 0XP), charge attack, darkvision II, feat (Mobility Basics), grappler, light sleeper, rend.
Attacks/Weapons: Bite IV (armour piercing 2), Trample IV


File: 1473519670894.png (1013.38 KB, 1708x1316, 1468908445168.png)

Guess that was to be expected.


>Misspell twin name
>Ends up being the same as the other name
Perhaps I shouldn't have indulged your palindrome name idea


File: 1473519775438.png (63.21 KB, 279x199, 1469202634004.png)

Wait, you mean Aira doesn't have split personality disorder?


No, you had two daughters all along!!

Also as for your other thing: I can't let you [not buy it] Dave. It'll be fun to have one of the less salty Europeans around.

DM sulks more than Nasse in the presence of small boobs, and Nopo tilts like a madman. Sylt doesn't tilt but he's all serious all the time and that makes both DM and Nopo angry.


File: 1473519978689.png (302.17 KB, 611x602, 1467840527235.png)

>No, you had two daughters all along!!



catbord n' tiny episode in 20 minutes.


File: 1473520222210.png (155.94 KB, 700x700, 1329602513216.png)


>"Well, the enemy has a pharah. Since none of us can aim for shit, I'm going to pour myself a three liter bourbon then hang myself."

Actual quote*

*Not actual quote


>It'll be fun to have one of the less salty Europeans around.
You haven't seen Sion play CS then.


I haven't. Since you have, speculate on which hero is his favorite.


Tiny Starlight is cute.

This was a good ep


File: 1473520670933-0.png (Spoiler Image, 1.75 MB, 1235x1920, tumblr_o3c7lx7ZkO1tqn35to1….png)

It depends on whose small boobs are in question.


Sorry nasse but I think that's just a cat boy


But he has small boobs.


Attack heroes, probably.


File: 1473521116044.jpg (73.76 KB, 400x301, 2015-06-22 16.18.59.jpg)

That just means you're gay then


File: 1473521141920.jpg (131.13 KB, 1920x1080, 1469919455375.jpg)


Get ready, fags.


Well I know for a fact YOU are not!


Luna's song is still top tier


You don't know me


>Darkseeker Luna: The truth I shall share without sentiment. After the advent of fire, the ancient lords found three souls. But your progenitor found a fourth, unique soul. The dark soul.


File: 1473521375177.jpg (36.48 KB, 480x351, 1472581540878.jpg)

I have a problem…
But I4m still better than that guy I knew who trashed his pc sometimes when he lost in cs. Multiple times


>tfw Maali hates me


>Awkward chats with parents


>Archaeology ponoe


>necromancer mark


>skull qt mark
…heh… nerds….







I really wish there was some kind of quest about piracy now!




this… is my curse…

I bet her family are descendants of Light Heart's line. Not biologically of course since Lilly died a virgin and Adel is a donkey, but maybe Grey's blood.


Nah there's only one person I actually hate


File: 1473521578536.png (13.39 KB, 200x246, 1304519641248.png)

>branded water


Maali don't hate your parents



Maali don't hate yourself.


Maali don't hate your hermaphrodite dad/mom


Also let me point out
>$9 a meal
Assuming two meals a day that's $600 a month in food alone.




I want to keep it in a cage and feed it




Pandering to cutefags


I like the ponytail.




The prototype for Surprise was rewritten as a griff


Okay okay okay
Is this about


>nopony can just give you a cutie mark


Nah, if it were, she would just ask to be transformed into a pony


I dunno, she might be a transpony.


I love myself! What are you talking about???


Fucking Griffers


She's kinda obnoxious.


You just identify as a Pony, Griff.


>literally everyone makes her do their chores

OHOHO I know what your qt mark is, little healslut


Okay so let me get this right
Ponies aren't good at something
They are NOT AWFUL at one thing only!


Ponies comfirmed worst race


>Oh no the first time we failed
>…if you ignore the first 5 seasons


Oh I'll show her how to get a cutie mark if you know what I mean


File: 1473523146869.png (317.02 KB, 720x720, 1217119__safe_solo_screenc….png)

>finding your special purpose is about feeling good




File: 1473523229329.png (32.19 KB, 125x175, 1472454430493.png)



6/10 has a cute griff


Makes sense for me


>leave stream on
>one of the characters is riding an AJ fake horse


File: 1473523469421.jpg (194.93 KB, 870x720, 1469302862487.jpg)

Bought OW, Battle.net Tag is Krym#21181



File: 1473523526081.png (1.04 MB, 1280x720, Rainbow Dash cute.png)



File: 1473523524108.gif (1.65 MB, 400x400, 1224236__safe_solo_pinkie ….gif)


Oh boy


Added you.


File: 1473523623265.jpg (73.14 KB, 800x500, 1473513360646.jpg)


Sneaking candy into theater. The ultimate heist.


I nearly regret going to the movies now!


File: 1473523729798.png (73.11 KB, 190x214, 1453864239947.png)


You gotta tell me what Sion plays


File: 1473523864612.jpg (171.51 KB, 987x812, Of course she would be a s….jpg)


Also geforce experience updated into a fucking mess and now shadowplay has even LESS features than it used to have.


>cs go rager turned into submissive heal slut
So this is the power of ponies

A power to surpass metal gear!


File: 1473524317620.jpg (48.71 KB, 410x391, 1472770505202.jpg)


Wanna continue the aftermath?


I'm already at work.

Though I'm still wondering if there was something out there that was hunting me, or my area.


It was just the leader's Scizor trying to spook you.


Scizor did a great job of that!

I'll be free my evening/your morning to continue


File: 1473526434734.png (9.62 MB, 3749x2662, 649846__safe_solo_oc_armor….png)


File: 1473526491186.png (182.48 KB, 800x835, 1473375322580.png)


'1d10+1' raise the alarm quick!

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Is this truly how far the show has fallen?


File: 1473529224938.jpg (56.43 KB, 500x588, 1473476198950.jpg)

They are doing a sort of spinoff eventuall



File: 1473530051120.png (116.55 KB, 384x428, Princess_Cadance_ID_S4E11.png)

Breezie soon


I'm home


File: 1473531258945.png (427.69 KB, 725x602, 1469885335423.png)



File: 1473531505960.png (62.94 KB, 561x376, dangerzone.png)



So I'm finally getting to watch the second half of the episode

>Completely unique ungrumpy griffon is perfect at everything, befriends crusaders

Mary Sue episode?


It doesn't really count if she's only got 20 minutes of screen time at best.
I took it as "ponies are bad at everything and decent only at what their CM dictates".


We will do the crazy thing and start without a co-GM.

Preparing OP….
Andy pls post your sheet…


Griffons can't really count on each other for anything without paying large sums of money so they learn to do everything themselves?


File: 1473531781120.pdf (443.23 KB, Andy_Breezy_level_6.pdf)

About that, its become locked to others.
PDF version is the best I can do
the sorceror sheet locked itself too, gonna have to fix that so I can make a new one


File: 1473531956115.png (613.51 KB, 1178x646, groof and yellow pone.png)


Try posting on dropbox


File: 1473532268355.gif (1.53 MB, 725x505, Who left their groof on vi….gif)

She is pretty qt.


I don't see how a different method of file sharing will fix this


File: 1473532390006.gif (391.17 KB, 339x339, fluttercat.gif)

Good enough


worked for me, try it?


Unless you're saying you can't view it either?


I can use it perfectly.


Try dropbox then, it may work


excel is cancer
really very little even changes between a level 5 and a level 6 sorcerer, I used my feat to start into scribing so I can make scrolls of spells, it seems cool.



It worked, fine job


>ponies are bad at everything and decent only at what their CM dictates
Guys, turns out FEMTO was completely accurate to the show after all


it's pottery





Just in time!


File: 1473533876581.gif (1.13 MB, 500x377, Kilana_And_Zivur_See_Felfi….GIF)

>tabletop roleplaying episode
>picking on the new guy



Ahh, my heart


File: 1473534016609.jpg (31.33 KB, 680x680, 1456624166265.jpg)

Turns out walking from the school to the subway instead of taking a bus to save 3,80 was a bad idea


>literally unsafe to walk on the street



small Brazilian boys shouldn't walk alone


Nah it was fine, just an hour or so of walking


File: 1473534252236.gif (1.98 MB, 250x138, lioness_trusts_man_in_den_….gif)

I'm a big boy


I don't believe it


File: 1473534348296.webm (1.9 MB, 1280x720, Maali and Rhanna go to Fu….webm)


Why not, huh?
But Rhanna is not that breed of dog
She's a long fur Dachshund


File: 1473535046632.png (161.6 KB, 657x644, 1375664037347.png)

because you didn't deny looking like that kid in the gif


Sorry about the slow response, mom called


I don't look like the guy in the gif


File: 1473535664936.png (670.93 KB, 600x777, 1450374620602.png)

are you a pink deer


Are you?


Sorry if Pattern's not the most fun to interact with for you.


This scene dragging out like this because she was too scared to speak was cute to be honest.
Sorry, but that is just what I think.


File: 1473535992118.jpg (78.63 KB, 736x490, 1b8c6ee251a4b0101673a6e248….jpg)


But seriously, non-verbal interaction is still interaction, so this was nice, don't you worry about me not having fun!


Fairweather is a very cynical tiny


File: 1473538008401.jpg (124.66 KB, 1000x1414, 1469655092965-0.jpg)



>City about to go into rebellion

Is this about to be a "Fairweather has to kill her way out of a mob, six deaths at a time" episode?


that kind of makes sense based on how the breezies were acting.


>Pattern explodes into spaghetti

If only the tinkers could harness this power


She's very socially awkward


File: 1473538819222.png (79.44 KB, 573x618, 1435395830349.png)

[pretending to know what the hell is going on intensifies]


File: 1473538961082.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.68 KB, 259x194, letöltés (3).jpg)

Isn't it obvious?
They need pictures, pictures of Spideraman!


Breezie is drawn into something bigger than herself




>inb4 we are going to deploy a robot breezy army
>for security


File: 1473539697440.jpg (60.6 KB, 728x701, every time.jpg)


File: 1473539868172.jpg (7.9 KB, 260x181, images (9).jpg)


File: 1473540375906.gif (779.99 KB, 567x413, 1344329546645.gif)

>New unit of milita


File: 1473540680101.gif (3.48 MB, 606x482, fluttershy_screencap_anima….gif)

>all of these spelling errors

I am deeply sorry


Its all fine.


File: 1473542387590.jpg (22.57 KB, 500x375, 1466846984554.jpg)

>Germany is going to introduce a cuck-law




>Sylt joining cult
>Andy goosestepping with guild
>Fairweather doesn't care


It's a good thing concerning gender equality, to be honest
It gives the fathers the right to know if they really are the biological father or not, and if they aren't, the real father even has to pay child support, since the father was raising a kid that wasn't his


Alright that makes sense.


I'm sure the high tinker has a good explanation


>It's a "Sylt character gets free hint feat" episode

This doesn't actually bother me I'm just commenting because I know it spooks Sion

Will you be in the mood for a little meme after the session, Sion?


I would meme.

whatever that means




It wasn't even something I built for.


File: 1473543489730.gif (833.26 KB, 600x336, FlutterStare.gif)

>forgot to build my character to be amazing at clapping
It feels so wrong


Not a real American


Breezy must be a canadian


Superior culture clapping '1d20'

Roll #1 8 = 8


wf that's a salute not a clap..


Yours was more of a squinting of eyes


File: 1473543904243.jpg (527.26 KB, 1280x720, large (27).jpg)

We're building a new, better future comrades



My friend played it in the beta
It looks like fun but I just don't have the time and effort required for another minecraft


File: 1473544134829.png (163.17 KB, 756x1024, 1473173826596.png)

>Sion trying to give me a shrink ray
No one man should have this much power


File: 1473544274710.png (443.79 KB, 1280x720, kiddie.png)

Ain't I a stinker?


>The breezie war was averted after the entire population of the hollow was sorted into three separate boxes today


I never figured I'd slip in a gravity falls reference


File: 1473544680541.jpg (174.04 KB, 780x1131, 1472690549841.jpg)


>I want Ribbon to be bigger
>You should try shrinking him
For a moment I thought you were trying to hint that the machine is glitchy/broken/prone to backfire/etc.


>machine is for shrinking
>hey I want Ribbon to be bigger


I am not a tinker, I don't know the rules of the machine!

A hammer also has a part for removing nails on the back, okay!


a 'grow' setting to reverse the 'shrink' is common in all the cartoons!


The gorw setting says "please contact the Tinker Guild"


Sion wanted to avoid Fairweatherzilla stomping through the Hollow on the way to Big Pony Town



perhaps a 'normal' setting that simply un-shrinks things



Roll #1 2 = 2


File: 1473546554854.png (36.44 KB, 376x410, Kotone in Coconut - high v….png)

Unlike Kotone who has constant use for resizing stuff in her daily life, I can't honestly think of something I need to shrink. Maybe it'll come to me later, like Chekov's gun.


File: 1473546622740.png (38 KB, 256x256, gzky-1432561301-182832-med….png)

Thanks for playing


Thanks for running.


thanks for running


Thanks for runnan

Wanna meme a bit before you sleep?



Also FUCK Ayrie is as dumb as a box of rocks!


Nah I'll slp night



Don't forget about H tomorrow


File: 1473550849324.jpg (166.77 KB, 1136x640, 1454357225687.jpg)


File: 1473550902009.jpg (443.54 KB, 1700x1100, 1473375191249.jpg)


You heard it here folks. Roofies are great.


Are there gonna be changelings in Travel?
Shit what if there already was?
Just for that little bit of courage, of course


Think back to what you just fought.


At first I thought it was some kind of sleipnir The descriptions felt just a bit lacking


File: 1473554877550.gif (2.78 MB, 400x225, 1473416828561.gif)

>Fluttershy drinks one to try and get the courage to ask her crush out
>potion doesn't make you braver, just intensifies your feelings
>becomes obsessed but unwilling to actually approach her crush
And then Fluttershy went full Yandere.


I'll work on those.

Remember that the multi-limbed enemies had the heads of different breeds.


What a terrible idea, I love it
Oh that is something to keep in my
So this must be like a frankeinstein island of sorts


Remember that this is a world with ready access to magic. Imagine all the creepy and crazy stuff they can do, and these two countries tried it


They're gonna end up destroying themselves just like the others
The fools, all of them


File: 1473556731021.gif (1.02 MB, 500x281, double kill triple kill qu….gif)

>DM no fall back
>*play of the game*


File: 1473557095633.webm (541.33 KB, 400x225, 2-headed hydra.webm)

Sounds weird and interesting. Wizards have no sense of right and wrong.


File: 1473557221856.webm (7.19 MB, 640x360, Mercy_does_her_magic.webm)

>play Mercy
>pocket someone


File: 1473557354147.png (134.45 KB, 1000x762, 169560__safe_glasses_mayor….png)


To be honest though, picking Mercy instead of instalocking Hanzo or Genji is a POTG worthy achievement already.


Is this porn?


You tell me


Winona Ryder has the squeakiest voice of all time

Also, fuck, I just realized she was Lydia from Beetlejuice


File: 1473559514626.png (363.68 KB, 617x529, 1465361716273.png)

>Want it to be tomorrow already so I can horizon


File: 1473560606802.jpg (142.25 KB, 809x957, Blblblblblblbbllblblblb.jpg)

>want to do something
>can't really determine what exactly
>crushing end-of-the-day apathy makes sleep seem like an option, even though I know I won't have my sleeping area free until well after midnight
Guess I should make coffee, then.


Getting Bronze Damage and Eliminations as Zenyatta isn't supposed to happen, right?

Run Quest


No, you should get gold.



File: 1473561835089.jpg (338.18 KB, 1920x1080, ScreenShot_16-05-31_00-41-….jpg)


And this was from before the +50 shield.


I should have gone to bed one hour ago. Help.


Want to carrry on the aftermath?

Why contain it


's cool


1 more placement match, then yes


Just tell me

>playing solo on servers with over 100 ping


File: 1473565518978.jpg (187.16 KB, 1280x824, 7636c1eb68c3ed6628e848fbc6….jpg)


>PC dies midmatch
Time for a new one.

Rank 2296 to start. I'll have to claw my way back up.


You can post whenever



Sorry, pulled away for tacos.

Did you finish your matches?


I might do more placements later, but my soul can;t handle 5x KotHs


I was fortunate. Mostly payloads, so they didn't take too long.

I still don't like Mercy. Might as well strap a huge target to yourself if there's a Genji player.


File: 1473569180762.jpg (3.08 MB, 5312x2988, 1439677511204.jpg)

I hope Maali is going to like a new enemy, thanks to BDN.

And is it bad if I have a strong idea of where I want to end a quest?


Oh my, did I influence cyber


File: 1473569710394.png (967.88 KB, 411x1600, 1473559104730.png)

Nah, Travel. I don't know how exactly to use the idea, but I know I have to.


File: 1473571620986.png (804.2 KB, 1174x881, Giant_Dragonite.png)


>third time in a row my cat wakes me up at like 7am
I need a lock


File: 1473573080406.png (253.94 KB, 400x600, 1444312926961.png)

Neat, didn't know that at all.


File: 1473574670795.jpg (36.39 KB, 512x512, 148_Dragonair.jpg)

I'll probably be stopping here BDN. I should be getting ready to head to bed.

Also, I saw your post.


Yeah, it just occurred to me.

Anyway, night. figured this would be a nice time for Quetz to evolve.


Yeah, it did fit pretty well with everything.

Next time, can we go over my Pokemon and Inventory sheets? I'd like to make sure it's all up to date.


The white 2 first town music is pretty comfy


Nearly all Unovan towns have comfy music, but the ones added in BW2 are the best.



I redownloaded the ROM and started fresh, that seems to have fixed the freezing

I only hope it doesn't freeze when I'm deeper into the game


>Switching new poke into slot 1 causes a freeze

I don't think it was meant to be BDN


Have you managed to break into Platinum yet?


I played DP as far as Eterna City, but I really only remember the beginning and Oreburgh


Sorry, I meant in Overmeme. We're you able to rank up?


What a shame. Ask around the nuzlocked gen on /vp/


I haven't really been playing too seriously lately, just QP with the guys

I'll probably be more serious around the season end


I'm surprised you don't simulate emulation glitches in your quest, that seems like the kind of meta thing you would do


Nah, Pokemon is not for that.

Although something like that does happen


File: 1473577067513.gif (266.02 KB, 478x369, 1439518856287.gif)


File: 1473578642983.jpg (292.33 KB, 1280x1130, 1473407601966.jpg)

>I have seen many things, Madoka


File: 1473582700233.png (219.67 KB, 431x600, Webber_Guest_of_Honor_Skin….png)


File: 1473582741654.png (511.37 KB, 1253x1024, 1473304647731.png)


File: 1473586024632-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.27 KB, 640x444, 1167695[1].jpg)




Vitun spoilerit


File: 1473587487689.jpg (353.14 KB, 1537x1244, 1429806328492.jpg)


>my little ponies are little


File: 1473588531240.jpg (94.41 KB, 411x487, 1470096897204.jpg)


File: 1473590484849.gif (84.71 KB, 300x445, SoMuchSquee.gif)


File: 1473590515613.png (1.9 MB, 2199x1551, 1470708419334.png)


File: 1473590650560.gif (1.75 MB, 955x631, oIFiF.gif)


File: 1473590725436.png (1.04 MB, 964x1320, olo_blushing_cute_edit_cro….png)

Floots pls, you're gonna overheat!


File: 1473590786827.gif (1.77 MB, 500x281, 1431825577160.gif)

Maybe a tree loving mare can help cool her down


File: 1473590878268.gif (2.06 MB, 545x593, creencap_animated_singing_….gif)

*whinny of relaxation*


What a chill mare


File: 1473591025318.png (200.41 KB, 768x1024, large (87).png)


File: 1473591125542.png (561.09 KB, 1280x720, a sweeted belle.png)


File: 1473592711319.jpg (49.6 KB, 440x429, 1470642467009.jpg)

Stop posting ponies in our Overwatch thread, horsefuckers.


File: 1473592852198.png (Spoiler Image, 730.07 KB, 900x1023, large (36).png)

Make me


File: 1473593169832.png (693.74 KB, 739x540, reinsofdt.png)


File: 1473593203639.png (249.89 KB, 437x380, 1472079163152.png)

*whinny intensifies*


>it's a 10 two-drops in arena and you draw none of it so you lose to tempo episode


Littlest Pet Shop apparently has some really good music to it. Huh.


File: 1473593790749.jpg (56.63 KB, 640x339, 1473130551747.jpg)


I want to lick a pokemon.


File: 1473597056094.png (363.59 KB, 1198x360, flatpon.png)


File: 1473598063217.png (899.49 KB, 1265x1024, large7.png)

Toot toot motherfucker


File: 1473599492801.gif (510.06 KB, 630x354, star_eyes.gif)


File: 1473600780401.png (110.59 KB, 350x350, ded.png)


File: 1473600804018.png (103.26 KB, 600x689, 1317940661719.png)


File: 1473601329584.gif (1.2 MB, 645x600, 1381163326979.gif)


File: 1473601390514.png (150.34 KB, 900x625, 198566__safe_solo_trixie_s….png)


File: 1473601644037.png (184.78 KB, 555x476, grinning lemonpon.png)


File: 1473602928085.gif (2.18 MB, 674x948, 1431436773667.gif)


File: 1473603010610.png (288.58 KB, 880x922, 1473248147914.png)


File: 1473603040566.jpg (58.83 KB, 1000x748, 1403226830544.jpg)


File: 1473603303439.gif (950.28 KB, 495x683, 248787__UNOPT__safe_twilig….gif)


File: 1473603539971.jpg (177.86 KB, 600x554, 1400813826690.jpg)

Why's a pank telling me I'm late for school


Is that what's happening?
I always thought anon left that for pinkie, and was simply too beta to do actually wake her up


File: 1473603860720.png (281.52 KB, 709x463, Fluttershy_as_breezie.png)

That's how I interpret it as well


Going to stram Dood Sex on Steam

Join if you want


File: 1473604612649.jpg (109.2 KB, 800x514, 1415786941844.jpg)

But why would pank go to school as a working horse?


File: 1473604656003.jpg (74.83 KB, 800x500, 1473513589626.jpg)

This is the future we chose


File: 1473605197411.gif (110.04 KB, 447x586, I_Can_Learn_So_Many_Things.gif)

because its party school


File: 1473605259672.webm (524.4 KB, 1280x720, Hajime.webm)



File: 1473605499947.jpg (137.98 KB, 1000x1019, 1453774538090.jpg)

I choose a future of bunnes

But then she'd be the school's owner


To learn the latest party techniques


So she can take classes for free?


File: 1473605618733.png (91.47 KB, 227x219, bun.png)


File: 1473606334391.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1830x960, Unhappy_Rogue_Girl.png)

For Sylt


File: 1473606441886.jpg (44.66 KB, 300x635, 1405791963442.jpg)

That some Gunslinger Girl?



File: 1473606595248.jpg (253.48 KB, 1000x705, 1273375229284.jpg)

Oh my

I remember never touching the second season because the new studio changed the style to be so shit


I hungered for more qt assassins


Considered watching this with DM, how grimderp is it?


File: 1473606859375.jpg (68.37 KB, 478x600, 2878649_m_ib4f.jpg)

Not very. I did enjoy it more as an edgy 4chan memeing teenager.

Let me see if I can dig up anything from those years for you


Mostly in the concept of their job.
The actually gore/death is off screen, and they focus on the intrigue and setting up things more.


Well, my rig crashed, so I'm just going to stream some other time, sorry


Consider wwatching anime movies instead, too.

>there are """people""" who haven't seen Mindgame


File: 1473607803176.jpg (31.1 KB, 257x245, 1250607205074.jpg)

I used to have such a collection of cute anime girls


File: 1473607902382-0.png (486.51 KB, 670x997, Cute elf underwear.png)

I used to want to draw a collection of cute anime girls.


File: 1473608041348.jpg (343.01 KB, 1193x1500, 1248346739867.jpg)


File: 1473608954891.jpg (498.39 KB, 833x833, mei_and_dva_overwatch_by_s….jpg)


File: 1473609204342.jpg (86.35 KB, 350x523, 1208525035253.jpg)


File: 1473609383380.gif (113.38 KB, 351x382, 1473194938488.gif)


File: 1473609575918.jpg (153.36 KB, 422x600, 176327l.jpg)

Anyone want to watch this meme shit with us?


File: 1473609645082.jpg (31.96 KB, 850x476, feels bad man.jpg)

DM should watch the anime that has literally him as the villain


File: 1473609758932.jpg (38.2 KB, 536x500, 1220292545205.jpg)

Even as a teenager, I had good taste in anime grills


File: 1473609864610.gif (67.06 KB, 400x360, HowCrispSpendHisNight.gif)


File: 1473610110258.jpg (63.51 KB, 600x400, 1226154023755.jpg)

Ponies came just as I was becoming unsatisfied with the then current supply of anime girls

It was a worthwhile trade


File: 1473610120639.gif (140.04 KB, 400x245, 1473446426851.gif)

Speaking of DM, has anyone helped him out with FC?

Did Kino have two guns, or three?


File: 1473610252625.jpg (213.04 KB, 550x781, 1244478410115.jpg)

Two main ones, a third as a hidden backup,


who was talking about DM?


The revolver, a long (maybe silenced) one, and a small one, right?

Sylt had asked DM how much FC he read, then suggested 5e. Since you guys had recommended FC, I didn't know if you had talked to him since.


I'd like 5e a little better really, because I can make a drood


File: 1473610949898.jpg (43.61 KB, 500x573, 1220293424123.jpg)


WF and Dusty already have experience running it, so you guys could talk to him for tips. I can't do much on the phone.

You know if the rest of the books were translated?


File: 1473611585652.jpg (82.1 KB, 843x1200, 1210240525257.jpg)

No, sadly. I got myself a Japanese copy as compensation


That pic triggers me.


File: 1473611823676.jpg (285.14 KB, 842x1200, 1256473838591.jpg)

>gayboi doesn't like cute girls


>implying that's a girl


File: 1473611988111.jpg (46.74 KB, 640x360, pettanless.jpg)


Okay, why the weird collar?


File: 1473612124616.jpg (143.85 KB, 794x1000, 1263892607137.jpg)

I dunno, that maid suit is fanart


File: 1473612150832.gif (699.99 KB, 494x494, 1473408548044.gif)


File: 1473612219772.jpg (254.11 KB, 1024x1097, 1444548335158.jpg)


You magical realmer you


File: 1473612376618.jpg (25.58 KB, 399x299, feels great man.jpg)

Maids are so normie they're a negative magical realm
They're a downright mundane realm


Not collared maids.


File: 1473612485872.jpg (1.35 MB, 2436x3231, 1263217421552.jpg)

Never noticed till now, actually.

I'm surprised this isn't your waifu


I haven't had the patience to watch Lain yet.


File: 1473613439226.png (3.1 MB, 1920x1080, 1464454548471.png)


File: 1473613670453.jpg (68.1 KB, 340x600, 1253187285796.jpg)


File: 1473613689463.jpg (322.55 KB, 1215x717, Nidalee_Splash_3.jpg)


Anyone here plans on running a new quest anytime soon?


I'd love to start up cyberpunk again, but that's really new


Supposedly Wf was planning on running at some point today.


That's not new


Glad you could make it, Wf+6.


>analysis concluded with results no one knows what to make of

Should I mons to take away the pain


I overlooked that one word, so sue me.


You will receive the court summon soon.


File: 1473615484947.gif (3.46 MB, 392x271, N6JKdpp.gif)


Good luck getting anything out of me.


All your pony pics.


You watch your tone with me, boy. You may be a paladin but I'm still your superior as the GM.


Wasn't someone going to run a Stars Without Number space campaign?

Not much of a chance for me.




You were heading towards the islands, right? Going straight to the fighting gym or stopping over at the water capital?


Arthur told me to stop at Shuiea, and it's on the way, so it looks like a good choice. Tumi after that.


Yes that was sylt
no he wasn't really going too


not sure what I'd do, take on the gym?


Strange… he saw something in you, trusted you. They say it's the dragonblood that flows through every GM – they see more than lesser tabletop gamers. Only a true player of the quest can join they say.


Yeah, which is also going to take a while. Part of the gym is finding the massive tree, the Mirage Axis.

But I think I should sleep on it for now

There's also a gym there, and you can reach your first shrine.


File: 1473616216254.png (119.43 KB, 500x500, But what does it MEAN.png)


Questing is the sacred symbol of the sub. Most people think of Overwatch, but that's just vidya – the quest has power.


File: 1473616333602.jpg (67.05 KB, 800x600, SayuriKoto.jpg)

I have to warn you, I still feel very down from this morning.


Darn it. Sounded like he had a good campaign idea.

Are the shrines on the outskirts of civilization?


Don't hassle him about it, he just don't want to GM


They're at the cities that form the hearts of the three main regions. The Storm Shrine in Shuiea, Earth Shrine in the Evergreen, and Sun Shrine in Torchfire.


What happened this morning?


Got tilted so hard I was upsidedown


File: 1473617097202.webm (14.48 MB, 1920x1080, AccomplishedUnderstatedBa….webm)

Shh no tears now
Only fairy dinner with ninjas

Although I *really* wanted Groves to play since he's behind, and I'm not starting until we have at least 3


File: 1473617167161.jpg (98.23 KB, 600x600, 1466144122277.jpg)

I don't know if I can properly be qt fairy


I'd wait for a Groves


I enjoy spamming grenades, C4, and traps from that vantage point. Must be annoying as the enemy team to suffer that.

lame sauce.

Maybe I can restart Macross once Cheesy has a more stable schedule.

Can't wait.



File: 1473617644460.jpg (31.73 KB, 600x720, nwmDTzp.jpg)


>Finished Morrowind's main quest
That was nice


plz I'll cry


Now you have Tribunal and Bloodmoon, too

Both of them are built to fuck up magic users, by the way


My blade skill is at like 89 and my destruction is at like 61
Magic is almost fucking useless offensively since I didn't pick a mage sign and my mana pool is less than 100


You running or…


>not getting the mod that improves your mana pool with intelligence
>not getting the mod that gives mana regen over time


the joke is mana pool improves with intelligence, but without a sign that gives you a magicka multiplier, your max pool is 100.
Also I figured modding it would be cheating.


Restricting meaningful and fun magic to only certain signs felt like a bad mechanic.

It's not like Morrowind is for the challenge anyway, making magic is >fun


Well, I really wanted to wait for Groves or at least Fidget.

I'll give them a half hour more since 2 pm is when I usually run


File: 1473618965750.gif (723.46 KB, 640x360, 1466990395922.gif)


File: 1473619084127.png (109.81 KB, 549x633, Dude what.png)

But I've been here. What are you on


I'd be down for it. I'll see what I can do to get things stabilized on my end.


I guess I'll go afk then


>tfw Andy hats us


File: 1473619179597.png (108.84 KB, 401x407, mlfw1570-132285486638.png)


>tfw find a million different pieces of legendary artifacts that all together are some of the best equipment for that particular armor slot
>character looks like a clown unless I wear a robe on top of it all



File: 1473620213858.png (743.9 KB, 1280x720, rrr.png)


File: 1473620246290.png (548.67 KB, 660x495, D91yvRD.png)


Raynor 2
Kerrigan 1
Artanis 6
Swann 8
Zagara 23
Vorazun 4
Karax 12
Abathur 12

Trying to round out my coop levels, I'd like to get most of them up to 12


File: 1473620268906.png (117.06 KB, 375x375, 1456003426389.png)



File: 1473620396303.png (9.59 KB, 422x382, Drawing nobody.png)


By the way, where can I get some of Ayrie's DUDE WEED?



File: 1473620769062.gif (910.13 KB, 353x480, 1473604094637.gif)

Later y'all


File: 1473620902175.png (446.9 KB, 762x815, 1469662323060.png)

You can ask him


Stay safe groof


File: 1473621246360-0.png (253.41 KB, 640x678, 1354208942973.png)

File: 1473621246360-1.png (1.4 MB, 975x893, 1428212565464.png)

>at first I was like
>but then
This thing was not I expected at all
Yet it's really good




>Tell Andy 2pm
>She goes afk at 145pm


File: 1473621554442.jpg (135.47 KB, 1280x1040, 1473503630156.jpg)

Deploying tiny tabletopper


Oh hey, that one is actually good


File: 1473621791324.jpg (147.54 KB, 1920x1080, i7PX4Ue.jpg)


>Behind everyone on H quest
>Show up late

I'm starting to think you like it from behind


We have important animemes to enjoy


I'll be available soonish.



File: 1473622073746.png (317.46 KB, 600x776, 0e34dc6c9a6c63283f223e26a5….png)



>too many "M"-named characters in one quest
It was bound to happen eventually, Wf.


Come one now, there's just two


Yes, two many.


File: 1473622743146.png (109.5 KB, 578x480, wF6Emcf.png)

Dammit Fidget


Does this go with the gif where the dog is covering the fish with water?


File: 1473622921374.png (113.81 KB, 578x480, htBriMg.png)





File: 1473623915247-0.jpg (84.34 KB, 550x989, 1162659[1].jpg)

>that reindeer


File: 1473623989613.png (967.03 KB, 1280x1734, tumblr_obt5omLgkD1qe5ejbo2….png)


I'm assuming this is before Pegasus Airways, Wf? Airships seem like a thing that would be well-invested in.


Zeppelins won't be invented for a while. This world is just getting trains.


But hot-air balloons pulled by pegasuses aren't a thing?


Actually a recent invention (9 years old), so not very common.

They are also not present in Caballeria or used to cross the seas (especially because of the terrible storms lately)


Fair enough. But just imagine how much time you'd save with them!


>Emrille can finally cry like the sad, lonely little filly she is
Well, good for her.


They travel at exactly the speed of wind, whereas ships can travel up to THREE TIMES FASTER than wind.

Meanwhile that new "train" in Dixie can apparently go THREE TIMES FASTER than the average ship.


Lemme guess, the pony who invented the trains was named Char Astable and painted the first engines red.


I think he was a Donkey actually, and working with the Manako Group


Ah, so it was Quattro Engineah.



No, I'm serious. This is good for her.


File: 1473625831999.jpg (86.62 KB, 962x642, BAKA.jpg)


I would have bought that but I read in the reviews that no matter what you choose, the ending is always the same.


The creator is also making a North Korea dating sim now.


War never changes.


The problem is the only ending is shit. SHIT!


File: 1473626103798.png (1.74 MB, 1340x637, 1473366704250.png)





It's hard to keep track of all players!


its fine, that's why I didn't say anything, so you could focus more on the others if you were feeling a bit overwhelmed


I'm surprised Selena isn't making Face ride her. Or did she get enough of that while they were romantically entangled?


My breezie character has six ranks of Ride (animal) in case she ever meets a big pony


Or a badger.


File: 1473628804633.jpg (25.04 KB, 300x460, Ebina.jpg)


File: 1473629291801.png (50.57 KB, 1695x1108, New Canvas.png)

Look at this fucking dork



Its pefect


Sorry, got conscripted into making dinner for real.


Andy got back on Steam, said okay to playing, and disappeared again



Obviously we're just split-personality versions of the other. That exist independently in the world at large.


I am around just got distracted


You're in a box, by the way, on the boat. The ninja transported you there, and Marina's planning a party before we set sail.


How goes the party planning?


Currently bringing Cumin up to speed on how we're probably cousins because his mom is my dad's sister.
After that, I'll mention the partying plan, and get to cooking. Cumin has upgraded his box fort in response to surprise ninjas, though.


Ah, I see!
>box fort
Is Cumin as kid?


Marina is 18 and he's 16


No, he's deadset on ponies not finding out the rabbit turned him into a mare, because apparently he had a complex about his ever-present femininity.
Great, now it just feels like I'm taking advantage of him.


File: 1473631324396.jpg (62.8 KB, 1023x572, celestial_love__loki_x_rea….jpg)

That makes sense.
I guess you'll need to adopt a seapony


They have a better solution. It just so happens they know personally about an altar that can fix this


How complicated


Cumin would likely never really be able to live it down.


Just have him wear pants, not like anypony knows what half seaponies should look like


Cumin is a unicorn



Marina = half unicorn half seapony

Cumin = noble unicorn from Hatfield, Equestria

Marina wants to marry him because it might bring peace between Lunites and Celestials


That was the primary reason at first.
She's grown to like the guy for who he is since then, though the being cousins thing might put some rocks in that particular path.


It's the true European nobility experience


but then they won't have seaponoe babies


Seaponies are mostly mindless and feral, only the Luna-touched seaponies are sapient like you.

Mera wants to find more schools of them and Awaken them, as well as encourage immigration to Aquamarine from hidden Lunite covens in Equestria, but both of those require increasing the prestige and publicity of Aquamarine, so that means two major royal marriages, going public, and securing alliances in case Equestria wants to invade.

Fidget hopes an alliance with Hatfield will guarantee Aquamarine's safety.


>2 hours of adventure rolls


And, eventually, offer aid to the Transcastrian batpones who are already holding the lines against the Musdoggy hordes.




If you don't want random chance to rule you shouldn't use random rolls!


I really, really hope I can go through this thing with sheer force of will without having to fight anypony.


Sneaky horse!



That's Sylt, Emrille's still in the clear.



>extra attention


>not having something in store for all possible results
>3 is a boring result
>only 1, 2, and logially 9, 10 are interesting
I'd just have people roll out of 4 if I only have four things.


File: 1473635150188.jpg (143.38 KB, 1920x1080, I made this.jpg)

I am the best cook.


Amount of pizza sauce used in Japanese dish: 0%

Good jerb


File: 1473635684122.png (80.96 KB, 614x653, h5qtkT4H0qdE_2016-09-11_19….png)

By Dotka



You know, it comes to mind I probably should have told Maeda about Prince Vlad and his wooing attempts.
And that I should have maybe mentioned that Vlad should try not to antagonize any inquisitorial forces that may or may not step hoof on his borders beyond asking for their purpose.


Wait wait wait.


I forgot to mention that everyone is entitled, until further notice, to claim recharging pirate dice once per session.

Roll 3d10 and keep two of your choice. These don't carry over to future sessions.


Wait, like, rolls I can use when I want them during the session?

Roll #1 9, 1, 4 = 14


>missed another maali reply

Oh, I forgot you have no idea how pirate dice work. Let me explain in a sec


Yeah. Prince of Transcastria ran into us on our way to Autumnsreach after Maeda split off. Helped return the slab.
He left in a bit of a hurry due to trouble at home.
Oh hey, you got a 1. That's a stored critical there.


'3d10' oh

Roll #1 10, 4, 8 = 22


File: 1473636439046.png (188.25 KB, 500x500, NS0pEz5.png)

Its okay, focus on the others, i'll step away from the computer for a bit


Pirate dice work like this:

>After a roll, you can add a pirate die to the value by rolling that die. So for instance, say you use your 4. You could add 1d4 to your roll.

>Adding a pirate die will not make a roll into a crit unless the pirate die crits, then it's always a crit.
>Can't boost critfail
>Therefore, 2 + 1d3 (3) = 5 (critical success!)
>9 + 1d3 (2) = 11 (normal success)

Low dice size = high crit chance, good for gamblers
High dice size = low crit chance, good consistency, higher chance of higher flat bonus

Use d10s to almost guarantee a normal success
Use d1s for a guaranteed crit success!



Roll #1 1, 4, 6 = 11



I wonder if that mare made it out like Aira's destined pony was Face. But that would be too much incest. Far too much incest in one quest that isn't Northlands.


I should really go to bed… class tomorrow.


Maybe a good time to pause after all


I see
I'll take the 1 and the 4 then!


Thanks for running.


Roll #1 2, 10, 8 = 20


One more!


2 and 8


Thanks for running, Wf.
So which dress did Cumin wear? The wedding dress?


You can get new dice next session


If you asked her, she would assure you that she did not wear any of your dresses and model for the mirror, and that is honestly insulting to her masculinity


I'd rather crit with it now while I still can to clear this risky part!


So he wore all of them. Wouldn't they be baggy, though? Since he's smaller?


Wouldn't it be more >fun to risk it all next time with no free crit though? I mean you could potentially die or ruin your life!


File: 1473637089740.jpg (71.99 KB, 850x476, 1389106896016.jpg)


>That would kind of be a Jewing wouldn't it?

Lemme tell you about the jews, Aira


Oh yeah, that sounds amazing!
Like old times, right?


File: 1473637176480.png (880.46 KB, 1243x637, gun.png)

>Posting professor



It doesn't make a stallion less stalliony just because he knows how to sew and pinning dresses – AMONG ALL OTHER CLOTHES, NOT SPECIFIC TO DRESSES – so that they fit better is a VERY NORMAL skill as part of that skillset


…I'm starting to wonder if he wouldn't be happier as a mare.


It was fun though, we actually got a lot gun, I am glad that Groves caught up a lot more


Next session when?


>nothing happened


If Marina had known that Lilly needed to go diving, she probably would have left a seapony with her. But it's good that it worked out in the end.


I just hope Aria isn't out killing ponies to vent


>a lot gun
a lot done!

not true, you got to Ash Ruins and that's something

when we have 3 people

maybe tomorrow


That you're aware of. You're probably surrounded by batponies.


I'm just saying, it felt you were swamped with players and the quest suffered as a result.
2 hours to get there and 2 more hours to 'make camp'.


You still accomplished two days of travel

There's a sort of general conundrum in attempting to make a world feel big. The whole point of random encounters is supposed to slow you down so you're not just teleporting to objective points which makes everything feel bigger.

I mean, in all the hours Andy and Fidget played, they
>walked from an office building to a boat
>also cooked dinner


We had like 4 posts thou? Kinda different


Fidget had like 100


Sion was there the hole time and he
>Rode in carriage
>Saw a harbor
>Saw a temple


File: 1473638132492.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, 1471107728992.png)

Face being so tired after simply showing the harbor disqualifies him from coming to the Highlands though.


It was just his naptime. He can have a nap BEFORE the battle and he'll be good to go!


File: 1473638423878.gif (2.19 MB, 586x605, 1470952683568.gif)

Maybe he can go to Dixie school with Southern Cheerilee


I also spoke with Cumin and Curry, and requisitioned a few things from Kotone's kitchen staff. Andy wasn't really on until about the half-way point.
>goes to Dixieland school with Southern Belle Cheerilee
>ends up seducing her through a series of lucky occurrences that he has no control over
Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.


[Intense resistance to attending school]


Too bad, I am your new mother now!


I bet chi chi didn't make goku go to school!



Face is no goku though!


You should bring him to Aquamarine sometime. Schools there are either sink-or-swim, so he'd have to get the hang of it with no time for dilly-dallying.
Though, seamares are a bit… free and open with their affections. Best take care Face doesn't end up with an aquarium of eggs.


Are you saying that Marina is into shota, Fidget?
Because it does sound like you're saying exactly that…..


Poor face

Maybe he should've stayed in the palace


File: 1473639664693.png (167.4 KB, 320x240, Lewd mermaid.png)

Marina's only half seapony. She's not nearly as amorous as the others might be.


Marina: "Seaponies are not lewd! We are a Proud and noble race!"


File: 1473640162459.png (210.84 KB, 1268x443, Elves aren't lewd.png)

She has no illusions about it, though. However, her exposure to the depths of lewdness a seapony might go is minimal due to her standing as daughter of the Lunar Matriarch.


File: 1473640382755.jpg (592.71 KB, 911x900, dik_dik_furry_creature_by_….jpg)


File: 1473640408021.gif (355.85 KB, 500x281, 1473616845649.gif)


File: 1473641694160.png (2.11 MB, 1920x784, vlcsnap-2016-09-12-02h52m2….png)

To all of you I say


File: 1473641705446.png (1.44 MB, 1920x784, vlcsnap-2016-09-12-02h52m2….png)




Night, Nopo. Dream of old lady adventures.


File: 1473642191656.jpg (226.96 KB, 1920x1080, 20160912025205_1.jpg)

>the fucking unicorn


About to be literally that, by the looks of that screencap, Sylt.


The deed had already been done.


Are you saying there wasn't a round 2?


There was a wake to attend.


>implying that's ever stopped a PC before


Geralt is an adult!


So are, ostensibly, all the PCs that have lewded it up instead of taking care of their responsibilities.


Maybe next time will be less hectic and you can get some more exciting stuff in Horizons

I know you're just impatient because you want to get to the bottom of this case


I just dislike wandering around when it doesn't contribute to worldbuilding.


It is for worldbuilding

You don't want things to feel too small

If I just wanted to slow you down I could've had you do one combat for two hours


I understand but at the same time, it feels like nothing was accomplished. You get me?
I didn't learn new things about that place, I didn't learn new things about redcoat, I had a streak of failed roll10 checks…
It was 4 wasted hours from my point of view. Just to get to a place where, narratively speaking, the danger was almost nonexistent.


Well, you are in danger on the frontier in Caballeria, but I wanted to avoid combats because they slow things down even more

You could have easily run into some giant enemy crabs, crab-eating foxes, or fox-eating eagles. The eagles are the worst of them all.


You would have thought the batponies would be the thing they didn't want to run into most.


The most dangerous things can also be the most taciturn


Help me sleep


I'm sorry Sylt, there's just no way for us to get a dick in your ass from this distance.


It's okay, I didn't expect you to be as well endowed as me.


Can't decide whether or not to throw some combat at you in Caballeria Caster, anything you'd like for me to improve on?


No idea, we only had half a session!


But you've already seen me run other quests and been in them. Any tips would help.

Also, is Wednesday good?


File: 1473647306440.gif (55.08 KB, 386x450, 1473646533466.gif)

I just witnessed something beautiful.
Posting this picture with
>this thread
After barneyfag posts in one of those totally not false flag threads which start with a cropped derpibooru image totally triggered him


Honestly it's been too long. And yes.




File: 1473647451794.png (47.28 KB, 479x157, 1473615220424.png)

Did you see the Banners he pushed up?

Good night


See you when you come back in 5 minutes


How does Yen even carry it around


fool, a wizard doesn't 'carry' their belongings


File: 1473650404355.png (1.27 MB, 1300x975, 1471553041667.png)



Finally got to Swann level 10




I've been thinking about your posts regarding your pacing. I think the problem that he's expressing is partly because of your previous statement that the quest will end on its anniversary, which puts a time limit on trying to get all the content.


File: 1473651799551.jpg (412.61 KB, 1600x1067, LordBladesResting.jpg)


File: 1473652080836.gif (658.6 KB, 500x623, checking for flankers.gif)

>want to OW
>still feeling upset


That's the great thing about vidya, Andy. You can channel all those negative emotions into bullets to send at other players.


File: 1473652240312.png (403.5 KB, 824x816, TraumatizedElf.png)

I don't think it works like that against other players


Well, only if you yell and scream at them. Honing your rage to a focused edge might help. It'd give you a chance to play Reaper, if nothing else.


File: 1473652393602.gif (684.49 KB, 500x380, duck awoo.gif)

I'm not capable of expressing my anger through yelling.


Join me in Asia so you can read the runes


Maybe. If anything we're going to end BEFORE the anniversary if this rate keeps up though.

>Selena already found Face

>Rhanna very close to getting part 2 of 3, just joined NASA
>Emrille about 20 feet away from getting the key to restoring her youth
>Lilly just found out where to find Rosemary's remains
>Maeda already well into her final plotline
>Marina only has a wedding left
>Kotone is kind of tagging along with Marina now


This…. is your curse…….


Sounds like high ping training session to me

That might explain it too.

that line about kotone hurts man, its like you're saying she's boring


>only has a wedding left
That is a gross oversimplification and you know it.


File: 1473653000289.png (172.18 KB, 500x516, Reaper_Mains.png)


Welcome to my world

Maybe I should play only Rein or other 400+ ping-friendly heroes if we actually want to win

Even if I can't stand being passive


File: 1473653203787.png (243.49 KB, 590x273, Named monsters.png)

Well like Fidget said, his was kind of simplified too. But I am wondering what I am going to do to make Kotone more interested in visiting doggo island than staying with Marina to go visit Manehattan. I don't know, maybe going to Manehattan would be more fun?? In the end, it's all about what's more fun for you anyway.

Anyway, neither of you are on a course for the final raid at the Highlands to rescue Adel. Which will be pic related.


But, you know, if it crosses Lilly's mind that there's a gender-flipping altar in Autumnsreach, they could swing by. It would be the perfect disguise.


Just being male isn't a free ticket into Abeardeen by any means. The skull-fortress, carved from the skill of an Ursa Major, is easily the most secretive place in the known world – kept watch over by legendary immortal warriors who have honed their art of war over a thousand years of endless battle. And being the last of their race, they fight with the tenacity only one on the verge of extinction can fight with. Every NPC in the fortress is a boss monster.


Grand. They'll need a stealthy ninja.


File: 1473654110546.jpg (464.54 KB, 500x500, 1388271844470.jpg)

Not like I can even fight, or know about that plot.


I could try it sometime, why not.


File: 1473654824244.gif (981.5 KB, 500x373, kawaii insane dragon.gif)

I'll be memeing in the meantime


So it's a good thing that neither of you are on your way to that final battle!

To quote Futurama
>That sounds dangerous. Someone is sure to be killed! Fry, Bender, Leela, I want you to go with them.


And by the way, those statements about being useless in a fight?

Guess who else frequently says that? I'll give you a hint: she's a princess


Truly, it was ordained.


She who lives by the gun, dies by it

And she who eat by the cupcake table will go to wedding receptions


File: 1473661247630.jpg (641.21 KB, 1329x946, 1380384897740.jpg)


File: 1473661952360.png (279.83 KB, 1551x1387, 1473010306552.png)

So I should wait until SuMo comes out to fill out my 6th slot?


Unless there's already something you really like, sure.


>no NPC who is a parody of competitive gamers, who runs a team of two pokemon nicknamed "Smogonbird" and "Smogonsword"


File: 1473662670551.png (215.65 KB, 500x691, 1472757238528.png)

I can't really decide, since my inner power gamer is as undecided as my inner role player.

Flying would have some of the best utility in the Quest and in Fights.
Too many Overmeme makes me think a Tank would be good (Block and let Quetz/Airy set up some status effects).
I should probably focus on someone to cover my type weakness, since I do have a lot of fighting types.

RP wise, I have a Wuxia Samurai, an FFT Monk, a Dragon Knight, a Cleric I will multi-class into an Warlock, and a Cannon.

I thought that was Arthur.


File: 1473662731278.jpg (76.66 KB, 599x336, musashi.jpg)

[Boat noises]


File: 1473662886126.png (108.84 KB, 630x840, 1400000549168.png)


Actually, you only have Lucario as a fighting type, and you have a flier in Qutz.

And Arthur's just trying to find his true skin.


Arthur was still a non party character with real motives and stuff, at least when he was in my Pokequest


non parody*

You've become obsessive about ships lately

Do you envy Face's dhow?


File: 1473663343533.jpg (122.42 KB, 641x361, Haifuri09.jpg)

No, it's because Swatz, DM and I watched High School Fleet yesterday.


>True Skin
>When my Main 'Mon evolves by shedding his
It's more of how I see, and end up using, them. I should think about type coverage, and there's probably already a 'Mon out there that would cover my needs.


Lots of mons will shed to evolve, but his main mon constantly changes its skin to fight.

We'll see what SM brings, I personally have no idea because your team is really nice as it is.


File: 1473664624012.png (387.8 KB, 830x1120, 1466755952199.png)

Are you having fun with Lilly?

You're making good time, at least.


I still have a long way to go. I should probably finish my copy of ORAS too.

How many more placement matches do you have left?


The cutest boat


Yeah I am. It's a good thing we skipped over most of the searching.


Maybe next week




File: 1473668808334.webm (2.51 MB, 398x224, 400487.webm)


Two months to go until our anniversary.

When you subtract the travel time, I think things are just about right for you to finish your month search, return, and do one last raid for Adel

I hope you've been thinking about what you want to do in Istanbull / Witherloo


>The entire series of episodes where Ash has to get a Haunter to beat Sabrina doesn't make any sense because GameFreak fucked up gen wun so hard

Wow gen 1 is objectively the worst game and gen 2 is objectively the best confirmed.


>Ash didn't make one of the ghosts follow him


I've mostly been thinking about how Aria must think her mom is a pushover


>Family drama is going to ruin your vacation
realism achieved


Its hard to know where to go though. If theres something related to alchemy or special gardens, Selena would want to see that.


File: 1473673235659.jpg (91.39 KB, 694x1044, 1472656475576.jpg)


Breez on wednesday?


So apparently Hunter is the only class to play against this expansion


File: 1473677681150.jpg (25.21 KB, 960x638, WCT4KKu.jpg)


>cherry mix blue
Delicious, delicious clanking noise.
I love this new keyboard already. Despite the fact it has an english layour.


>he never had a blue before
You sure missed out


>Loud and expensive keyboards
I never understood the point of this meme.


They feel good


So. Good. Also bought it at 80% discount.


Old people are known for trolling


File: 1473683878269.png (3.72 MB, 1844x1228, 1473674590869.png)

Which one will you let your doggo evolve into


The one which doesn't look like edgy zoroark


File: 1473684066051.png (204.43 KB, 800x450, Everstone_anime.png)


If you're boring there's the right one

I get the feeling it's going to be slightly better than the right one though


It's like one of those western devs / eastern devs pics.


I feel like they are going to be version exclusive evolution, so I'll be using the one that's available in moon


File: 1473684404106.jpg (192.93 KB, 922x1229, corocoro10164.jpg)

Nope, depends on if you evolve Rockruff during the day or night.

Also, more weird stuff


LITERALLY the legendary trio of this game.
But human.
So we will be training self-aware beings now.


File: 1473684553602.png (26.85 KB, 96x96, Spr_B2W2_Old_Statue.png)

I think they're going to be story-only enemies, not mons at all. Like pic related stuff


They are being hyped up too much for that to be the case.


File: 1473684772159.png (138.3 KB, 179x119, Spr_B2W2_UFO.png)

Non-pokemon enemies were kind of a thing but never so big before


Then probably the one which fills out my team best boxed for a bird probably


File: 1473685055176.jpg (46.91 KB, 600x589, 1467479196220.jpg)

Maybe this can be your bird tonight




So possessive


teach 'bird' FLY


File: 1473685210194.png (203.13 KB, 340x700, HsS4nPT.png)

Back off, bat is mine!


File: 1473685330862.png (1.12 MB, 894x708, 1471565349197.png)

Actually, it can learn fly! And when it's fully grown it can probably fly you better than your inferior birds.

You just have to make your own bat better


in that case
'1d20' for adventure

Roll #1 14 = 14


BDN you fucker, stop coercing Andy into bats, bat is my thing! MINE!!

Roll #1 3 = 3


N-no this can't be…


You are the night! You are so silent, you can swoop down on some bad guys and subdue them while striking fear into their hearts

I did really want to finally use Crobat in an ingame team once I got moon, but then I decided to use Owl and it takes my flying spot

Your bat is too small! Feed it more!


File: 1473685809441.jpg (91.45 KB, 458x990, 1436334063877.jpg)

I refuse to belive this


File: 1473686111585.jpg (432.49 KB, 500x7672, 1432470338156.jpg)

Maybe you should go hunting with it at night


I will
And I we will feast on the blood of many


>zoroark gets ridiculed for having an 'edgy' design
>describing this poke as an "edgy zoroark"
So, an edgier than edgy design?
>Bara-cat and Bara-bug
>both have black-red color scheme
Somebody at gamefreak is indulging themselves.


Yes. Red and black is not edgy enough any more.
White and red with crazy eyes though?


You mean red and black and White; got to leave black in there somewhere, or it throws the whole thing off.
If it has a cackle-like sound, though, it would actually be pretty good fit for a 'deranged' pokemon.


It looks like the suicide squad joker.


File: 1473689286546.png (327.19 KB, 500x618, tumblr_inline_odd3cw6uZ91r….png)


>tfw will have both just for completion's sake
I'd probably use the one on the right, though I don't know their typing. If the left one has a decent type, I might use it.


File: 1473690800103.png (262.68 KB, 658x646, unsure smallapple.png)


Crobat is a very cool poke.


File: 1473692867106.jpg (31.65 KB, 499x570, tonnin.jpg)

so what is this I hear about 5th edition



It's okay, but my major complaint of it is that it's not nearly as specific about things as 3.5 was. Also the magic item lists aren't organized by rarity/price.


It's a system for beginners. Quite good.
>not as specific as 3.5
It's a plus.


Okay, yeah, but if you're DMing and you need to know what failing a specific rolls does, or the appropriate CR of a situation is, being told "use your best judgement" is not really helpful.


if I don't need to use my judgement, why even have a GM?


To throw in or remove things depending on how shit your players are doing. Also to create the scenario, the story, and populate the world.
And to use house rules because Dodge is useless as it is.


fun fact, the PF group I used to play with moved onto a card/board game version which requires no GM, you just play against the field


File: 1473693485408.png (271.59 KB, 720x720, 1473469488135.png)


So, once Face gets fixed, are you going to have him bound by marriage for once and for all?


File: 1473693666117.gif (7.17 MB, 501x566, fluttershy_screencap_cute_….gif)

It's not high on Selena's priority list.
He should first try to make up for not being around for 20 years


Feels like more extreme measures are in order for this

It was probably too simplified by our funposts. It's a competently designed system without drowning you in options. Characters still have options without you having to worry about them being game breaking.

Also, character sheets do not require a binder for each character.


You think he'll be well enough to accompany you to Marina's wedding? And Maeda's?
I have only used more than two pages (8"x11") when I've rolled wizard/sorcerer. And that's because spell lists.


File: 1473694037695.gif (151.27 KB, 500x403, fulloo.gif)

I didn't even get invited yet!
Not even sure if I'd take him with me!
Despite her forgiving him, she hasn't forgotten what he did! He'll have to work to get back in her good graces.


Well, it's not scheduled yet, so that's why.


Maeda needs to get married asap or she's gonna do something she regrets at this rate!


Surely after this latest mission she and Stricture can set aside some time for a quiet ceremony which they will then vigorously consummate in accordance with the Codex Asstartes.


'1d10' to maintain my purity until then!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Goodness gracious. That's some heavy hoof holding you're doing there!


File: 1473696037396.png (39.56 KB, 241x241, dmr26.png)


Maybe I should run the quest in Simple d6


File: 1473696329345.png (122.26 KB, 691x526, lewd.png)


Is that slobber or cum and is there more?


Probably just drool



It seems that we're going to have to examine the Codex Descartes for this one.


File: 1473696608894.png (103.18 KB, 373x259, just going to nope right o….png)


Look on the bright side. At least she knows that she won't get pregnant with just that, thanks to the explanations and diagrams provided by Marina.


File: 1473696720542.jpg (76.71 KB, 570x638, 1428439256481.jpg)

But she's impuuuure


Only in mind.
Also, >believing that earnest affections between ponies that plan to marry soils one or both of them
Just what sort of sex ed do Celestials teach?


Abstinence. Abstinence, abstinence.


Tsk tsk.
I suppose proper education will be one of those cultural exchange things.
Anyway, I'm going to be AFK for a while. Thought I'd mention in case anyone was planning on running anything.



>won 7/10 placements
>2527 ranking



>won 7/10
You had it good, at least you placed plat right away.



File: 1473697816568.jpg (23.89 KB, 500x417, klinklang-doodle-1.jpg)

will you make up aspects and skills for us?


Let's just make up our own!


what craziness


I assume you've heard about laser ponies


Sounds like ironic memeshit


I wouldn't be too worried

Sion puts on a tough guy act in the meta but Selena is more forgiving ponoe than Sion pretends


Just improv it


It isn't, though, it's legit for kids



Character: Morrigan
Aspects: Magic 1, Social 1
Skills: Shapeshifting, Raise Dead, True Speak (speak and understand language, including animal, demon, spirits)
Qualities: Druid/Sniper


File: 1473698981065.gif (3.72 MB, 360x202, 1agdtk.gif)

Start practicing if you want to play Junkrat on Eichenwalde attack


>Attack Junk from the start
On attack I'm the dedicated Rein these days


From Morrigan?


File: 1473699520871.png (8.16 KB, 256x256, crow.png)

You don't think it fits?


I thought she was a bit sheltered.
I mean, you know her better than I do though.


Magic 1, Sanity -1, Stealth 1


Consider this. She's almost as old as Pumpkin in NLer.


also her hobby is basically following tabloids



That would give her some topics for casual conversations…


File: 1473701277308.webm (3.99 MB, 704x396, weeaboos.webm)


Y-you'll see! Idiot!


File: 1473701717344.png (73.75 KB, 246x261, 1224394__safe_solo_pinkie ….png)



File: 1473701962832.png (376.76 KB, 1024x1000, fluttershy_breezie_by_beny….png)

Breezie next wednesday?
Yay or nay?


File: 1473702119504.png (239.19 KB, 1200x989, 1741c121c8b63cb937c33256d9….png)



File: 1473704024116.jpg (150.3 KB, 1024x576, fairy_catcher_by_baklaher-….jpg)



Kay rhymes with those!

I might run some H today



Oh yea? What exactly do you do? Go walk up to people and spout memes at them?


>Now imagining Morrigan turned out as a total memer

We failed as parents


File: 1473704928513.jpg (550.64 KB, 1920x1280, swarm.jpg)

I fucking told you that Kilana would be a bad mom


That wasn't sarcastic!


oh, Sorry then


File: 1473705217733.png (77.28 KB, 500x281, dc563ac9d6f8f52843ac3ce117….png)


It's okay! We can go back and start over, and try again and again until she turns out right.

Surely there are no moral or ethical implications about abusing time magic for groundhog day style shenanigans.


>Let's just impose all these lessons on our second child instead
>he'll be perfect


File: 1473705360525.gif (962.49 KB, 1280x720, 1149046__safe_rainbow dash….gif)

>complete fail again
>parents give up on third child
>he becomes the most succesful of the 3


>Every time you fail to raise a child right, just make a new one
This is the problem when two necromancers get married


File: 1473705584086.png (275.56 KB, 1280x720, Mayor_Mare_happy_S4E14.png)

>they decide to just keep raising kids
>less and less parenting each time
>12th kid
>basically no parenting
>becomes an important mayor pone

Well it works for constructs..


So Kilana is one of those mares…


Kilana got fucked up in the head by all the shit she went through.
No wonder she wasn't the best of moms.


Zigga's gonna zigg


She was quite a party girl in high school apparently

>Northlands ended up getting repopulated purely with zonkeys over a thousand years


On a scale from white to black, how sassy is she?


So literally dies out in a single generation

That silly zeeb


dark grey


File: 1473705989912.gif (1.1 MB, 747x720, 1472080002035.gif)

>a sassy necromancer

Unf unf, better than a sassy


I'm sure with enough demand, they could cure zonk sterility. We're talking about a universe with magic.

Of course the bigger problem would be importing fresh blood.


just permadentally shapeshift the babies into crystal ponies lol


Just let the north die
It's not worth it
It's not going to end up well

I would totally a sassy zebra necromancer


File: 1473706123112.png (727.34 KB, 3022x3500, 1471828706894.png)

>letting crystal pons die

You monster!


It's a mercy killin!


>Dear Morrigan,
>Please return to Castle Underskull posthaste. Your mother has had more children and your services are required.
>And please pick up some milk at the store on the way over. And would it kill you to write some more, you know how we worry.


File: 1473706283609.gif (9.69 MB, 1286x724, 1229779__safe_screencap_an….gif)

I know Crystal Ponies are somewhat retarded but that doesn't mean they deserve to die!


I don't say they deserve to
I'm saying it's better this way


>you finish writing
>go to give it to an undead bird to deliver
>Morrigan taps your shoulder
>Hey dad, I brought you guys milk and oreos


File: 1473706439205.gif (1.58 MB, 447x373, 1117548__safe_screencap_an….gif)

Think of the crystal mares!


I gotta pick up my mom at the airport!


Give her my regards!


They will be missed


File: 1473706752421.jpg (22.06 KB, 198x252, flurry_heart_flying.jpg)

Think of the crystal fillies!


RIP in pieces


File: 1473706845342.png (106.06 KB, 257x273, noi_wants_hoofprint.png)

You are a mean person!


File: 1473707669278.png (784.29 KB, 1254x703, b9lXTfx.png)

memeshit/memeshit it was memeshit
Loved it


I just want the best for everyone


File: 1473707802107.png (1.4 MB, 1900x1400, EpicSelena.png)

Finally this one is finished
I really screwed up with the wings big time but it wont happen again


File: 1473707861682.gif (190.75 KB, 250x196, rainbow_dash_thirsty.gif)

What a pegasus


That's your pegasus


So pretty


All dem feathers.
Winghugs must be nice.


Would you ask her for a winghug? The kind that only a true mom could do?


Winghugs are best when freely given and not requested.


>mom complex


File: 1473709334930.gif (1.65 MB, 848x480, 1246520__safe_screencap_an….gif)


>You will never be held under the warm safety of wings
why do we bother living




File: 1473710089223.jpg (330.59 KB, 1920x1080, 20160912210350_1.jpg)

What now you piece of filth!?


File: 1473710880082.jpg (1.04 MB, 1200x1725, Thea.Kreutzer.full.2014968.jpg)

The meme slps


here you go DM
Character: Morrigan
Aspects: Magic 1, Stealth 1
Skills: Shapeshifting, Raise Dead, True Speak (speak and understand language, including animal, demon, spirits)
Qualities: Druid/Sniper


File: 1473711513868.gif (2.83 MB, 640x640, sad_pone.gif)

>accept the fact I won't be able to play the Witcher 1 because of constant crashing
>look up the plot and start the witcher 2
>get into it
>now starts to crash too

It's not fair, it's not fair


File: 1473711599362.jpg (303.05 KB, 1920x1080, 20160912212001_1.jpg)

>accepted the fact I won't be able to play witcher 1 because I'm a pleb
>just play 3 instead


>tfw my friend bought it for the PS4


Well I got back from airport

Anyone still want to quest?



Well, that's okay. I wanted to level up my Swann a bit more anyway.


>Patch 3.6 comes out tomorrow


I'm playing cat trainer: genermeowtions


I hope it's less lewd than princess trainer


its got 300percent more fluffy tail


Wanna OW a bit? I need a win.




Waiting in game and in mumble.


But does it have petting mechanics?


This isn't one of your fire emblem games.


Only the alpaca can be pet


File: 1473718516379.webm (190.93 KB, 1280x720, muffled ayyy in the dista….webm)

American poetry.


>in ten years kids will be studying ancient youtube videos as examples of the art of our time


File: 1473718664790.webm (573.42 KB, 640x356, seagull.webm)

Still better than tv from [CURRENT YEAR]


>no kids, TV stopped being art in 2010


Sun/Moon will be a good time for Flying type lovers

Dance birbs


they look very promising


File: 1473718845794.webm (2.78 MB, 1280x720, birthdaybois.webm)

But I hate birds!
What if I told you it became pottery instead?


Are there no birdkeeper NPCs in later games? I only remember them in gen1


Gen3 had them 100%


inside my VR room looking at a static channel on a fake tv from the 70s, I'd believe you


I thought you loved seaguls


>things you could look up on bulbapedio


Dude do you even know who the guy from that webm is?


No but he seems badass




I'll stop before I embarass myself even further


Birb team

Oricorio Pompom


He's called Steven Segal.
In that webm he's making chicken wings while handling a rifle.
Wings + Segal = Seagull


File: 1473720093511.png (452.27 KB, 824x677, 1445187609753.png)

>second day in a row when I got drunk accidentally



How do you get accidentally drunk? Isn't that usually a conscious effort?


It's when we accidentally friends and start drinking whatever is at home


Ah, so a crime of passion, then.


I didn't even know we were going to meet frieds and drink tonight until before like an hour it happened


Exactly. Unmeditated action brought about by circumstance.


It was fun though


I don't doubt it was.


In the mood for a little H?


If the others are. Though I'm pretty much just going to be listening to stories 'round the fire and getting brought up to speed on Skylight and Curry's sibling communication, or lack thereof.



File: 1473721598701.jpg (332.79 KB, 1182x2072, 1340256771729.jpg)

Marina would never spit in food, right?


Of course not. A cook's job is to feed people, not judge them. Besides, a person's emotions often bleed into the food anyway.


File: 1473722021521.jpg (827.74 KB, 3081x934, 1362673710463.jpg)

>Only 2 players


I like how her name is censored but her picture, friends' pictures, the town she lives in, and where she used to work, are not


I'm here now.


Well I don't think anyone would hunt down her friends based on their picture alone for her crimes


Also the place and restaurant are necessary for the picture!


But they could


Well it's 4 years old so I don't think they did


If you want to skip ahead and get sailing you can, but if you'd rather have cookout party that's okay too


Well, it would give Kotone a chance to get to know the crew she'll be traveling with. And for Ninja to feast like she probably hasn't done, ever.



File: 1473722980214.png (131.86 KB, 422x662, 1133754__safe_solo_screenc….png)


don't want to be conscripted into questing?


I just wasn't prepared
Did I get your usual day wrong?


I think this is one of those spur of the moment type things.


I run whenever I can get 3 people usually

I said I might try today


Oh right, before I forget. This session's dice. '3d10'

Roll #1 2, 8, 1 = 11


I'll take the 1 and the 8.


File: 1473723885246.png (222.87 KB, 647x566, 1462887922432.png)


What a dumb bird. I want 30.


uh I still have to make food

Roll #1 6, 9, 4 = 19


9 and 4 then


Post yf if Roost at level 13


File: 1473724567396.webm (2.86 MB, 640x360, 1467071770678.webm)

>mfw no new skill points ever


Well, it wouldn't be Pirates without the dearth of skillpoints.


What if roost TM from first gym


They'll clear the area of cute smaller Pokemon, though

Wouldn't matter much ingame, but would be super useful for difficulty mods/fangames.


Okay I need to VERY QUICKLY pick up dinner

Sorry for dropping two bombshells on you before taking off


>Emrille stumbles onto what Lilly's looking for completely by accident
It's like you planned this.


actually I have 5 minutes before I gotta leave


File: 1473725689904.jpg (1.22 MB, 1500x1500, 1473647602064.jpg)


Fucking, wow
I almost want to take that skeleton

But I'll just sleep now then



I'm assuming Kotone is just elsewhere at the party instead of fiddling with her door, since she did that immediately before I started cooking.


>Forgetting Sateo
Aw come on now, Curry at least made the effort to remember. And if it's Chip he forgot, that's even more unlikely.


He did make an effort to remember. He remembered there was another dog there!



brb dinner pickup


Who was that?


File: 1473726297271.png (610.09 KB, 750x750, Kitted out and a raised ey….png)


File: 1473726605400.webm (2.14 MB, 640x360, oy gevalt.webm)

Is that porn? It looks like porn.


The artist does porn, or at least ecchi.


Almost back


File: 1473727015772.png (146.03 KB, 800x824, 1473725664919.png)

They work for the mercenary, the mosquito man


back and posted





>suddenly WoW gets worse as trollkin humans start trying to join the horde
>and you're supposed to help them


>Implying that we won't finally get some good storylines now that Metzen is gone

>Comfort Cumin
If I learned anything from Katawa Shoujo, that means you want to start having sex right now.


plz don't tempt me like that


I'll believe it six months down the line if he's actually showing lack of involvement.


Well, at least that should be the last of "Muh Illidan".

And you need to stop taking Katana Sushi as reference.


>one hit ko from a monster various levels below me
>one hit ko is a kamikaze attack
>one hit ko has its tell removed because of an attack I used
>last save game is 20 minutes ago
Bye bye Geralt, it's been fun.


File: 1473731162083.png (547.99 KB, 899x1000, 1473411057156.png)

Managed to push into Diamond yet?



File: 1473731432753.jpg (372.69 KB, 842x1000, 1473554748122.jpg)

It's not like I'm one to talk. I have a ways to go before leveling up myself


I'm back at 2380, and I doubt I'll ever go higher.


You could team up with us during 'Murrica time, or even with BDN. We usually do well.


Well I don't know what I can do to further the plot right now so I will just go to bed. Quite late. Thanks for running.



hope you had fun this time


Didn't Wf specifically mention the incomplete light puzzle earlier on?


Right but I don't have the means to fix that. I will look for them tomorrow.
Would make sense, according to the vision I just had.


Well, I'm sure there's at least one hoof mirror floating around. A pity about the jacked crystals, since I doubt Redcoat or Wind packed you spares.
On a side note, I think Maeda would have maybe enjoyed the storytime Curry is having. Though the bias might leave a bad taste in her mouth.


I wonder. Is Kotone big or small?
She'd be able to eat more if big. Otherwise she's going to fill up on a single spring roll.


Also, thanks for running, Wf.


hope you guys had fun



File: 1473732208310.gif (1016.61 KB, 576x324, Pardon.gif)

Gonna be a chubby breezie by the end of the first course.


An excerpt from a quest that ran once ago, a long long time in the past. Smitts and Al-Jinn before their showdown.

>"Do you know the name of that lance?"

>"I read the inscription while I waited. What does it mean?"
>"There is no direct translation in Equestrian, but in the original Musdoggy dialect it means 'That thing which makes the difference at the moment that counts'. It's an interesting language. One I wish I had more time to study before today."
>"So I see."
>"One last piece of trivia, then?"
>"Very well."
>"Are you familiar with the plant, Mourner's Folly?"
>"I have heard of it, once."
>"It's extinct. There was a program for its annihilation years ago. The plant is a weed that prefers bloodied ground… frequently growing on battle sites. It's also terribly noxious – a poison that kills in a horrifying way – bleeding out of the pores. This allows for reproduction. Its name comes from an old tale of mourners paying respects to the dead who quickly take their place."
>"Is this intended to scare me?"
>"Not at all. I know you're too collected for that. It was a last moment of reflection. You see, among these other items of trivia, I have learned the secret to your technique."
>"Have you, now?"
>"Yes. Your secret… is that you've memorized every possible means of attack – even those that seem ridiculous. You cannot be surprised if you anticipate everything at once. Your mind must move incredibly fast."
>"I thank you for the compliment."
>"One must wonder how I will prevail, then."
>"It is simple. You won't."


>Smitts was counting Curry to be the wildcard and "succeed" in distracting him just long enough to breath in the resurrected spores


We never did dredge that spear, though. Who knows who has it now. Sateo, perhaps, or his kin? Or did it return on the tide to the Musdog lands?


Probably Sateo


True. A leader would need a proper weapon to make a difference against all those Pygmies.



sorry for being slow


Trivia: Selena appeared in Pirates 1

At one point Sion used the wrong name and posted as Selena Springleaf instead of Tony


Hope you had a little fun


>20 minutes
I've recovered from worse

High ping training only took me just to plat, sadly


Winstons and offensive Symmetras could have saved us so many times


File: 1473734256764.jpg (131.61 KB, 935x818, 1392081159076.jpg)

its a nice party


File: 1473734387373.png (129.28 KB, 600x650, 401448__safe_twilight spar….png)


pls post morrigan


Character: Morrigan
HP: 5
Damage Reduction: 1
Aspects: [DM dependant]
Skills: Shapeshifting, Healing Magic, Raise Dead, True Speak (speak and understand language, including animal, demon, spirits)
Qualities: Druid, Sniper


File: 1473736128068.png (240 KB, 500x502, tumblr_inline_odbqu2XXVo1r….png)


Isn't this thread well over 1000 posts already?


I meant pic


File: 1473736397692.png (4.75 MB, 2831x1697, NecroFilliesChat.png)

filly morrigan I drew


Morning fatpons


>DM's MMR is higher than mine

How shameful


>3 losses in a row
Way too many leavers, this is getting annoying


don't get on a losing streak, take a break!


I'm booting up XCom. I should finish my current campaign.


File: 1473737901281.png (65.7 KB, 512x512, Morrigan.png)

I promised for a really, really long time to try to draw Morrigan

I'm learning SAI, so I practiced lineart with her


File: 1473738106273.png (65.6 KB, 512x512, birds.png)

she's pretty cute

Good luck


What a qt


SAI seems to have a lot of powerful potential… learning lineart was pretty easy, but there is still much to learn


File: 1473739758924.png (380.1 KB, 550x778, 1467130762576.png)


Grab tail '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6



which sm island birb do you like?


Ghost one is best, but I'm not using any of them with owl
Or ever


Oh I could help if you have doubts


>or ever
Sadly gimmickmon are NEVER, EVER powerful.

Sawsbuck, Castform, Kecleon, Unown, Wormadam, Cherrim, Gastrodon, Basculin, Vivillon, Furfrou, Gourgeist, most Rotom forms.

Wash Rotom is the only one! And arguably Florges.

You use Sai?


File: 1473742361220.jpg (989.65 KB, 1000x1415, 1467123115973.jpg)


Sawsbuck and Gastrodon are some of the best mons in their respective weather though, and Vivillon is stupidly good for a route 1 bug shitmon.

>no fluffy tail
>but cute witch


File: 1473742777517.jpg (Spoiler Image, 209.61 KB, 1280x787, 1473719777919.jpg)

>Destroy a secret alien facility
>Come back 2 days later to raid the UFO sent to recover what was left
Even more ideas for XPony. At this rate, I might just drop Overmeme.

Don't know if spoiler needed, but spoilering anyway.


spook status: y


File: 1473743262542.png (478.94 KB, 1050x1400, 1423805510310.png)

I just wanted to post qts



I'm away from my qt collection, sadly, unless you want to see the DVas I photo'd


File: 1473743590219.jpg (1.28 MB, 1181x1748, 1433486027841.jpg)

No, I just want to feel useful by posting QTs for others


Are you trying to get a qt mark?


File: 1473743913024.jpg (105.16 KB, 1280x720, 1376486077573.jpg)

That's not possible for a human


I only recently saw Steins;Gate for the first time, a few weeks ago

It was gud


I really don't have that many humans saved on my phone at all.


File: 1473744142339.jpg (579.75 KB, 951x1500, 1473720553544.jpg)

Now only if they posted


File: 1473744246102.jpg (93.8 KB, 600x268, Midori-Ryu.jpg)

Oh yes, that was a fun watch.

Not begging or anything so don't stress, but that is a nice deer person.


For like two years yeah


File: 1473744541440.jpg (150.93 KB, 1114x1900, tmp_12191-1471320556293114….jpg)

I don't keep many qts on me, sadly


File: 1473744552043.jpg (233.21 KB, 618x828, 1472949413188.jpg)

Just some stuff that might be fun to post anyway

I really want to try out Ryutaama one day.


File: 1473744621528.png (435.56 KB, 1500x1200, 1394298535468.png)

a goat is qt too?

I doubt I'll have time to play that with my huge backlog


File: 1473745656501.jpg (182.39 KB, 1120x920, 1472588540278.jpg)

Let's focus on running what we have.

A Pokémon is fine too


Very acceptable


File: 1473746338151.jpg (178.9 KB, 800x1253, 1415799190294.jpg)

Fair enough, when do you want to do hawknia again?

perhaps I should retrieve new qts


>not posting the naked version
It's what lemon would have wanted


File: 1473747023795.png (57.26 KB, 512x512, Morrigan.png)

>Hi dad, I brought milk and oreos!


I don't have it


Look towards Thursday or Friday. I might trade shifts with a co-worker, so I can't say for certain.


The zeebish snout is a nice touch

its really supposed to be birds not arrows, but the position is correct


File: 1473747545830.png (142.61 KB, 623x473, tiredWolf.png)


File: 1473747576378.jpg (218.46 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_odeqbvkJXP1u86wa0o1….jpg)


File: 1473747919371.png (57.77 KB, 512x512, Morrigan.png)



File: 1473748131925.jpg (53.62 KB, 970x600, my-little-pony-flitter-256….jpg)


File: 1473748180308.jpg (178.12 KB, 791x821, 1405094744978.jpg)

>remote desktop lets me access my home computer to post pics from there

technology is amazing


File: 1473748234907.jpg (10.41 KB, 236x273, 3a31262d144fad4b5e030361a9….jpg)

what did he mean by this


File: 1473748336145.jpg (12.96 KB, 600x600, 2f13cc83458e65d2772265791e….jpg)

Very kind of spooky that technology is


File: 1473748590108.png (56.36 KB, 512x512, Morrigan.png)

I am not sure how to describe it but it has the color differences of a donk face but the shape of a zeeb face

Anyway I thought more buttmark shapes was more xciting but if you insist


No ponies in the show have three different items that way? Its usually three identical, or one more complicated.

>can't stop seeing a plane

>her true destiny is to become the first pilot in mlp