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Handgun edition.


File: 1474519830749.png (381.11 KB, 773x475, come on.png)

first for edge hound


File: 1474520297579.jpg (468.39 KB, 1001x1017, tmp_23771-1456406731220-16….jpg)

I wouldn't feel so bad about destroying the competition so hard if one of my competitors wasn't a cute friend


File: 1474520948065.jpg (126.5 KB, 900x566, 1474490646236.jpg)

I am definitely calling in tomorrow. I've just been feeling bad the last few days.

I want to see if the speculation that the starters will be different is true. It's be a huge change.


Different how?


I saw some speculation that there was going to be different evolved forms of starter, like Iorimon above has. You'd get a certain evolution path for them in Sun and another in Moon.


Nah, the """leak""" claiming that has already been debunked. And it's highly unlikely GF would give starters alt forms, harder to market unless you have something like zard. It's just fags hating on mermaid and co.


File: 1474521754192.jpg (452.12 KB, 1280x1564, 1474477474470.jpg)

Lemon, there's going to be a Mane6 stream this Friday at 3PM Pacific. Faust is going to be there too.

Gotcha. I like Robin Hoot, but Heelcat and Mermaid are growing on me.


I refuse to believe any rumors, after all no one expected version exclusive evolutions, but here we have them


File: 1474524226166.png (1.01 MB, 1085x655, brushie_fox.png)

phox looks better than expected, I was sure that the tangled look would be bad


I think it's neat you can brush your pokes' status ailments away.


I saw a discussion about how its going to be ^a lot^ worse than using an item, because of the time efficiency factor: no matter how fast the mini game is, its not going to be faster than using an item, and in the same generation as confirmed meowth, so money will not be an issue.
I hope its cute enough to be entertaining.


Well, ailments were hardly ever a problem anyway, since anything other than poison/paralysis didn't really do anything.
And in the case of everything but poison, it's usually just a quick run or bike ride back to the last pokecenter. And pokemart, to buy more antidotes.
Antidotes were the only status thing I bought until I was rich and then I just got full heals. And I never use those because full restores are better.


File: 1474524666907.png (47.58 KB, 123x298, 123px-XY_Poké_Fan_F.png)

completely fair. I just worry that the refresh feature will be seen as a "flaw" because of this, and that it will be cute or raise happiness bit to make up for this


It's immersive at least, actually being able to cure your mons


File: 1474526223443.png (445.16 KB, 750x700, 1472226818911.png)

there is that


File: 1474526835266.gif (1.98 MB, 248x237, 1377014862458.gif)


Lemme just dispose of some extremely toxic chemical waste and we can do stuff


File: 1474531871286.jpg (123 KB, 960x1200, CsdOJiPWcAAXX__.jpg)


File: 1474533569707.jpg (53.59 KB, 640x640, QL3oj2v.jpg)

>1 small step for doge
>1 giant step for dogekind
Perfect line for when Rhanna arrives at the moon


How did it go?


>looking up how to vent a room quickly
>get results about the nazi ovens

Google why?


File: 1474535987192.jpg (329.6 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_n348gcdc9y1tx0biwo3….jpg)

I feel bad about wrecking them so bad since one of them's a friend

>asked to draw Finland and the surrounding area

>mfw I proceed to give a detailed overview of Scandic and Central European geography while friend forgets to point out Russia that I left for her
>group of people that had to point out Hong Kong could barely do it


Remind them why memes are thicker than blood.


Your fascist tendencies.


File: 1474536342768-0.png (13.25 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

>nordic countries


More like depressionland


File: 1474536505550.jpg (729.85 KB, 2121x2209, 1433095564045.jpg)

As long as I don't fuck up my exams my chances are pretty high
Just hope they don't decide to send me elsewhere because they want to send people who've never been there before, but I think I did a good job convincing them why I'd be a good meme ambassador

>was the only guy in my interview session of 6

>one of the grills asks me how I know the shape of Finland so well
>have to step out of the elevator before I could show them this

I did mention Finnish loyalty to their land and how strange it is for us. I talked a bit about how there are a load of parallels between Finland and Singapore with key differences.
>Finland and Singapore have almost exactly the same number of inhabitants


File: 1474536893310.jpg (80.05 KB, 1024x768, 1450168987210.jpg)


What was that about white horses


Son of White Horse suckled the teats of White Horse for several years to get strong enough to rip off the bark of the world three to prove he is strong enough to go on his journey, but feeding him for so long took so much out of White Mare that she died



World tree*
Sorry, I just woke up


Neat. What else?
I posted in last thread just after you slpt


I meant the story! Is this the much-talked-about Magyar horse lore?


Sorta. It's one of the stories

I saw, pretty neat
Well, there was this thing called Hétszünyű Kapanyányimonyók and for the longest time we didn't know what kind of creature that was until ethymologyst realized it is a man with a 7 meters long beard and balls the size of skulls


>tfw no horse lore
Well, part of the popularity and mysticism around dragons is because really big horses were just called dragons, and dragon heads are actually based off horse heads.


File: 1474538196779.jpg (105.27 KB, 635x422, a-kosztromszkajai-aranysza….jpg)

There's also the Wonderstag that our ancestors hunted and apparently led us to the Carpathian Basin


>Mesopotamian links

What about names?


Well, names are pretty much standard european names aside from a few specific ones
Mine just means Gregory Miller, the first meaning watchful or alert, and, the latter, y'know, that's pretty self evident.


Occupational names are pretty interesting. Mine's more of a clannish name for the yellow river people, which are pretty ancient. The Yellow Emperor was probably the leader of a tribe there, hence his name.

Also, the guy we saw at the museum is also known as the Fire Emperor, since legends say he invented slash and burn agriculture. Supposedly in 2600 BC the Yellow Emperor beat up his tribe and then they became buddies and shared the recipe for much-coveted Elixir of Immortality, which the Qin Emperor (first Emperor of unified China) went insane and died form mercury poisoning when he tried to create it. They probably lived centuries apart, though.

So I'm Elegant Center of the Yellow Clan.


Boys we are dealing with a real celebrity here!


Also, on my mothers side we have the surname Tóth which is the old-timey name for slovakians/hungarians living in the north


File: 1474540034992.gif (643.61 KB, 770x416, 1469335176486.gif)

More fillies


But who's going to mill our grain?

Any cool exodus stories?
The Qin Emperor sent a few thousand young men and women sailing eastwards to find his Elixir of Immortality. Since they obviously couldn't find such a thing and would probably get executed for their failure, they stayed in the new land they found and became partially responsible for anime


>tfw ordering legos from Belgium


Well, when we first found the pass into the Carpathian basin the 7 leaders of the tripes made a bloodpact


>Raven idol into savage roar into Stormwind champion

Second time in a row mate
Druids got incredibly fucking powerful in arena this patch


>9th-10th centuries
Huh, I guess that's why seems like a lot less mysticism associated with it.


File: 1474541354551.png (1.03 MB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 09-….png)

Best bomber EU


File: 1474542612742.png (95.42 KB, 953x784, Map painting.png)

If you're European and you don't get a 100% on this then you must be quite literally retarded. Same for naming Euro capitals.


>caring about southern slav countries
It's still all Yugoslavia for me


File: 1474543166534.png (122.27 KB, 982x784, HoI 4.png)

Based Hearts of Iron 4 teaching me all about Asia.


>tfw the Sentinelese will never into civilization and make a new country


Fuck Sri Lanka if anything. I forgot that meme country even existed and could have sworn it was just part of India.


Sri Lankans know how to use toilets, so they're practically a space power

I have a Sri Lankan prof, he's cool as fuck.


File: 1474543758458.png (757.96 KB, 844x476, 1474524107580.png)


I'm just now catching up to South Park and wow
That rebooted national anthem thing was actual genius.




I should check that out




The last 2 minutes are a BLAST


Holy shit looks like a dream """disease""", literally no downsides as long as you have enough glucose, and you will


File: 1474544156749.png (52.69 KB, 990x737, Drugland.png)

>Actually mixed up Venezuela and Colombia
For shame.


I'll try that later.


>implying anyone gives a shit about geography


File: 1474544444818.png (230.3 KB, 540x600, 1473109369846.png)

I long for the day that you show up out of nowhere not to shit on someone of the sub.
Alas that day is not today


Well let's be honest, the statement he replies for is confrontative.
I can't get 100% in that test myself. Indeed, I know almost nothing about eastern europe. By Groves' standards I'm a retard.


Groves genuinely thinks everyone is a retard though.


Still you can't complain about someone replying back to an insult.


Needs more autobrewery syndrome


Are you implying he wasn't asking for it?


Eh, guess you're right.

You might have been in your rights this time. But you do it every time.


File: 1474544910022-0.jpg (95.07 KB, 500x355, 1025387[1].jpg)

It's all I have left.


>First country is Djibouti
Jesus fuck I've never even heard of that place.

t. sub 90% shitters.

European nations are like elementary school stuff!


And I never cared to learn them.


It's French Somaliland


Yeah, that's why you forget it the instant you get out of High School.


For shame. Geography is important.


Not really, there's such a thing a google maps.


File: 1474545175062.jpg (31.72 KB, 271x425, 1469040586319.jpg)

But what if some random American journalist shows up with a map trying to make a dumb Europeans compilation?


I'll just ask him about the elections.


File: 1474545265374.jpg (407.02 KB, 991x1805, 1469302853046.jpg)

good one


It's more of a important general knowledge kind of thing.


General knowledge was made meaningless by smartphones.
I know it's hard to grasp but soon we will hardly need to remember things, logic deductive skills will be much more important as facts can be instantly checked.


File: 1474545566654.png (443.79 KB, 1280x720, kiddie.png)

If you don't have a good memory though you're not good at making connections.
Also completely depending on Wikipedia for what you know seems stupid out of principle


File: 1474545596349-0.png (240.78 KB, 764x642, 255daedc292edbe397c67c53a2….png)

I got all the important ones anyway.
Except Denmark


They might seem stupid but they are hardly wrong.
I'd take someone saying "wait I need to check this up" over someone saying "OF COURSE tomatoes are not a fruit!" any day.


Tomatoes are vegetables and spiders are insects.


This is such an Italian line of thought.


That's a very stupid example too.
You can make the same argument over math.
Hurr, why do I need to know math, I could just have my computer do it.

Yet time and time again we see that people who train their math also see benefits when doing other mental work. The brain is not something perfectly compartmentalized. When you neglect your memory other areas weaken as well.


File: 1474546022473.png (673.56 KB, 1280x1803, tumblr_odvxf24UMs1rqejd7o1….png)

Why is Maud such a slut?



File: 1474546118373.png (939.45 KB, 1280x2612, 1474358684178.png)

Unreleased next page


Using the resources available to you and knowing what you don't know is italian?
Shit I wish, we'd have not lost all those men in WW1 like that.
Spending time learning hard, immutable things like geography is useless when we have tool to supplement for us.
Nobody is teaching calligraphy any more, and yet that was one of the most important courses until the 60s, for grade schools over here.
Times changes and the required skillsets change with them. Memory is soon gonna be useless, heavily supplemented by our everyday appliances.


This person needs to stop making me want to fuck little horses


>Memory is soon gonna be useless, heavily supplemented by our everyday appliances.

We'll see I suppose.
Put this conversation in your electronic agenda so you don't forget about it when we have this conversation again


It's more about the whole laziness thing. And then finding some excuses for it.

Personally I'd rather not swap out my brain with a website in this day and age. Maybe things will be different in a couple of decades, but that's far too difficult to predict.


What game is this from?


No idea ;)


File: 1474547857793.gif (883.47 KB, 359x540, drizzle_drizzling.gif)

>Bicky Burger did a tweet on International Alzheimer day
>"One of the upsides of Alzheimer: being able to eat a bicky every half hour without feeling guilty"

The absolute madmen. I'm gonna eat a bicky tomorrow for this one


>Congo is one of the civs in Civ VI

Really cool that they added Scythia and Sumeria though. And they're using Roosevelt as the US leader.


File: 1474548204093.jpg (68.77 KB, 447x453, 1316277141851.jpg)

>tfw no Bicky's


The leak was right


File: 1474548771644.jpg (41 KB, 500x269, 1467298159720.jpg)

>new battery arrived today
>pop it into my very first (dead) smartphone
>comes back to life with all data intact

Pretty co
>>>immediately find the embarrassing stuff I installed long ago


Do share.


>1 GB of Twilight porn


Better drink a lot of Pálinka to feel better about this


File: 1474549100935.jpg (100.41 KB, 854x640, tmp_18101-whatsu1318836975.jpg)


Loads of shovelware games mainly, and old photos. And the gameloft pony game

It would have been there if I knew how to hide files!

>Android 2.3.5

What a relic, I don't even know if there's an update for this hardware

>tfw forgot the palinka
N-next time


OW anyone? I'm tired of getting shat on by gwent.


In 20 or so


File: 1474549191839.jpg (87.76 KB, 847x544, rainbow_dash_bad_breath.jpg)

Can't right now sorry.
Maybe later in the afternoon?


File: 1474549195241.jpg (25.04 KB, 300x460, Ebina.jpg)



I want to hold hands with Ebina



Quantify later?


File: 1474549332068.jpg (1021.25 KB, 2100x1525, m4nL9ji.jpg)

Nobody at the interview could compete

Also, this helped me immensely with one of the questions



Same inhabitants, with a slight difference in population density.
Something like 8k vs 17.


Wait for what, population density? Yeah, it's funny


File: 1474549668243.png (62.38 KB, 213x260, 1471743664384.png)

>Singapore has a higher population than Finland
That sounds terrifying.


>a fucking island


Sounds pretty comfy for me.
I mean for Finland
Singapore is a hellhole


No, that's next to Argentina


File: 1474550108840.jpg (588.09 KB, 684x513, our-towns-tampines-1.jpg)

Most everyone lives in government-built apartments due to our slight land problem. This is a typical neighbourhood

I know, sometimes it gets as cold as 24 C here!



I'm too white for this shit


File: 1474553964866.png (218.08 KB, 960x540, 1436048742601.png)


It looks like I probably can be here tonight after all


cool, post some punks if you like


File: 1474554231471.png (462.58 KB, 997x1024, punk.png)


File: 1474554251333.gif (360.9 KB, 512x288, 1435342193609.gif)


>Losing in Gwent
Literally how


gwent is hard yo


File: 1474554495684.png (238.99 KB, 585x580, 1460500237641.png)


File: 1474554538204.jpg (63.15 KB, 419x420, benis goin.jpg)

The benis is also well known to anyone who has used euro coins


No cards + dlc ai with dlc cards.
They can field heroes with 15 each.


Wow that looks a lot like a real coin


>play monster deck
>110% win rate


File: 1474554737481.png (47.75 KB, 174x205, sweet_biscuit_scrunch.png)


File: 1474554814596.png (69.16 KB, 700x800, squinty belle.png)


File: 1474554915608.jpg (45.53 KB, 550x283, Moedas+mais+raras+e+caras+….jpg)

Its true!


>having enough card for a monster deck
I have SINGLE COPIES of monsters!


File: 1474554970388.png (62.87 KB, 225x199, 1471382636485.png)

Rude tbh.


I don't understand
Did I say something really stupid? I feel like I did
I'm sorry


The NPCs kept giving me soldiers or named characters


You can buy a ton of them off innkeepers.
Or make a spy-heavy Nilfgaard deck.
The joke is it sounded like you were calling the euro a fake coin


One day
I'll actually play Witcher 3 instead of just watching it


File: 1474555153171.png (6.07 KB, 438x372, 1443385856356.png)

Would have been nice if you meant for this to happen, Maali


File: 1474555301018.png (820.9 KB, 647x764, dash_ruffled_scrunch.png)

>Euros look like Brasil money


Another one that often worked for me
>Try to get the enemy to go as all out as possible turn 1
>Pretend to be retarded
>Play spies out the ass, especially if he ends his turns
>Keep all your recalls or whatever they are called on hand
>Pull back all valuable cards
>Lose by like 100-3 on round 1
>Proceed to wreck them for 2 rounds because they have no cards and your hand is like 20 cards now thanks to spies


Sounds like a good tactic.


File: 1474555786950.jpg (143.85 KB, 614x614, 1426181782196.jpg)


File: 1474555829760.jpg (68.34 KB, 800x600, 1457990427512.jpg)


Seems lewd


this is eon


>new preview is up
>all this pandering to mind control fetishists

Oh dear

Link for people who want to get spoiled


File: 1474556023388.jpg (178.03 KB, 514x769, 1376517369097.jpg)

back in 20


>Try to get the enemy to go as all out as possible turn 1
>Pretend to be retarded
>Play spies out the ass, especially if he ends his turns
Yes that's what I do. Works in the base game, doesn't work as well against some blood and wine npcs.


I thought she wasn't evil anymore




guess starlight's not replacing twilight after all


File: 1474557411449.jpg (41.17 KB, 604x539, tumblr_ocdqcs8Qlr1rqbuz2o1….jpg)

I should have posted responsibly
Nothing wrong with that


File: 1474557499072.jpeg (3.15 MB, 4120x2936, 1254403__safe_oc_cutie ma….jpeg)




File: 1474557662532.webm (1.09 MB, 480x600, vomit.webm)


>postin such obvious bait


Having res cards like Yennefer also combines great with spies.


File: 1474559370519.gif (434.95 KB, 408x245, 1474403725787.gif)

Animated version.


File: 1474559558875.png (149.41 KB, 950x980, 1474427987586.png)


Let's try again.
One hour of OW before we all go play Cyberpunk?


Can't, cooking dinner and eating soon.


File: 1474560222842.jpg (448.84 KB, 1600x1066, 1474538738673.jpg)

Next TFH stream is tomorrow.

But I would mind Iori Pooch in Pokkén 2.

Not feeling my best, and food soon, so not likely.

Say, what do you know about the Star Wars RPG?


I know there are like, 3 different ones.


its growing on me

Nah I'd get too distracted


File: 1474560369519.jpg (315.55 KB, 768x1892, 1469153367841.jpg)


Poor horse ;_;


Well fuck. Okay.


Saturday and Sunday I'm going to be picking grapes, but they'll both be short days. Probably not going to be there longer than six or seven hours either day. (That's starting at 7:00EST and finishing by/before 14:00EST)
So I should be able to make it if you decide to run Destiny over the weekend.


Ugh, I really want to do a space thing now, but they all seem way crazier than needed. Hopefully I will improve and run something for you guys later.


I hope the goat comes out….
And yeah it was pretty hype.

Also I hope TFH make a terry hate for cow
And Pokken make an Iori costume for edgy pooch


He's edgy, but he's the fun-edgy; the type that just has fun with it and doesn't try to be serious about it.


That pokemon is just like me!
Nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor!


read his pokedex entry on the site, and he kinda reminds me of gatts


Guts is literally edge incarnate!


I hear Berserk is going on indefinite hiatus again. Apparently they came out with an [email protected] VR game, and Miura's going in deep.


More or less edgy than Donte though?


Donte is not edgy in attitude, only in design. Guts is edgy in his very soul.


>loves to fight
>doesn't respect poor leaders
>loves people who make it stronger
>sig move is to wait and counter


>not edgy in attitude
Fuck you!


File: 1474562488878.gif (1.54 MB, 497x413, 1375671549686.gif)

well, maybe the anime will motivate him to write


While they will show some work, they're also going to do some lore stuff. Going to be fun to see if TFH is actually the world Faust wanted to make.

I'm really excited for the Goat. The rest are obvious expires, but the Goat is supposed to be a completely unique character.


Didn't the anime go on hiatus too?


"I'm your date to the prom you piece of shit." is not as edgy as "FILL YOUR DARK SOUL WITH LIGHT" or "It rained even the day I was born!".
What makes examples 2 and 3 actually bearable is the setting surrounding them, which doesn't take them seriously.
Guts is "my mercenary leader father who had me fight with them since I was six sold my ass to the nigger of the company because he's still mad my mom died during childbirth" edgy.


Perhaps they finished the season? Its 12 eps now right?


I think it just finished the season.
But a lot of it is more like him being alienated from others and finding a purpose in life. In the first arc, he's a dick to the count's daughter, and she hates him at the end, but you can see on his face that he's broken up and feels shit about it.


Still. They're getting it from both ends and Miura might not come out of the VR machine.


And being a soul in eternal suffering is the definition of edgy!


File: 1474562883987.jpg (718.35 KB, 1920x1608, wallhaven-410728.jpg)

unplug him


>be a mangaka since he was 10
>discovers moe
the poor bastard
But he doesn't think it's cool, and people who think he's cool because of that are getting the wrong idea and are probably relating to him for bad reasons.


Andy, you don't just unplug someone from the matrix. They'll die.


>he doesn't think it's cool
The 'edgy' archetype doesn't think himself cool, he thinks himself cursed and damned to live forever as an outcast.
Guts is edgy!


File: 1474562993301.jpg (81.66 KB, 680x494, Cyberpunk-Fashion-e1436196….jpg)

Don't worry I have a doctor


Well he's not a bad character, he's developing and changing over time.


I'm not saying that. But he is edgy.


No I mean their brain and body separate, and cannot function without the other. There needs to be a logging out to prevent data loss.
Unless you mean doctor as in someone who will dive and force him to log out.


eh fuck it
What do you think about nihilism?


It doesn't matter.


I am a doctor, trust me esse



And so how does that relate to you?


I actually have both!


File: 1474563325002.jpg (189.79 KB, 714x1000, 1474562605545.jpg)


I feel baited


>Felfire and Buck


Easy catches today!


It doesn't matter.


File: 1474563580936.png (181.2 KB, 404x703, Wired1.png)


Buck cannot fly!

Lovely pic though


>yet also I was baited into thinking about the cyberspace


Yeah, it's pretty great.


But he can loom over Felfire!


File: 1474563735627.png (199.23 KB, 880x800, It's a metaphor.png)




Okay I'll start writing, you two can find your way there yes?


Boku wa naibu de iru.



File: 1474564111647.webm (603.6 KB, 400x400, weeaboo.webm)


We are horse-fuckers, not Bronies! REEE!


>he can't understand a hokuto no ken quote
Fo' shame.


File: 1474564445044.webm (3.99 MB, 704x396, weeaboos.webm)


That's the devil is a part timer, isn't it?
I know from the porn.


No idea
I just think it fits with your constant fucking weebposting


It's ironic weeb posting, since I only watch one anime and it's a pleb as fuck one too.


File: 1474564665862.gif (2.63 MB, 335x190, Nailed it.gif)


File: 1474564672845.gif (1.94 MB, 500x286, New-Game-Hajime-Panic.gif)


curse you, I watched both of these all the way through


File: 1474564770956.jpg (75.99 KB, 213x324, m6Opa.jpg)

>not understanding japanese myths and culture
But japs are trying their best to understand euro culture!


File: 1474564807930.png (383.65 KB, 701x1024, weebshit.png)


File: 1474564943914.jpg (152.88 KB, 295x500, asset-572261.jpg)

The fuck? That looks like cookies we sell here.
Is it some weeb thing now?


File: 1474565069534.png (288.49 KB, 594x624, 4b2.png)

O..okay, I'll try my best to like Western cutlture.

Hello? Is this Sion from 2013? NANI?! Belgium is not yet exposed to glorious nippon products?!


I like those.
Poccy have been a nippon export since late 00s, we just use different names for them.
They are, indeed, a jap thing.


>those icons

Love it


Team flare is top punk


Shit I'm still on the old cyberspace map!


File: 1474565816029.jpg (35.36 KB, 452x754, Persephone.jpg)

>pick up 3DS
>suddenly two hours have already passed

At least I got work done today


File: 1474565887106.gif (2.79 MB, 577x317, ARCEUS FUCKING DAMMIT.gif)


File: 1474565928273.png (291.04 KB, 539x599, 539px-XY_Team_Flare_Scient….png)

just look at those visors man


>tfw still have to finish art and some chores.


>putting on nightmare goggles
>everything is exactly the same.


>the purple and green girls

Oh dear… might have to give me a few minutes


File: 1474566439853.jpg (131.52 KB, 630x420, And a-purging we will go.jpg)

Well, I've got my coffee, so I suppose I'll fire up Dark Crusade and work on the campaign.


File: 1474566499818.png (96.27 KB, 582x484, flaregirlll4_by_ky_nim-d6d….png)


File: 1474566542031.gif (180.26 KB, 416x422, sweatydash.gif)


File: 1474566831515.png (560.93 KB, 1280x2373, 1255590.png)



File: 1474567104701.gif (652.36 KB, 500x307, 1469056552842.gif)

>tfw no one draw DD contents except me
>tfw no one discuss DD contents on /mlp/ except when I make a fuss about it.
Season 7 better be worth it or I am so out.


As they pulled you out of the oxygen tent
You asked for the latest party
With your silicone hump and your ten inch stump
Dressed like a priest you was
Todd Browning's freak you was


see, thats why you need to get in the discord chat with the other artists
did you make an account yet so I can add you in there?


I.. I have no idea what I've just read.

Perhaps next time, I'll inform you when I got one..


Crawling down the alley on your hands and knee
I'm sure you're not protected, for it's plain to see
The diamond dogs are poachers and they hide behind trees
Hunt you to the ground they will, mannequins with kill appeal


File: 1474567716830.jpg (193.91 KB, 483x506, tumblr_o9w2elIGxJ1uqrdeoo1….jpg)

I felt something


I'll keep a friend serene
(Will they come?)
Oh baby, come unto me
(Will they come?)
Well, she's come, been and gone.
Come out of the garden, baby
You'll catch your death in the fog
Young girl, they call them the Diamond Dogs
Young girl, they call them the Diamond Dogs


The DHMIS /v/ musical parody is great!


>its the lyrics
I.. I feel bad.


It's the lyrics to the Bowie song from which the Diamond Dogs name comes from.


Aye, I did not realize it.



I feel things




Rock from the 70s and 80s is the best. Especially for Cyberpunk settings.


I shouldn't listen to these meme songs






All I know that this Barney guy pretty much destroy discussion through shitpost. Beyond that, really nothing.


Let the doctor hit you up with something



Barney targets threads on /v/ which start with a crop of some pony image made it look like it's not pony related.
These threads have 100% vidya related topics which spark some discussion, usually 10 or so posts before Barneyfag shows up.
He has a sixth sense for this kind of things which makes everyone think he's the one making the threads and replying to them at the same time just to shitpost some.


File: 1474568524314.jpg (527.05 KB, 2592x1936, 697YtHO.jpg)


File: 1474568730560.jpg (265.91 KB, 752x1063, tumblr_o7ffv9oOeD1suqhpzo1….jpg)

>feeling dread of being too slow again
if only I could just think these things at you


I'd let you blow my mind IYKWIM


File: 1474568858456.jpg (118.08 KB, 704x396, 1472430796587.jpg)

>He has a sixth sense for this kind of things.
Which explains why a lot of posters panic when a single cropped EQG pic is posted.


You're doing fine, really.


But yeah, Sylt is right, don't worry about it.


File: 1474569082289.jpg (211.34 KB, 572x820, gunslinger_adept_by_django….jpg)

I will do my best.
Also getting myself a refill of water


>YMCA parody called DMCA
This /v/ musical will turn out amazing.


File: 1474569392563.jpg (17.08 KB, 300x218, tatatatata.jpg)


Goddamit Lemon


Alright, you think you have time to remake a character today?


File: 1474569956858.gif (1.98 MB, 500x281, tumblr_o74d4fTcHN1tmmph9o1….gif)


It could be a sound thing!


what a horrible thing to ask
he can only say "no" even if he wanted to say yes


He can nod!


I'm slightly amused


File: 1474571161806.jpg (605.22 KB, 1920x1080, wallhaven-255806.jpg)

well okay then


Is the security company hacking their on stuff on purpose for some reason?
Maybe to interfere with gang warfare?


My guess is rogue AI
It's always a rogue AI


File: 1474572273877.png (253.94 KB, 400x600, 1472134013566.png)

both these options are highly illegal.




File: 1474572694042.jpg (516.93 KB, 1748x1460, user list.jpg)

Nooo Waaaay


File: 1474572783968.png (146.5 KB, 500x370, Hector_Anime.png)

>Still no wf
well okay
I guess I should stop once you're done talking to him


Oh, okay.
Thanks for running though!


File: 1474572874843.jpg (189.42 KB, 1280x720, 1469744112105.jpg)

next session possibly Tue then?


yeye, thanks for running.


Depends on the movie club, but I might be able to be here


File: 1474573247238.jpg (513.23 KB, 540x720, 1471042309205.jpg)

I feel like we're doing well!

what day would work for you?


Monday is definitely out is what I know for sure at this point in time


Weekdays are bad for me.


Not today I cant


File: 1474573457430.jpg (2.98 MB, 2726x4033, YPTa3yI.jpg)

this specific weekend is bad for me, but others might be okay.


Weekends might beb better for me too


File: 1474573695704.jpg (81.94 KB, 780x569, tumblr_oawwva1gO21v22rhuo1….jpg)

Oh I see


File: 1474573734861.png (182.87 KB, 800x1036, 1453648332145.png)


what a pony doc


File: 1474574369785.png (617.54 KB, 1280x720, 1473515117072.png)


Dang it. We'll try again some other time.


File: 1474575281103.jpg (148.24 KB, 1280x853, wallhaven-145136.jpg)

this quest is currently offline


File: 1474575328415.jpg (9.28 KB, 650x300, 650x300xits-now-safe-to-tu….jpg)


Thanks for running.


I'm glad you liked it.


File: 1474576175637.gif (1.9 MB, 600x333, 1471338962201.gif)


File: 1474576202969.jpg (39.82 KB, 900x900, angry_pepe.jpg)

>tfw failed again at HoI4

Time to just accept I'm a scrub


So how about that FlimFlam redemption episode?


>tfw finally took over the province that lets me reinforce for cheap
Fucking Tau. Punching the Orks in the dick and stealing the ability to establish forward bases was dead useful, though.


What are you playing as?


File: 1474578130863.jpg (918.55 KB, 742x2069, in-this-world-it-amp-039-s….jpg)

This show is everything I ever fucking wanted.


Marines. I'm probably going to run through as Necrons next.


Hands down the best comedy I've seen in a long while


File: 1474582115724.jpg (105.77 KB, 600x800, horse-inexplicably-stuck-i….jpg)



File: 1474582226578.webm (624.92 KB, 400x224, foal.webm)


File: 1474582389673.gif (1011 KB, 371x209, 1474550777415.gif)

Sorry, taking care of some family thungs, but they're done now. Up for an hour of OW?


New voice lines for each hero when they get Nana boosted? Neat


Oops, I forgot about Cyber, sorry. My sleep schedule has been kinda wrecked lately.


File: 1474582982281.jpg (105.09 KB, 637x960, 1474485749736.jpg)

Bit late now, sorry.



It's in the PTR patch notes, now when you boost each hero, they will apparently have a special reply


Guys, on the PTR Dorado, the computer screens now say "Sombra Protocolo v2.3"

Tomorrow is the 23rd, and it will have been 23 days since amomentincrime started counting


Only 3 more months until Blizzard updates the arg hints!


File: 1474583905212.png (298.71 KB, 575x594, 1474406717227.png)

You fool

Half Life = 2 words
3 => 3
Half-Life 3




File: 1474584943670.jpg (26.41 KB, 500x375, 1472134183672.jpg)

'1d10+14' angry cat sounds

Roll #1 9 + 14 = 23


File: 1474585008159.gif (1.98 MB, 350x240, cat fight.gif)



That's one intense orgasm.


File: 1474585405311.webm (667.29 KB, 640x360, cleric beast.webm)


You go the one of dogs howling at zootopia?



Somewhere, I think…


but really it was fine, we just had Arling wait by the car.


File: 1474585757726.webm (2.85 MB, 1280x720, 1471631693240.webm)

Have this in the meantime




Buenos noches, dream of space ships


File: 1474586370041.gif (1.97 MB, 417x700, asleep at the desk.gif)


File: 1474587787532.jpg (98.38 KB, 600x1068, 1474406247048.jpg)

I hate being sick.


File: 1474587885097.png (306 KB, 1906x510, HiV.png)





People taking the heal slut meme too far


If you're confused, look up pozzing.

Or don't. Ignorance is bliss after all.


I'll pass. Some memes deserve to stay buried.


I wish it was a meme


I said I didn't want to know.


I'm not telling you!


File: 1474588536485.gif (152.26 KB, 500x516, 1471012770930.gif)


Then don't!
Oh now don't you start, you memeguzzling slutfaced nutpuncher.



File: 1474588680519.jpg (70.52 KB, 448x473, no fun allowed.jpg)


File: 1474588822939.jpg (210.79 KB, 1920x1080, dr.jpg)

But I'm not!


File: 1474588909393.jpg (115.07 KB, 960x720, taste the rainbow.jpg)

And make sure it stays that way.


File: 1474588975547.jpg (88.47 KB, 914x711, 1470530924934.jpg)

I'll try…


File: 1474589162756.webm (1.77 MB, 640x480, Osaka.webm)


File: 1474589229439.png (402.52 KB, 637x718, 1455906492073.png)

Y'all being fags again?


File: 1474589286180.jpg (120.6 KB, 774x1031, Vinyl-vinyl-scratch-260260….jpg)

Shut up


In hindsight, letting her anywhere near explosives is a terrible, terrible idea.


Or what?


Ill cum to hungry an fok u up m8!
Swer on me mum!


File: 1474590027516.png (96 KB, 600x600, 1459518066356.png)


File: 1474590193030.jpg (30.94 KB, 480x344, aed22f8dc2ef554467b8c9214b….jpg)


U dun wana strt shit fag


File: 1474590284267.gif (1000.77 KB, 387x351, 1465583266309.gif)


That's it, you little shit.
From now on you better start locking your doors and looking over your shoulders, because I'll be watching you like a hawk.
And on the moment when you least expect it, you'll hear something behind you but before you can even turn, you get fok'd up. You're dead.


File: 1474590511352.jpg (1.15 MB, 2600x1903, wallhaven-241972.jpg)


File: 1474590573109.jpg (84.24 KB, 620x452, 1006_tradingpost.jpg)


File: 1474590589293.jpg (335.16 KB, 1358x1920, 1422192227532.jpg)


File: 1474590622516.gif (81.91 KB, 282x261, 1454341635833.gif)


File: 1474590661198.png (107.24 KB, 236x259, PC NPC_Follower.png)


File: 1474590676193.jpg (123.38 KB, 494x411, bane-batman-mask-wallpaper….jpg)


What's this from?


File: 1474590747811.png (259.25 KB, 868x641, 1449351498824.png)

I'm going to slp now


a comic series who's name I forget.


You better slp with one eye open


The second dude looks like Junpei.


File: 1474591520926.jpg (1014.8 KB, 952x800, 1472071164892.jpg)

It's a comic called Paranatural.


I can make it up some time if you want or something

Sorry, my sleep schedule has been kinda whack lately, I need to get it under control


File: 1474591673979.jpg (38.94 KB, 400x550, BzD1lAlCMAAzhqw.jpg)


Kids are like that, BDN.


What? I liked him and wish there was a proper Slink


Remember that time Pinkie went into an existential crisis after being cloned, and her friends decided to systematically murder the more ADHD ones until only the depressed clone was left, and decided to spare that one and keep it as a friend because they liked it more than the original?

That was a fun episode.


File: 1474591923074.gif (1.62 MB, 320x240, Andelia_Touches_A_Quest.gif)

Oh, thanks.
I just like the art.

We might be moving to the weekends, not this weekend specifically because of card games.
So far it didn't die, so no real harm done.


>Kilana frees skeleton from flesh prison


File: 1474592141726.jpg (1.19 MB, 880x1141, 1472076913371.jpg)

Did you ever play as FeMC? I know he gets lots of development there.



Now this may be an unfair assessment, I have little to judge on, but I went to the comic's page and the latest comic is a fat black girl talking to a bespectacled hajib woman, so my immediate impression is 'drank the leftist kool aid'


File: 1474592400336.jpg (89.55 KB, 736x382, penny arcade 1.jpg)

Wf, I'm sorry.

You have a case of terminal wrong.

However, there is the possibility of a cure, but we think there's a small chance of it working.

Read it from the beginning.


I don't care enough, I already have nine comics I follow regularly


Which ones?

Also, you should read it, it's fun.


File: 1474592672871.png (521.72 KB, 500x635, 1374946005761.png)

Nope, no PSP.

But since you have a 3DS you should totally be playing other SMT games


I'm surprised. I thought you would have hated him.


Girl Genius (on-again, off-again, I've been known to drop this one before when it's slow and come back for an archive binge later)
Awkward Zombie
Dr. McNinja (ending soon!)
Penny Arcade
Erfworld (favorite)
Order of the Stick
Mokepon (I am apparently the only person in the world who likes this comic but no one can argue it isn't GORGEOUS)

>Camp Weedonwancha
I usually read this in archive stints rather than checking for updates three times a week
>Servants of the Imperium
I really liked this one, but it is over now


File: 1474592872275.png (251.48 KB, 504x504, SEES sees Aeon Rank 10 vid….png)

I have sympathy for him because of how Yukari outright bullies him
Fuck Yukari, literally one of the least likeable characters in a franchise full of evil fucks


I should probably finish the game sometime. Is she really that awful?


File: 1474593125807.png (34.81 KB, 171x207, derpface.png)

At least, at the time I was playing. In The Answer she goes off the deep end.


A shame. Aigis is qt.


File: 1474593528272.png (214.08 KB, 599x252, Is it Christmas already.png)

You might like Unsounded.


File: 1474593610961.jpg (487.59 KB, 700x628, 1313060817933.jpg)


I tried it. I gave it so many chances. I really wanted to like it. It's a beautiful comic.

It never clicked with me. Dunno why. I like the exotic creatures, I like the worldbuilding, I like calling spellcasters "wrights". Just never really clicked.

Maybe it's the accents.


Yeah, she can be downright mean. Junpei is almost always being a good person when she tears into him.

I'll do my FeMC run first, then go from there. It's been pretty fun to play as a Mary Sue in NG+.

I liked Girl Genius for a bit, but then it stalled for me for some reason and just dumped it.

Google keeps giving me pages for Mokepon, but it's hard for me to stay too invested at times. I'm pretty sure I talked about a lot of the same things in Elementary School. To be honest, I'm surprised anyone went back and did a comic for Gen1 now.


>stalled me for some reason
[Several years inside Castle Heterodyne intensifies]


>tfw no qt gynoid gf


It's gonna be the future soon, things won't always be this way

The things that make you weak and strange will get engineered away


>Liking toasters

If I recall right, I kind of dropped near the part where they met that boy spark who vowed to end sparks.


File: 1474594761786.jpg (246.96 KB, 550x709, 1265292492308.jpg)

Why do you think Apple is so popular?


Probably. Art's nice, though.


That early? I thought those were the golden years really. Othar is basically Fidget's every character.

Still, if you didn't like it then, you probably wouldn't like the big slow period.


Dang it.

I might give it a shot, since it has been so long since I dropped it. I don't even recall the reason, so I could try it again.


If it doesn't click, it doesn't click, you know.

Like I said with Unsounded, sometimes you just don't get hooked and you can't explain why. Part of what makes art magical is that we can't always explain what we like about it.


File: 1474595724340.jpg (229.49 KB, 1200x658, 1431390200979.jpg)


File: 1474595892235.png (198.91 KB, 1095x935, 1463607449978.png)


What can I prepare right now that would improve your Cyberpunk experience? I'm certain I can't run properly, but I can get some work done for it.


cool looking map

Oh! That's very thoughtful. I visual aide of the area might be useful, just seeing where the apartment is in comparison to other things would be useful for the whole game, since its all centered around that.

I can tell you I plan on looking into that police officer and trying to make him my friend.


File: 1474597513941.jpg (358.82 KB, 744x1010, 11111233.jpg)


I'm glad you can now perma-transmogrify a slot in WoW, it would be pretty annoying to have to keep mogging my chest slot just to be able to see my crazy demon hunter tattoos

The starter DH gear gives you some nice "basically shirtless" options for both male and female, the female option is just a bra.


File: 1474599124559.gif (82.7 KB, 128x128, 1431466627526.gif)

I hope you're not wrecking your sleep for that game


I'll see if I can find a good map for everyone.

I recognize that reference.

Having fun now that the tiny terror is at school?


File: 1474600478147.png (156.57 KB, 650x675, 1472171275226.png)

Almost. It's only four days a week, and these past four days have been busy; we had a home-visit on monday, I spent all of yesterday spraying poison on some guy's property to kill all the thorns and bushes that were growing on it, and today I've been running around all day driving people to this, that, and the other thing.
It's definitely made the mornings a lot calmer though, so once things aren't so chaotic with other stuff it'll definitely be a great boost to my free time.


You think I merely adopted the wrecked sleep?

I was born in it. Molded by it. I didn't see a normal sleep schedule until I was already a man.


Also, speaking of bras, am I crazy or are the boobs bigger in WoW now than before?

I must be seeing things. Maybe it stands out more because nowadays EVERY FEMALE CHARACTER is mogged into the skimpiest armor possible, but I would SWEAR they upped their size in the model update.


File: 1474600864446.jpg (60.01 KB, 800x634, FIG-COL-7596_01.jpg)

Yea, that's something I can see you using over and over, quests always need more maps. I should make some zoomed in ones for my own games


Its depends, is every female a blue goat or a purple elf?


Actually the character that made me think that was a HUMAN female of all things.


File: 1474601004106.jpg (38.58 KB, 300x100, 180.jpg)

meanwhile I am restless even thou I"m comfortable

Oh. Well. I think those actually DID get bigger breasts, but I mean, before they were basically boards so..


I'm not sure whether or not I should be pleased that I have such an accurate breast size memory


Gotta compete with those cow women.


File: 1474601122064.jpg (425.43 KB, 600x600, 1466478800898.jpg)

you should post the offending human.. just so we can compare




File: 1474601685990.jpg (60.96 KB, 920x601, 2423510-wowfemale.jpg)

I took a screenshot but it did that thing where it screenshots 'under' your game and you only get your desktop

Hmm, it doesn't seem as extreme in the official screenshot

>Cow woman
>Boobs instead of udders
>Can't produce milk as a racial

Jokes aside I actually do have a high level tauren female. I have a pretty split balance of men and women among my characters.


File: 1474601753523.png (148.91 KB, 205x301, WoWScrnShot_092216_221833.png)

Oh wait, it goes into a specific folder

Maybe it's just this outfit that makes them look big?


It occurs to me now that I sit down and think about it that our cultural choice to use cows for milk is almost certainly just an artifact of capitalism. This coming from a guy who hasn't ever even tasted human milk (by all accounts it's terrible if you're used to cow milk afaik)

Think about it, there would be no reasonable FDA approved way to produce as much milk as we as a country consume just on volunteer efforts from women, and since we ended slavery it was a foregone conclusion we were going to need to harvest it from animals.

Although I was reading in Ars Technica about the possibility of growing human organs on animals (for use in transplant surgery), so maybe in the future we'll get human milk from cows. That does seem like an oxymoron…


Hmm, I do think its just that outfit's cut drawing attention and making parts that are not the breasts, become visually associated with them, by the nature of wow clothing, to be simply colors on the model.


Okay, but would you seriously want milk taken from tits grafted onto a cow? That's one thing science doesn't need to do.


File: 1474602284185.png (716.65 KB, 1004x649, Untitled.png)


Yeah, I guess so

This got me thinking. Okay, I -know- that all humans were originally lactose intolerant, and I know many are still today, so how can human breastmilk contain lactose??? WHAT WAS THE POINT OF BREASTMILK BEFORE WE COULD DRINK IT???

How deep does the cowhole go?


To pass on antibodies and basic immunities, and by the time flow stopped we would have been weaned off of it.


I actually looked this up. Even lactose intolerant people produce lactase until a certain age. It's the special gene that allows us mutants to continue producing lactase past childhood and enjoy milk forever.

Mutant master race.


>lactose intolerance
Well, I heard that was developed in cavemen, accidentally, because the men would drink the milk meant for the baby and then that branch of human would die off, because no babies survived without the milk. The humans which developed lactose intolerance, had their babies survive and that trait got passed on.
So I understand anyway


A beneficial mutation if I've ever heard of one. Milk is delicious. Whole milk tastes kinda like vanilla.


What Andy said; it's an article of clothing specifically designed to draw attention to and emphasize the boobs.
That, and I wouldn't be surprised if the people who code the outfits don't deliberately make certain gear change the size of certain features.
Lactose intolerance is probably a trait developed in childhood, not something you're born with. Basically nature's way of forcing people to get weaned off of mommy's milk.
Of course, we got around it by drinking milk from other animals, so fuck you Nature.



Well I don't know anything about cavemen, but what I can say is that scientists seem to believe that originally everyone was lactose intolerant and around 6000 years ago, but then when we started keeping cattle, the groups of humans that drank the milk and COULDN'T make lactase after 5 got sick and died out in societies that depended on cattle as their main food source. Those that could both eat meat AND drink milk had extra energy and food and were able to support bigger tribes that could conquer the smaller less nourished tribes, too.


Dairy is a good branch. It makes bread much more interesting.


>That, and I wouldn't be surprised if the people who code the outfits don't deliberately make certain gear change the size of certain features.
This is incorrect. There are not different boby models for different characters in WoW, they are actually way behind visually, and should probably make wow-2, with clothes having seperate models from the body instead of looking like body paint.


>body paint

Funny thing about this actually. I remember reading an article about classic super heroes and the artists basically commenting – you know the way that superheroes always have their muscles and tits and stuff bulging under those spandex outfits? They describe that as "body paint" – totally unrealistic of course, not even spandex would hug your body that tightly and show individual muscle lines. They describe it as a way of being "allowed to draw both men and women nude"


farmers really ruled the world back then huh?

pfft, I guess that's true, super tight super suits are sort of like body paint


If farmers didn't rule the world then, we might still be living in gatherer society, Avatar style. Many philosophers believe that the ability to preserve commodities (food) for LATER consumption is the foundation of all western society.

Because you can store something for later, you can SAVE UP valuables. Because you can save, you can create an imbalance between rich and poor. Because you can create imbalance, someone needs to rule/be on top. Additionally, in an unrelated but simultaneous point: storing commodities allows trade, but trade can only happen if you're NOT murdering each other. War is bad for business. Trade promoted peace, which could only be achieved by stable governments. Steven Pinker calls this "Gentle Commerce".


I guess I was expecting too much from the game. It's only one of Blizzard's most profitable ventures, after all.
Of course, if it really was just body-paint then everybody would get to see Superman's willie waving about in the breeze as he flew by, so the heroes are probably wearing thongs at the bare minimum. Still an interesting idea though.


Superheroes are like Ken dolls, all smooth.


Groves is going to be furious when he finds out about the PTR mercy nerf

She didn't need a cake nerf at this point



Well, half of them are aliens, so that would actually make sense…
Still, it's strange that the same genetic mutation that causes superpowers would cause male genitalia to fall off, while causing massive breast growth in females. genetics is weird.


Pretty much, continued lactase production would have been great for cattle societies.


File: 1474603821313.png (176.03 KB, 1100x677, Seaddle 4.png)

>That time I used a CoD map to keep people oriented
>That time I had a shootout using an actual hospital floor plan that put me on an FBI database

I'll be using this as the map of Seaddle for now. I'll be adding a bit more to the districts, but this should help orient people. I'll be writing a bit more for the areas.

I remember having one for Los Caballos, but I can't find it.


This sounds possible.

Eh' the problem with them updating anything is WoW is the old content. There's so much of, and some of it is still broken. That's why I say they should start fresh with a sequel. solves several issues.
>not being stuck with older graphic models
>not having to deal with nostalgia whiners: just keep WoW servers up with their mune
>not having to deal with re-balancing old areas for leveling :: airlooms are not a solution, they are a bandaid
>not worrying about conflicting with their own lore: in WoW-2 they could have a mostly new cast of powerful characters, or have people revived for some reason, and the fan favorites mostly have reasons to be immortal.




But having all of that old content means that people will pay for level 100 character boosts! [Pleased accountants]


Basically, you can thank the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers for civilization. And the Indus River and Yellow River, too.


File: 1474604462274.jpg (22.2 KB, 460x310, 1437346552868.jpg)

>people who pay for a level boost
Either too busy (working) to level but still want to do end game, or constantly raiding on their main so they can't spare even modest amount of time leveling.


IE: people who would buy a level boost no matter the amount of content being skipped


/wowg/ doesn't seem to think WoW has many subs anymore anyway, less than 4 million they say. Blizz refuses to report their numbers anymore, and all the servers (even MOONGUARD) are low or mid pop.

It had to die eventually, but even when it's down to just say 1 million it will still be super lucrative.


File: 1474604595242.png (493.98 KB, 900x675, 1391507604176.png)

such thought provoking nights here in the sub.


These conversations are inevitable when you start talking about boobs


File: 1474604686360.png (372.08 KB, 640x480, ShaunaSpunk.png)

Are boobs truly the source of all inspiration?


Why does Pokemon have so many attractive girls.


It's butts


Well. Now this is just wild speculation.
I'm guessing their endless fetch quests and dailies in shotty body painted elves and orcs just aren't bringing in NEW players. Lots of people RETURN to WoW, but how many come in as truly newfag?
I'd ask you to check it out for me, but because of cheating RaF to skip leveling a few times, its hard to even say if the profile information on their achievements and such will be accurate as to how new they are.


For the answer to that question, skip to 1:35



Well you know, it takes so much investment to make a huge world. Maybe procedural generation will save MMO genre once it gets better.

No Man Buys proved that pro-gen still has a way to go though.


File: 1474605254525.png (388.4 KB, 1067x1170, 1435534511481.png)

I was looking for a pokegurl butt, this is as close as I could get.


This is the opposite of a butt.


I'm away from my stock, sadly.
Maybe I can actually finish my experiment early today


File: 1474605329323.jpg (70.48 KB, 500x654, 1466110885274.jpg)


Ah, futurama, always so relevant.

I think perhaps, gamefreak was correct, the next generation isn't interested in spending a long time playing a game, mobile type games which you are meant to be able to quit after 6 minutes and come back again later, that's what will win.
You don't need a huge world to appeal to people like that, just make it full of things to do.



>Andy would want to be a watermouse so she would have a good angle to see her trainer's butt


File: 1474605585957.jpg (489.68 KB, 2100x1052, i-GHwRVsq-2100x20000.jpg)

>Quit after 6 minutes


Oooh. The new PTR patch added a BUNCH of new lines, including a whole set of B-Va specific lines. Did anyone use the bee skin?


Speaking of new lines AND milk…



>Symmetra has all new voice lines for how many tele charges she has left
>Dataminer noticed THEY GO UP TO TEN



File: 1474605970596.png (153.23 KB, 1000x1000, 1025209__safe_oc_blushing_….png)

I don't have that one actually, I have the blue recolor.


after telling them that normal childhood energy was hyperactivity, they believed it, and became ADHD as adults


File: 1474606132725.png (220.33 KB, 1240x863, 1208244__safe_rainbow dash….png)

>Dva, when you don't have her skin


That they recorded voice lines of the voice actor counting up to ten charges?
They'll be kind of screwed if they ever want to buff her past ten charges and the VA is already fired tbh fam


>That they recorded voice lines of the voice actor counting up to ten charges?
So they say
>They'll be kind of screwed if they ever want to buff her past ten charges and the VA is already fired tbh fam
I didn't know that. They may hire a new VA and replace all the old lines, though. It sounds crazy but they did it with Mercy.


>Its one of like 4 I don't have, give me a break


You better get out of the way, she's the queen bee!



Nah I have no idea about their VA situation just now, but eventually that VA will move on yea? Its good to have those lines recorded now just in case.


File: 1474606340441.jpg (351.39 KB, 1414x2000, 1465954317777.jpg)

No prob
Somehow I doubt that. I mean, there's definitely going to be demand for mobile games, but there's always going to be demand for normal games too; just because people started reading trashy novels didn't mean demand for good books faded.


Oh, I see what you mean


Mei got some special lines for her firefighter/rescue skins, so I am now happy I chose them


Okay, last one I promise

>Playing with the sub



>book comparison
Its more serious than that.
With 'trashy novels', you still have to go to the same places as the better quality books, and still enjoyed them in similar locations (your home or coffee shops).
Regular games, while you can download them onto your preferred machine now. You still have to be at that place to play.
With mobile games, you just have to go.. into your pocket. Its insanely more convenient which leads to insane numbers for any hobby.
I wouldn't really be surprised if a browser + mobile compatible MMO came along and got really popular.


>this crashes the sub.avi




Well, If you can call farmville an MMO I guess. That DID have huge numbers playing, but maybe they just had it on their facebook and didn't use it?

Is runescape even mobile compatible?


File: 1474607001755.jpg (128.69 KB, 1100x600, Seaddle 3.jpg)

Gypsy District: Absolute poorest of the poor live here. The swamps here have claimed may old shipping containers which are repurposed as homes. All the small rivers create havoc with the weather, meaning even Pegasi and Gryphons have a hard time here.

Morgana Area: Home to a larger Unicorn population than other areas, it's often at risk of attack by magical beasts coming in from the Forest. While desired for it's flat area, security is heavier here than other places.

Lory Coven: An impressive number of Flyers call the cliffs here home. Much of the land is dedicated to warehouses and agriculture, making it an attractive area for flyers. The only problem being that cliffside homes are packed together, and the earthen smell can't really be removed.

Catharty Commune: The rivers are the lifeblood and danger to all the inhabitants of this location. It provides plenty of fish and seaweed, but beasts of all sizes frequently appear. One of the more inhabitated area due to its resources, the people are often packed like tuna.

Encartaciones: Separated from Catharty by the rivers, it too is heavily populated. Most live near the mouth of the river, the wealthy in apartments, the rest in shipping containers. With some of the large waves that come in, most live as far, and as high, as possible.

Damascus Parrish: Impoverished by long term political and criminal abuse, the fact that everything was taken is a hidden blessing. Most make a living with the sea, risking their lives for a chance to live another day. Full of empty warehouses and buildings, they are no less occupied than most other places in Seaddle.

Spanish Field: Most of the fruit trees that supply Seaddle are found here and under it. Tunnels underneath the trees allow the people to harvest mushrooms and other cheap foods that make up the majority of Seaddle's diet. Unfortunately, it too is also prone to attack from beasts.

Grevy Depot: Packing and Canning factories are dotted throughout the area, giving it a strong, metallic smell. Most crime groups have taken to calling this home, as trains and other transportations systems have hubs here.

Nelore Stomping Grounds: Some of the most sought after land in all of Seaddle. Protected from the sea on all sides by hills, most middle class Equestrians dream of having an apartment here. It's the most developed area in all of Seaddle, and more want in.

Alicorn Isle: Only simsense while on a few narcotics can properly show outsiders the glitz and the glam of Alicorn Isle. Home to the absolute wealthy and the companies they run, getting inside is considered harder than infiltrating military bases with all the security they can afford.

Agua Marinas: A wholly corporate owned island, only warehouses and laboratories exist here, as it's also the home to one of the largest sewage treatment facilites. Not much fun for civilians, but a treasure trove if you know what you're looking for.


Runescape is the browser compatible one, Farmville is the mobile compatible one

Farmville was basically WoW Sunsong Ranch. It even involved sending Whispers (signposts) to other players and interaction on other farms!


Something where you can play on a browser, and then check up on it, and use most or all the features, on a phone app. Runescape with a mobile app part would work well. Add in cute waifus as the cover girls, and an adorable mascot you can make plushies of.

Where is DM, he should take notes.



>tfw Riss became more of a character than just a throwaway NPC
I really hope you don't mind if she suddenly has a full team switchover


True enough.
Still, I can't see regular games really dying out. While less convenient, they serve a different function than mobile games do- escaping into a different world is something mobile games simply can't accomplish.


File: 1474607653788.jpg (172.48 KB, 1024x796, 1419236036614.jpg)

okay going to lay down again for a bit. see you in a while


File: 1474607735051.jpg (2.45 MB, 1684x2000, tmp_4885-1469436174435-371….jpg)

Slp tight


Hope you enjoy it.

She's with other people now, so of course she'd find a whole new set of 'Mons.

good night.



>no art of Valerie turned into a fairy


File: 1474608731134.png (120.13 KB, 550x350, Dermatologists_hate_face.png)


>Dermatologists hate him!
>He is 46, he looks 6
>Local stallion exposes shocking anti-aging curse. Learn the terrible truth behind his stunning death sentence.


File: 1474609041243-0.png (546.92 KB, 960x538, Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at ….png)

File: 1474609041243-1.png (443.14 KB, 961x539, Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at ….png)

Well now I wanna go to that Mediterranean restaurant that's nearby. I guess I can save it for Saturday.


>Become cursed for only 2$ per month!


What are the curse options available?


Well Lilly was cursed to be pursued in her dreams by a nightmare monster, and Cumin was cursed by a Discordian to stop being a trap (not by making him less feminine). Emrille was cursed to rapidly age. Any other curses I'm missing?


There was that cursed Mare in MH who had accepted the Tirekian gifts and suffered for it.

Torn had been poxxed withmites and hair fall off.
Wait, that was just mange.


Selena was cursed with being the only adult in a group of fillies


Everyone cursed with being around Rhanna


Is she even around them? I though NASA was based elsewhere.


NASA has no permanent HQ. How else better to remain a secret society?


Marina's technically an adult. And two years past minimum marriageable age.


File: 1474611362885.jpg (278.43 KB, 1335x1000, 1474414020401.jpg)

I was scrolling through some threads when I passed the Satyr one. I actually thought they had given Marina a child.

Wouldn't that make their rocket plans kinda hard to achieve?


I dreamed a kingpin lookalike running some Hungarian crime syndicate was mad at me AGAIN and wouldn't let me leave Hungary. This time cooking him an "I'm sorry" meal wouldn't work so I went solution hunting with nopo, Sion, Groves and a Hungarian friend of nopo who looked like Vinnie from Atlantis. The dream end as we catch lobsters on the road beside a bathhouse.


File: 1474611527360.png (204.91 KB, 800x800, He's a goddamn shark he ca….png)

Now that would be something.
Though I think I was there for the first one of those they did. Weird place, I tell you what.


File: 1474612206003.gif (1.09 MB, 400x222, turn.gif)

>pony comics doing a Trump/Hillary thing

Politics in my ponies?
It's more likely than you think!


Not at all, they have a ship on which they store their rocket and from which they can launch it. They call this boat for transporting equipment the "rocket ship".


But can they LAND the rockets on that ship?


File: 1474612463426-0.jpg (362.58 KB, 996x1530, 1474604659033.jpg)

File: 1474612463426-1.jpg (402.92 KB, 996x1530, 1474604706779.jpg)

I don't follow


Rockets, unlike shuttles, do not land

Only the capsule returns, and it hits the sea.


File: 1474612527007.png (233.87 KB, 623x741, 1471294228853.png)

What are you having trouble with?


If they were to land the first stage back on the ship they'd save a lot and have reusable rockets!


File: 1474612612938-0.png (151.97 KB, 567x492, 1474579962505.png)

I don't see the Hillary/Trump thing everyone else seems too


Pretty on the nose.


>controversial female politician
>outsider businesspony challenges her



Actually, Rhanna recently learned they spent several years recovering the first stage of the rocket. That's why MacMeal's compound was out in the jungle near New Earth.


File: 1474612892420-0.jpg (172.81 KB, 476x660, 1474520053450.jpg)

Mayor Mare frequently messed up.

It's ultra common for a businessperson to get into politics. He only needed to flaunt his military credentials to complete it.

If you squint and turn your head while looking at the sun after having drunk a few gallons of pure alcohol, I could see it.


Don't these guys know that going to the Moon is blasphemy?
Celestia explicitely said to not go there because there's absolutely nothing like a terrible secret or ancient evil up there! But don't go there, she said!

The timing is curious?


I tend to agree with Knight until it comes out that Filthy Rich wants to deport donkeys or something


Or if he wants to build a wall to keep out the Diamond Dogs.


Religion isn't very important to NASA, which is probably good because MacMeal would otherwise probably worship Grogar


And he'll have the Donkeys build it with the Diamond Doge's gems


File: 1474613191502-0.jpg (104.17 KB, 468x831, horse.jpg)

Blargh, the package from Belgium is only gonna get here on Monday


File: 1474613232318-0.jpg (60.77 KB, 308x395, 1474502133637.jpg)


But what if Rhanna goes up there and meets the Mare in the Moon?


That's probably figurative language. I mean, how many RELIABLE scholars were writing 800 years ago? None.

Sure, you can kinda see an outline of a mare's head on the moon, but you can also see constellations and those don't mean there's an evil being there.


There is about to be at least one entirely new player


File: 1474613708487.gif (1.76 MB, 580x580, 1474588326874.gif)

Anyways, good night


If you're really returning, we should run donjons together.

>Simultaneously leveling no less than seven characters so I get optimal rest bonuses on all of them

[Experience overwhelming]

Hey, if you're for real, I should do that RAF thing for the massive XP bonus.


Don't drag Groves into it.


Oh hey, do you think I should be patient and watch the last 2 episodes of OPM with Toonami, or just watch the sub now?

So serious!

Hey, you think Maeda will come to the Royal Wedding if she survives the afterlife? I mean, if everything goes as planned, there will be no reason to kill Lunites anymore, so it would be okay.


File: 1474615549151.jpg (39.72 KB, 736x1110, PhFqbW4.jpg)

Rhanna will return to the Earth and become the new Nightmare Moon
>Survive the afterlife


Lord Wind, Maeda's master, has uncovered a gateway to the afterlife that has lain inert since near the beginning of time. They have already set their Order of Oil monks to study it and try to open it.

Inquisitor Lord Wind seeks to fight a divine heresy.


File: 1474615765501.jpg (43.05 KB, 668x668, jTdDiW7.jpg)

Oh shit


File: 1474615854041.webm (3.63 MB, 1024x576, 1469875364059.webm)


Will Lilly ever reach Elba?


Of course.


>Black police officer who works for a black police chief shoots a black man who refused to drop his gun
>[Black people violently protest]

Imagine how hard it is to be a black policeman in America today. They must feel like NO ONE is on their side.


You have it backwards, he started it.




>Snake, You can't leave any traces of you being there, no equipment
>he just leaves the parachute and parachuting equipment on the ground


I say you're making a huge mistake. You both.


We are casual memers, the risk of us going full nolife hardcore is insignificant.


It might be time I did what I wanted to when I was 12

It's not free, is it


Wow had its ways.


>pottermore now has Patronuses
>mine's a lion

This is strange as fuck

Eh, maybe come next summer then


I recently had a talk with Sion about Blizzard games which made me realize that Hearthstone and OW are the only Blizz games I've ever touched. And then when the topic came up with DM I poked him about trying out WoW since I'd never try it out on my own.

AFAIK there's a level cap at 20 for F2P memers. Anything beyond that is subbed.


>Groves never played WC3
It's not too late!
Bnet still supports multiplayer!


What's that, grandpa?


Oh, you're just going up to 20 eh?

Well you may as well, just so you can find out what it is like


I'm pretty sure I'll end up wanting to level at least one character to max.

I already torrented it.


Well, let me know, I may as well collect my free shit if you're going to sub.

Look at all this garbage you get


Or fuck, let DM have it or someone. But don't just let it go without someone collecting mad memes


File: 1474621530853-0.jpg (106.29 KB, 978x551, tumblr_odx0jhnfe91u75cpro1….jpg)

File: 1474621530853-1.jpg (101.01 KB, 980x550, tumblr_odx0jhnfe91u75cpro2….jpg)

File: 1474621530853-2.jpg (55.93 KB, 973x548, tumblr_odx0jhnfe91u75cpro3….jpg)

Oh god


If you don't have a CD key we'll have to use some virtual LAN for multiplayer


Maali, I have put serious thought into it, and that third image is the funniest thing I have seen this month.

I'm not just saying that. I have contemplated deeply on it. It is a serious contender for funniest thing of year, I'm putting it into the running when I do the nominations in February.


I know what you mean
That picture is amazing


I think it's hilarious that there is now a new niche of meme porn.

Did you know the Brazzers guy (I don't know his job - writer, director, actor? not sure) went on /tv/ when Meme Lover came out to promote the porno? It was amazing.


Porn can be just hiarious sometimes
I'm reminded of that webm of the girl that gets in a guy's bathroom saying she's a lifesaver and that there's a shark in the tub

And I didn't know that. you know I rarely ever go to 4chan boards
And what's meme lover?


/tv/ wrote a script jammed packed with memes called "Meme Lover" as a joke in a thread about "What if Brazzers made a porn about Baneposting?"

Brazzers took it seriously and filmed it. It's real now. There is a real porn written by a 4chan board about a young Bane and his girlfriend Anonymous (who wears a Guy Fawkes mask).


File: 1474622369028-0.png (71.14 KB, 327x357, cd8d764a1f8779e0e2b4f12a49….png)

Holy shit


I thought CIA was the hero of Meme Lover


I'm not honestly sure, I know his parents are Mr. Bane and Ms. Bane, but the main character doesn't like to wear the mask like his parents


Yeah we should do that thing


>nopo yesterday
>"be here at 11!"
>nopo today in a few hours
>"Oh man I totally overslept!"


It was a porn we watched with friends since they are avid baneposters too, and it was the type of porn where you skip the boring lewd parts for the hillarious comedy


Nigger I was up and here before 11, I was just making coffee and reading up what you faggots were doing on the sub


How mary sue are your character?



>First questions are about the creator of the character and not the character itself
I am immediately suspicious of this quiz.

I expect it to be: Male = +50 Sue Points or something


It's a goddamn multiple answer automated quiz about fanfiction characters, you don't need to take it so seriously!
Maeda ranked 17%.


>How many main characters fall in love with your character
>Minimum answer is 1, not 0


Lilly got 14%.


There is a question later on to disregard that answer!


Syke, Emrille got 19%


I want to know Mona


NLer Pumpkin got 20% and that's with all the fucking around he does. And considering he's from "another world". I'd honestly call NLer Pumpkin not the most interesting of characters myself, he's probably worse than Geralt and he's bad already. This test is too lenient.


Fairweather is probably the least Sue on the sub, at 9%.

>Has your character ever been petty just because it was convenient

[Sweating Fairweather]


Pumpkin is an automatic 100% in our books, don't worry


Oh and I also picked "More than once" at the "does your character die saving someone else and is then revived?" question.
Both times happened in NL proper.


[disgust intensifies]


This is picking ALL the possibly sue options.
Mona would be such a bad character in an actual book tho.


Light Heart also got 9%


Who wouldn't be a bad book character off the sub?


Didn't she have sex with like four main characters?? HOW


Seems like sex counts very little.


I think the fact that she was a cripple without a tragic past helped bring it down a lot.



Also I think age is important. Light Heart was nearly 30 years old in P1.


>Link to a page explaining cultural appropriation


What the fuck kind of site is this, you faggot?


An old one that didn't use to be like that, but it seems the most usable


I'm too lazy to make one again


BDN's is about 175 questions and I got bored after about 55 since I wasn't checking any boxes at all


File: 1474626412889.png (176.71 KB, 333x476, 1471901227380.png)

>BDN is a closet SJW


File: 1474626625624.png (427.69 KB, 725x602, 1469885335423.png)

>Selena is 13 % Mary Sue


I promise to stop ragging after this comment, I just have one last thing I couldn't resist pointing out.

>On that website's About Me page:

>"If I crack a joke about a group of people and then someone who is a member of that group is injured in some way, I am responsible for that injury. The same applies to you. Words are dangerous."


File: 1474626743753.jpg (501.44 KB, 1056x1080, 1471997965576.jpg)

>How many dicks did your character take?


File: 1474626761660.jpg (2.8 MB, 4000x3000, tmp_5504-IMAG0099382384376.jpg)



It's kind of funny to look back and remember that Selena and Light Heart were on the same fleet for a brief period

And they never had a lesbian makeout!


I'm pretty sure that young Selena might score higher
But still lower than LH


File: 1474626834247.png (408.7 KB, 1280x720, Rainbow_Dash_sweating_S1E1….png)

>And they never had a lesbian makeout!


Did they have one I forgot about?


They did preen each other wings, during which things might have occured. But LH was totally the predator here!


File: 1474626924789.png (317.02 KB, 720x720, 1471123083868.png)

They preened.


Pretty sure they fucked at least once


/wsg/ reminded me of this once again. I think I'll call it, "The FBI locates lemon"


All these lewd birdponies on the fleet! It was truly the golden age of sexual liberation, wasn't it?


File: 1474627082117.png (63.39 KB, 206x223, lemon hearts smug.png)




File: 1474627396607.webm (550.11 KB, 1280x720, member berries.webm)

>Selena reminisces about the past


>Hey, remember when there weren't so many zeebs


>Member when the Oddomane Empire was ruled by ponies that at least revere the sun instead of some crazy made up princess that is """""promised""""" who consort with zeebs and cattle?


Oddomanes were always weird and scary!
Dixians are okay.


Moscowy is also very weird, but it's not scary since she knew Aloe.


The biggest sin this site makes is using Xi unironically when "they" is a perfectly acceptable gender neutral pronoun.



You can't spell 'they' without 'he'! Fucking misogynist pig!


Dixie is full of very polite horses and buckle-hatted horses who make sure you stay polite too

Pick one

Conquered by Diamond Dogs, then reconquered by everyone else. Cows will literally never have a homeland ever again.

>going plural when you could just use s/he, or even "it" because a character isn't a real fucking thing just an idea


They is valid as a singular pronoun too, look it up!


I agree with the dominant writers of the 19th century who were successful in convincing English speakers that being clear about number is more important than being gender neutral.


If the english language cared for number clarity it would have conjugated verbs.


Selena's opinions about the world:

Equestria: Bestest, most beautiful country in the world!
Dixie: Very clean place and nice houses!
Donkeys: No sense of humor!
Dust: Anarchy!
Hamburgerburg: Too loud and rowdy!
Anneiv: Nice houses but the stench is overwhelming.
Oddomanes: Weird and scary! They don't even have normal marriages!!!
Neighpon: Has best diamond dogs and BREEZIES OMGWTF


Shibans are quite rare out of Neighpon. Humble and skilled by nature, they are among the Neighponese Emperor's most valuable subjects.

It's easy to see why Selena would like them. Small and nonthreatening, but all of the technical skill of their larger cousins. Plus they are known for their goldsmithing - who doesn't like gold?


File: 1474628722873.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080, Queenmaru.png)


File: 1474629238310.jpg (26.5 KB, 460x354, 374465.jpg)


I recognize those animays


She just want to take one home and treat it like a princess!


File: 1474629330596.gif (Spoiler Image, 293.48 KB, 500x318, 1473146448620.gif)

I normally try to avoid posting too much lewd micro content here in the meta but I just had to post this gif of a bigtime star giving a tiny the pickle.



Stop that or I'm gonna turn this thread into a totally spies fetish dump.


You know how that Seth Rogan movie "Sausage Party" ends with all the food items having an orgy, right?

Someone posted webm of it on /wsg/ and wow I am so glad I stayed far away from that one.

Surely Totally Spies had a shrinking episode. Surely, right?


File: 1474629561029.png (Spoiler Image, 602.64 KB, 1280x914, large (83).png)



Um, what's even the point of this? No really.

It's like a less productive version of the classic pasta kiss.


>Hollywood """""""""culture""""""""""
It's absolutely disgusting


I actually don't even want to save it to my computer. It's irrational to think that I know but it just makes me feel dirty.

Here's a direct link http://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1474178876455.webm


>The giantess episode is considered by macrophiliacs as one of the best growth/giantess cartoons ever made by "mainstream" people.
Straight out of Fetish Fuel Wiki.


You say that, but now that the bar has been raised you know that there's gonna be someone who just wants to make something even worse to "broaden our horizons" or something


I know this will probably be very confusing to you but giantesses aren't really my thing.


File: 1474630012592-0.gif (248.22 KB, 220x220, 1474621965311.gif)


Any project updates this week?


>1 minute and 45 seconds long

At that point it's not even a """"gag"""" anymore.


I've done a new better camera and I'm working on integrating it with the gun which is proving a bit more difficult, but should be done soon!


I'm not sure how strong your vocabularies are for rather complex English words (Lord knows my German could use a lot of work), but I believe there is a very fitting one for this video: gratuitous.


Reason is obvious though.
To shock the common people.



But you could've shocked them already with just 10 seconds of that. Take JUST the scene with the hot dog in the buns "cumming". And if the point is to shock, why not do it at the START of the flick to cement the tone? Placed at the end, it's supposed to be the emotional payoff. This is the 'reward'.

I think it's just the director's fetish.


You know how a lot of animated movies end with a 2 min dance party? This is a joke on that.


No, it's to make sure the audience walks out bewildered. Like wtf did we just watch.
It's to bait and switch the emotional payoff.
Part of demoralization tactics, if we see deeper things in it.



Fritz the cat, the first ever x rated animated feature film ended on a gangbang too


Yes, and?


I'd say that one made sense in context, and didn't overstay its welcome.


Sure, but let's be honest, Fritz the cat was a terrible movie.


File: 1474631404517.png (262.94 KB, 600x600, 600px-English_189.png)

I adore this card art so much


File: 1474631680050-0.jpg (206.11 KB, 1200x1694, cd3f8cd5be49e547316850c0e0….jpg)




I like it as a document showing the roots of tumblr.


I like to think whoever had to animate that thought to himself "I could be making more by doing furry porn"


They almost certainly were thinking about that, as they were being illegally extorted into accepting overtime work without pay under threat of immediate firing.

I can produce a source on that too if you doubt it.


What, were they a jap studio or something?




>palmer called for "Hillary memes"
>bunch of assblasted 2d pixel indie devs are now DROPPING OCULUS until Palmer retires
What a loss. I can see Zuckemberg tearing up already.


>Nimble America says it’s dedicated to proving that “shitposting is powerful and meme magic is real,”


Isnt hillary the meme candidate already?


>check out this palmer thing
>funds a shitposting group to post anti-hillary memes

Too bad being a shill pays so bad or I'd have my career


Should I try out a meme loli run for Dragon's Dogma?


Knowing you you'd be happier with a shota


Loli with Shota pawn.


File: 1474634763511-0.jpg (23.38 KB, 471x395, FB_IMG_1457725012861.jpg)

I can't shake this feeling
That something really bad is coming


File: 1474634885107.gif (1.62 MB, 375x500, 1469213687562.gif)

Come to /pol/ and we'll tell you all about it


Caution: you will have no carrying capacity, incredibly low max Stamina and it will take you three or four hours to walk through that one windy area near blue moon


I will make Guts with Caska.
Or some quest character.


Thank you friend, but I think I'll just bask in my blissful ignoranc


File: 1474635342177.png (306.92 KB, 830x974, its_about_jews.png)

Don't be shy, we always love a new comrade!


File: 1474635471833-0.png (225.08 KB, 720x600, 1449434390106.png)

I-I'm not sure…


Genius, do it


File: 1474635589348.jpg (99.6 KB, 352x500, 1473912457252.jpg)

>Went to 8chan to check on /bane/
>Message at the top

How have I been so out of the loop about this whole ICANN debacle? Seriously? Has it just not been in the news much or am I really that out of touch?

What a disaster. I can't believe I said that Obama really wasn't all that bad the other day. As much as I hate Trump, I guess I have to support him now just because of this one issue.


What happened?


Obama is planning on handing over ICANN to international oversight. Meaning the US would no longer have absolute control over the internet.

And if your first instinct is 'that's a good idea', look how well the UN turned out. I remind you that Russia is a security council member and that has been bundles of joy for 'successful diplomacy'.

How much input do you really think China deserves on determining the ICANN board of directors? I think none at all.


File: 1474635804785.png (292.13 KB, 452x363, 1469196890354.png)

>he didn't know


This won't actually change anything.


>this is what scrubs actually believe


Does this really matter all that much though? Doesn't ICANN just do stuff like manage IP's?


File: 1474636029063.png (330.11 KB, 644x480, combiners.png)

Please, a scare like this comes up every few years and nothing happens. The internet isn't "controlled" by anybody.


It manages domains. If you don't think control of domains is powerful you've never seen how rich people got before cybersquatting laws were created.


But still, how is it going to change anything? What's the threat here?


Maybe in small sites like these.
Grow a bit of a business on the internet though and you'll realize how much control there actually is.


It would give other countries the ability to fire board members, which gives them leverage over how domains are handed out.


This seems kind of trivial to me, but whatever. I don't know enough about this stuff to judge it properly.


I don't like any voluntary debasement of US power. The state must be strong.

It is only the iron strength of law that keeps the lower classes in check. They could riot at any moment.


Forbidden Planet is so deliciously retró.


More and more in streams and on Reddit I see people posting "I gain rank when I solo queue and lose it when I group" – this has been my experience too.

Very strange… could it have to do with the new matchmaking?


I've not been playing for way too long to make any assumptions.


You and DM should keep me updated about your WoW plans

>Just realized it's already 9AM

Hmm, what are your plans for today?


Play Stellaris/Watch anime when DM gets home.

Play more Stellaris/Watch more anime when Gaius gets home.


~8 hours from now. Give or take.


File: 1474641125730.jpg (138.49 KB, 950x1342, 1474566421065.jpg)

Gonna shower & finish those dishes, give me 20-30 mins


File: 1474641213773.jpg (218.29 KB, 847x1200, 1474598183960.jpg)


File: 1474641341824.jpg (146.46 KB, 380x1331, osacaust5.JPG)


>posting porn


>tfw will never give Sakaki the spiked d


>Hey artist-kun, the game needs a paladin character. What designs do we have left we could use?
>Uh… I got a dwarf with a beer bottle and a half-naked chick with a unicorn exploding out of her head
>Perfect, just add some books to it and we'll call it a day
Korea in charge of things


Sakaki a shit anyway.


File: 1474641646348.gif (197.63 KB, 421x534, kicky tinyhorse.gif)

>posting pon


You could just say you prefer the company of men


>Just vidya and anime
You don't want to quest?


File: 1474642013762.png (566.88 KB, 640x480, 1474599873778.png)

OFFICIAL Azumanga powerrankings:

Yukari > Tomo > Nyamo > Osaka > Kagura > Chiyo (When bullied) > Kaorin > Yomi > Chiyo (When not bullied) > Sakaki

Well, weekends are now the only time we can do stuff with Gaius together because of his schedule.


It's a Friday!

>Gaius owns your ass 3 days a week

How am I ever going to catch you up?


Weekdays? I could have quested for the last few hours if you had asked, I was doing stuff on the PC anyway.


I thought it was too early, don't you have a job or classes or something?


And this is still like way early. This is literally 4 hours earlier than normal for me


I can quest on my laptop in class and the work I'm doing requires me to sit at my PC too.


Just keep in mind if you plan to horizon, weekdays beside Monday are a no for me.


>Sylt: Weekends + Monday only
>GroveS: Only Weekdays
See the dilemma?

Anyway it's not as though Sylt needs catching up anyway. His plot isn't as time dependent as yours, everyone's waiting on you to finish your month so you can be there for the Highlands finale.

I can only imagine what a pain it will be to get you, Nopo, and Sion on at the same time.


If four and a half days a week isn't enough then I'm not sure what to tell you.


It seems like it hasn't lined up in the past when I tried to get you on those days but I guess we'll see

Which day is the half day? And is that half of the day a reasonable hour in America?


Although with Stellaris I can always quest on the side. It's not an intense game.


Kagura a best
Tomo a worst


File: 1474643297845.png (1.48 MB, 1248x811, princess cadance_bed_signa….png)

Breez on Saturday evening.
Yay or Nay?



File: 1474643380122.jpg (60.61 KB, 457x535, 1474524793463.jpg)

Tomo is a wonderful retard.


The only thing wonderful about Tomo is how Yomi hasn't murdered her yet


That's probably because Yomi is a non-character.


Every show needs a straight man. Plus she's one of the hottest


File: 1474643794672.png (29.51 KB, 300x300, 1474577045391.png)

>Being attracted to animu children


Who is your waifu


File: 1474644057200.jpg (91.3 KB, 500x600, 1470832786413-0.jpg)


>Groves is a gremlinsexual



Someone wants to OW?


Give me a few more minutes and I can join you for an hour.


Sure! hit me up on steam when ready.


File: 1474647425142.png (740.84 KB, 700x1668, v drawthread.png)

I never played Adventure of Link, so I didn't know before now that Link could turn into a fairy in that game.


In the latest page of Marble Pie, Anon had sex with Maud.


`We are playing OW.


Aunt's house

I can't play an FPS optimally on my laptop


No Breezie on Sat.
I'll see about Mon.


Her dad will be outraged!


I'm in the mood for some kind of arpg with good combat but I'm not in the mood to learn a complex rpg system and doing all the needed levelling since I just came out of Witcher 3.
Something like DaS would be nice. Suggestions?
Okay, no problems!


Lords of the Fallen
Dragon's Dogma
Salt and Sanctuary


You already know Dragon's Dogma


See the problem I have with Dragon's Dogma is, I don't want to sit down and level my ass back up. I guess I want something more like Revengance where I can pull of crazy shit from the get go.


So use cheat engine like always


Sure I could, it didn't install adware on my machine :`)


well memed
Is Titan's Grip still a thing in WoW?


Just CE

And you want a nice hack and slash, but they're rare on PCs, so might as well emulate a PS2 for DMC or something


Yes. You get it at level 10 I think?
Not sure.
I played all DMCs sadly.

What about a space rpg?


Fury I guess?


I wish I knew one

Or EYE: Divine Cybermancy


Oh nice idea.
Too complex.


Doesn't Mass Effect kinda count as an ARPG?
First two are fairly decent.


It really isn't. You can go ahead and just shoot stuff with the nice rifle.



I decided to stay home tonight after all
Was it the right decision?
Maybe no.


Are you gonna stick around a bit?


Sort of. I'm on the phone right now.




There isn't a Japanese dub at the moment, even.

Eh, was hoping I could get you sailing.


From that one webm about going to /a/



Well, I mean, it's not a bad dub, but it's not the voices I recall from my youth.


Are you for real? It's a 5 minute commercial, not Rahxepheon


That's because it's not the same characters


Maybe we'll get a chance over the weekend.

It's been about 18 years since the original Gary showed up last?


Yes, I know. I'm just saying.
I'm just nitpicking. Can a man not pick nits?


>tfw Rebels Season 3 tomorrow


I can't really give it to you on this one. With so many contract changes and disputes that have happened, and the length of time, I just can't.

IIRC, there's been a lot of VA drama behind the scenes.


I never expected them to be the same VAs, Knight. It was just a wistful observation that things change.


File: 1474653546162.jpg (283.84 KB, 510x656, 1474649864632.jpg)

Stop sounding like that. Go chug an energy drink.


But I always sound like this.


File: 1474653858564.webm (3.8 MB, 720x720, 1473439228710.webm)


Is that the fucking
Chocobo theme?!


Did you get my comments from Steam?


File: 1474654876264.png (174.04 KB, 428x475, frightened butterhorse.png)

>mfw Upotte wasn't even bad


no sir


How did you like rapey Finn Elf Gun?


I think the neck was thicker than the waist. Make the body bigger and it should be fine.


We're only 1 ep in so far


Oh. Well, spoiler alert. There's a rapey Finn elf gun.


That and the belgian protagonist were why we gave it a chance.
Also the Rk95 is an ugly gun. Should have used the Suomi or Lahti.


Oi meif you dun kno shit bout guns I'll fite u


It's just a memed up AK
The Suomi is beautiful


File: 1474655422983.webm (831.05 KB, 360x360, 399955.webm)


No, the AKs and their derivatives all have animal ears/tails. The Galil, for instance, is a dog-girl.


I mean the real rk is a meme ak now with 90% less aesthetics


Yes, but it also has no relevance to the other guns in the series.


I'm a terrible American, as I don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of firearms and ammunition.


It's a gun
It shoots boolet


Side note, in the one or two episodes I've watched, M16 is best raifu.
And I correctly guessed that the M1 Garand was the principle, simply because he was dressed like a WW1-era off-duty soldier.


God, how did I fuck that up.


We figured there is probably some museum somewhere with cavemen representing imperial chinese hand mortars


Might be funny, and the Arquebus would be the rennaissance rifle, with its "cousin" the crossbow.
The Thompson and MP40 are pretty easy on the eyes.


I played them to death.
Something like ME2 would be nice.


File: 1474655988618.gif (727.12 KB, 380x392, 130343910664-1.gif)


File: 1474656072397.jpg (59.55 KB, 1055x300, suomi.jpg)

The Suomi is basically a meme thompson, which is why I love it so


Maybe you should stop talking about guns. The Suomi has nothing to do with the Thompson in any way except both of them had a drum mag.


File: 1474656323739.jpeg (82.73 KB, 1024x1024, 1424934364226.jpeg)


>wood stock
Looks nice, but poor weather conditions would fuck it to shit, DM. Isn't that why they stopped using M14s in Vietnam? All the moisture?




No, they stopped using M14s because it was a shit weapon design, outdated at it's conception.


It looks the same, therefor it's a meme Tommy.


File: 1474656476230.jpg (48.13 KB, 800x429, The Stinger.jpg)

arr rook same



File: 1474656533794.png (408.58 KB, 900x1000, 1452711601376.png)


transforming Kelani into the different animals of the statues as a desperate attempt to to activate them when?


No it doesn't, the Suomi shares most in common with the Russian PPSH line of submachine guns. The thompson has a pistol grip and a wooden handguard and it was mostly issued in war with the box magazine; the Suomi has a rifle stock, shrouded barrel without a real grip on it and it was issued with both drums and box magazines.


File: 1474656672391.jpg (69.08 KB, 1023x716, sufficient weapon mods.jpg)



Meme. Tommy.


"No, no, Lockbox, you don't understand! Normally, I wouldn't fuck a cat!"


"Lockbox.. I've only got a few more weeks to figure this out, I know you want to help, so this is the best way" transforms them both into a mice


"Hmm, Lockbox, you look really good tonight.~"
"Kelani, I'm the one over here."



>no laser sight or underslung flamethrower


File: 1474657153597.webm (813.89 KB, 720x720, 1473522263844.webm)


File: 1474657274522.png (346.21 KB, 640x537, Kelani.png)


Living the dream!


What a scamp


>still haven't found what to play
It's getting worse because I don't KNOW what I want now.


Depends on what is the genre you like
I like my die-get better-die-get even better-master the game type of games so I'm having a blast with Gungeon


I want flashy combat. Can't stand the limited and "old school" design choices of roguelites.
And I like equipment systems because I like to build up skills and improve.
Diablo but with actual combat like DaS?


Also MGS3's controls are for such shit for firefights.


Not likely something you'd find. Path of Exile only goes so far.
Mercenary Kings is kinda fun in that Contra-Metal-Slug-platform-shooty-type way, and you can mix and match gun parts to make fairly ridiculous things.


That one game we saw DM play in Finland?
Can't recall the name right now


Wasn't it like Lords of the Fallen or something? Not as "speedy" as DaS, but with a more eldritch bent to it?


File: 1474657933853.png (366.28 KB, 607x925, 1474655273690.png)

I ask for depth and you give me metal slug?
Lord of the Fallen.
No, not what I'm looking for. I want over the top action with lots of skills OR incredibly atmospheric and immersive survival worlds, think new vegas but hard.


Salt and Sanctuary


I'll just have to mod stalker not to look like dogshit I guess.


Fair enough. There's a lot of grinding for materials to make new gun parts anyway, so you'd probably not enjoy it.


I'll just have to mod stalker not to look like dogshit I guess.


I've heard Enslaved is decent, but didn't have the chance to play it myself yet


>ninja theory


dragon age?


First one is a bad crpg, second one is a contender for worst game ever created and I'm not about to get aids playing the third one.
Sorry just a series I despise.


Well, it qualified for the first part of your request.

there a FF game you haven't played? They have lots of skills are pretty over the top by end game.


Those are slow and have the opposite of flashy combat.
I'm looking for responsive, skill based games, not ones with turn based combat.


Dragon Age II is not a very good contender for the worst game ever created. I mean sure, it's fucking horrible, absolutely terrible, cheap, lazily made, boring, and shit, but there are millions of worse games out there.


Not with that profile, hype, and budget behind them.


File: 1474659553617.png (411.49 KB, 500x773, c41e6aa2f78f08bafb13225d81….png)

I misunderstood then

Play old sidescrollers, those are pretty hard.


Not what I'm looking for either. I want a DMC, a MGR, not a ghost and goblins.


You've played all the ones I can think of..


Exactly my problem!






Can't talk about the first two because I don't remember any hype about DA2, but if you just take the game by itself, DA2 is far from the worst things to play.


PLS. I played it a bunch.
No consoles.
It's quite bad. Long, pointless treadmill through a bad story where choices don't matter, characters are bumbling morons and combat encounters are all in the same 3 copy pasted rooms.


just fuck up my shit sempai



Not arguing it's not horrid, but still far, far away from being worst.


the genre you're asking about is mostly for consoles?!?!
Good luck anyway. Gone for a bit


Yes. Yes it is.


Looks like Transformers 5 will be versus Hitler!


Space Hitler is nothing to laugh at


File: 1474662124585.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.97 KB, 241x103, vent minutes.jpg)


File: 1474665248545.jpg (774.86 KB, 2481x2066, 1474639381021.jpg)

I've just found some new antagonists/protagonists to use.




I roll to assassinate their troop leader '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


We will defeat the False Princess!

You manage to shoot the radio Goat. Your position is starting to take fire!


'1d10' take cover

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1474666421945.webm (3.9 MB, 640x360, 1474658686297.webm)


They shoot your hat off.

The rocket llamas are showing up now, two of them.


'1d10' shotgun blast back at them

Roll #1 6 = 6


I really should run a non-violent quest one day.

You manage to knock off their hat and aim, a rocket flies off into space. But another is coming right at your cover!


I'd be up for playing in it


Maali might be getting it in Travel, since his character can't handle any combat. Maybe some kind of trade quest?


Okay so I accidentally my old minecraft server.
Taking suggestions as to what modpack to install. Something not too heavy so we can all play.


>tfw no list by ram recommendations


Well, the /v/ musical is turning out alright, if this is anything to go by.


Something not too heavy is something I can appreciate.


Yes, that was the aim.


File: 1474667948187.webm (3.05 MB, 640x360, 1469401570212.webm)

Bretty good


The DHMIS parody was amazing.


Which one's that?
Also, I think I found BDN's theme.



Ehhh. Not to fond of it, to be honest.
The second one got a chuckle out of me, though.


pretty cool


That fucking DHMIS one
The voices are so spot on


>nearly defeat Axis
>Soviet Union declares war on Iraq
>Iraq joins Axis
>have to defeat Iraq even though Soviet Union started it since they're in Axis now
>Iraq almost defeated
>Soviet Union attacks Iran and Afghanistan
>Iran and Afghanistan join Axis

It's gonna be a long night….


>steam update

thanks, valve


Oh you are around, got any mod pack suggestions?



I'm afraid I'm not too familiar with minecraft modpacks. The only thing I kinda want is some rail tracks extensions. Otherwise I play minecraft more for fun




The one nopone and I were trying, Departed, doesn't have the usual rails mods, let me look around and see what does that we might be able to use..



It's not necessary tho. Playing with freens is fun enough


File: 1474676185795.gif (1.83 MB, 360x270, 83877.gif)

>he thinks he has friends



File: 1474676428556.png (268.25 KB, 678x600, 1449418940468.png)



File: 1474677153694.gif (1.97 MB, 352x265, 1474449393655.gif)


I wish it was december already.


Yeah, so do I.
In other news, I got to spend today talking with the surgeon about exactly how they plan to cut the top of my jaw loose, split it into pieces, and pull it wider and lower down, which will be held together by titanium plates that are going to be pretty much permanent. So that was fun.


But why?


>Bolt is on TV
[Andelia intensifies]


Because I have a really serious case of underbite, and my teeth are higher than they should be; you know how when you smile, or just open your mouth, you can see your top teeth? I can't.
Basically, if I don't do it, my teeth are going to start falling out sooner than they should.


Good luck with that then.


Server should be up. I will actually test it tomorrow though.


It's over.
Democracy won again! (Also Soviets)


Hey if you want to try it out, departed modpack from FTB, no added mods for now. Sending you the IP via whatsapp.


I'll check it tomorrow, I'll go to bed now.


Yes I'm doing the same goodnight.


Buenas noches


File: 1474680475507.jpg (525.44 KB, 1920x1080, 20160924032535_1.jpg)

Pretty good ending.
Most of Europe a democracy.
Japan a democracy
Too bad about Constantinople being commie but we can't have it all


File: 1474681051580.gif (3.26 MB, 468x352, 1468741662280.gif)


File: 1474681099977.jpg (44.16 KB, 550x626, 51d8c347f1a84751f34e0326ef….jpg)

I don't get what the increasing number is for.


File: 1474684490263.png (92.52 KB, 397x798, 1474591536271.png)


File: 1474685313196.jpg (263.27 KB, 750x400, 046adaa0998ca5dd7f72c4a2de….jpg)

It's a tally of the number of suckers who've tried exactly the same thing. Hence why it goes up when the guy gets smacked.


File: 1474686183683.gif (199.78 KB, 512x512, 1457108216783.gif)

Sorry, this fever is making obvious things sound hard.


File: 1474686649358.png (568.14 KB, 1000x1000, 1342974012.snowyzi_lvsz.png)

I certainly know that feeling. Hope you feel better soon!


File: 1474687468293.jpg (107.27 KB, 700x484, 1396331663838.jpg)


File: 1474688294750.png (848.32 KB, 1000x1000, 1457109292422.png)

Seems like I'm over the hill with it.

The one in the back looks like Snorlax


File: 1474688415413.png (384.06 KB, 1000x1200, foge.png)

Glad to hear it.
Is that Latias in the front? It kind of looks like it.


File: 1474688954280.jpg (165.62 KB, 800x1067, 0de3ab0f76777fc542713a5f09….jpg)

At any rate, I should probably get some sleep. See you all tomorrow.


File: 1474689233590.jpg (89.23 KB, 480x640, 1456701743979.jpg)

Good night


It's a shiny Typhlosion

It's just being kawaii


File: 1474690122930.png (587.11 KB, 1053x891, 1456670667259.png)

I talked someone from PMD General into trying out the Pony RP group on /mlp/. I wanted to ask if you were OK with giving another guy a shot, but I also know you're very busy.


Mons is pretty full at this point, unfortunately. Depends on his timezone though


I'll ask when he responds back. I directed him to the FEMTO group first.


Apparently not


there, this is more eye friendly



I just remembered that last night I dreamed Trump won the election.

It went exactly how I expected, which is to say, I dreamed about shitposting on 4chan about it


File: 1474694708679.png (498.43 KB, 811x382, 1474683574988.png)

I know what's going to happen on 4chan if either one wins, but I want to watch it go down with them.


remember when people posted on the sub?


File: 1474702404442.png (511.37 KB, 1253x1024, 1473304647731.png)


I really like that movie, to be honest
I know it's not that popular but it's one of my favourite animated movies


I enjoyed it, it was fun. Although I believe pretty confidently that they cut out some scenes with Bolt when he was trapped in the dogcatcher's truck, because he very suddenly snaps from "I am an invincible hero" to "Nope I'm nothin" after ignoring the cat constantly up until then. If there wasn't a cut scene there, the pacing was just terrible.

I'm not sure how I feel about the ending. I know we're supposed to feel good that Bolt gets to be a "normal" dog but… didn't he LOVE being a superdog? I know he learned to love normal dog things while on the roadtrip, but I'm not sure if that was the ideal ending.

I liked the cat character, she was good throughout.


Yeah, the ending got a bit weird, but overall it has amusing writing and even the throwaway characters like the pigeons and the shelter dogs are fun
The cat is probably carrying the movie hard, that much I admit.
Also, the studio scene near the end is pretty intense.


It looked cute, but I never saw it


File: 1474704261444.png (989.18 KB, 1280x720, 1452257998774.png)

>he's never seen it


I hadn't before today. It's one of those things that I meant to see but never did


Would you teach a dog how to method act?


It seems the best dog actors don't even know they're acting


Would you declaw a cat and then leave it behind?


Only if it did something wrong


Man, I really want to see Atlantis: The Lost Empire again.


It's another one of those forgettable movies.


I personally liked it a lot.




File: 1474713802170.jpg (1.18 MB, 1061x1488, 1396162948989.jpg)


[Inexplicable explosion in front of you]


File: 1474714940397.png (229.84 KB, 971x887, 1403480316694.png)

It must be the work of the nightmare cat


File: 1474716245997.jpg (86.49 KB, 818x977, 1349307021629.jpg)


File: 1474716482509.jpg (273.4 KB, 750x729, 45d2966611d5a4f2a6691e69f6….jpg)


File: 1474716947772.webm (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, touching_butt.webm)



addiction formation [ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░]


File: 1474717147167.jpg (99.88 KB, 846x943, nick_fury_mlp_by_cottoncan….jpg)

I got so many cards tonight
so. many.
A guy basically gave away most of a set to me, including a 70 dollar foil, for getting two of the new decks for him.


File: 1474717413315.png (711 KB, 1280x720, Pinkie_Pie_playing_cards_w….png)

Your collection must be huge by now!


File: 1474717555073.jpg (221.62 KB, 500x625, tumblr_n04bmoMw8G1rpb34po1….jpg)

you could say I have a big deck


File: 1474717669314.png (403.44 KB, 1280x720, Rainbow_Dash_sweating_S4E0….png)


In minecraft You want to build a big railroad right?


File: 1474717853081.gif (151.27 KB, 500x403, fulloo.gif)

Yes, it's a work of autism.
Very mindbreaking. I sometimes cry during it when I realize I'm spending so much precious time on this one long railroad no one uses, not even me.
But I can't help myself


Well. It basically just occured to me that the advent of ascension mod would make this hell on that idea, because of the way its mobs can spawn anywhere these is a natural block, and not just at night.
Looking for a different mod pack now, any suggestions? (trying to keep the total amount of mods low so that groves and nopony can maybe join)


File: 1474718296580.jpg (99.17 KB, 1000x627, AWM_P00406_026-L.jpg)

Nah, if you guys want an adventure mod pack, I'm down.
M-maybe I can do something else with my time for once…
I still have nightmares from the last train railway…

Anyway, what is this ascension mod?


New Mobs! Skills that you level up! Different dimensions. Loot and tones of new items


So…the plan is not to build a town this time but go on adventures?


That was my plan. Building a safe town in this pack would be hard, so a town pack we should consider something else..

I mean, what do you want to do?


I'm down for adventuring! As long as it's in team.


File: 1474718729072.png (386.27 KB, 1075x1518, 1467460910854.png)

>have nice character ideas that don't fit currently needed NPCs for mons



Well. We don't need to actively inhibit building to adventure.. right?

>only crackpack seems to have a dungeon mod + railcraft

>but its got a huge list of things I don't even know about
plz send help



Ooga booga
Woman must stay and collect vegetables and make home while men go out adventuring!


File: 1474719476025.png (491.77 KB, 540x663, 1472022293169.png)

>can't connect to Sylt's server

I forgot what to do in that case again


well its currently broken
so now you're chance to get a calmer modpack in.


It's my host. The server was running fine yesterday but during the night it went into read only mode because of a coherency error on the disk and stack overflow 's tips didn't fix it, so I just re-imagined it. It's a simple vps after all. Wrong.
It's now stuck re-imagining.


File: 1474719961406.png (1.24 MB, 964x1320, 1473412538750.png)

I don't want a calmer modpack. I'm curious what an adventurous modpack looks like.
Plus if it's a very hard modpack building that one house that works will be more rewarding!

Though I'd need to think how to have a nice garden without monsters spawning

>tfw imagining a hideout built into the rocks with one outside terrace high above the monsters with torches everywhere


Okay guys, get this, crackpack has a mod called Galacticraft, which lets you go to fucking space or something.
Do you think that nopone can run that. hahaha probably not right


Is that like no man's sky?


except with actual multiplayer
space adventures with the team
man that would be cool if it worked for everyone


Yea, but the problem with AoA is that those mod's mobs don't care about light, the more I think about it, the more using it seems like a hassle even if everyone had very positive reviews and it would force adventuring/ be rewarding to build things. I don't want it to be too hard on you


I'd like to try that.


File: 1474720860907.png (576.47 KB, 670x762, 1471106174962.png)

i-it won't be I'm not scared!


Well. on the one hand its something nopony can run!

It looks pretty cool.
Definitely want to attempt to enter blocky space moon and blocky mars


File: 1474721029863.jpg (614.97 KB, 400x1200, 1474720888121.jpg)


But what do you want, Andy?


I want a club sandwich
I want a $10k a night hooker


File: 1474721149656.webm (3.58 MB, 640x480, imagine_waking_up_and_goi….webm)

Here's a (You)


right now I want to mount an expedition to build a massive pony altar for each important pony, it can only be built in a location fitting each pony of course, so fluttershy's must be in a forest, applejack's on a farm, and Luna's must be on the moon.

I really just want to explore with you fags


File: 1474721319810.png (52.16 KB, 214x166, 1474592756955.png)

Then we shall explore!


worst case we force sylt to make us a different world with a calmer pack so township is feasible



>Looking down the crackpack list
>Wings Horns & Hooves, the Ultimate Unicorn Mod
>unicorns and pegasus pones
we must try this modpack


>Look up the episode description
>It's a Sionbait episode


File: 1474723405849.jpg (29.17 KB, 542x478, Lp9rKs6.jpg)


>should never
the poster surely mistyped, that should be "should always"


Dania and Buttermilk Caprine adventures when?


Maybe they are having them right now!


File: 1474723686729.png (1.24 MB, 2000x2000, 1467475325656.png)

I really wish I could quest right now


File: 1474723756160.jpg (75.35 KB, 639x700, jlFgGpe.jpg)


File: 1474723793933.jpeg (260.12 KB, 967x761, 720470__safe_monochrome_p….jpeg)

At the current rate, the Sombra counter will run out in 23 days on October 17

I think we all know that when the counter finishes they will announce that it is only 15 more days until they reveal new details about her at Blizzcon! Expect to see Sombra some time next Spring!


there there

Convincing guards to let them into the elusive preview of the musical mouse band!


>Musical mouse
Who thought this would be a good idea?



The same guys behind the flea circus.

they're adorable and tiny and sing and play all kinds of instruments, or so its said. direct competition for goat if true!




File: 1474724333392.png (341.53 KB, 600x438, 1337295359188.png)

I need a studious pon


That's an even worse idea
What if sheep trained them for other, more sneaky things?


in 2 hours the apprentice of the apprentice pony will do magic


File: 1474724516012.jpg (97.94 KB, 977x750, 1347985544340.jpg)

this pony?

heh, see an adventure already!


File: 1474724618989.jpg (944.77 KB, 2592x1944, IMG_20160924_140905.jpg)

>went downtown to get some tobacco for my hookah
>walking back
>at the city center, there were stalls for folk music/food/crafts
>there's a smith, stop by to listen
>it's so interesting I end up staying there for half an hour
>he keeps asking the audiance some things, some of it I answer and question back, also mention I've been to a smithy a few months ago and made a horseshoe
>when I say that he asks me to be his 'apprentice' for a task
>we do the thing where we hammer the iron together, me with the big hammer and he with the smaller between swings, he even made rythmis music between some swings by hitting the anvil with his hammer

Today was pretty cool


File: 1474724680451.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 2592x1944, kép.jpg)

Oh, that's a keychain I brought from him for 2 euros

Also, 5 minutes later I saw a Hussar and asked him if I could get on his horse, and he said yes.
Spoilered for attention-whoring


I saw you mounting a horse



Yes, see the post above.


File: 1474724774954.png (289.29 KB, 759x819, 1434552833389.png)

Oh, there it is.

Yes, that pom


Fuck server hosts.


File: 1474727003945.jpg (276.36 KB, 1280x720, 1472598074529.jpg)

- Geniji


File: 1474727474921.jpg (106.37 KB, 1600x897, meme ecchi.JPG)


File: 1474727524459.png (1.29 MB, 1957x1400, 1472025190362.png)


File: 1474727833565.jpg (113.62 KB, 500x800, 1382375517256.jpg)


File: 1474727913776.png (513.49 KB, 626x444, It has begun.png)


>meanwhile, on planet Meme Hell


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