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Pone with bone


the "FTB Presents Crackpack" list contains space and mounting ponies. this is made for us.

I'm just scared that nonpone will not be able to run it


File: 1474728320902.jpg (798.94 KB, 1200x900, 1348675035637.jpg)

study hard
I'm too tired to keep an eye on you


File: 1474728378219.jpg (156.52 KB, 1200x1106, 1422695447125.jpg)


>Aunt doesn't get Discovery Family



What is Knives Chau doing with Mako in the Mako driving up that Mako?


File: 1474730800849.jpg (124.66 KB, 1000x1414, 1469655092965-0.jpg)


File: 1474730834327.jpg (105.09 KB, 637x960, 1474485749736.jpg)

>watching brother play Mario Maker

Some of these level designs are downright diabolical


File: 1474731005246.png (129.3 KB, 640x367, 1320777128771.png)


time for new horse


>fluttershy and Bernard the rabbit had the same voice actress




t. Twilight


>What's next?
>We make Spike clean instead of using our magic


>can't watch horse because tethered


>turning fun into learning


>they didN't make Spike clean it


>threesome with Starlight

THis episode really is fetish fuel incarnate


>two horses on your dick at once
oh boy







File: 1474731335392.gif (557.37 KB, 516x516, 1246987__safe_screencap_an….gif)

Glimmer pls magic me


Glimmer has a portrait of Trixie in her room


>literally me when studying


>optimal chillaxing



Glimmer confirmed oblivious about chillaxing


80 moons IS a lot


Would Pinkie sing a song while you fuck her?


Good god


"Anal? I wrote a song about that!"





I foresaw you being aroused by this episode


I foresee you popping a boner whenever a pony gets shrunk.
See, I can do that too.


File: 1474731857174.jpg (167.03 KB, 800x800, 1465158882291.jpg)

It doesn't happen nearly enough. Once ever, twice if you count the breezie transformation AKA Hasbro Sells Toys.

You get new villain girls every season!




File: 1474731905134.png (531.91 KB, 2000x1900, 1322672599848.png)

oh boy


This episode is fucking great


>all the animals
knew it


The gags in this episode were pretty amusing


You can take our farm but you can't take our freedom out of ten


Being into vanilla fetishes pays off once again


Insects aren't animals!


Also, considering the size of the castle, that was a pretty small number of insects


Some were probably on the floor instead of on her body


Maybe the centipedes ate the rest

Whole heck a lot of responsibility


File: 1474732350763.jpg (30.78 KB, 640x360, 1317627481129.jpg)


Maybe they have pone magic pest control


File: 1474732404313.png (6.87 KB, 500x500, 966584__safe_rarity_applej….png)

>Insects aren't animals
Yuro adukation


This ending part reminds me of Isabelle Ruins Everything


>your friends

Why does Twilight insist on pushing her own friends on Glimmer?


When will Spike /ss/ with Glimmer?

The whole season has been building toward it



Hungover Rarity is my new favoruite


File: 1474732622866.jpg (102.53 KB, 1280x721, 1474587940784.jpg)

Soon (tm)


Reminder that this is the THIRD chance she's getting for the whole "don't mindrape ponies because you're anxious about making friends"


>Castle has a spooky wind just for the storage of spiders




File: 1474732803251.png (1013.38 KB, 1708x1316, 1468908445168.png)

>"Twilight, I don't understand. In what kind of universe does mindraping ponies and taking away their cutie marks, not to mention the whole destroying timelines, net you a job with the monarch of a country?"
"Well dude, you just answered your question."


That was my thought too
New castles are built with creepy abandoned areas?


File: 1474732853501.jpg (259.2 KB, 1000x800, 1344254109977.jpg)

kawaii episode


10/10, not a meme answer

It had laugh out loud moments
Perfect pacing
I can't think of one thing the episode could've done better


File: 1474732895594.gif (198.22 KB, 512x532, 1469107984848.gif)



File: 1474733039472.png (623.71 KB, 648x744, 1474732332031.png)


>final boss has a sucker punch attack that requires constant dodging and also makes it invincible
>do it once and it has almost no HP left
>cannot do it again


>Random quest boss can cast an entangle that even druids can't escape with shapeshift, and also places AOEs that deal massive damage if you don't move out of them


Which game is that?


File: 1474733220281.jpg (1.14 MB, 2560x1536, 20160924_124526.jpg)


WoD """quality""" quest design



File: 1474733735539.jpg (403.02 KB, 1900x1069, 1466053127267.jpg)


File: 1474733811901.jpg (56.09 KB, 600x798, 1471708539809.jpg)

>Maali's favorite drink


To be fair, the AOEs are not targetted, they are area-based. It's a way to teach raid mechanics while questing.


so don't combine it with an unescapable entangle


Isn't that stuff only used to have the "Ah you foolish hero! I shall be back!" dastardly escapes? They together? Which quest is it?


the one where you kill the iron wolf


Name? I honestly don't remember, had to do all WoD quests anyway.


The Iron Wolf
Objective: Slay The Iron Wolf


>horde side
Only did Alliance and Neutral ones.


File: 1474736035117.jpg (123.68 KB, 500x309, FuBdIGt.jpg)

You know it


File: 1474736299786.jpg (2.36 MB, 400x4800, 1474721646879.jpg)


What the fuck


File: 1474736638469.png (81.54 KB, 678x478, 1474315638135.png)


File: 1474736754355.png (82.47 KB, 400x240, 1474719802895.png)

>he doesn't know the penis demon vidya series


That's deeply disturbing but reminded me of Gorky 17


File: 1474736824745.png (1.29 MB, 2062x1387, 657641__safe_twilight spar….png)

>Selena stayed cooped up in her room on the pirate fleet making potions and pretending that she wasn't under contract with pirate raiders


File: 1474736854617.jpg (181.94 KB, 450x327, raidou rape.jpg)

There's a lot of genuinely unnerving moments in the series, but then there's also this


And I don't really want to thank you


File: 1474737499756.jpg (124.92 KB, 365x462, for some reason serph is h….jpg)

What a shame


Welcome back, sub!
Is there a bigger mark of true plebishness than not liking SMT?


There's plenty I'm sure


>keep getting meme weapons over and over and over


File: 1474741339749.png (122.06 KB, 242x251, me and my messiah.png)

This is why humanity must be fixed


File: 1474741419687.jpg (429.17 KB, 1920x1080, 20160924202148_1.jpg)

>don't know what to play
>end up replaying DaS
>want to run a spear build
>oh look it needs 15 dex
>well parrying dagger needs only 14
>run parry fishing build yet again
I will go look for that Black Knight Halberd, I swear!


Buy TES Adventures: Redguard.


I don't enjoy text adventures.


Was that a joke?


Yes. Because of how old redguard is.


It's a really nice retro adventure game though.


>now using a claymore too


This is new. Lautrec is not in his cell.


This game


Okay get this.
I only ever killed asylum and taurus so far, as bosses, and despite that Lautrec already killed the firekeeper at Firelink.


If she didn't know, it's not illegal!


How's that server coming along?


>brown chest, junk
>brown chest, junk
>Gatling Gull in the worst possible arena
>AK in the shop but it costs twice the amount you can earn on the first floor

Thank you game
Thank you


Waiting on the host to solve my ticket.


I actually liked that since I have to hunt them for an item, but it gave me shit and not a weapon
>3 keys but can't go to secret area because the the fucking enemy in that room keeps shooting the water barrel I need to access it

Fuck my shit up, game


At a certain point I am going to have to just learn to accept the fact that my aunt forgot to go into town and fill her larder before leaving.

I've been subsisting entirely on pancakes because that's THE ONLY FOOD IN HER PANTRY.


File: 1474745012415.png (73.56 KB, 202x222, 1474316031031.png)

>I only have pancakes to eat

Poor you


You mean you don't have private catering?


There are also hotdog wieners here. Without buns.

And like 10+ kinds of dip but no chips.

It's my aunt's house. I'm watching it for the week.

She doesn't even get ponies on TV.


Oh wow, so sad.

>wf is literally to cheap to spend a few bucks on some bread


File: 1474745188371.jpg (196.71 KB, 1024x1024, 1348767735182.jpg)

Why would a poorfag's house need to be watched?



I see.

Well just order jimmy jons or something


I might go to Cici's. I like it because buffets are a good value and barely anyone sells alfredo pizza, which is my favorite


File: 1474745723468.jpg (61.72 KB, 670x960, 1377496010918.jpg)

top american


Do they have those in Kansas?


A cici's? Yea. I'm pretty sure there is one a short drive from here.
I don't like dealing with the kids screaming and the food feels cheap so I don't go


Yeah, the quality of the restaurant REALLY varies depending on who the franchise owner is.

There's a really nice one in my town because it's a rich area, but the one in the neighboring town is usually dirty and they let the pizzas sit too long under heat lamps without making fresh ones.


File: 1474746266948.png (106.95 KB, 447x447, 1431441899126.png)

I'm not jelly of you getting high quality cheap pizza buffet. I'm not!


>You will never have Kotone powers and go to a restaurant and buy a kid's plate and size it up to fill the whole table while staring your upset waiter in the eyes daring him to say somthing


That's a little rude!
plus it would be more fun to shrink everyone so the kid's plate is a massive table size meal to them.always use every excuse to shrink someone


File: 1474746779991.png (150.58 KB, 849x700, 1454877154948.png)

>always use every excuse to shrink someone


File: 1474746856214.jpg (37.08 KB, 640x583, are_you_serious.jpg)

Are you telling me that shrinking the KO'd guards to hide their bodies isn't a good solution and is going too far?


File: 1474746930903.jpg (31.58 KB, 433x495, 177844__safe_applejack_cut….jpg)

The shrinkiest fairy

>Andy gets in trouble at Fern Gully because the elders say she has to stop shrinking woodsmen


>they can't hurt the tree is they're tiny! Its brilliant!


So it's time to shrink Kelani then?
For sneaking?


>We're running out of space to keep them all!
>…Unless they can get smaller.


…Shrinking to sneak? Great idea! I always knew you could do amazing things, but this! A new stroke of inspiration. We can crawl through key holes, slip under doors, hide under hoof bags. They'll never see us. Come take the potion and sneak with me you glorious scientist. There are treasures to seek.

unf unf


File: 1474747357716.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.07 MB, 2280x8806, 1464234314704.gif)

Also Kotone's shrinking is a lot more ethically sound than Fern Gully shrinking, on account of the fact that it wears off and you're not potentially really ruining someone's life.

Not pony, but "smaller than fairy" related


H when?

uuuuh… you can go ahead and get shrunk yourself, I'm fine as I am!


Definitely Monday. I guess I might today? But it seems like we're the only three around and it's already lateish in the day…

Perhaps tomorrow then?


You could run for me, I'm fine with that!


File: 1474747481887.jpg (69.02 KB, 800x450, 1431067269607.jpg)

Oh. That's very good.


File: 1474748224264.jpg (28.92 KB, 339x360, 1375777253349.jpg)


File: 1474748469545.gif (7.59 MB, 465x250, Kelani does his thing befo….gif)


>Almost 330

I have to eat eventually…

But the longer I wait, the more sapped I feel and the less like leaving for food I feel

Even that sentence wasn't written very well


File: 1474749506854.gif (277.86 KB, 700x814, 1422240783164.gif)


File: 1474750035870.gif (18.19 MB, 720x406, EfFje4G.gif)


File: 1474750495083.webm (531.93 KB, 426x240, 1469681515209.webm)


>almost 20 megabites
>still shit quality
>not even interesting


>lautrec killed firekeeper before first boss was down
>have to walk back from parish to blighttown


File: 1474751628255.jpg (100.72 KB, 1280x723, 1473487026315.jpg)


File: 1474751931202.webm (7.99 MB, 416x234, electrofag.webm)


That guy has a YT channel, he is fucking great


So work took longer than expected. Is Destiny still possible, or is it a no-go today?


Some other time.


Sorry I got back so late. Picking a ton-and-a-half of grapes took longer than I thought it would.


Meh, fuck it all anyway.


But how else will we toss a baby zebra into an oven?


Hire someone to do it


File: 1474753541099.gif (383.61 KB, 200x150, Sad Aquaman.gif)


I'll try to do weekly sessions from now on to get back into it with both of you.


I'll try to actually be there for them.
Enjoying the Gungeon so far?


Thanks again for it
I'm addicted to it


Well, don't OD on it. Salt should be taken in reasonable quantities.


It does shaft me with shit guns every other run


File: 1474756915667.gif (1.81 MB, 350x297, 1471710727647.gif)


File: 1474757600947.gif (876.19 KB, 1061x902, 1456019688473.gif)

I'll just go to bed


Night Nopo.


File: 1474759848293.gif (1.25 MB, 200x163, 1469364635049.gif)

>Don Rosa is a guest at facts, local con



>this much ded

I'll just go to dedbed




File: 1474765456647.png (749.3 KB, 786x826, 12Shinmyomaru4.png)

I feel so sapped

I should eat….


File: 1474767396539.png (1.14 MB, 1069x767, 1444549703677.png)

>manga I was following years ago
>bi-monthly release
>stopped somewhere around the 10th volume
>find a pic of it on /tg/ today
>only a crop
>huge spoiler
>decide to pick it up again
>it's finished
>MC dies half a volume later
>20 years timeskip
Ripip. Time for me to sleep.


Can any of you recommend a good current-gen fighting game?


Hey the normal last boss from my fave Touhou. What a hype fight that was.
What manga?


Billy Bat


[external screaming]


Where you at with it?


Well I hadn't read it for a couple years either, I just remember him still doing investigations and stuff.

I really liked Pluto, though.


I started reading Urasawa stuff with 20th century boys. Even bought the whole thing physical after finishing it online.
Imo his stuff goes
20th -> Monster -> Pluto
Bat still in the air for now.


Who would you include in the roster of a fighting game based in the works of Naoki Urasawa?


King of Fighters is the new hotness.


File: 1474768552317.jpg (63.5 KB, 319x358, o004.jpg)

Also I just noticed.
See how he's flipping the comic?
It's the standard right to left flip you'd see in a manga. But that's an american comic he's reading.
The Astroboy cast
Smith (old)
White Bat and Black Bat
Young Kenji with store clerk skin
Old Kenji with guitar weapon
Kanna with ESP attacks
The robot as a boss character.
Einstein with time travel powers
Monster characters are a bit too grounded for any of that.


How's the current Guilty Gear?
Are there lots of DLC characters to buy?
Doesn't the young Johann dress up as a girl? He could be the Bridget of the game.


Add Hitler to the list.
Just ran into him.


He should be in every fighting game as a secret character.


It ended well enough. Though there were some crazy time skips near the end there.


File: 1474772449715.gif (3.22 MB, 500x333, 1474604841839.gif)


>when you accidentally downloaded the arabic subs for an anime


File: 1474773034246.png (284.76 KB, 675x650, 1452251190390.png)


File: 1474773540231.jpg (111.97 KB, 700x662, Meowth cosplayer.jpg)

>showing leg


File: 1474774418808.jpg (219.13 KB, 2480x2748, bf58477e8bbbc819da91d9c66e….jpg)


File: 1474774596125.jpg (161.11 KB, 1000x1141, 1419312507094.jpg)


File: 1474776417360.png (210.68 KB, 500x379, 1474760998551.png)

Brendan, I've noticed over the past couple of days you and May have been avoiding each other. What happened?
>Oh, nothing.
Nothing huh. Well it didn't look like nothing when the both of you walked off opposite sides of Route 102. Tell me what happened?
>Well a few days ago May and I met a new girl out a-
Wait wait wait. New girl? No new families have moved into Littleroot, Oldale, Petalburg, or even Rustburo in the past couple of months.
>Yeah I know, we found her wondering the beach outside of Petalburg. She was friendly but not talkative, and we played with our Pokémon for a few hours.
Okay. What happened with this new girl that caused you and May to avoid each other?
>May and I were training in Petalburg Woods and the girl found us. We said hi and she came up to me and kissed me on the cheek.
Huh huh huuh. So May's jealous that you got yourself a girlfriend.
>No it's not that Steven.
Well what is it then? You've been avoiding May too, so you must have feelings for this girl.
>Well she is very pretty, she wears a bright red summer dress and has auburn hair that almost mat-


File: 1474776478099.jpg (143.79 KB, 780x635, 1456633138347.jpg)

Brendan promise me you'll never go near that girl again!
>What? Why? What's the pro-
>Alright, alright, I promise jeez.
Ugh, sorry about that Brendan. But you to know that girl you kids met is probably a Latias. Being quiet, being friendly, being flirty, and having auburn hair are all dead giveaways. The best advice I can give to you is to avoid all auburn/red haired girls, even if you're sure they're human. You may think to yourself, "Hey if I cozy up to this Latias she'll let me capture her and I'll have an OP legendary to pewn noobs," or whatever you kids say nowadays. But Latiases are nothing but a bunch of harpies. They don't want to battle, they just want to touch you everywhere Brendan. They spam Internet threads with their selfies, porn, cropped porn. If you aren't careful you might one night go to a strip club in Lilycove with your boys, and bring back home one of the girls. Then the next morning you'll wake up with a dragon/bird/plane in your bed. You may think it's cute and all fun, but in a week she'll leave you to chase any Latios that isn't her brother. Then you'll be forced by the government, damn bastards, to hand over half of your Champion salary in egg support. Do you want that Brendan?
>N-no sir.
Good. Now go tell May what I said to you. But hold the part about you liking that Latias….and what happen-, WILL, will happen to you if you don't stay away from red heads. Got it?
>Got it.
Good. Now get out of here.


File: 1474776495238.gif (1.28 MB, 267x200, 1403963633244.gif)

Good job.




Maali, here's my proposed Deer Racial:

Attributes: +2 Wisdom +2 Charisma -2 Strength

Base Speed 40ft
Medium (1x1)

Lean Season
Natural Attack 1 (Antler/Horn)
Free Hint


I could also just modify the Unicorn or Elf racials


File: 1474778244270.png (5.74 MB, 3000x2400, That's NOT how you settle ….png)


What are those Bunny things on the left and right?


>+2 Wisdom
Wouldn't Dexterity be more fitting?


To the best of my knowledge, they're some sort of OCDNS race of rabbitfolk that just sorta exist. Also are part of the Equestrian Army/Air Force/Etc.


Deer get stuck in all sorts of things, though.

It's mostly to show a deeper connection to Gaia.

They're cute, I'll give him that. Is that a Goat behind Derpy?


I don't… think so. The one playing piano's supposed to be a hippogryph, I think.


File: 1474778638441.png (967.03 KB, 1280x1734, tumblr_obt5omLgkD1qe5ejbo2….png)

These are good and very fitting for Maali for the most part yea
God fucking dammit Fidget I was gonna post that you fucking asshole fuck you
Exactly what Knight said
besides deer are very wise


File: 1474778772764.png (4.02 MB, 3240x2690, The average night in the R….png)

Nyeh nyeh.


File: 1474779310784.png (3 MB, 2880x1620, Blackperch Bazaar.png)

Anyway, I guess I should go to bed.
Have more non-standard races filling out the back- and foreground.
And Knight, to answer your earlier question about whether it was a goat or not, I think it might have been a Qirin/Qilin. Or something similar to your average horse-dragon.


Why is everyone always fighting in this guy's pictures?
Also night


File: 1474779348896.png (204.07 KB, 469x941, 1472146050370.png)

>ate pancakes for breakfast
>still no psychic powers


Do you remember what your original point distribution was, or should I try to keep it close to what you had?

Or just go ahead and post which ones you'd give priority to. Last time, your sheet had the following

Highest Priority: Dexterity and Wisdom
Third: Charisma
Fourth: Intelligence
Dump Stats: Constitution and Strength

Keep it like that.


File: 1474779410020.png (2.26 MB, 1800x1900, How hippogryph is formed.png)

Because action scenes are probably more fun to draw.


yep that was pretty much like that.
Wisdom was primary, Cha and Dex were secondary and the rest was poor
Gays can't have babyes, Fidget


But that's a girl griff


I'm not too sure about that BDN


In an interview with Business Insider, Jeff "Renew the Loo" Kaplan plans to buff Symmetra in November


I remember in the original series, a woman with a sniper rifle made it to the Zevil Island elimination stage.


wait fuck wrong thread


You get 3 Origin Skills. Do you still want them to be Acrobatics, Sneak, and Survival? You can switch them around if you want.

Pick a RITUAL Weapon. This is a weapon that your people were trained with and had some importance your Gaia worshipping family.

Actually, start at Page 308 and go from there. Write down a few things you'd like and we'll go from there.


How nice
Acrobatics sneak and survival, yes
AS for the ritual weapon, they already had their necklaces that are their bonds with nature, so those are their 'ritual weapons'


I don't know if I can allow that one, since it says Weapon. I'm willing to treat it as one (you get it back during downtime), but it might be wise to look into one. Something like the Shield's, Boomerangs, or Staves.

I should mark down your alignment as Nature or Gaia?


that's fine. The weapon can be staves made of wood then

Is there a difference between the two?


>Difference between the two?
Gaia feels like worshipping a deity
Nature is more of being in tune with everything

The recent Magi-pocalypse has thrown both out of whack.

For the Staves here are your options:
Long Staff gives you Reach+1 and Trip, 2 handed
Quarter staff is like a walking stick, 2 handed
Shod staff is the same as the Quarter, but deals Lethal damage.
Short Staff is 1 handed, but only deals 1d6 subdual damage
You can also take the Tonfa. Deals 1d6 subdual damage and let's you guard with it.



About an Hour and a half.

It's 3 AM for Maali, he'll probably zone out.


Well can we say Maali worships both?
Also he already has a quarter staff
Knight is correct, I need to sleep


File: 1474783814462.jpg (109.47 KB, 839x826, 1419105035688.jpg)

sorry, but I really gotta study


Good night. Respond to these in the morning.

I put two Points into Blunt Proficiency. You still have 2 left. Do you still want one into Unarmed? You can also buy some Tricks.


File: 1474786639493.gif (813.23 KB, 307x584, 1474761625355.gif)

To do list:

Make a Nature Alignment
Post this picture for Wf and Lemon
Spend points for skills (Intimidate being the dump stat)
Calculate the Equipment costs



File: 1474786807161.png (1.52 MB, 1042x952, 1474751857254.png)

Things I need from Maali:

Make sure he spends his Proficiencies (you have 2 left)
Which Paths he is interested
Look at this picture of Backgrounds and their Colors significance
You have 1 Level feat to spend. Use it however you like.


File: 1474787296465-0.png (97.28 KB, 297x339, 1474777615521.png)

File: 1474787296465-1.png (403.87 KB, 1500x1900, 1474590872059.png)

Have two more. Good night.


File: 1474793097089.jpg (78.35 KB, 444x460, 1464425347369.jpg)

>one semester's worth of content last year is now just half a semester's worth of shit

kill me


File: 1474794649812.webm (3.15 MB, 480x360, hurting me.webm)


File: 1474795125458.webm (1.55 MB, 640x360, The Devil's Advocate - NO….webm)

>No milk in my coffee


File: 1474797332866.jpg (31.65 KB, 499x570, tonnin.jpg)

>missed pane
>completely crashed into pieces due to a headache already at midnight
Not the best saturday I've had


File: 1474797516884.webm (4.13 MB, 288x360, 408806.webm)


File: 1474797776612.png (112.04 KB, 500x380, 1474401621673.png)

Classic meme overdose.


File: 1474798539300.gif (3.19 MB, 960x540, huge human hoedown.gif)

Was there already a 4th eqg movie?


File: 1474798634146.jpg (160.66 KB, 1366x768, Gaia Everfree.jpg)

I don't think it's out yet


>spectate Dad in HS to get a pack
>he also has the Play a Friend quest
>start memeing with him

Oh god, I'm so glad I added him as a friend


White fish movie: An Australian man loses track of his son and drops everything to find him.

Black fish movie: A black man claims he killed a member of the ruling gang and tries to avoid being killed in return.


Lenny wants to pose as a dolphin so he can fit in at the reef. One problem with that.



File: 1474806693166.png (17.64 KB, 100x101, 1357026851324.png)



File: 1474806992284.jpg (23.98 KB, 500x246, b5v1q3G.jpg)


Rebels Season 3 started pretty nicely.


>onlyafro goes to a weeb convention


Okay, seems like I have my server back from the host.
Which means I can try and install a minecraft server on it.



Crackpack just refuses to work for me, unlike Deprived and Cloud9



Try Horizons: Daybreaker.


Is that any better than these two?


It's cataloged as having both magic, tech and exploration mods.


Oh well, it's stuck now anyway.


File: 1474810423027.jpg (91.33 KB, 470x700, zQNwR87.jpg)




This version of Horizons, much like yours, has space travel and dark magic!


File: 1474810643861.jpg (89.16 KB, 595x1056, 1465259197803.jpg)

espeon is 2cute


I could just
Host from home
Fuck this server bullshit, my pc is 10 times better and my home internet has 5 times the upload.


File: 1474811013032.jpg (60.02 KB, 748x720, 1474171326920.jpg)




That was a good buy then
What is even the matter?


Wish I knew.


File: 1474811091473.jpg (25.04 KB, 300x460, Ebina.jpg)








Let's recap where everyone was.
>Selena: Visiting the eastmost Naturalist holy site, Umm al-Maa
>Maeda: In a desperate struggle to escape to the afterlife before a fight breaks out.
>Emrille: Spending time with mom, killing time until she can restore her youth.
>Rhanna: About to dock at Starry Slough, Novdogod
>Lilly: "Able was I, ere I saw Elba"
>Marina and Kotone: Turning Marina's betrothed into a pretty mare


I'm gonna give Maali a few minutes to decide if he's gonna play. Groves is in though right?



File: 1474811967321.png (226.94 KB, 600x600, Sukuna chocolate.png)


I'm convinced this host just SAYS the server is online, and instead leaves it turned off.


Okay, I'll get working on a post


File: 1474812901015.gif (1.54 MB, 300x229, 1449719966892.gif)

>I actually understand this reference
Dear God…


>knowing of two incredibly popular movies for your age is somehow strange


Wait, the black-fish one was popular? I thought it bombed pretty hard.


It's one of those movies which parents rented off blockbuster 6 months after it came out.


Actually it won big at the box office but got murdered by critics. Proving you don't have to be a critical success to be a financial success.

Shark Tale opened at #1 with $47.6 million, which was, at the time, the second highest opening for a DreamWorks Animation film behind Shrek 2 ($108 million).[14] It remained as the #1 film in the U.S. and Canada for its second and third weekends.[15]


Boom. There you go.



Rolling pirate dice [3d10]

Roll #1 10, 2, 6 = 18


Gonna keep 10 and 2.



Roll #1 2, 7, 1 = 10


I'll take the 1 and the 7


Server's up. Horizons Daybreaker modpack. Poke me on steam/whatsapp for ip.


>poke me on steam
>goes offline


Musical theme for Sylt's adventure



Nevermind, this modpack won't do.


>be very careful
I had demon-summoning flashbacks from Yarr1.


You know, even though you lost the first time, it ended up being a moment of triumph when you finally freed yourself at the last moment. And the fact that you failed before means it was more meaningful because you knew there was real danger of losing control to the demon.


Still a bit too much luck based for my tastes. Especially since anything but a crit during the last round of that battle would have meant my death.


In the end, tabletop is always luck. The only time 'skill' really comes in is the character building stage.

I've experimented with so many ways to introduce some kind of skill - mostly puzzles and stuff - but none of it really works.


File: 1474818869159.png (12.51 KB, 153x103, Playing_S10.png)


File: 1474818976128.jpeg (230.64 KB, 750x750, 645986__safe_fluttershy_m….jpeg)

You have this as a choice:
>Wait for Fidget, he may not be available today, Sundays are spotty for him
>Go ahead and continue your personal tinyventures, you will be able to timeskip back and faff with Fidget if he shows up (or if you don't care about playing girls' night out on the town, you can just skip it entirely).


buzz me if fidget comes around, but honestly I'm not feeling it today, just can't miss a chance to berserk post


Do you mean you want Kotone to stay on a boat for seven years?


File: 1474819477461.png (29.37 KB, 207x207, Cheerful.png)

but you're ending the quest tomorrow!


November is 2 months away still


File: 1474819657814.png (14.54 KB, 126x100, kotone_complaining.png)

literally ending today


File: 1474819755019.png (2.5 MB, 6000x4400, 301522__safe_twilight spar….png)


That pony is gonna die. She will be forever preserved, though.


that is not a real horse, just a fancy light-bulb


That is not a real light-bulb, just a fancy non-airtight bottle for storing small ponies.


Leaving in 10 minutes.


File: 1474820276426.jpg (76.13 KB, 1280x854, 1474651020127.jpg)

So what colors would you paint your spaceship?

Hawknia adventures on Monday?




File: 1474820481831.png (260.72 KB, 279x345, Kotone_Naps_In_Dania_Wool.png)

I'll let the crew decide that. I'll be busy staring into the void for strands of visions

also yes I can do that.

okay afk for a while now


Sorry, I had to make a long post for an important moment


>Used suddenly twice in a row
Literally fuck's sake


It's fine, I figured!
Wish I didn't have to leave, but alas duty calls.


I'm gonna stop here since it's just Nopo now

Groves is only kinda playing since Stellaris



Yeah, I can see that.
What's even the point of critics anyways? Their tastes always seem to be such shit.


You mean Shark Tale is good in your opinion?


What's the point of any media? If people consume it at a rate great enough to generate more ad revenue than the critic costs to employ, it generates profit.

Capitialism tells us that anything profitable justifies its own existence.


I'd assume some critics actually attended universities where they got degrees that might give them some insight as to how to rate movies objectively


Well… It's average, I suppose. Not necessarily good, but not shit enough for me to regret seeing it, if that makes sense.
True enough, I suppose.
Perhaps. I just can't help but remember that Tolkien's books were hated by critics, and how IGN is notoriously corrupt. The system is good in theory, but I feel like they could stand to do things a bit differently.


Objective review = plot summary

Critics supply subjective reviews (commentary/opinion). Your goal as a media consumer is to find a reviewer whose taste matches your own and then watch the things they like (because if your tastes match you will also like them)


Reviewing the message should be subjective

Reviewing cinematography should be objective

So say, a Nazi critic could say The Son of Saul is jew propaganda, but could agree that the cinematography in it is beautiful.
The latter half is a shitpost, yes


Beautiful is a subjective word.

Objectivivity is boring. Instead of saying it is beautiful, if you want to be objective, say "The cinematography in Son of Saul is shot in 35mm."


I should have said 'well-thought out' or 'well composed' I suppose


>eating Sunflower Seeds from the USA brought by a friend

Just how much fucking salt do you put on this shit?
It needs to be salted, not fucking swimming in salt!


File: 1474824272161.png (14.7 KB, 514x419, 1464013723060.png)

>go on their website
>'tutorial video on how to eat sunflower seeds'
>heh, let's have a look
>Americans TAKE THE ENTIRE THING in their mouth, chew it apart and then spit out the shell

You crack the shell with your teeth and suck the seed out, you don't fucking chew on the entire thing!


I've seen both ways. I eat it your way, but I know a LOT of people who eat it the other way.

Personally I have gagged on swallowing a shell before so I stopped chewing on the shell.




Why the fuck would you chew on the shell when they open so nice and easy if you just crack at the tip? You don't even need the shells to be in your mouth


I think most people at several at a time since they are tiny seeds, unlike nuts which are much larger.


pumpkin seeds taste better.
Thou fresh sunflower seeds are something neat


I like both, to be honest
But you don't chew pumpkin seeds do you?
Tell me you don't

>eating several at a time
You eat them one by one!


File: 1474825168214.gif (271.01 KB, 238x179, gR2oeu0.gif)

I might be chewing them right now, what of it nigga?


>Eating sunflower seeds one at a time
Hungarians are the hamster race


>let me just shove all this shit into my mouth at once instead of opening the shells one by one, because I love it when the broken salty shells sting my mouth

But why chew them!
Just crack the shells and eat the seeds instead of having to chew it and spit!


>pumpkin seeds
I don't get it


File: 1474825493323.jpg (130.12 KB, 640x452, c0e368ff52ffb48c.jpg)

You know!
They are just like sunflower seeds, you crack the soft shell and suck the seed out!


>Nopo consumed so much salt that he became salty


I just don't understand how you can view the way of showing a million of them in your mouth and chewing the shell apart better than the methoical way of cracking it so you can just throw the shell away


Oh. I baked it without that last time I did it.
that was ages ago thou I admit.
I just don't like eating seeds, they are too small to have substance IMO


because otherwise you're going to be eating them for hours and hours and hours!



I understood that you do, but it seems USA people in general don't!

I mean, you don't eat it because it's substenance that can replace real food, it's like popcorn, you eat it as a tiny snack as you are doing something else, like watching a movie
And it HAS to last long, for example, if you are watching a movie or a sports event, you can keep eating them for the entire duration!
They also just, y'know, taste good.


in the case of popcorn you have the option to eat a handful rather than just one. Sure you aren't able to get 'full' like a meal, but its actually downright annoying to me not to have something at least 2 teeth long to bit. Its why I stopped eating small candies, like nerds, because it feels like eating nothing


I mean, I guess each to their own, but I think cracking the shells of the sunflower is just part of the experience when you eat it.
It's like small tasks to reward you with a small taste.


I'm not sure why I would want to work more to eat something that doesn't taste that great..


I mean, I occasionally get bags that are already without shells, because I personally like the taste, and they are somewhat healthy if you eat seeds like that every now and then.
I'm also just hyperactive or someshit and always need to occupy myself with something and sunflower seeds are great for that


File: 1474826906264.png (151.41 KB, 234x307, whelp.png)

that explains it then

I also dislike messy food in general, handles many wrappers or shells is a hassle


I mean, I just collect the shells in a small bowl so I can just pour it all out in the trash when I'm done with it


You can do that, sure, its still an extra step in cleaning that up, where if you say, slice up an apple and sit down with it, you've already thrown that stuff away and don't have to worry about getting back up to toss it into the trash/compost.


I mean, if you get an apple you take out the plate and knife, slice it up, carve out the housing of the seeds, those hard parts, slice it up, throw out the trash then go eat
With sunflower seeds you just take the bag and the bowl and go at it right away! Start and stop wherever you want, you can eat them in several sitting, it's not like it's going to go bad or the shells are going anywhere


I would rather do all the work before trying to relax, rather than the act of relaxing creating more work. On principle. Its much easier to relax knowing I don't have to worry about a single thing.


I mean, cracking open shells is the most mindless thing ever, you don't have to conciously focus on it and exert any effort.


For you perhaps.
For me, I would constantly look down at the pile of shells and it would be pressing on my mind that it shouldn't be there and I should throw it out.


Even if they are not just lying around randomly but collected in a designated little plastic bowl for them?


This what I'm trying to tell you, seeing that kind of thing, even collected in a bowl, sitting anywhere near me, would create a tension in which I wouldn't relax.


I didn't know you were that much into cleansiness!


File: 1474827993632.png (403.5 KB, 824x816, TraumatizedElf.png)

I'm by no means a neat freak, but garbage attracts bugs, and growing up in the country that's not something you can chance.


File: 1474828224450.png (2.79 MB, 1920x1360, 1474790590667.png)


>Andy lives in the country, doesn't know about citylife
>Nopo lives in city, can't imagine countrylife



File: 1474828327708.jpg (16.1 KB, 236x361, 1474796978234.jpg)

I ship it


>implying I'm a city slicker

Just because I live in one now does not mean I never had country experiences.
I DO live in Hungary, remember?

Empty sunflower shells are really not going to attract anything though!


>he thinks that flies and such won't come after his 'empty sunflower seed shells'



>inb4 sitcom

Not even fruitflies or those tiny fly things.
Not even at home, and that's by no means a big city


I've seen it happen outside, bugs are literally stupid and will attempt to eat it.


It's not like all the windows are always open to let them come in for it though


Please, back home I had to be very careful about opening the screen door, tapping it to knock bugs away. And god help us if the screen door was ajar.


File: 1474829949317.png (151.7 KB, 800x700, tumblr_ntvweoqVVA1rss0c2o9….png)


Do you remember the 2 or 3 Paths you picked out?

Oh, and can you go through this:


>the pony hide falls off
>inside there's a psycho deer


File: 1474830318219.png (39.61 KB, 1247x559, 1444336697809.png)

I thought I only had to pick one? weird
Also yes, in a minute
Deer is just happy to see you


For options, then we'll go from there.


File: 1474830839722.png (395.28 KB, 1336x801, hahaha.png)

I'm really too tired today to play well


File: 1474830880546.png (461.58 KB, 800x800, Learn to swim Lad.png)

I live.


Wew lads.
Is the lag manageable at least?


File: 1474832129083.jpg (53.22 KB, 539x539, 1445707396566.jpg)

Yea. I can not blame lag for my death.
it was teh skelly in the armor with the enchanted bow that did me in


Nice, I'm hyped to play a hit now!


Fucking phone.
Bit. Play a bit.


I can't wait really, It looks neat and I already found a mystery


A spooky mystery?


A spot with spooky voices




The server is haunted. We should call a witcher.


but I don't have any gold for the contract..


Perhaps they can be employed in exchange for goods or services?


What.. like a chicken?


They usually take your firstborn instead


So they can become a heartless monsters too!
No thanks I'll keep listening to the spooky ghosts


File: 1474838403954.png (335.93 KB, 499x449, 1470822764647.png)

>It's a DM's genocidal bullying causes a Fallen Empire to attack Groves episode


File: 1474838505492.png (233.58 KB, 436x338, UpsetPony.png)


File: 1474838578002.png (511.47 KB, 1280x828, A-and that's where I draw ….png)


>Wrest world from neighbor by force
>Develop it until it has enough population to build administrations
>Resettle one of my own race into the administration position
>Genocide the original race on both worlds
On one hand, incredibly efficient
On the other, I was the single most hated empire in the galaxy


File: 1474838968028.jpg (30.64 KB, 368x324, Shiva is tired of this.jpg)

You're an embarrassment to the alliance.


If only you hadn't told the Ancient Ones to fuck off right as the fucking Tyranids were invading the galaxy.


I didn't expect them to become hostile that quickly


File: 1474839524253.png (796.33 KB, 1100x1100, You want to boop MY snootl….png)

Well, gonna go wash dishes. See you guys in a while.


Some friends came over, we got high then watched Lion King
Today was pretty cool


Maybe you should have taken that into account before you started Purge #84


When they called me up it was the ONE time I did a war with no aftermath purges.
…because I told them to abandon all their planets near my space rather than handing them over.


They're observers, they observe. You don't think they didn't see all the other shit you've done over the course of the game?


File: 1474840726497.jpg (154.94 KB, 640x720, planning and running a que….jpg)

Mayne next game won't have them


Maybe next game will have Militant Isolationists instead.


File: 1474842632054.png (25.69 KB, 150x142, 1474730439342.png)


Server is up.


File: 1474842694032.jpg (28.24 KB, 297x297, 1470527835465.jpg)

I'll go and see!


Is it still the departed pack?


Horizons: Daybreaker.
IP is different too.


I see!





fatal error has occurred


Goliath online.


also sylt, there is no tinkerer's in this pack, so no smeltry




File: 1474844445854.gif (658.6 KB, 500x623, checking for flankers.gif)

you picked the pack out and didn't notice?


I picked hastily.


File: 1474844581475.jpg (136.12 KB, 390x755, 1443995008993-3.jpg)

you fool


File: 1474844606089.png (8.59 KB, 105x109, a halfling for ants.png)


File: 1474845140257.jpg (147.82 KB, 479x839, Fallen Empires.jpg)

Fallen Empires are a bitch to deal with if you piss them off. Of course one always seems to spawn right next to me.


File: 1474845275962.jpg (252.94 KB, 500x500, 1468651300569.jpg)

well there is a reason that this pack worked so well for nopone! it has no thaumcraft or witchery either


At least there's blood magic.


File: 1474845430198.jpg (256.36 KB, 569x569, 1469735422065.jpg)

and ample server crashes.

But most of these are mods I never used, it could be more fun that way!


Wonder what's up with that. It's less the server crashing and more the server losing connection to everyone.


that so? I thought it was just crashing and coming back immediately.


>Tyranids arrive in Gaius' space, bringing in a collective of about 1.5 million military power
>DM pissed off everyone so he can't reach Gaius to help out
>Send in my own fuckstack of a fleet instead and only arrive in Gaius' space as the Tyranids close in on Earth
>Spend some time sniping Tyranid fleets until it's only the motherblob left
>Meanwhile, DM talks shit to a Fallen Empire which borders my space, causing them to declare war on our alliance
>700k military power fleet starts raping one of my sectors
>Can't send my fleet in because we're still busy killing tyranids and DM can't reach any of us because everyone around him closed borders
So all in all both Gaius and I have taken a pretty hefty beating while DM is powerless to help.


Nope. I'd have to manually restart it. It's probably a problem linked to the fact I'm using port 443.


uh okay


…And you're sure this is completely unintentional on DM's part? Because that works out pretty well for him and his attempts to conquer the galaxy.


If we die off, he's powerless. He has the lowest tech level and we're literally his only friends. The only other major power in the galaxy is a direct result of his rampant purging and warmongering.


In his """"defense"""", we didn't know that Fallen Empire even existed until it called DM to tell him to stop genociding half of the galaxy's species. He couldn't have really planned it, nor did we really see the tyranids coming.


That's why you get yourself a wormhole network.


All three of us use Warp tech.


File: 1474846483173.gif (2.39 MB, 448x252, 1442792228801.gif)

Also I forgot to tell you about the invisible mobs, seems to be a feature of "hardlife" the same mod as the slowly increasing difficulty rating. while we should be seeing normal mobs at our 'easy' level, somehow the bullshit mobs are already spawning.
We dealt with super fast zombies, and an invisible creeper that left a huge hole behind earlier


There's Transwarp, the final one I think, which can reach almost anywhere.


Right that sounds bad. I will see about removing it.


How progressive!


I don't mind the speed, but the invisibility is horrible


>triggering a second crisis event in the middle of the first
Genius. I


I can see why it'd be.
>getting high tier tech triggers a crisis
This is new.


Sentient AI triggers machine conciousness.
Jump drives triggers extradimensional invaders.

Tyranids are the only ones not linked to red techs.


I never got one even though I developed red techs constantly.
Lame ass rng.


There's also the fact that DM basically shares borders with keepers of knowledge, so he basically begged me not to develop robots for the entire game.


Also it might not have happened because you didn't have enough robot pops and/or gave them citizenship rights early enough. Building a ton of them and keeping AI Servitude enabled basically guarantees the machine consciousness crisis.


This is certainly educational.


Okay I disabled the invisible monsters.


File: 1474847815932.png (339 KB, 1000x900, 1441744687840.png)

thanks sempai
Also I'm gonna be done for the night, so sleepy




File: 1474847921453.png (Spoiler Image, 46.17 KB, 392x124, Witcher_Moto.png)

well not in bed completely


I found the option to turn just the invisible mobs off, but I disabled the DifficultLife mod entirely instead. It's rebooting right now.


that's probably better for now, since slowly increasing the difficulty on the world is gonna be bad for our group


I guess that's it for today

Now that Minecraft is not a race to who can get the endgame tech first and more about exploring caves again, I'm feeling the hype


maybe more tomorrow then


Well, I'll have class at 4 and a party in the evening/night, so I'm not sure when I'll have time for it if not before all of that


oh okay that's fine


File: 1474848631534.webm (3.63 MB, 582x427, 1469706639092.webm)


I'll try to play some if I can


no worries, we should investigate the mystery I found earlier when we all get a chance


Left early because of net issues, but I'll be back tomorrow


sounds good


I should make a proper spacecraft base if we want to spess



What mystery was that?
Also, I think I saw a desert village, I'll check that out tomorow


Fuck yea! let's do that. A big complex with long halls and rooms even.



Its a big mysterious spot which cries


Would you join the black mesa of the sub?


…whoa, that just gave me the heebie jeebies

>Kerbal Sub program


But Andy.
I'd be the guy who dies.


File: 1474849132644.png (753.02 KB, 1920x1080, g-man.png)

[breathes heavily]


All you guys should go in your minecraft mod install, go to the mods folder and delete/rename the DifficultLife mod.


you saw it?
Its kinda north east of the house




Also server is back up, give it a few minutes to iron out the lag problem. It's heavy right now because it's still initializing. Goodnight now.


We'll probably just play tomorrow.

I mean, I saw it in the distance as we were running back to the house, but had to log off so Sylt could do his magic.


File: 1474849585245.png (146.76 KB, 339x331, 1470941778717.png)

No idea yet when Breezzzz.



Also, having a semblance of a social life sucks.
I miss my days being a total shut-in.


Okay, goodnight normie


You tell me, I got several parties coming up this week that I have to attend


File: 1474849779495.png (279.27 KB, 1000x750, 1445547780178.png)



How the mighty have fallen…


File: 1474849868824.gif (31.51 KB, 205x39, 1466499246599.gif)

its okay, just let me know when to show up for breezes


Why are you posting pics Andy uses to bait me?


1, Why aren't you sleeping you stupid cunt?
2, I was randomly going through my folder and found it so decided to post this one.


Because that pic baited me, duh!


File: 1474850325553.jpg (22.96 KB, 376x475, Wendigo_3.jpg)


He's dead though.


If you believe that then so is she


She lives in my heart. Night.


File: 1474857014765.gif (1.95 MB, 960x540, Butterfly kisses.gif)


Fidget/Andy adventures?


I thought she went to bed ages ago?


Oh, maybe so

Sub is so ded I thought it was recent without timestamps


Well, that was silly of you.


File: 1474858553247.jpg (44.64 KB, 518x500, 1469818121763.jpg)


File: 1474860933679.png (245.92 KB, 540x473, tmp_29136-1470366741369189….png)


>go to sleep early for once
>wake up later than usual anyway and hardly more rested

Fuck sleep


It's a strange beast, sleep.
You can rest for ten minutes and be more refreshed than after six hours. The human body is fucking weird.


To be fair I woke up after around 6 hours and felt pretty good , but it was still dark out so I went back slp. That was a mistake


Sure sounds like it. And you can't go back to sleep to sort it out, either.



I've had Eu4 sitting in my inventory forever so I decided to finally play a game

>X is a human player and should never be trusted


Also how do I speed up tech research? Just ruler mana? I want to colonize ASAP.


>class in 30
>coffee too hot to drink
>not dressed yet
>only slept 5 hours
Wish I could go back to bed.


File: 1474873654541.jpg (172.37 KB, 850x937, __sukuna_shinmyoumaru_touh….jpg)

>Got barely any quest done this weekend
Maybe tonight


Get some sleep and try again


File: 1474874874957.jpg (25.64 KB, 720x720, 2W1YSnr.jpg)


File: 1474875023107.jpg (119.49 KB, 960x949, 1347735.jpg)


File: 1474875308925.png (34.22 KB, 321x206, TCbazGS.png)


File: 1474875692463.png (103.81 KB, 1200x947, 1468707211522.png)

Good morning, my lovelies.


File: 1474875831402.jpg (52.93 KB, 640x639, aQqmqER.jpg)

Woke up in a good mood this Monday?


File: 1474876937445.jpg (210.05 KB, 900x1366, PlayingWarrior.jpg)


It's been a while since I played EU4, especially unmodded, but ruler mana is going to be your main source of tech income. There's advisers too of course. And eventually universities.


>Afford advisers

Degree in Granada
.7 ducats starting
All the Moors I want


You started your first EU game as Granada?


Well I was a literal emperor at EU3 so I figured I could handle a tough country while learning the mechanics


File: 1474877422268.jpg (389.11 KB, 1920x1078, witcher-3-aerondight.jpg)

I'm disappointed by the lack of my new favourite sword.


Granada might be a bit too ambitious. It's one thing to not start with Castile or England, but there's probably more reasonable options out there.


The Knights?


that's not a finn sword?


Not even the buster or he-men's are!


>Andy leaves to sleep
>Fidget arrives
>Fidget goes to sleep
>Andy awakes


w3 wasn't out at the time of that art!


It's in the series since w1!


I was really really to tired for questing

but the series wasn't meme popular until 3?


File: 1474879076887-0.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, 1474858133953.png)

File: 1474879076887-1.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 1474858767631.png)

So there is going to be some boss/midboss battles in Them Fighting Herds.


something's up with the health regen in the server now


Wait, it's back? Fuck I hated how the carryover Aerondight was such shit in W2


File: 1474880020196.jpg (136.26 KB, 850x1107, __hakurei_reimu_and_sukuna….jpg)

I guess I'm just bored


It's in blood and wine, you actually need to do 5 key side quests before being able to access it.
And it scales with your level. It also charges up as you fight. It's pretty rad.


File: 1474880258736.jpg (96.56 KB, 502x504, 1446723919609.jpg)


File: 1474880711607.png (199.58 KB, 356x256, 1454365367425.png)

>still no milk for my coffee


You should fix that problem the same way I did.
Find a cow.


Sorry, your mom isn't in town AYYYYOOOOOOOOOOO


Just grab any one Hungarian woman :^)


would explain why you're up trying to run quests at 3am


Beautiful hungarian women > hairy italian warthogs


File: 1474881764770.jpg (183.87 KB, 962x1172, Nido_lg.jpg)

just keep dried milk around if you're so lazy you can't get to the store everyweek.


Yesterday was Sunday, so not every store was open, and I did not know 4 bottles of milk were used last week.


File: 1474882127381.png (502.7 KB, 1000x1000, team_flare_grunt_by_fingur….png)

what a punk excuse


You wanna square up, huh?
You want to start some trouble with me?!


>had two really nice games in Hearthstone
>start wondering why I have been barely playing it recently
>zoolock, SMOrc SMorc face face good luck with having 10 board clears I'll put small shit on the board nevertheless
>Hurr Durr I'm a Hunturrd, face face SMOrc SMOrc do you want to concede on Turn 7 or would you like to wait for the Turn 8 Call of the Wild lethal?
>I'm a shaman, SMOrc SMOrc, 4 mana 7/7 and a million damage to face with spells

Oh, right
I remember now
This expansion is atrociously fucking bad


Nah, if I was gonna run quest now I could probably since I could get Nopo and Groves

But bleh

I'll just each nachos and work on fishing instead


Oh, it's just that we aren't good enough because our characters cannot be shrunk, huh,


1. Yes you're not good enough
2. Anyone can be shrunk
3. If Andy wanted to play right now I still wouldn't be in the mood
4. Groves is the one who needs to play most on account of being way behind


Anyone? Even Emrille?


I'm quite hyped for my storyline.


If the circumstances were right!

For instance, apparently both making an enemy and making a friend of Kotone lead to this.

Will you balance the scales?


File: 1474883934862.jpg (813.15 KB, 1280x1815, v7w5itj.jpg)

Sorry I wasn't here last time


You don't need to come to every session, I just run whenever 3 people are around. You can even ask for a session if you see other people on.


I will turn the tides


File: 1474884503305.gif (257.33 KB, 500x500, 23c.gif)

How quickly the tide turns…


>one turn away from stabilizing against face hunter
>one turn away from stabilizing against another face hunter

Everyone who plays Face hunter should be shot in the back of the head like the worthless filthy dogs they are


File: 1474885931361.png (112.66 KB, 549x669, tmp_24250-1474596431314-10….png)

>contemplating staying in school overnight to study


Emrille: Hey, I win another game! Typical of a useless male to lose at everything! I thought you were SUPPOSED to be good at this. I just picked the one with the gun!


I can imagine Emrille would be the type of person who picks cards judged by how they look




File: 1474888150406.png (153.76 KB, 387x466, 1450888400381.png)


You forgot a semi-column.
Let me translate his leetspeech.
Get gabbin or get going.


Fixed the health regen issue which had cropped up after removing DifficultLife. No changes needed.


Start as Luba you dick


No tribals pls, game too boring

I actually thought about playing lowlands and roleplaying as you/groves but I'm not sure I want to bother playing republic without the associated DLC content


File: 1474891570693.png (80.37 KB, 506x292, 1452056542736.png)


>I hate being gay


>tfw the Princesses wil never suck on your ears


They're eating him


And then they're going to eat me
Oh my goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood


Jokes on them, this is my fetish!



File: 1474893924812.jpg (60.66 KB, 500x375, Tortuguita.jpg)

I knew you would say that
To be eaten bit by bit like a chocolate turtle?


>dm wants to dm a quest but his schedule won't let him


More like
>DM wants to DM a quest but he won't let himself


File: 1474894855453.png (228.42 KB, 640x360, Autism goals.png)

If only we could survive on 0slp.

Alas, the flesh is weak.


I'd only take that option if i was still physically capable of sleeping, since i do lileep


File: 1474900656925.png (502.33 KB, 1075x1280, 924861__safe_clothes_eques….png)


Tfw no qt siren


I was toying around with the mine, dug down to the natural cave and walled it off.
Maybe you should awaken them.


File: 1474902406383.png (82.67 KB, 500x500, 1318303824998-(n1319522056….png)

I should pack extra clothes and a sleeping jacket next exam period


Not healthy bro!



Studying in school is way more efficient though!
And our clubroom has nice couches to slp on


File: 1474903092114.png (450.72 KB, 500x4560, 1257662__twilight sparkle_….png)


File: 1474903320081.webm (603.6 KB, 400x400, 1474564111647.webm)


File: 1474903575323.jpg (94.29 KB, 1280x548, 1226348146532.jpg)


File: 1474903789324.jpg (52.23 KB, 776x716, 1321881188691.jpg)


File: 1474903912557.png (1.82 MB, 1600x900, ad4d169c-2653-49cb-949b-ae….png)




One of the antennae on the engine blocks is mounted backwards.


File: 1474904886939.jpg (1.37 MB, 1134x2016, 2016-09-26 18.45.13.jpg)

Prepare your autism
One of the engine blocks isn't like the others


File: 1474905755680.png (381.39 KB, 1200x1000, SnowBerry.png)


File: 1474906589368-0.jpg (448.84 KB, 1600x1066, 1474538738673.jpg)

>It's a 'get an energy drink during the week for reasons' episode

Run a space quest for Groves and Gaius.


I want to that bat


File: 1474908063032.png (681.53 KB, 1024x1024, 1454268678641.png)


File: 1474908496455-0.jpg (517.37 KB, 1178x1608, 1474622308083.jpg)


File: 1474908646269.jpeg (171.53 KB, 1223x1006, 1448791011757.jpeg)


File: 1474908798202-0.png (1.91 MB, 1568x1200, silent_hoofstep_by_scootie….png)


That's a pretty cute image


File: 1474910543211-0.png (794 KB, 1000x625, pony_artbook___pay_what_yo….png)


File: 1474912841411.png (30.3 KB, 167x168, wts.png)

>unicorn in a spacesuit
>has hiccups
>critical mission failure


File: 1474913030910.png (139.13 KB, 640x678, I'm a pony dontcha know.png)


Is today a day for horsing?


Could be, depending on who's about.


File: 1474914811458.png (36.44 KB, 376x410, Kotone in Coconut - high v….png)

>mfw Fidget is the only one around


File: 1474914952846.png (669.56 KB, 1280x966, Rarara grumped 2 colored.png)


File: 1474915069871.png (548.67 KB, 660x495, D91yvRD.png)


File: 1474915114094.jpg (302.41 KB, 961x730, 1474174247733.jpg)


That's three, although the whole reason I was planning to run today is Groves said he'd be free

And Fidge may want to wait for Andy


File: 1474915334503-0.jpg (255.13 KB, 1177x679, space_gryphons_by_alexvana….jpg)

That's so cute, I had to link to it twice


File: 1474915524625.gif (1.97 MB, 352x265, c5f7eb10b0ab6cb7d441970090….gif)

I'll go to bed early anyway so I can watch the debate with /pol/ later.

>again busy on Sat

Having a social life is a curse on Breezie. Maybe Fri will work, I'll ask around


File: 1474915567988.png (73.11 KB, 190x214, 1453864239947.png)

Well I'll be here if you need a doggy in your quest
>Space gryphons



File: 1474915721069.gif (232.14 KB, 248x191, 1474595935136.gif)

I know you said you couldn't play on weekdays but what about Fri?


Groves said he'd be on in one hour to quest


File: 1474916006362.png (61.84 KB, 512x320, Now THIS is pod racing.png)

I'll just wait for Andy.
Shout does good ponies.


Tell Groves I don't have one hour, class at 9 tomorrow. That means bed in 3 hours from now, for me.


>Andy: Not for 2 hours
>Fidget: Not w/o Andy
>Groves: Not for 1 hour
>Sion: Away on Steam
>Nopo: Offline
Maali: Ready
Sylt: Ready


Nopo said he's going to Parta. I have no idea what that means.


Nopo is a no.




File: 1474916854707.gif (8.01 MB, 513x748, 1258801__safe_animated_tri….gif)



That little snout wiggle at the end is adorable.



it was going to be a one season series right?

almost over iirc


There might be a second season, since Singular Impact Dude is getting a second season.


>I thought maybe [the division leader] was a girl
I agree


So that was the end of season 1 huh?



Next arc gets pretty crazy. And then it gets into the Claw arc.


I watched just two pro-level games and saw every single hero played except Symmetra and Torbjorn. That's pretty good balance.

The two snipers only got used at the first start of an attack for about 1 minute though.

I'm surprised how meta Mei has become, she's on a ton of team lineups


Groves said he's here at last

Although everyone else is asleep but Maali

Maybe Andy will get back around 4 and we will have enough players


File: 1474921989041.gif (4.93 MB, 1088x720, giphy.gif)


Anyone knows a good streaming program and how to make stream not have a huge delay?


I'm still around. For 1.20 more.


I use Open Broadcast Software to uStream.

Delays are kind of inevitable. My streams always seem to have a 10 second delay.


>10 seconds
I'm dealing with >2 minutes delays man


Why would you do that


File: 1474922776297.png (30.55 KB, 300x135, 5665041519.png)

Do you have bad internet?

Why not?


Shit that might have been it yeah


File: 1474923132018.jpg (57.14 KB, 480x720, 1465283604867.jpg)



Git a move on.


File: 1474923231406.gif (417.37 KB, 500x279, VtCI0Nw.gif)


File: 1474923242286.jpg (261.45 KB, 1280x973, 1149630__safe_solo_spitfir….jpg)

[1d10' dramatically lands into quest

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1474923244756.gif (745.4 KB, 476x325, Shake and Pank.gif)


File: 1474923335394.png (11.97 KB, 838x438, 1465620048479.png)


yes I'm here


I wonder if the outfits Kotone shrink/grow return to their original size after a time, or if they are permanently enlarged/diminished.



I suppose it wears off like the usual effect of the potion


It's only temporary, although by improving the formula she can increase duration (and has, from her backstory)


So even if she decided to dress up Cumin and conveniently "forget" the kimono, it would eventually shrink again. I see.


yea, unfortunately so.
But you'd have a model to bring to your royal dress maker


True. Though by that point it would be for Marina to wear, as Cumin would be a guy again. Barring a complete reversal of his assertions of masculinity.
I'm sure there are male designs for kimonos, though.


File: 1474924008755.png (362.86 KB, 600x571, CN7ncl3WsAEcNwx.png)

If you wanted to convince her to stay mare, you might be able to do it with the kind of luck you had previously to get her to play dressup. If you don't, though, getting Cumin to feel comfortable with who he is will probably be something you'll tackle further down the line, or if not you then Marina after the quest ends.


She'd prefer to be the lady in the relationship, but I suppose there are workarounds if Cumin decides for himself to stay as a herself.




If Cumin decides to stay a girl, then Marina's just going to have to man up.
Though I can't imagine Cumin's family taking it too well.


Would the marriage really be valid with no heirs?


The holy clerks, bureaucrats, and lawyers of the afterlife listen to a lot of elevator music


post that reaper main cap


Hey, thanks for running but I'm way too tired.
Gonna rest.


File: 1474925055413.png (695.45 KB, 778x655, 1zBKg36.png)






5 more minutes


File: 1474925846868.jpg (83.66 KB, 739x667, 1465720606280.jpg)


You forgot the pins, Kotone!


Oh well


File: 1474926855693.jpg (47.95 KB, 560x444, Nyoron~.jpg)


Why doesn't the richest duo in quest history just buy a dress?


You don't stay rich by spending money all the time!

Although since they only need it for the day, they could just buy a doll and dress Cumin in its outfit.


File: 1474927208045.png (285.11 KB, 1280x871, my_little_pony_vector___an….png)

I don't know how we could be so bad at this


To her name Marina has 2 doubloons, 98 bits, and 111 DLC-brand funny money (equal to 111 bits).
And 670 sand dollars, which are only usable in Aquamarine City.


File: 1474927521261.jpg (66.71 KB, 1280x720, mlfw1438_Screenshot-S02E09….jpg)

and now I ruined the cute dress by being distracted
what a horrible friend kotone is


Marina's willing to let it slide. As she said, now it's become a bonding opportunity between her and Cumin.
And an excuse to get him to teach her how to sew.


Cumin is a good seamstress, she can stitch it up


File: 1474927698902.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, 20120929212658!Rarity_crim….png)

Marina is a strong girl, most would react more like this time.

if you say so
let's just move kotone's box up to marina's room if its so hard to get in and out of where it is.


Marina's also hopeless at fashion. She's probably been wearing that apron and kerchief for years.


which makes a nice cute dress mean even more!


Sylt get some sleep, it has been WAY MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES!


I know it has. Pour me another.


File: 1474928024142.jpeg (61.05 KB, 1024x713, 1155297__safe_shipping_st….jpeg)


Then Kotone can just have some dresses prepared as a wedding gift.


>implying the gift won't be a hoofmaiden to do your mane maintenance


We should dress up your ninja, too. I wonder if she's ever been fussed over.


File: 1474928206089.png (38.76 KB, 321x322, 1444297000392.png)


>that spoiler
actually probably
never again after this


a tiny hoofmaiden?


No, other tinies don't real


File: 1474928955103.jpg (72.92 KB, 337x332, 1473041922966.jpg)









>Case negative 30800
I wonder who that is. Sure can't be Felfire's paladin lover. He got to go to the Twilight Kingdom.


Throwaway number.


I wonder how many times it happened already


I dunno. I'm sorry. I'll run a private session for you some time to make up for it.

The - in this case was to indicate that she was only using the last 5 digits of the case #




probably 'dash' instead of 'tack'


"Thirty, eight hundred."

And yes this would be a confusing way to say it. Radiant has no doubt fucked up numbers before.


Tack's the military spelling though.


File: 1474929711034.png (214.28 KB, 773x934, 1474892326618.png)


Oh, but is it a military afterlife?


Remember you can collect dice

Not that mane lengthening is super important but you may not have anything else to roll for this session since it's pretty faffy


Oh right the dice.

Roll #1 2, 7, 9 = 18


'3d10' oh ok

Roll #1 7, 6, 2 = 15


Guess I'll take 2 and 9.


2 and 7


'1d2' use the 2 now then

Roll #1 2 = 2


Dammit Sylt go to SLEEP

Can't dice the rice

By which I mean Kotone

Because I mean you can't dice a critfail


No. Pour me another.


so what happened?


File: 1474930089507.jpg (147.54 KB, 1920x1080, i7PX4Ue.jpg)

>High School Fleet getting a second season in 2017
Aw yiss.

I think I'll be heading to bed soon, Wf. 10 more minutes.


You didn't lose the pirate die, you can keep it for another roll


File: 1474930294173.jpg (56.34 KB, 640x480, coconut-crab.jpg)

This is what I mean by "giant crabs"

And they really do build underground nests and take things back to hide in them!


File: 1474930446083.jpg (85.78 KB, 400x285, Wall.jpg)



See wf
NOW I can go to bed
Now that the actual investigation starts and the hype introduction carried by DIVINE JUSTICE is over.
Thanks for running.



File: 1474930833490.gif (5.28 MB, 690x386, 1257194__safe_pinkie pie_s….gif)

Even in ded I still serve.


I'm going to head to bed too.

G'night. Thanks for running.


night, hope it was fun


I thought you were going to sleep.


File: 1474930928095.jpg (30.94 KB, 480x344, aed22f8dc2ef554467b8c9214b….jpg)

I slept but then woke up and now I can't slp anymore so I guess I'll just stay here for a while.


>There are people on /mlp/ who think that the writers' handling of Glimmer hasn't been GOAT

Hasbro obviously forced them to do it and it's actually turning out good


How back on track are we?


File: 1474930995922.gif (1.02 MB, 482x475, 1257402__safe_screencap_an….gif)

Glimmer has a hard life


Groves is most-of-the-way caught up, maybe one more good session and he would be good-enough to skip ahead

Anyway, you have plenty of time to finish any faff you want with your family ponoes. We're playing now if you want


You know, maybe Selena should ask the twins what they want to do.
And I don't mean in vacation but if they want to come with her to the Donk highlands or just go somewhere else after we've visited Witherloo


They might like to visit Aquamarine. I'm sure… Aria was the painter, right? I'm sure she'd like going under the sea for sightseeing.


File: 1474931173282.gif (2.18 MB, 674x948, 1431436773667.gif)


File: 1474931265298.png (83.56 KB, 800x800, Oh god she's eating the Lo….png)


Put it in a bottle '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


tiny pone to go obtained


Drink the pone '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1474931347998.png (1.5 MB, 1200x1357, 476931__safe_vinyl scratch….png)

[zelda item theme]


File: 1474932026751.png (192.35 KB, 947x844, 1353657139243.png)


File: 1474932109839.png (18.37 KB, 352x254, Fishy pony on a rock.png)

>tfw your genderbent fiance is a prettier mare than you


>When you're so frail and dainty that you make a chubby cook with a modium of fighting experience look like your prince charming / knight in shining armor


File: 1474932448095.jpg (49.76 KB, 693x960, mmo then and now.jpg)

Be depressed.


File: 1474932556423.jpg (52.16 KB, 500x457, tmp_24250-1455162072089-87….jpg)

>never even got to experience the top panel


I really like that picture friend, may I save it?


I wish, that I could turn back time


'cause now the guilt is all mine


File: 1474932663717.jpg (502.26 KB, 1024x1024, 1474740463265.jpg)

I know that feel too, man. It always seems like I've missed the boat on the good stuff.


File: 1474932684378.png (1 MB, 1600x1500, 665894__safe_solo_rainbow ….png)


brb apartment shaking


File: 1474932850969.jpg (302.74 KB, 1000x700, 1396162840622.jpg)

It's all yours my friend, please don't redistribute though



Why don't we stop here? We made some progress and next time we can start with the salon.


Hopefully Marina will actually be able to afford the full course. Because I doubt Kotone's going to let her walk out of there without it.


Such a spooky cactus!


Could be spookier. At least it didn't have bones.


Such an embarrasment.
Time to hang up the old hat….


File: 1474933336508.png (702.53 KB, 873x1871, 1472080904478.png)


Okay that wasn't bad.

Oh. Okay.


If you're sure it's passed I could keep going, but I didn't want you to get abandoned



I waited to be sure. But yes its over.


Thank goodness. I'm glad we don't get earthquakes on a regular basis here.


Asking if Kotone wants to ride in Marina's mane would probably be a poor idea. Considering how shocked she was by the state of it.


Its a very recent development.


Its incredible that she didn't notice before!


I can only say that it was due to extenuating circumstances. And a ninja.


Makes enough sense, and maybe if you're inside it, its harder to tell.


You'd think being wrapped inside it would be the dead giveaway. Perhaps her seeing a real live seapony glossed over the tiny flaws.


Also they met in poor lighting conditions (a cave), then split up, then only met again in a burning forest after killing a wizard

Everyone was pretty covered in soot and ash at the time


You know, I'm just going to call it paused. We had a good session today but I should get some real work done

Maybe watch debate0


Maybe its hard to tell that its completely frayed into tiny rough hairs, when the hairs are so big that use them as a blanket?


thanks for the session


Thanks for running.
The world may never know.


Post a zebra for me right now or be forever shamed


Yeah, it was fun

4 me


File: 1474934116482.png (591.26 KB, 1000x692, Jarred_Moth.png)


>4 minutes later still no zeebs

You people disappoint me


File: 1474934398238.jpg (191.01 KB, 1045x800, Hayagriva.jpg)

Like this?


Sit own BDN, you get the worst grade


File: 1474934579601.jpg (74.35 KB, 822x567, Image20101118135425932.jpg)


Those are not even close!


You people are the fucking worst

I'll just go to sleep


File: 1474935260241.gif (2.22 MB, 392x421, 1257232__safe_solo_screenc….gif)


Nothing was lost.


File: 1474935689834.png (330.29 KB, 800x1131, Ardette.png)


quest character?


It was one, once.
I think she was from one of Nasse's short-lived quests.


I just played a session of Dungeon World.
Nice little game, super simple and most actions come down to boiling it down to a simple dice roll.
We had some nice world building with the characters, too.
Have any of you tried it out before?


File: 1474936542394.jpg (201.99 KB, 672x945, 1474562301742.jpg)

Oh fine, you whiner.


I have not


…Is that from some weird lewd hentai or the actual manga?


Actual manga. You can tell from the shape of that guy's face near the right border.


It's legit, man.
If you look closer, you can see that she's too far forward relative to the zebstrika to be doing anything, but it takes a minute.
Whether it's done intentionally is up for debate.


Do I look like I know the relative length of a zebstrika's penis?
And of course it was done intentionally. What do you think the Japanese are?


File: 1474937476403.png (127.88 KB, 387x521, 1474648954760.png)

Is she still a virgin?


>implying Pokémon have penises
If the breeders don't know how they procreate, who can say?

Also this Mob Psycho show is alright from the first episode. The OP gets a pass on having counting be part of the song, which is usually a pet peeve of mine.


Why wouldn't she be?
I'm pretty sure they don't mention the breeding organs because the kids on adventures are supposed to be, like, 10~14. Plus, the games are for children.


File: 1474937916468.jpg (23.54 KB, 214x220, 1471271740578.jpg)

Maybe she had a little rump in the mine with a local farm stallion?


>implying the breeders aren't bullshitting to get out of giving all these ten-year-olds The Talk
I meant that you can tell she's in front of the zebstrika's chest, most likely examining it's forehoof.


Come on now. You think she's got time for that?
Regardless, she's a very lewd diva.


Compleeeete mysteryyyyy
Though I do, in turn, like the idea of kids who don't know what sex is somehow coming up with complex breeding and eugenics methods for the most optimal Pokémon.


I wouldn't say she took her time. More like she just took and pseudo-raped him


>implying she would risk getting pregnant and losing months worth of time to carrying a foal
She's probably got a very well-used collection of personal relief objects that she stashes away under Holder's Boulder. Explains why she doesn't want anyone touching it.


Eh I guess that's true.


File: 1474938552016-0.jpg (20.14 KB, 480x342, 1474780861005.jpg)


File: 1474938718583.png (92.3 KB, 1398x884, 1472082705107.png)


File: 1474938804153-0.jpg (78.85 KB, 640x400, 1474800868646.jpg)


File: 1474939106854.png (903.22 KB, 1280x720, 1446954970242.png)

I suddenly realize that for all my pics of pokemon, I have very few which involve said pokemon causing property damage.
I should correct this discrepancy.


File: 1474939187862.png (90.28 KB, 500x500, Everything.png)


File: 1474939302250-0.png (1.25 MB, 1030x1209, 1474599442953.png)

Yeah, I'm lacking in that department too


File: 1474940115045.jpg (480.46 KB, 1347x953, 1466311258231.jpg)

Maybe there's just not much art like that. Most pokemon battles happen in stadiums/don't affect the building they're fighting in all that much.
I dunno, I'll have to look it up and see what all I can find.


File: 1474941493647-0.jpg (149.64 KB, 1252x921, f9b28dfdf8ef4f23e5df70a1ab….jpg)

Andy, I can run Cyberpunk in about 15 minutes


File: 1474941534063.gif (257.04 KB, 341x369, 1281001599.gif)


File: 1474942284953.jpg (780.39 KB, 800x851, tmp_24250-1458502463747-41….jpg)

>phone screen is bright and big enough to study on

This device is a miracle of the universe


File: 1474942358704.gif (252.91 KB, 1100x300, 1356209026520.gif)


>watching the debate
Jesus, this is practically murder.


File: 1474942731964.png (129.02 KB, 900x545, i__ve_got_my_eye_on_you_by….png)

This debate feels so pointless


It's a farce, really.
It is kinda funny how Trump is just running away with it, though.


Are you joking? Hilary is winning the debate.


I wonder if Kek will intervene in such a bloodbath


File: 1474942928084.jpg (50.09 KB, 625x351, Election season.jpg)

I think he already has.


Just look at the way Trump clings to the past, trying to retroactively win old agruments and defend himself.
Hilary talks about her plan and directs the debate in a positive way towards herself.


File: 1474943021699.jpg (183.35 KB, 585x394, byberpunk toronto.jpg)

>Let brother borrow PC so he can play games
>manages to get it infected
I might switch to my laptop, but there shouldn't be any issues for you.






I only see the Meme being butchered harder than being posted by Facebook normies


File: 1474943170052.png (498.33 KB, 786x720, 1434184107108 (1).png)

holy shit, why do siblings manage to ruin everything…
come to think of it Cita has been in the apartment a while.. with the laptop..


Well, she tries anyway.
At least Hillary hasn't dragged Pepe into this so far.


It's actually fine, I don't mind wiping my PC and starting fresh. Most of my stuff is just games on it, and the rest has been backed up.


Alright Shillary is shooting herself in the foot now


she's talking circles around him so hard right now


I'm not even watching it.
There are some benefits to not having cable anymore.


I dunno, she played the "racist misogynist" card. That's usually something you only pull out when you're scraping the barrel.


its almost over now


It's over.



jesus fuck


that was pretty awful for both parties. jesus christ.


Are they at least factchecking


that was shameful tbh, it felt like a cartoon debate.


Were you really expecting meaningful dialogue in this election year?


File: 1474945823145.png (150.34 KB, 900x625, 198566__safe_solo_trixie_s….png)

I don't know what I was expecting.


File: 1474946501559.png (254.13 KB, 401x455, 1468514945586.png)

Boy am I glad I decided not to listen in on the debate this time around. From the sound of it, I didn't really miss out.

This election year sounds like the summary of a political comedy; "Trump Goes to Washington" or some shit.


I was expecting nothing, so I wasn't really disappointed.


Well I'm sure I'll get plenty of coverage at work tomorrow.


Are you ponies conjuring meme magic again






Rebels premier is "Ezra cocks up: the episode"


Mom stop it, you're dead.


As long as you live, so will I


Mom no. Your dream was evil.


As long as Aqualesia lives, my dream can be carried out


You just wait.. I'm coming for them too.


Will you like were the new bosses have taken the plan?

Will you enjoy dealing with the aftermath?


Depends on if the plan still involves cutting up my siblings


File: 1474950472335.png (333.38 KB, 1024x1024, Advent Burgers.png)

Once you reach that level of power, it starts going to your head. You come up with so many interesting things.


I'm gonna need a huge magnet to scrabble all these hard drives.

what an annoying font in that picture.


File: 1474951029533.jpg (456.57 KB, 2048x1024, xcom posters.jpg)

But what will you do to the Equestrians running it? It's going to take more than a magnet to fix them.

It's on small posters you see in the game, they're not really meant to be read.


Apply over priced samurai sword to management '1d10'

Oh, well it that explains it.

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1474951366208.jpg (25.33 KB, 450x338, Broken_Sword_of_the_Lion.jpg)

It works as well as you'd expect.

An overly augmented Earthie rushes into the room, preparing his shotgun


Damn, I really paid too much for that.
'1d10' kick his head.

Roll #1 4 = 4


File: 1474951650057.jpg (194.4 KB, 710x580, xray.jpg)

He gets launched against a few chairs, but you'll definitely want a doctor to check that out for you.


toss one of the giant magnets at his robo-pony ass.

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1474951926867.jpg (172.61 KB, 1024x575, cap.jpg)

Foiled by his own augmentations! He's now stuck, butt up, on the ceiling!


Now I'm free to escape and come back with a better plan to beat up these Equestrians


>turns out a reaction sheet with chemical structures was provided
>was probably asleep when the lecturer mentioned it weeks ago
>spent all that time memorizing stuff that was handed to me on a platter anyway instead of more important stuff



We still have two parts before the climax of this part of the story. I know what I want to show you, but even I'm left wondering how you'll achieve it.

My Chemistry teacher had a similar story. Don't sleep in class.


I am not sure I can trust this commissioner.


File: 1474954668517.gif (841.78 KB, 342x257, 1375704806730.gif)


File: 1474954966881.jpg (14.94 KB, 480x360, marowak.jpg)

I forgotten how I used to have a Marowak on my team. I thought the sword bone was cool, as was Farfetch'd.


I tried to use cubone but ground wasn't a very advantageous typing in gen 1, and digglet had a better moveset leveling up.


All the educated guesses I had to make seem to be correct, at least

>tfw they leave Marowak to rot and just stuck another form on it


Marowak is severely underrated.




File: 1474955541901.png (594.52 KB, 1280x1280, 105Marowak-Alola.png)

There was only one other person nearby I could link cable to, but our classes and lunches were at opposite times. Did get our trades in at least.

>It's Fire/Ghost
Neat, the whole dead parents thing was always a fun thing to recognize.

There's only about 30 'Mons that get the spotlight, hopefully they do more to encourage trying out new Pokes like Super does.


Cubone at least, was very popular in the movies.


Doesn't Thick Club still give it top-tier ATK?


Counting on an item is awful in this meta where so many pokemon can slot in knock off


File: 1474956096381.png (92.24 KB, 220x324, 220px-Pokkén_Weavile.png)

>If I knock that off, will you die?

And even then, no speed and little defenses


File: 1474956426791.jpg (1.51 MB, 3000x1879, Pokémon.full.1407203.jpg)

Which ones was it in?


at least two of the pikachu centered short movies. I have seen a lot of clips of it from movies, but I can't really recall which ones.


What a bore that debate was. I fell asleep halfway in.


My nigga


File: 1474956737301.png (881.15 KB, 1914x981, breezy01.png)


How would Breezie fix America?

P.S was thinking about doing Breezie on friday, but don't know yet if Sylt can play.


Pollinate the crops, breez are actually bees





File: 1474957299693.png (2.4 MB, 1903x1007, breezy02.png)

it will make the flowers great again


>you are now imagining Breezie Dosh flying into a flower and being drenched with pollen as she licks up the flower's sticky nectar


File: 1474957574337.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 316x425, implyingbacon.gif)

Huh, I haven't seen EqG 4 yet. Didn't even hit me it was out.


File: 1474957603140.png (471.33 KB, 965x827, 1468466256508.png)



Then Breezie Rarity comes along,sees how dirty Dosh is and wants to drag her out of there for a bath, but Breezie Dosh resists and they wrestle in a sticky mess of pollen and nectar


It's only out in Brazil and the Internet. It's not technically supposed to be stateside until Oct 1.


>his bosses want him to go with the dangerous skilled gryphon
they're going to kill him off huh



Thanks for playing Andy, but I went longer than I thought I should have.

There's already YouTube video of it and a Mega link. Should I post those?

They don't have a choice, and it's not like he's alone.

Incidentally, what is Hawknia's height compared to the usual Gryphon?


File: 1474958436724.png (157.1 KB, 520x454, Surprised_Pony.png)


Thanks for running so long, it was a pretty tense moment. Just like in my action movies.

>don't have a choice

Well, perhaps not. But I expected resistance to the idea.


Perhaps a tiny bit shorter; in exchange for longer, to be able to crawl into more small spaces/ be aerodynamic


I'm probably not going to watch it, outside of a sub stream.


He didn't want to and would have kept pushing you to spill the beans, it's his boss that wants him to play along. You got the jump on then, but these guys are professionals.


Alright, you do have to remember that every part of your body is meant to kill him. He's a sacrificial lamb if things go bad, and he knows it.


I was really worried his boss was eager to kill him off for some reason, like being the only good cop in the squad. Still am slightly, that's what the walk is about.



File: 1474959105580.jpg (152.54 KB, 850x1202, 1468516729474.jpg)


File: 1474959335016.jpeg (337.5 KB, 1200x572, 1-eHfszTFrvJonM46TNz_Wtg.jpeg)

Even good cops can be attracted to the lights of a cushy corporate job. Or maybe they need a lot of money for something important.

And it's not like they pulled the trigger, so they didn't murder someone, right?


File: 1474959493098.png (65.79 KB, 380x352, 1402793871406.png)

very suspicious. I better press Caballus for info about what that thing their boss is after is.


They end up stuck to each other and get discovered like that by smug breezie flash sentry


File: 1474960007220.jpg (303.92 KB, 1333x600, neos_city_by_kingcloud-d57….jpg)

>Already seeking to turn him into a contact
You really are a true Shadowrunner. You're going to need him after this second story concludes.

Also, everything that happened occurred because you willed it. I was originally going to just have Kreider and Aksol turn themselves in and you would hunt for the next clues. Now you've got a straight laced police pony behind you and who knows what other trouble brewing.

In fact, you're adding to the ending scenario.


Oh dear

Yea! I think he could be a friend if he's not ded that is.

>Also, everything that happened occurred because you willed it.

>you're adding to the ending scenario.
T-thanks? That almost sounds like.. I'm making their lives worse by interfering…


It is very embarrassing for both of them to be dragged back to Tinker Valley where they have to be sprayed with water till they're free again.


File: 1474960590735.jpg (120.19 KB, 900x470, control_tower_foyer_by_kin….jpg)

Depending on how this goes, you'll still do a lot of good, and a lot of the people involved will deserve what they get.

But if you succeed, it'll definitely blow up in lots of ways.


>do all this to protect my clone siblings
>it actually draws attention to our existence
>they are all in twice as much danger


File: 1474960890031.jpg (212.22 KB, 1280x581, intruder_alert_by_kingclou….jpg)

Have fun!

Good night!



File: 1474962537898.jpg (183.87 KB, 850x771, She's MINE you wrinkly hag.jpg)

Well, I guess I'll go to sleep. What with it being almost 4AM. Later.


Goodnight fishhorse


>tfw Selena will never turn into a fishhorse and live out her old days under the Sea.


File: 1474963258614.jpg (137.51 KB, 1024x723, 1473356470920.jpg)

It's grass-is-greener syndrome

Selena is too accustomed to having a lot of nice places to eat out, a local bakery, a port where she can buy exotic spices and ingredients. The only underwater city is pretty underdeveloped.


Are you implying she's become a spoiled citypony?!?


File: 1474963561207.jpg (655.51 KB, 490x3290, x4ig1qD.jpg)



What are we without the skies?


[Goes to eat ice cream in her room]


File: 1474964809635.jpg (259.8 KB, 1412x1312, bWTUBBk.jpg)

Fucking Americans

How's the apartment plans coming along?


File: 1474966648473.gif (2.39 MB, 500x281, 1452563430807.gif)

My everything hurts


Help Nopo '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Still only plans


Would Selena help me with her mouth?


In a sense yes


Does anyone here have a roll table or something for adventure ideas?


File: 1474969122186.jpg (50.04 KB, 400x298, 8fdpAjP.jpg)

Not to worry. By the time you get your own place I'll still be gathering money


File: 1474975104130.png (728.01 KB, 1069x1200, 1472649662263.png)


That overcoat is so tight it's pushing her tail into her maregina


File: 1474975341120.jpg (127.65 KB, 1280x720, Baito.jpg)

>Feeling sick
>Still four hours until I get back home
Make it end.


File: 1474975434964.jpg (99.05 KB, 399x601, Schweiftasche.jpg)

The tail is wrapped.


cute bulge.




Action mare needs action props.


Maeda: About to put all her inquisitorial skills to the test to solve a crime of divine proportions.

Lilly: Discovering the secrets life of island crabs.

Rhanna: Docking in an underground port, lit brighter than the Manehattan skyline at night.

Selena: On vacation. Do not disturb.

Emrille: By the power of the dread artifact, the Alicorn Amulet, a twenty-year curse is soon to be lifted… if all goes as planned.

Marina & Kotone: A royal salon visit.


File: 1474976921788.gif (1.06 MB, 381x260, Party is given a vehicle.gif)


Gonna take that artifact and hide it, until after the quest!


Pen should pan pane


I don't think Selena is Trixie

For one thing, Trixie won't be born for almost two centuries


*bemused timewarden noises in the distance*


Its because if he remains small he'll never leave me…


Trixie is also a lot prettier than Selena.


There is no timetravel in Pirateverse, at least as far as has been seen. Northlands was a place but it got rekt by Equestria during the Second Crusade.

[Mother complex intensifies]

[Neighing sounds]


File: 1474981454342.png (1.09 MB, 1280x1610, 1354926283580.png)

>tfw no quest with crazy timewalking and planeswalking hijinks
JUST my quests up fam.


12 year old OC donut steel quest could have been that!


Could have != would have
also our times never line up.


>Ignore Mogu Reclaimer as I pick herb instead of fight it
>It casts a spell on me
>Now smaller than the herb I was trying to pick


Write a fanfic about it.


I have two quests with Breezies to keep my writing occupied


File: 1474985906322.png (1.04 MB, 800x4000, Life has many doors Ed boy.png)


File: 1474989790341.jpg (745.98 KB, 1920x1080, beach.jpg)

I really should sort out my photos for mons


File: 1474989910030.png (3.84 MB, 1728x2218, 1474892936239.png)

I wonder where is that taken from


File: 1474990077567.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, DSC_0014.jpg)

I took it myself from around here


File: 1474990166980.jpg (237.29 KB, 898x886, tumblr_ocrg1qFmiL1qhy6vno1….jpg)

How do you manage to take such pretty pictures like that BDN?


File: 1474990332132.jpg (565.83 KB, 1920x1080, DSC_0057_3.jpg)

Positioning and know what I'd like to be in the picture, I guess. And taking a fuckload of duplicate photos.


Woah okay
that one is spooking me


File: 1474990766526.jpg (41.33 KB, 329x475, 1473111766904.jpg)


My go-to comfy game is Dark Souls


Nexus VS Firelink VS Majula VS Firelink III VS Cathedral Ward


Can't comment on Nexus or Cathedral Ward.

Firelink -> Firelink 3 -> Majula
Majula is not comfy, everything is spread out way too much and that makes the npcs there seem like they want to avoid each other.


That Hamtaro screenshot makes it look like they're giving them a nice blowjob


>no FF12


Nexus > Firelink III > Majula > firelink

Cathedral Ward shouldn't count at all


Ward is where you gather your NPCs, Hunter's Dream is just a teleport hub with a vendor


How can you ever put Majula above firelink?


Yes I do disagree with that one
XII was amazing


I liked the emptiness and open space.
Firelink felt too cluttered, and the colours didn't jam with me.

It didn't feel safe at all though, I never wanted to hang around there even if I did trust the beggar.


To be fair most everyone in Majula DOES avoid the others.
>armor merchant is a jew with alzheimers
>smith is a ghoul
>cat is cat
>Ladder Merchant is a criminal
>Map Man has terminal autism
>Sad Knight is sad
>Tits is getting creeped on by the ghoul
>Emerald Herald has emerald things to do


That shit isn't comfy!


File: 1474991834712.jpg (44.08 KB, 555x333, e873a1c4066174dd1a241e0955….jpg)

It satisfies his need for personal space


BDN, please. You can still see other people! It's far too close for a Finn.


The lack of safety isn't really helped by the immediate proximity of two patrolling enemies outside the doors. Or the werewolf
The comfiest place in DaS2 is the Ivory King's throne room


That guy seemed obviously dangerous as fuck, I sent him to the clinic to see what would happen.

Also, the jealous nun, drug granny and alien uterine probe didn't help


By the way! Did you guys know that, if you grab 3 Fire Keeper's souls in DaS, even if you never got all the way to Lautrec yet, he gets out on his own and kills the firekeeper?


As far as I recall, yes. He breaks out and stabs her.


I never knew! Had it happen this latest run.


I'm not sure, but I think he can do it even earlier if you go get the Blighttown fire keeper soul first.
I'm also not entirely sure what triggers it, but I had Greirat die in his cell in the greatwall before I could free him.


Nah, I got the blighttown soul as second, and firelink was still burning.


>Beggar looked injured
>So I sent him to the Clinic to receive help

How goes the quest stuff?




File: 1474992664448.gif (2 MB, 270x282, Aw shite.gif)



Breezie is gon get stung!


File: 1474993359270.gif (2.57 MB, 350x251, Swearing Welsh breezie.gif)

It ain't easy bein' Breezy.


Imagine a world where we quest


It's easy if you try


Majula > Firelink III > Firelink IMO

Majula felt like a real place, and I liked the music

Firelink III at least feels secure and it has some nice thrones

Firelink I is just a generic bonfire that a couple of other guys happen to return to. It's not even the most interesting bonfire in its own game.


File: 1474993702832.jpg (376.67 KB, 1100x1500, 28940__safe_solo_applejack….jpg)


File: 1474993724837.webm (1.51 MB, 800x450, Black Templars.webm)

Oh hey, a new "If the Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device."


The sheer number of PATHS and POSSIBILITIES opening off Firelink make it the best.


Less than Majula?


Firelink is kind of the shittiest thing.


Majula is too spread out.


Bzzzz on friday?


Andy's not here though.



File: 1474993984669.jpeg (464.35 KB, 918x1287, 1255524__safe_solo_applej….jpeg)


you can [never play thurs-fri] right?


I meant tues-fri



Is she small or the apple really big?


based on the grass I am confident she is tiny




You can't play sunday to Thursday? But we played Monday which falls between those!


Nah actually I can't play on tue, wed and thur, but today's an exception since I skipped a class.


File: 1474995100543.png (743.1 KB, 2500x2100, full.png)


File: 1474995173983.gif (738.86 KB, 508x508, eyeroll.gif)

>Skipping classes
Cheerilee's reaction


File: 1474995235424.png (242.68 KB, 707x639, 1449351292331.png)


>Fluttershy's huge cock


Unf unf


It kind of happened.


File: 1474995385874.gif (293.48 KB, 500x318, 1473146448620.gif)

Are you feeling okay?

Groves was feeling bad too, I think he just went to bed early


I'm fine, don't worry.


File: 1474995592053.png (215.58 KB, 752x600, medium.png)


I hope you're posting these for your own sake because macro isn't my thing

Not that I mind if it's for you, but it seems like a lot of people think I like giantesses


But micro and macro are pretty much he same! ;)


Truly fetishes work in mysterious ways


Trivia: that film Nopo loves, Taxidermia, features actual penetration. The sex is not faked.


I wonder what Taxidermia is all about.
Nopo, care to explain?


Well, you see…

It IS an art film


File: 1475001048711.gif (232.01 KB, 500x1000, friendship_Protocol.gif)


File: 1475001081380.gif (2.19 MB, 586x605, 1470952683568.gif)

Breez on fri?



Gonna play some Minecraft


tfw ded sub


I can join you soon


Can't play tonight, got to read.
It's a real good book though


>Fidget, Last Online: 1 Minute Ago


I see you've been having fun


I found a nice big spot for our base, you like it?


yup, I also like the signs


I'm glad!


>3 timeouts in 5 mins
I guess I'll do something else for now Andy, sorry


I was having a bunch of timeouts too earlier, let me see what's up with that.


Andy's been having them too


that was my 6th time out, I'm annoyed


I'm ssh'ing into the server as we speak.


Rebooting everything, it might take 10 minutes or so.


I blame the army of Dania haunting me



Those purple fucking sheep
They know too much


You sound like you guys are having fun. Or would be if the connection was stable.


what modpack did you end up going with?


[Offer to run]

But if you'd rather craft mines that's okay


File: 1475004465323.jpg (127.19 KB, 600x850, 1435012350974.jpg)


Their wool is stained with the burden of knowledge. They can never rejoin the flock


Yeah. It started earlier when I was digging an old mine, guess it hasn't stopped…


Nigger I haven't played today, gotta read


[urge to get lunch intensifies]
Depends entirely on if Andy wants to go on that fancy salon trip today or not.
You dug too deep.


Eh' I'm still pretty sleepy today, get your lunch.




It's a late lunch. Besides, we don't usually eat dinner until, like, 7:30 or 8 anyway.


File: 1475005795490.png (255.77 KB, 680x381, 1464837146355.png)


>in the next booth along I caught a quarter's worth of film with a sylvan setting: the romantic interest of the piece focused on the love that flowers between a girl and a donkey. There was, smiling, as she prepared to go down on this beast of burden. Ay! The donkey didn't look too trhilled about it either.


File: 1475006643915.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080, 2016-09-27_22.02.45.png)

Server back up and running properly.
This is spawn, that's a mineshaft.
It goes all the way down to 15y.


I worked some on that yesterday too.


I saw.


>ran into boss while getting lunch
>turns out the entire section of grapes we picked over the weekend were no good due to rot and fruit flies
Fucking Nurgle.


>super tired
>if I sleep now I'll be up all night again
>can't play wow I'd fall asleep
>no quest to stay stimulated
>OW stram barely keeping me awake


On the other hand, there's some really happy fruit flies around.


And very unhappy farmers.
The type of grape that was a complete loss was the one that was worth the most.


I'm sorry to hear that.
Our gardens didn't fare much better; the only things that produced significantly were the tomato plants, and most of the tomatoes are half-rotted/half-eaten.


That four-day-solid rainstorm didn't help matters either.


File: 1475009756939.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.63 KB, 1024x897, 1474998950348.jpg)

>Berserk mixed with KLK
I like what I'm seeing

Berserk gets to be really nice once the Conviction arc ends and gets into Millenium Falcon, it feels a lot brighter overall and Griffith's crew is entirely made up of cool dudes.


File: 1475009968210.jpg (29.56 KB, 640x480, chitrash.jpg)

>posts from last year


Why is that android being thrown out?


She murdered her sister android by merging with her


It's your waifu.


[format partition]


The owner did that, but then was very sad looking at it because it reminded her of the other android so threw it out.


Wow, I got played like a damn fiddle.


They also forgot to delete the back up file so the old personality was still there


Good thing I'm an advanced user and won't make such a mistake.


It was in a hidden hardrive that the sister android put there so of course she missed it!


>got silver, gold, amethyst and two other gemstones I forgot the names


Don't mind my low level, I merely killed myself by dropping down the shaft to the north


You got some redstone?


Two and a half stacks of it


Neat, I need some to make guns!


Sure, but in return you'll have to help me clear out that vast tunnel up north sometime, it's way too dangerous to do alone but it's full of stuff!


Which one?


The one near the water
It is a giant fucking open cave system
Easy to fall down there from a lot of holes too


We will need wood, empty inventories and lots of picks.


I think I might be able to make some amesthyst picks if you bring over some iron for it since I'm all out
What's the wood for though?


Stone tools on the fly. Very useful.


We'll also need lots of torches and food, and preferably some armor too, since that place is crawling with shit


Wood can be used to make torches with the ample coal we are bound to find.



>"Want to know myhunch for the next growth area in the addiction line? Want to make a million? Shall I let you in?"
>"Do it," I said.
>"Cuddles." Said Fielding Goodney. "Cuddling up. Two people lying down and generating warmth and safety. Now how do we market this? A how-to book? A video? Nightshirts? A cuddle studio with cuddle hostesses? Think about it, Slick. There are millions and millions of dollars out there somewhere in cudles."


File: 1475016039417.jpg (82.32 KB, 670x906, k6ekX2R.jpg)



File: 1475016974796.jpg (67.75 KB, 690x388, 121017093609-pkg-zolbert-j….jpg)

Japs did it already.


This was written in '84 though


Book name?


Money: A suicide note
Written by Martin Amis


Smart man.


It also has some moments where I genuinely laughed out loud
Like this one


Girls having sex with donkeys, it's more likely than you think.


He was visiting a porno store.
It was a hillarious scene all in all, but I'm lazy to go back and find that quote that had me laughing even harder than the donkey one



Man, fuck Necrons. Bastards just don't stay dead.


Is this some cringe complination?


yes by forward slash v


>"If you see me at Minecon, it's not me, it's just a bald man, I'm not at Minecon."


Would you read the Minecraft novel?


File: 1475018444508.png (146.97 KB, 941x849, large (84).png)

I refuse to indulge you with this shit and bite the bait and instead I will post Trixie to distract you


The cosplay part of the vid wasn't that cringy until the guy went up who was dressed as his fav youtube celeb


i am sufficiently distracted



File: 1475020685185.jpg (72.09 KB, 703x702, large (10).jpg)

Not letting it happen


Sion has become UNDISTRACTED


File: 1475021366955.png (958.57 KB, 731x1024, Always Sunny in Fillydelph….png)

That's lewd, Nopo.


File: 1475021429007.jpeg (357.23 KB, 1280x800, large (12).jpeg)

Such are ponies
Alas, now I must sleep




These minecraft video man.




>running a script which used to eat up ALL available cpu
>now it won't break 30%
So nice.


File: 1475032930647.jpg (23.89 KB, 500x417, klinklang-doodle-1.jpg)


File: 1475033171412.png (401.12 KB, 1280x870, large (12).png)

>Another day passed without questing


This bone is 2big


On the bright side, I've driven the forces of Chaos from Kronus. Now I've just got to deal with the Necrons and Orks.
Orks aren't so bad, but those goddamned Necrons…


File: 1475035354846.png (96.27 KB, 582x484, flaregirlll4_by_ky_nim-d6d….png)

that can't be, we had a new thread like this morning


File: 1475035704686.png (535.79 KB, 416x937, That's one way of spelling….png)


File: 1475038310054.png (107.67 KB, 433x600, medium (2).png)

If my family squared their appointments tomorrow, I will definitely be running one of my three quests.

>tfw Chrome doesn't let you see the end of the filename


File: 1475045110606.png (535.91 KB, 683x1000, large (1).png)

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