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Win or die edition


File: 1475045175017.jpg (100.97 KB, 825x825, 1468487789416.jpg)


File: 1475047167279.png (115.38 KB, 265x241, Attentive Lilly.png)



Buenos noches


What a pon


File: 1475048090932.jpeg (948.76 KB, 1500x2000, 1459873884361.jpeg)

Time for class


File: 1475048929433.jpg (481.92 KB, 1350x1350, tmp_12079-1460456241212-28….jpg)


File: 1475049028294.png (142.43 KB, 473x462, 1474826519097.png)

What a meme.


File: 1475049161482.jpg (371.22 KB, 730x1000, 1474517125312.jpg)


>Pepe the Frog is now an official online hate symbol along with the swastika and the burning cross, according to the Anti-Defamation League's hate symbol database
Dumb frogposters.


what at terrible thing



I fucking love Patton Oswalt.


So I listened to that radio show at the bottom
pretty surreal hearing people talk about 4chan


Fucking jews.


File: 1475052603416.gif (6.8 MB, 480x270, dBW1R1P.gif)

>Barely 50 posts since I went to sleep
What happened?


It was America time


Sikrit cruuuub


I tried to look into the 'magic' mod of this set, the essentials craft, and it really explains so little in the book. I had to use the side recipe part of the gui to discover that the radiating chamber is how to get pale items, and that emerald and diamond and ender pearls are used to make most of the processing parts.

I did discover that this mod may be the source of my ghost. and it instructed me to use a wand to move it, since standing around near it might have 'bad side effects' , but not where to move it or what to use it for after I do..


Build a chamber at bedrock level and shove it there.


I made an exorcism attempt, pink particles flew everywhere, the sound was briefly silenced, and then returned moments later.
the book mentioned something which would let me see the ghost or "MRUCU" but declared I "can not make them now"


What's the mod name again? I'm having troubles finding anything with "essentialscraft" as key word


essential craft 3

rating so far: makes me with it was thaumcraft/10


[Awake at 4:30a]

Later that day:
>I'm too tired to do anything


Okay. I'll state it plainly. I'm gonna be too tired to do much of anything most of the week.


Tsk tsk, you're doing it to yourself


completely wrong.
I am awake right now because I can't sleep after sleeping since 5pm.


You are who you choose to be

By which I mean you should choose to go to force yourself to sleep at a reasonable hour or force yourself to stay awake until you can fall asleep at a reasonable hour.


The problem is more biological. It won't matter how much sleep I get, this won't be better until thursday or sat.


Sleep is biological!


Wf. I'm trying to tell you your cute speeches about choosing to be healthy aren't gonna make my period go away


>Go to Legion Areas

I have more witty comebacks related to this but I'll let you off easy since I've TECHNICALLY never had a period and TECHNICALLY can't relate.



Oh I didn't finish that greentext

It was kinda spoilery anyway nevermind


What do you want man, I ate spinach toast everyday so far and it didn't do shit for my energy level.


File: 1475055680385.jpg (29.4 KB, 512x384, 1471952219082.jpg)

I don't want anything, otherwise I would've given you witty comebacks.


File: 1475055752543.png (502.7 KB, 1000x1000, team_flare_grunt_by_fingur….png)

okay then


File: 1475055968291.jpg (91.39 KB, 694x1044, 1472656475576.jpg)

If there were other people awake and not at a job during this time period I would run something for you this week to help ease the pain, but I don't think there's literally anyone else around.

Maybe BDN?


I'm fine, I'm enjoying running around in minecraft.
I herded the local farm animals into their own pens


>Play with modpack that lets you fly to the moon
>Farm animals instead, something you can do in vanilla


Well. I have to mine to get the materials for the moon rocket. And I have to eat to mine. And cow leather can be made into glue, which is a subsitute for slime. So, all in all, penning up those creatures was a step towards the moon.


File: 1475056291376.jpg (65.29 KB, 540x1095, TCjFPBO.jpg)

>Missing a chance to fly to the moon


File: 1475057368930.png (128.68 KB, 1313x824, 1446571213362.png)


File: 1475058211924.webm (9.97 MB, 476x268, 411965.webm)


>despise Frogposting
>now I'll look even worse if I try to shit on dumb frogposters

Why do normies ruin everything


File: 1475060512192.webm (2.32 MB, 1280x720, CGI.webm)


>STILL no Yotsuba anime


File: 1475060864312.jpg (205.15 KB, 1033x565, 1475050803370.jpg)

Didn't Azuma say the format wouldn't fit an anime?


File: 1475060984222.png (160.4 KB, 1020x783, tmp_5138-twilicorn_by_scou….png)

Something like that

>Groves is growing knowledgeable about anime

Good, good.


How could I not be informed about our mascot?


No one has written a REAL futurepunk system with classes like

>Memelord: Once known as the archpriests of Kek, these wizards gain immense psionic power through maintaining virginity for thirty years. Using meme magic, they can alter the fundamental nature of reality. These powerful spellcasters are banned by the shadow government of the Daughters of Clinton, but many seek them out online for their power and wisdom.

>Warrior of Justice: In the days after the Fall, western liberalism became increasingly fractured in what would be later referred to as Fifth Wave Feminism, Sixth Wave Feminism, and Seventh Wave Feminism. With ideologies becoming increasingly exotic and abstract, many of the then-called Social Justice Warriors found little in common with one another, other than that most agreed that it was not enough to stop at 'social' change - the world had to be changed by the blade. Dropping their 'social' epithet, Warriors of Justice can now be found fighting for almost any cause.

>Cossack: Those who lived without the internet learned to avoid becoming dependent upon its culture. Born in Eurasia where the internet was banned by Grand Premier Putin, Cossacks live off the land, grazing their biofuel-powered cars off great plains like their ancestors of old. Skilled gunsmen, they will fight for any cause that pays them.

>Priest of Peace: Technical specialist and jack of all trades. Has access to stealth, explosives, and knife specializations. These noble warrior-pacifists will bring about peace, no matter how many deaths are required to reach that goal.


>Making the Russians the ones without internet
Pretty sure that internet and drinking are literally the only things Russians care about at this point.


There's only so much one can do. Putin had every internet connection in the country destroyed. No infrastructure.

That's why they roam the plains, or take odd jobs for sips of internet at a wifi oasis.


What are some typical meme spells?


"The game is played mainly with bots while fueling your coal powered computer in a small ice-fishing shack in the middle of Syberia, syphoning whatever little wi-fi you can through a pair of twigs."

I think that is the most accurate representation of russian gamers


Lowest level Memelords act as the party face. Their superior understanding of culture and injokes allows them to manipulate social situations, and their level 1 passive ability Autism makes them immune to being manipulated in return because they are immune to all persuasion, intimidation, mind control, etc.

Mid level memers unlock powers so subtle that perhaps one could write them off as not really there. Force multipliers that give bardic-like bonuses and auras.

High level memers - well, you know how destructive they can be. Whole nations quake at their image macros.


>Virginia Woolf memoir, about the death of her mother
>"I noticed that a nurse was sobbing, and a desire to laugh came over me, and I said to myself as I have often done at moments of crysis since 'I feel nothing whatever'

Squall pls


you are the one who can do it


I wouldn't want to invest the time into it since probably no one would play it

It would end up as a curiosity system on /tg/, and there are a ton of those


You'd play it!


>barely enough people to play ponyquest with familiar systems
>learn a new meme system to play on the sub
I don't think I would get the players together for it


I quite enjoyed that podcast now that you mention it.


File: 1475064986756.jpg (44.16 KB, 1000x488, 1382552218526.jpg)

we aren't the only possible players in the world


But everyone else is a fucking faggot


How to get NO players on roll20/tg find-a-game thread
>I'm running a homebrew

How to get no players and also laughed at
>About memes


You will be super upset later when someone else does it and gets praised and called a genius


Nah, I will be happy I get to see it without putting in any of the work


But the fame
The praise
It could all be yours


>It says here on your resume you wrote a tabletop game about memes.


Hillary used memes to help with her own campaign and she was running for the president of the United States


>You will never have your official title be "Meme Consultant"


File: 1475066833830.webm (7.83 MB, 427x240, 1471965875219.webm)


Federal meme consultant


I see a missed meme opportunity within the first 10 seconds.
When taking off the mask she should have said
"NOPE! Hillary Clinton!"


>You expected some hot girl?
>Too bad! It's me, Hillary Clinton!


You've been appointed as Chief Memer in the Clinton Administration.


It's just like one of my japanese anime!
The Hillary club is two boards down.


I still don't want to believe this is real


♂ Fuck ♂ you ♂


File: 1475069116781.png (233.87 KB, 623x741, 1471294228853.png)



File: 1475069134895.png (386.46 KB, 900x791, flying type eevee.png)


That's no filly


File: 1475069212151.png (298.71 KB, 575x594, 1474406717227.png)

>every time a new Minecraft server starts I have something to do so I'm in late and averyone has already done the mine raiding and building



Same ;_;
Have you seen my 'base'
It's the basic shelter I built on day one that I refuse to move from.
I couldn't even build my fishing hut because of all the ice either.

Also, I got a class in 30, but after 6 we could gang up and tackle that giant cave north of spawn together since it's dangerous alone because of all the monsters


>tfw kinda feel like joining you guys but I don't want to learn all about magic and 50 new ores and running factories and shit


Fuck that, I'm only in it for the exploration
And maybe going to the Moon



>The plane in Ukraine is confirmed to have been shot down by the Russians



File: 1475069959574.png (20.53 KB, 512x209, as good as it gets.png)

I come back after six too!
Though I can't complain about being "behind"
First try, my only diamonds.
I'm still playing vanilla for now. Gonna try blood magic soonish.


The plane in Ukraine crashes mainly on the plain


And still you have to suckle on my ample teats for Redstone



No, I found a bunch of that too.


>despite being a Taiwanese company my phone manufacturer's regional service are fucking trash

Thanks assholes

>tfw never stay in MC servers for long
What do I need to do if I feel like joining you guys anyway? Do I need to install the same mods and everything


Well you're a nolifer scum autist when it comes to games, so there's that too


Someone's salty~


I wonder if Nopo read Sylt's latest session of H


File: 1475073402605.gif (2.67 MB, 300x300, 1319607805555.gif)

>sudden ded


File: 1475073436683.png (226.94 KB, 600x600, Sukuna chocolate.png)


Nobody cares


File: 1475074631564.png (324.46 KB, 640x657, 1279047[1].png)

Very accurate


File: 1475076770415.gif (220.17 KB, 359x325, 1332648066401.gif)

Always remember to backup stock recovery before installing a custom recovery on your phone, kids.


File: 1475077101954.jpg (234.02 KB, 1100x500, pno.jpg)


File: 1475077161652.png (31.34 KB, 331x300, It's a ponk head.png)


If people show, I could run today. I'm not really sure what the Andy status will be,, but it's still early in the day

>Sylt never answered BDN about how to join


I didn't even see that. WhatsApp me, I'd rather not put the IP out there.


Isn't she sleeping, or Minecrafting?


He was asking more about how to install the modpack you need, I think. I'm not sure he has experience with mods


That's why I'm uncertain as to her status


If he has an original version all he has to do is install either the curse or the ftb client.


Yeah, that;s what I was asking.


File: 1475077768901.gif (3.89 MB, 613x344, re4BZwQ.gif)


File: 1475078007747.gif (67.06 KB, 400x360, 1327167407284.gif)

>spent three hours trying to mod my phone with no success whatsoever
>now bored knowing that no vidya will shake off the deep sense of frustration from failure


What do you miss about Verne?


File: 1475078299476.png (218.03 KB, 656x600, medium (1).png)

Good morning.

What are you even trying to mod it for?


isn't it really early for knight?


File: 1475078433093.jpg (70.06 KB, 500x500, 1474760902180.jpg)

It is 9am, but the aviary woke me up.


Mainly his ability to do stuff beyond go into the field and fight stuff. I miss constantly anticipating the enemy's plans and trying to be one step ahead at all times, or doing my best to keep Frosty happy while at the same time preparing for if he goes against the greater good. And in the end wanting not much more for himself than a nice home and waifu.

Trying to restore stock recovery so I can accept an OTA update, but there's no stock recovery image available for my region ID, and I'm not going to go so far as to change that.

At least the HTC10 has loads of custom ROMs, so I'm not fucked if it turns out I can never find it.



You have an aviary?



>I miss anticipating the enemy's plans and trying to be a step ahead
Funny, Andy said she really likes this in a quest too.

You two would get along swimmingly in some sort of grand strategy quest all about scouting and outmanuevering instead of fighting directly


Yeah, I can play. But isn't it midnight for you?

Physically bigger than our last one, but fewer birds this time.


That would be really nice, actually.

Yeah, but no school tomorrow and I'm celebrating the last of my midterms

Other monsers also welcome


Okay, I might have to post from phone for a bit, but I'm free.



Was Revolver Ocelot always such a joke or was MGS3 an exception?


MGS1 and 2 portray him as serious
3 as silly
4 something inbetween
V it's a matter of taste


He was young and foolish.
And a gommie


>old man in cowboy outfit who's secretly working for the president
>who later gets possessed by a ghost after grafting an arm into himself

Being a wacky catcalling guy who discovers he likes dudes wasn't much of a stretch


Also what's the IP anyway?

No Whatsapp but I'm on Steam


A coin spent here is a coin for Gilneas

Get gabbin or get goin

I got a bad feelin


I had no net. Logging on steam now.


Not yet


no reason~


File: 1475081027190.jpg (75.8 KB, 740x531, 1469662639783.jpg)

>makeup with a trans and a tiny
>something about the afterlife
I don't get it


Radiant's stuck with a desk job in the Celestial Afterlife.


File: 1475081337611.png (397.71 KB, 800x760, 1469894630904.png)


Read through Sylt's reply chain.


logging on?


>Radiant is literally retarded

Wow, very humbling Wf, as always, it is lovely to have your satiric representation of characters in your quest.
Simply ebin


What gave you that idea?


Centuries of filing paperwork can whittle down a lot of mental agility.


File: 1475082283916.png (149.42 KB, 640x360, 1429163087705.png)

[Stifled laughter at overreaction]


So then, is Quetz from one of the Dragon mills operated out of a casino?


File: 1475082573995.gif (3.72 MB, 360x202, 1agdtk.gif)


I dont remember if Smouldering ever appeared in your quest



No Sioncameos AFAIK, although of course there are still references to Tony occasionally


That's entirely up to you, but it's a nicer story if you found him in the Undercity, the caves the dragon pokemon live in under the city.


Is Smouldering canon?


could b

The Crystal Event happened so probably


This Undercity, describe it further. And just how common are Dragon Pokémon down there?


A series of caves and tunnels with thing you generally don't expect to see in caves. There's light from unknown sources, springs of water leading to an underground river that might connect all the way to the sea, rare plants, and an odd, giant root-like super structure below the Duality Tower.

There's typical cave or water life like zubat and magikarp, dragon pokemon are normally rare but reveal themselves to those they take interest in. Strangely enough, some fairy Pokemon pop up occasional as well, but it's unclear how they actually live there.


I'd be certain that places like these would be full of Pokémon poachers and catchers. Are the deeper places dangerous, or is it more like the underground of Big O, where there are constant rumors of real dangerous beasts living there?


File: 1475084983244.png (432.9 KB, 950x530, ou-spotlight-garchomp.png)

There really are dangerous things down there, and it's really hard to capture a lot of stuff when the dragons can hide in many hidden burrows. Plus, any illicit activity would easily be noticed since the entrances are inside the city.


Taking a break for laundry.


File: 1475085718671.jpg (62.53 KB, 626x789, stallslut.jpg)


>MGS 3 Time played: 6 hours
>5 hours of that has been cutscenes


So mostly kids who head in to prove they aren't scaredy skittys and the occasional trapper? Seems like a fun place to check out.

Actually, here might be a good stopping g point. I'll be driving family around for a bit.


Trainers looking for some fun exploration and pokemon, too. You can come up with a story of how you met Quetz whenever.

And sure, feeling slpy too


A'ight, good night.



I finished a great ladderway from the saferoom to the surface, complete with three exits at various altitudes

Now that we have this great access shaft, we need people to mine along it and collect all the minerals on each floor for processing. In other words, please work the shaft.


Post yfw you remember eq4 is out


File: 1475086970152.png (73.56 KB, 202x222, 1474316031031.png)


>Sylt: Never Tues-Fri
>Andy: Break until Saturday
>Fidget: Not playing without Andy
Maali: ?
Nopo: ?
Sion: ?
Groves: ?


I can play most of the week, just not Sat and I'll go to bed early tonight.
I dunno, I'm on vacation right, do I need to come back?


Branch and Bound, my son.


Not urgently I was just trying to see if we had 3 players for a session


The fact that she knows nothing!


I'm here now


Selena's getting too old for adventure anyway, she got spooked to near tears from a cactus!


You know nothing, Radiant Sun.


I don't think it's fair to call her stupid based on two lines. You're too harsh on poor Radiant.


>Muh mary sue must know everything in the universe


She can retire to take care of Face after this Lilly business is taken care of. By the sounds of it, you've just inherited a nice house in Witherloo from your tiny ex-lover.

Now if only you could get your daughters working on some real grandchildren…


File: 1475087725438.jpg (14.83 KB, 320x290, 1473259585298.jpg)

>person more devoted to the Sun and Princess Celestia than anything else in the world does not know anything about her job


>her job
Making some big assumptions there matey


Why would a godess let Radiant do any celestial stuff? Are you implying Radiant is an angel or demigod?

Aira is almost there since she found her love already!
Aria will probs find some other stallion someday. If she gets pushed to much she'll be a lezbo or get some zigger out of spite


She seems like she is Saint Peter at the gate, letting in the worthy!

It would imply that she got a job when she died as a reward, so she could serve Princess Celestia even in the afterlife.
Does that make her an angel?
She literally has wings and halos made out of light, you know, when she wants to.


Maybe her personal heaven is working for Celestia, but the actual work she does is not very important. Just the illusion that it is makes her happy


>seems like she's Saint Peter
I can't blame you for skimming but it's now becoming REALLY apparent why you reacted weirdly


Do elaborate then!
I did only just skim the latest few replies where she acts completely clueless

That's heaven, still!


>trying to get inside the lab EVA told me to go into in MGS3
>figure out I have to knock on the door
>guy comes out
>sleepdart him, miss the head
>don't go inside before him
>door locks
>okay I'll just have to knock again
>hear the "hungh!" they make when they fall asleep
What am I supposed to do now?


The "gate" to the afterlife is more like a "courthouse" to the afterlife. The central administrative building is staffed by the multitude of holy clerks, bureaucrats, and lawyers pledged to the Spirit of Law. These law-spirits are committed to sorting out the dead to make sure they go to the right afterlife. Often this is pretty straightforward, but sometimes there are disputes over who gets a soul or maybe the soul wants an appeal over which afterlife they're going to, so it's settled in court. Each of the major religions has an embassy in the central administrative building, and Radiant works the front desk at the Celestial embassy. Her work mostly involves looking pretty (in an extremely ironic twist, this is not sarcastic) because everyone can recognize that iconic face and it helps calm down/ground lost spirits who are feeling unanchored and panicky. She also helps make sure that the Celestial Ambassadors get their paperwork from the bureau staff and that things run smoothly.


She has always been awful with ponies though


She has 800 years of practice


What would she say to Selena if she knocks on the door saying she wants to go to Celestia heaven but the guards won't let her because of her youthful mistakes?


>new vsauce
>it's math
>it's math I already know
>it's still got infinities in it
KYS baldy.


File: 1475088884108.webm (3.25 MB, 400x300, incorrect.webm)

[Pull comically placed lever]

Here is his response


;_; B-but…


And so Selena goes to Slut hell, where is not gangbanged, ever, but gets hoverhoofed by fat neckbearded ponies for eternity



No, she can't handle that much awkwardness




It's a relief that Radiant gets no say!


>after 800 years the actual lawyer ponies still have to explain to Radiant that she doesn't have the authority to send ponies to Tartarus


File: 1475090201496.jpg (93.97 KB, 1280x720, 1434050293363.jpg)


File: 1475090270517.webm (2.53 MB, 752x480, Kelani hires help.webm)


File: 1475090276183.png (576.71 KB, 1400x787, 477394__safe_solo_flutters….png)

>Kotone hairclip


File: 1475090310919.gif (4.86 MB, 896x498, 1257171__safe_solo_pinkie ….gif)


top burd

You really post a lot of dead tinies wf


File: 1475090419330.png (441.39 KB, 894x894, 1430794400704.png)


File: 1475090498629.gif (4.14 MB, 720x395, 1257185__safe_solo_pinkie ….gif)

>giving Ponka princess powers



princess of funship



File: 1475090688306.png (Spoiler Image, 324.57 KB, 460x324, Kelani's Mum.png)


I get what you're saying, but I'm just too tired


File: 1475090793519.jpg (172.48 KB, 600x450, 1450736298390.jpg)

It's okay, I know you're not well, but it was worth a try if you were feeling better


File: 1475091202090.png (671.65 KB, 845x1024, large (56).png)



You fag


It's not, it's just a sunbathing ponoe!



She's not dead, there's air for her!


File: 1475091803493.png (259.49 KB, 1280x812, large (12).png)

That image was actually the 'happy ending she didn't drown' to this image


Would Fairweather put her enemies in a jar if she ever became Big?


Server's not responding, rebooting it.


>has a little prison for all her enemies
>calls it "the Dollhouse."


Definitely, she's very spiteful but also too ethical to smash them

Klava restored an actual dollhouse for her breezie friend to live in, and the improved version even had plumbing.


Looks like host troubles


Marina might end up commissioning/making one for Kotone. The shoebox makes a good mobile home, but a mare needs a proper living area.


Progression status:
Build a generator
Build a circuit printer

Acquire diamonds and silicon
Print basic wafers -> Build a compressor
Build a NASA Workbench

Quality of life:
Replace coal generator with solar panels
Set up a battery farm

This is as far as I've planned


My progression is slightly different.
First I will purify the mines
Then the world

I aim to look for a real mesa to build the space base on, and then link it to spawn via nether portals.


I actually think there was a mesa biome near spawn, in the direction of nopo's house, if you keep going.

If you want to move there I **STRONGLY ADVISE** you to start migrating shit from the space base andy built now before we have infrastructure. Because once we have battery farms we are not going to want to move dick.


File: 1475092506607.jpg (123.19 KB, 899x465, Realistic-World-Gen-Mod-2.jpg)

I mean a REAL mesa.
RWG creates stuff like pic related.


Did I see you in the compound earlier?


I think sylt means to move very very far from spawn, like his usual way.


Well, same thing. I strongly suggest you get to it pronto before we set up a battery farm because that shit would be basically immobile

Yeah, before the crash I was setting up the generator and circuit printer


Server rebooting, up in 10 minutes.


>kinda want to join in
>haven't touched minecraft in ages, and would probably drag everyone down with me when I d/c due to someone using the microwave
One day.


I think the others want to move to a place that looks more like that

What do you think?


You couldn't do much worse that me getting blown up every time I go to gather anything


Not like we aren't dc'ing all the time already.


Pretty sure I saw one nearby when I was wandering around aimlessly


I think I'd have to redownload the base file anyway, since it doesn't seem to be on my PC. Might as well pick up whatever modpack you guys are using too.


File: 1475093293843.png (701.01 KB, 918x736, 1246297__safe_clothes_scre….png)

It's fine by me


Its all fine to me, I'll help move stuff once a place is chosen


It was the Horizons modpack, right?


horizons daybreaker


And where do I stick it? Somewhere in the Minecraft folder?


Just get the feed hte beast client and search for horizons daybreaker, then install

Saved me so much time and effort


I was hoping to do this without cluttering up my PC with too many extra third-party widgets and doodads. Ah well.


there should be a mods folder
unzip it into that
remove the 'hard life' java file


Just use the FTB launcher


>have to make an account
In the program folder, right? If there isn't one, should I add one in?


It's your MC account, dummy


yea, I believe the texture pack option in the ingame gui still gives you the option to 'open file location' bringing you right to the folder, just go up one layer and locate the mods folder


>try to login to the Curse launcher thing
>unknown account
Apparently not. Unless I'm just a retard and picked up the wrong thing.
You can tell I don't mod this thing often. Or at all.


File: 1475095228384.png (5 KB, 293x60, Version.png)

Though, before I do anything stupid, I did get the right version, right?


looks like the right numbers


File: 1475095347625.png (4.61 KB, 800x400, tumblr_ob91hyZ14p1u1boplo1….png)

What if Breezie had to fight
The Bumble Bear!?


Okay. Because I wasn't seeing that hard life file you mentioned.
And I don't know which file to use for the thing to have it register them. Do I just extract the whole folder into the Minecraft folder? Or what?


It's a curse account but you can set it up super fast

I was the same way but it's worth it for the hassle saving installing Fidget, I promise


yea you probably downloaded it zipped up right?
So you would need to unzip it into the mods folder. That's how I did it last time I didn't use a launcher


That would be the "resource pack" folder that's tucked into the ass-end of the appdata folder? Because the one in the normal program files directory had no mod folder.


File: 1475095729393.png (4.94 KB, 800x400, tumblr_ob91hyZ14p1u1boplo2….png)

>The Bumblebear is left ignored
I-its not like he wanted to be a threat or anything!


I'm not sure why you don't have one.
asking sylt to assist.


First of all. Do you have a legit MC copy?


File: 1475095811722.jpg (13.52 KB, 168x192, It's a mystery.jpg)

It's a mystery.




Gotta learn it the hard way so I can appreciate the easy way, Wf.


File: 1475095908098-0.png (726.78 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-09-28_22.49.58.png)

File: 1475095908098-1.png (782.78 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-09-28_22.50.48.png)

So I found a mesa.
Should we build inside the mountain or the mesa itself?
Get Curse client. It does everything for you.


File: 1475095983859.jpg (37.89 KB, 639x481, Fatty Slap.jpg)

Fine, God. I guess I'll make an account then.




I really like that mountain


File: 1475096290111.webm (2.86 MB, 962x720, Khadgar_Reacts_to_the_New….webm)


File: 1475096457640.png (1.46 MB, 1096x938, 1475084454677.png)

Goddamn you I was gonna post this


Right, well, it's installed everything, but I still don't see that Hard Life thing Andy mentioned.


It's DifficultLife or somesuch


And that's just deleted, then?



And that's the only one that gets removed?


I think so, yes


Then I suppose I'm good to go.


>use standalone launcher
>doesn't have the modpack
>use curse launcher
>redownloads/reinstalls the whole game
I will never understand computers.


File: 1475100232336.jpg (152.23 KB, 1274x711, OK.jpg)

Well, that's all sorted out.
Now I just need to actually get on the server. Assuming that anyone else is on it.


Poke someone on steam for the ip


Not tonight for me


File: 1475101024541.png (36.6 KB, 248x288, 1469432071334.png)



File: 1475101497703.jpg (315.27 KB, 900x1549, How the party was formed.jpg)


Ah. Half of you were away/offline/on snooze so I figured you all were either busy or not open to prodding.
Well, you've got a book you're supposed to be going through, right?


Oh yeah, but I'm taking a break from that now and just catching up with videos
I'll have all day tomorrow for that when I'll be visiting grandfolks


File: 1475104676286.jpg (148.87 KB, 960x960, tumblr_oe6brtWGB41qm36c1o1….jpg)


Pick those Paths yet?


nope, I was keeping myself busy
remind me again please?


Check out the Paths listed in the book, then pick out 2 or three, then we'll go with 1.


Path of Earth
Path of Nature
Path of Travel


Alright, let me switch to my laptop and I should be able to get some of that stuff finished. How long are you going to be here?


Not for long you can count on that
Its nearly time for me to sleeps


File: 1475106293874.jpg (107.9 KB, 500x375, 1474951808283.jpg)

>every time I get a game with players who are willing to bantz, they d/c midway through the game


We should play together sometime


Dang it

What game?


File: 1475106572322.gif (424.67 KB, 750x422, 1007281.gif)

Sorry Knight, I finally fixed my sleep schedule


File: 1475106763367.gif (837.53 KB, 502x262, Cat_Burglar_Alt.gif)

Armello. The chat system is admittedly limited to a series of standard things like "Thanks" and "Sorry," though the actual phrase varies depending on the hero you're using. It's still always better when the other players are willing to communicate, even if it's just taunting.
I'd be open to it. Not sure how stable our connection would be, but it's worth a shot.


Post one of those racist frog images to symbolize how mad I am.

You had 1 free Feat and 2 Proficiencies left to spend.


File: 1475107001609.jpg (38.51 KB, 480x765, 1436749156364.jpg)

Well its a turn game
Maybe we could get two more of the sub to join too
Racist frog… Racist frog…
I can't find any, this is the best I got


Also, wasn't that Feat used to take Blessed? Or do I have one more besides that one?
Also how many proficiencies I had? I remember I had two spent on blunt and one in unarmed


File: 1475107511333.gif (421.11 KB, 500x333, 254035__UNOPT__safe_twilig….gif)


You get Blessed for Free from Shaman and Priest, so you can spend the Feat however you like.

I put two proficiencies into Blunt already. If I put one into Unarmed, you'll still have 1 left.

Feels like I've done more collaboration on getting one character sheet done than 99% of all my group projects. Tell me this will get easier.


Using FC?
Yea its not hard to update the sheets once initially made


And from the 3 Paths you picked, you get to take only 1 step on them. Which will you take?

But I want to run now! Not rebalance a mortgage.

Which is probably what DM feels. Cyberpunk in about an hour?


File: 1475108286076-0.png (2.29 MB, 1920x1080, 2016-09-29_01.50.44.png)

File: 1475108286076-1.png (3.01 MB, 1920x1080, 2016-09-29_01.50.55.png)

Mesa and Mountain from the air, because now I can.


>Get back on computer
>No Steam message informing me that my iron shipment has arrived

What a terrible night for iron mining


+1 Mesa Vote

Nice flat surface for rocketry
Looks more like Black Mesa


I got lots of food, though. And I'm making sure the crops don't freeze.


mesa look a lot better with that red sand tbh


Then I'll use it to take the shield block trick
Also I'm having trouble picking what to do with that Feat
I was thinking either taking Pathfinder basics in the forest/jungle or Elemental heritage: Wood
I'll take the first step in path ofnature then



And you can always do what I do let people run with incomplete sheetssomething like "well you have your HP and base stats? let's go with that.


File: 1475109000554.jpg (218.46 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_odeqbvkJXP1u86wa0o1….jpg)

I'm sorry I'm being a big headache for youwith this, Knight
Good night


I'll allow it for now, but your Staff is 2-Handed, so you;ll have to take the smaller Staff when you get to town. But you'll have some money to upgrade then.

Don't worry, this is just FC being FC. We're basically done now. Sleep on the last Feat.

I'll be doing so.


The miners must be fed

Mining takes a lot of energy


I think we may need a new mine, the ones we have seem tapped out for iron.


Our NASA mine is flooded with oil. I need to research how we can pump that oil out.

Then we can keep mining down until we hit a cave or reach the bottom and branch out to strip mine. I've found a surprisingly good amount of iron (20 blocks) and aluminum (12 blocks) just from normal mining out a stairway.


>oil spill
Make an openblocks tank and fill it using buckets?

But I seriously think we should make a new mine next time, done for the night thou


We have Engineer's Toolbox so we could just build a pump and pump it all out, I think


The pumps would end up in tanks too?



Well, whatever you'd like to do then, a pump would be able to be reused later so its a good thing to figure out.


File: 1475110953887.jpg (523.75 KB, 1600x968, scifi_mall_by_max4ever-d3e….jpg)


I'm proud of you for staying awake most of the day today


File: 1475112754285.gif (932 KB, 480x270, Cottonee blush.gif)

It wasn't easy


File: 1475112931139.jpg (1.35 MB, 2880x1800, zoids liger.jpg)

Surprised you didn't make a crack about trying to identify Hawknia.


I thought about saying something like "I'd love to see that file when you're done" but decided against it.


Have you ever seen someone that looked like they were the living stereotype of a country?


Yes, I regularly see texans.


File: 1475114032101.gif (756.75 KB, 337x291, 1331435073361.gif)


File: 1475114055582.jpg (58.86 KB, 650x527, get a load.jpg)

In Kansas?


File: 1475114116326.gif (512.24 KB, 1831x1637, 1432722820288.gif)

Hello horse

We share a border, and they can be seen in their huge hats and boots out on the town here.


They're pretty close together.
There's this clerk at a 7-11 that looks like a stereotype of a fictional country from The Simpsons.


How oddly specific


File: 1475114408620.gif (709.27 KB, 423x316, 1324511325805.gif)




what do the runes mean ?


Not much to go on.


I don't know if it's going to be a movie or just a trailer for toys.
The HMMs are pretty expensive, but I might go for some less expensive ones. Nice to see the Saber Fang get attention, I liked that one more than the Shield Liger in the GBA game.


File: 1475115837238.png (498.33 KB, 786x720, 1434184107108 (1).png)

>I don't understand, can I stab the problem?


File: 1475116238743.jpg (126.93 KB, 1253x889, Pegascorn.jpg)

Video game teaser, since they've already done a lot of the work, like filing for patents. Wouldn't mind some CoD quality stuff.

Soon, it will be the solution. Pausing since I might have to drive my family around again.


Thanks for getting this part finished up.


Sorry, I wasn't expecting them to come by like this and need a ride back.

Anyways, it'll give me some time to prepare, which of your leads are you going to follow up on soon? The DMV Goat or the buildings from Kreider's ComLink?


File: 1475116849787.gif (542.13 KB, 500x375, 1322367171664.gif)

Why is tech support so useless


DMV goat since they would be at work right now, and its better to investigate those buildings at night.


File: 1475117220007.jpg (54.9 KB, 480x642, 1472906257975-2.jpg)

>Doing accounting at 4 AM
>Class in 5 hours
Humanity would be nowhere without coffee.



>boot up OW
>suddenly 11 loot boxes in OW out of nowhere

Did I miss something?


Nothing there for me.


I forgot to download it after the restore. How much have you been playing without us?


Not at all.

Very strange


>have to pay shekels at a service center just to get my stock phone recovery back

Bleh, fuck this


Just buy another phone, friend!

A shiny iPhone or Samsung, to stimulate the economy!


File: 1475120292012.gif (928.83 KB, 445x360, 1332647213716.gif)


And samsung would be great if they didn't insist on ramming their shitty bloaty laggy UI onto their otherwise great devices.

I just wish it was as easy to just build your own phone like a PC


I did not stop playing.
Wall is shaping up okay. Garden roofs are mostly in place, nearly done. I'm leveling out the town's terrain and making it less jumpy. Deposited foodstuffs at NASA station.


Anyway, quest?


How'd you get your MC working again
What mods do I have to install and shit, or just use a specific exe


File: 1475120462825.jpg (50.01 KB, 360x247, tmp_19599-d86fb4556d4b0306….jpg)


Look into the factory unlocked phones. Those are practically Vanilla Android.

Give me an hour to get home. You might see me on Steam, but I just left my desktop on to download games.

Hello and Space Quest when?


All phones are factory unlocked here, carrier locking is illegal. Pretty surprised we have consumer protection laws like this


I remembered my password. If you're not using the Curse launcher thing to streamline mod application, then you're going to have to just redownload the game and let it update. If you've got your old password floating around, it'll prompt you to convert it to a mojang account, as I don't think the old minecraft account things still work. The mod pack they're using is Horizons Daybreak, sans the "Difficult Life" mod.


Is there a carrier subsidy? The ones we sell here in the States come with nothing on them if you buy the unlocked version, but the carrier one is always loaded with bloat.


You don't have to worry about trying to grow there, we have a place on the other side of the river for farming.


>Fidget immediately adopted a village
I will name it Marinaville.


Nope. How most phone plans work here is that you're locked in to a two year contract where about half of your monthly fee is pretty much paying for whatever phone you got, plus an initial purchase fee for the phone. Typical 4gb/month plan like this is around 45 USD a month. If you go without contract and get a phone yourself you pay half.

So there's no real reason to go into a contract since the phone is always cheaper overall if you buy it yourself.

So I should just use the curse launcher and…?

Now it's your turn to walk me through something


I use the Feed The Beast launcher myself, very simple


So I just install Horizon: daybreaker, and?


then delete / disable the difficult life mod
them message me for the ip


I've just been using the gardens because they were already in production.
Uplifted, thank you. My next act will be roads.
It is pretty cut and dry. Hopefully you won't spawn in a hole like I did.


Roads, uh, I think the 'path' from open blocks might be your best bet, its stone + cobble, unless there is another road type block I glossed over.


Usually I just use cobblestone with a gravel covering and wooden planks to make bridges.


I like the way the path looks personally, you can see it around the temp base to see if you like it. And I didn't see anything that makes us move faster, but I don't know most of these mods so its possible I overlooked something.


Well, I could always try and make powered rails. There are rails that boost speed, right?


How do I uninstall a mod from the modpack? Is it in the launcher?


I just looked it up and the mod called "chisel" should have "concrete" which is smelted gravel, which WILL make you move faster. If you want to try that.


Eventually. I can't stay up forever, right?
On a side note, having a roof over the gardens means that the water won't freeze since it won't get snowed on.


Two ways I know.
>using the launcher: edit mod pack
>a menu will pop up with enable or disable
>move the Difficult Life mod to the disabled side


>locate the folder where its installed, probably called FTB presents Horizons Daybreaker

>go into the mods folder
>delete the difficult life java exe file


Patron Saint of MarinaVille


>Current Population: 1 near-dead farmer


File: 1475123126969.gif (125.78 KB, 500x290, 1386493067483.gif)

Better get busy repopulating


I don't have any dittos.


minecraft villagers are both genders


Well, they can't do it alone.
Is there even a way to pop in more of them without spawning in villager eggs?


The old zombie method
Find another village and transfer one over using a golden lasso: not that hard of a recipe, but we need to visit the nether for it.


Well, that's still a ways off, since the ship parts are still under construction.
Speaking of, apparently there were four iron ingots sitting in the spawn area's storage facility.


We need about ten times that much, but thanks for finding it.


Well, it wasn't so much as "found" as it was "stumbled across while checking in boxes for more cobblestone".
Still, I've gone through quite a bit of that excess we had stored there.



there ought to be more stored in the cabinet at moon base alpha. the cabinets functions like barrels if you've ever used one.


I did stop there for a bit, while dropping off about 130 baked potatoes. Forgot to bring along the iron, though.


That's some good food fidget. Nice work.
And don't fret over 4 iron, its good enough knowing its around.


>play DOA 5 for the first time
>always heard about the sexy ladies
>alway thought it was overblown as a joke except in the Xtreme games that were just indulgent anyway
everyone was correct and completely serious


>backed potatoes

What';s a ll this
I haven't touched MC much since infdev


The books are for reading, the potatoes for eating.
I haven't really looked through them, since the first one I opened up was 90 pages long.


File: 1475124977790.jpg (31.73 KB, 400x300, 1418436181882.jpg)


File: 1475126700464.jpg (212.58 KB, 636x1746, pifhugvd1xkwiygnvy4u.jpg)

Sorry, but my head has started pounding. Safest bet is for me to get some sleep. Maybe in the morning?


sure, I'll just get back to working on my phone then


File: 1475126892515.png (231.09 KB, 1280x787, 1408323367.methados_god.png)

How much are they charging you, anyway?




at least 30 bucks, and walking in means they'll know I fucked with my phone and void my warranty in case something actually fucks up later. I'll just install the custom ROM instead.


File: 1475130642581.png (183.68 KB, 650x636, 129713950921-Luna's_Dress_….png)


What a Moon


File: 1475131679423.png (547.79 KB, 1024x1024, large (53).png)

What a cute moonhorse


File: 1475131945878.jpg (39.56 KB, 736x649, Moon breezy.jpg)

I'm going to sleep. You guys have a good day.


No promises


File: 1475136520881.gif (2.96 MB, 395x563, 1455525146169.gif)

Looks like my visit will have to be postponed
Also I have no idea what I'm posting


We are 20 iron blocks away from the moon.




Yeah wf really went all in with teching up.




>try to play a fun deck
>get stomped by aggro shit
>switch to a meh midrange deck to at least finish the quest
>never 10+ early game cards, draw none

One of those days, huh


Literally cannot lose any more ranks
>have a great curve
>Lololol innervate innervate turn 1 Arakkoa Warden have fun dealing with a 5/7 taunt
>my only option is to put shit on the board I can Savage Roar
>topdecks Swipe to wipe it

Fuck me, just fuck me
Literally fuck my ass until it is frothing with blood
The amount of bullshit luck I've had today is unreal


File: 1475139845819.jpg (421.74 KB, 1944x2592, IMG_20160929_110046[1].jpg)

Mother Nature has sent me an ambassador to calm me down
It worked

I only wish he didn't climb under the couch since now I can't let him out


Blame wf


File: 1475140382956.jpg (1.02 MB, 1944x2592, IMG_20160929_110918[1].jpg)

Once he realized I don't want to hurt him we became bros and I let him chill on my hand before bringing him outside


You know those things don't think, and have no way to "realise" anything?


File: 1475141001819.jpg (40.59 KB, 459x355, HOI8DEb.jpg)


File: 1475141210464-0.jpg (51.23 KB, 720x960, 1919648_873958882632948_19….jpg)

File: 1475141210464-1.jpg (52.83 KB, 960x720, 1234758_688989284463243_11….jpg)

File: 1475141210464-2.jpg (53.19 KB, 720x960, 1175338_691287300900108_16….jpg)

File: 1475141210464-3.jpg (74.44 KB, 540x720, 281534_244255855603257_395….jpg)

>flap around like a mad bich and hide under the couch at first
>chill and relax in my hand for minutes afterwards

Are you the animal whisperer here or me?
I'd say it's me


Their brains are on par with washing machines.


I don't think you realize how smart washing machines have become recently.


File: 1475141639353.jpg (16.89 KB, 480x408, IvXZNrx.jpg)

he can't understand them like we can


I don't think you realise how complex even a simple brain is.


Butterflies are shit tier messengers.
Moths are traditionally the bringers of knowledge and wisdom


He is a city slicker
Never was even close to an animal that wasn't vacuum packed in the store I bet

I know how simple yours is.

But Butterflies are way prettier
Look at this nigguh


I like simple things. Like your mom.


Oh no, she's an artisan


Was pretty simple last night.


I tired her out beforehand


Did you just call yourself a motherfucker?


File: 1475142860836.png (256.74 KB, 500x500, 1322508990987.png)

>still no Pokego
>but stable way to update found and root privileges

This is fine

What phones do you nerds use anyway


I only fuck quality mothers, so yours is out of the question


Galaxy s5


Wiko bloom. Cheap French phone built in mainland China with 2 gb internal storage which ran dry of space to install new apps on long ago purely because of system updates.
But I'm poor so I have to deal with it.
On a side note pogo is shit.


File: 1475143275932.jpg (41.14 KB, 800x572, 1443462147892.jpg)

>having to deal with lagwiz

It's okay, Nokia's stepping back in to save you soon

>he said while preaching it a month or so back
It was kind of nice since my school has several overlapping spots that were permanently lured

Consider the xiaomeme if you can't bear with it for longer


I read that they gave Asia players 11 boxes to pay back for DDOS attacks


Condensed garbage


Xiaoshits cost 300+ over here.
Also pogo got fucked over since then.


They did? Neat. Got a legendary FUCKING YOUNG GENJIY out of them

Guess it's not going to be easy to import huh

It looked like it werked


It's a shitty Huawei phone with no memory or storage space, a cracked screen and minor water damage
It is slow and unreliable as fuck


File: 1475144512482.jpg (33.87 KB, 306x306, 1443388980825.jpg)

It's still alive!


I almost wish it wasn't!


Galaxy J5.


>played on Asia one time with BDN
>Got boxes

wew lad


Why only Asia though?


File: 1475145083858.png (1.93 MB, 1614x636, Untitled.png)

>2 legendaries
>epic gold
>rare kneel pose


Chinese market share


Feels unfair tbqh


I hope Nokia saves you soon, too

Well, if you get another one now before it breaks, you'll have a backup phone in case of anything!


Le Reddit says Blizz confirms it was a bug but they won't take away the boxes


I'm pretty happy with it though.

>India blowing up terrorists in Kashmir

Happening soon?


>it was a bug to give people boxes


Apparently there was going to be a KR-only promotion but a lot of people in Asia/Oceania got boxes too by mistake


Samsung flagships have great specs, but touchwiz, the UI they use on top of their Android, is full of bloat and has killed older phones after cumulative updates fucking them up harder and harder. It's not as bad as before, but it's still pretty ugly IMO. I'm just hopeful about Nokia reentering the market.



>I'm just hopeful about Nokia reentering the market.
So you can have your true Finnish meme phone, I imagine.



But also because Samsung's Android competitors are either dying out or all chinkphones, it'd be nice to have another big company steeping in


Time to go back home


>windows phone



File: 1475147910792.png (137.58 KB, 648x326, d03c630320d6d2c1dc75f4ba28….png)



Im still on my way home.
Available in around 30min


File: 1475149045899.jpg (115.65 KB, 1328x1328, 5LC6vLQ.jpg)


File: 1475149383062.jpg (272.46 KB, 1536x2048, 2063d71f774cc844dcf4abc228….jpg)

I didn't imagine the collapse of the West would be this silly



>Wind turbine produces 10x as much power and runs all the time



I didn't think it would be this retarded.


Kek's power is tearing apart the fabric of reality itself. The impossible is becoming commonplace


File: 1475149756570.jpg (25.04 KB, 300x460, Ebina.jpg)


It makes an annoying noise as downside!



I built a rocket, but we're still a long way away from having a launch pad.


File: 1475152741005.png (1.09 MB, 1273x1377, 1245263__safe_solo_trixie_….png)


>Wf will never try to bait you


File: 1475152872982.jpg (10.61 KB, 359x305, 1354452356031.jpg)


>get a new supervisor at last
>he promises to try and get me remote working options to ease my retarded commute


I don't need to bait you, you're always around


What would those options be like, even? When would you need to walk in if that comes about?


Its still nice to be baited now and then!
Looks like I'll have to be gone for a while


File: 1475153688679.webm (2.98 MB, 800x450, shitposting.webm)


I found a new mine with two HUGE open chambers, and a whole stack of iron.



File: 1475155269395.jpg (1023.14 KB, 1440x810, 1471161986250.jpg)

>Homemade memes


Okay it's MUCH bigger than I initially thought and there seems to be even a fortress here.


Practically it would mean I just work from home one day per week, then transfer whatever I worked on back to my work PC the next day


[Memories of a time when Sion said he would return home]


Come play. Even with a jetpack I STILL haven't finished exploring that cave.


Play with Sylt
Look for Sukuna pictures
Go eat lunch
Be productive

Roll #1 4 = 4




File: 1475161860985.png (203.96 KB, 579x423, 1475017270649.png)

Had to do some stuff first


Your fault for letting fate decide.


File: 1475164142529.png (266.59 KB, 640x413, 1350873[1].png)


I think I just had a four hour nap


Those are fun.


Isn't there gonna be a Halloween thing in Overwatch soon?


Remembering the benis helped me ace an interview


7 stacks of iron.


Next day


File: 1475167916776.jpg (339.97 KB, 1300x814, 1475160022812.jpg)

I should slp


File: 1475168011178.png (343.67 KB, 712x720, 1469871830371.png)




File: 1475170912388.jpg (122.77 KB, 520x423, 1471404393900.jpg)

You gonna slp nao?


No. I'm gonna have dinner.


Did you build the Launch Pad?

Have you started building an outpost in the Mesa?


No, I spent most of today mining stuff.
And the last hour exploring the nether, didn't find any magma cream but I found 2 forts and 3 blaze spawners.


What are the coords for the mesa? I'll set up there.

Once I've got something longterm set up I'll move over the machinery.




File: 1475175853093.png (248.11 KB, 591x819, 1449485394139.png)


File: 1475176243205.jpg (200.64 KB, 1247x1280, tumblr_oe6a6pP7jZ1vu9ktlo1….jpg)


File: 1475176499142.jpg (44.6 KB, 320x320, tumblr_nvqd3qLPj21ro598qo1….jpg)


>that res
What's this
a picture for spiders?


File: 1475176567162.png (233.59 KB, 900x900, tumblr_nvkxkng1Vs1rl0buto1….png)


Okay that's enough stop


File: 1475176846583.gif (1.66 MB, 514x512, 1416751694873.gif)


File: 1475176873838.webm (3.9 MB, 960x540, spiderdance.webm)


File: 1475176931748.webm (2.39 MB, 400x400, nature.webm)

>a beautiful butterfly fluttered into my room despite the windows and doors being closed
>we chilled for minutes

Is this a sign, Andy?


Nopo, Maali, Sylt, Sion, Groves? H?


>that webm
oh dear

That's pretty cool, I only get annoying crickets sneaking into my room.


File: 1475177075529.jpg (398.31 KB, 900x1200, 1443884225863.jpg)




This place is near a foresty area so I get lots of unusual and rare visitors

But the implication was D


File: 1475177141769.webm (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, spider_drops_it.webm)


File: 1475177255526.jpg (87.93 KB, 960x720, 1474970899066.jpg)

yeah sure
Enough with the spiders!


Well I could play something


File: 1475177376475.webm (1.86 MB, 718x404, 1471310699379.webm)


File: 1475177481269.jpg (12.88 KB, 238x133, 1473558865921.jpg)

Oh god what is that


It's the Goa'uld


whoa maali


File: 1475177690001.png (21.41 KB, 1452x413, Untitled.png)

While following the WRONG coordinates to Sylt's mesa, I found a new, better mesa

Sylt agreed we should set up here instead. Construction is already well underway and here is my schematic. I have a basic solar farm set up and most of the excavating done. Later I'll finish excavating and put in a ton of furnaces and chests and shit to the crafting room, plus set up the launch pad. Then we can start migrating the materials.


File: 1475177706230.jpeg (61.05 KB, 1024x713, 1474928024142.jpeg)


Its like the miniature version of those DaS3 black snakes
What's wrong?
So what's up with Minecraft that suddenlt sounds like the hottest stuff around now?


>go to the wrong place
>its still a mesa with a village
Holy shit
That's fucking amazing


Look closely at the image.


Yeah, especially because I just inverted the coordinates. Apparently I mixed up the + and -


amazing I Say


>What's up with Minecraft?
Nothing especially new, we're all just trying this new modpack out


File: 1475177876281.png (465.94 KB, 736x734, Pouting orange horse.png)

>tfw in about ten minutes going to have to haul around a fridge because our brother's wife loaned us out as free (?) labor to one of their friends
>most likely not even going to get like five bucks for lunch or something
I'd rather be horsing.


File: 1475177969978.png (156.94 KB, 269x267, 1451304478422-3.png)

Oh trust me I know exactly what it is
You can get some nice reaction pics from porn
What does it do?
That'll be good for you muscles


File: 1475178061419.png (290.37 KB, 514x568, 1471295366425.png)

Ya'll middle america people should straighten out your families



family is just a name for people you owe endless favors too. That's why the mafia calls itself a family



It's because apparently the people who need their fridge moved live just down the street or something from us. So it was a matter of their convenience.
We never got a say in the matter, nor were we asked. We just got "volunteered".


But do they owe you endless favors?
Are you cashing in these favors?

You should put your foot down mang


It's a bit late for that now.


Yes, you can cash in favors too.


File: 1475178368065.jpg (23.89 KB, 466x466, 1475161699014.jpg)

But are you doing it on a regular basis or are you the one of the family doing all the credit?

No it's not!


Considering I'm leaving in a minute or so, it kinda is.
Anyway, back whenever that's over with.


It lets you go to the moon



>sudden tootache

Fuckin God
Medicine pls work


>He doesn't know about the last minute "something came up bye *hang up*"


I am gonna ask a big favor soon, and will probably have to do some things in return.


>Philosophy of teeth


I thought you were carrying your family's dead weight all the time. You should have favors saved up!


File: 1475178582673.png (74.19 KB, 197x261, 1471295086367.png)

Are you finally asking for a real pony?


File: 1475178587948.jpg (38.9 KB, 552x692, fc2.jpg)

>Rhanna's face when

So that's what it was about with the moon talk the other day
Did you guys managed yet?



And no

It takes SO MUCH to build a rocket you have no idea

Seriously fuckin crazy amounts of metal

Anyway we finally built a rocket but we want to have a cool base to launch from when we go to the moon because once we're out there we may be gone for quite some time


don't worry about running if you feel bad. I'll jump on craftmine if I get too bored.

The problem there is getting the dead weight members to pay up. You don't owe the people who could help things, because they're so useful on their own, see.


But I want to
Just give me 10


Now I feel like asking to join in too



h-how did you know?


File: 1475178903784.gif (1.43 MB, 800x450, 457710__safe_solo_pinkie p….gif)

Is the sign in the compound accurate?

My Sion sense was tingling


Let me log on just to be 100% sure

I need you to bring some stuff anyway so chill there a bit


Man, what a sharp sense you have.


Its on PC thou


I'm aware
Need to buy it too, right? No pirating


you have to talk to sylt, I dunno if his server blocks pirates


You can pirate it if you manage to


Oh shit, twitchy tail!


File: 1475180103226.jpg (24.72 KB, 400x300, WaifuCuddles.jpg)


Well, that didn't take as long as feared.


File: 1475180825050.png (254.95 KB, 600x600, 1452067362433.png)


File: 1475181193398.jpg (386.54 KB, 1500x1185, il_fullxfull.469663021_d98….jpg)


You guys crafting mines and stuff?


I'm questing with nopone a bit atm




I think wf and sion were going to play thou!


File: 1475181476548.jpg (129.02 KB, 750x1000, raf,750x1000,075,t,e5d6c5-….jpg)

This dog will never not remind me of Weight by Jeanette Winterson which is a retelling of the story of Atlas
Before he turns to stone the centuries pass, and he sees Laika shot into space by the Russians. He rescues him before the lethal injection is given to the poor doggo and Laika lives with him forever as he turns into stone to hold the world up forever


File: 1475181549126.jpg (122.37 KB, 543x497, Vulpix.full.1239124.jpg)


It's a really great book.
It's the original greek myths with some artsy modern retelling in it, and even some very self-concious commentary about myths and stories in general.


File: 1475181798167.gif (1.77 MB, 500x281, VtlCUy4.gif)


File: 1475182038606.jpg (93.01 KB, 1458x820, DSC_1040.JPG)


Do you want to quest?

Black Mesa is firmly underway. I'd really like to get more of the materials over here so we can kick it into overdrive.

I've also codenamed a new mission. The mission to acquire sheep for our research lab will henceforth be codenamed "Andy's Problem".


If Andy's good with multitasking.
If not, then I can just build walls around the Black Mesa village.
Because the best way to keep things out is to build walls.


I can quest in both destiny and horizon.

>Andy's problem

Based on my experience so far in mine craft. I merely need to log in and build a pen, and sheep will spawn next to it.


additionally, I can not minecraft and do other things, it takes up too much attention.



Make your choice between quest and MC


>Wf thinks there's only one pig survivor, but there's 3


Well, Andy's questing with Nopo right now, so it's more likely she'll go for that option. I'm available for either.


I choose quest. because nopony is already running Destinythe butterfly it was a sign!


File: 1475182907756.jpg (72.95 KB, 1280x720, 1431073700137.jpg)


>implying you would choose MC if Nopo wasn't running

are you in too Sion?


File: 1475183118451.jpg (505.32 KB, 1140x1050, 1463178422949.jpg)


Its been a while since Destiny and we did Horizons like, sunday or something.


I can quest and MC at the same time.



File: 1475183299103.png (188.25 KB, 500x500, NS0pEz5.png)


This person has got to be a furry artist.




I'm available.



File: 1475183530006.png (144.96 KB, 443x552, Sally_Acorn_gleaming_Alt_2….png)



File: 1475183998452.jpg (30.51 KB, 480x510, doggo.jpg)

>tfw you timed out while staring a Creeper right in the eye


doooon't worry, he won't remember you were even there!


>tfw multiquest drifting


>Radiant mentions Luna
Ha, now Maeda can't deny that Luna exists. Or existed, anyway.


File: 1475185451966.jpg (297.34 KB, 1280x821, 1410545739150.jpg)


Nobody ever did?


File: 1475185990860.jpg (261.76 KB, 763x1100, 1474706853801.jpg)


I want it


File: 1475186160924.jpg (384.64 KB, 1551x1141, 1474743660510.jpg)

Maybe after Cyberpunk


Redcoat, for one.


Is that right? I don't think that's right but it may be


File: 1475186257220.jpg (178.9 KB, 800x1253, 1415799190294.jpg)

fair enough.


File: 1475186288315.jpg (752.32 KB, 1680x1050, 1412305050084.jpg)


Radiant did, in life, deny luna's existence repeatedly!


I'm… pretty sure?
But Luna hadn't gone crazy yet!


IT's important to remember at this point that Pirateverse has a different timeline than DMverse and of course any cameos are not canon to DM's timeline and shit


She did?



I don't remember this


It was in NLs, as her coming straight from the show present where Luna was NMM and she claimed that Luna was fake!


>There are people in this world alive today who will have to make a choice between having Hillary Clinton as a president or Trump as a president
Why is this allowed?


I think I'll write in brenie instead


Before I forget, pirate dice. '3d10'

Roll #1 8, 10, 9 = 27


File: 1475186655214.jpg (268.25 KB, 1530x1937, 410085.jpg)

It is the price we pay for memes


10 and 9 I guess.


Late stage capitalism


Oh right

Roll #1 6, 8, 9 = 23


Well I guess I'll take 6 and 8


>Celetia plays minecraft

also dice '3d10'

Roll #1 10, 5, 9 = 24


10 and 5


Well, what else was she going to do at the dawn of time? Glow?


Hang out with her farm village parents of course.




File: 1475187587843.png (104.22 KB, 1024x768, 2016-09-30_00.18.07.png)

I figured Matter Overdrive out.
Do you guys like the idea of a replicator?
Because we can build one.
Sorry, quit MC, now fully aware.


File: 1475187634193.png (370.95 KB, 545x612, 1475016546141.png)

Would you replicate a pony?



It would take killing ten first.


To be clear its a replicator from trek, and not star gate?



Yes, it's from trek.
It requires a disproportionate amount of storage space and energy though.
Each Pattern Drive can save 2 different patterns at any one time, which are scanned by the removable tricorder thingy on the left.
Scan 10 of a block and you learn it's pattern. So to have a large amount of different items we would need a lot of space to store excess pattern drives.
Also the replication process emits radiation, which can be shielded by building the appropriate structures.
And the mod includes a GRAVITATIONAL ANOMALY to gather energy from.



Will come in very handy when we're landing on mars and need a random item.


you want to bring ALL THAT STUFF along to mars?


File: 1475188148029.jpg (37.16 KB, 600x720, 54LuNub.jpg)

Are dogs that live in the Uptown called Updogs?


I imagine it would be less difficult that bringing chest full of the items themselves to mars?


What are updogs?

See, it doesn't work with plural!


We could bring only a few Pattern Drives and assemble the rest to have a viable system from scratches on mars…
I don't know how much the whole replicator system costs.
Also it requires Dilitium Crystals, which are SO RARE.
I have only 7, and this was while using a Fortune 3 pickaxe on all of them.


File: 1475188315021.jpg (30.36 KB, 250x262, If that leaf fucking touch….jpg)

damn you're right


What if we replicate the Dilitium Crystals!


You mean there's a chance they don't drop anything?


Man, I'm just dropping bombs left and right in KelaniD right now.

A session or two and the same will happen in FelCurry as well, once we get back on track.


They can't be replicated :^)
No, I mean I only ever saw 5 or so blocks of it in the world, including the one you showed me.


Maybe they're all down at the bedrock layer.



File: 1475188553397.png (387.82 KB, 464x578, 1475150060759.png)


What a qt


y:32 and down.


guess we have to strip mine


Did you have a look at the progress we made on Black Mesa?


Yes, it's where I set the replicator up.
Really cool, I mean it.


>you draw a circle and then you draw a cactus


>Selena draws the cactus as a giant penis


File: 1475188853315.png (389.26 KB, 642x687, 1475041093746.png)

This really should be called Selena's anti-adventures


Art ain't easy huh Selena?


>the "arms" of the cactus are smaller penises
Unless this is one of those weird, armless cacti.


intense lag


File: 1475188978244.gif (558.59 KB, 562x508, 1258550__safe_solo_flutter….gif)


Blame Wf.


Is Fluttershy growing on you, Sion?


That would be impossible since according to wf I only love villains



Glad you approve


File: 1475189167929.png (795.44 KB, 5000x4375, 1432627324537.png)

Don't let him dictate what ponies you can or cannot love!


And Fluttershy isn't a villain?


File: 1475189367182.png (67.92 KB, 919x713, Selena makes a thing.png)


She's like an anti-villain

I can't, I must obey!


File: 1475189430892.jpg (237.29 KB, 898x886, tumblr_ocrg1qFmiL1qhy6vno1….jpg)

You must fight back and love the ponies you want to love!


That's certainly something alright.


I'm looking for pics of uncomfterble and slihtly nervos collos.


File: 1475189639646.jpeg (95.7 KB, 1280x1280, 2052912_l.jpeg)

Felfire pls


File: 1475189719877.jpg (715.29 KB, 1920x1200, 942e034ae16cb5816bff43a35d….jpg)


Finally decided to embrace the deers, has she?


Those steps are much wider in real life!


File: 1475189790131.png (270.94 KB, 1000x1000, Stressed out.png)

>tfw not mad, just disappointed


I wanna go there!


The price millennials pay for being what they are.


To be fair, Bernie lost because Hillary cheated him out of the primaries, though the low voter turnout for Bernie didn't help


Rome is lovely this time of year.


>Bernie "I am a literal socialist" Sanders
>Bernie "[Cower on the edge of the stage when a black woman takes my mic to talk about white privilege]" Sanders
>Bernie "I have absolutely no plan to offset the cost of my plan to offer free college to everyone, which makes me no different than Trump and his Wall" Sanders


He'd have been a better candidate than Hillary


I think you posted your flutterbutter in the wrong thread.


Bernie talked a big game, but Obama pretty much ran out any steam the "pipe dream" campaign wagon had when he first took office.



You know I wouldn't have voted for Bernie!
Just saying that it would have been a better option for democrats


At least Trump actually tried to talk with the Mexican president. I don't think anyone's done that in… how many presidents?


File: 1475190380125.png (334.96 KB, 1600x1050, 1448565278286.png)


>What was the colt's name?

I guess it's actually time to give him one



Blackpaw reminded me of this one pic


There were plenty of better options for Democrats. Bernie was just the loudest.

Now our third-party options are Gary "What's Aleppo/I can't name foreign leaders" Johnson and literal criminal Gloria Stein.


You know, for not having any fucking idea what he's doing, Curry's doing an okay job with the kid.


File: 1475190561412.png (345.74 KB, 560x770, 1255674__safe_solo_flutter….png)

Now we're seeing the limits of democracy.


Well, to be fair, there's still Literal Criminal and possibly legit traitor Hillary Clinton in the running.
2016 Is just a complete shitshow when it comes to candidacy.




Also there weren't better options, since none of them were bold enough to try to go against Hillary.


Have you ever heard of inverse ninja theory? It goes like this: the competence of ninjas are inversely proportionate to their number. The more ninjas you have, the less competent they become.
Applied to children, the more Curry has, the less competent he becomes.
Which admittedly would be a feat.


There's still no evidence of any deliberate malicious intent on Clinton's part, and she hasn't been charged of anything. She's guilty of nothing aside from either extreme negligence or gross incompetence. She's just as shady as Trump is though
Stein has an actual warrant out for her arrest, albeit in only one state.
There was a third Democratic candidate in the primaries, not that I can remember him. Better that than the literal clown car the GOP one was though. Remember Carson? He was just as memey as Trump was, any day of the week.


Well, that's news to me. I hadn't been paying attention to the independents at all.


Tainting my luck with pirate dice

Roll #1 1, 5, 1 = 7


I'll take the 1s


>two pocket crits
Like shit you are.


The sleepy nigger.
The Guac Bowl Merchant Turtle.
The Zodiac Killer

I forgot the last nickname


Well who could blame you? The only way they can get on the news is to act as stupid as possible. Johnson has to be a gaffe machine otherwise he'd get no coverage at all.


Which one was Jeb? The turtle?


File: 1475191166146.gif (910.83 KB, 296x291, 1473416218943.gif)

>rainy day, house all to myself
>perfect opportunity to vidya/hang out on the sub/surf the Web
>can't because some dumb redneck wrecked his truck into one of the primary towers
At least there's some solace knowing that 18,000+ people are in the exact same boat. Whoever that guy is, there's a lot of people really mad at him right now.


It was a joke on the single 1d10 Wf asked me being "Pure Luck" and rolling a pirate dice being similar to "tainting" it.


Of course


Kasich was the best option. I'm still incredibly disappointed Cruz is backing Trump now, after how incredibly bitter their rivalry was and snubbing him on national TV at the convention.


>miles of nothing
>manage to crash into one of the few poles around


Which one was the possibly autistic guy who always had a water bottle in-hand?


Cruz was always a weakling.

As for Kasich, no one cared about him so it's no surprise he didn't win.

Wasn't that Rubio? Robot Rubio?


Late for me folks, class at 9 and it's almost half past 1.


like the time homer simson ruined the tv tower by crashing into it and the town went insane


literally how



Yeah, Rubio.


Even posted in the wrong thread


Yes, yes I did. Night.


I honestly thought he would stick to his guns, but I guess reelection is more important than principals.
And of course nobody cared about him, he was an actual person running against goddamn cartoon characters. He had no chance.


The only actual alternative was Jeb.
He was the establishment candidate just like Hillary is for DNC.
Any other candidates you're thinking of weren't realistic.




I would've voted for Biden or McCain but neither ran


I guess this is a pause for FelCurry for now
I know it was slow, but I am getting back on track too


No way was the country going to vote in a third Bush. Jeb was fooling himself the entire time.


It's cool. We had to get through kid bonding time anyway.
He was a special boy. With his special debating boots.


Biden would have been perfect, but the man just doesn't have the fire in him anymore. I'm pretty sure McCain is the same way.


Hilary at least is an actual politician and not a shouting idiot.


Yeah, so even if everything went smooth then it would be Jeb vs Hillary, and you would still be going "fuck I can"t believe this is happening"

>corrupt warmongering politician who's literally bought by everyone and doesn't even try to hide it and basically expects you to vote for her since she's a woman


Too bad!


This is also true.
She's very offensive in that way. But trump keeps proving himself worse and worse as a public figure, and lies more than her!


Jeb vs. Hillary would have been a frustrating commentary on how the American political system basically breeds people for these jobs now, but it would still be better than what we have.

And I find calling Hillary a warmonger hilarious, considering Trump's policy on ISIS is apparently "glass everything."
Trump built his entire career on lying and misleading people. It's only now being made public because of what he's doing.


I'd ask for thoughts but as I said, this was a catching up session


File: 1475192022632.jpg (49.08 KB, 568x533, 1473476241798.jpg)

I assume alcohol was involved. It usually is.
That's actually a pretty accurate comparison.

Well, headed back into the dead-spot that is my house. See you guys tomorrow, or whenever they manage to fix the tower.


I know politics is one of those taboo subjects, but I feel Hillary's personal crimes outweigh Trumps, in the scheme of things.
I mean, you don't fucking hire someone to delete all your sensitive emails if he doesn't even know how and has to ask reddit for help.
I enjoyed it.


File: 1475192051846.gif (590.18 KB, 618x514, animated_loop_spoiler-colo….gif)

At least you know with Hilary what you get,
>more war
>more poverty
>more globalism
>more immigrants

With Trump, well, anything can happen! How about you take a risk once in your life.

Oh boohoo, poor IS.
Meanwhile Hillary has been supporting toppling the legitimate governments in Libya, Syria, etc. and basically opening the way for IS.


yes, which makes him a bad candidate, who would try to cheat other nations out of money and wind up starting a war with someone because he's careless about lying and going back on deals


Also I have a feeling I cracked the case.


There might be some depth to this one


Both as so horrible I wish anyone else would run. Like pick a homeless guy off the street and make him president.


I'm interested. Shame I can't play more.


Vermin Supreme 2016. Ponies for all.


You mean Vermin Supreme?


File: 1475192371888.jpg (353.57 KB, 1214x546, Megatron 2016.jpg)

Thing is, nobody's ever been able to actually prove anything, including the FBI. A lot of this is only a big a deal as it is because of her presidential campaign. If she was still a Senator, it would have been forgotten months ago. It's just a repeat of allegations against her regarding Benghazi, which were only a thing because the Republicans wouldn't shut up about it.
There's nothing to support that claim. If anything, she's advocating sticking with Obama's policy regarding Syria, which is "stay the fuck away from it."


Well Obama's doing a fucking bad job staying away from it.
Have you even been paying attention to what's happening in Syria?
If Putin didn't cause a ruckus, US would have been all over Syria years ago. That wasn't Obama's policy, he fucked up.


To be perfectly honest, I just think Hillary is the worse of two options.
Which is hard to deal with since three out of the five people in my home are zealously in her camp.


Wouldn't the fact everyone's needs are met mean they would also be happy of their place in society? Can't very much have social stability without that.


I think Hilary is the better option at this point. Trump has 100percent convinced me he wouldn't know how to talk to any foreign power in a serious manner.


The one thing which tips me over to Hillary over Trump is the fact Trump denies global warmingand I won't have to live in the corporate state Hillary will bring forth if elected


Yeah, but I'll have to live in the "culturally enriched" state she brings about. Not that she'd survive the first year, what with her "pneumonia."
I'm afraid we're just going to have to agree to disagree.


Alive >> Dead


Militarily. We haven't deployed anybody there, and we don't have plans to as far as I can recall. But, Putin gonna Putin.
Trump has
>no policies
>no experience
>no friends in Congress or the military
>a history of screwing people over and throwing money at the problem to shut it up
This is not someone who should be sitting in the Oval Office. Shit, by the time he was elected, at least Reagan had served several years as a governor. Trump's last job was as a reality TV host.
Megatron's ideology is largely reactionary kneejerking against a corrupt government, where your place in society was determined by your body type.

He's also an unapologetic fascist warmonger, in case you forgot.


You don't think the world would be stupid enough to rip itself apart over this changing of hats? I mean, we do it pretty much every year, and the only thing different about this year is that none of the candidates are good choices.
Also shouldn't you be in bed.


Look, neither of these candidates are running based on military prowess, and Obama proved for us that the idea of a president passing laws is fantasy.
Therefore the only thing I'm choosing, is who talks to other leaders. I don't think trump can do this, so my only choice is Hilary aka the devil.


That's the trick, they're both devils. So we're damned if we do, damned if we don't.
Honestly, no matter who wins, nothing is going to improve. Of that, I'm like 90% certain.


I'm shitposting from bed.
Your presidents have been postponing Kyoto's pacts far too long, the earth WILL burn us alive if a fix isn't applied asap. 4 or 8 more years of USA denying global warming will kill us all.


Too bad most of the damage is coming from Africa and the like. There are no environmental commissions over there keeping things in check.
And I beat you a dollar that Trump will magically acknowledge global warming if he finds himself in the presidential office.


trump already tried to deny that he ever denied global warming, he claims to believe it, and have believed in it all along.


Oh gee.
The UN voted on forcing Assad to resign. Gee, how would they have made them do that? I guess they'd have asked nicely. Libya and Iraq never happened!


If I'm honest, I want Trump to win, if for no other reason than to scare both the Democrats and Republicans alike into getting their shit together to try and make sure one of their own gets elected.
The only reason Trump was able to start as strong as he did was because everybody is fed up with the consistent bullshit politicians on both sides kept shoveling instead of addressing the real, important issues with anything more than lip service.


>no friends in Congress or the military
Shouldn't that be considered somewhat of a good thing?


Fidget, learn to use Google.
The USA are second with one of the highest per capita emission rates.


Alright, I must go for now.
I don't suppose there is anyway to move about the spa quickerfeels like we've spent a long time doing this stuffI might have kotone leave if you'd like to keep teasing Cumin while he's a girl, since I realize that resolving this plot means losing that


Oh no, this is just killing time until we can turn him back. And Marina really could use that spa trip. But we can likely fast forward through a lot of it.


Fascism was great until hitler ruined it.


Wasn't he a socialist, though? Mussolini was the fascist, or so I was told.
>implying CO2 is the only gas harmful to the environment


well. okay.
I have to go for dinner and stuff so the next chance will probably be tomorrow.


I've always said as soon as you no longer feel like faffing, we can skip ahead.

I know Fidget kinda really wanted a chance to tease Cumin though with "at least one really girly thing".

As soon as you're ready, we can do the temple and/or split up for new destinations.


>he thinks that trump isn't lip service


Won't be around until the afternoon. I'm going to be picking grapes likely for the next four days until the evening. Enjoy dinner.
Fair enough.


It's 99% of all greenhouse gases, id call that a sufficient sample size.
Mussolini was a socialist too. he was the editor in chief for a socialist magazine but had been expelled from the party due to his interventionist policies regarding ww1.
Fascism was also called National Socialism.


I see, well I really must be away from the PC now
thanks for running


Honestly I can't remember that far back.
It goes both ways. Without some way to grease the wheels, the country will essentially come to a dead stop. It'll be Obama's second term all over again, but even worse.
Also I'm pretty sure the DoD wouldn't trust him farther than they can throw him.


sure thing


Politicians lie, yes
But Trump literally does nothing but lie and contradict himself
Just like Farage and Orbán over here
It's like the new wave of populist politics where the truth and fact no longer matters at all, as long as these people just stand out on their stage and put up their peacock show


I see.
I don't trust any politician on principle. Like, I don't expect the country to change for the better or magically become a wasteland overnight after the election. But if I wanted to see any monkey dancing at the end of a string, it'd be the one with the funny hairdo, and not the one that might not even survive the first year in office.
I guess that's a pause, then?


It's funny you keep bringing up Clinton's health when Trump gleefully admits all he eats is fast food and his doctor's letter was about as transparent a lie as you could get.


>Honestly I can't remember that far back.
What a coincidence, Hillary can't either.

Lemme give you the short version

>US wants Assad gone because muh dictatorship (actually oil pipelines naturally), goes to UN council, Russia and China veto

>US and EU starts arming "moderate rebels" including IS
>IS goes rogue and starts invading Iraq as well
>meanwhile Syria gets torn the fuck up
>Russia decides to intervene
>US: n-no you can't do that l-let our moderate rebels win ;_;
>meanwhile Syrian refugees flood EU (I don't blame US solely for that, our politicians are stupid), IS grows in power because NATO is more concerned with toppling Assad than fighting IS

Hey if you want to continue that shit, just vote Hillary man. But don't fucking say you didn't know.


Yeah, best to pause here while I mull over what to do about fish tail


That's because I think it would hilarious to see him fall over due to a heart attack in the middle of a speech. Terrifying, sure, because then there'd be a scramble for some other person to fill the void, but still funny in that ironic sort of way.
I've been really disconnected from the possible consequences of this election because I think if I looked at it in all seriousness I'd go mad.


They were also responsible for the death of Gaddafi, who was horrible, yes, but after he died no one kept the migrants in check.
Because, y'know, he had them shot before.


Tell me, Sion, are you aware of something called the Hooten plan?


Well he was horrible, now there's anarchy in Libya. I'm pretty sure Gaddafi was way preferable to anarchy.

I think I saw some vid link about it a few days ago but I didnt check it.


Oh right, the exterminate the Germans plan.
What about it?


File: 1475194458969.jpg (89.97 KB, 477x496, 1353067707.jrvanesbroek_de….jpg)

>have to wait till next sesssion to know the results of that 6
well, thanks for the game Wf


That plan failed when they realize there was no replacement


>Forgot to reply to MAali

I'll give you a reply before we go okay?


You don't think they really care at the UN right? They have that whole country to do whatever they want with now. I'm pretty sure as far as Hillary is concerned they did a good job.


True. I'm not saying he's a good candidate. I'm saying that if a candidate as bad as him gets elected, maybe it'll force the primary parties to reevaluate the way they do things.

Either way, the next four years are going to suck.
This. Hillary's been such shit at her job for the past four years, I don't want her to end up with even more clout.


Nothing, just was wondering if you'd heard about it. If it turns out that it is in effect, then I wouldn't be surprised. 2016 is just a fucking bizarre year.


I hope everyone had fun


File: 1475194582279.jpg (63.51 KB, 500x500, 1453945776119.jpg)

Its okay I'm used to being forgotten ;_;


I enjoyed it.
Doesn't most of her clout come from the shitloads of dirt she has on almost literally everyone in some position of power in the government structure, regardless of branch?


It's not in effect.
That's just some shilling.

If you want to know what's really in effect, you just gotta read what the UN has to say about national identity.
It's not about replacement, it's just about dilluting everything enough so that no one knows what a German or a French or a Dutch person is anymore.
And then the EU can actually be one state since everyone is just a mutt.
Literally UN documents on it. Hell, one of the founders of the EU said it, it's not even secret.

Lots of fun! And Face will surely be a good dad once he's back to normal.


You know damn well the US is one of the worst climate offenders along with China and India.


At least Britain escaped.
Well, yeah, but we're at least trying to do something about it. That's got to count for something.


Not really. They're not going anywhere.


Also lots of money involved of course, no one in Europe is having kids anymore so we need immigrants from Syria to pay our pensions…apparently.




I know.

Man I can't wait for actual space travel. Then we can get off this mudball and have interstellar civil wars because we don't want to listen to the United Earth Federation.
Weren't people not having kids anymore because of natural cycles in civilization (i.e. in times of plenty birth rates go up, and down in times of duress), and this is only exacerbating the problem by making things harder to come by and making things more dangerous for the local populace?


I mean
It's also about the state of economy where people don't dare to even have one kid, not to mention three, while the gypsies and muslims breed like rabbits since 0education or foresight that they'll have to be raised too


No, people aren't having kids because the cost of growing one goes up every year in first world countries.
And they are not nearly as useful as they are in rice farms in China.


He's tried to get back to normal for 20 years

He's ready to accept that might not happen.


Also they get paid for by the government.
It's almost like they want the middle class to stop having children.


Well after years our politicians finally realized that sex ed teaches Europeans how to not have kids, but we actually need kids.
(P.S. actually we don't, we could just take the hit and shrink but that would mean a whole bunch of wealthy people would lose a lot of money.)

Spengler has an awesome book about that, I've been meaning to read it.

There's many different factors
>Europeans have always had less kids than other continents, this is science
>capitalism has convinced us that we need one smartphone and tons of other shit just to raise our kids
>parents themselves are really unwilling to sacrifice a lot for kids
>the local culture at all points treis to convince us having kids is bad and "the end of your life", this is good because people without kids spend more money.


It's for the better.
He might even grow closer to the twins.
And he'd have had a very hard time being their dad even if he was adult


The faffing lasts only as long as you want it to btw

We can move on as soon as you're tired of it


I think after we get out of the tub and fade to makeovers we can just skip ahead until after the changing of Cumin back to how he wants to be. Then Marina and Kotone can start looking into hiring boats, unless Aquamarine's started swinging by Roads and Kotone hitches a ride there.


But we're attempting to change that; a lot of the really nice views from the hills here in West Virginia are now interrupted by rows of wind turbines along as many of the ridges they can manage.
Though according to one of the guys who works on them, they're actually not efficient at all, since the rate at which they wear out their parts makes it so they're pretty much breaking even in terms of energy created vs. Energy required to keep them running.


It travels pretty slowly

As for Cuminchanging you may need to dungeon crawl just a little on that temple


>discussion reminds me of Spengler
>check out a video on him again

>"Faced with stagnation, the people become helpless and elect increasingly unusual leaders and give them extraordinary powers in the hope it will reinvigorate society"

Oh Spengler, you magnificent bald bastard.


Oh right. The guards.
It's like anyone with a brain can see this coming. Which is why no one does and the ones who do are deemed crazy.


Did you ever read Spengler in your German courses? I know you read communist things.


File: 1475197167529.webm (304.05 KB, 920x964, 1450819357919.webm)




Night pone


Night Nopo.


Read of him but not work by him


File: 1475197555839.png (173.51 KB, 483x612, 1475171147424.png)

Well, that's enough fatalism for one night.
Night pones!

Have to admit it goes over my head at times.


Night Sion.


File: 1475197729212.png (239.09 KB, 500x528, 1432820284133.png)

Night to you too


Swt drms


File: 1475201705424.png (62.77 KB, 517x561, Ice cream.png)

I'm going to bed. See you guys tomorrow afternoon/evening.


File: 1475201785925.jpg (772.64 KB, 931x990, 1435028077219.jpg)

back for now


Sorry if you felt bogged down by faffing

I talked to fidget about moving on so you don't have to be pinned anymore. Are you anxious to visit Roads?


Its okay.

Roads should be interesting!


wanna /craftmines/?


in 30, watching some adventure time


>play MGS3 all night
>get to the fight with the Boss
>too tired to bother with the circling around to get past her bullshit everything-proof shield


File: 1475204981738.png (254.27 KB, 908x1200, Haeliss.png)

I wasted the day drawing this


W-where did her tits go?


Silly nasse, reptiles don't have breasts


Yes they do.


Alright, in some cases


they do have the hips, tho!


What's with all the bandages?


Thick bandages to keep her arms and legs from getting too cold
That's how it works right?


File: 1475206091804.jpg (39.46 KB, 325x383, 1475185550883.jpg)


I do like the poncho. Don't see too many if those.


I see you got tired of even trying to draw a torso and covered it up with a dorito


You're wrong
I have seen the torso
It was a nice torso


Just counter with circle when she charges at you

Is she looking for a bf


>go check on marinaville
>yellow exes everywhere
>no villagers
>gate is wide open for monsters


well for now I put up a fence and some more torches, its not 100 percent safe yet thou, once it is we can transfer some villagers over to marinaville


File: 1475211342650.gif (1.51 MB, 250x249, tmp_14675-1474954977512888….gif)

Whats a village


A village is where NPCs that you can trade with live.
Villagers are not very smart, and can't fight for themselves, so usually, golems spawn to protect them.


File: 1475214106086.jpg (52.9 KB, 640x614, tmp_20195-9uovAx5l-1861928….jpg)


>trying to go to sleep at 8am
>8:30 mom calls me
>"Your brother got ran over by his teacher, he's coming home, don't go to sleep"


That's not good


Yeah, I need my beauty sleep.


Siblings truly ruin everything huh


He owes me 10 euros too.


well, this is good news then, you can harass him about it when he gets there.


>ran over



I mean, that's what we say in Finland
it could just mean he got bumped. He's fine anyway, he went for a checkout at the hospital and is coming home now.


Remind me of the Metal Gear timeline again


Is that it?


Peace Walker after MGS3, MG1 and 2 before MGS1, and Rising at the end


MGR isn't canon or relevant is it
Also what kind of fucking sense does it make to make the final installment, the climax of the series, be second in chronological order


It was supposed to be a prequel showing how the events of the first game started the big overarching plot

MGR isn't very relevant but it's one of the best self-contained stories


File: 1475216423366.png (123.82 KB, 475x600, medium (3).png)

Can't sleep, everything too loud

Did find this for Nopony and Wf. Haven't seen them post it.


What a zeeb


Well, it's a zeeb


File: 1475220228887.png (724.97 KB, 2400x2743, 1451322132929.png)

>new internet installed and connacted

Unf unf


Portable ops
Peace walker
Metal gear
Metal gear 2


3, PO, PW and V are the story of big boss
Mg, mg2, mgs, 2 and 4 are the story of solid snake
2, 4 and rising are the story of Raiden


>he left out Ac!d, Ac!d 2 and Ghost Babel


How is it new?


I also left out snake's revenge since all four of those conflict with the timeline or are explicitly non canon


They are a parallel universe, of course.


File: 1475228124804.gif (876.89 KB, 253x197, DxxrvSg.gif)

>Tfw passed out on the desk


File: 1475228333189.gif (378.84 KB, 508x508, 1254531__safe_fluttershy_s….gif)


I know pone, you were waiting for me in bed and I wasn't there. Pls forgibe me


File: 1475228598178.gif (2 MB, 610x508, 1254627__safe_fluttershy_a….gif)

Love is ded


Pone no
I'm sorry bby, come back to me!


File: 1475228695458.gif (403.36 KB, 544x530, 1254630__safe_fluttershy_a….gif)


File: 1475228948722.png (345.31 KB, 719x604, 1443804801868.png)

>Life without pone gf
I can't take it


*desire to run quest reignites*


File: 1475235246677.jpg (46.91 KB, 600x589, 1467479196220.jpg)


God I hate driving in Bruges.


>God I hate driving


>God I hate living


>>I hate God


>God i


>I hate God driving


File: 1475240044730.jpg (34.04 KB, 500x281, 3136558_1358921766228.28re….jpg)

>Kami-sama, watashi wa…





First week of school, was a bit too swamped to get anything done on project.
Tomorrow social life, but I will work on the project on Sunday!


>What does that mean?
>>I don't know, I don't speak Chinese


Get out of our korean horse glue forum.


Did you know there's a deep cave system below Black Mesa?

I got lost inside


yes, I'm logged off inside it.



>tfw at school and not exploran with internet buttbuddies


20 minutes and I'll log in.


Eh, I already did some stuff this morning, I'm taking a break

I quit because of another timeout and I just got tired of fighting it


Fine by me, I have a party to host tomorrow too


Are you having your monthly butt parties.


No, just a very late graduation party for some old classmates. Mostly just a convenient excuse to bbq and drink


>subtly fishing for an invite


File: 1475242060128.jpg (49.6 KB, 440x429, 1470642467009.jpg)

That too. But at least driving through Ostend is tolerable in comparison.

Meanwhile the inner city of Bruges is like
>You see all these tiny sidestreets designed for horses 1000 years ago with little to no indication of them even existing? No? Well too bad, they all have the right of way.
>Tourist busses clogging every fucking street, releasing thousands of Asian tourists like a fucking hornets nest
>Constant traffic jams, literally impossible to go faster than 5 mph between 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening


I haven't bbqd in a while.


>less subtle fishing for an invite


I don't know why anybody would own a car in a European city. They're laid out by insane people.
Quit shipping.



File: 1475242292809.png (249.89 KB, 437x380, 1473593203639.png)

N-Nani!? Nani sore!?


Stop confusing the fillies!


>Germans going to buy our national aviation company for 3 million euros because we couldn't pay our bills

Belgium is literally a joke country by now


File: 1475242675018.jpeg (267.81 KB, 750x647, 978876__safe_solo_princes….jpeg)


Brussels Airlines? What the fuck?


As in manufacturing?


Apparently a few years ago, Brussels airlines got an emergency loan from Lufthansa. In that loan was a clause that said that if the loan wasn't paid back in a certain amount of years, Lufthansa got the right to buy all shares at a very low price.

They could have done that in 2014 already but now that Brussels Airlines is making money but still hasn't paid back, Lufthansa decided to do the obvious thing.

No, but it's a fleet of 50 airplanes, for 3 million euros


Welcome to the club.
Frenchies bought up Alitalia long ago.


Oh, Lufthansa. But Brussels Airlines isn't owned by the state like Sabena was, so it kind of makes sense that the Lufthansa blob absorbed it.


>the muslisms are here already


The real joke is that this is our second national aviation company.
Our first one was bought by the Swiss

Yeah, but it was kinda the spiritual successor to Sabena.


If it gets too bad tell me.
Seems like I have to reboot the server once a day to make it run smoothly.
I should probably just setup a script to do it.


Our second national aviation company shut down 2 years ago instead, nobody bought it


Mama Mia!


>You will be alive to see Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, East Prussia, Riga, and Tyrolia reunited with Germany

Feels groß


>East Prussia

Laughing Poles.png


Well, sort of. But I don't think you can call it our national aviation company.

Our 80 year old national aviation company, which was owned by the state, collapsed after the 9/11 attacks alongside much of the aviation market.


Wew lad.
At least we survived those.


Well, I suppose not. Legally.


By the way, I am free all day if you want to quest or minecraft

If nobody speaks up I'm gonna roll for activity


And even the government is now jumping in trying to beg Lufthansa if they can have a voice in this too.

Spoiler: they won't

It makes it extra sad.


I can do both at once.


DM and I are probably going to WoW as soon as he gets home.


Goddamn you morons.


Did you give him your RAF bonus?


Nope. Apparently he was supposed to send me an invite mail or something. Which is kind of a shit system since RAF usually involves the person who subs to enter the name of his friend.


Continued laughter


>All those bonuses lost
>That massive XP bonus lost
How do you even fuck up that hard?

You literally could have googled "recruit a friend" and there's a step by step guide. You literally press a button in game, there's a whole button for it now.


>A bunch of pets and an XP bonus
Eh? We're already breezing through most zones at too high level, so I'm actually glad to not have the bonus.


Did you see the stellaris dd's?
You can definitely see stellaris sold well since one dlc is like 2 eu4 dlcs in terms of new stuff


I blame you for everything. After that talk we had about how I never played any Warcraft game, DM goaded me into playing!

Yeah, Leviathan is looking really good. Stellaris is definitely PD's baby right now. HoI4 got shafted in comparison so far.


This isn't what I meant!



The future is looking bright if they keep this up. How's the current stellaris game going?


Teetering on the edge of disaster.


We're getting there. Gaius and I fended off the Tyranid fleet, so it's mostly just a matter of retaking the worlds they took and hoping that deploying an exterminatus or two will purge it to the point where he can terraform it back into their former selves.

Then there's the fact that there's a fallen Empire wreaking havoc in one of my sectors, which will be tricky to resolve for me alone.

Finally there's a mega alliance opposing ours which we have yet to face down. But I'm not too worried about them if I'm honest.

We're very much approaching our late game now. Maybe we can start a new one tomorrow if you're around to join in. Would be interesting to have like 5 or 6 people playing.


One day I will learn that game


Wont be around tomorrow but I really would like to join


Maybe Sunday then.

Now that I think of it, I think DM will be absent for some time tomorrow as well anyway.


File: 1475245801165.png (112.04 KB, 500x380, 1474401621673.png)

All you really need to do is join in. DM did the same and he got the hang of it.


>breezing through most zones
This is caused by the Stat Squish

When WoD released, they realized stats were getting out of control. Every item had like +2000 strength, gemstones had +750 (stat). So they decided to compress it all. The result is now that when leveling in most zones before Pandaria, you end up with maybe +1 more stat on each piece of gear (+1 to +2) for an entire 10 levels. The difference between a level 10 and 20 is tiny. Health regen also got messed up and it's way to high at low levels.

The result?
>Levels 1-20 it may actually be impossible to die without trying. I was playing a new character the other day and I could easily just walk through an army of mobs and one shot the leader without fighting any of the normal trolls because their hits are so weak.
>Levels 21-60 you should be one-shotting almost everything
>Levels 61-84 you should be two-shotting almost everything
>Levels 85-89 you finally have to fight stuff but it will be easy
>Levels 90-98: you can no longer casually kill an army of enemies your level without trying, but 1v1 content is still pretty easy
>Levels 99-101: As you make the gear transition into the 'current expansion', mobs will actually be fairly difficult and you may feel frustrated because your hits are doing barely any damage.
>102-109: Now that you are properly geared, most stuff is a pretty average fight again.
>110: Raid content


I'm not really the one-shotting kind of guy since I'm playing a Shadow Priest. I think we're level 25 now, going through Duskwood.


Adding more people would be amazing. I'd like to see what a proper federation would be capable of, so long as DM doesn't ruin us again with his rampant purging.
It's incredibly easy to learn by doing. Both DM and I did that and we picked it up in like a week.


Well, forming 4 man federations with 6 people would be sort of unfair to be honest.

We could crank the difficulty up of course, but a proper all-player federation with a federation fleet is kind of formidable for the AI.


Wouldn't it just do what it did in our game and form a separate power bloc to oppose us? Plus there's always crisis events or fallen empires.


I'll also have to get it legit first, unless you can do the same tricking you could with Civ
The interface just looks imposing at first. But at least it reminds me of Imperium Galactica 2


The two of us managed to fend off the Tyranids on our own and I probably could have fended off the Fallen Empire on my own if my fleet hadn't been crippled. Now add at least one more player to that and a federation fleet to boot. It'll be too easy.

If we do 4+ people games, there's no way I'm going to ally up into a turtle blob for 200 years.


"Ah I see your research is almost ready, let me nuke your capital and big cities real quick"
Groves in strategi games when not allied


File: 1475246682325.gif (424.31 KB, 480x270, 1471466600449.gif)


Also constantly shittalking at the AI until it declares war at us


DM took that crown from me, I'm afraid. He's literally the most hated guy in the galaxy to the point where people care more about fucking him up than dealing with Tyranids.


Literally how


It's DM.


File: 1475247554579.gif (779.24 KB, 181x163, 1450751486395.gif)

>internet is back up


File: 1475247877685.jpg (226.4 KB, 1028x520, 1475192725414.jpg)


That makes me feel somewhat better he left so early in Trader


Time to run Settlers!


>invade and conquer neighboring worlds
>enslave the entire native population
>resettle his own people there
>systematically purge all the slaves when they become unhappy


>Filipines president compares himself to Hitler

Pffffthaha, this guy.
Filipinos confirmed for master race. Wish I still had that image Lemon gave me of the filipino that said he was aryan


Settlers is being revived?


I wish


File: 1475249522514.jpg (157.57 KB, 1152x806, 1371919293251.jpg)

I never said I was a merciful god


>Sylt left both oxygen and hydrogen on dump excess
>So when it fills on both it still keeps dumping and electrolyzing
>Water never runs out
>So it just keeps draining power
>He used up all the energy in the main power cluster
Well, it can recharge while he's offline


I told you I would set it up like that! Why haven't you build a slew of wind turbines and instead still rely on solar?


One wind turbine is plenty as long as we're not being wasteful with power


They're cheap and we'll want more power very soon.


File: 1475250318794.jpg (106.32 KB, 281x332, Yhvh.jpg)

I really should stellaris at some point


I think it's a better time investment for me to work on building breathing gear for our crew.


Suit yourself, I will look into the reactor from that star trek mod.


File: 1475250442517.png (916.87 KB, 612x1920, tumblr_oebkobd9nB1rqejd7o1….png)


File: 1475250443701.jpg (105.33 KB, 700x461, 1475209730648.jpg)

Do it. Just use S10, people enjoy RP'ing in your worlds anyway.


You aren't alone in the universe
Maybe be you should be
It's fun with friends
We could all kill DM for being pure evil


I want to [. ] That pony


File: 1475251902361.png (1.41 MB, 4772x2275, 860205__safe_oc_blushing_o….png)


Pegasi are so silly


File: 1475252966048.jpg (145 KB, 534x496, 1380104748641.jpg)




File: 1475253330522.jpg (172.58 KB, 640x657, 1063953[1].jpg)

I just want to fug a giant goddess, is that so wrong?


I thought you were Knight


Ich ben ein groofen




Nopo, why are you on the go?


Are you sure? She's the alpha in the relationship


Wow, rude.


File: 1475254755435.gif (2 MB, 388x268, 1378804127075.gif)


File: 1475254978150.png (344.94 KB, 700x700, 1398439747144.png)


File: 1475255098956.png (207.92 KB, 379x419, SadidiaDoll.png)


File: 1475255170956.png (122.43 KB, 954x602, NIDOQUEEN_USED_BODYSLAM.png)


I always liked that mission anyway


File: 1475255897338.jpg (919.94 KB, 1744x3088, cutestCrow.jpg)


File: 1475255978873.png (78.1 KB, 1200x1200, 1454511177672.png)

Mons when I wake

What a cute Nido
Nidoqueen is rarely drawn nicely, sadly.


Sleep well


File: 1475256035626.jpg (209.71 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ocpzqtYQbT1r8z5dfo2….jpg)

Shout draws cute things

Wow that is old


You should help design the magic department. You know about some magic like blood magic, right?

Also almost the entire checklist is complete… we're still dying for tin though and Sylt doesn't have the item replicator ready. If you see meteor iron on the overworld, GET IT!


>not enough tin



You have no idea how much tin I can go through!

By the way there's a massive mine under Black Mesa. Far from cleared out still. Sylt built a portal shortcut to spawn. I built a pump room to auto-charge our hydrogen separator. I built a fuel loader and refined oil and loaded it. I built most of our oxygen gear. We together built a magic research wing.

We're getting close man


File: 1475259065129.png (408.58 KB, 900x1000, 1452711601376.png)

By the way, I am home now


Primary objective
>Continue mining tin

Bonus objectives
1. Search the overworld for meteorites so we can get the double-output furnace
2. Learn magic to see what it can do for us
3. Transport all those thousands of cobble blocks from the old compound to Black Mesa - we need a lot of materials for the space station


File: 1475259602826.png (645.39 KB, 1280x720, blogentry-23942-0-22992000….png)



"I'm here…" - Ghsot


File: 1475259843269.gif (80.27 KB, 806x806, 1450222154378.gif)


Meteor iron?

>blood magic

Well I set up a villager pit but they aren't breeding last I looked


File: 1475260309236.jpg (53.5 KB, 1600x1200, 14xhwye.jpg)


I really don't get essentials craft at all, the in game manual tells me fuck all and online sources aren't very good, I might have to watch lets players to get an idea what to do.


File: 1475260892430.png (140.47 KB, 195x558, 1471565584644.png)


It's my problem with most of the mods, I just have no idea how to craft anything.
Like, I found phones and some thingimajigs in the zombie-spawner dungeon we cleared with Andy, but have no idea what to do with any of them


Well, on the one hand, the mod pack's goal is to give you something new to craft by using less popular mods.
on the other, that kinda sucks for trying to get things done fast


Updater please stop being on the fritz

I'm fine with slow progress.
At least it won't be "I literally built the entire mod, what about you?" "I carved out the inside of a really big tree" this time


There are ALWAYS low tech things for you to do

Mining tin, farming food, searching for a meteor

I know that feeling so much

My least favorite part of compilation modpacks

It's from meteors


How do meteors even look?
Because if I stock up on food I'm fine with going on a pilgrimage to find one.


>want to do fun exploring with my friends
>they turn it into another dick waving contest.


Oh, they only appear on the moon, sadly




I'm in the middle of dinner. 30 more minutes, start without me.


I mean, that's exactly what is good with this mod
We are working towards a common goal this time

I'll find a tin mine instead then


If you find any dilitium blocks save the location but DON'T mine them.



Anyway if you're asking about a place to set up blood magic, we need about a 30 by 30, 10 high room


because they are the rarest material and we want to be sure to get multiple from it.


Ultra rare, so a fortune 3 pickaxe is a must.


I'll leave that up to you. On the bottom floor of Black Mesa there's a new hallway with the enchanting room and nether portal. Add your blood magic room anywhere connected to that hall


File: 1475262078240.png (132.23 KB, 540x360, 1474763263198.png)

That's way too cool. The way it just walks through the Rockets' attacks is the best.


File: 1475262093001.png (813.01 KB, 1280x720, Breezie_sneezes_S4E16.png)




Its a very generous amount of space. I don't think you realize or you'd not take it so casually.
This isn't counting a set up to sacrifice regularly: any kind of mob which can be forced to drop down one at a time on top of the altar is ideal


File: 1475262502352.jpg (584.54 KB, 1215x717, 29ab1d6692927f4d75f05c2827….jpg)

>Blood magic


I know it's big, but I think we have plenty of space. I assume you're planning to build a mob farmer with that room?



Options: farm animals, skellies (if we move a spawner), villagers


What can we move a spawner with in this pack?


File: 1475263058589.webm (3.73 MB, 480x360, tom and jerry.webm)


Could you work with 20x30x10?


That cartoon gets horrifying after itchy and scratchy.


File: 1475263173894.jpg (50.76 KB, 226x810, 1475194464954.jpg)

The sheet is basically done. I can run when I get home from my brother's appointment, though I don't know how long that will take.



Remember that episode Tom gets beheaded?
Or that time he is sent to hell?
Or that one time Jerry spends an entire episode trying to get Tom to think he is trying to kill himself in his sleep until he suffers an actual mental breakdown?


What about the time they get cucked and decide to commit suicide together?


You know what was even MORE disturbing?
The movie.


Not sure, I thought open blocks had something.



I got all kinds of fucked up by All Dogs Go to Heaven more


I never saw that movie in one sitting.
Only ever caught bits and pieces of it.
OpenBlocks surely does.


The Hell scene was a bit of a trauma as a six year old
No wonder I instantly moved on to things like Starship Trooper instead


File: 1475263444662.png (830.51 KB, 1920x1017, USfaFnv.png)

this is what the full space of just the altar will be, we will want a little more than that for storage, and we will space around to set up whatever sacrifice method we use.
Note. Self sacrifice is possible if we want to, we just have to dedicate to one method per altar.


Starship troopers is ballin'.
We should stream it.


I'd be up for it
I think my non-sexual fantasy-fetish for instectoid enemies and creatures and insects in general comes from seeing that movie as a kid
Not to mention it is actually a solid movie to this day


It's an INCREDIBLE movie for all the right reasons.
Good on the nose acting reminiscent of movies from the 50s, absurdity played straight, and tiny hidden things all over.


CGI and effects also hold up, and it is also full of social commentary and all that shit


I bet the magical mystery mods do too, but I can't penetrate them just yet.


File: 1475265284449.jpg (363.24 KB, 1920x1080, 1423817627500.jpg)

what's this about space movie streams


File: 1475265314432.jpg (98.15 KB, 554x435, ic_835afc8fccd4ddc142d6f1a….jpg)




File: 1475265338458.jpg (231.33 KB, 627x502, desire to learn more.jpg)


>Event Horizon
Never again.


>they cut out all the good gore


I'd be up for watching space movies with you guys even bad ones


File: 1475266092640.jpg (998.51 KB, 1500x957, 1422272036441.jpg)


What a qt

We should watch Investigator, that one hungarian movie about a pathologist that becomes a reverse detective story


that doesn't sounds like a space flick


Oh, we are talking SPACE movies!
We should watch Galaxy Quest then, since I've never seen it


Time to reboot the server.


>putty hangs on connection


No rush
I'm having a friend over



It means either the host is down or the server is badly overloaded.
It was the latter this time.


It's hard to think of things that I would be willing to shrink with no guarantee of being able to restore them to the proper size later. Prisoners?


what did you do?


9000 blocks is going to take a really long time to mine out you know

Probably several days

Maybe we should've built it on the desert flatlands instead of in the base… But we already have like 15% of it excavated.


I just found out there's a tool which mines out a 3x3x3 area.
We should advance that mod.


which mod/ what item?


Essential crafts.


Essentialcraft* 3


item name?


no clue


I've been trying man, I can't find a good written guide of it, and ingesting spoken information is just hard to me, so youtube tutorials will be difficult.


Perhaps with the right connections you'll get access to the enlarging device!


Essentialcraft is straight up the worst documented mod I've ever seen

I have a highly powered soul stone (20K+) and basic research book though


We will have to do it boys.
Watch a minecraft youtuber.


Hey, I told you how much space it was, it might be better to build it in another location, start from the top of something.


File: 1475267376301.webm (1.55 MB, 640x360, The Devil's Advocate - NO….webm)


the research books have to be upgraded to show information, just share the most advanced one around.



however. I do remember that the bloodmagic picks will do that 3x3x3 effect.


Okay, what's needed for that?


>There's a super cool mod that allows you to make compact machines by building blocks that you can shrink down and build complex systems inside, and then you can hook up the input/output to the ports inside the single block to get them back to the outside, effectively letting you reduce whole factories of systems to a single block

Super cool. Pity we don't use that mod in our pack.


you have to do an expensive blood ritual to bind a diamond pick to yourself


Tinker's would solve this issue for us so easily,
Botania has a relatively easy way to clear out dirt too, levels out a whole area around you not sure if it would work on clay, but hey, let's not day dream about more mods. When we used other mods nopony couldn't join us.


Okay, how expensive?


S-Sorry ;_;


5,000 LP
24 ritual stone: made from 24 obsidian, and 24 slates
all 4 elemental inks are needed, ghast tear and magma cream from the nether are needed, an obsidian will also be needed.

basically we'd have to already be doing lots of blood magic, which we aren't yet. We do need to do this ritual to get the bound blades too, to get blood shards from mobs


So we only need magma cream, got it.


got 4 glowstone?


We should watch The Black Hole


sion plz how much will you run today


File: 1475269966676.gif (2.01 MB, 557x452, 1467817502420.gif)

Eh, I can run for a few hours longer.
You wanna pause?


No I wanted to know.


No Ad's? Ok then



>blend roll of 42


sneakiest breez
also I give up
too much lag


It's kicked me out 3 times already, probably something's up with the server.


I'll have to cut myself to make blood runes later then


Ow, the edge


File: 1475273257147.gif (4.06 MB, 640x360, Omake Gif Anime - New Game….gif)

- Genji


Color me impressed


Chance feats are quite OP.


File: 1475273291395.gif (1.96 MB, 400x300, 1379665570923.gif)

we need that t3 altar bad


File: 1475273376058.gif (126.15 KB, 1007x1007, 1444589686557.gif)


I really do give up now
can't stay connected long enough to do anything

I did make the sheep pens quiet at least, so that's a victory


File: 1475274089787.png (14.9 KB, 600x600, I'm feeling yellow.png)

So what's up. You guys make it to the moon yet?


Not yet.

I attempted to repopulate your town


File: 1475274153773.webm (448.61 KB, 1280x720, glimmer_tip_toe.webm)




Them hoofwarmers



Well, that's probably going to take a while. The last living villager wandered off before I finished (sorta) the wall, so they got eaten. It's good that you're trying, though efforts to safeguard the town closer to Black Mesa would probably be more beneficial in the long run.
Side note, did anyone mark a path through the nether? Tried going through there to get to the site, but it… didn't really pan out.


I dropped off two villagers and I think the town is safe now, I put down lots more torches. I have a functional villager pit to make more, but its not very efficient because I don't have enough doors.

We made a tunnel for nether travel now.


I'd like to connect spawn to the Mesa which I haven't even visited yet
My spawn hut just grew on me

Also I may have taken all the torches from one village on day 1 because we found no coal anywhere but had to light up spawn and the house


That'll be helpful.
On a further side note, does processing andesite, granite, et al require a specific crafting station?


Spawn and mesa are linked by nether portals and a tunnel linking them.


Sure you can go there

>seconds spoiler

if you fucking took the torches from fidget's village with the wall I'll sacrifice your soul to the old gods!


It was the village north of spawn ON DAY ONE


oh, on day 1? that's okay.
I can get more villagers now at least.


>can't get Tyrande because it is only available in like 5 countries

Thank you, Blizzard
Not like I fucking wanted to get rid of that whiny bitc Anduin or anything


File: 1475275127148.gif (1.62 MB, 375x500, 1469213687562.gif)

>Pattern managed to stay hidden and steal a badge with an 8 without using AD's

Now that's very lucky!


They must have been very distracted!


Will Pattern ever look the same at her acquintance?


Next Adventure:
Pattern goes to a shrink to get this mental image out of her head


if you're on the server can you look into something called a "Remote Storage" and "Storage Module" and see if we have those, they should be a part of the RFTools mod


>implying she spoke to him in the first place


She doesn't know the guy! I meant the girl!


W-well she'll try to forget.. what a slut


He was a lot older than her
She called him her daddy




Okay, gross, even by my standards!


Just a fetish bro!


pattern is beat red for the entire trip now


Even her antennae are glowing red!
No wonder she wanted to get out of there as fast as she could!


a wild breezy might not understand
but this is too much for pattern!


Don't worry, Bushbreezies fuck their sisters all the time.
Fairweather probably thought it was really her dad and not a game of pretend.


Oh dear


File: 1475276229313.png (53.32 KB, 625x626, 1461756110977.png)


File: 1475276668981.jpg (269.22 KB, 1600x1408, 1082657__safe_solo_twiligh….jpg)

>watching tutorial on essential craft
>even starting to use it gives you an 8 minute long debuff
good god


Gotta run, it was fun, thanks for breez


>going to miss two horses in a row
End it