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Horse is interested in all your stories because horse is easily entertained


File: 1476856019057.gif (745.4 KB, 476x325, Shake and Pank.gif)

>tfw no interesting stories
I suppose I should be grateful I don't live in interesting times, though that's likely coming to an end soon. Especially with how things are happening now.

Anyway, see you guys tomorrow.


I'm not sure what is my most interesting stories

The story with the wooden chair is definitely up there though


>look up a battle pet groves wanted to capture but couldn't
>literally one of the rarest in the game
>we just kinda walked into it


>he fell for the meme


get yourself the terrible turnip. probably 30 g on the AH for a level 1.


Also which one?


Why not a carrot?
That can be fed to horses


Would you ash Ariandel?


Unborn valkyr.
Soon, heir of cinder


Crazy Carrot doesn't get the move "weakening blow" which is what you want to capture pets. Its wow's false swipe, and only two known pets get it, one was event only, the other is the Turnip.


That's it?


Like, it seems like trash mobs in Broken Isles drop 1g a piece. Money is so devalued.


Supposedly they are adding a new corgi with super bark again


>weakening blow

It's weird how it's, you know, a turnip though


>copper bars and silk sell for 1g each
It's impossible to buy mats for leveling professions at low levels


Like just for example
>Completing a single epic world quest rewards 671g 45s


File: 1476856972074.png (298.21 KB, 900x900, 1381259403909.png)

Well, I really don't feel sorry for you two about not knowing how rare it was, after both sylt and I posted about it and how rare it is.
Not knowing how hard it was, perhaps I can forgive, didn't post about my special catching team for it.

Its farmable from your pandaria farm, and level 1 pets aren't very high value, now if you wanted a level 25 one… that might be considerably more.
course new expac might have bigger prices, who knows.


The only reason we really cared was because vakyrs are cool and can fly alongside us unlike many other pets we like.


File: 1476857174239.gif (1.49 MB, 924x1676, 1467600221931.gif)

I say ponies should be free


>the one thing that could make me buy a month would be knowing the exact time of that event mutt
poke wow is truly a weakness

all kinds of weird things can be your pet, brooms, boxes, rocks, stoves.


>completing val'anyr was like 40g
Being low level is suffering. We can't even afford to get max level flight or lvl 100 heirlooms


>HMs confirmed for gone
>Surf, Waterfall, Fly now TMs
I'm not the only one going to miss them, am I


I feel no sympathy. I hope you killed it so no one else could get it.


What's a strange choice.
They aren't gonna be required for travel?


That sounds like Party of One when Pinkie goes bonkers


Doesn't that just make it respawn elsewhere?


Seems you use the hire pokemon now.
Not as immersive as using my own mons to clear my way through the world


>Using looms
"Hurr durr we're leveling too fast"


I think they are.

in a few hours I believe so. Slightly shorter than its capture timer.

like, wow pets are so many, so ridiculously many, I got barely over half after spending months searching.


But if a pony wasn't free, would you help it?
If a pony was locked in a cage of metal and wires and obedience, for example?


very strange choice.
but I guess this makes it less annoying to trade/transfer pokes with surf and such on them



>cage of obedience
I'd have to question how a cage can be made of obedience.
But sure I'd let it out.


>not using looms
Oh god I love clown suits so much
It kinda worked out for the best though since now we have half the zones unexplored for our horde characters


You free her and give her a body of flesh!
Congratulations, Chell is now bound to you!


>Flash, Dig also gone
Those random field moves were the best. Pity.

>power up punch no longer a TM

RIP Mega mom, won't be seeing her in VGC anymore


>order hall
>has super bark
get one of those then.
All you have to do is get max level and get a buncha npcs in your new facebook game max level.
Don't care since its not an event.


Trade to prev game, TM, trade back??



>no flash
I guess that means no more remakes with darkness
>no dig
darn, now I have to actually buy escape rope


>Chell rushes up to you with tears in her eyes
>she said that her new body is broken
>She just has the hiccups

What do?


If you only care about eventmons, the deadline is November 30, 2016.


Tell her its okay and pat her back.
'1d10' back pat cure

Roll #1 1 = 1


deadline for what?


I am afraid this is the result



So she stopped hiccuping? sounds like a success.


Odds are I'll leave pet hunting to groves and focus on my precious transmogs


I find this concept so amusing though, of a robot trying to get used to a body
Like she would have to be told that no, she is not dying, she just ate too much


make sure you tell him to he'll never see that unborn again.

whelp, good thing I'm maybe gonna be away from my PC or I might be seriously tempted.


File: 1476858388497.jpg (36.47 KB, 300x419, Premiere_026.jpg)

yea its not a bad idea

feeling slpy now




File: 1476858533328.webm (2.66 MB, 1920x1080, smug hanzo.webm)

So predictable!


Pfft, that's great
I got class in an hour and a half, want to do some EU QP for about 50 mins?


File: 1476858701081.webm (2.85 MB, 1920x1080, monster.webm)

Okay, remind me right before you log on


I'm logging in right now


Okay I'm on mumble


Is there any difference between hunter pets any more these days or is it just cosmetic now?


A few have abilities


Seriously fuck Overwatch and everyone who play it
Literally no one is capable of getting on the fucking objective, Hanzo just runs around making it a 5v6 every time, damage on our team is always non-existent and Symmetra puts down teleporters that are farther away than just fucking walking there.
Brain damage, the game.


I got Zombie Hanzo

Not sure if he's an upgrade from Young Hanzo… I'll try him out for a while


I recall moths used to have rez or something.


That was added in Warlords, it was originally exclusive to the stone dog pet from Pandaland. But yeah they retain their battle res.

Battle res is now pooled though and your raid can only use X number per lockout, which kinda sucks. As if WoW could be more gamey less immersive.


Battle rez sounds really useful, but a moth kinda clashes with my original plan of trying to transmog a survival hunter into a pseudo death knight complete with skeleton/abomination pet


There was a time when you could battle res yourself with a macro if you hit it quickly enough

There was a time you could battle res once every 2 minutes by having 5 Quilen pets


I could see this being detrimental to raid balance


If you want extra prestige points, play as a Gnome or Goblin hunter and you get the bonus ability to tame mechanical pets. There are some neat ones, including a Rush (Mega Man).


>need to play a meme race for mech pets
To what end


You can get the mechano bond as another race from an engineer but I assume they're super expensive on the AH and you don't have time to grind out engineering levels


All hunters can use mech pets actually, gnomes just start with them.


>Average AH Price: 4000g


>main is an engineer
Also 4k isn't all that much tbqh


>Jewish engineer noises
Now if only I had an infinite supply of metals


>DM previously said "We can't afford max riding speed"


File: 1476866464114.png (1.84 MB, 1920x1080, ss (2015-11-11 at 12.40.30….png)

>DM is a poor


We're scraping by selling rareish pets and bags, but getting another 8k between the two of us within the next 7 or so levels will not happen without us stopping to farm.
And then we have 10 levels to get 15k each for looms


Cool mount, did you spawn it with cheat engine to skip the grind?


To this day I wonder how much of the Minecraft reactor was spawned in


File: 1476866799652.jpg (463.99 KB, 1920x1080, WoWScrnShot_011116_030519.jpg)

Why the fuck are you dropping money on looms first time around?
You wish. I farmed archaeology to cap, then alchemy to cap, then farmed tol'vir fragments till the recipe dropped, then farmed 50k for the vendor mats and THEN crafted it.
Thought they sold for 90k on that server so it was a good tradeoff.
This bitch was a faster grind.


File: 1476866899726.jpg (316.16 KB, 1200x500, Overwatch_Mercy-Halloween1….jpg)

*tips witch hat*


File: 1476866926482.png (163.17 KB, 756x1024, 1473173826596.png)

>Haven't Horizoned in a while




1) I had several from earlier, only got pants and a cloak as new ones
2) most were already at 1 upgrade
3) we're not doing any dungeons so if we run out of looms we'll be doing draenor in greens
4) the above also applies to my future characters
5) and the other server alts I use for mog runs
And most importantly
6) I don't want to reapply my mogs after every other quest, nor do clown suits belong in modern wow


File: 1476867113817.jpg (1.41 MB, 1500x1125, 6d14c72118e1e089926c0e6649….jpg)

>Sion finds all villains waifus sexy
>Sion finds Mercy sexy
Does this confirm Mercy is a villain?



Here's the thing.
Other than xp bonus looms are worse than greens.


Maybe she just looks like a villain, like Selena


At least all the mounts I really want are either achievement ones or low drop rate randoms I have no real hope of getting, like invincible and alar


Just farm them, sparkle dragon is a 1% or something. You're bound to get them if you stick to the game.


File: 1476867248228.jpg (282.36 KB, 1920x1161, ana-screenshot-004.jpg)

>Selena heals with potions
>uses alchemy to attack villains
>older than the average party member
>uses a rifle in combat



Not according to the gear stats. Looms are consistently more powerful than quest rewards and most if not all of-level blues


"Children, behave!"
Both are team moms
Both are missing a husband/raised daughter alone

Also she's literally called the alchemist in the new brawl. Have you played it?


I remember them being on line with greens + stat bonus, but it's been a while.


Yup, with Nopo 2 days ago


If they were, that was cata or panda. Back in the day they were built to be on par with the best dungeon loot of your level.


File: 1476867458735.gif (1.98 MB, 620x717, 1475565925299.gif)

>Not getting to Watch with Sion


I'd be fine with normal farming, but week long lockouts irk me. An average of 2 years of farming arthas for a horse does not really inspire confidence.


I ususally check who's on B-net but I don't even have you as a freen yet!




Once you get into gear it takes 30 minutes to run through ICC, 15 if you have a class with lots of movement abilities.
Basically once you are top level and with decent gear you will be eagerly waiting for the weekly reset since there won't be anything else to do.


File: 1476867702517.jpg (292.88 KB, 1920x1080, WoWScrnShot_020216_110746.jpg)

Dude Legion's out, nobody's gonna be patrolling sholazar.
Just realm-hop and you'll find one.


>check Ana voice lines
>'this is much better than a cabana on the beach'

That's so fitting now I'll have to use it in Horizons



I will find that little faggot again and fucking stomp it.


>signal full ult as McRee
>"You know what time it is"

Maybe I'll play a little more over the weekend


>playing at top level
Don't call it a grave it's the future you chose


File: 1476867981581.jpg (657.4 KB, 1920x1080, WoWScrnShot_032216_211251.jpg)

That's the only fucking thing wow's good for.


Okay, I added you for next time

>Selena has no sleep dart for Rhanna


>That MS Paintjob looking UI
Oh god.


>he doesn't use Elv


"it's not awful ui design it's hardcore"
T. Bad ui designer shilling his shit mod to people who can't raid without hand holding add ons


I think Swatz recommended it, but it looks so awful.


>bad UI design
>most amount of info in the least possible space
No you two are just shitters.


>playing with anything but vanilla ui
Lfr tier
Back in my day you had to actually know how to play in raids and not just click a macro when the giant comic sans prompt said so


Back in your days raids were 10 geared people carrying 30 noobs like you.


Back in my day stratholme was a raid and tier 2 looked like greens


It's just hideous looking.


But it's endorsed by YouTube celebrities!


File: 1476869666139.png (3.13 KB, 261x81, tank.png)

>scrubs who didn't ever raid talking shit
Come back with a 98% parse.


Gimme pls!


No amount of parse is going to reduce the amount of arse in that UI.


What does this even mean?

I seriously raided back when raiders spoke English


Selena needs to get her guns modified to fire sleep darts.
And an eye patch


That my performance in that fight was better than 98% of people who submitted a parse for that boss (ie all half decent raid teams), for that role.
You should see my power auras setup.
Probably forever lost now, it was a thing of beauty.


File: 1476870101125.png (70.36 KB, 418x403, rare maali.png)

Do you think I should even bother with the Highlands rescue plot for Adel? It's gonna be SO MUCH combat

>Selena gets letter about her daughters
"I'm not ready to hang it up."
>Selena before the mission to assault Enkilj
"Stick to the plan, and if you get in trouble, I'll bail you out."
>Selena healing through the Demon of Fives fight
"Take your medicine."
>Selena when meeting Emrille at the New Earth cantina
"Sniper! Keep moving!"


Back in my day we didn't run a fucking targetting computer alongside our raids. We just kept going til our eyes bled.

We never got those Twin Emperors though. In retrospect could they have had lazier models? Fug.


It's the end of Horizons right, can't really autoresolve that.
As a player, I don't mind the combat much.
But it definitely slows everything down because Groves isn't with us.


Vanilla was a completely different game for a completely different demographic.


>Still remember filling my tiny ass bags up with soul shards
>Had to have a shard to summon anything bigger than an imp at all, no insta-summon possible


What are endings but pauses that extend forever?


I really liked that flavour to locks in TBC.
And how hunters had to craft or buy arrows and bullets, so pairing engineering in them made it actually feel like a natural move.


File: 1476870564230.webm (251.9 KB, 1920x1080, 1476431523776.webm)

Are pauses that extend forever endings then?


No, they're the /tg/ archive.


My obsession with getting larger bags, which persists to this day, stemmed from that era I think. Constantly out of space, even though I have 40 slots I don't use, I constantly lust after bigger bags.


Bags were a luxury good back then. And the specialised bags made for some flavourful additions. RIP TBC.


>Still have ore bags in my bank I can't bring myself to sell even though I actually have larger all purpose bags


It's over.
Never coming back.



Incidentally there's great reference material for Cyberpunk to call the original Earth, 'big bad world one'.


>powerpoint music video
It's been a long time.


There was another song you reminded me of but I didn't post it because I wanted to save it for the ending of Horizons, I even made myself a reminder note.


File: 1476872618894.png (201.63 KB, 724x1024, what's a waifu.png)


File: 1476872878094.png (517.64 KB, 566x800, 1476275114342.png)

>Team locks Hanzo, Widowmaker, Genji, Reaper, Torbjorn on Dorado Attack
>Say fuck it and pick Hanzo
>We lose (of course, they had 2/2/2)
>Genji from our team: "Torbjorn (enemy) OP"


Retarded people, as I said


File: 1476873240696.png (645.16 KB, 1280x1196, c736b4e8-60e3-47d7-aa5a-56….png)


Pitiable are the tumblrfolk – no matter the weather, their noses never quite in absence of red


I can get really fucking grumpy without my coffee


File: 1476873340480.jpg (26.13 KB, 274x321, 1476715522527.jpg)

>Not just drinking all three
How pleb can you possible be.


This nigga knows best

Although he eats his popcorn with sugar so he is a fucking tasteless scum too


Cocoa is water + chocolate right?
I'm fine with just some hot chocolate milk. With some spice if I really wanna warm up
I know, but I thought of you when I saw it


Cocoa is closer to milk + chocolate actually


Cocoa is milk + surprise suprise, cocoa you dinguses

Well, BDN is the one who says coffee is shit and does a propaganda bit about coffee every time.
I drink coffee, tea, cocoa and hot chocolate for different occasions, but I don't dislike any of them, in fact I like them all


>Cocoa is water + chocolate right?


Chocolate is cocoa with additives like sugar

I've had real, actual cocoa before and it fucking sucked. Trust me, you aren't drinking unadulterated cocoa in milk.


Hey I didn't know, I always saw it being called chocolate milk, sometimes Cocoa and I never knew what was the difference between the two


If you let cocoa/hot chocolate go cold, it become chocolate milk


So, let me break it down
Cocoa powder is, well, mostly what it says on the tin, but has 10-20% cocoa butter
Chocolate is cocoa powder AND about 50% cocoa butter
Nesquik and shit like that, is cocoa powder with a lot of sugar added and additionally refined
And trust me, I had non-sugared cocoa powder too before.


File: 1476874315761.webm (1.76 MB, 1920x1080, nosso_magic.webm)


>It's a Nasse episode


Let's make it clear, Cocoa and Hot Chocolate are NOT the same thing.


File: 1476874375644.png (446.98 KB, 540x501, 578fcd2d-978d-428d-ac47-61….png)

That's fricking dumb as heck


Well done class.

Now can anyone tell me how white chocolate is made?

It actually can be used as a synonym for hot chocolate.



I thought I know what it was, but I won't embarrass myself with a stupid answer
Also white chocolate makes me sick


White chocolate does not contain cocoa butter, if I recall correctly

>reliable food when it comes to gastronomy

I know they are synonyms, but that's dumb.
Hot chocolate powder and cocoa powder are two different products, at least over here they are, with different tastes


White chocolate is my favourite, personally, even though it's not traditional at all.
I do love 90% dark chocolates and all, but those are expensive as shit


Well I assure you, if you go to Cocoa_(beverage) on Wikipedia it redirects to hot chocolate.

You may just be confused by the marketing used on packages.


>You may just be confused by the marketing used on packages.

Which part of the two different products with different tastes is hard to comprehend for you?


Yes it is dumb. But Americans enjoy being retarded as a hobby or something.


Nopo I can buy queso at two different restaurants and I can guarantee they taste different. I know this because I love queso and I try it anywhere that sells it. Some are much more salty, some quite creamy. Some a dark brown-orange, others a striking yellow, and still others incredibly pale. Some have meat, some spicy peppers.

Different taste, different ingredients - that doesn't make it not queso.


I think you are right, they genuinely enjoy being wrong

Let me break it down for you again, step by step, so even you can understand.

1. Cocoa powder. You put it in hot milk to make cocoa.
Cocoa Powder is extracted out of the cocoa beans by removing the cocoa butter.

2. Hot chocolate is made out of chocolate.
Chocolate is made out of cocoa powder AND cocoa butter, so the cocoa butter is not removed. That chocolate is then turned into a powder form, to be put in hot milk.

What is the differnce then?
The cocoa butter, and it's not a small difference. It's 30-40% of the composition of the powder.
1/3 of the product is different. And yes, it makes a difference not only in taste, but since it contains less fats (since most of the cocoa butter is removed), Cocoa is healthier too.

Do you understand now?


You can say what you want but that won't make it right. You are wrong, you've been shown factually that you are wrong with an external source. You can now choose to live in denial, or accept that outside evidence.

I strongly suspect you will choose to live in denial because that's your usual M.O.


So you admit that you were wrong and you were being a retard, thank you.

Also, linking Wikipedia does not make you factually correct.
Also, now that I read it, it literally proves my point

A distinction is sometimes made between "hot cocoa", made from powder made by removing most of the rich cocoa butter from the ground cacao beans,[15] and "hot chocolate", made directly from bar chocolate, which already contains cocoa, sugar, and cocoa butter.[15] Thus, the major difference between the two is the cocoa butter, the absence of which makes hot cocoa significantly lower in fat than hot chocolate while still preserving all the antioxidants found in chocolate.


File: 1476875311932.webm (773.59 KB, 640x640, cheesecake_bump.webm)

Is the MC server still operational?



>remember I still need a tundra mammoth and jeeves


>So you admit that you were wrong and you were being a retard
This is why I stopped associating with you before and will again. I'm not going to to reward this behavior. I can't believe I forgave you.

It would be so easy to just say - "look, we're both right – the distinction is 'sometimes drawn', so either of us can be right." But instead you need to call me a retard over such a little thing.

Don't bother replying, I won't see it.


Ah yes
Here we go again
You are proven wrong, and you, as you said is in your MO, go into such deep denial that you cannot tolerate being wrong
So you lash out and filter/ignore/play the role of a hurt little damsel.
"Sometimes drawn", yes, because that is most likely an american made wiki page.
That's like saying "Well, Emmental and Brie are both cheeses, so they are technically the same, even though people sometimes make the distinction of soft and hard cheeses."
They are different things made out of different ingredients.
So yes, in fact, I called you a retard because not only were you wrong, you were condescending about it, and that is a problem with you, not me.


The fact that you are evading the filter intentionally and still going on about that confirms to me that this was the right decision. It's unhealthy for me to expose myself to your personality, and frankly I would have liked to be quiet about it like last time for your benefit but you immediately made it a public affair posting about it on the sub so I guess you don't really care about avoiding drama.

If to continue to intentionally evade my filters - which aren't there to attack you or make you feel offended, but rather to avoid this kind of drama and arguing - I will talk to Pineapple about banning for intentional filter evasion. There's no reason for it. We can get along just fine by ignoring one another.


>Wikipedia as an external source
No college professor would ever accept wikipedia as a valid cited source. At least link one of sources on the wikipedia page instead.


>Getting this upset over hot chocolate


No college professor would ask you "what is the difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate". Not exactly a lot of dissertations written on that.

Obviously I'm not upset about hot chocolate, I'm upset because I thought we were past this whole trolling thing.

It's a personal failing of mine that I fall for his bait, I know it is. I can't help myself unless I filter him - that's on me. I can't fix this any other way.


So let me get this straight
He filtered me
Because he was wrong about something
And just couldn't handle me being right

Wew lad


File: 1476877526751.png (103.15 KB, 260x310, 1476593073423.png)

Would you rub her mushroom?


File: 1476878235974.jpg (147.04 KB, 1074x925, 1455973759942.jpg)

>Dealing with leather prices in WoW
There's no way the ass skin of a pig is worth that much gold you fucking kikes.


>HOI dev diary
>focus tree for Canada

Holy fucking shit, it's longer than any of the majors. But at least they said that they want NF's to account for all ideologies in the future.


I'm gonna be around for a bit if you'd like to OW

Think about this, it's all about time expense. The people who make those listings are weighing the value of that leather against the time they could be completing level 110 quests.

>I could go farm elwynn wolves for 40 light leather… or I could go kill 36 naga in Suramar and earn 240g.

>Let's see… if I want to break even I need to sell these 40 leathers for about that value, so I'll list each at 6g a piece


I'll fill up the car and then I can play a bit. Brb.


Weird that Canada is first up and not something like China or Spain.

But oh well, I'm glad they're working on expanding NF's.


It's Commonwealth though, so I assume South Africa, British Raj and Australia will get updated as well


By the way, looks like they already have the next CK2 expansion in the works.

It seems that the free patch this time is aimed at making the interface more bearable, like mass execution/ransom of prisoners and a bigger area for decisions.

Btw, if I wanted to seriously get into EU4, which DLCs would you consider the most important? I love playing Republics so I was thinking Res Publica.

My favorite game in EU3 was with a theocracy (Mainz) so I was also thinking about Common Sense.


>already so tired
>still 4 hours of classes ahead of me


>want to watch an OW stream
>click on a stream where I can see the weapon on the hero I want to watch (I can see Ana's rifle in the preview window)
>they've already switched to a different character
>repeat several times


Okay OW ready.
Mumble Wf?


File: 1476881892552.jpg (38.72 KB, 500x500, doge begins its transforma….jpg)

>have to undo all my mods to claim warranty for my laptop
>replace the original trackpad and HDD
>mfw boot time from HHDs


Okay, is BDN in?


Nope, I can play a little in a bit


Alt with skinning + mining, become the jew


You broke your laptop?


Internal metal part of the hinge became very hard to move and might have snapped something off inside the plastic screen bezel, or the plastic bezel snapped first which is why it can't move the metal hinge, one of the other.


Mining + Herbalism on a druid, flight form can gather herbs without shifting back.


Can you make a Capra in WoW?


You're thinking of tera


Gnomes are a tiny meme race and draenei are goats but that's about it


>implying Capras are a tiny meme race


File: 1476883965639.jpg (131.15 KB, 900x900, tmp_2153-Brown french capr….jpg)

*meme bleat*


Wasn't there like, the goblin race you could play as? And that short time blond girl, Chronie right? What is she?


File: 1476884186231.jpg (26.24 KB, 300x441, 300px-Chromie_Draenor.jpg)

>And that short time blond girl, Chronie right?
Don't be fooled by this meme gremlin.


>Get memed on in QP
>leave like the salty cuck i am
>decide to do a brawl to get a level
>We fucking lose because the Hanzo leaves and the soldier and McCree never shoot the fucking omnics

Yeah, thank you game

I really felt like getting fucking memed on
I'm off to class


Kinda ugly model tbh


That's World of Warcraft for you.


>finally got a good team
>win of the day


It was a shutout too, 2-0 on Nepal, I went Winston and got 3 gold 1 silver


It's the eyes. Modern gnome model has weird eyes.


File: 1476885391597.png (153.44 KB, 439x631, carrot_top_adopting_appleb….png)

>tfw I helped


If you want good character models, definitely don't play WoW.


File: 1476885862150.jpg (703.32 KB, 901x750, 1469375956782.jpg)

You and I

>tfw always score highest with Lucio despite not particularly liking him


File: 1476885937167.jpg (68.84 KB, 520x678, 4557591.jpg)

Sion's first game on Volskaya set my bar of expectations very low, but he did a lot better on the KOTH maps.


>Want to play Ana
>Can shine as Ana
>95% of pub teams desperately NEED a good Winston to win
>No pubbers want to play Winston


I heard about that, but I thought they were the "Low quality and not very detailed" Kind of ugly, which is understandable since your computer would have to load hundreds of them
Didn't think they would be just straight up ugly
What a shame


File: 1476886099573.jpeg (90.14 KB, 640x640, sea_swirl_bowling_scrunch.jpeg)

That first map was SHAMEFUR DISPRAY
I don't think I ever played it on Attack side before


File: 1476888591911.jpg (60.62 KB, 650x650, aXm2556xjU.jpg)

>almost two weeks since they promised to open the network
>they only fixed all fuckups yesterday
>at the very least will have to wait this saturday
>otherwise might even slip to the week after

I just want to play Overwatch.
It hurts so much to see you guys play and have to sit here doing nothing.


File: 1476888789552.png (226.94 KB, 600x600, Sukuna chocolate.png)

at least you can see the blizzard forums going apeshit over sombra for a cheer up laugh


I stopped caring about internet fights so, so long ago.


File: 1476888818665.png (205.74 KB, 317x531, filly_mounting_snowhorse.png)


You can view any thread on the general forums right now, but my personal favorite is this one.

The shitstorm starts with the blue post.


>that title
This thread is off to an autist start


File: 1476889092115.jpg (355.69 KB, 967x808, 1472927735709.jpg)

>>>>GAME's official forums


>that image



File: 1476889191520.jpg (265.83 KB, 1920x1200, TkPyi.jpg)

You don't know about HL2's cinematic mod?


File: 1476889226793.jpg (529.26 KB, 1920x1200, 13417673141496.jpg)

One of my favourites.


I did, but I didn't think that and that image would be related.


The guys who made it are somewhat screwed up in the head.
Added lots of sexual graffiti on top of those changes to Alyx's model.
Fun fact.
It's also textured. I lost the webm which showed that, sadly.


That's uh…not unexpected but disappointing nonetheless


Oh and it DRIPS!


File: 1476889569099.png (440.96 KB, 750x1080, rarity_confused.png)

Okay, that was unexpected


Wait wait wait.
When you say it's textured, do you also mean…inside?



File: 1476889770743.png (179.41 KB, 518x540, drizzle_scrunch.png)


I'm gonna go outside and fly my drone, forgetting about the internet.
And then I will make tiramisú with friends.
And then I will eat it.
And then I will be happy and have removed this conversation from my mind.


>tfw want to play OW but no one to play with
And I'm complete shit at it


File: 1476890061537.gif (1021.99 KB, 500x373, smithers.gif)

>tfw 0drone


Ps4 or PC?


>Owning a PS4


Those were four fun minutes!


I want a drone too!


File: 1476891730787.png (4.43 MB, 2000x1864, 1044624__safe_twilight spa….png)


It's as cheap as a toy! Just order it in the mail!


File: 1476891817817.jpg (18.97 KB, 500x375, hey there.jpg)

I'll ask Santa Claus


It seriously only costs e15, cheap out on a drinking night and you can afford one.


I would, but I'm doing this belgian programming contest right now that would give me a real neat one if I win. So if I don't get that one, I'll just order my own.


Oh that's pretty great!


>enemy team is wiggers
Well this will be impossible to take seriously.



They are banchou, you ignorant!


I'm extremely un-rude.




>no overcoat
>no pompadour
>no sunglasses

They're wiggers. Trust me, I have a doctorate in niggerology and have lived among them in the wild.


File: 1476892923599.jpg (39.23 KB, 300x419, apple cobbler card.jpg)


Does she make shoes out of apples?


Ahah what a jokester


It's pony land, who knows what they do!


Do you make sions?


I have an excellent Sion for sale actually.


Really now, what can your Sion do?


He can run quests and bitch about muslims.


File: 1476893623229.gif (320.94 KB, 1234x938, 834131__safe_solo_animated….gif)

I will donate this pony to your sion.


I will make sure the Sion gets to play with the pony


No, tomatoes


File: 1476895244103.png (301.06 KB, 1500x1250, Filly ray.png)


>tfw want to buy bf1 but accidentally bought a lot of lego instead




File: 1476896999696.png (157.37 KB, 500x707, tumblr_ocbhhmAXIo1sn4eavo1….png)

Take a pic of it
And link to the page too if you remember


File: 1476897215902.jpg (89.03 KB, 960x1280, brrrrt.jpg)


I hate to sound like Tyler, but seriously, unplug it from the wall.

Or you know, don't plug it in to EVERYTHING. The US nuclear weapons system still runs on floppies.


The worrying part is not the AI killing us, it's what warring nations might do to each other if they suspected the other to be developing one such AI.


File: 1476897847480.png (420.31 KB, 395x610, unknown.png)




Pretty sure the blush is edited. No way they'd tip their hand like that.


File: 1476898274251.jpg (54.66 KB, 354x512, Chang'e_flies_to_the_moon_….jpg)

>Rowlet becomes an Archer
>is a starter in Pokemon SUN and MOON

I guess Rowlet was meant to be after all

Hope breeding is early on so we can share asap


Do not let Andy see this


Well, that was the most interesting lecture that I ever saw about flowers today, by the way
Fucking Orchids


File: 1476899136805.jpeg (188.34 KB, 1024x788, 648691__safe_rainbow dash….jpeg)


That's great since I know someone going with cat, I'll be able to obtain kittens to share.


Two for the price of one


File: 1476899264248.jpg (107.41 KB, 985x820, Shipping followed by child….jpg)


Which ones? The ones that trick bees into trying to fuck them?


File: 1476899391045.png (412.06 KB, 1024x878, 646091__safe_rainbow dash_….png)

blue ship is a good ship. its a pity that soarin would be looked at as a creep for getting with one of his fan girls


Most of it was about those, yes.
Not to mention the guy was very entertaining about it too


File: 1476899470022.jpg (105.02 KB, 850x850, SoarenDerp Breakfast in Be….jpg)

Well, there are weirder combinations.


But she is not a fangirl, she is a colleague
It is arguable whether that is better or worse though…


its more acceptable anyway

still not the best, but pretty common in people that work way too much.

Derpy is always adorable.


File: 1476899734810.jpg (88.63 KB, 830x600, Soaren Dinky and Derpy.jpg)

Ponies in general usually are.


File: 1476899760775.jpg (88.48 KB, 500x437, 1464188067115.jpg)

Nature does whatever it wants, man.

Think about it though, transitioning from fangirl to respected comrade is an ice story


File: 1476899845099.png (126.68 KB, 1280x799, large.png)

Don't worry I know she aproves that ship


File: 1476899907751.jpg (41.76 KB, 1024x576, buoywallpaper1-1024x576.jpg)

This game has some really engaging writing and stories, and I like the stat system and checks you make for certain challenges, but I can't help but find the base gameplay incredibly tedious.
It's a shame; I want to enjoy it, and when it's going through story interactions I do, but the majority of your time is spent chugging slowly through the zee, because apparently penalizing the player by making the big powerful engines that require enormous sums of cash consume fuel faster is totally balanced, right?
>"friends" forever


>74 pizzas
guess she's inviting piggie pie over huh?

cute overload


that's just the subtitle of the comics silly cheesey movies


File: 1476899977163.gif (1.43 MB, 400x286, tumblr_inline_nmakm0WWud1r….gif)

She is such a qt
Rainbow Dash, that is

Not to mention Olympic athletes confirm that they fuck the most

>piggie pie


File: 1476900028019.png (266.72 KB, 600x1000, Deepthroated pizza.png)

>implying Pinkie can go through as much pizza as Dash


That picture is vaguely lewd


File: 1476900072629.jpg (123.87 KB, 517x618, 85a244d89e.jpg)

I did played for a while. It is oddly relaxing at some times and made me very nervous at others
Too bad I only played for like, 3 hours, only got to the surface
Every pony in ponyville I bet


File: 1476900096240.png (Spoiler Image, 278.96 KB, 600x1000, Deepthroated pizza ahegao.png)

That was the joke, I believe.


File: 1476900184296.gif (2.27 MB, 502x502, 1209395__safe_solo_pinkie ….gif)

pretty sure pinkie could eat like, 40 of those alone.


Rarara is a qt too

Too bad it's done wrong

She has a fast metabolism, okay?


Just because she can, doesn't mean she should


File: 1476900280901.png (211.22 KB, 960x800, unknown.png)

But who is the cutest?


Still a bit of a "wink wink, nudge nudge" am I right?
Well, athletes burn through a ton of calories, so it would definitely be a close match…


File: 1476900342786-0.png (75.11 KB, 874x568, PinkieDash Playing House.png)

File: 1476900342786-1.png (101.3 KB, 840x529, PinkieDash Playing House 2.png)


File: 1476900433368-0.gif (1.74 MB, 800x450, 1159462__safe_pinkie pie_s….gif)

File: 1476900433368-1.gif (1.41 MB, 640x360, 1082179__safe_pinkie pie_s….gif)

the pie has no self control.

You're imagining things, also dash would only eat her fair share.



What's wrong with that?
I have no self control either!


File: 1476900661315-0.gif (1.28 MB, 660x540, 323630__safe_pinkie pie_an….gif)



Admit it
If you COULD eat an entire cake without a tummy ache, you totally would


You guys can't?


But what Dash considers a "fair share" is probably significantly larger than what most people would.
Though she's right, since she burns it all off when flying/exercising.
When it comes to sugary stuff, however, nobody beats Pinkie.


I don't want to anymore.
I used to eat entire litre buckets of ice cream in one sitting, now I realized it is much better if it lasts a week and I just eat a few spoonfuls over a week


File: 1476900923717.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1920, 1476900308037.png)


File: 1476900962270-0.gif (640.9 KB, 640x360, 89237__safe_twilight spark….gif)

Nah, I'd rather share it with my friends.
Besides dessert is to be savored.
>piggie pie even eats cakes that are specifically being made for an event, causing the bakers to make more to replace the ones she ate


File: 1476901006731.gif (555.75 KB, 350x388, 1468837475567.gif)

The only ones who'd talk like that are whores who are simply jealous they're not Soarin's fucktoy


Well I mean, she's the one buying the 74 pizzas, so having a bigger portion of them isn't a problem.


Cute girls shouldn't get killed fighting for their country


Then again she can bake tons of it herself, so it stands to reason maybe she ate something she herself made!


File: 1476901063596.gif (8.22 MB, 880x618, 1241094__safe_pinkie pie_f….gif)


I've never tried


File: 1476901107659.png (161.21 KB, 635x349, 1385844596694.png)

>self-defense force
Not anymore


Fucking japs.
Fucking Koreans.


I think in this particular instance, it was the cakes doing all the baking for the party for celestia.
Still it cost more ingredients and time to make those cakes, even if she helps mix them and such, the oven only has so much room and it still takes 30-50 minutes for most cakes to bake


Got to gather enough NEETS for attempt 2 at Manchuria


good strategy they have there.


First they'd need to actually want to live as a nation though.


And it wasn't a tragedy, Celestia all but nibbled on a single cupcake!
While we know she loves chocolate, she is not gonna pig out at a public event!


Things are changing with a threat at their borders


File: 1476901491920-0.png (496.29 KB, 993x559, Pinkie_eating_cake_S2E26.png)

Of course not, only a rude and crass pony would do that.


We'll see.


File: 1476901606014.jpg (55.6 KB, 268x399, PropagandaPinup-Kayla-Join….jpg)

Well hey, they figured out the only way to get their young males to enlist. It's not like it's the first time a country's pulled this stunt. It's practically standard procedure.


File: 1476901678445-0.gif (864.85 KB, 644x710, large (12).gif)

File: 1476901678445-1.gif (1.87 MB, 1248x702, large (13).gif)

Couldn't agree more!


File: 1476901745135.jpeg (146.18 KB, 1280x720, large.jpeg)

>tell them that being a kamikazi guarantees your waifu in the afterlife


File: 1476901803386-0.gif (1.35 MB, 360x360, 42619__safe_solo_pinkie pi….gif)

her own birthday party / faire and a hospital bed don't count.


Pinkie does it to entertain!


Either they die and remove dead weight from the population, or they survive and go home with newly-developed fit bodies and start making babies. It's a win-win!


File: 1476902110304-0.png (622.63 KB, 1186x669, 1110204__safe_twilight spa….png)

I'm not sure who she could be entertaining with this! I think the others are upset she isn't sharing her sweets.


By that logic both world wars were a win-win for Europe. They weren't though.


She shares them plenty!
She bakes them cakes!


Pinkie needs tons of sugar to be so energetic I bet.


File: 1476902318490-0.gif (101.08 KB, 500x278, 323662__safe_pinkie pie_an….gif)

well okay, but what normal pony thinks the answer to their problem is to eat the evidence?


The majority of the people who died on both sides of WW2 weren't basement-dwelling NEETs. Losing workers and skilled labor is one thing, losing somebody who doesn't contribute is another.
Just poking fun; I seriously doubt South Korea could afford a high-casualty conflict.


Pretty sure that is a reference to a movie
Can't find it though


Nah, it's a reference to a scene from "I Love Lucy."


File: 1476902517674-0.gif (136.88 KB, 582x629, 180977__safe_pinkie pie_cu….gif)

she's still a cutie



That's the one!

You caught me off-guard with that


I'll never forget that scene since I saw a live-action version of it in Didney worl when I was a kid


>tfw never been to didney word


Kill yourself


Closest is in France
Only been to France 4 times, once on a tour (can't go where I please), once with family (we had more important things to do), once with my gf (Money was tight so we went to Versailles instead) and once with you fags at the meet.


First and only time I've ever been was when our high school marching band got to march in a couple of parades there. It was definitely worth it, but marching on all that pavement when it's really sunny and 90+ degrees Fahrenheit is no joke.


File: 1476903449168.gif (869.9 KB, 179x203, 1235051__safe_solo_flutter….gif)

>Blizzard added a new part to the ARG



All those posts about booing blizzcon if they 'dare' say anything about sombra gonna look stupid now


They looked sorry beforehand.
As if everyone was gonna boo Blizzard.
The people who go to Blizzcon could literally get shitted on and ask for more


>looked stupid


Is it another countdown?


It's actually a count-up.


It's expected to be another one.
But I don't think they've found it so far.
Reddit hasn't at least.

Some guy is theorizing that Sombra will be released on the day of the dead. Which would be kinda fitting, in that case this will definitely be another countdown and Blizzard will be passing Valve as top gaming trolls


The start opf the ARG is here btw.
The boops are morse code


Oh you motherfucker, I was waiting for Wf to show up to link him that!


sure, but it was a popular idea on the forums.
They forget how expensive blizzcon tickets are, and how you can get thrown out if you behave too badly. No one wants to risk it.


I sure hope Blizzard will learn from this whole debacle. Whatever Sombra is, she can't possibly be worth this amount of butthurt


File: 1476904144621-0.jpg (168.59 KB, 639x480, deerheadinlights_146247935….jpg)


File: 1476905127723.png (610.09 KB, 750x750, 1235814__safe_solo_flutter….png)

>people are now looking for a coffee machine in Dorado




Well they found some mails that mentioned a coffee machine on the ARG site and now people are convinced it's something with a coffee machine.

Either Blizzard or their fans are completely insane. Or both


File: 1476905390946-0.png (175.51 KB, 1000x1000, 1381956799759.png)

you have fun with that. I'm not falling for their hype.


File: 1476905427647.jpeg (40.8 KB, 555x430, 1239708__safe_fluttershy_….jpeg)

I'm immune to hype. And it's easy to follow the updates of people who are doing the work anyway


File: 1476905436196-0.jpg (32.81 KB, 440x234, trainwreck.jpg)

>the hype train right now


File: 1476905472194.jpg (71.34 KB, 500x500, 1474457715506.jpg)


That's not really playing the game thou is it?
Just because you can look up the answer to a crossword puzzle in paper, doesn't mean you get anything out of doing so.


Who said I wanted to play some ARG?


File: 1476905661591.jpg (459.76 KB, 1000x1234, 1476514847898.jpg)


I'm not sure what the point of following the answers other people came up with is, if you weren't interested in playing.
Its like looking at the 'last week's solution' cross word with it all filled out, but you didn't actually look at the questions last week, so you have to dig through the recyclables to get the context, and maybe it was already taken out by your mum or torn up by that little doggie.


File: 1476905746098.jpg (302.41 KB, 961x730, 1474174247733.jpg)

But I know the context!


File: 1476905845386-0.png (544.01 KB, 888x836, No-party-today-pinkie-pie-….png)

if its fun that way I suppose!


I'm having fun and you just can't stand it, can you!


None of us can, really


File: 1476905932492.png (1.15 MB, 701x701, 1474969307924.png)

I see.
Then goodbye sirs!


I like that you like it!


>barley coffee


So anyway
Anything happening?


My grandma used to make me tons of Malt Coffee when I was a kid


Not shown: The Kongou sisters having a tea party with Warspite while a totally blitzed Iowa molests Yamato in the background.


File: 1476907988291.jpg (266.16 KB, 600x600, Kongou_tea_time2.jpg)

Bote is not for sexually.


Nigga, Kongou all but begs for the Admiral's dick.


I have read about Boatgirls on Exhentai. Apparently the plot of the anime is they ALL want Admiral's dick and Admiral is always an ugly old fuck.


Do not speak ill of our meme empress.


There is no plot. And the admiral is only as ugly as you are.


Kongou is thirstiest battleship. Even Iowa is less luud than her


File: 1476909861600.png (74.19 KB, 197x261, 1471295086367.png)

>it seems like the end of the current ARg is wait another week



File: 1476910533634.png (717.25 KB, 800x1899, 1476482017808.png)

The meme that never ends.




File: 1476910727681.png (153.05 KB, 774x1024, 1475104660081.png)


>rewatching In Bruges
>all those memories flowing back


File: 1476912953334.png (320.09 KB, 600x431, 1458090884448.png)

>Countdown ends on November 2, 2016
Well, fuck. At least I might be under anesthesia when the world gets fucked.


At least there is a ton of lore with this one


Yeah, I like the ones that connect together, like this one:
>Remember that Bigfoots are a precursor race that humanity overthrew and essentially lobotomized?
>This is their high-security prison/Foundation facility equivalent
>and it's still got stuff locked up inside


File: 1476914451376.png (279.44 KB, 887x1023, Only cute ponies get in th….png)


Oh I thought you meant a Sombra countdown

She a qt


File: 1476914833700.gif (475.67 KB, 500x500, Heeeeey.gif)


Putin has been in office since 2008, president in 2012. Will remain president until 2024.
Let that sink in.


Three or four terms, huh? Suppose it's a good thing there's a two-term limit over here.
Unless you're a congressman.
Also, >assuming there will still be a planet in 2024
You're quite hopeful.


File: 1476915409634-0.gif (740.79 KB, 210x189, 9gy7vl.gif)

just move to earth 2 already, its totally safe


[Original ARG completed]
[Instructed to wait by Sombra]
[After some time, a 23 hour countdown appears on the forums]
[After 23 hours, a new website starts a 2 month countup]
[After that, no news for 24 hours]
[After that, told to wait 1 week]
Behead all those who sympathize with Blizzard


Nah man, I'm not following that at all


It's not really a democracy so it's no surprise eh

Wait a second are you trying to cheat me


Unfortunately, the bounds of reality are too strong currently to punch through to reach alternate universes.


File: 1476915590908-0.png (258.28 KB, 1280x1377, 132579593127.png)

you smarties


File: 1476915642658.png (91.07 KB, 587x435, What's she thinking.png)


Can I get to Earth alt though?


File: 1476915680147-0.png (23.39 KB, 933x390, TimeLine01.png)

but I mean, its totally safe right now! Just hop to earth 3 before the explosion


Can't I just go to Earth5, and claim that as my own?


Think you'll be ready to play tomorrow?


probably yea
I need a good name


might be kinda lonely..


Well, naturally I'd be going with my team of tube-grown magic horses.


But it's the one with all the zebras


File: 1476916025365.png (749.3 KB, 786x826, 12Shinmyomaru4.png)


By this way, I'm actually more interested in this news than in the actual Sombra news

>New PTR changes coming up very soon that will make very drastic changes to unspecified heroes

>Almost certainly will not leave the PTR unchanged, unlike previous PTRs, these are highly experimental
>Will not include Symmetra changes

Anyone want to place their bets? I'm wagering


Zarya nerf
Bastion, torb


>Walloon company
Don't worry, they'll just go on a worker strike the day it happens.


how can it really be okay to completely change how classes function in an fps? I don't understand.


File: 1476918143699.png (142.23 KB, 782x578, 1310961879573.png)

Tomorrow for H maybe?


I'm not sure that they're going to completely change these classes, they're just doing experimental changes. Like I dunno, maybe they'll try something weird like Torbjorn gains +4 personal armor every time he picks up scrap.

They're going to completely change Symmetra tho if the rumors are true.


That would just be changes, drastic changes implies something much different and more extreme. Like I dunno, making reaper's guns have a cooldown which gets smaller with 'soul stacks' which he gains from picking up souls


I understand what you're saying, but I don't think they're going to change too far one way or another. Businesses throw phrases like "drastic" out there all the time.


Reworking abilities counts as drastic, I think


But they're said 'changes' for small fixes before. Drastic changes must be something much bigger.




I mean, technically D.va got some drastic changes. Her ult got shortened and no longer kills her and her shield works entirely diferently


but that was just called 'changes'


They don't actually use the word drastic, that was my styling



Ah alright.
I will put away my sirens for now then


Okay so
I tried Final Fantasy 14 a Realm Reborn
Its very comfy and pretty, peaceful and casual. So far I enjoyed myself
Though playing an MMO In the ps4 is a nightmare. So many commands…


At least playing with that handicap will make it easier for you to quit


Is that the one with the fox?


True, it was not pleasant
Also I doubt I'll play it until I get to hardcore. I just wanted to at least get to my first dungeon raid
Fox race? Yeah I think so
I do like the character customization, it's pretty nice


File: 1476923371719-0.png (1.12 MB, 1280x916, 1447348289159.png)




File: 1476927354053.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.58 KB, 1800x1414, 1476915847430.jpg)


File: 1476927573432-0.pdf (143.51 KB, kids rpg.pdf)


They knew wht they were doing
Fucking GamefreaK


>rpg with kids
>they get to make up their own spell
I think I played this RPG unknowingly in elementary school

Strangely every kid seems to know "ultimate shield that blocks everything" and "kill you" spells


ah yes, the concepts of life and death are very important to the young ones


File: 1476929729725.png (1.43 MB, 2904x2012, 1476929043315.png)

Indeed they did
Too bad it's only a matter of time until fartfags ruin it
>the campaign unfolds in a manner reminscent of Dragonball Z
It would be hilarious to watch somebody else try to run it, but torture to try and run it personally. You'd have to make death pretty meaningless in order to keep it from devolving into a screaming fit about their special character getting wasted.


>didn't even read the one page of rules
you don't die actually, just get KO'd


"It says in the rules if I run out of health I can run away so I did that!"


File: 1476930479376-0.png (476.26 KB, 1680x946, Are you sure Donkey I don ….png)

>implying fleeing isn't a legit tactic used by the sub all the time


File: 1476930526319.png (151.12 KB, 500x350, 1469266844956.png)

>check the comments
>they won;t just push the timer forward when it hits

Oh boy


We normally run away before we die

The only one who can do it after dying is maybe Kilana


>less than 12 hours
Worked on your resumes?


Reading up on whatever they do with it will maybe be something to look forward to once i get out of surgery.
Assuming the world hasn't gone full Lovecraft, that is.




repaste it so I can form it into a docs properly for ya plz


wait its in the morning?
Okay how long are you running?


File: 1476931201084.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, 18vglheiyrxi8jpg.jpg)

By the way, is there anything you want to do tomorrow/fri before you leave sides Sealab?

We could probably even throw together an impromptu Cyberpunk or something if that's what you want to do, or I could run H, or maybe Nopo could run D. Hell, maybe you want to NLer with sylt

Whatever it is, you better get your fill before you go

>what it looks like if you put all your Ideology into Capitalism and State Atheism


Resume >>775044

Remember? We talked about this! 9a-12p our time.


Oh and feel free to answer the resume in character. Rather than a true character sheet, this is just supposed to provoke you into thinking deeply about your character's motivations and personality.

It's not something you have to commit to living up to.

Would they lie about this or that? Up to you.


Oh honestly, nopone practically insisted on running soon*, and sylt mentioned wanting to do cyberpunk. I do kind of want to cap off that questline for you guys, maybe friday but it might not be done in a session and we did leave off in a pleasant place and a cliff hanger for weeks might be bad!

Uh, I remember now! Just. I might have to go to the bank in the morning to get it out of the way..


Just remember BDN time is our time +13 hours. So if we run past 12p that's already 1am for him.

The first session shouldn't take as long, just an introduction to the ideas and getting to make some of your first choices, but I want to have wiggle room for time.


I totally understand, its the best possible time to get us both, maybe agreeing to play at all this week was a bad idea since I knew I had a bunch to do to get things set for a long trip. Maybe you can do a separate intro for him and do mine later so you don't have to stress out about me maybe being occupied?


Well maybe the bank won't take that long. If you got out at eight and ran errands for two hours we'd still have two hours to game.


File: 1476932790440-0.jpeg (549.88 KB, 800x1324, 803463__safe_solo_blushin….jpeg)

well maybe
but I don't wanna ruin it for you and BDN, but it is a quest without crunch so I could feasibly play while away too. Were you thinking on teh sub here ?


I hadn't really thought about it, but probably on the sub yes. Maybe on the s10 board tho since it's not ponoes.


File: 1476933081470.png (285.3 KB, 545x599, 1476793355123.png)


File: 1476933739105-0.gif (422.25 KB, 500x281, MaddieFirstTalksToMorrigan….gif)

well then I mean its totally possible that I could.
>sister: has a list of things to do and will probably rush them all the first three days
>dad: easy going and not a morning person in the first place, won't wanna do anything that early
I mean I can't say until I get there and all but maybee


I wish BDN would give his input


File: 1476933961579.png (182.69 KB, 552x492, 1383356276972.png)

What, about the time?



Ideally it'd be shifted back an hour, but that's not easy for you all.


in this particular case starting super early and then leaving for the errands would be a little better for me


Well BDN said his preferred time is 7am our time, so we could run super early for a couple hours and maybe Andy would be free to go by 9am


Initiate pon '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


File: 1476934875280.png (20.59 KB, 256x256, 621.png)

This is your water starter tonight


great plan! I'll hurry on these totally legit credentials then


So to recap that's 8pm for you





File: 1476937040772.png (137.73 KB, 538x538, 1472324474248.png)

It's nice, but an archer is too thematically fitting to pass up.

>the debate

Fucking kill me


Eh, it still looks ridiculous to me. The owl is the clear victor. I actually don't mind heelcat's design, but it's just so far removed from what was expected, and I'm burned out on fire/fighting.

You didn't have to watch it. At least there won't be any more.


File: 1476937282464.jpg (129.76 KB, 626x876, 1476835570924.jpg)

What were you expecting?


File: 1476937597521.gif (200.71 KB, 400x506, 8d0.gif)

>the debate
At least you're not the one who's going to have one of them running your nation for the next four-to-eight years.


Assuming there's still a nation after the first year, regardless of who "wins."


Probably something more akin to an actual big hunting cat. Wasn't Pyroar the first one of those we got?


As much as I dislike Luchacat I'd rather have it over just about anything there. I'd rather a polarising, interesting design over something downright boring.

Gotta keep up with the world as a small trading country.


Eh, I think the power of the president is a bit exaggerated in that regard; if congress blue-balls them, there's not much they can do.
The real issue is those Supreme Court chairs that are up for grabs; whoever wins is going to be able to determine which way the Supreme Court will likely fall for the next generation.
That's part of why I don't want Hillary to win; tumblr-feminists are bad enough, imagine what would happen if she stuck some of them on the Supreme Court.
Fair enough, seeing as I'm weighing in from a backwoods coal-producing state.


And just think, justices are in there for life. With no real way of removing them.


File: 1476939574781.gif (892.01 KB, 540x388, 1476921619936.gif)

>Team Skull shows up
>Dat music that accompanies them
>Those poses and movements
Best Team right there. How can any other team compete?

Reminded me of Jet Set Radio and The World Ends with You.


File: 1476940333548.png (155.4 KB, 900x776, pinkie_pie_by_shelmo69-d4m….png)

It can't be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pain, or remorse or fear. And it absolutely will not stop. Ever!


File: 1476940909407.png (1.09 MB, 1273x1377, 1245263__safe_solo_trixie_….png)

>Thought Sion was done after Pirates 1
>Surprised when he wants to come back with a new character pitch
>[Years later]
>Star of his own Pirate succession quest


I am probably going to slp before I run, so if you're planning to post resume tonight, pls do it soon


Why did you think I was done? Because of Tony being a failure?



You weren't as active as the other players. Though that's not really fair since Groves, Sylt, Nopo, and Fidget were just relentless players back then.

Some of the other less active players like sol and bdn were ending, and sylt had recently dropped too.


Also you would not believe how busy I have been this night jesus its midnight leave me alone sis


Bibbidy bobbity boobiddy!


File: 1476941818182.png (52.26 KB, 250x250, 250px-133Eevee.png)

Is this going to be a new thing where we call each other 'sis' instead of 'bro'?


I originally went with german, but then realized a short angry german engineer was not something I could portray in a way that was not intimidating.

I mean my actual sister was texting and mailing me nonstop


But I thought you wanted to be intimidating!


A little, but I think it might be overbearing that way.


>Giving Andy a crash course on early 20th century Europe

I look forward to BDN's sheet


File: 1476943592997-0.png (248.97 KB, 1024x1340, 1433225592042.png)

truly it might have been simpler to be a german engineer


But why?


Sealab is set in 1932, so I had to explain some things, like for instance
>The Euro won't exist for 60 years
>If you have ties to the UK government, it probably isn't a great idea to be living in Italy
>If you were in Ireland during 1922, you probably noticed the Irish revolution going on


File: 1476944569493-0.jpg (36.97 KB, 640x598, ShockedRainbow.jpg)

I'm sure I'll do great


You know what they say Andy

The longer you're underwater, the less the rest of the world matters


File: 1476944646241.png (166.4 KB, 1000x1000, 1476921785990.png)

Good night, it's super late.

Have a tiny husband.


>>The Euro won't exist for 60 years
More like 70 years if we're talking the coins and banknotes.

I never really considered the fact that non-Europeans may not realize just how young the Euro is as a currency.


So tiny!


File: 1476944775262-0.png (108.28 KB, 700x700, 1364178546980.png)


Yea, there's too much science to do.

There's a great deal they don't tell us about europe in general ed


Don't worry.
Except for "there was a Boston tea party and then they declared independence" and "they helped us out during and after WW2" belgian general ed didn't teach me much about the US.


I saw a map once of "European perceptions of the United States" and Texas took up most of the southwest


Why not set it in America, or off-shore America I guess?

I'm considering changing Vampire from America to Europe since I better understand European mindset.


Because the longer the quest runs, the less the outside world will matter


Late gen pokemon was a mistake


It's the one state that's easy for me to find on a map (and California)

When you're looking for Andy,
you better check under the sea
because that where you'll dy.


File: 1476945091363.jpg (68.85 KB, 500x354, euro-folders-art.jpg)

As you can imagine, the Euro being created was a pretty big deal around here. I remember all the information flyers, the articles in the newspapers and the news segments buzzing around. They were clever enough to turn collection the different Euro variants into a game for kids as well.

What kind of meme school did you attend?


We had that same thing years later

State-themed quarters.


An average school in Ostend.
Are you going to try to convince me now you got an in-depth education on the US?


neat-o, coin collections are good hobbies

you got the important stuff at least!


They certainly taught us more about the US than that. The American civil war was a pretty big subject in year 5, as were the roaring twenties, great depression and the Cold war in year 6.

Don't even try to convince me that you didn't get educated about the Cold War.

There's so many little meme variants by now, it's crazy.


Perhaps he only learned about Russia's side of the non-war?


The only thing in that list I didn't see was roaring twenties. But all those things were mostly focused on Europe.
Even then I don't think I actually understood history until I started learning about it independently.


File: 1476945604391.png (310.81 KB, 540x540, tumblr_obknjxrd401v41btpo2….png)

I looked up the source. Apparently these are ponifications of Cadence (Crypt of the Necrodancer)'s parents?

Did anyone even play that?


Since a lot of history teaching goes by era rather than by country, American history often has little time to shine. At first they had relatively little impact on the global stage and then they get overshadowed by the war and post war Soviet stuff.


I was going to be a futuristic Hong Konger, too!
Oh, well, I'll rework a few things


Nowadays I mostly consider American history as an offshoot of the British Empire history. Bit like the Eastern Roman Empire


>Hong Konger
Please do. Singapore and Hong Kong were both British-controlled colonies at this point in history, and both were mostly filled with ethnic Chinese.

There are some wonderful opportunities to dazzle us with your Chinaman knowledge, if you want to BDN. I've left a significant opening for Singapore to partake in the glorious history of sealab.


Not really, no. I remember our teacher talking quite a bit of smack about the Soviets after WW2 though.

If there's one thing that gets disregarded in history class, it's Asian stuff. I barely remember any stuff about China and whatnot being taught, not even the rise of the PRC.


I tried, its a hard game man, I never got past like, stage 4 ?


I don't remember much of the Cold War stuff. I believe a lot more time was spent on how the EU formed in my class


I don't have much, just the thing about communists in the form gave me an idea about escaping commies.


How lucky for you that the quest starts during the fifth year of the Soviet Republic of China. Good time to flee China if you aren't a commie.


File: 1476946196220-0.jpg (131.24 KB, 640x427, 7977008083_077329f63f_z.jpg)

oh my would you look at the time
we better sleep if we're questing this thing at 7am
night now


File: 1476946214840.jpeg (260.12 KB, 967x761, 720470__safe_monochrome_p….jpeg)


File: 1476946320885.png (263.68 KB, 640x360, Seabreeze_and_Breezie_Flut….png)


File: 1476946751916.jpg (37.35 KB, 269x290, tmp_31762-1356849583079-14….jpg)

>driving out
>stop somewhere to grab lunch before heading home
>proceed to forget I even drove out and walk home

This might be the dumbest thing I've ever done

Sounds good.


File: 1476946853608.jpg (31.46 KB, 480x448, 1471629264494.jpg)

>Driving in Singapore
Sounds like hell, fam.


It can be, yeah. Region is notorious for having the most hellish driving conditions, and even then we're nothing compared to our neighbours.


I will now sleep, I have total faith BDN will be done with his character in 5 hours


>Leviathans today
>Civ VI tomorrow

I totally forgot since RoM is so fun.


File: 1476948435982.jpg (272.38 KB, 1420x578, tmp_14242-Priest_Tier_Sets….jpg)

Asian history tends to get reduced to the Chinese empire, samurai Japan and the relevant communist parts during the Soviet era.


To be honest, most of the other history was "we were riding horses and shooting bows and shit" with the notable exception of the Mongol Empire


India probably warrants some more attention though


You don't need history for that.
Just walk through the current country.


File: 1476949977561.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1080, 1476948519851.png)

Monogamous and fruitful marriages are my fetish


File: 1476950312392-0.jpg (43.69 KB, 794x749, Mabel Smile.jpg)


Why is Inferni so cheeky?


Cause he's a phoenix!


There are very non-cheeky phoenixes too!


I don't think so!


You only met one!
Altough now I think about it, the Phoenix Melody met was also really Cheeky.


See? It comes with being a phoenix!


Being functionally immortal might give one an inflated sense of cheekyness


>tfw Inferni will never cheek on Mabel


Should have lured him with some bird seed.


He can use his bird seed on Mabel any time


File: 1476952962747.jpg (44.64 KB, 518x500, 1469818121763.jpg)

>have to get my decrepit spare laptop up and running for full workload use with my usual out out of commission

Anyone here tried lubuntu?


It's just Ubuntu with a slighlty different graphical interface.


>Sleeping Dogs dev closes down
>Sleeping Dogs 2 confirmed for never ever

Fuck this shit


File: 1476954741950-0.png (1.47 MB, 1500x1500, 1466391935441.png)



But it does use less resources, right?
Going to need every bit of power I can get on a laptop that reaches 70C while browsing memes


File: 1476956217397-0.webm (878.92 KB, 720x540, World war 1.webm)




It does. There used to be some fairly good lightweight distributions but they all died and I fell out of the loop.


>chrome remote desktop can send commands but can't see what's on my main computer

There goes my dreams of remote computing with this thing


File: 1476959018773.gif (6.71 MB, 450x500, 877880__safe_animated_scre….gif)

>Only got like an hour of slp


Go back to sleep then, dumbass


can't get to slp
quest in an hour away

I guess I'll try


Falling asleep during it will surely help


You should slp


I hope you finished your sheet


File: 1476961547672.gif (1.35 MB, 371x209, 1476728165498.gif)

Really makes you think.


Pain is an excellent teacher


File: 1476961824648.png (207.51 KB, 887x612, 1380243953444.png)

Pretty much


Pepe the Anime when


File: 1476963424127.png (841.76 KB, 1280x720, S04E16_Jesteśmy_chorzy.png)

How about you post it now that it's 25 minutes til game time



Excellent, things look promising for you lad. Expect a letter to arrive in 18 minutes.


File: 1476963906218-0.jpg (61.3 KB, 612x331, 1411560793212.jpg)


What is going on?


Adventure kicks off in 10 minutes


File: 1476964244833-0.png (1.68 MB, 1280x1810, 842786__safe_solo_rainbow ….png)

something I assume


That Dosh is scary!

Wait, I'm not in it!


>actually putting your fears on your resume


File: 1476964475085.jpg (73.09 KB, 962x729, gx37flq18msx.jpg)



What manner of avian is this


File: 1476964546759.png (215.86 KB, 894x894, rarity_smiles_by_ohhim-d4j….png)

How goes the journey around the world of warcraft?


Early Northrend + old raids


Oh right, swats mentioned that you can't in fact mail shit between factions even to your own characters, so we'd need to use the neutral auction houses instead


You mean you didn't?
I mean, those totally aren't real fears. haha.


File: 1476964889851.png (1.06 MB, 3002x4500, 1267085__safe_solo_rarity_….png)



File: 1476964927060-0.png (3.7 MB, 4119x3295, 1430096752743.png)



Nah, still in howling fjord, waiting on dragonblight and icecrown. At this rate we'll be 80 without even visiting storm peaks, grizzly hills or scholazar basin. So we'll do those as horde instead.


This pony appears to require slp


don't forget zul'drak and borean tundra

also grizzly hills music is max comfy


Zul'drak can go in line behind blade's edge and silithus to choke on my dick


sounds like someone has some repressed rage


I bet DM got tricked hard by a troll

Like, an actual troll. That questline where you get tricked.


Getting to see arthas aside, I remember it being pretty asstastic.


File: 1476965340193.png (93.29 KB, 385x344, ddce2206a3c72b671d8bdacc22….png)

>Mursaat are back in GW2
>Fire Chain Islands are back in GW2

No, it's a trap…


Maybe one day in the far future we should all play Guild Wars 1.


Unf intensifies


I'd be up for that maybe. I remember 1 being a great game.


Also really big. I don't think quite as big as WoW, but it's certainly up there.

Maybe next Summer or something.


File: 1476966116223-0.png (446.46 KB, 2071x1969, rarity_new_dress_vector_by….png)

its also not gonna change on us, so there's that.


This is exactly how I imagine Andy's character



File: 1476967604561.png (270.63 KB, 900x583, 59344199-af2d-4cf1-9fc2-a6….png)


File: 1476967985166-0.png (586.51 KB, 935x701, my-little-pony-mlp-art-man….png)

I am far too entertained by this edit


It's an original. Gordon Ramsay did it for a humor show.


File: 1476968042864-0.png (388.6 KB, 1280x720, Rarity_going_camping_S3E06.png)

the man truly knows how to entertain


Unbind dragon '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


File: 1476968651449-0.webm (8.43 MB, 360x270, 401707.webm)

Now THIS edit is my favourite


Did last night really happen or was it a fever dream.


It was all real, baby~


Accept the results, you pompous old raisin of a man.


The results of the HIV test?


What's going on?


Leviathan is out.


Already? Steam doesn't usually release updates until noon PST.
Trump is heavily implying that if he loses, he won't accept the results of the election.


File: 1476969508527.jpg (26.04 KB, 529x399, 1304454650797.jpg)

>Someone, probably an American, claps.


What's he going to do, send angry tweets?


Raise a stink about it, yes. The real danger is what this might incite among his base. We already have people firebombing regional GOP headquarters.


It seems to me that most of the violence comes from people who are protesting Trump rallies.

Trump may be a complete nutter and unelectable, but the radleft are the ones I would worry about shooting me.


At least no one cares about kansas so nothing will happen here.


What, your butler has a gun doesn't he? Just stay with him.


The Arizona Republican backed a Democrat for the first time in the paper's history. Death and bomb threats were sent to their offices within hours of its printing that day.


PDX is a European company, they release things in the late afternoon Euro time.


In World News:
Russia is being a bitch, Syria is still in the shitter, the US is getting another civil war, the Philippines are raising a new Hitler.

Thanks for tuning in, now Tom with the weather.


If all goes well we will die to meteor showers later in the week!


Well if you want further signs of the end, we may be looking at a Cubs/Indians World Series.


A Hitler that kisses China's ass, too. I am pretty fucking worried.



Oh yeah, and I think he said he wants to break up with the USA just today
And, y'know
More than 4000 people are dead because he said "If someone is a drug dealer, go ahead and lynch them, you won't be punished."


So did anyone actually die or was it just the same effect as when that kid called in a bomb threat to get out of a test at high school?


And it seems all the tanginamos love him for it.

Apparently he wants to ban smoking in public by the end of this year, too. Good luck to him.


Literally everywhere but in your own house, I've read
So not even in your car


I wonder if he can actually pull it off, or if it'll herald the end of popular support with how ingrained smoking is around there.


No deaths, but nobody died in the OC firebombing either. I'm just making a point that saying the only danger is from radical liberals is disingenuous.


I can't imagine that going well anywhere, people need their smokes and going home for a smoke break is not doable.


>Xenogears will be in World of Final Fantasy
Well. That's a surprise.


Very worrying.


Well, I can't imagine saying "Go murder anyone who you SAY is a drug dealer" (no evidence needed) and there will be no repecussions
And ho and behold, thousands are dying and he is just getting more and more popular


File: 1476970778916-0.gif (955.4 KB, 854x480, 309403__safe_applejack_ani….gif)

Very distressing indeed.


Everyone does that. I'm pretty sure there'll be violence no matter who wins. There's already violence from both sides.


File: 1476971150687-0.gif (146.7 KB, 346x318, 1454109027272.gif)

At least we have pone


For what I imagined to be a grumpy middle aged man, Alberich is pretty cheerful


Maybe if they did that in Mexico they wouldn't have si many problems


This would be the first time a candidate breaks with the tradition of peaceful transition of power.


Sorry about the slow reply. We're about to finish after this important first choice!


What do you mean? You're acting like Trump has a private army and about to unleash a civil war.


He's only grumpy when it comes to the war, or women, or people messing up measurements, how hard is it to get 1.38.4 meter blades exactly, all you monkeys have to do is look at the ruler provided for you inside of the inside of your asses, fuck


>expertise tells me breeding native marine animals makes more sense
>but little ponies



I hope you enjoyed this first session!

This is just a taste of what is to come. You don't need to make your choice right away. You can think about it until the next session!

What agonizing choices!


I need to think about this very hard.


do it, make the little horses we always dreamed of.


I know there's no danger of that, and it's not like he's going to win at this point anyway, but he's already done his level best to undermine faith in our political system by loudly decrying every loss the product of rigging.


I know BDN will meditate carefully, but I hope you think carefully about yours too, Andy


I'm really leaning toward sekret volcano of science


My heart can't take this
M-maybe we can breed cute crabs instead


I accidentally said the magma vents were the most secretive but they're the second most secret, after the Ross Gyre Deeps


Please. You pretend like faith in the government hasn't been going downhill rapidly in the past decade. Trump just made use of it. And he's not the first, Obama did it first, he promised change in the system and didn't deliver. Now the other party is appealing to people who want change. And if you think these candidates are bad, my prophecy is that the 2020 or 2024 candidates will be even worse. This train can't stop anymore.

As for Trump not winning, I clearly remember the same thing being said about brexit so I'll just wait and see. If anything, I think this current mindst benefits Trump since many Democrats don't like Hillary and won't get up to vote if they believe it's in the bag already


I'm sure you'll get to make all kinds of fun choices to manipulate life while you're researching biology.


I supposed they were equally secret, but second most secret is okay for being a in a volcano, right?


>NX really is a console/handheld hybrid




Huh. Kinda fitting considering the wiiu




Here's a summary that may help

Least Secret -> Most Secret
>Tombilion Seamount, Great Astrolabe Reef, Lesser Foundation Magma Vents, Ross Gyre Deeps

>TS: Bonus construction speed, bonus trade
>GAR: Bonus biology research speed
>LFMV: Penalty construction speed, potential to build a thermal vent power plant (covers all power concerns, never build another power plant), bonus defensible
>RGD: Penalty trade, bonus defensible, random artifacts accumulate from gyre at no cost

Naturally all four will provoke different kinds of events in the future (more world-related events for the TS base for instance, and more strange animal research at the GAR base).

Remember, this is a quest all about making choices! The whole future will be impacted by this!


If this is their next handheld there aren't exactly any competitors. Meh


How can it compete with the coming VR tidal wave though?


VR is dead.


Is it? When did it ded?


Handhelds have always had a market, and the entry point of VR is way too high for now.


I dunno. I dont see as many handhelds nowadays, its all smartphones


6 or so months ago when both headsets came out and no real games existed.
Or a week ago, when psVR came out and STILL no real games existed.
Or Christmas when Oculus Touch will come out and STILL there won't be any real games.


What Sion said.


File: 1476973294949.jpg (24.6 KB, 480x517, 1465342365335.jpg)

>BDN's face when he flees China only a couple years after the Rape of Nanking

I think the two controller thing is neat


Where is the porn then?


Honestly the least believable part about the commercial was
>people going to see a pro esport game of splatoon


I didnt see it yet, on mobile now


>no buttons
And aside emulators the fuck do smartphones have? No really I'd like to know because I'm looking for non-shit phone games


What I see is that the casual market is turning to iphones while handhelds is really becoming niche. Perhaps thats a good thinxg since that means no casualization.


Maybe so. Handhelds don't exactly require a fuckhuge budget either, they'll survive. Even if it's just Japan alone.


I have no doubt they'll survive, how profitable they'll be is another question


Who used to play handhelds?
What do kids play now?
Phone games.
It's over mate.


File: 1476973662350.jpeg (29.24 KB, 540x567, 52064597.jpeg)

NX stole my thunder


We'll see. Even now the 3DS maintains a market, doesn't it?


Only after the huge success which was the DS (pre-smartphone age) and sells mostly with young adults.


Apparently mobile games are a non-thing in Asia though. It's all browser games there because they're 10 years behind time for whatever reason.


File: 1476974160528.jpg (357.37 KB, 1478x1066, 18vglheiyrxi8jpg.jpg)

Without spoiling much to come, the longer time goes on, the less outside backers will influence and the more you will have control over.

You could turn the base into a mad scientist lab, a resort and asylum for nobel prize winners, a militarized capital for a new ocean microcountry, or a Rapture-esque city full of consumers and civilians ready to buy and spend.



>totem pokemon fight actually cased the guy to white out

>low HP music

Fuck, I'm hype

Everyone's got candy crush and shit, but in Japan 3DSs and streetpass are a thing everywhere. You'll hit 10 people just going otuside a train station.

That microcountry sounds nice


Here's a (You)


That looks like an actually really tough fight. Maybe an early game rock type could help.

Andy had to go so it's hard to feel the first session hype. I think it went well though…


Island dexes have been datamined, there's Bonsly on island 1, strangely enough. But the boxing crab seems to be the intended solution for the fight.


File: 1476974888692.png (191.91 KB, 701x692, 6119c66d-c61f-4b4b-b3f0-7c….png)

Pretty cool


I didnt follow but you usually get the job done in that regard.


Finally watched it.

Huh. Intriguing. It playing Skyrim of all things was funny though


My first reaction to that was "Oh wow a five years old game!" but it's probably just to show they have 3rd party support to the normie crowd.

Hey how come they used Skyrim since the start, isn't there like a new zelda in the works?


Breath of the Wild is a WiiU title. Though they'll probably make a version for the Switch. Maybe it was still in-dev? Or they're saving it for later.


There was a zelda game somewhere in there, not sure if that was the wiiu one


I miss the gamecube reveal where they immediately showed an HD zelda.
And then next E3 suddenly that low res cartoon zelda showed up


The joke was, BotW is just skyrim reskinned.



I would have considered it would be Zelda Souls, since they've got From Software as one of their third-party affiliates.


File: 1476976869524.gif (1.03 MB, 234x280, 1466870102305.gif)

>It's possible for a human Fallen Empire to spawn now


File: 1476976911892.gif (631.63 KB, 507x508, 1256617__safe_fluttershy_s….gif)

We have to go deeper!


Is the new patch out?


Yes and the new DLC too.

Interesting date, I figure they just thought to release it one day before Civ VI since they can't compete with it and might as well go for the few people who aren't buying Civ or have enough money for both


Volcano looking pretty cool.
>defensible, power 5ever, only penalty is the constructing new things
The reef's bonus is pretty tasty for bdn thou.. I think the mountain would just be a big target for those 'metal birds' we're so concerned about.



File: 1476977840836.gif (4.14 MB, 720x395, 1257185__safe_solo_pinkie ….gif)

>fleet cap increased from 1000 to 9999


oh honestly that switch thing looks pretty convenient.
Something between a phone and laptop that plays your favorite games. I mean, the NOOK and Ipad still haven't been replaced by phones, I see this having a place for now.
Maybe when we get stronger phones all games will be apps. but not yet.


I'm just hoping it's not too expensive and eventually hackable. Like I said, handhelds won't be going anywhere for a while, especially with Pokemon backing them up.

I'm cool with any of those.
Kind of leaning towards micronation though


>Switch might be region free
That's something good at least


Well at least they finally learned that much.


if there's one thing nintendo is good at, its making their stuff affordable. Its how they stay on top and get into homes with kids to infect their hearts after all.

I think volcano or reef are the best options.
deepest sea is cool, but I'm not sold on being so isolated: what if a new invention or discovery happens, do we really want to NEVER be able to know?


I'm gonna pirate the shit out of it.


At least buy a legit copy of the main game so you can play with us!


No, I'm way too poor for that.
Guess what my monthly food spending is down to, now.


10 euros?


30. I'm not a miracle worker yet.


File: 1476978908285.png (93.95 KB, 257x216, e05.png)


Neat, innit?


Teach me


File: 1476978968556.gif (675.46 KB, 506x506, 1153335__safe_solo_screenc….gif)

While I don't have those economical problems I have been eating less as well to prevent becoming a fattie


Long-lasting vegetables (zucchini, eggplants, bell peppers).
Pasta almost every day.
One course per meal.
Chicken, 1kg a month.
Sausage, 400g a month.
Rice, lots.
A few cheeses.


File: 1476979213056.png (536.88 KB, 692x577, 1426833002132.png)

>1kg a month


Too little for you? I usually make 5/6 servings out of that.


I'm assuming you've got your own garden-thing hanging off a window or in a safe-ish place?


I have no fresh spices.
No oregano or basil. I only cook with salt, pepper and the occasional chili peppers.
And I don't fry or deep fry anything, instead I just brown things in olive oil.


Also cooking cream, because it's great to make small servings bigger.
Since pumpkin is in season I'm using a bunch of that too.


>40 yuros


Gourds usually are a good filler item.


I forgot to mention. Eggs.
At least half a dozen a month.


>six eggs a month
You never get to bake anything, do you?


File: 1476981019214.png (Spoiler Image, 17.84 KB, 334x218, 1121732__solo_explicit_clo….png)

No, baking takes a shitload of time.


why bat
why lewd


File: 1476983152727.jpg (186.23 KB, 1200x794, 1476973691241.jpg)

>and dungeonan'
>all in one packagan'


File: 1476983513821.png (275.8 KB, 1000x1050, 6b01d444-3cfc-4f2a-b1fe-9d….png)


>Implying they aren't going to drop Switch like a hot potato just like they did with WiiU


File: 1476983605215.png (228.02 KB, 928x544, Napping out in the sun.png)

Am I being baited?


File: 1476983849909.jpg (378.04 KB, 1600x903, 1472025292667.jpg)

>woke up feeling sick today
>it just keeps getting worse
At least it's an excuse to stay stationary and check out this new Stellaris patch.


File: 1476984271026.jpg (585.48 KB, 979x979, a518f089-c223-4daf-9b95-ab….jpg)

I'm just posting cute things
You like cute things right?


File: 1476984602087.gif (992.08 KB, 500x281, Do you pet the little catg….gif)

Well, I suppose that's fair.


File: 1476984653946.png (192.68 KB, 500x454, 1476932423828.png)

I need more cute things. Sadly, I am headed to work.

Looks cool. Has it improved enough where you'd recommend people pick it up?


File: 1476984746162.jpg (441.72 KB, 1500x1300, 1469303427974.jpg)

Any memers wanna overmeme with me in 15 mins?


Well, I got a bit of time


File: 1476988775431.jpg (270.08 KB, 1292x711, 1469109534304.jpg)

That pic is Halo-art, so it's not really representative of Stellaris, just similar concepts.

I'm not sure I'd recommend it just yet; I'm trying it out (the fact it runs on my toaster desktop is a good sign, and it's nice to play without having to worry about my computer suddenly restarting itself), and it looks good so far; they've definitely improved portraits and the user-interface, and rally points are definitely going to come in handy. However, most of the real criticisms of the game show up in the mid-to-late game, so it'll be a while until I can see if they've actually fixed the stuff that was really broken.
I will say that I ran into my first frustration in the race-creation screen: While they've definitely improved both empire-bonuses and the trait-selection has made some improvement, the Trait selection is still very frustrating. Being able to pick five traits with only two points to spend is a good idea, as it incentivizes taking negative traits to get more points for the really good bonuses… except they forgot to include the negative traits. There's like what, five or so negative traits you can take, most if not all of which only give you a single extra point to play with, and the things that are negatively effected are very limited. I'm honestly confounded as to why there isn't options to make your race disinclined towards certain types of production- a "Wasteful" trait that reduces your energy-credit production, for instance, or a "Lazy" trait that reduces mineral output. Stuff like this is all that's needed to make the trait-selection both fun and inventive- the idea of making a race of fat slobs who only made it to space because they're good at making robots and such to do the work for them would be both funny and an interesting challenge. But it's not there. And I find that incredibly frustrating.
Mods can fix it, but it's still a flaw worth bringing up specifically because it's such a simple fix.




File: 1476990468630.png (1.05 MB, 1440x900, Curators.png)

Well this is new


File: 1476990649616.png (104.36 KB, 456x356, afd63e59-7d49-4c47-9f28-e2….png)

Puppy ears


File: 1476991042930-0.gif (1.5 MB, 432x453, 1361354104935.gif)


That actually looks even worse than the original Xbox controller. Jebus.


see, how could you hate something that looks like a puppy. "portable" haters need to wake up


>you cab buy stuff like a ten-year research boost for energy credits
>a way to actually invest your stockpiled energy credits
All right, this is looking promising so far.


You can also buy minerals/energy credits at a 2/1 ratio
Fallen Empires are less mean now
FUCKING SPESS DRAGONS if you have the DLC and my god are they horrifying
And cute race portraits :3


File: 1476991559287.jpg (35.84 KB, 600x479, 254b38df-530b-4e65-b574-39….jpg)

I like it. It's cute and new


Knowing Nintendo it's not new and the third party support is going to drop like a rock.


Agreed on the space portraits. They really improved those, and the new ones are really cute.
>that moth - people portrait


I'm playing starfish myself


File: 1476991884040-0.png (344.15 KB, 750x564, 1433225009414.png)

and its not like there won't be other controllers later, so people have very little to worry about.


File: 1476992244689.jpg (22.08 KB, 640x479, xUPPMqO.jpg)

Now I'm thinking if I should wait to get it instead of a 3ds
Imagine what games Nintendo planned for the switch


if you're wanting to play pokemon you need a 3ds


File: 1476992543648.png (63.28 KB, 291x423, 8852a4d45fb4d44e567cd479bd….png)

Anyone else wanna Brawl?


File: 1476993223337.png (640.03 KB, 1600x1300, Kelani.png)


To this day, Jinx still does things to me


File: 1476993448010.jpg (20.35 KB, 349x350, 21c6dda0-559d-4490-adec-7b….jpg)

Y-yeah that's true
And Monster Hunter too…

On an unrelated note, this just happened
>Mom comes in while me and the cleaning lady are watching little brother
>She asks her to give the boy a bath
>I jokingly ask which one
>Cleaning lady replied asking if I wanted her to bathe me
I admit I should have kept my mouth shut this time But it's okay since I found days ago that she was already has a husband and a kid so it's just her being playful
You've seen these yet?



File: 1476993631500.png (36.6 KB, 248x288, 1469432071334.png)



>Implying you can improve perfection

Yes, really




File: 1476993957834.gif (2.73 MB, 473x419, 1352566780862.gif)

Two and a half hours
For a dinner I finished eating in 30 minutes.
Italian dinners are a pain.


That's why traditionally, you let the women handle dinner


But cooking wasn't the problem.
How fucking long my friends like to mingle about is.


Literally how

Replied back!



Modern shooters at their finest


File: 1476996637115.jpg (49.4 KB, 559x265, 1471941689592.jpg)

>Italian offensive with supersoldiers


All I wish for Christmas is for that cunt to die of cancer.


File: 1476996688315.gif (914.72 KB, 500x319, 1351799443450.gif)

Sure got an argument for your new favorite shillgame, bud.


I don't know, I feel like shitting on what looks like the best part of BF1 I've seen so far is kind of dumb.

The game is garbage, but that just looks like a hilarious level to play through.


Because he actually gives critique on games


I dunno man, looks like hot streaming shit to me. Not that interesting. I've been in jugg armor since the days of Modern Warfare.


It captured World War 1 very well.


Because he's just being a contrarian queer. Who really expected a Battlefield game to have historical accuracy?
It's only one mission though. The parts I played were really great, even if the exploits you do are like straight from a WW2 action movie. At any rate, the Multiplayer is really great. I like the new Frontline battle mode.


If you actually watch the rest he does show and explain how ALL campaigns are just as bad.


File: 1476997053747.png (592.16 KB, 942x944, 1464854291029.png)

>Actually defending this shit


Yeah, and that's why he's wrong. Because the ones I played definitely were not.
And hating it just because it's a Battlefield game is so much better right?


File: 1476997190067.gif (2.01 MB, 557x452, 1467817502420.gif)

How's Leviathans?


You don't exactly have good tastes.


I don't though. I liked a lot of what they did with Battlefront, even if as a whole the game fell short because of EA jewery. BF1 looks like irredeemable shit on the other hand.

Excellent so far. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.


I mean, my problem is the same with the new CoD
They say 'hey there is this new setting' but they literally change nothing and release the same games every year, and BF1 and the new CoD didn't exactly change that.


File: 1476997586749.jpg (52.37 KB, 1280x720, 1464874290280.jpg)

>Oh shit, a new Red Dead Redemption game!
>"Red Dead Redemption 2 will release worldwide in Fall 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems."



Next you're gonna claim the Metal Gear saga was well written.
Well, BF1 does do Multiplayer really well. The Frontline game mode is really fun and behemoths can really change the game.
I can't say for sure yet, but it sure has a whole different feel from BF4 which I last played.


Good thing my roomie has one


Anything that comes out on Xbone is bound to get a PC release sooner or later.


To PC a year later.
>the guy who played them in chronological order has an opinion on metal gear
It was HILARIOUSLY written.


File: 1476997726088.webm (1.46 MB, 624x340, bcdadb42b61d0527bbf70ddd2….webm)


File: 1476997763528.webm (3.82 MB, 640x360, berlin.webm)


Yeah well fuck buying a console. I'll just have to pray they'll release it for the PC this time.

>implying RDR1 ever released on PC


No, I have an opinion on Metal Gear because I played most of them before I started crunching them in chronological order.
Yeah but this console generation is different. Worse.


That's an old game.


There are plenty older games that Rockstar ported to PC from console.

Like the GTA games.


File: 1476998063138.gif (1.18 MB, 498x278, d83e4cbfb3857839175a517a03….gif)

Going to bed.



Okay let me explain the whole thought process here.

RDRed was not ported because it came from a R* section which usually never ported games back in a time when R* didn't care much for PC.
GTA games started on PC, and were developed by a different R* division, which is why they always came to PC.
Until GTAV, which saw a first release on console and a year later came to PC because R* understood they could make people buy the same game twice.
They will do the exact same with RDRed2 (which is a crappy title since Red Dead Revolver exists).



maybe next time we minecraft we can.. we did have a cheese world


I do love the fact we saw the Deathstar upside down.
Also, yeah, what's up with the Bugs building it in the 'original trilogy' and how in EU it was that guy?


I was posting it for the meta humor!


If I recall, the Death Star plans were not finished because the Separatists got destroyed by Darth Vader before they could complete it.

I'm guessing this guy might have been in a sort of Wernher von Braun kind of situation or something?


>tfw disney will never make a Star Wars story about a Hutt building the Death Star superlaser that looks like a Lightsaber floating in space


That was a lovely post, Andy.


File: 1477002474048-0.gif (1.57 MB, 550x450, 1374659908921.gif)

Kelani is a bard too after all




We all knew Zarya and Lucio nerfs were coming, but I have to wonder… will this even change anything for Zarya? The Lucio nerf could be pretty severe tho, I wish they actually gave a number instead of just saying decreased


He just rolled a 10 in impress on me!


He is a bard too. So someone else is too!



A rogue


Ah yes! That would be nopony



The Dva buff was pretty huge, I'm sure you're happy with that.

By the way, what did you think of the first session?


>dva buff



D.VA Buff?
Oh. Too bad I won't be around to play it.

Yea! You're the GM.


The weird thing to me about the Ana nerf is that it doesn't seem to deal with the Beyblade comp at all. It's more of a nerf to Ana+Reinhardt than anything.


What's that saying with two bards in one pub though?


pretty sure this is leading up to a gay joke


File: 1477003138836.png (87.78 KB, 1100x1000, If you was from where I wa….png)

>cleaning up in my hallway
>find Xbox360 headset
>still works
>mic works
>still won't use it to talk to sub because I live in a bloody hallway.


+Move speed while firing
+100 health

>Won't be around

Well it'll still be here when you come back. This was just almost a prologue, and I think it's fitting because the base needs time to build (and in BDN's case, animals need time to breed), so it'll be almost a decade before the next session. The gap where you're away will help you get in the mood.


Oh right the game

It was really interesting, it being in our actual history was pretty unique compared to the usual quest. I think it will be fun.
I'm sticking with what I said before in that I basically could play maybe once my sis calms down, like 3-4 days


It's an actual saying that a tavern can't fit two pipers at the same time!


File: 1477003428786.png (291.5 KB, 900x550, tumblr_oevciqOnDF1rgu2c4o3….png)

You'll be able to handle her bugging you

You have a lot of experience with bugs


>watching Imperium
>elijah woods plays undercover fbi agent
>infiltrates a group of neo nazi
>they bring him to a neo nazi house party
>one of the wives makes cupcakes
>swastika frosting


File: 1477003854770.png (267.99 KB, 917x779, 1476944168299.png)


File: 1477003893391.jpg (106.36 KB, 774x1032, Fran and Mr. Midnight.jpg)


File: 1477003897163-0.png (163.86 KB, 915x913, 1431211236554.png)

okay my head hurts too much
thanks for running


File: 1477003957186.jpg (798.37 KB, 1316x1361, poison_mushroom_by_alloyra….jpg)

Have fun on your trip


[pony waving in the background]


File: 1477004005129.gif (15.97 KB, 172x172, So long farewell auf wiede….gif)


Thanks for playing!
Hope you had fun!


File: 1477004136939.jpg (379.14 KB, 640x800, IMG_1572.JPG)



File: 1477004308493.jpg (233.5 KB, 1280x960, e172cc84-6cf9-42cd-9b7a-33….jpg)



>Not available


Fucking Brazilians


Not a very healthy thing to do




Well… Brazilian.




File: 1477004820548.png (104.8 KB, 196x192, f8336511-3af4-43d6-876e-28….png)


>Finnish newspapers reporting on memes spawned by the Presidential election
It's all over


Could be from the million dollars Facebook gave to make meme magic real


File: 1477008433846.png (527.32 KB, 1440x900, Well fuck.png)

>find system just outside my capital systems
>looks like a large debris field
>absolutely loads of Minerals inside, along with a decent amount of power
>This combined with the Enigmatic Observers nearby means I'm able to start growing at a pretty amazing pace
>Suddenly a notification that "Something has woken up and is swarming out of the Asteroids"
>this happens
Well, shit. And I don't even have destroyers yet, much less something that can handle these figures.
Guess that's a sizeable chunk of my mineral production I'm not getting back anytime soon.

Now I'm going to be paranoid about any system that has a ton of resources inside.


My science ship took a peek at a black hole earlier and immediately got destroyed in one hit by some sort of demonic Tyranid crawling out of another, smaller black hole.


What were y'all talking about, anyway? The new Stellaris?

People play Paradox games multiplayer?


I'd get into playing Stellaris with these fuckbois if I could, but I don't want to buy it just yet, since I often get bored of the learning curves of grand strategy games


Sylt, DM and Cheesy all learned how to play it, pleb. Stellaris is like babby mode GSG, it's really not hard to get into.


Well, once I do, I'll also have to get it.


It really is easy.
Much more like a 4x than any other GSG


I will say that this patch has been really good for the game; changing the pacing so that you're not getting everything right at the start is doing wonders for keeping me engaged.
It also helps that along with the new events that pop up, the other civs are a bit more active, especially the Fallen Empires.
I had a bit of a chuckle when the neighboring Enigmatic Observers asked for one of my pops to keep in a sanctuary. As I'm playing a bird-race right now, the mental image was too damn funny.


>I had a bit of a chuckle when the neighboring Enigmatic Observers asked for one of my pops to keep in a sanctuary.
They basically collect species that they think are doomed to go extinct and put them in a zoo. They've really become even more condescending than before.


True, but considering they donated 1500 minerals and 500 energy to me a couple of months afterwards, I'd say it was a fair trade.
Especially since I fully intend to conquer them and free that pop once I've got the military might to fuck up their fleets.



File: 1477012360146.png (60.96 KB, 377x374, 1472321508818.png)


When will poke autists ever stop getting attached to their fakemons?


File: 1477012843252.png (147.08 KB, 640x857, 1472312008154.png)

>there are people RIGHT NOW who prefer Ballio to this pretty thing



I wonder what kinds of things you believe in?

Do you believe, like Wilkes, in the purity of science? Or in nations? Your faith? The market?


Its fine to make fun guesses, but its stupid and insanely childish to get so upset when your 'prediction' didn't come true


still thinking about it.
thou having power set forever is really attractive


Oh, no, you have until next session to think about that. I was asking something more esoteric. What do you believe? What do you always count on for truth?

Science? Faith? Money? The State? Your Race? Something else? Or are you an incurable cynic? A nihilist with no belief in anything?


Oh, As Al. Right. probably science, something like "Progress in any scientific field benefits mankind more in the long run than our current sacrifices could measure up to."


File: 1477014127126.png (959.65 KB, 1600x1096, smol_soldier_by_gtsleuth-d….png)

How pure


File: 1477014179087.png (206.91 KB, 700x700, le falseflag clown.png)



To get use of of your discoveries, you'll really need to partner up with Andy. For instance, if you want to research Penicillin, Urea Cycle, and X-Ray, it will really help if you build a Medical Pavilion to make use of those things. Meanwhile if you'd rather keep working on live experimentation for things like Pavlovian Response, Behavioral Imprinting, and Humane Trap, you'll want to construct a menagerie to keep them in. A chemistry annex would be preferable if you want to look into organic chemistry, petrochemicals, and synthetic materials (a whole tree of rubber, plastics, and adhesives), which in turn you can only get the most out of with an oil drill and refinery or trade.

So yeah. You two are going to be busy. I hope you become fast friends!


I'm thinking we exchanged letters for a while, maybe.

I'd like to secure our self-sufficiency as much as possible if we're gonna be at the volcano.


There are three obvious ways of keeping food in your stomach.
>1. Trade. This is easiest at the Tombilon Seamount, of course. Produce something valuable, trade for cheap bananas en masse.
>2. Gathering. This is easiest near the Great Astrolabe Reef where you have all kinds of wonderful local animal life to cook up. Participate in the food chain!
>3. Ranching. Needs a little space and infrastructure, but protein will make your populace more happy.
>4. Hydroponics. This is great because it helps convert CO2 to O2. Takes up a lot of space and labor, but can be optimized with research (Haber–Bosch process, Mechanical Harvester, Synthetic Pesticide). Keeps your populace from getting scurvy.


Let's farm fish, crabs and seaweed.


File: 1477020265960.png (377.91 KB, 1280x747, 828ad7c7-d9b9-447e-9548-84….png)






>6-12 weeks for airmail
I'll see what I can do to make it arrive by christmas


>even the cheapest """express""" service costs a hundred shekels
Well then, better send it over tomorrow or something


I'm going to go ahead and fish for a daily win in OW if anyone wants in

Any type of farming will give low outputs until you can advance your technology. That is an opportunity cost on other things you could be researching and also limits your population, but self sufficiency may be worth it


With the world in the middle of a war, seems pretty hard to trust anyone. And we'll need weapons to enforce our independence.


File: 1477022274018.png (579.33 KB, 1280x1125, 70031514-49be-4236-928a-56….png)

Are you sure you wanna do this?


If I send it over by normal airmail it'll be fine.
Only if I can hack it successfully though


Yours isn't hacked already?


It is, but I'm sending over my old one, which isn't.




Is your phone charger like a USB one?


Oh I see
Yes of course


That makes things slightly easier, if you don't mind not being able to charge your phone at the same time. Hmmm


>Brazil duties
You might have to pay some taxes, look them up.


Here comes dat poi
jast kiddingu, Kongo desu


Oh I see
Yes of course


You know what your Cadastro de Pessoas Fisicas or whatever is? Or do you have one yet?


I'm sorry for tilting Knight, but fuck it made me mad to see our idiot tanks going 2-Zarya into 4-Mei.

I don't even mind 4Mei. I was fucking tearing through Meis as Bastion. I seriously killed more than I could count, I had 3 golds. If I could've gotten ONE PERSON to stick with me and keep me covered in case of sleep darts, I we could've won that.


I mean 2Dva obviously, you were there

2 Zarya would've been great even.


4 many Mei. I was constantly getting picked off from behind. With so many Mei, it meant it was coming from all angles. Oh, I think they used 2 of her Ults at the same time, when I had powered you up.

Our team had 2 Dva again.


I don't know how it got to that point. The enemies had 2mei from the very start, they should've known better. When the 4mei switch came our only hope was SERIOUS burst damage.


I couldn't switch out, we'd be without a healer at all at that point.

You did manage to kill a bunch of them through their walls. That was cool. Sadly, I usually saw that after they filled my body with icicles.


that's on me for not covering you better


Nah, it was just horrible all around. If I covered you, I'd get hit by ANOTHER Mei who had gotten behind us. I put Rein to sleep a few times, but they would immediately wall him and shoot me. There were a few moments were I could cover you, but those were few and far between, especially since the Dvas would go to the opposite sides and not provide cover for us.


The sleeper awakes


Go back to bed, Dagoth Ur.


Its fine we have a spare charger
Oh shit, which ones? Last time a friend from overseas sent me something I didn't had to pay anything
Oops, ignore that


Oh yes that's the CPF
Dont have it with me right now, sorry


I'll try to exaggerate the used condition in the description to get it under 50usd, which seems to be the tax cutoff point.

Don't worry, just get it tomorrow or something


Alright alright. How much will I get to pay?



Well, dang.


0, hopefully, but I dunno.


File: 1477027052455.png (47.97 KB, 500x403, 419e2b64-ee3b-4d44-8240-ac….png)

What a fantastic gift to look forward to


In this case, I'm guessing Anub'arak


Oh fuck oh fuck

They're fucking the free boxes on the PTR, the jews will probably take it live

I'm nowhere near a promotion, I'll never get free boxes again


uh, free boxes on PTR?


You know how when you promote at the end of 100 levels, your XP bar length resets now?

They're doing away with that. From now on it will always be 20k to level up. No easy boxes.


What the fuck? This can't be real


It's on the PTR right now.



The Lich King sent me to aid you, Wf


File: 1477030074174.jpg (389.46 KB, 950x800, comm__hitting_on_cupid_by_….jpg)

Are you here to help me hook up with fairies?


Hehe, don't fret Wf, just buy one of our Loot Boxes(tm) for the cheap price of 2.99. It's such a bargain it's basically another shoah! Oy vey just 5.99, just 9.99!




Should we shoot for one last breezie today before Andy goes, or just let it wait?

If it doesn't run I might run H


I'd rather play some H tonight if that's fine with you.


File: 1477031040905.jpg (175.27 KB, 826x1169, __kijin_seija_and_sukuna_s….jpg)

It has been a while


File: 1477031079999.png (285.08 KB, 1200x785, Oh shit it's a fairy.png)


File: 1477031109102.png (109.73 KB, 766x764, cumin and marina.png)


I've just now noticed that her tail is basically a crowbar.


I've noticed how I can't draw seapony tails


File: 1477031280246.png (18.37 KB, 352x254, Fishy pony on a rock.png)

An unfortunate thing.


Ok what if
In the spirit of Halloween
A quest about spooky things
small farming community comes under attack by ponies infected with apple blight, you, a bunch of locals, need to figure out how to stop it


I only realized now that because of the fish tail, normal horse breeding position would be impossible with Marina as the mare. I'm sure Curry can advise you on some creative positions if you ask, though.


File: 1477032032416.png (94.67 KB, 1686x620, 1460107572279.png)

Maybe that was a cheap shot, I think I've run Fidget off.

Hey, at least you've made it through the temple without incident. That's as much as you could've asked for. Maybe if you play today you can have that terrible uncertainty off your shoulders and it's smooth sailing from here to the end of the quest, assuming Manehattan goes well.


File: 1477032405134.png (278.1 KB, 1384x930, Untitled.png)

I made this ded but I won't lay in it

I'll go do something else


File: 1477032733332.png (185.05 KB, 1000x1000, 1476934023635.png)

Isn't it nearing 3 AM or something for you? Get some sleep.


Don't you know that this means that these two religious ponies are going to be pioneering missionary style?


can't sleep cycle is messed up, and only 2am


I will never understand foot fetishism.

At least the pillow makes it look gentle


I think missionary for horses would probably be the more natural position. I'm sure you'll have a fun wedding night either way no matter who is in the dress.


File: 1477033494061.png (80.51 KB, 646x600, medium (4).png)

Figure it's a power thing, to have someone under you.

How did you mess up your sleep cycle?


By staying up 2late


File: 1477033547166.gif (718.57 KB, 367x438, Spinning dog.gif)

Well, that's going to be resolved by a fade-to-black, if it's even addressed at all.


That choice is yours.

Still, it's nice for Marina to get some payoff after a rather stressful couple months. Between living on the lam, fighting for a new home, returning an altar, rescuing her dad, dealing with suitors, and now Cumin's issues - she's earned a little something something.


Yes, and it's a hubby.
And maybe some of those pearls and combs. But mostly the mate.
And the peaceful spooning together. That's probably the most valuable thing in that room.


>Marina's first time trying to be intimate
>Totally flubs it
>Gets away with it due to dice

Lucky you didn't need to spend them on the earlier rolls to sneak!


File: 1477034227638.png (146.39 KB, 1000x1000, tiny horseband.png)

The non-lewd implications might start to.become lewder than actual lewd stuff, so I'll show myself out.

Good night.



Did you play that game btw?


What game?


I assumed based on the filename you knew those horses are based on Crypt of the Necrodancer characters


Life has many doors, my boy.
And there was still a good chance that I would have flubbed it by rolling a 1.


Nah, I just like the picture. I've actually been playing some PS2 games


File: 1477035003112.gif (837.08 KB, 334x264, Sleeping Equaljack.gif)

Well, I guess I'll go sleep for now. See you guys later.


File: 1477035590054.png (255.77 KB, 680x381, 1464837146355.png)


File: 1477037285522.png (194.8 KB, 1597x1655, cheerilee_vector_by_durpy-….png)

It's time for class, my little ponies!
Today we're going to learn about ________!


Physical contact


Where's neep when I need him
I think he'd like this quest idea


cute teachers

Been thinking about animal breeding son?



It's too hard to decide
Common sense means we should raise native animals as much as possible but



The drawback to sea animals is that most of them don't do well inside your air-pressurized habs. No matter which choice you make, you're likely to still make use of both sea creatures (if nothing else, whaling for oil) and land creatures (if nothing else, lab rats).

Smol land creatures can improve staff morale, help with research, and provide labor inside the hab.

Big sea creatures could help defend and labor outside the hab.


I'll wait till Andy decides on our location, but it's probably volcano, which should provide enough power to maintain indoor farms.


Animal labor may help until you can develop machine tech. Like I said before, farming efficiently requires either a lot of space or a lot of tech reinvestment to increase those returns. I recommend investing in a chemistry annex right away if that's your plan, but you may still be reliant on the outside world for hospital care and medicine.

Every bit as important is how you run your show. Wilkes will insist on only allowing in researchers, but even he is answerable to the Board of Trustees. Basically, you may want to make a choice at some point to allow in civilians - a decision with a whole slew of benefits and drawbacks. Since you're choosing a more isolated base, tourism likely won't be an industry for you though.


>5 hour lecture/workshop
Just just my just up fam


>Got the Vampire skin for Symmetra
[Intense inner conflict]

Those eyeball sentries are so good…


>"behavioral economics"
This is some next level shit. I love it.


40 minutes into a 5 hour event and the slides already have memes


File: 1477044542966.jpg (27.88 KB, 425x329, 1467827665497.jpg)

>DM being taught meme magic


Fin with memes: "I am growing stronger"


Look after yourselves out there. I'll get us home safe.


Only now did I realise they got rid of the old neutral auction houses in wow


File: 1477045170760.jpg (42.75 KB, 280x380, German Man.jpg)

@BDN: Would you let this man live in your sea lab?


>buy civ6 digital deluxe + steam controller
>click on it
>blank page
Double bugged store saves steam's ass.


So is there no way to trade stuff between our characters on different factions?

Seems like Civ VI is getting a very positive response so far from people.


He looks like a butt pirate


Black market auction house in booty bay. Takes the normal auction house cut off gold though and there are snipers.


Selena was known for her butt and also a pirate, does that make her one?


>also a pirate
Independent contractor!


As I understand, all auction houses are now shared between alliance and horde


Derp BMAH is a completely different thing, sorry. All AH are connected.


I dunno, what can he contribute?


For reference, the ironforge/orgrimmar auctions were alliance/horde only but the ones in booty bay, gadgetzan and dalaran were shared and had an entirely separate item pool


One of your largest financial contributors, Die Gesellschaft für Meerskolonization will pull their funding if you don't let him live there.


File: 1477045857431.jpg (90.16 KB, 826x667, codex_astartes.jpg)


File: 1477045875091.png (484.2 KB, 1200x600, 2faf166b-9563-4cd6-ac86-86….png)


File: 1477046707539.png (18.23 KB, 176x158, 1464278011962.png)

>Really tempted to buy Civ VI
>Remember I already have so much other stuff on my plate
I have to remain strong.


Just play more Stellaris.
I bet that once the shine wears off (in 48 hours) we'll hear the first complaints anyway.


>several wow characters
>deathwing soon
>at least a year's worth of anime


1h 45min in
Every other slide is now memes


File: 1477047146288.png (736.97 KB, 1025x771, 1477044519801.png)

I know.

I do feel like this is going to be much better than Civ V vanilla though. But I'll wait until Monday so I can play it when no one is around for WoW/Stellaris.

And that's not counting EU4/CK2/HOI4 and whatever updates/DLC stuff coming their way in the next few months.


As long as he isn't granted the authority to order anyone around, I guess.

I'm going to need you to know all the info I might need
I know I need your name, address, CFI, anything else?


RoM is great. You really should try it before any Civnenigans


You can't just summon me like some mongrel pup


No, you're a pure breed shitposter


So what up?


I came up with a zombie-ish quest and figured you are the one who might care.


Zombies? Sign me up!


File: 1477047871598.jpg (24.7 KB, 446x640, d1e2c323-9ec0-4c05-87b4-15….jpg)

House number and cep but I guess that falls under adress
I think that's all


Also featuring some other classic horror monsters, maybe.
your little farming community is under siege by ponies infected by apple blight, and you are one of the few ponies brave enough to fix it.


But we should try and not kill them, right?


>Listening to Civ VI soundtrack



>doing this

Just buy it already then.
This is like saying you're not gonna smoke a cig and then lighting one and putting it right in front of your own face.


I saw just a bit of gameplay of it, and it didn't seem all that different to CiV5, but more fresh for sure
Still, you know the CiV policy
Wait until it's on sale and the DLCs have come out


Depends on your judgement, really. Is figuring out a cure sensible? Can they be safely contained? Should finding their source take priority?


Someone mentioned how the leader themes change from era to era so I was curious.

Just so nice to see that no matter what, Civ keeps having these lovely soundtracks. Kind of like Paradox games.


Try to be sure! Insurance won't even cover going to Brazil



It sure is better than



I quite liked that one though. But this one is way better. Better than even Civ IV's Baba Yetu I'd say.


>Ruler trait: Indulgent
>Sometimes gives random orders to troops

[Mildly concerned]


Am I literally the only person alive on Earth who likes Terra Nova?


Terra Nova was good. So was Gods and King's theme although you of course barely ever heard it.

Civ V's vanilla theme was alright. Kind of boring maybe but I liked it.

Civ IV's theme is often considered the best video game theme of all time and was the first video game theme to be nominated for a Grammy. It became the first video game to also win a Grammy a couple of years later.


>pretentious bullshit wins art awards
And now the weather


Civ IV's theme is not my cup of tea.
G&K's was pretty good.


It's performed by some African choir and I personally adore it. I remember back when I played Civ IV I would let it play through the song first before starting a new game because it's just such a lovely song.

And I'm honestly getting the same kind of vibes from this new theme. It's fucking excellent.


One day we'll play CiV VI together, don't worry



Would you look at that
There IS a future for being a meme-ologist


Right after we play Stellaris together


Maybe I can get that game by december
And maybe by that time I'll have actually learned it


>We provide a quantitative case study of /pol/’s attempt to poison anti-trolling machine learning technology by altering the language of hate on social media



It's absolutely ludicrous, but I can't stop laughing


>there might be someone making a study on posting behaviour on /qt/ RIGHT NOW


I'd do the analysis and writing part if someone were to collect the data.


>section 9 is a rare pepe collection

This has to be a troll.


But that's the thing
If it IS a troll
Holy fucking shit, this is an actual paper, not just a mock-up
It would be a very elaborate and time consuming effort to make this just to fuck with people


Maybe it's an edited paper.


>Duterte, Phillipines president, officially announces he's allying with China and turning away from the US
>"In this venue, your honours, in this venue, I announce my separation from the United States," Duterte told Chinese and Philippine business people, to applause, at a forum in the Great Hall of the People attended by Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli. "Both in military, not maybe social, but economics also. America has lost."

That's interesting.

A very dedicated troll maybe


>America has lost
What a fucking moron.


I can't really believe that it's a troll because they resisted the chance to make an "unpaid labor" joke when discussing janitors.

No true 4channer would be able to resist that urge.



This actually looks pretty legit


See my comment just above yours.
It is legit.


As in, in terms of scientific integrity and methodology. Except a few places where they really should have cited things to back up opinions like 'questionable' news sites.


Well, it is rather short though, so they'd probably saved that time by not citing everything and focusing on the pepes


It also helps brute force your political opinions through when you give no time or space for scrutiny


It does not entirely condemn 4chan, it says a lot of memes and new pop culture is coming from there, not to mention the occasional positive movements like catching animal abusers and such


>Belarus, South Korea, Thailand and Zimbabwe are the most hateful posters on /pol/


To be fair, the daily mail isn't exactly a respected news source


A convenient way to shield yourself from accusations while still clearly guiding the opinions of the reader


Maybe if alt-right people were smart enough to get university degrees, they could do the same instead of shitposting on 4chan ;)


I like figure 35 the most.


Being unemployed and in debt is a great way to increase shitposting time :~}


>rare pepe appendix

It's not at all a bad paper though, hate speech was well defined for its purpose. There's literally only one citation missing.

you've seemed saltier more in recent times


I chuckled at Fig. 34 the most
>What we believe to be a Pepe re- nterpretation of Goya’s “Saturn Devouring His Son.”


Living the dream


Never assume people have good intentions.
I'm not really salty I just don't care to be as civil all the time any more.


Are you going to be an edgy little baby bitch then, huh?


File: 1477053530145.png (79.44 KB, 573x618, 1315543924118-(n1322177959….png)

I sure hope you're actually okay


He's just grumpy because he didn't get enough sleep.


Somehow I feel that's on you


>literally dying for WoW
I kind of wish I experienced this once


Nah. We didn't even play WoW together yesterday. He was just doing dungeons on his own until way too late despite my warnings.


Sounds great. I've had such scarce opportunities to do so.
You know me, I need my outlets when not working on anything. Wow keeps me sated at home but I still have an hour of lectures to snore through before I can leave.


Hanlon's razor tbqh fam


Drop wow DM.
I know your kind.
You'll hurt yourself.


Could you vocaroo yourself as you cry at least, so I can save it for all eternity?


We haven't even cleared Northrend yet. We have much to do yet.


How many of you have listened to much of the new Musical?

The song for Wonderful 101 is literally better than the game itself.


File: 1477054033730.png (190.67 KB, 331x303, 1448794274158.png)

And here I am regretting that I never got to join WoW in its peak

I wonder if it'll be the one MMO that makes me stick


>And here I am regretting that I never got to join WoW in its peak
So did I. And here I am now, being glad to not have to suffer through vanilla WoW.


Peak wow was wotlk


This is how the malicious thrive
Every minute not played is a minute I paid for and never used. I need those auction and garrison apps.


>I need those auction and garrison apps
I'll probably get it too, so I can check the auctions in class.


On a second thought, maybe I will not get back into WoW after all


So wait, everybody is playing WoW now? Geez, you guys switch games every few days it seems.


Only DM and Groves are.


File: 1477054197745.png (75.2 KB, 931x878, 1320859470866.png)

>Every minute not played is a minute I paid for and never used

Oh boy, that's a dangerous justification I can see myself using


But what will we play?


Overwatch. The new tom clancy's which is basically MGSV co-op.


File: 1477054350085.jpg (117.77 KB, 1600x848, kilana.jpg)

Would you prefer a Civ-style tech tree so you can look far into the future and work on tech paths, or would you be better immersed by event-driven decision making like in the prologue where you are offered a choice and we pursue each branch of research as it comes up?


DM and I are doing WoW. Kind of needed a break after hundreds of Overwatch hours.

Stellaris is for when Gaius is around as well, since he doesn't play WoW.

Looking back at it, it's been a year now since DM, Gaius and I started playing vidya together every single day and we've played a disgusting amount of stuff since then. I don't think I've played this much vidya on a day to day basis in my life.


Event-based stuff seems more immersive, actually. Less gamey.



Oh, okay. I'm going to be sticking to Stellaris until the flaws start to become glaring again. So probably for the next day or so.
I get ya. Still, I think you're playing with fire by turning to WoW. Just be careful and keep an eye on DM, okay?


Yeah, I mean I know the event driven stuff is more immersive, I guess I was asking you to make that call. If you want to be more immersed or at the cost of gaminess be able to plan better. Because at the end of the day it's all for what makes it fun for you.

I'm kinda glad you chose the immersion route though.


I know you have none.


What is this… Life you speak of?


All the eyes of kilrog himself could not save me from myself.


[Achievement Unlocked: Clean up cat vomit]


I'm the one who whispered the forbidden words into his ears according to DM.


Maybe I need a vacation or something. Reset some of this internal struggle.


This build is actually cooler than the chainsword and I wasn't even a fan of KLK



Come over here, the booze is cheap


You need pussy


Do you have days off to spare?



"The tiara is going to make the pony feel really pretty" is the best part of that one


I don't think a relationship would really be good for either party involved.


No, hence why I'm pulling 2 overtime hours from this lecture.


I'm telling you man, fly over here and get shitfaced drunk for a week straight!


Shieeeet. Saving up for the Christmas period?


That or just a Friday off some week.
I could try getting drunk, true. Maybe tomorrow.


Get drunk with friends at least.


But it's no fun doing it alone


You can watch me try to drink more than one drink next year, anyway.


Does drunkenly posting here not count?


At least we could get virtually drunk together!



I have some serious mad appreciation for how much they respect the source material in their attention to detail


Do you have any idea how rare an expensive genuine meteorite is?


File: 1477058331113.jpg (92.83 KB, 640x479, 1477058240199.jpg)

I want to become a gremlin too!


File: 1477059125935.jpg (99.6 KB, 352x500, 1473912457252.jpg)

My plan is this, I'll nap for say 5 hours and then I could run H

Try to make Groves show up


Not here tonight.




File: 1477061237846.gif (11.49 KB, 227x224, 1458646235536.gif)


File: 1477061294363.png (57.39 KB, 700x700, Lelling Ponk.png)


The king of diamonds has been made a pawn. He draws strength from the earth. Our earth. Our strength.





File: 1477061753852.gif (1.66 MB, 268x301, 1118cf80-4fff-423f-a512-01….gif)


Calm your tiddles, I just got home from the store


Did Groves buy civ yet?



Perhaps we could play one of the older Civs.