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With cute horses
Occasionally embarassed ones
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We can shoot for Wednesdays then? I don't think this is the kind of quest I can run "spontaneously" like Horizons because Andy has to set an alarm.

If you two could pick a start time that's best for both of you, that would be great. Or if you think 9AM (our time, 10PM BDN time) is still ideal, we can stick with that. I would really like to have 3 hours for a session though, especially if we're just playing once a week.


I think Fidget?

I was a long time ago


Yeah, wednesdays are best, I can even go later.



I ate those food


I can't say for sure which day but morning is a safish time so far


If BDN is cool with it and Andy feels like it, I could continue with her for a bit (until whenever her family calls her off) and we could do some of the base development stuff.

She has some important decisions to make.


File: 1477322607156.png (108.84 KB, 630x840, 1400000549168.png)

I'm alright
Thanks again


Okay. Up for continue andy? I made a post if so


Just him? Dang it all
I was looking for someone to bother for some advice


My advice is terrible, but go ahead.


Looks like Andy took off. That's okay, I used the time to calculate the cost of feeding one scientist year round on a decent diet in real 1930s prices.


>could have played vermins with Sylt
>was busy in DoW instead
Though depending on pubs to fill out the other two slots would be silly, I suppose.


File: 1477325241399.jpg (87.64 KB, 500x500, whisperer-of-the-wilds-p19….jpg)

Well what you think of this setup
-22 lands (9 forest, 6 Island, 4 developing lands, 3 thornwood falls)
-6 spells (3 Force away, 2 opportunity, 1 treasure cruise)
-32 creatures
~4 scale servant
~4 whisperer of the wilds
~3 sagu mauler
~2 horizon chimera
~2 Kiara follower
~2 melancholic selkie
~2 fathom mage
~2 kraken hatchling
~2 cloudfin raptor
And 1 copy of scute mob, Temur war shaman, chronomaton, Mistcutter hydra, slaughterhorn, frozen barrier, bounding krasis, elusive krasis and coiling Oracle

First competitive deck please no flame


>only one copy of scute mob
There are always more scute bugs.


I only own one copy of it…


I hope you enjoy never drawing those spells or using them, as any burn or counterspell deck is going to ruin your anus. And god forbid you square off against anybody who uses propaganda or some variation thereof.
I'd recommend at least one or two naturalizes, to get rid of unfavorable enchantments.
Also taunting elves. Can't have enough taunting elves.


I do have two naturalizes actually…

Do you think it is okay to go over 60 cards?


never ever tbh



ctrl+f 4sylt


Do you still have your cards? We could play together if I ever move in!


Wew lads.


Somewhere, maybe. Super old cards too, like second edition, a bunch of seventh, and a scattering of random other editions like Kamigawa, Return to Ravnica, etc.


Going over 60 isn't really encouraged unless you're both doing it for fun.
Look through and see what you can swap out (things that have high mana cost but not good stats/abilities are generally first on the chopping block).


File: 1477326200110.png (561.09 KB, 1280x720, 1474399265840.png)

So uh
It looks like
I might have to decide today/tomorrow if I want to spend my next semester in the UK


Life is short and brutal in skyrim slavstain.


File: 1477326298030.png (72.98 KB, 512x95, Plague.png)


Think it over well, before you need a passport to go over there.


Hmm, on one hand, you're safe from Muslims in Hungary
On the other hand, you're safe from Russia in the UK


My biggest worry is not knowing whether the Erasmus scholarship is good enough to be able to afford actually living there or not


Old cards can still be viable right?
You got it


Sometimes more than viable


My sister did it once. She thoroughly enjoyed it.


What city?


And how much scholarship?


I'm in contact with a girl who was there last semester, to shed some more light on that.


I know I'd love it too



What program are you going through?




File: 1477327209458.webm (7.52 MB, 1920x1080, PrestigiousKeenBighorn.webm)


So, Sylt, you seen what happens in Battlefield when a zeppelin is hit by a plane while it's in its death animation?


Yeah, the burning wheel.


I don't even trust myself to hit the Mei jump right, no way I'd try this

Plus if someone sees you and taps you…

Just studying, right? No internship?


Yep, just studying.


The answer is "probably no" if you're looking to survive on just the scholarship, but if you had some alternate income you could probably do it. It looks to me like you can get about 270 EUR a month, and an apartment will run you around 366 EUR a month (327 GBP). If you could get a minimum wage (in UK it is £6.70/hr) part time job and work 20 hours, you would have enough left over for food and light entertainment.


Or I dunno, maybe the uni has cheap dorms? I didn't even think of that, it could be much less expensive depending on what your housing situation looks like!


File: 1477328167993.webm (2.91 MB, 960x540, litten3 versus UBAbsorpti….webm)

Pokémon anime leaks here.

I should be home in about 30 and I can Overmeme then.


Not today. I should get some real work done.



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