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Starlight that's not how you do rock-mining edition
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File: 1477537201979.gif (1.96 MB, 500x256, 1477423393378.gif)

We Poképosting then?


File: 1477538716528.png (661.91 KB, 1024x1264, 1454479339811.png)

We can


File: 1477538905880.png (160.32 KB, 345x345, 11111111111.png)

For fuck's sake…
I know this is something really weird and out the blue, but I need different, sane people weighing in on this.
Are pointy chins on guys a bad thing?


File: 1477539079657.webm (2.27 MB, 626x453, 1477237811350.webm)

It's hard to do so from the phone.


File: 1477539565687.jpg (44.03 KB, 500x500, 1397818525852.jpg)

Wish I could mon


As ever, the ash seeks fire


File: 1477539916239.gif (2.02 MB, 180x132, 1477359487411.gif)

How pointy?

We all do.

Morning. Did the DLC inspire you?


It had some real neat shit to it but it still was the worst dlc from has made.
Not much to inspire a quest from either.


I dunno. After having the chance to sit down and not get pestered for a while, it's started sounding like a kind of stupid thing.
It's just that this jaw surgery has an unexpected element- they're saying they want to also cut off part of my lower jawbone to reduce my chin.
I was intitially going to tell them not to bother, since I'm not doing this for cosmetic reasons, but apparently my mother has her head set on convincing me to go through with it, because pointy chins are apparently horrible.
her exact examples were "the Witch of the West" and "the V for Vendetta mask," said in the manner of "and you don't want to be stuck with that, do you?"

Sorry again, but I just needed to at least talk about this; I was at the point where my decision was one of "do I just do it so she won't hound me about it" or "don't do it just to spite her for trying to pressure me into making the choice she wanted."


File: 1477541136919.jpg (74.96 KB, 600x530, 472a52cf02154ae840ed34cfed….jpg)

I continue to hold out hope for quest. Now, time for Gradius 5.

Your doctor brought it up, so talk to him about it, what are the risks and all that. You could probably even mention it to the nurses and get their opinion.

As for your mom, go by a that V mask, and pretend it makes you look dashing.


File: 1477542042201.png (149.41 KB, 950x980, 1474559558875.png)

>buy a V mask
Heh, I'm not THAT much of a memer. Especially since it's a ded meme.
I do intend to talk to the doctors about it, and on thinking calmly about it they might have a point, since this surgery is going to be changing the way my face looks anyways. I just needed a sane response to break the constant drone of the same five things over and over and over again.
Thanks for letting me vent though, I'm definitely feeling much calmer now.


File: 1477542213605.jpg (159.44 KB, 1000x707, 1477521375629.jpg)

>Could have had a Chesnaught but brain wasn't working

We all need to do that sometimes. We'll be here when it's all good and done.


File: 1477542562317.png (227.84 KB, 700x708, 1394598128543.png)

At least no Chesnaught means you can have Lucario


File: 1477542883943.jpg (70.18 KB, 500x749, tumblr_o89b38PVBZ1vvcpc9o1….jpg)

I've got a decent dungeon diving team, but I really need to think of something to fill that 6th slot. I'm getting an Overwatch vibe that my comp is missing something.


File: 1477543237067.png (832.79 KB, 1250x999, pokedex_xy_challenge__drap….png)

Something armored, maybe?


File: 1477543890139.jpg (157.01 KB, 825x785, lkrLETJ.jpg)

>Acupressure is the only move that can be used on both yourself or an ally



File: 1477544318341.jpg (194.03 KB, 2046x2684, yv8KLqq.jpg)

List of games Knight cycled through in his head before posting the comment at the bottom and realizing he is playing a Pokémon game:

>Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

>Final Fantasy Tactics
>King of Fighters
>Call of Duty

Hmm, maybe something like that, I don't think I have a straight grappler either. Would fit my Offensive style.


File: 1477544800674.jpg (31.55 KB, 512x512, 452_Drapion.jpg)

Drapion seems capable of that, too. And it knows how to apply acupressure on your team.



Looks like a cool move, and I do like the fact that it's lore says it hangs on tenaciously.

What magicks is this?


File: 1477545424773.png (35.75 KB, 1189x557, 56 - citizen_snips showtan….png)

With a bit of luck, Drapions are capable of this


Apparently /qt/ doesn't support Arabic


File: 1477545956263.png (513.96 KB, 500x738, 6c0.png)

>No posts until the end
I knew buffs were strong, but not that strong. Now I just need to think of a hat to get it.

We'd be even more watched by the NSA if you could.


File: 1477546305919.png (288.7 KB, 500x283, tumblr_nw9cywcagO1un95hzo1….png)

Drapion has Battle Armor, which means it can't be critted and have all its defense buffs go to waste too.

There are also other options for tanky mons, like this ghost


File: 1477546622749.jpg (95.45 KB, 700x700, 48ed1912e632e5a1076fb02948….jpg)

>caught a new Clefairy
>need it to stall a turn, just have it use Metronome
>very first move it rolls is Explosion


File: 1477547127151.png (585.81 KB, 1280x640, 075b775e8075f9cb797141a783….png)

I thought I missed out on my chance for the Ghosts, since I got off the bus.

Still a Grappler Tank seems good, I think I have enough Zoners with Quetz and Airy. Cali and Cobalt are my two Shotos with Dynamo filling the rushdown slot. Really, something that might be unexpected or you find cool would work and make me have to think.

That move comes up an awful lot when using Metronome


File: 1477547416429.gif (971.2 KB, 428x346, boom boom.gif)

Seemingly twice as much, since Selfdestruct also exists

Take your time, your team feels pretty well-rounded to me even if there's just five. Doesn't seem like a rush to complete it.


File: 1477547624354.jpg (156.36 KB, 1063x752, mega_swampert_by_garmmon-d….jpg)

It's just fun to think about them. I could keep the 6th slot as the rotating mercenary one, gaining a 'Mon for either helping with a challenge or helping it and then parting ways.


Temporary retainers? Not a lot of Pokemon might like that, eh.


File: 1477549462702.jpg (188.2 KB, 850x601, pKfqWT2Wre0iZmZCZ3uD8LzckA….jpg)

Unusual circumstances make for strange fellows. They might not like the idea of working with him, but Squire might be the only option for them to fulfill their own goals.


File: 1477550338698.jpg (31.23 KB, 452x256, a1526933368440df98d65d07c4….jpg)

>It's a Knight can't accept that Pokémon is Pokémon and sees things in the light of Conquest

There's tons of movies and shows about a foreigner arriving and being the only one who will work for the People/Pokémon


Maybe you'll have the chance to save an outlying village or two.


File: 1477550932811.jpg (76.76 KB, 858x1024, 1477149441476m.jpg)

Now I'm imagining a Mayor's office or some other high ranker's place being staffed by Pokémon like this one


File: 1477551149786.png (661.69 KB, 650x933, 1445261136120.png)

Pretty pokemon are easier to approach


File: 1477551730530.png (1.18 MB, 1600x1855, Waifu fusion _2bb97987fa11….png)

This is true, and I'm sure you'd see them at a Governor's Palace.


>woken up at 8 by phone
>"Allright, I talked to the system administrators, sorry for waking you, but the online application is open"
>go online
>it's not open



Pointy chins are authoritative and dignified, flat chins are for peasants and cannon fodder.


File: 1477552379669.jpg (20.29 KB, 236x287, 00fa8ea0ae7783be9bdf6d6ed5….jpg)

It's late anyways, good night.


Hey DM I think I might have missed something. Who or what needs to die before the altar opens to the real boss of the DLC?


File: 1477552967183.jpg (164.43 KB, 865x583, identifying turkroach.jpg)

Let's play 'spot the Turkroach'


Isn't that a trick question? They're both Turks, aren't they?


File: 1477553127196.jpg (58.71 KB, 842x580, identifying turkroach 2.jpg)

Good! But can you prevail in this round?


File: 1477553177684.png (310.07 KB, 502x534, 1453019311796.png)

Why are shitholes so eternally butthurt?


Nopo they're all salty turks.


Well, you live in Singapore, you tell me, BDN.



Now for the final question for the million dollars

Did the Armenian genocide happen?


They all look the same to me, Nopo. It's hard to tell who's genociding who, these days.


File: 1477553839437.png (135.83 KB, 700x470, A NEET imp.png)

Anyway, I should probably sleep, as it's 20-til-4AM.


Turn the crank in the bug filled basement to open the altar. It's on a pillar near the back of the room just like the crank in the well in ariamis.
There is also an illusion wall there that lets you fight two crystal lizards and an npc invader.
The other boss is reached by attacking the rope bridge and climbing it like in the catacombs.


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