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Starlight that's not how you do rock-mining edition


File: 1477329023353.gif (5.96 MB, 800x700, Around the world.gif)


File: 1477329233116.jpeg (371.36 KB, 1160x1740, 6v755EzGRPHWKeUys.jpeg)



Not just yet!


You know this is near my dinnertime and that takes up to an hour if I'm lucky!


Yeah, well nothing is going to make me not-watch the newest Walking Dead right now


File: 1477329590556.jpg (450.67 KB, 1280x1707, 6e3d940b-feea-473d-97d7-27….jpg)


What a cutie




Paging, paging?


File: 1477331024228.jpg (44.62 KB, 706x487, 40171c053cd298b37dbe973593….jpg)


File: 1477331112199.png (341.73 KB, 1280x720, 1446155588066.png)


File: 1477331310594.png (783.24 KB, 840x706, 1iEdAP7.png)


File: 1477331535894.gif (12.18 MB, 736x407, 1279280__safe_fluttershy_s….gif)


Soon hopefully

Dumb guy. That's like asking if you get uninjured if she rewinds after shooting you


Still amusing
Would you nut in Tracer for science?


I'd rather give her the hook tbqh

Tracer infuriates me


Would you nut in Rhanna for science then?


She's literally a puppy Maali!


Not literally, only mentally


Anyone up for some OW?


>Ran some numbers with my current Sealab prices
>It's 10x cheaper to buy diverse, balanced diets from the US than to grow potatoes indefinitely over the course of 20 years
Not sure if I need to fix the prices or if that's the power of economics.

Either way farm efficiency can be improved with research.


Sure, maybe I can finally get a win today.


File: 1477335401061.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, 1477326932448.png)

>want to play
>need to study a little more for tomorrow



Focus, Sion. Don't you know Trixie likes her friends to be well-read?


File: 1477335711623.png (906.37 KB, 5000x5493, 1267134__safe_solo_cute_ve….png)

Just friends??


Hi there



Sorry I left earlier. I thought you were all done.


Nah, no big deal. I thought you might be hungry for more, but I'm glad you spent time with your fam.


Well, she doesn't bat for your team, so… Just friends.
She's already got Starlight, after all.


Thou I actually spent some much needed time alone.


"Much better" - Ganga


Alone time best time.


Did you get OW boxes?


I got a few so far

Vampire Symmetra (with the eyeball sentries)

Not sure if I want to use either though, just because I already have skins I like for them.

No luck with Reaper skin



Fidget knows


Next time you feel like playing, I'll walk you through making your choices about how to build sealab. It's all in your hands!

You won't be able to get everything you want right away, but you can scrape together enough to get started with one branch of research and maybe get a little bit of sustainability started.



>tfw got Ghoul Ana
I'm happy, I like that one
Although I will go back to using Wasteland eventually


File: 1477340837902.webm (493.59 KB, 480x480, 414059.webm)

>every time there is a Hanzo on our team and at the start of the game I want to believe he won't be garbage


File: 1477341580485.jpg (72.09 KB, 703x702, large (10).jpg)




File: 1477341703987.jpg (143.18 KB, 1024x768, large (22).jpg)

Is this bait?


No, that's a succubus (male)


Here, have a music video you might enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVrjzOUZJI4


File: 1477342026088.jpg (160.19 KB, 500x598, 58271229.jpg)

>Looking through some slides from my accounting class for an assignment
>One of the slides has this on it

It's not even relevant at all


Belgian classes are literally memes




One hour and ten minutes, thereabouts, DM.



>Little Big

Awww yeah


Oh god


File: 1477342931278.jpg (153.93 KB, 1171x1550, 398385.jpg)


At least it's over with now, despite the prof sending forbidden memes to try and snipe me.

This assignment will taunt me no longer.


Yellow meme man singing What Does the Fox Say is a /wsg/ meme


>feeling tired
>climb into bed anyway


File: 1477346960533.webm (583.85 KB, 640x360, 1475147049624.webm)


>time has passed where DLC is supposed to become active
>Souls3 got a 710.7KB patch
That… that's not it, is it? That can't be it.


File: 1477347165519.png (194.33 KB, 1024x792, Gabby.png)


>a couple in Hungary tried to name their kid Medivh
>they couldn't



File: 1477347243696.jpg (48.99 KB, 371x224, 1472032275111.jpg)

Maybe I should go to bed early tonight.

The flesh is weak.


Could just be they didn't want to risk another Horde invasion, Nopo.


I just find it dumb that in this country you cannot name your kid what you want to, it has to be an 'approved' name


Well, on the far other end of the spectrum you get Pinkamena Zecora Smith.
So count your blessings, I guess?


That's the case in many civilized countries though. It's to protect kids from shit parents.


I mean, obviously you shouldn't name your kid so it sounds like an obscure welsh village
But come on, it IS an existing name, even if it's from fantasy, and they even went ahead to try and get it accepted before the babby was even born, with an explanation and everything


>Yes hello, I would like to name my child after the Hitler of the Warcraft universe
All this tells me is that these people probably shouldn't even be allowed to have kids. Stupid fucks.


Again, maybe they were afraid the child would eventually unleash the daemon Sargeras or rip a hole in the fabric of spacetime, releasing a green tide of darkness across the already-troubled world?
I'll admit, though, that might be the one goddamn thing to get at least 80% of the nations to work together. There's going to be at least one Alterac, I'm sure.


I mean, they liked the sound of "Medi" more than anything

Did you get a wizard name at birth, Fidget?


Got a saint's, though.


Oh hey, You too?


It is tradition.


It's not for us, but both my brother and I got names that were used by old timey popes. And the funniest thing is that it's more of a history than a religious thing.


Well, history in some (or most) cases tends to override religious reasons for names. Like how some people are the eighth George in their line or something because George I was the success of the family.


I mean that as in, neither of my parents are religious.
The only actually, really religious person in the family was my grandma but she died long ago too.


Well, at least neither of us were named Benedictus or something. I can't imagine either of us being called "Benny" or "Ben."


My brother is called Benedek which is the hungarian for Benedict


File: 1477349643677.gif (62.89 KB, 189x185, Ha Ha I'm on the Internet.gif)

Reality truly is stranger than fiction.


Of all the names you just had to go with the one that is actually a thing.
I am genuinely impressed.


That's because, for literally no reason at all, "Benedict" or some variation thereof is my default pope name.
I have no idea why.


File: 1477349993028.webm (1.02 MB, 476x350, fun-cart.webm)


Well, quite a few of them were called that
And I'd wager because Benedict actually was the pope when you grew up, wasn't he?
Or at least for most of the last decade


I think Jean Paul 2 was, if I recall my popes correctly. He was the one everybody liked, right?


John Paul II was on for a long time but I'm pretty sure he died in the mid 2000s


I was born in '86, so… that sounds about right, yeah.


Yeah, because I know that when I was in high school the pope was the Benedict who looked like Palpatine


Didn't he die, like, almost immediately, though? Looking at the dates, less than a decade is a really short time for a pope.


Don't you remember? He was the one who resigned.
It was a big fucking deal since that happened last in the 15th century


Oh wait, shit, right. The scandals.
You can tell I completely forgot about it because usually the only reason a pope leaves office is because they kick the bucket.


That is the common misconception, yes.
They don't die though.
God calls and they Answer, is the thing


I buy that about as much as I buy their earthly infallibility. And by that I mean not at all. You don't get to the head of any organization that's lasted this long without doing some shady business.


File: 1477351141311.png (367.65 KB, 600x533, 1447517663737.png)


Every fuking time


File: 1477351152507.png (203.84 KB, 482x600, Yayifications!.png)

On a side note, DLC starting. Woo.
Just had to restart steam first.




File: 1477356172319.jpg (53.78 KB, 1024x768, 646717828736.jpg)

>All coworkers called in
>Just me during the busy hours
This is not going to be fun. Property damage is highly likely.


File: 1477357261376.gif (453.53 KB, 473x480, 1448762195797-1.gif)

That always sucks. Good luck out there, man.


Show me the ponies


Hire me to assist you.
I'll accept payment in the form of "get away from relatives coupons "


File: 1477359200904.png (4.67 MB, 5344x5504, Pyqhb1N.png)


I'd like one of those too


Sleep well


Tiny goo creatures in straw hats are having their apples stolen by minotaurs. What do?


Profs are constantly trying to seem hip and cool

To most normies, this means they are


File: 1477362283390.gif (2.92 MB, 354x212, 1474156194917.gif)

Teach the goo creatures to beat up the minotaurs, of course.
Actually took me a minute to remember how that episode went.

Also you'd probably like the new Dark Souls 3 dlc; there's wolves and snow everywhere.
>if one wolf sees/gets aggroed by you, he howls
>you hear the other wolves in the area howl back


File: 1477363021415.png (261.88 KB, 1412x1172, 1477362849276.png)


File: 1477365374977.png (89.26 KB, 707x975, 1476916417884.png)


After the last snow dlc, and the wonderful snow level of the base game, I'm well hyped.


Old soldiers are hard to kill.


Maybe for Christmas i can


Frog get ye gone!


pone is even harder to kill


It's already come to me


File: 1477368668992.jpg (19.68 KB, 166x185, b6e302e8-2d0a-4fac-994f-0e….jpg)


Oh no!


I really hope I get an email about that exchange soon


[Worry internally]


>company Halloween party on Friday
>costumes expected
… I wonder how bad of an idea it would be to show up as a nazi


As long as its a meme Nazi ?


It mostly seemed like a good go to plan since I still have the costume from another Halloween party from years back. Also it's far comfier to wear than my other costumes.


That's not really a fair description. He was corrupted by Sargeras and opened the way for an army to get through. More similar to the Spartan traitor Ephialtes of Trachis.

But then later he was "redeemed" when he rose from the dead and got Thrall and Jaina to go to Kalimdor, and organized the alliance to protect the World Tree with the Night Elves. Then he disappeared again.

TBH all of the Guardian of Tirisfal characters are fucking awfully written tho


File: 1477372933561.png (386.46 KB, 900x791, flying type eevee.png)

Good luck

Just 2.5 more weeks, right?


I don't think most normies who see you will have the meme levels necessary to deal with that. Maybe a zombie mask, or lots of 40k stuff?


File: 1477373163102.jpg (108.25 KB, 751x388, 1477166757589.jpg)

You made me remember Sylt's character. I still want to know what he would have decided on.


You need to be more specific I'm afraid


Until poke? I believe so


File: 1477373297489.jpg (234.44 KB, 640x720, 1477100920952.jpg)

Andy's Mystery Dungeon campaign. I was certain that his Eevee was the Human of the group.


That's pretty convenient at least


I meant until you don't have to deal with them anymore. But now that I look at it, the 11th is on a Friday so that's probably wrong

I see


Espeon. With true white fur because we discussed that alternate coloring or markings are okay


Well tomorrow sis has classes app morning. We could continue then.

>man I hate gaining weight

>better buy this donut box and then scold my sister for not eating it all in a day


I don't remember getting far enough for evolving… or much beyond our first real mission, actually.


….we didn't
But that's what he said he wanted to evolve into.
Much like bdn said he wanted to become slowking not slowbro.
The others didn't have paths but mentioned ways they'd like to evolve. Knight was interested in an action/ mid battle evolvution for example


Life is hard for poor Andy. I bet Kotone has a harder time with temptation.
>I have the power to make this one donut bigger than my entire body

As for tomorrow, do you mean [in 9 hours] or Wednesday morning? I'm fine with either but BDN will need to say if he can make either/both


Yes she said she has morning classes Tue wed and Thur. So she should not be around to hassle me


File: 1477374100214.jpg (110.31 KB, 2050x2400, 1464961633750.jpg)

Oh, I see. I'd never really had a plan for anything special about evolving, though I do remember making plans for stuff to do afterwards, like smuggling the smaller pokemon around in my hair.
Good memories.


I'm honestly just annoyed at her logical leaps. She gets a box of donuts, that I never asked for, and its somehow my fault that she got too many and I didn't eat more than the one in the one day they were here.


It was a nice comfy quest wasn't it


Fun. I'll start throwing together some examples on how to build.

I know things have been kind of an infodump so far but I hope it has at least been an interesting one.


Building the mini stable is top priority


It needs to be big enough to store horses at least three feet tall.


File: 1477374888497.jpg (1.4 MB, 2150x2150, 1474426877774.jpg)

It really was. Playing as a prissy prankster was really cute and innocent.


And look how happy jaina and thrall ended up
Oh wait


>world wasn't destroyed by Archimonde
Happy by relative sense



Is Knight still here?


Maybe once I get myself together a bit more I can revive it. Cyberpunk went well so I feel more confident as a GM.


I can't help but think cenarius and endless waves of ents and furbolgs could probably have sufficed as a meat wall just was well as jaina's little expedition and the horde remnants.


Just got home and dinner, what's up?


Wanna play some OW tonight euro-time?


>Alive at the time
>Not killed by Fel Orcs


Sure. I have a day off Tuesday, so I can join you. Any other Euros joining?


I do remember my idea for your evolution mission. Actually.


Ill ask once im vack from school. Hopefully wf, sylt, nopo. Maybe we can have a team of 6


Medivh could have spent his time more productively by just asking grom to not cut down those trees.
Basic survival rules of azeroth
-don't expect the guardian of tirisfal to do their job
-don't listen to the disembodied whispers in your head
-don't put a hellscream in charge of anything


Yeah, I am really more interested in the combat side of things for Mystery Dungeon. There's a lot more that can be done with that stuff.



Have you leveled up enough to try Competitive mode?


File: 1477376398134.jpg (71.09 KB, 900x636, good night sleep tight.jpg)

That would be nice. Focus on getting yourself together first though; you're nothing without your health after all!
Ooh… cool. You'll have to tell me later though; I'm starting to fall asleep in my chair, so I'm headed to bed.
Good night!
Or just keep me in suspense if you like.



Yea. Everyone was basically gonna get their own questline to evolve. As a trait of the world even: pokemon go on journies to get stones, travel to locations of thier element like volcanoes or icy caves, and going with true friends / teammates is a common way to test bonds for those which evolve through friendship


Comp is not worth the stress.


Along those lines there was a quest idea I thought of a while ago
Spoilered in case
a gliscor couple ask for a secret request. Planting a razor fang in the cave for their son to find the next night.


That would have be really awesome.

But, I could have a shiny thing under my character image!


You could. But I think people only see it if you're in comp mode


Yea. And reasonably doable since its not too hard of a system


He was busy because Jaina was taking too long


Too busy playing hearthstone against herself right


She had daddy issues


>can reapply or something but might lose my spot anyway
fuck you


That sucks, I thought they could all see it. I'll give it a few more tries, but I have quests and other games I should focus on.

Hope everything starts to get better on your trip.


Trips confirm


Check the forums to be sure then.

I'm already making progress. Even with my sister trying to make me into a fatty things are going according to plan.


File: 1477378172250.png (905.1 KB, 1280x1018, e607ebe9-4d48-4bec-94e6-eb….png)

That's just fucking sucks man
Did you tried giving them a piece of your mind? Finding someone and express how much bullshit this is?


Not much you can do with a bureaucracy making sure no one is actually accountable


File: 1477378286955.jpg (98.14 KB, 684x887, 1477099022852.jpg)

Will do.

Anyways, time for a very long nap. See y'all.


Sleep well


File: 1477378550784.png (1.2 MB, 657x900, d4ae824b725416898cdec7693a….png)

I know exactly how that is actually
Night, Knight of the night full of might

I should try to sleep again too


Oh, I forgot to ask

Do you want to play today? It might take your mind off of stuff.

I assume you prefer 9AM?


Tomorrow would be better, but thanks.


File: 1477379423423.jpg (12.27 KB, 124x121, 1296974954761.jpg)

>all those wolves
>all those malformed corvians
>that one fucker with the onyx greatsword that I had to cheese and make him get caught on a pillar due to a bug in his pathing
DLC's pretty fun so far. Nearly got eaten by trees, wolves, a big wolf, and giant hideous bug creatures.
It is nice that about 70% of the corvian population doesn't attack you.



File: 1477383328559.jpeg (118.15 KB, 1021x680, 6vZfbyB25iD0GTAys.jpeg)


An ancient meme has awoken…


File: 1477385049183.jpg (24.29 KB, 500x500, image.jpg)


Next eu4 patch will update Scandinavia btw. Free patch.


File: 1477385395640.jpg (5.31 MB, 4032x2268, 1477385376474102255238.jpg)

Oh god


>might miss out on all this


There's always the next Finmeet!


Shit's sake mate leave some for me


is snow actually rare in scandiland?


No, but first snow falls later and later every year. Also I always like to celebrate first snow.


>That feel when climate change is denying DM his winter and giving me more rain at the same time
And pinko liberals said this would be a bad thing


Yes, and it never comes down this early.


A good nuclear winter will fix this
Also fuck rain


>he doesn't appreciate the warm and soothing rain, the droplets gently falling down on the terrain
You've clearly never been south of the 35th parallel


Things at roughly the same latitude
>Dallas, Texas
>Jerusalem, Israel
>Tokyo, Japan
>Gibraltar, UK


>Gibraltar, UK
Not for long!


You think it might detach and float several degrees of latitude north or south in the Atlantic?


>he actually thinks the Spanish can take back Gibraltar


>drifting island
Yes pls


File: 1477390922632.jpg (8.5 KB, 460x276, Lost-titles-006.jpg)


The game


File: 1477391689012.jpg (172.48 KB, 600x450, 1450736298390.jpg)


File: 1477391730346.gif (3.67 MB, 720x405, 1428523235683.gif)

Say that to her face and not online.


Boop the pon '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1477392602980.jpg (552.86 KB, 1280x800, THEHORROR.jpg)

Pone is so thoroughly booped she can't look at you with the same eyes any more.


File: 1477394552946.png (516.3 KB, 1280x720, 1452149886009.png)


File: 1477394634340.png (180.44 KB, 569x294, snout.png)


File: 1477394781315.png (315.51 KB, 2008x2713, 1446075753463.png)


File: 1477394852551.gif (307.83 KB, 845x956, maybe if I pretend to type….gif)


I actually really like that mare


I bet it has nothing to do with it looking slightly like a tomahawk.


I-I just like her colors, is all


File: 1477395254434.png (312.13 KB, 3190x3244, nazi.png)

Then surely you like this pony too.



File: 1477395357074.png (483.24 KB, 4080x3200, sad.png)


I do like that pony


You have inconsistent mane tastes.


File: 1477395758025.png (133.15 KB, 1280x640, 1477356545875.png)

Steam download stats.
Look at best korea


File: 1477395815024.jpg (654.69 KB, 1242x3790, 10ac8e97440f5a2e0ba58b974f….jpg)


Welcome back.
OW time?


File: 1477395932691.jpg (1.21 MB, 1888x2648, 9ea85c1bf2ea74ce700ba0a42b….jpg)

Nope. I'm at school on my laptop and this doesn't have OW.


Shame. ETA?


Definitely not before 8 o'bong


I might be able to play after 4, if I'm done with my CV and stuff by then


Seeya then. Can't play that late. Shouldn't play.
Let's OW.


Really wanna play tonight tho. Shame you won't be here.


I'll try to be.


>that solitary dot in the topmost northern region of Canada



Oh wow
That guy's italian, isn't he?


Sounds like it


Because the saying he's used is a really common one around here.


File: 1477396980557-0.jpg (477.86 KB, 800x1278, e2c2b552-875f-49f3-9a19-4a….jpg)

File: 1477396980557-1.jpg (432.65 KB, 800x1284, 5757f85b-db79-4c0e-b87e-85….jpg)


>tfw no qt mermaid


File: 1477397256712.jpg (132.3 KB, 537x396, whs0ohv123.jpg)

You can fix that.


That's a penis


File: 1477397423801.png (144.13 KB, 540x440, 1477078397678.png)

>tfw no pretty merboy


In other news, Chick is dead.
>87.5% male


File: 1477397513090.png (275.8 KB, 1000x1050, 6b01d444-3cfc-4f2a-b1fe-9d….png)

Let's see what I have


File: 1477397541375.png (596.79 KB, 699x823, 1472043726725.png)

If it's as strong as I suspect I'll be using a male.

And if luchalitten is any good I'll use a female



File: 1477397757014.gif (37.54 KB, 468x240, 1477360338087.gif)



File: 1477397799622.png (714.72 KB, 1200x880, 998ac21b-f262-458f-adb7-dc….png)

Sadly that's the only non poke mermaid I got
How about a Witch?


I can get down with that too


RIP in peace
The comics are banned here but by chance I found one in a small cafe once


>banning literature


File: 1477398049682.png (90.28 KB, 1794x765, 1e06eca8a07e9f68698b70a6ae….png)

Found some rare Morrowind lore


File: 1477398151316.png (173.76 KB, 600x600, 1470117084591.png)

Banning religiously subversive material is about the only reason why we haven't imploded yet, sadly

>STILL no hammerfell
>Toddles is 'waiting on technology that doesn't exist yet'
>that will just amount to see that desert? You can walk in it


File: 1477398233991.jpg (752.88 KB, 1828x1728, a6091f03cbfb4d12fe97326ed0….jpg)

>waiting for tech that doesn't exist yet

>inb4 VR


Guys that's his pitch when teasing literally every TES game.


That part of his teasing must have been drowned out with all the mountain Climbing last time


File: 1477398398254.jpg (260.87 KB, 455x489, 1474705037829.jpg)


There are quotes of him saying "The tech just isn't there" going as far back as Morrowind.


Completely missed it, I don't listen to Todd ever since he only lies.


Neither do I, that's just the stuff I see posted in /v/ threads.


File: 1477398856470.webm (2.15 MB, 634x354, 1465677848256.webm)


>this is bait




File: 1477398981010.jpg (39.3 KB, 480x468, 397405.jpg)


Two fishes in one cast.
I'm a pro at this.


File: 1477399031442.png (436.69 KB, 800x800, 1378777996121.png)


File: 1477399078451.jpg (186.45 KB, 1280x1639, 365640cb-0560-4930-9dbe-35….jpg)

Very cute
Too bad I immediately ruined it for myself thinking of porn
Cool beans, I got plenty of those


Wolfo has a strong pull


A tug, you might say?


File: 1477399129839.png (1.13 MB, 896x977, 1444503226595.png)

>3 (You)s at once
That was the implication.
FOUR (4) YOUs!
Let's say it knows how to tie you down.


An allure even.


Let's knot go that far

>cute lonely white wolf girl, all alone in the forest


There was a line and we clearly crossed it long ago.


Around the cervix, AYYYOOO


Another day passes


File: 1477399561731-0.jpg (621.78 KB, 886x691, db73f9db-197f-4a21-b7f7-00….jpg)

Did you hear mimikyu cry yet?
Oh good
I'm glad I'm not the only fucked up mind here then


[this is lewd]


Has it suddenly gotten hot in here?


File: 1477399899931.png (311.46 KB, 954x815, 1447040432673.png)


File: 1477399942117-0.png (1.77 MB, 1280x1920, 23afed5c-f147-46df-8377-73….png)

Poor Lemon is missing this

I thought you people didn't like that kinda stuff


Lemon only draws anthro. I like it ruff


>that naked feet


I'm more concerned about the loli face.
Is this the same artist from that berndt game?


>looking at the face
What are you, gay?


File: 1477400165652.png (1.79 MB, 1750x1024, 1475726371587.png)

Yeah, it's amazing



Fun fact.
Straight men focus on facial expressions in porn.
Women and gay men on genitalia.


In that picture I'm pretty sure that the legs are in clear focus


Also, that's the reason I dislike aheago because it's fucking dumb and ruins a lot of great pictures


Yes they are. Doesn't mean you can't notice the rest.


File: 1477400514213.jpg (44.91 KB, 500x375, 6599d154-dae7-4bdb-be76-37….jpg)

Oh I see
I don't think I have any other pictures with feet
Also that's unexpected coming from you


It made me sad


But why would I want to? I know what Mercy looks like

Yeah, I'm not a foot fetishist
But I do appreciate the aesthetics of female legs and feet.


File: 1477400858922.png (428.31 KB, 1280x1895, 184667d3-05cb-48e9-be4d-66….png)

Just girls?


>lewd Tuesday again


At least it's not the usual 4 micro pics.


File: 1477401174777.png (224.72 KB, 1079x1024, large (88).png)


What's up with her legs?


It's called "Style"


It's a shitty style then


>civ6's steamworks patch allows multiplayer via steam on a pirated copy
I don't trust this at all.


File: 1477401622678.webm (2.38 MB, 640x360, pargnent.webm)

Now for something entirely different.


That does seem like a bad idea.


Gaben is watching you pirate


> 4 micro
you're a small guy


Not what she said :^)


fairies never do


>sensible chuckle

What about mice though


Not my thing.
Probably because I only played FF9 first a few years ago.


File: 1477403478015.png (1.24 MB, 1440x2617, 416459.png)


File: 1477403705940.jpg (53.73 KB, 499x768, 1476191757004.jpg)


>3 ice cones to the head later Reaper stopped that


>The Secret of MILF
NIMH actually a good movie tho


File: 1477403919180.jpg (39.54 KB, 500x500, 1464592776277.jpg)


when you have some spare time go watch the Secret of NIMH


But why?


It's a good movie about a mouse lady


File: 1477404383201.png (Spoiler Image, 327.04 KB, 1280x720, 8a4fa5dc-6490-4659-980e-da….png)

There's more art of Chalk


File: 1477404703436.png (828.21 KB, 613x497, 1469935991930.png)


You seem to be warming up to her



Not now


Nope, sorry.


File: 1477405125164.png (781.7 KB, 680x765, 878deceb-1a60-4240-a214-62….png)

Was it hard getting the exchange to Fin? I thought of trying to do one to the US
Of course, she's almost as cute as Rhanna


Going to play Civ.


Depends on what arrangements your school has


File: 1477406558029.png (174.92 KB, 157x537, Playing Dark Souls for the….png)

"It's quiet time." t. Ana


Once the others are here.


File: 1477407845490.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.94 KB, 500x333, Wf gay porn.jpg)


I have a confession to make

Metal isn't that bad.


No music is bad, everyone just has different tastes
Except Brazilian Funk
That is pure garbage


Pretty much 90% of region-specific music is, the only reason it survives is local support.
In italy we have "neo melodica" you can guess what that means which is a kind of sappy style from Naples and the surrounding areas which almost everyone agrees is some of the worst music of the last century.



It really doesn't do anything for me if they're too small to see though. There's SO MUCH MICRO that the scale is invisible (often called "unaware") and it's no good for me, what's the point?


I think it was a joke


I know that's why I said lel




Just raped Pedro's tight butthole with Roman legions in Civ V. Fucking Hue's trying to surprise attack me.


Civ VI*


That does sound awful
What's the worst example of it you ever heard?
So I that small is too small
How big is too big for you? Like what is the minimal smallness of the female for it to be hot?
Ah yes I love that song though
There are so many good br songs that speak of love and good things and have beautiful lyrics
And then there's things like a guy singing about being an astronaut, going to a planet of pussy and naming it Pussyland


I like normal sized girls too so the distinction is hard to draw


So what you're getting at is that big girls aren't 4u


File: 1477414109122.jpg (281.9 KB, 1920x1080, 20161025184631_1.jpg)

>This fag thinks he can stand up to my legions a second time


File: 1477414113527.jpg (5.63 MB, 2558x4092, 183_062016___aliessa___ove….jpg)



Nothin personal kid

(Declares surprise war against you)




File: 1477418264014.png (141.53 KB, 540x765, af0e4bf0-6802-4f8b-8561-db….png)



File: 1477419095810.png (231.5 KB, 662x563, Cats bite necks during mat….png)


Expect to be placed in a lower tier for season 3 OW.



Remember that first time the Sombra ARG asked people to wait and we got nothin?
Then that 23 hour countdown timer led to a 2 month countdown timer, which ended in nothin?
The next day we were told to wait another week~! It's been a week, we got nothin!



It's like wikileaks


File: 1477421181053.gif (933.54 KB, 469x279, bd96b063-e0a8-4317-8cb1-ca….gif)

Also that is wrong
Wf likes smol girls


File: 1477421402165.png (959.65 KB, 1600x1096, smol_soldier_by_gtsleuth-d….png)

The opposite is fun too


>fat fetishist


File: 1477421567438.jpg (389.46 KB, 950x800, comm__hitting_on_cupid_by_….jpg)

>Nopo projecting again
I notice you sure do always make a big deal about which girls you consider fat. And you always want to play up how fat they are too.

I'm just saying, it's starting to seem a little suspicious!


The joke is that Mei is a fucking cow

Also, I am genuinely disgusted of fat bodies.


So you say, but you seem just as obsessed with pointing out fat girls as I am with tiny ones.

I can tell this is making you feel a little uncomfortable so I'll let you off the hook.


File: 1477421811145.png (575.67 KB, 1000x1000, Palm full of hooter.png)

The real sticking point is where that cutoff point is. Because while I enjoy women with a bit of meat on them, if they've got a gut or excessive "love handles" then it's a no-go.



Okay, I'm game


Because hatred and shitposting are my lifeforce

Well, the ice between 'nicely plump' and 'Thiccccccccc' is very thin, and from thicccccccccccc it's just one step away from bulging hambeasts of flappy fat


Not yet


File: 1477421998449.png (1.92 MB, 926x1186, 1f6b1bea-fb61-490b-aa9e-9e….png)

How about a smol deer then?


mite b cool


Yet being?


File: 1477422075394.jpg (27.7 KB, 540x511, 416214.jpg)


File: 1477422077343.png (227.82 KB, 880x550, Party knight on a quest.png)

The only line thinner and more blurred is the one between genius and insanity.


even a male one?
>Bigger than you



That looks like Diamond Tiara
But I can't tell who's the other


Silver Spun


File: 1477422529526.jpg (331.78 KB, 1200x1200, Silver's secret compartmen….jpg)

SS Moron edition.


Oh right


Too gay


That is the best unf I've seen in months
You could do better if you tried


>still can't ow

I swear it's like the jews, the freemasons and the illuminati all conspired to keep me from ow'ing


File: 1477422782058.webm (11.68 MB, 1280x720, znzuof.webm)

>This whole webm
Nothing personel kids……


Come on!
Boobs must be so convenient
Maybe, But do I want to?
The answer is not really


What the shit?


How could you not
Lewd is the reason drawing was invented


File: 1477423343181.jpg (56.67 KB, 700x385, VStrike_01_1-700x385.jpg)

I don't even know.

This show apparently has some really angry anime grills.


File: 1477423413191.jpg (1.03 MB, 2952x2400, The difficulties of growin….jpg)

I hear they're terrible for your back/spine, though.


If you thought Elfen Lied was edgy you hadn't seen nothing yet.


I know nothing about Elfenlied aside from the name. I'll assume elves get bullied hard in this or something.


More like "horned psychic little girl gets bullied so hard they go on a murderous rampage and pull the limbs off of other horned psychic little girls, ending with the government bombing the site because shit's FUBAR."


Also there's some limpdick sperg who's the romantic interest for main psychic horny girl who ends up banging his cousin instead of the yandere crazy psychic.


>Xeno scum gets BTFO
By the emperor!


File: 1477423912769.jpg (267.49 KB, 727x971, 66497224-aa22-466a-b857-2b….jpg)

I'd only draw boobs that big for jokes and funsies
Maybe that could be fixed with exercise for back muscles? Idk
It's such a pain to think of how some fetishes would be irl and the consequences they'd have


Less xeno, more mutant.
For tits the size Nasse likes, you'd need industrial-grade support structure for a bra/backbrace. Not to mention some form of counterbalance to stop them from just putting their breast foot forward every time they try to go for a walk.


Heh, I got a chuckle thinking of that


It's only the edgiest thing ever.


I think Nasse would be alright with his girl of choice just being an immobile couch type girl


Probably, but then she'd just get fat and it would be a goddamn production to get her clean and not covered in couch sores and other skin blemishes that result from sitting in the same place for days at a time.
I mean, could you imagine the smell? Requiring some sort of pulley system to lift a breast enough to actually clean under it would mean that, in the meantime, all sorts of scum and sweat would build up under there. She'd be at risk of necrosis or raccoons living in her undercleavage by the end of the month unless she gets cleaned every day.

I guess this is why people don't apply logic to fetishes.


Good god my tooth hurts


>Oh hey this transmog will work nicely with those shoulders I saw earlier
>Wait was that not from a Dalaran vendor
>Surely it was, it's Wrath gear
>Look it up
Sold only for PVP Currency
[Incoherent screaming]


>pvp troubles


Hey DM play souls instead
It's got all the snow you'd want!


I earned my PVP titles back in Vanilla. Ain't no way I'm going back to that assfest.


Tomorrow. I wanted to get all my legacy raids in before the reset, which is tomorrow as well.


It's completely different.


>No more 48h+ AV rounds
Then what the hell is the point


Go back to Nostralius.


Be wary of the wolves, though.
They hunt in packs.


And just when I was beginning to enjoy babby mode modern WoW


Are you guys playing OW? Just got home.


Of course you should only draw for funsies.


For funsies as in not sexuals


File: 1477426583090.jpg (62.69 KB, 680x574, aeff40282bd24f9af6318d84f4….jpg)

>all excited to play OW
>after all this shit only ready after 10obong


I wish I was


>Sion ready
>Just as I have to go
Pike pottery


There's only me left to play now, Nopo has his period and Wf just left


Your sisters had their periods too last I fucked them raw


I'm just waiting some pizza, I'll hop on.


I will probably be back in a bit, how long can this chimney take?


But sexuals is for funsies


Hey fag



Not going to happen today


File: 1477428374682.jpg (26.34 KB, 328x466, 1471745943358.jpg)

>Researching flight in 1200 AD


>well, birds do it! It can't be but so hard! All we need are the proper air element runes and such


I had a strange civ5 game yesterday.
everything researched later than real life.


File: 1477429348780.png (233.24 KB, 722x576, 1327278483397.png)

Slp consumes


Night DM. Hope I can run into you in Souls tomorrow on friendly terms. Invasions are well underway already.


*flailing butcher axe noises*


On a side note, you're gonna like the town that's in there. Only about half of them are hostile, and it's up to you to find out which ones!


What's up


Gonna play Not-Watch with Dsty.
Otherwise known as "Paladins".


Good luck !


Horrible pain


Well, if it's anything like how I play TF2, all the luck in the world isn't really going to help.


It won't be that bad!
Pain let's you know you're alive.


Well I'd rather be dead in that case, because it's fucking unbearable


Holy fuck that touched me


File: 1477430285190.gif (996.04 KB, 289x386, 1477207255774.gif)

Completely sucked at OW again


Want to meme with the dream team?

No nopo, just Sylt Knight and Me, we could even do the brawl.

Or do you have no computer there?


I'll try to sleep to maybe free me from this hell


Only a laptop with no net
Can't play


Why do you think pinching is the way to test if you're dreaming?


File: 1477430708862.jpg (223.06 KB, 1920x1080, 20160902114935_1.jpg)

BDN says 2morro is tiem 4 Sealab



9am since he said he can play late


Bite a cotton ball
use oragel to numb it
Put a cool pack next to the cheek



I should be around unless something happens


File: 1477431027012.jpg (33.38 KB, 540x429, 3ff3964675caa981a82c361626….jpg)

I will join you


File: 1477431089866.gif (1.81 MB, 350x297, 1471710727647.gif)


File: 1477432105134.gif (299.92 KB, 300x237, I hate everything about th….gif)

>Paladin requires a Hirez account to play
>can't make account because it keeps thinking my email/username is invalid
>not even that the name's taken, just that it's invalid
>well within the 20 character limit and specifications


It's actually doing you a favor.


Life has the deepest lore


File: 1477432746296.png (517.64 KB, 566x800, 1476275114342.png)

If this session goes well we'll get the planning phase out of the way and you can actually do some roleplaying


Probably, but It's about as close to playing OW as I'm going to be able to get, and Dsty wanted to play it too.


Game quality fell sharply throughout the night.


File: 1477433619530.jpg (243.18 KB, 1920x1080, 1477419464463.jpg)

It really hasn't been good to me all week.


I don't envy you at all!
I dunno, until today I had great games! Easily a 90% winrate.


File: 1477433865886.jpeg (430.33 KB, 1209x860, large.jpeg)

Closer to a 95% loss rate this week for me.


I've been doing really great on BF1 though.


I don't either. This thing's being retardedly user-unfriendly so far.


Oh man. You know I had a dream about a very unfriendly ui at a faire. An electronics one.
It turns out it was intended to keep everyone there as long as possible


Post the skin you're overwatching in


I wish I had Witch Merci.
I wish I could still play OW



Truly, a nightmare.


Would you rescue the innocent humans being held hostage by bad UI?


That depends. Would I have to try and make sense of it?


No! You bring a netrunner to disable it instead


But… who knows how many netrunners are already in there?


Come now. Would they really be trapped if they were inside the net space?


Depends on how bad, exactly, that UI is.


Just imagine having all those net runners in your debt then


Only problem is, I'd need to know what's in there so I could prepare for it.


Scout using a drone


Drone is now lost and bugging out because it can't find the exit. Proceeds to self-destruct and take the network down with it.


Flawless victory.
The UI is down and everyone can finally leave after being trapped for 2 days !


>tfw sister does not like meme birds at all
Well it wasn't deeeep but I mean it was cute and cartoony in the loony way.
At least it wasn't boring like her anime choices


Reminds me of Eclipse Phase.

Best part would be that it didn't fail. Leaving is a very bad idea, but it knows that it can't force you to stay inside, so it just makes it annoying to do so.

What did she watch?


How pleb is she?
SwordArt Online tier, or worse?


File: 1477441279574-0.jpg (675.4 KB, 1920x1080, 20161026020808_1.jpg)

File: 1477441279574-1.jpg (591.66 KB, 1920x1080, 20161026015342_1.jpg)

I like how barbarians can spawn in the middle of nuclear wastelands.
It gives off that mad max feeling, while they are surrounded by advanced civilizations and stuff.
Turning half of a continent into irradiated no man's land turned me on.


File: 1477441350799.png (1.37 MB, 979x551, mmt947-large_18.png)

What a nice movie this was


>The latest Sombra stuff
Well, there it is, November 1 confirmed. Bleh. Yet ANOTHER WEEK of waiting, and that's just to get tot he PTR. That'll be ANOTHER WEEK of waiting.





File: 1477441972532.png (445.38 KB, 700x1013, 1477337643625.png)


That pic makes me happy and sad



It is called bipolar disorder.


I forgot the name but her favorite thing ever is that bad eva rip off that made sylt vomit


Are those special care pokemon?


Oh god
The memories, they are rushing in
I need to puke!


File: 1477445913978.jpg (140.56 KB, 500x750, 1467541088369.jpg)

What a nice pic


You mean the last season of Adventure Time? Or that one episode of Steven Universe?
You need to expose that sister of yours to quality stuff. Though I doubt she'd appreciate it…


Let's leave it unnamed
It was worse than those
And I set her up with wakfu which she's not appreciating right now!


I may have to go somewhere in the morning.
Another family member needs my dad's help and I might get dragged along. (For no reason since they wouldn't want me to help in any way )


File: 1477449012152.png (265.7 KB, 723x529, 1464851693606.png)

I kinda want to know what it was

That';s the worst huh


I will find out another time. Retreated to my room for the night

The worst is not knowing if she's going to guilt trip into going or not.
I would literally only be in the way so why bother going.


That deer is quite uncanny


Most unfortunate.
It's probably going to be for the age-old "get her out of the house" reasons for dragging anyone anywhere.
Hopefully so long as you're out of sight, you'll be out of mind as well.


It will be exactly this.
>but it would be nice to go, and see him and you shouldn't be alone all day
>pouting face
And if I say no she'll spread rumors that I don't want to visit. When its not really a pleasure visit and he won't have time for us and will not want us around


Gotta love passive aggressiveness. Offense without being offensive, and all that.


But I will try to stick to my guns and stay here
She's such an annoying girl these days tbh


Uh… No??
Yes indeed they are!


File: 1477449964290.gif (464.33 KB, 500x338, Maybe-- maybe if I just si….gif)

It's family, I suppose.
I don't really want to go up north to Connecticut for Thanksgiving, but I don't know just how long our Grandmother up there is going to last so I've really got no choice in sticking around here.


File: 1477450028287.jpg (74.81 KB, 444x500, Cynthia-pokemon.jpg)

>spreading rumours

Disown her desu


I'm sorry.


>tfw no poke to read Italian too


Nah, she's just old, not sick or anything. She could go for another dozen years, or not.
But it's still good to see them every so often. I just don't enjoy the 14 hour drive.


File: 1477451135260.png (322.72 KB, 1024x778, fakemon_1__oc___pokemon___….png)

You and your italian


Makes sense. That's why some of my uncles moved closer to their mom after all


What you don't approve?
I suppose I could do Spanish next.


I never said I disaproved. It's great and I'm glad you're working to learn a new language, it's a wonderful thing and can change your life and yourself


>can change my life
That is the hope anyway. To help fix it.


File: 1477452407177.jpg (9.78 KB, 300x300, 1467341500639.jpg)

Well, she should understand just what you've done for her.


What's broken with it?




So, you know that free-to-play overwatch clone, Paladins? Pretty fun, all things considered. Match queue wait times are practically non-existent.


File: 1477453598740.png (502.89 KB, 496x705, 1436720338474.png)

>might not be able to hog DM's sauna because of fuckup


I did take a look at it while I was reading up on smite. Seemed largely interchangeable with overwatch but none of the character designs really appealed to me.


What exactly happened that went wrong?


That's a big problem


forgot to reconfirm after 2nd application got accepted


True. A lot of them are fairly overdesigned in an effort to segregate itself from OW. But it is an alternative for people like myself who are 2poor for the real thing. Plus, Dsty plays it so it's not like I'm in there alone.


File: 1477458074075.jpg (2.93 MB, 4032x2268, 1477458047318-569855904.jpg)

It's melting already.


File: 1477459821183.gif (2.27 MB, 360x270, 1452630242091.gif)

It never ends


File: 1477460473912.jpg (29.82 KB, 554x490, porcupine.jpg)

Remember to go vote, Americans.


And remember to use a paper ballot.


Remember to vote for Trump
At least he won't go to war with Russia


I really wish I'd heard about the funny business in Texas before voting instead of right after.


To be fair, we should have seen this coming when Hillary was running essentially unopposed for the DNC spot. And how Sanders's numbers bombed in areas with voting machines that you can't account for.


Can't you guys just start over?


File: 1477461033009.gif (1.81 MB, 199x236, 415253.gif)

Your current political state may be bad, but hey
At least it's not 'hungary' levels of bad


Sooner or later, I'm afraid.



Are you not a PATRIOT?


If it does happen, it'll likely be with fire and sword.
Or Arabic State bad.


You wouldn't have a choice, here


Too much of one to vote for any of these morons.


Well that's the great thing about our country.


Gaius has a point though, why bother when it's already decided for you?


At least try to pick the lesser of evils in the congressional elections, Gaius.


My point was that I hate all the options equally. I may as well write in Megatron and hope for the best.
Unfortunately I moved here too late to get to know any of the candidates well enough to do that. Their attack ads are all over the damn place though.


Vote for the party, not the person. The Republican, the Democrat, the Libertarian, and the Green are all bad so there's no reason to vote for the person.


You're still endorsing whatever they might be for then.


That's what research is for, Gaius. You investigate their platforms and who they support. See which ones might have the country's best interests at heart (ha ha) instead of their own.


We're already in the company controlled dystopian future.


I'm still not sold on any of them. MO is a solidly red state, so I have either hardcore neocon or moderate right to choose from.


File: 1477462008252.png (398.44 KB, 640x480, Well Fuck You Too.png)

Is a man not allowed to dream, Nasse? It's the last bastion of freedom available.
Well, hopefully there's one you agree with more than the other.


All I know is that in two weeks, people are going to die whatever happens.

I'm going to bed.


Good night, Gaius.


File: 1477462401372.jpg (68.26 KB, 729x1041, MerMaid.jpg)

Good night.

How is the 40k universe treating you?


That pun isawful


In Soulstorm I've conquered all but the Necron/Eldar occupied planet, with one last holdout province of Chaos. Current race is Sisters of Battle.


Well SoB is kinda the only reason to play Soulstrom in the first place inniwt?


Well, there's the Dark Eldar, but they're kinda… not that interesting.


File: 1477463933889.png (40.1 KB, 1063x1041, Teen ponk not to be confus….png)

Anyway, I think I'll head to sleep as well. Later.


Sleep is for the weak


File: 1477464372739.png (1.38 MB, 966x3459, my brown elf genki childho….png)

Good night.


I'm not a good loser


File: 1477468234209.jpg (58.91 KB, 535x432, 1468518479996.jpg)

Remember to vote TRUMP

Just imagine all the butthurt it'll generate.


Build those Russia relations


File: 1477473019903.jpg (43.75 KB, 420x500, 1386126469946.jpg)

>one (1) slot left for Ebinland


File: 1477473093965.png (320.6 KB, 600x564, 1475560318218.png)

Kill the competitors in their sleep. Claim your place in memeland.


Hopefully the fact I was picked first already will be an advantage


File: 1477473181467.gif (1.98 MB, 620x717, 1475565925299.gif)

>Doing crazy amounts of research on mid-20th century research in every field imaginable

With the right buildings, you can pursue studies in medicine, psychology, biology, chemistry, cryptology, computing, and more.


File: 1477473260145.png (208.1 KB, 320x310, 1434155333957.png)

Also on that note
>My face when Polio hasn't been eradicated from Yurop
>Still one case in U-Crane
"""First world""" continent


File: 1477473313610.gif (1.18 MB, 498x278, d83e4cbfb3857839175a517a03….gif)

>mfw diseases that were thought extinct on Europe are coming back because of refugees


Let's get our medical research going first to profit off the war, in a less questionable way.
With dwarfism we could develop easy to maintain model organisms out of ponies, and could sell them to other research labs.

That should be enough funds to accelerate self-sufficiency.


File: 1477474223387.jpg (431.96 KB, 600x450, Falabella.jpg)

Big upfront investment to get the infrastructure necessary for medical research. You're going to have to buy your meals from the US for a while. And having air to breathe may be a concern.


By the way, did you get a chance to read your annual report for 1940?


They gave me Skyrim Special Edition for free


Who should I level in SC2 coop?


Roll #1 3 = 3




It's got super cool graphics and allows you to climb that mountain
t. Todd


No more impassable spots?


For pc?
I heard rumors that there will be a ps4/xbone version that will allow mods. Is it true?


It's kind of nice of them to give it for free at least. Even if the improvements are stuff mods already do better.


Never ever
Invest in a PC if you want modded games


Only for Xbone.



Oh my, you're up very early!


I own it too, but I didn't get it yet…


It has to be Special Edition.

In other news, I got cucked out of a working internet connection. Again.


Yes as is dad's alarm but dad isnt


And that means…?

Also, how?

That sounds like a cartoon situation


America is a cartoon nation now. Makes sense that cartoon stuff would happen.


File: 1477482459838.png (4.64 KB, 175x142, b5937a5b-2089-4071-8f06-df….png)


If you start running really fast, do your legs go around in a circle?


The edition with all dlcs.
And also no clue.
It's just not working now and all those who had their ports open have them closed again.


Well, we could play early if you like, depending on when BDN gets home


File: 1477482608841.png (283.65 KB, 435x583, 1477334884728.png)

>HoI4 Australia focus tree
They fucking better one day get back to redoing the major trees because fuck these minor ones look great.


Apparently if you had the three major DLCs (Heathfire, Dragonborn, and the vampire hunting one) you got special edition for free


Unknown if I'll get to stay around here yet


Okay, keep us posted pls


Oh, you know what?
I didn't have the texture pack added to the library

But I do


No one is allowed to move faster than a crawl


But why?


Because you'd be faster than trump that way.


But I thought Slow and Steady was the motto of Jeb Bush


Jeb Bush seems like a nice guy, too bad America didn't want a nice guy


But trump never learned to walk. Walking is now cheating him


File: 1477482942702.webm (3.82 MB, 640x360, jeb_did.webm)


>Dishonored 2 comes out in 2 weeks and 2 days



File: 1477483010415.gif (1.65 MB, 400x400, 1224236__safe_solo_pinkie ….gif)


Nice bonuses for preordering, and I'll buy it anyway so I may as well

I won't order it this week tho since I'll probably get loads of steam money for my birthday


Oh god my computer is not prepared

I actually feel somewhat bad for him, but he looks like he hasn't the guts to be the president of the US

Good thing US citizens only go around with those mobility scooters


>Clockwork Mansion, you can actually rearrange the rooms as you play, and even slip through the cracks as the rooms are reconfiguring

Oh man Dishonored 2 looks so good. SO GOOD.

The only hard part will be deciding to play as Emily or Corvo… They even react differently to the world and people react differently to them! ALL their powers are unique (except for Darkvision which they share).

FUCK! I mean I guess I have to try Emily first because she has all the new powers…


File: 1477484717033.png (446.9 KB, 762x815, 1469662323060.png)

Nice guys finish last.
Also let's not forget he is a Bush, I'm sure he's got plenty of skeletons in the closet


Now it has replayability times 4
Emily low/high chaos
Corvo low/high chaos

But what about emails or pussygrabbin in the closet?


I bet it would turn out he's a turtlerapist


According to the studio, "a player will probably only see about 20% of the game in one playthrough because the levels are so open with different ways to approach things"

One way they demonstrated this was how in one level you can choose between helping one of two factions (or betray both). Kind of like that level in Brigmore Witches I assume.


Talk about the least necessary sequel ever. Dishonored wrapped everything up so nicely, it really feels like the development team weren't expecting to get a sequel.


I'm not too fond of one family being in the white house so often on principle


I did find routes to go in and out of places that were completely new to me in the 5th playthrough of the first game, so I can believe that


I sure hope that's true and not marketingspeak

>she doesn't want a noble family to rule you like a king


You got something against Monarchy, bro?


>run into old teacher while at mall looking for postcards for Maali
>treats me to dinner with her kids

This was nice


>This triggers the revolutionary blood


Well, if you don't have a monarchy, you get people like Trump for leaders


File: 1477485470498.gif (398.34 KB, 305x305, 1251610__safe_fluttershy_s….gif)

>Andy's a revolutionary


Well, at least we'll get a meme ride with Trump before everything goes to shit.
Although I wouldn't mind a US-RUS war if it stayed in Syria.


>trump gets elected
>sentenced to a strict curfew for my delicate womanly safety


I'm sure i can borrow the family pitch fork.


Going out after dark is overrated anyway.


Hey, at least a curfew is better than domestic violence!
And you'd have more time to quest!


File: 1477485718587.jpg (960.94 KB, 1187x784, Palace_of_Brussels.jpg)

>Americans will NEVER EVER know what it's like to have a royal family overseeing their country


>implying you go outside
Good one, Andy

What about the family shotgun?


TBQH our last king was like a century ago too.
You know, the one we shared with the Habsburgs


You got me there.


File: 1477485926891.jpg (4.76 KB, 98x127, 1309816474513.jpg)

>US-RUS war
>stayed in Syria
Well we have plenty of political dynasties that would just love to do that.


>implying Genghis Khan isn't your eternal ruler


>tfw you accidentally make Andy a trumpp-voter

I mean, we love Saint Stephen so much we cart around his mummified hand every year


Pretty sure its healthier for the potential royals that way.


Seems I get to stay here


I'd rather vote pony


File: 1477486573732.png (414 KB, 500x500, ee056492-a89f-4646-9ada-af….png)

How nice
Are the postcard gonna have deer on them?


Gator bait durr
>lost fear of humans
Well, let's be honest. no one is scared of Floridians.


>implying you aren't scared of the shenagians of Florida Man

Which pony?


Mayor mare of course


>Florida man
A stiff breeze will defeat him


On the contrary, Floridians are all insane.


I probably won't be around much until Friday at this rate


But where's the BDN?


>gator bait
What a terrible thought

I thought Florida was the scariest, weirdest place in America?


Gimme an hour


So you're saying trump has Florida?


Also excerpt from the chat log of my most recent game

>Nova: This feels more like brutal than hard, lol.

>Me: This is brutal.


File: 1477486911268.jpg (238.05 KB, 600x800, large (29).jpg)

Even if she is in coalition with zeeb?

Florida man took like a dozen shots to the chest before he stopped eating the face of another man!


>wf is a pretty mage lady


He's certainly trying to get it, at least.


Zeeb is okay too


But what about both at the same time?





We shall see.


I had a decaying mage man in WoW, but I did have about half female characters, which included
>Cow druid
>Rotting elf knight
>Space goat of justice

I think I'm missing your reference tho, I was leveling Artanis in SC2 coop


Yea. I know what that means!


What does it mean then? Share it with me!


Never mind it.
I'm gonna go over that PDF before we start then


It means lewd things


>playing goats


Actually, Dishonored 2 brings back Delilah from the looks of things. Did you play the DLC?


I actually had one of every race, though only like six or seven got up to respectable (postBC) levels


I think you are overcomplicating it! Why would it? You are being very naughty right now!

Does that make Cleanest Hands canon?



> You are being very naughty
[3 seconds before the ERP begins]


File: 1477487790705.png (Spoiler Image, 289.88 KB, 1280x569, e220b3af-c544-4774-94a0-13….png)


What's going on?


That looks more like a cow

Are you a voyeur?


Dark souls


Cows can be Goats too



I see. I only got three to their level caps (vanilla rogue, bc warrior, wrath death knight)


Only if it looks really fun.


This is fine


But how long until quest starts?


Instantly when BDN shows his mug

If he was exactly accurate with his last update, that will be 39 minutes


What looks really fun though?

We can Destiny until then!


I only have enough ram on my phone for one quest thread at a time


That's why I said until then


Link it


You heard me
Goat is love goat is life


I can link you the horsefucking link if this is still buggy

That's not how it works


It seems the same on mobile at least


Allright then.
Also, I assumed you don't mind playing, don't want to force it on you if you don't


File: 1477488802419.png (627.34 KB, 1280x989, e7c65346-0599-4af2-9c47-47….png)

Oh I'm sorry, I forgot you were an expert on animals mister Animal Expert


What if I am an animal expert, huh?


Can you do me a favor and post the mapping as an image so I can look at it without closing the browser?


File: 1477489145944.png (1.07 MB, 892x534, map with grid.png)

Guess what the most exciting part of pre-fab structures bolted onto foundation anchors is?

For a very reasonable cost, you can rearrange your structures as the need for expansion arises.


File: 1477489155023.png (448.42 KB, 938x483, b44fa434-8047-49ab-abef-bb….png)

That's a lie


I'm fine. Just A tad grumpy


Also easy to repair I bet


Why would you say that?

>Kelani doing an Erdei impression
It's okay, Mr. Grumpus 2


Nopo always lies


This statement is true
The statement above is a lie


File: 1477489427072.png (156.3 KB, 500x543, 1393891415078.png)


Very grump


File: 1477489512373.png (89.29 KB, 930x755, 13cc9ff1-cec8-41f4-83ba-9d….png)

>He doesn't even know how it goes


No I didn't, I never found the money for them. I think.


What if I do and that was the lie?

Well, BDN is here now, but we can play some other time you are free!
Also, I heard that un-grumpy girls get visits by the Rainbow Fairy


Chell a qt


Nasse, this isn't a salepitch or hype, I am telling you this sincerely:

The Knife of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches are universally considered to be better than the base game.


"Is it time?" - Naga Seawitch


Activate it



I don't need a sales pitch really, I already have them on my "maybe play sometime" list.



File: 1477490864115.jpg (13.74 KB, 480x424, 54fda33e-18c1-4062-bc87-18….jpg)


>high fives
How 90s


>tfw I left my backpack that had my laptop and 3DS unpacked since the belgium meet
>now that I want to play Pokemon I can't find it


Let's try some medicine+nap combo


Horrible lag here


It's not lag, it was a slowpost


No it was lag too.
Text in posts was loading bar by bar like its windows 95


@BDN: FCR means how much more protein you get than mass of vegetation you put in. So 7.5 is great.

That means you feed a cow 100 pounds of grain and get 750 pounds of meat in return. Of course, grass is essentially free on the surface.


I can probably OW again now.


We're going to have to farm efficiently with plants before we can think of animals though


Rice and beans diet perhaps


>cows creating more mass than they consume


There's a reason we domesticated them.


FCR is a real thing, agricultural science is nuts man


It's feed intake divided by how much mass they gain

So 7.5 FCR is 750 pounds of grain for 100 pounds of meat

Not very efficient compared to just eating the plants, but meat is meat


File: 1477493887501.png (163.17 KB, 756x1024, 1473173826596.png)

Back off man I'm not a scientist!

Anyway, I'm sure you'll improve your output with research if you choose to ranch.


File: 1477494056307.png (427.05 KB, 600x692, 1454425254286.png)

If cows could create more mass than they consume life would be perfect, we would just have to eat steaks all day erry day

Ranching is out of the question for now, gotta get our profits incoming first



>Texan shamed with sub par cow knowledge


I never claimed to actually work with animals. That's kind of a commoner thing.


By a Singaporean who has probably seen only a handful of cow pastures in his life, no less.


>biodome 5by5
>no 5by5 space in the map


>Move existing structures (cost $500 per tile in the structure)
>Build new foundations

You're going to need more foundations eventually Andy, it's never a waste to buy foundations


Ooh! Okay.


Indicating where to put this stuff seems to be a job that requires a computer.
Might have to pause for now unless I locate a cable to transfer this pdf and map over to the laptop


If you tell me what you want, I can try to shift it around to make it work until you ahve a more permanent option


What about MSPaint?


Difficulty on phone: 9


I… see. That does complicate things.


I mist likely can go find a net connection this afternoon


File: 1477497644949.png (106.75 KB, 802x666, DirtyCow.png)

Update your linux systems.


Did something happen?


>tfw I keep hearing about how CRISPR is about to change everything

I bet this is how people felt when they heard about fuckin Microsoft taking off.

I'm not sure I'm ready to live in a whole new world, I was just starting to like this one


The exploit in pic related can escalate to root locally. In conjunction with other exploits, it means anyone can get root on your machine from anywhere without leaving traces.
Also applies to android phones.
Really wish I could invest in that but alas, I'm a poor.


Let's call it pause now since Andy is gone


Soon. They've already started stuffing info about it into my courses.

When were the security updates released?



A few days ago probably. 1 to 2.


Android will have to wait for a security patch, fug


This won't affect anything any time soon, but how comfortable are you with history going OFF THE RAILS in Sealab?

I mean obviously your ability to research stuff in a special international lab for science is going to have an effect on the world if you ever do anything meaningful.


And think about people like me still on 4.4, with no more patches in sight. Ever.


I could tell it was happening. Sure, let's do it.

RIP in piece
I wasn't sure if kitkat still got security updates at least


File: 1477498215379.jpg (49.6 KB, 440x429, 1470642467009.jpg)

These barbarians in Civ VI make me want to rip my dick off, holy fuck.

>Le epic raiding army consisting of nothing but horsemen traveling at the speed of light ;)))))



File: 1477498298857.jpg (24.6 KB, 480x517, 1465342365335.jpg)

>CRISPR is probably going to end almost all disease
How are we going to keep the poor in line if they don't have to go to our hospitals???


File: 1477498338327.jpg (66.34 KB, 628x1000, 1473183485531.jpg)


All SM battle intro animations found

>Aether confirmed for evil

It was pretty obvious but I'm excite


I was working on a spread sheet but it will be easier if I can use the sheet on the laptop


Nature always finds a way. I don't expect CRISPR to work miracles for a long time, even if it will do cool stuff


If you had asked I would've given you the original spreadsheet instead of a picture of it!



The opposite is more likely. It will probably work miracles for the 98% of stuff it can affect and then we will have an explosion of descendants from what it can't fix now that they have no competition. Kind of like the invention of antibiotics.


That's not particularly helpful unless I can get it into this laptop


I understand

If you just want to tell me what you want, I would help you assemble the lab


I'm mostly worried about genetic terrorism, tbqh senpai.


>poor people
>affording custom babies


I sure hope we'll have learned from the whole antibiotics thing, we'll be even more fucked when that happens.

What do you mean?


Imagine. Sites on the dark net will soon be selling custom-made genetic diseases.


>>>>what do you mean


Fortunately it only really works on shit like insects



We have a way of guaranteeing all offspring will have a trait with 100% accuracy now due to CRISPR

So for instance if you release a mosquito with a guarantee female offpsring it will eventually wipe out all mosquitos

Only really works if it's an uncontainable animal with a short reproduction time (like a bug)


Yeah, apparently from what the people on /4xg/ are saying, Civ VI's midgame amounts to trying to deal with barbarian bullshit.


For now the only way to deliver a crispr edit to a living multi cellular being efficiently is a virus, which carries the chance of mutating the cripr edit itself, fucking it all up.


I saw an excellent Ted Talk on mosquito manipulation to prevent them from carrying viruses.


Mass editing everyone? I'm not sure. Or fucking with crops to go extinct or something


You don't care about fucking up on a mosquito.
It's a bit different when it comes to a human.
Also that talk is about Gene Drives, which means we'd just let the mosquito population sort itself out over the span of its relatively fast generations, we'd not be replacing the already living mosquitos with non-infecting ones. That's safe to do. Changing an already matured living being is different.
Go look at the latest ted talk, it explains CRISPR in broader strokes, the gene drive talk is too focused.


I'm having trouble spending enough
What's the O2 lures goal?


Gene drives are way more terrifying man. You change one human being and if you fuck it up no big deal. You gene drive a species that you can't contain and you've changed the world forever, you can't unfuck it man.


You can deploy a counter drive.


>people who can't afford heart meds paying to edit their genes


You are going to want 1 McClure per person.

You should definitely shoot for 20 McClures by the end of the year. And if you are planning to start settling the sea as the GfMK want you to, you're going to need a fuckton.

Fortunately, research into better construction methods and more efficient O2 collection will help relieve the strain.

If it's not too late


Fascinating. I've been trying to find a reason to keep aedes and anopheles mosquitos alive, actually. Doesn't seem like too bad of an idea.

The sheer scale of editing fucktons of live somatic cells as opposed to a single germ cell doesn't seem at all viable, though. Unless you really want one strand of differently coloured hair.


>The sheer scale of editing fucktons of live somatic cells as opposed to a single germ cell doesn't seem at all viable, though. Unless you really want one strand of differently coloured hair.
As I said. Virus.


Okay to start with add 12 more spaces. 3 sugar farms 2 potato farms 2 o2 filters and a biodome.


You're going to need a lot of viruses, since presumably these won't enter a lytic cycle to kill the cell and make more viruses.


>No new key this time around
Any hints on how to access the DLC then?


File: 1477499528538.jpg (258.59 KB, 1920x1080, 20161026183124_1.jpg)

Y-You too…



Watched my flatmate, I think there is a guy you have to talk to at the Church of the Deep bonfire, the one with the Siegward well


That whore
Make a snek bite her tidde


Can you please confirm if family means the 1920 family of 8 or the modern family of only one kid


File: 1477499952469.jpg (25.9 KB, 400x448, 600 sq ft.jpg)


Expense: 102,000 (Nearing annual budget line, this can be crossed but requires board approval, which is easy as long as you're meeting goals)

This is the floorplan (map update soon)


For a moment I feared it'd be behind Aldrich


Not sure where you have to go from there, if anywhere


The wolves
They are SO BIG!


Getting started is expensive!


File: 1477500510883.png (1.06 MB, 904x544, new map.png)

Moving expenses:

Additional foundations (6):

Total expense:

[Uncomfortable realizations about the importance about investors]

There is good news though.
>You aren't even in the red for the year. Your income is $153,500.
>You have almost $400,000 saved in the trust fund for just this kind of reason (spending from the fund requires board approval)
>You can get bonus money by pleasing investors

You don't mind selling out, right?


>First death: punching a wolf off a cliff and falling myself
Starting off well


Oh, and this afternoon when you get your laptop, I'm going to have more buildings to show you.

A department of atmospherics will help you research better O2 management to make your systems more efficient (and you can write it off as an O2 production expense)

And your biodome is just what you need for BDN to start conducting Agricultural Research to increase O2 output from plants!


God damn this looks interesting


I picked the minimum for air and didn't even add residence and we went over? I must have messed up on my spread sheet somehow


I just hope that the war on the surface doesn't consume the world.

They said the "Great War" was the war to end all wars. But now there's a Second World War.

Could this be the last beacon of civilization? We hope it doesn't come to that.


We should be able to get some patents out even with minimal facilities
Do we have enough for medical?


The foundations are super expensive because of the bonus cost by choosing the volcano. It's okay though, slow and steady wins the race. Just remember everything you knock out of the way now is something you don't have to build later.


Maybe I can pick different buildings so we don't have to build so many foundations. More sugar farms maybe


Too bad I'm just a philologist, and those are worthless in literally every colony



True. I mean there isn't much more important than breathing right?
Medical center was how big?


Sugar Farms -> Early payoff, don't benefit much from research

O2 Filters -> Longterm growth, big investments upfront in space that will pay off when you complete engineering research


You'll get a spot if all humans outside the colony are actually going to die, gonna need that


Imagine it two hundred years into the future, in a world engulfed in nuclear fire.


Exactly they're small and cheap and let us breathe for this year, while saving space for other research


3x3, and if you want a viral safe room it must be attached to the medical pavilion.

Breathing makes it much more convenient to keep animals who can't wear O2 masks anyway, and civilians who hate having to wear the damn things.



If the world lasts 200 years, that's more than enough time to finish our work.

We just wanted 15 years. We got 8.


That reminds me of Alexandra from the Talos Principle


Potato farms will help offset some of your staff costs.

We haven't talked much about staff costs but it will become apparent when your next annual report rolls in. Besides settling how pay is handled (you will make that as your first council decision), depending on which staff you bring with you, that will either speed up building or research.

You need more housing to bring more staff, of course. Hotbunks will make them unhappy but you can store a hell of a lot at 24 staff for $500 and 1x1. And if you're willing to pay for rations and O2 tanks instead of becoming sufficient, you could load up the lab with staffers and work fast!


Can we 'sell' buildings later. Say for instance. Putting sugar farms up this year and then change them to menagerie next year


>not building androids
I'd play one


True but they don't produce much O2 which is sort of an issue


You have a couple of options. You can take them "offline" and just float them off the foundations at no cost and then reattach them when you have more space. Scrapping them doesn't pay much but it's something.

We're not quite that tech level yet. They haven't even built a computer lab, which has the amazing punchcard machines that will dominate the future!


Also we haven't talked about power yet!


That much is definitely true!


Once we've got our funds coming in, maybe I can get to work on more efficient plants


They need to work on their research priorities!


That would be a great step forward for breathing.


What's wrong with flashlights?

I'll give you details on power stuff later, but since you chose the volcano you're definitely taking the thermoeletric generator which is way more cost efficient than the MCTs.


Totally true.
Just put the price of those so we can budget it then


Sylt is calling me to play OW, gotta stop answering questions, but more will be forthcoming soon

"I just didn't want it all to be for nothing… I spent all my time here… I didn't visit my parents… I think this is… this is it. The end of… me."



$80,000 for the TEG. It will power 160 habs and takes up 2x4 foundations (but needs to be built in a specific place, does not need to be connected to the rest of the lab)

By contrast, a MCT costs $10,000 and powers 10 habs, and is 3x3.

Both of these are upgradeable with engineering research.





Is Groves going to come and celebrate Christmas with you?


>tfw DM will never come celebrate christmas with you


File: 1477503447509.jpg (73.81 KB, 500x508, 1476190289768.jpg)

Hell no.


I thought you said you'd maybe visit this holiday season.


Next year.


That's when the meet is!


Well yes.


I'm like 90% sure I heard you saying you might just visit DM this year too.


I did. But I decided not to because I already lost a fair amount of money fixing my computer. I'm saving up instead.


Oh okay then.
I was planning on crashing your gay orgy to play MGS4 at DM's


Also in case it wasn't obvious, the current grid map you have isn't the extent of the map. You can expand into the whole expanded sea map.


So far my reactions to half the shit this DLC does
>Yes I see what you want me to do here but how about I don't


It's pretty much confirmed I'm going to Bongland next semester


Current status: unsure if I skipped something important or not






Have fun.


>aftershock in italy.

"Settling on a piece of land that is literally getting shoved into the Alpes was a mistake"
t. Italian


Forget everything you know about telling the time


Where in Bongland?


>Dialogue acknowledges my status as Lord of Londor


Able to check a flag? Souls is finally getting up to 1998 tech




I'm quite sure if statements precede videogames, so it's kind of 1940s tech.


What was that test called?



Also if statements are 1725 tech, predate computers by a lot

Thanks punch card autoloom


The programming test you mentioned


tbqh I just went with ww2 because I have no idea when that stuff first appeared.


Tfw steampunk settings always cover dumb fake shit instead of true curiosities


No shit, almost nobody knows about the "true" stuff, me included. Takes literally an history degree to know about them.


The noblest aspiration of fiction is to inspire the reader to learn something true


Fiction of that sort cannot be written by those without the niche knowledge they want others to learn about.


A noble reason to start writing


But those who know are far too old to reach new inspiration that the young will appreciate


Right sorry I can't work on this stuff today
Sis is being a cunt


Don't stress about it! The important part is for you to have fun, so if it's causing you grief, just don't do it.

Honestly we're not on a timetable here. Consider any questing at all you get in while you're away at home as a bonus.


DM's interpretation of the design meeting for this DLC
>Guys what was it that people hated about our past games?
>Huge clusterfuck fights against hordes of enemies and awkward jumping segments?
>No the other thing
>Balancing on awkward hitboxes over instant death falls?
>Yeah. Lets do a DLC about all of those.




"Guys, what was the most popular part of Dark Souls 1?"

"People talk about Blighttown a lot."

"Good, good… how about Dark Souls 2?"

"People seem to talk about Iron Keep alot."

"I like it, I like it. What do they have in common?"

"Falls to death?"

"Let's do it."


I really doubt I'm gonna get anything done today. Fucking hell.


>Does anyone have the roots of the great hollow saved anywhere
>Yes we still have them but-
>Perfect just make the hitboxes a little worse and put them in
And then it leads to a bonus area I never needed to even visit for fucks sake


File: 1477509880978.gif (293.48 KB, 500x318, 1473146448620.gif)

Andy, I told you relax! Don't feel like you're on a time table to get stuff done! I haven't even given you the full building list yet.

My goal was for you to have your 1940 build orders put in by the time you get back. You're already doing that now and you've been gone for less than a week!


File: 1477509991384.png (360.41 KB, 1280x1695, 1476804633878.png)


Relax, nigguh


File: 1477510291820.png (840.77 KB, 1024x576, joltik_rider_by_theswking-….png)

So much animal study to do, so little time


People seem to be unimpressed by the DLC from what I've read so far.


>That boss
Jesus shit I did NOT expect those phase transitions
It was really, REALLY short compared to all the past FROM DLCs


>DM already beat the DLC
I'm not even gonna buy it, meh

Dishonored 2 soon fellow gamer


File: 1477511289466.jpg (403.73 KB, 1920x1080, ScreenShot_16-10-26_21-46-….jpg)


should I get on?


Assuming there was only that one boss, but the amount of effort that went into it kinda indicates this was the end.
I've still yet to figure out some things here though so maybe there is more. I found one secret area at least.


New passtime: invade people in the DLC with the DLC weapons equipped, but without the stats to use them.


Never mind that, found another boss


File: 1477513015213.png (874.97 KB, 1005x795, 1477502348331.png)



Part of that image is literally just text from a Wikipedia biography that has nothing to do with the subject it's describing


That's the joke.


The second boss was kinda shit


File: 1477513334995.png (120.13 KB, 550x350, Dermatologists_hate_face.png)


File: 1477514355568.jpg (171.76 KB, 1920x1080, 20161026230004_1.jpg)

Closing thoughts
Music was fantastic
The first boss was top tier, bordering on god tier. The second boss sadly was deeply meh.
While I appreciate the throwback to Ariamis, I don't really know why I had to fight Sif three times.
Wolf mechanics were cool, though my weapon killing them so easily probably helped. Overall the enemy placement was a little questionable between several cluster fights and a really big love letter to the Anor Londo archers even beyond what we saw in the core game.
I still don't know what was up with the snake boy corpse or if that was important.
The new weapons did not immediately catch my fancy like some old DLC weapons did, sadly.
New armors don't mix well with my look but I can certainly see value in them.
Did not try out the new spells yet.
It was short as fuck. Like 3 hours short. Massively shorter than ANY past DLC.
It was a strange mix of beautiful and absolutely disgusting, which I suppose fits the Ariamis theme.
Some of the level design left me confused as to where to go for a while, but ultimately it wasn't bad, I was just not paying attention.

Weakest Souls DLC to date
Had one really fantastic boss
Music is top notch


It really has little to do with your game. But my sister being downright oppressive. I can hardly do my own things without being "pushy"


Oh shit
That was Sif?


File: 1477514837797.jpg (56.15 KB, 885x903, 1468963750732.jpg)

Don't forget to make your pony work out so she don't get too fat


No it just had a lot of Sif's mechanics, minus sword, plus frost breath.


I couldn't even bring myself to finish DS3


You should, the final boss is the best boss FROM has ever made.


[X] Doubt


It really is. Solid mechanics, absolutely fantastic music.


Maybe I'll try during the weekend.


Which one you talking about?


Dark Souls 3 probably has the best good to bad boss ratio in the series as well, though it only has a couple of the best overall bosses.
Soul of Cinder


Ur mum


DS3 Really lost me hard in Irithyll. It was not enjoyable at all, all the way down to the vorefag


She sounds like a brutal taskmaster


I liked Irithyl, but then, I like anything with snow. Not sure why you didn't enjoy Aldrich. While chaotic, it's visually pleasing and harder than most other DaS3 fights. Not on par with the real big hitter fights like Alonne or Gehrman but still a cool fight. And certainly more of a real fight than the awesome but comically easy Yhorm.


Not Nameless King?
Though I guess it fits more as optional boss


I wasn't a big fan of Nameless King


Why's that?


Probably because they reused anor londo, because it was a hard to get to arena and you beat him for me.


Might be because I only found him later, but it mostly comes down to Soul being more of a perfect conclusion boss mixing together a pile of old PVP builds and Gwyn, along with dat music.


brutal laze master dragging everyone down with her more like


File: 1477516469293.jpeg (260.12 KB, 967x761, 720470__safe_monochrome_p….jpeg)

Keep her in a cage for "her own good"


Also, fun little tidbit relating to the game actually changing dialogue because I was a hollow - when I died in the boss its kill quote was more or less "go back to your waifu yuria"


I see
Do you think there will ever be another Souls?


File: 1477517127340.png (436.21 KB, 1089x877, chosen ded.png)

Going by what Miyazaki said, any future Souls games will be more like Bloodborne. Similar in style but unrelated and most likely not set in medieval fantasy.

Now, the lord of hollows rests


I warned you. I warned you about the wolves, bro.
>tfw can't figure out how to open the real boss
I really just don't know what I've missed.


Sad, I like the Souls setting


File: 1477519159714.jpg (134 KB, 540x375, tumblr_ofav1vzq2v1s3zuxeo2….jpg)


File: 1477520473448.jpg (126.23 KB, 1366x768, average OW match.jpg)


You shouldn't get so salty.
I had fun!


I didn't in the last game
Also not in that Hollywood 4 golds one


I have come to collect the meme maps


So turns out Dishonored 2 has no review codes before release.
I'd hold onto those preorders.


File: 1477522994309.jpg (136.09 KB, 852x1136, 1456881727246.jpg)


Never a good sign


File: 1477523232875.png (511.69 KB, 1125x900, 966567__safe_princess luna….png)

Maymay maps?

Bethesda is setting a policy to never again give out pre-release copies to the press.

And you know what? I like it. Fuck mainstream review sites. AverageJoe45 on Youtube should get exactly the same chance to voice his review as IGN.

IGN never gave me an honest score anyway.


I have collected your map and pdf
is there addition material to collect?


Not that I can think of. I'm working on a google doc for you that will have all the building construction info but it's still missing some stuff.




>And you know what? I like it. Fuck mainstream review sites. AverageJoe45 on Youtube should get exactly the same chance to voice his review as IGN.
Stop that.


File: 1477524606827.jpg (33.14 KB, 342x369, Blue-wolfs-rain-32716136-3….jpg)

its too hot
why isn't the snow here yet?


It's cold as shit!


How much hot?

Also I remembered you when I was playing DaS earlier
So many big wolfs in that DLC


>finally have the connection to play that combined arms fps I bought a year ago
>1 player


File: 1477525228324.png (1.23 MB, 1228x707, Radiant meets Celestia.png)





I'm tired of all those "10/10 it was okay" fuckers Sylt. Kill em all and let God sort em out.


File: 1477525572397.png (247.13 KB, 552x467, They big.png)

Fun fact, a lot of those wolves were of average size.
With, of course, the notable exceptions.


Not sure how concerned I should be that a specific 'to female' chart exists


kNot at all.
It's just one of the first size charts that popped up in Google.


How is LESS consumer awareness any good for you?


oh wow
you could even ride them


'1d10' awoo

Roll #1 5 = 5


Misinformation is not consumer awareness. It's negative awareness.


File: 1477525757146.png (1.78 MB, 887x700, Wolffle and Awoo.png)


File: 1477525850665.gif (1.64 MB, 320x180, awoo_1.gif)


No such thing.
Even if 100 reviewers go the ign way and do 10/10 it's okay, there might be ONE which will say things how they are and give off an early warning.
Having a publisher straight up not give a review copy out and thus deny the possibility of any bad press getting there because you feel like all press is corrupt and would be good press anyway is some twisted, strange logic I will never be able to agree with.


File: 1477525924816.jpg (111.43 KB, 559x960, I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna….jpg)


If that one """early warning""" rated it 0, it would still be able to tout a 99 metascore. You wouldn't even see it.

Having 100 10/10s creates the illusion of a game being good when in reality you have no idea whether a game is good until regular people have access to it instead of members of the institution.

Let's be clear here, no early-access review is legitimate. If you tell the truth in those things and it's bad, you get your early copies taken away, or you get fired. We've seen both happen, they're not theoretical. So it's just loads and loads of disinfo drowning away legitimate information. It's like the plot of Metal Gear Solid 2 but for realsies.


File: 1477526145630.png (142.61 KB, 623x473, tiredWolf.png)

wolf must go now
stay strong


File: 1477526166027.png (310.81 KB, 540x540, tumblr_obknjxrd401v41btpo2….png)


Same to you, Andy.


File: 1477526338394.jpg (43.52 KB, 600x742, 1464998408519.jpg)


You can actually sort by vote on metacritic, you know.


I'm sure, but how credible does one rating of 0 look in a sea of 100s? That's the power of disinfo. And even then, it wouldn't be a 0. Because remember, in the world of professional journalism, this is the actual scale they use:

1-6: Number not in use
7: Non-functional, frequent game breaking bugs, graphics extremely dated
8: Terrible, but produced by a AAA company
9: AAA company, passable
10: We were paid

So in reality, the "warning" score is a 7 and the rating overall of the game is 99.7


And what's the problem with that?
I'm serious here. What's the problem with only a handful of honest reviews?

I for one have my trusted reviewers who do get early copies for stuff which don't bullshit games up when they are bad.


It invests power and wealth in the hands of deceivers, but also redoubles their influence.

No one's looking for the average normie's youtube experience review on launch day if they already heard it all with IGN too weeks earlier. That's what disinfo does, it makes you feel like you don't need real info.

I guess we're just totally irreconcilable on this issue. Which is fine, it's okay to disagree, but there's not much point in continuing since we aren't going to convince one another.


One last thing.
Nobody looks for reviews on release day. And this is a fact, it's hard data TB stated in one of his vlogs some time ago.
The average joe will never break through with his hot videogame opinions, what sells nowadays are playthroughs and streams.


Good then, a let's play is a truer review than some IGN employee's words on a page


Doesn't prevent companies from profiting on preorders of a lackluster and overhyped product.
See no man's sky.


Aren't you glad steam refunds exist now? They even protect a consumer in the case of preorders.


Not really, take No Man's Sky as example.
It's a game where 2 hours are not nearly enough to hit the rotten core of the game.


No really, look at how great Steam handled that situation. They offered unconditional refunds to everyone who purchased it.


And they extended the refund and there is a court case against it


That was one, very prominent case.


I didn't choose it, you did


No special refund policy, now 100% dead.


If you buy a game with only multiplayer you are accepting that one day it will be a nonfunctional game. That's something you sign up for.

I loved Monaco. It was a great party game. I had hours of fun with Monaco. But I accepted when I bought it that one day (and that day has long since arrived) it would be dead. I can no longer play this game. There are 0 players online. I don't feel entitled to a refund. I knew what I was getting into.

By the way, this is the same contract you're signing onto when you pay for any MMO, especially knowing how many have turned F2P with time.


File: 1477527756451.png (293.35 KB, 1024x1024, 1450405346418.png)



Good night zeeb

doc soon?


File: 1477528145045.jpg (104.3 KB, 500x495, 132040__safe_rainbow dash_….jpg)

I wonder what tomorrow will bring

I should work on building costs and stuff… it has been a lot of work to get this quest together so fast!


File: 1477529027122.png (512.04 KB, 1280x820, tumblr_ofok33pfKn1trn6xto1….png)


File: 1477535741991.png (154.72 KB, 959x1280, 02eed9fedf1b0a772432c845ca….png)

You up for some Travel Tomorrow?


File: 1477535920772.png (176.97 KB, 500x693, 1455572584795.png)

That would be nice


File: 1477536489716.png (98.12 KB, 724x1104, hybrid_toxophilite_by_shad….png)


And shouldn't you be asleep already?


File: 1477536571753.jpg (150.62 KB, 960x929, 1476192719827.jpg)

You got me there, dad
Good night


File: 1477536653865.png (189.01 KB, 638x611, 4x ice weak.png)


File: 1477536869663.jpg (86.9 KB, 600x777, cervidae_hand_concept_by_r….jpg)

Good night.

Good morning, right?


File: 1477537061714.png (258.72 KB, 654x697, 1477299596613.png)


File: 1477537201979.gif (1.96 MB, 500x256, 1477423393378.gif)

We Poképosting then?


File: 1477538716528.png (661.91 KB, 1024x1264, 1454479339811.png)

We can


File: 1477538905880.png (160.32 KB, 345x345, 11111111111.png)

For fuck's sake…
I know this is something really weird and out the blue, but I need different, sane people weighing in on this.
Are pointy chins on guys a bad thing?


File: 1477539079657.webm (2.27 MB, 626x453, 1477237811350.webm)

It's hard to do so from the phone.


File: 1477539565687.jpg (44.03 KB, 500x500, 1397818525852.jpg)

Wish I could mon


As ever, the ash seeks fire


File: 1477539916239.gif (2.02 MB, 180x132, 1477359487411.gif)

How pointy?

We all do.

Morning. Did the DLC inspire you?


It had some real neat shit to it but it still was the worst dlc from has made.
Not much to inspire a quest from either.


I dunno. After having the chance to sit down and not get pestered for a while, it's started sounding like a kind of stupid thing.
It's just that this jaw surgery has an unexpected element- they're saying they want to also cut off part of my lower jawbone to reduce my chin.
I was intitially going to tell them not to bother, since I'm not doing this for cosmetic reasons, but apparently my mother has her head set on convincing me to go through with it, because pointy chins are apparently horrible.
her exact examples were "the Witch of the West" and "the V for Vendetta mask," said in the manner of "and you don't want to be stuck with that, do you?"

Sorry again, but I just needed to at least talk about this; I was at the point where my decision was one of "do I just do it so she won't hound me about it" or "don't do it just to spite her for trying to pressure me into making the choice she wanted."


File: 1477541136919.jpg (74.96 KB, 600x530, 472a52cf02154ae840ed34cfed….jpg)

I continue to hold out hope for quest. Now, time for Gradius 5.

Your doctor brought it up, so talk to him about it, what are the risks and all that. You could probably even mention it to the nurses and get their opinion.

As for your mom, go by a that V mask, and pretend it makes you look dashing.


File: 1477542042201.png (149.41 KB, 950x980, 1474559558875.png)

>buy a V mask
Heh, I'm not THAT much of a memer. Especially since it's a ded meme.
I do intend to talk to the doctors about it, and on thinking calmly about it they might have a point, since this surgery is going to be changing the way my face looks anyways. I just needed a sane response to break the constant drone of the same five things over and over and over again.
Thanks for letting me vent though, I'm definitely feeling much calmer now.


File: 1477542213605.jpg (159.44 KB, 1000x707, 1477521375629.jpg)

>Could have had a Chesnaught but brain wasn't working

We all need to do that sometimes. We'll be here when it's all good and done.


File: 1477542562317.png (227.84 KB, 700x708, 1394598128543.png)

At least no Chesnaught means you can have Lucario


File: 1477542883943.jpg (70.18 KB, 500x749, tumblr_o89b38PVBZ1vvcpc9o1….jpg)

I've got a decent dungeon diving team, but I really need to think of something to fill that 6th slot. I'm getting an Overwatch vibe that my comp is missing something.


File: 1477543237067.png (832.79 KB, 1250x999, pokedex_xy_challenge__drap….png)

Something armored, maybe?


File: 1477543890139.jpg (157.01 KB, 825x785, lkrLETJ.jpg)

>Acupressure is the only move that can be used on both yourself or an ally



File: 1477544318341.jpg (194.03 KB, 2046x2684, yv8KLqq.jpg)

List of games Knight cycled through in his head before posting the comment at the bottom and realizing he is playing a Pokémon game:

>Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

>Final Fantasy Tactics
>King of Fighters
>Call of Duty

Hmm, maybe something like that, I don't think I have a straight grappler either. Would fit my Offensive style.


File: 1477544800674.jpg (31.55 KB, 512x512, 452_Drapion.jpg)

Drapion seems capable of that, too. And it knows how to apply acupressure on your team.



Looks like a cool move, and I do like the fact that it's lore says it hangs on tenaciously.

What magicks is this?


File: 1477545424773.png (35.75 KB, 1189x557, 56 - citizen_snips showtan….png)

With a bit of luck, Drapions are capable of this


Apparently /qt/ doesn't support Arabic


File: 1477545956263.png (513.96 KB, 500x738, 6c0.png)

>No posts until the end
I knew buffs were strong, but not that strong. Now I just need to think of a hat to get it.

We'd be even more watched by the NSA if you could.


File: 1477546305919.png (288.7 KB, 500x283, tumblr_nw9cywcagO1un95hzo1….png)

Drapion has Battle Armor, which means it can't be critted and have all its defense buffs go to waste too.

There are also other options for tanky mons, like this ghost


File: 1477546622749.jpg (95.45 KB, 700x700, 48ed1912e632e5a1076fb02948….jpg)

>caught a new Clefairy
>need it to stall a turn, just have it use Metronome
>very first move it rolls is Explosion


File: 1477547127151.png (585.81 KB, 1280x640, 075b775e8075f9cb797141a783….png)

I thought I missed out on my chance for the Ghosts, since I got off the bus.

Still a Grappler Tank seems good, I think I have enough Zoners with Quetz and Airy. Cali and Cobalt are my two Shotos with Dynamo filling the rushdown slot. Really, something that might be unexpected or you find cool would work and make me have to think.

That move comes up an awful lot when using Metronome


File: 1477547416429.gif (971.2 KB, 428x346, boom boom.gif)

Seemingly twice as much, since Selfdestruct also exists

Take your time, your team feels pretty well-rounded to me even if there's just five. Doesn't seem like a rush to complete it.


File: 1477547624354.jpg (156.36 KB, 1063x752, mega_swampert_by_garmmon-d….jpg)

It's just fun to think about them. I could keep the 6th slot as the rotating mercenary one, gaining a 'Mon for either helping with a challenge or helping it and then parting ways.


Temporary retainers? Not a lot of Pokemon might like that, eh.


File: 1477549462702.jpg (188.2 KB, 850x601, pKfqWT2Wre0iZmZCZ3uD8LzckA….jpg)

Unusual circumstances make for strange fellows. They might not like the idea of working with him, but Squire might be the only option for them to fulfill their own goals.


File: 1477550338698.jpg (31.23 KB, 452x256, a1526933368440df98d65d07c4….jpg)

>It's a Knight can't accept that Pokémon is Pokémon and sees things in the light of Conquest

There's tons of movies and shows about a foreigner arriving and being the only one who will work for the People/Pokémon


Maybe you'll have the chance to save an outlying village or two.


File: 1477550932811.jpg (76.76 KB, 858x1024, 1477149441476m.jpg)

Now I'm imagining a Mayor's office or some other high ranker's place being staffed by Pokémon like this one


File: 1477551149786.png (661.69 KB, 650x933, 1445261136120.png)

Pretty pokemon are easier to approach


File: 1477551730530.png (1.18 MB, 1600x1855, Waifu fusion _2bb97987fa11….png)

This is true, and I'm sure you'd see them at a Governor's Palace.


>woken up at 8 by phone
>"Allright, I talked to the system administrators, sorry for waking you, but the online application is open"
>go online
>it's not open



Pointy chins are authoritative and dignified, flat chins are for peasants and cannon fodder.


File: 1477552379669.jpg (20.29 KB, 236x287, 00fa8ea0ae7783be9bdf6d6ed5….jpg)

It's late anyways, good night.


Hey DM I think I might have missed something. Who or what needs to die before the altar opens to the real boss of the DLC?


File: 1477552967183.jpg (164.43 KB, 865x583, identifying turkroach.jpg)

Let's play 'spot the Turkroach'


Isn't that a trick question? They're both Turks, aren't they?


File: 1477553127196.jpg (58.71 KB, 842x580, identifying turkroach 2.jpg)

Good! But can you prevail in this round?


File: 1477553177684.png (310.07 KB, 502x534, 1453019311796.png)

Why are shitholes so eternally butthurt?


Nopo they're all salty turks.


Well, you live in Singapore, you tell me, BDN.



Now for the final question for the million dollars

Did the Armenian genocide happen?


They all look the same to me, Nopo. It's hard to tell who's genociding who, these days.


File: 1477553839437.png (135.83 KB, 700x470, A NEET imp.png)

Anyway, I should probably sleep, as it's 20-til-4AM.


Turn the crank in the bug filled basement to open the altar. It's on a pillar near the back of the room just like the crank in the well in ariamis.
There is also an illusion wall there that lets you fight two crystal lizards and an npc invader.
The other boss is reached by attacking the rope bridge and climbing it like in the catacombs.


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