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It is High Noon somewhere in the world…
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Actual footage of Morrigan after she survives into the modern era



Short pause to watch the Sion stream and eat ice-cream


File: 1477866800440.png (149.42 KB, 640x360, 1429163087705.png)


And back.


All I'm getting is Error screen


Try again, it is working!



Keep trying!


File: 1477869511772.png (119.02 KB, 710x470, 1477868044682.png)

Old women playing at running the world.


Fidget, I guess you would not be very interested in the Destiny quest if Felfire was an NPC, huh.


How do you mean?
Is Sylt planning on dropping out?


Pretty much dropped already.


I had the same trouble. I could see the chat but no video


>Instead of post times, posts now read "x minutes ago"



It wasn't like this mere hours ago!


File: 1477869703800.png (9.42 KB, 600x695, Well shit.png)

That's a shame, as I recall I mostly started playing because he wanted to do the crazy adventures of FelCurry.
Now it just sorta feels wrong to go on without him.
I was wondering that as well.


Go to Options -> General and you can change it from the "Show relative time" option.


If you go on at least the story can unfold.


Well, if we can get Sylt to stick around until the end of the Witch arc, then we can retire both to NPC status with a clear conscience.
Think you can hold on that long?


There's tons of story for Curry too, without Sylt.


File: 1477870183524.png (1021.27 KB, 1565x1714, Curry and Felfire go dress….png)

The problem is that it's twined with Felfire's story. It just doesn't seem in-character to dump her in an orphanage somewhere after the dagger's dealt with and her wings are fixed.


>what is an NPC


Even so. Soloquests have never really gelled with me for some reason. It always feels like I'm putting too much pressure on the DM to run for only me.


The pressure would be if you didn't play so you'd never know what the Autumnsreach part holds.


You know Curry would put priority on Felfire before his own problems.
Though going to Autumnsreach to see if there's a powerful enough to destroy the dagger would cross his mind…
Anyway, gotta run for a bit. Back shortly.


File: 1477870687977.png (1.46 MB, 1334x750, 1474376695741.png)

Ave you come to Autumnsreach to dishcush the ongoing hoshtilities like the rest of the 'great worriors'?


Should we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?


I'm so excited for Dishonored 2 next Friday that I may begin physically vibrating.


File: 1477871153924.gif (311.93 KB, 480x360, get (59).gif)

>my shitty laptop probably can't handle it

If I am really lucky a friend of mine will get it for PS4 and I can ask him to lend it to me once he is done with it


Spook stream of House of spooks when?


Good luck


Tomorrow maybe?

It'll take all my charms to convince him to let me play it first, but maybe I can actually do that too


If we use this flank to start with the high ground on Nepal Village, we may be able to win every time




File: 1477872146630.gif (1.88 MB, 500x370, 1476254338132.gif)


Erase this memory!




Nighte Sion




Fat thread


There is a solution to that.



No, that's for when there are no options left in life.


Of course.




There are always options, Sylt.


Bake a new bread for us old kitchen wizard


>Morrigan: DELET THIS



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