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I am a new thread… the true meta!
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Wish I could play it. Sadly I'm on saving mode this year.


And now to hunt for the 5% spawn of mimikyu.


That only took me 30 minutes!


File: 1478919072614.jpg (2.15 MB, 2560x1920, IMG_20161112_034937.jpg)

>just caught
>only fed it 3 beans
>only pet it to max once
>already max affection
Wtf m80


Read the Pokédex entry for it.


Poor likely thing.


So ded


Andy, I can run Cyberpunk if you are here.

I was out doing some exercise


God damn that is fucking great
GF really tried this gen

>managed to catch the Wimpod on Akala island

>both Wimpod and Slowpoke are super cute
>one evolves into a warrior-poet and the other into a psychic mastermind



What's the name of that kind of puzzle where you get clues like

>Person A was wearing red, person B was sitting on the left, person C was holding a pen, etc. etc.


I will tell you something.
The atmosphere and presentation of this game's story and locations has me captivated.


File: 1478926271458.gif (304.02 KB, 500x363, Rain on your parade.gif)

>found Plumeria's room


Dishonored 2 game mechanic spoilers, but I gotta say, I loved that in the Dust District, you have to solve a puzzle lock to get into the fortress you want to infiltrate. You can either help the Overseers or the local witch gang and they'll give you the code, or you could just figure out the puzzle solution yourself and skip the whole level. That should make speedrun playthroughs really interesting! I'm sure there's probably another way too involving nonlethals, like stealing the code or something.


I'm still concerned about the performance issues.


Well regardless, if you're saving money you aren't going to pick it up anyway even if your computer could run it.


I'm confident in the pirate's ability to break denuvo.


Then why are you concerned about performance? It's not as though you have any particular investment in it.



What I mean is, if you aren't going to pay for it, the experience being "lessened" by a bad PC shouldn't really matter anyway. You're still enjoying the product for nothing.


But I don't have a bad PC, so having poor performance would sit bad with me.


Bad is relative, so your computer is by definition bad if you can't run what you want at the level you want.

A computer only slowly "becomes bad" over time not because the computer itself is changing, but because standards in technology are rising.


No silly, Worse is the relative term.

The game being more taxing than its peers or too demanding for its graphical fidelity is the game's fault, not the hardware it runs on. Algorithms and their efficiency are as much part of technological evolution as hardware progress is.


We could have this argument all night, and I have plenty of examples like Crysis that I could bring up, but it's pointless. At the end of the day it leaves a bad taste in my mouth that you want to pirate what will probably be my GOTY and want to whine about it too.

Whatever, I'll just stop posting about it here.


That's some silly brand loyalty. The series won't end because a player who cannot afford it pirates it. And at the same time a poorly optimized game should be source of concern for anyone.


I'm not replying to any more bait tonight. You almost got me.


Fail. That's not bait, you're just too rich to care about customer rights.


I usually just wait until a game goes on sale. I picked up MGR and Dishonored for $5 each at the store.

I'll actually just try to beat that game when I build my next rig.


I usually pirate first and buy on sale, if I just can't wait to play a game.


>consumer rights
It's one thing to steal but another to be high and mighty about it, like you're some crusading hacktivist when really you're just looking for any excuse to relieve the guilt of taking something for nothing.


No you see, those are two different things.
I fully know pirating a game means stealing it, and I'm not discussing that.
What I'm saying is that a poorly optimized game should not be such, and can't be excused by the idea tech will march on and catch up to it. Especially a poorly optimized game which doesn't revolutionize graphics like Crysis did.
The fact I might pirate Dis2 waiting for a sale has nothing to do with the fact that, if the game is poorly optimized and requires something above what 90% of SERIOUS pc gamers have to be played without hiccups, it's not a good game from a technical standpoint.


I don't know that it's poorly optimized. The levels are a LOT bigger and there's a lot more going on than in the previous Dishonored. There are a lot of moving parts.

In any case, complaining about something you're not paying for just seems impolite. Whether it's a free sample or actual theft, I don't like it. But I can't stop you from complaining about it - free website you can post what you want, so I'll just leave instead. I've got plenty of shows and games to catch up on for the night.


Constructive criticism is useful. Discussing things you try is good. Forming an opinion on matters is good. You don't have to pay for something to judge it. Actually paying for it makes you biased!



I was under the impression that such is the way AAA development tends to go now. People want the shiny graphics, Nvidia and AMD shell out money to input their systems into games, otherwise they'll get called out by PC elitists.

I mean, I bought an 8800 to play Crysis, and here I am waiting for Star Citizen, which won't possibly be maxed out, even when it launches.


I'm running star citizen decently with a 970, constant 60 in single player on high, some stuttering in mp.


Guess I was lied to. They told me it would be hard to max out.

Still, from watching videos put out by devs themselves, most games are designed that way. If you optimize for current gen, you'll get called out, and stylized stuff can be tricky to build for.


"High" is not max setting in star citizen.
There are free weekends, I will tell you next time there's one.

But dishonored is completely stilized man!


Anyways, I don't understand how you can be mad at companies designing games for future equipment. There are people like me who will be spending money on an Intel i7 (that I get for a huge discount) and the latest graphics card because I want to do some Oculus VR (I can get a 25% discount on it, so I'm tempted to buy it now) and be ready for games that aren't even out yet.


You are an edge case! Especially so because you can buy components extra cheap.
This is not a case like crysis, where the game was pushing boundaries. This is a game which doesn't look all that special and still runs poorly on most hardware if reports from users are to be believed.
Why should a company make a game that will only be playable in the future? If that's the case people would only buy it in the future!


Isn't that the point of PC gaming, to get the Super Deluxe ultra graphics and physics and engines that console kiddies could never dream of? Why shouldn't I be catered to, the customer who made decent decisions in their life and has money to spare on things he enjoys and is giving them money for? Knowing that there is more to unlock means that I'll get my money's worth from the game even if I upgrade to the next card.


As I said, that's not the case when we talk poor optimisation. Im specifically talking about games which require much more resources than their graphics would warrant. Shit like crysis 2's models and always-rendered invisible underground sea come to mind.


>PC Gamer reports that people with Toasters are having difficulty running a AAA game with lots of stuff going on

I can't sympathize. I can see why that would suck, but you have to acknowledge the strength of your equipment.


Good lord man are you not reading what I type?


That a PC game was released unoptimized? This is the norm. It's always been like this. I remember having to download updates for practically all of them except the Bundle version of Morrowind. All PC games need massive patches, it's one of the big positives of console gaming. Yeah, maybe WF shouldn't have bought Dishonored 2 without waiting for reviews, same as I should have waited a bit more for XCom2 and Groves/Cheesy should have held off on Stellaris, but here we are.


And what I'm saying is, I don like how that is the norm! It should not be the norm!


But how else can they push the bleeding-edge graphics processors or top-of-the-line cooling fan if they don't make your machine wheeze like an obese asthmatic trying to go up two flights of stairs?


Then just wait for the patch or buy the console version. If games had to be certified to work like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo do, people would also complain about that.

Unless it's a game you are really in love with, you can wait. I want Stellaris, but I held off based on what Groves and Sion told me about the developer, which seems to have been the best choice. I'm sure they'll fix it and you'll be free to give them your money.


I only rarely preorder a game, maybe one a year. I had a lot of faith in Arkane since Dishonored 1 was one of my favorites of all time.

Fortunately, the faith was well-placed this time.


>final research presentation
>filled my speech with Trump references
>won best speaker

D-did Kek bless me?



Might have also been Keket, the female snake version of Kek.

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