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In which we meta meta
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Fuck Italians


File: 1479929957771.gif (Spoiler Image, 361.52 KB, 470x470, 1357495494724.gif)


File: 1479930004778.jpg (37.99 KB, 428x432, 420132.jpg)




Would you fill her up?


I'm not really into cars


File: 1479930737569.jpg (34.44 KB, 640x362, 420350.jpg)

But it's about to get a gritty reboot with dismemberment!


File: 1479930801934.jpg (118.87 KB, 996x564, 1479888932573.jpg)


>fried cheese, fried turkey with cheese and ham and fishsticks
>all made without oil in the oven

That's a ten

Would you stir her pasta?


Where's the Sion huh?


File: 1479931081317.png (168.54 KB, 693x1152, 1469338376099.png)


File: 1479931085135.jpg (132.79 KB, 1275x717, anzio2.jpg)

I don't know, Duce is kind of a hothead.


So my bedridden mother wants me to keep her company, I can either run in an hour or, if you're too tired, we can play 2morro


I want to that pony


Tomorrow pls


So shall it be


Ask your mom if I can sleep in your couch


File: 1479931358787.jpg (50.24 KB, 600x847, sQ995Vq.jpg)

She'd let you sit in her tankette, just the two of you!


Maybe once you figure out when you could enter the US


Oh shit, now that changes things!

I'll throw her out as soon as she lets me in and claim my very own tiny meme tank!


The entire Italian Tank Faction would declare war on you!
So you'd be safe


Would you keep a Goliath Mine in your hangar as a pet, like a dog?


No hard feelings right? They're still best school.


I can around December!


File: 1479932056488.png (267.99 KB, 583x385, 1392547271262.png)


Are you sure? Remember there's a lot of complex paperwork!


Every fucking day I come home from work and this faggot tankette sits here giving me this look


File: 1479932170802.gif (1.32 MB, 299x166, 0kBb7FY.gif)

>implying they aren't


I fucking love how they tumble out of it


As long as nothing unexpected happens


Well they are the only ones who can challenge finland for the meme team crown, true


File: 1479932638809.gif (375.95 KB, 427x179, Pravda parties.gif)

Finland's meme magic doesn't even make them best school.

Italy > Russia > Finland


Wait a minute, didn't you say you had some friend in the US you could stay with? What happened with that?

As for crashing on the couch, we have a whole guest room but you know, you'd have to move somewhere eventually.


File: 1479932735320.png (249.89 KB, 437x380, 1472079163152.png)

>Maali going illegally to the US


File: 1479932775830.webm (3 MB, 1280x720, 1470024433780.webm)

>tfw not a meme country


File: 1479933018254.gif (1.93 MB, 488x272, Rosehip in action.gif)

It's a sad feel. But at least Belgium was mentioned once.

God I miss this show.


>press the wrong button
>lose an entire week of progress
Thanks Blizz



I need to do all the achievements in a raid to get a special mount
One achievement is to kill a boss with at least 5 different enemies around it
4 is my single target strike that kills the boss, giving me the achievement
5 is a giant AoE explosion that kills everything, failing the achievement
I pressed 5 by mistake and now I can't try again for a week.


That's your fault then innit


lmao look at this nerd


That kinda flopped. I can't move in with him anymore, but I could move in somewhere close to him and he'd help me get a job on the pizza place he works on
Its more fun that way
Plus it'll only be illegal if they catch me


While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I can't condone such actions!


File: 1479934893914.png (81.56 KB, 500x386, 669364__safe_solo_cute_fil….png)

You would have done the same, don't lie


Post rare Noponies playing Minecraft


Why aren't you migrating legally?


>Proceed to ace the far harder second achievement my class shouldn't even be able to do
Fuck this


Is there no way for me to move in with a bud I know from America legally?



File: 1479935114850.png (151.2 KB, 365x350, amethyst_happy.png)

Perhaps so! But I definitely would not have tried to hide it!

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