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File: 1479935018687.png (675.54 KB, 950x900, pirates.png)

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In order to affect a timely halt to deterioriating conditions, and to ensure the common good, a state of emergency is declared for these boards by decree of Lord Fallen Pineapple, duly appointed representative of Her Majesty, Lauren Faust. By decree, according to martial law, the following statutes are temporarily amended: Right to create threads, suspended. Right to report others, suspended. Right to bitch at janitors and mods, suspended. Right to shitpost, suspended. By decree, all persons found guilty of ponying, or aiding a person convicted of ponying, or associating with a person convicted of ponying, shall be sentenced to hang by the neck until dead.


There probably is if you do some research on legal migration!


File: 1479935157354.png (235.92 KB, 582x592, 1117852.png)


File: 1479935194744.png (675.73 KB, 773x800, 378804__safe_oc_shipping_b….png)

Then what's the harm?
Are you excited for the fun we will have together?~


As long as you're definitely migrating legally and not lying on government paperwork or anything I'll ask if you can stay in the guest room or something until you find a place.


File: 1479935381068.png (489.21 KB, 2200x2200, 1448845711446.png)


Does Regrowth have a different splash art than vanilla MC in the main menu?


Yes, you should see the menu buttons moved to the bottom left under a large R


Please. you know I wouldn't
And how awfully nice of you

Do you guys already have a cleaning lady? I could pay my stay by cleaning and cooking


What a submissive pony!


They got rid of the cleaning lady when my mother retired since she has free time now, but it's nice to offer.

Anyway I can't guarantee anything. My parents are kind of untrusting of online people. If it were up to me you could stay here but it's not. We'll have to see.



Apparently launching from the FTB launcher Third Party Packs thing doesn't work then


I will be ready for the interview. And I will bring delicacies from my motherland to win them over


That's how me and andy are doing it though! Are you sure you got the right Regrowth??


I have a better idea.

Let's make VIDYA GAEMS together with DM and pay out way out of the gutter.


>tfw you'll never dress up Emrille like a princess


File: 1479935769950.png (131.5 KB, 562x860, 29621__safe_twilight spark….png)

M-make vidya games together??!


No no no, not vidya games.


File: 1479935834939.gif (40.23 KB, 245x190, 1071.gif)



And here I was actually trying to start something myself


You got an idea?


She's already a princess!


I actually did have one for a few years ever since I left the game school


But you're not a game designer.
I have an idea too. It's not that easy.


Tell me about it then!


3rd person dungeon crawler with focus on melee and complete gravity manipulation.


Several. Most of them involving mashing together 3d platforming with some more meaningful combat.
While I can defend this pitch from a business case point of view, I will fully admit a large part of why I want to work on something like that is because it will give me a lot to do as a level designer.


File: 1479936303491.jpg (122.3 KB, 700x700, 1438793592738.jpg)

Oh I like dungeon crawlers
Go on with your idea


But not a pretty princess with a tiara!


File: 1479936323493.jpg (32.28 KB, 480x540, 1464678726349.jpg)

>Haven't played a game in a week
Please god have my computer be fixed by tomorrow. Or at least by Friday.


DM has a pretty awesome idea tbh


I gave you the basic pitch or whatever it was called!
What you guys writing in?




how nice
count me out though. I'm not good enough yet for a big project
I need to get stronger


It's literally a first project.
Nothing big about it.


I was writing in C#


Too much schoolwork?


File: 1479936551092.jpg (85.5 KB, 640x480, tumblr_nn6k4zCrSN1sjz7a3o1….jpg)

I'm still 2scared to join in and just disappoint you all
I'm not strong enough



A game dev during a presentation in my school said it's essential to be able to construct a prototype in one week or the project is going to run into trouble cuz you're TOO SLOW.

At that point I realized I was going way too slow and didn't want to waste DM's time


File: 1479936604704.jpg (24.32 KB, 477x417, 15027749_625935994260046_8….jpg)

Or so you think!

I haven't played since Saturday either


God what a cocksucker.
I see.


I want to put her in a pretty pink dress.
With a diamond tiara.
And put some make up on her


It was the first time I heard about Game Jam's though.
Maybe if I'm done with this stuff, I'll do one!


But why


I'm sorry


Because why not?


Well now instead of being slowed down I'm at a complete stop. There is nothing I can do alone.
We're having a game jam in a few weeks at work, and I need to study up for it.


File: 1479936889885.jpg (25.37 KB, 600x337, 1479909712088.jpg)

Meme gremlin drag me to die in your realm


File: 1479936946161.webm (2.22 MB, 400x400, musac.webm)

Goodnight, sweet prince



File: 1479936974120.gif (5.7 MB, 640x360, ojosestrella.gif)

This gremlin wants attention too!


But why?


She'll look so cute!


She already does


She'll look even more cute!
Than I'll put her at a fancy ball


She hates those!


Then she'll get asked to dance!
And eat expensive Horsd’œuvres!
And laugh haughtily with the other rich ponies


And she can't resist for some reason



She'd rather shoot stuff!


She's a princess now




That's it, no more gun for a week.




You watch your tongue young lady or I'll make it two weeks!


What's up you meme-loving nutballs?



Slightly irked


Now it's time for your ballet class!


I'm sure Emrille will make a lovely prima ballerina.


File: 1479940589387.jpg (113.67 KB, 680x1001, 1479925526819.jpg)


To do: never play with nopo ever again


You make this sound like a chore


Fancy meeting you here.


File: 1479941748486.gif (1.17 MB, 400x400, 1465281678184.gif)


>can literally kill both Ana and Torb if I have healing since they can't outdamage me and cannot kill me with the orb
>never once get the fucking heal orb

Sure, it's my fault your friend is literally retarded
Note to self: Never play with J again, because he is literally, not figuratively, mentally challenged


He's level twenty mate.


Like the plague I get around


Did you get yourself a new motherboard?



File: 1479941931907.png (645.39 KB, 1280x720, blogentry-23942-0-22992000….png)

I'll go to bed. Night


How about you put down the Biotic Field then, huh?
Instead of you two fucking off to the other side of the bridge?
Why the fuck would you do that?
We literally could have won if you two retards didn't run off and leave me alone so the Ana can peek and snipe me, because, as mentioned before, I did break the shield and kill the turrets, but the turret does damage, and it targeted me, but I never got healing, so we threw.
That's that.
And, believe it or not, I did not say 'need healing' all game because I like the Bastion voiceline for it


File: 1479942032169.png (182.88 KB, 267x542, 1464147891163.png)

Lord give me strength.

I pray my computer will be fixed before the weekend.


I see your shit is still fucked


I called in professional help and dumped my PC in a workshop.

Going to give them a call tomorrow to see if they figured it out yet.


>Instead of you two fucking off to the other side of the bridge?
Maybe you were the one out of position.


any idea what the problem was exactly?


>let's engage when they are at a disadvantaged position, let the healer die to torb while accomplishing nothing, which also let's me get killed by the Ana since I can't do anything against peeking and I'm left alone

Master strategist right here bois


Not a clue. That's why I asked them to figure it out for me. It could be one of so many little things and I'm sick of trying to figure it out myself.

I wouldn't care if I was without my PC for another week. I just want the issue to go away and never return.


File: 1479943024219.jpg (1.51 MB, 3264x1836, pizzahell.jpg)

fair, in the mean time I went to a "fancy" pizza restaurant and ordered a $10 slice that looked like this.


Christ almighty.

Is that just crust on top of a pizza slice like it's a fucking burger?


File: 1479943577073.jpg (1.92 MB, 1920x1080, __murica__by_mkgraphics-d5….jpg)

yes, kinda it's literal pizza pie.


America will never be great again with this shit being legal.

I'm off to bed. Good night.


>edgedog spawns in Poni island canyon
Huh. Wonder if Andy is still going to want daydog, since it will probably spawn there in Moon.


>hitman paris level
>auction where the secrets of the richest are bought and sold
>meet rep for a female president candidate in the US
>she says how pools are on their side
>wants to buy something to make the opposition look "megalomaniac, inbred or just plain evil"
>end the conversation with "she WILL win"


That tactic only works if your skeletons aren't worse than the ones being bought.


Stuffed pizza?


This taking a walk in the cold tactic sorts works for cooling off

Or maybe I just needed 20 minutes of calm and silence and no rush or pressure finally


Those generally do work, yeah.


nope two slices of pizza slapped on top of each other with some stuff in between.


That's not too dissimilar, though I guess you don't bake them together.


"The united states have been founded by a sect of calvin-sionists which aimed to create a second israel in the new world"
-t. my roomie right now


has he ever left his room in his life


Probably for some political rally.


I don't think "conspiracy theory" is a political ideology


In the morning, try to remember to press play again!


He's a pinko.


File: 1479952600278.png (645.45 KB, 1200x800, 1479862286642.png)


File: 1479952954714.jpg (371.55 KB, 1928x2048, 1479087206095.jpg)


No Lurantis.
You're a shit. Shits don't get dinner.


File: 1479953166313.jpg (106.21 KB, 903x1200, 1479195833801.jpg)

Lurantis is a super qt
what a shame GF didn't seem to agree


File: 1479953172196.png (534.24 KB, 1072x900, 1479087514510.png)

Go to bed Sylt, or else his memes will infect you.



I'm sure it's fine in the game, I'll give it a go since I usually don't have Plant Types on my team's.


Your roommate is a girl?


No, sorry to tell you.


Super slow even compared to other Alolamons, sadly, Tsareena is an all-round upgrade. Passable attack at least, and you can potentially abuse contrary.


File: 1479953889778.png (312 KB, 640x740, 1479086876013.png)


What the actual fuck


Most disappointing waifu mon


File: 1479956962685.png (247.37 KB, 900x532, 1479701908915.png)

Sucks because I find it more visually appealing than Tsareena.


>water trainer super-thirsty for toned swimmers


File: 1479957055971.png (189.01 KB, 638x611, 4x ice weak.png)

It's a tragedy

By the way, use QR codes to gain access to island scan for a different pokemon every day depending on location. You can have superior flowermon as your grass


And if you won't use mantis Knight, you can trade for a Petilil



File: 1479957445735.jpg (214.52 KB, 1920x1080, 20161124040651_1.jpg)

>when you tilt in a single player game



File: 1479958091500.png (441.93 KB, 1280x1812, 1479906028495.png)

Nah, I still want to try it out. In 'Mons, it's been good for me to branch out.


Tsareena had been a solid anchor for my team for most of the game.


The S&M waifu was chicken chan


>not Lillie
or Hau


/vp/ seems pretty mixed on Hau


Hau's alright, but he gets kind of annoying for a while

At least his better than the XY """friends""". Well, anything would be better than them


What was wrong with them?


>heheh look I am le fahnny fat dancing man hahaha I fail to do anything but play the same retarded """dance""" animation over and over
>Let's have a pokedex battle! We'll see who has seen more Pokemon! So you've seen 1 Pokemon… I lost! How frustrating!
>AM I KAWAII UGUU I'VE NEVER WATCHED FIREWORKS WITH A BOY BEFORE SO YOU'RE INFILTRATING A DANGEROUS EVIL TEAM BASE BUT I'LL FORCE MYSELF YOU B-BECAUSE FRIENDS SHOULD STICK TOGETHER11!!11!1 Oh and I mentioned I'm good at puzzles but instead of being competent for once I'm going to just use this magic machine someone else made to solve the puzzle leading to the box legend hahaha~ ♫



>Bee movie could have been more accurately about a cute female worker bee falling in love with a man


>more accurately


File: 1479960628162.jpg (44.34 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ml5pavURVI1qhqxfro1….jpg)

Well, all bees except for the drones are girls


BDN, you know the world still isn't ready for a sterile female lead.


Also, they'd only be able to cast an Asian male lead, to account for size.


Laying worker bees exist!


Only after ingesting a shitload of royal jelly. If they are found laying otherwise, they're usually killed to prevent confusion in the hive.


After much toil and suffering I grinded out Paris.


I can see why an 11 year old who just wanted to adventure would be welcome.


The memeseeker awakens


Go back to sleep, Frampt.


File: 1479963650677.jpg (97.49 KB, 1280x914, oqR2tR4.jpg)

To bed or not to bed?


I still have your laika waiting!
And I want you to evolve lola for me


Have you made it to the E4 yet?




So when will we begin


Another time, another place. Beyond the boundaries of our fragile mind.


>map of europe
>American still included


Lola? I thought you wanted her to be called Natalie.
I'm currently killing time and engaging in a little light breeding. Daycare is a ripoff this time around unless you're in it for a long haul.


I will love natalie too, but I would like my first pup to evolve into the sun version, if that's acceptable
I will send her to you with a rare candy attached


So passed the E4 already?

If you want a maximum IV Ditto, I can hook you up


Oh, Nat's been ready for a few days. I'm just currently incapable of getting her to you.


Not yet. Thought I should have an ice type that isn't crabominable, and frostfox is pretty much geared specifically anti-dragon.


Pity Crabominable isn't all that good, I love the way it looks

There's always Froslass


I don't mind that. Still need to finish the game itself


Well, icetails is ice/fairy, which covers a good bit of ground. And my Scalybait can handle the steel types that come knocking.
Travel day is Saturday. So I should be able to chuck her at you by Sunday or so.
I find it kinda funny that vulpix loves you messing with it's hair, but ninetails glares at you if you try to tussle its poof.


Also, I'm surprised you stuck with Crabrawler for so long

>give players a reward for sticking with their bros until the endgame by giving them a final surprise evolution then

>they're still shit

Thanks GF


ice vulpix is too cute, I'm not sure I want her to evolve


File: 1479966967247.png (887.82 KB, 1000x1014, 1470119159433.png)

But she's so beautiful when she does
Progress, by the way?


beat pika boy and got his crystal


>screw up one of the sound cues
>Sophocles gets zapped because my my fuckup

I love sound puzzles


It was a fun idea!


It's fate. And to be honest, I was trying to roll an Alola team for a while. Haven't seen a snowshrew or jangmoo yet, though. Outside of trials or trainer battles.
Do what I did: catch/breed one specifically to stay cute and small forever.
And then give it an eviolite and watch it rip dragons new assholes.


Maybe I will let mine keep evolite on her..


Nothing has changed from last time.


File: 1479967392607.jpg (11.24 KB, 236x314, 3c295be3dfe338df9986f5f0de….jpg)

Jangmo-o is rare in Vast Pony Canyon, in grass.

Snowshrew is for moon only

>stay small and cute

>Weavile: They dwell in cold places. This Pokémon’s main food source in Alola is Vulpix and Sandshrew, which they carefully divide among their group.

Good, good.


To bed it is.


Good N-…day?




pets can afford it, since they have a human to protect them


File: 1479967616941.png (327.13 KB, 604x555, 6katetyHeadCrop.png)


I see. I wasn't finding it in grass so I thought it was in caves.
I'll have to go back after I finish scouring melee island for Z-cells.




When would you like to bzzzzz Andy?


File: 1479967763136.png (533.16 KB, 1086x1536, jar.png)

>How it feels to play Regrowth
Server reboot underway


Say, when you get to the league/ victory road area, could you set me aside a snowshrew? I'm not up to speed on version exclusives.


this weekend I can


What a tiny.

If I'm honestly, its an overwhelming modpack, you have to learn about everything, and use a little of each.

I do think the infinite dirt wands will help, with that we can set up big farms easier

I'll try to hurry up about it, just been hectic for me lately


There's no hurry. I'm stuck here until the weekend, after all.


True, hopefully after thanksgiving things are less busy so I can really sit down to play it



Fox would be able to fend off my Weavile if she had her fairy type!


I've been lucky in that regard.


I like the quest book. If I get tired of working on metals or new seeds I can just go work on another chapter for a little while.

I was too tired to make the speed, redstone, and spider soul seeds so I went coral diving instead.


File: 1479968479837.gif (484.3 KB, 450x233, trying_to_ruse_old_shopkee….gif)

>the spoiler

Well I will make my mind up closer to the end, for now she's stronk enough to hold her own.

yea! when are you thinking?

It all depends on what people expect of you.


(Unrelated) Stuff I've noticed about newSymmetra on PTR
>If you move out of the range of the shield generator, your shields go away, so you can't just leave it at spawn door
>Can't drop generator inside spawn
>Stacking Symmetras gets obscene fast, even just 2 generators makes the game very painful


I always feel like I'm getting something done, which is nice.




>Reddit going full meltdown

For andy: I'll ask everyone when works best this weekend



You can't stack symmetra in quickplay anymore though.


The CEO admitted he edited a user post in a fit of sperging. So basically now everyone knows admins can edit any post without any trace of it. So reddit users are in an uproar. Kinda funny.


Wew lad.


The funniest part is how petty it was. He changed a post from "fuck spez" (spez is him) to say fuck [usernames of guys he hates]


Truly, spite is their own undoing.


File: 1479971419792.jpg (145.61 KB, 492x700, tumblr_o3zaqrA2Gh1v1vknto3….jpg)


Your guro fetish is showing


File: 1479971788708.jpg (31.78 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nwhgstbk3L1upewaxo1….jpg)

>He doesn't know Undertale

Do you even 2015, Gramps?


>6 shield generator symmetras




>cat took a giant turd on the pillow of my flatmate

Something is seriously wrong with his cat, in two months this was the first time he shat somewhere other than the litter.


File: 1479972935112.png (91.83 KB, 295x223, 1479877049756.png)


Maybe he was just voicing his displeasure


Laugh a deep belly laugh, BDN.


he tried to call me a nigger, but showdown filters it to meanie by default


Mmm, such delightful anguish. Such songs of sorrow to sing me to my slumber.
Enjoy your salt.


File: 1479975114284.png (572.71 KB, 750x726, 8d3f74fc-3823-4056-913f-c5….png)

>waking up before the alarm


File: 1479977504311.jpg (35.4 KB, 530x534, 1465164278850.jpg)

>That narrow win
>"gg ez"
Best way to piss people off.


The odds were hilariously in his favour and his still lost

If the teams were remotely close in power it would have been ezier than ever


File: 1479977881754.webm (160.67 KB, 640x360, What the fuck is going on.webm)

>Gaith Pharaon is a criminal who is wanted internationally
>However, he MAY be a pawn to the CIA, because of how easily he was let off of his past as someone who got rich off of funding drugs and terrorism
>when he came to the son-in-law of Orbán in 2014 with deals and got a visa to Hungary, it might have been a trap set by the CIA
>he only had an English Wiki article until recently, but after this whole "Orbán is doing deals with a terrorist" thing he got a hungarian wiki article too, created by an unregistered user who left out most details of terrorism and only mentioned he's been involved into fraud, but since it was an unregistered user, the IP is visible
>which leads to a packaging factory in Latvia, which company didn't respond to any emails or picked up the phone, but could have easily just been a proxy

This guy got a prize recently for his journalism
I have a feeling he might have an 'accident' soon if he keeps writing articles like this


File: 1479979177721.png (965.95 KB, 671x924, 1439000967632.png)

>Where's my adress then
>it's not in your pokemon's heart that's for sure!


>Speculate that there's a conspiracy involving the CIA
>Have no evidence except that I couldn't get a return phonecall from a biased Wikipedia editor

This guy should work for Fox News or Huffpo, he'd fit right in.


The wiki article is about the possible involvement of our own government

The information about him being a CIA informant is elaborated much more, citing sources like the Outlaw Bank from Time journalists, and also the fact that it wouldn't be the first time, since in the 80's the CIA worked together with Fazle Haq, who was a internationally wanted criminal and drug dealer, yet the USA dealt with him rather than arresting him so he would help the CIA smuggle weapons to Afghanis who would then fight the Soviets
Also the fact that political tension between the US and Hungary was really fucking high in 2014 because of the visa-denial scandal, so it's not out of the question that the US did something that wasn't just political, but rather a secret service operation.
Not to mention even the Russians have been wary about him and warned us, but because they thought that he might indeed be an informant/bait for the CIA


File: 1479979971238.jpg (229.31 KB, 1200x789, 1461816410428.jpg)

Who's the person who wrote this stuff and got a prize again?


Just saying there are a lot of assumptions that go into that claim!


The Outlaw Bank was from journalists at the Times, but the guy who did a lot of investigative jouralism recently here in Hungary is called Sarkadi Zsolt.
He got the prize for 3 long articles about the biggest stock-broker scandal in Hungary that made 210 billion forints (approx 721 327 242 US dollars) vanish into thin air.

Listen, I'm not blaming the US for this, in fact, I'd be happy if international diplomacy finally did something, since the apathy over here is too big to do anything.
But it's not like this is conspiracy theory levels, that the CIA could use a criminal as an informant if they couldn't catch him for 25 years when he wasn't hiding all that well.


>tfw still haven't played XY
Is it worth buying?


Eh, you might as well

Check if your 3DS is hackable first though


File: 1479981865709.jpg (66.31 KB, 700x554, bob_semple_landmower.jpg)



I, too, believe it is possible Nopo. It could be true.

I'm just saying, it takes more to get me from possible and could be to certain.


Interesting. Wouldn't be surprised if something fishy was going on.


You could see I used "may" and "Might" too


>Hungary spent 20 billion forints on anti-immigrant propaganda, meanwhile selling rights to live here for petty money they could steal for arabs everywhere

Alas, people are too dumb to realize


Oh, and did I say that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs admitted to setting up a meeting of Pharaon with Tarsoly Csaba, the CEO of the stock-broker company?

That means that the fucking ministry admitted that they organized a meeting between
1. An internationally wanted terrorist criminal
2. The CEO of a stock-company that was robbing people blind for decades yet suffered no consequence and was very visibly right next to bankrupcy at this point


>3 months of Spotify for 5 euros

Thankfully, I think this offer is until January 1st


>paying for music
What you only listen to memecore anyway?


File: 1479986478482.jpg (2 KB, 99x99, images (13).jpg)

Spotify has the best vaporwave albums


I'm watching the latest Common Filth and for some reason I don't feel rage.
Instead these girls look… Normal, kind of lonely human beings. Except the last one.


File: 1479991451781.png (470.95 KB, 1024x755, selena_the_mage_finished_b….png)


File: 1479991528520.png (728.01 KB, 1069x1200, 1472649662263.png)


Sickened but curious


File: 1479991651719.png (850.96 KB, 3000x1500, 1429909357905.png)

The holy Trinity


Of massive whores.


File: 1479991726870.jpg (917.35 KB, 2592x1944, IMG_20161124_133124.jpg)

Look at all these fairies wf


3 girls, clearly from poor backgrounds. One complains about being insulted when going to the doctor for birth control, the other 2 are just dying her armpit hair while talking about their average, incredibly normal life. I guess one of them could be considered ugly and then CF does a recut of a dumb face she makes.
And then the usual pronoun tumblerina to finish the video.


Yes, exactly


But LH is missing


Because she's deceased and a proclaimed saint!


I guess that's because I haven't drawn her
I could never capture such amouth of sluttery that could depict her faithfully in one single pic


I've got the holy tailbone~


I'd an LH


Yeah, it was kinda weak. Guess he ran out of material


File: 1479993481870.png (18.79 KB, 598x572, tumblr_o8dfwzfppe1v9vb5to2….png)


File: 1479994255829.png (869.67 KB, 1280x1236, tumblr_oh4mk7UQYu1s0dx6zo3….png)


I felt kinda sad about those girls.


That's probably the most healthy reaction to it.


So what you are saying is
That I'm a real human bean?


You're a bean alright.




But are you a real hero?



>Still on Halloween name


A little too doll like for me, there's an uncanny valley


>Genocide day


File: 1479995630961.jpg (27.58 KB, 750x430, K4GdwsQ.jpg)

Happy thanksgiving Amerifats!


LH has a reputation for her sexcapades, but I think Venia has a more legendary reputation for her dick sucking


They're both Groves characters though


My characters are always slandered with impure lies, nothing new here.


>implying yo wouldn't


Thanksgiving is literally the most comfy holiday and all others should be modeled after it

I have complex graduate history reasons for saying this that I don't have time to explain, but in short, you could argue that by essentially rewriting history for children to tell them that America was founded through cooperation with natives helps reduce racial tensions.

Now if only we could just stop telling people about slavery, maybe black people wouldn't have a constant inferiority complex and rednecks a superiority complex.


Groves is known for his excellent taste in slut characters

I mean if they were alive, but I'm not into hotgluing figures, which may surprise you!


It's pretty much the same thing as Christmas though, which is only a month away anyway.


They prop up completely different industries


Are you implying those are not real, actual alive fairies?


If they were, I would be reading about it this morning in Ars Technica



Thanksgiving is only about food. Christmas is about food and also decorations and also presents. But most importantly both are about family coming together.



Remember, this is East Europe
We don't have all that science and technology bullshit


Maybe Christmas puts more of an emphasis on food in Europe, I'm not sure. In America, Thanksgiving is the definitive food holiday and not Christmas.




Christmas dinners are incredibly iconic here.


I get hungry just thinking about them


Yeah Christmas is THE food holiday here


Better now?




Thankgiving isn't only about food! Its about foodball too






>tfw you'll never play american foodball with your dad


>sion doesn't catch shrimps and cinnamon rolls in his mouth as celebration
look at this pleb


Why isn't this a thing?


File: 1479999381323.jpg (105.38 KB, 700x525, 1424256288628.jpg)


Will you be around today?


Pls I live in Europe. We don't have enough freedom here to do such things



I'll lend you some freedoms, just for today.



I will probably be afk until 9pm


CBS parade coverage is awful
I never get tired of watching adults attempt to explain the pikachu balloon


What's there to explain?
Mascot of a popular video game.


explaining the balloons is tradition!


Send it to me by eagle


I want to see a supercut of embarrassed newscasters trying to explain that.


File: 1480000177998-0.jpg (473.97 KB, 1808x1080, Rescuers-down-under-disney….jpg)

File: 1480000177998-1.png (402.55 KB, 640x381, The-Rescuers-Down-Under-6.png)

This one lets you ride her


That's not a freedom eagle! That's a troll eagle!


Why are its claws so weird?


A troll eagle is the eagle you deserve!
However she is very free


File: 1480000314776-0.gif (498.42 KB, 480x281, tumblr_nadqo9d5JU1rno7w6o2….gif)

because style
she's also fluffy


File: 1480000355168.png (328.66 KB, 1152x1440, cb17a393-5a8d-4dfe-b006-8d….png)

Screw you guys!


poor deer got hunted


Stuff with food you dork


>tfw I deserve the Australian eagle

I guess this is my curse.



You have to have been hunted to have been cooked!


>b-baka don't respond lewdly to my lewd nickname you bakas I totally don't want the D


File: 1480000572240-0.png (938.16 KB, 1095x730, 2e83d8820fd6f6fde4a7e651a7….png)

I hope he's tasty!

You know how it is, foreigners do our work here.


Y'know maali, if you want the D so bad you could always poke me on steam!


Goshdarnit you people
… Maybe later


>that nickname

You're doing this on purpose aren't you?


The joke was, I still have you blocked.


File: 1480000709010-0.jpg (20.84 KB, 172x212, 1479188696970.jpg)


There's Nothing lewd about Turkeys


It's been there for 17 years and they still manage to screw it up every time


Maybe they do it on purpose cuz they know there's people like Andy who only watch to see them fuck it up again


File: 1480000885094-0.png (544.95 KB, 891x499, 1423200703429.png)

Well got to get going for the big day

Play safe.


File: 1480000955232.gif (153.7 KB, 540x570, f1ed1772-4029-4b1f-9130-55….gif)

But there's no quests to play

Be safe


When will Ariel give me her firstborn


What a lewd plant


File: 1480001029871.jpg (117.28 KB, 499x570, 1478846129341.jpg)


File: 1480001048541-0.png (42.29 KB, 214x245, CondomVectorUnopened.png)

File: 1480001048541-1.png (42.09 KB, 300x500, 1423202481744.png)

tomorrow probably
Oh behave



>the filled one


What a safe template



If those are used I won't have a firstborn to claim!


The thing is there are anchors at work now who probably played Pokémon as kids
There is no excuse by now


File: 1480001347578.png (620.19 KB, 1024x755, slut.png)


Don't worry, that's why I left them with the sub, they'll be gone by tonight when I leave her alone


What a qt!

They select anchors on basis of wether they don't know pokemon


>Using protection
Have you forgotten about her two little accidents?


To be fair, she never had any other kids despite her well known promiscuity!




Did she never tell them?


How dare you


File: 1480001717861.png (960.26 KB, 1069x1200, prepare your anus.png)




Of course not, they're miracles!




Accidental miracles.


Mistakes into miracles


File: 1480002017136.jpg (38.48 KB, 540x233, 6ae58eee-328e-487d-abf7-61….jpg)

Don't do this Sylt


They weren't accidental!


File: 1480002535411.jpg (557.25 KB, 3000x1500, whore.jpg)

Do what?


File: 1480002674747.png (269.3 KB, 401x317, 1464586973600.png)

Now you've done it.



Not like I can do any more, your pics are over!




[sensible chuckle]


Let me rephrase that. I ran out of pic of yours I'd saved.


File: 1480004225367.png (112.49 KB, 1280x764, eebdc925-dc34-42b6-a5db-6d….png)

You didn't save this one?


Nope. 2 late, I'm playing games.


I added a new home for villagers


>Skylanders character balloon appears
>anchors keep calling him "Skylanders"
This is hilarious


File: 1480006241193.jpg (25.04 KB, 680x382, 1476798818792.jpg)

My last paper is tomorrow
Should I attempt an all nighter


Will you survive that?


File: 1480006484117.jpg (742.8 KB, 1200x1000, __lillie_pokemon_pokemon_g….jpg)


No idea
But I haven't been able to get anything of note in my head

I'll try for 5 hours of slp or something

no time for grills


Only if you're prepared






he says


What have you done to my Emmy!


Made her into a pretty princessu~


>Steam sale
>Mankind divided already 50% off


Also you can apparently vote for best games of the year now


Show me your steam awards nominations


I have yet to nominate anything, but I will once I have!


It was pretty mediocre.



God this hack the laptop bs is so rng dependant. Fuck you Hitman.




>Skyrim and all addons 17 euros
>Special edition still 39 even though you get it for free if you buy all the addons

Still way too much


Pirate it.


Nah. I just won't buy it.
It's this weird TES itch that tempts me once in a while, even though I know I'd regret it.
It must be a weaker version of the WoW pull


Pirating is fine, Todd got his money already


I don't want to feed the itch


>tfw only want mediocre games atm but don't even have the money for it

Good thing too, I already have enough distractions


File: 1480008805293.png (224.63 KB, 679x720, 1477335257674.png)

>tfw bought game I always wanted
>tfw can't download it until tonight


Just remember
Lovers never lose
'Cause they are Free of thoughts unpure
And of thoughts unkind

The way Bowie sings the last 2 verses is pretty fucking great.


Meanwhile Boris Johnson is telling Erdogan he supports a Turkish entry into the EU and ol' Nigel Farage is thinking about moving to the US.

This is just too hilarious.


Which one?


>steer UK out of the EU
>leave the party that did it
>tell Turkroaches to join to shit everything up and move abroad

These people should be shot like dog
Thankfully, Erdogan already said he'd rather join the trade union with Russia and China


Elite Dangerous.
We will see if it's actually as good as I hope, thanks god for refunds.


Never trust a brit!


File: 1480011161320.jpg (7.87 KB, 100x183, seggbe.jpg)


Ravioli pancetta pizza


want me to install it and play with you later?


File: 1480011460268.webm (2.7 MB, 320x240, 1478380302423.webm)


Just do it Russia just launch the nukes save us all from this fresh hell


That'd be neat. But it's gotta have to wait till tomorrow, I can only download at night.


Also is the xpac worth it?


>panic finally not enough to sustain my studying anymore
Guess I'll slep a while


You really should.


File: 1480012792926.webm (1.74 MB, 640x360, 415771.webm)


kinda If you don't like the base game you won't like the xpac


I see.


Take it with a grain of salt.


File: 1480013399334.jpg (32.02 KB, 600x600, Cp8Lxo5W8AAP_S3.jpg)


Yeah well
It's still neat sounding.


Why would you do this?


Because you're a retarded mudslime?


Even they have motives



Pretty sure it's just some mentally unstable dude or something.

They're speaking Dutch by the way.


I just fucking love the looks they give


>Is this peasant serious?
>Someone get this knave out of here!


Happy thanksgiving, you euros.


yay etc



I'll be sure to eat even more while thinking of you guys.


Does Europe have a similar holiday? I know ours gets a ton of views thanks to Hollywood, but I'd like to know about yours.


File: 1480016567477.jpg (329.51 KB, 1800x1020, zwarte piet amag.jpg)

November only has All Saint and All Souls Day.

Christmas is the most important winter holiday.

New Years is also popular, but more about drinking than anything else.

In early December we also get Sinterklaas here in this part of Europe, but that's a kids thing where they get presents from the original pimp version of Santa Claus.

I guess Three Kings Day in early January is also worth mentioning, which is also a kids thing where they go around from door to door dressed as one of the biblical magi to sing songs asking for treats. It's very similar to Trick or Treating.


>You will never be a Magi and do Magi things like follow stars, give gifts, and eat delicious maana


We have independence day, when we thank the veterans for all the dead Russkies, which is way more important than the actual time we got the independence in the first place.



yay overtime


>only had one plate of food
>already feeling full
I'm getting old. But it's better to save room for pie.


File: 1480018960282.png (666.76 KB, 2569x5583, 1478201479880.png)


What a chubby pon


File: 1480019076917.png (295.74 KB, 1280x920, 87545121.png)

Eat her!


I'm not into vore.
If it was meant the lewd way, then I shall not be unfaithful.



You know, it's unfortunate that I don't like apple pie, or I could make unironic innuendos about that.


You still can!


>he doesn't like apple pie



File: 1480019675028.jpg (46.84 KB, 500x256, 1479902637213.jpg)

>Not liking apple pie
What's it like having objectively shit tastes?


But I'd know in my heart that it would be based on lies.
I know. But baked apples, and carrots for that matter, just remind me too much of baby food. I don't like applesauce, either, for that reason.


Pumpkin is the superior pie.



Kill yourself.


>the man with no taste




This is what makes my waifuing AJ tragic.



File: 1480020076501.png (153.5 KB, 367x499, filly_in_school.png)

>he cucks his own waifu


File: 1480020132466.jpg (250.23 KB, 1200x1350, 1465283877844.jpg)

The only tragic thing here are your tastes.

>Doesn't like apples or carrots

Like what the fuck m8.


Empire and maybe golden delicious apples are the only ones worth eating, at least in my experience. Red delicious, jonagolds, and granny smiths are just pie apples.


Maybe he likes them if they are deep fried


I don't like cooked carrots. There is a marked difference.


That's no better!



>intense urge to eat popcorn
>still can't



Eh. I just prefer uncooked, peeled carrots. Maybe dipped in ranch dressing.


>intense urge to play the game I bought
>still can't



Are you actually American at all


>phone's banned from 4Chan because it are a ban for some ban-evading c/u/ck
Bag. At least I could toss an appeal.


It's basically just christmas. Independence day is a small thing with no real major celebrations unless you're in the military or elite enough to attend the president's annual reception / basic enough to watch it on TV.

So in the whole year we get
-new year
and assorted one day "oh right that exists" things


What's the criteria? Beyond being a citizen.


Wait, someone in your area got banned from /u/?


Someone with my phone's ip did, yeah. Likely because of a proxy pool.


>Double cuck action



I am
Thinking of something horrible
If I chew on the other side
Popcorn should be right


Boop. H?

They say Hiro doesn't care about phoneposters


File: 1480021333334.gif (4.86 MB, 896x498, 1257171.gif)


It will go just about everywhere.


Even if I eat it piece by piece?



Not on my phone. Plus I should be socializing with family, technically.


If you're that desperate for salt intake, you can just lick my ballsack instead.

Yeah sure.


I-I'm gonna do it
I can't watch a movie and not have any snacks!

I'm going to put some BBQ spice on that too


Enjoy having to go to the dentist again in a week.


You know what
I'll just call him tomorrow
And ask if he could do a checkup
and worst comes to worse he can rinse it out

I'll have to go again in December anyway, to get a cavity filled


This is how you fuck your mouth up. Go ahead.


Sylt is right.

This is the path to true suffering.


I would recommend against taking chances.


File: 1480021706994.png (674.91 KB, 1127x949, 1330871809531.png)

night horse let me ride you to slp



Oh wait, I've got tangerines!

That'll have to do!


Well there's good news though

I am watching another house starting **today** so that means for the rest of the week I will be idle on my laptop with nothing to do but run H all day


File: 1480022303505.png (2.05 MB, 1920x1090, 1471893292743.png)

Wait, so are you running now or not?


Run for Sion and groves. They've got to catch up.


Well I normally don't run for 2 but maybe I could do just a short session to finish up faff before you reconvene


File: 1480022736308.png (1.03 MB, 5160x5940, 1478194766026.png)



>bullets are extinct

Holy shit that's a badass fucking line


It makes no fucking sense.


In an enclosed enviroment it does
How many people did you see actually use guns in Mona who weren't the Stadium, who manufacture their own?


What killed the bullets?


File: 1480023123453.jpg (624.42 KB, 844x1200, 71f7b2d5-58c7-4677-a7d1-26….jpg)

Sorry I can't today
How long are you going to be up BTW?




Global warming. We should've listened.



What a deep question


I mean using the word extinct for an item makes no sense!
We all played Metro 2033


Obsolete would probably be better. Or, if there are none left, then saying the method of their creation is lost.


It's still fucking badass


*austrian laughter*


I forget, did I ever convince you to watch Turbokid?


Why on earth would you do that.


It was way more ham than I anticipated but I fucking loved it since it pulled the MAXIMUM OVERHAM off
Irons was just the cherry on the cake


Because it's charmingly over the top. And pretty much MadMax Lite.


Glad you enjoyed it.


@Groves/Sion: Family calling, brb


File: 1480024144325.gif (885.07 KB, 440x507, 1479523769035.gif)


Reach for the stars, chubby pon


File: 1480024272195.jpg (960.09 KB, 1428x928, 1479593299633.jpg)


You ever watch Robot Jox? It also goes pretty ham.


Pick my Pokemon Sun gimmick.
I'm running Popplio.


All your pokes are male


All the pokemon that can sing.
Or a circus troupe.


Too late.


Only use pokes that don't evolve


Only Magikarps.


>caught a male bruxish
I was this close to calling it a crossdresser.


I actually considered!
I've come across this lovely thing in /f/ and looked it up, but haven't watched the full thing yet


File: 1480025728453.jpg (174.08 KB, 900x630, no_bully.jpg)

Thanks for running Wf but I'm getting tired.



dream of



I promise to run more tomorrow


It's great, in that way 80s movies are.
The Last Dragon is also great.


Holy shit this took a dark turn




>Putin asked a kid on TV "Where does Russia's border end?"
>He said "Russia's borders are endless"
>And added "that was a joke"


Should make a forum post out of it, famalam


He's pretty great


Already a 2k replies reddit post.


Well, it was a good movie, if you cut off the last 15 minutes


File: 1480031324646.png (341.73 KB, 1280x720, 1446155588066.png)


Did you restart?


No, I installed Sun together with Moon.
Sun is fresh.
Made a boxfull of marshadows but there's no way to trade them yet.


Use only Pokemon you've never used before
And/or if your popplio is female make the rest of the team traps


I pkhex'd my popplio into a timid female 31ivs shiny with HA


>maxing IVs for in-game
Also I'd say wait for the difficulty hacks to come out


I'll tell you more.
I'm gonna make a full team of 6 perfect mons for the very start of the game and inject them. Right now.


Make a team of traps or waifumons or female machamps or something


How hard is it to PKHex?


You just need a pokemon database.


You kids have it easy with hacking tools nowadays, back in my day we used pokesav and had to manually control everything

Also you should have a hacked 3DS


File: 1480035034725.webm (3.81 MB, 711x400, 1479267536081.webm)



File: 1480035292132.jpg (221.08 KB, 1920x1088, 1480035161795.jpg)

comfy owle


I think I'll doze for a bit. To Andy:
>We have all the parts for the portal to Alfheim ready (don't forget to claim your 2 terrasteel as a quest reward)
>We finished Strong tier seeds, unlocked Extreme infusion stone
>Have a villager village built on the neighboring mountain
>A few new seed farms are up (you can use the creeper essence to make more creeper hearts or gunpowder as you please)

Tomorrow I'd like to unlock some new spawn eggs and start Thaum. I got my thaumometer but didn't do much yet. I looked at the requirements to summon a village for Millenaire and it is true ultralategame. Requires a spirit from a gaia boss from botania, tier 2 blood sand from blood magic, and an endgame thaum item. I guess that must be one of the final game rewards, we haven't even unlocked blood magic.


>italian sitcom from a few years back
>mc had a story with this girl
>fast forward a season
>they broke up because politics
>still work together
>mc offers to help her with some work
>"ahah nice so I can leave early! My american friend Tyrone is coming to stay with me for a few days!"
I swear this HAD to be done on purpose.


>Reasons why not to join a new server if you weren't there at the start: a post by Wf.
I mean, it's cool and all, but what's the point of joining if everything's already done with? Perhaps it's just sour grapes on my end.


>tyrone is a 2m tall nigger


File: 1480038808844-0.jpg (267.91 KB, 1000x708, Pokémon.full.1229480.jpg)

Oh god I'm too full, how did I even make it back here


I wouldn't say he's done everything, because so far, he just gets 8 or so seeds of each resource, and doesn't stockpile it, rotates them out, and doesn't actually build structures or toys


File: 1480039175290.png (411.1 KB, 1179x402, 1480038819192.png)


File: 1480039248647.jpg (95.31 KB, 800x841, 1480003186308.jpg)


Oh shit where is this


I literally posted the link.
Site is under heavy load.


>The service is unavailable.



Fair enough. Perhaps I'm just assuming too much about the importance of traipsing about elfland.
How was your turkey day?


I did find time to make a seal for you, if you still want him


File: 1480039454863.png (147.08 KB, 640x857, 1472312008154.png)

I can only take him my tonight


elf land isn't a place you can go, its a mana expensive resource upgrader.


I'm spamming it.
Page loaded once or twice but I fail to add it to the cart.


great! he came out modest natured.


I see.
And I too would like a seal at some point, though I don't know what I'd give you for one.


File: 1480039815581.png (916.35 KB, 1120x938, 1472309697957.png)

I can't even see any buttons



Yea. I have to investigate how much he managed to do on family holiday day. I'd bet on it being the usual just unlocking the plants and spawn eggs

Well, if you're still gonna evolve my pup then its even!


Fuck, is the button gone?


No man, it's all about how much it loads.


>you cannot buy this product


They must have fixed it. I can't even load right now.


electronic black friday amuses me


It's most likely a fuck up.


or was it TERRORISM




Natalie is properly evolved. Not sure if you'd be able to find one in Poni Canyon (day), but I'm holding onto her until I can get her to you.
Female seal preferred, but I'm good with whatever pops out.


When are you gonna be back?




Sunday morning, unless something catastrophic happens.


>Sunday morning
Praise the dawning!


thus it is fortold
a female sea lion shall be known as Dawn, and shall come to the poster known as Fidget.
But only if he replies "Praise the Sun" to this post


File: 1480040658762.jpg (80.81 KB, 1920x1080, Red-moon-Bloodborne.jpg)

Behold, a Paleblood sky

You're naming my seal?


Praise the Sun.
If it's male, name it Cumin.


Unless you have a name you want then yea


your post has been received by the sun beast


File: 1480040767676.png (234.6 KB, 700x622, 1479881517922.png)

I'd rather see what you name him


>checking berry fields in pokepelago
>cutiefly is great at protecting berries from bug pokes
Gave me a laugh.


Passed E4 yet?


Still dicking around. Should probably just bite the bullet.


It's probably the best E4 and champ in 20 years
Do it


Ehhhh. Not until my whole team is at least in the upper 50s/low 60s.


Just go in and fight your way through
And X items if you really want an instant win button


I know, it's lame. I'm really just procrastinating because I didn't have a decent fighting type that was up to snuff. And I was debating with myself whether or not to bring sunlion.


romping around on mud horse feels very satisfying


It really does.
Especially when you ride in to save Lillie.


I wish one of the ride mons made it onto my team so I could pretend I was riding my own mon, but competition was tough

>ride Machamp

O-oh wow


Mabel made it.


Hoers is one of the stronger gen 7 mons
Mudbray qter though


I agree.


Yeah, and don't forget the guy dresses up as a machamp just to get hit on for his muscles in the hano resort.
They were going whole-hog this gen.


>thought I was saving a poor Machamp from the claws of wily women
>it was a fursuiter who wanted some pussy



Alola is a strange and lewd place.
Also, I apparently never found the throw choreographer until now. Decided to stick with smug style for now.


File: 1480048150631-0.png (274.55 KB, 600x800, 1437708913892.png)


What a thin shirt. And after wearing a tank top for so long!


thin shirts are comfy and cool


True. But really only useable by people at or under the average body weight.



File: 1480053355773.jpg (800.92 KB, 2560x1440, 20161125_005200.jpg)

>caught koko in a great ball
Haha, RNG.
Also, league team.
Kinda disappointed Kukui didn't have Hawlucha, though. Incineroar works, but… Could have taken it further.


I fell asleep so fast I couldn't reply

But yeah there's definitely much more to do


That's a really important spoiler in case Andy looks

Man that mon was intimidating though, nearly wiped out my team


I was more worried that I'd kill it, since the only mon with a "leave them at 1hp" move has been in a box for the last 40 levels worth of time. So I ended up face-tanking it with raichu after knocking it to half health and just hoping one of the balls I threw would work.


Its okay.
I need a good excavator, to dig out a chunk of area to fill back with dirt to put the altar on


You can kill it no problem
Also Andy don't look at spoiler


Did you figure out for sure how deep it needs to be? 26 is a ton

I know you want to get as good a base power as you can, but we have the tech to make skulls to raise your altar power by 300%, and when we get Alf tech we can raise it by another 200%


I won't!

An altar has a range of about 14 (to 16) blocks to collect power and a range of 14 (to 16) blocks to distribute power (the distribution range can be extended to 28 (to 32) blocks by placing an Arthana onto the altar).


that's really deep… you should do some testing by adding like 20 dirt below the altar first to prove that stuff underground does effect the total


I see what you're trying to say, but this is something I'm willing to invest the proper time and space into to make it as strong as possible.
I simply need to make/have an excavator to ease the process of digging, you don't have to do anything in regards to that.




Just seems a wasted opportunity otherwise.
More spoilery bits for Andy.
I'm a bit miffed that the player gets no input on the "Lillie's departure" scene. At least let us say goodbye, yeah?
On an unrelated note, Acerola and Mallow are qt.


Just for an idea of how much content is left, here's only our quest progression.

Chapter 1: 100%
Chapter 2: 96%
Chapter 3: 47%
Chapter 4: 40%
Chapter 5: 57%
Chapter 6: 48%
Chapter 7: 51%
Chapter 8: 20%
Chapter 9: 69%
Chapter 10: 22%
Chapter 11: 9%
Chapter 12: Locked
Chapter 13: 0%
Chapter 14: Locked
Chapter 15: Locked

So you see, in terms of quests alone, we have hundreds more to do.


besides the altar area shouldn't be a place that gets farmed, grown plants, logs and such contribute


Fair enough, though I'd imagine you'll proceed in leaps and bounds after certain tech levels are reached.


You say that but in some areas (Tinker's Construct, Agricraft) we're endgame whereas others (Bees, Blood Magic, Fishing, Thaumcraft, Witchery) we've only just started really. Having a perfect pick and variety of food doesn't make you good at magic.


True, but it does make it easier to build a monster blood funnel for your altar.


In some ways what we lack is someone not concerned too much with questing. We have a lot of tech up on our little mountain peak, but if you want to count the structures we've erected, that's a grand total of one. It's mostly farms and ritual circles up here.


Its a strange thing, the forced progression.
it does an OKAY job at letting similarly powerful things unlock at once. So that for instance, someone can't have thaumcraft pocket dimensions without similarly strong magic and tech being available about that time.
Its not perfect at it, but then again neither of us are truly going for that: I'm RPing as a druid sent here to revive the world, and I think wf is just unlocking things


Well, it takes a lot of stone to build a fortress. Stone and time. Currently I've neither. Much less a computer to work with, until I get home.


File: 1480055697255.jpg (149.18 KB, 456x500, 6493ca4bad5a0f8dd84d188ad2….jpg)

I'm playing the scientist druid. That's why I put Simic on everything.


No worries, I'd just hate to see you give up before trying it


Perhaps I could use the drive back to draw up floor plans. Castles aren't built well when you play it by ear, after all.


File: 1480056074125-0.png (563.47 KB, 1280x720, 1431457547022.png)

Its quite exciting to log in and see what new plant you made.


If you like, I'll leave the bees untouched and you can mess around with breeding all kinds of superbees if you like. I've collected a bunch of specimens but haven't had time to learn crossbreeding.

I am going to slow down a bit tho, I think. I'm going to focus more on questing in the next few days so less rushiness.


>he thinks I know anything about using apiaries
Being Bee Lord might have some appeal, though. Then I could levy outrageous taxes on the honey trade, which would be immediately countered by people digging through my walls or under them into the apiary.


I understand that apparently you can make bees that create tons of crazy stuff. Like there are even poultry bees, hero bees, and elemental bees


But are there bee bees? And any way to prevent the inevitable tide of bee-related puns that will bee unleashed were I to assume the mantle of Bee King?


Yes, a bunch of those

>Bee puns

Who can say? You're probably the most punny tho


In any case, there's not much cause to make a buzz about it until I'm home. So until then I'll bee-have.


Anyway, heading to sleep.



slp well


>going well on moon
>charger breaks
>battery starts to die just after
>have to use back up charger which is too short to play at the same time


Well that Civ6 discount would have been great if only the site worked.
And in the meantime they fixed it.
What a waste.


Rest in pokes


File: 1480059159075.png (361.42 KB, 1280x960, 203696c2-54bb-4133-9aa9-f0….png)


Explain this heresy now.


This is a commission by Lemon. What is there to explain?


Why the gender bent princesses?
Why Gwynn Stacy? Why a hose?


Lemon likes amorous males

The hose is presumably to disrupt Luna


Well I don't know! I didn't draw or commission it, you'll have to ask Lemon for answers!

You were the one doing heresies earlier


>actually slept through three alarms
Just end it and me with it


wf I don't think the enchanting table is seeing the pylons


nevermind I fixed it.
It was too close to them


I see

It doesn't seem to enchant Tinker's tools anyway


File: 1480062338098-0.jpg (23.63 KB, 500x392, 1421974418881.jpg)

well no
tinker's has its own upgrade system, which may or may not be locked to us


We need alfheim for a lot of progression

We can't get greatwood for thaum without treefyd seeds, and those in turn require a distillery, which will require us to get attuned stones


well, with the reward tablets we could open it, and then it would be a matter of keeping it open, which is a slight problem because we aren't fully automatic so it will dry up if no one tends it.


I noticed that they are a required for greatwood actually. The recipe for treefyds looks harder than I recall too. I suspect they just wanted to force you to do witchery first.


I have decided I like it

One thing that I hated about Horizons Daybreaker was that if you did Mekanism everything else was pointless. Why make anything else when Mekanism offers you super efficient super cheap wind turbines?

So this modpack makes you do "weaker" mods to unlock stronger ones. I like that idea.


File: 1480063398057-0.jpg (391.78 KB, 700x800, 1435741024406.jpg)

I feel mixed about it. Its weird to have parts of a mod locked off until later, but its nice to always feel like you're doing something useful.
Its annoying to have to learn how a whole mod works to do the baby steps of it. But its rewarding to see them successfully interact, particularly when it is a mod that's less used.

Anyway tomorrow I'll see what can be done about the alf portal, since we technically can open it with the tablets we have, and it SHOULD be a slow enough draw on the mana to stay open that we SHOULD be able to keep up. Probably.


bed noa


Do you lose mana if you chain spreaders 12 blocks from each other? So like could we managen somewhere further away but link in with well spaced spreaders?


Use sparks instead


I see

also zzz night


I'll look into a good place when I've rested.
If you have an idea where you want the portal that would help.

Like I said, the mana farm still isn't fully automatic, it needs tending, so putting it really far isn't a good choice: you already pointed out that a big coal field isn't great because no one can tend it


Since we may need to trade a lot, I think it would be wise to put it somewhere mostly close. Maybe on the botania ledge area where we're already at, but facing the west (on the ledge overlooking the tree farm

I've been feeding the endoflame every time it runs out, but is there a good choice for passives? It would be really easy to set up an underground nightshade farm but that may not make much power?


File: 1480064148643-0.jpg (44.58 KB, 400x320, cuticle-detective-inaba.jpg)

>the ledge
I guessed you would say that, we will probably have to expand it more, but that's not hard with the dirt rods.


is it keeping the pool filled up you think? It looks fullish whenever I go by at least. I put a lava flower too and feed it when I am around, but it doens't give the output It promised so far.


no, they all fade away, even if they did produce comparable mana, that's still way more work to make and plant that a huge nightshade, day bloom, water flower farm.
The only way to stop them from fading is a rare, like, legendary tier, item, that works like the pasture seed, but anything planted on that soil won't wilt.
And I read that it was removed in later versions

But don't lose faith, with our mod options there is surely a way to automate a plant. I just have to keep experimenting


File: 1480064252806-0.jpg (306.17 KB, 687x648, Rockruff.full.2008963.jpg)

actually can't keep my eyes open now, goodnight.


It seems to be doing well to fuel it, you have to take into account that I used that pool to make Terrasteel and do a ton of rituals so it got drained a lot

It's unfair to judge it because I used a ton ton of mana


File: 1480066850035.jpg (35.74 KB, 633x380, 91bf40a0-5d2d-4e24-8dec-a1….jpg)



File: 1480070593735.gif (925.47 KB, 500x280, Barfy.gif)

Things could always be worse.


File: 1480070988656.gif (1.99 MB, 360x414, 1479978775660.gif)


File: 1480071514066.png (433.45 KB, 1200x1200, c3a5ed2e-383a-4abe-a32c-1f….png)

Good morning


File: 1480071640928.png (387.35 KB, 500x456, Fluttershy-my-little-pony-….png)


What a blatantly obvious Rarity design


File: 1480072564514.png (105.41 KB, 251x250, 1479769074393.png)

>Going to be without a PC for another week at the very least

I think I'm going to try to hijack someone else's computer this weekend.


File: 1480074405184.jpg (175.27 KB, 826x1169, __kijin_seija_and_sukuna_s….jpg)


File: 1480074476709.png (187.01 KB, 1180x677, fluttershy_is____umm____re….png)


File: 1480074685224.png (792.27 KB, 3472x6000, 1285641__safe_solo_clothes….png)


File: 1480075077399.png (178.98 KB, 1228x651, fluttershy_in_jousting_arm….png)

>tfw no jousting in H


Too late era


>wanted to do stuff today
>accidentally slept until 1

Bye bye, plans


File: 1480080356164.jpg (64.5 KB, 500x264, tmp_1786-1472174893238-163….jpg)

>girl asks me to take a BDSM fetish test before showing me her results


Whoa what



A-and she's leaning into me for a while
Fuck help


Give her what she wants, BDSN


No way, she's sub platinum in overwatch and she hasn't finishing making her Pharah suit


You must!
It is your duty!


>what are you biologically



Are you a sub or a dom, BDN-sama?~


File: 1480084055665.gif (180.26 KB, 416x422, sweatydash.gif)

>answer that I'd feel like I'd need someone to guide me through this whole BDSM thing
>this appears
>"Completely optionally, enter your email address if you would like us to help you find someone"



The people making that test are trying to sell you stuff.


I realized
But when I first read it what immediately came to my mind is they'd ship a leather-clad dominatrix over here to see how that works out for me.

>I enjoy it when my partner plays or acts like a pet animal (dog, cat, pony, …)


>I enjoy playing or acting like a pet animal (dog, cat, pony…).

You think questing counts?



Maybe we can recruit questers this way!


I tried but things degenerate quick.


File: 1480085315413.png (443.39 KB, 1166x961, 1302519.png)


File: 1480085330681.png (Spoiler Image, 140.01 KB, 387x413, kink.png)

Does this mean I'm gay?


It means you are a rather boring person!


Avast ye matey


It must be a typo with the R instead of the N

That thing had no real questions about bloodplay, I'm not a vanilla whore, I s-swear!


You must love that time of the month.


File: 1480085679155.jpg (208.82 KB, 1920x1080, Nopo bait.jpg)

>8% pet


File: 1480085748060.jpeg (116.12 KB, 1280x716, 1454340310662.jpeg)


Sorry Yuno, I didn't rate 'my partner should treat me like Literally God' on the highest scale


File: 1480086031458.png (1.04 MB, 614x1920, 1480072782627.png)

What's up?


[sweating intensifies]


>those stockings


>cat curls up on my bed, starts staring at me
>5 minutes pass
>look back
>cat is still staring at me

I'll be honest, this is giving me the heebie jeebies


Don't look behind you.


You gonna get spooked.


Slowly blink at the cat. Or move to pet it. One or the other will disrupt it.


THe other day when I was dreaming about a criminal trying to sleep in an abandoned hotel and being haunted by an earlier victim, the first thing he did in the mornig was jump on the edge of my bed, stare at the ceiling and meow.

Okay, he stopped, he's sleeping now.
Crisis averted


Look at it this way.
At least if the poltergeist comes for you now, the cat will freak out first.


I mean
That's the reason witches keep cats too, isn't it
Because they are the best at detecting spirits


And the Egyptians, too.


I thought because witches are crazy cat ladies.
I thought all animals could supposedly see spirits.


Unless the cat is possessed itself.

Don't blink.


I mean
Supposedly animals are better at DETECTING spirits, but I think only cats can see them
Not like they exist, but it's fun to pretend


Maybe cats can see spirits and doges can smell spirits? And horses can giggle at the ghostie


I like both

Fuck off and never speak to me


Switch is fun, I agree.


It all makes sense

I'm a loser baby
I can't help it


Now let the games begin


"Russian neo-fascism in an esoteric key"
Newest gem from my roomie. Also I found which conspiracy theory is a conspiracy theory too far for him.
He doesn't believe Russia is funding anti-EU propaganda and politics.


Did you ask him about the reptilians yet?


I can only take so much.


Snake people, or "sneople", are serious business. You can't tell you're talking to a snerson in most cases.


File: 1480088923959.webm (2.96 MB, 640x360, 1474286728786.webm)


>dominant over submissive
Yeah right


I mean
I definitely do not want to be tied up r be told what to do with my life, and that was the core of the lot of the questions


Okay I got him.
He's 100% pro russia. Holy shit he's so bought.


Magic snakes.
Voodoo snakes.


Can you ask the dorm to switch roomies?


Communism and Marxist ideals are insidious things.
Unless it's just him being on the Putin hype train.


Maybe he's part of Putin's shill team.
I mean, I'm not against Russia but even I know they're funding stuff.


He's leaving soon.


I'd bet he's an aleksandr dugin fanboy


You have no idea what level of shill this guy is. You know the movie depiction of cucu conspiracy theorists? He's worse.


Start fucking with him.

Leave things out of place, tell him you've had a feeling of being followed lately, tell him there was someone you've never seen before looking for him while he wasn't around.


You'll get sylt assaulted that way


File: 1480089674458.png (101.64 KB, 384x600, Kenji.png)


No, much worse.
That guy seems crazy because he has outbursts and a clearly made up enemy.
My roomie goes on long tangents about things which become word salad and mashes in names and dates and opinions that when listened to sound like the craziest shit around. This guy is either the highest level of delusional or the best paid shill.


Well lost that post gonna post it later.

Seen a guy like that once. Shizophrenia, be careful mate


>internet fucking up again


>played almost 1 and a half hours of elite
>haven't even managed to land on a station yet
Will I really have to look up a video tutorial for this?
What a shitty fucking in-game tutorial they had.


File: 1480092233908.png (98.44 KB, 447x594, Berryshine_Costume_1_S2E4.png)


No new seeds today Andy

I spent all my time on alfheim prep


Hey, Wf, there's unspoilered lewd on /art/, if you could take care of that.


I'm in a movie theater, but sure I'm 2h


Oh, thought you were able to use mod powers. I'd do it but can't recall my janitor password.


Movie starts soon, I'll do it if there when I get home


Okay. Hopefully one of the other janitors will take notice.


>poke fun at nopo for playing squares with feelings
>he goes offline
What did he mean by this?


Its actually perfect for you to judge it because you are doing the highest mana demand things.



It's ancient Greek for 'my internet died'


File: 1480095447251.png (103.74 KB, 540x536, 1472309984130.png)

>all exams finally done
What should I do before falling into a coma?


Pony a pony


you should receive seal


Which island you up to now, by the way?




I'm before the ghost trial reconsidering my entire play style because any pokemon I want to try out keeps getting wrekked


anyway it should be connected and ready to trade


Persevere on! And pump your mons with X items to instawin fights

Heading to festival


>enter a 3v3
>everyone is a solo queuer
>one instalocks hanzo
>the other instalocks widow
>we win anyway


Tfw no Internet still


I've done the steam nominations!

>first cat acts weird
>now no internet


File: 1480096411059-0.jpg (352.23 KB, 1024x1024, Pokémon.full.2015156.jpg)

fox and pup wouldn't allow quitting


The what now


Are you in the plaza?



>had to check the gts to get it to connect
>even thou it said it was connected to "local wireless"
what a pain


Thanks! Don't understand the name though
Also Bloom a qt


You did a good job BDN. You deserve a reward


Did you want/need a bounsweet?


Thanks for heart dragon.

I just thought it was a good seaman name. Ronan means "little seal"


I use the in game trade one right now.


Fair. The one I got was Adamant and was my anchor up to the league.


You can nominate games on steam now during this sale.

Anon asked me to say when I did em


Maybe I'll just call it Ronan, that's cool itself.

No prob, since heart dragon is pretty far in if you want one I thought it might be helpful


Mine is Adamant too.
she's one of the only ones I have which don't fall over from multi hitting moves, seriously an issue now


>got the SECOND french maid skin for widowmaker


>found a guy named 'Gas the Jews' in the plaza
>he asks me if I know how he feels

Current team?


If you like!
Wait you can rename it?


Also one of the few that know/learn fighting moves. Saved my ass a few times.



I see!

rearranged things to put bug bus onto my team, gonna try orricoro, snorlax, tsareena, primarina, charjabug, and hopefully not get pwned by wild pokemon anymore


Sidenote, do you want football lemur?


I do need that.


Name in particular? It's male.


File: 1480097853051-0.gif (493.2 KB, 450x338, Andelia_Awake.gif)


>tfw can't find comfey
Curse their low spawn rates!


Poor fairy


Does it do anything?


You'd think they'd be lei-d more often.


Snorlax and seal should be able to carry you a long way

>Olivia, Nanu and Hapu treat you to meals if you pick the last option at restaurant menus
I really do love the SM characters


>quickplay solo q
>stack of 4 on my team
>stack of 6 enemy team
>comparable levels
>roll first point hanamura in 40 seconds
Holy shit this was a great team.


Want to play some?


Just a match.


File: 1480098131751.jpg (398.13 KB, 850x708, 1479895939336.jpg)

Nope. I guess the winners will prolly go extra on sale next christmas?


>Ronan is 'thoroughly cunning'
I like this seal
And the fact that Hyper training keeps the pokemon's trait while effectively maxing out the stat

Beb now


They have been with me since the start: picked up the event poke at the first chance. Those two I planned to take all the way to league in the first place.
But seal is very frail, and no good defensive TM for her




Does anyone want to do anything?


I'd suggest stramming the zombanime, but I can't do that.

DM's probably going to stram something though. We'd like to watch the next Harry Potter movie, but that's probably going to be for tomorrow when Gaius is around. So maybe we're going to be stramming a new animu instead.


Well, boop me if you stram the zombie anime, I don't really care for other animemes at the moment


Man, you guys have such shit tastes
I have the whole 20 movie DVD box of Uuno Turhapuro movies, we should watch them instead
Without subtitles.


File: 1480100282228.gif (3.89 MB, 613x344, re4BZwQ.gif)

I know for a fact you would love Sabagebu.

Our taste is so patrician it transcends all boundaries.


I probably would, but you already saw that!


Anime girls are not for violence.


Arrival was weird. I went in expecting sci fi and linguistics, got a romantic drama.


File: 1480100669096.gif (1.07 MB, 500x281, Urara2.gif)

This one is. She likes it!

We want to do a rewatch with Gaius anyway.


She needs to see a psychologist.


I still want to see it sometime

Ehh, we'll see I guess


Do you want to open the portal today? I feel like we're pretty ready

Can't really play OW well on my laptop


Note to self:
Don't alt-tab out of Age of Wonders

And I don't suppose we can do anything in H


File: 1480102072859.jpg (425.4 KB, 1280x1280, 44284e5e-3a21-4315-a72f-83….jpg)




I feel slightly sick, but I'll come try


File: 1480103313761-0.png (1.04 MB, 650x963, 604dcb5c-fb96-4e9c-b854-15….png)

Deer are spooky and dangerous beings


File: 1480104493608.jpg (124.66 KB, 1000x1414, 1469655092965-0.jpg)

Bzzz tomorrow or Sunday?


I don't know what you could do! If we start a new plot there'd be no time to resolve it!

both are fine with me


I'm busy tomorrow.


"Because nobody has really explained what these gas chambers were and how they worked from a technical standpoint."


File: 1480106656912.png (340.24 KB, 1600x1908, cheerilee_is_not_amused___….png)

Sunday then


Still bored out of my mind


File: 1480107259011.gif (27.14 KB, 700x147, trixie_hadoken.gif)

Play Hearts of Iron with me


I don't think I can!


Any other game you want to play?


What are our options?


Civ, but don't feel like playing.

Vermintide, L4D2…


You know, I actually miss L4D


File: 1480107610103.png (588.14 KB, 827x767, 1479227465923.png)

Anyone else wanting to L4D?


Otherwise Deus ex stram?


Problem is, I can't talk atm


I would, but… You know. No PC.
Also this fishing rod in pokes is garbage. Is there a better one?


File: 1480107981805.webm (1.59 MB, 480x360, slavtillerary.webm)

>me right now


I don't know about poke!


It was a more general question.


File: 1480108138674.webm (1.32 MB, 640x360, 420403.webm)

What about quest


OW? Rats?


I would watch the fuck out of a Deus Ex stram.


File: 1480108218738.png (1.3 MB, 900x1435, 1479587748675.png)

What quest?


File: 1480108347129.jpg (1.26 MB, 2978x2237, shrugg.jpg)

Anything, really.



Starting a new meme animu if anyone is interested.


What meme animu?



This is what made us want to try it.


The fuck


Just try an episode and see what you think.


That made me laugh.


If you want to join, I can invite to the steam chat.


Sure, I can do one ep


Woa this really is a meme anime.


>What would you say is your favorite genre?
>I watch memes exclusively.


This is basically us yes.


>tfw you'll never F a Poverty Goddess in the A with a bag of Ds


So she basically is the Saitama of luck.


"I'm here too, naked for some reason!"




Hey Sylt, you know if fightdragon is daytime only in Poni Canyon?





I don't think it is, no. Also it's in the grass, not the cave.


Shiny version looks like Giorno Giovanna


I see. Knew it was in the grass, just kept running into edgedogs, murkrow, carbinks, and machokes.
And honestly I'd be fine just finding one.


File: 1480116998338.png (1.2 MB, 1280x720, Cadance_levitates_Flurry_H….png)





Oh hey, the Space Hulk Deathwing BETA is available on steam.


It sure is. Go bug hunting, Nasse.


I swear, running headfirst into a wall for the last hour would have been more productive than hunting for that stupid little dragon.


>find one almost immediately after
Whatever, that's good enough.


File: 1480125624287.jpg (105.79 KB, 1920x1080, 20161126015331_1.jpg)

This was one rad star.


File: 1480127901690.gif (1015.42 KB, 500x275, Bobby.gif)

We were so concerned about whether we could that we never stopped to think if we should.



File: 1480127913639.png (272.37 KB, 1147x696, momiji_binboda_by_keit45-d….png)





File: 1480143906458-0.png (463.96 KB, 1269x714, Official Nintendo Animatio….png)

File: 1480143906458-1.png (580.63 KB, 1272x717, Official Nintendo Animatio….png)

File: 1480143906458-2.png (401.28 KB, 1272x676, Official Nintendo Animatio….png)


>glaceon is now an official waifumon


Post your face when BDN is finally free to quest again


File: 1480153367148.gif (745.4 KB, 476x325, 1474923244756.gif)


File: 1480153418496.jpg (133.09 KB, 830x515, 1479017213357.jpg)


File: 1480153957042.jpg (293.05 KB, 613x900, d13e8118-b9f9-4858-8be2-01….jpg)


Fill in the gap
>Tfw no _______________


bag of d's


I'd give one of those for Miss Flat


Bag of p's



File: 1480155188267.png (104.34 KB, 310x270, ponies.png)



File: 1480155275431.png (43.69 KB, 410x324, tmp_8547-1471073710178-193….png)


File: 1480155314325.jpg (681.32 KB, 2048x1536, 1480010948804.jpg)



File: 1480155581286.gif (424.31 KB, 480x270, Smirk.gif)


Psycho bitch
But not my kind of psycho bitch


We'll get to your kind of psycho soon enough.


Tell me when you two feel like playing H simultaneously, and we can play


I can play tonight, dunno bout groves


File: 1480159641125.jpg (17.3 KB, 225x320, 1480094020175.jpg)

Likely going to be stramming tonight. Maybe I can play on the side.


Why is Ana such a broken piece of fucking trash?


The list of heroes Nopo approves of grows narrower by the day


I've always hated her with roadhog
>Anorexic skeleton model impossible to hook and shoot
>By the time you melee you get slept or naded


I'm now going to say what you said to me when I said that exact same thing months ago
>Wanting her to be wider
>Fat fetishism


What are you talking about? She's slow and has no dashes. She's easy to hook


He's upset because you can't one-shot her easily because her thin model makes it so you can't execute after a basic hook**

**If you use the advanced strafe hook tech, she dies. Also dies if you just right click her before hooking.


the space hulk game feels a lot better than the gameplay videos looked, at least based on the tutorial.


Advanced strafe hook tech™?


Abusing glitches to win more easily


File: 1480164230507.jpg (320.99 KB, 800x800, 2418f6c5-bb45-4c1a-a74b-02….jpg)

Also I spoke with my teacher about the things of Japan. She told me it wasn't that bad (at least for her)
The golden rule is that you need to be polite to others first, then you can expect them to be polite with you

Also try to avoid saying that I'm Brazilian if I can, since BR are known for causing trouble there. She said I'd have more luck claiming to be American


Surely they'll patch that then


Are we gonna play the Deathwing BETA this weekend or did you guys do it already?


Kind of lost interest in that game to be honest. It looks incredibly dull compared to stuff like Vermintide. Not really surprised to hear a lot of people are just getting it refunded.

I'm at least glad I didn't pre-order.


we could, sure


It feels like it would be fun to play with friends.


Meh, may as well play L4D or Vermintide instead. Not about to shell out like 35 euro for a shitty beta.

Maybe when the game releases it'll be better, but I'm not holding my breath.


oh yeah, I wasn't saying you should buy into the beta, I just think it has a pretty good potential.



File: 1480165091753.png (161.27 KB, 1024x761, 1462758663630.png)

>I will also give a talk about a newly discovered behavior: interspecies sexual relations between a Japanese macaque and a Sika deer.


Woah there


File: 1480165336824.jpg (271.65 KB, 1280x853, 9f7448fa-58d9-4403-8991-f3….jpg)


Roadhog's hook works by dragging a hero a set distance away from you (which varies based on hero, model size matters). Some characters like Ana and Sombra are too thin, whereas other heroes like Reaper and Mei have too much health, to die in a simple blast.

However, if after throwing the hook you turn sideways and strafe one step away from your target, then turn back and fire, this will pull the target closer so you can confirm the kill.


Which is all well and good in theory, but not always doable when you have two people shooting at you and you had to snapshot the hook to begin with


Is this going to turn into one of those "it's in nature so that makes it okay" things? Because I remember ten years ago they justified homosexuality by saying some sheep do it.

Is the age of beastfucking on us now?


I never said it was easy.


You all fuck ponies here, what do you think?


The half of a centaur that you want to fuck is a horse!


I mean, monkeys fuck whatever they can
And so do humans


File: 1480165635261.png (51.61 KB, 693x340, bf1f6c93-39fa-4cfb-b1ca-82….png)


I never said I don't want to fuck horses!


File: 1480166066986.jpg (392.14 KB, 776x888, 1480134477301.jpg)


File: 1480166148178.jpg (14.75 KB, 383x275, echo.jpg)

Did you want to mon again?


I'd be down getting back to it.


File: 1480166352395.webm (297.2 KB, 400x400, my eyes.webm)

>go to the kitchen to get my food
>roomie is making food too
>chopped and cooked a million onions
>by the time I get out of the kitchen I can barely see

Holy fuck that hurt


File: 1480166426327.jpg (58.71 KB, 1280x720, 3582rsw.jpg)

Aaaaah, not my eyes~


I can't eat with a boner




These times would be nice, maybe tomorrow



Tomorrow'll work.


File: 1480168070397.jpg (114.59 KB, 631x800, 1386968703379.jpg)


When do we want to stram today?


after I eat at the very earliest


Whenever is fine by me.


You can't eat and stram?


Do you really want to hear the sound of him chowing down on food through his open mic?


I mean

We always just mute ourselves you know.




Well, Castro finally died.


Yesterday. Old news.


I mean

It was a joke you know.


I don't mean to be rude, but jokes are more than just saying something that's wrong.


And I just learned about it.
You imply we haven't done that multiple times to each other when playing Stellaris.


Well, we're on our way home.


Well he did often have pots clattering when we were playing OW.


That's when you deafen yourself/mute him specifically.


But you can see where the joke came from now.


File: 1480173186462.png (403.25 KB, 551x529, 1464610307237.png)


File: 1480174565640.jpg (18.92 KB, 303x296, 1450769249646.jpg)

>9 of our armored infantry vehicles got seized in Hong Kong on the way back from Taiwan

Chain's gonna freak


Or China, rather

this is Very Bad


Seized why? Why were they in Hong Kong?


When I was younger I did read one of the Eragon books, and I did like that they took at least a pseudoscientific approach to magic. Basically the protag's teacher tells him that it's stupid to try and push a bunch of people over when you could instead just propel a pebble through their brains using much less total force in work.

Although it kind of breaks down because one of the first spells the protag learns is a fire spell, and heating stuff requires insane amounts of energy.


Hong Kong customs regulations. No one knows why the fuck the transport ship they were in went to Hong Kong, too.


It has to be serious to involve three of the four tigers.


Us doing military cooperation with Taiwan is something that China's never liked.


Who was in charge of transporting them? Not the military? Did they contract someone to do it for them?


>tfw still haven't read the last book


We contract a lot of stuff, yeah.


They fall off in quality pretty rapidly, I definitely didn't continue


APL handled the shipping



I'm going to assume they have a regular contractor, so it's not like they could have mixed up shipments or anything right? Maybe they got bribed to send the vehicles to HK to start an incident like this or something.


File: 1480175219714.png (161.26 KB, 992x1024, sea_swirl_wearing_clothes_….png)

>hey is this the right harbor, it looks kinda asian-british
>aaaawww shit


Well, APL is a subsidiary of the French-based CMA CGM Group. They're involved in talks to free the cargo too.


It says on Wikipedia that they're a Japan-based US company which is a subsidiary to a Jap freight transportation company.

What I want to know is whether they've been contracted by the Singaporean military before for this kind of work or not.


Too much elf wankery for me to enjoy those books. Always liked his brother more, as a character.


Are you a racist against elves, Fidget?


Elfs are for lewd


File: 1480175813150.png (265.11 KB, 500x430, 9fbc46a9-83a9-4bf6-94b4-4b….png)

Last time I read was like, before I joined the sub so I might need to read it again to make an opinion on it


File: 1480175874487.jpg (24.47 KB, 408x359, 1479784680877.jpg)

We should only let regular contractors handle this stuff. I don't know much else.



Apparently in one of the later books, Eragon takes his pants off and the author forgets to say he puts them back on, so you can safely assume the rest of the book is pantsless.

You would like the farmer more


So how bad is this exactly?



'Round elves, watch yourselves.
Well, he's better than those knife-eared Mary Sues.


Dunno. China's not exactly happy with us not sucking their dicks over the whole South China Sea issue, and ethnic nationalist sentiment is making a lot of their people see us as 'traitors'. Worst they might start applying a fuckton of ecomonic pressure and keep their new vehicles to be used in a war museum trophy or some propaganda video.


Well, realistically speaking, I doubt it'll go much further than a few weeks of diplomatic banter


War is so expensive. I recall that after the first major battle of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln ran the numbers and figured out that it would've been cheaper to just buy all the slaves at fair market value than to keep the war going for like a year. Obviously it went several.


Or an angry letter from the UN telling China how angry they are.


There was one UK official that said at the start of WW1 it would be economically impossible to drag this war out longer than 6 months, a year at most.


Retraction of important deals, supporting competition instead, there are many ways.


File: 1480177206764.gif (431.84 KB, 410x426, 1359335922462.gif)

ready to stram / vidya whenever


Ready for strammage myself.


Time to take them down!


So how important is India in the area? Wouldn't they be another economic power you could leverage?


Indians don't even know how to use a toilet, how the fuck would they have any influence in Asia?


Too far away to be of much note. More likely if China decides to be a bitch we'll ally up with the Shitposters down south.


File: 1480187219800.jpg (417.08 KB, 1125x849, 1479927127848.jpg)

We're going to rewatch Sabagebu if anyone is interested.


>tired as fuck all of a sudden

Go ahead without me


No point without you tbh.


Well, sorry, but watch something else then!


No you fat fuck drink some coffee and get in here


Fine, give me 20


File: 1480188615256.gif (2.14 MB, 563x521, trixie_being_happy.gif)


File: 1480189158882.jpg (188.78 KB, 1920x1080, 20161126190035_1.jpg)

Gotta admit, traversing over 500 light years is a pain in the ass in the rookie ship.


20 mins is up fuccboi


File: 1480192083057.png (272.94 KB, 829x852, 63ae1e2f-b95f-42f6-a8c6-7a….png)


What a slug


It's a slurr.


File: 1480195079965.png (1.09 MB, 817x828, 8084ea41-791a-4022-8155-00….png)


What a blob


A racial slur?


File: 1480198570471.gif (830.58 KB, 413x516, 1279910.gif)


Durrs usually are, so it's not beyond belief.


Would you boop


File: 1480199350378.png (558.02 KB, 1280x720, 1284065.png)

I'd bully a trixie -sexually


File: 1480199392204.gif (375.95 KB, 427x179, Pravda parties.gif)



File: 1480199987190.png (107.13 KB, 263x380, 1478454161621.png)

She is very bully-able



Do not bully ponies
That's rude


File: 1480201216586.gif (455.32 KB, 586x508, 1279703.gif)

But Discord gets to bully the ponies all the time


Discord is a meanie and floots will have to have a talk with him


She'll talk to him allright.


>back in VA
Ha ha, only like three or four hours to go.


>Jill Stein raised enough money to get recounts done in several states
Oh man, imagine if they do find evidence of vote rigging. The fucking meltdown that would ensue would be crazy.


As if we didn't have enough chaos already.


File: 1480203952135.jpg (53.28 KB, 800x606, Victory.jpg)

A tale of how Jeb Bush can still win.




P-Please clap


File: 1480204075352.png (73.56 KB, 202x222, 1474316031031.png)

To be fair, Jeb will go down in history.
Campaign officials will be speaking for decades on how to not run your campaign


>Slow and steady


File: 1480204333683.png (106.06 KB, 257x273, noi_wants_hoofprint.png)

Ready for bzzzz tomorrow?


File: 1480204384448.png (226.94 KB, 600x600, Sukuna chocolate.png)


File: 1480204521529.png (73.75 KB, 246x261, 1224394.png)

>we all wish to do that one day


File: 1480204617537.jpg (135.3 KB, 1000x800, 1435752788871.jpg)


I like snowy Vulpix more


>Just saw a post on Tumblr referring to the "LBGTQ2A" community
They're adding numbers now?

This is seriously reaching the point of parody


Don't you know there are 58 genders?


File: 1480204749837.png (69.71 KB, 721x1109, alola_vulpix_by_evilqueeni….png)

Snowpix is a cute


I just want to know what the number 2 even stands for.



Cute explosion


>People pretending to be natives


File: 1480204987732.jpg (21.83 KB, 548x403, mixing the pixing.jpg)


>different hair



>these people truly believe that if you were a faggot in primitive societies you wouldn't be thrown into the bog


Its messy hair, because no one was around to groom it


It looks more fluffy, more insulating against the harsh cold


L'il snow fox likes when you pet its poof. Big snow fox does not. Truly, growing up is mistake.


All foxes must grow up one day…


Are you sure that's universal?


What did Jeb do?


That is what I've learned from my pokemon refresh experimentation.


File: 1480205584361.gif (551.35 KB, 507x508, 1471886456377.gif)

Fuck up his entire campaign so hard that an anchor once asked Clinton if she felt sorry for Jeb?

My favorite jeb clip:


He likes turtles.


I don't know.
how many foxes did you pet?


Three. But I've not had access to Kanto form fox.


>you will never go to fox island




File: 1480205971985.png (401.78 KB, 988x809, alola_vulpix_and_ninetales….png)

we should do some more testing.
I'll do twelve when I finish the game.


I never even heard of any other candidate except Trump and Hillary and their runner-ups.


>Professors Fidget and Green
>Master thesis in pokemon petting



File: 1480206704916.png (142.83 KB, 540x729, e8e4a77e-7a86-4922-b05a-ce….png)


I wondered how long it would take for Tumblr to ask for furry representation


File: 1480207159161.png (392.48 KB, 751x1200, 0debefc0-b019-49db-9c77-9b….png)

Which of the Overwatch cast are the most likely to be a furry?


Hanzo owns a fursuit so…


I think Genji


Good point
Why's that?


And Pharah flies around in a robo-jackal


He embraces the dragon.


He's an unlikeable loner but also ""spiritual""

The perfect storm to browse Tumblr


Also fursuits would cover up his horrible scars.


Genji is trans-cyborg.


File: 1480208242776.png (722.24 KB, 1140x807, eb5bcaf1-2d95-457a-91c5-9c….png)

Heh, true enough
Maybe he could put add-ons on his robo body like ears and tail


>roomie and I both went out
>at separate time and around separate parts of town
>come back and he's here already
>he tells me of his night
"Then I met this indian girl who said she was a national-socialist, hitlerian, pagan. Looked her up on facebook and added her."
>"At least she can call herself aryan"
He didn't get the joke.


NewSymmetra on the PTR is fun.

I don't think she'll be viable unless they tweak her some more though, sadly. Her shield moves at full walking speed so it gets away from you super fast unless you boldly charge behind it, which carries risks of its own.




File: 1480209301370.png (533.35 KB, 1280x1280, 5a44b092-196d-46b6-9d75-bd….png)

Too bad I can't play ptr on ps4 I think


File: 1480210082451.jpg (124.1 KB, 480x640, RLWvCdc.jpg)

>tfw you're Aryan but still can't poo in the loo


File: 1480210478764.png (371.74 KB, 878x930, 4f1c7527-d1c1-4232-9e80-15….png)

Good night


>no pants
Reminds me of this every time



I don't trust that Link…


That Link really hates Link.


File: 1480210814200.jpg (207.19 KB, 1280x760, 1467796915426.jpg)

Don't forget to brushie your pony regularly



>little sister of some guy plays against AI in OW

>accidentally records it

Why… why is this so adorable?
>poster confirmed that she did not pick up the hacked health packs on purpose to save it for the AI teammates


File: 1480214023515.jpg (49.04 KB, 1280x720, 1445811776114.jpg)



"A lady goat is a sheep." - The Simpsons


Who are we to go against the Simpsons.

Buttermilk shall henceforth be a sheep, and Dania a goat.




File: 1480220007932.png (229.47 KB, 783x766, Real ponies make AMVs.png)

Ah, nothing like being back in front of my PC.


File: 1480222955660.png (109.73 KB, 766x764, cumin and marina.png)


File: 1480223071507.png (26.86 KB, 123x129, 1479832933089.png)

Now I've just got to name/sort all these pictures I saved on my phone. All like, eight of them.


Wanna help me evolve a pokemon?




What a difficult task


File: 1480223346980.gif (619.65 KB, 490x340, tumblr_mq2htjSjYf1rqk8teo1….gif)


I can help evolve your Derpoke. Just gonna need a minute to fire it up and make sure I have your FC.


You shouldn't

0963 2981 7820

Need yours too


2380 6137 2222


And I've got to take the dog out real quick. Back in a second. Then we can get to tossing slowpokes.


Okay, so how do we do this?


Just trade me something and I'll trade it back


You're Aata?




>says Welcome Back when you get back a pokemon
Thanks, lemme know if you want something


Nothing springs to mind, especially since we both have Sun.


I have moon, actually


Oh. Well, I'm getting a Snowshrew from Andy, so I don't quite know what the other version exclusives are.


File: 1480226489057.png (163.17 KB, 756x1024, 1473173826596.png)


File: 1480227343562.png (33.09 KB, 250x241, dabadeedabadie.png)


File: 1480227842017.jpg (418.17 KB, 960x1280, Playing Moon.jpg)

>going through a week's worth of tumblr posts
The shit I do for pictures I want to keep.


>won a NHK lucky draw to have myself drawn by a 'manga artist from Japan™"

Neat I guess


File: 1480233122938.jpg (970.69 KB, 3238x1258, 1480206131963.jpg)

Do you at least know what genre the artist does? Am I going to.be seeing you in a magical girl manga?


File: 1480233167759.png (29.72 KB, 250x250, s6e10.png)

So how japanese is this artist?


Well, the promotion's from NHK, which is a Japanese TV network, so probably Japanese.

Probably some artist they picked up off pixiv, considering the lack of name


Remember to drop the name when you get it. I'll buy a copy, even if I have to import it through Alicebooks.


File: 1480240417086.jpg (252.05 KB, 1280x960, 47166a1a-532c-45b2-9006-1b….jpg)


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