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File: 1480244902977.png (288.84 KB, 634x337, the party rolls nothing bu….png)

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It keeps on metaing


File: 1480246272090.png (112.18 KB, 700x700, 3b068f5c-9db9-415e-827f-0b….png)

First for Goats


File: 1480247469146.png (904.75 KB, 627x685, goat duck.png)


File: 1480247693500.png (907.89 KB, 1280x1659, a38f3454-c1ef-4276-ab9f-d8….png)


>tfw going to sign up for another year-long science project
I really am a masochist


File: 1480247862688.png (170.7 KB, 431x539, 1480174644902.png)

Work work work!


File: 1480247895183.png (616.14 KB, 744x556, 30c80a061d3fe9d5090c197d94….png)

What a cute


You crazy asian man.


Midrange shamans pls fucking die a horrible death, all of you


Like, seriously, people who designed shaman cards and people who play them need to actually, literally and not figuratively, die in a fucking fire.


File: 1480250619690.gif (576.49 KB, 470x264, sweetie_excited.gif)


What a cute pony


File: 1480251858417.png (62.07 KB, 504x504, sea_swirl_meditating.png)

Sea Swirl is a very cute pony indeed


File: 1480251914090.png (254.03 KB, 1280x1234, 1479649591668.png)

I meant…. nevermind


>halfway through my application
>suddenly wonder if typing about how I want to learn to manipulate life will be seen as a good thing or not

No finnexchange means I have no plans next year. Might as well fill it up


You could always take up something fun instead, like collecting something or writing or drawing or heavy drinking.


File: 1480253107174.jpg (249.33 KB, 800x533, bloodborne__micolash_laugh….jpg)

All those are neat but I can finally pull out my old artificial blood project that got shelved last year


Remember to make it white.


File: 1480253552973.png (198.94 KB, 1000x1000, 1443100264114.png)

I kind of wish the blood stayed white in all regions, made the cyborgs seem more inhuman


>Just DL-d Shadowverse
>HS, Faeria and now Shadowverse

I need help




But Faeria was really calming an nice, but I feel sorta meh since the storymode ended, still it was fucking BEAUTIFUL and relaxing to play

Shadowverse is something I've been itching to try for a while, I just genuinely thought it's only for android


>Monkey hates fruit but can't stop eating it


File: 1480256351622.webm (1.75 MB, 710x399, 1476073065742.webm)


>Fillon very likely to win the nominations
So we've got a Fillon vs Le Pen situation.

The Right versus the Far Right. And Leftists are probably going to favor Le Pen because Fillon likes austerity too much. Very bizarre.


Your professor's gonna freak!


I think Fillon will win in the end though.
Though I'm hoping for a surprise


File: 1480257742293.jpg (149.18 KB, 456x500, 6493ca4bad5a0f8dd84d188ad2….jpg)

Wot time were you planning for [fairies]?


In the evening. About 4-5 hours from now


Fillon does seem more likely.

Then, I expected Juppe to win the nomination as well.


Is the main cast of Brzz all females?


File: 1480258755172.png (230.3 KB, 540x600, 1473109369846.png)


File: 1480259404901.jpg (54.82 KB, 500x613, f64fc8a4-db44-460c-adff-43….jpg)



File: 1480259933854.gif (1.01 MB, 500x282, double weakness.gif)


File: 1480260099676.png (223.97 KB, 355x321, filly_spooked.png)

What's interesting about it?


It reminds him of Horizons


File: 1480261975771.png (147.26 KB, 980x340, aae1fe87-f9cb-4d9e-91c7-d3….png)

Just something I wanted to know is all


File: 1480262938523.jpg (26.05 KB, 564x456, 35e344e0-c269-4823-a97c-37….jpg)

>3ds not charging no matter what I do


File: 1480262953233.png (157.95 KB, 504x432, 1361513666062.png)


File: 1480263079494.png (1.26 MB, 1250x692, 1479514415945.png)


Does anyone want to quest?
Might take a bit of setup time


File: 1480263182046.webm (1.92 MB, 620x310, 1480251740536.webm)






I don't think Pokemon or ponies even have a mons

Pokegirls however…


Make sure you're in private if you want that!


>It's a "BDN invests in animal intelligence research just so he can justify fucking the lab specimens" episode


File: 1480263762251.jpg (106.37 KB, 1600x897, meme ecchi.JPG)


File: 1480263768743.jpg (145.31 KB, 803x611, 1463534593372.jpg)

Personal affairs and work should not mix


When do you want to start up Sealab again?


Tomorrow on would be fine
I'll be away from the 30th for a week again, though




File: 1480264199680.png (229.15 KB, 555x594, 1328439063145.png)

>only gotten sicker since yesterday
This is not how I planned things


Flu? Fever? Stomach ache? Fix it with some port.


File: 1480264516010.png (832.7 KB, 1280x1153, proper care for your bongo….png)


File: 1480264818743.jpg (146.85 KB, 600x600, 1446810721081.jpg)


File: 1480265091170.jpg (1.33 MB, 1247x1000, cc8305a4-1621-45f4-91fa-dd….jpg)


It's late, but I feel like monsing for a while
Or maybe I should slp first


I'll be here later. Have some slps


Magnezone is a good mon


It's amazing in-game in every game it appears it
Which is every game since gen 4

>tfw no player seems to want a Magnezone


I usually get one when I can. The only problem is its weirdass evolve requirements. I'm pretty sure it was on that list I gave you ages back.


I think so
You've got so many things that could go with your team though


I have a wide variety of things I want to catch.


But only two more slots
Choose wisely


File: 1480267064789.jpg (43.96 KB, 800x450, 1400285030816.jpg)

So cruel.


File: 1480267155085.png (552.42 KB, 1600x1600, breezie_by_centchi.png)

For all Bzzzzz's:

Got some unexpected family things to take care of. Bzzzzz is looking very unlikely. Sorry and please tell me when you can play bzzzzz next week.


File: 1480267162913.png (2.36 MB, 1566x881, Alexa_Gogoat.png)

You probably want either a gote or Shiftry.
And the last slot for a dinosaur or godzilla.


>tfw 1 more slot left
maybe I was too rushful catching pokes. If only there was more slots


I can play 2marrow


also if you are officially cancelling let me know in the next 40 minutes and I can go to the movies with my parents


I'll just cancel cause I want my full focus on this.


I'm not a fan of Magnezone. I always liked Magneton's design though.


Okay, sorry it couldn't come together again


Godzilla or dinosaur would be good choices. Shiftry would probably be redundant if I go the former. Why gote tho?
Nigger Magnezone's design is amazing.


I'm sorry too.


File: 1480267378304.png (218.64 KB, 680x949, 500.png)

You could always reshuffle!
Not a lot of pokemon captured stay with their trainers. Or you can trade.

Magnezone saved the line for me
I really hope if it gets a mega it ends up looking like some crazy fighter plane

I think you said it was a grassmon you liked
And I've been trying to give every fire-water-grass


I do like gote, but it's not one of my favorites. Grass doesn't have very many mons that stand out to me.


Could be interesting
But I don't want to give up some of my mons!


Hope everything is okay


File: 1480272736812.jpg (68.36 KB, 599x820, 60199aa7228729cccc5fffc38f….jpg)

how about tuesday


I have your dog.


you're back then?



give me a bit, I woke up real late and have things to do


It's fine. Just give me a holler whenever you're ready.


File: 1480273694520.png (2.35 MB, 2864x1669, 420802.png)


Any idea when you'll be around?


Kentucky houses have many doors, Ed-boy.


Do we know were Rolf was from, anyway?


just an hour or so probably


I actually have not watched Triple Ed.
No rush.


File: 1480274791331.png (359.56 KB, 571x486, 1478105452991.png)

Maybe we can quest then



I just never got the appeal, to be honest.


It makes no sense in the amazing way that it makes sense if you realize these are kids during summer holiday who are playing

Although Eddy genuinely seems to have no other goal in life but to get Jawbreakers


>appeal of eds
It was a funny cartoon show, that's about it.

Just a little bit longer now


File: 1480275623924.png (280.16 KB, 777x656, 1479415070333.png)


File: 1480275983339.webm (2.87 MB, 640x480, 1480251201431.webm)


What the fuck is this?


File: 1480278964136.png (858.64 KB, 1280x1245, 4f27bd77-f5a5-4b5d-b330-a9….png)


File: 1480280507508.webm (3.76 MB, 640x360, smug.webm)


>gay shipping


File: 1480280653490.webm (3.66 MB, 960x540, 1471050492753.webm)

I thought you didn't like bugs



Yes, and?


[muffled police sirens in the distance]

Bugs are a part of nature!


So are dogs. Humans. Stars.


Why does japanese one sound like two and japanese two sound like one?


File: 1480281201298.png (152.38 KB, 1280x640, vlcsnap-2016-09-08-02h35m0….png)

Nature has many spooky things


File: 1480281279181.gif (849.99 KB, 500x281, Give up.gif)

>tfw no more Binbougami
It was too short.

Because Asians don't follow human logic.


That's pretty unnatural though.


Motherfucking useless Japanese who didn't like it enough to get a second season.
I'm considering just readig the Manga

Only in your current understanding of what 'nature' is.
Someplace else, however…


Yes but I don't have a sheet.


It's supposedly bretty gud, but it's just not the same. The dub added so much to the experience.


My illness burns through the cavernous deeps


But what if we just kept playing for now anyway?

They did, yes.
As retarded as it sounds, I bet the show didn't get good reception in part because of Bobby, because of how incredibly racists those gooks are


File: 1480281781645.gif (813.14 KB, 400x184, spooked.gif)

Jeebies scoob


File: 1480281857262.png (Spoiler Image, 427.1 KB, 767x433, Handigo2.png)


Goddamit why do I fall for that again


File: 1480281992435.jpg (41.25 KB, 600x447, stranger.jpg)


File: 1480282065821.webm (2.7 MB, 320x240, 1478380302423.webm)


Eh, I really doubt Bobby was a factor. Might be that it just didn't air at a good time.


Yes but
I'm in bed.


Oh well
I just miss it

As DM said, we'Ll just have to hire the VAs


I'm sick. Not right now.


I'm not forcing to do it today.


We'll just find out their phone numbers and call them up for voice samples.

These days that's all you need to create a computer generated imitation voice.


File: 1480282802998.png (92.05 KB, 300x360, pink pone is ded.png)


Oh my fucking god, that's true
A few years, Adobe Voice, paying for a generous sample sentence and it'll be… unf


File: 1480285070467.png (165.27 KB, 331x321, FEMTO.png)


Yeah I crashed right after the sauna
All I can hope is that I won't be sick tomorrow


File: 1480285294482.gif (5.7 MB, 640x360, ojosestrella.gif)

Here, inhale some meme gas.


the grand gremlin gathering will be thanked for this gift


I figured. Hopefully the worst is today.
That's toxic


Thank you gremlin


On the positive side, I was lucid enough earlier today to actually get my first Legion raid done. It was actually pretty neat, though the theme helped that a lot.


File: 1480291551999.png (275.23 KB, 1280x723, 51a8a36e-9789-4047-84ca-15….png)




File: 1480291963432.png (455.78 KB, 1209x876, 420707.png)


Y-you said you would be here


So, BDN, did you go and grab a Cosmog from the alternate reality linked at the Sun/Moon altar?



>Nebby summons a waifu/husbando to breed with right there and then



But isn't it more like having sex with itself, since it was an alternate world?


>Solgaleo and Lunala are supposed to be male and female respectively
>Nebby got to breed with a boy/girl version of itself that way

Anyway, mons for people who are here


But hey, at least this way they give you a second boxart legend to trade.
…for another alt universe version of itself. Shit, has pokemon always been this meta?


Give me about 30 minutes if no one else take you up on your offer. Just got home and doing some stuff for my folks.


Make sure to make a new thread


Alright, gimme 20



>My shouldermon can't be my shouldermon no more


File: 1480307102865.jpg (91.95 KB, 1060x404, 1443920983564.jpg)

He'll be able to carry you next time.


File: 1480308232764.jpg (80.11 KB, 500x281, tmp_24422-2qntvzl-15761930….jpg)


Feeling better?


I can barely hear anything and my nose is runny but yes, it's an improvement over yesterday


File: 1480309425692.png (516.3 KB, 1280x720, Scootaloo,_Sweetie_Belle,_….png)

>spent most of the day working on inventory system for the server
>not happy with it


How much sick leave can you take?



yea it might be a nice break


Practically unlimited but anything longer than a couple of days needs a doctor's note


File: 1480309686982.jpg (90.6 KB, 475x483, 1473423594613.jpg)

>doctor's note only needed if a 'couple of days'

Alright, new thread is linked.


so much mircocrafting
sooo much
and still more to do to connect it all


File: 1480311705254.jpg (277.29 KB, 867x867, 1476518693723.jpg)

>this tree
I'm already feeling much better


Will you be free Wednesday evening for Cyberpunk?



It's my day off, so hopefully we can start sooner than usual.

Regarding Space Quest, is there any system you want to try, or should we stick S10? I actually have an idea for some campaign hooks if everyone wants to start put together.


I'll be heading to bed in a bit, though it's interesting me to see where this leads.


File: 1480318303837.png (312.73 KB, 997x970, litten_by_hikariviny-da253….png)

Gonna stop after this post too

Also, got a firecat yet?


File: 1480318426635.gif (969.03 KB, 500x281, tmp_24422-1471856883485207….gif)

>can feel a fever rising


No direct yet. My brother is still using my 2ds.




>doctor's note only needed if a 'couple of days'
We've got our worker unions to thank for that.


I'm fine with most of them, who else is playing?


I was wondering, If we are gonna spend the next meet at the cabin, what are we gonna eat?


Memes will sustain us.


Wf seems willing as long as he gets to be an Engineer type. I'll try to develop a bit more this week, see if anyone else wants to try it.


When you get the chance, breed like, five of them. BDN will probably provide a superior owl than what I can, though.


I see!

I don't have a clear vision of what I'd be doing there tbh.


File: 1480318995499.jpg (2.26 MB, 3264x2448, 1480316947954.jpg)

Sure thing.

Just looking for interest in a group Quest first. I'll toss up a few more concrete details tomorrow.


>tfw Zygarde-complete isn't mega Rayquaza-tier powerful

And that's that for now, good to be back.


Thanks for the session BDN, this was a cool way to cap it.


I'm sure Quetz enjoys the dragon stories.


thanks for running


The only gym leader roster I prepped was for lower levels, and I was getting kind of tired. Tomorrow!


No worries


>lower levels
>everyone underestimates Amber


More like I was expecting people to head there earlier


I think its kind of funny is all, they don't realize how much real world experience she has so they bring weaklings


That'd be funny. Grass gym leader/trial captain should be the last person to underestimate Amber, though. Hmm, might even make it a stacked fight.


File: 1480320243174.jpg (29.28 KB, 504x546, 1471730489841.jpg)

>investigating how to autofarm argicraft
>people say use golems
>barely started on thaum myself and wf lost all those research notes in the exploration accident
what a pain, we're end game for two of our mods, why can't we automate farming yet


She's still very much a kid, and pretty excitable.


File: 1480320465507.png (227.74 KB, 1614x1178, lula__breezie__by_zacatron….png)

Bzzzzzz tomorrow euro evening?


File: 1480320507328.jpg (83.36 KB, 244x394, 1374806113121.jpg)


Can try


>go to the dining room, cat is meowing
>pick him up to pet him
>climbs up to my shoulder, it's his new habit
>I go to the kitchen and do the morning dishes and make coffee with him on my shoulder

I've got to say
This was fun


We'll try


File: 1480322402816.jpg (228.18 KB, 1920x1080, 1479829374009.jpg)

Let me know if it's possible


File: 1480324043053.png (937.28 KB, 1166x1300, i3iae81x480y.png)


>Turku - Turku


File: 1480324159729.png (278.97 KB, 1000x1186, 9x3u7toi3fzx.png)

This shit is killing me.


>they forgot Sluis


File: 1480324273012.jpg (85.8 KB, 533x388, laughtt.jpg)

>horse vagina lake
>corner of sexual arousement
>penis of Mary
>curve of the ass of a horse
>swamp of the moldy ass
>shit avenue

You're killing me


Swamp of the moldy ass is my favorite.


>curve of the ass of a horse

I mean
Who the fuck has to name something and goes like
"Do you know what I'm thinking about right now, what might be a proper name? How the asses of horses curve."


OR there's some kinda rock or mountain nearby that kinda looks like the ass of a horse


"That hill looks like the ass of a horse"
-Finnish Man, circa 1600


>the lake that just is


File: 1480324662649.jpg (56.52 KB, 789x414, 1480271631359.jpg)

>Street of the cat spanker


In those days your average peasant didn't have many things to compare shapes to


Either way, I know where we're going to go sightseeing during the next Finmeet.


I'm not sure if that image is cropped or not

Finns have found enlightenment

I can get behind the hill that looks like the curve of the ass of a horse


I think it should be


In the horse's ass is the Finnish expression for middle of nowhere


So the curve of the horse's ass is "next to middle of nowhere"?
That just makes it even better


It's basically "curving road in the middle of nowhere"


That might more accurately be "it's just a lake"
As in that was what the locals said when asked about it and the cartographer wrote it down as is.


Here comes reality, ruining my zen moment.


I mean, "It's just a lake" is a very philosophical approach too


File: 1480327643344.png (85.15 KB, 284x214, The_World_That_Never_Was_L….png)

>the Lake That Just Is


>be finnish peasant
>see swedish cartographer coming over
>asks me in his weird language what town this is
>tell him in finnish about the mythological founder of our peasant town and the songs of our lake
>swedish cartographer looks confused
>later found out he called our town just-a-lake



File: 1480328894667.webm (2.56 MB, 568x426, 417989.webm)


No, it went something like this:
>The Russians ran over all our shit
>Now here comes this gay looking bloke
>He doesn't speak Finnish
>Somehow communicates that he wants to know what the lake is called
>tell him that it's a lake and fuck off
And that's how Finland was made.


I'm still not convinced that Finland is actually a country. I have long held suspicions that it is a loose confederation of tribes.


"Is finland real" is a trending google search.


Is the USA even real? I have long held it's a loose confederation of cities…


Loose confederation of states.


What is a state if not a loose confederation of cities?
What is a city is not a loose confederation of households?


The US was once a confederation but we decided we wanted more federal power after a while


Is a nerve touched?


What is a nerve if not a loose confederation of synapses?


lemon key face



>spent the last 30 mins in a train that's not moving surrounded by screaming prepubescent kids.

If the conductor says we're leaving in a minute one more time i will not be responsible for my actions


File: 1480331137401.png (155.72 KB, 536x622, 1480324810328.png)

>smealum apparently got arrested


>that everything
I call bullshit.


If he did and ended up having to work as their security consultant to save his ass I wonder what would happen to piracy


That only ever happens when the american gov is involved.


American secret services*


In the movies


Nah there are a few real world cases.


File: 1480331892692.jpg (37.8 KB, 500x500, 1480174320466.jpg)

>Just arrived at the station to buy some lunch
>EVERY train has like delays of 30 minutes or more
>Shops are crowded as hell
What the FUCK is going on.


RIP in peace belgium?


File: 1480332044186.png (457.2 KB, 990x6632, 0somQzS.png)

No fuck this.


>otaku convention day


File: 1480333933053.png (670.58 KB, 900x720, cd26ba33-5f5b-4529-b91e-5f….png)


File: 1480334316116.png (505.79 KB, 915x604, 1479650954339.png)


The proportions of this tiny are all over the place


Daily reminder that CMC will have ugly shield cutie marks



Still tiny
Still pony


Quest idea pitch
>You live in a perfectly utilitarian society
>All is well until one day, your society is invaded by a Utility Monster
>This monster can derive more pleasure from any resource (food, water, etc.) than regular citizens can even in extreme circumstances (for instance, the Utility Monster enjoys food more than a starving person would)
>Because society is perfectly utilitarian, all resources are allocated to the Utility Monster
>You must kill the monster to restore egalitarianism
>But since magic and weapons are more useful in the hands of the Utility Monster, it gets all of those too


I don't mind them too much


File: 1480336285579.png (768.8 KB, 1280x1379, e05eba30-f6d4-4026-9f63-65….png)


That pon is even cuter


File: 1480336938711.png (129.36 KB, 640x360, Flutterbat_looking_at_her_….png)


>widow on our team is polite, keeps thanking everyone, is cooperative and keeps scoring headshots

I-is this real?


Oh la la~


File: 1480337432306.png (1.12 MB, 1280x1722, 54bc544b-ce8e-4c3e-b270-29….png)


Those ponies can go die in a fire


File: 1480338072567.jpg (37.17 KB, 600x600, 2dd.jpg)


File: 1480338207970.png (1.16 MB, 1242x1920, 249c9119-0cb4-4ba4-b9ea-21….png)

Don't be mean


I should just take a sick day tomorrow, this is getting out of hand


why can't anything be a fucking standalone anymore?

I have four launchers sitting in my system tray - Curse, Battlenet, Steam, and Byond.


Actually, a standalone would be just another launcher, wouldn't it
It would just complicate your problem
Also, fuck Curse for real though, it's complete garbage


>no Origins


>It's a "Nopo never played Minecraft with us" episode

What a shame


I'll try again this week
Can't help it if the launcher stops responding for no reason.


Didn't exactly give it much of a try. It froze once and you instantly gave up.


Actually, after it did the same thing three times in a row I decided that I won't be wasting my time watching Minecraft freeze up and be [Not Responding]

Maybe I'll try to fire it up now and go read a book, see if anything happens


File: 1480339899755.webm (3.31 MB, 512x288, 1479485503349.webm)

Sylt, Nopony, have you already spent some thought on your vampire characters


No. Did we decide on the setting?




Or are there specific things you'd like to know about the setting before you're making a character?


Yes. What's our wealth level? What will the campaign's focus be?
Are we street thugs, are we well off, are we royals?


Wealth level is relatively irrelevant in vampire society. Most of your power comes from whatever contacts you'll be able to make. You can decide your wealth during character creation, as far as I'm concerned you can be rich as fuck, as long as it fits your character to be. Even a rich fledgeling gets treated as a fledgeling. Becoming a vampire means shedding your "mortal" class and becoming part of a new hierarchy.
Realizing that might even be a neat part of early campaign.

If you mean it in terms of how powerful is my vampire, that's a good question. I assumed we'd start off as recently converted vampires or even humies. But we could also have a game where you're already strong and are doing more intrigue and power plays.


Alright. Then what will the campaign be about?


I'm thinking I'll let you all decide your own goals. But I'm thinking that shortly after you become vampires, the Prince of London disappears suddenly without explanation. Of course this causes massive unrest amongst the vampire population. Did he get killed? Is this some 4D chess move to flush out his enemies? The resulting power vacuum means several vampires are on the move to become the new Prince, a few centuries old feuds get settled etc. Now if you guys wanna figure out what happened to the Prince, that's possible but you can also go and try to gain your own place in the world.

One of the first ideas I had, in addition to whatever your sires might have in store for you, was that your haven is in territory controlled by a particulary cruel but stupid vampire who basically got it in return for a favor to the Prince, and now that the Prince is gone, maybe some enterprising young vampires might be able to claim his stuff?


I will think this over, get to you in a day.


File: 1480344656322.png (191.29 KB, 684x969, bestest_creepypasta.png)


File: 1480344751450.jpg (132.02 KB, 400x594, 1295872486244.jpg)

>that creepypasta

I can't tell if it's a genuine attempt or not


Do you want to know more?


I don't know what more to ask about! We are starting as grunts in the vampire society and the human society doesn't matter any more, not much I can ask which isn't a spoiler!


Well, let me know if you have a concept idea!


And human society matters somewhat! Just not in the same way it used to when you were a humie. You could still become for example part of the board of some company for money. I was more trying to bring down that those positions would be more to further your own position in vampire society and less about getting money.


Well at first I thought to just play an everyday london guy/girl but then I realized that'd be too close to reality. I'm not interested in playing a rich guy right now and the lowlife who struck it big by being a vampire is not a concept I'm interested in either. Will need a while to mull it over.


Playing an everyday guy/girl could be cool. Imagine how he/she would react to suddenly becoming a vampire, having to completely rethink life, cut almost all contacts with friends and family.


Yeah but I play a lot of everyday guys.


Play a flutterbat


The problem with that in quests is that those characters don't take plot hooks.


She'll get a butthook


Hey I'm game!
I loooooove playing sluts.


Play a slutty girl who gets turned into a Nosfratu and nows has to deal with being a horrible monster


And suddenly it's not a fluttershy any more!


>Sion doesn't have any slut characters
What a prude!


How did we get here from flutterbutt?



I can't decide what clan to play, which is bad, because that would decide the type of character I'd be


I assumed flutterbutt meant a shy person!


Don't you play Toreadors/Daeva?

I've got enough of those in Bzzzzzz.
New Fluttershy is quite open and slutty.
See last season


She's too complex, I'm not good enough to roleplay her properly!


>Fluttershy is now the most complex character in MLP
And they say Faust leaving was bad!


She's got the most screen time, too!


That's the thing, I love playing Toreadors, but I don't know if I want to do that again or try something else.


File: 1480347165029.jpg (34.08 KB, 736x675, 9496a7914623520d5692cff37a….jpg)


>it's snowing outside


It's officially time


Plenty of time

How did this happen?


File: 1480347208933.png (150.36 KB, 800x600, 565635__safe_twilight spar….png)


She makes for a qt groof



File: 1480347325972.png (11.09 KB, 352x288, 1478524210587.png)


what cutes


Good life choices.


I blew all our mana on terrasteel and spent like 7 stacks of cobble from the altar excavation compartment chest on making stone bricks. I decided I was going to have to get over loss eventually but I just wanted to build something instead of getting back into doing quests right away, so I started building a thaum mansion

Nice work on the organization chests, but I'm not 100% sure I understand how it all works just yet


File: 1480347412991.jpg (58.91 KB, 535x432, 1468518479996.jpg)

Took me a moment to see it.


| ||
|| |_


File: 1480347474062.gif (3 MB, 1280x720, princess_fluttershy_by_san….gif)




Oh also
>The hopperhock somehow got disconnected from the manapools and wasn't charging, so nothing was getting cycled through the pipes

I fixed it tho


These new pokemon names are getting weird


>excavation compartment chest
Its a "wf randomly renames chests based on events you don't recall" episode!
Its okay, did you got through the tablet stock too?


I attempted to move it all to the wall.


I'll come help if you like.


What a stolen xkcd joke


Will you be around today?


brez today


The one by where I dug out that big hole with the iron hammer where you filled it in with dirt, remember?


Yes I drained all of them. But terrasteel armor says it passively generates mana into tablets somehow? So I'm carrying some around with me to see if they fill


I think I have enough for now, I can always just use the hammer again if not


I just don't get the system, other than the drawers that we've been using. They're all connected with sparks I take it? And what's with the typing thing?

I thought he meant Tuesday??




Shit, I thought it was today as well.


That's tomoor


Oh thanks.
I need to put something fully automatic for the kekie flower, but its much more complicated than the tree farmer which isn't working anymore. Not feeling confident about it.

Oh that chest!


that kind of generation is super slow, but I'm glad you have good armor again, I tried to make some steel ingots for you but it was real slow going so I didn't get much.


Well there is always the wand, I can make you a new one if you lost it.


Yes. as in in the chat box, when you're close to the cube I labeled. I'll come on mumb and explain


well okay then, my mistake


I asked for when people would be available.
Wf said Monday but that wouldn't work well for me. So I went with Andy's Tuesday.
I hope this will work for you all?




File: 1480349508983.png (300.72 KB, 1158x1192, 1436344915801.png)

>PSN account might have been banned
>Look up list of causes for ban. One of the reason includes improper usernames
>Username Deer2Lewd
I think I made a terrible mistake



>ban instead of name change



>not a name change


Not for long though


After the big PSN Deer incident of '08 it's never been the same.




Nvm then I guess.



File: 1480349792481.jpg (65.27 KB, 665x603, 1443907386718.jpg)

If my family sees this I'm dead, and I'll probally have to explain them the meaning of the name and why it was considered offensive


Wow you're a fucking idiot.
Send support a mail and ask for a name change.


>Dad locked himself in the office and says he wants to divorce and leave
Okay this is turning out to be a wild Monday
I didn't think it would be so bad. It ain't got any explicit words or anything


Just contact support. It's not like they want to lose a customer


Hang in there man

And what they said.



File: 1480357234002.png (254.95 KB, 700x650, 1391700470648.png)


That Biollante looks pretty smashed.
That artist also neglected to make her bigger than everyone else, considering she's the biggest of the series at 130 meters tall.


File: 1480357549411.gif (2.58 MB, 600x338, Slam.gif)

Macrofags out.


File: 1480358081307.webm (2.85 MB, 853x480, 420910.webm)


Fuck I miss playing the double bass.


I miss playing muh trumpet


>tfw no Sub orchestra


DM can play the Fagophone


I think you mean the fagotto. Which is called a fagot in Dutch.


>Man at Arms Reforged did Genji's Sword

I fucking knew it
And I fucking hate it

They could have made Rein's rocket hammer, but no
Let's make another piece of junk



>South Park's take on the Elections

Oh I am laffin


I watched that last week, I fucking lost it at the "Uh we're sure that this is for real, right?"


I love the awkwardness of the news anchor.


They go by requests, man. I'm still kinda disappointed they've not done anything more than the Black Ranger's axe.


File: 1480363126432.webm (5.58 MB, 394x394, trump_drive.webm)

Not even that far from what actually happened


Because all those fucking weebs keep spamming fucking weeb swords.
I really, really fucking hate this fetish for katanas.
They don't look 'cool'.
They are shitty swords with a slight curve. That's it. BBut it's HURR DURR M-MUH WEEB CULTURE GRORIOUS SAMURAI


File: 1480363179924.webm (12.24 MB, 640x360, trump 2020.webm)


File: 1480363283859.jpg (26.02 KB, 509x471, 1467851438243.jpg)

You're just jealous that grorious Nippon steel is more popular than anything Hungary ever made.


File: 1480363289966.jpg (57.64 KB, 700x396, genji-gameplay.jpg)

*teleports behind you*




You have to remember, Nopo. Most people who comment on Youtube videos are either children, retards, or people with nothing better to do.
The problem with a lot of requests for mythical items (caladbolg, the spear of destiny, excalibur, etc.) is that they were ordinary weapons that went through extraordinary things. I mean, it's not like they'd get to make a Sword of Mars out of a meteorite, or the Sword of Roland.


They made the scissor blade out of fucking scissors blades.
They also made one of the blades from actual meteor metal.

I wish the weeb meme would die


File: 1480363452239.jpg (106.76 KB, 454x379, 1464680056268.jpg)

H-He's fast!


Sokka's sword was special.
And weeb swords have nothing on grorious American reclaimed steel, folded zero times.


File: 1480363565249.jpg (38.03 KB, 800x561, geeeee.jpg)

>I wish the weeb meme would die

Two nuclear bombs didn't kill it, what else can be done?

Time to say hello, the Japanese way


Sion, two nukes caused it.


I really fucking hate my country
>We organize the Water World Championships next year
>billions of money lost to corruption
>general incompetence all around
>literally fascism where the president of the Water Club cannot be wrong
>now they did it again
>the mascot is a pair of water Lillies, original names Water Lala and Water Lily
>despite what the creator/designer of them wanted, they renamed the boy Water Willy
>which is what they call fucking squirt guns that look like dicks

I swear to fucking god
I live in a god damn fucking parody of a countr


File: 1480364773779.jpg (70.14 KB, 600x643, CjaIHASUgAEC0YD.jpg)

>Shadowverse has a loli necromancer

I know who I'm playing!


It was literally forged by the fae.


Looked ordinary.


How do you know what it looked like?


File: 1480365156726.png (1.85 KB, 90x100, images.png)


File: 1480365504367.png (441.52 KB, 791x722, 1476064889671.png)



I've seen the ancient japanese drawings depicting tentacle rape!


that is not the sword of promised victory


File: 1480365685318.jpg (12.69 KB, 205x200, bad_day.jpg)

>literally fascism


I mean, I'm sure there is a better word for having only open votes, bribing those who you can and silencing those you can't, building with fear, never admitting being wrong, never resigning, etc, you know the drill


Yeah it's called despotism


Depotism is the son-in-law of the PM winning all the tenders


That's nepotism


Fascism is such a buzzword these days.

People are constantly calling Trump a fascist now. It's the cool thing to do.


Oh shit, you're right

I mean, our government, on the other hand, fits literally all points of fascism as it was described by Umberto Eco, except for occultism


I don't see any corporate councils being formed so far in Hungary so they're not that fascistic.
Fascism is a governance system at the end, it's impossible to be implemented as a member of the EU.
Hungary is a democracy albeit a very corrupt one



>Hungary, a member of the EU, is fascist
It's literally impossible.

The very nature of the EU internal market and Schengen are completely against the ideals of fascism. As far as I know Orban loves to shit on the EU, but I haven't really heard of Hungary seriously considering leaving it.


Orbán and his lackeys keep teasing their voters about leaving. Not that it will ever happen, but they do.
Also, the EU is a joke and doesn't give a shit about how all the money they send here just gets stolen 100%
It did nothing to stop the government from unleashing the police and tax authorities on people they dislike, on destroying checks and balances, on destroying free press, etc.
The EU doesn't give a shit about a literal dictatorship forming under their nose.


First of all, the author is here clearly talking about what he perceives to be the mindset of the adherents of fascism, not the system itself. One of the most important elements of fascism was the nationalism and rejection of any form of globalism. While he might (and probably is) using those elements to get votes, that's still a far shot from actual implemented fascism.


>The EU doesn't give a shit about a literal dictatorship forming under their nose

I'll agree with you on that.
Still there's plenty of ways to be a dictator without being a fascist.

See USSR, Chile, Spain…


I mean, I'm not going to go through the trouble of pointing out how this definition of fascism describes everything they do.
They are also very good communists at the same time, which is actually amazing.


Yeah, I'll take your word for that. All I'm saying is that there's a difference between appealing to nationalism and tradition, and actual fascism. That's why I think the piece itself, while having some merit, isn't really a good definition.
But let's drop it, I'll agree with you that nepotism is fucking bad. And I very much hope that Hungary gets a proper fascistdemocratic government that actually tries to take down the corruption.


It's not the EU's job to run the Hungarian government.

If they ever tried to do anything, they'd just get accused of meddling with member state affairs and fuel the anti-EU crowd even more. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.


Unlikely without intervention

I wish they did though


Things can change fast! Never give up hope!


Shut your fucking whore mouth Selena.






>how Selena found herself with a new set of Triplets
>no one knew where Lilly found that dragon, though.


File: 1480369634834.jpg (1.41 MB, 1500x1060, Luna.(Shadowverse).full.20….jpg)

>I'm on an adventure, want to be part of it?
>Ooh, I know!
>You can be the person who dies!

No chill


>Selena teaching Lilly the bj tricks she learnt from Light


Lilly will vomit out of her eyeballs.


She'll vomit cum.


"You're a natural, just like your mother!"


That would be about the only avenue left for liquid expulsion, considering the two major in/out ports would be occupied.


File: 1480371368336.png (81.48 KB, 500x500, 1415878792203.png)


File: 1480371424523.png (454.38 KB, 1463x911, Coffee in the morning.png)


Lilly would totally shitpost on /k/


File: 1480371651891.png (167.77 KB, 540x513, 1479952935341.png)


Holy fuck this girl.
>Your parents are somewhere far away, aren't they.
>No, they are dead. You should die like them!
>I told you. I'm going to kill you now~


Hey you! Download Regrowth to the FTB launcher and join us! We really could use another hand.


The HQM pack?


That's the one!


What's the server address?


File: 1480376628598.jpeg (260.12 KB, 967x761, 720470__safe_monochrome_p….jpeg)


File: 1480376818840.gif (86.33 KB, 540x573, c9d9a798-4565-472c-8a81-ac….gif)


File: 1480376888690.jpg (167.03 KB, 800x800, 1465158882291.jpg)

Cages can be fun


Shit nigguh


[Free Bird]
Scary isn't it?


Pretty spoop


File: 1480380331756.png (461.49 KB, 1280x1595, ec9ef21a-acd6-4c0f-9c39-aa….png)



andy/fidget: if 4 apiaries isn't enough, let me know and we'll get some more casings for you


File: 1480383668791-0.jpg (242 KB, 1366x768, 20161129023245_1.jpg)

File: 1480383668791-1.jpg (245.83 KB, 1366x768, 20161129023327_1.jpg)

File: 1480383668792-2.jpg (255.93 KB, 1366x768, 20161129023630_1.jpg)

File: 1480383668792-3.jpg (237.27 KB, 1366x768, 20161129023800_1.jpg)

File: 1480383668792-4.jpg (241.44 KB, 1366x768, 20161129023802_1.jpg)

>tfw no quest today either

Well, bummer.
Anyway, I stayed up way too late.
I s-swear I play it for the gameplay


File: 1480392524386.gif (4.98 MB, 239x239, comboed to death.gif)

>have to leave the country again tomorrow


Is everything okay? Is China invading?


Family dragging me away



I'm back.

>the pitchfork mob found out bdn's unnatural experiments


>interview with prof about that synthetic biology project next year
>'you know that really grueling project you did? You ain't seen nothing yet'



I can buy stuff while there I guess


Don't let the muzzies get you, haram boy.


File: 1480414173781.png (499.85 KB, 960x540, 1333225729328.png)

>had to take the sick day since people repeatedly told me to not even try coming in if I'm not at 100%


File: 1480414444607.jpg (84.76 KB, 660x1000, a385a8e4-32d7-421b-8f22-03….jpg)


this looks very feminine for a buck


File: 1480414847098.jpg (152.69 KB, 700x900, 9f4e1f39-978b-47c5-87d3-52….jpg)

Since when did that bothered you?
And females can have antlers too


this sounds like a trap


>tfw no trap buckfriend


File: 1480415257175.png (959.94 KB, 1280x1758, c5982806-8fc5-4802-9f45-c1….png)

You can trust me


File: 1480415401680.jpg (82.64 KB, 616x732, 1449930810293.jpg)

Try to enjoy a sick day again I guess


File: 1480415661969-0.jpg (257.98 KB, 880x1081, deer camouflage.jpg)


[X] Doubt


File: 1480415902698.jpg (86.33 KB, 600x600, eb1d2de0-e51d-4b25-b3eb-e8….jpg)


Every time I walk through Siege of Orgrimmar I can't help but wonder if literally anyone but Jaina had been there, could they have convinced Lor'Themar to backstab Sylvanas and Vol'Jin.
There really are no reasons left why the blood elves couldn't just toss their silly new name, go back to calling themselves High Elves, toss a few key people in prison and rejoin the Alliance. It's not like they need to eat naaru to live any more.


Race balance.


Back during TBC, Sylvanas went out on a limb big time to help the Blood Elves and integrate them into the Horde (this was even represented by faction reputations. All alliance races would start at friendly with all 5 races, but Horde would get either Friendly (Undead/Blood Elves) + Neutral (Everyone Else) or the opposite. This was back when devs hated the Horde because this just makes things harder on players, back when they added two entrances to Horde Cities (Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Undercity) for no raisin but only one to each Alliance city.

Anyway long story short Elves don't want to give up on their dead besties


Didn't IF and SW always have 2 entrance, main + deeprun?


Reinstate the citizenship of any Lordaeron-born Forsaken
Then proceed to immediately imprison and execute most of the apothecary corps along with like half their military for cartoonish amounts of war crimes.


Not really an entrance for leader killing purposes.

"Oh I know how we'll sneak up on them… we'll raid a different city first and take some losses!"


We did it all the time during wotlk!


File: 1480418024766.jpg (17.3 KB, 225x320, 1480094020175.jpg)

Fug :DDD



RAS isnt' even operating publicly anymore

They're in the Rogue class hall in Legion because they are hiding out


Well Putris kinda fucked it up for everyone involved.
And Lor'Themar needs to stop being a little bitch, it's not like Sylvanas has any real respect for him anyway.



File: 1480419231949.jpg (2.38 MB, 3499x3639, 1478118580697.jpg)


Why is she so best girl?


Fucking whore


She is the daughter of the true best girl


>Rogues literally get memes for cards
>Druid and Shaman who have been the strongest classes get even stronger
>Grimy Goons get shafted because the opponent can now tell which cards are buffed minions so they can tell if you have any spells
>the list goes on

Team 5 what the FUCK are you doing


>meme cards
so they added Merely A Setback and King Mrglmrgl in?


[Breezie sounds]


>Merely A Setback
That's in WoW already.


'something' rager cards like magma rager are a meme because of how bad they are
Rogue got nerfed to shit in February to 'open up design space in future expansions'
They didn't get any good cards
In this set, they actually got the worst cards out of all of them. Like weapon synergy without weapons while warriors have so many they can fill s deck with it
Garbage legendary
Forcing the stealth deck archetype no one asked for AND printing a neutral counter to stealth in the same expansion
And when people hoped the final cards will be good… They get magma rage, the worst card in the game (proven by votes and winrate percent stats), a literal meme, with stealth
It's actually more insulting than purify


They deserve it for all they got in WoW


File: 1480427465559.png (13.68 KB, 450x232, tumblr_mjhdthTNxQ1rznn4wo1….png)


Rogue players on suicide watch
Which is especially a shame because rogue gameplay is fun compared to shit like hunter, mage and shaman just going face


Snake trap is a hunter card


File: 1480429194226.jpg (911.46 KB, 1185x1920, 1469919028968.jpg)


File: 1480430426997.png (190.61 KB, 664x952, 1370934795530.png)


File: 1480430498009.jpg (66.94 KB, 1000x1000, 1436837400425.jpg)


File: 1480430640949.jpg (119.49 KB, 960x949, 1347735.jpg)


What's happening above the picture?


I have enough stuff done that it sounds like I got a bunch done

>I set up a small staging hut near the tomb for our next assault

>Sprinklers over the berry farm and a supercrafting frame for magic food
>Researched straw golems and harvest cores
>Made Fidget some more impregnated cases
>Built up the mansion some more


File: 1480431879355.png (285.48 KB, 377x768, 1117395.png)


File: 1480433928941.png (350.18 KB, 490x602, 420845.png)


File: 1480437668185.png (175.58 KB, 664x952, I'M GONNA SQUEEZE IT! colo….png)

The same thing happening below the picture.


File: 1480438532170.jpg (79.07 KB, 900x900, 1459731089262.jpg)

>change litter
>cat goes to take a shit
>IMMEDIATELY starts with shoveling a fuckton of the litter outside the litter box


Cats, Nopo.


Having any luck with bees?

I built you a hive to live in


He is also freaking the fuck out about a fly.



I couldn't get the steam engine to work to power my incubator/acclimator.
Left it in the box with the hives and such.
Just wait until he's like, 12 or something and figures that having all four legs inside the litter box is good enough, regardless of where his ass is.


File: 1480441143969.png (203.96 KB, 579x423, 1475017270649.png)

Breezie in 2 hours.
Had some delays because of ze germans


I would help you fix it but I dunno where Andy hid the pipes

[Sion shifting into Walloon mode]


File: 1480441311994.gif (82.03 KB, 341x344, 1285127.gif)

Vous êtes un pédé


File: 1480442075366.gif (1.99 MB, 750x499, 297751__safe_fluttershy_an….gif)


File: 1480442109308.jpg (19.56 KB, 300x100, 200.jpg)



File: 1480442142234.png (271.59 KB, 720x720, 1473469488135.png)


Follow the ladder down to the "buildcraft" area, I mistakenly thought pipes were for robots


Why is she so adorbs?


I also put a water pool there, for convenience's sake.


File: 1480442230546.png (133.88 KB, 640x473, mlfw2197_medium.png)


You could just move that stuff somewhere else.
It was literally just an extra area I carved out.


I'd comfort her non sexually


>Piping in water to the sprinklers



Sounds cool, I'mma come see.

I started working on perfecting our metal plants.
The Iron planted in that room is perfect.


She is pony


File: 1480445633521.jpg (681.83 KB, 1280x1024, 1480443302972.jpg)

This happened 11 years ago.


File: 1480446118995.jpg (5.72 KB, 299x168, letöltés (8).jpg)

This happened 15 years ago


I forgot all about that.


If we speak of THe Rock and Bad CGI, those pair go hand in hand


>Democrats are winning, people try to talk about Voting Machine malfunctions/fraud
>"Oh you're just paranoid, these machines are perfectly secure, you're just angry you're losing!"
>Trump wins the election
>All these states calling for recounts due to "voting machine malfunction"
I can't help but smile at the irony, even if I am disappointed that they're wasting so much money on this.


This is why I basically think money is worthless.


File: 1480447393204.png (374.01 KB, 1600x1811, skeptical_flutterbat_by_ma….png)

>cheesy posts about how hilarious the election is again


Would you vote Flutterbat into office?


File: 1480447696278.jpg (150.16 KB, 795x530, 7785940283_marine-le-pen-e….jpg)

Yeah the US elections are so last week.

It's all about the French elections now. The right versus the far right.


I vote for the best chef


I want to kiss Le Pen and spit a cyanide pill into her mouth


Sorry, just got back from the Thanksgiving get-together a day or two ago. It was nice to see them all again, especially since it's been almost two years since we last saw some of them, but my great-uncles are the kind that love to talk politics.
It helped distract me from the fact that I couldn't take part in a good bit of the food that got cooked up.
Who's got the most marks on their bedpost? This is important information for the french.



Fillon is pro-Russia and an Anglophile. He's also very fond of austerity, which is something the French leftists probably hate more than Le Pen's anti-immigration stance. I honestly think Le Pen has a bigger chance at winning than people seem to give her credit for Although it's admittedly more likely for Fillon to win since he's overall still more of a centrist than Le Pen.


Both of them are pro Russia then
Because Motherfucking Russia is such a nice country


Gordon Ramsay isn't French


File: 1480448644046.gif (702.62 KB, 576x324, 1402103346083.gif)

oh okay
I'll excuse you then



I'll vote third party, in 2020.


I'm sure Putin is feeling a lot more comfortable now with a less hostile US, UK and France on the horizon.

Not saying that's a good thing, but it is what it is.

Are you going to vote for Renzi's referendum?


Can't, I'd have to travel 1.3k km just for that.


File: 1480449010630.jpg (27.39 KB, 299x271, 1431438991782.jpg)


File: 1480449038271.gif (439.44 KB, 294x294, 1206444.gif)

Roll call!


Waiting on dinner! Start without me.


What, is there only a voting booth in Rome or something?

From what I read it's a pretty big deal.


File: 1480449078626.jpg (80.08 KB, 825x600, 1453736140_35566_box_web.jpg)

>Finnish Riflemen
>Includes 4 figures




File: 1480449129515.gif (841.78 KB, 342x257, 1375704806730.gif)


It's a fucking tragedy is what it is


>This forigien policy is undercooked, its got subpar ingredents, and its unacceptable. I wouldn't serve this to the leader of an ant hill much less the leader of china.
>Start over, completely fooking over


Only in you're resident, can't vote from anywhere else. And I live in the north, far from home.


File: 1480449458119.png (511.69 KB, 1125x900, 966567__safe_princess luna….png)


Guess you'd better do something about it, schlomo.


What a shitty system.

Doesn't this screw a lot of students?


Same thing here.
Thou usually students become residents of their dorm area.


Yeah, if you move across state lines here you need to reregister to vote.


3v3 is fucking cancer
And everyone who plays that shit game mode too


>spent so long getting perfect seeds that I forgot about the altar
I must advance magic, to keep the wizarding community above the muggles


I mean, here I can just fill an online form out that I want to vote in another city instead




Problem is, if he went in the 2020 election, he'd get beaten by Guy Fieri



Pretty sure that's something you can do here too. Not that it matters in a country as small as Belgium.


Absentee ballots are a thing here as well. I used to use them, but I never reapplied after I went off to college.


>guy with the silly haircut and hot sauce

It's what people want these days!


File: 1480450013270.jpg (157.75 KB, 640x480, 1374969855257.jpg)

No way


File: 1480450105458.png (189.33 KB, 700x850, large (49).png)

I don't make the rules


File: 1480450159265.gif (2.58 MB, 427x240, NotAchangeling.gif)

are we doomed to be like those movies said?


Thanks for understanding.
How was your Thanksgiving? Any family get-togethers for you?


Depends on what kind of movies you watch!


Yes. And they don't care, because guess who the students vote for?
Not those in charge :^)


Isn't Renzi a leftist?


Nah, he's a centrist.


Well then. I suppose that makes sense.


Wanna know a secret?
I actually voted greens last election.


File: 1480450734120.webm (3.87 MB, 900x882, 1480348886451.webm)

>I might have to decipher things like this soon


Watch more guy ritchie.


I don't know anything about the Italian Greens, but I'd sooner vote for the fucking Socialist Party than for the Greens here.


They were cool.
The problem here is that any big political party feels more like a mafioso family than anything else.


I used to have a laff at the way this guy speaks when he is telling stories


File: 1480451135025.gif (631.63 KB, 507x508, 1256617.gif)

>DM feels sick
>Pencils, a fin, is feeling sick



I'm a Fin and I feel sick.




>3 fins sick

GASP is this some kind of hivememe



The problem with our Greens is that they're socialists who are vehemently against nuclear power (Belgium doesn't need nuclear power plants, we can just import power at a higher price from France's nuclear power plants! Genius!) and even Anti-NATO since they're hippy pacifists who want to drastically reduce military spending and make friends with everyone.

So in short, they suffer from SEVERE mental retardation.


The no-nuclear argument is possibly the most widespread case of demagogy and mental retardation I've ever seen.
Might be my roomie talking but I bet big oil companies fueled this.
Anti-NATO is just fucking laughable as a concept. Good thing we might be getting an EU army soon.


What will happen to national armies if we get an EU army?




Well then it's pretty pointless.


What do you think NATO is?


>giving up a national army
Are you retarded or just sick?


I can see you weren't conscripted into the hell-hole that is the National Finnish army.
Basically the same thing, except it has America in it?


I think he's referring to the European Defense Union, which mostly means even closer cooperation between national armies.

I mean it isn't. Because it means that even without being in NATO, Finland will be part of a defensive pact.




Because it's in their best interest to not antagonize the Russians. We do sell warplanes to them though.


>I bet big oil companies fueled this.
It's not easy to see that both sides have lobbies with lots of money

>Good thing we might be getting an EU army soon

I'm quite curious to see if it will actually be a reality. As in, an actual significant army. I think once the question of who's footing the bill comes there's gonna be problems


>it's easy


Well that's because the Finnish army is the best army and we don't need any help to defeat anyone.


File: 1480451941183.jpg (892.34 KB, 2482x4999, izr9Tih.jpg)

Yeah no kidding.

Finland even opposes closer EU military cooperation.


Why is UK even there.


Because they've yet to commit to leaving the EU :^)


Funny man make joek
When was this taken?


I think this is from last week.


Unless this was made for an earlier vote.


It would be pretty damn hilarious if the EU ends up having more teeth than the UN does.


the worst part is there is no fever, so I can't be sure if this is even the end of it yet


Actually, looks like this is from April.


The one I linked here >>789831 is a followup.


Because it'd kill our export trade with Russia, while giving us nothing back since it's not like they'd be here in time to stop it if Russia wanted to overrun us.
>EU wants to do inventory on how much heavy artillery each country has
>Finland reports 700 guns
>EU amends the list to include some obscure extras
>Finland amends report to 1700 guns


Being in NATO usually means we plonk a base down on your territory. I doubt that would help in any way shape or form though.


>Support in Ireland


Yup. All Irish MEP's voted against this. Guess they wanted to outdo the British.


>Renault FTs still dug inside the Karelian Isthmus count


What's the latest news on your PC anyway?


Haven't called them yet.

I'll probably call them up on Thursday. With some luck I might get it back before the weekend.


that would be good, I should be back in some semblance of mental clarity as well by then, rather than the plague zombie I've been the past few days


File: 1480454305116.jpg (8.71 KB, 387x469, art-bell.jpg)

>thinking of Vampire ideas

I kinda want a British Art Bell personality for fringe conspiracies.


I was thinking of one maybe concept but that's more about the siring and less about the character


On a tangential note, the one thing I have gotten out of my head lately has been OTR plans, mostly for characters.


File: 1480454526003.jpg (2.01 MB, 3600x2026, 1480454055015.jpg)


Out of your head how?

You can always run it by me.
Even if we don't use it I might steal it


Average guy does an act of alturism and stops some criminals from mugging someone, but gets fatally wounded in the progress.
A powerful vampire who happens to be around appreciates such a gesture and sires him, with no problem since the Prince is gone.
Might fit best to Toreador again…


this is pank


File: 1480455904227.jpg (449.21 KB, 1366x768, 20161129224152_1.jpg)

Why can't I hold all these fairies?



Criminally underdeveloped.


I'm sure she's more developed in the manga.

Should probably read it to be honest. S2 seems unlikely to happen.


Probably a safe bet, it's been two years. Speaking of, I think the Saboogaloo manga is ending as well.


File: 1480457468845.gif (885.07 KB, 440x507, 1479523769035.gif)

Can Breezies actually turn off their antennae?


I'm asking your opinions, not facts of course.


I don't remember the episode at all!


The only thing I remember is that they light up when Seabreeze was in darkness.

But how about we say they do, it'll be easier for stealth


probably if they try!


I was actually just using Glow I from my own spell list.


File: 1480458131810.png (93.95 KB, 257x216, e05.png)

That changes everything!


It's probably like holding your breath


File: 1480459141057.gif (2 MB, 270x282, Aw shite.gif)


File: 1480459245958.png (40.46 KB, 138x218, 1479815862375.png)

Never realized just how tiny breezies are up till now.
They probably see mites as we do rats


File: 1480459675620.webm (2.45 MB, 768x576, furry loli nude and takin….webm)


Hey I remember those, they gave them on national TV. French stuff. Untranslated.


I really don't want to leave

Maisy was in English too. It was pretty cute


It must kind of suck living in Singapore with the only nearby places to visit all being shitholes.


But all those cards of Singapore BDN sent looked so pretty


Well I live in the heart of Civilization and I still only have nearby places that are shitholes to visit.


Nothing against Singapore. But it's just one city. And the only thing outside of it is Malaysia.

You live near Russia, what do you expect?


I remember back in the 1700s, when no one was afraid of Russia and Carolus Rex was leading us.


Roomie started his nightly skype call.


"Putin my man, no matter what I tell them, they don't believe me."


Will write in just a second Wf and Andy


It's about Trump tonight.


Every time he does, sit behind him and write down everything he says. When he finds it all, tell him you were sent to spy on him.


He talks too quickly.


Use a walkman tape recorder.
The one that snaps shut with a loud noise.


Buy a minicassette recorder then. It'll add to the image.


>An Italian who speaks too quickly according to another Italian
This must be some next level quick talking.

Does he do rapid hand gestures as well?


Yes. Over the webcam.
Sometimes I record snipsets with my pc's mic and send them over telegram to my friends.


File: 1480461800590.webm (1.33 MB, 480x480, ravioli.webm)


I just heard a guy who writes about sionism and chemtrails talk about ethic in journalism.


Out of all the shit, for some reason Chemtrail is the conspiracy theory that gets my blood fucking boiling
"I refuse to accept how the world actually, factually works, it must be poison"


I knew a guy who'd go "I'm not saying it's wrong, but I think it works like this"



File: 1480462197627.jpg (157.66 KB, 960x686, 421080.jpg)

Can we genocide dumb people for real then?


Oh yeah, I've read about that today.
It's finally in place, for a hundred years


On the other hand, visiting that place to urban explore just got a lot more lame if you can only see the sarcophagus


I hear that giant goat burned down again this year.


Stars shine brightest before going dark


Isn't that a swedish tradition?


I think it's only managed to make it to the end of its run once in the last, like 50 years.
I do recall one year a tourist burned it down because he thought it was a tradition.



You don't recall shit, you just watched that same video I'm watching right now.


Incorrect, I read it on the internet last year, the same time this came up on tumblr.



Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooo…
And in record time too, I think. It lasted like a day.


File: 1480462999164.png (121.96 KB, 800x600, nebula_wings_new_gender_by….png)

So I got my first official deviantart request
Draw this pon in night guard armor



Sure smells of Super Spechul Snowflake OC in here


Why would you EVER do Deviantart requests
Especially when my requests are so much better


Begars can't be choosers
Plus his page is very popular so this is a good opportunity
Because exposition



More or less, at least everywhere else nearby is dirt cheap in comparison.

Take a look at Singapore's size though


You never gave me another request anyways
Holy shit that is small


I've been telling you to draw lewd for months!


It's called a citystate for a reason.



File: 1480464232640.jpg (2.43 MB, 4000x3000, tmp_6660-IMAG0137643113156.jpg)

>that super cool place DM and Nasse were eating at when I met them in the airport isn't all that special and has a outlet here too


Yeah, I was wondering if you realised. When we say 'drive across the country' we mean an hour's drive at most


I figured it wasn't. Still, unlimited Bacon and hot dogs for like 7 euros!


File: 1480464479425.jpg (19.84 KB, 364x427, 1439201282199-1.jpg)

That's very veeeeeeeeeeeery very broad and not specific. You don't even say what kind of lewd
If anything I could draw guro porn and it would fit in your request
>1 hour drive


Well that's because I didn't think you'd do it even if I asked!


Well why did you even ask then? You're definetly not the most optmistic person in the sub


I didn't know you would do guro porn
Sign me up!


I was being optimistic!


File: 1480464783106.jpg (232.29 KB, 800x600, 2015-05-20 08.48.30.jpg)

I lost track of my standards long ago


I dare you to!


You should draw Celestia tiddies


File: 1480465044063.jpg (248.52 KB, 600x800, 2015-05-20 08.57.37.jpg)

I already had before kinda I guess but it's lost somewhere with my oldest darkest drawings
If I ever find it again I'll show you
Sure why not
Queue time: 2 years


Like that one drawing we don't speak about?


@Sion: want to pause here? It's 1am for you and I am sure we will probably have to fight spark now


File: 1480465209644.gif (1.93 MB, 416x480, 1478825344019.gif)

Pausing here.
Hope you had fun!


It was nice to get back into it, more soon pls


Thanks for running, and thanks to nopony too.


Thanks to both of you!

>pattern defeated her first boss

so proud of her


Baby steps!

I joined in a bit late this session. We can do just a teeny tiny bit more if you want.



Hopefully this weekend.
Pretty sure we'll be able to finish this next session.
Also soon we might actually go on adventure in the outside again

What a powerful Breezie!

Hope this is getting you a bit out of your bzzz dip


File: 1480465713978.png (277.71 KB, 1024x1529, police_officer_by_checker_….png)



It is! Night!


File: 1480466193689.png (175.21 KB, 887x600, Captura de Tela (93).png)

Why the hell did I ever draw this? I fucking hate sharks


Because you wanted to see what kind of armor sharks would wear.


File: 1480466376283.png (464.63 KB, 2400x3000, butts2.png)

Can you explain why I made this then?


Because you're a horny deer.


File: 1480467067798.jpg (235.71 KB, 1024x681, 1480396443360.jpg)

Well that isn't wrong


File: 1480468471690.png (180.91 KB, 378x420, a4c82d7c-ba80-431a-8fc8-ef….png)

2late. Gonna sleep
Happy first day of December tomorrow


That's Thursday.


Dude! How's the future?


You meme, that's true where you are!


It's 2 in the morning, you can't call the 1st "tomorrow", it's not how it works!


Not only can you, but you'd be technically correct.

"Which is the best kind of correct!" t. Bureaucrat #1, Futurama


>"Which is the best kind of correct!" t. REDDIT MEMES


>Show makes joke
>Reddit steals it
>Now it's not a good joke anymore
Spot on hipster impression

Also new Oasis map for OW is on PTR. Looks neat.


Already on PTR? That was quick.


>airport had a Pokemon promotion on
>had a station for some game
>turns out they make you do a Z-move dance and record you doing it

It's kind of awkward doing a Z-move dance without it actually triggering unspeakable power


Which one did you do?


As in, you have to do it yourself?


I picked Rowlet on screen, so 「Bloom Doom」

See you guys, takeoff now


Yeah, physically




Send the video our way.


Shouldn't have to juggle machines anymore, all of the machinery is set up in the new machine shop under the primary bed cluster.

Turns out honey is apparently a good biofuel.


It's why bees are cool. But remember we need to keep a supply of it for the Beealyzer.


In liquid form? I have a bunch of it processed already in a fluid tank.


Just to be sure, though, you didn't move the incubators, right? I don't think it had generated enough bacteria culture yet to be safely drained.
Ah. And yeah.
Side note, if you get the silky combs set up in a centrifuge, they'll spit out silk whisps. Need like, 200-some-odd of them to make the beekeeper suit.


No, none of your machinery was moved (although I upgraded the steam engine), I'm talking about the centrifuge/carpenter/squeezer/rolling machine/laser-assembly setup/oil refinery/bottler/fermenter/etc.

All of that is in the machine shop now.


Ah. Okay. That'll be convenient.


File: 1480472102008.jpg (243.91 KB, 1366x768, 20161130030711_1.jpg)





File: 1480472248436.png (370 KB, 976x726, 1477932554414.png)

I accidentally the Runecraft solo missions



You know what we should do during the next meet? Go to the Parola Panzer Museum to see the meme tank.
What's a runecraft?


Thought before sleeping:

To charge our botania, we use…
>Agricraft (10/10/10 bred seeds)
>Magical Crops (coal essence)
>Buildcraft (pipes/engine)
>Thaumaturgy (golems)
>JABBA (barrel)
>Forestry (work table)


Only because for some reason the hopperhocks don't want to listen to redstone, otherwise I could use only botania and vanilla


File: 1480490312051.png (190.51 KB, 1280x904, tumblr_mlo7huLp2d1rjn4uko1….png)

>used up most of the exp berries to get loot enchant
>kill two demons
>they dropped only magma cream
god damn you rng


File: 1480495323614.jpg (49.25 KB, 447x723, 1479627043131.jpg)


Cool, a wild Doglett appeared


Upon further research I can become doggo without suffering the rng of demon killing by instead killing a wither. Gonna try tomorrow sometime



I might be free one of these days


File: 1480495586908.webm (636.54 KB, 360x360, 1480389100432.webm)


File: 1480495965540.jpg (116.26 KB, 1280x720, 1479391905115.jpg)

>BDN had to dance in a crowded airport


D-don't laugh


File: 1480496382096.png (67.42 KB, 1736x880, 1431420825768.png)

>realize I can't go to sleep yet
I guess I might as well spawn a wither


Don't worry, we'll get that battle eventually


We won't laugh until we see the video.


Why can't you?


I must accomplish a thing


Is it super sekrit?


>you will never perform coordinated z-moves in with the sub


nah its just laundry


File: 1480496627797.png (73.61 KB, 650x500, e044f2df-e85b-4936-ba16-f8….png)


Why are you doing laundry at 3 in the morning?


Are there enough of us to do all the poses?


I made a mistake


because fuck you that's why


I don't think so actually. Particularly not if you want to do the special ones.
We could do the same one at the same time, or pick our favorite / most fitting type out.


File: 1480496883933.pdf (1.1 MB, edge rpg.pdf)

Would you play Y/N

Speaking of which
How goes Moon?


Mean ;_;
Why do you bully?


I have been doing too much minecraft instead


File: 1480497028416.png (1.46 MB, 1368x2252, 1480477225414.png)

>Browsing a screencap thread
>This shit
I'm dead


>cringe: the game



because I'm mad at life


File: 1480497186367-0.png (1.27 MB, 1280x914, 8c119559-ce8c-41d5-b744-01….png)

>finally able to get into the games after years thanks to BDN
>Charger doesn't work anymore


Is that a middle age bald asian man browsing a and recreating anime poses?

I'll sacrifice myself to be bullied by you so others won't have to be then!


>not wanting to be a rabid weeaboo helping to found Nippon Empire v2

That ghost trial still holding you up?

Sorry m8
Best if you get another charger



Fucking beautiful


File: 1480497395327-0.png (1.55 MB, 1125x1500, 482425f6-4a2e-478c-a842-12….png)

I'll try
(and I'll try to get money for it too)



File: 1480497505000.webm (603.6 KB, 400x400, weeaboo.webm)

Fuck weebs though


File: 1480497553337.png (274.24 KB, 500x583, 421107.png)



File: 1480497696408.png (1.06 MB, 1280x1258, 7a4725b7-b640-46b5-aee8-25….png)

Wall charger for dsi XL and 3DS XL and holy fuck that is a low price, how did you find that BDN
Are you some kind of jew sorcerer that finds all the best offers, regardless of language barriers?


The ritual involved entering 'brazil ebay' into a website called google, then clicking the first link. The next phase of the ritual was very complicated, it involved typing in 'nintendo 3ds charger' in the search bar.

Also I knew the site because I was wondering how much it would cost to just buy you a 3DS instead


yes and no?
I get the feeling I could power through it by teaching snorlax a non-normal move. But I wouldn't have much fun doing so.
Also minecraft is very very time eating


File: 1480498161842.png (89.34 KB, 350x350, 3043db08-d287-4de1-863d-aa….png)

Yeah, I forgot that site existed, oops


>Andy still hasn't seen the champion
also we should battle royale


File: 1480498697895.jpg (268.3 KB, 850x1202, 1466661295806.jpg)


He learns crunch somewhere in the 50s.


Actually, wait, don't you have edgedog? They should be able to learn ghost-type stuff. And Rowlet learns ghost attacks at level 36, or whichever one it is he evolves into third-form at.


File: 1480499308215.png (63.37 KB, 225x270, 1452490028883.png)

>you will never be a qt pony


File: 1480499968153.png (157.24 KB, 854x480, Why would you say that.png)


File: 1480500028341.png (244.36 KB, 900x805, 1389986440250.png)

I'll just struggle along, I deserve it for being stubborn


>Freezing outside
>Sitting in a warm room drinking hot coco with whipped cream and marshmallow


File: 1480500719694.png (103.15 KB, 260x310, 1476593073423.png)


File: 1480500757687.jpg (747.84 KB, 874x1200, 1465700925289-3.jpg)


Sick day 2 is go
Though I think I can dare to go back to the office tomorrow unless a fever erupts.


The setting is actually pretty cool though

>tfw will never be a group of Russian fedoras plotting the downfall of the degenerate west


How hard is it to get meds there? Or a doctor?

If I really needed to work I'd be pumping myself full of it


Nearest pharmacy is at the mall so that's a 20 min walk, but I keep basic shit stocked. Antibiotics and the like need a doctor's visit.
And since it's a company thing, I need to use the company doc in Helsinki, though I think they accept skype calls and facetime if you can't come in person.


Also in general terms, it's not hard to get a doctor, but there might be some waiting involved if you don't go to a private one. Same with dentists, which is why I tend to favor private dentists when I need one.


You know
I really hate old people
I also really hate kids, but that is irrelevant now
At this rate, soon there will be no age category I do not hate


Welcome to my life.


How do you cope?


My eyes have seen you
Free from disguise
Gazing on a city under
Television skies
Television skies
Television skies

Punks have a hard life


Vain efforts to sleep for a good third of the day.
Spending time with you guys.


File: 1480503418615.png (292.49 KB, 1100x930, It's a good thing Nebby's ….png)

Speaking of, it's 6AM.
What the hell am I doing awake.


Losing control of your life.


File: 1480503492814.jpg (1.27 MB, 1464x1048, 1479634851727.jpg)


>everything ready to lure a werewolf
>new moon
day cycles are ten minutes, this means 40 minutes at least until full moon


You'll get it eventually, Andy.

Anyway, good night.





'1d20' deploy wolf trap

Roll #1 5 = 5


Wolf trap avoidance system activate

Roll #1 20 = 20


its just a matter of patience.. at least I can skip non-full moon nights


wolf is 3fast6me


File: 1480504571476.jpg (41.5 KB, 480x600, Arctic_wolf_by_Arctic_Wolf….jpg)



File: 1480505142190.png (107.1 KB, 848x942, ninetales_awoo.png)


That's no wolf


well no.
I haven't been able to bait one yet.
fox is best I can do.


File: 1480505376256.jpg (156.81 KB, 900x711, 1460061742251.jpg)

What about a pony


File: 1480505433954.gif (383.66 KB, 559x722, awoo.gif)


File: 1480505581500.webm (3.81 MB, 854x480, awoo.webm)


File: 1480505752560.jpg (175.53 KB, 1680x1050, Wolf_Forest.jpg)


File: 1480505950341.jpeg (264.16 KB, 512x512, ruunin.jpeg)


File: 1480508279873.jpg (20.13 KB, 523x400, 1470973281120.jpg)

>Malaysian snack prices
I sure hope customs won't find it suspicious that my suitcase is full of potato chips


>tfw everything is so BEP


>Set up Overwatch on dad's computer
Anyone want to play for an hour or so?


File: 1480514927382.jpg (270.47 KB, 1098x729, 1480513958100.jpg)

>tfw no high fantasy
>tfw no sparkly depiction of magic
>tfw no chosen one plot


File: 1480515146010.jpg (459.74 KB, 1280x720, 3eca5c0a-c801-4fef-9f09-3f….jpg)

You actually like 'The Chosen one' plots?


Well no, but we never had anything other than pretty low and dirty dark fantasy in our games for 4 years now.


File: 1480515580278.jpg (24.99 KB, 480x480, Slaven_FFXII.jpg)

True that. I love myself some high fantasy too
I will ask Andy if I can turn the fantasy factor a bit higher then


>player X asks for Y
>oh I should give player Z the Y even when they never asked for it!


I said I would ask her thoughts on it
Actually, wouldn't Skyyarr fit as high fantasy?


We ain't playing that!


Third world internet is gonna give me 4 digit lag


>not going for the ultra rare 7-digit lag


>run to the objective and fire as many shots as possible
>enemies suddenly drop dead several minutes later


Soon Captain, soon


>Enemies die the next day in an unrelated match


File: 1480519185010.jpg (419.45 KB, 1446x2046, wallpaper-2852474.jpg)

I want it too


File: 1480519265839.jpg (980.47 KB, 1414x2000, 1466263271127.jpg)

That's cute.


File: 1480519414834.png (67.35 KB, 250x212, carrotemg.png)

Malboros when?


Monsters are found in the wilds.
So are old mysterious dungeons and hidden treasure caches from previous pirates


mercy is okay


Our mountain is like 100 blocks from a stronghold, I fell down into one while mapping earlier


File: 1480520056512.jpg (166.12 KB, 850x567, Dva watergun.jpg)

Unfortunately I don't have any cute pictures.


You're up early.


I had nightmares


I have strong reasons to believe my roomie is fapping under the sheets 5 meters behind me.
I'm scared of turning around.
Sorry to hear that.


I had some, but I mislabeled them as slut or something


Are there hellhounds in the nether?


you too


File: 1480520446553.png (486.51 KB, 670x997, Cute elf underwear.png)

Like this?


File: 1480520446713.png (226.3 KB, 571x307, 1394327194064.png)


yea we have like 50 tongues


File: 1480520599146.png (326.11 KB, 800x800, 1468943189586.png)

I'll leave you with this ghost to cheer you up



I was looking for their heads.
I am not sure if the curse method needs them specifically or the normal head will do


File: 1480520621589.jpg (500.75 KB, 1837x720, School shooting.jpg)

Some of you fillies are okay, don't come to school tomorrow.


but with mercy yes!


what a strange creature


File: 1480520702008.jpg (55.57 KB, 1000x707, tiny spider.jpg)

Oh, I was just talking about cute pictures in general.


File: 1480520968660.jpg (427.36 KB, 2048x1280, wallpaper-1617267.jpg)


File: 1480521190447.png (475.34 KB, 768x762, Shantae Swimwear.png)


File: 1480521686769-0.png (178.32 KB, 475x503, bg_pony_cheer2.png)


File: 1480522901273.jpg (171.77 KB, 1280x1024, wallpaper-1662458.jpg)



>Le Mexican woman of 1337 hacking


I don't have any slowpoke images


File: 1480524837766-0.gif (2.85 MB, 680x322, 1262446.gif)

What happened to Knight?
I feel like I haven't seen him around for a while…


He was here less than 2 days ago!


I dreamt that someone from the sub made a videogame and included slightly altered names from here in it. I don't even recall what the main game was about, just that the in-game browser had people named WD 40, Salt, and similar not-our-names.

Between the two airgun shows, which had the better school shooting?


Maybe I miss him so much even a few hours hurt!




File: 1480525238744.png (250.23 KB, 700x769, f74b2efe-8599-4fdd-8f0e-b4….png)

It sounds nearly the same


Stella had no school shooting, although Yura probably got close to doing one several times.

Sabagebu was just the main characters being retarded.


File: 1480526991302.jpg (56.78 KB, 650x434, wif0srsa1q0y.jpg)


A national tragedy
The statue falling apart exactly how it did in the war, that is.


Also, did I just get baited?



File: 1480528177892.png (351.18 KB, 477x867, 421156.png)


I'm starting to prefer Havencraft
Too bad it's one of the more expensive decks from the looks of it


What am I looking at?


Trianon monument in hungary, shattered.


How is it that PVP pugs are so impossibly incompetent


Same skill level as you ;)



Higher in most cases, but the sheer lack of coordination or ability to follow basic pings or requests is staggering compared to any PVE pug I've been involved in


I'm not sure if Russia deserves to shittalk another navy.


It would be fine if it wasn't required to float or shoot at things


Shattered is not the right word, it was not by human hands.
It just fell apart, probably because they cheapassed the assembly, like with everything

Back in WotlK me and my friend were playing Shaman+Warrior 2v2 Arena
This one time my fishsticks and croquettes were just ready, so I started eating, and didn't notice that the match started against two rogues
I did notice when he started screaming into the mic "WHERE THE FUCK IS THE HEALING WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING" as he got killed
The best part of that story is that since it was two rogues and no healers, I managed to win by running around with my insta-cast spirit wolf and the slowing totem, throwing spells at them every so often and just RIptide/Earth Shielding myself so I was literally invincible even if they stunned me


Because there's no voice chat.
What you want to do is get 3 or 4 people on mumble and queue with them.


So beyond not worth it for one transmog weapon and some armor below my iLevel
>Wrath PVP
Was this before or after Death Knights were completely unstoppable


I know there was a very broken combo for warriors to never stop critting and also Earth Shield was so broken that with the T6 or equivalent resto shaman set I could 1v1 every melee class because of how broken Earth Shield was


And of course the classic naked rogue stunlock


>he didn't have the trinket

Trolling the shit out of people with spamming Purge
>"Oh, I see you have quite a few buffs."
>"It would be a crying shame if something were to happen to them."


>Having the trinket on you while out in the world
I mean it was my own fault for playing on a PVP server but still


File: 1480530854587.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, 1471107665832.png)

How poetic


>HoI4 gets japanese VA

They're pandering to weebs!


On the plus side, now that I've seen all the raids I think Legion has some really nice stuff there. Warlords looks pretty, but from what I understood not a whole lot of people liked them mechanically.


>token, countdown 1, summon token:
>countdown 1, summon token:
>countdown 1, summon token:
>countdown 1, win the game

It's going to be a budget deck, but fuck me, I am going to make it work


Warlords in a nutshell

>You will get to have your capital in the legendary Temple of Karabor!
Launch Approaches
>Well, in reality we're going to stuff all the vendors and some generic building templates on PvP island and that's your capital, but you will still SEE the interior of Karabor in all its splendor and it will be an important quest location!
Karabor is physically there, you can look at the outside if you want. There's a food vendor and flight point and one quest there, but no innkeeper.


Well, that, and
Here, have this ten million gold for bothering to do a 15 minute daily
We assumed you had somewhere in the 20 digits of gold so prices are scaled to that. Have fun asshole.


Does anybody want to guess what the dictionary word of the year is?





I know this one, post truth, right? I read it in Ars




All very close.
It's xenophobia


>post truth
My roomie uses that. Often.


[Continued laughter]

On tv they're also using it


Which dictionary though?

It's not without base


Good thing I don't have a tv.


According to NPR, dictionary.com.


Do dictionaries matter in the modern world, when wikitionary is a thing and most people will use google to check the meaning of a word anyway


It's ironic because the media is responsible for it.


You might say we live in a post-dictionary world.


Dictionary.com is pretty leftie. Last year they picked "identity" because of the "expanding and increasingly fluid nature of conversations about gender and sexuality"


File: 1480532622943.jpg (102.53 KB, 1280x721, 1474587940784.jpg)

That must be horrible!


File: 1480532949976.gif (1.3 MB, 902x508, 1279974.gif)

Horizonadventures when?


50 minutes?


File: 1480533063682.png (151.2 KB, 365x350, amethyst_happy.png)

I'm game


A VA for what? There's no voices.



File: 1480533235932.png (351.82 KB, 713x660, varying degrees of crystal….png)

I just hope I can work again tomorrow, this inactivity is tiresome


File: 1480534292017.png (572.03 KB, 755x726, 1462458065416.png)



File: 1480535202096.jpg (401.94 KB, 1366x768, 20161130204616_1.jpg)



Black Mirror is really good though


What is this, Hearthstone for japan?


But better


File: 1480535602977.gif (424.31 KB, 480x270, Smirk.gif)

Fucking weeb.


Pretty cool.

Not sure if that's really something they should be spending time on, but whatever. Who else is getting voices?


File: 1480535751358.png (120.3 KB, 402x600, Heresy_Pony.png)

>summon two more demons
>still only drop magma cream


Take a break, I was planning to run H



File: 1480535874282.jpg (256.4 KB, 1366x768, 20161130030930_1.jpg)


They had a list.
Think it was Germans, Brits, Americans, Japs and another few I don't remember.

I think it's kinda neat. And it's not like the audio guys can fix the AI or anything so they might as well. I can already feel the DLC's with Polish and Italian voices coming though


>Italian voices
Day one purchase.


File: 1480536181829.jpg (123.17 KB, 1366x768, 20161130210245_1.jpg)

>someone ragequit on me


>summon one last one
>accidently use the terrasteel blade to finish him
>get nothing
>also part of the trees burnt down
fucking demons


>liquefying fairies


File: 1480536446317.png (42.32 KB, 1280x526, JustWhatINeeded.png)



I can't be here 100%


When's good for you anyway? Are weekends free now or are you still anime on weekends?


I've been pretty free the last two weeks because 0computer.


future not past




Well nothing has changed yet. Still no computer. Maybe I'll have it back on Friday.


This deck is stupid broke
I won like a dozen games in a row


File: 1480537323897.png (445.16 KB, 750x700, 1472226818911.png)


Are you around for the D?


File: 1480537598851.jpg (51.41 KB, 720x401, 94eab12d45a0560be4540735a8….jpg)

yea, but I forgot what we were doing


File: 1480537606671.jpg (35.84 KB, 600x479, 254b38df-530b-4e65-b574-39….jpg)


what a lazy dog, letting that burd so close


You were spending time with Chell, but I have a plot hook for you


link me up notscotty


First post will take a moment more, need to recap for Kotone


Pick marked or unmarked. It doesn't really matter, it won't impact things significantly.




File: 1480537996285.jpg (70.07 KB, 669x553, 0vJwefT.jpg)

I've saved an obscene amount of doggo pics since I started playing in Horizons


what a good hobby



File: 1480538354975.jpg (58.84 KB, 464x352, 1465434017336.jpg)

It's not limited only to Horizons
This one is for Skyarr


psh how silly


File: 1480538525098.gif (771.19 KB, 314x156, LadyDania.gif)

Nah it's perfect
same with this one



>/ksg/ 3212


>just beat someone a thousand ranks above me


File: 1480540223609-0.jpg (705.51 KB, 1920x3484, obtaining gremlin.jpg)

File: 1480540223609-1.jpg (25.37 KB, 600x337, 1479909712088.jpg)

I shall now retire to sleep in the gremlinverse


File: 1480541889939.webm (2.73 MB, 976x550, 1480538471821.webm)



Sorry 4 slow reply


It was incredibly amusing when someone posted this on /wsg/ in a "Post a gif or webm of how you lost your virginity" thread



File: 1480542641661.webm (274.05 KB, 230x194, catte.webm)


must have been a short thread then :^)


File: 1480542980988.jpg (58.44 KB, 500x747, bZNsFSd.jpg)

You would know, huh?


File: 1480543669329.jpg (185.35 KB, 1300x921, a-man-wearing-a-goat-mask-….jpg)

>google Goat Balloon to find an image of a balloon tied to a goat or something
>get this




File: 1480543762153.png (401.78 KB, 988x809, alola_vulpix_and_ninetales….png)

suddenly I have a call
back in 20 or so




>it's a stock photo


That's the weirdest thing about


@Sion: It's getting kind of late and Andy took off, I'm gonna end after Maali sees this Rhanna bit through


I'm 40% sure that is a male cheeta


Well, I gotta be up early tomorrow. I think I'll end on this spicy high.
Thanks for running! I sure hope Aira is allright




sorry for the interruption


Nah it's fine, I actually got called away for a whole HALF HOUR to talk about family stuff (holidays, two relatives in hospital for unrelated voluntary surgeries, etc.)

BLEGEHGHEHGH it totally broke my flow!

We'll play again sometimes soon


File: 1480548041336.jpg (352.23 KB, 1024x1024, Pokémon.full.2015156.jpg)

don't stress.

I might have to take a break from witchery thou, this demon thing is a huge wall, since without a familiar you're not a witch to the npcs. And I can't get bite by a werewolf either, so that tree if out of the question until we can summon the curse.
Thou, there are still quite a few things to try to do with brews and the rituals without a familiar, so its not a total if I can't break the wall yet.


Maybe spend a little time on blood magic? It seems like the quest rewards should propel you through the more boring parts quickly


Continuation post of the vision/memory, sit tight for a sec


File: 1480548357676.png (1.09 MB, 817x828, 8084ea41-791a-4022-8155-00….png)

That is the worst, I know. Sometimes I get really in the mood with drawing and I get pulled away and it completely breaks my concentration
Then I get back to it and the mood is completely gone


File: 1480548407324.png (343.67 KB, 712x720, 1469871830371.png)


Aira better be fine or I'll come to your home in Texas for revenge


File: 1480548413702.jpg (64.93 KB, 500x377, LetsGoKillSomething.jpg)

Are you sure you want me to go down this road? You have seen what happens to me right?
I saw a tutorial on how to automate a botania altarit would be too tempting to use this to farm villager spawn eggs to fuel dark artsand I'd spend ages setting it up



Night Sion.
And your daughter's probably just taking in the local color, if you get my meaning.


File: 1480548463687.gif (232.33 KB, 295x323, 1477812599290.gif)

>inb4 it's a Walloon


>deer don't believe in free will
makes sense for rodent slaves


At least it's not a zebra. Or, heavens forbid, a donkey.


A walloon is fine for Selena


File: 1480548708315-0.png (188 KB, 1000x1000, Zivur.png)

File: 1480548708315-1.jpg (33.3 KB, 750x960, Mabel.jpg)

That's racist.




Specist, to be technical.


I've seen what's already happening to you and it makes me think I need to add a doggy house in front of the mansion


Surely I wouldn't put a daughter in peril for cheap thrills AGAIN would I?


With a bed of bones and hay?


Well dogs can be a little territorial with their bones maybe I ought to let you pick out your own bones you can build those piles of bones we found in the crypt


File: 1480548900435.jpg (53.18 KB, 700x467, 1da75472-3389-4511-8ceb-51….jpg)

Why do you have to be so mean Andy?
also can you get on steam I need to ask something


Oh yes. I know about those. So many options of bone piles to use!


okay, its a bit buggy thou


File: 1480549106499-0.jpg (82.73 KB, 1359x567, art.jpg)

If you think about the image that Vanilla just painted, think of this.
I know I did.


File: 1480550070590.gif (1.87 MB, 400x225, 3d138df0-4964-4214-9b5e-38….gif)

Good night




File: 1480550244582-0.gif (11.95 MB, 593x550, 1125074__safe_solo_flutter….gif)


File: 1480550657873-0.webm (3.95 MB, 640x360, 1479839810201.webm)


Made it to Ensign.


What ship you using?


I'm using a type-9 to ping pong between 3 stations for data missions in the ceos - sothis systems.


Tolkien said "queer" and "gay" a whole lot.


Well, to old british men, "Queer" only meant "strange", while "gay" was "happy."


Oh gee
No way
For real?




File: 1480553103818.jpg (3.72 MB, 3200x1771, 1480272798806.jpg)

It works, but it looks so ugly.


Almost done outfitting an ASP-E right now.


I can run Cyberpunk in about an hour.

Not a fan of the design, but I like Multirole ships.


time to talk to a hacknia ?


>Andelia Blue is quite fond of tending the berry fields in PokePelago
Struck me as funny.


I actually like that look a lot.
Also, my final goal is the fed corvette as you might imagine. But I need 17 Draconis to go back into civil war for that.


>listening to marching band arrangements

Why are they so good?


I prefer Rubber bands.


There's a certain appeal to drumlines.


I prefer the abundance of brass instruments

Sometimes I miss playing in the band



dat zarya


The buffed Dva got me good


Yup, time to enter a building.

Looks imposing.


I tried a real fuel scoop for the first time.
almost 600 fuel /s!


what a good fox



Thanks for plying. Dropped one last response about the exotic candies.


File: 1480556648096.jpg (61.38 KB, 718x465, 1460019865407.jpg)


File: 1480556694797.jpg (118.29 KB, 600x450, What are you doing in my h….jpg)


Hard mode: Find a picture of a wet cat that is also content


File: 1480556808311.jpg (35.96 KB, 500x378, I am the Queen of France.jpg)

You seek the improbable.


Our cat not only puts on the thousand yard stare when we bathe him, he actually swipes (like, you know, the actuall full claw-out, deep, bleeding wound inflicting thing) at us and hisses. It's a nightmare to go through and takes the whole day to regain his trust.


Our cat just meows forlornly and then sulks for two days.


I wish ours did, but he just has to be a dick about it


File: 1480558335310.png (407.59 KB, 900x506, cassandra_01_by_simbaro-d6….png)

Oxcy is supposed to be a reference to a Hawk species, but I forgot which.





For some reason, I kept thinking that my team of magical animals wasn't very magical. I couldn't even reason with my brain by reminding myself that I have a literal Dragon on the team.


File: 1480558679153-0.webm (906.27 KB, 640x360, cat combat.webm)



Buenas noches.




File: 1480560014648.jpg (27.06 KB, 500x500, Oh pish tush.jpg)

>he thinks we wouldn't save his old doodles


File: 1480560110583.gif (1.24 MB, 600x338, 847656__safe_twilight spar….gif)


I'm gonna sleep now


File: 1480560430885.png (113.35 KB, 580x450, 1443855131274.png)


File: 1480563409301.jpg (3.89 MB, 3000x4000, tmp_4672-IMAG0145-58272485….jpg)


Gryphons who want to become part of Pony social groups tend to file away talons, claws, and even their beaks. Since many clones were raised by Equines, the fashion has started to affect non-clones.


That makes sense.
She's not armed, but that doesn't mean she's not dangerous.


>kinda want a specific skin for one of the characters in paladins
>have to shill the game to at least three people (to get the gun) to play until their account level's 15, and just one to play in the same team for around 10 hours (for the rest of the skin)
>know for a fact no one here would be interested since you've all got Overwatch already
One day I won't feel guilty about throwing referrals at strangers. I'm sure.


There's probably a huge industry about making Gryphons look closer to pet birds. There's probably a magazine or two with tips on how to dye feathers to look colorful and approachable, even at night, instead of something that triggers ponies and especially pegasi.

It's a free game, but I'll have to wait minimum 2 weeks to a month before I have a gaming rig again.


I know, but… People have stuff they put on their computers other than things that would convenience me. Like stuff that conveniences them.
I'm just complaining to get it out of my system, is all.


In a pony filled society, I can see it.
Ponies love colorful things after all, it looks like them.
This must have bothered Mother


File: 1480568064304.jpg (3.13 MB, 3000x4000, tmp_4672-IMAG0147201617914….jpg)

Something's off with one of these bunes


Well, there's one good thing about the one on the left. They got the eye color right, at least.


Look like the one on the left let fame get to her head.


File: 1480568590279.jpg (3.01 MB, 3000x4000, tmp_4672-IMAG0148202654118….jpg)

But the other one has thicc thighs and a cameltoe

Can pride truly change a bune?


When everyone's cheering your name, you can't hear the voice of your own reason


The thing is, BDN, neither of them are top-tier. But if you want one to snuggle, go for whichever is softer.


File: 1480569062059.jpg (26.98 KB, 1280x720, tmp_20881-maxresdefault-20….jpg)

I return


File: 1480569184407.jpg (3.27 MB, 3000x4000, tmp_4672-IMAG0149-19784907….jpg)

My bed's 2full already, so I didn't get a bune

There was a cute homobird


File: 1480569628265.jpg (158.88 KB, 1020x660, 1932865b-18d7-410f-8c98-61….jpg)

I could play with you, fidgets


I would like that, but are you able? I can't imagine you have much free time during the day…


Not at all
How about this weekend?


Sounds like it could be fun. I don't think you've got it installed, though, do you?


File: 1480570631653.png (858.17 KB, 1185x838, 52ec9ff1-a6a2-4205-8f93-3e….png)

Nope, but I can just install it overnight. It not too heavy right?
I'll have to test if it can run on my computer though..


DId you get unbanned by Sony?


It's a smidgeon under 4 gigabytes. Try seeing how you do with the recommended settings, and turn them down as necessary.


Yeah I checked and it turns out it was nothing really, so I still keep the name
You're the boss


what a cute picture


Here's the steam page, by the way.


File: 1480571131002-0.gif (276.37 KB, 540x552, 651c5f50-df23-40e1-8dbc-c6….gif)

I realized however that it is too late to post it
Cool beans. I'll check it out in a few hours


File: 1480571235613.jpg (319.79 KB, 499x634, Furret tries out Joltik's ….jpg)


Is level 15 a long grind?


Not terribly. You get experience bonuses for being in parties, so you could conceivably be almost there after a day or three, and well on the way to that play-10-with-friends things for the referral.


Okay, I'll toss my sub email at you this weekend and let you refer me for one of your 3.


Neat. Thank you.
It might be a nice change of pace from Overmeme because teamwork is so much more important. And you can't switch heroes mid-match.


There are worse ways to hang out.


reminds me if you want to finish hots challenge we should pick a day for that


File: 1480572962673.png (291.08 KB, 645x493, a pervert.png)

Invite me, I need one more for the Genji skin.


What day would be good for you too?


maybe tomorrow, I'm a bit tired 2nite


I go to work in the evening, so the morning would be best for me.


I can't vidya right now anyway, way out of it.


True that.
And I think both referrers and referees get the skin, too. At least, if I'm reading it correctly.


Alright could work


Hope you're enjoying it so far.


I really feel the intensity of the situation! Great job


Glad you're enjoying it. I'll need to wait for my schedule to come out to plan the next session.


I should get on planning my own sessions.
Stop letting vidya consume me


Well that's always good! But I don't mind too much since I would only play it with you anyway


And Dsty too. He's the one who got me into it, though we missed the 10-day window after account creation to refer each other.


that's a shame


We've accepted that as a small lesson.
Oh, by the way, for the first five account levels (which are separate from champion levels), you're going to be going up against bots. That's to give new players a chance to try things and settle in before they get exposed to other players.


sound fair enough.

anyway gonna try to rest now, feeling real slpy


Night Andy. Sleep well.


Good night.


File: 1480574518404.png (253.07 KB, 514x720, 1465616488789.png)

I will dream of leading a pack of doggos around to hunt


>check some slides in my work email
>reports on sales figures full of anime reaction images and memes
>this is normal by now


File: 1480576479870.jpg (297.47 KB, 2560x1600, wallpaper-1961238.jpg)

Well, I seem to have made myself sick somehow. Great. And out of nyquil to force sleep.

what a meme workplace


File: 1480576747622.png (257.57 KB, 1600x1070, rainbow_dash_7_by_xpesifei….png)


'1d10' take this pony as comfort

Roll #1 8 = 8


File: 1480577040953.gif (53.63 KB, 240x264, Ranba dush.gif)


Thanks cute pone


File: 1480578583964.jpg (21.28 KB, 399x295, 1479408600406.jpg)

Post screencaps of the memes pls


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