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File: 1480580644763.png (397.58 KB, 1480x1503, Fido's OC.png)

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Old horse was fat and slow. New horse is sleek and fast.


For Groves-sama:

I checked again which languages they already recorded for the HoI4 VA.
It was a lot more than I remembered!

Simplified Chinese

- Bonus -



>Nordic languages

This should be good actually. Maybe they'll even go as far as doing a Dutch DLC.


>tfw they use French for Belgium


To be expected. As far as I know the military communicated 100% in French back then.


On the topic of work memes, it's just rage comics faces and some impact font meme text over stock photos related to the games.


True. At least the officers did.



Simply epic.


Voe sietana


Tell them to put a kek image next to doubles for divine favor on sales.


>They added a feature to add your own voice overs more easily


You know what to do Groves!


File: 1480582423178.jpg (7.72 KB, 184x184, benis.jpg)

>impact font meme text
>rage comic faces

You need to teach them their forgotten heritage


File: 1480582624132.webm (1.15 MB, 1280x720, 1480563313718.webm)

>Little Witch Academia preview is out
Looks >fun.

Apparently one of the main characters is a Finn too, didn't know that.


We are a very multicultural place so things need to be easy to understand by those with no meme blood.
One of our presentations did feature an ironic mlg dubstep video, that's about as dank as it's gotten.


You niggers better wait for me with the Oni Genji challenge tonight


Want to OW in a bit?


File: 1480588783347.webm (3.83 MB, 640x360, lilwitch.webm)

It wasn't out yet?

You got your rig back?
Also, sure!


The movie has been out for a while, but Trigger decided to make a TV series too.

I don't have my rig back no, but I've got a computer with OW on it.


Just tell me when
I should watch the movie anyway, I've always been intrested, I just haven't dl-id it yet


I haven't watched it yet either, but we were planning on streaming it sometime.


>card that gives the opponent an extra turn




File: 1480594926092-0.jpg (57.92 KB, 746x960, 2e94aaee-dfac-4227-8465-a0….jpg)

That's a nice amv at least



Only genuinely good AMV in existence


File: 1480595099682.png (687 KB, 2000x1700, 1433574727793.png)


>people jumping off cliffs
>people standing in spawn staring at the ground

What the fuck is wrong with people in OW?


it's just a game bruh why so mad? xd

At least we got to play that game with everyone using VOIP.


Oh yeah, it was worth it just for that
I genuinely laughed at several points during that game


File: 1480596142480.jpg (798.37 KB, 1316x1361, poison_mushroom_by_alloyra….jpg)


What a qt




>{1st Place TGS 2012}
It shows.


So were I to finally grab myself by the ass and pick a system, when would you like to restart otr


File: 1480597855052.png (357.51 KB, 974x1098, uPwFJMU.png)

Whenever is good for everyone I guess




You people better wait for me with Oni genji


We literally already did it, but Andy kinda wanted to do 15 more games since that unlocks her some more heroes in HOTS so that's your chance


Little witches should be little



In a week from now


You're joining otr, Sion?


If DM starts with a new system I'd be interested


Wgat about normal size witches?
Also, that's why i want you to wait for me. I should be home in about three hours


Oh shit nigger


File: 1480601969217.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.06 KB, 1080x767, 1479713466097.jpg)

Normal witches should ______



>Join 3v3
>Game ends after two rounds three times in a row because people leave
xd epic


3v3 is interesting, it definitely has its own meta.

Roadhog is really strong because not enough people play Reinhardt, meaning that you should definitely run a Zenyatta and or Rein to answer the Roadhog. One support is definitely in the meta, it's very tricky to make it without healing because there are no healthpacks.

Lack of healthpacks makes Sombra almost useless.


Road - Soldier - Ana is the thing there.
3 ways to self heal and finish off opponents.


File: 1480602730660.png (26.53 KB, 840x626, 890194__safe_fluttershy_ru….png)


File: 1480603347521-0.jpg (73.83 KB, 750x743, W3eJjXb.jpg)

Why do I always feel the most inspired in busses and the subway? Does this happen to you people too?


Read a book.


>inside a moving vehicle
My eyes already hurt a little just from typing these posts


Nah I meant more like "you find inspiration while moving because it shows you things. Read and it will do the same."


Get a notebook to draw in


Well I haven't read one in forever, so maybe it'd work
What I said above also applies. Have you ever tried to draw in a bus/train? plus it can be a bit embarrassing


File: 1480607951178-0.jpg (41.09 KB, 633x470, QW1yFoD.jpg)

Also this is simply unbelievable
I roam around downtown for a whole hour, check in every game and electronics shop I find and none has a 3ds charger




Yeah I probably should have just bought it online like a smart person
Why did I believe my sad when he said they wouldn't deliver here because of the high crime rate


File: 1480608933448.jpg (374.78 KB, 1280x720, The ending of the words is….jpg)

Didn't I show you the webpage?


File: 1480609605608-0.jpg (252.58 KB, 809x923, pW5OyRe.jpg)

You did! And I was going for it, but dad said I should go to the center of the city and buy it at some store

I learned my lesson, not trust family members over your Internet friends


File: 1480611187149.jpg (46.79 KB, 656x486, 51ac8bac702d44f69af09faaf5….jpg)

>Ran out of coffee
>No way to reach the store before it closes


Why do stores close at 6pm?


Curfew to protect against more Islamic rampages


Not all of them do. Just the bakery nearby which sells coffee beans.

Could go to the mall but fuck that. Way too far away in this shit weather.


File: 1480612155311.png (131.6 KB, 262x348, 1476061562092.png)

Looks like I'm going to Germany next semester


Which part




[German noises]


I heard they're awfully touchy about neo-nazis there.


File: 1480612652781.jpg (8.81 KB, 192x288, 5dc7df6c81928baad50eca59bb….jpg)



File: 1480613052240-0.png (277.33 KB, 457x288, tumblr_mzpmjq9srV1sxdnzto1….png)

I'm very happy for you and nopo


File: 1480613297418.png (292.13 KB, 452x363, 1469196890354.png)

>tfw 0Tela to meetup with while in germany
Though I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted to.



Oh my!


I've been there. It's a nice city. You'll enjoy it.


File: 1480613664197.gif (1.66 MB, 603x502, 1476039394911.gif)

Thanks Anon! I'm looking forward to it.

>Nopo going West
>me going east

Let's meetup in the middle


File: 1480615352145.jpg (1.05 MB, 867x6091, 421220.jpg)

Nobody who is sane would ever want to go east


File: 1480615602659.jpg (121.53 KB, 1914x789, p6uNz.jpg)

Men of the West, we must stand against the east


File: 1480615837486.jpg (80.54 KB, 1280x720, Stein;Gate 7-6.jpg)

>Trump is John Titor

He's a cute anime girl!



File: 1480615893082.png (554.1 KB, 722x720, 1480571108470.png)

Looks like a whore.


Looks like she could use some sleep


File: 1480616019269.webm (2.68 MB, 1280x720, 421222.webm)


Don't talk that way about the president elect!


She looks troubled!


File: 1480616474156.jpg (51.4 KB, 1280x720, 1480534960112.jpg)



File: 1480616643772.jpg (133.78 KB, 1280x720, 710610-kill_la_kill___10__….jpg)


Speaking of, did you see what the reddit admin did now?


You mean the guy who edited posts without telling people?


Yes. He spends 3/4ths of his "apology" post saying how sorry he is, only to add "oh yeah we are censoring /the_Donald by default on /All now" and rant about how toxic and mean they all are.


Yeah I heard about that.

Because censorship worked so well against Trump in the past.


>Adam Savage and Michael from Vsauce are doing a show together
Ooooooh, this should be good.


But it's a live thing in Murrica only.


I'm sure there'll be videos.


I'm always worried when I see a presenter I like on something else because I suspect they were only good because of the writers. Granted, Mythbusters had a fucking awful writing staff.

But you know how Adam Sessler turned out after he left X-Play.


OW anyone?


Maybe in 10. Need to see if the PC is free.


If you can get Groves and one other person. I kinda don't feel like playing today but if we have a big stack then I may as well.


I made a huge mistake.


Did you trigger your roommate?


Yes. And I argued him.


File: 1480620307083.jpg (9.39 KB, 250x201, 14956515_625167424311985_4….jpg)


File: 1480620320298.jpg (61.94 KB, 598x515, cia_spotted_in_germany.jpg)

What did you do to trigger him?


I said bad things about russia, good things about NATO, and good things about the EU.


I can play.


File: 1480620491758.jpg (314.04 KB, 1280x800, wallpaper-203597.jpg)


File: 1480620556499.png (304.12 KB, 566x689, 1478688632901.png)

You ded son


What a spoopy short stack
Boop me before you peeps want to do the HotS thing, okay? I'll want in on the genji skin


How much longer is the event?


>local italian found dead in street


What manner of gremlin is this


The rare memeless type


>beaten to death by a bottle of vodka


Ends with the year


we better go soon then


>surrounded by posters of Putin


>his family dies one week later in a plane crash


>over Ukraine


That would be a big tragedy.


>Join in into a half-done round of PVP
>Get a legendary
Excuse me what


Just change it so that the freeze of Mei only stops you in your tracks but you can still aim and shoot
Is that so hard


>he still whines about mei


Did somebody get Ni Hao-ed?


File: 1480625084855.jpg (51.25 KB, 640x640, oPzucpp.jpg)


I got incredibly tilted by her just now
There is no aspect of her that is not incredibly infuriating


You should've heard him earlier, he just KEPT GOING ON after some hints to give it a rest. It wouldn't end, we actually sat through three straight games of him talking the entire time about Mei.


Wf and I had some good games after you left!

Done for today though, I think.




Sorry for running out on you Andy, I didn't want to get desynced from game starts


You two still playing?


Not this second


Poke me on steam when you start back.


I'm at the dentist and groves stuffs he's done for the night


Omw home


I can play more if there's people.


I don't mind
I just wanted to see what you were talking about with piping into you infusion altar


I wasn't piping at all! Do I have to use pipes? I thought I could just dump essentia in.

Okay I'm here


You place the essentia jars nearby: like with in 10 blocks or so, unobstructed. And it sucks the essentia into the ritual.
Place the items needed on the little tables


I see, thanks

I finally found what I was looking for


File: 1480629725360.jpg (1002.3 KB, 1920x1200, wallpaper-1334928.jpg)

I killed another no loot demon


Well we should still have a ton of refined evil. Did it eat the stones?


It eats one stone.


We have a metric ton of mana. Save up pearls and open alf gate! I put a bunch of mana pearls and diamonds in the alf trade chest


One thing about your straw golems. The one you assigned to pick things up keeps dancing on top of the pipes instead of putting it in the box.


He gets stuck sometimes but he'll get back to work eventually, promise. That's why we have nearly a chest full of coal blocks.


True. I decided to help him out a little and ended up with almost 200 coal essence just from a quick circle, though.


While true
I'm actually very upset about 0loot demons
Even thou magma cream isn't great loot, at least something is given back.
no loot demons I might as well have thrown the regeants into lava


I'll bring my goblin up to help


About daily it makes around 2k coal essence

I dunno what to do, do you have at least loot 3 weapon? You can use my arthana


I'm using a loot 3 arthana


I'm just too frustrated, gonna try later


I watched some videos and they got it second try… kinda frustrating RNG


just means that when we get a heart, we are crafting the amulet and trading for as many as possible.


File: 1480632381702.jpeg (48.81 KB, 713x681, smugness_intensifies.jpeg)

Are you feeling frustrated?


Yes. Come play with us.


File: 1480632709217.jpg (398.13 KB, 850x708, 1479895939336.jpg)

I was just about to bed.
But I promise I'll play next time.



File: 1480635679046.png (1.04 MB, 650x963, 604dcb5c-fb96-4e9c-b854-15….png)

Dream of deers


File: 1480637021495.png (186.53 KB, 387x514, 1223673__safe_solo_clothes….png)



File: 1480637330295-0.jpg (96.04 KB, 550x396, pandoro.jpg)

File: 1480637330295-1.jpg (2.46 MB, 4724x2897, Panettone-aperto-quanto-du….jpg)


Top one looks tasty
The panetone in the bottom though, bleugh




I love good bread too much to like mine embedded with random garbage


Left one looks kind of dry, I think I'd pick the right one based on looks alone.


That bread has holes.



File: 1480638990697.jpg (92.03 KB, 499x665, spaghetti.jpg)


what pokemon are these


Pokemon Pandoro and Pokemon Panettone.
Christmas exclusives.


Pandoro a cute, but I Panettone has better moves!


I think Sylt might be slightly upset with his inability to provide proper healing.

Poor guy.


File: 1480641140518.webm (3.61 MB, 202x360, 1480544309131.webm)

But seriously you need to chill the fuck out, you get even more tilted than I do in 3v3


I get tilted by your tilting. Do introspection.


File: 1480641413189.jpg (329.43 KB, 1600x1200, wallpaper-2218568.jpg)


>implying I was tilted
I didn't even mind the loss from the smartmouthing hanzo
I was not tilted at all this time


I was going to say
What a cute cat
But then I saw the tomato in her hair and now I'm confused


I just posted it for cute


It's actually a behelit


File: 1480641600710.png (488.07 KB, 1280x800, large (78).png)

A what now

Like this?


yea something like that


File: 1480642048100.jpeg (148.76 KB, 2800x2000, 1466772152749.jpeg)


File: 1480642063678.gif (1.29 MB, 300x225, Behelit.gif)


File: 1480642155781.png (656.48 KB, 1075x1080, Behelit.png)

It looks better when inactive


That's how it gets you.


>Mean Streets of Gadgedstan only released in the American server, because EU gets everything late, because FUCK EU
>Oh, we screwed up the packs, they had shitty rates
>Oh, I know, we'll give all Americans 33% of the packs they opened again, for free.
>Oh, on that note, did we say already that FUCK the EU servers and everyone playing there?


File: 1480645787185.jpg (2.85 MB, 4000x3000, tmp_4672-IMAG0150179130484….jpg)

>someone's fetish


Can you spell COMFY?


File: 1480653858500.jpg (80.11 KB, 500x281, tmp_6864-2qntvzl-194646168….jpg)


>Watch Death Stranding trailer
>Explains literally NOTHING
he's got my pre-order


File: 1480666609818.png (1.67 MB, 4102x5570, 1444797166653.png)

Sure is dead here


File: 1480667478679.png (363.51 KB, 1280x868, 1451962304801.png)

Like, super dead


File: 1480667562151.png (526.98 KB, 692x457, 1480598340546.png)

Trying to figure out how to do all my shopping for next year within the next few days







File: 1480668382306.jpg (30.28 KB, 747x549, tmp_6864-1be465974928.jpg)


File: 1480670248061.jpg (51.55 KB, 584x584, 420477.jpg)


File: 1480672345138.jpg (51.45 KB, 605x605, DjKPJfx.jpg)


Boobs give me life


Coffee truly is the miracle of nature


File: 1480673429175.jpg (257.07 KB, 800x1196, f83376ca-5abd-4b56-b7da-0e….jpg)

Did you have your daily steaming cup yet?


Butts are for posers and uneducated latinos.


Just having it now, yes.
Didn't have it before on account of considering a nap


File: 1480673557429.jpg (207.09 KB, 800x1193, 28cb0ba5-a747-43ad-9607-c0….jpg)

I like the smell, but it's the taste that I can't appreciate


Yes. If you like butts you're literally a pre-historic caveman.


File: 1480673819837.png (507.2 KB, 1053x1920, 9d49337c-ccc6-4684-b752-74….png)

You're missing the point nasso


What a qt elf


File: 1480673889327.jpg (253.54 KB, 719x1088, Cow tits.jpg)

Clearly you are missing the point if you don't agree that boobs > butts


Boobs aren't everything


Of course not, but he implied that Butts are better than Boobs and I just can't let that go.


File: 1480674221575.jpg (84.76 KB, 660x1000, a385a8e4-32d7-421b-8f22-03….jpg)

I agree that people can like different things and that doesn't mean what I like is better than others. That comic was just a joke


Is that durra boy or a girL?


Today's lunch discussion: memes, anime


File: 1480674793120.gif (5.7 MB, 640x360, ojosestrella.gif)


I hope you told everyone about Good Luck Girl!


Who knows


That deer must be a masochist since he likes candlewax that much


No we mostly talked about anime music


File: 1480676340390.jpg (75.8 KB, 740x531, 1468591241796.jpg)

>New trailer for that Hideo Kojima gamae
I was hoping that maybe this would clear things up, but it only got weirder.


Did you really expect anything else from kojangles


>How is babby formed

Fucking Mikkelsen tho


File: 1480676956606.png (813.21 KB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 12-….png)

Time to see if saving all that gold for a month was worth it or not


File: 1480677018856.jpg (72.51 KB, 1280x720, 43c.jpg)

I'm having doubts
I sure hope it vindicates him leaving Konami


File: 1480677230101.png (985.16 KB, 1366x768, Hearthstone Screenshot 12-….png)

Well, all these packs are pure garbage so far


What is even the point desu


File: 1480681996530.webm (2.19 MB, 854x474, 421373.webm)


>Meanwhile in Holland.webm


You got to admit, that is fly as fuck



That's next level too


Want to play a couple of matches of OW?


im around


*Legend Revived intensifies*


In a tad


Super Duper Ded


File: 1480694574708.jpg (80.11 KB, 448x455, 1480620458177.jpg)

You missed a super intense assclencher KOTH match.

Taking a short break now.


>Win with three golds
>No card
>Card to our dumb Reinhardt for damage blocked


Is pain……….


File: 1480695687155.webm (9.3 MB, 462x260, 421400.webm)


I can play some more in like 10.


Yea I need like 11


Give me 10 mins too


I'll join up too.
Even combat is boring, in Elite.


I thought you died


starting now


File: 1480698691711.png (Spoiler Image, 223.03 KB, 1164x642, 2016-12-02_11.10.42.png)


Finally got your heart and stuff, huh?


I do.
I got two hearts, boiled one, it made enough blood that all three of us can bind a familiar.
Regents are by the circle.


I think I might automate our farms some more. It'll require moving them, BUT you did the hard part in getting almost everything to 10/10/10

Then I can pump all our essences straight into one of those drawer controllers.


Once I get about 96 emeralds I'll make the upgrades for those drawers.
Luckily they can be moved with a dolly, I was thinking of doing so, if we're remodeling anyway its a good reason.


Also, will you still be casting the curse on me?


Yea, golem harvesting essences will make the resources trivial once we have new farms



Give me your preferred day for bzzzzzzz next week. No wednesday.


I prefer to play every day


File: 1480703146504.webm (1014.83 KB, 1280x720, 1480702384708.webm)

non-newtonian marinade


I don't get it


is supposed to be marinade
but too much corn starch
non-newtonian now


Is that a fuck-up or the new hipster food craze?


Fuck-up. This man can't cook.


>20% of the German population has "migrant background"
>40% of children under 5 in Germany have a "migrant background"

What did they mean by this? No seriously, what do they mean by migrant background? Where are most of these migrants coming from? East Europe? There's absolutely no way they're all Middle Eastern.


Middle east, africa, eastern europe, southeast asia


>Regarding immigrant background, 20% of the country's residents, or more than 16 million people, were of immigrant or partially immigrant descent in 2009 (including persons descending or partially descending from ethnic German repatriates)

The answer is Poles.


File: 1480705374985.png (268.05 KB, 683x384, larfleez2.png)


>space jews
>not the Ferengi


File: 1480706358614.gif (1002.06 KB, 500x629, 1480627274745.gif)

So another weekend starts.


I'm actually watching DS9 right now.
We should watch Geass, or something.


>Code Ass

We should finally watch the Half Blood Prince. And Little Witch Academia.


File: 1480706895954.png (654.89 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-12-02-20h26m5….png)

I'd be down for Little Witch Academia

At this very moment I'm rewatching some clips from Attack on Titan
God that show had such horrible pacing


Nigger it's the anime that codified memes.


It's also like 200 episodes and 3 movies long.

On one hand I'd like to watch Attack on Titan, but on the other it looks like it takes itself way too seriously.


It's like 20-something episodes per two seasons


It is a very non-ironic straight edge series
Not bad, per say, has some nice action scenes, but as I said, the pacing is weird because it occasionally accidentally into philosphy for three episodes


>Two 25 episode seasons
>Several OVA's and movies
>Another season coming out next year
Compare that to the mostly 12 episode animes we've watched so far. At least it gives us variety.

Yeah that sounds like something I'd drop pretty quickly.


All I was suggesting was the TV show. I've never even seen anything else.


I mean, if you're into vore…


Attack on Titan would be better if the bitch-ass protag never transformed


Nigger are you serious
Titan on Titan action is the best, especially the Female Titan


I've seen enough of that show to know that it's something we would hate.


Did you guys ever watch Eva?


More like the worst part

The best is overcoming all odds


Not together at least. Groves would probably hate every minute of it.


I'd sooner kill myself than watch that kind of garbage.


File: 1480708463707.jpg (32.08 KB, 480x320, female titan.jpg)

It's decent, but not as good as the hype would make you believe

I like those parts too, but they usually just fuck up in a spectacular fashion.
Like against the female titan


Your memes are too high energy.


Groves has some kind of complex where he's clinically unable to process anime that's not 12 episodes of loony toons


The jobbing is what makes it interesting. Other shows they never fuck up so there's no tension


File: 1480708749202.gif (925.47 KB, 500x280, Barfy.gif)

>Le super serious Chinese robot cartoons


Yeah, but the problem with S1 is that they always fucked up.
They have minor victories that are cool to remedy their major fuck-ups, but they literally cannot get anything right most of the time.


You should know by now I only recommend the most vintage of memes.


Anyone want to join for a couple of OW matches before we start stramming?



File: 1480715782715.webm (2.49 MB, 540x360, 1480390067492.webm)


Teeellllll me when bzzzzzzzzx



It means we live in interesting times.


>ill have to ask andy for a straight answer now






File: 1480718449844.png (58.18 KB, 347x307, 1471116486511.png)


File: 1480719121746.png (775.59 KB, 1280x889, 1456770345240.png)

First one to respond can claim one of these ponies


Dibs on the farmhorse.


>picking AJ over Rarity

You only get the Bad Taste awards


File: 1480719217633.jpg (376.67 KB, 1100x1500, 28940__safe_solo_applejack….jpg)

He picked the canon little pony


She's a farm pony.


Rarara is canon too


Pls no




Run '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2



South Korea should think about kicking the president out.


A bit extensive


It's only for making and distributing tho, not use


A law on use would be draconian.
Also if you want a real opinion it's useless.


Tons of hacks are from Korea, it's like if China passed a law against bootlegging


No, tons of hackers are from Korea, because of cofebangs.


Both are true


File: 1480722506380.jpg (468.25 KB, 450x901, __fujisaki_chihiro_danganr….jpg)

Fidget is top player


File: 1480722578644.jpg (56.86 KB, 500x282, Sobbing intensifies.jpg)

Only against bots, unfortunately.


File: 1480722654667.png (402.34 KB, 700x788, tumblr_ocb1doDdAp1u4y92fo1….png)

Still better than me and the rest of the team!


I think the rest of the team were bots too.
But you should be about level 5 now, account-wise, right? Which means next time you get to deal with real people.


File: 1480722901877.gif (424.67 KB, 750x422, 1007281.gif)

I actually didn't stop to check, but maybe
Real people? how scary


As long as you mention that you just started, they tend to cut you a lot more slack, and will sometimes suggest strategies for the champion you're using. I know I do.


are you sure people in games online are going to be that nice?


File: 1480723200720.png (1014.72 KB, 1280x720, Tales Of Breezie Hollow.png)

Night, I've planned Bzzzzzzz for Tuesday


File: 1480723559311.png (58.68 KB, 806x991, the_receptionist_by_dimfan….png)

Night Sion


Well, it depends who you run across, I suppose. Russians tend not to give a shit, but they're usually solid players in their roles. Other Brazilians are prone to chatspam and going AFK when they're getting rolled. Because they don't want the deserter penalty, you see. A majority of the English-speaking players are generally pleasant, but I've noticed certain personality types end up gravitating towards certain characters. Supports are usually either saintlike or some of the saltiest fucks around. Frontliners are less-so, but if they feel they aren't being properly supported they will tell you, quite loudly.
Damage classes are a wide range of people, and Viktor (not-Soldier76) is the most documented character that people use aimbots for. There is, unfortunately, no infrastructure in place to stop people who do this, and all one can do is report them after the match.
Kinessa (sniper) is either dead weight or a force of nature, depending on map and player skill. Cassie's slightly broken, damage-wise, as her arrows have no fall-off damage and can hit you just as hard at point-blank as they can at the other end of the map.
At any rate, you'll find characters you like while playing. The card system they use for loadouts lets you improve certain skills (slimming down recharge times, increasing effects, etc.), so even the same character can have completely different loadouts.


File: 1480724346887.jpg (1.25 MB, 460x3770, 1454384689441.jpg)

>Fidget played long enough to have this much knowledge
And yeah I like the loadout thing, pretty fun to let you fit the character even more to your playstyle


>total playtime: 57 hours
It's like, less than three days total, Maali. You pick it up really quickly.


I really like that pony


Hello. Where are the ponies at?


File: 1480725289316.jpg (2.8 MB, 2000x2000, Giraffe transformation.jpg)

They've been turned into giraffes, Satan.


Damn EB Games.


File: 1480725407696.png (24.03 KB, 932x822, Girafflestia Surprise.png)


Geez, I don't think I have that much free time


There's no rush, Maali. You stop having fun with it and it's no longer a game. It becomes a chore.
Since match lengths are seldom more than 10 minutes, it's a good way to kill half an hour or something. There's literally no pressure on anyone to play it.


File: 1480725806565.gif (964.24 KB, 500x500, 9e25cf65-6f63-4450-b43b-82….gif)

What kind of new fetish is this?


File: 1480725860966.png (92.05 KB, 770x700, Girafflestia Smug.png)

It's not a fetish, it's a mysterious circumstance race-swapping a pony.
Giraffes are lewd creatures, though.


It's an old fetish.


That sounds awfully lame then
They are? How do you know that?


I've been on the net too long.


The implication here is deepthroat, maali.



Haven't we all
With your knowledge I'm sure you could do amazing things
My favorite


BJs are overrated.



File: 1480726803300.jpg (199.47 KB, 902x677, 3ad44dbd-5afd-47d2-94e5-b9….jpg)

Is that so
What do you like then?




Jesus, Sylt, spoiler that.
That's almost as degenerate as head pats.


You joke but head pats can be incredibly lewd.


File: 1480727105494.gif (Spoiler Image, 70.99 KB, 500x500, Headpats for meido cat.gif)


You just know that girl came there and then.


File: 1480727263745.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 320x180, Tailgasm.gif)


>ywn pet a wolfgirl's tail


File: 1480727302375.jpg (86.33 KB, 600x600, eb1d2de0-e51d-4b25-b3eb-e8….jpg)

Would you hold a deer's hand/hoof


I'm not gay.


File: 1480727391146.jpg (61.28 KB, 600x697, But we had pasta yesterday.jpg)

Truly, the worst reality.


>Actually having a fun game in Stellaris with the Sins of the Prophets mod
>Suddenly can't build the Science Academy even though I finally got out of a war and have the resources for it
>suddenly rival empires building Frontier Outposts right in the middle of my Empire's borders
>Suddenly Curators are refusing to tell me about the Wraith headed straight for my systems, instead opting to close the window the minute I select which wraith I want more info on
And I was almost into the mid-game, too.
Seriously though, the building Frontier Outposts inside systems I ALREADY OWN is pure bullshit and frustrating. It's not even on the edge of my owned systems, either; it's right smack-dab in the middle of the whole shebang.
Military Dictatorship with a short-lived race is actually pretty fun though; getting a handful of ships with comparable health to the next tier up can be devastating in the early- to mid-game.


File: 1480727710110.png (681.27 KB, 1280x832, large.png)

Even if it was a girl deer?


Just as gay.


If not gayer.
Deer are much like elves in that regard.


File: 1480727820102.png (967.03 KB, 1280x1734, tumblr_obt5omLgkD1qe5ejbo2….png)

How rude, I bet you are a cerviophobiac
Indeed, royal, ancient and gracious race


No way, I love venison.


What does it taste like?


The fuck is going on here


The same thing we do every night, Nopo.
Make gentle fun of Maali for liking dudes.


Shitting on deers.



File: 1480728053834.gif (880.37 KB, 580x780, 1479949531062.gif)

Some bullshit


Good god


Give me a reason not to go to bed.


I have one! Reply to me on steam since I had something important to ask


But I see no message :^)


File: 1480728707890.png (294.88 KB, 700x700, 1469461066132.png)


File: 1480728777273.png (1.5 MB, 500x3199, 1447314908754.png)



File: 1480731892668.jpg (265.02 KB, 848x1200, 1480606183312.jpg)

Being near the mountains is kind of nice


File: 1480732052850.gif (314.81 KB, 540x464, tumblr_oeervvtEtV1ryw5evo1….gif)

Where are you, BDN?


Peninsular Malaysia


Benis :DDDDD


File: 1480732382040.png (143.96 KB, 1011x1057, 1454965516900.png)

Reclamation of Benin and other pre-hyperwar Finnish Empire clay when?


File: 1480732473171.gif (1.49 MB, 550x500, f248a5c5-48eb-43fc-a430-0b….gif)

Enjoying yourself?


It's okay
I might be free to mons later


File: 1480733207141.jpg (138.61 KB, 600x800, tumblr_oaqmp6uCLv1urmckio7….jpg)

That's good, but I definetly will not
Night now


>Maali was caught trying to cross the borders between Brazil and USA


File: 1480733984259.jpg (384.33 KB, 931x1024, large (26).jpg)



File: 1480734006089.gif (894.19 KB, 500x282, 1480554990907.gif)


We'll have to watch that sometime


File: 1480740234010.png (76.46 KB, 600x700, 1468430399511.png)


File: 1480740460939.jpg (174.22 KB, 500x746, 1480711676723.jpg)

How was the trip?


I'm still in the middle of it
Free today though


File: 1480741455907.jpg (220.96 KB, 2048x2048, 1480555157314.jpg)

You should go out and enjoy it.


File: 1480741878160.gif (1.25 MB, 540x301, Bully the seal.gif)


I don't wana

Who's here for mons?


I'm likely to fall asleep anytime, so count me out.

I want to too.


Had some cool dreams flying through spesss.


So dead


File: 1480761759529.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1090, 1479079544821.png)

How goes things in Singapore?


File: 1480762149609.png (386.6 KB, 769x1039, 1468767566610.png)

I'm not there, sadly


File: 1480762324928.png (91.51 KB, 244x287, derpy_dressed_as_twilight.png)

How goes your trip to Malaysia then?


It's an alright way to take time off, I guess
Gotta love the exchange rate


File: 1480763189503.png (820.9 KB, 647x764, dash_ruffled_scrunch.png)

Is Malaysia very different from Singapore?


>Trump rubs Taiwan's back
>China loses its shit
Oh boy, this is going to be a wild ride.


Hmmm, hard to say. Culturally there are a lot of similarities within the Chinese community, especially since we were the same country for a few years back then. Typical food is nearly identical, and the dialects and creoles are very similar. Food is actually way more than delicious, not just due to cooking, since ingredients didn't need to sit on a truck for several hours before crossing the border to make it to the kitchen.

Since society isn't as cutthroat competitive, people are more relaxed, there's more human spirit, I'm not sure what to call it.

Of course it comes with cost. Government here is inefficient at best, racial preference policies have done fuckall for the majority Malay population, police asking for bribes is a given, general stuff you won't see in Singapore. That and a growing vocal radical Islamist faction and literal sharia police, although they don't bother obvious non-Muslims yet.


I sure hope he has a next step in his master plan, we don't need more Triggered butthurt


I really hope Trump officially recognizes the Armenian Genocide next just to piss off the Turkroaches as well.


Look at it this way.
While they're focused on Trump, they'll forget about the Singapore arms in Hong Kong.

US-China trade war soon. China about to be BTFO.

>Food is actually way more than delicious, not just due to cooking, since ingredients didn't need to sit on a truck for several hours before crossing the border to make it to the kitchen.
Huh, never thought about that, but Singapore probably doesn't produce much food on its own.

>Since society isn't as cutthroat competitive, people are more relaxed, there's more human spirit, I'm not sure what to call it.

More Italian?


File: 1480769092633.jpeg (171.53 KB, 1223x1006, 1449519535807.jpeg)


It's not about arms, the weapons are nothing. China basically wants the whole of East and Southeast Asia as effective vassals, and this is going to trigger them into pursuing that goal faster. If Trump is really going to be isolationist that there's little to stop them tightening the noose until knees are bent.

>Huh, never thought about that, but Singapore probably doesn't produce much food on its own.

Like, nearly none of it is produced here. A few vegetables for small markets maybe and tiny farms that are more for visitors than produce.

>More Italian?

What a terrifying way to think about it


>tfw Europe will never re-vassalize SEA
Decolonization was a mistake.


Maybe the Japanese will get a comeback as the other big power in the far east.


Current China has an obsession with recreating its grorious history where they would take tribute from smaller states and gift them much more in return, but in exchange this meant acknowledging China as the greatest and only power.

Current China is incredibly fucking petty, and I think it's an inferiority complex from decades of getting fucked by western powers and then commies driving it further into the ground despite glorious history. It's like WE WUZ KANGZ, except they actually wuz emperors and now they want to dickwave it, and will perceive anything other than dicksucking them a grave insult.

Now that would be nice.


File: 1480769953061.png (190.86 KB, 880x800, 1455477922276.png)


>tfw no horse to share a bed with


Feels horrible, don't it


Stranger things have happened.

I think a lot will depend on Russia as well. Russia and China are pretty close right now, but their alliance is more to form a counterweight to NATO, than shared goals. Perhaps a more isolationist USA would make Russia feel more open to poke China. I did read this report once on how many disputes on trade and resources china and russia so they might not like china expanding too much either. Lots of mights though. Who knows?


And I'm not even sure what the poo-in-the-loos will do either.



My favourite part about card games is drawing like absolute fucking trash



Next meet you should ask someone to bring MtG cards for you to play together


Poos more or less can hold their own.



I totally deserved that win
My opponent had cards
Neverlucky BabyRage

Want some more twitch memes?


I know fuckall about Magic though


You are not invited to the party coast when the nukes hit everywhere else.


It's honestly not that hard
With all the cards and variation in the game, I'm sure you could make a deck that would perfectly suit your favorite playstyle


I can't find my "What was the world like before the bombs?" image

I have my new favourite playstyle in this game
Control the game, sustain with heals, draw it out, and then play a card that literally, not figuratively, LITERALLY just straight up wins me the game
Bonus points if I can trigger it on the second turn it's in play instead of the fifth when it should


File: 1480772659031.png (534.18 KB, 717x403, 1480748079559.png)


File: 1480773705296.jpg (122.16 KB, 1200x675, 1480404482690.jpg)

OW anyone?


so still no pc at all this week?


Nothing has changed since yesterday no.


Sure, I'll be there in 10


a little later I will


>Requirements for Rayquazeon
Fucking lost it


File: 1480775650492.jpg (90.49 KB, 600x288, InD117-AdNauseam1.jpg)

Well I'm talking with my friend who is really into magic and according to him if you want control, pick blue

He also tells me about this one win-the-game combo with these cards
Basically you quickly draw cards to get mana, you use those so you literally become unable to lose the game, and then you draw all your cards and discard all your lands to deal unblockable damage to your opponent


Back in Return to Ravnica they designed one of the guilds to be exactly like what Nopo describes

Azorius Senate have the ability to slow things down with control cards and their detain ability. One of their cards is "Azor's Elocutioners" - if you can prevent damage for 5 turns you win the game.


I don't think I want to get into magic though
The real, physical card game just costs too much


Well people play online and I assume there's no need to scan in real cards or anything like that

Also I find Pauper to be an interesting format


File: 1480776397598.jpg (94.85 KB, 550x400, 1325506844942.jpg)


File: 1480779010671.jpg (21.28 KB, 399x295, 1479408600406.jpg)


This song shouldn't be this funny to me.


>that whole playlist


What playlist?


Obvious /pol/ retardation.


The suggested songs when you click on that one.
You two still playing?


File: 1480780003970.jpg (166.43 KB, 673x888, Tripredacus_art_genesis.jpg)



I just got back from driving
I'm taking a small break by making coffee and finishing my japanese hearthstone quests

Oh my fucking god


>start making actual playlist of all these /pol/ songs
>keep going further down the rabbit hole
>end up on real white supremacists songs


What's up with the meme about chicken tendies though?
I never understood


It's a children's food. For manchildren.


/pol/ the musical is surprisingly good



Imagine having to explain this to someone unfamiliar with 4chan and meme culture.


I don't think I could explain memes to my family at all


>they're in-jokes of a community of strange, strange people.


The problem is that it's just that. In-jokes built upon older in-jokes into so many layers of post-ironic neo-irony.


>Run into a horde fortress
>Charge in
>Kill All The Gays kicks in on youtube in the background
>Song ends as I kill the garrison commander and leap off his tower to make my escape

Injokes, except on a wider scale made possible by the internet, which brings distant small communities of people together, allowing the joke to spread in ways that were simply not possible in past eras.


You're romanticizing the memes.


I meant explaining very specific memes


I think my favorite part is how memes are already part of some sociology classes and how it's only going to keep getting harder as time goes on to keep track of all this meme shit.


File: 1480782315445.png (81.54 KB, 678x478, 1474315638135.png)


Fuck that stupid horse


File: 1480782356592.png (123.13 KB, 300x361, 1234992.png)


Memes do not have the shelf life for that.


Neither did food until we invented preservation techniques


Are you implying we can invent idea preservatives?


I think my lava lamp just died and blew out a fuse in the process


>what are libraries


>Nopony has a lava lamp
I choose to believe this meme


We don't have meme libraries yet.


It's about… seven or eight years old.
I got it from my High School sweetheart



File: 1480784354433-0.png (1.56 MB, 1574x4916, 1480478005917.png)

File: 1480784354433-1.webm (2.89 MB, 853x480, 1480478618321.webm)

Jesus fucking Christ.


File: 1480784497274.jpg (126.34 KB, 400x520, Disgust.jpg)


Good boy points

It's hard to explain, google it and see the screencaps


>oh hey the girl is really qt
>see screencap



I mean, I know the original screencap, but it's… autistic


File: 1480785665255.png (200.11 KB, 1306x532, a62.png)

It's entertaining


Between this, VR and voice modulation women will soon be obsolete.


File: 1480786283111.gif (82.03 KB, 341x344, 1285127.gif)


Fuck Dark Angel Olivia so hard
Mostly because I don't have her and she is stupid broken


File: 1480786650844.png (107.13 KB, 263x380, 1284887__safe_solo_screenc….png)

>Deploying tactical Trixiepost


File: 1480786710060.jpg (15.67 KB, 405x233, ab9aa0b774124ac6cf6fac5f09….jpg)


File: 1480786984208.png (225.23 KB, 1280x720, 1284395__safe_solo_screenc….png)

Breaching Trixie out. Detonation in 10 seconds.


File: 1480787074197.gif (11.17 MB, 440x303, 1279022.gif)

Blast contained '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


File: 1480787816265.jpg (255.07 KB, 1280x1504, HAW HAW HAAAAAW.jpg)

Why contain it?


The sound she'll make pulling her cart will serve as a warning to the others!


>this guy is getting so much money out of his videos he can just smash up a car no problem



>how to basic
No shit.


I may have low standards, but I do find his shit amusing.
I've been following him for years too


OW in a bit anyone?


As soon as I get home no idea when that'll be


20 minutes or so?


File: 1480795592777.gif (144.75 KB, 500x280, 1428172168096.gif)



Join us for OW faggot.


Where the fuck are you


I think he won't be on for 20m


File: 1480801321837.webm (2.54 MB, 640x360, 1480685534610.webm)


File: 1480801485210.png (524.31 KB, 1284x1214, Get away from me you filth….png)

Man, it is so dead today.


Big stack of us in OW


We killed shit dead.


Is it time to reassemble or did people git tired?


Dunno, is Nopo back?


Well, that doesn't help me any, since I don't play it.


File: 1480802992003.png (1.3 MB, 1000x912, 1480120193.thorn_nickjudek….png)

Wanna play some paladins later?



If you've got the time, sure.


Nopo is back.


File: 1480804349874.jpg (29.7 KB, 278x283, Boring moral choice.jpg)

>find imgur album of all the pokemon QR scan codes on /vp/
>it includes shinies
>strongly debating with myself whether or not to cheat and fill out the dex, or just get shinies of ones I want


>after looking through it, it doesn't have all the shiny forms
It still has a lot, though. A pity Litten's got a horrible shiny color scheme, though. There are a lot of poor choices for a lot of pokes when it comes to shiny colors…


You are right I actually don't have time
Sorry Fidget, I haven't drawn anything since friday and I should work on that


It's fine, Maali. Ply your craft.


File: 1480805541494.png (99.53 KB, 749x803, 1462090712752.png)

I'm sorry I disapointed you


I'm not disappointed, Maali. It's just a game.


I don't think it's unfair to say I'm getting really good with Reaper, but winning THAT hard wouldn't be possible without a good Zarya for backup and the Grovesheals


Thank you, thank you, I will be here all night.


File: 1480807889968.png (44.75 KB, 210x352, something lewd.png)


File: 1480807997899.png (1.09 MB, 1440x2427, Sleepy sheepy.png)

Those are some baaaad sheep.


Did you discover some cool bee species?


I've been focusing on progressing tech instead of bees. Once I manage to extract the "long lived" gene, I should be able to apply it to other bees.
Plus I haven't really tried to make bees that go for anything other than cactus work.


But I left all those flowers there! Flower-liking bees should be satisfied.


Yes, but we're in a desert biome, somehow. It's too hot for them. That's what the acclimator's for.


So use it?


I got sidetracked.


File: 1480809311634.png (1.07 MB, 1535x837, 1469865190634.png)


File: 1480810097250-0.jpg (663.36 KB, 1280x3582, 1480799773598.jpg)

Why is she so perfect?


File: 1480810919797.gif (3.11 MB, 472x498, 1262533.gif)

Because red


File: 1480811305269.jpg (250.24 KB, 1280x1440, mam.jpg)

She is the daughter of true perfection


>that round of 3v3 where I was alone as hog vs Ana and Torb and won

Can you spell CLUTCH?


I support the mam fan club



The fucking tiny meme details in the videos of this guy get me every time


>was actually… Playing bastion as her main?
>putin face
Some shit memes, some good ones.


The Harambe reflection in the widow sights was so subtle but so good
Also all the Cheeki Breeki because of Russia


And you got to hand it to him, the visual editing is top notch


File: 1480813574911.png (358.75 KB, 709x447, 1480302348956.png)



Okay, that was pretty gud.
…If a bit disturbing in the implications about exactly how much time this guy puts in to fill these trailers with memes.


I'm jelly I'm never be so good at creating shitpostable meme content like that, but video editing seems so complicated for me




File: 1480817324948.gif (1.12 MB, 555x250, 1459621345064.gif)


File: 1480819115409.png (18.1 KB, 968x379, sketch.png)

I know that absolutely no one on the sub but me wanted to check out the new map, so I made this sketch for you


What are the x-es?


File: 1480819187326.gif (53.81 KB, 350x263, 1480390122094.gif)

No gaming computer for another two weeks


File: 1480819570253.png (25.33 KB, 968x379, sketch.png)

thin x = small health pack
thick x = large health pack

here are some better notes



Then it's on to holiday celebrations I assume?


>Wake up feeling awful
>Start throwing up heavily
No fuck this



File: 1480820538891.jpg (50.38 KB, 1024x623, 1480644150003m.jpg)

Just more work fam. At least I hope to have a new full time job then.


RIP in pepperoni, Groves.


I don't know. I feel a bit better already but if this is stomsch flu…


File: 1480820621619.jpg (60.58 KB, 1280x720, 1474155776707.jpg)


I imagine the end result would look something like this.


File: 1480821484475.webm (6.55 MB, 1920x1080, Just_Youtube_Haiku_Things.webm)

More like


Meme overdose is fatal if left untreated


>just saw leatherman on reddit
It's gone too far.



>not "We are number one but every time they play a note there is a meme but every time there's a meme there's an old, more tired meme"


Gachimuchi has been around since forever, it was there ages ago.


I never saw it actually used there though.
Gay stuff was kept off to its own subs.


Oh yeah this just screams stomach flu.



File: 1480822906986.gif (248.25 KB, 200x200, 5kD94.gif)

Don't die.


Well that's not good. Get rest.


Don't forget to drink plenty of fluids.


File: 1480823798312.gif (2.96 MB, 597x336, 310043__safe_smiling_anima….gif)

RIP lava lamp, the room feels dark and empty without you as I go to sleep ;_;7


File: 1480825996795.png (107.76 KB, 634x550, 1480573804232.png)

>2DS is beb


Oh fug
You only had a 2ds?


Hacked to boot. Trying to see if I can get it to boot long enough to reset it back to normal and take it back before the warranty expires.


>Too tired
>But I still want to stay up for Toonami out of some misguided sense of loyalty


Can you boot into al9h at least?


Seems to boot for a while, then crashes, so I can't do much. Hopefully I can salvage it


At least try to make a nand backup to salvage your savegames


My brother backed them up, all I had were my Gates to Infinity and Super PMD saves.


File: 1480846836167.jpg (3.52 MB, 3840x2160, tmp_19932-DSC_0795-5613590….JPG)



File: 1480847094288.gif (5.13 MB, 676x508, 1279667.gif)


Everything is fucking awful


Seek answers in the gremlin


File: 1480854538305.gif (31.38 KB, 400x330, tmp_27442-1470794989471-13….gif)

>sisters flew up to join us for two days
>family took us to that really weird restaurant that's basically some guy's house in a remote neighbourhood with the living room and yard filled with tables and chairs
>the chef doesn't even offer you a menu and insists you order certain things and gets pissed if you don't do as he says

Food is fucking heavenly though
I have no idea how they find stuff like this, and it nest that they even exist


Rather it's neat that weird places like this even exists


Ah yes, the freshly hatched Asshole limbing out of her cocoon


Man, a lot of you fags were in my dream tonight


File: 1480856286062.png (734.07 KB, 1600x900, trixie_friends.png)




I've forgotten how aweful constant puking feels.


File: 1480857124880.jpg (35.16 KB, 477x406, 1480746250975.jpg)

Well now you know how barfy feels




File: 1480857351686.png (227.53 KB, 1280x720, trixie_winking.png)


It was a real adventure!


I dreamed about my high school friends instead.
I was in a Man In The High Castle kind of reality and since I'd been a resistance fighter 20 years earlier the new nazi gov was looking for me, with their new surveillance techniques. They captured me, blinded me, but I ran away after being pinned by a ca which, surprise surprise, was driven by my high school friends.
Also I was roadhog.


You certainly smell like Roadhog
But that sounds exciting.
My dream was on a tropical beach, like Dead Island but without zombies, so I guess like Pokemon SunMoon, but without the pokemons.
There were various islands and various tasks, so par example there was an island with ancient ruins and statues so Sion helped me there to find the fragment I needed, Groves helped me finding some rare artifacts in a museum, and one island was too far away and you could only get there with a VIP ship, so Andy helped me get on it since she had some connections
It was pretty rad


>Could Blizzard make Reno part of the classic set?
>"They could. But that would be a really good decision that'd make tons of players happy, so they won't."

I chuckled


>there was a shooter that killed three people in my home town last night


Wait, shit, that was your hometown?


Yup. I thought no one actually went into that restaurant.


I only read the news that there was a shooting in finland, didn't think it was that close to one of you


Post games which will run at 20fps top.
I will start.


I hate how fast time runs when you check expiration dates on your food.


>guis, guis, what if
>what if animals were robots

Still makes NO fucking sense


You know what the problem with modern vidya is?
They try too hard to make sense.
And be "realistic" in a bad way.


Yeah, I mean, it's a cool concept and all
How high did you have to be to come up with this idea?
Even worse, I do not know why it bothers me this much.


It's a really basic idea mate.
Pretty sure it's been done already.


File: 1480863694494.jpg (108.79 KB, 960x960, 1480863372724.jpg)

Huskies are top tier.


Do robot animals court and mate and give birth to tiny robot babies?


They really are


They are probably all made the same in some factory deep underground.


Oh fucking hell

Also I thought you were further north


I'm further north than you'll ever be m8


Could vampires go outside during a cloudy day with clouds blocking direct sunlight?


Sun shines through clouds.


I guess you're right
Maybe the effect could be weakened enough to hurt them less


This is stupid, it obviously depends on the setting.
In Twilight you'd just sparkle, in classic dracula you'd be just PARTIALLY ash.


Yeah it's a bit dumb but still
Maybe the best to do is just go outside with a parasol


Risking that is incredibly stupid
And I doubt it'd work anyway


Look it's easy.
If sun is lethal in setting vampires should never go out in the daylight. That's about it.


devilishly smart though


Maybe I would be a lousy vampire then
Or a genius vampire always devising a way to go out in sunlight


But why would you care about that?


In Vampires Masquarede/World of Darkness, there was exactly one perk that let you go up into sunlight exactly one time every year, on a specific date very special to you


Yes, we know you want to play that.


It's very, very hard to get it working, and is a waste the rest of the year


Would a burqa not not save them


Not all vampires are muslims


>cloth stops the rays of the sun



It's a fun thought
How did that work?


>All-female vampire ISIS


Neferata pls.


Since we're speaking of Vampires, Sylt, Nopo, got any ideas for a character?


File: 1480869907666.jpg (892.16 KB, 1317x990, 1480778241436.jpg)


Is this Touhou?


A guy who just lost everything and was about to go Postal.


File: 1480870715474.gif (9.11 MB, 960x540, trixie_spouting forced_may….gif)

That's interesting. Wanna talk about it tomorrow?




Someone end my life.


Give me 20


dumb name imo

doesn't seem like it fits at all


just huff some petrol for a little while that will do it


>wf triggered someone stole his quest's name


But I thought Horizon Daybreakers had a good name so that doesn't make any sense as a conclusoin


Fighting robot animals in Horizons when?


2017 if there are no delays.


I am still not sure.
We should spitball ideas.

You must suffer


File: 1480874386901.gif (2.15 MB, 500x281, trixie_girl_friendship.gif)

Should we?



File: 1480874515944.png (78.92 KB, 300x300, Trixie Wink.PNG)

Okay, tomorrow though


I doubt I'll be around much


Or day after then


File: 1480875318088.webm (667.22 KB, 426x240, 421517.webm)

It's Institute Week this week.
Really not sure how much I'll be around


File: 1480875372964.webm (701.13 KB, 320x218, trixie_freak_out_bubble.webm)


But wouldn't that mean moonlight would be lethal too? Since moonlight is just reflected sunlight after all…
Being allergic to the sun is a pretty nasty drawback, when you really think about it.


It's not science, it's literal magic. Doesn't have to follow physic rules.


>Find cute comic about mice, kind of a mouseguard or redwall feel
>Author draws furry porn


Also Reinhardt is criminally underrated in 3v3s


File: 1480876705338.jpg (60.6 KB, 500x486, 1328129670883.jpg)


The post apocalyptic one that strongly hints at the MC being a human?

The one set in the Renaissance era with chthulu and other small animals?


[citation needed]


>The post apocalyptic one that strongly hints at the MC being a human?
You mean Endtown? They are all humans there.


Which one?
Also it's pretty much a given these days that anyone who draws cartoon animals has at least dabbled in furry porn.


No, everyone was human in that one and they know it. There's another one when they are standard non-anthro mice


Are they sentient at least_


Yeah, but it's started with the PMD trope that the 'Umie turned Mouse is the one who can strategize


Das racist


File: 1480877704826.jpg (61.52 KB, 960x720, 421591.jpg)


No not endtown

Probably the renaissance one? There seem to be at least some kind of anachronistic tech for crossbows. I just started looking at it.


Beatriz Overseer

Yeah definitely some kind of machinepunk going on, since there are apparently construct arms?


Looks pretty cute, the artstyle!
Might give it a read


File: 1480878860517.png (356.31 KB, 1500x1800, fjallamalla.png)

Trying to hype myself up to start OTR again by drawing upcoming shit




File: 1480879518763.jpg (195.34 KB, 640x477, jxwLo.jpg)

>Last of Us 2 trailer


File: 1480880170878.jpg (149.02 KB, 500x665, 719.jpg)


>try to add non-steam game
>steam crashes



Gaius Julius Caesar, Boudica, Blackbeard, William Shakespeare, Cursed Arm Hassan, Phantom of the Opera, Sasaki Kojirou, Santa Alter, and Santa Alter Lily acquired.


File: 1480882937177.png (1.02 MB, 900x1200, duce.png)


Dumb waifuposter


File: 1480883016770.png (979.61 KB, 1280x720, 1475473916318.png)


File: 1480883060492.gif (1.68 MB, 492x276, duce_followers.gif)


Why is that loli so rude?


Because she's italian


Le bimbe aren't rude at all!


File: 1480883998149.jpg (53.09 KB, 1280x720, here comes dat.jpg)


Good old XCOM rookies who chain miss two 85% flanking shots


This XCOM classic or FiraXCOM?


Italians win again! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6




Ah, FiraXCOM 2: Snake Beater. Haven't had the money to look into that yet.


Me neither, but shhh, don't tell Gaben


>it's a "Flashbanged trooper hits your specialist through heavy cover from half across the map" episode


Level up your Grenadiers
Use more grenades


I know how to play the game
I literally just started and got past the point of having too many rookies


File: 1480889157601.jpg (27.62 KB, 236x340, Danger Lancer.jpg)

>flashbanging troopers
Enjoy every hit they land being a crit because of the screwed-up calculation methods.
Also, you should be killing the enemy pods before they get the chance to shoot back. Git gud, scrublord.


Literally useless rookies with 60% on flanks
I just got to the pont where I get to take an actual squad


File: 1480889347299.jpg (68.3 KB, 331x381, 1478699253941.jpg)


File: 1480889492800.jpg (2.78 MB, 3000x2000, The aurora Borealis.jpg)


File: 1480889571068.jpg (159.3 KB, 1005x699, 1455257875467.jpg)

That's what the rookies have their grenades for.


File: 1480890407174.jpg (93.76 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Would you give Luna the


I would





File: 1480892146317.jpg (207.19 KB, 1280x760, 1467796915426.jpg)

But what about


Her too!


You must choose!


>Random faceless activates AND rushes AND attacks on the same turn

Well, great thing that this bug is no longer in the game
Oh wait
It is

I choose both!


I don't understand how he does it.
Like, I know I've been playing vidya all day for the last week, but how can my roomie keep on watching the same naruto amvs on repeat every time he isn't writing about some big conspiracy?


>naruto amvs

Ladies and gentlemen, the average intellect of a conspiracy theorist


>italian referendum to change the constitution
>"no" won
>prime minister stepping down
I could cum in my pants right now.


Why did they need to change it in the first place?


They wanted to shrink down the number of seats in the parliament. Problem is, they also tackled a lot of other shit on. And this gov was hated by almost anyone since it wasn't even elected.


I heard because it's literally shit that makes the country not work. But unfortunately Renzi fucked up and said he'd step down if he didn't pass and that same day the polls crashed.


It's not bad. It works and it's quite modern, dates to after the 2nd world war.


I heard that because of the whole fascism thing, they made the senate and parliament cancel each other out, making big changes nearly impossible


Yes. And that's good. Sweeping, sudden changes shouldn't happen.


File: 1480895071627.png (477.62 KB, 3000x2551, viva.png)

>Sweeping, sudden changes shouldn't happen.


One thing's sure. No law will sneak its way through our government system.
And keep in mind I said both sweeping AND sudden.
Sweeping change should happen but it should be well thought out first.


>Sweeping change should happen but it should be well thought out first.

Can't argue with that.


How does one say the fire rises in italian?


Il fuoco sale!
But I don't know what the line was like in the movie.


>Nice tactics you've got there
>it would be a shame if
>your three 80+% shots would all miss

In other news, the Austrians managed to not fuck up their votes


>UK: allright, let me show you some shit
>US: that's impressive but watch this

>Italy walks in: watch-a thissss


Only one thing would make this better.
Electing our own Trump equivalent. Salvini.


As long as there's still pizza and pasta, you can do whatever you want Italy.


File: 1480896193034.gif (497.97 KB, 702x861, sonata_confused.gif)

Anyway, night.
Don't forget to feed your pet regularly


Good point. I should do that right now.


But you don't have a pet


File: 1480896621619.png (42.44 KB, 508x528, dstypon.png)


Here's a normie tier let's play of Space Station 13, maybe it can convey to you why it's fun



File: 1480898488441.png (63.68 KB, 235x472, 1455763859026.png)


YOu don't!


File: 1480898620639.jpg (77.88 KB, 300x300, 1478705731012.jpg)


Hairy Italian girls don't count as pets


File: 1480899159974.png (599.28 KB, 1200x542, and I still had fun doing ….png)

>going through my old drawing folder


>words words words


File: 1480899467931-0.png (297.24 KB, 847x461, political comics.png)

File: 1480899467931-1.png (384.25 KB, 488x348, there is no real joke here….png)

File: 1480899467931-2.png (689.47 KB, 1172x543, paladins.png)

File: 1480899467931-3.png (99.4 KB, 447x330, Northlands.png)

Some of them more reasonable than others


File: 1480899620633.png (348.31 KB, 730x370, GoddamnRogues.png)

Why would you think it's a person? That's sick yo!
>that first pic
Wew lads.
Got some of my old ones, too.


File: 1480900569461.png (389.55 KB, 1500x1357, 2CWcX0V.png)



What else?

I wish I had my old garbage too, but my HDDs have their tendency of dying
You should make more political comics


A pony


You don't have one, silly.


>naruto amvs
What year is he living in?


File: 1480903057995.png (273.51 KB, 1112x1094, 1454650403116.png)





File: 1480905918230.jpg (20.68 KB, 304x254, faces of evil.jpg)

>remix of "when the saints go marchin in" on the rhythm of "number of the beast"
It fits so well!


every time I see that OP I think it's something NSFW

>4 days old

I remember when we used to blow through a meta a day


I've expanded Lab Bee.




I need to bed, good night.


File: 1480924198020.png (678.46 KB, 625x468, tmp_6849-enhanced-2865-143….png)

I've never spent so much on clothes before

I feel shamefully satisfied


Are they nice clothes?


Lots of nice and comfy shirts for use in school and long laboratory hours, all blue or white or something in between. And one shirt had a small red spots because I'm a fashion rebel like that. Then I finally fulfilled my fantasy of having one of those waterproof hiking shirts and those rugged pants even though I'll probably never need them. Comfy as fuck though, like I'm wearing nothing at all.

I basically only buy this stuff once a year when I join my family in Malaysia since everything's way cheaper.


File: 1480926534678.gif (3.28 MB, 455x282, sea_swirl_contemplates_bec….gif)

Post pics


The fog is incredibly thick tonight


>think my two decent sized bags are a lot
>see what my sisters are carrying

Y-yeah nevermind


Man cannot truly ever comprehend what Woman will spend on clothing.





File: 1480928105241.png (445.17 KB, 1600x1494, rarity_generosity_necklace….png)

What, the bags or clothes?


The sisters


File: 1480928340763.png (169.47 KB, 1071x1082, rarity_and_sweetie_belle_b….png)

Here are some sisters


File: 1480928421237.gif (3.97 MB, 1280x720, 1469304408434.gif)

Oh you


File: 1480929007172.jpg (110.82 KB, 960x599, 15241765_336439216723015_2….jpg)

>you will never have a walk with your dog, sheep, deer and daughter


>tfw you'll never ride a boar


Does riding a pig count?


I guess. But I haven't done that either!


It's like you didn't grow up in a family of rural origins!



>eating myself full before the train trip

I have made a grievous mistake


>Sion never spooked chickens as a kid
>He never climbed a tree to get away from bloodthirsty turkeys
>He never fee sheep out of his hand


File: 1480934024684-0.png (182.88 KB, 267x542, 1464147891163.png)

I've become one with the slp.

And now, finally, I'm feeling a lot better.



File: 1480934726020.jpg (69.7 KB, 1000x563, 6c59cf7f-8a48-4430-9c1b-e8….jpg)

What a feeling


I-I did when I visited the kids farm ;_;


File: 1480937251361.jpg (124.5 KB, 974x299, tmp_18833-1471229684953-56….jpg)

>farming kids


It is 2bep


Were you an excited little Sionboyo to see all the farm animals for realz?


I don't remember much.


I don't know if you remember, but we do have a lot of animal pastures around here.


>you will never punch a kangaroo in the face to save your dog


Man, it must be grand living the aussie life


>tfw you'll never go to Australia to learn shitposting from the masters themselves


File: 1480947096706.webm (3.71 MB, 660x370, fuck off Kev.webm)


>tfw you'll never own a goat farm


File: 1480948761939.jpg (182.05 KB, 1200x1920, 2d2.jpg)




File: 1480950910389.png (363.59 KB, 1198x360, flatpon.png)


File: 1480952953381.jpg (173.56 KB, 1600x1260, canterlot my little pony p….jpg)


File: 1480954294066.png (481.73 KB, 1666x2000, fjallamalla color.png)






upcoming OTR character, a capra merc from the north


So is OTR actually gonna run again, finally?


Yes it is


What system?


would you people mind Simple D6


What is that?


Protip. "Simple" systems are often a pain.


Meme "system" from /tg/


So pretty


>the dead outnumber the living a thousand to one
Imagine the zombie apocalypse in that town.


I know where to go when I'm a necromancer


File: 1480957192504.gif (1.1 MB, 180x175, joine m.gif)

Is there anything anyone here would like for christmas?


a reason to keep living.
Dishonored 2 maybe, although it might be too expensive


No more stress in my life ever would be nice


To see everyone again


Season 2 of Binbougami/D-Frag/Sabagebu


Eternal rest.


less than 13 months to the meet
two deaths
and two blessings of the meme gremlins


Now sing that to the tune of "On the first day of christmas a meme gremlin gave to me"


>fucked up my best chance to join you guys
M-maybe 6 months in eastern europe won't be so bad if I can fly there for 50 euroshekels


File: 1480957982405.jpg (63.9 KB, 1280x720, Sewer gremlin.jpg)


Apparently there is more than story in Sister Location now.
Like actual content, and it seems pretty fucking good.
Sister Freddy is really fucking creepy, since he talks


I saw a freddy plushie in gamestop earlier and considered getting one for you


You do think of me too~


File: 1480958991536.png (98.77 KB, 157x286, 0a4.png)

Leave the country and live the American dream


Nothing I'd have room for, unless you're able to bestow upon me a steady job with good pay that I wouldn't have to leave the house for.
Steam wishlist is a thing to consider, but I'd be obliged to get you something in return.


'tis the season


File: 1480961853780.jpg (1.04 MB, 1200x1725, Thea.Kreutzer.full.2014968.jpg)


File: 1480961925400.jpg (132.79 KB, 1275x717, anzio2.jpg)



File: 1480961994951.jpg (208.75 KB, 850x1200, qkc005-004.jpg)


A genuine happy Christmas wish would be fine.
I doubt I'll have money this year to buy gifts for you guys anyway


File: 1480962270698.png (124.49 KB, 358x396, unsure equine.png)

I wasn't exactly expecting things in return here


True, but in my case it's that Catholic Guilt telling me that I'd be an ungrateful spud if I didn't get you something in return for your generosity.
Accepting gifts gracefully is a wire act sometimes.


My protestant upbringing will tell you guilt is a weapon of the pope to amass political power and nothing more.
But really m8 it's fine, and if it seriously bothers you I can just like, draw something or something else with no direct value. You're not my first friend who feels that way about gifts.


I mean, why not
If you were actually thinking of physical gifts some sort of a pop-culture action figure they sell in Gamestop or Fantasiapelit would be nice


was there a patch?


Well I can go check, I was planning to spend thursday in helsinki shopping anyway.


I'm not bothered by it, but don't be surprised if one day you wake up and there's a game or something in your inbox.


I mean you absolutely don't have to, I've done nothing to deserve it. Maybe I can buy you something too if you tell me what you want. Or a drawing if you want something. Or both.


>this discussion
Man I don't even know what to get my family, much less you weirdos.


Dollar Store Christmas.


I'm not in any way opposed to either.
On that note, I noticed they were selling like Star Wars Bionicles while at the store today. I'd have bought Grievous if they had one but alas they only had the Rogue One and EP7 ones




Well that's just not very christmas at all.
I'm not sure that one's even still in production or not.
What, the spaceship bridge sim?


What Fidget said, but since you asked Darkest Dungeon


The old Inquisitor model, might still be on ebay.


File: 1480963116735.jpg (91.78 KB, 1600x1200, 1318436942966.jpg)

Ooooh, him. Right. I'm surprised you still haven't found him yourself.


Dollar Store Christmas is best Christmas, since you can get people obviously joke gifts and they'll like them.
For instance, my younger brother got my eldest brother a pair of "Zoomies", or the "as-seen-on-TV" binocular glasses.


Grievous was a first release model. I could buy him for you if you want, just give me the address information. I'm not a big fan of those buildable figures.


he seemed like the best one going by the back of the box picture, though both Vader and the Death Trooper were ok
I fell in love with that one web store that sells fake boxes for presents, so they look like absurd As-seen-on-TV shit


Thing is they actually worked really well, and we're pretty sure they were designed to help people with absolutely terrible eyes.


chalk that more up to laziness than inability


File: 1480963681206.png (229.88 KB, 540x303, jade.png)

Somehow I'm not surprised.
you wanna do something tonight


File: 1480963829760.gif (3.73 MB, 810x931, kicky legs.gif)

hams, strams, open to ideas
I still got a day off tomorrow so I'm free for anything


I have Vader and Waifu Captain Phasma.


Happy ThanksforkillingRussiansday


Phasma a non-character


File: 1480964161933.jpg (29.35 KB, 512x384, israfel002.jpg)

Shall we continue the game then?


I know ;_;



Ayy where the Sions at?


File: 1480970340646.jpg (48.9 KB, 640x308, 8QCgF8Ul.jpg)


>went to helsinki in febraury
>no congratulation banner
I feel left out.
We even stood naked in the snow!


we all did
waiting on the next meet


That's why I used the WE!


And we will again in a year


A year?! It might as well be in China with how far away it is!


I'm back baby


Well jus come say hi now


Takao's titties


Brz 2mrw?


that would be a happy independence day but I think you're gonna spend it with family.



File: 1480975685661.png (169.53 KB, 344x384, 1281901.png)




File: 1480977179453.png (110.34 KB, 308x322, 1457230034771.png)


It'll be spent mainly aslp


File: 1480977326094.png (66.02 KB, 241x216, 1327800269828.png)


Oh, well, I doubt I could have come on such short notice anyway.
Do you want a draw though?


sure why not


What kind of capers
Bonus if it's lewd
I'll try to get it done this week.


lewd capers doing lewd things


Hyvää itsepäisyyspäivää


File: 1480980172232.jpg (129.95 KB, 1076x1016, 1392844009332.jpg)

Pitääkö tässä lähettää seimerkkikuvia?


Ainahan sukellusveneeseen pornoa mahtuu.


ei sukellusvene one referenssipornoa varten



File: 1480981604659.png (103.26 KB, 600x689, 1317940661719.png)


Ihan hyvin vähän voi postata referenssejä varten.


Anyway. Link me s6 I guess.
I don't think I'll join if it's a bad system.


File: 1480981776671.png (968.05 KB, 1151x606, 2016-12-05_17.48.38.png)


It was a joke m8


Top spooky.
What are you gonna use then?


The world shall be healed.


Simple10 at this rate
Or FC but we've already had better FC games


>we've already had better FC games
Just run it in FC at this point.
You'll be amazed the things you can do with it as opposed to s10.


sylt stop it


You spent a lot of time spreading dirt! And removing vivid grass too

I'm upset it doesn't work for us



>Losing competitive (we had a leaver)
>Things look bleak
>Server error, game crashes, no loss
Thank you Jeff Kaplan


>haven't even touched comp yet
I wish I didn't have ladder anxiety.


I discovered a great tool to speed along the healing of the world.

Also I tried to contain the vivid grass to be only around the cauldron, but it has a remarkable ablity to spread under itself and I couldn't figure out which dirt it was latching onto to keep spreading


You do realize DM just wants to play the game he spent so long building? Stop trying to get him to play FC, its very clear he's not interested by now.


File: 1480983879364.jpg (10.32 KB, 147x147, Clock Fairy QR code.jpg)

Oh, hey, the Magearna distribution event is via QR code.


QR code huh


I'm gonna die if I don't find my 3DS soon.


How do you redeem it?


You use the QR scanner in-game, and it poops out a mystery gift that you redeem at the antique store that opens up post-championship.


Says it can't be scanned from there.


It's a NA QR code. The Europe one comes out tomorrow, I think.


I see!


File: 1480986812915.png (786.23 KB, 1202x598, 2016-12-05_19.13.15.png)



>ability is 'Soul Heart'

>powers itself up every time something around it dies

Fucking cool


I do too sometimes

Just remember Kaplan said falling in rank would be normal season 3

Must be quite something


feels pretty great, like I'm really regrowing the world


File: 1480993303113.png (200.93 KB, 900x390, 1325184388950.png)

pon bless me with slp


File: 1480993368155.jpg (1.08 MB, 2360x2863, Luna shark.jpg)


Now, what would you like for Christmas?


File: 1480995516998.png (552.12 KB, 1024x690, Regrowth.png)


Oh hey, the silverwood started turning things into a magical forest!


>playing E:D
>want to try out passenger missions
>first mission
>"Fly us beyond the centre of the galaxy and back"
I might have made a huge, huge mistake.


File: 1480998519336.png (274.55 KB, 600x800, 1437708913892.png)

very concerning


I wish I had my tan back now.





File: 1481000994270.jpg (122.74 KB, 600x800, tmp_21210-1480968453052-14….jpg)

You like that picture a lot


its a cute one yea


Time to fly home
If anything happens take comfort in the knowledge I will be Baneposting till my last


It really is

tfw used to look like that


File: 1481005358544.gif (383.19 KB, 492x454, 1481001414290.gif)

Where is your Earthquake NOW?


File: 1481011556042.jpg (368.68 KB, 750x1836, HoiH9fN.jpg)


File: 1481011784446.jpg (128.71 KB, 900x651, 1480655086173.jpg)

Good night


Good Knight


Nonsense,my pokemon get a share of the glory too

>sister blowing money on cosmetics means I get to have a poke plush as part of an airport promotion

Oh boy
Gonna get me an owl


File: 1481012781940.png (187.86 KB, 336x488, 1479188401338.png)


Pokemon need to be loved

>Not getting the seal

Are you the real BDN?


I like the owl a little more

N-not like the plane crashed with no survivors and I just happened to find this phone haha


>had a riveting discussion with the guy at the counter on whether Rowlet or Popplio was better

Good to be home


File: 1481015037525.jpg (487.57 KB, 1280x1707, 4b905399-4b5e-4283-808b-00….jpg)

Ya fucking memer


File: 1481015408801.png (218.3 KB, 900x903, 1455474351941.png)


>screen flickers and static comes out of my speakers right before I hear thunder



File: 1481015811606.png (1.14 MB, 807x1032, 1428528959253.png)

They're coming for you


Why are pegasi such burds?


File: 1481016261255.jpeg (393.64 KB, 760x1024, 123251.jpeg)


Why do o have to wake up and see someone's disgusting fetish first thing in the morning?


As I proceed
To give you what you need


File: 1481018452026.jpg (590.39 KB, 1400x990, 453be5fceb4abeb65d07ffdb9c….jpg)

Impregnation isn't my fetish


That's gay.


That's not what I meant!


I didn't say yours.
But that comic still is ugly fetishbait.


File: 1481018811503.png (171.5 KB, 600x600, 886313__safe_ponified_scar….png)

I think the style's kinda cute, even if it is slightly disturbing


File: 1481019205417.webm (1.75 MB, 710x399, 1476073065742.webm)


File: 1481019522270.png (300.75 KB, 590x766, 1324310198189.png)


>Finally found my 3DS
Now if only I had Sun or Moon.


File: 1481019811957.webm (1.96 MB, 640x640, 421786.webm)

>tfw you'll never have a qt bird like this


Hack it and you can have anything


It's a New 3DS. I doubt it's hackable.



I find it disturbing even.


File: 1481020832107.jpg (96.26 KB, 506x569, 1443752565931.jpg)

>stayed up until morning for no reason
I maid mistakes


Wew lass.
Minecrack craze?


File: 1481020917105.jpg (72.04 KB, 745x594, 1377015451509.jpg)

The worst part is that I only lost more materials again


Why is she blushing?


>system version 11.0
Aw fuck, I guess I have to do that now.




because its a boy


>requires a hardmod or another already CFW 3DS
Oh well so much for that, I guess I'll just go to the supermarket and buy Sun then


File: 1481021080828.jpg (11.2 KB, 250x250, 1317719088350.jpg)


How's mons been>


I got past ghost trial, and tried to look for fake pikachu but it didn't show


5% chance, it'll take a while


I guess I can come back for it…





>went offline

I-I'm sorry ;_;


>Mildly cold outside
>Class room is hotter than the surface of the sun
Dear god why


>classroom is probably about 20 C


File: 1481026985785.jpg (75.54 KB, 707x1000, 21573baf942d9b2d64ddfd00ec….jpg)

Celebrating 99 years of Finland


When is this joke going to die?


when russia ends it for us all


Anything big planned for 100?
our 50 years was last year and it was basically the biggest deal ever although nothing much actually happened


I think Norway wants to cede a mountain on their side of the border to Finland. Although that plan may have fallen through by now.


I'm sure next year's independence day reception will be extra big, and odds are a lot of the major cities will throw some kind of celebration on the day, if not the whole year.


I bet I won't even notice anything special.


Where's my reference porn?


>Prof offhandedly comparing Wilders/Le Pen/Hofer with Hitler
There we go. Been waiting for this.

I have half a mind to write a formal complaint to the school for allowing this kind of fearmongering drivel in a classroom. Fuck this guy.


Do it fgt
I'll need to go find some


I don't know anything about those people but you can't seriously compare anyone French to Hitler. That's just ridiculous.


What's the class even?


It's one of the lesser important ones dealing with corporate organization and structure.

It was alright at first but ever since Trump won the elections this guy has been on some sort of turbo butthurt crusade to criticize everything he does, which usually devolves into him also shitting on other right wing politicians. I mean Trump is a pretty good topic to cover since he's about as corporate as they come and it's also interesting to see how he's organizing his cabinet compared to Obama, but he's so obviously biased about this whole thing that it's just annoying.

Thankfully this class only lasts this semester.


I hate waking up early, all my American friends are in bed.




I woke up at 11.


File: 1481033155725.jpg (78.43 KB, 316x359, ebin chan.jpg)


The new CK2 expac sounds neat.


So you saw that Upotte thread too huh?


File: 1481039475484.png (997.42 KB, 1280x1008, 1480871841090.png)


File: 1481040624241.jpg (55.25 KB, 1280x720, 1481012256321.jpg)

Off for some family stuff


File: 1481040984459.jpg (650.78 KB, 1150x1450, 1422241373626.jpg)


File: 1481041465707.png (198.19 KB, 330x440, 1476056669856.png)


>-5 degrees outside

I didn't expect it to be this cold during the charity run, but it was fun


>doggo has to sleep in my room tonight
>he won't sleep while I'm still awake

I'll give in


>try to go to sleep
>cat thinks it's time to play

Every fucking time


File: 1481043774840.jpg (34.59 KB, 600x389, Arsenal-Firearms-AF2011-Du….jpg)

Hey, Hey DM
Remember the thread about dumb weapons?



File: 1481046259510.jpg (275.15 KB, 1920x1080, 1479051929561.jpg)


What a fiery pony


fire horse


Post rare Sions




File: 1481046534996.jpg (376.85 KB, 1920x1200, 524253590.jpg)



Remember that time Cheesy promised to run a quest?


File: 1481046830794.jpg (292.11 KB, 855x550, 1403979365238.jpg)


posting trix


File: 1481047281224.png (224.72 KB, 1079x1024, large (88).png)


File: 1481048968119.jpg (274.62 KB, 1920x1080, 20161206192848_1.jpg)

This trip is proving a bit longer than I'd anticipated.


>4 golds as Zarya
>Get killstreak card


File: 1481051239091.gif (1.58 MB, 447x373, 1117548__safe_screencap_an….gif)

Bzzzzzzzz noises


Still working on setup for that; I've come into possession of a hardcopy of "Mouseguard," so I'm reading through that as a reference of sorts. The settings are markedly different, but there's plenty of similarities and inspirations in the base system to make it very useful.
…and I admit to getting sucked into roleplaying as the UNSC in Stellaris. I just love Halo's spaceship designs.


In one hour.


We could always start our half since Sylt is on his own


File: 1481051390416.gif (2 MB, 610x508, 1254627__safe_fluttershy_a….gif)

>EU4 dev diary saying they're going to announce the biggest change ever since EU4 got announced next diary

These cock teases.
Also, there's some screen saying "Demographics" now.
So after the whole Grand Powers addon, it looks like they're just putting Victoria 3 into EU4


File: 1481051430542.gif (962.49 KB, 1280x720, 1149046__safe_rain.gif)

Is andypony here?


@BDN/Andy/Fidget: Nuzlocke posted his annual comic update, a whole new page this time


>EU made more like Vicky
>CK made more like EU

They're all leading up to a grand reveal of a new game.

Grand Campaign.
Start Date: 632, Death of Muhammad
End Date: 2001, Muhammad's followers destroy architecture


File: 1481051656545.png (234.12 KB, 1024x1024, 822184__safe_solo_rarity_c….png)


I don't follow it


File: 1481051774985.jpeg (40.8 KB, 555x430, 1239708.jpeg)

I wonder when they'll make an Islam DLC for Stellaris

Right, starting up. Will be posting a bit slow in the start!


File: 1481052116597.png (193.56 KB, 611x453, 1244116.png)



Mmmm, I might need to pick up EU4 again in the future.


I looked into what it takes to do become a vampire you have to defeat a boss in the nether are you sure you want to do it?
We don't have natural villages to fly to.


Not really

I mean, I'm fine with killing a boss I'm just not super interested in becoming a vampire


next hoi4 DLC is out next week supposedly


The only reason I'd want to do it for the bat title scroll.
I mean I can make artificial villages, if you, or fidget wanted to try that out, but I don't see it as the same kind of fun, you know? Building a village up to torment as a vampire isn't the same.
Flying at will is cool but we have brooms, which don't have the downside of sun allergies.


The first 2 minutes of Finding Dory already proves to be really sad if you think about what the parents must be going through
"Will I forget you?" just makes it worse


>Just finished marathoning the first 2 minutes of Finding Dory, /tv/. What did I think of it?


File: 1481055009515.jpg (114.83 KB, 600x852, 1472294499047.jpg)


Celestia is prettiest pegasus
Have you seen this?


I'm just saying it's a depressing way to start a kid's movie!


File: 1481055217008.jpg (46.84 KB, 500x256, 1479902637213.jpg)

>Nopo only cares to remind DM and no one else who was there


Because DM can appreciate it at least!


I have now


He even takes it apart, which is quite hillarious, since it really is just the two guns stuck together


Finding Dory has no antagonist, only railing against a cruel world


I mean, that's pretty much the main morale of Monster UniversityThat sometimes, you're just not good enough


File: 1481055734888.gif (8.87 MB, 591x508, 1280111.gif)

>make a Spark sheet since I figure Wf will do something to piss him off
>doesn't happen


It could still happen!


Mission Rating: S
Ghost: Went undetected
Merciful: Killed no one
Codename: Cat

"Boss… that was amazing!"



>You will never swim in a river of fire ants


Also, Inside Out unless you count Joy


Wanna come back into the quest?


Well, I'm waiting for Sylt, mostly, but sure.
I do got to finish eating.


He's in the quest


File: 1481056765014.jpg (76.14 KB, 640x478, D8RUt5h.jpg)

Slp deliver me to the other side


Oh right, I didn't see, sorry!



Why do sea lions speak cockney?


How did you manage to find such uncanny video?




Not really
This thread does look pretty neat tho

Reminds me of this
and this

Keep in mind
This guy explores DOZENS of abandoned mines and this is the only one he abandons because he is pants-shittingly afraid of it
This is also his only video where something 'supernatural' happens so he's not like the faker ghost hunter shows


You really have to stop being so impressionable about this stuff, m8.

Most of this guys' videos sit under a hundred thousand views except for a bunch of clickbait videos like the ones you linked. The guy is obviously full of shit.

I mean look at this shit:


Sorry Sion! I was called away briefly!


I mean, I know it is not actually ghosts.
The first one is probably a bat flying off of the chains.
The second one is a bit harder to explain, but the cold draft and the talking probably means that another shaft was opened because someone saw him go into the mines and the fire department was trying to find him in another mineshaft, but sound obviously travels through the system.

Also, I don't know if you ever went urban exploring, but creepy places do things to you. I'd know.


Just don't make the guy sound like anything but a viewgrabbing sensationalist is what I'm saying.


He has 12 videos in the "haunted" category.
Out of like 200 videos


And those videos are generally more viewed compared to other videos. This is how you generate an audience on Youtube. Sprinkle some clickbait videos among the normal videos to draw in people.

Also the fact that those videos aren't his only 'le spooky ghost appears!' videos like you said they were speaks a lot of how trustworthy this man is.


Well fuck I didn't view all of his videos 6 months ago when I found these two.




>a roll of 54 and 3 AD spent to activate a crit gets you one line of description


As you fly up, you notice a black spot in the corner of your eye. But as you look it vanishes. You shake your head, believing it to be your imagination until you see it again in the corner of your eye. You turn quickly, only for it to disappear again. Spooky!


How long ago was Wall?


It's not like you were going to use that crit on anything else
Also, are you going to flex your eyes super hard to notice harder?


So long ago, improved spellcasting still existed as a skill.
So since sessions are slow and I have a build which has AD to spare those AD shouldn't matter as much as those of other people?


Look I honestly don't know what to add.
It's not like you're fighting. You just noticed something, there's no supernoticing.


My point was, if it was something that actually requires skill to be pulled off, you'd get a great description, but what do you expect a crit notice to do?


I dunno men, the book goes on and on about how spending more AD makes the crit "do more" stuff. I guess I was expecting some kind of positive side effect.


If you really want it and Sion is okay with it, from now on I can ham up every supercrit from now on.


That's for spending AD's to impact the story! When used for skills the results are laid down in the rules, and for nearly all including Notice.
In this case you notice it, and you'll notice any other shenanigans in the scene!


Ignore me, I'm deeply unsatisfied by the 6000 LY of nothing I've been flying through.
This game is bad, and it's making me feel bad.


Oh, no one but you was actually upset


I am aware, and that was my attempt at saying I was sorry.


It might be more fun for Sylt if he wasn't in a soloquest

I saw him once, for a few seconds


I'm not sure how to get you guys together anymore


thanks for running!


I was just about to look for them.


thanks 4 run

it was fun




Seems like there are a lot of moving pieces in this puzzle


I'm gonna drive this ship into the nearest star and blow it to kingdom come.


Ran into cabin fever, I see.


Space madness, thank you very much.


File: 1481064682340.jpg (326.2 KB, 1920x1080, 20161206235055_1.jpg)

Sorry lass.


She's probably not going to like that very much


File: 1481064798809.jpg (374.46 KB, 1920x1080, 20161206235239_1.jpg)

She took it in stride.


curse soon?


what a hot death


Better to burn out than to fade away.


It's the breezimilati


Was it really that far?


Yes. It was 30 thousand light years, in a game where I can jump only 28.99 light years star to star.
Even doing the pro NEUTRON ROUTING technique to triple my jump range once in a while, it took me 2 days to cover a fifth of the trip.


I'd not recommend you in space uber


The sad thing is, this game feels pretty much like that. With the only difference this was shaping up to be a 10 days long car ride, driving 8 hours a day.


she must have been paying a lot for that kind of trip!


61 mil.
Which might sound like a lot, and sure, it is for a single mission, but it's still not worth it.


She must have really wanted to get away from it all, to try going all the way across the universe.

I suggest you see how far things are next time!


No shit I looked how far it was!
I just didn't think it'd be so unsufferable!


File: 1481066135504.png (179.08 KB, 610x1307, flutterbat___i_m_watching_….png)

>taxing someone for hours of your real day
>not totally unbearable


I forgot about a family thing tonight, but you're up late usually so maybe in the wee hours


Where did video games go so wrong?


Euro Bus Simulator 2011.


okay. I'll just farm bats for a bit then in case they ask for 5 crystal balls


Literally what new things are you still expecting from that game


A bigger ship.
A bigger gun.


But you said combat is boring


File: 1481067349605.jpg (280.55 KB, 814x1307, 1481023931267.jpg)


File: 1481070667817.jpg (222.37 KB, 1366x768, 20161207012413_1.jpg)

Do you like my squad, sub?

I think they are operator as fuck



What is this, 2204?


Shut up Hackerman, your hacks are shit, SHIT
If you didn't handle that bolt caster as well as you do, I might not even bring you along


You better wash your mouth when you talk to a sergeant, shitsmear!


You do realize I outrank you because DM and I are the only people who don't miss their +80% shots, right?


The RNGods will it.


You literally missed a 85% last mission against a stationary turret while I sniped a 54% heavy cover lancer with a crit then killed an officer with my pistol because Hair Trigger made the first shot a free action

Meanwhile, DM is throwing blades everywhere and oneshotting Vipers


That turret deserved to live.



File: 1481072012475.png (Spoiler Image, 703.61 KB, 1985x1650, ffd.png)

Tight cap


It's like with the guillotine. If it doesn't work 3 times in a row God clearly doesn't want you to die, and you get to live.


The guillotine never not worked three times, that was decapitation with either a sword or an axe that you are thinking of.
That shit had tons of armor though, I'll need muh supplies to get all the sweet new mag weapons


Movies wouldn't lie to me.


The guillotine was invented to be a 'humane' way of decapitation, dumbass.
I am pretty sure that unless you are Wolverine it is physically impossible to not get your head chopped off by guillotine, even if it's not sharp.


File: 1481072794658.jpg (139.46 KB, 1149x1070, 421820.jpg)

Goodnight for real


It was clearly not the head being uncut, but the mechanism not working.




It's not a swiss clock, not a lot of things can go wrong with hoisting up a blade.

I knew at least you would get that one


God how dense are you


It's unavoidable to hear about it even if I don't care


I know that over here at least, if the executioner was a dumbass and couldn't get the head chopped off with three swings, you got to live

Although good luck surviving with a festering wound in the middle ages


>shit all over ED on its own subreddit
>comments actually acknowledge my points and agree with them
>my replies are not downvoted into oblivion
>actually getting upvoted
I wasn't expecting that.


File: 1481081249300.jpg (13.07 KB, 168x258, 1362780353934.jpg)

Literally who?


Elite Dangerous.
Space "game".


Oh, I thought you were talking about Encyclopedia Dramatica


I should have used the column.
E:D is hard to mistake.



And a good blank post to you.


I have like 300 le upboats from one comment alone I made on /r/Overwatch

That makes me top le epic Redditor around these parts, anonymous 4chan scum


File: 1481081905383.png (369.05 KB, 1121x881, Antiques and tiny ponies d….png)


My translated Ryan Gosling pasta posted on /r/italy was a wild success, you tripless tripfag!


Y'all are really bad at making new threads


File: 1481085536352.png (49.61 KB, 454x389, Armored shrug.png)


File: 1481089917377.png (203.23 KB, 532x403, a picture for ants.png)


File: 1481091018763.jpg (366.41 KB, 1200x1200, Shoujo bubbles.jpg)

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