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You are confusing the ponies.
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File: 1482200465506.jpg (110.72 KB, 1200x1029, nightmare_woonas_assault_b….jpg)


That's super-gay. Like, full on San Francisco levels of gay, Maali.
Do it if it pleases you, though, I guess.


File: 1482200510821.png (613.51 KB, 1178x646, groof and yellow pone.png)

what a lewd


Fun fact. chance is canonically gay


It's a fun thought
Well if it's canon then I guess it's not as fun!


Don't let that stop you.
skyyarr is not for lewd, so it will never come up


Want to play Paladins before the patch comes out tomorrow?


That's exactly what makes it fun again then, Yesss
I can't, it's midnight, I'm in bed and dad is 200% pissed tonight


That's okay. Don't forget to secure your work station before heading to bed.






Thanks Fidget
Night now
I'll join you in bed


I'll hop on


Don't forget that Nopo probably wants help with his last 4 games for HOTS, that challenge ends in a couple weeks


he hasn't been around when I was


No need to explain yourself to me, I was just reminding you to help


File: 1482203413450.jpg (67.05 KB, 800x600, SayuriKoto.jpg)


I don't know who these animemes are

Wanna tell me about Lady Dania so I can draw something for Maali?


I needed a break from OW, so I did the aggregator infusion. About to try my first infusion ever without moving a jar up to the ring. Here goes!



It's like magic! I only wish there was an easy way to check how much you have downstairs without actually going, like if you could look through the mirror.


good luck with that, good job on getting infusions down.
Maybe look at what the auto infusor needs / can do if you think it could make it even easier on yourself.


I'd post her picture but its already in the thread. blue wool black (skin) magenta eyes


Well I had a good teacher. I'm still annoyed that I have to make extras of everything but I have come to terms with it

Yeah, I know what "s"he looks like, but I wanted to know more about personality. For me, I can't draw unless I have an idea I want to express, and it's hard to do that unless I understand the character and the setting well. Maybe if you told me about the characters Dania interacts with a lot and how they interact?


>Random a node in hopes of terra for our crystallizers
>Get a node with ignis exanimus (contains victus (aquas, terra), motus (aer, ordo), and perditio))


Now to move it to somewhere more useful


File: 1482208086682.gif (580.43 KB, 436x640, 1456280932720.gif)

>barely survived another semester


Congrats. Soon, your studies will be a thing of the past.




File: 1482208795930.jpg (59.08 KB, 460x360, They're all eyes.jpg)


File: 1482209014878.jpg (68.84 KB, 520x678, 4557591.jpg)

>There's a substantial chance that these things might happen before Fidget gets any useful bees
>>Demon gate opened (Blood Magic)
>>Eldritch eye opened (Thaumcraft)
>>Hobgoblin Gods killed (Witchery)
>>Powered up Gaia Guardian defeated (Botania)

Also there's no reason for you to run your bee factory on an old combustion engine, we have OP mekanism biogenerators now with tons of biofuel.


Well, I've also got that giant battery sitting there in my bee hut.


Also I blame bees for only having a roughly 10% mutation rate, give or take.


>Get bees with short lifespans
>Run many apiaries at once
>Add more mutators
Step it up senpai


>wanting bees with short lifespans
Why do you think I wanted to breed them with Ender bees? Long lifespans = more combs to harvest.


Short lifespans = faster mutations


I should add that having more combs doesn't matter if you aren't getting useful stuff out of them!


Once I get things with a "long lived" trait, I can extract the data and inject it into other bees.


>kill gods by breeding bees
Mods were a mistake


before not by


>Chinese Trump hat finally arrived
>cunning plan to use it in exams won't work anymore

It's a nice memento


Let's talk about China


Friendship ended with China
Now Australia is my best friend


Chapters 1-2: Complete
Chapter 3: 95%
Chapters 4-7: Complete
Chapter 8: 95%
Chapters 9-10: Complete
Chapter 11: 84%
Chapter 12: 50%
Chapter 13: Complete
Chapter 14: 71%
Chapter 15: Locked


>Frozen bike seat
My ass is refrigerated.


How long till war declared?


File: 1482222013008.jpg (94.75 KB, 1245x1141, 1447721758548.jpg)


>Hillary had more faithless electors than Trump
Finally time to put this meme to rest.

Now to embrace the apocalypse to come.


File: 1482223479688.jpg (1.52 MB, 2608x2676, ba0e89d36c660edc6d384885d4….jpg)


File: 1482224087707.png (229.34 KB, 1280x1791, Merry happy Christmas.png)



Roll #1 3 = 3

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