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On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me
A horse wanting to be a tree
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This is extremely helpful. Reason I ditched the Spider was because I was out of Estus.


Oh right she was in DS2.


File: 1482821154578.png (Spoiler Image, 22.85 KB, 1061x822, Untitled.png)

If you want a very light tip, here's an MSPaint map I drew of only the bosses you've talked about fighting


>I have to explore the Tombs again
So far, Dark Souls 2 has been good about its atmosphere. I always feel like I'm wandering really ancient places by myself, yet the threat of death is ever present.

I'll try a Thief/Monk next time.


The easiest bosses you have available to you right now are in Forest of Fallen Giants, which is usually the first area a person goes to. You might have already beat the bosses there though and didn't mention them.


DS2 is probably my favorite game of the series. I haven't even managed to complete DS3 yet. It lacks something for me.


DM pretends to hate it for meme reasons but I know he had a blast with the Bell Covenant


I think I did, the name sounds familiar.

Was there anything else we are searching for, like the Bells in DaS1?


Seek great souls lest you be damned you can choose to either collect the 4 great souls or 1,000,000 normal souls

Forest of Fallen Giants bosses were
1. Last Giant - Hunched over giant, fight in a tiny cave chamber
2. The Pursuer - Armored guy, moves fast. Fought in an arena with ballistae on a wall.

Great Soul bosses you know about:
Duke's Dear Freja


Do I need to hunt down all the Pursuers? There is still one waiting in the Lost Bastille?


If you're lucky and line it up right, you can actually use the ballistae on the Pursuer.
No such luck on the one in the Iron Keep.


Bastille pursuer is sort of a one-off. You don't get any bonus for beating him there, and he vanishes if you die while fighting him on the roof.
He's sort of just an early-game hazard.


No, you don't, he's like an optional boss. You get stuff every time you kill him though.


File: 1482822696433.jpg (28.96 KB, 299x242, 1422061750734.jpg)


Have you gotten to the fight with the Ruin Sentinels?

It's my favorite fight in the game. I've made like six helper characters just to help people with that fight


File: 1482822952215.png (169.75 KB, 274x415, 1362738991721.png)

Wait, seriously? That's your favourite?


My character takes ages to arm it. It works as a way to block an attack for me.

Really? Feels like a waste of a Key that I found then.

The three guys in Lost Bastille? Yeah, my Magic was strong enough to cut through them.


File: 1482823017481.jpg (153.34 KB, 1040x608, Wait one two three.jpg)

>clear out the queue of loot boxes for the day
>says it resets in 6 days
The most memorable for me is probably fighting the old king in the tomb if for no other reason that I only had like six giant souls by that point and he still wore down about a half-dozen of my weapons.


What queue of loot boxes?


It's a comfy fight

I told you man, it resets the same time every Monday. That's why I told you to complete your boxes before 6pm your time.


Well, the Pursuer is guarding a nice set of armor, if I recall rightly, that you can only get to by ledge hopping down from his area. I could be mistaken.
For Overwatch.
I see. Well, I only missed out on, like, one by the time we had finished the other day.
I'm still terrible with Hog.


File: 1482823230147.png (31.08 KB, 1061x822, Untitled.png)

In that case, the easiest boss you have available is in the Cove behind the Dragonrider fight, but it's an optional boss. If you want easy souls, extra loot, and bonfires, though…


I mean, what do you mean a queue of loot boxes in Overwatch? Do you get new free lootboxes now?


It's the holiday boxes.


Hog takes more practice than people >imply

You can get 3 lootboxes a week for winning arena games.


I mean arcade




I did say it


There was another boss in Belfry Luna, right?

Plus, I took out the blind Sinner person and bought his cuffs.


Blind Sinner is a Great Soul, so you have 1/4. Congrats!

>Belfry Luna

Oh right, yes there is. If you're playing offline it should almost be a joke to beat. It's a little harder online because you get softened up by fighting other players before you go through the fog.


>Blind Sinner
Now you got me to say it! It's Lost Sinner


File: 1482823842940.png (32.66 KB, 1061x822, Untitled.png)


I do enjoy exploring, but this map makes it look like I've gone the long way for everything.

I need to be careful with upgrading Strength. I'm wielding weapons that feel like they should be too heavy for my character.


You're going to have to kill DDF and Lost Sinner if you want through the Shrine of Winter no matter what, so you're arright


Just reminded me of the Cleric lady. I like how rotten she is.

Does it get explained why I'm fighting furries? I thought they were dudes in make, but I have been killing Rastafarian Lions and actual anthro-Mastodons?


>Scorpioness Najka, Manscorpion Tark, Duke's Dear Freja
All experiments by Duke Tseldora

>Lion Clan Warriors

"The Lion Clan are an offshoot race that have no ties to humans"


This is actually the name of the armor they wear, the ones wearing the Mastodon Armor are called Primal Knights. They were summoned/resurrected/conjured/SOMETHING by the King (the same guy who defeated the Giants and stole their power)


>Drangleic is on the Island of Dr. Moureau
I know about the King from the memes, but I don't recall any mention of him in the game so far, except in a quick line from the Emerald Herald.


Most of the info about the King is in part 2 of the game, after Shrine of Winter

If you thought the game was big, you ain't seen nothin yet


Gee that ol' king sure got up to a lot innit.


Dang, at least I'm getting my money's worth. Still haven't seen hide nor hair of DLC areas.

Good night.


The DLC are all kind obscure. You need keys and then you need to find the door that the key fits into


I don't know, I thought the DLC locations were obvious.

>Sunken King DLC

Defeat a Great Soul boss you haven't found yet
>Iron King DLC
Defeat a Great Soul boss you haven't found yet
>Ivory King DLC
Shrine of Winter - Requires all 4 Great Souls


Oh right, you just have to find the fucking keys which are hidden aboot.


This is the funny bit, in the original game you got the key as soon as you bought the DLC. The keys were hidden as part of the rebalance in SOTFS


Wasn't someone (BDN?) interested in We Are Number One memes?



Didn't we all see that one already?


You probably did


File: 1482832058699.jpg (109.71 KB, 960x934, MpVkPJ5.jpg)


File: 1482832579310.jpg (206.11 KB, 1920x1080, nautilus.jpg)


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