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File: 1482832905621.png (422.95 KB, 769x574, pon and pon.png)

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In which the meta metas


And for the record I don't hate DaS2. In fact I consider it a notable upgrade over the original in terms of gameplay.


I'll agree, as going back to play DaS1 is awful, in terms of mobility/battle speeds. And the rolling! Good god, the rolling is awful.


The series has steadily improved in quality over time on the gameplay side. The story and atmosphere is really the only part people would argue about.


File: 1482834111190.png (490.3 KB, 1280x1547, I'm baking a science.png)

True enough. But I thought repetition and cycles were the nature of the Souls saga, how everything that comes after is less than what came before, but remained as an echo of it.

Anyway, I should have been to sleep at least three hours ago, so I'm going to knock myself out. See you guys later.


This is something I really loved about 3, where the cycle had become so mundane it was practically seen as a chore


>tfw had to dodge a 3v3 I was winning because my parents didn't call me when they would arrive



I wish I had a place to post all my fetish draws.


You do




No I don't. At least not one where people would appreciate it.


Discord chat appreciates all kinds of lewd nasse


No, they don't.


I'm sorry nasse but that's not true


I'm already talking with the two out of 50 people in there who care, so they don't count.


There's more than 50
And two people is not 'no one'


Two people is more than I have appreciating my stuff


You have AT LEAST Groves and Gaius. Probably everyone else here too.
I appreciate you drawing too.
It means that most of the time I post anything no one is going to say anything.


File: 1482840449432.jpg (157.96 KB, 700x705, 1352240165978.jpg)


File: 1482840676353.gif (1.97 MB, 171x315, 1450566560393.gif)

>Trying to focus on something complex
>At that exact moment, some godawful noise from the construction site next door breaks the silence
Every time. Motherfucker.

DM doesn't show us any drawings aside from the ones he posts on the Sub.


File: 1482840763405.gif (11.17 MB, 440x303, 1279022.gif)

>boss run has a Restraining Padlock as reward
>my best heroes are stressed to the bone


Does it really matter?
I mean nice comments are nice I know but I think what's important is that you are happy with the picture in the end instead of always worrying about if people will comment on it
Just because no one said anything doesn't mean that they couldn't have seen it and appreciated it silently
Not everyone leaves comments on things, and they have their own reason for that. Sure a nice feedback is always great but not everyone will want to bother dissecting the picture just to say what they liked in it. They might just say they liked it and that's it

Even a simple 'cute!' or 'good job' is good, it shows that person cared enough to let you acknowledge that it appreciated what you made even if they don't want to/know how to put it in a longer sentence

So gosh, just keep drawing will ya? I appreciate the fact that you are drawing more than what you are drawing


I meant my fetishshit drawings


File: 1482842192137.jpg (9.44 KB, 250x250, 1342603188480.jpg)

I've never seen you post them


File: 1482842422352.jpg (24.91 KB, 465x452, 1356873726608.jpg)


File: 1482842959953.png (Spoiler Image, 283.04 KB, 974x1433, 5cMMjxP.png)


>He doesn't have a Jester/Occultist/Grave Robber/Hellion speed and crit fiesta build that kills everything before they get a move


How does one get to be part of the Secret DM Fetishdraw Society


That's not fetishchy!
It's normal!


It's my fetishy thou


What, cute girls being a little teasingly slutty?

Everyone likes that.


Stop trivializing my fetishes!


Yeah I don't see the fetish part either


File: 1482844890661.jpg (62.52 KB, 846x408, 1jOEwlH.jpg)


Indeed it is.
So far nobody has managed
Just ask for them, really


File: 1482845067603.png (Spoiler Image, 459.7 KB, 1000x1000, Lewd Rhanna.png)


File: 1482845179748.jpg (84.67 KB, 1024x512, Lwn1rUh.jpg)

>That Russia
And more hilariously
>That French Belgium

Here's another interesting one. Fatalities attributed to terrorism in Europe.


But what if you judge me!


Only one way to find out


Look at Calabria, too.
Also that graph makes sense since back then we had IRA, BR, neonazis, anche a lot of civil terrorism.


All the homicides here are either robberies against old people that go wrong or family/lover killings. Which are the worst kind of homicide tbqh


File: 1482845447603.png (21.04 KB, 386x306, 1362889907918.png)

Alright, I'm asking for it.




Look at what you got yourself into


Funny, despite all the naysayers, the world is at its most safe point in history


>Also that graph makes sense since back then we had IRA, BR, neonazis, anche a lot of civil terrorism.
Yeah, it mentions as much. Either way, it's a nice reminder that things aren't as bad as the media tries to tell us.


I guess I'll have to come up with something when I get home


The only reason it seems otherwise is because social media allows information to penetrate much faster.
On Steam, not here


It only gets better. We simply have more information on what's not going well, that's all.


File: 1482847908788.png (770.82 KB, 1024x724, 1444005949303-1.png)


File: 1482850193018.png (320.94 KB, 922x346, 1473201936311.png)


>tfw no zeeb to


Is that the meem comic with mew telling Ash he can now speak with pokemon because of how much semen he ate?


I'm really interesting about what Edmund and Tyrone cooked up for Antibirth+ for 6.66 on the first week / 10 dollars after
Because Antibirth seems a lot better than the regular afterbirth, and it was a free mod made by two people


File: 1482851583346.png (22.39 KB, 769x275, 423740.png)


I find Sedentary lifestyle even funnier.


Right, I need a break.

Anyone want to do a couple of OW rounds?


Let me just get some coffee


File: 1482851987254.jpg (82.82 KB, 960x640, 15780869_10154901849378293….jpg)

The cover says "How to keep the fact that you're a horse a secret"


File: 1482852142028.png (69.31 KB, 217x241, 1478205195240.png)


>tfw a cute pony will never love you like that


File: 1482852310779.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, 1477326932448.png)

It's because you're not a horse


But I've been trying so hard to become a slutty mare!


Alas, the technology just isn't there yet…


We have our imagination though…


>bad sore throat
ugh siiick


Too many blowjobs.


File: 1482857426206.webm (5.15 MB, 478x244, 423842.webm)


File: 1482858433656.png (177.56 KB, 478x668, 1183722__safe_edit_pr.png)


>The Cake twins and Flurry grow up as the show progresses
>But Spike stays a baby dragon forever


File: 1482858612489.png (961.01 KB, 1190x842, Princess Chradance.png)

Do you think Shining did he nasty to Queen Chrisalys?
And did she just take it like a champ to get the love?

Well, dragons also live for hundreds of years so it might make sense they stay as 'babies' longer too.
Spike pretty much has the mindset of a grown child, he just needs lots of sleep still.


Maybe he did, but he was under mind control so it doesn't count as cheating


He got migraines, was it really mind control?


File: 1482859494708.webm (3 MB, 426x240, 1482624952011.webm)

This reminds me that I should finish this game


And to say otherwise is a capital offense in the Crystal Empire


But who was the better lay, is the question


The married nu-male stallion or the fertile lusty queen

I wonder who…


I mean between imposter Chrysalis and Cadance, dumbass!


File: 1482860145437.gif (94.73 KB, 188x270, 1280390.gif)

But you're asking me!


So what you are saying is that between the fertile pink princess pussy and the changeling doing her best to please to stay undercover, you'd choose the big fat cock of Shining

Should have known it


I'm not a zoophile though.


File: 1482860609999.gif (82.03 KB, 341x344, 1480786283111.gif)

Now we both know that's a lie


File: 1482860665262.jpeg (12.5 KB, 200x234, 1285459.jpeg)

Just because I like the blue pony butt doesn't mean I'm a zoophile


File: 1482860789635.jpg (72.09 KB, 703x702, large (10).jpg)

Tell me you wouldn't


Bluff '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


The pon is out of the bag


File: 1482861007377.jpg (114.81 KB, 1268x612, help_shes_feeling_me_up.jpg)

Put pon in the bag '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You now have one (1) bagged pon


Take the pony to the pony market


Pony market is closed until after the new year


What am I supposed to do with this pon now if I can't sell it?



Leave it in a box in the rain at some house?


File: 1482862026545.jpeg (151 KB, 644x1024, large (19).jpeg)


File: 1482862536813.jpg (36.86 KB, 480x853, 2c0ba3fd-093f-43fd-9484-64….jpg)

News update: kicked out of home(again)

And now the weather; 37o Celsius outside with a chance of no relief from this hell


Did you forget to hide your porn AGAIN?


What did you do this time


It's not his fault, family issues

Good luck. Any relatives you can stay with?


Got defensive there quick, sugar daddy!


Got offensive there quicker.


No no, this time it wasn't my fault, dad has been insane lately, yelling at everyone until mom couldn't take it anymore. So she said she'll have a divorce last week
He didn't take it too well
And a few days ago he tried to kill her with a knife when she refused to leave the house

Now we took our things and left >>796994
Yeah we're staying at a friend's
She's nice


Oh no
I hope you'll be fine


Sorry to hear. Should have called the police on your father. Good luck.


Holy shit
Stay safe out there man
That sounds fucking insane


It was pretty sudden, but we'll live, mom is pretty level headed
I just feel a bit like a weight right now
We have a plan. We're just waiting for forums to open up from recess so we can do the divorce, find a house to rent and live on. Hopefully in peace


Take care of yourself first and foremost m8
And your brother


I hope your dad doesn't come after you, I've heard of crazy things Brazilians do. Or maybe it was just South America in general?


Yeah, still, just stay safe out there.


You stupid horse. Just fly above the clouds and chill out!

Good luck


File: 1482864046290.png (84.13 KB, 500x549, 1323158__safe_solo_oc_oc o….png)


He seems alright. Unless you're talking about the older one, he quickly took his things and scrammed
Oh boy, what things?
Mom says he threatened to set fire to the house at some point but he can't be that crazy
We just gotta be careful, thanks Sion


Well, Princess Leia died


I had little doubts it would happen.
Bet you €10 Disney had a contingency plan ready.


What? NO!
Like throwing acid on women who take divorces.


I mean
We all saw what they did with Rogue One
So yes, their plan B is Ingvild Deila and CGI

Getting famous quick and turning to drugs does things to your body fam
The heart attack on friday was pretty much the death warrant


Okay that sounds awful
I remember seeing pictures of women that survived acid attacks and how they ended up looking like
I wish I didn't, and that I didn't imagine that happening to her


Those are the arabs.


Gee, you really know how to pick the best words of comfort too


You're the worst mudhorse of all mudhorses in the entire world



No I've definitely read a news of it happening in some shithole of a country in Southern America, although I'm sure it wasn't in Brazil.
Well they need to be ready to whack the psycho if he comes after them!


It was kinda inevitable. She did not live well.


Aside from Ford, most of them turned to drugs after the original trilogy, didn't they?


File: 1482865578283.jpg (246.72 KB, 1200x900, C0I4pUyUoAAYGFb.jpg)

>Carrie Fisher visited Bruges just last week, before she flew back home and had her heart attack
I hope she enjoyed her visit.


I'd honestly not recognise her.


I don't recall Hamill ever doing anything harder than cigarettes. And of course James Earl Jones and Billy Dee have aged wonderfully.


>And of course
That's racist!


>tfw posting from 3DS because my PC is being a little shit
well, it has been on almost constantly over the last couple days. Maybe letting it chill a while unplugged will be good for it. And it does give me an excuse to play Hyrule Warriors for a while.


>not playing the superior WiiU version


That's the only version I have. just have to excavate it from under the dust coating.



It's okay, Nasse. You tried.


This lady's daughter is very cute and smart
We're melting chocolates together to make bonbons
Life is good


Always a silver lining


Reads just like a christmas carol.


Good, good. Help out as reasonably possible, okay?


Actually a fairy tale


Heh, yeah. And the weather cooled off too
She's also surprisingly good at Mario Kart
Yes yes, now the next step is finding a job


Comissions coming in?


Oh no, I can't draw, only on paper


Did you take the tablet with you?


I did! And the computer too, but I won't bother the people here to get a place to turn it on


Excellent, at least you have it.


File: 1482872374172.gif (557.37 KB, 516x516, 1246987.gif)

>listening to Darkest Dungeon OST while programming

I'm getting spooked again. I might not survive playing this game to the finish


Man, I'm starting to wish I bought it for myself.


File: 1482872662762.jpg (218.46 KB, 1280x853, 1478484877305.jpg)

good instincts; better to wait until things calm down.
Hope things get better man. Try to stay safe until then.
I almost want to start playing again; then I remember the mindless grinding that would entail.


File: 1482872715155.png (502.33 KB, 1075x1280, 924861.png)

Have you played Hotline Miami yet?


File: 1482873150948.png (740.2 KB, 900x818, 1482236622135.png)

Not quite yet; I got Age of Empires II and III as well, and I couldn't resist the nostalgia. Age of Empires II was my childhood, and may have actually been my first video game ever.

Thanks again for gifting me that; I've heard a lot of good things, so I'm looking forward to trying it out and seeing how badly I fail.


>that pic
unf unf unf


It's super fun!


I want a game system/setting where everyone is a warlock, but they summon philosophical demons, like the Cartesian Demon or Maxwell's Demon


File: 1482873811477.gif (1.34 MB, 561x394, 1251819_.gif)

It's fun like flagellating myself to relieve stress.

P.S I said Bzzz tonight but haven't seen Andy yet, doing other stuff now.


That's okay, Im pretty sick


Funny, I'm sick too. And I'm quite sure so might be Andy.


Guess one bzzz had something during the bzz orgy


Not it!


File: 1482874778696.gif (5.13 MB, 676x508, 1279667.gif)

I hope you'll like Grim Fandago, didn't know what to get you (Armada was too expensive) and it was on your wishlist.


How did you even all get sick at the same time




It's the Winter Cruds.
Since people stay inside their homes more during the winter months, it gives diseases more time to mature in an enclosed, often warm/humid environment as opposed to being frozen to death by going outside.


I've enjoyed it before, for some reason I was sure I already had Grim Fandango for some device but turns out I didn't! I do like adventure games in general even though I can't play them for shit. Especially Lucasarts classics.


[dead intensifies]
I wish I wasn't sick.
I wish there was quest.
I wish you a merry christmas.


File: 1482877320365.gif (422.25 KB, 500x281, 1472425226911.gif)

>HAHA surely this one chamber won't hold the boss I'll camp afterwards

I still won though. Fairweather went Masochistic and Spring became hopeless


The Boss is always the furthest tile away from the start


NOW he tells me.
I figured it would be the last room no matter what.


File: 1482878894952.gif (2.47 MB, 300x228, Laughing out of existence.gif)


In like 100 hours, I think once it wasn't the furthest room, so it can happen just rare


File: 1482881222765.png (336.32 KB, 855x792, 942718__safe_solo_oc_blush….png)

bat pone send me soup


What a saccharine pone.


File: 1482881570682.png (126.29 KB, 900x707, 1477159865025.png)

I see why Hotline Miami is so popular. The action is fast, the tools at your disposal allow for a lot of creativity, and probably the most important part is that death isn't all that inconvenient. Not having to go to a loading screen to restart the level makes the transition so much faster and easier, so going in recklessly feels less like a risk and more like a puzzle, figuring out what you can get away with and what to look out for.

the atmosphere is insanely trippy, and I'm pretty sure the main character has multiple-personality disorder or something similar, but that's not a bad thing. The apartment music gets kind of annoying after a while though.
Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. It seems like everybody's coming down with something right now.


My friend's brother got an influenza day after Christmas and then his mother got sick and he's been avoiding his family ever since.


>Get 10 sleeps
>Including 3 ult shutdowns at least
>No sleep card


File: 1482881786697.png (286.08 KB, 486x608, floot.png)


File: 1482881855593.jpg (149.35 KB, 800x746, 8d579d8a8b2c33a407725b5fa1….jpg)


File: 1482881993609.png (3.74 MB, 1675x2250, 1466125813935.png)

Winter just seems to be a time when people start getting sick.


No soup


File: 1482882075602.png (403.83 KB, 1171x1465, Gilda bakes cookies for cr….png)

Sorry, only groofs here.


what a horrible place, no soups and no bats!
I'm leaving


You can have


What about Salt? We've got plenty of salt if you want to play OW.
Though I could see if the MC server is behaving.


How many of you are looking to upgrade your computers? Intel i7 6850k and i7 6700k should be flooding into eBay within the next few days. I already have mine waiting at home.


File: 1482885463933.jpg (67.04 KB, 640x640, 11142833_425207277604551_1….jpg)

>when you had plans and hopes and dreams but then you fell sick


My mobo's got AMD ports, so that's no good for me. And I don't plan on gutting something that still works right now.
Stay hydrated, take showers, rest. Drink tea with lemon/honey.


File: 1482885748908.jpg (283.93 KB, 768x768, CZXp5whQw07iIvGubi2wjvPi_e….jpg)

>Belgium in charge of reducing light pollution

Time for bed.


I'll check with a guy I know that hooked me up with an AMD CPU last time.

Good night


Again, everything still works, and the games I'm playing aren't chugging harder than a frat boy on the route to the alcohol poisoning section of the hospital. So I'm fine for now.


File: 1482886347690.png (256.34 KB, 620x649, iM6SZxG.png)

Remove mobo.


File: 1482886458701.png (218.8 KB, 485x600, Everyone but me is a retar….png)


File: 1482886649187.jpg (37.54 KB, 459x375, 419441.jpg)


The training on those horses. They are keeping from kicking and biting everything.


>should probably start upgrading my tower
>bank account is sitting at ~$12
At least I'm recovered enough to start applying for work again. Who knows, maybe my face looks more hireable now.


File: 1482893093910.jpg (153.7 KB, 1476x1798, 1423820935430.jpg)

>tfw stumbling awake


I'm not up to OW sadly.


would you train a pokemon to be that good?


>just shortly after I fell asleep, Andy sends bad mojo my way to wake me back up



That's okay. I just figure you guys would be more forgiving than pubbies.


We have until the 1st for the event right?
Maybe tomorrow will be better



Perhaps. Though I might be cutting it close if the loot box counter resets on the 31st.


Well there will be other skins


File: 1482893537908-0.png (824.9 KB, 1280x791, fea04208-5b96-4480-8682-e4….png)

>tfw explaining the lore of dark souls 3 to a 7 years old girl for the last two hours


File: 1482893565790.png (193.86 KB, 500x375, original.png)


True. I did manage to get Santorbjorn in the first box, so that was lucky.
Ended up with Hog's and Pharah's winter skins as well.




File: 1482894778949.jpeg (615.81 KB, 1024x3075, tall.jpeg)


File: 1482895073400.png (59.94 KB, 228x309, SAN loss.png)

>tfw Marina keeps calling all these ponies her friends, but isn't sure they think of her the same way
I think Kotone is the only one who has actually called her a friend. Maeda just thinks Marina's a misguided-but-well-meaning heretic, Lilly has her own problems and probably hasn't thought about Marina in the context beyond "dredging this wreck would be easier if I had a seapony here"… Rhanna might have considered Marina a friend that's equal parts friend and meal ticket.
I could just be overthinking it, though.


She hasn't met Emmy yet~


I mean, in a proffessional enviroment.
Only at the bar, drinking


Yeah she has.
At the New Earth bar. Emrille didn't react well to fish horse.
Ah, well, yes. Though I doubt it'd go much differently, considering fish didn't match Emrille's tastes.


File: 1482895360435.gif (254.31 KB, 546x99, 1438798775986.gif)

>And then there's Gwynivere, she's the daughter of the sun god
>What does she look like?


She's a very big woman. You never really meet her, though.


File: 1482895484161.png (208.12 KB, 1000x1545, TVXYmHk.png)

Thanks DM


Way 2lewd


>Friend and equal part meal ticket
I want to say you're wrong
But I can't
That's also true
Who is?


File: 1482895641913.gif (699.99 KB, 494x494, 1473877333353.gif)

I'll try sleep again


Night Nopo. Rest better than you did before.





She's quite the forgotten person, but she was with you retrieving your sun stones.



z0e a 14.5qt


MC server seems more stable. Lag's down to about two seconds or so.


Whose PC she was? I don't remember


she's npc

neat! I'll jump in 30 or so


>Age of Empires II
Maybe it's just nostalgia-goggles, but this still feels like one of the most fun strategy games I've ever played. The camera's a bit wonky, and the inability to adjust the sensitivity is frustrating, but it's a gripe you can compensate for, and the actual gameplay makes up for it.
Even if they don't actually do all that much for you, the ability to have your units take different formations is a feature I greatly appreciate, and one I imagine somebody's found a way to actually take advantage of.
Balance is definitely a bit spotty once the high-tier units come into play, but before that there's a nice mix of interplaying roles and counters going on where each unit has a clear purpose.

Too bad Age of Empires III screwed things up and killed off the franchise.


Try Supreme Commander.
It's kinda bonkers.


File: 1482907386699.webm (2.37 MB, 640x360, 1420123298095.webm)

Reminerder that everyone should be playing EYE: Divine Cybermancy


But my legs are okay.



It's also way quieter


What's going on?


My new computer is booting up. I'm installing Windows 10 now.


You will likely regret this.


It's what I have to install from the flash drive. I still have my Win7 key


At least keep 7 around to reinstall once you've used win10 for a few seconds


>bees mysteriously don't seem to be appearing
>no idea what's wrong even after moving the mana pool over and raising a pipe up


Did the hopper already get the one I put in the Hibeescus? The blue flower is the one that spews out random bees, not the red one.


what oh
I'm dumb then


File: 1482912994393.jpg (22.37 KB, 430x512, 1322087490408.jpg)

It's so hard to write your letters

Also there are extra postcards, so ask


there hivecyntha is out now


It's okay.
It eats a lot of mana, so if the pool runs dry, don't worry too much about refilling it.


well I was sitting there wondering why there weren't any new bees like you mentioned, I feel silly now


Everything is updating fine so far. I'll get my stuff installed tomorrow after a little stress testing.

Logitech's color keyboard is making me trip out.


File: 1482913745048.png (129.38 KB, 411x679, 1320811158036.png)


The usage is pretty high, I'm gonna reset the server. Should help with lag.


oh that's what happened!


It's back


File: 1482913956544.jpg (29.7 KB, 278x283, Boring moral choice.jpg)

>giving out my street address
>getting card from BDN
…If I lived by myself, this would be no question. Next time, though. Thank you for the offer, though. I appreciate it.


I'll send you my address through steam tomorrow. The postcard will be a fun memento.


File: 1482914956934.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.06 KB, 1080x767, 1479713466097.jpg)

>Andywitch makes shrinking potions


that was just batch one, they will only improve from here!


She's already made biome and flower potions, so I wonder what mischief she'll get up to with the shrinking potions.


File: 1482915196407.png (418.52 KB, 1280x720, img-308656-1-Cutie_Mark_Cr….png)

Completely wholesome and innocent pranks!


>Wither Witch starts shit
>suddenly a third their former size
>Andy punts it into the horizon


Why did the evil witch leave that girl's socks and heels on but strip away all the rest?


The witch was really jonesing for decent softcore porn, so she decided to make her own.


I like how you think.


File: 1482915872484.gif (2.55 MB, 1280x720, 1393182022556.gif)

What up zipples


Me, for some reason.
I've likely lost control of my life.


My temps.


Why though


File: 1482916530668.jpg (227.87 KB, 1920x1080, tmp_6343-1453164713865-701….jpg)

You know, /trash/ is a civil place where you could post stuff


She really is
She even wears a pouch on her front


Ah yes my lifelong dream of becoming a /trash/ celeb


File: 1482917759025.jpg (58.71 KB, 1280x720, 1480166426327.jpg)


Oh, by the way. Since you and Groves have Starbound now, there are a few mods that might make the game more enjoyable for you.
Specifically the XSMech (paired with XSMech variants mod), instant crafting, job offers (no need to do quests, just requisition your crew), food stacking, and Imperial weapons (requires the Tabula Rasa crafting mod to make the crafting station, if memory serves) mod packs.
There are also scads of race mods, though the only one that adds the most stuff (including planet-side settlements) would be the Avali mod pack (most up-to-date one would be listed as Avali Triage, as the original mod author no longer updates). You'd need a character creation booster-mod-thing to actually be able to use mod races, though. The xbawks mod, I believe, is the best quality one available.
Also, unless you can somehow find them off-site, then you'll need a Chucklefish forum account to download mods. The Steam Workshop page that a lot of people migrated to isn't always up to date, and mods are subject to disappearing one day and fucking up your save file.


The /sbg/ race mod is also a decent one, though it doesn't offer much in the way of race-specific ships (though they were working on it before all motivation was lost due to how horrendous the story was).
Skizot's bulldozer mods will help with clearing land to build shit, by the way.


Baby steps, soon you'll be selling capra OCs for thousands


side note, of the "expanded universe" mods, you'll probably want to avoid Frackin' Universe for a while, as you can't just uninstall it without it scuttling all of your saves, since it modifies the universe file. It's also incredibly bloated.


File: 1482918727839.gif (1.58 MB, 447x373, 1117548.gif)


tbh this sounds like an unstable mess that promotes dickhead dramaqueen culture among modders


I think we'll be fine, thanks.

Not going to play through Starbound yet anyway. We've got other things to finish first.


File: 1482919297115.png (816.34 KB, 1267x815, It makes infinite fuel.png)

You have no idea.
There are mods that do the devs' jobs for them and fix perceived mechanical flaws (for instance, falling four blocks causing damage on a low-gravity planet), and removing the Spelunky-brand Invulnerable ghost that chases you while you try to gas up your ship.
Of course, people sometimes go to aquatic planets to get around having to go to moons because fluid dynamics are their own brand of fucked.


Story mode is less "story" and "travel around the universe scanning furniture and talking to NPCs until you reach your designated scan/talk limit and the old bat in the hoverchair deigns to tell you were to go next. Only the Moon Mine dungeon boss is really interesting, since it's a puzzle boss. The rest are "apply bullet until dead" bosses.


Anyway, I seem to be losing the ability to word good, so I'm going to sleep. See you guys later.


File: 1482920166071.jpg (92.61 KB, 720x884, 15747591_1248749308538160_….jpg)

Be back in a jiffy




File: 1482927911827.png (388.19 KB, 1280x675, d1e01382-4732-4f27-b90a-f2….png)


File: 1482928101434.jpg (109.63 KB, 800x800, 4363f0e1-a757-45df-93ca-4b….jpg)

Oops I meant to link that to you because zarya
Have another pic instead
How are things in the most Italian country in the world?


File: 1482929833828-0.png (204.75 KB, 900x775, a96ab6b7-b3d5-4c7c-9339-d0….png)

File: 1482929833828-1.png (331.77 KB, 1280x615, 29c122ec-37e1-4626-954c-cc….png)

File: 1482929833828-2.png (407.19 KB, 1280x724, 2d5d54da-1769-41e4-8a3c-35….png)

File: 1482929833828-3.png (418.7 KB, 1280x723, fcb2bc3d-3010-4e27-9c11-39….png)

File: 1482929833828-4.png (400.56 KB, 1280x663, 3d7c6d19-e00e-43db-b7a0-7e….png)

Might as well post the others


I'm not sure if Hanzo is really suited for the big body type


File: 1482930999045-0.png (409.23 KB, 1280x740, 50f2c09e-6e64-4593-a5b2-27….png)

He's the bigger brother


>that fucking meme gremlin


Forgot one!
I just wonder what her ponMEKA would be like


File: 1482931670249-0.png (392.71 KB, 1280x706, fb6e71bf-0e0e-4fbf-bc6c-06….png)

Also forgot to post the pic


>Dva isn't a tiny pony


Meipony looks adorbs


Nonsense, she's the tiniest of the Overpons


Yes she does, but she also reminds me of some other pony…



Uuh, maybe
But I was thinking of something qter


File: 1482932757304.png (725.31 KB, 1280x720, breezie_tired.png)



Remember, this is the last week for Nexus Challenge


Thanks for the reminder, but we already did the last three games for Oni


Did she get her thing for playing the 30 games?


Uuuh, I think so, not sure.
Wasn't that the one that came with the hoverbike? I seem to recall her using that


It gets you a bunch of heroes, such as King Awoo the Furry Genn


I'll ask her to make sure!


File: 1482934669642.gif (2.62 MB, 640x360, 564339.gif)

Not gonna do Bzzz this week. Will spend some time working out the next adventure which will wrap up most of the current plotlines in a completely satisfactory manner.


File: 1482934770030.gif (2.6 MB, 576x324, 564337__safe_solo_screenca….gif)


Swat '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1482934854957.png (1.17 MB, 1456x1392, Petalia.png)

Annoy '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Heh, that's cute


>grandfather has been doing senile things like wandering around the house, looking for his slippers in the fridge and putting vegetables in the wardrobe

I might have to prepare myself for a loss of a loved one


File: 1482935760452.jpg (30.78 KB, 640x360, 1317627481129.jpg)

I keep thinking of when that time will come for me again


Yeah, my grandma is like that.


I mean
I am aware of my unhealthly lifestyle because I don't care if I don't live past 55-60


It just brings me bad memories


I mean, waiting for when my grandpa inevitably goes as well.

And hopefully by then I'll have done work that will raise that timer of yours to 60+


Being old sucks wrinkly balls though
I don't doubt I'll have good reason for persisting!
Unless I have kids and love my family enough


By extending your telomeres and maybe harvesting some kid's blood so you age slower, of course

Of course, the main problem with most anti-aging proposals is that they're inevitably linked to cancer


> 55-60
Try 25-30


I mean, I'm not killing myself, I just don't expect to live very long

For now


In brighter news,
I finally got a new phone


oh yeah I'm just talking about myself


Cool, what is it?


Anyone want to OW?


Don't even

Navon M505
Rather budget


Local made, at least you should defent warranty support.


File: 1482937359276.jpg (73.83 KB, 382x528, 1464730950455.jpg)

Give me 5.


>tfw OW happens every time I'm about to have a friend over


I want to nap first


File: 1482938260888.png (274.93 KB, 1280x960, c02d3ee2-5075-47a5-a8cf-a8….png)

If it wasn't so Damn hot
I could sit down and draw something


File: 1482940566942.png (121.24 KB, 548x318, d3bfe5c6-73b6-4a2c-b6d1-33….png)

And now the 3ds broke
Maybe it wasn't a good idea to leave it with a kid


Oh god


I don't know
Now whenever I turn it on the light stays on for a few seconds before it shuts down with a pop noise
I have no excuse BDN, I was careless with the gift you got me. I'm really sorry


Wait, I recognise that
It's a fundamental flaw with the 3Ds, it had that problem before but I had it repaired.

Ah fuck. Any idea where you can get it fixed?


I don't know anything around this area, so no


I guess that can wait for now. It's not your fault, don't worry. Sorry, though.


Try to see if there's a simple fix in the meantime


No I shouldn't touch it it would risk me ruining things even further


The video might help.

what if I commisionned you to draw all mons characters


Sure, I could try it on paper once I recover from this
The divorce and separation isn't so bad, it's at least good we're getting away from him and having peace
The heat will go away eventually
But the ds breaking is just too much. I can't believe I was really so irresponsible with such an altruistic gift
I feel horrible


You might be autistic.


File: 1482942796619.png (328.9 KB, 900x900, 1478103825715.png)

It wasn't your fault man, it's a manufacturing defect. I thought I had it fixed properly, but I guess these things don't hold up well over time.


Come on m8


File: 1482942888140.png (89.43 KB, 188x287, e1192df1-2af7-4383-9f5d-32….png)


I'll go get it fixed, I have a friend. He's smart and he definitely can fix this


"It's a manufacturing defect"


We call that a guilt complex, Sylt.


Don't worry about it man


No I guess maybe he's right
I just feel awful that it's broken, even if it wasn't me


>flipping out over breaking a gift that costs more money than he's probably ever had at one time
It's entirely reasonable to flip out over losing something you think you can't replace. My personal spending money never went into the hundreds until I went off to college, I doubt somebody in Brazil would be much better off.


File: 1482943316664.jpg (178.16 KB, 639x359, 1322615084980.jpg)

I know that feel, but really there was nothing you could have done.


Nah, it's a legitimate reason to feel bad. The early "death" of a gift, especially a comparatively expensive one, is always a dick punch.


Feeling bad has nothing to do with personal guilt.
You can feel bad without blaming yourself or anyone else for what happened.
Stop telling the kid he should go emo.


I'm not telling him to start dressing like a Hot Topic reject, I'm just saying it's fine to feel bad.


You misunderstood the core problem here, he was blaming himself for something he had no control over.
Feeling bad and blaming yourself are two different things.


But I get where he's coming from, since in the back of my head I always assume/worry that if I let other people use my things, they're going to break/ruin them.
The thing is, he feels guilty because he let the items in question go beyond his ability to keep track of them, which he views as a personal failing and "cause" of its destruction. The "if I'd just not let them borrow it" idea is hard to dislodge.


You now went back to saying he should feel guilty about what happened.
Read what you are writing. Are you just arguing for the sake of the argument?


I'm not saying he should feel guilty, I'm just saying it's normal to, even if it's not his fault.


File: 1482945682268.png (32.14 KB, 979x201, 1482935535092.png)



File: 1482946114453.gif (1.1 MB, 747x720, 1472080002035.gif)


File: 1482947280278.gif (754.01 KB, 388x264, What even is this.gif)


Excuse me


File: 1482947638953.jpg (64.08 KB, 695x645, 1317626000039.jpg)



File: 1482948791716.png (412.82 KB, 1280x720, Sunbathing_Apple_Cobbler_S….png)

dash stop messing with the weather


File: 1482949468640.gif (545.65 KB, 278x307, 1462643996538.gif)

Who said it was Dash?


what other prankster would do it!


Just think
Right now we could be blasting newbs in OW



But why would you be against me…?
And we sure could. How many of us are up for it, though? I know I could.


If that's the reaction I might as well play W3

Nono, we abuse your low level to get easy opponents. Its brilliant.




I woke up feeling well and wanting to shoot things


>been stuck writing your letters for the past hours

Okay, we can go a while


Euro or Americaland servers?




I just logged into US


makes sense if its you me fidget


File: 1482949970130.jpg (54.82 KB, 500x447, 1463514259769.jpg)


File: 1482960149024.png (425.75 KB, 997x781, 1473932778593.png)

>Not wanting to blast noobs in Paladins


>How to tank your winrate 101: A beginner's Guide

But seriously I hardly give a shit since those early games were absolutely memetastic


File: 1482960887112.jpg (1.87 MB, 2560x1600, 6839736-horses.jpg)


File: 1482961024429.png (500.94 KB, 1280x720, 1461854573450.png)

I don't know if it was the ping or just me being bad (I certainly wasn't doing well, I had some trouble hitting things) but I admit that I've had better performances


File: 1482961044146.png (538.07 KB, 1680x988, microblocks.png)


For me it was ping, plus teamviewer, plus shitty mouse, plus sickness, and all in all I sucked hard. Ended up being unenjoyable.


I didn't know you could do such things with it. Neat.

now to actually get ideas of what to make besides "more tower"


File: 1482961154145.gif (709.97 KB, 500x363, 1387003182442.gif)


Playing while sick can take the fun out of most everything though


File: 1482961214767.png (435.5 KB, 768x1024, 1463517675843.png)

As I said, just because I was horrible I still enjoyed the fact we played together and had laughs!
And developed a PTSD about pharah together too


File: 1482961297057.gif (1.91 MB, 434x454, mlfw2548-12067520-20animat….gif)


>that pic



Would you give a horse booze


Oh, behave!


File: 1482961469246.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.71 KB, 772x1024, large (41).jpg)


unf unf!


File: 1482961891049.png (Spoiler Image, 460.92 KB, 1024x819, 1460051825272.png)


File: 1482962145750.png (499.85 KB, 960x540, 1333225729328.png)

>Trying to do a Heroic raid
>With a pug
Why do I do this to myself


Pug right after the reset.



File: 1482965411441.png (659.76 KB, 872x566, 1453679410924.png)



File: 1482965862082.jpeg (375.45 KB, 532x1024, large (14).jpeg)


File: 1482967970386.gif (2.83 MB, 695x540, 452467.gif)

Only the guy who animated Cheerilee in this episode can understand Wf's pain


File: 1482968295221.jpeg (136.1 KB, 780x1011, large (20).jpeg)


File: 1482968699601.png (85.94 KB, 276x304, pleased reddish pone.png)


File: 1482968882192.webm (2.84 MB, 900x506, 423941.webm)


File: 1482969007703.jpg (261.68 KB, 1366x768, cartoon characters.jpg)

>not 100%


I don't know what to say about those tabs.
I thought I knew you.


Jackbox.tv is for the Twitch
Reddit is for finding NLSS clips that have Quiplash in them because I like when NL and co play Jackbox games

Hugelol is pretty much 4chan but slightly filtered, and I don't go to /wsg/ ever day so I can catch shit I missed


The current days really do spell the coming of the end.



File: 1482969369739.jpg (60.75 KB, 935x527, neigh.jpg)

>Sylt the past few days


I just feel like shit. Nothing new.
Is that Dredd?


Watchmen Rorsach. He walked around with a sign "THE END IS NIGH" when not killing things


That's Rorscharc without the mask you fucking imbecile


It's been a long while since I read the comic. Didn't even recognize the style.


>strammers agree that blood tastes bad

Do these people have no tastebuds?


File: 1482969883544.jpg (55.35 KB, 400x250, manh.jpg)

>Sylt during the night


File: 1482970057035.png (546.11 KB, 1280x720, 1482102405848.png)


Fuck this
Fuck PVP
Fuck pugs
Fuck the lack of meanignful progress at this point of the game
Fuck the the late-ass patch
Fuck it


File: 1482970150734.gif (400.89 KB, 585x423, 1256744.gif)

Do you think Big Mac bent her over the pupils desk after class?


I think Mac is too beta for her

Welcome to the stage of WoW we warned you about


You just say that out of jealousy


I mean he still didn't make a move despite Cheerilee flirting with him a lot
He is a simple man, he does not get flirting


File: 1482970820333.png (168.62 KB, 330x305, 1396743126689.png)

So fucking done with this


Great time to quit.


Not in front of the fillies!


Not anywhere!


No it isn't I still need to finish it with Groves


We dont see that!


We see him being oblivious!


When was the last time we saw them interact? I remember her fainting and him sharing eye contact


That was the last I remember


What more is he supposed to do then? Jump off stage and mount her?



*whips out horsecock*


But you're not Big Mac and I'm not Cheerilee


You'll just have to pretend


File: 1482971746043.jpg (61.58 KB, 400x400, 1453522446324.jpg)


Huddled in the dark…
An uneasy companionship


File: 1482972167610.png (681.53 KB, 1024x1024, 1454268678641.png)


File: 1482972213071.gif (78.34 KB, 373x400, 1378876527762.gif)


>armello and try to get the winter dice before that event ends (will force me to play multiplayer)

Roll #1 1 = 1


That gif goes against everything I know

Winter dice?
What's that?


If I recall rightly, there's a multiplayer-only event thing that can grant you winter-themed dice. But you have to play the multiplayer to get them, and I don't think it's a guaranteed thing.


I mean
We can play together tomorrow!


Isn't it already technically tomorrow in Hungary?


It is, but I'm watching a stream


The event ends on January 5th. Most people seem to get it to drop in 15 to 25 games.


I see. So even if we started on the 30th, as long as we did five games a day there's a good chance we'd get them.


File: 1482972566630.gif (610.06 KB, 950x950, 1423897857391.gif)


File: 1482972647036.png (3.7 MB, 4119x3295, 1456073511213.png)


File: 1482974997601.jpg (498.41 KB, 1280x1280, 2cc50227-9276-419e-a9d6-48….jpg)


I felt something, watching the end of season 2 of the man in the high castle.


File: 1482980202486.jpg (712.88 KB, 1209x1473, Vu1oDoZ.jpg)

>4 AM
>Not tired in the slightest


Debbie Reynolds went after her daughter. Sleep on this!


File: 1482982136542.jpg (207.14 KB, 1200x649, 1482862199569.jpg)

>Got Nutcracker Zenyatta
Wow, I just installed Overwatch and now I have no reason to play.


More like


Yeah, he's the worst Healer, but I love taking down people with him.


That's what makes him worst!


>hating on best bot
Turning tanks into wet sponges is great man.


File: 1482983221466.png (2.29 MB, 1858x958, Untitled.png)

Local witch grows bored of Hasbro official merchandise, shrinks living ponies instead


my little ponies~


I'm going to be honest. I play Zen because I like to get kills. The fact that he heals is just a bonus.


Nerf the piece of shit right now!


Embrace tranquility, my man


File: 1482986685626.jpg (75.24 KB, 960x625, 1482219164485.jpg)

Dr Ziegler pls


>That brain image

Wait a minute, that card…


>tfw bought soda to mix gin drinks for new years


Our test continues…


File: 1482994628936.png (749.3 KB, 786x826, 12Shinmyomaru4.png)


Why does she live in a rice bowl?


She actually lives in a castle and just wears the rice bowl top as a hat. I'm not sure why she needs a whole castle though because her entire race of people are called Inchlings, and, as expected, are only an inch tall.


File: 1482994810725.jpg (149.18 KB, 456x500, 6493ca4bad5a0f8dd84d188ad2….jpg)

Also the castle flies



Inchlings and drawings…
For some a tonic against the outside..





File: 1482999636880.jpg (758.64 KB, 2000x2830, 1482995779929.jpg)

Good night


File: 1483009364546.png (157.69 KB, 500x740, tmp_13174-this-homeless-gu….png)


Reminds me of the meet.


>go to Europe>disasters immediately occur one after another

Merely a coincidence of course


File: 1483014155002.jpg (19.53 KB, 552x362, 423461.jpg)


Testing Resolve '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Resolving test.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Well, it might be a stroke


A stroke?


My grandfather was acting very strange yesterday
Ambulance took him to the hospital today, suspecting he might have gotten a stroke.


Hey it might not be that bad, my grandpa had a stroke too but managed to pull through.


Well shit. At least it might not end up being that bad. I've got someone in my family who lived past three strokes.


We'll just have to see.
At the christmas get togethers I noticed something was off, but I thought he was just really, really tired.


File: 1483018134195.png (286.46 KB, 475x527, pegasine cuteness.png)



File: 1483018755803.gif (1.43 MB, 800x450, 457710.gif)

>need to learn 5 pages
>still browsing /qt/



File: 1483019552635.png (428.56 KB, 854x480, 1328814164733.png)

>need to learn a 400 page rpg system
>still playing WoW
Success was never an option




File: 1483019937855.jpg (79.9 KB, 600x399, blizzard-metzen-shot-01.jpg)

You fool.
Only now, in the end, do you understand…




>install Shadowverse
>turns out there is a new expansion
>"From the Shadowverse team"
>they just give 15 free packs




File: 1483020626823.png (260.97 KB, 760x1050, 527e8969-fd32-4b5f-a246-f0….png)


How's things?


File: 1483023086802.png (343.53 KB, 980x950, 4da62861-6399-49a9-887f-4c….png)

Things are alright, thanks
I left yesterday to have a Sleepover at a friend's house, told them about the situation and left the 3ds with another friend, hopefully he'll manage

I had a really nice dinner together with his whole family at the table, something I haven't had with my family for ages
Right now I'm still hanging out, will probably go back and hopefully draw something in some hours


Good to hear you're managing. Hopefully your friend can fix the 3DS.
I though you said you couldn't draw though?


File: 1483023861287.jpg (1.47 MB, 2576x1932, 20161113_175950.jpg)

I can't on the computer I guess, since I don't want bother my hosts for a place to plug it in
But I can still draw on paper


File: 1483023898956.png (391.39 KB, 840x669, spike envy.png)

When you feel like doing a commision, ask me


Sure, hopefully its not humans, you know I suck at drawing humans!


File: 1483024073907.jpg (36.33 KB, 600x600, 1457447528939.jpg)




File: 1483024358267.png (65.86 KB, 750x850, 1e1b9c3b-423a-4ad4-b35d-84….png)

Horrible horrible humans
Boobs+? What new class of boobs is that?


Tell you what
Draw a Cello in full, and we'll see


They're B I G G E R


File: 1483025401347.jpg (683.49 KB, 700x938, 5e5e3e1a-58d6-456e-b375-e9….jpg)

Wait a minute I already did that one before!


Yeah, but clearer, maybe in different poses.




File: 1483025856058.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.02 KB, 1366x768, 20161229163241_1.jpg)


File: 1483025975775.gif (2.15 MB, 420x261, 1482517021969.gif)


File: 1483026385185.gif (2.78 MB, 460x283, No fun allowed.gif)


>Fairweather enters a thread



File: 1483026613092.gif (2.82 MB, 300x173, Fook this dogshite I'm goi….gif)

I still like how he was just so angry all the time. It was adorable.


It was a he?


File: 1483026666661.png (1013.38 KB, 1708x1316, 1468908445168.png)

Nigga needed to get back to his hoe fam!


>blocked in your country



File: 1483026952291.gif (2.16 MB, 400x262, That feel when a family ma….gif)

He had a wife! And a baby!


Anyone for a couple of OW matches?





File: 1483030848411.png (112.64 KB, 1005x1140, Maali.png)



File: 1483031083529.png (12.19 KB, 292x275, Cold and sick.png)

>manage to make it this far without getting sick this winter
>brother ushers in a small plague
>2cold to open the windows to vent the house
I suppose it was only a matter of time.


File: 1483031233672.jpg (40.69 KB, 480x480, 1464185783969.jpg)

what manner of dick would make a durr this happy?


The spotted kind, probably.


File: 1483035831585.jpg (798.24 KB, 1920x1080, depressed pooh.jpg)



File: 1483035896014.png (Spoiler Image, 213.52 KB, 900x900, She brought her own beach ….png)


Oh boy, I thought Kevinsano was ded


Nah, he's just running a Patreon.


File: 1483036169254.jpg (40.9 KB, 540x405, 1eb01d56-70fa-4093-88ed-26….jpg)


>finmeet 2017


Oh that cunt. Fuck him then.


File: 1483037479253.png (Spoiler Image, 322.79 KB, 900x900, A letterman jacket and som….png)

I mean, he doesn't paywall stuff, you just get access to it sooner than if you don't go to his patreon thing. He still posts shit to his tumblr.


File: 1483037890532.jpg (67.43 KB, 600x470, 1483036108782.jpg)

>finally decided which postscards to send to who

Just enough of them, too


>fire ult, try to get mercy because your team is incompetent and can't hit her anyway


>hitting mercy with dragons


Fire ult, then scatter arrow Mercy immediately.


>Scatter arrow the wall
>All six arrows headshot a different target, wiping the team with no ult



>they've got a hog
He ain't going down with one headshot, Wf.


File: 1483038890721.gif (2.05 MB, 400x334, 1483031632131.gif)


Scatter arrow them all


File: 1483039002969.jpeg (74.89 KB, 1000x631, 6x9XtcFlUaNsG8ABs.jpeg)

Dogs are pretty great


Did you send one to me?


Youtube Rewinds are a fascinating source of seeing what memes and normie-memes there were during the year.
It's the wet dream of any sociologist.


The wet dream of any sociopath?


File: 1483040512931.gif (898.45 KB, 588x362, uqdVnnT.gif)

One day I'll commission a pic of the original MH party camping


File: 1483040641114.png (326.67 KB, 641x1216, Warren's armed.png)

>to fall, for such a little thing…


File: 1483040652835.jpg (202.73 KB, 1366x768, 2016-02-08_00018.jpg)


I wonder what names I should give to my party on Dankest Dungeon.


If females, then "Titty", "Tittier", and "Tittiest."
With "Good, better, breast" as a fourth.
Seriously though just go with whatever appeals to you at the time.


File: 1483042369012.jpg (70.18 KB, 1024x955, 1483021233980m.jpg)


File: 1483042883163.jpg (402.66 KB, 1920x1080, 20161229221714_1.jpg)

It's done.


>Friend's house completely flooded
When I was praying for rain I didn't want this


Sounds like you're really getting shat on.


Godspeed and good luck, Nasser.


Which friend, the one you left the DS with?
Stay strong man; hopefully things don't get any worse for you.


Server is back up


Was it ever down?


Finally done with today.

What are we doing?


Andy asked me to reset it


File: 1483044634466.png (474.65 KB, 1330x834, 1392479632334.png)


But she isn't here.
Is she a ghost?

You tell me.


Like the mighty native tribes, she sent a Steam signal


That sounds like witchcraft to me!


Beelieve it.
Speaking of bees, I'm working on having those mutable bees. Once I get a stable bloodline going, I'll be well on my way to those silk whisps.


File: 1483045066084.png (163.17 KB, 756x1024, 1473173826596.png)

>That uncomfortable feeling when you remember Fidget still doesn't have any useful bee specimens


File: 1483045095743.png (363.68 KB, 617x529, 1465361716273.png)


I've got a stable Eldritch bee bloodline, so that makes things easier. I just need to crossbreed them with Unusual Bees and it'll be fine.



bees is a hard mod


File: 1483046014303.jpg (110.46 KB, 590x708, 1482270324555.jpg)


Is this bait?


Would you a greasy, cheese stained gremlin?


Depends on would I what


File: 1483046651234.jpg (298.72 KB, 2385x1663, 1482269921761.jpg)


Wanna do a few rounds?


No no it was in the house of the friend I had a Sleepover with
We're alright, that was a lot of work and some of his family furniture has been lost
Now we're resting from all that mayhem


File: 1483047234818.png (387.8 KB, 830x1120, 1466755952199.png)


I would in 20 minutes.


File: 1483049226994.png (869.55 KB, 1280x720, -_S6E3.png)

Stop right there, criminal scum!


Windy out today.


Man Sylt was right when he felt the end coming
This last week of 2016 has been just… Just awful


File: 1483051544428.png (140.06 KB, 859x364, Tatsunori Pony doesn't kno….png)


Play OW with us.


File: 1483052593749.png (149.34 KB, 528x511, American Pony hero.png)

I'll hop on in a minute. I should eat something and take more cold medicine.


I don't suppose you have an opening after Fidget joins?


Both sides of the pond do. We split into Euro and America.


>We've downloaded over 900gb
Yeah, I'm going to have to talk to the family. I don't care that Comcast has to supply us with that, I just want to know WHAT they are downloading.


ALL the javs.


Got Star Citizen installed, so I'll give it a go during the weekend.


Cool. Tell me how it is.


Your space RV seems to have been buffed.


Has it now?


Missiles are pretty dangerous now, so it's possible for you to hit hard outside of your weight class.


>Decide to play Isaac for a change
>Unlock a new item on my first run
Well that was fun


>tfw no qt Mercy to suckle your hog-nips


>tfw the only reason I did so well as torb was because Engineer was my most played class in TF2
There are few problems that can't be solved by judicious application of gun.


File: 1483062326113.jpg (827.29 KB, 1280x2792, 1473750636349.jpg)

I filled support too much, I need to learn to let go and be greedy like Nopo


File: 1483062368662.png (3.48 MB, 2284x2576, 1425605304388.png)

>everyone is finished playing now
alright I'll just chill with a movie or something for a bit



First person spectating you was cute.
Like watching my 1.5 year old niece trying to figure out how the toy makes music when she presses the button
Also, if you have your turret set up in a good position, there's no need to put it down again


We could quest


File: 1483062470523.png (339.22 KB, 611x644, 1325979249778.png)

And a large influx of BEAMS will solve the rest


We started playing quite early in the day, so you came along late by comparison


but its late for you, and I should plan my own instead


when's your new s10 quest?


I thought nobody wanted to play s10 quests


We want to play your quest


>before 6 or 7 Am
>a day or two before New Year's Eve

I have to prepare myself so I can drunkenly go all night, I'm not sleeping anytime soon


but I don't want to bore people


So you say!
well I'll make a warm coffee and try.


Nonsense, people only wanted you to learn new systems because they like your stories and wanted them to have what they thought was a more capable home


Allright, boop me when you're ready!


The idea is not wrong, I just struggle to get anything started ever and I often feel like combat gets in the way of storytelling


It's a habit. Usually turrets are supposed to hold key locations but I can never really get a good shot with them without them being high-visibility, which leaves them vulnerable to errant gusts of wind and people on the ass-end of the map.


Question. Why use a combat-focused system if you want to run a story game?


Because that's all people suggested and the last thing I want is to flip a coin on whether or not people will like some random system I happen to find.
Often with Torb it's better to cover half the point with a covered turret than the entire point with an exposed one. Getting it on high ground or moving platforms helps too since it will never miss.


>Cost nothing to place
>Can be rebuilt from nothing to level 2 in 5 seconds
>Do not give ult charge when destroyed

Totally disposable


>Do not give ult charge when destroyed
When was that changed? With the self-generating metal?


True. But it feels wrong to just leave it unattended.
Old habits die hard, Wf.


its not about the system its about the people. - Chaotic Good GMing


Ask here, ask on /tg/, ask at your workplace you work at a vidya company for chrissake.
And once you find one which looks cool to you ask here if we like it too, pitch a quest idea. Run.



File: 1483063815802.png (26.96 KB, 208x238, 1404120976770.png)


File: 1483063902366.gif (3.74 MB, 571x568, 1458684784059.gif)


Is it worth all that effort though at the end of the day?
This is what I always hope is the case.




there's a reason we don't just get random whoevers into the quest yea?
Maybe because we like playing with friends


Check thineself


Quite frankly my gut tells me to run with S10 and then not really use S10's combat


File: 1483064742166.png (571.4 KB, 1280x1008, tmp_4836-14580212544654864….png)

Learning things is fun

And everyone wants to play with you


Tactical combat?


Knowing DM it would be tactical espionage action


Narrative combat


Just write the quest at fimfiction.com and send to us when ready!


Which is why I haven't bothered to even try running in the last year or something.


Look I'm sure a lot of people want this. Just do it already, but my suggestion still stands. Asking around to learn about the beaten path might be easier than running naked in the snow looking for the mountaintop.


I mean, it helps a lot if you just improvise since that means you can adjust to what players want
I still remember the trick you pulled with the blind dragon, that was absolutely amazing


I was hoping to capture more of that old DMquest feeling, unbinding myself from the constraints of codified rules in combat and out and just let the team create a shared storytelling experience.
Which is more or less the opposite of what Fantasycraft seems to be given how it has roll tables for how people should react to events and everything.


Look into a freeform system.
13th age. Warriors of Lemuria. Fate.


File: 1483067327864.png (186.79 KB, 1285x685, 2016-12-29_21.08.01.png)

>shooow me tiles


>pictures of tiles


>sweet little tiles


>folder: Dirty tiles


File: 1483067585096.jpg (150.93 KB, 1114x1900, tmp_4836-1471320556293-751….jpg)



File: 1483067665018.png (825.29 KB, 960x559, 1482513801798.png)


File: 1483067770852-0.png (170.27 KB, 716x814, ab24f1e1-7920-42a2-ad62-55….png)

I say you listen to Sylt and Andy and also ask Sion when he's around, they have good advice on that than I could provide
I just want to be a capra smith


Is that the oot girl in a modern swimsuit?


File: 1483067962389.png (222.22 KB, 860x1024, raaar.png)

Regardless, I will now slp


It's Dota

Good luck


File: 1483068557517.jpg (143.54 KB, 822x973, tmp_4836-14340228756432012….jpg)

>sub refused to upload image


Fuck off Luna, you're a slag and no one likes you



File: 1483069392756.png (213.04 KB, 400x544, 1464247477232.png)

I already sent you postcards with the 3DS!


Gimme moooore


File: 1483074505080-0.jpg (63.36 KB, 700x900, 8d2584e8-5c6d-468b-b290-2f….jpg)



>java crashes
what a pain


Hope you had fun, but I feel the fatigue finally hitting and it's hitting hard.


>making good progress on tiling tower customization
>server reaches unplayable lag
reset it when you get up wf!


File: 1483080349769.gif (337.46 KB, 900x900, 1465258740911.gif)


yea! We could I'd be a little slow


File: 1483081048077.png (33.52 KB, 437x199, 1422100645638.png)

Ok, lemme shower first


File: 1483081194239.gif (476.44 KB, 500x375, 1420954181832.gif)


File: 1483081262467.jpg (76.48 KB, 526x350, 1296876369806.jpg)


what a tank


File: 1483081396779.png (684.8 KB, 1280x720, Friendship Grenade.png)

How else do you think Dash achieves such high velocity?
And why she named her turtle Tank?


File: 1483081436210.jpg (27.39 KB, 299x271, 1431438991782.jpg)

what a strange idea


File: 1483081469204.jpg (57.55 KB, 248x248, Harmonic Ray.jpg)

Well, she has to get all that thrust from somewhere.


File: 1483081572012.jpg (675.99 KB, 1920x1080, 1374642660558.jpg)



File: 1483081752611.png (207.71 KB, 354x369, I love cocaine.png)

Now that's just silly.


server back up


File: 1483081940577.jpg (201.04 KB, 604x632, 1463374374513.jpg)

training in the mountains?



File: 1483082040200.png (379.07 KB, 643x358, Moonstone Cannon.png)

But that would only enable her to fly at high altitudes, where air resistance is not as heavy due to the thinner atmosphere.
Perhaps she's just made of dark matter.



Long as she's still soft for cuddling..

Pone is qter


File: 1483082827460.png (506.82 KB, 1213x974, Cuddlesluts are loud.png)

She'll cuddle your brains out.


I would make loud cuddles with her


File: 1483084376689.jpg (41.63 KB, 700x700, 1343892286364.jpg)

>ignore the earlier one they're the same


File: 1483084483103.jpg (39.07 KB, 595x661, 1327762276657.jpg)

Y-yeah, so don't read it


File: 1483084903442.gif (1.05 MB, 384x216, PleaseWrite.gif)



File: 1483087237214.jpg (486.22 KB, 1635x1680, 1483087108823.jpg)

Good night, dream of stargates.


File: 1483090843660.jpg (114.18 KB, 704x850, 1464560909520.jpg)


File: 1483093802308.png (235.92 KB, 582x592, 1117852.png)


File: 1483093845561.jpg (139.72 KB, 600x800, GuP cosplay.jpg)


wat a tonk




comfy food
must sleep
night bdn


File: 1483098380568.png (352.14 KB, 1421x2214, 1322045675934.png)

You stayed up pretty late
slp tight


File: 1483098468610.jpg (103.13 KB, 650x566, 47859a770ac76a8c02931cab.jpg)

Have you sent the cards yet?


Nope, hopefully I can do them tomorrow


File: 1483098830373.gif (885.07 KB, 440x507, 1479523769035.gif)

Please note the date you sent it on there, I like to know how long these things travel.


File: 1483100533010.jpg (65.4 KB, 540x960, 15747622_1603767589638479_….jpg)

>wake up
>"urgent message from my flatmate"
>it's just this picture

God damnit


He looks displeased.


He was caught in the act of opening the bread-drawer and stealing bread


How can you deal with being in the UK without cat


It's going to be sad but I'll have to survive


Rent a cat


Finding pussy on the internet is not my style


File: 1483103623645.png (351.61 KB, 1046x685, 350ad13c-95ac-4d18-a127-c1….png)


I'm dying


File: 1483103769484.png (226.94 KB, 600x600, Sukuna chocolate.png)


This is pretty sensual actually.


>people who grew up on the Spongebob movie are now old enough to be Pro artists
All around me are familiar faces…


Do you want to clean her with your tongue?


If only I wasn't allergic to chocolate


Only if that's Belgian chocolate.


>tfw have a quest to play dirtcraft so I try in Arena but I don't get any spells or dirtcraft runes or anything that can be played before the last turns of the game

Just end my fucking life please


End Nopo's life '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Thank you satan
[inhaling cyanide gas]


File: 1483105337510.webm (1.82 MB, 1920x1080, 1481656451062.webm)


Why is she such a bitch?


File: 1483105647473.png (420.73 KB, 675x325, Untitled.png)


That doesn't say anything though


A picture tells a thousand words


But it doesn't.
She's standing by a grave.
That's all. Unless you know the backstory you can't make any assumptions on the person in that grave, and how it affected her being a bitch


File: 1483105842409.jpg (158.46 KB, 890x667, 2908c7cf-6aea-4947-94e3-78….jpg)

Oh no, what happened?
Oh wow


Talon Mercs have been trying to kill Gerard Lacroix, a very important OW agent and kept failing, so they kidnapped Amelie instead
That means that she was abducted, brainwashed to be a sleeper agent, and activated to kill Gerard in his sleep, after which she was taken away to be trained and even modified so she is cold and emotionless


You need to draw me a lewd picture or I might not make it


Know the smallest things and the biggest things, the shallowest things and the deepest things. As if it were a straight road mapped out on the ground … These things cannot be explained in detail. From one thing, know ten thousand things. When you attain the Way of strategy there will not be one thing you cannot see. You must study hard.


Ok that's a reason I guess.


Sun Tzu pls.


Musashi actually




Nobby is apparently a /owg/ drawfag now


>not at home without any of my stuff I'm sorry nasse, better start writing your last will


Motherfucking Ultimate carrot is so fucking retarded


File: 1483107377958.jpg (571.81 KB, 1000x1000, tfw carrot.jpg)

>ultimate Carrot


>tfw quest is dead forever
Will we ever have a new real party-based quest where people enjoy themselves and characters complement each other?


Probably not.
The European MH coalition is mostly gone.
And there's no real American coalition.




Maybe I'll try another real dungeon crawler quest someday, with all euros.
But too busy now with Bzzzz, which would be somewhat of a nice adventure quest but I seem to fail to connect everyone.


It's fucking bullshit, it's what it is

I miss the good old days


Also Bzzz will prolly be my last FC quest.
Might move on to newer pastures


File: 1483108267128-0.png (343.46 KB, 1280x1280, Flapjack 1.png)

File: 1483108267128-1.gif (630.98 KB, 1280x1280, Flapjack 2.gif)

File: 1483108267128-2.gif (249.13 KB, 1280x853, Flapjack 3.gif)


Sounds good, got anything in mind?
Vamps when?


File: 1483108367807.webm (5.74 MB, 999x562, alexjones_waifus.webm)

I'm resisting the call of some kinda Dungeon crawling thing in DD or PF because I know I'll be too swamped with Bzzz and Vamp for a while still.

As for Vamp, I'm waiting on you guys to tell me you've thought about your chars.


File: 1483108389548.webm (2.61 MB, 426x426, 423071.webm)

Dog Bless Flapjack
I've heard the fucking voices in my head


I have! The revenant idea was genius!


well I'm happy to listen to it, tonight.


Also my next thing might be not pony


I still like the priest idea!


Sounds good
LotR quest?


File: 1483108527193.png (1.04 MB, 1280x1151, 1386430423676.png)

Mons is supposed to have times when people band together

Tough, though


For a long time I've been toying with the idea of homebrewing some kind of system that is very positional. No or almost-no dice rolling. Not sure if it would be individual heroes or something like a squad-based command setting.


I suppose I'll look into this… fate… thing or whatever


More that kinda thing.
I'm wondering if I should go full high fantasy again since I guess I'm better at that than gritty fantasy.
But this is a discussion I don't want to do yet. Since I still have Bzzz to finish first and who knows how long that'll take! For all I know by the time Bzzz is done everyone will be too busy to quest.
Hopefully after exams I can spend a lot more time in Bzzz so that thing can move on.

Talk to me tonight.


Oh my~

If only I was less lazy I'd make a homebrew out of the Darkest Dungeon combat system


>I'd make a homebrew of a game that is based on a tabletop (Torchbearer)


>all those resolve checks
>all those 1s


By the way, how would Bzzz players feel about using roll20.
I kinda wanna do combat again and maybe that'll go smoother than doing it here


Oh, wait, it is?



I don't think it's officially based on Torchbearer.


fine by me

Obviously they changed a bunch of stuff to make it better for a game environment, but the influences are obviously there.


>tfw you're full but the food is so good you just want to eat more of it and then sleep

You know
Conciousness is such a curse
Imagine if you could be like an animal and you'd have nothing to do but eat, sleep an fuck all your life instead of studying, working, stressing over stuff and all that


This is what hippies dreamed of.


File: 1483109294366.gif (232.33 KB, 295x323, Worried chewing.gif)

>tfw you work all your life so that you afford to just eat, sleep, and fuck your time away
>by the time you have enough money to do that, you're too old to do anything but the first two


Wow I wonder if anyone has ever said "ignorance is bliss" before what a new insight




File: 1483109388857.gif (1.68 MB, 492x276, 1482494737003.gif)

Isn't this exactly how Italians live their lives?


I've always had a hedonistic streak, there is a reason why the Dude is my role model, since if it wasn't for family obligations I could totally just go with being a bum who does drugs and enjoys life in general without doing anything
Because it really doesn't matter in the end


Yes. Yes it is.
Come to italy and let's all eat and fuck.


I'm coming in September.


You're definitely in the right studies then.


You are?

But I don't like mustaches on women

I know it's worthless and it's a farce to think that it has use because of 'muh human culture' and shit, but at least it's comfortable


You are?


>I know it's worthless and it's a farce to think that it has use because of 'muh human culture' and shit, but at least it's comfortable

I dunno. It's more like most people have that. You're not saying anything special.
Give the average person on the street a free wage to live off and he'll do exactly that.


>edging for nine months


My sister is getting married there.

We're staying three days so we can also visit Rome for a day.


Pretty rad. I will come over and visit if I can.


I mean, my field of study is literally just reading social philosophy for the selfish reason to find out whether humans are assholes and need a tight leash or not.

And let's be even more honest, with the way technology is going and how advanced robots are getting, there might be no jobs for half the human population in a few decades and if unconditional basic income does not become a thing by that point, people are going to fucking revolt.


> in a few decades
Try half a decade.


We'll all be plugged into the machines.
Soon technology will overtake humanity.
t. Unabomber


Satan I'm not saying we'll be plugged into the matrix we might

But jobs are not created, they are destroyed at this point.
And I could say I'm safe because I do intellectual work, but translation algorythms are getting better and better too.

It's going to take at least another decade.
First it's going to be drivers in a few years, then the rest of factory crews, then office workers


And in 2 decades top most low level creative or analytic jobs will be gone to neural networks.


>But jobs are not created, they are destroyed at this point.

The destruction of jobs by technology usually creates new jobs.
This has been true all throughout the industrial revolution and will be true now.

I propose we do the same thing Spain did when they had too many people without a job, send them to colonise some other planet or asteroid.


I do not agree. The number of jobs tech removes is exponential and on a complete different qualification level than the number and kind of jobs it creates.
For each one new position in the tech industry it opens, 100 service industry jobs are lost.


Technology will probably not make as many jobs as it removes, but no Luddite has ever succeeded, so it's best to plan for how to ride it out.

The problem with Sion's proposal is that stripping a new planet for resources is also done better by machines than people (aside from a few oversight engineers etc.)

I don't have an answer for this, really, and it will probably be the premiere issue of the next century. Ironically, Overwatch may have accurately predicted the future.

>Damn human hiring quotas



The future is always hard to predict. I suppose we'll have to deal with it as it comes.


File: 1483111802874.png (242.57 KB, 900x784, 1462638745147.png)

I don't think they can enjoy it as fully without understanding, though


I know pony can enjoy it


We will achieve the dream of a true ascended society, where all jobs done by humans are either cultural arts or maintenance.


File: 1483112701491.png (380.76 KB, 541x807, 1322703683501.png)

That's because pone understands things like we do
Which also makes them good too cuddle, because cuddling takes away problems for a while

>implying automated books/movies won't be the future too


we will have stand up comedy about automated comedy
artisan entertainment with real actors and writers instead of the procedurally generated ones


It seems like a logical POSSIBLE outcome but I don't see the path we take to get there, which is just as if not more important

Autogenerating stories or even CGI movies to your taste is an attractive idea. One other possible outcome is that human goods become desirable as a sort of luxury buy, like how people will buy free-range eggs, organic foods, etc.


Thing about feelings though is that they're irrational, they cannot be intrinsically understood.
What difference does understanding why you're feeling good make to the actual feeling good itself?

Good joke m8.
Most people will do as nopo described.


I mean, once most jobs are obsolete the best way of achieving utopia would be just to distribute wealth.
It doesn't mean everyone has to be rich, just that everyone should get enough to live comfortably.
Hell, it doesn't even have to be money, it can be just that people get shelter and food for free and other stuff is considered a luxury

But alas, capitalism says that if you are rich you get richer if you are poor you get fucked, and I doubt rich folks will care that people are starving because literally all jobs are done by robots in their factories.


File: 1483113125567.png (148.31 KB, 800x700, 1343123127594.png)

Introspection is pretty valuable
It gives you more insight on why some things make you feel good, and maybe you can see some things in a different, better light.

Maybe they're irrational, but they can be understood in a way.

>far in the future people will pay a full googolplex of rare pepes for a single thread of our quests

But then which one is the kino entertainment?


You know for someone who hates Russia so much, you sure like marxism.

The conditions that create the feelings can be understood, but that's not the feeling itself. You're confusing the two.


None of that is really relevant to trade though. That's the opposite side.


Ok here's a suggestion

I restart OTR with S10 and when we realize it's shit I quit running quests entirely go study up a system that best fits what the campaign has shaped up to be


Marxism is the way to go in a post scarcity society, star trek tells us that.
Too bad post scarcity is unattainable.


So what are you saying?


>you say capitalism is bad?

Can you stop being retarded for a second
Marxism is outdated and a piece of garbage ideology that can never actually work becaue of the human factor
I'm talking about basic income which is a liberal idea anyway
And sure, let's just stick with capitalism out of principle then because everything else is literally soviet-talk
Because capitalism sure is such a good thing for Planet Earth and mankind as a whole, right? It's not right it has anything to do with global warming, more and more of all wealth going to less and less people and generally a lot of horrible things.
Capitalism is fucking awesome because… you know.
It's what they say in school.


File: 1483113426315.gif (473.9 KB, 404x404, 1317631441063.gif)

Well, I can't put it in words, but there's value in just immersing yourself in whatever you're feeling too.


Once we achieve the ability to simply rearrange atoms at will, it will only be a matter of time.
History will be shaped by one madman deciding to build an altruistic replicator


>marxism is outdated
>all I want to do is redistribute all wealth so everyone has the same


That we are woefully unprepared for the times to come.


Did you read what I wrote?
>It doesn't mean everyone has to be rich, just that everyone should get enough to live comfortably.
>Hell, it doesn't even have to be money, it can be just that people get shelter and food for free and other stuff is considered a luxury

I wrote that everyone deserves to have enough that they can comfortably live, eg not have to worry about rent and have proper food on the table
I even said that other things can be luxury items, for the people who miracolously have jobs or sell stuff that they can create, be it art, home-grown stuff or whatever the fuck.
I didn't say let's lynch the rich and grab what is theirs.


>I'm talking about basic income which is a liberal idea anyway
I'm fairly certain many European nations will eventually embrace Universal Basic Income, but I don't think it's going to happen in the next 20 years.

In a way this is kind of scary, you know. Because it means the government will have so much more power.

This sin't entirely related, but I had a giggle earlier while reading an article about how self driving cars are going to lower the amount of organs available for donation, because many organs come from car crash victims. Future problems are crazy.


Clone Organs are the solution
Finland is starting to try basic income next year as well


Clone organs seems like a breddy gud project, actually.

>tfw was ready to revive blood proposal for this year's synthetic biology project but looks like school isn't building a team this year


Clone organs as in organs that are grown in vats and not like in Never Let Me Go where you clone people and kill them when they are 20, right?

I know some northern countries are going to try it soon and the netherland has been experimenting with basic income too
Funnily enough, it made people more likely to try and find jobs, since, y'know, they no longer had to worry about not having a roof over their head of food on their plates


While I appreciate the sentiment and I'm sure there's uncertain times ahead let me offer this:

At christmas I was at my grandmother's place and found a handful of books summarizing the news of the year 1962-1963, some excerpts I remember right now

>By 1970 the USSR will have overtaken the capitalist countries economically, creating a new great depression in the west

>The population explosion in India cannot be supported by agriculture. Scientists predict a massive famine by the years 1980, wiping out at least 1/3 of the country

I'm sure there were a lot of scientists supporting that.
What about all those peak oil predictions, 2000, 2008, 2012, all would be peak oil, and holy shit there would massive unemployment.
What about an inconvenient truth? By now we're supposed to have had massive floods in Europe, America and India.

I'm not saying there's no reason for concern but I'd be genuinely surprised if the current doom predictions will take place in 20 years, nevermind half a decade.

Don't worry, the way Europe is going you'll get that pretty soon.


Also, the best part of basic income would definitely be the fact that crime stemming from poverty would be decreased so much
Not sure how it would affect violent crimes, but even if shoplifting is going to be a thing of the past, it will be a step ahead.

5 years is definitely dumb, yes, but when you hear news that even now self-driving trucks are tested that will make MILLIONS of people jobless in the US, you have to start figuring out a solution sooner rather than later


I mean if we got efficient with the human cloning we could just create these nice mindless lumps of flesh growing clusters of organs that could be harvested at will, while also providing meat. We just feed them a steady supply of nutrient gruel.


>I know some northern countries are going to try it soon and the netherland has been experimenting with basic income too
I think it's too early for it though. Our social security systems are already strained far beyond reason as is.

>but when you hear news that even now self-driving trucks are tested that will make MILLIONS of people jobless in the US
Do keep in mind that self driving vehicles still need a person to be present in case something goes wrong. We won't be seeing empty vehicles driving around any time soon.


Only if there are people rich enough to pay for raising human chattel to 20, just growing organs is more economically viable but it's looking more and more difficult.

There will be people rich enough

Thing about meat is it's going to taste funny because the tissue hasn't been moving around like how a real animal does. Give it a generation of being cheaper and that taste will become the norm, I guess.


Just financing everybody's life and making everyone dependent upon the government is quite a radical solution.


>I'm not saying there's no reason for concern but I'd be genuinely surprised if the current doom predictions will take place in 20 years, nevermind half a decade.
>Don't worry, the way Europe is going you'll get that pretty soon.
Got to love these two conflicting statements in one post.

But what happens to the economy once so many jobs are automated that unemployment levels raise to ridiculous levels?


When it costs a fraction of what beef or pork does, is easier to produce and is technically vegan friendly, the only possible issue would be patent lawyers fucking it up for everyone.


That second part was about basic income you dumb shit.


>But what happens to the economy once so many jobs are automated that unemployment levels raise to ridiculous levels?

Well you could say we're already there, youth unemployment is already at record levels in Europe, and nothing much happened


>and nothing much happened
Because the parents aren't dead yet.


I mean, there was also the theory that since there's more and more people, protein bars made out of insects will be very popular and cheap
And I did see a documentary about cricket farms

That's one problem, yes, taxes alone cannot support basic income
Also, those people in the self-driving Ubers are already confirmed to be not paying attention at all.
And those are test drives.

>what is morals in science

Better than starving or freezing to death tbqh

Because the parents are still around
Also, people are a lot more depressed and unhappy too


>Most shoplifting is by people who are stealing food or shelter
lol someone hasn't worked in a courtroom, that's for sure

I worked for my local tri-city minor's court for four years and overwhelmingly theft was from department stores. Among women, 90% of cases were from Claire's. These are minors in a rich area. They do not have ANY expenses. They steal a lot.

Muh poverty is not a silver bullet argument, it's one made from a position of relative naivete.


Yes, which is not going to happen for another while. I certainly don't see it happening in the next decade or two. At most we're going to see experiments in limited numbers until then.

Mostly in the the south, but at least youngsters there stick to living with the family to survive.


File: 1483114704988.jpg (1.06 MB, 2800x1600, hd-cyberpunk_102106533_292.jpg)


>The Supreme Court's ruling did allow that DNA manipulated in a lab is eligible to be patented because DNA sequences altered by humans are not found in nature.

I'll try to hook you guys up oince my parent megacorp takes over a few countries

>implying ethics can win over the need to get a job
I mean, I hope there's still standards, but I really don't know how things are going to be


As far as I know there are at least some insects that are very cost-efficient to farm for food. The real issue is marketing, but lobsters already showed how that can be done.
Also morals are awful shackles holding back progress.


The world needs a nice hub of progress unfettered by human rights and intellectual property laws


I mean
I know a lot of people steal out of kleptomania
What I was trying to say there is I would be glad if some people weren't forced to do it.
People who can afford shit and steal it anyway in the stores are just scum of the earth and their parents were probably assholes too

Still, let's not clone sentient people for their organs if we can, please.

Also, I personally don't see the problem with protein-bars from insects if the taste is good.


What was that one movie where an insurance corp cloned people and held then in a supposedly post-apocalyptic vault city until the client wanted them harvested for organs/skin/whatever?


The Island.


The Island. Micheal Bay.


My zeal for organ transplants and medical experimentation had begun to ebb, as each attempt invariably brought only failure and disappointment. Progress was halting, and the rapidly accumulating surplus of wasted flesh had become burdensome.
I could not store such a prodigious amount of offal, nor could I rid myself of it easily, possessed as it was by unnameable things from outer spheres. When excavations beneath the manor broke through into an ancient network of aqueducts and tunnels, I knew I had found a solution to the problem of disposal.
The spasmodically squirming, braying, and snorting half-corpses were heaped each upon the other, until at least I was rid of them. The warrens had become a landfill of snout and hoof, gristle and bone - a mountainous, twitching mass of misshapen flesh, fusing itself together in the darkness.


Coming this winter: Salesmen of The Unspeakable - a band of travelling shopkeepers tasked with turning shit like this into profit.


File: 1483115155282.jpg (77.22 KB, 640x362, Cricket-Flour.jpg)

Cricket meat seems to be the future, you could probably start of marketing it like this as dietery supplements for lifters and progress into the mainstream from there.

I for one am really glad a lot of labs are telling scientific journals like Elsevier to fuck off

Imagine a magazine charging about 50 freedom shekels for one (1) article out of several in a monthly publication that you spent years to write, and your good friends spent months proofreading, except none of this money ever goes to any of you. And you don't even know if the article has information you really need or not until you buy it.

Real scum of the earth.

Well, at least the end result will likely be palatable.


File: 1483115184211.jpg (31.54 KB, 498x341, they breed quickly down th….jpg)

Never Let Me Go is a much better movie about cloning humans though



All you need to do is not call it "cricket meat" and you're like 90% there.



Fuck those fucking jews
They aren't even doing anything, they just collect money for not doing jack shit and scientists are bending over to the them still

Protein bar!


"protein bar" still carries the connotation of being something for gym rats, but I suppose that can be capitalized on with something like the implication of "huge beefy dudes eat these and hit the gym, so if you eat these but don't hit the gym you'll be like 50% beefy".
However it still won't be enough to make it replace mincemeat at the family dinner table.


>shill for a while and get good reviews

It can happen

The Kazakh lady who runs scihub, a place for journal piracy, is my hero.
I literally have not heard any actual scientists being unhappy about it.

And yeah, lots of science indsutry shit are fucking jews. I had to use loggers that cost over a hundred bucks to replace once the battery ran out, and it was very obviously an ordinary watch battery inside.


That is why I just pirate papers that I use too.

What about


>Yes, which is not going to happen for another while. I certainly don't see it happening in the next decade or two. At most we're going to see experiments in limited numbers until then.
Well that might be true. But your statement that I was contradicting myself was wrong.

Well then I can't predict what will happen once those parents are dead. Maybe we won't even have to wait that long given current banking problems in Italy.


Doesn't your school have a library proxy of some kind that lets you access journals directly? I've never had to pirate a paper yet at least.


>Several minutes ago
In the future, the only work people will do is creative work! Ideas created by humans will be the only thing one need pay for!
Freedom of information is paramount. No matter how specialized the information or how much skill and time it took the produce, knowledge needs to be either free or inexpensive. It's already post scarcity!

>The conflict of these too notions is why civilization is fucked


Insects are not a marketable thing unless you're marketing to fans of gross-out humor aka boys age 8-12 in the mid-90s.
Seriously, look at lobster.
It's a sea insect.
It used to be trash you accidentally got in your nets that nobody would even think to eat.
Now it's like grade A classy food.
And they sure as fuck don't market it as "sea insect meat"


Anything is awful if you have to eat it 5 days a week, as prisoners and servants had to with lobster


I'm wondering how escargot is a thing but insects aren't

The issue with journals is that none of the money you're charged to read it actually goes to the content creators.


>snails, sea bugs, fish eggs
>land insects
Some third world poverty sub-human shit


Maybe it's my hungarian pessimism but economy wise I think things are looking really fucking bleak and of course nothing is going to change because the lobby is 2stonk

It does, but a lot of the times the library doesn't even have what I want

How did that happen though?

The problem isn't the fact that the studies and essays cost money you fucknugget, you know this and just contradict on purpose.
BDN explicitly said the problem is that the creators have to pay to publish it and get nothing in return aside from scholarly accreditation, but no money whatsoever, and they can get money if they publish on their own but then the citation-game will be weak.


Let's say the split was
>8% to the journal
>20% to the researchers' institute
>15% taxes and regulatory fees
>57% split between the research team

And the price remained the same for the article. You would still be outraged by the cost I'm sure.


World class shilling.
See also: diamonds



Things have been looking bleak for most of humanity, it's nothing new.
But if your only two options are "get unconditional basic income" or "stare or freeze to death" that sounds even more horrible.
A far more positive worldview would be "well things are looking rough but I feel confident I'll somehow manage when the time comes".


95% to the people doing the actual work
15% to taxes
-10% to the journal, they should do research themselves if they want to get paid.


I know you're just meming but it's still missing the point


File: 1483116209258.jpg (445.67 KB, 1400x1061, Cost_of_publishing2.jpg)

No, if that's actually where money went.

Also, journals rarely pay for peer reviews.


Could be, in another country.
Not this one.
Yet I know that if I move away I will always long for home.

We should team up and make InSnackt the next big thing with fancy people

No because it would actually give incentive to publish things for more than just the amount of citations you'll get.


People keep telling me I could have a future in marketing.
I keep being terrified of the idea.


It's easy to be hypothetically moral, I'll leave it at that though because we'll never know, or at least, we won't remember this dispute by the time such a system exists.


>Yet I know that if I move away I will always long for home.


File: 1483116529778.gif (928.83 KB, 445x360, 1343899414810.gif)

It might be fun!


It would corrupt me so hard


It would mean I could actually just focus on nothing but reading and writing to publish, no matter how long it takes, and not die afterwards.

Why? You certainly have a knack for it.

As weird as this sounds with how I'm an English major and use it more than my native tongue, I do love the language and most of all, the places and the familiar plains.


Unless of course people pirated your papers


Best of fucking luck, but that mentality will be the end of you.


File: 1483116725812.jpg (85.14 KB, 900x675, 1333851337515.jpg)

Your job is to maximize monetization out of f2p games from whoever aside the geninely passionate person is willing to pay, and you've remaidned pretty lucid about it. You should be fine.


see >>797748
In four years I went from "F2P mechanics are exploitative and bad for games" to "this game is retarded it could monetise far more effectively if they knew what they were doing". And that's video games, something I love and care about.
Let me loose on marketing and I will die laughing atop my throne of lies.


I mean, you shill AB all the time, how much worse could you get?

It's not going to stop me from moving away, but I don't hate my country, I feel sad for the state it's in but since I can't fix it, I gotta go


File: 1483117090030.png (756.44 KB, 622x1006, 1327159880306.png)

Like I said, you're aware of just what's been going on in your head, which is better than a lot of people I'd wager.


>Yet I know that if I move away I will always long for home.

I can respect that.


Is it better to mistakenly stumble into evil or to lucidly march there of your own free will
I could end up working for Coke or Nestle or something


>Coke or Nestle



Free shit yo!


Don't do it DM!


I do feel bad about it, but my own future is more important than the future of a country that keeps making the worst decisions


If not you, someone else is going to do it. Better to march in knowing the good in you will make things not as bad as it would have been.


>the good in you will make things not as bad as it would have been
If my F2P stuff is any indicator the only time I hold back at all is when I know that milking harder will negatively affect the bottom line, and even then I do it once to prove it.


File: 1483117530440.png (894 KB, 1280x720, large.png)

Go the UK and stay there as a translator


Sounds good.

I could run after 12pm on Saturday and Monday.


If I find decent work I'll stay for the summer, if I find even better work, I might take a passive semester at my home university, if I find the best job I might just never return


But hey, you're aware, it still counts for a lot.

And if not you, someone else will anyway.

But you'll have the cat shipped over, right?


I'm sure you'll like the UK.


If I divorce I'm afraid the cat will stay with the father, my flatmate who rescued it.


Obtain britcat


Problem is, I'd need a house, and I bet a house in the UK costs a fucking arm and a leg
The reason we can even have a cat in our apartment is because the landlord is a vet therefore likes animals and has no problem about us having one


Brexit also won't make it any cheaper


I mean, a degree won't do me much good either, so most likely I will actually have to come back for another year to get the masters before moving back out


File: 1483118016391.jpg (80.34 KB, 418x422, 33b72c.jpg)

You can already make contacts though.


It's going to spend 51% of its time at the door, meowing that it wants to leave.

The rest of it will spend it's time on the other side of the door wanting to go inside.


File: 1483118108639.png (166.95 KB, 526x541, 1322454859490.png)


Could sicker burn ever be delivered?


File: 1483118177726.png (63.28 KB, 291x423, 8852a4d45f.png)


File: 1483118237125.jpg (35.4 KB, 530x534, 1479977504311.jpg)

Networking is certainly useful!



File: 1483118345369.jpg (Spoiler Image, 596.37 KB, 850x1169, 7a4bbe09-5e6c-436a-97b5-e4….jpg)


Oh dear


File: 1483119434063.png (73.35 KB, 800x1009, 2011-01-13-beartato-badmem….png)


File: 1483120005045.png (1.15 MB, 701x701, 1474969307924.png)

My internet access might be spotty this coming weekend, so I'll prematurely wish all of you a happy New Year's.
May 2017 be for all of you a healthy, productive, prosperous and loving year


File: 1483120024455.png (207.94 KB, 937x1500, arctic capra.png)

>The arctic capra is adapted only to life in the cold and high places of the world, making it a rare sight in civilized lands
>They are often regarded as grumpy, cold and unfriendly by other capra, though human scholars theorise this has less to do with their disposition and more with their naturally low-hanging ears and thick coats concealing traditionally positive and receptive body language


File: 1483120842052.jpg (64.01 KB, 680x680, 1467491441932.jpg)

Things going alright?


File: 1483120963518.jpg (2.04 MB, 2611x2005, 1482269713939.jpg)

OW anyone?


I suppose I could do a few rounds


Well, that was a fun way to kill three hours. spoilers ahead, by the by, but if you don't plan on getting/watching a playthrough of the Vanishing of Ethan Carter, I suppose it doesn't matter.
I expected Paul Prospero = Ethan, but I can safely say I didn't expect it to end with Ethan accepting his own death. I suppose this would make him the Sleeper that was trying rise, but was stalled by the fact he was asphyxiating.


Join us for a couple of OW matches.


I'll come

And I'll play Overwatch after that


In a little bit, I haven't moved, more or less, for three hours so I need to stretch.


>Invite Fidget to play
>You already have a full group of six

We just don't know.gif


You guys were too slow.


File: 1483124498304.jpg (36.57 KB, 463x462, I went slow once and it wa….jpg)

I'm going to need to remember to pester DM for his bnet. And get BDN to add me on Euro-servers.


Yes yes I'm alrighty! Thanks for asking
I'm still staying over, just with the friend fixing the ds, we're playing Borderlands


I want 20


that's fine


File: 1483126851446.png (222.11 KB, 937x1500, arctic capra.png)

now in color


File: 1483127238412.png (81.13 KB, 500x427, 1451337945331-0.png)

>Friend's cousin saying I look like a guy that loved camping
I want 20 more


File: 1483130034517.jpg (1.83 MB, 2127x2992, 1483122713811.jpg)


File: 1483130171865.png (527.47 KB, 1280x1638, b023f48b-275f-421e-a522-07….png)


ywn play metal slug for the first time ever again


that's a good thing because it's not an amazing game.


You probably suck alien cock.


File: 1483132470965.jpg (174.24 KB, 1000x913, 5cbdac22-6840-4705-8581-a5….jpg)

Aaah all those times beating X and finding all those secrets


Now now, Sylt. They're alien squid-things, so it's alien tentacle cock.


Nasse you make me upset
You seriously don't enjoy all those amazing engine and tank art along with fun gameplay and light doses of humor?
Oh man and when you unlocked the concept arts UUUNFFF


I like the pixel art but the gameplay I find uninspired and dull.


Well it's an old arcade game


Well, exactly.


I bet you don't like citizen kane either because it's in black and white.


I love plenty of black-and-white films. Some of my favorite films are black and white.
And I've never seen Kitizen Cane


File: 1483134903045.jpg (22.77 KB, 480x320, kane-borges.jpg)

It's the Citizen Kane of movies.


I bet it will never live up to the hype now.


You must have seen a lot of yourself in it then




our little maali
all grown up


Whoa, Maali. I'm actually hurt by that. And you still haven't drawn me that porn you promised.


And I'm still busy


File: 1483136643964.jpg (57.47 KB, 400x300, asuka57.jpg)

what did he mean by this


I want to that anime girl.


File: 1483136708113.jpg (277.29 KB, 867x867, 1476518693723.jpg)

Whoa! playing pokemon is a big commitment bro


I will marry Lillie


File: 1483136796152.png (275 KB, 1015x1409, 2cf73ba5-9c62-454f-b82e-29….png)

It means I'm a dumb who forget to put pics


I don't believe you!


wat a bluphox


No, no.
I want to synch her AT Field


Well you don't have to


Speaking of lewd you were drawing!


I meant I don't believe you're sorry
I hope you get through your life okay


File: 1483138232880.jpg (562.46 KB, 1200x840, fcc554c1-cbc3-4fb7-8549-b5….jpg)

Hush hush hush
I couldn't pass up the chance of such a good burn you opened up for me
And thanks, like I said we feel alright, we're in peace away from him
We just have to find home and me, a job


File: 1483139134828.jpg (216.78 KB, 1920x2560, SxNzQhB.jpg)


File: 1483139357877.gif (462.12 KB, 347x347, 1478439955785.gif)

>going to big party this whole weekend
>tfw you're wondering if you'll be the meme guy

Fuck, I feel like I've gone too far.
I've gone too far in a few places


You have made
Big decisions



File: 1483139651628.gif (6.05 MB, 852x471, gabby.gif)

You work so hard to be a normie.
And when you're there, you're wondering if it was all worth it.


So old
So bad


I bought a small pack of fireworks and some stuff to make drinks. Now I'm only wishing my friend will come over for new years.
And then I have a birthday a week later.




File: 1483148197950.png (71.16 KB, 575x400, e61fa768-fb42-4c71-bbc3-22….png)


File: 1483150929561.jpg (505.1 KB, 924x1648, Mercy.jpg)


>finished the Millenium Falcon arc of Berserk
Boy that was a real lift, I feel like I'm on top of the world.


It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down…


Isn't that part of the armor supposed to be solid though?




I see you've never watched a hentai before.


File: 1483152286207.png (6.93 MB, 5936x4308, Berserk_v34_p046-047.png)

Every page from here on out is fantastic, I'd be hard pressed to find any single volume that has better art than this.
Sure, but this great by itself, I can't imagine it getting any better or satisfying than this.
I was so excited I forgot the second N.


Well I have no issues with it
If anything it must mean her actual boobs are even bigger and are being contained tightly in that armor, thus the lewd expression
Or she's actually just super flat and wears that just to fool people :^)


I like the idea of a flat-chested girl wearing armor with something like deflector shield generators that looked like boobs.
In Godannar there was one robot that got bigger boobs when it combined with the jet that became the flight module.


File: 1483152585899.png (539.08 KB, 500x667, fa89561d-3889-4035-9b0c-cf….png)

That's a very fun thought to have in mind


>Frequent porn exposure does cause desensitization from violent and abusive sexual acts, aggression, and lack of sympathy towards women, as well as ED.

>Studies on this are actually deemed unethical for this reason.

So how fucked are you?


Not at all, that's why I look at porn so much.


What an unexpected and refreshing pun!


I only commited rape once so far and I am ashamed of it


>human empathy is directly linked to their boner


I hope I'm the first one to make it.


I wonder how the study found a direct correlation between frequent porn exposure and aggression

Made a person jerk it for eight hours while inside an MRI machine?


Actually another study says watching porn makes you rape less.


>he had asked a bunch of male students at Montana State University to rate the beauty of an average-looking woman in a photograph after having watched an episode of Charlie’s Angels.


That's not even actual porn


File: 1483153527002.png (1010.58 KB, 836x1149, Do you know what you are.png)

>desiring 3DPD


They use playboy centrefolds in the following test!
So it's technically 2D!


Charlie's Angels is pornography?


It was the 80s, man.


So it's outdated and inaccurate?


If you haven't noticed, males tend to treat women who they find physically attractive more favorably than others.
Still counts as 3DPD, so it's a no-go.


>In an unrelated note, men who viewed the centerfolds during test two also had a noticeable increase in likelihood of wanting to read more short short-format fiction. We have not yet determined the cause of this unusual development.


Perhaps machinery will cure us of this illness of selfishness


Yes actually, I'm only halfway through the article and so far it's talking about this one old study which might be completely wrong.


I thought the whole thing was a joke and you were just waiting for someone to poke fun at their "scientific" method


Waifus and husbandos for everyone. It will be a paradise.


>everyone gets to assigned one waifu
>you have to pick it when you're 14 so it can be your "high school sweet heart"


Once everyone has holographic maids in jars no one will be lonely.


>grow out of edgy teenage waifu in 2 years like a bad internet handle
>have to keep it around for 80 more years because it's a true AI and turning it off is effectively murder


>implying they don't assign you one at the age of four, so it has a good 12~14 years to develop naturally alongside their mate
The ultimate in Waifu-bando technology.


The joke is how this shit is real.


But what if you go for 3dpds?

Can't you just brainwash reprogram it?


That's unethical, since by that point it would be classified as a "sentient entity."
The real gray area is if you do it in the midst of AI rights activism.


Just make it a sexbot with a string in its back which plays one of five clips when pulled.
NEETs won't even notice and you don't need a social security program for your senile AI waifus 50 years down the line.


I mean, can someone fall in love with a sentient AI?
Can it be inseminated?


Fifty years? The smart AI in Halo breaks down in less than a decade, don't they?


>implying they'll go senile
In the event their owner dies, they'll all be hardwired to dispense the estate and then, once all formalities are taken care of, shut down for refurbishment. Post-"mortem" they are little more than a sophisticated doll, and recycling the chassis helps cut down on overhead.
Artificial wombs are already almost a thing, Nopo. Only a matter of time.


Wouldn't know, I only played the first one.
That Futurama episode where Bender dates the ship.
That Buzz Lightyear from Star Command where the robot dates the ship.
Half of the doctor episodes in Voyager.


>half of the doctor episodes in Voyager
But that's falling in love with a fictional character who happens to be an AI.
They could be repurposed for military drones. Imagine MILF drones dropping bombs on poor people in desert countries while congratulating the controller for doing such a good job.


File: 1483155143209.png (330.98 KB, 1280x981, 50ff54e7-69b9-4d47-b251-ce….png)

Such nice thoughts
But it makes me sad when I realize we won't be alive when it becomes real


Artificial Womb != Artificial Egg != Artificial Seed.


40 more years has been calculated to be enough to live forever.


Why do you need a controller if you have on board ai?


EDI from Mass Effect 2 and Joker.
>tits are literal bunker busters
Then they'd just start shooting them on-sight.
You need the house before you can make things to live in it, Sylt. And if recall rightly, stem cell research has progressed to the point where they've already made sperm/eggs from skin cells.
In mice, sure, but that's usually the precursor to primate/human testing.


>But that's falling in love with a fictional character who happens to be an AI.
yea, that was basically the original proposal I wrote, they give you a fake character of your choice.

WELL you can pick a celeb


Imagine that. A gay couple which wants a kid, gets a stem cell from the one party of the wrong gender, turns it into the missing cell, and implants everything in a fake womb.

or someone doing it with himself and just growing a bunch of clones


Aim assist, morale, that kind of thing.
No, they're not robots, they're the jet/bomber drones, but with wAIfus on-board.
That was a joke I guess didn't go through.


I mean what if you want a real woman instead of an android!


Metal Gear!?
Isn't that just the Strike Witches anime, but with old women instead of teenagers?


I am not good at the jokes today


Nonsense, this is the best way for happiness, the machines say so!


Nopo, no real woman would want a mortal man because he can't hotswap his dickparts for whatever she's up to that day. Plus, they only wear out when she does.
And he'll fold laundry and do the dishes without complaining.


Why would you want that


I need vidya to take my mind off how sick I am

[vomiting intensifies]


No, it's different. I'll develop and work on the setting info and proposal so everything's clear.


Reminds me of that gay festival advert


Plague Inc


Whatcha got in mind? Probably nothing that might give you motion sickness.


I was playing Dishonored 2 but now I don't even have the strength for that anymore

Just gonna watch some SC2 stram


I don't care about the chores or being easy to expect since it's a program
I want it to be real!


Then I hope you're prepared to be held to impossible standards that all of your girlfriend's girl friends' robot boyfriends set.


>since it's a program
Hold on here.
If we talk real AI it won't be a program. It will literally be a sentient, self aware being.


This reminds me of a guy I knew whose wife bought him a fleshlight when she got stationed away from him. They ended up divorcing.


If he hasn't replied to your text in 1 full millisecond, he's not replying to you. It's over. Time to move on.


>if he's not working two full-time jobs to support your lifestyle, he's a bum. Drop him.


File: 1483156465894.png (645.43 KB, 1406x932, 1426741586299.png)

Ahh wonderful


But it's not reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!


It's not so much that they "break down" as they start to go crazy, but yeah, AI in Halo tend to have an operating life of seven years.


There is absolutely nothing funny with that picture.
But she would be. You and I are nothing more than matter. It can be replicated, the process happens daily when a child is born. So creating an artificial mind in any other way would still create a mind.


>maali goes on a gainax cruise and didn't tell me


File: 1483157044921.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.05 MB, 2340x1470, 1425264584805-0.jpg)

How about this one?


Ah that was nearly two years ago
I did tell you when I started watching Knights of Sidonnia thou




I dunno man, it made me smile


>Hair a mess
>bending down so I look short
>unshaved and ungroomed beard
>white as a eggshell because 0sun
>Dressed like a dork
Not a flattening pic of me.


I look like a shitbag in every picture of me ever.


I'm Italian. Some of my pics have to look good, it's like walking or breathing.


Rest well in knowing that, even looking like you do, you're still leagues more photogenic than I.


To me you look like you belong in there so don't worry, you're all a bunch of dorks together


Are you people seriously having a pissing contest of who is the least photogenic


Well they can't fight over who is the most photogenic since I'm here


They are, I honestly think I usually look good in pictures but that one's shit!


I think I win by default since I don't distribute photographs of myself.




The day of the rope is soon upon us.



Its fugged
the cauldron simple won't accept the biome foci


I can't argue with that

You lose in everything

The fucking Cricket Massacre was too much


>biome foci


That's what the biome pages that you get by putting paper and the advanced book together, are used for.
makes a brew or cauldron ritual
already made a brew before so I know it works.. it just doesn't work right now


what brew needs a biome paper?


i'd try again but I'm out of tear of the goddess now


What cricket masasacre


the shifting seasons brew

I'm just taking a little break before I try again.
Ideally I wanted to do it as a ritual and target the area, already wasted half the way stones I made so I need to copy the one I have left too.


The bombing of the transpor ships
It was genocide


I don't expect to get on tonight, I'm really terribly sick, just laying on my bed with my laptop


Nopony caught the Grand Cricket Army in transit onboard transport ships.

None survived. Hundreds of thousands died.


Which Transport Ships


Also why do you need the brew? Why don't you just do the ritual like we did before?


Well, I successfully made a brew before, so I mean, it DOES work, I'm just messing up somehow.. I'll puzzle it out eventually


>An alternative method of performing this ritual spell is to craft it as a Custom Brew in a Witch's Cauldron, using a Biome Note to specify the target Biome. Note that this will still require a coven and large amounts of Altar power.
>Although it is created in a Witch's Cauldron, a Brew of Shifting Seasons cannot be bottled and must cast as a ritual by adding either Gunpowder or Water Artichoke Globe, then Tongue of Dog.

What a pain, all that extra stuff to cast it as a brew and it's not even transportable in a bottle? I would just cast it as a ritual instead.


because its just the little cliff area he wants to be plains, and if I do the ritual right there, it will change a lot more than that, including the manor.
I could do it in the valley and probably be safe.. its kind of a last resort.

I'm telling you I literally already made a splash potion bottle of it before. Area is very small thou.


If you say so, I'm just saying what the wiki says


Oh god, the horror, it's too much, I just can't


File: 1483158860227.jpg (74.63 KB, 500x446, Nyoro~n.jpg)

Alas and alack.
No more plains potions, I guess.


Oh. I thought Russia finally bombed some refugee ships.


Fidget witnessed and used said potion too.
I don't understand why you don't believe us.

anyway the ingredients are relatively easy aside from the tear

However I would love to be casting it as a ritual for the larger - but not quite as large as circle magic - version


If you close your eyes and listen carefully, you can still hear the screams and skittering.


I'll get it figured out eventually. or do my back up of circle magic method
Just clearing my head because either way its gonna be a bit of prep


Little Jimmy will forever be in our hearts, making a wish on that shooting star.


File: 1483159156407.jpg (85.12 KB, 900x300, PBF097-Astronaut_Fall.jpg)

I managed to sneak this out from the historical archives


Take your time, Andy. It's not like the bees are going anywhere.


Thanks. Its just pretty annoying because I made it before.


I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't have any experience in witchery

I'm going to bed, too sick to talk about blocks


orbit is the state of perpetual falling


Yes, but the point is to fall in a way that you miss the earth


File: 1483160702189.png (329.93 KB, 1385x711, 2016-12-30_23.04.41.png)

I got one


File: 1483160890985.webm (7.1 MB, 480x480, SlowEquatorialJellyfish-m….webm)

I hurt myself today
To see if I still taste


this reminds me I only ate cereal today


Oh god I got so fucking hungry
Thanks asshole

Go and eat something proper you dumbass


You're welcome, notaste


>tfw wanted to eat spaghetti milanese but there was no pasta cooked and cooking pasta at 5 am would wake up everyone

It's a tragedy
I should just go to sleep so I can wake up and eat


Do you… Do you keep cold cooked pasta around? Like some kind of dead animal body?


You cook them in large batches and store them for multiple uses!


This is bait


You save time and effort with that!
Since you heat the pasta up with the sauce in the microwave anyway!


I've only done this one time when I made too many noodles


Why would you make a single plate sized portion of pasta every time you eat instead of just making more at the same time?
What's the point?


The same reason they aren't sold precooked I imagine


They won't spoil or dry up in a day if you just put it in the fridge


>Andelia and Sylt are strangers to the concept of leftovers
I mean, maybe it's from growing up in a large family, but having extra food that got put in the fridge at the end of the meal just seems like a normal thing to me.


Not really. I just try to make the right ammount of food, making extra noodles on purpose isn't what I'd do.

left overs usually mean rotten containers later fam


They only rot if you don't eat it fam

It means a little bit less freshness but less effort too at the next meal


I dunno, around here leftovers tend to serve as snacks between meals/meals for people feeling tired or lazy.


Will save

Roll #1 4 + 8 = 12 / Roll #2 1 = 1


that works well for families


I cook together with my roomie too.
But I do the same even if it's just for me, a large batch just means I'll have to eat the same thing for two or three days.


I mean, when I was at home we always made extra to have leftovers, it was fine, just extra of a whole meal, not extra unsauced noodles


I live again


And I haven't even died yet

I inherited this from my family, but I do not mix the sauce and the pasta all at once.
I make smaller batches of pasta and put the sauce on it when I want to eat instead of just mixing the two.
That means that the sauce won't spoil in the fridge and it can even be frozen if you want to save it for later.


>nopo not even slp yet



Gotta destroy that sleep schedule if you want to go hard at New Year's Eve
I probably won't get very drunk this year


Me neither.


File: 1483164212819.png (912.15 KB, 1028x1028, 1475727152242.png)

>woke up after the post office closed


>creator of Kinder Surprise has died

Cruel 2016
Who else will you take from us before you go?


17 hours left
Let's go!


More then enough time for some earthquake or tsunami


That's all folks


File: 1483165712002.png (227.02 KB, 1350x1050, 1322794551260.png)


He couldn't do it, sadly
I left the 3ds there with him. Hopefully he'll find a way to get it fixed eventually


Been quite a year huh?


Once things have settled down look for a repair shop or something, I guess.

I'll make you draw enough to pay for it

It really has.
Here's hoping for better.


You got any plans for nye?


File: 1483169450334.png (318.44 KB, 445x600, 1326816529797.png)


Is nye not that big a deal in Singapore?


File: 1483169925533.png (289.18 KB, 1000x800, 1342883219873.png)

It is, just that my friends don't have any plans either and we're 2lazy


Run a nye poke quest


File: 1483170121837.jpg (206.65 KB, 765x772, 1444103868628.jpg)

If I don't end up finding something


>all pokes are drunk now win the nye pokemon league

I even prepared an arc! Also nopo is slp, your bait is powerless


File: 1483170829916.jpg (845.64 KB, 5000x4874, 1340247509612.jpg)

I'm just posting cute horses

Well everyone's busy with their own family gatherings, guess I'll just be comfy at home


I think you're confusing lewd and cute


File: 1483170943009.png (338.35 KB, 1621x1107, 1324877809844.png)

They're not mutually exclusive


>decide to make Andy and Sylt in XCOM2 for giggles
>Andy's a fucking dead-eye, and Sylt only hit once out of the entire map
>Sylt ended up as an assault and Andy turned into a Support instead of Sniper like I was hoping
Ah well.
Eventually I'll make the rest of the sub.


>aim to be a sniper
>wind up a support
sounds like my OW adventure


At least in Overwatch they smushed them together in Ana.
I'm calling your drone D.Va because it's labeled as a "Gremlin" drone.




also you should look in on the beez again and see if they adapted to the new biome


>internet here

Things went better than expected!


File: 1483184402851.png (492.5 KB, 3000x3281, 1329172000602.png)

So quiet


File: 1483185673654.jpg (133.76 KB, 1080x810, 1460262767829.jpg)

I had a sub dream where nopo was talking about some lack of confidence, Andy asked whether It was physical or mental and he said physical, and then someone (I think her) proposed nopo to send nudes
Or maybe it was the opposite and Andy was the one all sad? It's hard to remember dreams


Thumbnail looks like a sheep's head


File: 1483187040608.gif (591.62 KB, 600x500, f3c2b302-bfe5-40a2-9c36-6f….gif)


File: 1483187770866.jpg (Spoiler Image, 178.63 KB, 1000x1000, Boob reference.jpg)


Fucking perv


File: 1483189001186.png (238.99 KB, 585x580, 1460500237641.png)


I know, they really are
I've forgotten nearly everything about it, good thing my first thought when I woke up was to post it in the sub
I'm really addicted to this place


File: 1483190697556.png (317.26 KB, 1250x1041, 1445017861193-2.png)

Asking for nudes is a very strange way of boosting the confidence of someone


And how else could we compliment your perfect Hungarian body and your sexy beer gut?