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File: 1483195685495.png (403.01 KB, 997x557, poniest pony.png)

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In which we celebrate another year of horse


>Dreamt of reading a really good Mickey Mouse comic
>It ended on a major cliffhanger
This is not the kind of dream I expected


I dreamed of something, but it has passed now



>enemy realizes that I have lethal if I evolve one of my followers
>uses the oops emote
>for the elf girl it's a loud gasp

The comedic timing value was so fucking good


You now have to write a fan fiction about the rape which followed.


Rape elf.


But how can a tight little elf ass it all that dragon cock?


With lots of lube


How long till new year over there?


50 minutes
I'm home drinking and shitposting with a friend




Yep, I live in the future


[fireworks externally]
The world is a large place.
5 timezones went through into NY already. Just base yourself off 1200 GMT.


>huge dlc for call of Icarus
>releases Q1 2017
>for a game released in 2012
I never got the chance to play that. You guys would be up for trying it?


The DLC I desire from Q1 2017 is Crimson Court for Darkest Dungeon


It does look like fun


Isn't it 4?


File: 1483197709616.png (106.81 KB, 803x578, edce5f99-e0f5-4e9b-8264-dc….png)


It is. I counted wrong.


File: 1483197766610.jpg (31.64 KB, 480x448, 424163.jpg)


File: 1483197912969.png (502.23 KB, 1280x1369, 94c589c2-1bcc-4fb1-8ee6-67….png)


>A really good Mickey Mouse comic
And that's how you know it was a dream!


It was about the phantom blot doing terrorism


File: 1483198350707.jpg (74.27 KB, 750x1000, sample-a9dda32a52e91d019c6….jpg)


You mean KKK-kaapu?


I'd play it. Heard it's fun, but I don't know if it's the kind of game you'd play for a long period of time. Also already got plenty of other stuff to play to be honest.

Speaking of, OW in 30 anyone?


File: 1483198506778.png (191.9 KB, 720x900, c5bb1bd1-02a9-441b-85bb-04….png)


So just what he does in every other story.


We'll see if it's worth it once the DLC comes out.
And yes.


Just for an hour


Happy new year m8s




>do one mei brawl
>guy using meem arrows and shouting about donkey dicks wall glitches for 5 rounds in a row
>on enemy team
>we still win


File: 1483201460952.png (573.93 KB, 1280x720, 1417796914014.png)

Deploy paen


Were I to kick off OTR tomorrow (since I doubt anyone wants it today) would we have people?



I'll try my best to be here


Probably not, busy with family stuff.


File: 1483203829077.jpg (218.04 KB, 846x960, 775.jpg)




Now with less spliced Zs in the url


File: 1483206062179.png (504.02 KB, 644x752, 1344469854793.png)

Staying home and drinking with a friend was a good idea


I'm spending NYE with family


What's this glitch anyway?


File: 1483206374157.png (433.3 KB, 2200x1700, 1327963184521.png)

How nice


I'll be spending it with the sub


I should slp now to wake up for you all


4 hours to go for DM


I'll be spending New Year's Eve sick


>mosquito that's been sucking my blood for fucking days flies into my beer glass
>quickly put my hand over the mouth
>manage to sneak a finger in and ams hit against the walls of the glass without any bits falling into the beer

This year's off to a good start


This shit reads like a page from jojo.







I'll be spending it with some old frens I haven't seen in a long time
Might drop some posts in the meta though, since I don't expet this year to be a very hardcore party


Au Revoir for now


File: 1483210002168.jpg (19.31 KB, 370x275, robotrollcall.jpg)


File: 1483210033576.jpg (181 KB, 800x800, 1198020041202.jpg)


Bye bye


killing mosquitos that manage to evade the insecticide for days is boss-battle worthy shit


I'll probably be aslp, so happy new year in advance


File: 1483211214159.jpg (97.52 KB, 720x576, robotskillpeople.jpg)


I kill people
With robots


File: 1483211328356.png (237.48 KB, 584x242, say what.png)


I'm back home, I can run Caballeria if you're still at home.


Sure but I'm about to have NYE dinner with family!
And probably gonna take a while to spend time with them, so that's 2 to 3 hours from now.


File: 1483215317811.jpg (60.58 KB, 1280x720, 1474155776707.jpg)


I have the day off, so just hit me up on Steam when you free up.


Why does NYE always devolve into a fucking memefest


The grand mysteries of life indeed.
I'm too tired to even bother going out for the fireworks


I don't see any memes here?


Why is she so cute?


No here at home.


From Leddit

>If you had control of Overwatch lore for one day, what would you do to upset fans?

Top answer
>I would make Hanzo and Genji become american, so that the weebs would never lock them again. I would then make lucio japanese, so he gets insta locked everygame.


File: 1483217065532.jpg (2.11 MB, 4032x2268, 2016-12-31 22.39.32.jpg)

Oh, is there drama or is everyone just drunk and the dogs afraid of the fireworks?


Delete Lucio from the game.


Dumb Genjiposter!


People are arguing about what the best Disney song is while 'Under the Sea' is blasting at near full volume.


File: 1483217186082.gif (495.97 KB, 250x405, 1388962607917.gif)

Because she cares


We all know Hellfire cannot be matched


Is her SC2 handle "WhiteRa"?


Hellfire is a meme shit.


Nopo stop pretending to be Nasse, your complete lack of taste is showing again


File: 1483217391404.png (1.33 MB, 1328x3540, Friends are good to have.png)


File: 1483217425978.jpg (75.82 KB, 840x453, 6d35j.jpg)


I've never even seen Notredamen Kellonsoittaja but I know Hellfire is FAR away from the best Didney Song.


>Never seen the best disney movie
Yeah you probably think the best one is Sword in the Stone because it features the biggest tits.


Sword in the Stone has TITS?!
I mean, I've seen enough of Gypsies are the Scum of the Earth that I know it's boring and trite.
My favorite Didney Movie is probably Toy Story 2 or Aladdin


Squirrel tits don't count, DM.


Hey now


Madam Mim has very tits :^)


File: 1483218564323.png (19.21 KB, 540x424, Horse emote.png)

…Fair enough, but spooky tits aren't tits you'd normally go for.


There will be a day we can all fly a virtual spaceship together.
Imagine that.



I fail to see the point


File: 1483219060322.png (130.65 KB, 634x506, Supergrumpy bug.png)


Well, you know DM's tastes


And do nothing with it.


File: 1483219459680.jpg (415.22 KB, 850x1169, 60c1653a-e80e-492d-9a35-90….jpg)


SC shouldn't be as pointless and empty as ED, thought.
It will have real "quests".


If you really want something like that, get Artemis and play with friends.


what an oddly shaped horse



It should be the same but more immersive, in practice.


File: 1483219866951.gif (92.93 KB, 599x400, 5ba27397-2680-4d7c-b16d-25….gif)

There's nothing odd about her shape
… Are you calling her fat??


Something about the style looks off


I know right, the Simpsons didn't have a recliner there and there was a countertop and a window right next to that doorway in the kitchen.


Ioppichio is an odd one yes, but I like his colorful huge eyed pons
I think it was supposed to be based on Toriel's house Nasse, no the Simpsons one


I mean of course
You should draw Toriel porn


You should draw*


I mean, that's what I said.


No no, you said I should draw Toriel porn, I say I should draw something in general


Well I am drawing something even now!
YOU should draw porn though totally


I'm happy for you. Show me when you're done

And maybe some other time, don't worry




Happy new year faggots


That was me btw


Fucking normies I swear
Happy new year


>Normies being an hour late to the party


File: 1483226943908.jpg (3.07 MB, 4032x2268, 2016-12-27 09.36.16-2.jpg)

Happy gnu year's though. I'm glad 2016 is finally dead.


File: 1483227038761.jpg (178.55 KB, 553x800, 6ae12261-b55d-477c-9f5d-fb….jpg)

Still and hour and a half late here



File: 1483227237370.png (Spoiler Image, 543.21 KB, 774x800, aceb5dba3249624227880b90c9….png)

>tfw no big Mudsdale



>tfw five hours, 17 minutes until 2017


File: 1483227890491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.18 KB, 594x236, 1364581.jpg)

>me in january 2016 vs. me in december 2016


File: 1483228517827.jpg (153.94 KB, 715x358, 912b5e30-e98c-4020-a26c-00….jpg)


Holy shit, Gulasch is an Hungarian food?



That's why it's so popular in Austria.


Hopefully there will be some Vanduul fortresses to raid together, like a Co-Op Mass Effect.


I was 100% sure it was Russian because of the word "Gulag"


I miss co-op mass effect. Got banned because I used CE to max my credits and unlock everything.
But I heard the game goes for €5 during sales and nobody cares about cheaters any more.


OW anyone?


Sure! 1 minute though


Going to need like 15 myself.



Damn, just as I was going to try to draw.


Do you already have six?



Euro server, right?


Same to me.


Might as well go Euro, since there are more of you over there.


Dang, just went out for food.

I already played enough on my brother's account, but all those different races were fun.


Wait, are you still here wanting to quest? I'd honestly forgot, sorry. Things with family dragged on till half a hour ago.


I stepped out to eat and was playing FarCry3, so don't worry about it.


Alright. Let's play some OW together once you come back then.


Your brother is almost catching up with me in Ow
I assume Hur-Dur is your brother, right?


>get disconnected because someone made themselves a cup of hot cocoa
That's it, that's the last goddamn straw.
Tomorrow, I'm getting a new fucking microwave. One that's properly shielded.


Yeah, that's him.


Or a long-ass ethernet cable.


It would have to be, at minimum, 50 feet long. Because I can guarantee you that no one in my home wants me drilling holes in the floor.


You can get 100' for cheap. Plenty of length to get it behind walls and around furniture without having to go under the house like I did.


File: 1483232747778.png (Spoiler Image, 498.92 KB, 680x682, 6c3.png)

You ACTUALLY have a Microwave that interferes with Wifi signals?


File: 1483232812638.jpg (2.71 MB, 4032x2268, 2016-12-25 05.52.52.jpg)

Fucking spoiler images.


The thing's 12 years old, so the wire mesh in the door plate that completes the Faraday cage (which prevents microwave radiation from interfering with radio/wireless signals) has worn out. The only ones who are effected by this are myself and my younger brother, so replacing the microwave has been an incredibly low priority due to the "well what are you doing on there that's so important" line of questioning.


>Helsing Ultimate Abridged episode 7 came out today


Just when we thought 2016 couldn't get bad enough


The year of Memes had to cram a few more in at the last second.
Fitting really.


Has the strep and jaw thing on your end cleared up?


File: 1483235991823.jpg (2.89 MB, 4032x2268, 2016-12-25 05.30.15.jpg)

>tfw you should sleep but you're not tired at all but there's nothing to do really


For the most part; still got some junk in my chest and I start getting aches if I chew too much, but other than that I'm pretty much back to normal.
I'm flat broke though, so I'll be celebrating the new year by job-hunting.


Hopefully you get a bunch of call backs soon.


File: 1483236197774.png (346.69 KB, 1280x1280, 11ad6787-9ecf-4e6a-9b66-84….png)

My first picture of the year is


Empty canvases only count as finished pictures to pretentious assholes, Maali.


Hopefully so. Who knows, maybe this surgery's made my face look more hireable.
Let me guess, Maali's front and center.


No I didn't mean the first one I'll draw, just the first one I post


Darn, you're right
I even drew him with glasses before, but its on my computer and I doubt anyone saved it


But it's still almost three hours until new year's… unless your particular spot in Brazil is GMT-2 instead of GMT-5, in which case you're in the future.


Yes indeed! And the future is bright
But Brazil is still a third world country…


Btw I don't suppose you have the picture of Maali with glasses do you?


File: 1483237371124.png (54.21 KB, 148x169, I am a durr.png)

Sure don't.


File: 1483237653901.png (1.96 MB, 1279x853, edcec3d7-47c6-4075-9d2b-28….png)

Aw man


File: 1483240604125.png (495.92 KB, 1280x1546, 1453396199112.png)

So, it's the next year huh


>Nopo leaves the moment I join


What is this monster of flesh and what happened to celestia.


File: 1483241002932.png (Spoiler Image, 334.75 KB, 900x718, scootaloo wants a hug.png)

I was left logged in to Mumble by accident

Pon is the warmest place to hide


File: 1483242575227.png (1005.8 KB, 1280x720, 7ad620f8-6cff-49ae-9745-1d….png)


File: 1483242935576.jpeg (229.92 KB, 1280x960, large (21).jpeg)




After careful appraisal, I determined the Mei-rry skin isn't even as good as Rescue Mei because she doesn't even have kawaii face smudges.


File: 1483243510927.png (309.22 KB, 900x1000, a004b4b0-7cba-432f-99e0-3b….png)


File: 1483243557854.png (1.17 MB, 1456x1392, Petalia.png)

That's right. You are a breeding machine with hips like that.


Petalia has some hips too, for a breezie
Its just hard to notice with the cape


Breezies are not for that


>Someone started dumping futa in the fairy thread on /aco/



>wf will never run a lewd quest


Do you think there's really an audience for it? On Roll20 so lewd stuff could be more private and less autistic, maybe.

I know there was an outlet for it back in the day with NL, Pirates, and Settlers. Did Dsty ever run that harem thing?


Also I doubt there's an audience for it. But it's good to dream.


File: 1483244153715.png (345.07 KB, 1280x1064, e3f8aeea-0b91-4964-af08-bb….png)

Blame my lack of proper body sketching skills
Or my subconscious thirst for hips

One of the two


I don't think a quest could sustain itself on pure ERP, even Settlers had a plot.


File: 1483244230851.jpg (207.78 KB, 1920x1080, Archaon total ham.jpg)

>multi-hour total ham campaign to kick off the year


File: 1483244294377.png (Spoiler Image, 452.1 KB, 1280x1280, 1463505008361.png)



A lewd focused quest could eventually stop being interesting even with a plot
Unless the DM was great and managed to always keep the players interested

The best alternative is to just play a normal quest and enjoy the lewd moments the best you can


But alas, no such quest exists.
The only thing micro is good for is showering the tiny one in cum.
>multi-hour pubstomping in OW to kick off the year
Yes, lovely!


>The best alternative is to just play a normal quest and enjoy the lewd moments the best you can
Problem with that is, you would feel like any lewd moment is a waste of time.


File: 1483244403411.png (Spoiler Image, 2.31 MB, 4000x2250, 1150245__solo_explicit_sol….png)

We'll just have to disagree


I think it wouldn't if it was well placed with a proper build up to it through the sessions, culminating into a nice fade to black and possible private rp


Here's the thing. If the plot is too nice, it WILL take over the erp component.
I've seen it happen.
Is it about domination and powerplay for you? Really, just explain which side you are coming from.


File: 1483244663914.png (Spoiler Image, 176.89 KB, 600x745, 1328157__explicit_rainbow ….png)


I'll just stick to what I know

But I also should just sleep


File: 1483244664427.png (280.75 KB, 710x1416, 15a76778-fa29-40b3-add7-d0….png)

Do tell me about it


The lewd stuff is better suited for things outside the core sessions since it's hard to involve an entire party meaningfully.


File: 1483244752211.png (Spoiler Image, 593.61 KB, 1024x1024, large (10).png)

Yeah, but I guess I must be a switch, because I find being on either side an attractive idea


It doesn't have to be a lewd moment for all party members at once. It could be to just one or two, also leaving aside the obvious more pure member of the party


File: 1483244871074.png (93.27 KB, 279x204, 966790__rainbow dash_blush….png)

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaah I think I'll just go to sleep now
I'd play in a semi-lewd or lewdquest though


I know several of you would


I bet you had your most pleasured moments in Pirates when the party was wiping rather than when Emrille was getting wing massages – with how you like blood


Being switch is fun, but I find it only works when playing to my kink. Outside of the bedroom I can't play the sub role, for instance.
I know you would.
Look, a lewd quest has stuff like "X is Y's slave and they have them walk on a chain all the time while adventuring", how can you prevent stuff like that from mixing in with the normal action? Every part of it is meant to be smut, even when not direct action is taking place.


Not quite how that works fam
It relies a lot on visuality and a bit on taste


Well when you put it like that I guess you can't
Would your character be the X or the Y?


X, I am very dominant IRL and want to play the opposite side.


Very interesting


You play tough because you are forced to but you are a baby back bitch slut deep inside


>Nopony's character gets turned into a bloodpack for his yandere waifu, like in Mad Max Fury Road


File: 1483245365635.gif (2.67 MB, 300x300, 1319607805555.gif)

I miss CoCquest


Not really, I like being my own person and asserting myself. I have my own views and a strong confidence in them. I don't care one bit for what those I don't like think of me and have a solution to my problems plotted out most of the time, never worrying over it. I play though because it's fun.



>Darude Dankstorm to celebrate Finnish NYE

Fucking meme country.


What kind of lewd things do you want catered to?


Eh that's not a discussion for meta. My general idea was a normal adventure quest but lewd.


Yes, do it. Make questing great again.

For now, bed time.


>quest planning
>not a discussion for meta
We embrace our meme


Would you join, my fellow horsefucker?
Grab them by the ponut.


The forever DM does not play
The forever DM DMs


Don't we all?

My only problem is that I have experienced true love and it's the kind of high that I have been chasing ever since but could not find

See this I could totally get behind


Do I even need to [hue] you?
Spoiler alert.
I have true love as well. ERP is not meant to be real life love!


Haven't we all etc.
I have no idea what you're getting at


You. DMing.


Plus DM drawing the scenes


I mean, obviously.
But you can't really fuck a zebra in real life. And you wouldn't want to because it's a dumb, agressive, smelly animal with a tendency of kicking and biting instead of an aesthetic marshmallow sentient xeno


Yes. So why did you bring love into this?


No you didn't get it. I was dissing him for not DMing anything in the last year after saying just now he was the forever DM.


Well now all we need is BoH 2nd edition


My DMing to playing ratio is untouchable.


I'm never erp'ing with you ever again.
Remember how I stopped even doing it in NL, after all the times you tried to blow my nuts up?


Poor Sylt's PTSD

The worst outcome I can recall anyone ever getting in one of my quests was Cheesy setting out to rape any random soul available and ending up raped


Because comfy and cute lewd is also my fetish. In fact, I prefer it to rape/coercion/slutty lewd, but it's the hardest to pull off


File: 1483246376334.gif (220.17 KB, 359x325, 1332648066401.gif)

You fucking sicko


File: 1483246394258.gif (1.39 MB, 439x484, 1117797.gif)


Felt more like a minigame of "not losing my dick" than anything else. Like, I remember this one time where just having consensual sex with my character's wife in the normal mounting position almost had me die.


Pls don't judge me


You fucking memes should sleep, it's 6AM

But if there is serious actual interest in a lewdquest, I will put some thought into it. I would want to talk to the people participating ahead of time though and find out what kinds of things they're interested in, because I like my stories to make sense. I'd prefer to pick a setting where those things could reasonably happen without disrupting the greater narrative.

Just food for thought.


Let's hope it's more like a Tucker's in San Junipero and not a Quagmire


File: 1483246790989.gif (967.69 KB, 654x470, 1345201120464.gif)

Truly it's the hardest to pull off.


File: 1483246840931.png (402.52 KB, 637x718, 1455906492073.png)

Who among mortals can have such power




File: 1483246916999.jpg (35.16 KB, 477x406, 1480746250975.jpg)


File: 1483246966482.gif (1.6 MB, 760x700, 1322182246013.gif)

It's tough in a lewdquest, since that's best with a dedicated waifu/husbando like I've been doing in mons


Nopony lacks the dedication and attention span for that.


I was thinking more like a NL, Pirates, or Settlers. Like, a quest with lewd stuff in it but it actually has a plot?


I'm down with that too.
We do need a new Pirates, so to say.

Don't believe his lies


I was hoping to make OTR into that but alas


I mean, if I can figure out something to play in it, I'll hit you up


Lewd in a quest that's not specifically made for it can be disastrous, see Midnight Forever.


It did make me drop it
Because I felt like I had nothing to do while the others were literally fucking around


File: 1483247534863.jpg (97.98 KB, 979x816, landing_by_jhonnyrebel-d6s….jpg)





How smol


File: 1483247616806.gif (225.58 KB, 253x250, 1330225240764.gif)

What a nice butt


I fully admit that a lot of my quests were not good in retrospect


>thread made by a tourist
>"Prostitute locations?"
>literally asking where to find a whore and how to ask for sex in italian
Wew lads.


What else is there to see in Italy?



Sunrise soon, fellow mistake maker



here comes dat sun!


File: 1483248571201.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, Another year of pone.png)


Not over there, you faglord. It's not even midnight over there.



I always, always use that for Archimedes II.


Play the song when you launch the weapon?


File: 1483258704383.jpg (110.79 KB, 800x677, 78a0a519-48b3-4d2f-8b4f-2e….jpg)

Just had a little nap


>it's a Sniper misses a 97%-to-hit shot episode
Oh boy, that's almost as good as the "assault misses a point-blank 99% shot" episodes!


I live again. A god amongst mere mortals


No, that song is also the quest name in new Vegas.



Tracer pls go


I'm dying, Piglet.


Can I have your empire of dirt?
No. I'm here to fuck all your women, Britain!


No. What was of dust, returns to it.


Requiescat in pace, big bad wolf.


God willing.
Now I'm going to go fall unconscious for a couple hours.


Yeah, but what do you mean when you use the quest for the weapon


File: 1483275312271.jpg (177.98 KB, 1024x1244, 1482349156656.jpg)

Spicy meatball!


File: 1483276950815.png (134.97 KB, 485x601, oyuZdyA.png)


File: 1483277214499.gif (20.73 KB, 150x150, 16f347c6-442f-40b2-b2c1-2d….gif)


File: 1483277230933.png (281.95 KB, 393x515, tumblr_oj30m73GKi1qeiz5bo1….png)


That I use the power plant to power the weapon itself and dgaf about new Vegas itself.



>tfw fuckall radius makes it useless
Too cool to pass up on though


Exactly. It's only a fug u move.


File: 1483280792778.gif (2.71 MB, 557x308, 1471542000668.gif)

>tfw got sick




Anyone want to OW in 20? I got like an hour.


Not home. I will probably only be around in a few hours.


>Has charge, can attack twice per turn, can't be damaged when it's summoned

This card seems like a super fucking fair one to give to a retarded class that just goes face all the time


Mona tonight?



I need a proper session mate!


I'll see how I feel


More like Cancercraft


Eh I'm sure it will be a no.


Yeah, well, I'm sick, tired, and somewhat depressed for no reason


Okay, just say so!


One of the biggest problems with OW is the small map pool. It makes the games run together in my head and it's harder to recount past glories.



File: 1483286516037.png (450.89 KB, 900x1072, 1317240000506.png)



File: 1483287196952.jpg (133.04 KB, 1024x1024, pickle-pee.jpg)


File: 1483287537765.jpg (148.75 KB, 1000x1000, 1330525507753.jpg)


As much as I like this time of year, the amount of family gatherings really start to get old at the end of it.


That's pump
Not a rum!


File: 1483291970412.png (170.35 KB, 700x700, 18ff06da-a59a-49a9-a759-26….png)

Man just enough with this heat already, it's completely draining my will to do anything


>Maali in heat
>He's so consumed with lust he has lost the will to do anything but lay back and give into pleasure


I wish I was the concubine of Celestia



Male or female concubine?


Male, obviously, so I can fuck her.


File: 1483292664333.png (1.17 MB, 1280x1377, 3d3dbbaf-e56e-4049-9504-ee….png)

Well you're not wrong in a way. It's a very small house with no privacy
I just want a nice cool space to sit down and work on something
You can go after other princesses, that one's mine
And just what are you laughing about, Mister 'It snows in my country'?
I bet you typed that in the comfort of your room, wrapped in a blanket while sitting in a chair in front of your desktop before chuckling and taking a sip of mug full of warm Cocoa with marshmallows while glancing at the snow falling outside through the window of your room like the jerk that you are


I need something that isn't solo WoW to play


I'm too sick and tired for Stellaris, sorry.

Nope, I called dibs on her way earlier


File: 1483292845300.gif (347.91 KB, 500x393, 1483188903940.gif)


No I won't pick up kancolle


>Thinking Dibs mean anything anymore
Get on with the times, old fart


Ouch, mang.


I was chuckling at the image you posted.
But yes, I've got a space heater going in my room as I watch it snow outside. Got my cup of hot coffee here too.




Fine, I can just demolish you and get her anyway then


File: 1483293179395.jpg (575.9 KB, 1024x680, 1482385252259.jpg)

What about a dunking bisquick


File: 1483293186819.jpg (467.97 KB, 540x718, 783148d6-617d-4744-a66e-47….jpg)

You freaking asshat
I hate you so much


I'll be home in about 3 hours.



>Oh sweet, you have a new phone?
>Well, I guess that means you can't use the Community Market for half a fucking month
>what's that, you wanted to get some cards for the badge?
>Well, too fucking bad, shouldn't have gotten a phone

Are you
Literally fucking jerking my foreskin right now, Gaben
What the fuck


Very reichable


I don't think we have everyone here though


>he doesn't read the TOC
Your fault. Everyone knows what happens when you change payment method or authenticator.


I just really don't see the fucking point of why it has to be so long.
3 or 5 days I could live with, but half a month is just fucking ridicolous


What cards you looking for?


Doesn't really matter since I can't trade either
My inventory and steam wallet might as well be a fucking barren wasteland.


Who are you missing?




You can start without me
I don't know what to play anyway


Wait, you planning a reboot?


>all those timezones
I fell for that once. Never again.


Last time I asked nobody wanted a reboot, just a streamlined version of the old story and then continuation from there.
Eternal DMquest problems


Right. Good.


You should just do games at the meets.


>that one game we had at Finmeet

I'm pretty sure someone stole the gem of a dragon by storing it in his ass
Then we called Child Protective Services


>"I'm calling child protective service!"
Yes indeed.


>How to ruin your quest


How was the weekend?


Good food, lotsa drink, lotsa fun. Left a bit earlier than planned because the person driving me home needed to leave earlier and I didn't want another 4 hours in the train tomorrow


I try to take those who would want to join.


Good luck with getting people together.
You'll need it.


You need to have a set schedule then.


File: 1483298540713.jpg (498.41 KB, 1280x1280, 2cc50227-9276-419e-a9d6-48….jpg)

I'm here, just left for a few minutes to eat



File: 1483300437693.jpg (59.81 KB, 450x557, True Human Bean.jpg)


Yeah, agreed.


File: 1483300529693.gif (135.21 KB, 528x396, 1416067186648.gif)


File: 1483300541206.webm (875.2 KB, 480x480, 424232.webm)


It sucks, but this is the cost of DMing. Especially over the internet.


File: 1483302059755.png (464.48 KB, 720x1280, YoRHa_No.2_Type_B.png)

2B's animations are pure sex.


Why is she wearing blindfolds


She's a repurposed sex droid.


Well that's a shameful waste of a perfectly good sexbot.


Nothing to waste her on since humans are extinct.


Well then it's just a worthless universe altogether.


File: 1483302586469.jpg (54.96 KB, 500x682, 7ea09f6e-b66c-4b31-bd52-39….jpg)


Why was she repurposed


Alien invasion, humanity low on forces.


Repurposing a sex robot seems pointlessly complex compared to just rolling out more autonomous weapon platforms


But then you can't fuck them.


But then you can't fuck them.


File: 1483303621004.jpg (490.82 KB, 1120x769, Peace_Walker.jpg)

Beep boop stick it in my railgun



But you just said Humanity was extinct anyway!


File: 1483303711678.jpg (135.37 KB, 500x500, G1toy_protect_black_ironhi….jpg)

Get over here, beautiful.


File: 1483303768611.jpg (63.28 KB, 765x397, sex robot.jpg)


File: 1483303882307.gif (5.9 MB, 384x384, cheese.gif)


>here, have a bowl of cheese with your single sliced potato


>swiss/savoyard cooking


File: 1483304104188.webm (1.17 MB, 640x276, Nopony as a co-GM.webm)


I'm going through some of my old materials again and I gotta say, as much as people disliked it, Silent Hill Homecoming had some really cool themes and set pieces.


>be in bookstore
>guy walking around with blue raccoon tail
I thought living is the south meant I wouldn't have to deal with this


File: 1483304711795.jpg (242.45 KB, 520x735, meme waw.jpg)

>Feeling that horror quest vibe again


Have you watched this? I know you like puppets.



Ah, I've heard of this. Thanks for finding me an episode to watch.


Time to go home.


Time to die.


This show is great, I highly recommend it for anyone else.


File: 1483306890756.png (1.06 MB, 980x1500, Motivation.png)

I'm so bored. I should be doing something but I can't choose what. Blargh.


Draw some OTR characters for me since I'm bad at clothes and armor


I don't really draw clothes or armor.


more than I do


File: 1483307232630.png (Spoiler Image, 262.26 KB, 1400x1200, Bimbo Tomoko.png)

It's a miracle if the stuff I draw has clothes on at all.


nice desu


File: 1483307611167.png (481.73 KB, 1666x2000, fjallamalla color.png)

My point remains.


My point is I'm only interested in drawing lewd.


So draw something lewd


File: 1483307820594.png (Spoiler Image, 262.91 KB, 1332x856, 17ce6b8a96feb628841377d692….png)

I am drawing something lewd even now.


Hm, yes, so it would appear


The part before the hair is drawn always felt weird to me since I had trouble working on the facial balance and such without it.


How unfortunate.


sketch out the hair as a rough blob before you even define the top of the head


Unfortunate for who?


Everywhere I've read deals with hair and faces separately.
Your Capra could be there if you showed a little bit of interest in receiving it, but you didn't.


Nigger do you want me bugging you for it constantly over steam or something?
It hasn't worked in the past either so I imagined you were going to get it done without babysitting.


File: 1483308642059.png (18.23 KB, 176x158, 1464278011962.png)

We got Stellaris/OW peeps?


File: 1483308692939.png (266.59 KB, 442x493, 1481856961354.png)


I guess not but since you didn't even have an idea for what you wanted to see plus I had to wait for a week for those references so I assumed you didn't really care.




Gaius around?


Is Swatz?


He's floating around like a turd in a toilet bowl.


>tfw trying to think of fantasy names but can only come up with dumb names
get outta my head Schmerklin


If you ow I can play.


If we have everyone I suppose we should Stellaris


I'll wait and see then who shows up.


File: 1483310041432.png (976.69 KB, 595x845, 1483305185988.png)

>No one shows up
Perfect. OW then?


Guess so, unless you want to go send Anduin home



>Operation Faraday fell through since the microwave I was gunning for was sold out and then others were alerted to my plans
>Proceeding with plan B: Operation Pipeline.
Order for the ethernet cable is already placed. They can't stop me now. Should be here by the 6th or so.


Also you forget I'm an attention whore
What, you were forbidden from buying a new Microwave?


I was told that, as the 12-year-old piece of shit still works, my money would be better spent on new buckets/mops or another space heater for the front hallway.
Because replacing it is on the same priority level as getting new sheets since it only effects myself and my brother.
Had the microwave I wanted not been out of stock, it would have been too late to stop me, but fate had other plans.


Well, good luck with stringing the Ethernet cable all along your house.


Already measured out the pathway with twine. It goes along the ceiling and is no hazard to anyone else.


sounds like you got everything figured!


Indeed. And soon within the week I'll be able to play vidya with you guys with impunity.


>No longer held back by the microwave, Fidget is freed to rise up as the #1 Overwatch player

>2 weeks later, he is banned because playing with the Euros is seen as pubstomping behavior


You overestimate me. Besides, work will be starting up again in a couple months.


Come play with us.


Euro, right?


File: 1483313942592.gif (188.34 KB, 350x350, 1394888637082.gif)


File: 1483313994846.png (358.03 KB, 700x800, 1481525057521.png)


File: 1483316921509.jpg (338.87 KB, 1280x1822, 0019.jpg)

Hey Maali


File: 1483317254918.png (185.88 KB, 1280x1038, 8795f1c7-38ef-450d-a2ca-28….png)

What a cool deer
The girl riding it has a really big weapon too


File: 1483317327240.jpg (446.33 KB, 1280x2423, 006_008.jpg)

Yeah she does.


Deer are underrated mounts.


File: 1483317487936.png (1.04 MB, 650x963, 604dcb5c-fb96-4e9c-b854-15….png)


File: 1483317922563.jpg (92.85 KB, 559x800, Wait a gosh darn minute.jpg)

>lewd act is definitely taking place
>no visible lewd bits


What a supremely dissatisfied-looking rabbit.


What a coincidence!


It's just a prank bro


File: 1483319107351.gif (2.79 MB, 600x340, 1483262615041.gif)

big nom


>OW is over
>Not slpy at all
Send aid
Or things to do


Make your lewdquest character.


3am is not a good standardized time for a quest


Draw me stuff


Make with quest

chop chop


File: 1483319569487-0.png (Spoiler Image, 293.41 KB, 800x800, 116a0387-91df-4faf-875d-0a….png)

File: 1483319569487-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 336.94 KB, 1200x1800, 7e19b9e3-beab-412f-b318-9c….jpg)

File: 1483319569487-2.png (Spoiler Image, 510.23 KB, 1280x1365, f0086097-b74e-4fc5-879a-98….png)

File: 1483319569487-3.png (Spoiler Image, 527.47 KB, 1280x1638, b023f48b-275f-421e-a522-07….png)

Draw capras in cute poses


Play new game


File: 1483319773236.png (424.16 KB, 385x545, 1483307946413.png)

Hey Green, remember how interesting it was that Saber was a gender-bent King Arthur and how it made sense and they weren't doing it with actual people who existed?

Fio a cute


So my complaint about DH2 writing was not the plot. The plot, whatever, it's just an excuse for assassination. That's not really the point, it was okay, if generic.

The writing just lacks any connection to the plot. So like every character spends their time talking about how the poor people are being taken advantage of by the rich. And every time you use the Heart, your mom's soul bitches to you about how the poor people are suffering under the rich. But the gameplay has nothing to do with that. The ending doesn't even comment on poverty or the common people at all. You aren't liberating poor people, you've never even been poor. So there's like a total disconnect from your actions. It's like if in between missions of Overwatch, Athena talked to you about the plight of the Sudanese people. Like… okay, but this game isn't about that? They use the word privilege and disempowered notably. I dunno. That felt a little too Tumblry for me, just how it was trying to make these statements that had nothing to do with the game. If this were Thief or like Robin Hood or something it maybe would've worked better?

This is just one example, there are a lot of really odd things about the writing but I don't really want to spoil it for anyone just in case they're still interested in playing it, since the gameplay really is great. Major spoiler though: Like what was the point of making Anton Sokolov and Billie Lurk lovers? You couldn't come up with a new character to be a love interest? And when you find out who Billie Lurk is (she's a main character), she disappears permanently so you can't go talk to her because the writers wanted to cop out entirely. Emily doesn't even react to hearing an audiograph and learning that Daud saved her form Delilah the first time. What the fuck? Why was there no reaction here, but you'll write a reaction to viewing a random marketplace? Total fucking laziness on the part of the writers.

Another thing about laziness, most of the game is barely different at all on high chaos, and the order matters a lot less. In DH1 you would get different conversations with the Outsider at his shrines if you visited before and after the kill, especially depending on if you chose nonlethal. The Outsider bits are much much more generic now and so vague that it doesn't matter if you visit before or after. L A Z Y.

I just hate to see such good gameplay weighed down by shit writing.


That hasn't been the case since at least Extra.


File: 1483320271912.png (307.59 KB, 1085x1129, 1325263061363.png)

More video games

>DM still hasn't touched EYE


Well that's Miyamoto Musashi from the phone game, so let's change that 'last day since gender-bend' to 1.



Probably the easy solution, yes


Could always stram.


I thought you were going to beb


I can slam some coffee, sit back and watch something for an hour or 2.


File: 1483320931771.png (25.31 KB, 945x945, 1350141012647.png)


What if OTR
Tomorrow at 5pm GMT



I liked the Outsider better when he was a whale; it fit better into the universe.


Guess not then?


I can watch but I'm too lazy to set it up


I could for about an hour.


If you seriously want me to write a lewd quest, I need to pick a setting and build a plot, but I want to know what I'm pandering to before I do that. And if you want to tell me privately I get that. It would definitely be on Roll20 anyway. You can Steam me.

I guess I'll talk to Nopo too and we'll see who else is interested. If only Cheesy and Lemon weren't totally dead forever, they would probably be all over it. Maybe Maali?
>Would require writing tons of gay scenes though


I liked the previous Outsider VA and design more as well

Whales are a lot less important in DH2 which is a little sad, though.


Well I don't know. Do you want to write that? Are you into it too or just doing because I asked?


Meh, nevermind then. I don't have OBS even installed or anything.


I have some ideas for settings that I've been wanting to write, but I need to know if they'd even work. Like, I've been toying with some ideas about a high society Victorian kind of thing for a really long time (like, before I ever visited the sub) that I've never written out.

If you're worried about whether I'm enjoying it you can molest some Breezies.


When do we finish Harry Potter?


Ask DM.



Fine by me.


File: 1483322275865.webm (1.89 MB, 480x480, 424242.webm)


>playing some Akinator again for shits and giggles
>think of NL
>at first it asks some very unrelated questions but then it asks "Is he canadian" and from then on in a rapid series "Is he bald, is he friends with a cat, is he known for playing The Binding of Isaac"

I laffed


>akinator guessed Sion


File: 1483323417022.png (519.39 KB, 1280x710, screaming butterhorse.png)

>all these ideas I know I won't be able to fully use


They tend to pile up, yeah. You could always write books or adventure modules, though.


File: 1483323534616.png (922.94 KB, 1500x1166, 1108234__clothes_breasts_h….png)

If you were serious about wanting to participate, message me on Steam so we can talk

But like I said, I want to have a real plot, so I have a setting in mind!


A lot of it is just NPCs and their potential interactions
So would this be a pony thing, or?


I got the inspiration from a book series that wasn't pony, but since it's the sub I think people will probably vote for ponoes, which I'm okay with I imagine all our characters as humans by reflex most of the time anyway


Aren't books full of NPCs and their interactions, though?


File: 1483323704945.webm (9.68 MB, 640x360, Liru_project.webm)

I want to do with dat marepussi what Hulk Hogan did with Gawker


File: 1483323848933.png (405.83 KB, 1280x709, berp.png)

But ponies are for non sexually


Finland and Hungary don't exist in XCOM 2. Which country do you two want to be from?


Any of the nordics are close enough


There is a mod for that.


But that won't work with sexcriptions

Just mod it, duh
Just put me as UK since I'm moving there in less than two weeks anyway


Well Sylt seems to prefer humans anyway. I guess I'll just have to see what any other takers want.

If you're not interested, that's fine, just say it and I won't bother you anymore!


I told you I'm interested multiple times!


I try to go through Vanilla first, even if it's a masochistic endeavor.
I'll just set you as Russian. :^)Seriously though I'll probably drop you in UK, though they don't have Slavic language packs beyond Ruskie.


Then Steam message me! It's not as though you have any kinks to hide probably but I'd rather tell you about the setting and hear out what you want catered to there.

It's actually a non-lewd setting that I have always wanted to write about, but it's ripe for exploitation too.


>though they don't have Slavic language packs beyond Ruski
>Slavic language pack
This triggers the Hungarian.


I'm in too.


The UK and Aussie accents are pure fucking gold in Xcom2, I don't see any reason for using any other ones

You message me!


Finnish and Hungarian share the same obscure language tree



I see.


Educate yourself you fucking savage



Unfortunately, nobody cares about Hungarian!


>video tries to present hungarian as terrifying
>it's the same structure as finnish but with different words
A strange feeling


File: 1483324836609.jpg (781.88 KB, 968x1200, 722f17a9-77db-4051-8171-75….jpg)

>High Class Victorian setting
Not sure if I'm interested. You know I like stuff with adventure and slaying monsters and solving problems with a party that works well together


Can confirm, I don't care much either, but it is pretty

I mean, it's the same language family, that's the point that you just made too.
I do think some of our basic words are at least similar though
I found this par example

Jään alla talvella elävät kalat uiskentelevat.
Jég alatt télen eleven halak úszkálnak.
Kivistä verinen oli vävyn käsi.
Kövektől véres volt veje keze.
Orvon silmä kyyneliä täynnä.
Árva szeme könnyel tele.
Kuka meni meidän edessämme?
Ki ment mielőttünk?
Miniäni antoi voita.
Menyem adott vajat.


>those phrases


I mean, most of them make sense aside from the last one, don't they?


All of them make sense, many of them are just either absurdly poetic or just archaic sounding/silly.
On a side note, have you seen Silent Hill Revelation (the second one)


Wow listening to that just persuaded me.
Learning hungarian is useless and the language is the opposite of practical.


Árva szeme könnyel tele truly is pretty poetic

Also, uuuuuuuuuuuuh
I saw the one where the woman walks around and finds a bunch of nurses that she hides from in the dark and then some weird church scene, that's what I can recall

Useless in the world? Yes.
Opposite of practical, not really?
We can pretty much create infinite variations of simple words by prefixes and suffixes that fit the best to the situation


>We can pretty much create infinite variations of simple words by prefixes and suffixes that fit the best to the situation
But is it practical to use those instead of a much faster, leaner, simpler language?


That's okay, I have 4 now.

I hope one day Cheesy returns Settlers for you, that's perfect for what you want


What, you want to switch to fucking NewSpeak now?
Also, it is useful, yes, because you can be a lot more specific.


I mostly wondered because you're probably the only one here who'd bother to watch it with me, since I never seem to be able to sit down and watch a movie alone in one go without being distracted.


Hey newspeak might be good!


For oppressing thoughts, yes.
That's why it was designed, so you don't think as you speak.

That tends to happen to me too
I'd be up for watching it!


lets set some time aside for it then
I mainly want to see it since it's, supposedly, a bit more faithful to the games than the original.


The first one was just… weird
And not spoopy.


It was more a homage to the visuals of Silent Hill than the themes or events of the games.
Curiously enough it then served as the foundation for the visuals of Silent Hill 5, the first new-generation game.


If you're talking about Silent Hill 1, I can stream it


File: 1483326913127.jpg (84.76 KB, 660x1000, a385a8e4-32d7-421b-8f22-03….jpg)

Too bad I


File: 1483326977148.png (70.36 KB, 418x403, rare maali.png)


Does the wax not hurt her?


Silent hill 2
I've seen 1, it's pretty ass since I like the games


Some like it!



The hips are very feminine!

Yeah, but they still hurt, since it's hot as shit


File: 1483327641362.png (272.94 KB, 829x852, 63ae1e2f-b95f-42f6-a8c6-7a….png)

Did you feel inspired to draw lately?
I've no idea
Don't even know why they're there either
This is one of those mysteries that only the artist who drew the picture could know


File: 1483327726087.webm (4.61 MB, 1280x720, 423100.webm)


>tfw actually can't sleep because laying in bed makes me so itchy and scratchy


consider showering and changing your clothes and sheets


File: 1483328411893.gif (125.98 KB, 960x540, 72ad16b0-ac20-432f-a342-af….gif)

How silly


File: 1483328496443.webm (2.85 MB, 400x226, 420624.webm)


File: 1483328590881.png (70.51 KB, 939x703, War crime.png)

Time to bed for real.


Gross. Do what DM said.


I DID have a shower and even applied cream for my atopic skin, and just changed my sheets like 1-1,5 weeks ago


depends on how much you shed, I suppose.


A metric fuckton, especially if I itch


File: 1483329122012.png (492.82 KB, 750x750, tmp_4836-14697264727546622….png)


You're the expect on that, not me. So if you know it goes away with time just sit down and draw until the cream kicks in and then change your clothes and go to bed.


Change twice a week if you are fancy. Once every 5 days otherwise.


I just took my mattress outside and beat the fuck outta it, I'm just not gonna sleep since I have to take my mom to work in a few hours.
How the heck would I have enough bedsheets for that?


By doing laundry.


Also I need to buy a new pillow, how do I know which is a good one?


Sleep on it.


in the middle of a department store?


Why not.


They are sold in plastic bags so you wouldn't get a real feel for it anyway!


>in the top five of the best grossing movies of 2016, 3 of them were animated movies (2. is Finding Dory, 3. is Zootopia, 5. is Secret Life of Pets)

This might make me optimistic for the future
But then I remember
2017 is when Emoji movie is going to get released


Wait Finding Dory actually came out this year?


No, last year, in 2016


File: 1483332518208.gif (391.12 KB, 680x1153, What time is it.gif)


We've entered the era of capeshit


How can we have only now entered it when we already have a millionty billion Marvel movies?


It's true, we didn't just enter its maw, we're well past the gullet perhaps just now entering its belly


Top grossing was Captain SnoozeFest 3 : I haven't watched it yet because I can bet it's the same shit as the previous ones with little actual substenance

You do have to admit it's a positive that Deadpool was 7th place
Also, Rogue One probably scored so low becaue it was a december release


Wait what
Captain who
You are not telling me a Captain fucking America movie was the toppes grossing movie of last year?


Go to sleep you meme! 6am!


File: 1483332990461.png (11.9 KB, 712x143, f301a6d593ee11372730537b49….png)

>Captain America and Junglebook remake are there
Why, oh god why



It was




And why do normies like what was, until recently, a second rate literally who comic book character known only to semi-dedicated nerds?


He was a chemically enhanced supersoldier, he's basically soldier 76



I think people wanted to see this one because A, because of some fucking plot reason, the Avengers are fighting each other again B, Spiderman is in it for 5 minutes


Anyone picked for Marvel vs Capcom wasn't literally who fam


Allow me to re-iterate


[It's a Europeans stay up until 6am then bitch about it the next day episode]


I blame you for keeping me up with yandere girls


Don't go to sleep, I'll be all alone


That time has passed, slp nao


Cap is largely built on his skills in leadership and is usually depicted as clean-cut and with high morals. He punches nazies and supports teamwork, liberty and justice. So kinda like superman except with military-wank instead of demigod powers.
Of course, he has been reinvented as often as every other hero, with varying amounts of patriotism, leadership, boyscout and military themes.


Hail Hydra


I expected a superhero called Captain Americlap to be fucking retarded, but it turned out alright


He is literally a non-character


I should slp too

DM and Nopo you better follow


Depends on which incarnation you look at, really. 40's cap and 2010's cap are very different people.
The movie versions of most of the marvel heroes are pretty good. They did manage to turn Iron Man from C-list nobody to a proper A-list big name.


I'm fairly certain Captain America has always been at least somewhat well-known, considering the fact that he was one of the first comic book heroes, and that his first comics were literally pro-America propaganda.
It's like saying the Hulk was a literally who comic book character.
>believing that flashy laserbeams or powers are what make a hero
I believe Justice League Unlimited did an episode addressing this very issue.


In the eyes of the true basic normie, there were only three superheroes: Superman, Batman and Spiderman.
Hulk is very archetypical as a huge immortal bruiser. Cap has plenty of history, but he did not inspire nearly as much general attention, especially if you weren't into Marvel stuff. And even if you were, it's not like he ever showed up alongside Spiderman or the Xmen, properties most people would probably have gravitated to.


Not necessarily. Batman has neither and he's a great Superhero. Captain America is just as dumb as the guy whose superpower is using bows or his wife (?) who uses stun sticks.


Hawkeye or Green Arrow?

Hawkeye I can understand, but Green Arrow has a long running TV show. He's much higher on the Normies radar


Hawkeye I guess. I've only seen the Cinemasins on Avengers.


>tfw the Americans made the euros go to sleep and left me alone
No bully pls


>Pocket a Junkrat as Mercy
>Symmetra put some turrets in the room to the right
Couldn't even take the first, no matter what they did

>Pick Zen

>Get kills
>Oh, and healing I guess






Zenyatta is top fun
And outsniping widows and hanzos is the best


The only worse support choice is Lucio


Yeah, he has a lot of options when it comes to him. You can take calm, accurate shots or just mash M1 when the Tracer and Genji get close.

He's the most meta hero. No matter the team composition, it benefits from having a Lucio.


We are worse off as a race for allowing a character archetype like that to exist.


File: 1483339326944.webm (1.37 MB, 640x400, the fall of berlin.webm)


Why is XCOM's RNG so shit.
So goddamn shit.


>Nasse hates both Lucio and Captain America
I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to report you to the patriot police.


File: 1483340144501.png (888.75 KB, 650x2022, 1473681900624.png)

Would you bully?


I didn't see it as much, since I usually had 2-3 Grenadiers removing all cover.


>fail to hack a thing, it calls down a squad
>two of the enemy squads already on the map have a viper each
>half the team is now bound
>enemy transport drops a SPARK
>it carpet bombs the people already bound
>two units panic, shooting the VIP I was supposed to extract
If that isn't bullshit I don't know what is.


No! she's supposed to bully me


Read ahead if you want a few tips, though I have to ask if you assembled the story item that you use to brain jack the enemy soldiers. If yes, equip it on a Support person.

Never hack unless you mod it to not be bad.

Even then, I still didn't do it. I reserved my hacks for the enemy robots.


I tried to hack the robot.
Instead it got an Aim/Defense boost.
And yes I have the skulljack, but my supports need medkits because fuck if my people can't avoid getting crit-shotted in full cover.


File: 1483340897887.jpg (250.04 KB, 1000x1000, 1464355989502.jpg)

Oh dear
But she's just a kid


Early on, it's pretty bad. Focus on leveling up your Supports first, then give it to them.

Remember to Aggressively Retreat. Blow up enemy cover, hope you get the Area Denial Greneades, and let the enemy come into your ambush.


That's great and all, but fuck mission time limits, I swear to god.


>fetishist draws non-fetish material


Check out Beaglerush on Twitch and YouTube. He gives out some good tips.

Usually, it comes down to setting up ambushes and lots of grenades.

An Assault PC with the Phantom ability IIRC is invaluable, even on the non-timed missions. I used them to locate enemies and gain LoS.


The real fun is when they take down my only sniper on the last turn any of them are alive because I did exactly one damage too little to kill them, and all the rest of the squad missed.


Early on, I find the Gunslinger + Status Ammo a good choice. It lets you negatively impact an entire squad at once.


>tfw don't have enough engineers/scientists to process things at a decent pace
Why is it that even on Normal difficulty XCOM is an exercise in masochism?


I think some of the enemies just plain won't show up until you do certain story missions, so you can rebuild your forces.

It also makes plenty of sense from a story perspective. Get out there and recruit them! Go make contact and build relays!


I'm one month in and they're dropping SPARKs and Vipers on me, Knight.
And they've already phased out the 3HP Advent mooks in favor of the Riot Control ones.


I mean, hell, I didn't even manage to get that black site mission started before they threw a terror mission at me.


Holy shit how can one small mattress have so much dust in it


Remember that the Gremlin does double damage to the 'Mechs and to always take the high ground except against the 'Mech.

Have you been checking out the Black Market?


My Support was snek'd. And then carpet bombed by the SPARK.
And yes, I have. They had soldiers, not scientists/engineers. And weapon upgrade parts. But all that shit costs intel I don't have.


You're the underdog in every sense of the word. Hire Rookies as you can and focus on leveling up the Grenadiers so you can get more Squad members. It's a different game when you have 5-6 people to use.


You shouldn't have to bum-rush squad limit upgrades out the gate to be viable, though. A small team should hypothetically be better at infiltration/stealth missions. Even though those end up cocked to hell and back the second you fail a hack or get spotted by a civilian.


I hope you aren't trying to 100% stealth those times missions. You only do that at the end of the campaigns.

In timed missions, use your concealment to set up an ambush on the first group of enemies you see, unless you think you can just get past them, but you probably can't so Overwatch + Grenades.

Be aggressive, you get the drop on them.


I try that. Then their Riot Advents run up from across the map, crit a rookie (would have killed outright if it weren't for a nanoweave shirt), and stun him because the sectoid ate up the three missed overwatch shots.


I hate the Riot Guys too. Are you using Flash Bangs?

I really do suggest you check out Beagle. There are ways to 'manipulate' the enemy you can take advantage of.

Again, remember to keep some distance so the enemy is forced to waste a turn to move up to you. Use grenades to destroy their cover, then light them up. Overwatch, while helpful, still shoots at a penalty.


Unless you're concealed.
Seriously, a 20% penalty to hit from overwatch is bullshit. That's life or death in the early game. Especially since I can go entire maps with no one dropping anything. Scopes don't grow on trees, dammit!
Anyway, I'm going to bed. It's too late/early to be this salty.


File: 1483346575933.jpg (285.54 KB, 1280x1318, 1483092532202.jpg)

Pick two grenadiers that you always bring along specifically for dealing with armor and cover. Levelling them up makes things easier on you.

Good night, I'm headed to bed as well.


File: 1483347889690.gif (1.18 MB, 498x278, d83e4cbfb3857839175a517a03….gif)


File: 1483359480000.webm (1.32 MB, 640x360, 420403.webm)


>Steam Sale ends in five hours
>the money I have won't make it to my bank account since I gave some of my cash to my mother when she went to the hospital to my grandfather

I think I'm just doomed to never get The Following for Dying Light
It's a cruel fate


File: 1483360904583.jpg (491.95 KB, 1000x1166, 1462541654762.jpg)


Should I buy Darkest Dungeon or Vermintide? I only have a few steambucks left.


I think dd is the consensus, but keep in mind it's another xcom. RNG fucks you over.


If you like suffering buy DD
It's a great game

I mean, RNG only really truly fucked me 3 times in 60 hours
You can plan for contingencies, just not all of them


File: 1483362140949.jpg (130.82 KB, 1024x512, CmMqXHuUcAARSc2.jpg)

>Nopo, my son
>You must choose between getting 5 useful Rage of Bahamut packs
>or glorious Loli vampire leader that is only cosmetic


Devs really know their audience.


In my defense she is super cute and the basic Bloodcraft hero is… weird.


File: 1483362895324.png (256.96 KB, 933x1000, 90951ada-212f-43c2-a25e-05….png)





I don't trust it!


What's not to trust about deer?


That doesn't even look like a deer!


File: 1483364407219.png (1.09 MB, 817x828, 8084ea41-791a-4022-8155-00….png)

How rude


File: 1483366335484.jpg (25.37 KB, 600x337, 1479909712088.jpg)

[gremlin noises]


>tfw my bed is now so comfy I don't want to get up


>finnish barbarian finds out about cleaning




Feeling much better with rest


Ha, ha, my room would give you mere mortals nightmares.


File: 1483367200125.gif (2.95 MB, 555x312, 1481481247625.gif)


So she's a havoc-specced demon hunter, interesting


>demon hunters
>anything but memes
Is this even possible?
Weren't they the worst class at every spec once Legion launched?


I haven't followed it closely but I heard they were very OP at the start, like how Death Knights were initially. If it remains that way, I dunno


Every dps chart from the start of the xpack had them near the bottom though.


Tank DHs are around mid tier in PVE but christ they are the most annoying shit in PVP thanks to their near-limitless mobility.


Maybe it was the tank spec that's OP then

And you have to remember that Blizzard is now the steam greenlight of publishers now because Legion was in open beta for like half a year


Stop, I will go back crying my time as top 3% of the world's tanks.
It hurts. Hurts so much. I could have done great things if I hadn't decided to play on the wrong side of the world.


Last I heard, the current ranking is
>Death Knight
>Demon Hunter
>Hunter pets
>A mage drinking water while AFK


Shield-shaman tank will rise again

And Rogue Evasion Tank


>let's take the monk's key ability and give it to warriors instead
Retards, all of them.
Go play Elysium for that.


their first mistake was making more leather tanks


I agree.


File: 1483370340044.jpg (60.94 KB, 600x337, ss_c8fed3b97900ad5d0419219….jpg)

I should teach you how to play Crusader Kings with me.


I mean
That was your own retardation though


I did have a guild.
They were twats and got stuck on 2/13 mythic forever.


Well, you went there for non-competitive reasons and then started whining that it's not the best circumstance for a competitive enviroment


There was nothing to do other than getting competitive.


File: 1483371122690.jpg (1.26 MB, 2978x2237, shrugg.jpg)

The first mistake you made was playing WoW while over the age of 16 in the first place



MMOs are a mistake
I realized that years and years ago
Only Wildstar had the chance of bringing me back to them, but then I played the beta and realized nothing is different


You say that but you still play MMO card games.


File: 1483371415223.png (558.74 KB, 867x488, naza-abre.png)

>MMO card games

You know I meant MMORPGs, dummy


Considering "MMOs are a mistake" is a very valid point…


you may as well just say multiplayer games in general are mistake.


I fully realize the two card games I play are skinner boxes, but they don't take more than 1 or 2 hours a day, and I usually play them while drinking coffee when I'm useless for anything else anyway


Vidya was a mistake.


Also I play less and less of HS since it's garbage
The reason I switched to Shadowverse wasn't because of the art, it was because it's way more balanced and varied and fun


There should be a hilarious MMOTCG with a Battle City-esque setting. It's still a card game, you just run around in open world.

I guess like WoW, but instead of duels you have Hearthstone fights


It'd be a clusterfuck


They could have kid-friendly areas where that kind of thing isn't allowed


There's a limit to sad jokes and we very clearly crossed it.




The twin towers were brought down by some kind of directed energy weapon which simply altered the molecular bonds of the internal contents of the twin
towers. This is why there was no DNA recovered for over HALF OF THE
VICTIMS, this is also why, out of 45,000 file cabinets only 1 was
found. Not to mention the 1000's and 1000's of toilets, desks,
chairs, computers, etc.

The vast majority of the building's internals simply broke down into dust. On that day,
they kept saying almost everything was pulverized. This is absurd.
Pulverization takes time, and you end up with big chunks, small
chunks, huge chunks, etc. Also with pulverization you’d have a
large seismic event when two 600,000 ton buildings pulverize into the
dam below them. You’d also rupture/destroy the dam beneath the
towers which would have flooded lower Manhattan.

>this goes on for 4 more paragraphs

How did I end up in this part of youtube again and why did I stay


This seems like such a logical explanation, I don't blame this man for believing it.


File: 1483373860915.jpg (62.69 KB, 660x700, meli.jpg)


But first, we need to talk about parallel universes


There was also this one guy who kept repeating the same thing in different comments and when all of his claims were disproven by people who seem to know about actual engineering he just kept repeating the same points


Have you been visiting my roommate's blog again?


File: 1483375884903.png (428.41 KB, 799x462, Steve Lichman.png)

If I was less lazy I'd ask around /co/ if they have the full first volume of this comic because it's great


That was quite the screencap


File: 1483377660016.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1090, 1479079544821.png)


She's too cute for me


File: 1483377768652.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1090, 1479087544289.png)

You're not her type!


I wouldn't want to cuck her husbando anyway


It seemed like the sort you would enjoy!



"Remember this. Demons are wicked and they will hurt you if you can."


"Such is the way of daemons, to lie and deceive us"


Literally what we kept telling Nihilis but no, her lesbian lover just HAD to summon demons.


Also, if we have OTR players here, we could get things set up.



Well in this case, I was talking about the sort of Demons that magicians summon with great frequency. So you see, like a car which can be its most dangerous when treated with the practiced carelessness of someone who has done it too often to be scared anymore, one must be very careful to not mess up when dealing with their conjuring.

And yet without them, you might as well be a commoner.


>let's extract hell energy from mars!


>Why do I always have to be the one to gather moss under a full moon?


Because the GM won't let us use ethereal components.


>It was worth the risk I assure you


File: 1483378428746.jpg (627.42 KB, 720x900, 9d0fbea7-ba50-4ec4-87a8-f1….jpg)




That one 3.5 feat which lets wizards pay gold instead of using components.


>Jew Magic


File: 1483378647570.gif (2.97 MB, 295x221, ID46eVU.gif)


It feels strange that Yuria didn't warrant a smiling version, though that's probably because most of my characters were Hollow and all she ever did was praise me.


So what did you had in mind? Where will we start off again after all this time?


Also we forgot Nonny


we start off roughly where we left off - at the eve of your attack against the Golden Dragon Gang.
I could run a "flashback" session to get all the details in place first.


I feel so, so, so fucking bad for Greirat


File: 1483379791359.jpg (114.18 KB, 704x850, 1464560909520.jpg)

Leave the demons to me.


File: 1483379855989.png (254.77 KB, 600x848, b97d7263-0b48-4e62-a0ad-2e….png)

That would be a good idea yes
The world's coolest thief


File: 1483379863957.jpg (63.64 KB, 662x800, 84f1e6f093014e1584b8111294….jpg)

I don't trust this pic.


t. Venia


File: 1483379937011.jpg (51.87 KB, 675x800, 69550fe9c84f48b4bf9926791b….jpg)

More to the case of why you shouldn't trust a demon.


File: 1483380052088.jpg (339.68 KB, 1280x1163, 1483030460151.jpg)

I trust she'll do a good job of taking care of my dick


File: 1483380114601.jpg (89.05 KB, 800x726, 1d713cd8cf6f4704a13d08021b….jpg)



>DM will never run a new Twilight of the Gods where the mightiest heroes of the multiverse are summoned
>Except in this case it's an army of lusty dread-stallions and the greatest dick suckers in all of creation need to be rallied to save reality

Who would you send??


File: 1483380408088.png (Spoiler Image, 995.59 KB, 689x1020, 1482444187958.png)

Is this porn?




Light Heart, too.


Twilight of the Gods: Cockstorm
Coming this spring, all over you


>nopo doesn't even try to deny why he plays shadowverse
Maeda. Not because she's a good dicksucker, but because she will BANISH ALL EVIL and smite it.
Venia, Selena, Mabel, Syltpone


File: 1483380623819.png (93.95 KB, 257x216, e05.png)

>that team


>from demon to dry in 0.5 seconds


But she can only banish the evil with her lips!


Hence why I offered a counter lineup.


Just in case reserves are needed, she can train with Stricture while the battle rages


File: 1483380784697.png (112.64 KB, 1005x1140, 1483030848411.png)


>Maali wearing a tactical dress, taking advice from Dania


Come on, tell me you would not let a cute necromancer grill suck the life out of you


Much as I claim otherwise, I'm quite attached to living.


I wanted to say that was heresy and you shouldn't waste your seed according to the ten commandments, so I googled them for the english version, and turns out the actual commandment is "thou shall not commit adultery" which is not how they told it to me in sunday school. The fuckers basically said masturbating or any sex not for the purpouse of procreation was sin!


>tfw a cute necromancer girl will never tell you that "you are breathing too loudly"

Why persist?


Good thing that Celestials don't use the exact same rules as the Bible. After all, Maeda would hate to give up her life fighting heresy in order to number the stars with her children, and "wives, obey your husband" is a Nature thing in my setting, not a Celestial thing.


It's not a commandment, but in one of the books it's generally frowned upon to spill one's seed outside of its intended purpose.
But whatever you do with your dick is between you, your hands, and God.


Novelus never sucked a dick yet

>Everyone sends female characters

You see, that is where Maali takes his advantage from. He would be the best of all the cocksuckers because unlike them, he has a dick, and that puts him one step beyond


>But whatever you do with your dick is between you, your hands, and God.
Isn't there supposed to be a chick in there somewhere?
That's just mormons though. Catholics (the purest branch of the church since we actually have a pope unlike you heathens) don't preach that.


I was assuming you couldn't find a partner.


>Include the Torah in the Bible

Marcion of Sinope best day of my life


[insert mean joke about it being a problem for you who has a lack of charisma as opposed to me who has a lot of charisma instead]
Because many etherosexual women want to have consensual intercourse with me.


What is an Etherosexual woman?


I've long since given up any idea of finding a romantic partner and have actually considered hermitage.


> etherosexual women
I think you're referring to "ethereal women", the kind you can't touch



That's definitely the type he has, ayooo

>lot of charisma

Italians really do have low standards, huh


If that isn't "every sperm is sacred" I'm going to be disappointed.

I was not disappointed.


It is quite possibly the best song that Monthy Python made
I know Always Look on the Bright Side is usually regarded as their best, but the absurdity of children singing about sperm and the contextual black humour of singing a joyful song as the kids are marched off to be sold for medical testing just makes me lose my shit every time I listen to it


I spent the last 8 minutes looking for that concept art of the Codex from XCOM 2 where you see her as a ghastly, naked woman.
Sadly, I couldn't find it.
And yet, they'd never date a hungarian!


That's not what your sister said last night, but then again, it was hard to understand her accent with my cock in her mouth


Musn't have been yours then, hard to gag anyone with that!


How does one borrow the dick of someone else




You should know, cock-burgler!


File: 1483382227302-0.jpg (193.8 KB, 1920x1060, piero-macgowan-xcom2-29-cy….jpg)

File: 1483382227302-1.jpg (227.24 KB, 1920x1285, piero-macgowan-xcom2-28-cy….jpg)

>a million years in Google later


My search results for the keywords "xcom 2 codex concept art" were rubbish.


File: 1483382325976-0.jpg (432.21 KB, 1920x1824, piero-macgowan-xcom2-31-be….jpg)

File: 1483382325976-1.jpg (389.71 KB, 1920x1901, piero-macgowan-xcom2-34-ps….jpg)

File: 1483382325976-2.jpg (221.73 KB, 1920x1108, piero-macgowan-xcom2-33-vi….jpg)

File: 1483382325977-3.jpg (262.11 KB, 1920x1647, piero-macgowan-xcom2-32-fa….jpg)

Also, for some reason, the concept arts for the game are a million times more terrifying than anything in the actual game


Technical limitations, bad camera and animation quality.


It's interesting how plain-faced everyone in DS3 was.
Hardly anything in the finished product will be as cool as something in the concept art.


>first time running into a fleshwalker in a terror mission
>"I should be far enough away, and I'm behind cover. I'm fine-"
>wide swipe takes out all my cover and a good chunk of health
Those guys are such bullshit. But at least they die relatively easy.


>intensifying levels of [TRIGGERED]



I mean, they are one of the most harmless units in the game
Literally the only way they can hurt you is A, you overextend on a terror mission or B, you are dumb enough to let the Infiltration Dark Event happen and a random civ in a random house transforms in the middle of combat and explodes through a wall


File: 1483382820235-0.jpg (101.58 KB, 800x1031, a3fknlmhyx7pokrcsgvc.jpg)

Also, all of the faceless designs are fucking terrifying


The thing is it was the first mission I ever ran into one. I wasn't aware of its range at that time.
NuSectopods are such absurd shit, though. Three actions, 28 health, 5 armor/damage reduction? I'm almost considering getting the Better Rookie/Better weapons mods out of the workshop. Just to even the field a little.


By the time you face sectopods you'll have Grenadiers that can throw a grenade on it then Shred the remaining armow with a chain shot before finishing it off with some other absurdly powerful ability.
The aliens are underpowered, if anything, if you take the pods on one by one.


The problem with that is, I already ran into one in the Shen's Legacy mission thing.
Even with my entire team launching grenades and shit at it, it still managed to kill my sniper before it finally fell over.
And that's another problem. I seldom find myself facing off against one pod at a time, thanks to bad rolls and surprise civilians on street corners alerting every asshole on the map.


He's been losing lots of soldiers, going by what he said a couple of hours ago.


Spec a Ranger to have the Phantom or whatnot the trait is called so you can scout ahead so that doesn't happen. Remember the blue moves, don't get too greedy, the turn limit might seem tight but you can still make good pace without rushing too hard, not to mention most objectives you can just hack from a distance.

Fuck those missions, I saw my friend play them but didn't have the DLC on my first playthrough, I'd avoid them until you have at least sergeants and corporals


File: 1483383892861.png (443.56 KB, 960x541, 1457412244809.png)


The problem with distance hacking is that my supports are apparently terrible and habitually have less than 40% success rates. And then they get Snek'd out of cover and bound up from across the map.
I wandered into the Vahlen recovery mission thinking that it wouldn't be too bad.
Then like, fifteen vipers show up with those harpoon bowguns. Even having Central there as a soldier with his maxed-out gun didn't count for shit, since he got grabbed.


Anyone for a couple of OW matches?


File: 1483384262719.jpg (73.83 KB, 750x743, W3eJjXb.jpg)



Give me 10


Don't touch that mission until you have at least a full squad of Captains. The Vipers in it are incredibly flimsy, but their guns hit hard and they have all the fun tricks they normally do.

The Rulers are all outright cheaters though.


sure, give me a few minutes
no andy
no nonny
unless we want to drop them and make it just you and sylt


As Gaius said, stay away from those for a good while
Also, you literally cannot fail hacks on objectives


File: 1483384424747.png (694.08 KB, 513x2994, 1481535144531.png)


A capra smith and a vampire
We could make a sitcom out of this


I'll keep that in mind.
Objectives, sure, but if I want to keep an enemy SPARK from carpet-bombing me, I need to try SOMETHING. And I don't have any combat-protocol gremlins, since my people keep getting shot and needing medkits.


That comment in particular was aimed at the objectives though
You don't have to yellow move every turn to get to them
My favourite thing to do is when I can't see the objective and just bomb the wall to reveal it so I can hack it


Meme fetishism
>"How you want your blowjob fam?"
>"Jump down there and do some gay shit"
>[hand slamming blue button that says 'Doggo']


If you're still around after lunch


I try not to yellow move if I can help it, unless there's a large distance between myself and the next pod. Or if I want to make a large distance.


Could this be it
The next level of post-irony


Have you seen Meme Lover?

I should find out if the sequel is out yet



Meme lover is such a colossal testament to memery that even my normie friends have seen it


It works on so many levels, every shot is so dense. Its stylistically designed to be that way, but what we can do is diminish the effects of it.


It's one of those porn movies where the plot is better than the actual fucking


Of course, it was written by /tv/, who understands kino better?


The day Meme Run became a thing we slipped closer to the apocalypse


File: 1483386512536.jpg (398.13 KB, 850x708, 1479895939336.jpg)

For Bzzzz's: If there's any confusion about the XP and the levelling, that's because I basically never use XP and you all level when I think it's appropriate.
On that note, you're all lvl 7 in the next adventure, grats!
Be sure to update your sheets!


Stream time fuccboi


I really don't like getting constantly hounded after a shitty day.


You should learn to play, then I won't complain any more!


And you should learn when it's time to stop nagging people about everything they do in OW. It's not fun, it riles people up way too much and it ruins the atmosphere.

If it were competitive I'd be fine with it, but please don't do that shit in quick play.


Or maybe you should just get your head out of your ass and realize we play QP to have fun and not to please your fucking unsatiable need for being Grandmasters
Go play Comp on your own if you really want to just win instead of enjoy the fucking game with your friends


Losing because you aren't trying is just plain not enjoyable to me, no matter if it's comp or QP. What's the fun in wasting your time getting rolled and say "Oh it's just QP!", it's not like you are learning new heroes while losing either.


So don't play then


I like my QP being comfy and to just talk random shit with people.


It's annoying because if we communicate and play properly we can pull of long winstreaks.
Buzzword of the millennia.


Relaxed then.


Want to play a couple games of Armello, see if we can't get those winter-themed dice?


If Gaius shows up, I'll be stramming with the others, but if he doesn't show up in 10 we can play!


Right. I was asking because it's another three hours until the Overwatch chests reset, so I was looking to kill time and maybe generate less salt than playing X-COM.


Good luck getting those dice. I've still not gotten mine yet and i'm close to 20 games in.


Let's just switch to military talk and do nothing but callouts then. That's what playing with friends is for.


It's not going to be a giant loss if I don't get it, but it might be fun to try at least.
But maybe I can only do it on the 4th since I'll have an exam then


That'd be one way to get callouts out of you.


Well, as I said, nothing is forcing you to play with us
I do callouts and all that shit in 3v3, because there it is important.
In QP, I'm there to have pressure free fun with the game


You pressure and comfy memesters are the worst. Like that comic with stick figures playing tic-tac-toe, one shits all over it and says "it's just a game, why so serious!". That's what you are like.


That's fine
Just go play comp on your own then
You can get all the tacticool callouts you want there


File: 1483392114619.png (662.56 KB, 1900x1400, Y1FWgQa.png)


Sion why
There's a finished version with pretty shades and everything
Why you hurt me like this


Because that one might have gotten lost when I switched computers


File: 1483392548540.png (738.15 KB, 1280x943, tumblr_odeoybtHeR1vegwk5o1….png)


Thank you very much


You could have just went to my Tumblr or DA
Yes thank you


Link me again?


Not even trying to win in pvp games is pathetic, no matter the mode you play.
It's a way you use to tell yourself that surely, you are just as good as everyone else and maybe better, you just need to actually not handicap yourself.
Playing without trying is boring, incredibly so. And losing because you fags don't try is frustrating, as it voids my efforts.


It's not like we don't try to do the objective of the game and win, we just don't fucking sperg out about every loss
You know what is more pathetic?
What you are doing. Desperately trying to prove yourself that you can do this, you can never lose any game ever, and surely it is just us dragging you down


Reviewing the game and figuring what was wrong is not sperging out, it's called learning.
If you keep playing picks which have been countered, don't counter an enemy which is shredding our team, don't kill turrets when asked to, rush into the enemy team 6v1 to feed them ultimate charge and stagger our line even more THEN YES! You are not trying!


Meanwhile you are Literally Seagull just carrying us through the games never making a mistake
Also "Hurr don't ever use that skill ever again in a slightly suboptimal way" is not fucking fun either, you know.



File: 1483393329494.gif (927.94 KB, 640x360, 1381977988689.gif)

>we win a game
>everyone cheers and says how great it was
>we lose a game
>everyone gets bitter and complains that the ques are too hard


You should give Sylt the name of those 'friends' you used to play with, he'd fit right in the way he has been recently.

Also, we don't always get super salty about losing, at least recently we've been better about it


Making the king of all mistakes, ie. rushing in alone and feeding the enemy plus staggering our pushback when we could have contested is most certanly a "bad move" and nothing you say can change that.
It's not my fault you guys literally never have anything to say about my plays since you don't know the game well enough.


And what's the progress on the


>we don't get super salty about losing
Man, I should record our games then, so that sylt can see the calm reactions of "fuck you blizzard, that shitty widow carried them" and other things that are not salty.


Anyway, I need you all to check out this animation. its getting a full anime later this month, and seems too weird and cool not to share



Didn't you already share this? Or Knight or someone?


I only saw it myself last night, so it must have been knight sharing with you.


Knight had.


It's a little weird but I liked the ending. Still too ambiguous to figure out whether it would interest me to see the whole thing though.


You get too greedy often and end up killing yourself.
But sure, keep this act up, the superiority complex, it must make you feel so much better about yourself, but you just come off as a cunt

How is this related anyway, aside from the fact that you feel the urge to defend Sylt in the matter when he is doing the exact thing that made you stop playing OW for the longest time?
He was just being a complete cunt today and you weren't there to hear it, judging EVERYTHING we did. We had a great time before that, and would you believe it, we were actually winning because we didn't have a competetive bitch nagging in our ears every five seconds about what we are doing wrong


On the what?


It looks strange but cool.




File: 1483393917733-0.png (38.68 KB, 256x256, token_2.png)

File: 1483393917733-1.png (84.22 KB, 256x256, token_4.png)

File: 1483393917733-2.png (69.69 KB, 256x256, token_5.png)


And how come you never happen to mention it when it happens? Or is it because I myself recognize it happened and say I'm sorry, thing you guys never do when you make a mistake, instead getting defensive like a bunch of pussies. And the fuck do you know what made Andy stop playing OW, I can assure you it wasn't me.


I-I don't know what you're talking about
>One of these Breezies is not like the others


Because I don't look at what you are during for the whole duration of the match, and if you make a mistake I admit it to being a human being who isn't perfect.
We aren't fucking South Koreans playing the game 16 hours a day. And I don't want to be. I want to enjoy it with friends, and despite what you say, we are usually pretty good.

And I didn't say it way you, dumbass, she said as much in the meta that she had friends who were very abusive.
Like you were today, because that sure as shit wasn't constructive criticism, blaming me that you died to an ulting Soldier, as Zarya.


Nah the thing that made me stop OW was fighting all the timeI can't focus on my own fun with aggressive arguments and shouting fights in my ears
Look, maybe you shouldn't play with sylt, because you and DM always get into fights with him over it. Always. None of the three of you are willing to change what's going on (you aren't willing to stop 'pretend salt' for meme fun, DM isn't willing to pick counters, and sylt isn't willing to not point out improvements), I would say that you three specifically can't play together.


Constructive criticism is "your matrix positioning is bad, I shouldn't have died to that". Which is what I said. You had matrix up when I died, faggot.
How come I manage to look at the mistakes most of our team makes then, while still playing competently? Grow some general awareness for christ's sake. You should be thankful someone is pointing out your mistakes, it's called coaching.


Are you going to keep it for yourself or something?


Well, that's what I told Sylt just now.
He can stop playing with us if he wants to be nothing but hardcore competetive who can't enjoy a game for what it is.

A, I had half a second left on my Defense matrix because I was using it on a torb turret and the hog on the point just before that, B, he was BEHIND us so I had to turn around in the first place, C, I did block some of his shots but he knew what he was doing and he run up so he could bypass it. In case you haven't noticed he started at the statue but by the time he killed you he was right next to us on the objective.

And your constructive criticism was "FOR FUCK'S SAKE NOPO"
Like it's my fault the soldier has ult and uses it on you and you don't bubble yourself and I don't protect you while also dealing with the hog and torb.


Also if you want to know what your salt levels are related too. Its related to the fact, you do actually, hate losing, even if you say you don't care, if you didn't care you would just say "oh well, let's keep going." instead of cussing out the other team.


Sometimes friends just aren't compatible in all games.
If you insist on fighting every time about it, then that may actually be the case.


At the very end of the fucking match. Because I expect better from you than to let a soldier ult when you are dva and I know you're gonna understand what I'm complaining about.
Or I thought I knew, since you clearly don't seem capable of seeing your fault in all this.
>we don't have ways to secure kills, junkrat is a bad hero for that and also they have a zarya
>we lack long range firepower
>the turret hasn't been dealt with
>stop poking the choke
>no charging into the enemy 1v6 is not "not a bad idea", it's a terrible idea
Constructive. As. Fuck.


File: 1483394739371.png (500.25 KB, 755x967, Nx9LOb6.png)

Of course not, I like sharing

Also Goshdarnit Sion those pods are nice, I feel obliged to make one for the other two as well


File: 1483394845140.jpg (70.68 KB, 1280x720, reaching book.jpg)

Anyway I guess I'll go for a bit, I thought there was something breezy related in here, but I see there isn't anything but ded memes


Such a qt!
I would quest with that horse


Yeah, I do have a problem with that, I admit it, and I bitch about some heroes I don't like, particuarly Mei and Ana who is the new flavour of the month, but that doesn't last if we just, you know, have a good time otherwise.
If I am also told I should fuck my mother and kill myself because I used one skill inappropraitely during the game, that gets annoying

>Because I expect better from you than to let a soldier ult when you are dva

Literally fucking how when I was already dealing with two of their threats on the point after flying in, and he flanked!
I turned around the moment I heard it, but the defense matrix was drained since he already got a second off of it.
But you literally seem incapalbe of understanding this simple fact, that I can't deal with two enemies and an ultimate behind my back at once just to protect your precious life when you are a tank yourself.

Also, it's not constructive if you are just being a cunt about it. Which you were, admittedly, since we lost point A but could have held if we still had Groves, but you just had to be a little whiny bitch.


Too bad you can't
She's in a solo quest!


I'll just have to steal her for one of my own quests then


>abducting characters


Him saying charging in wasn't a bad idea shows just how little about the game he knows, charging in was the worst possible thing he could have done. Worse than sit in spawn.


Yeah, it was a mistake.
People make them.
Except for you, apparently, Mr. Perfect.
But yeah, it's allright. You just don't have to play with us if we just drag you down anyway.


You wouldn't dare!
He can't do that, she's my only quest character, I had big plans for her!


Making a mistake and insisting a mistake you made was not a mistake are two very different things.
And as we already discussed, I owe up to my own mistakes.


abduct '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Assist abduction

It's a meme you dip

Roll #1 7 = 7


>I was only pretending


It's your rolls against mine, faglords

'1d10+2' take her back

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


What would she do if she got abducted?


File: 1483395548975.png (491.86 KB, 854x949, 67b5568f-f6ea-4d67-a5e9-aa….png)

She's not my character, Only Andy can answer this


Wait, I thought she was your character!


Huge success!


Sion you big dork, that's Andy's PC for Witch quest
Hope you enjoy being raped by a powerful Witch that can travel through time
Fucking RNG, I thought it hated you!


File: 1483395880119-0.png (192.73 KB, 400x400, Hopeless.png)



File: 1483397195272.jpg (86.33 KB, 600x600, eb1d2de0-e51d-4b25-b3eb-e8….jpg)

Speaking of quests and characters
How is it being two DMs working on the same quest?
This is something I never heard of before


File: 1483397297861-0.gif (995.42 KB, 504x504, 1330315.gif)

Pretty good.
Despite Nopo insisting he's not doing anything, he's actually doing most of the mental work for the quest.


Indeed, the story part is his Forte
Have you two ever had any disagreements?


A few. But no real major ones.
Co-GM'ing isn't that rare actually.
Lots of people do it, since GM'ing is a lot of work alone.


He is?


He's extremely humble about it too.
Pretending like he's not doing much


File: 1483398229286.png (347.32 KB, 1280x1404, dde69c92-41b2-44a8-823b-36….png)



File: 1483398264897-0.jpg (72.86 KB, 845x945, filly trixie_1266966.jpg)


File: 1483398331758.jpg (79.52 KB, 1024x819, 1483033489798.jpg)

I have a complete lack of pony on this pc.


He's so useless though!


File: 1483398430132-0.gif (476.85 KB, 441x443, 1325121.gif)


File: 1483398460847.png (2.27 MB, 1380x1800, 1330111__safe_cute_human_t….png)


>Tfw you'll never boop a Trixie


File: 1483398625907.png (567.98 KB, 945x945, 1305012__safe_solo_blushin….png)


Stop torturing me!


File: 1483398731854.png (671.65 KB, 845x1024, large (56).png)


File: 1483398803678-0.jpg (41.54 KB, 800x587, 1464369572999.jpg)


File: 1483398878127.png (146.97 KB, 941x849, large (84).png)


File: 1483398947200-0.gif (1021.99 KB, 500x373, 1464720431733.gif)


File: 1483398977264.jpg (354.97 KB, 800x1132, 1460749054355.jpg)


You have a lot of Trixiepics


File: 1483399155328.png (780.95 KB, 1280x1617, 1330126__safe_solo_simple ….png)

Finally freed up.

Besides Trixieposting, what's up?


File: 1483399184736.png (Spoiler Image, 240.33 KB, 848x858, 1463856724774.png)


File: 1483399205136-0.jpg (30.23 KB, 627x430, 1483301912237.jpg)


File: 1483399243559.gif (512.24 KB, 1831x1637, 1466649318278.gif)


Absolutely nothing.


File: 1483399377986.gif (110.16 KB, 507x508, 1330290__safe_screencap_an….gif)

It's probably too late for the quest, how about some OW? I'm still doing my placement matches


Here lies Sion,
Died from Trixie Overdose


It's not late for quest, and I can't play comp, since I'm playing vidya from my laptop, 1.3kkm away from my desktop, via hamachi and steam streaming.


File: 1483399537537.gif (219.11 KB, 488x488, 1471009081308.gif)


Rereading a book series and toying with a really experimental high concept game system idea


I take you will be making a necromancer.


Demono-necromancer, yes


>The reason I want to say that I knew it was fake
Bones don't look realistic
>The reason I actually knew it was fake
You would've known better than to post it unspoilered


Maybe he just wants to romance some demons!


Sure, let me get my papers for it.

Oh, give me some details.


still fucking gross


Shit, you saw right through my ruse, I wanted to trigger you!

They just need some love!

I guess the shitposting worked in some way


fuck you man
I was trying to see the picture of my pone thatsomeone said was here


Oh boy, here comes Winterbreeze 2.0.


When I was younger I read The Bartimaeus Trilogy and really enjoyed the setting, it's quite unique I think

Re-reading it now, it holds up bretty well



Right here
But Sion and I abducted her





Nilis' gf.


File: 1483400535745.webm (3.83 MB, 640x360, lilwitch.webm)

He's not going to be autistic

It's a pretty qt witch


little witches are not for club music


File: 1483400711472.webm (1.54 MB, 271x480, dog jazz.webm)

Why not?


File: 1483400752218.jpg (705.51 KB, 1920x3484, obtaining gremlin.jpg)


>She actually didn't save it before


File: 1483400832862-0.png (327.92 KB, 540x540, 1325127at.png)

I must go, my SLP needs me


File: 1483400845818.gif (10.19 MB, 498x281, I'm here to help, naked fo….gif)


File: 1483400892477.gif (719.6 KB, 500x281, 77ccee94a5fa8f6334bff368ee….gif)




File: 1483401630251.webm (3.82 MB, 320x180, 1479535815492.webm)


I have to keep reminding myself that your charactter isn't a girl. How'd you wind up with that Picture?


It was for another character. Put it there in office, then I lost the office license, and in libreoffice I can't even TOUCH that picture for some reason.


I can try and remove it. I'll install MS Office right now, since I'm also trying to get my printer to install.


That'd be a big help.


I have office


Well can you try and remove that picture of a yellow mare from the sheet linked above?


File: 1483403962583.png (280.13 KB, 420x490, Untitled.png)

Is this the biggest it gets?


I honestly don't remember if there's more or if it is cropped. I think it is a crop?


I can't get anything fuller than that out of the file. I was able to select it though, but it was weird.


All I wanted was to remove it. It wasn't selectable from LO.
Could you save and reupload the sheet without that pic in it?


It's not even letting me click on it at all. I'm sorry, but you'll be stuck as the little girl for all eternity.


Oh I see, one sec I'll try


The sketch wasn't new? I don't think I saw it.


Well it's fine, it was just a sketch
When we actually get it started again, Molinya will by far the most drawn character of the sub, no, of all ponyquests!


It's been posted a few times!



There's no simple way to remove it

There is a hacky way, but you may not like it…



make a fresh doc and copy paste everything but the picture?


Basically, but it doesn't save column width. Things got a little bit stretchy. It's not too ugly and he can repair it if he likes, but at least no pic now


I know what you want to do. You want to put a white picture over it.



Knight, since I hadn't yet decided what to apply favored item to, I think I will apply it to my tome/scroll, the one on which my character is writing everything down.


>last seconds of the last round of a 3v3 match
>after not using the microwave for hours, someone decides to make fucking bacon with it
>disconnect while watching the last enemy die, and get booted knowing that it won't count towards the loot box for today
Friday cannot come soon enough.


>it still counted
Small miracles!


>At night
Missing out on a loot box is the least of your worries, since you are now obligated by good conscience to execute the heretic in question. As a close family member, it will be difficult, but do not waver in your duty.


File: 1483406633906.jpg (99.6 KB, 352x500, 1473912457252.jpg)

Some day I'll have you apply all your mortician talents to fix up the corpse of my son, after he dies in a gang related incident, as payment for this


I know a few good mafia doctors who work in that field :^)


Its barely 8:30 over there


Gotcha. Should I download and print the sheet Wf uploaded, or should I wait for you to add that data and a new picture?


Who said anything about midnight?


File: 1483406750462.gif (1.18 MB, 334x500, 1401830333472.gif)

I can't read I guess


I bet if you helped Fidget with his loot boxes there would be no yelling involved

I've been wanting to finish up my nonlethal playthrough of DH2 tho otherwise I'd do it


I'm probably not gonna modify my sheet until next level.


play what makes you happy.
I promised I'd play tonight with an IRL person, can't play with fidget right now


I swear to fucking god every time I am home for any amount of time the internet only breaks at night so I can't just go and fix it



It's cool. Real people beat virtual people.


>literally all the WiFi spots that are usually nearby are dead

I guess it's just garbage countryside ISP with no competition that can afford to be shit


we'll have other times to play, don't fret.


Be glad you are not american, or your day to day life in a major city would be like that.


cable can't afford to be complete shit anymore, since mobile companies offer internet now


I want to be back at my apartment where I can choose to pay more but get 250mb/s internet that is guaranteed 120mb/s even on the worst days, and even if we split that between four of us at it's slowest it's more than the maximum over here

>little shithole in the farming/animal breeding and slaughtering part of the country that is nothing but agriculture and shit
>one local ISP that has no competition that is complete garbage that is overpriced too and lacks any and all kinds of customer support
>only competitor comes on Sat and not cable so a slight breeze or rain fucks it beyond repair
>all the other, actual good ISPs are absent because building the infrastructure out would cost more than it'd return

I can only hope the internet in the UK won't be shit


File: 1483407793984.jpg (103.36 KB, 1280x720, 1462641343252.jpg)

what a hassle, you should ask your local mayor mare to help out


Our local mayor pretty much ruined the lives of my parents by destroying the good high school they are teaching in so much that it had to be sold to the Evangelic Church
So if I had a choice in the matter with this Mayor, I'd rather just actually murder him, slowly and very very painfully.


Oh, and just to be clear, he did it on purpose because he hates teachers.
Probably because of his diminished intellect


File: 1483408731100.gif (776.01 KB, 450x252, 1460844580893.gif)

Let's talk about ponies instead


What are ponies for?


Just to suffer

Also, have a great PSA about drowning


>pregnant before marriage
Yes, that jacket did save his life.


The mermaid is a top qt though


She had crazy eyes and carnivore teeth.


You know that is EXACTLY my type!


One slip up while getting a blowjob and suddenly you are the new heir to the iron islands.


holy fucking shit


A mermaid has a hard to access fishpussy, I'm sure she must be a blowjob master so that doesn't happen

Also, I found even better PSAs
Russian, zero dialouge animated PSA which is a mix of Ed Edd n Eddy and Happy Tree Friends and also all the sound effects are made by mouth noises and the kids make literal deals with the devil so they can be dumb teenagers
It's glorious

And people wonder why people move out of this country!




It has three episodes even, one about riding trains, one about vandalism and one about trespassing


You can see the budget of 2 bottles of vodka and 1 bag of chips per episode here.


What are you talking about?
The animation is smooth as silk, fluid and amusing


It's the uncanniest shit I've seen all week.
No way this is an official psa.


This is the kind of PSA that actually garners attention from kids though
No one listens to 80's style american PSA-s because they are cringy garbage


>the girl is called ivanka


Did you read that off of cyrillic when they are arrested or what?



File: 1483410204340.jpg (43.99 KB, 426x318, 7f4f3784-8995-4ab0-9818-e0….jpg)

This representation of mermaids always remind me of that one scene in Sinbad
I love that movie but God that part makes me upset


You can read cyrillic?

>not the mermaid from Courage


If I make a real effort. I'd started taking russian on duolingo but got bored 3 lessons in. So I mostly just look it up.


If I ever need Russian decyphered I just ask my roomie who studied it for two years.
He can actually read it pretty well unless it's some really complex sentence or has obscure words


>That castle size
>Eustace getting pulled out through the window like that

This evokes some serious questions!

Although Courage does the same basically with his "pocket" and stuff all the time, and Eustace with the mask from his own pockets.


What was wrong with that? It was a perfect rendition of classic sirens.


Pockets of Holding are in pretty much everything that John R. Dilworth ever did

Also, Courage himself has a particularly strong disregard for the laws of physics


Not nearly as scary
It was perfect


I know this episode was probably one of the creepiest ones for me as a kid


Maybe because you've always been afraid of sea stuff like me
Or, unlike me, afraid of women ayooooooo


It's much worse
It was the mind control on Eustace of all people, who is shown to be very selfish and uncaring and mostly incapable of love or positive emotions
But that's not it
The worst part of that episode for me was always seeing Muriel crying when she doesn't know where Eustace disappeared to


Well I guess you have a point then, that is very upsetting


And imagining what must be going through her mind just makes it even worse.


Only other time the show gets this real is the episode with the lesbian cat and rabbit


File: 1483412964902.png (104.73 KB, 250x252, 1483394142893.png)


Exotic cats?


File: 1483413095125.jpg (23.57 KB, 240x299, 240px-Baby_Felpurr1.jpg)


Erotic nuclear explosions


>tfw slept from 18:00 to now


Sounds great tbh


I'll be pausing, since I'm being asked to do a few things. Had fun?


Yeah! Thanks for running man!


3v3s to get the last xmas loot boxes?


What am I supposed to do with all this time?!


>at 4 AM
>when I'm studying
>and also can't voicechat which is crucial in 3v3
I wouldn't be opposed to it, but the circumstances aren't quite right


I can't voip either.


Although there are nameless legions of spirits below the lowliest of imps that are never worth bothering to summon, and creatures far more terrible than the most fearsome of marids, in general, there are five main classes of demons that one is likely to encounter, summoned by a magician.
>Imps. Stupid and weak, but easy to summon en masse. They can't change their form, though most are invisible on the first plane. Some are very specialized, such as Search Spheres, that are good at one thing that makes them quite worthwhile.
>Foliots. Intelligent enough to serve as couriers and sentries, tend to have access to at least the first three planes and proficiency for shapeshifting. Smart enough for most orders and to have a rounded out personality, but still dull enough to usually be servile, though.
>Djinni. Quite varied, have the potential for very dangerous amounts of cunning and lawyering with orders. Djinn are usually quite dangerous if unprotected.
>Afrits. Beings of air and fire, usually the most powerful spirits an individual will summon, and worse in every way than a Djinn. They tend to be pretty significant threats.
>Marids. Rare to observe, you in fact may never see one. Even the weakest take two magicians to summon in tandem. This should speak to how dangerous they are. Typically used in wars.


Well then we'd be here until 6 am to farm out all three
And as I said, I'm studying right now and once that's done I'll sleep


If you guys are playing, I've got three matches to go for the last box.


So a run of the mill succubus is a Foliot, I assume?

Also, what do Marids look like? Are they shapeshifters too?



True forms (on the seventh plane) tend to be quite varied for more sophisticated spirits, although for anything above an imp, changing physical form is trivial. One marid is described as 'entirely invisible, even on the seventh plane, perceivable only by the way the world warps around it'. Even djinn have quite unusual forms on the seventh, though – from tentacles to statues – and it is perhaps a blessing that the seventh is so inconvenient to view (need very specialized glasses – much easier to just command another demon to smash what you can't see if you must).

As for succubi, yes, although there are some useful imps for less elaborate pleasures.


[Summon cocksock]


You could just as well fuck a ham sandwhich if it doesn't know what's happening, what's the point in doing an imp?


it provides warmth and suction


And you don't have to waste perfectly good ham and bread if you use an imp.


>putting your dick in demons


But no response
As I said, might as well just put the ham sandwhich in the microwave then and have the same effect
Or fuck a corpse or a hole in the ground
Putting your dick in things that don't respond is just masturbation with an inconvenient tool and not sex

>not putting your dick in demons


Imp intelligence can very, although the lowliest have been described as "about as dangerous as moldy bread"

Sylt poses a pretty good point, remember "Demons are wicked and they will hurt you if they can"


It's one of the oldest laws of the universe.
You wouldn't stick it in a fire ants hill, would you?


If a Djinni can take the form of a succubus that's the best though.
Since you are forcing not only a sentient, but an intelligent being under your command in a humiliating way.


Meanwhile it's 7th planar tentacles are raping your butt


The trick is to trick the demon into thinking it has tricked you into doing something it wants and you don't, when the reality of things is the very opposite.


Demon has higher WIS score than you, what do?


The problem with Djinn, and Djann, is that they could out-lawyer the Devil himself.


apply more CHA


Some imps can speak, it really depends on if their physical form has a mouth. Sentry toads are a notable example.

Saying "the form of a succubus" is a bit like saying the form of a prostitute. That's more of a job than a species.


Can one stack various imps to form a more coherent humanoid thing made up of bodypart-shaped imps?


>implying succubus isn't a race
What have you been smoking?


Not in this setting

There may be some imp species like that, who knows? You'd have to ask a skilled magical researcher.


>Dude did you ever like… summon an ass? Like.. just the ass?
>I need to know for…


"I think you're confused. A donkey isn't a type of spirit, it's an actual animal, from this world. It has no magical powers."


Clearly this person has not delved deep enough into the arcane side of donkeys


They say Mabel has magic lips but I am suspicious about claims of 'fire' powers


File: 1483417629411.jpg (337.41 KB, 500x500, Mabel fire.jpg)


File: 1483417637672.png (3.03 MB, 1242x3240, 1459950813116.png)

Time to slip into slp.


What setting?


It's a setting from a book I read years ago, it was an interesting take on magic



File: 1483417756031.jpg (93.03 KB, 450x750, 1464186566850.jpg)


>no one has drawn her presenting

It just seems so odd!


File: 1483417777947.png (387.8 KB, 830x1120, 1466755952199.png)


File: 1483417794112.jpg (43.69 KB, 794x749, Mabel Smile.jpg)


I swear I thought this meme was older.


There is a date tag at the top


File: 1483418326674.jpg (101.22 KB, 751x1063, Mei in Dva's suit.jpg)


File: 1483418461081.png (211.19 KB, 451x425, 1463468998920.png)



File: 1483418469258.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.54 KB, 442x750, 1483027268687.jpg)


File: 1483419121481.jpg (9.09 KB, 115x126, 7.jpg)

You should Mei-ke the best of it.


>it's been almost a year since Trump announced his intention to run for president
time just keeps flying by…


File: 1483419386392.jpg (34.11 KB, 450x646, 1473665040918.jpg)


You'll be awake a bit longer, right?


Hopefully not, why?
I should have gone to bed an hour ago


About half done with some Mabel


File: 1483419664344.png (193.86 KB, 500x375, original.png)


I could post the uncolored lineart if that would make you sated enough to sleep


I think I'll wait for the finished product but go to sleep now

Have this for inspiration


File: 1483420466297.png (585.19 KB, 820x800, 1287142__solo_twilight spa….png)

Slp well


>encouraging me to cuck BDN




File: 1483420760364.jpg (9.39 KB, 250x201, 14956515_625167424311985_4….jpg)


Get cucked by the rapidly changing use of words that you can't keep up with
That's how language works famalam


Except if you try using that word anywhere but 4chan and derivates nobody will understand you.


>tfw normies cuck me out of cucking Sylt by using cuck wrong


>so you want to manifest your ideal image of a person you never knew but wished you did? Just follow these simple steps
>Kill ten people in ten days and take their hearts
>Place the hearts on an altar with the holy oil
>kill yourself
>kill ten more people
>on that order
t. trustworthy demon


>keep cucking Mabel's colors

Ugh, so close


Literally how when you have a colored reference picture


Anway nite I should have slept hours ago


In this context, cucking means "can't decide on a shading variant", gramps


good cuck, don't let the cucks cuck


File: 1483421136939.jpg (76.26 KB, 574x583, 1432407569061.jpg)


Let me just set http://kukuklok.com/ for an alarm real quick



This reminds me of Christina memes


OTR in ~12 hours?


maybe sure
trying to get my last 3 arcade wins now


Did you want any help with that, or are you good?


if you wanna try, its mostly suffering thou


Well, we can 3v3 if that's easier.
American server, right?



File: 1483421493493.jpg (79.72 KB, 789x791, DYPjkMv.jpg)

Check out this hippogriff


I'll be in-menu until your game's done.




File: 1483422345628.png (47.35 KB, 512x512, mabel.png)

Not exactly a creative pose but I'm still a novice


Wish I had the energy to join you for maymay boxes but I'm too tired after all the holiday memes


I got disconnected, so it might not have been possible. Resetting my router now.


File: 1483425395829.gif (2.25 MB, 558x876, 1396540842524.gif)


File: 1483425564070.jpg (205.55 KB, 1280x640, tumblr_o9j1nyXHtu1rc69zjo4….jpg)

Good night


File: 1483425815831.jpeg (680.28 KB, 1000x1100, aeroplane dragon bird gir….jpeg)


latias plz!


File: 1483429957921.gif (288.42 KB, 640x360, 1349251649973.gif)

>Amber's mom


Amber pls


File: 1483430042928.jpg (128.15 KB, 1000x1121, 1386512459984.jpg)

she keeps looking at me like this


>yfw Amber believes expeditions are exactly like a school dance


Well, aren't they? You dress up, go out with people, engage in physical activity, and then come home.


You're misinterpreting!


File: 1483431349980.png (197 KB, 780x780, 1402789322399.png)

>spend months getting ready and making plans
>its never quite as fun as you think it will be


File: 1483431406821.png (168.8 KB, 336x379, 1347301501193.png)


Dash had a lot of fun though singing about how awesome the Gala would be

Yes, what you think is a glance of >>799131 is actually her wanting to bake some cookies!




File: 1483431633120.gif (20.99 KB, 547x426, 1432369564184.gif)

>pony yelling at me to go to sleep
I better go

thanks for running BDN



File: 1483431923220.png (89.59 KB, 503x368, kings-of-oras.png)


Wow, what a coincidence that that email came right after you sent one to the prof


File: 1483435425338.png (647.2 KB, 1168x862, You made it weird yellowqu….png)

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