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Rebels whose causes are unspecified edition.
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It's out of my hands, I'm only the GM!

Tomorrow, though, we will at the very least talk some more and build at the least


I'd like to start before new year. Please hurry Nopo along.


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I sure didn't.
But bakerfishes are extinct. Or at least they've all migrated beyond the Horizon.



Ah. Those things.


People nitpick too much!


>caring about Poise
Yes I know Le Rebbit told you to hate it but come on.


How many times can a man roll a dexmonkey and still have fun?
>parry only
>dodge only
>dual wielding
What's more to play? Of course I tried heavy armor and ultraswords. One of my first runs was FUGS!


File: 1483665377060.jpg (70.19 KB, 715x759, 1483659168657.jpg)


File: 1483665420266.jpg (223.06 KB, 1920x1080, 20160902114935_1.jpg)


>weapon arts
>actual shield use
>Miracles since they were buffed out the nose
>Magic since even if it isn't "literally cannot lose" tier like in DaS1 it can still be used
>Pick a boss weapon and use it
What is missing compared to the others?


She really is a bitch though; the other goddesses seemed pretty quick to agree to shipping her off with the latest hero.


A metroidvania-like level design.
It's the reason I keep replaying DaS1.


>not playing heavy armor and giant hammers and ultraswords

It's like you don't want to have fun in Dark souls


They are actually very deep


It's like you can't read. I did that build, but heavy armor doesn't have any meaning in das3.


It is cool as shit though.

An old man died


Sure but doesn't do anything, it's not a different build. You are playing fashion souls at that point.


You clearly don't know what fashion souls means


Clearly. Still, das3 ain't that good.


best gameplay in the series


But look, a shitposter!


Sure. Level design can't hold a candle to das1 though.


Really? I thought DaS 2 was better.


Most forgettable game in the series. The only boss I can recall off the top of my head is are the Watcher and they were super easy

Oh yeah, Nameless King I guess, but he's in a hidden area


And Aldrich
And Dancer of the Bro-Real valley
And the Cursed tree.
And the giant king.


None except Dancer seem to be memorable to me. Yhorm is especially a meme fight.

Cursed Greatwood is really a showcase of awkward hitboxes.


Yhorm was really memorable to me because I got stuck on him. I don't remember most of DaS3 because I was either getting towed through it by DM or I was just thinking "oh god not this shit"


I feel the core gameplay only got better with each game.
I liked Nameless, Dragon Armor, Yhorm, Aldrich, Twin Princes and above all the final boss.


Who, Who, Yeah he was fun, I don't remember anything from that since you killed him for me, literally who and I never got that far.
Also I don't know if the gameplay got better but the levels and enemies sure got a lot more annoying to deal with so maybe I just didn't notice the improvement.


Aldrich was pretty fucking nice, gave me the heebie jeebies


>ywn devour a cute trap

But yeah, the dissonant Gwyndolin theme was creepy as fuck


Actually Twin Princes was a pretty satisfying fight but not memorable as in I didn't remember it before you reminded me


I'm not saying DaS 3 is forgettable, but was that multiplying mage thing a boss in DaS 3 or DaS 2?


Crystal Mage is in 3


>there's no food in the house
>either stay up until the store opens or have to wake up early to take mom to work so I can have the car
Oh right. I actually liked fighting him. He wasn't too difficult but challenging enough that I felt accomplished afterwards.


So tired.
Lack of quest is killing me.


LISA the Painful is getting a lot of positive reviews but I'm not sure if that is just a meme or not
Seen a lot of comparisons to Undertale too

If things turn out fine, we can try to Mona tomorrow


It's because Dunkey just made a video about it.


File: 1483670225114.jpg (236.49 KB, 1248x907, 1444005801950-0.jpg)


That's how I found out about it


>finding out about LISA only now
Fuck you man, and fuck your breed of celebrity spewing bullshitters.


I played a bit of LISA pirated but I didn't really enjoy the gameplay so I dropped it



>Titled MONA
Mona is unique.
I got memed into buying it, and the sequel. They are in my backlog.


You okay there sperglord?
Need your daily dose of Ketamine to keep those hormones in check?
I did see pictures of the game and heard the name but never actually looked it up, that's the difference.


There's a sequel?


Nah I was making a Metal Gear quote.
No, mona is the quest, the video is titled LISA you twat!





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