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File: 1483435349337.png (33.15 KB, 833x831, The coolest ponk.png)

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Rebels whose causes are unspecified edition.


File: 1483437480364.png (1.01 MB, 606x1920, tumblr_oian01szh31rqejd7o1….png)


File: 1483442621541.jpg (56.32 KB, 600x417, 42551.jpg)

Oispa kaljaa


File: 1483442864033.png (47.35 KB, 512x512, 1483422345628.png)


*rubs tummy*


File: 1483444067756.jpg (403.41 KB, 894x1280, 7ea5dbbd-dc59-4dc9-8ee7-84….jpg)

>Wake up
>It's not boiling hot everywhere
This will be a good day
I can feel it


File: 1483444136564.jpg (78.82 KB, 594x444, drunk.jpg)

Today sucks just as much as yesterday


There's still 14 hours left in this day, we'll see how it goes


File: 1483444650486.jpg (363.59 KB, 1200x908, overdad.jpg)



File: 1483445485088.png (Spoiler Image, 349.22 KB, 840x1200, 5afdef0a-a649-46be-be94-47….png)


Spray and bray


>posting LMJ OCs


File: 1483445639543.jpg (32.28 KB, 204x181, 2015-09-14 13.17.05.jpg)

That's Fluttershy


Yes, but that's also LMJ's OC "Titty Vixen"


File: 1483446469178.jpg (2.17 MB, 1920x1275, 1439790754544.jpg)


File: 1483446586502.jpg (40.73 KB, 600x600, 1325526640124.jpg)


File: 1483446625583.png (860.23 KB, 700x805, 1454205034357.png)


I haven't seen that one before


Wf just made it yesterday


So why isn't there some tiny donk on her tummy?


Why would be there a tiny donk there?


Because it's his fetish.




Or a tiny phoenix


File: 1483447226091.png (Spoiler Image, 2.05 MB, 1537x643, 1483363169965.png)

Don't mind this, posting it for myself


And it's realistic too, after he is reborn!


Oh would you look at that, you're right



File: 1483448297175.png (884.46 KB, 900x1439, 114fad83-26d2-402a-93a1-d7….png)

So old


File: 1483449974021.gif (431.84 KB, 410x426, 1359335922462.gif)



File: 1483451338705.jpg (29.08 KB, 460x346, 6675c04a-9c95-487c-84ff-f0….jpg)

Nevermind, the heat is back
Kill me


File: 1483452157329.png (103.26 KB, 600x689, 1317940661719.png)

meanwhile I get -7 and snow


>sister saw that one times cover
>"Gender is not binary? What does it even mean?"
>explain it
>her face is a grimace of disbelief and amusement
Redpilled as


Gender is a byproduct of society though
But that isn't necessarily negative


I can only assume my sister would react the same.


How about you take 7 snowy dicks in your mouth


>the ice-man cometh


It's super cold here too

Also what if I told you it's binary by design


Gender is a word promoted by a 20th century mad scientist who mutilated a baby boy and had him raised as a girl, and also forced him into pseudo sex acts with his brother in hopes that it would prove you can easily manipulate someone's gender preference, but it didn't work and the boy never accepted the role, and eventually killed himself.


Was gonna say that, but every time I say something Nopo just calls me a nazi so I'll just leave this to you


I love the Star Wars wiki


A, that was a botched circumcision and I know about that
But it's not really a valid example because he had no ethics and also forced gender roles on people which isn't really what this whole thing is about


>It's not valid to bring up that the guy who came up with the concept had no ethics

Really gets the old gears turning


So are you saying the concept of masculinity and femininity did not exist until the 20th century?
Because it sounds like that is what you are suggesting
The mad boy mutilating scientist retroactively enabled the concepts of feminine beauty and masculine sttengh.
All those Renaissance paintings finally made sense


>Non-canon appearance
Shit that changes water as we know it!


>Nopony is about to tell us the Renaissance was the birthplace of "nonbinary gender" concepts

And next, we'll learn that Charlemange was black! It's been the patriarchy's closest held secret.

Just wait until you read the Legends tab!


Quite frankly I don't have any issues with trannies. It's just the genderfluid meme and the thirty million gender variants that need to die.


File: 1483457171108.png (515.97 KB, 1050x900, 445894__safe_solo_rainbow ….png)


File: 1483457363508.png (558.08 KB, 1585x924, 1344131368888.png)

The more I read into it the more it resembles a body integrity identity disorder

Though really, as long as it isn't bothering them or anyone else it's not a problem


On today's episode of Jeopardy, What is an example for 500

But there was also chivalry and the ladies in the middle ages and et cetera. Masculine and feminine roles are as old as civilization.

Not to mention that gender caught up in the 70s and not the 50s when that guy coined it


>Though really, as long as it isn't bothering them or anyone else it's not a problem
Exactly. I agree it really reads as nothing but a disorder, but as far as I can tell repressing it just leads to more suicides, so it's probably best to let them do their thing.


Right, and in addition to the knights and ladies there were of course the genderqueers. Performed many important nonnbinary functions throughout the Middle Ages that your white overlords don't want you to know about.

Did you know the Fresh Revolution was executed entirely by Demiromantics and the printing press was actually stolen from a Twospirit in America, then passed off as a German invention?


I do hate that too

My point is more about the fact that bois and grills can have problems because of the fact you always have to be top boi or grill and that can lead to a lot PD anxiety


>Beatriz Overseer hasn't updated in like a month

What's going on??


OW in 30 anyone?


Maybe… I'm feeling a little burned out on OW after playing so much over the last 2 weeks. We'll see I guess.


Not my point. I never said we needed all that dumb shit. I was saying gender is binary by design, and the concepts of masculinity and femininity are engineered in every era which can lead to problems


File: 1483458349490.webm (14.45 MB, 1920x1080, GlumAltruisticCusimanse.webm)


I don't argue that the concept of gender wasn't engineered for a specific purpose, which is why it was relevant to point out that the man who engineered the modern definition was a mad scientist who you describe as having "no ethics".

To claim that the abstract concept of gender doesn't exist is pointless, it would be like an atheist claiming the concept of God doesn't exist.


I'm shocked they still haven't fixed this, there are tons of reports about it, it's very easy to reproduce


I don't mind


File: 1483460683558.gif (110.16 KB, 507x508, 1483399377986.gif)

I detect a disturbing lack of good ponies in this sector. Time to do something about it


I don't see you contributing with that post


File: 1483460893162.jpg (68.3 KB, 331x381, 1478699253941.jpg)


Still not seeing it


File: 1483461067324.png (880.2 KB, 1280x939, tumblr_oiskr1vjzS1vegwk5o1….png)


File: 1483461400703.jpg (118 KB, 1280x705, 1483239017459.jpg)

I know what'll help.


That dialogue leaves no hope in my heart this will be anything but fetish porn.
OW 3v3s with voice chat.


You'll have to take that up with all the Disney animators of Pinocchio


File: 1483463242611.png (3.78 MB, 1920x1080, EPIC.png)


I know you were considering killing yourself if you didn't get that one


File: 1483464512805.webm (875.2 KB, 480x480, 424232.webm)


File: 1483465240967.png (615.87 KB, 4500x2288, good pony.png)


File: 1483465310042.png (84.13 KB, 500x549, 1323158__safe_solo_oc_oc o….png)

Pip is tip top cute


Being is ez-mode cute, though.
Even if some of them still manage to fuck that up.


File: 1483465631442.png (120.34 KB, 400x612, a1fc064e-3e9d-4c6c-9814-30….png)


>Being is ez-mode cute
What did he mean by this?


File: 1483465916182.png (150.58 KB, 849x700, 1454877154948.png)

Getting very philosophical here


File: 1483466309201.png (103.22 KB, 750x696, You gonna finish that.png)

Being pony.
I forget words sometimes.


In retribution for your glorious new microwave, you should extract microphone rights from your family


File: 1483467160800.jpg (133.67 KB, 500x500, 1481869708587.jpg)



That won't change the fact I'm set up in a hallway next to an AC unit.


It won' t carry I'm telling yo


The real problem is I won't be able to shittalk with you guys to my heart's content due to the fact I can be heard too easily.
Plus I'm pretty sure I've got a cold at the moment, so I doubt you guys would want to hear me hack up a lung anyway.


No excuses


I'm full of excuses.


File: 1483469305658.gif (995.42 KB, 504x504, 1330315.gif)


We don't but them.


My knowledge of eggs is tremendously wide




File: 1483470351518.jpg (153.94 KB, 715x358, 912b5e30-e98c-4020-a26c-00….jpg)


If you were to run a quest what would it be about?


Wasn't Wf going to run some kind of lewdquest?



Hacking 3DS now possible till 11.1

Give me 18 hours


I’ve eaten them boiled, I’ve eaten them fried


Probably the loneliness of some distant future city where only the robots remain.
Or the average lives of average people in the 50s.
Or some kind of modern fantasy where hobos are dragged into the occult.
I have ideas, but no execution.
It hasn't started yet!


You around for stuff today?


I could do some introductory stuff to get you into the world and get situated, but DM never decided on a character


Exam tomorrow, so no.
Most non-study stuff I might get up to is finishing some cardgame dailies


DM NEVER decides. I'd be up for it.


Can't play today, or at least really shouldn't.
Tomorrow probably will work better


Is the Stram crew around?



Do we have people for anything?


File: 1483471005462.gif (267.75 KB, 500x179, 1322795658302.gif)


Talk to me about your character!


I have no solid ideas, just go on without me


What about what we talked about?


those were just rough concepts at best


I meant the other thing, like the organization


File: 1483471332051.png (227.74 KB, 1614x1178, lula__breezie__by_zacatron….png)

Let's do a creative exercise.
What would a bzzz maffia look like?


I don't feel attached enough to any idea at this point so I think I'd just be dead weight.


You pay in nectar


File: 1483471641936.gif (583.72 KB, 400x355, 1346360417926.gif)


File: 1483471686628.gif (902.18 KB, 564x698, 1450022079390.gif)


They exile you by exposing you to a strong gust of wind


File: 1483471728398.png (364.73 KB, 731x684, 1372790857700.png)


File: 1483471742312.gif (163.17 KB, 294x332, 1423110111553.gif)


File: 1483471784528.jpg (238.91 KB, 1024x889, 1465118223296.jpg)


File: 1483471795280.png (144.99 KB, 821x972, 1343239573505.png)


"I gave them a set of wax shoes!"


They wear black rose petals as hats


That's obvious

"Say hi to the leaves for me"

I do not get the reference.



Probably something like this, only less aquatic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWhp5ggd4OE


File: 1483472032936.png (589.17 KB, 4000x5000, 1325992757833.png)

Hope you haven't updated to 11.2



there's some new hack now?


File: 1483472101800.png (91.45 KB, 811x701, 1324824834150.png)


Concrete shoes. To make people drown.


File: 1483472163769.jpg (164.38 KB, 900x902, 1391462922408.jpg)



File: 1483472365279.jpg (47.8 KB, 480x360, 0de8705a0.jpg)

Oh shit, I'm stupid


File: 1483472457371.jpg (62.77 KB, 600x337, overwatch-new-map-oasis-fu….jpg)

Oh, Oasis just released on Public.


Rip event.


event ended last night


Not really, I was doing boxes until 2 hours ago.


File: 1483472557241.jpg (66.48 KB, 720x480, 1432455007295.jpg)

what a huge mistake blizzard


Let those people have their slp! They probably were tired from partying at nye!


It's still not over yet actually.


File: 1483472844662.gif (125.59 KB, 341x478, 1403735517030.gif)

huuuuge mistake


File: 1483472936803.jpg (2 MB, 3000x1961, 910.jpg)



Let's box on america


File: 1483473072295.gif (2.6 MB, 440x507, 1451237118336.gif)


File: 1483473444736.png (25.33 KB, 968x379, sketch.png)


Rub it '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


File: 1483475581004.png (12.68 KB, 221x261, Anon pls.png)


File: 1483475615409.jpeg (39.28 KB, 500x500, boo.jpeg)


File: 1483475670805.webm (388.22 KB, 640x360, in his quiver.webm)


several resets later it updated

Hey OTR sometime soon? Recap me?



I'd love to get it going as soon as we can, starting with a recap session for the more streamlined backstory.
Though as the current cast looks to be you, maali, sylt and nonny, we may need to reinvent the core plot since 3/4 people are not, in fact, on the run at all.


File: 1483478484995.jpg (30.43 KB, 573x430, f0d.jpg)


What if poverty god
But instead of poverty god and titsigo
It was the avatar of kek and wojak


File: 1483478540529.png (1.16 MB, 500x1388, 053.png)


Tell us to reinvent our back story so we are on the run?


The meme era


Good luck tomorrow




Probably the best bet, or I will need to change the core motivation of trying to figure out who dun it with the duke's assassination.


File: 1483482014511.gif (842.21 KB, 414x199, 1425581954813.gif)


File: 1483482147569.png (62.03 KB, 230x261, 1454426045127.png)


File: 1483482175012.jpg (53.86 KB, 443x331, unnamed (6).jpg)

>Little brother have been singing the credits song of the Live Action TMNT movie non-stop
And now he's on his Ninja Turtles phase


Where is this poen sneking off to?


Did you contact Nonny?
Are you going to be in OTR with us?


Not sure yet


she's on the run


Roll credits


Having someone named Nonny brings back flashbacks of MLP AiE fanfics


Holy shit the new Rimworld update is ridicolously large and elaborate
It was already a fun game but this mod definitely makes me consider giving out 30 shekels for it once I get my scholarship money


Hungarian taxdollars at work


I mean
It's 30 taxdollars

The rest of the taxdollars go to feeding the strawmen or the already rich-out-of-the-ass politician pals of the government


Map preview is out if you like that sort of thing


I'm just saying I understand why you like communism so much!


I don't like communism, I like a welfare states that provides for people when there are no jobs

Also, the Eichenwalde trailer was better


Not today, but I should
Would you run a pun


After my exams, we shall play that map together


Why is tap dancing so incredibly fucking amazing?


File: 1483484609460.png (109.73 KB, 766x764, cumin and marina.png)

[Code noises]


File: 1483484699656.gif (1 MB, 500x301, bune_cruising.gif)

My team in Darkest Dungeon is doing pretty well.
I feel like I'm being lulled into a false sense of security


Be wary, overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer


File: 1483484845613.png (588.14 KB, 827x767, 1479227465923.png)

I've played a lot lately. Though if you want me to stram sometime I don't mind.


File: 1483484853932.jpg (908.48 KB, 1517x1138, 1455051992793.jpg)


>backrank hwm


>no plague doctor qt


File: 1483485068039.png (121.12 KB, 553x585, 1454121235761.png)

Plague Doctor is actually shit literally everywhere but the cove since she doesn't kill things fast enough


You're probably a pro by now, don't need any help

PD is a core part of any stun team, very viable anywhere



>You're probably a pro by now
I thought you looked to laugh at me


That's what I mean, now I'd have nothing to laugh about!


File: 1483485243156.png (317.02 KB, 720x720, 1217119.png)

I haven't even done a lvl3 quest yet, though I do have the team for it now.
I'll probably get slaughtered!


Why would you stun them when you can just kill them?


Never get hit, more flexibility, and also more time for healing since you can't do that between combats

Make sure to buy your blacksmith upgrades


File: 1483485488472.gif (3.11 MB, 472x498, 1262533.gif)

I'll go to bed since I'm the only Euro with a decent slp schedule, and I intend to keep it that way.

Since it's exams, Bzzz might resume next tuesday if Sylt can play and I don't have too much work


>stun debuffs at Champion rank

You never get hit by stacking Dodge
You only get shafted by RNG 1 out of 60 dungeons that way
Stun-stacking fails me way more often than dodge and then it's just a wasted action




As I said
Killing them before you can kill them only ever failed me once in Veteran and Champion dungeons and that was not one hickup but four turns of continous garbage RNG rolls


Hey, it's great that you've figured out one team that works. I'm just saying I can make any hero work because I understand how to build a wide variety of viable teams. That doesn't explicitly make me better than you. Not in the kind of way people say out loud, they just think it, inside.


File: 1483486000670.png (284.14 KB, 740x587, 1454120540773.png)

>Hey, it's great that you've figured out one team that works
Do you pretend to be retarded for the sake of coming off condescending or are you genuinely braindead?
I never roll with one set build of heroes, I roll with the premise of killing shit fast with crits.
I do also play comps with Vestals and everything when I feel like a dungeon requires it, I just like to build teams with abom+Hellion or leper+graverobber and etc because I just think the best defense is offense in this games, you can't outheal them but you can outdamage them


File: 1483486094172.png (340.96 KB, 500x439, wf.png)

Also, I'm way too tired for another shitfest that ends with Wf filtering me for being butthurt after shitposting, so I'll just go to sleep.

Night, faggots.


File: 1483486104538.png (205.34 KB, 380x700, karen.png)

Hey man, I'm super proud of you that you learned to use at least some of the heroes in the game. Maybe someday you'll master the ones you like aesthetically, but if you can't, that's okay too. It's not required.


File: 1483486236343.png (156.37 KB, 500x439, Untitled.png)

Turning in 3 hours earlier than last night, but it definitely has nothing to do with this conversation. He's NOT running away, and nobody bully Nopony by saying that! He's a delicate flower!


He's got exams tomorrow.


I mastered your mom even though she is the most aesthetically displeasing out of all of them ;)


He's literally never gone to bed early for an exam before, his tail is firmly between his legs


Aww, he's even got your mom jokes down! Don't worry tiger, you'll be making SICK BURNS with the best of them one day. I believe in you!


Think about quest instead.


File: 1483486410183.png (585.19 KB, 820x800, 1287142__solo_twilight spa….png)

I ought to code but I'm watching animu


>literally never gone to bed early for an exam
Yes I did when it was in the morning?
I'm sure you're very proud of yourself.
It's all you. All the time. The world actually revolves around you and your genius.
Nobody is smart but you.
Pat yourself on the back and jerk off extra hard for your achievement today.


And one day, you will join me in the sun as an enlightened one. One day, but not yet today. Get your beauty sleep for that big bad exam.


File: 1483486583744.jpg (97.89 KB, 1366x768, your uber here am outside.jpg)

I'll follow you to the surface of the sun, don't worry, you go first


My son, you are adult now. You must choose whether to sleep for morning exam, or keep getting gleefully baited into oblivion. Which will you choose?


File: 1483486736939.png (140.24 KB, 986x492, 1454366237284.png)

You /v/ tier shitposter


File: 1483487066223.jpeg (188.34 KB, 1024x788, 648691__safe_rainbow dash….jpeg)


File: 1483487113769.gif (577.64 KB, 1000x809, 1403622349157.gif)


File: 1483487125174.png (415.29 KB, 729x1326, 550699__safe_solo_rainbow ….png)


File: 1483487139797.jpg (95.59 KB, 900x788, 1349104459615.jpg)


File: 1483487165720.png (534.68 KB, 700x629, 1343236753463.png)


File: 1483487235582.png (517.64 KB, 566x800, 1476275114342.png)


File: 1483487349180.png (95.24 KB, 416x301, 1377494934034.png)


File: 1483487406114.png (163.2 KB, 989x894, large.png)

Out of pone pics

Better code


File: 1483487436897.jpg (72.15 KB, 485x435, 1430307138050.jpg)





File: 1483488739530.png (105.41 KB, 251x250, 1475499601896.png)


Wassap with you dog.
Why won't you quest.


File: 1483488808802.jpg (53.55 KB, 744x419, You just got smoked.jpg)


how do you want your backstory handled for OTR?


That whole thing of getting cursed by a fucked up knife and having a demon inside was coolio. Can I keep it?


Sure, that part is fine


What's the problem then?


File: 1483489037872.jpg (158.46 KB, 890x667, 2908c7cf-6aea-4947-94e3-78….jpg)


>reddit pic
>random tumblr watermark
The Nth grade repost.
Where da big gay pic at?


see >>799291
We need to make more of the party tied to the original assassination plot, or I need to change the core story


Ok. That happened right as we were, indeed, on the run. Good?


My point is, this is a little silly if Duna is the only person accused of masterminding the assassination.


And I meant, put me too back there with duna.


File: 1483490101215.jpg (65.69 KB, 702x273, b3c0451c-60e3-448e-a1fc-4f….jpg)

Tumblr has lots of these



Yes, the bgp.
The one from skyarr.


What was your job at the court?



Without memes this time.
Stable boy.



File: 1483490934569.jpg (125.58 KB, 675x1200, 5ed09e99-6344-42e2-adbd-ce….jpg)

I was thinking of it being smaller different pics instead of a big one
>There was an error playing


>he was thinking
>he hasn't even started


>the stable boy and smith blew up everything


Well you're not going to believe this but
I forgot my computer power cable back at my dad's house


No, I totally believe it. You being you and all.
How does this not smell of conspiracy a mile away?


It probably does, but you are the only leads.


File: 1483492308944.webm (275.45 KB, 640x360, memes end here.webm)

Why are you able to write NPCs but not characters?


NPCs I can make and throw away as I feel inspired, shaping events and worlds around me, weaving a harmonious tapestry of countless strands of fate.
With characters I'm stuck as a pawn in a world I have no true power over.


If you think that players can't or shouldn't be able to change the story, you're playing tabletop wrong. I may need to move to my desktop JUST to get a reaction image for this.

In my quests, I've always striven to create an open world that players can change or travel in as they see fit, developing a story on the fly in response to their actions. That is the soul of collaborative storytelling. And my favorite quests do the same. Like for instance, one of my favorites was Knight's Pirate Hunters. In my very first session, as a smith, I saved a ship from sinking that he planned to be destroyed.



There is much a vampire and a goatperson can do together


So I'm watching Boko no Pico Hero Little Witch Academia, because everyone else said to.

I thought the last line of the second episode was bretty gud
By the way, I forgot to mention, this is the story of how I became the greatest hero


>So I'm watching Boko no Pico Hero Little Witch Academia, because everyone else said to.
We were planning on stramming that!

Little Witch Academia too.


Should I wait, and watch it with you? I've only watched the first 2


Up to you. We're close to finishing another series, but if you don't want to wait for us that's fine.


I need to find some good snow!

Pat, pat, pat!

I've got my snowball!

Come on out! I'll fiiind you!

It's only physics!


File: 1483495760306.gif (521.92 KB, 634x355, 1dc.gif)

It's a great show. I can't wait for season 2.


Mei's new year resolution


Reaper, on 2016



File: 1483497547854.gif (400.59 KB, 229x278, 1320890650812.gif)

I'd join for thgat



Meta, they'll probably fix it tho


File: 1483499682435.jpg (73.95 KB, 604x556, Tactical visor activated .jpg)

The new map is real pretty


"I stopped making resolutions a long time ago." - Soldier 76, on New Year's Resolutions


File: 1483500222590.png (414.37 KB, 540x400, 395ba847-8b5a-4975-b1a9-12….png)

How wise
Resolutions really almost never work out unless you're really really dedicated, and even then things can happen
Like you can die or something


What job does witchy rogue have? maid or something?


>like you can die or something
dark as fuck


That was Nopo's Drakin job, you're too late
Maybe she could be an alchemist ooo


Who else was an alchemist?
A castle usually has just one medicine person.
Maybe she was like an apprentice to him.


It's not dark it's just true
I mean in the span of a year, you won't be lacking in opportunities to die

Can you imagine the amount of people who made new years resolutions and didn't finish them because they never managed to the end of the year?


No no I didn't say too, I said ooo
Like 'ooooooOooOOOOoOOOoooo'
Like a long ghost wail


File: 1483500686979.gif (512.24 KB, 1831x1637, 1432722820288.gif)


Man, I don't want to take the alchemist class, like really I don't.
Its not even been tested in vanilla combat, is still wonky in wf combat too.
If I can be the alchemists' assistant/lacky/apprentice I don't need to pick up anything from the class


A maid is fine by me.
Or some kind of court mage type.

New sheet format is like this


File: 1483500898348.gif (18.38 KB, 100x100, 57fc5f53-5e25-4fc7-91ed-a7….gif)

Okay okay, I'll lighten up, sorry
My resolution for this year is uh
Make some animations, at least get started on it


Oh don't worry, we're not doing s10, so hopefully we'll avoid that stress


>3 +2s


what are we using then?


Wait, how do I make a vampire in that system?


You get bit by an existing one, I'd assume.


That's not what I meant.


File: 1483501198859.gif (293.48 KB, 500x318, 1473146448620.gif)

>writing rules for drawing pentagrams to summon demons

Don't tell your priest friends about this game


I will make sure they don't see me play it. For other reasons as well.


I don't understand it yet. Some kind of freeform with no combat?
Personally I was hoping for a proper system but oh well


what's it called you gay deer


File: 1483501418305.jpg (73.56 KB, 599x900, a914200d-d5b8-49bf-a2aa-50….jpg)

I don't know! I'm just a player like you. DM is the one with the answers gosh!
Unless you're talking about which system I was hoping for, then I don't know, maybe something with a Smithing system?


>I don't know
Then stop acting like you know what it is!
>smithing system
what the balls is that? I haven't heard of something called "smithing system"


I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to act like I knew what it was

>I haven't heard of something called "smithing system"

Oh.. I thought that existed in some game rules or something


Sorry I'm a little upset.

I think what you want is a "crafting system" which would imply many items


I don't need to, I'm cribbing this setting out of a book!


File: 1483501867669.jpg (57.27 KB, 640x480, 1451276719971.jpg)

I was able to give Eider a +2 to Weed Knowledge for OTR, so I'm happy with that at least.


He actually posted all about that yesterday!


File: 1483502136263.jpg (573.81 KB, 832x1148, e39cceda-29d9-483c-a798-13….jpg)

Yes yes yes, that might be it.I didn't word myself properly
I just wanted to make cool equips for the party n'such, like a gem ring of +1 accounting or enchanted heart boxers of +2 boxing

And I'm sorry u upset. it's pretty late so I'll sleepy now


Yes. And as it says in the books, "Knowing where you fit in this hierarchy is vitally important to staying alive as a demon or a magician. A djinn needs to treat other djinns and anything above its rank with a certain degree of courtesy, but foliots and imps get the short shrift!


It replaces all your skills
You fluff it
It's a freeform non-system so I can see what happens if I try that.
If you all hate it I will call this off now and return to the drawing board.


Its not really your fault.
Something like that means that equipment and enchantments already exist, so like DND or something would be best.


Okay. Please help me fluff it.


Perfect, so what rank is an imp summoned by '1d20+7'

Roll #1 3 + 7 = 10


Do we have a set time?


Imps are lowest rank and hardly sentient.


I don't hate anything! I just don't know what it is.
Do I just pick three things I am good at or?


DM approved my sheet when I asked him. I just ended up cutting down the sheet to basic stuff.



I was hoping to do it around 5pm GMT
Yes, pick three things to be good at. They can be rather general or more specific, whatever works.
Give me a bit


[cackling of approval]


Well, there are some rather specialized imps that have a bit more of a personality, but yes, generally the handy thing about imps is that they don't do a whole lot of thinking. You really want a demon that can think for itself?

After all, the more it can improvise for the mission, the more it can twist your words and commands. Demons are wicked and they will hurt you when they can.


>hungry AF
>still haven't slept
>whole family under
>guests coming over in 6 hours


Even a mid-ranking magician can summon enough imps to fill a room wall to wall. This means a respectable magician could summon enough Search Spheres to comb most of a city.

Of course, if you want to make war, usually quality wins over quantity. A sturdy afrit might serve you better.


6 hours is plenty of time to slp!




olive oil and bread snack?


No dad! I want to surround the castle walls with demons


This quest isn't appropriate for Morrigans!



The quest these rules are for is 2lewd for pure zonks-who-think-they're-ponies


Well without Andypunk running anymore, a new quest had to rise


File: 1483503715512.png (98.26 KB, 1244x382, 1483502900635.png)

This makes me think, does anyone here happen to have a 40K ork mini and a pony minifig?


>Being a nest for a seapony
This sounds extremely painful!!


>not always having an emergency stash of biscuits and cup noodles


I have food. I just don't want to eat it.


You're thinking very dumbly because you're hungry.
eat a quiet food so you don't wake anyone, crackers even


[despair intensifies]




Anyway, it's not ponoes setting so I don't think there's much risk of running into seapones. Nor sirens, really!

This is actually a really cool non-lewd setting, I've been wanting to run something in it since before I came to the sub. Rereading the book now, and it holds up.


Nah, we're running it on Roll20




File: 1483504352267.jpg (112.39 KB, 572x303, 1464275521062-1.jpg)


There's nothing lewd about the demon summoning rules. It's based on the book, which is children's fiction.

I don't mind you and BDN talking about Pokequest here, and it's not like I'm posting excerpts of porn.


Which book is this?


The Bartimaeus Trilogy. It's really good, I'm rereading it now to familiarize myself with the setting. The first one is The Amulet of Samarkand.


I guess I have to remember what was most important about my witchy character.
its been quite a while since I played her..


Heard of it, think I read some of it a while ago but don't remember anything besides having the name of the genie to control it.


Reinvent as much as you want/need to, really.


It's set in a world where magicians control the government and they derive all their power from spirits, which come in various forms


fair enough


Cool, sounds like something good to have a game set in. What's this about the demon summoning that's not lewd?


If anyone wants to discuss OTR setup stuff, ask here or on steam now before I slp


Well the books are genre fiction safe for kids, so there's nothing lewd about it. I mean, you are enslaving shapeshifters to your will so one could imagine how a PC could use it for lewd purposes, but the rules themselves aren't lewd.


I'm too SLP to do that now. Goodnight


Sure, there's nothing inherently lewd with that.


Tactical nap, soldier


Hey, memes aside, Andypunk fucking when?

There's a reason almost my entire playbase overlaps with Andypunk playerbase! We're bored!


File: 1483505336522.jpeg (29.24 KB, 540x567, 52064597.jpeg)



File: 1483505419405.jpg (94.75 KB, 1245x1141, 1482222013008.jpg)

Your sister is always making you depressed. This isn't sustainable.




It's not my business or my life. I can't tell you what to do. But it hurts to see you waste away and not tell her that she's hurting you.


File: 1483505690786.png (112.66 KB, 549x669, tmp_6591-14745964313141051….png)

Take care of yourself first, okay?


File: 1483506115505.png (124.18 KB, 285x298, the impossible.png)

>why bother


File: 1483506535409.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, Neighs externally.png)

This conversation chain is giving me concerns.


File: 1483506690814.gif (1.64 MB, 320x240, dog_cupcake.gif)


I cannot wait until the feeble shell of flesh can be replaced with a cybernetic chassis. Exercise sucks.


NEET tip: you can skip exercise AND save time on eating if you only eat once a day



But I'm 2fat to subsist on one meal a day.


File: 1483507517756.jpg (980.47 KB, 1414x2000, 1466263271127.jpg)

I heard lewd


Subsisting on one meal will burn some of the fat

It's only fair to offer to let you join the quest, if you want. But you've been warned, I have an actual plot planned too, it's not exactly CoC


Or eat multiple, smaller meals, more efficient.


What quest?


I've tentatively named it The Talisman of Timbuktu. It's set in Late Victorian England in a sort of alternate history based on a book, where magicians are the ruling class. They rule through subjugation of demon slaves.

It's a good setting for some hedonism.


Well, I'm off to the Tank Museum to see the meme tank.


Uh, ok


File: 1483510272945.png (13.23 KB, 441x440, 1480893694682.png)

Finally freed up after a bunch of stuff happening on my end, how did the questing go today?




I'd mons for you, but home internet is down


Come on, I'm sure someone has something cooked up. What about DM?

Don't fret. How far are we from getting to the meat of the story you wanted to tell?


When 2/3 of the region is explored and people get full trained teams, we can really get into things.


>Think about going to bed
>Buy Afterbirth+ and complete two runs instead


I still can't think of a 6th 'Mon that would fill all of my requirements.


Think of how to use the bosses in OTR.


Maybe a fairy


In the five minutes my door was open, my dogs managed to pee AND poop on my bed.

I'll look them up.


>Ice and Fairy
That's one corrupted website. I'll send them an email to clear that up, since everyone knows Ninetales is a Fire type.


The professor told you that information is still confidential! Leaks can ruin so much.


Warriors of the night assemble!



File: 1483522041634.jpg (572.09 KB, 1920x1080, tyrande-whisperwind.jpg)


File: 1483524380250.jpg (3.5 MB, 4032x2268, 20170104_120552.jpg)



File: 1483524470402.jpg (287.71 KB, 881x800, chromed com.jpg)

You do want postcards, right?


[tanking internally]


File: 1483524769658.jpg (2.79 MB, 4032x2268, 20170104_121144.jpg)

I haven't been following, but if you wanna send one, sure.


Would you drive your tank into the Russian steppes?


I fucking overslept


File: 1483526184689.jpg (3.98 MB, 4032x2268, 20170104_122130.jpg)


For your exam? Good job.


File: 1483526209296.png (623.71 KB, 648x744, 1474732332031.png)


>exam at ten
>10:06 my roomie asks "Aren't you supposed to be writing an exam right now?"

Granted I was only late 15minutes because I ran and all, but I was thirsty all the way and had no coffee which made focusing hard


File: 1483526889626.png (1.04 MB, 1241x699, 1280186pear.png)

That could have gone worse


Man Oasis music is so goddamn good.


File: 1483529578315.png (151.12 KB, 500x350, 1469266844956.png)

I actually forgot an exam in my first semester and had to retake the whole class early last year year


File: 1483529982622.png (677.94 KB, 1280x720, 12154545.png)

I once overslept an exam, but aced it during the summer.
Still sucked.



It could have for sure

I'd rather not miss exams because that costs money


Oasis is a pretty cool map



Parts of it on the preview. Sounds very James Bond-like.


File: 1483531157287.jpg (2.04 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20170104_123843.jpg)

Fresh snu


Oh, I thought there was additional music aside from the preview


Want to go give the Oasis Brawl a try?


File: 1483531657796.jpg (182.53 KB, 1920x1080, 1464189817157.jpg)

Sure, just did two rounds

Is that what the weird white stuff is called?


Sure, give me 5 to make coffee


File: 1483533062723.jpg (4.47 MB, 4032x2268, 20170104_122357.jpg)

I wish it hadn't been so damn cold out there


And here I was ready to meme on you for oversleeping.


File: 1483534916126.jpg (27.12 KB, 700x873, 57937dd6-1be9-4152-b857-c9….jpg)


Is it just me or is the Elf campaign in Total Warhammer horrendously unbalanced?


I took this picture just for you since you love snow and cold


I mean, if it wasn't for my roomie I may have just slept through the whole thing


Is that the place where you study?



File: 1483537452193.png (247.16 KB, 1140x876, 3e01c4e5-fc6a-454e-8739-6a….png)

Cool beans


That mare…
That look…


Wait… You're that ninja


Wait a minute that card…


File: 1483538683545.jpg (18.62 KB, 480x388, 7b26418c362c5702fef9b96976….jpg)



>people like Lucio will stop being hooked above me
>you can no longer do the momentum-hook

This kills the 3v3


This kills the one start in 3v3. And people won't be hooked above walls any more.


But it also means that you can't hook Genji since he just dashes away, or you can't hook a sprinting/jumping soldier mid-air, because while you hit the hook by the time he is about to be pulled the LoS will break
I feel like this will just make things worse for Roadhog so that people can stop bitching because they don't play him and don't understand how he works


Roadhog is one of the top three heroes in the game anyway, this won't hurt him that much.


But if they just nerf Ana and D.Va now, the three tank meta might finally die.


Ana is the only need needed. Her grenade specifically.


D.Va needs a nerf anyway.


File: 1483541117458.jpg (106.39 KB, 625x625, Disappointment follows you….jpg)

>make giant cup of tea because I'm hacking up a lung thanks to this cold that's still lingering after nearly a week of cold medicine
>still too hot to drink comfortably
So what's up, ponelikers?


The problem with D.va is that the traditional tankbuster reaper has a hard time against her

I long for the day

B-But muh main


Have you put some lemon and/or honey with the tea?


It's sad that Symmetra is a better D.Va buster than Reaper now.


Gayer than a healslut.


Symmetra was always a better D.vabuster though, since >beams
The other problem is Dva eats the ult of Reaper

Most played at least, you know I don't actually main anything


Of course.
My main worry is that the honey will congeal on the bottom as it cools, though.
But it's almost cool enough now, so that's one 1st-world problem resolved.


Yes, but Sym was ever used before so that was irrelevant. Now that she's viable, it's just sad.


You be safe now
I think what you really need to deal with this sickness is quest


But where would I find one of those??
Surely not here.


I mean, people just bitch about Symmetra because "Waaa she is in every game now" but not really, and also, this just means she is a viable support now.
Symm really doesn't bother me that much.


Her microwave range could use a nerf. 6 meters instead of 7.


And then she is unable to score kills ever again, just like before


>unable to score kills ever again, just like before
Nigga please.


Well I've been having these crazy weird urges to to run one lately
But I always have to stop myself, it's likely to always end badly


I had 17 hours on her, if you had no turret support (so you weren't on the point) you couldn't kill anyone unless they got caught with their pants down since they could just run away and you'd just see your beam slowly trying to attach to them and failing


That's why she's still a support class. A 1 meter decrease is still a buff compared to her old self anyway.


>she is support, so kills should be unobtainable, like with Ana or Zenyatta


>Zenyatta the longrange ball-to-the-face master
>unable to obtain kills
I get the point you're trying to make, but Zenyatta's not the best example to bring up.


Kills aren't unobtainable. There's a middle ground between making her a pseudo-reaper and completely neutering her. She can easily get kills if she takes advantage of her kit rather than just her microwave.

Ana is going to get nerfed anyway, so that's a terrible example to use.

Not that any of this matters since Sym is more than likely going to get nerfed eventually no matter what.



Her damage is buildup, plenty of characters get plenty of chances of killing her already if you can't get the drop on them!


File: 1483543062893.png (295.74 KB, 1280x920, 87545121.png)


>plenty of characters get plenty of chances of killing her already if you can't get the drop on them!
I've seen plenty of evidence otherwise.


Because you play support


I know I have mixed results with her. Mostly if she can't get her turrets set up in time, she's a fairly easy target. Especially if she's by herself.


That's just because you play at an ELO where people can't aim.


From my team. Not from myself. That includes you guys.


Nigger you don't even play Comp anymore.


Sylt, I'm sorry to say but your grenadier in XCOM died due to concentrated efforts of Advent commandos and a SPARK during a blacksite operation. You gave a good accounting of yourself, however.
Groves panicked when you went down, and managed to kill one of the people who shot you.


Elo/mmr applies to qp too.
What do i have to dowith this, seeing as how I'm entirely out of the game for the current month?


Time to roll a Pumpkin.


I'm just saying, we're both in the same MMR. And it's really not ELO levels of bad.


I don't think we are. After all you guys always whine about how you start losing when I join.


At the end of the day you're the one who cares the most out of all us about losing matches.

Maybe, just maybe, that's the problem that outs itself when we play.


All I'm saying is, I'd you win with ease without me and then start struggling once I join perhaps I'm increasing the group MMR so much you guys become outmatched.


File: 1483544885131.gif (2.55 MB, 421x300, 1423859131876.gif)


You don't get to bring friends

We lost on Oasis pretty bad once today and we weren't really salty about it


Or maybe, just maybe Someone nagging at you for everything you do is not healthy
And we win plenty with you too


Eh I'm not a person who enjoys not even trying, probably won't be playing with you guys for a while.


File: 1483545254311.jpg (30.28 KB, 736x548, 1464940258346.jpg)


You should join the Americans. We frequented Competitive.


Its too cold for this shit


I have too high a ping on the American servers…


I mean
I can try if we comp, but you never say let's do comp

But in QP when we are a 5stack, why not just have fun

Get a warm tea going


Fun is a foreign concept to Italians. And people who play competitive E-Sports.


File: 1483545671220.png (441.93 KB, 1280x1812, 1479202863314.png)


I can't do comp when streaming from another PC via a fake LAN and steam.
And I dunno man, not even trying to fight and coordinate is not fun to me.


Not when you are like that, dum-dum

Also, you're mostly thinking of that one bad game in King's Row, and yes, that was a bad game. I won't argue that.
But we do group up and move as units most of the time. That's hardly 'not even trying.'


File: 1483545809306.png (89.34 KB, 350x350, 3043db08-d287-4de1-863d-aa….png)


File: 1483545828323.png (123.03 KB, 489x628, tumblr_inline_oimgg1gnBp1q….png)

blame the icemons.


Doing dumb shit, not communicating, not waiting for ult combos, not managing to get a mercy after we kill the whole team and she has no ress, thinking that a Zen ult to counter soldier ult is a bad move and then keep your shield up for it to be bashed while you are immortal effectively giving the enemy a free ticket to kill you instead of neatly surviving thanks to your intact shied once ult was over.
All of that is dumb and your inability to take criticism is infuriating.


I told you, it was a bad game.
You are still objectively wrong on the soldier ult though.
And if you'd rather play with pubs that is fine, but we still communicate and call out more than nothing and have a positive winrate


Explain why I am wrong.


>thinking that a Zen ult to counter soldier ult is a bad move and then keep your shield up for it to be bashed while you are immortal effectively giving the enemy a free ticket to kill you instead of neatly surviving thanks to your intact shied once ult was over.
Yes, clearly two people should take on the entire enemy team on their own instead of holding back and regrouping with respawning allies for a proper push with said Zen ult.

You complete dolt.



OTR in like 45 mins if we have everyone


Wanna play Monaco later? After I get back from the Dentist


That one soldier ult
I always use Zen or Lucio ults on Soldier ults

I've never played it


Yes, let's not.


You own it but haven't played


Allies were all alive.
Soldier ults -> I counter ult -> mei walls payload off and locks you out.
At this point you could have survived easily by dropping shield, keeping the enemies at bay, survive with my ult, and once that was over pulling shied up an backing onto the now un-walled payload with the rest of the team.
Instead you kept shield up while transcendence was on, losing shield for nothing.


And I did use my Zen ult? I don't get your point.


>Allies were all alive.
No they weren't.

But whatever, water under the bridge. At least we don't have to play together anymore.



It was a bad play on your part mate. And denying it is exactly why you don't even try.


I know what game it is and that I have it, I just never played it


T. Seagull


It was a misplay on your part. Should have let my shield tank the soldier ult and kept the ult for the actual push with the full team instead of trying to make me Rambo it on my own.


No, because the team was too spread to get to cover behind your shield. And I with them, would have died to soldier ult. Zen to counter soldier is a classic strategy, you were just too blind to see what was happening behind you.


The team was not with us at the time. Stop making shit up. If they had been, why didn't you yell at them to charge as well huh? It was you and me, with a shield covering both of us. I was backing out to regroup, then you popped the ult you should have saved for a push. A rein shield is capable of tanking a soldier ult, so it was a waste.


I see you clearly don't remember or didn't understand what happened in the first place.
Payload had just turned the corner. Team was on payload. I was by the boxes near the 250hp healthpack house.
Soldier ults.
I counter ult since team was all over the place at low hp and I would have died too.
Mei at this point walls you, and only you, off from the payload. Everyone else was now safe behind the wall or corner and you were cut off.
You kept shield up through Transcendance, which heals 300 hp/s and would have comfortably carried you alive without shield, only for it to be depleted by the time shield went down.
I yelled at you because you shouldn't have kept shield up while effectively immortal, no matter the reason transcendance had been used. I was on top of you, too.


File: 1483547724222.png (54.02 KB, 1280x720, 1483545364618.png)

C'mon, talk about quest instead of this old thing


There are no quests.


File: 1483547872838.jpg (759.19 KB, 1920x1200, thumb-1920-111792.jpg)


Breez is dead too.


Might as well end it all


File: 1483547993658.png (456.35 KB, 1000x950, 1483456704820.png)

We are counting on you to run the next one.


I never run.


You're making shit up m8. The team wasn't with us, hence why I started backing out. Then you start ulting and flip your shit at me for doing the right thing?

One of us misplayed here, but I wasn't about to flip my shit at you for wasting your ult, yet you seem physically incapable of not nagging at people whenever a less than optimal situation presents itself. That's why I left, because it drains the fun out of the game for the team and ruins the atmosphere. And just having fun without constantly having to tryhard is why most of us play OW for fuck sakes.



Wish I had shadowplay on. I remember perfectly what happened, you are just bad at rein. You have always been. After 50 hours at least you were mediocre, but you still keep doing dumb plays like that not even understanding what's going on around you, and refuse any help. There's no such thing as try harding, if you don't feel like playing the game and just want to cruise control don't play.
You still didn't explain how am I supposed to fluff the time stopping vampire in simple 6.


Well, lesson learned, we can just not play with you and enjoy the game.
Simple as that.


Yes I agree.


The easy solution would be to make it some form of pseudo-skill, allowing you to roll for your time stop when applicable.


Yes yes, me ooga team booga. I understand.

Curious how we still end up in the same MMR/rank though.


We really don't though.


Since no one seems interested in Monaco, maybe I can get started with Timbuktu today? Or at least, a sort of intro session.


You have 0.7% more winrate than Groves


If I recall, we're both in Plat.


We will see once I place season 3.


He does have 8.8% more in comp though…


File: 1483548845416.gif (109.56 KB, 320x240, 1469248427413.gif)


Hahaha what?



>I have a 20% winrate in Comp this season

I guess I'm the worst player on the sub then


Have you done all your placements yet? I've been doing pretty well this season.


Not yet
I've had a horrible losing streak because people refuse to get on teamchat or pick things other than hanzo


File: 1483548975993.png (181.14 KB, 1280x720, 1464604234703.png)

>tfw over 70% winrate
I only played one placement match


I had an amazing Attack Hanzo on my team the other day.

I commended him.




I think he had like 79% kill participation and got a POTG for saving the point without having to use up his ult. Also he communicated a lot which was helpful.

A rare shiny Hanzo must be recognized.


handsoap pls


I wound up with the meme team.

Genji and Widowmaker on attack that never switched.
Reinhardt that always rushed in.
Soldier who couldn't shoot straight.

And me as Mercy, trying to keep this field trip alive.


So do we have runners or has salt overtaken all hopes of starting today?


I wish I still had that screencap of the suicide squad that was assigned to me in one match.

Widow, Tracer, Sombra, Hanzo, Genji and myself as Lucio. Silent as graves. Didn't switch into anything even once during both rounds.


I still have no idea how to make a sheet.


what part of it confounds you?
How to make the time stop thing?


And the vampire thing.


File: 1483549793501.png (1.54 MB, 1280x720, this is your team tonight.png)


I mean the vampire aspect of it more than anything. Sucking blood, superhuman abilities, sun and garlic and fire as drawbacks, all of it. I don't know how to implement that.



Give yourself like +2 to strength based actions if you want supernatural strength
Replace one of your +2s with "can stop time temporatily"
RP the major weaknesses and leave a note in the sheet that they exist


Link me a sheet template.


I have no direct template but this is what andy and nonny made


Still pondering on my sheet sorta
I was thinking of having +2 Smithing, +2 brawl or actions that need brute force… And I don't know what more




That's racist!


Thanks senpai.


If we all join hands and sing a song
Then our prayers will reach the sky
And maybe Zeus or Thor
Will smite that whore

What a piece of ass
Oh Maali


File: 1483550539719.png (170.27 KB, 716x814, ab24f1e1-7920-42a2-ad62-55….png)

You and your obscure references again


Who wants to farm some Oasis boxes?


>Dentist in 30m
Maybe after


also reminder this


Duna's quite a slut
Other people's work has made her rich
She hired some male prostitutes
Dressed them up in three piece suits
Her faithful team of lawyers
She made the internet her bitch


File: 1483551651854.jpg (82.52 KB, 850x638, 1450614069094.jpg)

No time for jokes anymore, Dentist nao


File: 1483551720239.gif (1.81 MB, 720x540, 1456673823022.gif)

>hold first point on Hollywood
>overtime, we winning this
>Me and two people die, no biggie Mercy just needs to rez
>she doesn't, despite never fucking dying, wanting a fucking 5man rex potg
>we lose first point and payload goes all the way
>next match, everyone puts in fucking everything, pull off the best fucking Gravitons ever, beat opponent payload time
>wew gg–
>lmao round 3
>we suddenly lose

Thanks a lot you play-hungry whore
Now I remember why I didn't bother doing more than one placement, along with 5 round koth


Wf what the heck are you talking about?
Are you drunk?


Ok i got a raid in an hour so there isn't much time left to OTR with at this pace.


>and have a positive winrate
I guess I'm just the shitter then, because I'm certain there are more losses than wins lately


File: 1483552388293.png (33.65 KB, 730x370, 1423969636938.png)


Still missing Sylt and Maali's things
Though I can always just skip the raid if we get everythign together


>2 players missing sheets
go to your raid they won't be ready in time.


I'll it done in a minute

Since Sylt will be having the inhuman strength, I was thinking of going +2 Smithing, +2 stamina and uh
Crafting? Engineering?
Shit I don't know
Duna's whole thing is Smithing!


Google this exactly

"Ebaums world dot com lemon demon"


File: 1483553321872.jpg (872.39 KB, 854x1436, 1421817283091.jpg)

Well I think sylt got taken by his family.

Smithing.. what about..
"Can craft useful items out of metal"


Or uh
+2 to crafting rolls with the smithing hammer


Only Sylt has a positive winrate, relax


File: 1483553613958.gif (115.76 KB, 600x596, 1390801662482.gif)

I'm incapable


For some reason I can't watch videos on my phone
Yeah Yeah I already got that up
What I picked for her was pretty much that

-2+ to Smithing (armor/weapons of metal)

-2+ stamina


I think you might have misread something in my post
Or I typed something wrong…


I see what you're asking
+2 hand to hand combat
because of how good she was at wrestling


Hmnmmaybe could work, but she used a bigger, non Smithing hammer to fight…


File: 1483553965299.jpg (57.39 KB, 640x360, 1435004506672.jpg)

whatever you like


That's the thing, I don't know what to pick

Well you know what, I'll stick with wrestling, sure


I mean
what are you even gonna be rolling for?
Maybe she's extra good at climbing or something


Well with Smithing she could make cool equips for the party
With stamina she could run, carry and all those stuffs (she was raised in a farm)

And with wrestling… I guess holding people down and overpowering larger enemies?

Anywho, here is the sheet I whipped up


Also again, we seem to be missing Nonny


File: 1483555137452.jpg (3.74 MB, 4032x2268, 2017-01-04 12.07.49.jpg)

I have returned from tank county to find my room near fucking freezing



File: 1483555723693.jpg (24.91 KB, 465x452, 1356873726608.jpg)

>most of the guild is offline 10 minutes before raid time


>casual guilds


They know what they're here for


File: 1483555767454.png (460.67 KB, 870x722, (you).png)


File: 1483555851995.jpg (133.44 KB, 1600x900, 1469915654885.jpg)


The burdened


Thought about otr?


Didn't really have the time or willpower or creativity necessary yet


We'll help
Are you gonna stay with Drakin maid or interested in a different character?


>/tv/ is a strange and mysterious place


Probably something else


[depression intensifies]


Well what you have in mind?
You know what the rest of the party will be right?



There's a party?!


Andy will be witchy Witch
Sylt is campy vamp
Nonny is janitor Drakin dude
And I'm Capra the Smith


So no changes?


So we have two humans, one Drakin and a capra

Let's start with which race you wanna pick


backstory changes so we all worked at that castle


File: 1483561654311.gif (16.91 KB, 222x171, 1421307324900.gif)




File: 1483561717839.jpg (78.76 KB, 900x630, beast_of_burden_by_preilly….jpg)

such aliens are


But aren't these the same characters?


But now they all were at the castle and were accused of the same murder


A blank slate or do the characters know each other from the rest of the quest?


I wanna restart Dark Souls III and play it through. I wonder what kind of a character to make.


Physically weak magic user. Only daggers and bucklers allowed, maybe the cheapest cross bow.


I was looking at playing something I'd actually enjoy though!


You'll have to play the game instead of hiding behind a big shield.

The experience will be fun.


No, no it won't.


Well I think we were all supposed to be working together in the same place, so probably the same relationship workers have


I'm not sure how much he's dropping, I think the dragon clan thing is dropped thou







File: 1483564659395.jpg (10.41 KB, 236x273, 3a31262d144fad4b5e030361a9….jpg)


File: 1483564804246.gif (1 MB, 150x188, cat alarm.gif)


File: 1483564873720.png (23.46 KB, 689x796, And the horror starts agai….png)


File: 1483564884586.jpg (506.87 KB, 1012x1524, PROM-1_landmine.jpg)


Oh you


File: 1483565106886.jpg (117.78 KB, 1101x1024, 1443322316781.jpg)


File: 1483565205859.jpeg (21.17 KB, 340x307, 6xNoi3hqrSXimmhys.jpeg)


File: 1483565289565.png (282.42 KB, 1200x1000, D'ya like dags.png)


File: 1483565877537.jpg (523.62 KB, 540x771, d5eec53f-c994-4abe-ae1c-e3….jpg)

>tfw no quest
What happened to us?
What went wrong?



File: 1483566083800.png (232.18 KB, 475x404, 1469301635248.png)

But I'll be back.

That said we could use more runners


>running Bzzz
>prepping for Vampire
>now kinda wanna run a D&D adventure

I went too far in a few places.
But maybe I can reduce the effects.


doges are cute

>cat encounters breezy building


But Nopo is always busy tired and uninspired, that is usual
I eagerly await your return to deliver us from these quest-less times
It kinda sucks that the settings of your quests don't interest me. I'm sorry

But then who among us could run in your absence, Sionne?


File: 1483566389506.gif (90.69 KB, 500x500, 1254619.gif)

What settings interest you, Maali?


File: 1483567139724.png (303.24 KB, 800x612, 4aef73c7-956d-4b13-9a76-9d….png)

I love very classic adventure stuff
Things like a party (that has a good harmony) of all kinds of peeps traveling a world of fantasy, meeting different cultures from the simplest desert tribe to the biggest city state of the world, slaying monsters, solving problems of people and all that good stuff

A good old dungeon crawl style is also pretty neat too. The party going deeper and deeper, uncovering secrets and traps and enemies until finally getting to the end boss and having their rewards

In a nutshell, stuff like your MH quest or even Breezies! From the little glances I saw of it, it sounds like a quest for me
Only reason I didn't join was because I don't really like breezies or the idea of playing as one


File: 1483567577266.png (292.13 KB, 452x363, 1469196890354.png)

I might run another quest like MH someday.


Do tell me when you do, I'll be waiting


Do you get to carry around giant bagpipes that you can beat the shit out of people with before laying a sick beat down on them?


File: 1483568999410.png (52.16 KB, 214x166, 1474592756955.png)





File: 1483570027703.gif (555.75 KB, 350x388, 1468837475567.gif)

No slipper wearing asians allowed


Fuck me and my mum then I guess
I told DM that he doesn't have to wait for me


Its just the same reason everyone has fam
that's why "there's no quest"


Talk to me about your character then, for Timbuktu


Guess I am the source of all the misery and strife in the world again, how dare I
I guess I just won't play, four is more than enough

What do you want to know?


We were talking about job stuff, remember?


I've been starting to think about running a game using the 5th edition system and roll20 to host the game. Though when I think of something and what others might like then I'll just find people both here and the other group I play games with.


Yeah, but I didn't have anything in the few short hours since


File: 1483572465366.gif (94.73 KB, 188x270, 1280390.gif)

>thinking about bzzzz maps
I hope I can zoom in ridiculously on roll 20. Would be fun to have a fight with apples as cover or something.

I'd be interested, depending on what you want to do.


You can, or just zoom out the background


Ever played dnd 5e?


File: 1483572577566.jpg (269.34 KB, 1680x1050, 6968501-apples-leaves-autu….jpg)

I mean you can just find a large picture of a close up of a tabl


File: 1483572602560.png (81.54 KB, 678x478, 1474315638135.png)

That's not a proper map though



Nah you're just the best at putting things in words


What's the main differences between it and PF in your opinion?
Thinking about successor to MH


Learned from the best


File: 1483572825322.gif (4.08 MB, 359x202, 1424119121922.gif)

you learned how to take everything personally for sure


Anyone can pick it up and play viably in 5 minutes
The most dangerous level is 1
The campaign is tutorial mode until level 3, most games just start min 3


File: 1483572963075.gif (232.33 KB, 295x323, 1477812599290.gif)

That's good to know.
Maybe I'll run one since I really want to do a forgotten realms game out of nostalgia.


But then everyone's gonna roll a dual-wielding drow ranger with some variety of planar animal companion.


No drows


Most of the classes get to choose their specialty at level 3, although some of them are sadly trash like the avatar monk


I like high fantasy but I've recently got an itch for a normal 5th edition game that starts the first few levels in a town with some fairly normal quests before sending them out on a more longer chain of quests that leads them to more of a real adventure.

But I've also had the itch to give players a bizarre style game.

example: there are rumors of a jester wandering the streets at night while scaring the shit out of people, at first he was harmless but he quickly began to grow more violent with his scares by doing actual physical harm to people. Now workers aren't able to work in the sewers without being terrified or viciously attacked by the jester, so a group of mercenaries (players) have the job of running him out of town or killing him.


But Wf surely people will just make their characters for fun and not minmax!


File: 1483573209436.jpg (438.55 KB, 1495x1200, Paladin School.jpg)

It was joke about the plethora of purple-eyed "not like the other drow" drow ranger characters that always seem to pop up in the Forgotten Realms setting.
Though I'm sure you knew that.


5e isn't a very minmaxy platform (some of the feats are absurdly strong though and you may choose to disallow people to use the human optional rule of getting a feat at level 1)


I-it's not like I was gonna run some DMPC drow to help the pc's baka


Huh, that's a nice plot hook.



File: 1483573630986.jpg (25.08 KB, 177x188, Garithos_portrait.jpg)

But humans are the objectively best race!


File: 1483573698653.jpg (136.26 KB, 850x1107, __hakurei_reimu_and_sukuna….jpg)

Just be prepared for everyone to be humans with polearm mastery, then




Polearms are objectively the best possible melee weapon though.


Just be prepared for everyone to have to roll an extra 1d4 every turn


>extra rolls




Tell me about forgotten realms


This shit gets more real and dark every ep


File: 1483574115680.jpg (53.05 KB, 686x515, NWN_showdown.jpg)

It's the most famous DnD setting.
Most DnD vidya take place in it.
NWN was one of the first RPG's I ever played. Might be the first, or that might be Morrowind, I'm not sure.


Oh Neverwinter nights? A friend of mine got me a game of it

How about the setting? How is it?


It's a big setting.


Can I be a filthy dwarf wizard that makes an oil slick using pocket butter?



File: 1483574705142.png (470.82 KB, 850x1250, 63599ef5-451f-4a32-a2d6-ef….png)


Do you feel in charge?


File: 1483574939511.png (35.29 KB, 283x218, toilet dwarf.png)



>more Ayy2
>play Armello and get stomped on and maybe get the winter dice before the even ends
>play some Left4Hulk and shoot some nids
Decisions, decisions.

Roll #1 3 = 3


File: 1483575636303.jpg (415.22 KB, 850x1169, 60c1653a-e80e-492d-9a35-90….jpg)

I don't know how to respond to this so here's a pony


File: 1483575651483.jpg (19.48 KB, 680x379, a53.jpg)

>failed the exam

Guess I'll have to retake it next year
I find it so hard to give a shit about this, especially considering I'll consider just not coming back if I get a good job


File: 1483576156384.jpg (1.01 MB, 3600x2329, Sword-Coast-Map_LowRes.jpg)

Here's part of the map.
Though you'll have to look on the internet on your own if you want to know more about the setting, it's not exactly hard to find.

Shit happens


Second time in four years I actually fail something
And I'd try aagain and pass
If I was home for the other exams


How in the hell do I play the Elf campaign? I've got seven full stacks of Beastmen running into my territory on turn 17.


Two failures every four years is better than most


That's a part of the setting, more famous part tho.


File: 1483578152420.png (393.45 KB, 940x618, 25628bbd40f7c5f80c6a505d4d….png)


>posting amputee dogs

fuck that's dark maali, even for you


>Amputee dog
That one is just lame Wf


That joke really had no legs.


Going to try to get enough character details out of Groves and Nopony tomorrow so that we will be able to start


Squeeze them hard.


I was thinking as I posted that, "although with Nopo, it's like squeezing a stone and hoping for water"


Stopped by a Toys R Us just now
Everything is the same as 20 years ago
Power Rangers movie toys look like ugly


File: 1483579036494.png (22.36 KB, 200x160, AfpBiU8.png)


File: 1483579047409.webm (1.08 MB, 841x458, dg.webm)


File: 1483580860115.png (168.69 KB, 600x900, 3cfd00d39ad4d87a70e4d3b66d….png)

After extensive research, I came to a very interesting conclusion
A 7 years old boys are way better at Overwatch than 9 years old girls
Little guy managed to Hit a ridiculous amount of headashots


Are they better than you?


>tfw I was a pro ms. pacman player as a tikeout matched everyone around my area


>Ms Pacman
Ewww, that's a girl's game!


>beach ep in the zombie anime


That's basically why I was allowed to play itsouthern families super sexist


I mean, he managed to win against the medium bots, and all that after he discovered zenyatta
>Tfw arcades were never a thing in my childhood neighborhood
Why do you Americans get all the cool things gosh


They are barely a thing anymore, vidya killed the local arcade.


File: 1483581586412.jpg (92.96 KB, 640x640, 1476627619506.jpg)

Update: He fucking sucks at puzzle game, but she is great at it
Children are very interesting tests subjects


Just how Netflix killed movie rental places


could these kids be anymore stereotypical?


File: 1483581900026.jpg (400.93 KB, 680x845, 950.jpg)

They definitely couldn't
They also each have their own tablet


And they say brs are poor!




you really don't pay attention to my backstory huh


File: 1483582894482.gif (208.47 KB, 640x480, Problem.gif)


I was very surprised too


You talk like a born Kansan


File: 1483583948742.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.42 KB, 320x386, 1478885316047.jpg)



>woah he talked to you?
>he hardly ever talks to anyone
>he can brood for 40 minutes straight!
>so mysterious!
Buffy, season one. Already self aware.


beep bop


File: 1483585170137.gif (733.51 KB, 384x216, FANMADE_Shining_Armor_and_….gif)


Was there ever more sexualized scene in the show?


File: 1483585272246.png (241.36 KB, 600x600, 4e188d33793ef1cf6b584a9ea4….png)

Wassup with you, mon?


Depends on your fetishes


I'm here, studying. Missed out on a job offer because I didn't study enough, now I'm depressed.


That sucks.


Oooh you must be feeling like shit, I'm sorry that happened
What kind of job was it?


IT security. Literally the thing I want to do! But fair it's fair, I need to study more.


File: 1483585563618.gif (1.98 MB, 500x282, 1434819323007.gif)


I think a lot of people liked Magic Duel

I liked Bridle Gossip


Of course you would.


File: 1483585777998.jpeg (119.53 KB, 720x576, 416146__safe_applejack_ap….jpeg)


>watching this Nvidia presentation

CGPGrey was right, the transportation industry is finished. Kinda wish that Hillary had been elected just so that the Great Unemployment Crash would be under a Democratic president so they get the blame.

Oh well.


What made you finally realize?


time to brush up on my hunting and survival skill kit


What's happening?


Well I knew for a while but it's unsettling to see the beginning of the end unfold. Nvidia is giving the most oblivious presentation right now
>Guys, there are 18 million rides shared a day. What a waste - we could do that with AI! And we can do that starting today.

Nvidia announcing new driving AI technology, like everyone else. You know if just the jobs for taxis, uber, big rig truckers, bakery trucks, pizza delivery cars, etc. went to AI, we'd have over 20% unemployment?

We cannot prepare for this in any way. There simply aren't jobs to replace these, and we have no way to stop it. It's inevitable.


I've been saying that for a year now!


Then you were late, he was saying it since 2014, that means 2 years before you!


I was a happy, joyful kid in 2014.


Yeah, but who's going to shell out the money to replace people who provide and pay for the maintenance of their own vehicles?


Humans cost 66% of the upkeep on an average company, so it's very cost efficient to replace people. Maintenance is cheap compared to hourly wages. Better, AI crashes less often than humans, making it less of a liability for the company.


(Also, truckers typically do not cover the maintenance of their own 18-wheelers)


Still, most companies aren't going to flat-out replace entire fleets of vehicles in the span of one or two years. They'll do it in phases.


Amazon is doing it already.


Fidget is right to a degree, I don't think the riots will start until at least 2022, but I'm an optimist.


Wait, why wouldn't they replace truckers with AI? They already hire as few as possible and make them work extended hours. An AI could work those long hours without any issues or union complaints..


>Nvidia announcing new driving AI technology, like everyone else. You know if just the jobs for taxis, uber, big rig truckers, bakery trucks, pizza delivery cars, etc. went to AI, we'd have over 20% unemployment?
I agree. However, replacing fleets of trucks and whatnot is a very expensive matter still. We should also keep in mind that self driving cars will likely still need a person to be present in the driver's seat in the foreseeable future. It's coming, but I don't think that collapse will happen for another 10 years.


Because unions still exist, and if there aren't at least a bare minimum of human drivers, they will raise as much hell as they can muster.
>They took our jerbs, and they'll be coming for yours next! Rabble rabble rabble.


File: 1483587478164.jpg (72.92 KB, 337x332, 1473041922966.jpg)

This is a great thought to sleep on


And what you gonna do about it?


Luddites have never won once in history, ever

No matter how much power they have, they simply can't compete with this much of a cost reduction.


Slp wel


Well. I'm not clear on how unions actually work, would they not be able to just fire all the humens and not care?


Poor Luddites though, can't you imagine how they felt?

>This autoloom is terrible! It will destroy out way of life!

>No, the GUILDS will protect us! We pay our dues to the guilds, the guilds will warn others that they're coming for their jobs next. The guilds can exert power over the mayor! They'll protect our jobs
>Oops I guess the guilds collapsed under the weight of new technology


Currently that's illegal in most states.
They'd be able to do it in VA, though, since it's a "right to work" state. Hell, you can get fired if your boss is just having a bad day, really. And they don't even need to come up with a convincing reason.


As far as I know, unions in the US are a complete meme right? In Yurop they actually wield significant power, which has both massive upsides and downsides.


It's hard to fire someone without cause but you can eliminate an entire job position all you want, that's called a reduction in force and it has a specific legal definition.

So if you wanted to go to AI you would have no problem reducing your force size.


Trump will save the day for the companies :^)


At least manual labor is still necessary for the foreseeable future.


Fruit picking is a pretty big industry. I'm surprised I haven't heard about any autopickers yet.

I guess it's hard to create something general enough to do everything from bananas to grapes.

Is this true?


She's 2nd in qtness at least.
Seemed kinda boring so far thou.


>This new level 4 automated car in production by 2020 from Audi

It's funny to think that by the time I buy my next car, it will be considered normal to buy self-driving


Don't trust a machine with your life!


I already do, when I drive



I trust a self driving machine better than any human driver.


This is how the robo apocalypse happens guys


Didn't you follow?
We are gonna have a revolution before then.


Nah, self-driving cars aren't what we need to worry about, it's a superintelligent AI.

>Self driving cars

Might be hacked, but chances are you won't be driving when that goes down anyway
>Superintelligent AI
Probably about a 50% chance it wipes out humanity before we even realize it's superintelligent


oh to kill off most of the humans right?


Assumptions: the post


>Probably about a 50% chance it wipes out humanity before we even realize it's superintelligent
The definition of asspull.
My money is on the AI just ignoring us.


>Said briefly after saying cars will cause the apocalypse


Being unable to identify humor is a sign of autism


There's a pretty good chance that any true superintelligence would recognize the greatest longterm threat to its macro goals is being turned off, and therefore it would seek to preempt that goal. But it would realize that if it started just killing a few humans, that would evoke a more defensive posture. Therefore, it would have to develop a plan to kill us all before we even realize we need to defend ourselves.


We already know you're autistic, you don't need to hint at it! :^)


>Watched the whole Nvidia conference
>No gaems

What a waste!


>wf simply wants to fight with me
I don't know, its just not the same as it was, maybe my trolling days are actually over. time to hang up the memes and move on.


Or mail itself to Proxima Centauri and be done with it.


>fight with me
But Andy misreading a situation is a sign of autism


Its kinda hard to misread you leading every conversation we have into arguments


Could be, although in all likelihood a true superintelligence has an even better solution than one we can ever conceive of. Maybe it can vibrate at such a frequency that time stops, and killing humans is unnecessary.


Maybe you're projecting fights onto conversations that have no tone, because you're stressed out from fighting all the time at home?


>you're projecting meme


I dunno what to say Andy, I don't feel like we've been fighting a lot or as though this conversation was a fight.

You know how when you said you had trouble talking to your sister because she would just disregard anything you said? That's how I'm suddenly starting to feel.


I just don't belong in this meta anymore then, the tone has changed too much


File: 1483589607011.png (401.12 KB, 1280x870, large (12).png)

Sorry you feel that way.


Why can't we all be friends?


Because familiarity breeds contempt. Or so the saying goes.


I know what I would breed.



File: 1483590499872.png (958.34 KB, 1121x1569, Hello citizen it is I your….png)

Night. Breed good dreams.



File: 1483590752154.png (163.17 KB, 756x1024, 1473173826596.png)

I know you're probably not interested, but you were in some things I didn't expect so you never know, maybe you want to broaden your horizons. I'm starting up a new quest set in an entirely new setting. It's humans, I have three other players. Late Victorian-era England, ruled by a magician upper class. They derive their powers by summoning and enslaving demons. Like NL and Pirates there's going to be lewd opportunities for the PCs though.

Sound interesting to you? I get it if your plate is bretty full right now.


Well, nothing else is currently running. And work hasn't really started back up yet… But my steam backlog is only getting longer…
While it's interesting, I don't quite know what and how I'd play in it. Because, I mean, there's plucky-but-ultimately-downtrodden peasant with no chance of survival unless he makes himself a favored stooge of a noble (or toy of a madame), snooty-and-classist mage either backhandedly "helps" people or just believes them all beneath him, or reclusive technomancer who uses the demons he summons as guinea pigs in his efforts to perfect his technology to "help" the poor unfortunates who work in the factories (whether or not they want smokestacks instead of stomachs is not his concern).


>I don't know what I'd play except [three more cogent ideas than Nopony has been able to produce with some significant prodding]

You should join us! Those already sound really great.


Remember Wf, I'm an "ideas guy". Rarely can I properly follow through on anything.


File: 1483592513414.png (42.88 KB, 800x750, you blacked out.png)


Depends on the area. In most places I'd imagine the unions really are a meme, but here in West Virginia they actually have some semblance of influence.
At the very least, they're still willing to basically shut mines down by protesting in front of the gates and not letting traffic through.


How come you never ran Settlers when you were bedridden?


Because I underestimated how recovery was going to sap all of my energy to do anything. That and the fact that my family did not change in the slightest, so I encountered the same problems as before.
That and planning to run a quest without having a finished system to run it with is a really bad idea. Players need to be able to make characters, after all, and they can't do that if I haven't finished the ruleset.


Still a slot open for Timbuktu, if it interests you. You haven't played in a quest in a really long time, right?


File: 1483593742003.jpg (24.11 KB, 500x580, 1378781743768.jpg)


File: 1483594015897.jpg (418.17 KB, 1200x800, 1447072062448.jpg)

It's been a while, yeah… I'll take a look over it later and see what I think.


I don't know that I've collected info for it anywhere in particular, it's kind of eclectic. Message me on Steam when the mood strikes you, I'll talk to you about it. It might be up your alley or no, but you should at least hear the description.


I realyl want to mon while I can


File: 1483594961884.jpg (565.75 KB, 897x920, 1477335316992.jpg)

Well, I guess I could probably stay coherent for a few more hours…
Besides, it's been a while for me.


Okay, gimme 20


File: 1483596267544.png (116.99 KB, 500x500, 1368106625.rtoto_156.png)



File: 1483597201237.jpg (118.66 KB, 800x800, 1378965208604.jpg)


I suppose I'll slp

If you are interested in quest you can still message me cheesy, although I understand if you are 2busy these days


File: 1483603910613.jpg (562.68 KB, 992x1403, 1379769075170.jpg)

Gimme a whiel to figure out how to do this, pause for now


File: 1483604008263.jpg (83.25 KB, 640x555, 1481014071835.jpg)

Sure thing, I should probably go to bed anyway.
Thanks for running! I really enjoyed that last delivery.


I'm wondering if I should drop you into Julia's homeworld for a while


File: 1483606239907.jpg (172.64 KB, 1280x914, 1479686553195.jpg)

Can cold heartless machines replace my waifu?


>Actually up before noon
ayy lmao


What is the ez-build for Dark Souls 3?


File: 1483610638655.png (282.44 KB, 513x370, how horrible.png)

>this MMR
Jesus fuck

I regret doing this

dank sword


Is there any way I can help you with otr?


File: 1483611900706.jpg (193.8 KB, 1920x1060, piero-macgowan-xcom2-29-cy….jpg)


Dark Sword used to be the best option at least.
Toss in a greatshield for maximum tank.
Join the game I guess?


You've already got 5 players!
Wouldn't that be too much.


File: 1483614249872.jpg (96.45 KB, 800x682, 1477994224487.jpg)

>except for wednesday all my classes start at noon or later this semester
Is this what having a normal timetable for once is like?


>When you completely forget today is your birthday
The first sign of getting older.


File: 1483614483838.png (118.24 KB, 466x263, Maiddog.png)

Happy birthday, nerd.


Happy birthday boyo
Happened to me too


I thought it was on Saturday.


Happy Birthday!
I can't believe I constantly forget our birthdays are just a few days apart.


happy birth and also day


>-41.7 degrees
Fucking hell. I can't even imagine that kind of cold. Worst I've felt was like -29 degrees.


-30 in lapland is common, but below -40 less so.


Gelukkige verjaardag


OTR is in s10 right?
I'll make a char after my exams, which is in approx…11 days.


S10 Lite, no skills or classes, just +2 to three things you want to be better at doing.
This will most likely be changed out for another system once we get going properly, unless we end up enjoying the more freeform approach.




S10 world
High fantasy with higher technology slowly taking root - guns are increasingly commonplace but still specialized and temperamental, talk of aviation is growing, etc.


File: 1483619308220.jpg (21.92 KB, 326x302, 60d7cfa7b5048bdf51d5f6d52a….jpg)

>Birthday 5 days after new year
How old are you now, buddy pal?
I assume Sion would need a briefing on the party?



Heh, that's a very mocked number here in Brazilands

Got anything nice from the family?


Yeah what do I need to know about the party? what class do they need?


Nothing just yet. Gifts are for this Saturday.


File: 1483620569804.jpg (1013.63 KB, 2000x1363, 1480288081943.jpg)

I'm a stronk Smithy Capra

Sylt is a cursed hume Boi with a vampire inside of him, stopping time and other vampire strengths and weaknesses

Nonny is janitor Drakin guy with a cool bong that likes weed

Andy is the Witchy human Witch with a hammer and does magic things

And nopo is undecided

I'm not sure what the party would 'need' since to me it sounds like DM wants to avoid most combat
What race were you thinking of picking?
Oh. Why Saturday? Are you getting a party?


Because it's easier to get people together properly on Saturday.


True enough
Have fun


File: 1483622594259.jpg (109.67 KB, 400x240, beyond salvation.jpg)

>have a great idea for new OTR character


do tell


Slutty Aeon witch, basically.


Huh, I thought you were a year older.


File: 1483622935875.png (659.53 KB, 1647x395, counfounded oriental femal….png)

>slutty aeon


There's so much to experiment with!


How about a conspiracy theorist human?
>inb4 self insert


How about a human rogue, stealing stuff and being stealthy?


One wonders how
>What if the assassination was… A SETUP!?


File: 1483623253619.jpg (61.81 KB, 500x705, a25.jpg)

>2 Witches
Oh my



My only concern is that it might overlap with Sylt's guy, who is a sneaky rogue with a mild case of demon possession.


Fair enough.
Hmmmm, what about an s10 version of the Antiquarian. Basically a guy who's obsessed with getting artifacts and loot
Though I dunno how that would work mechanically.


Well we are lacking someone to be the brains of the party…
Conspiracy theorists are super intelligent right?
>this quest ends up being lewder than Wfs lewdquest


With Bad Drakin tools implements
But beyond that, some kind of arcane expert and mind reader. Hmmm


File: 1483623461104.jpg (72.16 KB, 480x487, doggo_intensifies.jpg)

>Conspiracy theorists are super intelligent right?


well since this is narrative rather than mechanics, there is no need to worry about that.
I bet it'd like the upcoming world warper NPC
And by like I mean be terrified by.


Sounds lovely
But I need to sort out my schedule

>not wanting to put your dick in a volatile mass of power
You some kind of gay?


>BDN makes a Mismagius character
Now it makes sense
>Tfw no Argo doggo to make uncomfortable


Well that's gonna be me then!

Name: Leather Binding
Race: Unicorn
Things good at: Identifying antiques, finding things, haggling

How about that? Not sure if my good things will help.

Sounds dangerous


S10 world, not poen


File: 1483624176349.jpg (17.46 KB, 300x300, v1.bjsxMTg3Njk7ajsxNzE5MTs….jpg)

Riiight, sorry force of habit.

Name: John Corso
Race: humie


Were you part of the palace staff who got accused of the assassination?


If it would make it easier to be part of the gang, sure


File: 1483624329125.jpg (113.97 KB, 500x520, 1467395578.akkacrow_holihl….jpg)

Oh hey I got post 800000
Where's my prize?


It gives you a motivation, since you are being hunted for murder


How about, I was studying the palace archives at the wrong place and the wrong time, and I'm a possible suspect as well, but not part of the palace staff?


Works for me.

1) nap
2) try not to nap

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1483624655160.png (721.32 KB, 1001x1001, 1447037303250.png)

800000 dongs???!!


Lemme know when you run.


Resist urge to go out to get snacks '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1483625465475.jpg (128.64 KB, 593x615, 1475730295718.jpg)

How ambivalent


Bonne anniversaire.



Roll #1 4 = 4



File: 1483626048455-0.png (87.08 KB, 395x289, cd1df61f2ab0d39c46206eee27….png)

You fail!


Help im still in bed.


File: 1483626853301.gif (1.96 MB, 434x335, Transform and roll out.gif)

Roll out onto the floor. I find that helps forcing you to achieve "awakened" status.


File: 1483626866455.jpg (10.61 KB, 359x305, 1354452356031.jpg)

I settled for making some noodles

>cooking noodles in a kettle actually works


>he hasn't cooked pasta in a coffee machine yet
You like little baby!


File: 1483628642078.gif (327.2 KB, 834x870, 6524fe8.gif)


>ywn be this comfy


File: 1483628930861.jpeg (229.92 KB, 1280x960, large (21).jpeg)

What a waste of a get
Possibly the worst one on the sub yet


American hours ruining everything.


What do you like to put on your noodles?
You're just jealous it wasn't you


Now I'm wondering if you've actually done that.

They come with oyster sauce and chilli flakes.


I have.


File: 1483631574403.jpg (7.83 KB, 225x225, 1480111134372.jpg)

>Temperatures of almost 34


Do you have the VTM infograph from /v/ with the patches and mods to install?


Latest fan patch was the only mod recommended as far as I recall.


I deleted it from my disk.
But here it is on imgur


Also Nasse is somewhat right, the infograph shows more mods but it's recommended for first-time players to do it with just wesps plus


Looks like GOG's version comes with the unnofficial patch. I'm set.


File: 1483633346911.jpg (19.92 KB, 720x304, ninth-gate-girl.jpg)



>implying I don't know the plot already
You know that one Futurama episode with Lucy Liu robots?
The movie they were playing in the theater by the end of the episode was basically the VBtM ending.


File: 1483634463202.png (695.32 KB, 1280x720, 1328365.png)

I don't remember that.
Sad though.


I return


The charlie's angels bicker whether or not to open a coffin inside some crypt.
Always thought it was more of a coincidence than anything, what spoiled the ending for me was /v/.
I also know the cab driver is Cain.


Fucking /v/


You won't be ready for the reptile though


The head-hands?


Nope, but I won't say more!


File: 1483635320386.gif (289.73 KB, 446x327, 1122222333.gif)

>Julia is an ayy lmao


>tfw no Julià


File: 1483635901060.jpeg (172.46 KB, 454x684, image291.jpeg)

Not that far away, she's just a foreigner.


File: 1483636046114.png (1 MB, 4162x5000, cheerilee.png)


>you'll never have a pone cheerleader cheering you on


File: 1483636368396.jpg (42.62 KB, 778x778, Tv7xTob.jpg)


Just because it's an alternate dimension doesn't mean it's not far away!


Did you get a word out of the other 2 faglords yet?


They don't seem to be around right now


>about to see the new final isaac boss


It was fucking awesome


I heard Afterbirth+ was a bit of a letdown though
How do you get to the new boss anyway?


there is a third exit after hush


>gotta kill Hush for it



File: 1483639081429.jpg (106.74 KB, 840x510, varho.jpg)

Oh Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii do I look forward to tomorrow
Nothing like some arctic weather, snowstorms and strong winds



I hope all your pipes are properly insulated.


The boss is able to become every boss in the game and constantly gains speed, tears and shot speed on top of all the usual attacks it shoots random tear bursts out of the floor and you have to fight 2 other random bosses first


Maali pls, you'd die


>reading some adventure modules
And now I'm wondering why I put so few side quests in my quests. Though I guess V2 overdid that…


>sion keeps saying V2 was off the rails but you keep remembering it fondly


But it was off the rails!
I was out of my depth


I dunno man, everything made sense to me.


I wish the thing we had going in there came to fruition


I suppose I'll watch what he can do when NL gets to it


There were literally 15 storylines going on, almost none which had anything to do with the main plot, or working together.
I might as well have scrapped the main plot and make it some kinda assassins doing things quest.


File: 1483639530790.jpg (45.14 KB, 460x635, 1391026584384.jpg)

Genji is with you…


I already want to die because of this heat


> assassins doing things quest.


To give a short rundown how my encounter went
The door behind hush leads to The Void, which is an XL floor made up of all the other floor graphics. I found 3 boss rooms but no shops, curses or item rooms, so I guess you need to find all the boss rooms (rather than full clear the floor).
The boss morphed between Gate, Brownie, Angel, Pin, Teratoma, Adversary and Haunt, all reskinned to have his weird Jason X style while face. Then the room was filled with silvery tears and beams while the boss kept accelerating. With 5 hearts I made it to about halfway into his health (Bouncing Coal Scythes with high Tears). Not sure if he has boss armor or just loads of HP.


But my story…


>tfw the big reveal will never come


Jelly as fuck

>can't sleep because I've been bothered by mosquitoes in my sleep so long I imagine their buzz in my ears constantly

I want to move to Antarctica where these cunts don't exist


File: 1483640030283.gif (2.44 MB, 300x200, I will end you.gif)


I knew your donkey was a traitor.


Fuck the cold though


But what is treachery?


File: 1483640086885.jpg (80.18 KB, 500x889, tia-4.jpg)


How important of a magician do you want to be?

Being more important gives you access to all the best parties and housing, but more of a target for rivals and schemes. Also, greater magicians may be required to accept an apprentice from the Ministry of Labor.


Upper middle class.


>suddenly snow


File: 1483641671955.png (339.22 KB, 611x644, 1325979249778.png)

>h8ing sno


File: 1483641690551.jpg (1.77 MB, 2560x1600, 1393723469438.jpg)


I'm disappointed your filename isn't "that one picture of earth".


File: 1483641795934.jpg (28.92 KB, 526x350, my secret revealed.jpg)

I've at least moved beyond this memery every season.


There were also a lot of other problems.
Timezone problems, too many players, I overreached.


Son of a gold mine owner?


File: 1483642175929.jpg (69.38 KB, 625x432, 1483574159721.jpg)

Gimme a bit and I'll be there


OTR and Demon Summoning quest being started? Looks like the Sub is making progress.

I thought BDN would start the Demon Summoning quest, then I remembered he runs Pokemon


Here's hoping.


I been having DMing urges too


You been been having those for two years now.


Maybe copper


File: 1483646066969.png (134.73 KB, 436x348, doot.png)


File: 1483646750933.png (541.45 KB, 1024x932, 1475984065788.png)

I have have
On one side I want to contribute to the sub with my ideas but on the other it's a very scary thought


Grow a pair.


File: 1483647921935.png (825.34 KB, 1280x720, largeddd.png)

>it's very scary to DM for people half of the world away


File: 1483648113991.jpg (43.48 KB, 300x225, Pining for the fjords.jpg)

Usually it's the same kind of scary as speaking in public. Especially that niggling little fear that your players aren't really having fun, or they think your idea's not as interesting as they thought it would be and are only sticking around to not make you feel bad, or the players will see all the glaring flaws in your narrative and rip it apart in an effort to derail or rerail the campaign to suit their own needs and wants.


So blunt!
But fine, once I manage to get the computer turned on, I'll see if I can get a small quest with 4 or so players
I'm a very sensitive person Sion!


There's a thing called communication. You know.
Asking. Getting feedback. Like in sex.


But what if it's all liiiiiiies


I'm glad you said that Fidget, because I have heard tons of people say to me how much they detested mages but didn't dare to tell you out of sheer fear.


Just do it or I don't even want to see your lewd pics anymore.


Yes indeed. Mages ruined my life and killed my pets.


It even killed Andy's pony!
Something she still hates you for, Fidget


To this day I won't speak the name fidget in polite company



Would you give critique to my setting ideas, Sion?


File: 1483648721849.png (308.64 KB, 727x698, I knew it!.png)


Consider suicide.


No, because you'll flip out again and not dare to run.
As…exotic as your trappy sheep hotel idea was, it would have been hilarious to see I suppose.


File: 1483649088738.gif (167.72 KB, 180x180, to-bem-loco-meu-irmauzinho….gif)

It was used ironically
Oh God the sheep hotel
Don't remind me, that was so embarrassing
I need to puke emotionally


>trappy sheep hotel


File: 1483649135178.jpg (240.31 KB, 936x758, europe_1100_ad.jpg)

See, you've learned already.
Now go do your own thing, you're ready.



Well if Sion believes in me, then I can believe in myself


No go on, tell me more.


>Mali recently said he wasn't interested in talisman of Timbuktu because it was too much pandering
>trap sheep hotel


It was part of the dumb ambitious idea I had two years ago
I don't even remember any of it, I was glad that I actually had forgotten
Uh… I didn't say that at all

I wasn't interested in the Victorian/esque setting


I'm only teasing you Maali


Didn't you still make a trap sheep character in the end?


>Oh hey Index Gyndr was really easy this time around
>get killed a millionty billion times in the High Wall of Lothric mostly because I wasn't paying attention
>Kill Vordt in one try too
I noticed there are no people online for co-op though. Balls.


Blame the DLCs never coming out.


Wasn't there a DLC though


Extra short.


File: 1483655961189.jpg (37.02 KB, 540x304, 43915694-8a53-4ea2-a261-aa….jpg)


HUGE CHANGES going to the PTR, and remember, nothing sent to the PR has ever not gone to live except the potential buff of mercy's damage boost to 50% that wasn't kept. Actually even the QoL changes to the killfeed and emote wheel are really nice…


Emote Wheel
Players can now equip up to 4 emotes, sprays, and voice lines from within the hero gallery
Voice line and emote submenus can be accessed using the left and right mouse buttons from within the Communication wheel
Players can now bind individual sprays, emotes, and voice lines to unique keys or mouse buttons


Biotic Grenade
Healing boost on allies has been decreased by 50%
Developer Comments: The healing boost from Ana’s Biotic Grenade was providing too much healing, especially when used on targets with large health pools.


Health increased from 200 to 400
Armor decreased from 400 to 200
Fusion Cannons
Bullet damage decreased from 3 to 2
Number of bullets per shot has been increased from 8 to 11
Developer Comments: D.Va’s armor often made her feel like she had no weaknesses, even against heroes that are often effective against bigger targets (like Reaper). The changes to her Fusion Cannons will result in a small overall decrease in damage, but they should feel more consistent now.


Chain Hook
Targets are now pulled directly in front of Roadhog (rather than straight to him), except in cases where Roadhog drastically rotates
Hooked targets are now released if they leave Roadhog’s line-of-sight before being pulled
Line-of-sight checks (which detect if targets should be initially hit by the hook) are now done from Roadhog’s position, rather than the hook’s position
Developer Comments: The hook should now feel more consistent for Roadhog players, but it should also feel more reasonable to his enemies, as they cannot be hooked or pulled around corners anymore.


The time it takes to hack a target has been decreased from 1 second to 0.8 seconds
Developer Comments: Sombra often had difficulty hacking enemies, even when she surprised the target. This change should help her execute hacks more easily.


The “Stay as Team” button lights up when anyone on your team clicks it
Kill Feed

Hero ability icons are now displayed
Ultimate abilities are now indicated with an orange arrow
Headshot eliminations are now indicated with a red icon


That killfeed stuff is great.


I don't remember if you were there or not but I basically predicted the Ana change exactly

Honestly I thought they would reduce the heal boost even more.


>D.Va getting a boost in damage but has less armor.
Well at least Roadhog's hook got a huge nerf.


That's not a damage boost. That's a range nerf.


So did they cancel the rest because secretly DaS 3 is the worst of the series?


Hog's hook got a buff against Genjis and Tracers, though, since they'll no longer get warped to the side of you and survive. I think this will turn out like the Zarya ""nerf"" where they took away some charge rate but fixed the tick on her laser. Comfortable to play is the best buff you can ask for.

The Dva nerf is interesting, I didn't expect it at all because I thought her whole point was to be the armor tank not melted by Reaper, but I guess they decided to go another way with her design.


File: 1483657318597.gif (885.07 KB, 440x507, 1479523769035.gif)


File: 1483657363600.gif (1.98 MB, 620x717, 1475565925299.gif)


No, because genjis and tracers would be the ones most often dashing to the side when hooked, which means the new hook will break instantly.
Pretty much.


File: 1483657432685.gif (2.32 MB, 320x320, 1323957.gif)


We'll just have to play on the PTR to find out how it works for sure, but I am 100 dollar sure that you can't dash or blink after the hook connects. And it connects based on Favor the Shooter, so unless they've made some dramatic changes…

>Also dashing only matters if the dash breaks LOS, which often isn't the case with Genji hooks, they're usually jumping OVER you.

I think this change will mostly affect soldiers who sprint past doorways 15m away and get memehooked


Whoa, I always thought DaS II was supposed to be the worst.


OW anyone?


DaS3 only has 4 viable builds and like 2 paths you can take through the various bosses.
No replayability.
Got anything off Nopo?


Oh, I just thought DaS 3 was filled with much more bullshit than DaS 2.


Yeah, sure. Wanna do the PTR? I want to try the new Dva and Hog and see the new killfeed

No, although we did flesh out Groves stuff a bit


DSII was also the only one that didn't have bad covenants. It's like, JUST WHY.

You SAW they had it working in DSII, why throw that away??


I'm gonna join you on PTR.


I never really found a care to give for the covenants. DaS 3's blue sentinels was fun when the game was still active though.


Nopo and I would have to download it first, so I don't think I'll join in on that today.


I started downloading when I said "wanna do the PTR" and I'm already 80% done


Started 7 minutes ago and I'm done.


I'm mostly thinking Nopo won't be able to download it in a reasonable time with his slav internet.


Well, alright

I'll be on shortly, I guess mumbl


I mean, I'm halfway through the DL too now, since my internet is not actually that shit, but I'd rather just play a bit of QP and leave the PTR for tomorrow


I should learn how to play Mei.


M1 + W


Yeah, but I just hate Tanks and she seems to be the best one at stopping them. I really hate it when D.Va and Rein set up in front of my bullets.

Especially D.Va. at least I might be able to get a few lucky shots in again Rein.


M2 is important too!


You can 1v1 nearly anything
Walls are very useful for stalling on defense and blocking pushes


I found myself with a super capable Mei player a few matches ago. She'd direct me to hook in random players and block any escape route. It was funny to see Rein and 76 run away right into an ice wall after I hooked them.


>DaS3 only has 4 viable builds


>cable has arrived ahead of schedule
Operation: Pipeline appears to be a success.


>poise does nothing
>magic does nothing
I should have said fun. 4 fun builds.


Thoughts on Killfeed
>Most of it is just welcome fluff but the turret and sentry kill icons both seem very useful


The #1 thing you can do to sharpen your Mei play is to practice your wall placement. It can be tricky to get it to line up just where you want it, and getting it right can be the difference between blocking your team's ult and denying escape from the ult.

Even the pros fuck it up sometimes, when trying to deny a jump or something. It takes skill.


It's 9:30, there's fish everywhere


What if
That thing with timeskips?


What kind of fish?


>he didn't get the reference


Maybe timeskips are just a construct of human perception, an illusion created by

The bakerfish kind


Make it stop!


It's out of my hands, I'm only the GM!

Tomorrow, though, we will at the very least talk some more and build at the least


I'd like to start before new year. Please hurry Nopo along.


File: 1483663251862.webm (2.52 MB, 640x360, groves.webm)


I sure didn't.
But bakerfishes are extinct. Or at least they've all migrated beyond the Horizon.



Ah. Those things.


People nitpick too much!


>caring about Poise
Yes I know Le Rebbit told you to hate it but come on.


How many times can a man roll a dexmonkey and still have fun?
>parry only
>dodge only
>dual wielding
What's more to play? Of course I tried heavy armor and ultraswords. One of my first runs was FUGS!


File: 1483665377060.jpg (70.19 KB, 715x759, 1483659168657.jpg)


File: 1483665420266.jpg (223.06 KB, 1920x1080, 20160902114935_1.jpg)


>weapon arts
>actual shield use
>Miracles since they were buffed out the nose
>Magic since even if it isn't "literally cannot lose" tier like in DaS1 it can still be used
>Pick a boss weapon and use it
What is missing compared to the others?


She really is a bitch though; the other goddesses seemed pretty quick to agree to shipping her off with the latest hero.


A metroidvania-like level design.
It's the reason I keep replaying DaS1.


>not playing heavy armor and giant hammers and ultraswords

It's like you don't want to have fun in Dark souls


They are actually very deep


It's like you can't read. I did that build, but heavy armor doesn't have any meaning in das3.


It is cool as shit though.

An old man died


Sure but doesn't do anything, it's not a different build. You are playing fashion souls at that point.


You clearly don't know what fashion souls means


Clearly. Still, das3 ain't that good.


best gameplay in the series


But look, a shitposter!


Sure. Level design can't hold a candle to das1 though.


Really? I thought DaS 2 was better.


Most forgettable game in the series. The only boss I can recall off the top of my head is are the Watcher and they were super easy

Oh yeah, Nameless King I guess, but he's in a hidden area


And Aldrich
And Dancer of the Bro-Real valley
And the Cursed tree.
And the giant king.


None except Dancer seem to be memorable to me. Yhorm is especially a meme fight.

Cursed Greatwood is really a showcase of awkward hitboxes.


Yhorm was really memorable to me because I got stuck on him. I don't remember most of DaS3 because I was either getting towed through it by DM or I was just thinking "oh god not this shit"


I feel the core gameplay only got better with each game.
I liked Nameless, Dragon Armor, Yhorm, Aldrich, Twin Princes and above all the final boss.


Who, Who, Yeah he was fun, I don't remember anything from that since you killed him for me, literally who and I never got that far.
Also I don't know if the gameplay got better but the levels and enemies sure got a lot more annoying to deal with so maybe I just didn't notice the improvement.


Aldrich was pretty fucking nice, gave me the heebie jeebies


>ywn devour a cute trap

But yeah, the dissonant Gwyndolin theme was creepy as fuck


Actually Twin Princes was a pretty satisfying fight but not memorable as in I didn't remember it before you reminded me


I'm not saying DaS 3 is forgettable, but was that multiplying mage thing a boss in DaS 3 or DaS 2?


Crystal Mage is in 3


>there's no food in the house
>either stay up until the store opens or have to wake up early to take mom to work so I can have the car
Oh right. I actually liked fighting him. He wasn't too difficult but challenging enough that I felt accomplished afterwards.


So tired.
Lack of quest is killing me.


LISA the Painful is getting a lot of positive reviews but I'm not sure if that is just a meme or not
Seen a lot of comparisons to Undertale too

If things turn out fine, we can try to Mona tomorrow


It's because Dunkey just made a video about it.


File: 1483670225114.jpg (236.49 KB, 1248x907, 1444005801950-0.jpg)


That's how I found out about it


>finding out about LISA only now
Fuck you man, and fuck your breed of celebrity spewing bullshitters.


I played a bit of LISA pirated but I didn't really enjoy the gameplay so I dropped it



>Titled MONA
Mona is unique.
I got memed into buying it, and the sequel. They are in my backlog.


You okay there sperglord?
Need your daily dose of Ketamine to keep those hormones in check?
I did see pictures of the game and heard the name but never actually looked it up, that's the difference.


There's a sequel?


Nah I was making a Metal Gear quote.
No, mona is the quest, the video is titled LISA you twat!





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