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From another time, another place.
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Good job Sion
Hopefully there will be


File: 1484217241509.png (188.2 KB, 1062x644, 1484200604546.png)


This is bull.


"I will now rest for a while." - Notch

>DM, write your character and request list! Seriously, you have 8 hours, DO IT!
>Nasso you're welcome to join us if you think it sounds interesting to you, it's on roll20
>I haven't done my Brz sheet updating so I'll have to do that when I awake


I don't know what system you're using or what races!


At least you'r enot Dwaist Beardbeard.


It's mostly freeform (there are some rules for magic if you're a magician, you don't need to worry about this if you're not interested in magic hedonism)

Humans, set in London. Although demons are shapeshifters so they can become pretty much anything if that matters to you. There are also werewolves in this setting.


Well if it's a fetish game then pretty much anything's gonna happen.


You always struck me as a man of simple tastes.

If you're interested, hit me up on Steam. I'll help you pick a character concept based on what sorts of things you want to get into.


What're the magic rules like?


>Reinhardt Runehill


All magic is derived from enslaving demons, so it centers around learning to draw pentagrams and learn words of command.


Maybe possibly
Weren't you going to sleep though


Mein Kaiser
So if I want to throw a fireball I need a demon that can throw a fireball and have it follow me around?


You can always message me when I wake up in 8 hours, or send me your list of requests now and I'll see it when I awake

Yes, exactly. Or perform an Indefinite Confinement to put a demon that shoots fireballs into something like a staff.


Ill run fairweatherquest about fairweather in bush college


I'll think about it. I gotta eat lunch and then go move firewood.


Are they all specifically named demons, or are each of them from a race of specifically-powered demons, or demons that have an aspect of something?

Like, are there just demons that throw fireballs, or do you specifically want to summon Gilframpt the fireball demon and as long as you've got him no one else can summon him?



>everypony had their hair like that back then

Yes that's right, you can only summon a demon if you know its True Name and it's in The Other Place (e.g.: not in some other Magician's service)

Low level demons like imps have limited intelligence and are usually either very weak or have one gimmick, like they're useful for conducting a search (like vigilance orbs). Foliots have a bit more intelligence and personality but don't tend to be too risky.

Djinn and higher are risky. They have a wide array of powers and storied histories, but they are also very cunning and will try to lawyer you with commands – a quick death is all you can hope for if you flubbed your protection runes.




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File: 1484220191238.webm (Spoiler Image, 548.99 KB, 640x360, Mei.webm)


I see today is one of those days where I'm just filled with inexplicable rage.


How come?




I might just be a bad mix of tired, dehydrated and jumped up on caffeine, but these days happen every now and then.


File: 1484221187389.jpg (32.56 KB, 169x286, 1362859647041.jpg)

[Angry regret]


what happen


File: 1484221575610.jpg (9.64 KB, 200x200, 1478440997858.jpg)

I wasted time with Oblivion

At least I now know that Bethesda probably didn't test the game with a melee character at all or something, because being a mage made the game relatively smooth compared to click one million times to papercut the enemy to death: the epic melee combat experience


File: 1484222481052.jpg (84.56 KB, 960x768, MRLPEQA.jpg)

>All that snö
>None for us


It's like it stopped right on the border!


Elder scrolls always had absolutely irredeemable melee combat


Elder scrolls have absolutely irredeemable combat or all kinds.


>"It'll take approximately two weeks for the money to arrive"

Well shit
I might have to ask the guy if I can pay the deposit two weeks after I've been living there

>fresh now fell tonight


You're screwed.


I mean
I'm sure he'll understand, and it's not like I don't want to pay him at all, I can pay the rent for the entire month ahead and still be fine
I just really hate how slow the process is


File: 1484226202720.jpg (14.44 KB, 500x333, bbc01366.jpg)


File: 1484227130278.jpg (43.18 KB, 500x707, tcRnWB1.jpg)


File: 1484228560273.png (118.24 KB, 455x362, 1450761583866.png)

In Morrowind it would only last a few seconds, so it was easy to forget about. It's especially painful in Oblivion with everything being fuckhuge HP sponges, and especially as melee when you're going to be endless staggered with godawful voices and sound effects playing over and over.



File: 1484228885389.png (370.04 KB, 847x519, 2017_01_12_2.png)


>The idea behind the Ascension Perks is to provide more unique unlockable features for Empires, and to provide the player with the ability to determine an 'endgame' for their species: What their empire is striving towards. Perhaps your goal is to go all-in on AI, replacing the frail biological bodies of your pops with immortal machines, or to harness the psionic potential of your species and reach a higher form of existence, allowing your empire to tap into other planes of being? All these and more are covered by the Ascension Perk system.

Oh shit.

>Next week we'll be talking about the concept of species rights and obligations.

>Also about eating pops.
If you're going to be able to breed alien pops to provide food for your pops on a planet I'm going to laugh so hard.



Saint Jiub help us all


>make carnivore race and enslave a herbivore species for food and work

Holy shit


File: 1484231086579.jpg (24.01 KB, 544x400, 1304525624585.jpg)


File: 1484231194015.png (Spoiler Image, 394.58 KB, 1280x1081, tumblr_ojmxngoHqD1rd8tfco1….png)



Very creative
Also enf is always great



Oblivion is unplayable withour oscuro.


>electric failure cancels my train
I did not need this today

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