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Having left behind their hideout in Riverhold, our band of heroic fugitives arrived in Sinport, the old crime capital of the kingdom.

Here, under the watchful if twitchy eyes of the Shipwreckers, Black Skulls and Brewguild, they will make plans and alliances that will carry them to victory against the Golden Dragons, and clear their names in the process.

At least that was the idea.


They had met up with Cap'n, the leader of the Shipwreckers. A woman who has seen plenty of action, she may be missing her left eye, arm and leg, but that has done nothing to slow her down. She and her gang are the oldest in the kingdom, dating back over a century. They rule Sinport and the waters around it, thanks to an old deal with the royal navy: so long as the Shipwreckers fend off pirates and never engage in piracy themselves, they will not be attacked by the navy in turn.

Cap'n had two requests - that two of her associates are rescued from Dead Man's Headland, and that an assassin who crossed her path before winding up in the same prison be killed.
Your targets are
Stonerook - an accountant and negotiator
Reaver - an enforcer and hitwoman
and the assassin Wiz

However, before you can go, it's time to meet up with the leaders of the two other major gangs to discuss their terms.
Once it's all said and done, the gangs will help you take on the Golden Dragons, and capture their leader Fireheart for questioning.

You will arrive at the meeting when ready.


Let's look at these people


Give Patches a pat on the back as we go. "You're doing great so far."


"Good terms, but we'll need to know how do these three fellows look like"


The Black Skulls are the most prolific of the 'modern' era gangs that started to grow during the last decade. Their origins are unknown, but despite being based in Sinport their reach extends to Riverhold and beyond. You've seen their members in the streets and bars, identifiable from distinct tattoos.
Their long reach is what makes the particularly notable, especially since the Shipwreckers are so bound to their old codes and deals forcing them to never expand outside Sinport.
Big B, the leader of the Black Skulls, is an impressive sight of a man - tall, well dressed, heavily armed and despite the tattoos and bodyguards, surprisingly charming in his mannerisms.

Brewguild is a much smaller operation in terms of territory of power, but they control a large portion of the underground drug trade from production to distribution. Because they aren't violent or territorial, their power growth has gone almost unnoticed thus far, but despite their meek appearance, they control a lot of assets.
Their leader, Greenfang, is a gnarled old Drudge with everything from talismans to pipes and dried herbs braided into his mane.

"I sure hope so. This is not a place I ever expected to stand in."
"Stonerook is kind of short for a man. Weak, meek looking, dark hair. Dresses like a stuffy scribe if he still has his old clothes.
Reaver never wore anything that would get in the way of moving. Long reddish hair, tall for a woman, all muscle.
Wiz… you can hardly miss him. Just call out his name and he'll put on a damn show for you."


"Short black, Big red and Show-off, got it. We'll bring them back if they don't make it out on their own"

Now for the other two guilds. Let's see who the others want to see first


Keep my cool '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Just look strong, like that Cap'n did."


Cap'n signals the other bosses and all three take their seats facing you.
She starts.
"We've gathered for this little truce to discuss a prospect that has fallen into our hands - none of us have ever been crazy enough to attempt a raid on Dead Man's, but this bunch from Riverhold will do it for us.
In return, they want us to capture the son of the Golden Dragon boss and bring him in alive. Which fits into our plans well."

Big B continues
"Quite so. You're a brave lot for trying this and I will gladly meet your terms if you bring me back my prize. One of my top assassins landed herself in there after a job gone bad, and I'd very much like the old crazy back in my streets. She's hard to miss - a foreigner from the east, hair as long as herself, very fond of throwing things." Come to think of it, Big B himself looks rather foreign. Maybe they're related. "Beyond that, I'll just be glad to join this little alliance to push those Dragons off our lands so we can return to business as usual."

Finally, Greenfang speaks up
"Glad helping with dragon killing. Need friend out. Good smuggler. Good cook. Good finder. Bloodnose. He nose red, fur white. Drudge, like me."


"I think I'll need to write this one down, like a list of what you fetch from the market
Anything else you will need from us, honorable lords? "


I nod a few times.
"A long haired girl too, well, one break out more shouldn't be hard."


Fidget with my fingers.


Big B waves it off
"Take what notes you need. We just want you to come back with results."
Cap'n also chimes in
"Oh, and take these with you."
Her guard hands you a pair of swords
"Reaver will want them back."
Patches elbows you in the side gently
"Focus, Corso."


"Hmmm? Oh right…focus…"


"I'll hold on to these for him if you don't mind" excitedly take a hold of those swords. Let's give them a little appraising


To my friends I smile saying "Let's not die, I want to see these guys again."

Then back to the bosses.
"Then, that's all the friends you have inside?"


A pair of well-made if not particularly fancy cutlasses. Clearly repaired several times, and modified to tweak their balance and weight. Tools of someone who has had a lot of time to learn their quirks.
"That'd be all"
"Anyone important enough to warrant the attention."
"Hang in there, we're almost done."


Just nod and wait for the next bit of info.


"Oh yes they are definitely more endearing than I thought"
Good stuff. I never had a knack for blades but they seem pretty popular among criminals

"we'll return with your allies, I have no doubt that you are all men, woman and drudge of your words either"


"Then we are in agreement."
"You return our people to us, and we will march against the Golden Dragons together."

Cap'n rises to leave
"If there is anything more you need, be it rest or supplies, let me know."


"We shall. Good meeting you."
I will rise to leave as well.


Get up very quickly.
"Yes, fine. Good. Great."


Safely outside the meeting place, Cap'n climbs into her carriage
"Feel free to enjoy my city for the evening if you so desire. Return to our building when you wish to turn in for the night, and we'll see you off as the sun rises."


"Thanks Cap'n!" I wave her off.


[45 min time warning]

Do you wish to explore Sinport today?


Sure, tell me about the docks.


Walk with the others. A bit distracted


The docks are what this city was built around. They show decades of changing styles and requirements, forming a colorful mix of modern and classic elements. Most ships here belong to smugglers or the Shipwreckers, with the rest being mostly unwitting or shady merchants.
A lot of the older part of the city is located around there as well, offering a notable contrast with the more grandiose and unique buildings that were made during the golden age of crime in the upper parts of the city.
Patches prods you again
"Why so spooked?"


I'll happily guide us downtown, looking at all the merchants.
"This is so much better than the those little shops by our place. Very interesting buildings too."


It's certainly, well, lively.
Nobody here really looks like a civilian. Everyone, from the buyers to the merchants to the beggars is armed. There is a bar fight going on near the waterfront. Some lanky capra is peddling drugs from a stall near a street corner. There are no guards to be seen and the air is thick with the smell of street food.


"Aye, I expected to be much more shady and dangerous, but it's surprisingly welcoming in a way" I start counting my coins "Do you have any money on you? I was thinking of buying some ingots to fix our Aeon back home"


"I'm not used to dealing with such People!"


"None of us are. These are big league people, the kind of people it took a living legend to even tie down, yet still they would not die out. We're lucky they need us."
Patches tosses you a coin pouch
"Go for it."


"Mmm nope, not really."

"Its nice don't you think? Everyone can look out for themselves."


"You still sound scared."


"It's a bit of a 'way in over my head' situation, rubbing shoulders with the bosses of Sinport."


"I Need a drink."


"Plenty of places to choose from.
You prefer the place currently hosting a brawl, or something less violent?"


"Can I bet on a brawl?"


"Not really, since by the looks of it it's about as official as any free for all barfight."


"Heeeh, thank you auntie"
Don't worry, Patches is being kind enough to cover us tonight, which is a relief, I've been wanting some time to treat myself after all we went through this week. Let's all get a drink together. Except for Kelpie, I don't think she's in proper drinking age"


"The one without the brawl then."


"Its a good thing. Means we can impress them, stand with them eventually." I encourage her.

"Yea well.. I didn't want a drink anyway. It probably tastes as gross as it smells." I stick my tongue out at Duna


"Don't worry we'll get you a bottle of milk" I slap the Witch in the back side and laugh


"When you grow up, it will be the most delicious Thing. It soothes the pain of the realities of life."


"That looks like a fine place then"
She points at a bar near a small market
You aren't quite sure, but you think you can see Night Ear sitting there, having a drink.
"Quite a thought, that…"


I scrunch and fold my arms, and tip my hat down over my eyes.


"Oh come on, don't make that cute little face at me. If you REALLY want to take a drink I can't stop you, I'm not your mother"


"Better not. Before we know it, she'll be off with some guy."


"A guy huh.." Glance around the area.
"Hmm no one's even my age!"




"Well there is no harm in that, as long as she doesn't go TOO far with a guy. But she is a smart girl, not a dumb whore"
"What even is your age? Surely there must be a young squire perfect for you to trade kisses with" I look around


"I'm 14!!" I reply insulted.
I laugh
"A squire? Have you seen this place? No Squires would be here."

"Maybe there is some lady your age? I think I saw one with plenty of wrinkles earlier."




Was there anything you wanted to do in Sinport before heading out still?



Let's go!


Smoke weed


No time to get drunk
Let's go


Dead Man's Headland
An old fortress by the shore, stranded on a small island, connected only by a narrow land bridge during low tide.
Foreboding to say the least.

You have the bait to summon the kraken, you know there is an old entrance tunnel that leads outside the walls. You know your targets.
Now all you need is to decide how you go about this. Patches might be able to offer some ideas if you need them.


"Well… Who's going to place the bait?"


"Not me."


"I just want to know. Who's gonna bait out the kraken?"

"Welp, I knew it would be up for me, hand over that stinky thing"


"Witches work is for witches. Stand aside unenchanted one."
I declare dramatically and take the bait in my hands


"So while Kelpie places the Bait we'll go after one of our targets, which one do you think we should get to first?"


"Oh, good to see someone someone has more balls than those two. Go get'em, sweetheart."


"Wait… she has four balls?"


"Go through the tunnels, pick them up one by one, so you can't get out numbered by guards that stay behind."


Patches tosses the bait over
"We may need to get the kraken out before we can make our move.
Do we want to enter via the tunnel, go up a wall or possibly just bust in a door or window?"


"I vote for Reaver the Assassin. We have her weapons, once we get her out she'll help us clear the way"
"Oh You know what I meant, sug"


"Let's avoid breaking the walls down, or else we'll be getting as much attention as the kraken. Let's go by the tunnel eh?"


"I think you should use the tunnel. I'll go summon the cute kraken now." I say hugging the bait and walking to the edge of the waters.


Just stare in confusion before shrugging.

"Well I guess a majority vote seems to be the tunnel."


"Don't go having too much fun now"


I cackle playfully in reply before skipping off with the smelly bait.

I suppose this needs a roll, for summon monster.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Smells like fish and death.
Perfect for kraking up some kraken.
The water begins to slowly ripple in the distance. This is powerful stuff.
"We should find the tunnel before it arrives."


Nod and head to the tunnel.


This must be what the wild witches do everyday.
However, its going to be hungry when it gets here. I better go catch up to the group.


"Let's not waste time then! Go go go"
Slap some asses and rush everyone along
Let's look for a hole


You know there IS a tunnel, but the exact location is unknown. Probably somewhat out of the way, on the shore.


Let's quickly circle the place, watching out for guards
Will a roll be necessary?


Eider wanders around in search of the tunnel.

>Rolling if needed


Roll #1 7 = 7


A hidden tunnel out of the way, perfect for an escape.
I'll let the drakin lead us.


With a bit of teamwork you find it.
It is indeed out of the way, hidden under a hollowed out boulder. Odds are the tunnel goes through the small land bridge and enter into the fort.


"Not bad, you managed to find it before we got eaten." I say almost mockingly and pick up a torch to light our way.


Ladies first. I'll take the lead and head in
"Anyone got a light source? I have the feeling it'll get dark from here. Kelpie do you think you could cast some kind of mage light or a luminary sprite or whatever you call a shiny thingamajig?"


"Well I've gotten pretty good at not being eaten."


The tunnel has not seen use in decades. The boulder has at least kept it sealed so there are no animals here, and the frequent guard patrols and prison transports have scared away vagrants. The supports seems solid enough, but this is not a tunnel you'd want to spend time in.


"You're really helpless without me aren't you fluffy." I say with an open palm in one hand and a torch in the other.

"Kinda… spooky empty in here."


"Maybe spirits of dead prisoners haunt this place."


Not frequent enough it seems, those guard patrols
I just hope we can get to the end quick, quickly now
"Let's see you say that when I'm saving your pointy little hat from being taken by some stray criminal in the middle of the upcoming chaos"


"Not my hat!"


"Then stay close, I think I see the exit. Be ready for anything now"


You can feel some shaking in the walls. The kraken must be closing in.
But so is the end of the tunnel. It supposedly leads to a guardhouse.


Try to peek at the end of the tunnel to see if guards are there.


I peak around the corner too, holding onto my hat.
'1d10' looking

Roll #1 3 = 3


The door at the end is locked, or possibly jammed. Maybe someone put a shelf in front of it over the years?


"Should we bust it down?"


Place ear against the door to check for silence or activity.

>Rolling in case it's needed


Roll #1 6 = 6


"I thought you were good with locks."


Sounds like chaos.
The kraken has arrived, and the walls are shaking. People are screaming. Orders are being barked.


"You could say that… Let's Just wait for Eider's confirmation though"


"Well if someone wants to try picking it then go ahead, but we should try pushing the door open. Best to not make a lot of noise still if someone's nearby."

Wait for someone to pick the lock, otherwise try to force the door open without knocking anything over.

>Carefully force door open


Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'll let you two figure out a door, that's not too hard for you is it?"


"Heh, I don't think lockpicking will be necessary, sugar. Good job"
"Aren't you just extra sassy today, little Witch"


There is no lock to be found so you push.
There indeed was a shelf in front of it, full of blankets.
The guardhouse is empty. Everyone is out fighting the sea monster. You can hear chaos upstairs. The fastest way there would be out the other door and to your left. So odds are, out and to the right would lead you into the cell part.


Still gonna hold onto the hat with a hand and open the door to the left.


"Great, we're in. Now we just need to get everyone and get out"
Turn to the illusionist girl
"And how is our illusionist holding up"


You can see a staircase leading upwards towards the fortress ramparts. Puffs of dust and rubble rain down the stairs and screams mix with roars and splashing water.
She looks worried
"Just tell me when you need me to do something."


Put a hand on her shoulder "Don't worry, this will be over quick. We need you to do something here though. Do you think you could make a distraction or hide the door to this room or something that would make any passerby not come in here while we gather everyone?"


"Ooh, they are gonna be busy with that for a while, still.."
can we move the blanket cabinet in front of this?


Am I still with them?
How filthy is it here?


She nods
"Please remember I can only control the illusion near me."
She masks the doorway to look like the door is closed.
You can, yes. It's not very heavy.
The guardhouse is clean enough at least. But the monster attack has made things a bit messy


I shut up then.
what am I even doing here?
I should have taken the first boat to some Tropical island


Great. Block off the left door with it.

"anything else we should do here?"


As a fugitive, that would have been a short trip.
The best you could do is live a life of crime in Sinport.
Patches looks around
"We should try to find some keys for the cells."


"Keys… in here? it looks like the don't even come down here.."
Wander toward the right and look that way.


But but!
Look around for key or key accessories '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"They probably keep them at one of the guardhouses. Though this seems like a storage room these days."
The way right seems to lead down towards the deeper levels. The cells must indeed be there. You can see a lot of the walls here are newer than others, as they remodeled the fort into a prison.
Lucky! Despite being a storage room, there seems to be a spare key locker in here.


"Okay.. well, worst case we can just break it or something right?"
'1d10+2' sneak down toward the prison area.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Amazingly, it seems ALL the guards have been called up to defend the prison
AND WITH GOOD REASON - one of the walls has been torn open here. Unfortunately, it won't make much of an exit, the tunnel lead upwards. By now, you're way above water. The drop would be lethal.


Look worriedly back at the wall as I keep going.



Point to the spare key locker!


You catch a glance at the kraken. It's quite a bit bigger than you expected. A single tentacle alone is thicker than a tree. Its eye flashes into sight temporarily, bigger than your entire head.
Deeper in, you can see some locked metal doors. This must be where the cells begin.
Patches nabs the keys and drags you along as you head down

Unlocking the door, you enter a new portion of the fort, this one leading towards the middle rather than hugging the wall. You can imagine it used to be more guardhouses and armories, possibly dormitories back when this was a fortress. A lot of the walls are newer than the outer walls, and you can see some cell doors from here. There are lanterns thoughout the corridor but some have fallen off their hooks or gone out from all the shaking, offering dark spots to hide in.
The cells are not very uniform at all, clearly built based on the constraints of the old fort's room structure. You'll need to peek in to know who is where, or find a comprehensive list somehow.



"This could take a while.."
Time to walk down looking in each cell. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You look around a bit but soon notice something worth your attention - a guard stuck under a broken wall. Still alive, but unable to pull himself loose. He might be able to point you in the right direction.


"A thank you would be nice…"


Whoa! kneel down beside him, well really kind of stand there slightly leaning against the wall since I'm not that much taller than him sitting..
"Hey Mister. You work here?"


"Uh.. thanks for the mystery key?"


Patcher offers you a smile and a wink
"There will be time for thanks later"
He can barely see from all the dirt on his face
"Who? Wha? Is the attack being contained? Did anyone escape?"


"I don't swing that way"


"uuuh yea, a few did escape actually, I need to know where to put them back at."


"You'll swing for a drink at least I hope"
"Who got out?"


"More than one."


"Let's see.. Some eastern chick with long hair, A white furred Drudge, A short dark haired guy: stonerook I think is the name, One big girl called Reaver. …and A guy called Wiz."


"We'll figure something out."
"That many on the lower level? No good. Get me a medic and go after them."


"Well, they weren't tough enough to get past the Monster, so we caught them. They go on the lower levels? You know where? Got a key so I can lock them back up?"


Point to my keys


"Get some keys from storage if you lost yours, I think mine got smashed.
They were all on the east wing I think. Did a wall there break or something?"


I nod at John.
"I don't think so, I think one of the ones up here stole keys and ran down there."
"Anyway, just hold on, I'll send a medic your way."
walk away in a hurry.


Wait here…


Will you help the trapped guard out?
There is another door between the upper and lower leOH SHIT
A tentacle slams through the wall, breaking off the staircase and door. You now have a clear view of the lower level, though it's a bit of a leap to get there.


"This could be a problem for going back up.." I will jump down. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You do get across, but there is no where to get back this way without help. Eider might be able to fly it but that's it.


"That's a problem for later."
I tell the gap and keep going, looking for the east wing.


Patches leap down after you
"East should be on the left from here I think."



"Let's hurry before anything can happen."
To the left it is then


The room shakes as the kraken attacks the wall again, ripping apart the stairwell wall
You rush down the hall into a cell block. Some of the doors have gotten bent out of shape and the ceiling has partially collapses. Most lanterns have gone out leaving the place dark.


I must have missed the part where I'm in imminent danger?


very spooky.
take a lantern down and light it.


Well, the whole fort is under siege. It will probably weather the attack, but no place is exactly safe.
This will let you see into the cells.
Better get looking


One by one then '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I will wait here till they get back. I've done enough!


This wing barely had more cells than you had targets. In fact it seems everyone is here
…except for Sir Ragamont and Wiz.
Reaver is the first to react to you peering into her cell
"The fuck is this? You here to gloat that your door broke and mine didn't?"
The guard under the rubble impatient taps his fingers, still unable to see much anything
"What's taking that medic?"
You could probably go search the other guardhouses for stuff if you felt like looting. Most of the guards are still topside fighting the kraken.


Look at him and hold me finger in front of my mouth. "Die in silence please!"


"…who the hell even are you?"
Not like he'll die of a stuck leg until the room collapses. You'll need to kill him yourself if you want to speed that up.


"The librarian. And I'm not in a good mood, so keep it down a notch."


"Nah, we're here to bust you out, for the families. So don't insult us."


"Oh, right."
He digs at his ear a bit
"You should get to shelter in the deeper level though."
Who the fuck are you people?"

Patches tosses her the swords
"We're the cavalry"



You had reached the east wing, lower level, and located most of your targets.
Now all that remains is to get them out, find Ragamont and Wiz, and leave.
Oh and not die somewhere in between.

Reaver is testing the balance on her swords, genuinely surprised but highly pleased to be reunited with them. She seems to have zoned out and is kinda ignoring the whole kraken attack thing for a moment.


Bust open that cell.
"Let's go already fools!"


Clap my hands toget Reaver's and everyone else's attention ''Alright, you'll have plenty of time to space out when we're out of here sweetheart. Now come, we need to find the remaining of the pirate friends and leave alive. do you have any clue of where Wiz and Ragamont might be?''


With some time and effort you manage to crack open all the relevant cell doors.
Reaver is clearly about to give you a piece of her mind about some dirt on one of the blades, but Stonerook beats her to the opening statement.
"Ragamont was kept in a private cell in the bottom level, reserved for the worst and most valuable. Hard to get to let alone get out of. We've obviously never been there, just seen people get taken there.
Wiz, well, Wiz bolted the moment an errant falling stone broke his door lock. His luck holds out as always. Not sure where he might be."


''Well, let's hope he didn't get eaten by the kraken minutes after his miraculous escape, though if he's as lucky as you're making him to be, he's already heading back to the lords''
Now let's look for a way down


"The bottom floor huh…"
Start wandering around looking for more stairs down.


Bloodnose stretches is neck a bit and shakes his mane
"Old bloodnose smell many things. Will help you find."
Reaver sheaths the swords at her hips and scoffs
"What do you want with a spineless fuck like Wiz anyway?"


''Us? Nothing in particular, but our mutual friends, the Pirate Lords, want him out. We're just here to do a favor in exchange of another''


"We're Calvary, you know, we need credit for our rescues."


It is a really, really, extremely bad idea to call the Shipwreckers 'pirates'.
Also you are here to kill him.
"…someone paid you to rescue the Wiz?"


"That's right." I make a proud pose.
"Him and you lot too, we're pretty popular actually."


''Of course, when I say Pirate Lords, I meant our good friends the Shipwrecker Lords, And by getting him out, What I actually meant we have to kill his ass. That's why we Brought Amalganon here with us, oh by the way, this is our friend Amalganon''


"What.. Duna, now they'll kill him instead of us."


"You know I was paid to kill him
Which is why I'm here in the first place. In fact Cap'n put out the hit herself."
The immense Aeon waves awkwardly from the door, his frame being barely able to move in here.
That shut her up.

Bloodnose is staring at a wall, as if thinking what is behind it.


"Oh Fine." I grumpily sigh. "We actually just wanted to be the ones to kill him, but I suppose we can let you."


Slap my head ''Oh right right, Sorry it's hard for a brainless capra like me to keep track of all these names. Let's get Ragamont out, and then we deal with Wiz''
turn to Bloodnose ''You found anything, boy?''


"I'm fine with a 50/50 split on the bounty for busting me out."
Stonerook chuckles
"Wow… generous as ever."
Bloodnose trails a claw down the wall, across the floor and stops at a specific tile
"Under here."
He then twitches his ears a bit
"Stairs not needed. Big monster made hole. Climb out, climb down. Faster. No guards."


"Deal!" I declare.
Then go to the where the drudge is.
"This place is taking a lot of damage.."


"Old. Poorly maintained. Never designed for monster attack."


''Wow, you're pretty good at this huh?'' look around ''Where is this said hole, Bloodnose?''


"I really thought a fortress would be tougher than this." I say oddly cheerfully.


"Impact of cannonball very different from monster arm pulling at wall."
You hear a loud splash as a section of wall collapses into the sea
"Very different."
"Out door, up stairs. Stairs… cut? Yes. Think so. Large home out. Climb down, look for another below. In there."


''…Ooookay, uh, lead the way buddy''


"Right… let's get down to the low levels before anything else falls down.."


Bloodnose nods and lets his ears flop back down and he scurries out and back up the stairs towards where you came from.


''Don't you know any kind of protective bubble spell? I would feel safer without the risk of bricks falling down our heads
''Amalganon, you shold stay in front. If any guards show up, please dispatch of them, gently if you can''


As you leave the room you can't help but notice the large rock that was not there before, and the equally massive dent in Amalganon when he caught it.


Give him a pat on the side ''Stay strong, my friend''
This reminds me I should really be paying more attention to my surroundings, so let's proceed with a bit more caution


"Right, let's see.. I know this one."
'1d10+2' try casting a protection bubble on the group.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Well there is a bubble
If nothing else it at least gives some placebo sense of safety

Following Bloodnose, you get to the point where you had to jump down earlier. The wall has collapses further, and there is a considerable sheer drop down into the sea below.
"Down here."


Jump down with him.


''Excellent, now we are protected. I hope this thing is kraken proof''

With a hand in my chin, I admire the hole ''I see'' the drop is low enough to safely climb or jump, right?


Amalganon holds out his makeshift shield to form a step
Bloodnose nods
"Chain of people. Very useful when lacking rope." He hops on the shield and holds out his hand


''Aha, you're very clever for not having a brain, Amalganon'' I follow suit in becoming the next link in the chain after Bloodnose



"I'm not sure I'm strong enough to lift anyone." I say hopping down to the bottom.
"Maybe This.." '1d10+2' levitate a flat rock to help complete the stairs.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


The rock plan helps immensely. You can now safely cross to the lower level.


"Amazing!" happily descend with the group.


''Aah, good work everyone. And what luck, we haven't even crossed any guards on our way. That Kraken is doing wonders. let's keep going before it decides to leave or get killed''


"I doubt it will leave without the anti bait!" I reply cheerfully, holding my large hat.


If you want a status check on the kraken, you can always just take a look outside to see it.
Once safely inside again, Bloodnose perks up his ears once more.
"Deeper in. This close to base of island. Solid rock. Safe from monster.
Cells further along. Careful."


''Well maybe we could hold on to the anti bait for future use. Who knows if one day we will be dealing with krakens again eh?''
I will do just that. Peek out and check on that Krak before proceeding with care, right behind the big menacing aeon


Stick close to the walls as we walk


It has lost some tentacles and chunks of meat by now. Arrows and spears jut out from it and it's hard to tell how much blood came from it and how much from the guards.
At this rate, it will be repelled eventually, but the fort may collapse from the damage. The clock is ticking either way.
It is eerily silent down here. No guards running. No roars of the kraken once you round a corner or two. Just rumbling echoes and still, moist air.
Stonerook shivers a bit
"This is where they keep the worst and the-"
Reaver smacks him upside the head
"You already said that."


Won't be leaving this time early, sorry about last time.

Come in from scouting behind. "I uhh… got a little held up. Did I miss anything?"


Grin actually.
"Hey, this would be a nice place to settle down, if the fort falls you know. "


"We need to go to the lowest floor to rescue the last one, and the Wiz is running around free."


Poor Kraken
''Shoot, what if some creep has been waiting for an opportunity like this to escape its cell when all the guards are distracted?'' I remain sharp, hammer at ready for any bushwacking bastard
''Oh there you are sug, we're almost done here. Oh by the way, Bloodnose, Reaver, this is Eider, our friendly Drakin friend.'' I motion at the drudge and the dual dagger wielding assassin ''Glad to see you weren't eaten by the kraken. Have you seen the Librarian? I was hoping he would be with you''
''For you, maybe, but I'm not very fond of dark murky places like you witches do''


Patches gives you a confused look
"Take over Dead Man's ruin as a base? Right here outside Sinport?"


"Lowest floor, got it. Now… which direction was that in?"

Look around for the lower floor.

Wave at the two new faces of our escape party. "Hey."

"Well I… sorta tried testing something with my water magic and nearly got eaten, so I didn't really have time to help save anyone. I'll start by looking around."


Inhale the cold air deeply
"Its perfect. No one would dare oppose us."
'1d10' pull this off without coughing

Roll #1 7 = 7


It seems you are right.
As you round a corner, you run right into the corpse of a guard, and near it, a dead prisoner.
Not too far from there, several open doors.
You are in here with the worst of the worst, and they are on the loose with nothing to lose.
Very convincing.
"Well, provided they don't send in soldiers to rebuild it…"
The kraken was kind enough to break some walls and provide you an entrance to the lower floors. The issue is finding the one person you need, and then escaping.


"…Right.. they might do that.."
'1d10' well, focus on finding that cell, searching

Roll #1 7 = 7


Head for the lower floors to quickly search for the person I need.

>Rolling if needed


Roll #1 2 = 2


''Our little Witch is a little too ambitious isn't she?'' I pass by her with a not so gentle bump
''Be careful sug! and don't worry bothering looking around. Just follow the Bloodnose here and we're golden. We just need to get one last comrade out before finding the target we're here to kill''
''Gods dammit, I wish for once I was not right about these things! Everyone be on guard if you don't want to get shanked'' I keep watch over our backs as we keep going ''Let's find Bloody Ragamont and leave quick''


"Oh, alright then I'll just let him lead the way if he knows the way."


''Hey hey you two, stay close, there's some stray murderous bastards out and about and you don't want to run into them alone''


"Yes Duna.."


''Don't give me that tone like you were agreeing with yer Mother, little lady. Now draw that hammer and be ready to cast some fireballs at the first sign of danger''


Unfortunately, it seems the place is larger than expected down here. These were once huge storage rooms that were rebuilt into cells, and after someone got the keys off an unfortunate guard, it seems everyone is loose now.
In the darkness ahead, you can hear wooping and hollering, punctuated by the occasional scream.
The walls are about to collapse
Your target is somewhere in that darkness and chaos
And every piece of meat down here exists only as a target.

Good luck. You'll need it.


Gulp and prepare for the possible shanking. "W-Well… We just gotta outlast everyone else here…"

Attempt to sneak through the target to find our only target.
>Rolling if needed

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'm ready, I'm ready." I insist, swooshing my hammer.

"Let's just call his name."
'1d10' "Ragamont!! Come Here! Your Ride is Leaving!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Take a long breath to focus. I'm joined by two mages an assassin and a Drudge with a golden nose. What could I possibly fear?
proceed with caution
'1d10' also a notice check

Roll #1 7 = 7


You peer into the darkness, and the darkness peers back.
It likes what it sees. Fresh meat. Still warm and supple. Announcing itself so loudly. So brazenly.
Soon, it will feast.

Objective: Survive

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