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The Planet of Llavanus is currently the location of the Ankylosaur and its crew. Due to recent attacks, the four-legged Chordians who call it home now find themselves lacking in space ships to move infrastructure around, again. The Ankylosaur has been cleared of any relation with the attack, but the situation on the ground remains shaky as the Chordians attempt to plot a course through an uncertain future.
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"Of course, Friend-Zorani! We will be happy to answer whatever you are curious about!"

Wave cheerily to Rupus as he heads off while we go to meet with Zorani and see what she is wanting to ask about.


A ping can be heard coming from his DataPad after you finish.

"Ah, thank you for the answer. I look forward to piloting one of them." Dazy says as he nods his head and begins heading towards the next barrel of chemicals. "Cup holders…"

Though as the Inspector leaves, a group of Human technicians heads towards you. They're discussing something between themselves and Rove as they look over your machine.

"Hey, this one yours, right?" One of them shouts at you.


"Until it gets taken out from under me, yeah. What's up?"


Doctor Zorani's observation room, while normally clean, has an absurd number of DataPads on its desk. Even the Human walkway is being used to hang more datapads. She's going over videos of Rupus, though a few have images of you in combat. She looks at you and quickly darts to the datapads before coming back to you with a very interested and energetic expression.

"So, I've been going over what just happened with Rupus. I know he has room for improvement, but I think we just witnessed what one of his fold abilities actually *is*." Doctor Zorani turns on a holographic projector, showing Rupus as he was channeling Fold energy. You see the moment the piece of roof material falls and sparks, but Doctor Zorani rewinds it and turns him around. "I thought that he was interrupted, that the spark was caused *after* he was hit, but look." She plays the video again, with the same spark and then Rupus losing his concentration. "Sorry, I'm just excited, but the spark doesn't happen because Rupus lost control or anything, if you notice he doesn't actually react to the debris. He doesn't jerk to the side until after the spark. The Fold Energy *protected* him, then he reacted."


"Uh, about that." Your fellow mechanic responds by showing you his datapad orders to fully inspect your machine, followed closely by you receiving instructions to let them do it. "Looks like the top brass are very interested in your machine."


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>My face is reflected in the water.
>It's a shining grin full og hope…
>Or it could be a look of somber silence struggling with fear…
>What do you see reflected in your face?
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File: 1528129963180.jpg (2.8 MB, 4032x2106, File-Oct-17--9-11-52-PM-40….jpg)

Of course you do. Your food supplies should be satisfactory too. Failing that, the guide should help you forage.

Off you go, past increasingly sparse settlements and fields, till you reach the forest. It's milder than the pictures of rainforests in your guidebook make it seem. Thankfully, there's been dry weather recently.


This is too nice a sight to hoard it for myself.
Call out both Pentium and Umbreon, walking through the sunlit grass with the two of them at my side.


They flank you, but for once they seem more eager to take in the atmosphere than gush over you. There's a serene feeling that overcomes all of you.

The forest looms at the edge of the cleared plains. You can feel the cacophony of thoughts before you can hear the Pokemon cries.


I stop for a brief moment, eyes wide in surprise at first, and amazement later.
Walk into the forest, using my compass to follow a straight line through the dense vegetation.
Let's try and gain the high ground around here, or follow a stream…


You search for higher ground and find it following a steep incline. You can hear the flow of water, and following it you find a small waterfall, being tended to by severa poliwag and wurmple.

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"What I hope for all of you is but the same. Don't worry, I'm not going to say something impossibly difficult or challenging.

'Please don't forget to smile.'

That is all I wish of you."
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"Yeah. I'm trying to, at least."
Smile at the redhead, and go back to my room.
I think I will get a move on for the next gym, tomorrow…


"Till next time!"

So you return to your room. Roll for sleep quality.


Deep and restful, pls. With Umbreon on my lap and Pentium by my side.

Roll #1 5 = 5


It wouldn't have been remarkable without yoru comrade by your side, snuggling up to you. Your dreams are safe.



Up, up and away? What were we doing…

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Trainers raise Pokemon. Pokemon make trainers strong. It has always been that way, and always will.

Isn't that a solid thought?
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"Not really, but my Pokemon will keep them secure until we reach land." He sighs. My work's never done.

His Machamp and Lucario round up everyone , and you note that you'll be making land in a few minutes.

"You know, the first thing you should have done was see who else here was willing and capable to fight. But you got heart stepping up by yourself, I suppose."


"Yeah, you're right. I wouldn't have been able to handle this on my own at all if you weren't around. My name's Squire, by the way. Thanks for your help, you're a real lifesaver."


"Squire? Squire, Squire… oh, you sure took your time coming here. I'm Kai, and you've been looking for me for a while. May I see that letter Madam SInistra gave you?"


"Oh, yeah, sure." Go through my bag and hand him the letter. "I apologize for my tardiness."


"Sorry for what? If anything, the more time you took coming here, the more you'd be prepared and the more you can learn."

He accepts the letter, giving it a quick read. The boat stops at port and the gangway is being unloaded, while the passengers cheer for both of you.

"I await you in the gym. I'm the boss of this gym, in case you didn't realise. Take your time, please."

He leaves.

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Sure, I'm just a part-time worker now, pounding away at the register with a smile on my face, but once I was a Trainer, traveling around on my challenge, too. I even made a pretty fair name for myself. But then I got a wife, and then I had a kid… Now I face a new trial called a mortgage. And I work here to prepare myself for the most grand trial of all: old age and reitrement.
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"Same here. But if the chance presents itself, don't hesitate to throw the 'Ball. This is more important, I think."


''Almost a full team too? I bet they're all well trained and evolved huh?''


"Nope. Some I just got and I'm still getting to know. Others like Quetz have been with me a long time now. Once it calms down, I'll introduce you to them."


''Oh I'd like that! But yes, let's first focus on the task at hand here''


"Let's try not to trip over Pokemon then. Keep an eye out case we get another one diving us."

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Having left behind their hideout in Riverhold, our band of heroic fugitives arrived in Sinport, the old crime capital of the kingdom.

Here, under the watchful if twitchy eyes of the Shipwreckers, Black Skulls and Brewguild, they will make plans and alliances that will carry them to victory against the Golden Dragons, and clear their names in the process.

At least that was the idea.
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Unfortunately, it seems the place is larger than expected down here. These were once huge storage rooms that were rebuilt into cells, and after someone got the keys off an unfortunate guard, it seems everyone is loose now.
In the darkness ahead, you can hear wooping and hollering, punctuated by the occasional scream.
The walls are about to collapse
Your target is somewhere in that darkness and chaos
And every piece of meat down here exists only as a target.

Good luck. You'll need it.


Gulp and prepare for the possible shanking. "W-Well… We just gotta outlast everyone else here…"

Attempt to sneak through the target to find our only target.
>Rolling if needed

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'm ready, I'm ready." I insist, swooshing my hammer.

"Let's just call his name."
'1d10' "Ragamont!! Come Here! Your Ride is Leaving!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Take a long breath to focus. I'm joined by two mages an assassin and a Drudge with a golden nose. What could I possibly fear?
proceed with caution
'1d10' also a notice check

Roll #1 7 = 7


You peer into the darkness, and the darkness peers back.
It likes what it sees. Fresh meat. Still warm and supple. Announcing itself so loudly. So brazenly.
Soon, it will feast.

Objective: Survive

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File: 1491706095888.jpeg (129.93 KB, 1024x768, megacity-6.jpeg)


Megacity-6, home of countless species and people, reaching ever higher into the sky.

It used to have a name, but it's long been forgotten, even to the point that the government calls it that. It's another wet and windy day, the pollution from the numerous industries gluing together in the heavens to fall down as dirty rain. The megacity offers plenty of opportunities for those who seek them, but many people look in the low areas, the grimy corners of civilization that exists all over.

That's where you come in, Detective Reed. Today will be a day unlike any you've had before, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
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I hurry after the delinquent.

Roll #1 9, 10 = 19


You're incredibly quick, jumping off walls and trash cans and over the fences, you could keep up with everyone short of an Olympic athlete.

But this guy seems to be even faster. He doesn't do the parkour tricks, he's just jumping over the fences.

That would be impressive enough if he didn't just jump straight into the second story window of a grimy apartment building. No trick, no pull ups, you manage to get behind him just as leaps higher than any Olympian ever has.


"The hell?!" I hurry up after him.

Roll #1 4, 4 = 8


You can follow him with all the racket he's making. People and materials are being knocked onto the floor as he continues to gain distance on you. It goes quiet as you reach the other side of the building, looking out int he street.

Then he leaps out of the THIRD story window! He doesn't roll or anything as he lands, he just keeps running like he never jumped at all!


I curse under my breath and try to catch up.

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A month or so back the city of Riverhold saw itself host to the assassination of Duke Edgar Landtamer. While to the common folk the only real impact was one night of watching the palace burn followed by a few weeks of extra guards on the streets, those with more political mindsets were busily weighing up the implications.
Edgar was a well liked duke, by both the crown and the common man, but he was never a particularly strong leader. Now the most likely successors were either his son - a pragmatic and practical, if short tempered youth; or his brother - a more established figure in the realm but known to be hasty and reliant on his gut. Anyone who knew this, understood that the duchy may be split, or even simply given away to someone else. Many war heroes and lesser nobles coveted the title and were at least equally if not more worthy of it.
To complicate things further, rumors of impending war were circling the kingdom. The Dragon Emperor had grown restless, and while his realms were far away, many had grown worried.

As for the culprits, they still remained on the run.
Reports of the night of the assassination were conflicted and confused, but there was proof that a few key people, all now missing, were seen near the scene of the attack that night.
Duna, a capra smith who worked with the duke's armory
Eider, a drakin cleaner
Kelpie, a court magician
Corso, a treasurer
And some dude in really fancy pants

Unknown to the public, they had taken residence in the city underground, in an abandoned theatre. With the help of fellow outlaws, they had gained important information regarding the Golden Dragon Clan, a foreign gang of criminals who had now shown the scaly tails in this realm for reasons unknown.

And it is here, on the cusp of many historic events, that we return to our story.
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She rises up with more ease than you'd expect from a cripple.
"I have a fleet filled with veterans of hundreds of battles at my command. Name your targets among the dragons, and I will have their heads brought to you."


I keep as calm as a teen can in such a situation.
"We must speak Fireheart, son of Ironhide. He has taken something important from us. Can you capture him?"


The captain raises the one brow she has
"Their leader's son?
I like your style. It's a deal."


Grin at her, standing as well to offer a hand shake.
"Please doing business with you Cap'n."


"Now, let us go meet the other bosses to finalize the pacts."


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Seeing the sun's rays shining over the ocean lets us know a new day is about to begin.

And when we see the moon sinking into the ocean, we know that the day is done.

The world is still yet unexplored, and light still shines on your paths ahead. Forge on. Adventure awaits.


Red otherworldly spider lilies mark the vast field you emerge into as you leave the jungle. You've spent days taking care of your hungry plant, now blossomed into a beautiful red lily itself. The Mirage Axis, the great tree that has always overlooked your hometown, can finally be reached, and even your flower seems to be beckoning you forward.


You're in the middle of a ferry journey. You feel asleep halfway through… and wake up just as the boat docks. You're not at your destination yet, you're at Nori Peak, a stopover known for the vast underwater fields of seaweed that are harvested seasonally. You have enough rations to tide you over if you would rather just sleep in the ferry, but if you're willing to spend you could disembark for a bowl of famous seaweed rice and a better bed.


You were in the middle of a lesson with Viola, your bug survivalist friend. She's brought you into the jungles north of Dervor Town and is busy trying to teach you what she knows. You're trying your best, right?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Then South I will go


"I'll try one, but I'm not familiar with them. Which one is good for beginners?"


You're really going to follow it?

Do you even know what it is?

Or rather, drink. There's only the alcohol.


Well I will only find out what it is if I find it right?
Besides, it's not like I have any path to go, so this is a perfect opportunity


"I'll try one then. I don't know what my limit is."

Try one '1d20'

Roll #1 19 = 19

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If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

It was a peculiar letter of invitation that brought you here. It had arrived almost as a cold-call. Out of the blue, without any provocation. Inside, it promised all the right things - as though written to tempt you and you alone. It promised discovery, wealth, and above all - escape. There was a resume contained within, filled with the most peculiar questions. You sent it off, and thought nothing of it for months. You began to wonder if the letter was a dream.

Until recently. Three days ago another envelope arrived, but this one was different. Enclosed within was not a letter, but a flyer for an academic conference, and two tickets. One, a two-way ticket to and from Seletar Airport in British-controlled Singapore, and two, a letter of invitation to the conference described on the flyer. What a strange place for a conference. And equally strange was the name. American Nautical Society for the Advancement of Scientific Research (ANSfASR). Quite a mouthful, so it's a good thing you've crossed paths with the Brits before - enough to speak the language.

Landing in Singapore was something out of a dream. The airport had been an RAF base only two years ago, and it still looked the part, fortified against potential attacks, but the city of Singapore itself was something amazing in itself. On the Malay Peninsula, you might have been forgiven for expecting a backward tropic of savages, but this city is anything but. The city sports colorful red architecture which shines against the blue sea and the backdrop of the forested cliffs, but more than anything there is the sound and scent of industry. Progress. As far as the eye can see, all land is under development and construction. As a hub for western trade, like Hong Kong itself, this port is undergoing rapid expansion and development. It's a far cry from the economic depression hitting London like a hammer.

You follow the flyer to an address - across a great red bridge - and find that rather than a conference center, it leads to a small and unassuming performance hall. How can a conference with the budget to pay the way of scientists from any corner of the globe afford only a tiny little building like this? How many could be in attendance? You doubPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Let's see what's further down


Through a porthole, you can see you've arrived at the hatch to the primary cargo hold. It's very large, and lit up by huge floodlights. A faint braying in the distance.


Let's see those cute donkeys


From here on the catwalk, you can see a wide variety of livestock being transported below. Partitioned off animals ranging from elephants to toy dogs – and yes, donkeys. You can make out a sign which reads: Sicilian Donkey - 36"

If there's a specific animal you'd like to wander around in search of, you should start looking now. They seem a little haphazardly organized.


For refrence family means the typical mom dad and 6 kids?

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