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Seeing the sun's rays shining over the ocean lets us know a new day is about to begin.

And when we see the moon sinking into the ocean, we know that the day is done.

The world is still yet unexplored, and light still shines on your paths ahead. Forge on. Adventure awaits.


Red otherworldly spider lilies mark the vast field you emerge into as you leave the jungle. You've spent days taking care of your hungry plant, now blossomed into a beautiful red lily itself. The Mirage Axis, the great tree that has always overlooked your hometown, can finally be reached, and even your flower seems to be beckoning you forward.


You're in the middle of a ferry journey. You feel asleep halfway through… and wake up just as the boat docks. You're not at your destination yet, you're at Nori Peak, a stopover known for the vast underwater fields of seaweed that are harvested seasonally. You have enough rations to tide you over if you would rather just sleep in the ferry, but if you're willing to spend you could disembark for a bowl of famous seaweed rice and a better bed.


You were in the middle of a lesson with Viola, your bug survivalist friend. She's brought you into the jungles north of Dervor Town and is busy trying to teach you what she knows. You're trying your best, right?


You were taking a night ferry down to Bridge Island, working as a courier. You noticed that the other passengers had blindfolds and earplugs on, and when you refused those offered by the ferry crew you noticed them preparing a straitjacket. Must be nothing, right?


Your eventful luxury cruise ship ride after storming the pirate base ended when you made landfall at the Seagarden. Nagi, your swordslady friend, is getting a train ticket towards the Fire Plains, the Northwest region of the continent. You're still trying to decide where you wanted to go.


After Echo discovered a new passion for, uh, the female pokemon form, you decided to tap into that by seeing the Pokemon contests around Fabiorge City. Contests are a new thing and don't have much support, but small local contests conventions are held occasionally. You witnessed a strange, exotic dance by a girl called Clara and her Starly, who has won much audience favour despite the influence of Nyanno-chan, a popular Poketube celebrity.


You're at your first gym! The electric gym, which seems to be some kind of massive film studio in one of the most luxurious buildings in Binestrone City.
As part of the gym challenge, you're going to have to act out… something to an audience of electric Pokemon. You were led into a dressing room, and you've got a large array of props and costumes for you to use. The note on your mirror says 'A show about you'.


File: 1480305700733.jpg (6.07 MB, 4112x4112, POKEMAP cut.jpg)

Revisions have been made again. Town Map Publishing house apologises for the inconvenience! The ice gym has been updated to be in Whiteveil like it has always been.


Traveling is what I do, it would be wrong of me not to try it out. I'll have Quetz out with me while we head out then.

"Did you get a good nap?" I ask Quetz.


Quetz wraps himself around your neck as always, and promptly sends the both of you crashing into the ground, your neck aching. He can't do that anymore.

Regardless of how good Quetz's nap was, he doesn't seem too happy right now.


"Guess that's the end of that, huh buddy?" I'll dust myself off and sit down with Quetz. "So what's got you down?"


File: 1480306380377.jpg (513.2 KB, 1920x1080, ws_Sea_sunset_1920x1080.jpg)

Well, exactly that. You sit with him on the pier while watching the orange sky over the sea.

Time flies too fast.

He huddles around your arm, sighing and wishing he stuck himself on you more while he could.


I'll pet Quetz, letting the moments pass us by.

"Don't worry, it's just something that change. We're still in this together, that won't change." I'll start to get up. "Let's go get some food. I can't carry you anymore, but that just means we'll have to walk together instead."


No point in being too sad over it. Time to make new memories with his new skin. Quetz glides over the ground with you as you walk into town. It's nearly dinner time, so all the roadside stalls and eateries are busy preparing dinner. Or you could work up an appetite with a short walk around the seaweed plains or deeper into the island's nature trails.


"They're still making the food Quetz, so let's get some fresh air in the woods. We'll get enough of the sea smell when we come back." Let's find one of the marked trails and take in the greenery.


Lots of tourists and travelers stop over here for short periods of time, so the attractions are similar short and undemanding. Many of the Southern Islands play host to large numbers of Pokemon species, since the isolation makes them safe from predators that live in the mainland. You step up onto a boardwalk and tour the jungle… Tailow are more commonly found on the islands, and their calls get pretty incessant near sundown.

Hold on, there's some strange about that bird pokemon on the tree, pecking it.


I put my finger up to my lips, then crouch down a bit to keep a low profile as we approach, trying to find out what's causing the pecking sound.


File: 1480307974689.png (125.76 KB, 500x500, pikipek.png)

A bird pokemon's causing it.

Wait, what is that bird Pokemon? You've never seen or heard of it before. Strange.


Look at it curiously.

"I haven't seen something like it." I whisper to Quetz. "Have you?"


Quetz is utterly confused, and slightly uncomfortable.
Maybe you can check your pokedex?


Pop open the Blue one I got from the Professor.

"Guess I should have been more careful with my color choice." I think to myself.


You could always slip it into a case if camouflage is a concern.




The pokedex can't identify it either. Weird.


"It's collecting 'information', so I'm going to leave it on for now. Let's keep going, we can ask about it at another time Quetz." We'll keep going down the trail.


If you remember correctly, it's taking photographs, short video and sound to see if it's really a Pokemon not in the database or not.

As you walk on, you notice there's a fire on one of the tree branches! The bird pokemon nesting there don't seem to mind though, and are in fact fanning the flames. Now those are pokemon you can identify, Fletchinder and Fletchling. Seems like they're trying to clean themselves by setting their nest on a controlled burn.


"Quetz, just in case, maybe we should pass by to make sure the nest doesn't fall down and cook the forest." We'll keep an eye on them, since I've never actually seen how they clean themselves with fire without getting burned. We'll get a move on once it seems to be dying down.


The flames don't hurt the Fletchinder, but the Fletchling in the nest seems uncomfortable. It cries out as its feathers catch on fire themselves and slowly burn off. The fire spreads until the entire Fletchling is alight, but it stays still and calm. When the flames burn out and dissipate, there is no longer a Fletchling, but two Fletchinders. The older one pecks its junior before rolling around in the ashes in the nest.


The only way is forward.
Through the field of odd plants.


"So that's why!" I shout out in excitement. I'll hold up the Pokedex, hopefully it'll record it.


File: 1480310436086.jpg (63.49 KB, 480x403, wow_world_tree.jpg)

The two Fletchinders shoot you a dirty look for shouting out and ruining their moment.
the pokedex isn't suited for collecting good pictures or video, sadly, but this should lead to confirmation of wild Talonflame family habitats. Maybe when it's printed in a journal they'll note it was you who recorded it.

It's getting a little dark for nature trails, even if the moon is especially bright tonight. Might be time to head back for dinner.

Up, up through the Mirage Axis!
You can set your flower down here in the fields first.


I need to find it a good spot first.
just a little bit of space to dig it out and place it.


"Sorry, so sorry." Slowly back up the trail and head back. We shouldn't cause issues for the Rangers when they come over to tell people it's closing time. "Let's go back Quetz."


There's plenty of good soil around here. The wild Floette flitting about the field beckon, however, and point to a an empty plot. The soil looks fresh.

Quetz coos. Nice walk.
Now, there's plenty of places you could go for dinner–

"Hey! Boy! Squire, right?"

Oh, it's Professor Yew, the person who gave you your pokedex. He's looking as disheveled as ever as he waves and runs up to you.


'1d20' I'll plant it with my own hands

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Yeah, that's me… Oh, Professor, hello, what are you doing here?"


Digging your hands into the soil gives you a deep, profound satisfaction. The flower is safe and healthy, and the fruit it bears will be a result of your work as well.

Now it's time to climb the tree.

"Heard there were… interesting developments. Why don't I trreat you to dinner? But first, I need to see your pokedex."


Thanks, Quetz and I were already headed to try out the seaweed here if you'd like to join." Hand There was a over the Pokedex. "There was a bird Pokemon here the device said wasn't in its memory, so we tried to record some stuff about it."


I will go up and try to see a way up the huge tree. Perhaps the branches are reachable?


File: 1480311934765.jpg (349.66 KB, 640x480, Malaysia-Malaysian-Chinese….jpg)

"I used to love visiting here when I was adventuring at your age. You should have their seafood rice, I'll bring you to a place."

He leads you through an alley into what looks like a garage, except it's closed, and the front is covered by an arrangement of stalls hawking food. Easily movable tables and chairs are strewn onto the road.

"Have a seat. Hey! Gimme two plates of your seafood rice! Oh, and what do you want to drink? I'm getting some sugar cane."

The tree is so big, the grooves of the bark are big enough for you to walk up on! And you can just climb up by grabbing onto the bark anyway. It's smooth and comfy to hold.


"What an amazing tree.. Lily you should climb too. You'll love it."
I encourage her as I excitedly climb higher.


"If you like it, I'll give it a try too. I don't recall ever seeing it as an option where I'm from."


"Really? The Rising City has a little of everything. Maybe you didn't find the right places."

The wold maitronly waitress hands you both glasses of green, fresh-smelling juice. Professor Yew takes a sip before continuing to fiddle with your pokedex.

"Interesting, interesting… Alright, Squire, guess you should know, but try to keep this quiet for now, alright? I'm going to tell you something strange."

Climbing up takes very little effort, it comes to you naturally. You reach the first layer of branches, and each if them is big enough to hold several houses. Tons of plants decorate the tree like it's a giant forest on its own, and the grass Pokemon that live here are very happy with it.

You don't know how long you've been climbing…


"Growing up, if I wasn't studying, I was taking a test. Really didn't get a chance to explore even my neighborhood."

I hold up the drink and take a sip. "Sure, go ahead, what's up?"


It hardly matters, I could climb forever, or even just live here. Take a break on one of the larger branches, drinking water and admiring it peacefully.


"Recently, there's been an explosion of sightings of new Pokemon. Seems to be that more sightings are located in place further away from the Rising City… now, I thought this was the work of the Pokedex project bringing to light new species that have always existed but not recorded, but there were some strange findings when we got our hands on a few specimens.

For one, they have a disproportionate ratio of Carbon-14 consistent with the other new species we've found, indicating that they might not be following the same geological time as the pokemon species that we know exist. These sightings also only started after numerous gamma ray bursts were detected in the atmosphere… we haven't linked them to anything, but I'm not so sure it's a coincidence.

By the way, this bird Pokemon you saw is called Pikipek. How do we know? They told us."

What a beautiful sight. How many strata have you climbed up? Four, five? It's nighttime again, and you could fall asleep right here on the tree boughs.


"Wait, 14? Rays? I mean, I understand the words, but this too… They told you? Who? The Pokémon did?" I try to keep my voice down and not spill my drink.


It is a long ways up still. Get my sleeping bag out and call out vee, yawning and petting his tail as I sink into it.


File: 1480314245882.gif (701.92 KB, 840x864, litten_by_xxascexx-da2pdt5.gif)

"Oh, right. Ever heard of carbon dating? Basically, cosmic radiation constantly creates carbon that's of 14 atomic mass, so we call this Carbon-14. However, this carbon is radioactive and not stable, so over hundreds of years it decays into Carbon-12 or Carbon-13. Plants incorporate a little bit of carbon-14 into themselves when they photosynthesize, and this is eaten by us and Pokemon, and we can measure how long it has been since fresh carbon was added by measuring the level of radioactivity. That's how it works. And these pokemon had levels of radioactivity very, very different.

The gamma ray bursts, we don't know where they came from, except that something very high energy events happened that should not.

As for how we know?"

He shows you his laptop, with what seems to be a fully functioning database of Pokemon. Then, looking around to make sure attention isn't focused on you two, he lets loose a Pokemon.

"Called Litten, apparently. Some pokemon were found holding onto thumbdrives and other computer media. Held a ton of information, but we don't know where they came from."

You don't feel a need for a sleeping bag. The branches below grow a bed of leaves right before your eyes to sink down in.


"…" I touch the leaf bed tentatively.


It feels just like your bed at home. This was meant for you as a guest.


Lean close to the bark and whisper. "Thank you."
Then get snug, and invite lily and vee in.


"This is really over my head and everything else I could possibly have. Have you shared this information with other professionals? Why even let me in on this?" put my drink to the side.


Vee cuddles up to you while Lily huddles right in, like she's going to plant roots. Roll for sweet, sweet dreams.

"Just so you know the importance of what you've discovered. Don't talk about it too loudly now, alright, we'll be updating the database and publishing reports soon. Now, dig in! No, this isn't a bribe or anything, relax."

Sides of magikarp meat adorn the bowl of rice. Sauce is minimal, since the seaweed flakes sprinkled over is what is supposed to give it flavour.


'1d20' rollin

Roll #1 8 = 8


Share some of my food with Quartz. I did tell him both of us were coming out here.

"It's a lot to take in, no matter how I try to slice it." I say before I take a bite of the Magikarp.


You are imbued with a sense of wholeness as you sleep. You don't feel like you're asleep, or even dreaming at all. You're just… there, in the earth, sea, sky. You shift from being a single photon from the sun to the mind of an egg freshly formed, from a mote in the air to a speck of dust in the soil.

The living world forms back around you, and you open your eyes again. It is morning, and a fruit has grown from a new branch right before your face. It's a gift for you.

"Don't worry too much about. We're doing all the worrying right now. Terribly exciting, though."

Quetz eagerly takes a portion of your plate, while Prof tries to ease his Litten into having some local food.


Carefully pick the fruit and try a bite!


"If it's like that, I'll try my best."

Let's have the Magikarp, see how the fresh seaweed makes it taste.


It's perfect! The texture it just right for you to chew, and the flavour runs right into your heart. Almost like it was specially grown for you.
That was enough to energize you, evebn with such a small fruit.

It brings out a unique, salty and slightly spicy flavour. When you mainly eat Magikarp, you learn to make it taste all kinds of ways. Too soon, the bowl's empty.

"Right, I hope that was enough for you to eat. I'll need to attend to some other sightings now. Good luck, Squire!"


"So goood" I declare with joy eating the fruit, forgetting to leave any behind for later.


"Thanks for the meal." Wave him and Litten goodbye, then turn to Quartz and pick up his empty bowl. "We found ourselves involved in something new again, eh partner? Come on, we should go look for a room before it gets too dark out."


Come to think of it, your Blessed Branch might have a fruit like that as well…

Back to the climb. You don't know how high up you've come, but the branches are especially high as the seventh stratum approaches above you. There's some smoke…

There's a traveller's inn here, too. It's right next to the port, for people who don't want to sleep on ferry chairs. That will be 100P overnight for a room.


I hurry toward the source.


I don't mind the chairs when the Ferry is moving, but I'll try to avoid sleeping on them if I don't need to. Go book a room and give my Pokémon a chance to stretch their legs.


You climb right onto the next giant branch, there's a kind of camp near the end of the boughs. The smoke's from a a stove! It's fueled by wood and is heating a kettle. Other small amenities are scattered about, and you notice an especially lush leaf bed on one end.

Maple, the gym leader, is sitting by the fire, her back turned to you. She isn't robed, revealing her nude back… and the small vines that sprout out of her skin and cover her back with white flowers.

Same old minimal room with straw mats and a mattress you lay yourself. At least it's consistent no matter where you are!

Dynamo and Airy come out from their balls, yawn, and promptly head right back into them. Cali and Cobalt are more willing to help lay the mattress, though.


"We only need it for the night, so let's not spend too much time on it because I have something to show you." Reach into my bag and pull out one of the books I brought. '1d2'

>A New World

>Creation Myths

Roll #1 2 = 2


The leader you say!
I make a wider stance and announce myself.
"Gym Leader Maple. I am Ranger Amber here to claim your badge."
Then realize she already knew me, and rub the back of my head.


I'll have Cali, Cobalt, and Quartz get real close so they can follow along as we read the book together, tonight.


There's a chapter called 'The Earth Dragon-Titan', and another on 'The Aspects of the Soul'. You have enough time for one of them.

She stretches out her arms, and Hoppips pick her robe up and drape it over her. She turns to face you, smiling.

"I hope you had a nice journey here. You did wonderfully. And now, are you ready for battle?"


I nod.
"Its an amazing place. I see why you'd live here."
"And of course! we're all well rested."


"Here, let's learn about the Earth Dragon Titan." Point to the words with my fingers and read aloud for them.


>The Earth Titan takes many forms. In times of peace it splits itself into many shards and spreads across the land to watch for threats to the world. From a few it takes the form of a beast, to run across the earth and find threats. From many it takes the form of a serpent dragon, capable of facing down the Pokemon of legend that were brought in to shape the world.

>In the earliest of days when We made the great migration, and the laws of the world were not yet shaped, the cycles of life and death were yet to be inscribed into Law. Xerneas and Yveltal gave and gave, and took and took, until those who were given too much begged for release and those who were taken from were innumerable. Like Rayquaza before it, who took on a form of full glory for Kyogre and Groudon to submit, Zygarde of the orderly earth gathered all pieces of itself to become a great titan, defeat Xerneas and Yveltal, and inscribed the cycles into the world. Now Xerneas and Yveltal dwell in the wilds, their dues paid, and woe be to those foolish enough to provoke their ire without the blessing of the earth.

She holds out a Poke ball, smiling. Sh has been waiting for this for far too long.

You are challenged by Grasstender Maple!



Wakey wakey, Squire. Your boat's waiting!
Airy is lazing by a window to soak the morning sunlight, and the herb on her head has dropped off.


Grasstender Maple stands in full, holding her first Pokeball out. Are you ready?


"Looks like you beat me Airy."

Gather my stuff, then grab the leaf, how does it feel?


Very fresh and crisp. It has a very herbaceous smell.
You recall reading somewhere that the leaves of Petilil make for a very energizing herb, and is used in folk medicine in more remot settlements.


Take a bite, then pick up Airy and head towards the ferry.

"I've never taken you out of your Pokeball on a boat, have I Airy? Want to try it out?"


A pokemon ranger is always ready.
I'll use webster and thunderwave whatever she uses.


It's horrendously bitter!
The shock shakes you awake immediately, so it worked, it seems.

Airy tilts her head at your reaction, but seems happy to be walking along you. More time to catch the rays. The ferry won't be leaving for another 15 minutes, so you flash your ticket and make it back to your seat safe.

"You're stronger than you seem, I'm sure. I won't hold back so much."

Grasstender Maple sends out Lilligant!
The Lilligant dances, and the clouds above clear. The sun's rays intensify, and the Lilligant's leaves perk up.

Webster starts off with his favourite thunder wave, but the Lilligant's leaves in the sun protect her against it! Lilligant's Leaf Guard blocked the effect!


I smile at her.
"Finally, a real battle."

'1d20' '2d8+21' electro web.

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 1, 5 + 21 = 27


"Come on up, I even got a Window seat." Raise up Airy, let her soak in the sun.


The Lilligant under the sun soaks in the rays, and her leaves extend, brimming with energy. Lilligant used Growth! Specials greatly rose!

Webster's electroweb fails to conduct very well through the Lilligant's leaves, less so when they're so full and extended. Lilligant is tied down a bit, though. Speed fell!

Airy sits, and sits comfortably, to keep soaking in the rays. As nice as this is, hope both of you are staying hydrated!

The ferry toots its horn and sails off. You should hit Shueia by the afternoon…


Try a leech life.
'1d20' '1d8+16'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 5 + 16 = 21


Check my backpack, hopefully I have some water in a canteen. If not, time to see if there's a vending machine.


The Lilligant is very energnized by the sun, and continues to stand there to soak in the rays. Lilligant used Growth!

Webster decides it's time to put a stop to this. He tries to leap in for a leech life, but the Lilligant is so fast she dances elegantly out of the way!

You forgot to fill your canteen up! You check the vending machine at the back, but all they have is cola. Water's sold out.


"Sorry Airy, we're going to have to rough it." In this case, pull out my book and start reading with Airy.


Swap out to Vee!


Airy will probbaly want to go back into her ball when it gets too hot, but she'll be here with you for the time being.

Whcih book did you want to read?

Good timing for Webster to pull out, and with the Sun out Vee's fire attacks will have more power. Vee's mouth smokes as he comes out, but first he bears the brunt of Lilligant's mega drain attack..

distribute your stats and moves


"Here we go, since we're travelling to a new island, let's read 'A New World'."

Angle the book so Airy can follow along.


moves, hypnosis, flame burst, quick attack, confuse ray

try a hypnosis. '1d20'

Roll #1 6 = 6


>With the Laws of the world set, the great pokemon were released from servitude and allowed to settle in the same world they helped to create. We made it in an image of our old, but painted by the best of Our memories. This is why We named our world after Memory, a dream-time that We know exists but can never return and so We made of simulcrum of. There are those who say they feel a missing spark in this world, but not one has been able to know what We missed, and so the have remained silent since.

>To give thanks to the Pokemon who accompanied the great heroes, those representing aspects of the world we remembered, We made great cities dedicated to the torrential waters, overgrowing grass and blazing fires that give us life. In the center we placed our great twin-throne for the twin dragons to remain in essence and hold all together, and built our grandest city there to forever bathe in its light. And for those who reject this order, there is a world beyond, made of scattered pieces, where the fairies that frolic outside the power of any call their home.

The Lilligant doesn;t even dodge, as the sun's power keeps her wide awake. She drains energy out of Vee!

HP: 51/65


"So, what did you think Airy? Do you think there's anything missing from the world? Are you curious about the Fairies?"


oh.. right..
'1d20' '2d10+24' flame burst!

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 2, 3 + 24 = 29


Airy tilts her head again. The forests always seemed just fine to her. And fairies are nice, she rubs a picture of a Florges tending a garden on one of the pages. That looks like a nice pokemon!

The Lilligant senses danger, and tries to spread a cloud of spores over Vee! But Vee dodges, and manages to spit a exploding fireball! It's reach is wide enough that the Lilligant cannot dart out of the way, and in the heat it burns! The Lilligant gasps, btu she was protected well by her extended leaves.

HP: 51/65


'1d20' '1d8+8' quick attack!

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 4 + 8 = 12


"Who knows what kinds of Fairies we'll run into. Maybe you'll make a new friend. Wouldn't that be nice?"

Look out the window, see how much further.


File: 1481354519939.jpg (2.8 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0105_2.JPG)

Vee darts forward! But the Lilligant shakes him off. She uses this chance to try and powder him again, but Vee rolls away.

The sunlight is fading…

You see a city in the distance…. but not lcose enough. You're getting really thirsty, and airy's going back into her Pokeball.


confuse ray!


Vee lets loose the strange light. The Lilligant sees it, and begins tilting about. She falls flat on her face, just as soon as the sunlight fades and cloud cover comes again. You ntoice the Lilligant becoming much sloiwer too, it won;t be able to dodge attacks so well anymore.


Gotta hold on. Soda will be worse for me…

Resist the Cola '1d20'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Looking better.
'1d20' '2d10+24' flame burst again.

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 1, 9 + 24 = 34


File: 1481355341163.jpg (2.87 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0096_5.JPG)

You can still resist. Lucky some cloud cover appears.

The city is approaching. Maybe you quench your thirst with some of their mystic water! This is, after all, the water city.

Vee takes this chance to fire off another blast! The lilligant is hit almost as hard even without sun, since it can't dodge any more.
It tries one more desperate sleep powder… and Vee, in his confidence, is finally caught! Vee is drowsy…


Oh no!
'1d20' rollin to wake up
'1d20' to use hypnosis

Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 11 = 11


Put the book back and get the bottle ready, I'm going to fill it up as soon as we disembark.


Vee makes a valiant attempt to shake himself, but just stumbles.

The Lilligant Makes her attack, draining Vee of health! It drinks in, and looks a bit more revitalized.

Vee's HP: 25/65

The ferry pulls up at a small port in the city.
The first thing you see as you disembark is a fountain, just outside where the boats drop you off. From what you can see here, so many of the buildings have so much glass built into them, resembling the surface of lakes. Some even have artifical waterfalls built into them, so the windows always have a steady flow washing them.

You notice that the boat has gone inland a little, and is actually on a port in the banks of a wide river. But you came here for drinking water, and luckily there's a drinking fountain too.


"Just in time!" Head over to a drinking fountain and start drinking, the filling my water bottle.

Is there a Pokémon-safe fountain for them to drink out of?


Not here, in the city, but you can let them drink out of your canteen.

What are your plans here? Along with any amenities you'd expect from a major city, a capital of a region even, there's the gym, and the Storm shrine.


swap to Lily!


Lily comes in to replace poor, drowsy Vee, and she dodges the attack of the Lilligant with her naturally superior agility.


start off with fury cutter. We can probably take a hit or two to get it started..
'1d20' '1d8+15'

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 6 + 15 = 21


I'll make sure to keep the canteen topped off so they can drink to their hearts content.

I'll head to the Shrine. I've never visited one, so I'll do that before the Gym.


Lily's first cut is shallow, but she knows how to cut deeper next time.
The Lilligant is content with healing off even more by draining from Lily! She resists, like Vee, but it's tough.

HP: 60/72

You take a sip of some water.
Whoa. It feels… fresh. Like it's water takwen straight from the clouds.


"The people here get to drink this every day. I wouldn't mind stopping here for a long time just for this."

After everyone gets their share, I'll close up the full canteen and head to the Shrine.


fury cutter again.
and I totally forget how to calculate the increase

Roll #1 1 = 1


Check PTU book for the 8 roll, it's 2d8+10

Slowly but surely, The Lilligant drains Lily, and even trips her when she tries to cut deeper.

Lily's HP: 50/72


You'll have to take the bus to the shrine, located a fair ways from the main city, a little more north. Good thing the bus stop's here, and so is your bus.


Well, that is annoying but she can drain back.
'1d20' '2d8+28'

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 7, 1 + 28 = 36


Lily can try to fight the Lilligant at is own game, but she didn't have time to power up under the sun! The Lilligant's bright leaves would have been better to cut, because they block Lily's attempts to drain them.

Lily's HP: 45/72


"Focus Lily!" I call to her, maybe we can do it with cutting.. fury cutter.
'1d20' '1d8+15'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 7 + 15 = 22


Lily darts in, neatly rolling under the Lillgant's drain, and reaches it to tear into her leaves again. Lily's leaf blade is positionined just right for another one…


Keep cutting away.
'1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 2, 1 + 10 = 13


add lily's attack too, +9 along with that

Lily is unfazed even as the Lilligant keeps trying to drain, and cuts again! It managed to deflect some of the stronger cut, but Lily is ready to hit one more time…

3d12 + 10 + 9 now

Lily's HP: 33/72


Okay! Once more.
'1d20' '3d12+19'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 10, 5, 12 + 19 = 46


You never noticed how good Lily was fighting up close till now! Lily brings her claws and leaves up, and digs right into the Liligant, where her spread leaves cannot protect, before she can defend herself or dodge away. The Liligant finally falls away, leaves withering a little until it's recalled.

"I see, I see…"

Grasstender Maple sends out Ludicolo! The strange pokemon dances in anticipation. The clouds above are growign thicker…


Next roll 5d10+20+9


Keep going!
'1d20' '5d10+29'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 8, 7, 10, 1, 8 + 29 = 63


Lily is getting into the heat of battle! She tears into the Ludicolo, slashing right into its face as it calls out to the skies. It cries out as Lily kicks it away for good measure, but as rain starts to fall on the field, it smiles. Water collects on the dish on its head, and it looks energized, like the Lilligant before.


How terrifying.
Maybe we can end this one quickly!


'1d20' '5d10+29' fury cuttin'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 1, 8, 9, 1, 7 + 29 = 55


No! The Ludicolo is empowered by the rain, and blasts Lily first with a cold Icy Wind. Lily barely manages to dodge out of the way, but that means she can't hit the Ludicolo either!

The Ludicolo's wounds are slowly healing, with every drop of rain that falls…


swap Lalita in!


Lily returns, and Lalita comes out, playfully stretching. She does eat an Icy wind, slowing her down, but she's not all that hurt.

Lalita: 66/78


Its time to show that I have some icy tricks too.
Ice punch
'1d20' '2d8+31'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 6, 6 + 31 = 43


In the rain, the Ludicolo is much, much faster than Lalita could hope to be. It immediately leaps forward and Mega Drains Lalita1 it's super effexctive! Lialita's skin cannot stop her from beign drained by the Ludicolo, but she endures anyway. The Ludicolo in the rain has recovered almost hald of what Lily mnanaged to do to it, and in vegeance Lalita smasher her fist right into its face.

The smile it wore is wiped fast as it winces and stumbles.

Lalita's HP: 43/78


"Keep the pressure up! Body Slam!"
'1d20' '2d10+31'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 5, 2 + 31 = 38


Not so easy! Like before, the Ludicolo's speed in the rain lets it easily dodge Lalita's attacks. Lalita's leap however lets her avoid being drained some more to feed the strange plant pokemon.


The moon is pretty full tonight… watching it on the waves is quite hypnotising.


ice punch seemed to work best.. try that again
'1d20' '2d8+31'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 6, 5 + 31 = 42


Why watch it on the waves when I can just look up at it in the sky?
It's still a little weird, honestly; being able to look up at night and see the moon and stars instead of buildings and streetlamps. I've seen it out in the woods plenty since the start of my journey, but it's still not something I've gotten used to just yet.


The Ludicolo heals up from the rain, and from draining the life right out of Lalita's wet skin! Lalita cries out and is on her last legs, but manages to score one more cold punch. Her first smashes right into the Ludicolo's beak, and with a slap from her tail for good measure, sends it flying away, even with all the health it managed to drain.

The Ludicolo surrenders, defeated.

"Hmm… I don't think this is a tough fight for you at all, is it?"

Maple arm is quivering. She's clearly excited. The leaves on the Mirage Axis around you perk up…

What a beautiful sight. The pale light shines right onto the faces of you and Zoro. These blindfolded people don't know what they're missing.

You notice the crew checking their watches before sitting down, buckling up and wearing earplugs.


Lalita's HP: 12/78


What, are we going past someplace where they're doing offshore drilling or something?
Still, I guess it would be prudent to at least buckle in; maybe the waters get rough or something.


File: 1481440951076.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.92 KB, 323x400, face.jpg)

You buckle down, and look outside the window–


"G-guuh, uhhhhhh… hi?"
I swear to god, if this is Julia trying to be funny…
Wait, no, she's not smiling, so shit. Not Julia.


I'm getting excited too!
"What? No! That was really close."


Why would Julia be outside a boat? The face lingers before suddenly vanishing, liek it was never there.

The cabin is suddenly filled with the sweet scent of jasmine… the smell your mother told you that, if you caught a whiff of at night, to run far away.

The closest passenger tries puts on a scented mask…. a transluscent hand from nowhere appears and snatches it away.

"No, no, this isn't enough, I'm afraid. I'm not sure if this is suited for you.. but I must see everything you have. Show me!"

She does not throw a pokeball, but calls out in a tongue you vaguely remember the elders of the shrine speaking. As if slowing descending from the sky, a pokemon lowers itself from the branches above, using its vines for grip. It roars at you, and where it steps, the moss on the great branch revitalizes.

A Venusaur!


Hey, when it comes to that girl and what she's willing to do, I'm not ruling anything out just yet.

Jasmine? Oh… glad dear old mom never got more specific about it than that. That's really helpful right now.
Guess that new move might be coming in handy sooner than I thought. Zoro, use Protect!

Sucks for that other guy, but I ain't sticking my neck out for him.


File: 1481442711100.jpg (19.36 KB, 270x300, Profile_picture_by_ask_smi….jpg)

Zoro defends himself and preapres to dodge any incoming attack!

….But there isn't one. You hear giggling from… somewhere. Not human, for certain.

The seated ferry crew are looking at you. Did they always look like that?


"Whoooa" I reply in awe at the large living plant pokemon.
"Lalita, you better swap."
Back to Vee!


The Venusaur roars, and on its command, moss crawls through the bark under the feet of battle. Vee lands on a soft carpet of moss, and even he feels rejuvenated just from his paws touching it.

Vee's HP: 31/65


…pretty sure they didn't have toothy tepig-faces before. Which, uh… Means that's not real! right…?
Yeah. I mean, if having Zoro around has taught me anything, it's that you can't always trust your eyes. Or hands… I still remember that prank on the beach.
…Well, great. Something's here screwing with me, and it's clearly on a higher level than what Zoro can pull off, so even if I could pin it down for a fight I might not be able to win. …Though you never know unless you try, right? Maybe I just need to punch it in the face; that usually gets people to stop messing with me.


You're handling this better than most people, as someone accustomed to tricks. You're not panicking, and eve nthinking about how to stop the source. But what do you punch? You might have to lure it out somehow.


…that would be a comfy bed..
Try confuse ray!


Vee uses his flames to create a hypnotic pattern of light! The Venusaur cannot keep its prescence of mind, and hits itself when it tries to grab Vee.


It also helps that Julia's antics have sort of dulled my startle-reactions. I am not sure how I feel about that, but that's a thought for some other time.
Yeah, I need to lure it out… and do so in a way that doesn't make me look crazy. I remember that straightjacket the stewardess set aside, and I've no intention of getting stuffed in it.
Maybe… try what worked before, sort of? Reach to grab a scented mask, watching for the transluscent hand. At the very least, I can figure out how long I've been affected by whatever it is.


The Venusaur's sores, however, heal up instantly as the mossy bed underneath feeds it. Vee's wounds are looking better, too.

Vee's HP: 37/65


'1d20' hypnosis

Roll #1 14 = 14


You imagine yourself more afraid than really are, and reach out to grab a mask, pretending to be panicky.
There it is! The hand! It's about to take it from you…

Vee follows up, using a similar pattern of light to put asleep the Venusaur! It falls victim to its own grassy bed, and becomes drowsy.


Vee's HP: 43/65


Gotcha bitch!
Switch targets from the mask to the hand's wrist, latching on with no initial intentions of letting go, if for no other reason than to give Zoro an opening.
Zoro uses Pursuit on the hand! '1d20' '2d6+19'

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 2, 3 + 19 = 24


File: 1481444633079.jpg (123.53 KB, 463x343, haunter_is_scared__d__by_t….jpg)

What are you thinking, trying to grab a ghost?
Because it actually worked. It feels cold and gassy. The Haunter is belongs to opos out of the wall in surprise, and Zoro manages to bite it in the face as it tries to flee!

The atmosphere around you immedaitely lifts, and the crew are wearing their normal faces again. Wow, they look impressed.


Now I have time to aim and flame burst!
'1d20' '2d10+24'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 9, 3 + 24 = 36


The Venusaur remains drowsy, and receives the full brunt of a flame burst! Lucky for everyone that this great tree can resist more than a simple fireball! The plant pokemon winces as it syumbles around trying to wake itself, but some of the burns from the attack heal right before your eyes.

Vee's HP: 49/65


Oh, right. I actually hadn't thought of- wait no, for it to snatch away the mask, there had to be something there with physical presence! That's why I did it! Not because I forgot about ghosts being incorporeal…
I'm totally going to brag about this later.
"Sorry bro, but nobody out-pranks me."


I'm sure she would have forbid fire attacks if that was an issue..
'1d20' '1d6+8' quick attack

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4 + 8 = 12


Well, maybe you can read up on this later.

The crew giggle among themselves at your lame line, then take off their… safety precautions. The passengers who aren't alseep check their watches and do the same.

Seems like it should be safe to sleep now…

Vee leaps at the Venusaur, but at a bad spot. Its sheer bulk invalidates the attack, and Vee ends up biting onto nothibng but hard skin.

Vee's HP: 55/65
The moss below fades, and the last of Venusaur's scrapes heal up. It looks like it's poeacefully taking a nap.


This is tough, it won't be asleep forever.. try flame burst.
'1d20' '2d10+24'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 5, 3 + 24 = 32


Hey, that line wasn't lame! It was a statement of fact!
Maybe sleep would be a good idea; fun part of the boat ride seems to be over now…
…I grabbed and scared a freaking ghost, man. How many people can claim they did that?
Probably a fair number but that's not the point, so I guess I'll try to get some shuteye.


The Venusaur darts awake when it loses the moss beneath its feet! and confused again, it tries to grab Vee and trips. Vee takes advantage of its carelessness by blasting yet another fireball! The smell of singed leaves spreads.

Roll for dreams



Roll #1 4 = 4


"You're doing great Vee." I encourage him.
Keep the fire up.
'1d20' '2d10+24'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 9, 9 + 24 = 42


As nice as spooking a ghost pokemon turned out, the excitement made you tired and these seats aren't the best for sleeping in. You rock off to sleep, and wake up not particularly rested.

The fog outside your window fills the sea, and thank goodness there aren't icebergs this far south. A grand lighthouse is in the distance, lamp shining through the morning fog, and you can make out a port.

Vee is confident. He breathes a giant fireball… and completely misses! The Venusaur pulls it together, watching the flames flop to its side, and sprays sludge from the pretty flower on its back.

Ah! Vee fliches as the blob of sludge hits him. It burns him like the flame burns the Venusaur.

Vee's HP: 13/65


I flinch too, knowing how he hates baths.
'1d20' '2d10+24' Keep trying with the fire.

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 3, 7 + 24 = 34


Vee's last stand is to be more careful with his last flame burst. It's not as big, but as it singes the Venusaur, it gets the job done. The Venusaur finishes off Vee by striking the ground, and a Bulldoze shockwave topples Vee into thee bark.

Vee has fainted!


Tamiyo's turn!


The height of the tree is making her very excited! The scorpion glides on the air, awaiting instructions.


start out with acrobatics '1d20' '3d10+37'

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 9, 10, 3 + 37 = 59


it's 3d10+10 + attack stat (19)

The Venusaur locks into Tamiyo first! It Looks at her, and a column of grass sprouts, enveloping her! It's a Grass Pledge!

Tamiyo, however, rides the attack to hit Venusaur as hard as possible! She darts right onto its flower and plants her claws there! Not just there, but she darts around, picking at everywhere she can, leaving large scratches and cuts.

The Venusaur roars angrily, very weakened. It grows quiet, the same way you've seen Lily do when she's about to fall in battle and unleash her full power.


That can only mean..
This is one that's bonded to her too.




>Tamiyo's HP: 40/76

The Venusaur calls forth the grass pledge again! Teh attacks brims with power, and the shockwave nealy knocks you away. Tamiyo barely dodges, and is pretty intimidated.


I see!

Try acrobatics again, can't let it heal too much
'1d20' '3d10+29'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7, 8, 10 + 29 = 54


Not fast enough! Tamiyo cannot fly to the Venusaur before she's knocked out of the air by a column of leaves. She nearly falls off the branch to the earth far, far below, but the Venusaur catches her with its vines, and returns her safely to you.

Tamiyo has fainted!


I nod in thanks, and bring out Lily again.


Can Lily finish this? She looks dtermined to be the one finishing the fight and standing in victory. She hold herself in her battle stance, ready to leap in and strike, or dodge away. It's close.


Lily's HP: 33/72


mega drain to heal a little.
'1d20' '2d6+28'

Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 5, 6 + 28 = 39


You saw how effective draining moves are on grass types when the Lilligant tried it on Lily!
But the Venusaur is low enough that however little it does, it's enough for it to surrender. It yells out and walks backward, admitting defeat.

"Even better than the better I expected. I really am impressed. Amber. You fought beautifully through the sun and rain. Congratulations."

Lilly seems to have sipped more than just energy from the Venusaur. She dips to the ground, cries out, and moss once again blooms from the bark of the branch.

Lily has learned Grassy Terrain!


"Whoa! Amazing! Terrific! " I leap up excitedly.
Then lean down to pat the grass she made.


It's the moss that lives on trees, but Lily's fed them a little so they can feed all that touch them. Putting your hands on them makes the ache and stress of battle go away…

Vee and Tamiyo crawl out of their balls to hug the ground, and right before your eyes their wounds seem to slowly look better.

"You must have grown so much to get this far. Take this a a promise that you won't stop blooming!"

The robed gym leader hands you a badge depicting a tree envloping a world. It feels like a large seed…

Obtained the sprouting badge!


Grinning I show my tired pokemon the sprout badge.
"Look, we did it. We're gonna be the best. Ace rescuers for sure."


"Why don't you rest up here, have some tea?"

Maple looks upwards.

"And the rest of you too. Did you enjoy watching the battle? Or are you here to challenge me?"


"…?" I sit on the branch and look at who she's talking to.


File: 1481449931803.jpg (1001.8 KB, 953x936, Evolution.Family.full.2050….jpg)

You sit down by her camp and pour yoruself some tea.

Above are a flock of bird pokemon you've neevr seen before. They're flat-faced, like Hoothoot and Noctowl, but it also looks like they're grass types, with the way their feathers resemble leaves. Then there are what seems like their evolved forms, bigger but with more prominent feathers on their face. And what seems to be their final form swoops down from seemingly nowhere, standing in front of its flock, one of its feathers drawn with the vines on its neck and wing like an arrow.

"I see. You want to make this place your home. But I can't let you do that just by driving us off. Venusaur, come!"

Her Venusaur roars and marches to her side, preapred for yet another battle. It occurs to you that it didn't actually faint just now…


I can't say I understand this new pokemon's intentions, so I'll sit by and watch how it goes.


A fight starts! The archer bird pokemon fires the arrow it drew, and instead of hitting the Venusaur, it hits the Venusaur's shadow. The Venusaur's shadow is pinnined, and it can't move beyond where the arrow limits it.

"Let me show you a certain power…"

Maple reaches to her back, and touches a flower growing out of the strnage vines that grew out of her skin. The Venusaur roars as its flower sprout vines that envelop it. The break away, and reveal a Venusaur overflowing with life, whose flower has grown into a veritable jungle.

A Mega Venusaur! It throws a ball of sludge at the owl, and despit beign a grass type, the owl doesn't look as hurt as it should be.

"Oh? You're a special Pokemon aren't you? Now, wouldn't you prefer to join me?"


Incredible! What a strong pokemon.


Which one? They're both pretety strong!

The bird Pokemon uses leaf blade! Which is strange, because it doesn't have to fly in close to touch the Mega Venusaur, but instead throws sharp leaves thet slash like it were holding them. But that's not enough to phase a Mega Pokemon, which throws yet another sludged bomb onto it.

The bird consinutes to dart around, dueliing he mega vensuaur content to hold its place. Finally, when the bird looks exhasuted Maple throws a Poke ball.




The unknown pokemon was caught!

"Decidueye… if the reports were correct, that's what they called you in your old home."

She lets the… 'Decidueye' out. It looks at her and kneels to the gym leader.

"You came to this world searching for a new home like our ancestors, so don't worry. you and your friends can stay here, but in exchange, you have to help me out, alright?"


Make sure the lid is on the canteen and hop aboard.


File: 1481527553925.jpg (90.52 KB, 425x636, 3f43b7c482026fa1e8ba471ba3….jpg)

You'll want to empty it soon…

The bus leads you out of the big commercial zones of the city, into the smaller outskirts to the north. A lot of Wingull infest the skies here. As you pass a coastal road, you note some islands in the distance. There's a zone of thick mist in the distance that has dark rainclouds constantly pouring on it, and on ocassion they flash with lightning.

Here's your stop, some place where the road is surrounded by ravine. Monasteries are built into the sides of cliffs around you. You see a path leading you up a smaller waterfall, into some sort of cave where water issues from.


I'll see if Cali wants to come out and visit the Shrine with me, then we'll head up the path and take in the sights. Might be a long time before I can come back here.


File: 1481528170967.png (285.77 KB, 798x1141, 55f4f5a6971dffd7887d7bd11c….png)

And so does Quetz. Even for a dragon, the Dratini line are known for their strong association with water.

Speaking of Cali, seems like her kin ive here. The waterfalls pour into a large lake below, and on its banks are rich plantlife that are free to catch the heat of the sun above and drink. You notice Oshawott and Mudkip playing below, and even a Froakie. There's also a strnage seal pokemon you haven't seen before… and it's not just down below, you pass by a monk carrying one, leading a few other devotees carrying filled ewers.


"C'mon you two, we'll head to the Shrine first and then you can spend the rest of the time playing with the others. It's only a little bit further."

I'll pop out the Pokedex, I'm not familiar with the Seal.



Seems like they haven't pushed the update yet. Quetz is a little unnerved, though.


"Guess we should stop by the Professor's place and update this thing." I'll keep the camera focused on the Seal and let it record. "Relax Quetz. I'm sure it's friendly if the monk is holding it, and I'm sure you and Cali can handle anything it throws at you. Maybe you can get to know it later. Let's go, the Shrine will close if we keep stopping."


Cali and Quetz continue to follow you up the steps to a large cave, which opens up to yet another lake in what looks like a crater. Lotuses grow out of the soil under the lake and reveal their beautiful, untainted flowers above, though a few are being nibbled on by a Piplup. The footpath you're meant to walk on us made of glass, rippled much like the surface of the lake itself. It leads you to the structure planted in the middle of the lake, made entirely of glass at the bottom in the same way so you can look into the lake, and with the top made of a different sort of glass so you can look upwards as if underwater.

So this is the Storm Shrine. Water from lake flows upwards by some strange mechanism, to flow back in through openings on the roof.


I know it's strong, but I'll still be careful about stepping on the glass.

"So, is this what it looks like when the two of you are underwater?" I ask Cali and Quetz as I look around in the Shrine. I've never really looked up like this when I went swimming. "It looks like a whole other world, even from here."


Cali and Quetz are silent as they take in the atmosphere of the shrine. The interior is lit by incense that hazes your vision, positioned just right so the falling droplets don't extinguish the tiny flames.

Simply 'being underwater' isn't enough to describe this place.

"A visitor? You seem like a travelling trainer, partnered with a dragon and one of the many restless water pokemon. Are you here on a pilgrimage?"

A nun robed in silver greets you at the antechamber of the shrine. You note this is where people leave their shoes and socks.


"Yeah, yes I am. Just taking some time off before I return to school. I'm Squire, and this is Quetz and Cali." I do a proper bow towards the Nun. "Oh sorry, but should I remove my shoes here?"


"Before you step in any further, yes. If you don't want your clothes getting wet, we have a chnaging room, too. Trainers like yourself are usually looking for the meditation hall, which is deeper within. Oh, but I trues you don't have anything that needs your attention… within the next week?"


"Sort of. I was headed to the Gym, but I wanted to detour to the Shrine in case I got caught up with things. This is the first one I've had a good chance to visit."


"Oh, then doesn't matter. Come then, when you are ready, enter the meditation hall."

She points to a hazy room you can amke out down a corridor. Up to you if you want to use a locker to store your stuff, though.


If they provide them, it's probably the polite thing to do then haul the big thing around. I'll make sure to remove my shoes and socks, then head in.


If you wear the robe, you're expected to wear only that.

You walk into the hall, descnding down a flight of steps what seems like a giant shallow pool. Mist constantly sprays from above, with larger droplets simulating rain all around. At some spots are small waterfalls, and you spot a robed person like yourself meditating underneath one of them, with an ewer slowly collecting the droplets that roll off her unmoving head.

There's a table at the entrance to collect an ewer for yourself.


I'll go and pick one up quietly. I don't want to interrupt the person. I'll look for an open waterfall and get ready to try this out.


You seat yourself under a waterfall, resisting flinching back when the sudden pressure hits your head. Quetz curls up around you, taking some of the pressure off as his wing-fins spread. behind your head. His scales gleam for a moment. Cali just sits in front of you, shells by her side, kneeling in a warrior's meditation.

Time to start. Try to focus your thoughts, or let go of them completely.


I have my trusted Pokemon with me, so I'll try to let go. I keep thinking about too many things, like my travel and my future. But here, now, I should let go.


Roll #1 7 = 7


It's a difficult process to seperate yourself, but after much uncomfortable shifting about, the world around you fades away.


I'll try to hold on to this moment. Not worrying about applications, or accommodations, just letting the water flow over us.


Roll #1 14 = 14


This is a pause


Well, the lighthouse is a good sign; means it can't be too far till we reach port. Though if there's so much fog, it's probably rather chilly, isn't it?
Seriously though, screw that pokemon. Those pig-faces kept popping back into my head all night long. Maybe I should ask one of the crew why they put up with him.


"It's just how they are," says a crew attendant collecting back the earplugs an blindfolds. "Ghost pokemon love to scare people, it's in their nature. And bridge island is where the ghosts are. Nothing anyone can do about it. Or should do about it, even."

It's not all that cold, actually. Cooler than the previous town, but the distinct tropical heat lingers in the air even inside the boat. The ferry's horn sounds, they should be unloading the gangplank any second.


"Huh. Well, I guess I can understand that; I'm all about doing my own thing, so I guess they're just doing their own thing too."
Strange; foggy days back in the city were usually pretty cold. Guess it's just the local climate, but still feels off.
I shouldn't have that much to gather up; it's not like I set up camp on deck or anything, my stuff should all still be packed.
…Did he say Bridge Island is where the ghosts are?


Yeah, that's why there were so many jobs going to bridge island. Not everyone has the stomach for it. Especially the houses of people who live deeper inland in the twisting forests. Say, where were your three packages supposed to go?


Well, it's not like I didn't know this was going to be trouble; he didn't exactly hide that people don't like coming here.
…Still should have tried to weasel the exact nature of why out of that clerk first though. Might have clued me in on what to expect.

Though if that Haunter is anything to go by, these pokemon aren't anything I can't handle. I just need to make sure I keep my head on straight and stay cool.
Oh, who am I kidding? I'm always cool!

All right, let's read the three addresses I need to look for. There should be signs I can use for references to plot out the best path to take.


Try to keep it that way!

The first address seems to point at an apartment in the middle of the city, whatever city exists here anyway. The second is for a house in what appears to be a small neighbourhood further inland on the city outskirts. The third indicates a specific name, and seems to be that of a plot of land deeper inland.


That's pretty straightforward, then. Start with the city, then head to the outskirts, then go in deep. There!
Besides, I'm good with cities. I should be able to bike there in no time!

If ghosts like scaring, then they'll probably try to jump me… it's like that time I ticked off that metalhead and his skinhead posse, but with less risk of losing teeth.


There's a lot more to scaring than jump scares!

You walk down the gangplank, over the blue and pink Frillish floating about on the waters near the shore. There is a bus stop for visitors, but a bike will save you from waiting and let you explore more sights of the city.

Seems like you're in time for a street procession! On your way through a major street, you note parts of it blocked off. People are wearing masks of ash, a simulcrum of tears flowing from their eyeholes as they move down the street. Some are solemn and march slowly, while others are in frenzied grief, going up to spectators on the sidelines and pretending to grab onto their clothes. One such performer grovels at your feet, what looks to be a grown man wearing a robe covered in ash and smelling of incense.


Uh… Okay then. Is there something I'm supposed to do then? Or just let him do his thing?
I get that it's a festival about something they're sad about -unless it's supposed to be ironic- but I am really out of the loop for this.
Checking to make sure my wallet's still there seems prudent.


Everything's still there, don't worry and enjoy the show.

The procession leads a young boy being carried by a sedan chair, who is untouched by the display of grief around him. He consantly smiles, and there is an utter look and tranquility on his face as he sit cross-legged.

When the procession reaches its end at the street crossing, the bereaved kneel silent. The boy convulses and opens his mouth, coughing out a large cloud of gas that coaelescences into a Gastly. Similarly, the grieving shudder while gastly leave their bodies from their orifices, floating towards the sky before coming back down and joining the performers as they bow.

The watching crowd applauds. You can too if you like. Hey, at least you're right next to the apartment building for your first delivery!


I'll go ahead and clap, because creepy as it is, that was still kinda cool. I'm not sure I'd want any of my pokemon sitting inside my lungs or wherever they were keeping them, but hey, more power to them.

After that, I'll go ahead and head to whichever apartment I'm delivering this package to. Not like I really have any reason to stick around longer than I have to, after all.


7th floor apartment. You notice this flat's door is covered in tinfoil.


It's going to be hard not to laugh if the guy turns out to be wearing tinfoil too.
So, is there a doorbell, or do I knock? Whichever way works, as long as I let him know I'm here.


You press on the doorbell, and an intercom comes to life.

"W-who are you? You're not one of them dragons, are you?"


"Uh… don't think so. Pretty sure I don't have any scales, and I'd need a lighter and mouthwash to breathe fire." I rub the back of my neck. "Anyway, you're [package address], right? I've got a package here for you."


"I mean, one of them enforcers of the false order! And the fairies are no better, they too are pawns of– oh, is that my copy of Pokemon Lovers Monthly?"

The door opens, revealing a disheveled woman who prompts you to hand over the package from behind a locked grille.

"Oh, you have no idea how long I've waited for ths issue, I heard they have a new columnist for ways to please… please pokemon to train them better!"


P-Pokemon… L-nope. Not going down this buneary-hole, I'm just here to deliver the package.
"Whatever lady, I just deliver the packages. What was that about fairies again?"


"Oh! Are you interested in seeking the Truth? The fairies have their realm the say is for the 'outsiders', but not everyone firs in there! And why is that? It's because the fairies supporrt the same false order that rules this world! But how about I tell you more? Want to come inside?"

She has a mad look in her eyes…


…I've been spending way too much time with crazy people. I'm actually considering it.
"Maybe later. I've got to finish delivering these packages first. Enjoy your magazines!"


"It's not too late to join the awakened!"
She signs the delivery confirmation note and shuts the door. Much to your dismay, she forgets to turn off the intercom for a minute…


"If there's really folks after you, maybe you shouldn't leave the intercom on!" I holler at her room as I head for the stairs. If she's making me uncomfortable, I can return the favor.

The other package goes to the suburbs right? Hopefully the traffic isn't too bad; festivals always seem to clog up the streets, and I don't know the backways here like I do at home.


File: 1481619538476.jpg (113.68 KB, 1280x720, mushishi-04-bd-720p-x264-a….jpg)

One of them goes into the suburbs. Bridge island os one of the less populated places in the continent, so traffic isn't much of an issue. Besides, you have a cool bike.

When the city isn't all that big, suburb feels more like 'countryside'. Rice fields are worked by people and pokemon alike as you bike through the roads that at some point stopped being tarmac and became that of dirt and sand.

The house you're meant to deliver is one such farmhouse.


Well, at least this one should be fairly normal. At least I hope not; for all I know they've all got dead bodies buried in their basements.
…Probably not. Probably.

At any rate, finding this farmhouse shouldn't be hard, right? I hope somebody's home to sign for it, or I might be stuck out here for a while.


The description on the package says it's apparatus for homebrewing alcohol.

"Oh, it's finally here! Thank you for your hard work, young man! You must be tired, would you like to come in for a drink?" An kindly old lady appears to collect the package.


Well, I'm not one to judge.
"Why thanks, ma'am; that's very kind of you."


File: 1481902527417.gif (23.41 KB, 450x410, 1473437147048.gif)

Viola is waiting at the campsite. She's given you instructions to build a shelter as described here.

Roll for luck material gatehring so far.


It doesn't look so complicated. I just gotta find some sticks and leaves, easy

Roll #1 19 = 19


Wow, you're actually pretty good at it! It's just like handling equipment back in the lab. You do a few mental calculations to reinforce weak points in the design, and Viola looks impressed.

"Huh! You're doing better than I thought."


"Heh, looks like you underestimated the shut-in nerd" I clap my hands to clean off the dirt before placing them in my hips, admiring my work "Alright, what's next, Vi? Can I call you Vi?"


"I'll let you if you do well… "she says, almost playfully.

"Hungry yet?"


"Well we just had breakfast… Buuut I feel that getting food in the wild might be harder than making a shelter, so we could start looking now"
I take a moment to clean my glass "So, what are we gonna go after? Wildberries in bushes? Fishing?"


"We can do that… but I must teach you how to hunt. Will you do it now, or do you need time to prepare?"


Stretch a bit
"You know what, I'm feeling confident, let's do it!" give her a thumbs up grin

"Plus nearly all of my Pokemon are deadly carnivores, I'm sure they would be great hunters too"


"Alright.. choose your quarry. Stay low and minimise your presence while we walk the forest."

She guides you on how to read lightly, and stay alert. Roll


Nod silently and release my Shinx to join me. Today we'll teach her how to be a fierce hunter
'1d20' sneaky sneaky

Roll #1 14 = 14


You come across a river with fat Basculin… but Viola sirs you away. Fishing is for later.

The Wurmple that crawl around would have plenty of flesh, but… eating a bug? Or you could try hunting Pidove, or Ducklett that come up to shore.


Hmmn so many choices for different foods
I could have Nadia help with those basculin (though I fear she might get a bit too excited and scare them away)
The wurmple sounds like the easiest, they don't look very fast or dangerous… Unless they have some natural defense against predators like weedle and caterpies
And bird meats sound like it'd be the tastiest of the three, though the most difficult too. Unless I used Jasper to help. That could be a good opportunity to see if he's good for hunting during the day AND a test of his speed too

I pass these thoughts to Viola and ask for her opinion on them, she's the adept one, so her advice would be great

I also wonder what could Shinx go after that is not ground bugs. Something like a zigzagoon or a sentret…


Well, there's a Sentret right there! Shinx smiles.


I smile as well. I stay down and whisper to her
"Pounce it"


How good is she? Roll for it.



Roll #1 5 = 5


Clumsy! Despite the slip up, your beign quiet allows Shinx to have enough time to pounc on and stun the Sentret with an electric shock. She holds it down while it quivers in fear.

"Alright. You know what you have to do now?"


"Yes! Great job, girl" I congratulate her before turning to Viola with worry "Uh… K-kill it?"


She nods, and hands you a knife.

"Your Shinx is insticntively grabbing where you need to cut. Around the neck, look for big vein. Cut into that."

You know what vein she's talking about from classes. But you have to put it down yourself.


"Wait, no, actually it's small enough that we don't need to do that. Grab the head and twist its head. It'll be a lot faster for it."

Viola quickly readvises you.


Holy fudge
"Yeah Y-you got it"
I kneel down and carefully put my hands on the sentret
Very carefully
Veeery carefully now
"S-sorry buddy"


It squeals and squirms, but Shinx's paralysis stops it resisting further. You hear a crack, and after a bit more resistance, all of it fades away.


I… I don't even know what to do now, so I just release it and let it fall limp
Turn to Viola with my eyes wide "That was awful"


"At least, you did it personally. This is how life goes on. Now, don't let any of this go to waste, alright? That's the best thing we can do now."

She puts a hand on your shoulder and steers you back to camp.

"We already got a fire working earlier, so it's ready to cook. I'll have to show you how to prepare it."


I'll let Shinx carry it with us, I don't even want to think how cold the body will be in a few minutes
I follow Viola quietly, rubbing my arm. I wonder how many times she had to do this just to eat


"You have to carry it yourself."

Viola refuses to step forward till you do.


I gently cradle the pokecorpse with me. This is cruel man


"Life can only be sustained by taking life, after all. And when it comes down to it, our most basic instinct is to survive. It's just how things are."

The carcass is still warm when you get back to your campsite. Viola, using a knife, shows you how to skin it and reveal the bloodied flesh underneath. Roll to do as she says.

Despite everything, the exhaustion is getting to your belly…


And I thought I'd be too grossed out to be hungry after this
'1d20' follow the orders
I wonder if I should give Shinx some raw pieces too, she did deserve a treat after that

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I just let my pokemon eat the cooked meat. Especially since pokemon who don't hunt often might not be able to stomach raw meat."

You do alright, and get the skin off. Viola gives you a stake to pierce it with so you can barbeque it over the fire.

"Why I don't I make something out of this skin for you? What do you feel like?"


''True, though I did find her in the wild so she might have no trouble with it yet'' Lean down and give her some ear pettings

''Y-you'll make something out of the skin? wow uh, I actually don't know what I'd like, I never even thought of that, oh geez'' I scratch my head


"No need to think it over, it's not like it's going to have any special powers."

Viola helps you remove some organs before leaving it to cook over the fire. Shinx sits eagerly, but Jasper is less than enthusiastic.

Come to think of it, you've never brought him on a hunt.

"Your Golbat is… more docile than most. How did you meet your first pokemon?"


I'll bring him on a night hunt if he'd like

''Jasper? Yeah I suppose he is. He was raised in a home for a good while…'' I raise a hand to pet the sad bat
''I met him ages ago. Before this journey he was my only pokemon for years. It's a long story so hear me out''
I lean back, staring at the stars
''when I was just a 9 years old, in third grade we had this little school trip to one of the local caves. We were going to learn about pokemon habitats and ecosystems as well as see some wild pokemon under the guard of a trained crew. And of course, with me being a curious nosy kid, I wandered around on my own, stupid idea I know, but I'm very glad for that poor decision'' I smile and scratch Jasper's little ears

''After a little more of me waltzing around in the cave by myself, I started hearing a very weird noise, kind of like a faint screech mixed with a bird chirping, I wanted to see what it was but I was also pretty scared of how dark the cave was getting… I kept going though, figures my curiosity was louder common sense. I followed, I felt I was getting closer to it, and I had to move very slowly too, when I finally got to the source, it was too dark to even see my hands so I had to feel my way around the cave and the floor, eventually I touched something, it was small, warm and slightly fuzzy, I picked it up right there, it was instinct I guess? Anyways after a bit more feeling up I felt and ear, wings… Blood''


"You… felt blood? Cool! You really should eat up before it gets cold, though. You can tell me later!"

Viola cuts off a piece of fnalk for you. the meat is roasted as is, cooked in its own juices. You have no idea how it'll taste like.


''Yeah… S-sorry I guess I started blaberring too much huh?'' I chuckle nervously, holding up the meat
It probally taste like natural
I'll take a bite of it


What does 'natural' taste like, even?

Viola's done her best to show you how to wash it and which parts are safe to eat, so you're sure this is safe.

As for if it's good? The sense of being the hunter who brought it down gives it a taste of accomplishment. Nessesary even, because you have to make sure it doesn't go to waste. You'd feel awful if you didn't wantto eat it.

Also because you're hungry, so that clouds whatever the taste is like.

Overall, it's actually pretty nice. A sense of relief comes over you knowing that you didn't hunt for nothing.


I'll allow myself to smile, but I know I wasn't the only one who hunted… I smile at the shinx and happily share the food with her, petting while she eats ''You did good today girl''


Shinx, being a Pokemon, isn't at all bothered by the moral complications of hunting.

"I'll show you how to preserve the rest later, alright? For now, let's go gather some water."

She takes a spare bottle or two and tells you to come along.


''You're the boss''
I eagerly follow behind her. Dang, it's still amazing to think she lives like this all on her own…


She brings you to a river to collect water.

"You want to look for fast-flowing streams, since they're less likely to collect sediment. Even better if you can find a waterfall…"

Which she does, and collects a few bottles of unpurified water.

"Alright, let's head back! …Do you mind getting your shirt wet?"


''Oh, that makes sense yeah. I could say there's some scientific side to it even''

''Okay! Uh…We're going fishing this time?''


"Oh, really? Why don't you explain it to me?"

"Well, no, we can do that later. For now, we'll have to purify the water."

She brings you back to campsire, where she shows you antther bottle. This one is emtied out and filled with rock and sand, and at the mouth a piece of cloth is bound to stop it spilling out.

Pour the water into this filter… into a container you can leave to boil. I don't have to tell you that you should never drink water that hasn't been purified by boiling, do I?


''Well with the sediment and waterfall things you said, though I guess maybe it's more common sense nowadays than science, so maybe what I said was wrong… Sometimes my mouth acts on its own haha''

''Oh, I actually read this stuff somewhere before! Saltwater too. And of course you don't have to tell me that!'' I carefully pour the water. this is actually kind of exciting!


You pour it through the filter, and slowly it seems through into the container waiting below. Looks like it was hollowed out of a large fruit!

"Alright! Now we wait for it to boil, because we don't want any of it boiling off and leaving less behind. Then we take it off the fire and we can agther some herbs and berries, or fish even."


I sit by the container, admiring her handwork ''Wow''
Then look up at Viola with amazement''And you do that like, every day?''


"There are more ways of getting water, but this is the most important. And anyway, it's always best to stock up on enough so you don't have to gather any!"

"So you feel like reeling in a fish first, or gathering herbs and berries?"


''Fish please!''


"Alright! First, I'm going to show you how to set up a line…"

She bends a branch and places a piece of meat on it as bait, then secures it with very strong vine.

"This is a very basic line. Now, make your own!"

She has the materials gatheresd. Try your best.


crafting? I got it!
'1d20' les do it

Roll #1 10 = 10


You manage to make a workable line, following her instructions as exactly as you can.

"Oh, good enough!"

She brings you to the river, and casts her line.


Aaah, time for some calming relaxing fishing
I take this moment of peace while fishing to ponder the consequences of releasing Nadia in there… Hmm it sounded like a good idea at first but it might end up making some chaos in the river…


Good idea.

It's hard to be at peace when you're hot and sweaty, but thinking of the dinner to come makes you feel better.

Oh, a bite!


It's pretty sunny in here, bleh
''Oh, I think I got something!''
Pull out!


A basculin! They're very common, and are known for their delicious meat.

You need to fight it first! Send out Jasper?


Maybe not the best idea with how hot the sun is… I know it doesn't hurt him like it would with a normal zubat/golbat but it's still going to be a bother for him I'm sure
Instead let's have Nadia take care of this. Fish versus fish battle


He's been diurnal with you for longer than he can remember, he's used to it.

But sure! Nadia comes out, her fangs glistening.


You're in the gym of Binestroen city! It's known as a gym lead by an electric leader.

Now, every gym requires the challenger to go through a trial. You were led into a dressing room like those on movie sets, providing you with a big variety of props and costumes. One door leads back to the elevator you came from, and another is labeled 'STAGE'. And through the stage you see your audience, which is now just a few Pikachu sleeping on the benches.

And on a note on your dressing table is what you'll have to perform. It's a 'Show about You'!

Pentium is floating around looking at the costumes. It might have an idea, but Squirtle and Sandile just sit on the floor absent-minded.


"Wow, a pokemon from a whole different place.. Oh! That's right. I should scan them for the professor. Do you mind?"
I ineptly click buttons the pokedex to find the scanning / picture taking option


You scan the 'Decidueye' and its contingent bird/grass pokemon.


"Oh, so that's a Pokexex? I remember a child trainer like you from long ago saying he wanted to make such a thing. I suppose he succeeded! Then again, he succeeded so beutifully when he took the trial like you, so it was to be expected."

Maple offers you and your Pokemon tea to drink, which they accept.


I accept the tea as well.
"Yes. My dad said he was working on a plant upgrade for it too. It doesn't seem to know about Decidueye, can you tell me a little?"


File: 1482562331274.png (121.62 KB, 500x500, tapu_bulu.png)

"I'm privy to a few reports the pokemon resear community sends me, since I might hav to help them deal with some.. issues. Have you heard the story about how in ages past, we came to this world from another? Well, it might be happening again, with some pokemon.

Decidueye and its line, Dartrix and Rowlet, are grass pokemon like my Venusaur and your Grovyle. They have the power to Overgrow in times of strife, making them very unique Pokemon. I do like them a lot."

She pets a few Rowlet who hop up to her.

"Oh, but we've got one more guest, which is why I haven't recalled my Venusaur."

The moss on the trunk suddenly blooms again! A surge of energy surrounds the surface of the treee near where you are. A horned pokemon slowly descends from the tree branch…


While I'm scanning things, scan that too!
"It looks like some kind of statue.."


"Tapu Bulu, a Land Spirit Pokemon. But now that it's come here all the way from its home far off in another space and time, it's looking for new land to call its own. Hmm, I have just the idea, but right now it wants to try and take this tree from me. Venusaur!"

Maple's Mega Venusaur steps forward again. The Tapu Bulu lowers its horns, and they extend out, growing like branches. A single sludge bomb is throwin at the Tapu Bulu and it nearly falls mid-charge, but it manages to tackle the Venusaur down/


"You sound like you're used to pokemon trying to take this tree." I comment impressed by her.


"I felt its presence here for a while. I can feel its need as a legendary Pokemon to have something it can rule over. I can't give up this tree, though!"

The Tapu Bulu is terribly weakened, and after one more Sludge bomb, the moss and grass underneath everyone shrinks back into the cracks between the bark. It surrenders, dropping to the ground. Maple is clearly exhausted, and at las ther Mega Venusaur reverts as she leans onto it for support.

"You know, Land Spirit, if you feel around the mist here, you can find another place, one more suited for fairies like you. I'm sure the people living there would gladly accept your help."

She makes an offering of tea to the defeated Tapu Bulu, standing so she towers over it as it lies on the ground, so it's clear who is submitting to who. The Tapu Bulu drinks, accepting the treaty, then floats downwards. You watch as it descends the tree and heads into the forest mists, where it fades from sight.


I can only blink in awe of her handling of the Legendary Creature.
Whisper to Lily. "Are you seeing this?"


Oh yes, she is. Coming here was a very, very good experience for Lily, she even learned how to make Grassy Terrain like the Venusaur before.

"Now, will you be leaving soon, Amber? You can stay a while if you like, I can show you how to bring out the fragrance of just about any plant. It should be easy for you."


"Fragrance? That does sound very useful. How do you do it?"


"Well, it's a matter of knowing which parts of a plant you can use and how to treat them…"

Growing up in the Evergreen, you know a lot of this, but Maple's instruction helps you understand better how your exploration and experience with plants can be used. She shows you how to make even a leaf smell good by extracting and concentrating certain fluids, and how to use the fragrances and breathe them in.

You have learned Aromatherapy!


He has? Whoops, I'll make sure to remember that!

This basculin looks tough, but I ain't worried, Nadia is FIERCE
"Come on Nadia! Use Bite!"
'2d8+10' +24

Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 1, 6 + 10 = 17


Nadia bites!

What a strong move! It;s like she's trying to eat the fish right there and then. The Basculin flinches even, and can't defend itself.


"Great! With this I'll be able to calm to the moods of wild pokemon." I do a smug nod.
"I suppose I should go back now thou.. its been a few days already."


"Well, alright. Do spend one more night here before you make the descent, though!
She points behind you, and you can see a few branches and leaves sprouting to make a bed just fo you. The night sky is very clear from here, but from your bed the leaves block out the moon and starlight, so you don;t have to be disturbed.


I yawn, wondering when it got late enough to the ledian constallation to be out anyway, as I lay down and invite my pokemon to rest on the tree too, so soft..


Roll to resist sleep..

Or if you sleep, roll for dreams.


'1d20' stay awake just a little longer

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's too comfy!
The clear nught air drives away all the little discomforts that exist, and soon you find yourself curled up into some kind of dream..

But how good is it?


'1d20' after everything that happened.. its probably eventful

Roll #1 6 = 6


Ouch, maybe a bit too fierce!
"That's it, one more, keep biting!"
'2d8+10' +24

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 5, 7 + 10 = 22


With all that's happened, you don't realise how tired you are! You see vague images of playing on the treetops as a younger child, with Lily by you.

And all too soon, you're awake again. But hey, breakfast fruit has grown on a branch just abover your head again.

Another terrible bite! The Basculin tries to escape, but Nadia catches it and forces it onto land, where it flops weakly.

Viola caught her own Basculin, too! She takes a large, heavy stone, and with her Whirlipede holding the Basculin down, she brings it hard over its head.

her Basculin stops moving, and she hands you the stone to do the same.


It would be rude to turn down breakfast in bed. Munch away.


Do you do. Sensing you're leaving, the tree's fruit is extra nourishing, giving a trainer liek you something to remember it by.

"Well, I hope you enjoyed your stay, Amber! Where shall you be heading now, if I might ask?"


"Where? Why Where ever there are humans and pokemon in danger!" I nod firmly. "With new pokemon coming through a space time rift, they need a Ranger who understands more than ever before."


"That's lovely to hear! I heard they might be even planning expeditions with all this new information coming out. It;ll be hard ot gether the people, but maybe you can help organize something… now, stay well! The road has many more things to offer you."


Well… At least it feels easier the second time, plus it helps that the basculin is not as cute as a sentret
I do what I must and bring the rock down on the fish


Cuteness? Some people justify it by that, whatever makes you feel better.

"Alright! Let's go back, clean these, and get them cooking before we gather herbs."


"You too, thanks for teaching us so much."
I carefully start the climb down.


"That's what I must do. And I hope you will teach others in the same way."

Strangely enough, the descent down only takes about half an hour. It feels like you've covered much less distance than you did climbing up… you look up at the tree from the base, and know you've definitely climbed or walked down less than what you see. Funny how these things work.

You can recognise the flower you've planted in the field here, and the way the wind makes it wave, it looks like its bidding you goodbye.


I wave back to the flower, grinning like mad despite my new peaceful feeling.
"What an adventure. Way better than the other gyms. There was a Legendary that no one had ever seen before even. Arthur is gonna be so excited to hear this one."


He'd be so jealous, you bet!

The mist marks the exit back to the world you know, but you get the feeling that you can come back here whenever you like if you picture it clearly in your mind.


I doubt I could forget that special mist.
But its time to head home and show off my new badge.


You walk through the mist, and just like that, you're back at the entracne to the Axial Forest from the city. The nearby bus stop should bring you straight home.


Go wait at the bus stop. Feels unreal that it even exists after being in the tree..


It's like, for a while, you were in another world. Imagine what the other Mirage points are like!

The bus comes soon, and you board while ti takes you through the city and back in the tree-neighbourhood, thought a light drizzle that helps you meditate on your wistfulness. You're outside your house before you know it.


Its still like walking out of a dream.
Go inside and see who's home.


Dad's home, and it looks like he's already out of his cast. Mom's taking the time she's afforded to pamper him.

"Well well, Amber, it's been a week! Did you get youir badge?"


"Aye Aye…" carrying this basculin is just as bad too, plus it's all scaly and slimy!


I mimic the waving of the flowers and show the badge with an open palm.
"Of course."
"And I saw some really rare pokemon too."


It's food! And that's why you hold it by the fishing line hooked into its mouth.

Viola shows you how to descale fish Pokemon, then uses a stick to prop it over the fire. Now, you do the same!

"Oh! You made it! Dad hobbles up to shake your hand.

"What was the Axis like? How did you even get there?"


Shake his hand back giving him a concerned look, but then it passes as he asks the questions.
"Oh! It was amazing! But I'm sooo hungry, can I tell you over lemonade or something?"


Yeah! Learning to be wild!
"So uh… How did you learned to do all these things, Viola?"


"Long time ago, my mom and dad were rangers, so they taught me these things. And some of it I learned myself, with a bit of experiment and experience.'

Roll to not mess up your fish

"Sure, Amber!"
In a drizzle like this it's good to keep warm, so mom gives you a mug of cocoa with a few hearty sandwiches.


"Oh! It even has the shaped marshmellows, thanks mom!" I sip the cocoa right away.
"Okay so it all started with this mist.. the scent of flowers and a mysterious old lady. She scooped up a plant off of the ground and had me grow it. We had to listen to it, and it was actually a little hard, even for me, seeing what the seed needed next. Water, Sunlight, or protection from a storm.
We kept following it to the heart of the forest, a field of red flowers, and a tree big enough to move the whole town in! That's where the really exciting part happened." I bite the sandwhich.
"Nono, no the badge battle, well that did happen there too, but the new pokemon."


"New Pokemon? Wow, that's unheard of? What were they like?"

You feel super, super cool right now.


"A long time ago huh?" I start working on the fish
"Where are they now?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Like noctowls and hoothoots, but with leaves as some of their feathers and the youngest one had a leaf bowtie. They flew in a flock and tried to sneak up on the gym leader, but she knew they were there waiting for her to finish and be weakened. The leader of the flock, called a Decidueye was much bigger, and it had something.. like a bark or leather hood. The gym leader said they wanted to make their nest here and she… battled and caught the Decidueye, saying its flock could stay there and help protect the tree with her." I pause to gobble a sandwich down.
"But that's not even all! There was a.. horned pokemon, black with a red hat and a golden bell as a tail. It was called a Tapu Bulu, a Land Spirit pokemon and it wanted to take over the tree as its own! Venasaur was already tired from fighting so long, even with its mega form, it wasn't gonna last much longer. It managed to pull off a few acid attacks before the Tapu Bulu could take it down. It was incredibly strong." I take a pause to sip the cocoa.
"Then it bowed to her! It bowed to maple, and she gave it tea, and directions to a fairy town."


"…you already know they died."


"That's amazing! i think we're going to be seeing these new pokemon spread out soon. Wonder if they're bringing new plants with them… exciting, exciting!"

"Dear, you can go back to work tomorrow, don't push yourself… oh, but that's brilliant, Amber!"

Mom's Cherrim pokes its head out to register a look of surprise on hearing your story, even.


"Do you think you'll have a plant scanner app ready Dad? If a new plant shows up I could scan it for you." I suggest excitedly.


"Going to be tough, with everyone excited over the new pokemon to pay attention to plants.. but I sure will push it as hard as I can!"

Feels good to be back home.


"Nah, it'll be easy. You just have to point out how useful plants can be… Speaking of that. I learned how to get aromas from plants during my trial."


"Right… I-I'm sorry"
Back to the fish..


"Oooh, why don't you show us?"

The suddenly awkward situation makes you slip up a little, but the fish is descaled and now cooking.

"right, let's geto ur minds off that. Let's go lookign for plants! What do you think is edible?"


"Okay. I just need some.. fresh plants to use." I bet there are some suitable ones just outside. '1d20' searchin

Roll #1 20 = 20


An idea strikes you. You take out the blessed branch you got at the shrine from your bag, and notice there';s a flower growing from it. You take a single petal of this flower and crush it. Mixed with the plsnts from your bedroom and easily reached from just the windows of your house, you create a fragrance that permeates the room.
Instantly, you feel like you're floating on air, any discomfort from the long trek gone.


"R-right. Uh, berries and I think there's an edible root? I don't know any herbs that you can actually eat…"


"Berries are the easiest, but you should be able to identify other plants with starchy roots and edible leaves…"

She brings you some pandan, a leaf known for its fragrances, and shows you how to squeeze the sweet juice out of it over the fire. You have Tina help you out also to collect some oran berries.

Well! There's plenty for dinner tonight. time to sit by your camp and dig in.


I feel unusually fulfilled too
"Well, this has been a very educational experience! Thanks Vi, you taught me a good deal today. A shame I don't really have anything useful to teach you in return"


"Well, maybe another time I might need your help. Now, what were you telling me about how you met your Golbat?"


Let out my pokemon so they can enjoy too.
"Mmm Mom Dad, what do you think? You like the smell?"


"Whoa… I remember I used to love these scents and mixing them. Maybe I should do it again.."

Mom and dad reminiscice. The smell brings about a sense of nosalgia.

"Hey, remember that time we met? Kind of reminds you, huh?"


Gosh! A romantic moment.
I snicker to myself and slip away while they are lost in thought.
I need to look at the computer's map anyway!


Cartographers are still exploring the frontiers and updating the outer zones, but this is the most updated map you can find.



I ponder the map a bit.
"Well, we do need to go north at some point.."
Check train ticket prices for Flow Point.
Also check my emails since I'd been gone a week.


Tickets to Flowpoint from here are cheaper than anywhere else, at 500P.

Hmm, emails..
>Zoe <[email protected]> (2 Days ago, 14:59)
hey there! Uh, sorry the last email got cut off, had to go fight off some thieves. Yeah, Pokemon thieves! Looks like there are seperate groups in every region. Hope you're doing alright! Been working on some nice songs with the flute, my Pokemon can kind of sing along!

>Arthur <[email protected]>(3 days ago, Sent 22:34)

Uh, whoops! I sent the same email twice, hahaha! You just have to read the later one, don't worry! Ignore the earlier one, they're the same!

>Arthur <[email protected]> (3 days ago, Sent 22:31)

Hi, Amber! It was great seeing you again. Really cool walking around the Evergreen with you, you live in such a cool city! And thanks for letting me stay over at your house! Vee and your other Pokemon are so cute. Thank your paretns for me too! Let's meet up again soon!

>Arthur <[email protected]> (3 days ago, Sent 22:34)


>Arthur <[email protected]> (3 days ago, Sent 20:26)

Hi, Amber! It was so cool seeing you again! It made me really happy. You know, going around town with you felt like an adventure on its own, seeing where you grew up and all. Thanks for letting me stay over, too! Your hosue was really comfy. I got so worried when I couldn't find you, though! Were you worried about something? You're the coolest person I know, so, um, if you need any help, someone to talk to or anything, let me hear it, alright? It was also strange for me, because I thought I never wanted to lose a fight, but seeing you give up like that wasn't right. I knew you could beat me and you did, and I'm still not sure why I'm happy that happened.

Say hi to your parentes for me, okay?


That's pretty affordable!

Email Zoe back:
Thieves? That's pretty rough, I'm glad you were around to take care of them. I've gotten another badge, in a mirage location too. Really a unique experience. Also be on the watch for statue like pokemon. Just in case. You might want to run if you see one thou!

Email Arthur:
Hey! I'm glad you had a nice time at evergreen and managed to catch a good pokemon too. You were so tired that morning I found you. I completed the shrine challenge at last, and got to meet new pokemon! A noctowl like one, but a grass type. You might see other new species too, I bet you're excited to go hunting. Good luck, and be careful to find a bed before you collapse next time.


Sent. You might get a reply in a few days.

Oh, what's this?


A beta update regarding the new Pokemon recently seen has been pushed only for Rangers and other select participants in the pokedex project. Attached is an executable file to update a connected Pokedex.

You doublecheck, and that's the ranger official email indeed.


I see! I'll follow the directions carefully and update.


File: 1483085610661.png (2.26 MB, 2292x1564, aloladex.png)

It's easy!
You just run the program, plug in your pokedex like it says, and soon you have more entries in your Pokedex.

Wow! Look at all these!


The new pokemon sure are diverse.
I wonder if the entries say much about them! Click through, maybe the poochenya looking one.


File: 1483086605922.png (344.44 KB, 750x650, 18596.png)

It says it's a Rockruff!



…and that's all the information available. Huh, they do mean beta update.


Well.. that's not very helpful, but its still better than nothing, and pretty quick too.
What time is it now?


Late afternoon, around the time someone would have a very late lunch, or a very early dinner. The sun is turning a hint of orange out the window.


I can't sit still like this, even with sweet aromas.
Go back to the living room.


Dad is on his laptop, intently reading something with mom looking over his shoulder.

"Hmm… looks like they don't want it spreading out too much for now…"


Now I have to ask. "What are you reading?"
Nosily look as I do.


You quickly look behind the screen before any of them have timen to respond!
It's a circular among scientists regardign the new pokemon! Looks they're they're being heavily investigated, but there's some secrecy behind it.

"Oh, Amber, you said you already saw some? I guess it's fine to let you know."


I humm in agreement. "Even if I hadn't, I got a ranger email about them."


"Yep. Lemme see your Pokedex…"

Dad notes where the new entries end.

"Hmmm. Well, what ag reat time to be on an adventures! Wonder how long till these pokemon get in the hands of good trainers."


"I'm going to look north. I can't say for sure, but a lot of these pokemon look.. tropical. They'll be in big trouble if they arrive in the snow."


"The icy north is harsh. Hmm, I think there are research expeditions going on too. Maybe you can get some valuable experience joining them!"


"Join a research expedition? Whoa that sounds pretty cool! How would I do that?"


"Hmmm, well, you're a ranger! They'll need you to help take care of stuff like managing the terrain and wild Pokemon. In fact, my colleague Professor Yew is heading up there soon, he was planning on calling with him some help."


I gasp in excitement.
"Yes! That's exactly what I need. Ask him if he's still looking, I gotta make sure I have a coat and stuff." I rush to my room to look through my clothes.


"Oh? Sure, I can send him a message… actually, since you're holding one of his Pokedexes, I think you have a good shot of emailing him yourself!"

You barely hear this as you rish to look through your clothes. You've got clothes good for cuddling indoors in cold weather, but for the really cold terrain, you probbaly want to check with the range depot for arctic gear.


Hmm, well, I might as well take these.. But a winter uniform would be good to pick up.
I look at my pokeballs, "You guys don't mind a little chill? We'll get to wear scarves sometimes too."


Lily looks slightly worried, and so does Tamiyo, but Vee, Rocky and Lalita look confident. Webster is ambivalent, but he crawls into a spare sweater you have lying around and settles in, trying to figure out how he'll be comfy somewhere cold.

You'll all manage!


Of course we will, we have too.
"Just think of how much more we're needed in a more dangerous area like that. Real hero stuff here." I encourage them a little. "Besides, there's another badge up there, I know you like earning them."


You didn't forget! You've heard the ice challenge is one of the toughest, too. Plsu, there are rumours of really powerful Pokemon that live alone in the arctic wastes. Imagine that!


Being around cities makes pokemon weak.. so it makes sense.
Head back to the living room with arms full of sweaters and scarves like a kid who didn't realize she should pack them until she was in the hallway.


Just what are you planning to do with them? Mom looks at you incredulously.


I set them on a spare chair and then pull over the backpack, rubbing my head in embarrassment.
"I couldn't pick, but I guess none of these are good for a freezing mountain anyway."


File: 1483092266243.jpg (1.7 MB, 1962x1259, beardmoreglacier.jpg)

"There's a few peaks there, Amber, but you don't need to leave sea level to get to freezing point."

Dad brings up a picture of the arctic wastelannds. Aside the hug ice structures, there's nothing but snow on a flat plain for as far as you can see.

"Yeah, why don't you get some new cold gear""


"Yea.. I wonder if the HQ here will have some or I'll have to wait until I get closer.."
I shiver looking at the cold.


They should. The winters outside the Evergreen and Axial forests can be pretty harsh, and plus with the autmn in full bloom winter is arriving.

"hey, what do we feel like having for dinner?"


I grin at the question.
"Dinner, anything with rice. Oooh and a vanilla float for dessert."


"I know just the place. Hey, how about we go out for dinner?"


I nod. "Great idea. Where are we going?"


"That nice restaurant a little bit clsoer to the city, I'll take us there!"

Dad throws a Pokeball out the window, and it releases his Gogoat big enough for everyone to ride on. It bleats, already saddled.


"Hey there Gogoat, its been a while." I great the pokemon.
I did just eat a sandwich thou..
Check a mirror, is my hair okay for such a nice place?


You just need to comb it a little and straigten it out.
Hey, with all the excitement, have you even showered after you came home?


I frown.
"You're right. I could use a bath… you don't mind waiting a bit to go to dinner do you?"


"Go ahead, I think Gogoat would liek to stretch her legs anyway."

You can have an icer bath with everyone after you all come back.


"Right, I'll be quick."
Into the shower I go, so many exciting things, but this forces me to slow down and relax. Very healthy, An aroma inclined lass would say.


You think about your advenutre and the people you've met while under the hot flow….

You remember Maple, warden of the great Mirage Axis, and how she seemed like she was one with her realm. She even had branches growing out of her back…

Oh, but that's enough meditation for now, time for dinner!


I better wear a nice shirt for this! Check my closet for a button up.


One of your old blouses! It's a little tighter than you remember around the shoulders… Hard to let go of, you really like it.


Such is the way of getting older..
Now to go to dinner, everyone's waiting on me.



You catch a glimpse of your arms in the mirror. So toned and cool!

Mom and dad are petting the Gogoat,and you get on the saddle with them. It runs along the road towards the neighbourhood shops, where people around here buy basic goods. There's a small restaurant her that looks like it was just fitted out of someone's house, the dining area for patrosns is just a living room with more tables and chairs.


How cozy looking! I wonder if they serve pokemon too.


Good question! It's small, but they try to fit Pokemon in at the tables too, though you might only be able to bring out one or two. Gogat is parked outside to munch on some specially-grown grass.

You're seatred on simple wooden chair that look like they were carved recently, on a minimalist menu place on a table laid with just a tablecloth, without any fancy accesories. people know why they're here.

Hmm, they've got rice! But what kind are you looking for?


Fried rice, probably.


They have just that! fried rice, mixed in with fresh bamboo extract straight from the local plantations. It adds an odd smell to the rice the makes it feel a lot fresher even when deliciously fried in oil, so you don't feel so guilty for chowing down so much. There's bits of egg mixed in, krabby meat even. Looks like there's southern influence in this place.


Slide over just a little, and let Vee out next to me and sneak him some of the tasty seafood.


You remember when you'd sneak food over to Lily when you dined in those fancier restaurants back in the day, that was fun! You don't have to be stealthy here, but it's fun to pretend. Vee licks your hand for that sweet sauce.


Pokemon just look so much happier that way. I snicker a bit at his licking.
Are mom and dad enjoying the night too?


They're leaving you to yourselves, but saving portions of their meals to bring back for the Pokemon at home. Or they're just too full to finish. They also talk animatedly with the chef, banter of the likes between not so much friends, but longtime customer and business owner.


What a nice time. With all that happened I probably had a huge appetite, even sharing with Vee I should be able to finish it.. but it is a generous portion. '1d20+3' rolling to defeat the meal.

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


This is too much rice. Even if you weren't so full, you'd be eating waaay to much! What would your fitness instructor have said?

And you have to leave room for the ice cream!


"Awh You want some too huh Lily." I 'whisper' loud enough for dad to hear, and swap her with Vee, letting her sit next to me and sliding the plate to her. Placing the dessert menu in front of myself instead.


Dad doesn't notice, ro is too busy thinking or what to give Gogoat.

Plenty of ice cream on the desert menu! or you want something more fruity instead? Or a yogurt?


I know, a berry topped sundae, maybe they have Pamtre or one of those kind specially raised for making candies.


Pamtre has a very dry taste! You're probably more interested in the Watmel sundae, especially since Watmels are more native to this area.


That does sound like a nice idea.
Let's order one.


The base vanilla ice cream is drizzled in chocolate and sprinkles, with solid watmel bits that don't look any healthier.

Roll to enjoy without guilt


'1d20' no fitness instructor here, only tasty food

Roll #1 1 = 1


It's sweet. So terribly, sickeningly sweet. With each gulp sensation on your tongue dulls, and you swear you can feel the threads on your blouse stretching to their limit. But it's so good. You don't want to stop. But, oh, this is going to take SO long to work off.


Dessert is the treasure of youth! I must finish it even if it hurts a little.


It hurts your soul, it does. As you gulp down the last scoop of ice cream and chocolate and flakes and watmel, you lie back. You've indulged in something so forbidden, so satisfying, but you can shake the worries off your head…

"Well, well, Amber, looks like someone had fun with their dessert?" Mom smirks.


Smile back at her.
"Thanks Mom. Its been a while since I had one so sweet."


"You'll work it off in time, I'm sure! And besides, boys l–"

Dad groans very loudly and mom stops there, that incessantly crafty smirk still pasted on.

"Alright, shall we head home?"


…I look a little concerned by her words, but my fullness is too distracting.
"Yea, it would be good to get some rest.. Oh! Dad did you call the professor?" I ask suddenly excited again.


"It's not polite for me to do it myself. If you really wanna go, you should email him yourself! And if I remember correctly, it's going to be a while before it kicks off, so you have enough time to convince him anyway."

After paying the bill, everyone leaves and gets on old Gogoat again, who looks satisfied from a bale of hay. You grab on, and it bounds home.

The air is pretty chilly tonight. Only going to get colder for a few months from now.


I suppose dad is right.. I spend the whole ride back thinking of what I should say.


if it helps, you remember he gave you his email as [email protected]. The cold air gives you a bit of inspiration and confidence.

If not, you could always think it over a nice, long hot shower, now that you've hit back home.


No way! I need to ask him before someone else does! That's totally how things work, the first one to ask wins.
get on the PC and open up the email program right away.


Alright, the keyboard is ready and waiting. Try to look all professional!


'1d20' professional typing position
And then I pull up a dictionary beside me for all these rare words.
TO: [email protected]
Dear Professor Yew.
I was so happy to receive the update for the pokedex, after seeing several of the new pokemon I was deeply concerned about gathering new data. I understand in that matter you are planning a research expedition. I would be grateful for the opportunity to accompany you as a protective role. My skills as a trainer and a pokemon Ranger are ever growing, and strong. We would not let you down.
Amber, Pokemon Ranger

Roll #1 14 = 14


Aaand sent.

Oh? You already got a reply?

>RE: re: re: re: I am a spry young Braixen… <[email protected]>

Oooh? Is that suit for me? Strretching my cute fox legs, I put on the tight swimsuit. My chest fur is bursting from inside! And it's digging into me! Haaah, master, do I really have to wear this?~




Oh, you just got another mail. Hos strange.
Re: <[email protected]>
Dear Amber

Of course! I remember how helpful you were when we went to retrieve my assistant's sun stones. I would love to have you along, and I think the ranger base won't object to making it official. The expedition is still in the planning phase, but I'll let you know when the team has sorted it out! Thanks so much!

Contact +01 4444 8642
Department of Materials Sciences, Petrotown Institute


The old lady beckons you in for a seat, and pours you some green juice. It has a very fresh smell.

"Trainer on the road, hmm? You don't look like you're from around here. where'd you come from?"


"You're right, ma'am; born and raised in Lanobe City. I admit, things around here a lot different than back home."

I'll take a sip of the juice to see what it's like.


It's very sweet, like the extracted nectar from a plant. Refreshing, expecially in the climate.

"I see. A very long way. While you're exploring the outer regions, maybe you'll be blessed by seeing a legendary Pokemon!"


I'll go ahead and drink up then.

"Maybe so. I've come across one of Ho'oh's feathers before, but I've yet to see one of them in the flesh."


"A lot of people travel to see one. Some of them simply exist where most people don't go, like Artucuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Then there are those who reveal themselves to people they find worthy. Like Mesprit, the herald of all laughter and tears of Man. I believe the psychics on Muika have an order that try to commune with it. here, though, there isn;t much, but be careful if you go deep into the island. Sometimes you slip and fall into the darkness."


I crack a smile at that.
"Heh. Like I said, I'm from Lanobe City; I'm pretty familiar with the dark. Besides, I've got another package to deliver, so I've not got much choice about heading in deeper."


"Oh yes, I heard about the order of tricksters they teach there. If you're one, you have a better chance of staying safe. But oh dear, don't let me keep you if you're busy."

Sunset is coming, you should probably delvier that last package.


"It's no trouble at all. Thank you very much for the drink!"

That was nice, but it's time I got going. Two packages down, one to go…
And of course I'm headed deeper right as it starts getting dark out. Great.


File: 1483599644133.jpg (91.41 KB, 1024x669, 2180212.jpg)

You'll be fine!

The road brings you into a forest, and you hear the cacophony of birds and bats congregating in the trees above, yelling and screeching inccessantly. The trees and mist shield your eyes from most of the sunset.


It's kind of like the apartment districts, with all the yelling going on overhead…

As long as I stick to the path I should be fine. I've just got to find this house, deliver the package, and go.


Come to think of it, the address doesn't look like a house. It's a series of coordinates. The plot of land marked on your map is large, and on top of a hill, you've noticed. Getting that is going to take longer than you anticipate.

Roll for luck


Oh boy. This totally bodes well for me…

Roll #1 8 = 8


The road quietens down a little, and the sun goes down over the horizon. You're kind of hungry, but you're not sure if you should stop to eat.


I can eat later; right now, I'm on an island filled with ghost pokemon, and it's after dark. If there's one thing I learned from the city, it's that things get a lot more dangerous when the sun goes down, and unlike at home, I've not got the streets memorized or any hidey-holes to escape to if things go sour.

So yeah, focus on the task at hand; I'll eat when I'm sure it's safe to do so.


Suit yourself.
The uphill path takes you in circles, you realise, but at the end, with the hooting of Hoothoot around you, you reach your destination.

A graveyard?
You doublecheck your documents. Indeed, the name of this graveyard is the same as the name of the property described there.

Under a shed there's a board of some kind showing people how to navigate. the numbers on one of the graves matches the number on ytour documents.


…Well okay then. I guess I'm making a delivery to a ghost.

Is there a name on the tombstone?


You reach the tombstone, covered in pink flowers that show their colour even at night. Jolene Sebille. Same name as the client.

How are you supposed to deliver the package, though?


Welp, if this is someone's idea of a prank, then they've got very little taste. And that's from a serial prankster.

I mean, it's an island of ghosts, so… maybe…

"Um… Miss Jolene? I've a package here for you…"


You hear a yip. A Vulpix emergences from around the tombstone. It sniffs at the package and beckons you to put it on the ground.


Well, I'll be damned. That actually worked.

I'll go ahead and set the package down gently in front of the gravestone.

"I take it you're receiving this on miss Jolene's behalf?"


The Vulpix barks and unwraps the package, revealing an orange, warm rock that glows faintly. A fire stone. It embraces the stone, and right before your eyes a flame spreads around its body, burning off its coat. The fire grows larges and you see the shivering Vulpix's body grow larger, until at last it subssides to reveal a Ninetales, who howls triumphantly.

A wind picks up, and the burnt wrapping is blowin onto the documents you're holding, leaving a mark like a signature right where one is supposed to acknowledge delivery.


Well… I guess that works. I'll go ahead and give the new ninetails a nod.

"Thank you, ma'am. You have a nice night now."

And now to head back down the path and back into the city. Hopefully there's someplace cheap I'll be able to spend the night.


going to easier heading downhill, but you're hungry and getting tired.

Roll for luck.


Almost out of the woods…

Roll #1 7 = 7


You hear high-pitched giggling, and the woods in front have gotten covered in an odd fog.

Roll again as you walk down.


Oh boy, here they come…
"Yeah, fog, real original, never saw it coming," I drone sarcastically. "You seriously need some new material!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


I close the mail and turn away from the computer to do a victory fist pump.


Go, you!
But the other candidates for the expedition will have to be ready first, and that could take a long time. Don't make any plans for it yet.

you going to have that shower now?


Didn't I have one of those before I left?
Well.. It is important to stay clean, but first make sure my team is fed, usually there is some pokechow or leftovers for pokemon around..


Maybe you would have wanted a nicer, hot bath while you can. You're heading back on the road soon, aren't you?

You take out a dish and pour the leftovers of dinner on it. Tamiyo is the first to help herself.


I suppose there is that old azurill shaped bubble bath mix that I totally haven't been waiting to use because I'm too old for that..
Yea a bath is nice idea, for sore muscles. Not for bubbles. those totally just slipped in.


Never too old for these things!
Is the bathtub shaped liek an Azurill, or?


"Well I'll be there if you anyone to make you a rocking picture of you and your Pokemon!"
I stretch back a bit then sit down "Oh right, the story of how I met Jasper.."

My gaze wanders around the woods as I collected my thoughts for a moment "Now where was I… Oh yeah, the small, fuzzy thing that was also bloodied. I picked it up with both hands, got up and tried to get a look at it but it was so dark I couldn't see my hands!"

I lean foward, my eyes focused on the fire ''It was at that moment that I realized just what I was doing, and the panic kicked in when I started thinking. I bolted out of there as fast as the darkness allowed me, kicking some rocks on the way and scrapping my arms and shoulders against the walls, all the while carrying the furry thing with me. Eventually things started getting bright again, and I could look down and see that the little creature in my hands was a zubat with a broken wing and a nasty wound on its side, but even being hurt like that, it started struggling when we got to the light, it was screeching and crying so loud that it was hurting my ears''
I pause for a second

''When I got to the group, everything looked blurry, I realized that I dropped my glasses at some point. I didn't care at the time though, I was crying and asking my teacher to help'' Sigh

''After a brief discussion, someone of the staff put the zubat in a box and took me out with said box in hand"


Its just an oval tub probably.
You know one of those novelty bottles shaped like a pokemon.


Oh, those! You could always pretend you're buying them for your Pokemon. H-haha.

You pour in hot, steamy water and add the soap. It's even made so there's different colours of bubbles! Lalita jumps right in.


Viola's form is illuminated by the campfire, and her silhouette almost glows with the prange evening sun to your back.

"And you nursed him back to health?"


"You wanted a bath too huh? Yea, I mean, I expected it, that's why I added these bubbles. You're still young and should enjoy it." scoop up a handful of bubbles and put it on her head.


Lalita giggles, and floats off fiddling with the bubbles.

So relaxing… this is a good time to think about stuff.


"Well yes and no… I was being escorted by someone of the staff, a really big dude wearing sunglasses with a weird Mohawk haircut, he was surprisingly friendly though. We got in a car and he drove me to the nearest Pokemon Center, I remember we stayed there for almost an hour in the waiting room while they took the zubat to the infirmary"
Another pause to catch my breath


"Who was that guy?"


Shrug "I don't know, he was some dude the school hired for guard staff, he was probably a bouncer in a club. The uh, school I went to wasn't public. It was a more expensive, fancy one for kids with wealthy parents so they never spared any efforts to grant the safety and well-being of the students"

Run a hand over my hair "Now that I think back, I understand why my parents were so angry at the school staff after that day…"

Shake my head "Anyways, back to the Pokemon Center, my parents were already informed by the school by the time Jasper was almost healed, and when they arrived it was… Well" I glance at Viola before I lay down on the ground "Let's just say I got a lot of time to spend in my room, liking it or not. But it was all worth it in the end, because I had a new friend that made me company for those grounded months"


"Zubats are pretty good at sneaking around. Did you send Jasper out to get stuff?"


'1d20' deep thought

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Not for the first weeks! Even after getting him in a pokeball, he was still a bit distant to me and just stayed perched in my room most of the time. But eventually we grew used to each other. I fed him, played with him, and grew up with him for the coming years. He became my best friend"
I rub my eyes, I got something caught in them, yep


You consider all the things that has happend, and what could happen, as you soak yourself into the water and give in to the warmth.

Things are happening all over the land. Not just the Grasslands, but the Fire Plains and Sapphire Islands down south. The rangers are gald to have you. Maybe they'll be expecting a lot more work soon, esepcially with reports of more bad guys. You have to be strong.

You've met a lot of people. What does the future have in store for your new friends? Arthur and Zoe seem to be slowly carving outtheir own paths, and you've certainly got yours in mind. Will they eventually conme head-to-head?

You've learned so much, and only know that there's much more to figure out. More roads to explore, towns to see, people and Pokemon to help. Busy times ahead.

Those are some thoughts that cross your head.


"Aww, that's nice."
Viola rubs her Whirlipede in the meantime.

"My story is a little less detailed. I met her out on a forst expedition. Thoguht she was really cute and cool, they way she hunted. Been helping each other out erver since."


Its good thou, my friends and I, we all seem to know just who we are, well.. maybe Zoe doesn't have a clue yet. I should help her.


Can you really help, though? Got to keep that in mind too.

Bubbles are fading away. It's time to go soon, sadly.


I sit back up, smiling
"You met her as a little Venipede right? I never stopped to notice but now that I think of it, the way you carry her around like a backpack is super adorable"

"Also geez, you managed to sum your story in just a small paragraph, meanwhile I've been babbling since we started this… Must have been really boring for you to just listen all that" blush "Sorry about that


make sure not to leave a mess.. and to put that novelty bubble bath under the sink where it totally was for the last year and not moved haha


"I… really didn't have much to tell. Our real bonding time came later, but that's too hard to put in words. I neab, think about everything you've done with Jasper since your journey started. Tough, but you can feel it."

Luckily, the expiry date says it's good for a few more years!

N-not like you'd need it

Your bed looks comfy, but you could also stay up and read sopmething, or use the computer. Whatever you wanna do while you're still home!


I should read about the new pokemon! Or, well, at least look at their pictures on my pokedex, maybe surf the internet to see if anyone posted a picture of them nearby.


File: 1483861789294.png (10.2 KB, 434x423, vulpix__aloha_form__base_b….png)

You definitely weouldn't have books about the new Pokemon, and you've alread yseen the pushed update to your Pokedex.

Oh, there's a trending photography thread somewhere.
Somefound said they photgraphed this strange Vulpix on a mountain peak.


I snicker and ask Vee what he thinks, maybe he'd like to meet a vulpix like this one?


Viola rubs her neck.

Anyway, she's a Whirlipede now. She should stay as healthy as possible. Gonna have a nice new mount once she evolves again.


"I getcha, don't worry" wave my hand
"Ehehe, are you gonna ride in her back around the forests? Though, to be honest I never seen a bug Pokemon you could actually mount and ride…"


"Yeah, me neither. Most bugs are too small, but Scolipede is big! And I've heard of Volcarona being ridden around the skies."

She stifles a yawn, lying backwards and taking a drink from her canteen.

"It's getting pretty late."


Her yawn is infectious and gets me too
"Uaaaahhhits not thaaat late, but we had a really full day huh?" stretch a bit "I'm done for"


File: 1484926793042.jpg (335.93 KB, 1024x683, 21381237112_df15bf7a08_b.jpg)

"We did."

She lies down on the grass, on her makeshift bed, staring upwards.

"Come on, Cello, don't make me do this alone."

When you turn upwards yourself, you know why.


As far as Vee can tell, it's just a strangely coloured Vulpix. He sniffs the screen a little before remembering that it's only a picture. If only they had ways to record smells for Pokemon who sense through primarily through their noses.


I pet him and sigh. "We'll just have to see what they're like when we find one."


True enough.

Vee yawns and pokes his head out the window. Being home was nice, but the itch to wander is slowly crawling up hs legs.


"We were just at a mirage tree, this morning even." I roll my eyes and finish looking at the pictures.
"That expedition isn't for a while.. I wonder if we'll really get to go?"


It will take time to arrange. It's best if you kept on doing your own stuff for now, you'll be contacted when it's time.

Vee can't help it! He just loves being out there.


"Well, we could do an evening training session if you're so energetic. Who knows, we might see something interesting."


I follow suit, laying down with a sigh ''Don't worry I won't''

I just keep staring up in silence besides her


Yeah! That would be– oh, now he's yawning, and curling up on the foot of your bed.

Yeah, we're not leaving yet. And you've received another email.

Re: <[email protected]>
Dear Amber

I'm ironed out a few more details of the expedition. Though a date hasn't been set, the location will be towards the deserted southern isles. You don't have to be in the general area when we are due to start, if need be your transportation will be covered.

Contact +01 4444 8642
Department of Materials Sciences, Petrotown Institute


Roll for state of mind.


Nice, I wasn't expecting something for a while.

Reply back

"That does sound like a good place to explore. I'll be looking forward to the trip.

Amber, Pokemon Ranger


experience tranquility

Roll #1 12 = 12



You look onto the firmament. Jasper comes out of his ball and joins you, flopping into his back.

Many questions ring outi nto your mind, the answers to which you might not know.

Why are you here?

What would make you fulfilled?

Are you happy with everything that you've done so far?

And then, what next?

Now is a good time to think.

Sent. Internet speeds sure have gone a long way since you were a kid.

The lights all around your neighbourhood are going off. Going to look at the intertubes the whole night?


Nah, I'll get some sleep. Get a ticket north in the morning.


Hmm, so that's where you wanna go. Alright! sleep tight and roll for dreams.


Well, I we should go there sometime!

Roll #1 3 = 3


So many questions that make me so melancholic

Why… I'm here to Research Pokemon, understand them and pass my findings foward to the next ones after me
But, there's something more? I want to understand Pokemon, know them. I feel so close to Pokemon, I always have

What would make me Fulfilled? I'm not sure. I always felt fulfilled with every small things I did
And catching them… Nadia, Tina, Shinx…
Not that Rattata though, screw that guy



You're too exhausted by the events of previous days to really dream vividly. Still, the worries that you never pay attention to make their way to the surface of your thoughts.

Just what could have happend that new Pokemon suddenly appear?

Are they all really friendly?

Things went well this time, but will they keep being like this?

An image of a grotesque monster, sewn together from different Pokemon, with all their faces present and blank eyes marking mouths that sing in otherworldly tones enters your mind. You can't shake it off until it has burned itself into your mind. Hmm, you've heard that song somewhere before.

At least, all is well when you wake up. Or so it seems.

How nice. Plenty of people can't answer these questions. Your answer is going to grow more defined as time goes, but this is good enough.

Andn ow you have to stifle a yawn. Is it tome for bed?


I'll just cover it with my hand, but yes it's tome for bed

Do I even bother moving to a proper bed or just pass out there with Jasper?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Your 'proper bed' is the shelter you made earlier. You crawl in, and feel quite satisfied with your work.


Alright, let's gather up that last bit of willpower and stretch
''Uaaahh… Alright Viola, I need to hit the sack. Getting up early to enjoy the dawn am I right? Night now. Cmon jasper''
'1d10' sleep and sweet dreams

Roll #1 5 = 5


She doesn't answer. She's already asleep.

You're too tired to really dream, but your bed isn't as comfortable as you thought. You wake up with scratches and a few aches.

It is just in time to smell the dew on the grass and see Viola heating up something for breakfast.


Ugh, where did these scratches and aches came fro- oh right, that must have been from yesterday…
Dang nature, you're tough, but fine by me, chicks dig scars!

Aaah the morning in the forest, this fresh air is a feeling I don't mind getting used to
''Morning Vi! Uh… Say how long have you been up?''


"Morning! An hour or so. Anyway, congratulations, guess you can survive out here after all!"

Looks like she's.. roasting berries?


''Wow you got up early, dang… And hey, I told you I could! Besides it's not all that bad, honestly this felt really great, this whole thing I mean'' I stretch my arms a bit, enjoying the morning light
''Much better than the air in Petrotown too''

Sit down besides her, watching the roasting
''Hey, Viola?''


"Not a lot of people learn to enjoy it. I'm happy you did."

She gives you seem roasted orans on a stick.

"What is it?"


I groan awake, immediately getting dressed and poking into the kitchen for juice.


It's a good thing you're so tired. That song is still in your head, but at least it's fadign away. Try not to pay attention to it.

There's a grand brakfast spread today! No less than three pitchers of juice to complement the hearty sandwiches and pancakes.


I gasp in awe.
"Mom? You made all this already? How long were you up?" Sit down and get a plate before it cools.


"Not for too long! I figured it was a nice way to celebrate you sleeping at home again. And if you're really leaving today, it's our sendoff."

So sweet! The syrup over the pancakes is enough to dull your tongue to the juice, so that all you taste when you rinse your mouth with it is a soothing sour glow.


"Its not much of a journey if I stay in one place." I make a 'yum' sound while I eat.
"This is sooo good."


"Another nice thing to remember home by, right?"

Dad comes by and wordlessly rubs your head.


I can't help but smile, even with a nightmare looming in my mind, this is just..
"Yea, its perfect."


"It's a beautiful thing, to see the world, but you shouldn't forget your roots. We hope you always remember this, Amber."

They give you a hug, both of them.


Time for a family hug.


Such things are hard to put into coherent thought. You feel a rare warmth that comforts you in your lowest moments, that even the memory of can give you courage to face another day.

"Come on, eat up!"


"Yes Mom." I reply and get back to eating up the tasty pancakes.


You take longer to devour the stack than usual, but at the end you're left full both in body and spirit. You almost don't want to finish it.


But you can't leave such good food behind.
Indeed I do finish it.
"Oh, I got a message back from Professor Yew, the expedition is going to be in the southern isles."


"Oh, makes sense. A lot of the new pokemon seem like they came from tropical regions. I wonder if that's why."

"So… guess you're leaving in a bit?"


"…He said the date isn't set, I think I have time to visit another place."


"We know, I was talking you leaving to go anywhere. Bring us back nice stories!"


I look in awe again.
"You already knew? Okay. Well. I bet you didn't know this. I'm going to flow point."


"It's going to be freezing there! But I'm sure the range outpost will have winter gear for you. Be careful if you're going to be walking!"


"I'll get some of those thick and fluffy boots." I nod at his concern.


"And make sure you pack everything properly! If there's stuff you need more of, ask us while you can! Clean clothes? Soap?"


I look overwhelmed.
"I'm fine! I have my uniform and my casual clothes, and I'll pick up a new uniform." Then suddenly smile like a kid hatching a plan.
"..I think I could use more cookies, they really perked up Arthur and Vee that time."


Lucky for you, there's a whole jar! But you can't just pack in a whole glass jar… they'll have to fit into your lunchbox, which can only fit so many.


Stuff it full. '1d20'

Roll #1 15 = 15


Through a miracle of skill and luck and forces unkown, you fit over half the jar into your lunchbox. These can last you a week of snacking!

Lily licks her lips nearby.


Slide her a big cookie from the jar with a giggle.


She stuffs it in her mouth eagerly. She's going to have a good time with all these snacks.


They are amazing cookies.
Well, now that they're packed up, make sure I didn't leave anything and go find mom and dad to say goodbye!


Nothing left behind! You give mom and dad both a hug.

"Stay safe!"


"Of course, I keep everyone else safe now."
Off I go to the bus station to get to the city where the train is.


Your feet feel a little heavy as you step across the threshold. Heavier still when the bus arrives and you see your parenhts waving at you from the window.


I wave back at them, its not that far.. I can always come back.


If nothing else, carry it in yourself as a memory.

The ride to the train station is quiet, and you hardly notice when you've arrived. The bus terminal is pretty crowded, shaking you up with the noise of the crowd. You navigate through to the ticketing booth.


Who knew such a busy place was just a few minutes away? Let's just wait in line for a ticket.




Ticketing booths have recently become automated, so you just choose the location on the screen and insert the correct amount of money.


Oh, well that's nice, I hope they don't have any rotom around.
"Okay now just find the right number on the ticket.." get on my train to flow point.



You insert the required amount of money, and your train tricket is printed. Technology is amazing!

The train is already waiting, so you could board and get yourself comfy. the 500P ticket gives you a shared cabin, so you might want to colonize the better bed first.


Better check out the cabin I'm in then!


There's no need to rush, you think, but when you make it to your cabin the bed down below is already occupied. An owl Pokemon like one you saw earlier hoots as it perches on the bed, while a properly-dressed girl scribbles notes in a journal. Hang on, you recognise her…

"Oh! I remember you! Hey there! Ranger Amber, right!"

She was involved in the raid on that base of bad guys, when you helped that professor out. Her name was… Riss, right?


I stand proudly and do an energetic pose like a poster.
"The heroine of justice, full time Ranger Amber." I declare with a grin.
"I remember you, you fought those thieves with me."


"Nice title."
She giggles.

"Yes, we did. Guess you're heading to Whiteveil too, huh? We have to stop off at Flowpoint, then take a ship to the furthest north. Some thing really new for me, but that's what an adventure is like!"


"No? What's at whiteveil? I'm actually going to flow point." I sit down curiously.



She pulls up a map

"That's where the Ice gym is. Though I heard some people want the name changed to 'Trial'… and further there's a place they call the Timeless Wastes. I mean, if endless ice plains wasn't enough…"

She shudders.


"Oh, sorry, wrong paper."



"I see. I see. Well, I just thought that-" I stop myself and look at her pokemon. "That pokemon might be in extra danger up north. I might get a lead on something if I look around."


"Who, Dartrix? What are you interested in?"

The owl is busy preening its leaf-like feathers.


"Well.. pokemon like dartrix, are supposed to be secret.. I'm not sure how much I should say, but, yea, basically. I wanted to know if ..strange pokemon are showing up in the north, being confused in the snow is incredibly risky."


"I'm not sure if I fo– oh, yeah as a Rangeer I guess you'd know."

She made a good show of pretending to not be in the know.

"Mistress Sinistra also told me. I was actually asked to do some scouting, too! And, uh… well, yeah, scouting."


I nod relaxing.
"Whew then you already know. Uh, its a long train ride, I could show you the pokedex, maybe you can tell me about your dratix and I can make notes to fill in the blank here?" I pull up the entry of her owl pokemon.


She pulls out her own pokedex. It's a very, very cool jet black. In fact, she likes to wear a lot of black, like with her clothes and bag.

"Sure, we could swap data or something!"


what a cool girl.
"Yea, That seems fair."


A wireless link is established and soon both your dexes are updated with data from each other.

Huh? There's a new entry here on a 'Xurkitree' Pokemon. There's only a name, and a blurred photograph, though you're not sure what you're looking at. It's like a messy mass of wires…

"Oh no, oh no! Look, Amber, uh… could you keep quiet about that?"


I nod. "And just in case, don't let anyone know you got the ranger's info from me."


"Okay! Uh… If it helps, you can have the bottom bunk!"

She tries to shake awake her Gabite, curled up at the end of the bed.


"No, its okay! I like the top, I'm used to sleeping in high up places."


"Alright, alright…"

She pets her Gabite who was just wkoen from a comfy naps, and grumpily gets into its ball where it won't be disturbed.

"So anyway, what's been going on with you? Been a while since I saw you!"


"I did the grass gym trial, it was.." I breath deeply at the sweet memory. "It was like nothing else. I also hung out with Arthur a lot, we even helped saved my dad from a tree in a storm."


"Oh! Yeah, I ran into that guy too. He was being examined by my teacher in Lanobe when I left. I was wondering if he'd stay as a student for longer… I'd try to recruit you, but you're already a ranger!"


"Uh, teacher? So its a school?"


"Kind of! My teacher, Mistress Sinistra, is the leader of the Lanobe gym. She's a Dark type trainer and teaches those who want to learn related skills. A lot of us end up as bodyguards or other security. Now, getting to the gym is hafl the challenge! There won't be any sign telling you how to go there or what it looks like!"

A Sneasel pops out of the Poke ball as if on cue to introduce itself.

"Kind of like how the bug gym taught rangers, right?"


I lean down to shake hands with the sneasel.
"It sounds a little like that. Thou, ours is more of a test, to show you already learned how to survive."


"You can't learn everything in a school! My scouting is also a part of intelligence gathering training. The train's also got… a few of my seniors on board!"

Huh, the train's already been moving! You didn't notice.

You look out the cabin doors in the corridor. It's hard for an untrained eye to notice, bout you can tell that more than a few ordinary-looking trainers here are much stronger than they seem.


Interesting, perhaps this is what the tree taught me..


"So, are you going to the gyms to test that training?"


It's from being around so many tough Rangers, too. Rangers do their best to look strong and confident so they can be a beacon of hope for people and Pokemon, but even when they don't, little things show from their training, like the way they breathe and move.

"Not really… kind of? See, I was just a travelling trainer too, from the Rising City with my Gible partner. The first place I stopped in was Lanobe, then Squire- you know him, right? He was with us!"

He was one of the people you had beach day with. He had a really nice Dratini.

"Anyway, we didn't really find the gym, but we did stumble on a training exercise. Then the gym leader let us challenge her right then and there! Squire's a softy, he didn't do the things we teach you to do… but I did, and I had a nice talk with Mistress Sinistra and I decided to train under her a while!"

"Don't know when I'll end though, but it's cool! Like, being kind of a ninja and stuff."


"…softie?" I frown in concern "what are you trained to do exactly?"


"Well, when I got to the meeting place, they told me that they kidnapped Squire and if I wanted to save him I needed to get through as soon as possible. There were a lot of puzzles to go through… so I beat up the guard and made him tell me the answers to the puzzles!"

She beames proudly.

"And then it turns out that got me full marks! But Squire just left the guard there and triesd to solve it himself, soo…."


I gasp.
"They told you each other were kidnapped? That's scary. No wonder you beat up the guard."



A chilly draft blows in. Whe nyou see riss turn to close the window, you notice snowfall.

"Well, beat him in a battle. Though it was pretty suspicious that his Pokemon weren't so strong. Turned out that yeah, he was supposed to lose to me so I could make him guide me through the puzzles.!

MMhmm. I was prety scared, but I had to keep myself cool and think clearly. That's one of the most important things we learn!"


"Keep cool and think clearly." I nod in agreement. "That's the same thing Rangers learn. In an emergency, you can't panic or you will need to be the one saved, instead of doing the saving."


"That's true! Speaking of which…"

A man in sunglasses pokes his head into the cabin, and wordlessly gives some sort of signal to Riss.

"Well! I think it's time for work. Uh… well, just look out if there's anything!"

She quickly gathers her Pokemon and some tools. Is that a grappling rope? Just as quickly, she vanishes from the cabin and follows the sunglasses man.


"Okay, see you in a while.." I should relax in here a bit.
'1d20' lay in the comfy bed.

Roll #1 11 = 11


Guess today's strictly a day for rest!
The bed's just comfy enough, the top bunk can't be too heavy after all. The carriages to the back are a little noisy, but that can't in terrupt you curling up and getting warm.

Huh, there's a lot of snow being kicked off the roof of your carriage, and noise just a bove.


Okay. That's really suspicious.
Look out the window?


You can't see what's going on above you, but when you open the window you definitely hear the sound of movement more clearly. It's headed towards the back of the train.


They're gonna fall off!
Race out and to the back of the train from the inside.


You gather up your gear and head to the back of the train, too. As you head to what looks like a cargo carriage, Riss and a few other trainers stop you.

"Sorry ma'am, entry beyond is prohibited."

"Whoa, hey, Amber! Did something happen?"


I look a little confused.
"You know there is someone running around on top of the train right?"


"Hmmm? Why are you–"

The door bursts open from behind you, and another trainer comes in holding someone unconcious. On the unconcious person's face, you see green flakes you easily recogtnise as sleep powder.

"They got one of us!"


What is even going on here.. squint at them.
"Okay, I'll guess you're not actually in danger of falling down into the snow, off a moving train. Even with sleep powder."


Everyone is still for a second before the bodyguards immediately open the carriage behind them and run through.

"Oh, well, thanks for the warning, Amber!"

Riss follows, prepping a Pokeball.


Guess I'll just let them work..
but take a look at what they're facing first.


You run through the carriages until a window in front of you is smashed. A grunt is wearing some kind of reddish uniform, and immediately sends out a Heatmor. Riss sends her Gabite to face it down, but you can't get past them.


Maybe she's tougher than she seems, stand back and let her fight.


You weren't really trained for fighting, you were trainind to navigate and rescue and othe rranger things. With Riss, it shows. The timing of her attacks and ability to capitalise on every mistake the enemy makes shows a greater level of skill than you see often.

The grunt is also way tougher than he looks. Despite the type disadvantage, he manages to make the Gabite struggle a little, but with enough time and a critcial attack, both of them get blown back by a sand tomb.

The grunt runs back, and Riss chases them through the corridor to the back.


No way, I have to see how this turns out, keep following them.


The grunt runs past, all the way to the back, where the sunglasses bodyguard is waiting. He manages to run past, and at the end of the train he jumps onto the roof. You see the suited man do the same, and Riss follows to help.


Gah, on top of the train.
Should I even go up there? I might be in the way, and I hate that when others are in the way of my job..
go back to the room I guess.


Good choice. It's wise to know when you have to back out.

Hang on, the back carriages aren't being tended to by anyone… You hear another instance of glass being broken.


I simply must go check on that.


You hear the sounds of a scuffle, very briefly. You rush towards the source of the noise and end up back in the cargo compartment. An unconcious Kingdra lies on the floor, while its trainer is pinned to the ground with an unseen force. A Slowking yawns as it keeps its prisoner with is psychic power, while its trainer inspects the cargo for anydamage.

"Would be a shame if any of this was damaged… knew I should have just driven it up myself…."

He quick turns to face you, about to toss another Poke ball, but stops as he ssees your face. It's professor Yew!

"Oh! Hello there!"


"Professor?! What are you doing fighting these thugs?"


"Protecting my cargo, of course. Moving out some equipment we alreayd paid top dollar for, can't just give it away!"

Riss leaps in through the broken window too, much more gracefully than the grutn before.

"Sir! Are you safe?"

"Of course. Good job stalling them out, by the way. I really neededthat extra five minutes of nap time…."

He yawns, too.


I cross my arms tapping my foot a bit.
The point at him with a smug smile. "I see, you needed extra protection for an important secret scouting mission."


"Well…. I've got a few things I need to do, yes. A bit of extra help was useful."

He shrugs. The sunglasses man comes to collect the grunts, clearing away the hostiles.

"Oh yeah, I saw your email I don't know whe nthat expedition is going to happen, I'm still working out the details. I'll let you know, so don't worry."


"I'll be looking for it."
I sigh and stretch. "Seems like the excitement is over, I better get back to my room."


You set yourself down in the water chamber, glass floor to see the lake below you and spring water flowing onto you like a waterfall. Quetz curls himself around you, like the image of a meditating saint protected by his Pokemon. Together, you feel the substance of the world fade around you as you finally seperate from the tangible.

You feel yourself floating in a formless grey space. That's the feeling that slowly comes to you, anyway.

The first thing you have to do is create yourself.

what will you create?

"Oh! I'll join you once I'm done!"
Riss has her Sneasel carefully searc the captives in the meantime.


I will just go to the room then, this is really her thing anyway.


It's good to know where your expertise lies.

The train whirs as you get back into your cabin and collapse into– wait, no, that's Riss' bunk. Yours is above.

At least there are nice books around! They've got pretty pictures of legendary pokemon if you want to see.


I will admire the posters a moment while she's out.


The first thing I will create is my arm, to reach out, grab something, anything.


You don't even have an arm yet. You haven't made one. You're a thought in a gray maybe of space. You need to put together who you are, or who you think you are, or who you'd like to be. You can feel Quetz with you, wondering what he'd like as well.

You notice a nice drawing of Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, the three aspects of the soul. The form a pretty triangle between them, but the space in the middle feels empty.


Maybe its an unfinished art?


In my mind, I can see a book. In it, it has everything about me written down.

Get good grades.
Get a career.

But then there's something else in the book. A dragon's scale, right in the middle of it, like a book marker. The pages it is on are blank, so I am going to try to reach for that,


It's just how the depeictions are. Usually the trios of legendary Pokemon are shown with another Pokemon in between them. You remember stories of the honourable swordsmen Pokemon Cabalion, Terrakion and Virizion, who fought for those who could not protect themselves, and togethe raised Keldeo and taught it until it grew stronger than all of them. It was just a strange thought that entered your mind.

Riss comes back in, dusting off her hands and leaping onto her bed with her Gabite.

"Well, job done! How do you celebrate a mission success?"


You reach for the scale, and it leaves marks where you drag it, when you will it. You use the scale and draw in the air, and you've created an arm to hold it properly.


"With dessert!" I reply smiling. "I actually have a couple cookies here.. from home. You want one?"


I have an arm now, but now that I have the scale, I draw something I remembered from home. The mountains nearby, that I always wanted to climb. Maybe they were hills, or even just dunes, but I remember them being so large.

And I want to see what is on the other side. I make myself something that will let me experience what was on the other side.


"Oh, yes! Hmmm, maybe I'll buy some snacks while I'm in town… must be so nice living in the Evergreen, you get all the fresh ingredients."

Her Gabite suddenly begs, looking riduculous considering how fearsome it was before.

You have another journey ahead of you.

You first draw yourself a set of clothes, comfortable and sturdy to keep you warm and safe on the road. But before you can set your sights further, you fall. Quetz follows your descent, and you find yourself in a pool on top of one of those huge mountains you were thinking off. You look above to the heavens from which you came, but try as you might you can never go back.

The fall scraped your cheek, and though you try to undo this new imperfection, it stays, a part of you now.


I get up, walk myself out of the pool.

Before I go do anything else, I look for the scale. It was, important, to me. I can't go back without it, I can't do anything without it.


It's still there, don't worry. But some of it has chipped off, and there's no way you can repair it.

The only way you can go is down. There is a gap in the pool where water leaves, no longer satisfied with where it is in the world.


I'll head down then, trying to remember all the towns and places I had visited. The water reminds me of something important that happened to me, while I was near it.


Would you like to describe the memory? There's time.


I will pull out my cookie stash and share.
"Mom goes a little crazy when I come back, she made so many of these, its no trouble."


Riss helps herself.

"Lovely! You can really feel the freshness. Oh, and if you were looking at my books, feel free to check them out. I just became interested in this stuff lately."


It was when I was little. Yeah, real little. I had something important to me.

But I lost it.

I can feel it, but I can't remember it. I went looking for it.

I remember the dark, and the rain, and then there was Quetz, and I found what I was looking for.


Fitting. Dratini are associated with water and the life it brings, after all.
Quetz found what he was looking for, too. But do you know some of what brought you two together?

It's alright if you can't answer, some of the best partners never know why they were drawn to each other, but it's worth thinking about. You glance at the bit of dried blood on the scale you hold and the cut made on your neck as you think. Sonme were brought together by mutual desires to help others, others came together because they were both lost souls looking for a travelling friend.


I can feel the weight of it, but none of the lines in my memory are adding up to it. No matter how I try to imagine it, that thing just doesn't form.

So I'll put my arm out to the one thing I have before me. I'll reach out to Quetz.


Quetz is deep in thought too, and takes a while before he acknowledges your invitation. You slip further down together, below the clouds marking where a mountain touches heaven to a clearer slope.

You're still travelling very fast, and it's hard to stop to smell the roses. Unfortunately, there is a blockage ahead. You can't stop, and you don't think you can fit through…


Quetz is with me, and I'll do whatever it takes to keep him from getting hurt.

The scale, I know it's been chipped, I know I can't fix it, but I know my friend is the most important thing.


Your comrade does the same for you, coiling tight to defend you.

But now both of you are stuck. Not because of each other, though, it would have been worse otherwise. A bit of your leg is preventing you from passing this obstacle.

You still hold the scale with you. You have to use it to somehow move on.


Without hesitation, I start using the scale to chip away at what's holding us back. I got here thanks to the scale, but I can't be stopped here.


you see a piece of Quetz' pearl also stuck. Quetz works in the same way, and is freed.

You erase that part of your leg, and draw yourself a new one to replace it. It doesn't feel the same, it's functional, but you feel like you've lost yet another thing forever.

Your leg and the pearl dissolves into the stream, which flows towards and feeds the crops of a nearby village. They have a bountiful harvest that year and many are saved from the threat of starvation, but the rich water also feeds the wild Pokemon they stalk their homes at night, and they would have been safe if not for that.


Head towards that village then. We need to take responsibility for what happened, for both good and ill.


It's too late to go back. You're already much too far away. All you can do is know and do other things in the future, and let the different skin on your leg remind you.

The pace of the river slows as the slope becomes gentler. But you were made for the quick pace of the upstream, and you find yourself unable to stay afloat as the water grows deeper. But, as always, there's no turning back. How will you adapt?


I reach back and remember I am not the same as the person who started this journey. I've already redrawn parts of myself, but there's been more that's changed.

This time, I will adapt by reaching out. Cali, Cobalt, Dynamo, Airy, and Quetz. They've all helped me get where I am.

So I imagine myself with the strength and grace of Cali. A stronger body that can move through the water with ease, but it's been warned through hard work.


And in doing so, you make a gash on your hand. It won't ever heal right, but you succeed and continue flowing down.

The lost pieces of you float into and choke a Pokemon drinking from the river. The timid Pokemon it hunted notice that their days are safer, and make merry to breed ever more. But next year, there isn't enough to support their newfound numbers.

Time flows on. You're growing tired.


I haven't reached where I'm going, so I can't allow ourselves to stop.

Like Dynamo, we've been walking and running for a long time, it's in our nature, we must keep going.

But just like Airy, I know I have to draw on the energy around us. All the people we've encountered who've encouraged us to keep going.

We can't stop here until we make it there


Still, you've changed. You float idly by as the river reaches the floodplains, meandering around a world you've touched more than you can ever know. You take a look at yourself in the water, at your reflection. You're little like how you made yourself. Your skin bears marks of your triumohs and suffering, blemishes spoil the immaculate image you once had.

Is this really fine?


I am me.

I remember Cobalt. All the training, all the practice, all because we met when there was trouble.

I won't lose that.

I am the person that I was, that I have become, and that I will become. Whether it's fine or not, I will accept it either way.


Already, you can feel parts of you shedding off. You can see the great wide ocean that marks the end of your journey. You can't go back, and you can't stop the passage of time. But you can remember.

The ocean's water is filled with the bitter tears of many others, and the salt stings, but whe nyou embrace it, it becomes refreshing and puts you at peace. You feel yourself dissipating, and with that, freedom.




"Thanks, for all of, well this. For teaching me and taking me here" I sit with my legs crossed, hands on my knees and staring at the ground
"I got no clue why you would, but I'm glad you took your time to coach this city boy in the way of life in the wild, it was a uh, Really refreshing experience, like most of my journey so far"
"It's been really… Inspiring too"


She pauses.

"Mmhmm. Just thought I should help yoyu out, that's all. I am happy you liked it."

She doesn't look at you, but she moves a little more lightly.

You should be eating breakfast.


I look up at her and give her a silly toothy smile "If I didn't know that, I'd think you asked just to hang out with me more! Hahahaa"
I should, and it's exactly what I'll do, I have a feeling I'll especially need the energy today


She frowns at you and sighs, before handing you another stick of berries.

"So, what are you going to do after this? Going to finally challenge the gym?"


Give her the gun fingers "I'm just joking, just a joke"

"Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about the gym challenge too. You know what I think I just might" take a few seconds to pop a berry "You challenged it before I bet?"


"Yes, I did. Had to prove I was capable of holding my own before I got my job. Remember everything I taught you! You'll need it."

Viola begins packing up the camp.


"Don't worry, I won't forget" watch her pack up for a bit
"We're heading back then? To the town I mean"


"Yeah, I'm going to have to leave town soon. We're more or less done!"

She gathers her equipment and supplies, then clears out the rest of the campsite before heading back to town.


Didn't even had time to offer to help… Dang She's fast
I wish her safety and back to the town I go after her, all on my on-wait I'm never on my own, silly me
Let's head to the poke center juuuust to be sure everyone is at their best to face this gym


She's in a hurry, so you bid goodbye to her. You have her email if anything's up, anyway.

You look at your crew. Everyone seems ready to finally face a challenge.


I couldn't even ask if I could draw a picture of her… Pokemon. A picture of her Pokemon

Then the time to put my lessons to the test has come. To the gym we go!


Any idea what the gym is like?


Actually I might have forgotten…
But that's a perfect opportunity to bother random people asking for information on the gym


Hmm, it might actually be where you just came from?

They tell you to head for the ranger HQ.


Wait, the gym is the ranger hq?
Or maybe they, the rangers, can help me
Either way, I'll head there and try to not look embarrassingly lost


Well, there's a sign that says gym application , right on top of the sign pointing to the ranger HQ building.

You could ask the receptionist right there…


You're havign a nice time hanging out with Riss. Seems like she's quiote the bookworm!


"That will make the train ride a bit easier, thanks Riss." I smile at her offer and pick up one of her books.


Roll for luck


'1d20' sure

Roll #1 17 = 17


What a beautiful looking book! Out of her stack you pull out a book with beautiful art of a forest on it. A big X made from trees is on the cover.


How nice, I'll go the top bunk and read for a while.


The giver of Life

To Xerneas who gifts Us with the chance to find both Joy and Sorrow.

The book concerns Xerneas, the legendary pokemon said to be the giver of all life. It goes into detail some beliefs and riddles about it, and more frighteningly, what it can do when angered or out of control. as you approach the middle of the book the art gets less and less idyllic, as the pokemon initially depicted happy to be given life slowly have their expressions distorted.


I shiver at the strangeness, trying to understand why the pokemon are becoming so unhappy.


File: 1486830219266.jpg (27.11 KB, 446x601, 9356ea873495457fd39d6b83c3….jpg)

The distortions are somewhat disturbing. A Beartic… doesn't look right.

There is an image of some of the distorted Pokemon pleading to Xerneas, but it is shown unwilling, or unable to answer, as it looks to the side and never to the Pokemon. The text becomes more and more unreadable, as the font becomes more and more desperate-seeming. You're not sure if this is supposed to be the same language anymore.


This is really spooky..


A few pages only consist of images of green hexagons over and over. It looks like a pair of eyes.

After that, there is an image of another legendary Pokemon. Yveltal, who frees both the suffering and the willful. It casts a dark shadow over the beautiful forest.

When you turn the page, the Pokemon are no longer awake. But they are no longer distorted, either. The trees and flowers aroudn them wilt, and they are covered in the fallen leaves and petals.


"This looks unnatural.. The opposite of the tree at home.." I frown but can't stop reading.


The last readable expression on the Pokemon's faces is a look of peace. The next page shows them decompose in gruesome detail, with the less polite bug Pokemon depositing their eggs in the rotting flesh, which hatch within so the larval pokemon is within its first meal. Seeing a beatly Pokemon crack open a skull to feast on the insides is pleasant in comparison.

But when you turn the page, the Pokemon carcasses are fianlyl dust, and shoots of new plants poke through the soil. The shadow of Xerneas form as great X over the whole image, ready to start anew again.

And that's the end of the book.


Drop the book down by Riss's pillow.
"Are any of these stories true?"


Riss shrugs.

"Maybe they aren't exactly true, but the essence of the truth is the same. Isn't it frightening, eternal life?"


"Death.. is needed for life.. I know."


"I think the book's trying to tell a different story. Can you imagine living no matter what happened? The distortions are… nicer versions of what happens when Xerneas lays a curse, or so I'm told."


I make a disturbed humming sound.
"I think I can understand, living through too much damage or illness would be awful."


"That's one thing, yes. Legendary pokemon are frightening, aren't they? But at the same time…"

She rubs her hand over another book, the cover depicting a great ranbow bird.


"…What? Were you thinking of meeting them?"


"Of course. Aren't we all? Meeting with a legendary Pokemon is a really lucky event. People can be blessed. Or, if it doesn't go well… but legendary Pokemon don't generally present themselves to people unless they want to anyway.

Say, which one would you like to meet?"

You slowly wake up from your vision.
As your sense of the world returns, you notice yourself surrounded by a bubble of water. You do not, however, feel like you are holding your breath despite there being no air. You're in the meditation chamber of the shrine again, with no one else around.


Lift my arm, reach out and try to touch the skin of the bubble.


"Uh.. Hmm well there is one I was thinking of meeting." I show off the picture of arthur and I drawing Raqueza's face.


The moment you do, the bubble breaks. A dull pain slowly comes to you as water flows out from the holes in your head, and you cough and retch quite unelegantly. Quetz, being amphibious, isn't bothered by suddenly having to deal with breathing water for the past… how long has it been, anyway?

A monk walks into the chamber, sees you and gasps.

"Oh my! You've finally awoken! When I was a boy we were told stories of your coming, but to actually see it within my lifetime…"


"Oooh! you got to paint the eyes? So lucky! I did it when I was a kid, as part of a school trip. How did it feel? You know, Rayquaza might take on the wishes and ideas you impart in how you painted its face!"



"Sorry about taking so long…" Try and take a few deep breaths. "Is it closing time already?" I ask with some disbelief.


"You've been here for many closing times. You were the centerpiece of our shrine for a long, long time. And now, you've finally emerged from your cocoon, after a long age… Ah, I am truly lucky. They said you might not come out for another few decades."

Quetz is looking more and more concerned.


"It felt really cool! I swear I saw it with us. Arthur too."


"He's painted it with a pretty different style… ooh, it's pretttty cool how fearsome it is, like a guardian."

Her eyes briefly narrow.

"Sigh.. I bet Arthur's so cool! Oooh, I hope he stays at my school so he's still there when I get back! Can't wait to…. show him around, if you know what I mean!" She giggles, in an almost rehearsed manner.


"Sorry, but you must have me confused for someone else. I just got here earlier today, Mister." Look around for Cali. "My Pokemon friends and I have just been meditating for a bit."


The monk slaps his head and groans.

"Actually, you were here for about four days, but I thought it'd be funny to pretend like you were here for years. You'd be surprised how many people fall for it, but I've never seen someone not fall for it your way."


I suddenly stop smiling at the suggest, looking at her with a flat look.
"Wait, you.. do you like him, like like him like him?"



She laughs, much more naturally.

"Oh, no, I don't, but I had a feeling, and you took the bait! It's okay, it'll be our secret~!"

She and her Gabite slap each other's knees as they celebrate their suceesful ruse.


"Oh, uhm…" *Cough* "You did kind of surprised me. I couldn't get my FOUR DAYS!?"


"Oh yes. Pretty long, but people have been in their visions for longer. One week, many weeks… years has never actually happened, as far as I know. Don't stand up yet! Collect the water on you, whatever remained of your bubble wit hthat bottle you got."


I blush and fold my arms.
"NO! Its not like that.. I mean.. I don't know.. I don't even think about that stuff.. but if I did.. maybe Arthur would be.."


"I didn't think it was going to be that long at all. Something like the spa trips some of the girls in my classes would go on."

Start gathering the water while I have an eye out for Cali.

"Maybe I don't need to ask this, but how was it for you Quetz?"


Riss sighs and falls back.

"Yeah, well… good luck, is all I can say. Things are tough huh? Wanna grab dinner from the dining carriage?"

Quetz looks at you quizzically. He was with you the whole time, wasn't he?


"Yeah, I figured as much, but you know me." Pet him a little as I gather the water and see where Cali went.


Cali is near you, practicing a few moves with her shells. She summons a column of water with a few strokes in the air.

Cali has learned Water Pledge!


"Yea, I am a little hungry actually." I sigh relaxing at the change of topic


"Cali, that was cool. Looks like this place was good for you two." Giver a thumbs up and put a lid on my bottle.


The carriage is stocked with lots of fatty fish fished up from the cold sea up north. Magikarp can grow to very delicious sizes. The vegetables here are unique, they seem like tundra dapated plants that grow close to the gournd, developing succulent stems in the process.

"Pretty cool, but what would you prefer when going on a date?" Riss casually asks as she grabs a tray for herself.


"Done? Use this, and scoop out what you think id the best to keep with you." The monk gives you a small glass vial with a strong attached for holding.


I'll do as I'm told.

"Actually, I never asked, but what is this water for?" I lift it up and look at it with Quetz.


Ooh a fish buffet line? take a full plate back then.

"A date.. Hmm.. someplace fun, but a little challenging.. A picnic just enough off path that you have to risk wild rodent pokemon sneaking up on you.. or a carnival could be cool! We could compete for scores, and do all the scary ride together."


"Keep it with you. It's what shrine pilgrims come for. It's a little different for everyone, so I can't say."

"Yes, yes… sounds cool!"
She pays extensive attention even while chomping on her fish steaks. You've taken more or less the same amount of food, that is, a lot.


"What about you? A walk on the beach maybe?" I prod her with an elbow as we sit down together.


"Alright, thanks. It's still a cool memento, but I should be getting to the Dojo too."


"Some kind of adventure together would be great. A boat out in an open sea, or crossing the desert on a moonlit night…"

She sighs, for real this time, for a moment exposing a rare moment of weakness.


I smile at the idea too.
"That's a cool idea too.. a real adventure.. you'd wind up closer than some haunted house or roller coaster.."


"Yeah, it's be so much more fun. It'd be tough, we might get into real trouble if something happens, but we'd come out of it experiencing an adventure, huh? And we're both adventurers, aren't we? Oh, did I change your mind?"

She chomps on another fish steak.


"Nah! I mean, I basically do adventures for my Ranger job.. if that's all it took then.. wait!" I put my hands on the table next to my plate making it shake. "Then we did have an adventure! We were walking around the evergreen, and there was this storm.." I excitedly retell the story to her, shuttering when I get to the part where I knew it was dad.. Eating excessively quickly to cover my the emotions I totally don't have about that time!
"And then we were back home helping make dinner and he was suddenly best friends with Vee, it was the cutest thing."


"Wow, that was awesome! Still, like, you guys weren't completely alone together. Hmm, I'm going to see if I can get a boat of my own at some point…"

Riss scribbles down some notes as she eats.


"No.. Not completely.. No even in the morning when we pokemon battled, another Ranger was there.." I tap the table and eat slowly.


Looks like that's the last of your plate. You csn grab a coffee or some milk before going back to your cabin.

"Well, there's always next time! But those sound like such good times already. Yes, yes…"

As Riss cleans the last of her plate, she scribbles more into her notebook.


Peak at what she's writing.. '1d20'

Roll #1 7 = 7


It's.. is it even in English? It's in some kind of coded language, with some letters swapped for others and symbols replacing other things.

"Right, let's go back! We should be arriving early in the morning, so I want to have a nice sleep before that."


"Okay." I reply with a shrug. I'm sure she was just writing about her day.
Go back to the room.


File: 1487405343409.png (492.82 KB, 750x750, train.png)

There's still time yet before bed. Riss turns off the main lights to expiose the moon and starlight otuside, then turns on the bedside lamps so you can still read and do other stuff.

"Cool, huh?"

"I never had a sleepover, come to think of it."


I snicker.
"Should we get one of those swimmer boy magazines? Do each other's hair?"


"Well, uh…"
She very slowly pulls out a magazine from a hidden pocket of her bag…


..I look over her shoulder in curiosity.



You arrive at the Verdor Town Ranger HQ, which also seems to be the gym.

The receptionist at the counter looks at you.


I dust myself off, adjust my hat and my glasses and approach her
"*Ahem* Good morning, I'm here for the gym challenge"


"Oh! Alright! You can register here… usually participants prefer to take a day to prepare, since the challenge lasts a few days, but you're in time to start now if you like."

She gives you a form to fill up, which includes a release from risks associated.

"You do know what the gym challenge is, right?"


"Don't worry, I feel like I couldn't be readier!"
Take my time read the form, it can't be THAT dangerous can it?

"Uh, of course… But I wouldn't mind if you would refresh my memory!"


It's a standard release form from risk, it doesn't go into detail.

"Well, you're going to have to survive in the north jungle for a few days with just a few supplies and your Pokemon. Normally, we recommend people take our orientation course before trying… but if you've had experience, it'll be no problem."


Hoh boy, sign it anyways…

"Oh yeah that sounds pretty straightforward… Uh, I do have some questions though…"
"One, what can I expect to find there?"

"Two, How many days exactly do I have to spend to pass, and is there a limit to how much I can stay?"

"And three, Am I allowed to catch any wild Pokemon I find?"


"What can you expect? Whatever you'd find in a tropical jungle, of course! The number of days depends on your progress, it can vary. And if you find any wild pokemon you're interested in, sure. You ready now?"


Rub my arm "Well what you think Jasper? If you're ready, I'm ready"


Jasper bursts out and perches on your arm, excited.

"Ready, already, boy? Come with me."

An old man in a ranger suit beckons you at the door. His rank looks pretty impressive.


Woah I never seen an old guy ranger. But if there's something I learned from the professor is to not underestimate older people, he must be some kind of veteran. I quietly follow him


The prof is actually pretty young, he's only about 10, 15 years older than you. But this guy? Old, with white hair and all.

"So, Cello, was it? Let's just have a quick briefing while we head to the testing site. You'll be provided with supplies, but you won't be able to use most of your own. Among these is a flare whic hyou can use if you're in trouble, but note that using the flare means you forfeit and have to start over at the beginning. You must survive in the jungle for several days and nights and find food and water on your own while fending off danger in the form of, say, predatory wild pokemon. At th end, I will challenge you to a battle myself. Clear?"


Nod "Crystal clear… Um, Will I be able to keep my drawing supplies?"


File: 1487436640276.png (49.95 KB, 332x227, 469Yanmega_XY_anime.png)

"Oh, you like drawing? Heh, didn;t expect that from a Petrotown resident. Sure, if you have the time to do that."

When you reach the edge of the forest, A large Yanmega waits, its wings beating silently for such a large, intimidating bug.

"Any last questions? If not, put on this blindfold and stay still so the Yanmega can pick you up and bring you to the start site."


Shrug "it's a good exercise for the mind"
Woah THAT'S a Yanmega? It looks way bigger than I thought
"Uh, yes sir" I struggle a bit with tying the blindfold, backward knots aren't easy! Then I stretch my arms and stay still like a cross "Alright mister Yanmega, I'm r-ready"


"Alright then. Good luck, challenger."

The Yanmega picks you up with its strong, spindly legs. You know that it's not going to drop you easily, at least. The buzzing noise keeps you from listening for hints on where you're being taken, but at least, you're put down on a mat, your arms now free to undo your blindfold.


I don't wait and single moment and undo the blindfold, immediately looking for the Yanmega and looking at where it flies off to


It flies towards what seems like the North… which is the opposite of where you came from.

On your tarp mat, you have supplies for a tent, a knife, a compass, some water filters, rations for one meal, a metal cooking and a canteen that is currently half-filled with water.

It is morning, and you will have to last more days.



South, alright so it flew that way, so I'll walk the opposite direction. If I keep going forward I'll find the end of this I'm sure
I orient myself with the compass to be sure of the direction I going

Double check all my supplies and carefully store them back. Heh, They made this too easy
Time to get going, make sure I stick to any shades of the trees on my way


There is no end, you're supposed to camp in the general area and survive.

Still, you could be looking out for a better campsite. Roll for luck.


Oh, right
Well then I'll do the following: I'll take a piece of paper from my drawing things and draw a grid, the rows from left to right 1-8 and the rows from the top to bottom A-H
I'll assume that I'm in the middle so I'll fill up the D-4 square… Done! Now I guess I kind of have a map
I wonder if this is cheating…
Ah well, let's take the knife and mark a nearby three with D-4 and head southwards. Hooray for guidance!


'1d20' for luck

Roll #1 15 = 15


Making your own map? no, that's quite clever. You didn't notice, but there's also a notepad and pen included with the supplies. They might have meant for you to do it.

You head southwards and find a small hill. At the top seems like a good campsite, enough around and it's easy to set up defenses to hold it. You hear running water in the distance, too.


This should be good for tonight
Let's mark this spot on D-5 for the camp of the first night. Now to go check out that source of water
Do I see any Pokemon yet? I expected this place to be bustling with wildlife


You don't really see them, but you sure can hear and smell them. They're definitely around.

There aren't many flowers in bloom, most of the trees are fruiting. A recent Butterfree hatching must have happened recently for so many flowers to have been pollinated. Their eggs should have hatched recently ,in that case, so watch out for stray caterpie.


I wonder if caterpie meat is good… Or if it's even edible at all
Either way, I'll watch my step for now, I doubt caterpie will be the most dangerous stuff I'll run into here…


You ate some with Viola, remember?

You're correct. Following Butterfree emergences, Beedrill follow to feast on the larvae of other caterpillar pokemon. It's gruseome how they lay eggs…

You'll want to set up your shelter soon and go lookign for food.



File: 1487487271048.jpg (41.39 KB, 282x400, my-star.jpg)

>♂Prince Collection♂! Issue 356

It's a magazine of cartoons and comics focused around… what the title implies. The cover shows three boys dressed in diofferent manners… One's in a nice suit, one's in a fitting swimsuit, and the last is casual and looks so comfy…

"I… found it in a magazine stall! Um, eheheh…"


"Ooh, Prince Collection, I've heard of this one!" I stare at the one with the swim suit.
"Oh, the swimmer is totally hot too, good pick."


"You think so? …oh, I can see why you'd think that."

She looks at you with a grin before turning the page. A gentleman is sitting on a throne, dressed in a royal-looking suit. He has a dignified expression on his face, and has a Dragonair curled up around him. The Dragonair's head looms over him like a guardian, while its body slithers around the neck and waist until ithe tip of its tail touches the foot.

Riss lingers on this page.


That is a nice picture.
"A dragon tamer, how exotic, I wonder how he'd fight.. do you think he'd smile if he won, or just scoff and tell you to get better if you want to be his princess?"


"Well… see, the royal look can go with so many things! Maybe he's been brought up to be kind and civil, but when you fight him he's challenged for the first time in his life! It's something alien to him, and when he wins more narrowly than he'd like his emotions get theb tter of him and he tells you to get better… maybe he's not trying to be mean, but because he sees a worthy opponent, you know? But then he'd beat himself up over it that night because, like, 'oh no! What was I thinking? I didn't mean it that way at all!'

Then in your rematch, he almost wants to lose on purpose, but you notice and rile him up to bring out his fighting spirit… and then you win fair and square this time, and theat's when he finally has a genuine smile on his face!

Riss sure did go into a lot of detail.


I nod at her idea.
"I can see that. Finally connecting to someone who can be his equal. Maybe he'd try to challenge you in other things too.. like tennis?"


"Oh yes! Imagine the princess-to-be and prince dueling in sports like tennis… or competitions of art like paiting or poetry! Maybe it could end in a race to reach the peak of a mountain, and the princess has a lead, but a terrible accident happens and she falls and hurts her leg! The rpince would normally just take the win, but he knows the princess would have won if not for that accident, so calls off the race and… and… carries her to safety over the finish line!"

You get the feeling you'll be on this page forever if you don't turn it yourself.


Well.. I am curious about the rest

Giggle "Racing.. I wonder if there is a picture ponyta riding in here.." look expectantly at her to flip the page.


"Oh! Yeah, let's see what else…"

Riss flips the page to show a Rapidash rider! The main picture is the boy rising his horse Pokemon across a desert plain, dressed in the old flowy garb of the Fire plains. The tanned lad is also shown affectionately petting his faithful Rapidash, huddling with it for warmth in the cold desert night, not needing a fire since his friend can warm him. His sweaty body shows off his toned body in the other panel where he scrubs off his partner, and even gives it a kiss on the muzzle!


I make a slight squeaking gasp, blushing and touching my warm cheek, then trying to cover up the action by talking a little too quickly.
"Whoa, he's so cool. Look at those traditional robes and the sand on his leg, and that rapidash is soo pretty. What's his name? Does it say?"


"Lawrence, from 'Across Warm Sands'… hey, I think that comic serializes in this magazine! We could skip to that or keep looking at the pictures till then!"


"Its in this? What are we waiting on, go to the comic gurl." I nudge her shoulder, my excited grin un-containable.


Looks like it's a special crossover arc!

The comic opens with Lawrence and his faithful Rapidash stuck on a deserted island! They were on a quest of some kind when their boat capsized, and they barely managed to make it to safety with a bit of help. Lawrence is waking up to see his saviour… the first thing that catches his eye is a beautiful tail diving into the sea in front of the beach he's on. A beautiful voice rings out from the water, coming closer… A Mioltic's head pokes out near him, and clinging on is a boy in swimming shorts, less tanned than Lawrence, he's a faint, subtle shade.

The heroes introduce themselves to each other.
They're so gentlemanly, Lawrence thanks his hero, and his hero apologizes for not managing to save him sooner. The boy offers to bring them to his secret base in the island for food and shelter…


Glued to the story, I wind up turning the pages myself.


The secret base is deeper in the island, a cool treehouse overlooking a crystal clear lake! The water here is mistake, says Sui, the swimmer boy. The Rapidash is afraid when he scoops out an ewer of water from the lake, but when he poours and gently rubs it onto its bruises they slowly heal!

Sui offers Lawrence food, some fruit from his secret island, and they make small talk. The reason Lawrence came sailing here was because a …friend… of his, a warrior girl from the peaks of the highest mountains, is hunting a criminal hiding out here, and she's been badly hurt. So he's come to put her at ease by hunting this criminal for her, and that's where his troubles started. Sui nods, and tells Lawrence not to worry, because he'll join for the upcoming adventure!

A shadowy figure pokes out of the bushes…

"Wow! I heard the authors wanted to unify their work into a gretaer setting but I didn't know they already started!" Riss exclaims eagerly. "Now all that shipping fanfiction I… that's online can make sense!"


"Oh gosh, this means there will be more pictures of them." I realize out loud. "It means there could be more pictures now!"


"Oh, right! Eeek!"
She squels in delight as she turns the page… and that's the end of the chapter.

Bleh, atl east there's a nice compilation of pictures of that swimmer! The biggest one is of him swimming the seas with his faithful Milotic. He's also fishing on its back, under the hot sun, in their own island paradise… or frolicking together in their secret pool. At night, he sleeps on the shores of the lake, while his Milotic pokes its head out and rests it on his chest. Aww!


I definitely would 'aw' outloud too.
"This magazine is the best. I would love to swim to that island.. just for a day or two.."


You briefly think about what Arthur's experience might be. Maybe he knows a nice secluded island or two to camp in…

"Sounds almost as nice as a moonlit desert crossing! Oh, but look at the time!"

Riss looks at her watch. How did just looking at a couple of nice pictures take so long?


"Hmm yea, we should get to bed I suppose." yawn a bit and climb up to the top.
"Goodnight Riss. Thanks for sharing."


"Night Amber! Man, we should do this again someday… and rope in the others!"



"Good luck, dragon child."

You could opt to explore the city a little more first, you did just go through a lot. Nothing stopping you from heading to the gym immediately, though you're not even sure what it is.

Roll for dreams




Let's look for a city map. A place like this should have it marked.

Bow and thank the Monk for his time before I head out.

"You might get a chance to try out your move soon Cali. What do you think about that?"


She doesn't seem all that excited, actually. She much prfers attacking directly with her shell. Still, maybe she'll find a use for it.

You take the bus back to the city, reaching in about half an hour. It's about 10 am, early in the day. If you feel like shopping, there's the massive shopping district near the port. Eateries, Pokemon centers… some interesting attractions like a massive aquarium. There's also the gym, which is to the northwest end of the island, and looks like a port of some kind.


"Let's go to the _____."

'1d3' Shopping, Aquarium, Gym

Roll #1 3 = 3


"We've spent a long time with this letter, we should probably head to the gym first. It's not like the Aquarium is going to up and leave." Get on the bus and head out.


'1d20' zzz

Roll #1 14 = 14


Ah, well, you can have your fun around the city afterwards, if you so insist. The letter of recommendation was for Tumi island though, not this gym, but you might be heading there later anyway.

You take the tram upto a quieter part of the city, where a building overlooking the sea awaits. Signs point to it as the gym, and near it you see a faded man fishing.

All those stories sure fed your imagination… you're at a ball, in a pretty dress! You make yourself known through entertaining guests in discussing art and poetry, but the event is interrupted when assailants attack! And they've captured that biy you had your eye on! Your dress doesn't stop you as you give chase, doing battle with the evildoers and saving the boy! As your reward, his charming, beautiful heroine, he leans in…

Have you arrived already?


"Excuse me, do you know if the local Gym is open here today?"


I gasp and nearly jump out of bed.
"Am I late?"


"It usually is."

The man stands and turns to face you. He looks very young, maybe in his 20s or 30s, but his manners suggests that of an old, weathered man.

"Delta, caretaker of the Mirage Falls and gym leader. Are you a challenger?"

You look out the window. Seems the train just arrived, and it's very early in the morning, the first bits of sunlight are coming in. Considering how far north you are, that's even earlier.

Riss below is still asleep, cuddling with her pillow and owl pokemon, who doesn't really want to get up.


"Yes I am. Squire Escala, I'm travelling around and checking out all the interesting places." Stand up properly, showing respect to him.


I cover my mouth and get a smirk on…
take a stealth picture of her being cute '1d20'

Roll #1 19 = 19


Hang on! You don't have a camera, do you?

"I see. If you want to challenge me, first you'll have to find the gym proper."

He points out the mist-covered islands that lie in the sea before you. One of them stands out above the others, hosting a mountain of some kind you can see from here, but you cannot see the base.

"There it is, the Mirage Falls. It's not a place you can simply walk or sail to, though. You have to do a few special steps. Part of the gym challenge is to find it by sailing around those islands."


Oh, right, the pokedex doesn't have a camera.
I must have dreamed that.


"Oh, that actually sounds cool. I've never been sailing before. Where do I get a boat for it? Or is it a raft?" I'll think about it for a moment. "Is there a difference between them anyways?"


Oh right!

Ugh, I don't even want that picture in my he-too late

Good thing it's pretty early so I have enough time to do both before night falls, so first I'll just deal with finding today's 'lunch'
Let's keep heading down to that source of water, there's ought to be some fish there I'm sure


The camera is specialised, it can;t be used for taking normal pictures.
There are markers and paper around though, if you're in the mood for something else.

You can keep sleeping in the train, you're not expected to leave for a few hours, but you can now if you want.

"I'll lend you a proper motorboat. And a flare, if you get lost and have to forfeit. It's not a surival challenge, don't worry, so you can and should stock up on things, though you won't need so much really. Come see me again when you're ready."

You'll need to make your own fishing line and hook, or maybe ask Nadia for help. You do see a stream of clean water you can filter boil to drink, but for fish you'd need to floow it to a river proper.


"Okay, hopefully the survival training I took at the previous gym won't be necessary then. Thanks, I'll see you in a bit."

Let's go over my supplies. How much water do I have, any rations on me?


I am in a trickstery mood.
Let's try to draw a little fairy pokemon and leave it ontop of the dragon lover.

Roll #1 13 = 13


Why would I bother with a fishing rod when it's so much more fun with your Pokemon?

Anywho, I would need an empty recipient to put the filtered water in, and my canteen is still half full so… I think it's better if I go fishing first
It didn't take too long for me to filter the water first time right?


File: 1487654033932.jpg (137.44 KB, 468x302, 12-forest-river.jpg)

You've got about 5 days of supplies, so that's plenty.

What a cute Clefairy! Wonder how she likes these Pokemon. You place the piece of paper on top of her, and she just snores in response.

Nope, but it will take some time to boil if you need more.

You follow the stream down to a river. The water here's tinged with algae and mud. Not the best place to colelct water for drinking, but you can fish here.


Nice. I wonder if I should… Nah I shouldn't get in the water, it's too risky for many reasons
I'll just have to let Nadia out and count with her
"Come out Nadia, time for you to have some fun"


How much would a compass cost then? I know from movies that those are important on boats. I'll head to one of the nearby shops to ask about one.


Okay. Check the time, time for breakfast?


Nadia leaps into the water, a grin on her jaws…

Might help to set some bait anyway, though. She's abotu the size of a fish you want to capture, she can't pull one out intact for you. Don't want your meal being contaminated.

Luckily for you, there's one of those supply shops nearby selling stuff for trips and whatnot. They;ve got supplies like knives, binoculars, compasses, waterproofing bags and so on.

It's 4am, but the sun is waaay too brought for that. Up north the sun can be up or out for much longer.

Could just grab it from the cart, but maybe you can find a local cafe.


Grabbing it from the line seems best, I don't know my way around here yet after all.


Shoot, that's right… Plus she might shred the poor fish before even bringing it
"Hmn, hold on girl, I need to think of a plan" I sit down trying to focus

Now just how am I going to do this… I could maybe make lance and impale the fish when Nadia brings it up? No I might hit her by accident

I could capture it and then kill it? No no no that's cruelty

Dang it I might need a fishing rod after all, or some kind of net


You head into the breakfast cart… but all that's available this early on are cold sandwiches. The cooks aren't even awake yet.


Get sandwiches for my pokemon and I, we can get something tastier later.


You can eat them in your own cabin, at least! Something to kickstart the day. No drinks out though, aside some bottled water.


Water's healthy for you anyway.
But eating would wake up Riss, so just eat out here. We can have a whole table to ourselves probably.


How quaint.

Just you and your squad in the meal carriage. They've barely turned on the lights either, except for those highlighting the food trays. It's dark, but light from the curtained windows slips through to give a bit of hue to the wooden interior.

Lily leans back while munching on her sandwich. This is nice.


I poke Lily with the end of a napkin and then pretend I didn't do anything leaving the napkin next to Tamiyo '1d20'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Lily doesn't react, not minding. Your attention lapses… Someone's poked you with a fork, but the only fork in the table is close to Rocky.


I look suspiciously at.. Vee, that fox must be to blame!


Vee looks at you with narrowed eyes, before coughing in Lily's direction.

You didn't think she'd let you get away with that one, did you?


I gasp.
"You knew!" Then nudge her with a finger. "No, wait, you were thinking the same thing, weren't you?"


She pokes you back, prodding you with a leaf and a grin.
She just wanted to relax, but since you started it…


"Hmm if only that Squire or Cello or Arthur were here.. then we could pull a big prank.."


Lily clasps her hands to think, and laugh to herself. Now, that would be something. She looks out the window to see the edges of conifer forests outside. Very different from the beach where you all last met. It would be nice for that to happen again.


"Yea.. someday.." I sigh crumbling up the paper the sandwich was on, taking it to the trash.
"Well we are here, we should get off this train already."


"Mmmhmm, we should…" Riss walks in yawning to grab a few sandwiches of her own.

"Going to need to, eh, attend to some business, but maybe we can meet up another time? I should be free within… a few days, I think."


"Sure! Send me an email." I tell her cheerfully.



She rejoins her companions, the ones they were previously with, along with a yawning, clearly not-awake professor Yew, who busy themselves leaving instructions for some of the train crew before heading out.


I will head out myself, look at the area map.. is there a ranger HQ nearby maybe?


File: 1487744201739.jpg (192.25 KB, 1000x667, flat,1000x1000,075,f.jpg)

Yes! though this being a smaller town, tram transport isn't available, and it's much too early to be operating buses. Looks liek you have a walk ahead.


Good thing I ate then, quite walk before sunrise… keep alert for danger as always.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Oh, those would be handy out on the trails anyways, so I might just pick some up anyways.

"Hello there." I'll say as I step in to the shop.


"Morning. Tourist? Looking for souvenirs?" The shopkeep greets you.


"I'm looking for some tips and tricks for dealing with the gym challenge. I've never been on any boat that isn't a ferry, so any ideas and recommendations would be appreciated."


"Oh, a challenger."

He sniffles.

"The boat given to you will be easy enough to use, even without any experience. Really, there's not much to it. You have a water pokemon, even easier."


"I thought as much. But the last gym I went to had a survival challenge, to make it through a few days without aid. How long is this one, and should I bring anything special along?"


"As long as you need until you find the objective. Can't say more, I'm afraid. Just recently a boy your age managed within a few hours, I believe, but he was from around here, so it was natural he'd be more in tune with what the trial demanded. And aside general battling supplies, I'd day there's not much you need."


"Yeah, it might take me a lot longer. Still, how much are the waterproofing bags and a compass? I don't want to ruin my stuff, and my chances, by taking an early spill."


"500P for a waterproofing pack, 200 for a compass."


"I should have enough, and I have an idea for the pack afterwards." I'll put down for both of those.


"Thank you kindly. Will be able to keep your small objects dry, and that compass will help you navigate if you want to sail open sea on your own. Anything else?"

700P deducted.


"Hopefully it is, thanks for your time. Now to give that challenge a go."


"Good luck!"

All prepared? Using the flare is quite a shame, you know,


All I know about boats is what I've been told right now, but I will remember an important lesson from school. If I don't know how to do something, observe how others do it. I'll check out what other people on the docks are doing or have on them as I head towards my own.


You notice some boats that even young kids are using. Looks very similar to the one the gym leader Delta is preparing. Sturdy, small, with an easily operable motor. There's a chest on the boat for storage. You can talk to him whenever you are ready.


Yup, time to take the test. Hopefully the survival lessons from the last gym isn't necessary here.

"Howdy, I figure I'm as ready as I'll ppssibly be."


File: 1487748168199.jpg (39.65 KB, 600x400, tepuka-islet02.jpg)

"Are you now? Here's your boat."

He points to you the series of islets in the sea.

"you must make your way to the Mirage Falls, which is on the very large, tall island bound in mist. You won't be able to reach it just by sailing, you have to follow a few instructions. Search the islets for clues. Think on what it means to flow on your own and follow the flow of life."


"How will I know what it even looks like?"


"You can see it from here, even!"
He points to you the clearly tallest island in the mist, its peak covered in rainclouds.


"Oh, right. Here I go then."

I'll let Cali out with Quetz and I. Time to go out into the water.


Both of them make themselves comfortable on the booat while you sail out.

There are sveeral islets, and all of them seem situated around the central, mist-covered one that is your objective. You can go towards the north, south, east or west islet, or head stragiht for the centre one that's seemingly your objective.


Going over what I've been told, it's not as easy as heading straight to 'obvious' designation. This problem is going to require I do all the work to get what I want.

Since I don't seem to have any other clues, "We're supposed to be headed East anyways, so let's check out that island first." I tell my crew.


The whirr of the boat is surprisingly relaxing, and goes well with the Wingulls squawking above you. Some Magikarp leap out the water, splashing seawater onto your boat. Luckily nothing important's exposed.

Now just how do you park a boat? Roll for luck.


"I should have asked for a manual."


Roll #1 5 = 5


You slam into shore rather inelegantly, but at least with no harm to the boat. There are stakes secured on the beach that you can bind the boat to while you search the islet.

Might have been a good idea to wear betetr shoes. Yours are getting wet.


Hopefully I can dry these shoes quickly. Let's tie up the boat, nice and securely, and then head in.


It's just a small islet. Strange fruit grow from,some of the trees that creep up to the shore, shaped like spearheads meant to dig int othe soil. There is a path in the middle of the underbrushed, probably been walked a lot by other challengers.


I'm not familiar with this fruit, but I'll bring one along.

"Ready to hike, you two?"

Head down


File: 1487751037666.jpg (24.97 KB, 234x413, mangrove1.jpg)

Interesting. There's a shoot growing out of the fruit already. While fascinating, it seems like an ordinary plant more than anything.

Down the path lies an old hut. Looks like it was used by fishers in a time long past. Lots of depiections of Magikarp. There's a nice old decoration of a magikarp climbing a waterfall, and another of them swimming in an ocean current.



You are deep in meditation with Millie, on one of those nights you forgo sleep and opt to focus on narturing your abilities.

You begin recalling the start of your adventure on your home in Muika Island. A town known for training psychics, years ago your talent was recognised and you were invited to train in the temples. Somewhere along the line, only you know clearly, you met your closest partner, Millie the Ralts, who has grown into a Kirlia just as you took your first steps off your home region in the Sapphire Archipelago.

You recall your adventures thus far. You challenged the fighters at Tumi Island for your first badge and won, then was tested by your Master and claimed your second badge. Your third and toughest trial came on Shuiea, where you had to sail on your own until you found the secret to finding the Mirage Falls, where you challenged the strange water gym leader, Delta, for your third badge and scraped your victory.

It was also on this island where you met fellow travellers, a gloomy native of Shuiea called Arthur, and a proud fighter called Nagi. You had quite a time travelling a short while with Nagi, especially when your boat was hijacked by pirates you defeated handily, and won yourselves a place on an expensive ocean liner for a day of luxury. But such distractions are over, and you have made land in Seagarden. Nagi has already left towards the Fire Plains, the hot region to the northwest, but you might have different plans, as you bring the image of the map to your mind.


Now is a good time to reflect and recall if you so desire.


I think I was going to head northeast to the sunfields, and eventually the city in the center of the continent. Probably the best place to learn more here.


That's a fine plan, as far as plans of travelling trainers go. They tend to be whisked off even their best-laid ones, so no one ever goes into too much detail.

You reach out to your other comrades, prodding their minds while they sleep.

Li, your Combusken, is fast asleep, having an ordinary dream you can't determine, likely one he won't remember by the time morning comes.

Your Golett isn't asleep, despite being in a state of rest. Not as far as you can tell anyway, some Pokemon have vastly different minds that need much more experience to decipher and commune with. Golett and several Mineral group Pokemon among them.

Your Gyarados recently evolved from a Magikarp, and while initially happy, seems to be brooding in his Poke ball. His thoughts are quiet.


Hm. I hope I get an opportunity to let him out along the way at some point. How many lakes are there on the trail?


If you're heading towards the heartland, you should be able to run into rivers and lakes every now and then. Might even camp out near one of them, if you're so inclined.

The pristine, idyllic image of you camping under the stars is suddenly interrupted by spectres coming from the shadows and attacking you. Millie has her reservations of camping alone.


Well of course we wouldn't be alone. Though I should probably invest in a camping guide or something if I want to do that.


The easiest way to camp is along rest stops on routes, where trainers like yourself camp overnight and can purchase services, including a better room to sleep in than the outdoors if you're so inclined. Maybe one of them will be by a lake. Milllie doesn't object, though the picture she paints in her mind is terribly dull. Eh, she's in one of her contrarian moods.


Well, she can be like that if she wants. I think we should be ready to go though, shouldn't we?


Oh fine, it's nearly morning. Hard to believe you're so calm about this.

You bring yourself out of your trance and back to your tiny inn room. Orange light pokes through the window and into pretty much your whole room, which has enough space for a mattress and not much else. Millie yawns, stretchesn then looks wistfully out the window.

The easiest option for breakfast is just downstairs in the cafeteria, if you don't feel like getting a nicer breakfast elsewhere. There are shops to resupply if you need, but this is a rather quiet town.


Calm mind, remember?
Perhaps I should go out for breakfast though. It would give me the opportunity to see what we can stock up on as well.


You pack up, return your key to reception, then head out into town.

The sea air here is different, rather milder than your days spent on your home beaches, staring out into the sea to find some rhythm of the waves. You've heard there's plenty of aquaculture here. Might be heavy, but you can try some of their noodles for breakfast. You seep lenty of people sitting down with a coffee, noodles or porridge, and the day's newspaper. Headlines are all about sightings of new Pokemon…


A heavy breakfast is good on a travel morning. Noodles and coffee would work great. I should check out that newspaper too.


You grab one from a stand, setting you back 20P as you sit down at a roadside stall.

How do you like your coffee? Black, with sugar and cream, or just a lot of cream?

The noodles here are mixed in with fresh seagrasses as a specialty, and that's the first thing a cute waitress offers you.


Cream and sugar. Keep it simple.
I'll take those noodles as well.


I'll put it away in my bad and have a look around some more, I'm pretty curious if they have any more Magikarp images around the hut or islet.


That's 70P. You're given a mug of coffee to gulp ir sup as you please. Millie, sitting opposite you, grabs a sip first. Or a mouthful. She seems stressed.

It's tiny islet, so you're like in the middle of it, and it's got only enough space for one point of interest.


I'll take a look at the newspaper, but keep an eye on her. Maybe something is going on.


File: 1487870591207.png (254.83 KB, 689x788, a0dba2f30fa45aa17fc071467b….png)

>Following eyewitness reports of several previously unknown Pokemon species, scientisst have been monitoring these new Pokemon, capturing and assigning them names. A press conference was earlier held…

"…it was largely due to our Pokedex project that we were able to gather data so quickly and act." spoke Professor Xavier Yew, from the Petrontown Institute. We are still collecting data and are advising rangrs that have been deployed to monitor ecological fallout…"

Millie breaks out of her gloomy mood, curious about the contents of the paper. There is a picture of a seel-like Pokemon you've never seen before.


"It's kind of interesting to find something like this just lying around, huh Quetz?"

If that's it for here, I'll try heading to the Northern island, using my compass to guide me.


Images of Magikarp swimming against a current…

You set sail north, being careful not to draw too near to the mist of the central isle. It takes surpringly long, but you reach it, another islet like the first. The shore here's rockier, so be careful with your boat…


"…new species? So suddenly? Oh wow, that's fascinating."
I let her see the article as well.
"What do you think?"


"Carefully now."


Roll #1 9 = 9


She cheers up a little. At least, this will be fun! Even might be the first to commune with them. Still, have to be careful, you all are heading to a whole other region just on your own and all. But… yeah, atl east there's novel stuff!

"Your noodles, sir!"

Here they are, freshly cooked and ingredients freshly picked. The waitress giggles and gives you a smile.


I smile back, though I'm not nearly as much of a morning person as she is. Well, time to chow down.

Glad Millie seems to have perked up as well.


You manage, though you bump the boat into a few rocks. There's less plant life on this islet, but you notice a cave…

Not even tempted to see what she's thinking?


Maybe a little, in the interest of idle conversation.


Head in with Cali and Quetz.

"Keep your eyes open in case they planned something here."


Meaning, practicing a bit of mind reading on her.
Positive! She felt some kind of endearment looking at you and Millie. As much as you can tell from her when she's walking away already, anyway.

As far as you can tell, it's a small cave, good for taking shelter.

There's some kind of count on the walls. Certain days are marked with blue chalk, and the days that come after those are highlighted.

Seems like whoever stayed here marked especially rainy days with blue, and the more blue it was the more heavy the rainfall. And how much the next day was highlighted also depended on how heavy the rainfall was on the previous day.


Well I think it would be impolite to just mind read everyone I come across.


Good that you remember. Some people have to be taught the hard way.

Enough of that, time for your noodles! It's cooled down enough that you can dig right into the starchy flavour, rich is seagrown spices.


A bit less hearty than I normally like for my breakfast, but it'll keep for a while, and that's important.

Let's get back to that paper. How long have these new species been showing up?


"Seems like someone was stuck here for quite a while then. I've got rations, but hopefully we won't need them. Let's get back on the boat and check West island. I want to check out a few things on the way there."

Hope it stays dry and get back on the boat. I want to check the current and what Mirage Falls looks like from this other direction.


They've only been oficially recognised for a few days, but sightings go back a week, two weeks. While unfonfirmed, given strange behaviour of some wild Pokemon, possibly even longer. What's clear is that they weren't there all along, there was some kind of… migration? But from where?

Millie reaches for more coffee. Her tiny body might become more easily dependent.

No such luck for you. you see rainclouds coming in. Cali and Quetz look upward towards them, but aren't too concerned yet. You trust they'll let you know when it might be best to abandon the boat for shore.

Mirage Falls isle looks nearly the same no matter what direction you see it from. Top covered in rainclouds… which explains where the rain about to hit you comes from, maybe. Seems to be constant rain at the peak, too. You sail counterclockwise to the west islet, where the tattered remains of old tents greet you on shore.



"This doesn't look good. Get ready for surprises."

Carefully look into the tents. Even a basic one isn't cheap, why would people leave them?


These are really old tents, ruined too. Might have been other trainers caught in a storm and forced to abandon or even forfeit. They're torn, clearly heavily damaged. At least, you think they were damaged by a storm.

You keep yourself alert, never know what might happen walking around early in the morning. But you can see or hear nothing of interest, because you really are tired. You slept so late last night!


"Stupid train-lag." I complain, since its clearly the train and not my sleeping habits making me sleepy.
Hopefully its still easy enough to find.. just keep going.


"Let's see what the others might have left behind." I'll look into the fresher looking tents.


Roll for more luck. Don't take a wrong turn or anything!

There are no fresher-looking tents, as much as you can determine. Whatever mighth ave been contained in the tents has been long since eroded away… hang on, a box?
Roll for luck opening it


'1d20' okay

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Wonder why someone would leave this behind…"


Roll #1 13 = 13


You're pretty sure you should take a left turn here… maybe go down here…

Huh, now this is a strange Ranger headquarters! Not only is it underground, it's got fancy neon lighting all around! And those people in uniforms, they're fellow rangers, right?

"Oooh, nice costume! Almost look like you're a real ranger, hun!" One of the other rangers comes to compliment you. Her suit is missing a lot of cloth, they don't recommend wearing your shorts that small…

Inside is a map! It's still visible, but the letter with it is faded and worn. The map indicates an islsand very far away, and is not related at all to the trial. Wonder what it's for, though?


"Uh, thanks.. Who are you?" I examine the building carefully.. '1d20'

Roll #1 13 = 13


"Not what I was expecting, but I don't mind it. But we can check this out after, we have a challenge here for us."

If this is all there is on the islet, we'll take our prize and go check out the Southern, and last, Isle.


"Me? A brave, cute ranger, hosting a party for people who like us!"

You manage to shake yourself awake a little and take a closer look. This isn't a ranger HQ, it's a theme club! And one you probably shouldn't enter… well, you can ask for directions.

You haven't checked inland yet. You can see a stone scupture poking outwards.


Look a little confused.
"Oh, I see. Do you know where the HQ is, fellow adorable ranger?" I ask her and then put my hands on my hips smiling with confidence.


"Time for a hike."

March in with my 'Mons, keeping an eye and an ear out.


"…oh! Walk up and it's down two streets, near the Pokemon center and Mart."

She's very polite.

With small islets like these, it's not much of a hike.
You encounter a stone statue that seems to be a map of the local sea! The islets are carved very clearly onto them, as is Mirage falls isle, though it is a lot less clearly defined. Strangely enough, there seem to be sea routes leading towards Mirage Falls isle. Or is it from? The way the waves are carved make it seem like the currents are coming from the isle and you'll have to sail against them.


"Thanks! Have a nice party." I tell the fake ranger and go the way she said.


Ah… you can feel a soft bed approaching soon. You finalyl find the HQ and slump through the doors, and find the receptionist on duty fiddling with his Game Kid.

"Hi! Ranger checking in?"


"So the map here and the Magikarp one on the Eastern island want us to go against the tide, but we should check out the Southern isle. Remember you two, always verify your information. I've wasted way more time jumping to what I thought was the answer than I'd have spent just looking for more data."

Tuck the map into my waterproof bag and head South.


"Yep! Ranger Amber. Just arrived." I say and hold back a yawn '1d20'
"What's the latest news?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


Good think you're sailing towards the southern isle already, because the rainclouds are coming in. A drizzle approaches as you make shore on the last islet. You should secure your boat and quickly find a place to make shelter…

Luckily, the boat chest has some supplies to help you secure a tent to the ground.

You yawn really loudly, so much that it infects him. What are you, a slowbro?

"Oh, plenty! with the new pokemon around, some rangers have been trying to help relocation efforts and surveys. We've found some Pokemon clearly meant for warming climates running around, for example."


Securing this boat. I'm sure the Gym people won't be pleased if it gets sunk or dragged away.


Roll #1 20 = 20


"Great.. I'll.." I notice my own tiredness at last. "I'll help out with that after I rest.. can I get a bunk, and a cold weather uniform?"


Even in the drizzle, you concentrate on securing the boat to shore wwith whatever you can. You've done it just right, so it's capable of drifting a safe distance without being pulled too far away. You even manage to secure some tarp over it so it won;t be too wet later.

Now to check out the islet.


"Quartermaster will be awake later, so go ahead and nap first! There's a free bed on the third floor dormitory. Night!"


"Hmmhm thanks." I'll go upstairs and find a nice place to rest.


"Come on, let's find some place to keep away from the drizzle."

Head in, keeping an eye out for a safe place.


Lucky you, free bed? More like whole free dorm! You get the bunk by the window and plop yourself down.. do you have the willpower to change to sleep clothes?

You reach the top of a small hill, which has sculptures of what looks like rainclouds. Smaller magikarp statues surround it, and the look like they're trying to jump towards the rainclouds.

Nice scultpures, but you need to put down your shelter. And eat, too, you have your rations. It's nearly dinner time, and in the excitement you skipped lunch.


Nah, why bother. Just sleep in these.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I'll set up next to a sturdy looking statue, to block some of the wind and rain, then share the rations with my team.


You plop down… this was a mistake. You thrash around in bed, hardly getting to rest. You wake up on your arm, and sure enough it's asleep. Worse, it's already noon! You might not shake off this feeling of sleepiness for the whole day!

Just in time, you hammer down the pegs of your tent. You crawl in and secure the flap just before a strong wind blows and rain starts slapping against the sides.

Cali and Quetz find it quite relaxing, but the moment you let Dynamo out for food he immediately picks up his share and hops back in his ball, refusing to come out.


Travelling is tougher than I thought.. maybe Arthur is onto something with taking the slow route..
Oh well, let's go talk to the quarter master.


The supply room is on the ground floor, next to the canteen.

"Oh, you come to help with the recent activity too?" Asks the quartermaster, an aged lady leaning on her counter.


I nod. "Yep. I came from south." I explain. "Need some cold weather gear."


"Based on the notes in the cave, we might be stuck here a moment."

Look outside, how hard is it coming down?


Judging by the sounds the raindrops are making on your tent, pretty hard. And every minute it becomes evne louder. Hopefully you secured your tent well.


"Let's go over what we learned. The East, West, and Southern islands all had some things telling us to go against the tide, into the storm. The Northern one had it marked that it was going to rain hard. So it looks like all the clues point to heading into the storm, but I don't like this heavy rain." Take a deep breathe. "So, are you two ready to help me get through it?"


Quetz and Cali look very concerned. In this weather? That's crazy! And besides, how sure are you that you have to head out into the rain?


"Yeah, I was thinking the same." I sigh. "Thing is, that's what all the information we've got says to do. It looks like we've got all the answers, we just need to submit them at this point. Unless you noticed something I missed?"


Quetz draws two lines and Cali spits on the first one with a bit of water, making it wet. Quetz then tries to point attention to the one that is dry, which hcomes afterwards.


"Is that… a land bridge? We should wait for that to appear?"


Cali shakes her head. Quetz tries to point out to you that the line is dry, while Cali lays out your bedroll and tries to encourage you to take a nap.


"In my defense, I was always bad at charades." I'll take Cali's advice and lie down. We've been to quite a few places today. "So something was wet, and then it wasn't…" I'll take a break, maybe the storm will break too.


Probably a good idea.

Roll for the quality of your rest. Willing to sleep or just lying down?


A nap is fine, I don't want to be caught by surprise by when the weather is bad and I'm in a tent.


Roll #1 20 = 20


The rain puts you in a meditiative state. You don't lose awareness of the world around you, but listening to the rhythm of the raindrops above you and knowing how they will touch the earth helps you enter a kind of restful trance. You know exactly when the rain lets up and when the drizzle finally stops, which is right now. You feel very rested, despite not actually sleeping at all.


"Two lines, one wet, one dry later…"

Let's look outside, see what's changed after the rain.


When you head out to shore, you see a lot of magikarp splashing about. They all seem to be swimming in a certain direction…


"I've never seen Magikarp like this." Pop up the Pokedex, see if I can get some images of this.

"Alright, I still don't know what he meant by finding my own flow, but the flow of life seems to mean follow the Magikarp. Let's go!" Untie the boat and follow.


Don't forget to pack up!

You set of on the boat once everything's in place. The magikarp seem to be following a current of some kind. Or rather, swimming against it. Your boat's motor is chugging along fine for now.


I probably could have done a better job of packing, but this definitely deserves to go into the Pokedex.

"Cali, Quetz, you think they're all headed to Mirage Falls?" I'll try to be careful not to run into any of them.


It's possible! both of them look curiously on at the Magikarp, Cali holding back her urge to dive and skewer one for breakfast.

The further along you sail, the more magikarp seem to be joining the route. It is still very early in the morning and the moon is clearly reflected on the water's surface, but the lights on the boat combined with the remarkably clear starlight gives ample visibility. Might be good to have some breakfast while sailing along.


The odd haunting giggle around you plays out as you make your way back to the town from the graveyard that you had to make your final delivery too.

Every hair on you is standing on end. You can feel something about to leap in from the trees on your forest path. You have a better chance of fighting it off than most people, but you're still.. well, you're not quite afraid, right?


I-I'm just properly paranoid is all! I'm just being conscious of the fact that these woods are probably dangerous at night… which seems to be the case for me…
Just keep moving forward; if I don't react to it, maybe it'll get bored and go away and stop creeping on me.


"We might need you soon, so don't jump in just yet." Pass Cali a ration and get one for Quetz and the others. "But keep your eyes on them, we really don't know what they're after like this."

Keep following.


Maybe so! But the way you're going about it is very encouraging.

You can suddenly feel the giggling stop, as if they've been frightened off or repelled. In its place, though, a haunting tune being played on some kind of flute is drawing near.

The route is quite long. Your boat moves slower as you have to sail against the current, and you've gone circles around nearly every islet. A white mist draws near as you sail the last lap around the last islet, and you can feel your boat bobbing with Magikapr underneath.

Cali, seeing this, quickly gorges the rest of her ration and readies herself. By now, the first hints of daylight are coming over the horizon.


"I'm looking ahead to make sure I don't run into anymon, keep an eye out for whatever is causing them to swarm like this." I tighten my grip on the boat I try to take a few more images.


Well shoot, either I'm in luck or I've stumbled into the lair of the biggest and meanest of the bunch.
…Which doesn't scare me at all! I'm going to keep moving and… and move a bit more carefully, is all, I'm not slowing down, you're slowing down, I'm perfectly fine!


Your pokedex records whatever useful data it can, but Magikarp aren't of much interest, usually.

Before you knwow it, mist has fully encveloped your boat, and you can only see a few mteres forward. It takes a lot more care to steer properly.

A singing voice can be heard from somewhere, too.

As the tune grows louder and clearer, you realise you've heard it somewhere before. That same song even unsettled Julia.

"Oh? Hey, Justus, right? Fancy running into you here."

It's that girl who played the strange flute back when you had that beach party, and she was just playing it too. What was her name again?


"Quetz, Cali, you hear that?" Do my best not to hit the Magikarp. "That's not just my imaginiation, someone is singing in this mess?"


…Shit. Good thing I can fall back on pretending the problem isn't there.
"Yeah, my last package delivery was to a graveyard of all places. What brings you out here though? Not exactly a lot happening out here aside from prank-happy ghosts."


Yes, there's a song. Neither of them seem very concerned, though. They're more occupied with trying to follow the current.

The singing reaches its peak as the mist finally begins to clear, and you clearly see Mirage Falls isle in front of you. Several Lapras swim by your boat, and it seems they were the ones singing as a pod.

The magikarp swim up the mouth of a river, big enough for your boat to follow.

"I was looking for a ghost Pokemon! I thought it would be nice to add to my team, but.. not al ot of them liked it. This one did, though."

A cubone follows her, seemingly curious about the song, even as you feel whatever ghost pokemon out there cautiously backing away from her.


"Well, there's certainly plenty of ghost pokemon in these woods. If that guy likes you, I'd say go ahead and go with it. Better a friend made willingly and all that."
If she's really a ghost-repellant like she seems to be, then I think I just got my ticket out of these woods unharassed.


"Woah…" Keep the Pokedex up, focus it on the Lapra. "That's why you two were so calm then."

Keep following the Magikarp carefully. Are the Lapras coming?=


"Maybe so. I didn't plan on taking this little one in, but it seems like it really wants a home of some kind… Plus, it likes my flute's music. All my pokemon do, so maybe it'll fit in well."

She bends down and looks at the Cubone, who seems eager to follow her.

"But it's much too late and we should get back. Coming with?"

They're just swimming around, they weren't following the current.

The plants of the isle are strange. Yoiu've at least seen those interesting marine plants before in books or vaguely heard mentions of them, but these grow and colours and shapes that you'd hardly expect to see. Tree with half their leaves a rosey pink, lillies that droop into the water and extned tendrils into the soil beneath…

You arrive at a large lake, fed by several small waterfalls. While you can't sail futher upwards, the Magikapr do their best to jump over the falls, towards their destination above. A footpath and small pier might indicate how you're suppoed to go, though.


"Sure. With that delivery to the vulpix done, my work here's done. I was actually on my way out when I ran into you."
I imagine this girl's better off taking what she can get considering how most pokemon seem to react to that flute of hers, so maybe a gentle nudge to settle for the little guy would be better for her.
"Well, there's something a guy I knew used to say; something along the lines of 'one volunteer is worth ten mooks,' I think. Point is, the little fella's ready and willing; not like you're going to lose anything by giving him a shot."


"Now that's a pretty good way of thinking."

She carefully picks up the Cubone, who doesn't object. They wordlessly look at each other for a while.

"I understand… you too, huh?"

"Thanks for the suggestion. I think I can give this fella a home after all. Seems to be a running theme with my pokemon, heh heh."


…You know, all in all, talking to pokemon without actually talking isn't even the strangest thing I've seen today.

"Just speaking my mind is all. Glad it helped you make a decision. Though be honest, if you hadn't, you'd just keep thinking about that cubone from the forest who was eager to follow you and seemed so sad when you left him in the forest, and it'd be a whole thing where you're sad about making it sad and they'd save you a spot on the five-o-clock drama channel… It'd be a real gripping show. Everyone would complain about it lacking any real substance, but they'd keep tuning in every day to see what happens next…"

"…I think I've lost track of where I was taking this line of thought."



Seems you're going to need a fishing rod after all!
Or a spear?


I think a fishing rod might be easier… I think I'll just need bamboo or another strong stick and something to use as string, also a hook

Actually this might not be easy at all, curses!


You could sharpen a stick as a spear, since you have Nadia to drive them to you! You can easily take a stick and sharpen it, but you'd need the strength to spear a fish.

What will you do?


"This is our stop." Take an image or two of the Magikarp. It's important that we know about them if I can help it. "I'll tie this up out of the way, so they don't jump into it, and then we can head out."


Roll #1 19 = 19


You're very good at securing boats. considered sailing on your own to your other destinations?

You climb the trail yourself, passing pool by pool as magikarp struggle to leap the bounds. At the top, after nearly half an hour's climb, you reach a small lake, fed by a large waterfalll whose top is obscured in mist. You do hear, however, the distinctive cry of a Gyarados, which you can see flying off the top, moments after just one Magiakrp made the jump.

At the end of the lake, you see a human figured sitting on the water, kneeling under the watefall.


Well seems like the spear is the best option after all. Maybe I shouldn't really have refused the offer of that elder fisherman when he offered to give me his old rod

Well let's find ourselves a thick branch to fashion a spear of
I'll head to the west to C-5


No need, there are plenty of trees and fallen branches here. You need help fashoning it into a proper implement though. Ask… Tina? Jasper?


"We aren't the only ones interested in the area right now, it seems." Walk near them, I don't want to get anymore wet than I am. "Hello there."


As you approach, it becomes clearer that the person is not kneeling on any kind of rock on the water, but on the water's surface itself. This is made even clearer when he stands right on the surface, with only a bit of his feet sinking into the water.

"I see you've made it, Squire." It was the gym leader after all. "Nice place, isn't it? Good for a battle."


Nah I should have this. Take the knife and let's get to sharpening


"Cool." Respectfully bow to a Gym Leader. "Yeah, it would be a good way to finalize this gym. I'll admit, I really liked just getting here. But win or lose, you have to show me how to do that."


Yes, roll.

"Oh, do this?"

He sighs and shrugs.

"Part of being a gym leader in a Mirage spot. We're… tied to these places, in a way. I'll say, sitting on this pond is probably more enjoyable than having plants grow out of my back. Haven't met Maple of the Mirage Axis, have you? She's the grass gym leader, and she loves impressing people who reach her with it."

He laughs.



Roll #1 10 = 10


You manage to pull a few branches otgether into something you mighght be able to spear a small fish with. It'll probably be too damaged to use afterwards, though. And I hope you're prepared to end its suffering immediately.


"Really? I need to get out more than I did as a student. You don't mind if I take a picture?"


"I do, unfortunately. I would like to keep my position as a mysterious keeper tied to the land seen only by the worthy than be a tourist attraction. Maybe if I found a photographer trainer with the skill to seek me out and also capture what they've seen with proper nuance… Actually, do you even have a camera?"


I'm just worried about not hitting Nadia
Let's go into the water and let her out


"UHM, just as a general question. It's beautiful here."


Nadia gleefully leaps into the water, happy to be in her homeground. She's locked on to a juicy basculin… alright, she's started attacking it! She's managed to injure it, and it's heading towards you…

skewer it, now!

"All that hard work must have been worth something, eh?"

He stretches, before reaching his hands towards to falls to wash his face.

"Alright. Ready for our battle, or do you need time to prepare?"


"Nadia move out of the way!" I shout at her very seriously and

Roll #1 18 = 18


"Nope, ready as I'll ever be. Cali, you've been wanting it, so you're up first."


"i hope you don't mind if I am rougher on you than most. I intend very much to test you, dragon child."

He speaks calmly as he walks to a side of a lake, where a stone floor lies just below the water's surface, beckoning you to take your place.

You manage! You cry out as you plunge in with just enough force to skewer the struggling Basculin, already weakened by Nadia's ambush. It takes all your strength to pull it out of the water, especially as it struggles with an implement through its body, bleeding.

you need to do something, now.


Pull it out and hold it down "I'm really sorry"
And try my best to quickly cut off its head with the survival knife


"My friends wouldn't have it any other way." Walk up. "And anything I learn from it is valuable."


File: 1488561465069.png (1.41 MB, 1600x1000, gyarados___aqua_tail_by_is….png)

No! You can't decapitate a pokemon with just a knife!
You tear a massive wound right into the Basculin, and it bleeds profusely all over, yet has strength fuelled by agonizing pain to struggle harder than ever.

Blood covers your hand, and you drop the knife.

You take your place on a stone platform just below the lake surface. As the gym leader faces you, rippled form under his feet.
He reaches… not for a Pokeball, but signals to the lake, and utters something you cannot hear.

You feel a presence emerging from the lake. A moment later, you hear a mighty crash of water as something massive erupts from within the lake. It gracefully flieso ut of the water, swimming through the air before landing in front of its partner and gazing towards you. A full-grown Gyarados.

"My partner wants to test you, too."

You are challenged by Waterbearer Delta!
Waterbearer Delta sends out Gyarados!


"Incredible." I stare for a bit. "Alright Cali, let's do this together."

"I know how yo ulike to fight, but let's set up first. Use Razor Shell!" '1d20' '3d8+10'

Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 2, 4, 1 + 10 = 17


"Oh, and, I will only be using my partner. Use all of your comrades and try to defeat us."

The Gyarados roars mightily and bares its fangs against Cali! She shudders, but carries enough momentum for her first strike.

The Gyrados looks to the sky and roars. The rainclouds from above gather around the arena, and it begins raining!

The rain boosts Cali's attack as she slices her shell into the Gyarados! She rides the momentum of the oncoming storm. Though the Gyarados resists with its sleek swimming scales, it manages to strike between them, bypassing some defense and breaking some for later. The gyardos winces.


"Try to keep it off balance, use Water Pulse!" '1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 3, 7 + 10 = 20


Cali is overconfident with the sucess of her melee attack, and greatly misjudges how to follow up. Her water pulse misses entire, while the Gyarados leaps around her and bares its fangs! Its fangs sink into her, and she barely managed to defend herself.

Cali's HP: 64/91, -1 ATK


"Cali, stay in control of yourself and focus like we did at the Shrine. You can do this!"

Focus Energy '1d20'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Yes, yes, relax. In the rain, in a place like this, Cali calms herself down and takes in the battlefield. Cali has become pumped!

She's not the only one. The Gyarados flies up and enegizes itself with a powerful dance, riding the winds of the intensifying storm and brimming with power in a Dragon Dance.

Cali's HP: 64/91, -1 ATK, Pumped+


"Alright, that's great. Use Razor Shell again, take down Gyarado's scales!"

'1d20' '3d8+10'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 5, 7, 6 + 10 = 28


First, she must defend herself. The Gyardos dives at her again, and sinks its fangs around her arm! The teeth opens a gahs right on her off arm. She reels and would have missed her retatialtion if not for her focus, and manages to tear away a few scales from tha Gayrados's face with ehr next slash.

Cali's HP: 17/91, -1 ATK, Pumped

She's not going to last long. She will make her last stand.


"Cali, once more, aim for the scales!"

Karate Chop '1d20' '1d8+8'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 2 + 8 = 10


Cali is not fast enough, and the moment she raises her arm, the Gyarados dives into her, knocking her over and onto the water. She floats on her back groaning and nursing her arm, while her shell falls int othe depths of the lake…

Send out who next?


"You did your best Cali. That's all I can ask."

Retrieve Cali, release Airy.

"Alright Airy, we've got a big match-up, but I know you can handle it. Use Sleep Powder, let's try something I don't do enough."

Sleep Powder '1d20'

Roll #1 20 = 20


Airy bravely faces down the beast. It lunges foward, and Airy is helpless as it tears off the eaves on her head with a sickening rip. She looks misshapen and shaken, but holds enough of herself together to release a cloud of powder just as it dives in. The Gyarados feels the effects, and becomes drowsy, unable to concenctrate on battling.

Airy's HP: 32/73


"You did it! Let's not waste this chance. Use Leech Seed while it's down!" '1d20'

Roll #1 12 = 12


The first throes of sleep are always hard to shake off. Airy scatters seeds over the helpless Gyarados, and the plant right inthe gaps between its scales. She feels refreshed, sapping from the lifeblood of the powerful beats before her.

Airy's HP: 45/62


"Airy, get our Stun Spores on it while it is still asleep! We have to use this chance!"

Stun Spore '1d20'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Thw winds of the rain pick up as Airy tries to scatter a new cloud of powder. The Gyarados roars awake, and looks to the sky.

The clouds are beginning to clear, but there is much it can still do with them. It whips its tail and pulsl the wind towards it, creating a cyclone that rushes toward Airy.

You cannot see what is in the Hurricane, but you can hear Airy cry out. You struggle to keep your feet ino the ground in the windstorm, and at the end all you can see is Airy's limp form being ejected out. She's falling…

Airy's HP: -25/42

The rain clears at last. You sense a bit of weakness in the gyarados.


I try to catch her!

"Airy, hold on!"


Roll #1 13 = 13


You manage to safely grab her in your arms. She's tired and worn. The leaves on her head have been sliced off and gashes line her tiny body. She sighs. Cali comes to you, offering to look after her in your stead while you continue the fight.


"Thanks. We'll help both of you as soon as we can." Look to Quetz. "Let's do this."

"Slow it down, use the clouds that are left to call down thunder on it!"

Thunder Wave '1d20'

Roll #1 20 = 20


File: 1488609767917.png (204.38 KB, 1131x707, mega_gyarados___aqua_tail_….png)

"Good, good! You've brought out your partner! I think I should show a bit more, too."

Delta grasps a handful of water from the lake. Somehow, it stays solid, shaped like a blade. He pluges the liquid blade into his arm, drawing blood. As the first drop flows, the Gyarados becomes cloaked in a veil of water. When the cocoon breaks, the Gyarados reveals its transformation. Large fins spread out from its back, it reveals a thicked body, and a much more menacing face.

Quetz is not intimidated, and uses the water of the lake and receding rain to channel a bolt of electricty right into it. It winces, stunned, and you can see its movements slow.


"We'll have to move fast. Use Agility, do your best to stay ahead of Gyarados."

Agility '1d20'

Roll #1 17 = 17


Qutz lightens his body, darting suddeunly to and fro in a show of agility. The effect sis immediate, while The Gyarados manages to lunge for an attack, for the first time, you see it fail and miss. All the while you see it slowly weakening, thanks to Airy's last controbution to the battle.

Qutz: 70/70, +2 spd


"Send it back. Use Dragon Tail to keep your distance."

'1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 5, 1 + 10 = 16


Quetz darts forward, whipping his body into the Gyarados! He hits where a few scales have chipped thanks to Cali's earlier work, and would have not even managed to make the beast react otherwise. The gyarados, hindered, is not helpless. It bares its fangs and clamps down on Quetz, and he only barely manages to escape being caught in its mouth. His body bears deep gashes from slipping out between its fangs.

The Gyrados is panting, exhausted, and Quetz' vigoured is refreshed a little by Airy's seeds. It might almost be over.

Qutz's HP: 29/63, +2 spd


"Just hold out for one more Quetz! Hammer it again with Dragon Tail!"

'1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 1, 4 + 10 = 15


Quetz darts forward, putting asm uch strength as he can for a last attack. He hammers right into where the scales were chipped again, beating into the Gyarado's injury. It roars…

"My, I keep underestimating people who come here."

He clasps his hand over the wound on his arm, and the Gyarados falls int othe lake, seemingly defeated. When it surfaces, it is no longer mega evolved.

"Was that not enough? I'm sorry if I disappointed you."


"You went through so much of my team, Gyarados was great, but I'm worried about Airy and Cali and Quetz. They went through a lot to achieve this."


"They did, don't forget. My Gyarados acted alone, and was defeated… more easily than I anticipated. You are strong, but not alone. I'm not sure what you got from this experience, but I hope you learned something."

Delta steps across the now-calm surface of the lake, extending his hand. He holds a clear badges shaped like a droplet.

"The Flowing badge. You've earned it well."


"I did learn important things. Thank you for the battle and the badge." Bow properly and accept it. "But I think Airy had a number done on her. I need to get her some treatment, then I'll come back for Cali's shell. It fell into the lake."


File: 1488613343079.png (81.38 KB, 1234x648, primarina_by_hiromu_kun-da….png)

"She'll be fine here, you might as well all stay to rest a while. Hang on."

Delta whistles, and an Alomomolaa emerges from the lake. It swims towards Cali and Airy resting on the shore, and emits a strange light pulse. They both look much better, thought they still need time to heal. It beggins rubbing a muscus on its skin onto their wounds, which seems to help seal them.

"Now, if only we had some mystic water… but that will have to wait. I know you're here. Come out."

You listen closely, and hear a seel-like barking. From below a strange Pokemon leaps gracefully onto the lake.


"I hope you're feeling better Airy. You and Cali took some good hits." I say to her as I carry her. "Wow, it's beautiful." I stammer out as I look at the Pokemon


It is beautiful. Almost eeriely so. It has an alien feel to it.

"So you want to take this island and the surrounding seas for your pack? I sympathise, but I can't just give it to you."

He calls out for his Gyarados again, which suddenly has its strength renewed. all around, more seel-like water Pokemon emerge, watching the battle unfold.

The strange water Pokemon fights fiercely and elegantly. It uses its eerie, beautiful voice as a weapon, singing to lull its beastly opponent or yelling to hurt. It also seems to be a fairy type, it uses Moonblast, which you always found to be rather unnerving. Even so, it is no match for the Gyarados, whose brute strength becomes its own grace. It dances across the water's surface, a Dragon Dance…

Quetz is observing intently. Maybe he can learn something?


I let out my other Pokemon so we can all observe what's happening here. I'll stay quiet and watch.


Roll #1 6 = 6


The secrets of a Dragon Dance are much too complicated for young, inexperienced Quetz to grasp right now.

Energized, the Gyarados charges at the Primarina, this time displaying more of its full power. It leaps up high, dodging one of the dewgong-like pokemon's moonblasts, then comes crashing down in a final finishing blow.

The pokemon strugg;es to stay up on a rock in the lake, and Delta walks right up to it.

"Still, I think you and your clan should have a home here. You had to flee from somewhere too, I see. Primarina, right? Fine, but from now on, you serve me."

He places a Pokeball in front of the defeated Pokemon, and it accepts, wilingly going in. The sound of a successful capture plays, and Delta immediately releases it to swim in the lake. The seel-like pokemon around you spread out, their leader now in the island guardian's service and their leave to stay secured.


"Gyarados seems even stronger now that we're not on the receiving end. It moves so powerfully." I'll look towards the new additions. "They look great. I'm hard pressed not to admit I'm envious of what you have in this lake." I try to smile, then I remember something. "Cali, your shell, you think you can go for it now?"


"Oh, let me help you with that."

Delta calls out, and from deep below a Milotic emerges. In its mouth it holds… something like a Dewott's shell, but much sharper, larger and refined. If Cali had a weapon like this… well, she's thinking about what she could do with it, judging by her face.


"You worked hard to get here, so claim what's yours Cali."


"Well, that doesn't look like a Dewott's shell to me, but I'd take it all the same."

The Milotic dives back down, and this time brings back Cali's shell. This one has the chip in it from when she parried a Scizor's attack, the one she carved herself into a weapon. Cali seems torn.


"If you only had to pick one, which one would you choose?"

Delta offhandedly mentions, curious.


"You should take what's yours, Cali. You've fought so long and hard with it. Every chip there is a memory of your efforts."


"I see. That's a valid answer. You don't want to lose sight of who you are even if it means you won't go as far as you could. Consider the other one a gift, then, I'm sure your Dewott will find a use for it in time to come."

Cali is overjoyed as she gets her own shell back. She slots the new shell blade on her back, after practicing a few cuts with it.

"It is getting late. Please, stay here for as long as you like. And now that you've found this island, you'll be able to return here much more easily."


"You'll get plenty of chances to use both where we're going Cali. I at least want to make sure they're better, but even I'm going to have a hard time pulling myself away from here."


Cali nods. Feeling better, she jumps into the lake for a swim. It's sunset and the orange sky reflects nicely off the lake surface. With a battle so tough, you're getting hungry.


"Speaking of pulling away, is there any place nearby to get something to eat, or am I going to have to apply what I learned in Survival Training here?"


"Hmmm… actually, why don't I host a dinner for you? If you don't mind, of course."


"Really? Sure! If it won't be too much of an imposition. You seem to have lots to do here and I don't want to pull you away from your duties."


File: 1489215955115.jpg (85.72 KB, 640x480, joglo.jpg)

"Oh, time is one of those things I have a lot of. Please, follow me."

He leads you up a hill to the side of the lake, climbing past yet another waterfall to a smaller pool. On the side of the pool is a house in islander style.

"Come in and make yourself comfortable in the meantime, I should be done cooking in an hour or so. Been meaning to try a few things…"


"Except for some geography books, it's the first time I've ever really been in a house like this. It's really nice, much better looking than the stuff I'm used to."


File: 1489216458980.jpg (58.28 KB, 736x552, 4f3df7b719d88c12fd529854dd….jpg)

"First time for everything. Glad you like it, I decided sleeping in the lake wasn't for me after a few weeks. Just because I'm a gym leader in tune with the natural world and all doesn't mean I have to live like a savage!"

He laughs and heads into his kitchen, calling out a Ludicolo to assist him. Now you're in his living room, where's it's pretty quiet.

"Oh yes, if the television's working you can try turning it on, if not help yourself to whatever!"


"I've gotten used to roughing it, but how did you get a wire all the way out here?"


"Sattelite penetrates a lot of things, surprsingly!"


"I'll take you up on the offer then. I haven't watched TV since I left home, to be honest."

Power on the tube, see what's on the news or any of the available channels.


File: 1489217104805.jpg (68.81 KB, 1008x353, us-army-gen-iii-gen-3-ecwc….jpg)

>The supply room is on the ground floor, next to the canteen.

"Oh, you come to help with the recent activity too?" Asks the quartermaster, an aged lady leaning on her counter.

>▶Amber [Ranger] 15 days ago No.24427

>I nod. "Yep. I came from south." I explain. "Need some cold weather gear."

The old lady heaps a winter coat on you, some thicker socks and gloves, plus a set of thick woolen innerwear.

"There! Should be good enough to get you all the way to Whiteveil, but if you want to go into the ice wastes you'll have to ask at the outpost there. good enough?


It's already tuned to a kid's channel when you turn it on. It's that popular show about ponytas and their adventures.


I spin around a bit, testing the movement of it.
"Wow, its poofy." I comment.


"That's how it traps the air to insulate! You have to use the straps to tie it down to keep your mobility. That's 1000P for the set, anything else?"


I remember watching this a few times, but I don't recall the reason. Let's switch the channel, see what else was on there.


pay for the set.
"Uh, got anything to help pokemon that are vunerable to cold?"


Is the sports channel what you're looking for? They're airing some competitive racing in the Fire plains desert. Someone on a Rapidash is desperately competing with someone else on a Zebstrika.

"If only! Pokemon come in too many shapes and sizes, and even the lightest coat could affect theior ability to function. My advice is to keep those cold-vulnerable Pokemon in their balls until you need them, and don't let them out for long."


"Ah, okay. I better get going then, have a nice day!" Go to the front desk again.


I'll watch this. Might come in useful when I'm able to ride Dynamo.


"Oh, Ranger! Looking for work? We're a little short handed, and there was a request filed in earlier…"

The Rapidash rider is very much in tune with his Pokemon. You note how absolutely none of his movements hinder the Rapidash in every way, every little action helps push it forward. It's a lot more complicated than you can understand.


I make an energetic leaning motion.
"Yes! Give me the hardest job you have."


"If I even was half as good as that guy, I'd be able to cut a ton of time from this trip." I think to myself. If he's still cooking, change the channel.


"Alright… You got to meet up with some crew from the Lanobe gym at a cafe soon, you guys are going to be hunting an… unknown Pokemon? Oh, it's one of those strange new Pokemon. They can take care of the fighting, they need rangers to help them with other things, I think. Up for it?"

News channels? Apparently, average sea levels has dropped about a centimeter since a few weeks ago. Not sure why this is newsworthy.


"I'm in, where's the cafe?"


I'm sure Delta would be interested in that, but hopefully something comes up from back home. Keep watching.


"Just across the street from here. don't want to keep them waiting!"

That's all for now, unfortunately.

"Alright! We can eat now!"

Delta beckons you outside.


"I'm on my way." Leave with a dash… to the cafe across the street!


Hey, it's Riss and the two other men again! And Professor Yew, half asleep while holding a coffee.

"Hi, Amber! Guess you're our help for today? I think we can head off now, we got a message from the other ranegrs they'll be waiting at the site itself."


"Yea.. wait.. you're the ones from Lanobe gym then?" I laugh. "I guess I didn't need to show up after all if it was you." Stand around near them.
"Let's go help that pokemon then. You can fill me on the way."


"Alright. There've been reports of a blackouts in the area lately, but we haven't found any defects in the city power supply. Some people have seen a weird Pokemon near some power lines. We think it's one of those new Pokemon that's been popping up, but we don't know how dangerous it is. We're going to have to find it, defeat it, then captrue it for study. We're not even sure if regular Poke balls would work, so we're not going to just capture it. Just help us navigate the forst, yes?"

The party heads towards another road, where a jeep comes to pick all of you up.


"Sounds simple." I confidently climb into the van. Already try to pay attention to where we go.


"Sure hope so! It's waaay too cold here, can't wait to get back."


Professor Yew, having taken his place riding shotgun, is contributing well to the navigation of the vehicle.

The vehicle is headed west, out of town and off where the paved roads give way to dirt roads. It stops when a winter range flags down the jeep.