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Seeing the sun's rays shining over the ocean lets us know a new day is about to begin.

And when we see the moon sinking into the ocean, we know that the day is done.

The world is still yet unexplored, and light still shines on your paths ahead. Forge on. Adventure awaits.


Red otherworldly spider lilies mark the vast field you emerge into as you leave the jungle. You've spent days taking care of your hungry plant, now blossomed into a beautiful red lily itself. The Mirage Axis, the great tree that has always overlooked your hometown, can finally be reached, and even your flower seems to be beckoning you forward.


You're in the middle of a ferry journey. You feel asleep halfway through… and wake up just as the boat docks. You're not at your destination yet, you're at Nori Peak, a stopover known for the vast underwater fields of seaweed that are harvested seasonally. You have enough rations to tide you over if you would rather just sleep in the ferry, but if you're willing to spend you could disembark for a bowl of famous seaweed rice and a better bed.


You were in the middle of a lesson with Viola, your bug survivalist friend. She's brought you into the jungles north of Dervor Town and is busy trying to teach you what she knows. You're trying your best, right?


You were taking a night ferry down to Bridge Island, working as a courier. You noticed that the other passengers had blindfolds and earplugs on, and when you refused those offered by the ferry crew you noticed them preparing a straitjacket. Must be nothing, right?


Your eventful luxury cruise ship ride after storming the pirate base ended when you made landfall at the Seagarden. Nagi, your swordslady friend, is getting a train ticket towards the Fire Plains, the Northwest region of the continent. You're still trying to decide where you wanted to go.


After Echo discovered a new passion for, uh, the female pokemon form, you decided to tap into that by seeing the Pokemon contests around Fabiorge City. Contests are a new thing and don't have much support, but small local contests conventions are held occasionally. You witnessed a strange, exotic dance by a girl called Clara and her Starly, who has won much audience favour despite the influence of Nyanno-chan, a popular Poketube celebrity.


You're at your first gym! The electric gym, which seems to be some kind of massive film studio in one of the most luxurious buildings in Binestrone City.
As part of the gym challenge, you're going to have to act out… something to an audience of electric Pokemon. You were led into a dressing room, and you've got a large array of props and costumes for you to use. The note on your mirror says 'A show about you'.
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"Sure hope so! It's waaay too cold here, can't wait to get back."


Professor Yew, having taken his place riding shotgun, is contributing well to the navigation of the vehicle.

The vehicle is headed west, out of town and off where the paved roads give way to dirt roads. It stops when a winter range flags down the jeep.

"Nearer than we thought, I think it's trying to approach the town. Ready?"


"Always." I'll climb out and approach the fellow ranger.


File: 1489221257178.jpg (35.06 KB, 311x380, xurkitree.jpg)

You see the air crackle in the trees up ahead.

Professor Yew suddenly shakes awake and strides out commandingly. He puts on a pair of strange glasses and follows the ranger in, along with Riss's crew.

You're not sure what you're looking at. It's digging into the ground while some of its tentacles are wrappd around a tree, wavering like jelly. Electric sparks fly from its head from time to time.

"Most likely to have electric type properties. Don't leave any Electric-weak Pokemon out. Spectral analysis suggests a keratinous skin… not too out of the ordinary despite how creepy it moves. Get ready."

The rangers move to take their positions, but it notices and roars. You're not even sure how it's making a sound with no mouth.


Get a position near a tree, and call out Rusty just in case it comes this way.


One of the men sends out a Mightyena! It distracts the strange thing, darting back and forth and dodging bursts of electricity. This gives zoe the window to have her Gabite dig up from under, clawing at the strange beast!

It;s enraged, and fires bolts everywhere. Oh no, dodge!


'1d20' dodge lightning? sure.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Rusty pushes you out of the way, but barely manages to leap out before the tree you were hiding behind comes toppling down! On the ground, your instincts kick in and you manage to dodge another bolt by rolling, but you can feel the charge in the air prickle your skin. The thing is panicing and sending even more bolts around! It has to be subdued fast!


Maybe rusty can help hinder it a bit.
"Try mud slap." '1d20' '1d6+6'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 3 + 6 = 9


Rusty kicks mud at the weird thing! But that only enrages it more! Though Rusty's mud hinders its movements a little, it launches a thunderbolt straight at Rusty this time. The shock leaves Rusty squeling, and he is singed, with parts of his iron hide burned…

Rusty's HP: 30/63

You can see the thing charging up for another strong electric attack.


Okay.. Don't panic, get Tamiyo out.
"Protect, quick."


Tamiyo is out, and is ready to defend herself! The thing ignore her, however, and goes straight for the other trainers!
Riss is too caught up in the attack to notice her party in trouble, and you were bracing for an attack on your ened, not to leap over to help…

The electric bolt is suddenly drawn into a different direction, into a Pokemon resembling a Marowak. The current passes safely through and it is completely unharmed.


File: 1489223615497.png (14.73 KB, 256x256, BI5TmJb.png)


"This thing is just shooting at anyone.."
That Marowak, is it with someone?


Yes, you see a familliar face emerge from the trees. It's Zoe!

"Is there trouble? I-oh!"

More of the thing's electric bolts get drained into the weird Marowak! This frees up the chance for Riss' Gabite to deal a finishing blow. As it falls over, Professor Yew has his Roserade spread a cloud of sleep powder, making sure the strenge beast stays down.

"Yes, we really should have brought a lightningrod, huh? Thanks. I remember you, how's that pokedex been?"

"Oh! Good!"


▶Cello [Researcher] 20 days ago No.24483

>Pull it out and hold it down "I'm really sorry"

>And try my best to quickly cut off its head with the survival knife

No! You can't decapitate a pokemon with just a knife!

You tear a massive wound right into the Basculin, and it bleeds profusely all over, yet has strength fuelled by agonizing pain to struggle harder than ever.

Blood covers your hand, and you drop the knife.


ah dang oh crap oh lord what have I done what was I thinking
Sorry, sorry sorry oh my gosh I-I'm so sorry
I frantically look for any rock at least as big as a fist, I need to stop this right now


In your panic, you don't notice yoru shinx, drawn out bythe scent of a kill. She bites right down on its head, stopping the Basculin's movements right there and then as it lies limp. She lets go, and the head is a crushed mess.


I sit down with my legs folded, holding my head "Thank you" I mutter to Shinx, taking off my hat and running a hand through my hair, breathing in and pretty much trying to calm down


Jasper is drawn out by the scent of blood too, but falters. His tongue rolls completely in as he considers what just happened.

Nadia and Shinx leaps back into their balls. You need to bring this back to camp to prepare, anyway


Well, After all this I wouldn't dare to let this poor guy go to waste
Let's clean up the knife and all the blood and head back to the camp and get the bonfire going


>On your tarp mat, you have supplies for a tent, a knife, a compass, some water filters, rations for one meal, a metal cooking and a canteen that is currently half-filled with water.

It's afternoon. Your fish is enough for two meals. Get preparing in your campsite while you can.


Oops, right

After this cooking I should start setting up tent
Now the problem is that I don't have to just keep me fed, I gotta keep my Pokemon fed as well


Your pokemon will need very little food as long as they stay in their Pokeballs, but more time spent outside means they ahve to expend more energy. Each meal unit is enough for the regular activity of about two pokemon. If you need to battle or have them help you with more things, you'll need more food. Use their skills wisely.

You gut and descale the fish, trying your best not to look too hard at the mutilated head. You put a stick through it and set it over a fire, then set up your tent…

The sky is orange. Going to be your first night soon.


Well I'll have one half of the meal for myself, and share the other half with Nadia, she deserved it, and Shinx, I'll need her tomorrow

Well, aside from the fairly traumatic experience the first day went pretty smoothly! Y-yeah! This whole will be a walk in the pokepark I'm sure


Who knows?
While there's still sunlight, you should do stuff while you can. Never know what might happen at night.


Oh right, if I had anything to remember from those survival games is that the night is when things get real

I better start arming that tent up now. Just got to remember Viola's lessons…


Go outside, all this rowing and battling has made me hungry.

"What did you make?"


You put a few noisemakers outside, if something comes near hopefully the falling twigs will wake you or your pokemon up.

Now the night has come, and your fish should be done cooking. Set aside what you'll be eating and what you're going to smoke to preserve.

"The eggs of the fat Taillow that inhabit one of the nearby islands, cooked with the meat of the veyr same Taillow. I've laid it on some rice with seaweed shavings and wild spice that grows locally. I've tried my hand at a new homebrew, distilled from rice I've grown in a small paddy myself around here… oh, and help yourself to a side of fried Seaking caught as they struggled to swim upstream."

As he serves the dishes, he pours a colorless, sweet-smelling wine.


I'll eat half now with my Pokemon and save the other half for breakfast tomorrow


"Wow, you've really managed to make this place your own. This looks amazing."

Thank Delta before biting in.


It's tasty, as is the norm for Basculin flesh. Pack away your food securely before you sleep. don't want to attract thieves.

"Yeah, I've had a lot of time. Truth be told, I'm preparing for a guest. Tell me what you think."

There is plenty of sauce mixed in with the rice, it is far from dry. The spices are pretty strong compared to what you're used to, though…


Too bad Jasper isn't nocturnal anymore or he could keep watch over the tent
Hehehe, like a frightening gargoyle, watching the gates of the castle…

Pushing those silly thoughts aside, I'll try to get some rest

Roll #1 5 = 5


It's hot. You toss and turn trying not to let your perspiration or the ocassional buzzing of bugso utside bother you, and in the end you manage to fall asleep.

morning. You're too tired to remember whatevr dream you had.


Make sure to swallow my food before speaking.
"What kind of spices are the these? They're strong, but I'm liking them."


"And who is your guest? If you want, I can give you some privacy if you need it for something important."


Bleh, that's fine
Let's get up and do some morning stretches, push-ups and squats to keep myself in top form and get the old blood running
Pack up the tent, check my map again, have breakfast with my mons and I'm ready for another day of exploring

Now where was I in the map… D-5, Right?


"Heard of cardamom? Rare spice, but I managed to get a few plants growing here off a few plants I saved from another island. If you're in the know, you can find lots of treasures people wouldn't even recognize! I gathered some galangal and tumeric and mixed it with Spelon berry juice.

Glad it's not too off-putting, I needed the opinion of an outsider. And no worries, they won't be arriving for a while."

There's something off with your campsite. It feels less shady than normal…

you look up, and the tree has had nearly all its branches cleaned right off. Your traps have been knocked over and there are a few tracks on the ground that lead nowhere.


… How did that not wake me up? Geez I need to stop being such a heavy sleeper
However, this stirred my curiosity. I think this calls for some INVESTIGATION
Let's take a look at those tracks


Make sure my mouth is empty before talking again.

"Sorry, but almost anything that wasn't meant to be on an exam is new to me. It is strong, but I don't mind it. It gives it a kick I'm just not used to."

"Are your guests taking the challenge too?"


He's quite expressionless.

"Nothing of the sort. Just a social call.

Anyway, eat and drink, and perhaps you'd like to spend the rest of your time here relaxing. I recommend camping by the lakeside or beachside for an experience under the stars, and it's actually fine to siwm after eating."

Looks like the pokemon had very hard, rounded feet. If the tracks suddenly stopped, it must be capable of flight of some kind. Something this big probably would not have been able to really fly.

You're not sure how safe this campsite is.


Hard, rounded feet, capable of flight…
Let's check the tree and the branches, what can I make of it?
… Is there any blood?


None whatsoever.

The trees and branches were torn by something sharp. The shape of the cuts imply some kind of crushing force too, not just shrap claws.



"You know, despite being near so many rivers, lakes, and oceans, especially in these trials, I barely did any swimming. I'm sure Quetz and Cali would enjoy being out there too."

Let's go for a swim after the food.


Dang, I can't guess for sure what it could have been. I'm just thankful that it didn't disturb me

To which direction do the footsteps end to?


"I hope you can handle your alcohol! Shouldn't be enough to stop you from enjoying a good swim."

You should help yourself to the drinks, too.

The last set of steps seem to be going south.


Then South I will go


"I'll try one, but I'm not familiar with them. Which one is good for beginners?"


You're really going to follow it?

Do you even know what it is?

Or rather, drink. There's only the alcohol.


Well I will only find out what it is if I find it right?
Besides, it's not like I have any path to go, so this is a perfect opportunity


"I'll try one then. I don't know what my limit is."

Try one '1d20'

Roll #1 19 = 19

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