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R: 713 / I: 2

Macross Thread 7

The Planet of Llavanus is currently the location of the Ankylosaur and its crew. Due to recent attacks, the four-legged Chordians who call it home now find themselves lacking in space ships to move infrastructure around, again. The Ankylosaur has been cleared of any relation with the attack, but the situation on the ground remains shaky as the Chordians attempt to plot a course through an uncertain future.
R: 47 / I: 2

Pokequest-alt 11

>My face is reflected in the water.
>It's a shining grin full og hope…
>Or it could be a look of somber silence struggling with fear…
>What do you see reflected in your face?
R: 1071 / I: 30

Pokequest-alt 10

"What I hope for all of you is but the same. Don't worry, I'm not going to say something impossibly difficult or challenging.

'Please don't forget to smile.'

That is all I wish of you."
R: 1131 / I: 28

Pokequest-alt 9

Trainers raise Pokemon. Pokemon make trainers strong. It has always been that way, and always will.

Isn't that a solid thought?
R: 1154 / I: 57

Pokequest-alt 8

Sure, I'm just a part-time worker now, pounding away at the register with a smile on my face, but once I was a Trainer, traveling around on my challenge, too. I even made a pretty fair name for myself. But then I got a wife, and then I had a kid… Now I face a new trial called a mortgage. And I work here to prepare myself for the most grand trial of all: old age and reitrement.
R: 223 / I: 0

OTR - Part 2

Having left behind their hideout in Riverhold, our band of heroic fugitives arrived in Sinport, the old crime capital of the kingdom.

Here, under the watchful if twitchy eyes of the Shipwreckers, Black Skulls and Brewguild, they will make plans and alliances that will carry them to victory against the Golden Dragons, and clear their names in the process.

At least that was the idea.
R: 31 / I: 3

Detective in the Clouds Quest

Megacity-6, home of countless species and people, reaching ever higher into the sky.

It used to have a name, but it's long been forgotten, even to the point that the government calls it that. It's another wet and windy day, the pollution from the numerous industries gluing together in the heavens to fall down as dirty rain. The megacity offers plenty of opportunities for those who seek them, but many people look in the low areas, the grimy corners of civilization that exists all over.

That's where you come in, Detective Reed. Today will be a day unlike any you've had before, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
R: 977 / I: 1
A month or so back the city of Riverhold saw itself host to the assassination of Duke Edgar Landtamer. While to the common folk the only real impact was one night of watching the palace burn followed by a few weeks of extra guards on the streets, those with more political mindsets were busily weighing up the implications.
Edgar was a well liked duke, by both the crown and the common man, but he was never a particularly strong leader. Now the most likely successors were either his son - a pragmatic and practical, if short tempered youth; or his brother - a more established figure in the realm but known to be hasty and reliant on his gut. Anyone who knew this, understood that the duchy may be split, or even simply given away to someone else. Many war heroes and lesser nobles coveted the title and were at least equally if not more worthy of it.
To complicate things further, rumors of impending war were circling the kingdom. The Dragon Emperor had grown restless, and while his realms were far away, many had grown worried.

As for the culprits, they still remained on the run.
Reports of the night of the assassination were conflicted and confused, but there was proof that a few key people, all now missing, were seen near the scene of the attack that night.
Duna, a capra smith who worked with the duke's armory
Eider, a drakin cleaner
Kelpie, a court magician
Corso, a treasurer
And some dude in really fancy pants

Unknown to the public, they had taken residence in the city underground, in an abandoned theatre. With the help of fellow outlaws, they had gained important information regarding the Golden Dragon Clan, a foreign gang of criminals who had now shown the scaly tails in this realm for reasons unknown.

And it is here, on the cusp of many historic events, that we return to our story.
R: 1100 / I: 40
Seeing the sun's rays shining over the ocean lets us know a new day is about to begin.

And when we see the moon sinking into the ocean, we know that the day is done.

The world is still yet unexplored, and light still shines on your paths ahead. Forge on. Adventure awaits.


Red otherworldly spider lilies mark the vast field you emerge into as you leave the jungle. You've spent days taking care of your hungry plant, now blossomed into a beautiful red lily itself. The Mirage Axis, the great tree that has always overlooked your hometown, can finally be reached, and even your flower seems to be beckoning you forward.


You're in the middle of a ferry journey. You feel asleep halfway through… and wake up just as the boat docks. You're not at your destination yet, you're at Nori Peak, a stopover known for the vast underwater fields of seaweed that are harvested seasonally. You have enough rations to tide you over if you would rather just sleep in the ferry, but if you're willing to spend you could disembark for a bowl of famous seaweed rice and a better bed.


You were in the middle of a lesson with Viola, your bug survivalist friend. She's brought you into the jungles north of Dervor Town and is busy trying to teach you what she knows. You're trying your best, right?


You were taking a night ferry down to Bridge Island, working as a courier. You noticed that the other passengers had blindfolds and earplugs on, and when you refused those offered by the ferry crew you noticed them preparing a straitjacket. Must be nothing, right?


Your eventful luxury cruise ship ride after storming the pirate base ended when you made landfall at the Seagarden. Nagi, your swordslady friend, is getting a train ticket towards the Fire Plains, the Northwest region of the continent. You're still trying to decide where you wanted to go.


After Echo discovered a new passion for, uh, the female pokemon form, you decided to tap into that by seeing the Pokemon contests around Fabiorge City. Contests are a new thing and don't have much support, but small local contests conventions are held occasionally. You witnessed a strange, exotic dance by a girl called Clara and her Starly, who has won much audience favour despite the influence of Nyanno-chan, a popular Poketube celebrity.


You're at your first gym! The electric gym, which seems to be some kind of massive film studio in one of the most luxurious buildings in Binestrone City.
As part of the gym challenge, you're going to have to act out… something to an audience of electric Pokemon. You were led into a dressing room, and you've got a large array of props and costumes for you to use. The note on your mirror says 'A show about you'.
R: 126 / I: 6

Sealab [Protocol 0.1]

If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

It was a peculiar letter of invitation that brought you here. It had arrived almost as a cold-call. Out of the blue, without any provocation. Inside, it promised all the right things - as though written to tempt you and you alone. It promised discovery, wealth, and above all - escape. There was a resume contained within, filled with the most peculiar questions. You sent it off, and thought nothing of it for months. You began to wonder if the letter was a dream.

Until recently. Three days ago another envelope arrived, but this one was different. Enclosed within was not a letter, but a flyer for an academic conference, and two tickets. One, a two-way ticket to and from Seletar Airport in British-controlled Singapore, and two, a letter of invitation to the conference described on the flyer. What a strange place for a conference. And equally strange was the name. American Nautical Society for the Advancement of Scientific Research (ANSfASR). Quite a mouthful, so it's a good thing you've crossed paths with the Brits before - enough to speak the language.

Landing in Singapore was something out of a dream. The airport had been an RAF base only two years ago, and it still looked the part, fortified against potential attacks, but the city of Singapore itself was something amazing in itself. On the Malay Peninsula, you might have been forgiven for expecting a backward tropic of savages, but this city is anything but. The city sports colorful red architecture which shines against the blue sea and the backdrop of the forested cliffs, but more than anything there is the sound and scent of industry. Progress. As far as the eye can see, all land is under development and construction. As a hub for western trade, like Hong Kong itself, this port is undergoing rapid expansion and development. It's a far cry from the economic depression hitting London like a hammer.

You follow the flyer to an address - across a great red bridge - and find that rather than a conference center, it leads to a small and unassuming performance hall. How can a conference with the budget to pay the way of scientists from any corner of the globe afford only a tiny little building like this? How many could be in attendance? You doubt more than a hundred could fit comfortably in that building. Could it be the wrong address?

It seems the only way to get answers is to go in. In any case, the local Chinese and British seem to pay the building little mind.
R: 1055 / I: 27

Pokequest-alt 7

You said you have a dream. That dream… Make it come true! Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth! If anyone can, it's you!


You've been playing hide-and-seek with your new Misdreavus! somehow it could find you even completely in the dark, but hiding behind a lead container has made it very difficult for it to find you. It's still searching.


Lily has just shown off a new move! That's something else you've gained from the Earth Shrine. That, and the mysterious branch you've put in a jar.

>Justus, Squire

You've come out of quite an exciting day! First a beach day, then an adventure fighting baddies! It's late evening now, for both of you.


While watching a very grown-up show, a person in the crowd became rowdy! Impressing just about everyone who noticed, you took him out in a single hypnosis, clean and easy. The atmosphere, your success and the drinks are making you feel really nice….


Are you challenging the electric gym?
R: 1082 / I: 12

Pokequest-Alt 6

Cali and Cobalt sniff the air… roll, please.


You found the entrance to the Evergreen gym! That lady you were talking to was the leader all along.
>"It's worth a shot! only if you want to, of course. It's part of the Grasslands experience. If you're looking for other things to do around town, maybe you can check out the Earth shrine…"


For some reason, you decided to camp out in the Dervor city park. You just finished cooking and eating a camper's ration.


Proper ranger Amber! Congratulations! Before you head down the mountain, kick back and relax here, there are nice hot springs. The Fearow will be hanging around to carry you down any time.


You just got done having a chat with that boy you battled. Did you want to challenge the gym anytime soon? The leader might be waiting for you!
R: 1092 / I: 34

Pokequest Alt-5

If we live a monotonous life, do we get used to it and stop thinking about it?

Who are you?

Why did you leave the comfort of home to wander?

What do you want to become?

You and your Pokemon shall ever stay on the road, even if you can't answer now.

Keep going. Gain strength, gain knowledge, gain courage. You'll know what to do with them one day.
R: 679 / I: 0

Curse Quest Thread 1

A job offer was put out for experts and fearless fighters - A mr. Backwillow, self-proclaimed connoisseur of the unknown and unknowable, requires aid in his research of Curses and Monsters.

The flier say to find his wagon on the outskirts of the town of Winterbridge
R: 1109 / I: 16

Pokequest Alt-4

Continued from >>14439

"That's big, alright. Shame we happened to miss that one. We're working with other agencies to try and flush them out."

Looks like you're reaching the tower soon.

"Maybe unlike some of us, I didn't have much of a choice."

Her mood sours.

"Oh? And what's your plan?"
R: 339 / I: 1

On The Run - Thread 5

The traps are ready.
Soon The Cavalry will take a shot at the Golden Dragons at their initiation ritual.
All that is left to do is make sure everyone and everything is ready.

Cloudbreaker, the captured drakin messenger of the Golden Dragons, is at the hideout if you want info out of him.
Patches and Masque are also available.
R: 1001 / I: 5

Pokequest Alt-3

I wish I could go on an adventure with Pokemon.

Crawl through some damp grass…

Climb rocky, rugged mountains…

Cross the raging seas…

Wander about in dark caves…

And sometimes, just sometimes, get a little homesick…

It mus be amazing to travel!

You've got your sheets. Where in the wide world are you, seeking our your own adventures?
R: 877 / I: 0

On The Run - Thread 4

A fun night at the pits for everyone. Plenty of broken noses, black eyes, dislocated limbs and lost teeth. Money changed hands, beer was guzzled, laughs were had.
At the end of the night, Daisari fought like a marvel but could not beat the champ. Not that most people even cared, they demolished the ring and several rows of seats getting that far. The little capra was like the fist of an angry god. She will make a fine addition to the Cavalry.

But now, greater tasks lie ahead of you.
Patches has been keeping her ears open, and worrying news has reached them - when you spared the old Masque troupe, they did what you wanted: spread word of your coming. This got you some fame and attention, but that is not always a good thing. Lately, the Black Skull gang had had their leaders killed and their hideouts burned. The culprit was no secret, the gold coins left in their neck stumps were a well known calling card.
The Golden Dragons had come to town, and they were looking to expand.

Furthermore, you were still no closer to freeing Sir Ragamont from Dead Man Headland, nor had you made any progress towards shortening Crunchy's hit list.

Time to get serious.
R: 1121 / I: 0

On The Run - Thread 3

Back at Nosey's hideout, the Cavalry was busy picking out their new nicknames for eachother.

A bit of lighthearted fun, before the big serious jobs began.
R: 951 / I: 1

On The Run Thread 2

The time has come for you to pick out a place to establish your hideout.

Patches can offer some further thoughts on the issue before you get going, and you can ask Aloysius for anything if you feel ill prepared.
R: 604 / I: 0

On The Run

A night like many others at the duke's palace. A grand feast had been thrown for a visiting ambassador from one of the mighty Drakin Dynasties to the east. This alone would have kept everyone busy, but the duke's good friend, the prince, had dropped in for one of his surprise visits. His face was not unknown in the least - second in line for the crown after his older brother, and less sheltered than either the former or his younger sister, he was known for his more… active lifestyle. This caused no small amount of headaches for his bodyguards, who had had to learn to keep up with the agile prince.
The duke himself, though a more mature man, had a deep liking to the cocky prince. Some said it was something of a uncle / nephew relationship, others that it was practically just an older and younger version of the same man.

Somewhere down the line, what was planned to be a respectable upscale dinner had transformed into a roaring festival of laughter with increasingly outrageous demands from every party. The palace was in chaos and while everyone had great fun, it was very taxing on the servants and guards.

You should probably try to get to the butler and see to it that everything is in order. He is, after all, in charge of all the servants.
R: 3 / I: 0

Cities of the Sky

Rejoice mortals, and let the bells of your chapels ring in praise, for the lands of the East have finally opened! The evil mist has cleared, and it's treasures are open to the taking!

But it isn't so simple, or I wouldn't be here. Nor are the adventurers who will seek them.
R: 521 / I: 0

M10 Quest Thread 1

A new day dawns.
As the sun sweeps its welcoming light across the pine trees outside the castle walls, you take a moment to ignore your tired feet and admire your surroundings. This is an old fort, probably dating back to the former kingdom of Stava which once covered all these lands. Or so history teaches. Not everyone is well studied on stuff that happened over a hundred years ago.

You, like many others, have come to this place following a call to action by the current leader of these lands - Lord Aurel. He has sent out a call for any who are willing to join his armies. The pay will be good for mercenaries, but the work will also be dangerous. Not much else was advertised, but rumors have been circulating. Some say he wants to ready for war. Others, that he wants to leverage his neighbors into alliances. A few more seem to think the realm will soon be under attack, or that giant monsters lurk its dark corners.

Who knows. You should find one of the recruiters for more info.
R: 1208 / I: 6

Pokequest-Alt II

Now, listen well! The Pokémon you have been entrusted with are unfamiliar with the world. In that regard, they’re much like you.

As fellow newcomers to the world, I hope you’ll all do well together. And now, we’ll be on our way.
R: 1094 / I: 8


In another point of space and time…

Hello there! Welcome to the World of Pokémon!

This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokémon! For some people, Pokémon are pets. Other use them for fights. Myself… I study Pokémon as a profession.

Your very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits! Let's go!

Like every other morning, you wake up in your room. Unlike every other morning, you're not alone.

For some time, you've tried to partner with many Pokemon, though you could never really bond with any of them. You kept flitting from Pokemon to Pokemon, testing them a little before it was decided that you two just wouldn't fit. You wondered if you'd ever get your real first Pokemon at all, but at last, you have.

They wake up with you in your room, the first rays of sun on their face.

First things first, do they have a name?
R: 0 / I: 0

Simple10 dev meta

Temporary relocation for the developer meta
R: 151 / I: 2

PokeQuest: Chapter IX

The power that's inside!

Having finally defeated the Honedge, you are now free to proceed upstairs to find out who was behind all of this and free the Aegislash!
R: 333 / I: 3

The Building of the Empire

A continent that has stood divided and weak shall now unite to bring about Our Shared Dream. A golden age of peace and prosperity. No more shall small lands squabble among themselves for no greater purpose, for under my breath all shall be made as one greater.

History would hold those words forever as the start of the New Era of the Sun. What is known of the new Princess who united the lands of the squabbling humans and took those of the other races by sword or pen has been largely muddled by the many rumours surrounding her. Those who view her New Empire as the herald of new dawn, and those who refuse to yield to a power-mad tyrant alike all speak, but history has yet to come in this age to decide who would be right.

Towards the port town of Blueport, a traveling merchant ship sales. Among the cabins for passengers is a lone Capra.

Welcome, Elies Greenfields. You can see your home out the windows. You'll be there before you know it. For now, you're in your cabin with your gear.
R: 302 / I: 3

PokeQuest: Chapter VIII

Each Pokemon, to understand
R: 1006 / I: 14

PokeQuest: Chapter VII

Searching far and wide.

They're out on Fall Road.
R: 75 / I: 7

Barbarian Lands

Long ago, in a land of endless sands, there lived a group of humans, how long they had lived here no one knew for sure, mostly because no one kept records. But they were strong, they made strong weapons, and hunted strong animals to stay big and strong. Which is all that really mattered to Aggagarn. He moved through the lands shielding his eyes from the blowing sands with his cloth hood, and his mighty great sword at his side, he walked in search of a great hunt to impress the clan with, for it would be a shame to come back empty handed.
R: 1046 / I: 14

PokeQuest: Chapter VI

I will travel across the land.

Emily was facing off with Ivan. Everyone else was in Autumn Glen. Except Hannah: she's on the East Road outside of Covalent with the ghosties.
R: 970 / I: 11

PokeQuest: Chapter V

To train them is my cause.

It encourages it, through arcane means not fully understood. Some call this pseudoscience "voodoo breeding", but you can't argue with results. Well, you can. Mostly by calling it voodoo or pseudoscience.

You wonder if Pokemon actually have a nature at birth or if that develops over time. Of course, it's the classic nature vs nurture argument.

You quickly traverse the remainder of the terrain and make it to Amber City with no incident.

Hit 3 times!

Azumarill used Bubble Beam!

Azumarill L20 [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░]

Rena L18 [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]

You spot a few low-hanging berries, but they're protected by a fearsome Pineco…
R: 72 / I: 0

New Year Improv Quest.

It is New Year in the High Mountain of Brynmor.
Fifty years ago when it was still just a mountain, a capra named Brynmor claimed this middle-sized mountain for his own and seceded from the larger Capra kingdom.
This incident got little more than a shrug from the other Capra as Brynmor was a nobody and nobody cared about the far-off mountain anyway.

In one of the larger caves of the mountain Brynmor settled his throne and built the Palace of Brynmor (he added a large amount of chairs and a fireplace and some mats) and ruled his populace consisting of a few birds and the occasional Capra passing by with an iron fist.
But there is one day capra and others come from far and wide to his Throne, because on New Years Eve, free liquor and beer flows like honey in his palace.

You have ventured from wherever to witness wether the fantastic, grotesque and lewd stories you've heard about this strange place are true.

You have entered the palace of Brynmor and the celebration is already in full swing. Capras, horks, humans and all kinds of creatures dance and eat merrily while Brynmor drinks on his wooden throne surrounded by wenches.
The stench of liquor is overwhelming and you occasionaly have to watch your step to avoid passed out revelers.
It seems you're early though, everyone still has their clothes on.

Suddenly a capra women barges through the hall and announces with a trembling voice.
"The booze! There's only 100 barrels left!"

Brynmor rouses from his pile of wenches.
"Impossible! We had five thousand barrels ready and more! Endless barrels! What have you done with them, scheming woman of little shame?"

"I didn't anything it's gone!"

"Then…this can only mean that a group of thieves most foul have taken my brew!"
He takes his wooden staff and puts his stone crown right.
"Citizens! Your King calls upon you. We have been bereft of that most precious to us! Obey your king and scour the countryside for these dastardly ruffians."

Most people ignore him and keep partying.
The Capra wench merely shakes her

It seems you're early
R: 155 / I: 0

Treasure Quest I

Everyone is gathered in the Adventurer's Guild's main hall. It is filled with comfy chairs and tables, and it's large fireplace has a crackling fire in it. It's the last weeks of autumn, but it tends to get cold fast in the city of Brukke.

"Here are the details of the job. The client wants you to venture into some caves on top of the North-Eastern Mountains, where he believes his ancestry comes from. You're to find some sort of a heirloom for him that supposedly proves his family's connection to the dragons of old…or some such. The point here is that you're free to take whatever else you find from the caves except for the heirloom, which is a red jewel called "the Dragon's Eye". It glows in the dark so it shouldn't be too hard to find. The client advised you to start your journey from a village called Heimdall. You'd best get going so you'll make it back before the first snow."

The guild secretary scrolls up the piece of pergament he was reading from and quickly hides it in one of his sleeves.

"Any questions?"