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Mumble Server

Get the latest Mumble client here: Mumble Wiki
Once installed click ""Add New"" and label it whatever you want
Address: mumble.mlpg.co
Port: 64738
Make a user name.
Hit OK and you are ready!
There is a channel for every hosted game on the site plus a general chat!

Minecraft Server

The Official MLPG.co Minecraft server is a vanilla 1.9.2 Minecraft PvE server with a few plugins to keep your stuff and builds safe, also a built in registration system for those of you who obtained the game through less honest means. If the game auto registers you change your password to something you can remember, if not use /register to create your own password!

Address: minecraft.mlpg.co:27753

Also in devleopment is a modpack with the ponyfan in mind checkout EmptyAudio's Ponecraft Thread for more info.

Everfree Outpost

Play Now!

A game about ponies getting lost in the woods!

The eventual goal is for this to play sort of like a cross between Minecraft and Golden Sun. It will be based partly on crafting and building things to expand the town, and partly on exploring the forest and solving Golden Sun-style puzzle-based dungeons for rare items and crafting materials.

At this point I would like to say I (fallenPineapple) am not the developer of this game. An anonymous user on /mlp/ that goes by OP has been building this thing with mostly weekly updates, running his own server on the weekends to test new features and work out bugs. When large updates come out expect a map wipe.

OP's Server: play.everfree-outpost.com
Look for the weekend thread here: Everfree Outpost Thread
Source Code: EFO Git
Credits: http://outpost.mlpg.co/credits.html