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Home for the homeless.
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File: 1677181321727.png (240.06 KB, 1280x853, large.png)


post ponies


File: 1684681999585.png (628.86 KB, 724x670, 971CC69C6FBBCF4A45462F8F33….png)


My desire is to fuck a mare


File: 1706678714317.gif (268.45 KB, 300x300, B59B1715A609395CAF8476CB49….gif)

File: 1705074028544.png (318.29 KB, 956x957, 95edba11c04f8e118c92500460….png)


mare test


hot mare

File: 1491206295173.png (133.22 KB, 1280x961, 1491205986687.png)


Here is our new home. Assuming we are not forced out, here we can truly become a board of peace.
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It's the first option, MLPG gave this to us as a sign of goodwill if 8chan tells us to fuck off.



I'm sticking to /qa/ for now. Hiro hasn't forsaken us yet. I will hold out more than a few days at least.



This enclosure is dead.


Hey, you there. Get closer. Let's talk. Do you always come here? What do you do for a living?


getting to know each other defeats the purpose of anonymity.


File: 1696835675478.png (Spoiler Image, 617.78 KB, 1800x1800, WHAT THE FUCK.png)

hijacking this thread
check the sites email fp and let me know
also am i blacklisted for making that horse mod

File: 1695676445490.jpg (19.93 KB, 347x504, 7f2.jpg)


Is there anyone still alive in this place?


Some people still quest
there's still one guy with a broom.


Now I am, based post
Come to Mare Fair

File: 1601541468519.png (81.41 KB, 254x367, HappyBday4chan.png)


Happy Birthday 4can. Thanks for being ground zero for our fandom to leak to the web.


File: 1665130451019.png (353.65 KB, 1366x1965, screenshot_2022-10-07_07-4….png)

4chan? More like Halfchan.


File: 1598952571214.jpg (94.51 KB, 750x937, 1598666160956.jpg)

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This thread is made in case /mlp/ bans Derpi drama.

One thing though: No doxing or wasting time with personal BS Focus on the administration's actions.
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The tldr on Furbooru is that if you have a DNP on Derpi, they will not honor your DNP, let people upload your work, and tell you they are just as related to Derpi as E621. It doesn't matter how much proof you give them that you're the artist, they will still tell you to make a Furbooru account, to make a new DNP, and then sit and wait like everyone else. Then you can only ever deactivate your account and you've technically signed up to their shit site forever. I guess they have nothing to do but take other people's pony drawings and give them a hard time about the DNP way after the fact.


File: 1674401094852.png (36.24 KB, 968x147, derpibooru.png)

Guys, did I miss some based era in the fandom?


yes, it was called 2010~2012 when it was almost completely on /co/


Looks like derpiniggers are trying to derail alt-booru thread AGAIN.


Lightningbolt is one of society's cooler women

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File: 1521333601033.jpg (543.96 KB, 1400x900, eb22660a0d905d18e3cf3b3cc2….jpg)


Alot of fags are escaping to /pone/ from /mlp/. We are rebuilding. If anyone here wanna join us; know that you're more than welcome!


File: 1521581548203.gif (1.88 MB, 300x100, 1491718181793.gif)

Alternatively you're welcome to join us on /mlpol/, where we're 100% less honey pot than /pone/, but less active


>less active
/mlpol/ is about 3 times as active as /pone/.


This aged well.

File: 1366672896783.png (885.66 KB, 3400x3800, dragon.png)


Since this seems to be the place to post meta about the MLPG in general.

>people whining about /b/read

>one day /b/read decides to raid MLPG
>people bitch about that
>yet accepting terrible users like WolfNanaki, Shiny or that Scootaloo avatarfag, who is literally a WuMA clone
>also participating in off-topic circlejerks about Weaver, Kraut and sentenal
Double standard much?
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File: 1372645985245.gif (69.15 KB, 225x225, THAT EAR.gif)



File: 1373520369648.png (360.09 KB, 720x874, df6d7be43c015881e242c8cf19….png)

MLPG is ruined by the piss that is the rest of the /mlp/

Case in point…

Also, NBS is really getting on my nerves. Holy fuck, he is buttdestroyed. I can understand having a grudge or grumbling but it's gone to like super meta unreasonable levels.

>how dare you use any site ever or have a life grrrr

It's like, even if I never posted on 4chan again for the rest of my life, they're still going to bitch about me on that thread. If I quit drawing MLP, they'd bitch that I WASN'T drawing free art for them anymore (I tried that already 3 times and it was a shitstorm each time over the last 2-3 years)

I know it's passe to complain about 4chan but it seriously used to be better than this. /mlp/ seems to be the only board with a serious moderation problem motivated by "whatever the fuck I feel like doing today" after Scruffygeddon post-Faust.


>tfw 4chan still sucks donkey balls



bumping 5yo thread


bumping thread for still being right

File: 1505965361387.jpg (645.81 KB, 1280x960, more autism decals.jpg)


Waterslide decals while supply lasts.

Email [email protected] the address you want them sent to and what you want. There's ones with a clear back and a white back. Without the white backing white will show up as transparent. So on a non-white mug it'll look like that color.

I'll probably just send them tucked into a few pieces of folded of paper in an envelope.


File: 1505965711654.jpg (1.62 MB, 2560x1920, official shitposting mugs.jpg)

Finished examples. Apparently not enough kyron applied on the black mug's decal. Will redo. If you fuck up I'll just send you more if I still have them.

I'm sending them with the kryon coats already on them (ready to cut and dip) but applying more probably won't hurt.

How do: https://www.decalpaper.com/product-p/tryc.htm
You can find more explanations online.

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