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Fimfetch Drama Backup Thread

DataByte, creator/owner of FiMFetch (a supposed archive for fimfiction.net (as well as fanfiction.net and ao3)) decided to abandon archival and go full moral crusader by deleting "foalcon" and "rape" fics from the no-longer-an-archive. As you'll see below, his judgement was extremely unsound.
In addition to that, he was spending his time unproductively by making up a hit-list of doubleplusungood crimethinkers, which ironically became known to the wider fandom on April 1st (but circulated on select Discord servers - who acted upon it as well - before).
The list, as you might expect, is chock-full of reaching for straws, failure to research, protecting actual pedos, and other slander you might expect from moral crusaders. To end up on it, as little as posting a spongebob copypasta is needed.

This is that list:
>archive ph/ZJ6kz
Images from it:
>sha256sum >1023a5b1ce999d88ed76d8d71f750b299927a2711e3bd20f3c3de42a6a06f25e

Even if the superficial nature of the "evidence" didn't make it obvious, evidence came up for DataByte being a hypocrite and a foalcon himself, which you can observe in picrel.

also why is real symbol limit lower than the displayed one
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post ponies
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mare test
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/mlpol/ refuge

Here is our new home. Assuming we are not forced out, here we can truly become a board of peace.
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Hey, you there. Get closer. Let's talk. Do you always come here? What do you do for a living?
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Is there anyone still alive in this place?
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Happy Birthday 4chan

Happy Birthday 4can. Thanks for being ground zero for our fandom to leak to the web.
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End of Derpibooru 24: In Exile Eddition

This thread is made in case /mlp/ bans Derpi drama.

One thing though: No doxing or wasting time with personal BS Focus on the administration's actions.
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8chan /pone/

Alot of fags are escaping to /pone/ from /mlp/. We are rebuilding. If anyone here wanna join us; know that you're more than welcome!
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Since this seems to be the place to post meta about the MLPG in general.

>people whining about /b/read

>one day /b/read decides to raid MLPG
>people bitch about that
>yet accepting terrible users like WolfNanaki, Shiny or that Scootaloo avatarfag, who is literally a WuMA clone
>also participating in off-topic circlejerks about Weaver, Kraut and sentenal
Double standard much?
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DIY Marker Mug

Waterslide decals while supply lasts.

Email [email protected] the address you want them sent to and what you want. There's ones with a clear back and a white back. Without the white backing white will show up as transparent. So on a non-white mug it'll look like that color.

I'll probably just send them tucked into a few pieces of folded of paper in an envelope.
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BABSCon 2016

Bay Area Brony Spectacular 2016 is April 22-24 in Burlingame, CA at the Hyatt Regency SFO (just a shuttle ride away from the airport)

Any Bay Area MLPGers visiting or want to hang out? Let strangers on the internet know in this thread!
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People seem to have different views on what MLPG is and how to fix it, so let's have a thread on that idea. To get the ball going, answer these questions:

What is MLPG?
What should it be?
Why does it need to be changed?
How should it be done?
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Official MLPGco Bronycon 2016 Thread

July 8th creeping up quick! Feel free to discuss the con and any related activities here!
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Galacon 2016

Are any of you fucks going to be there?
R: 10 / I: 1
I love you fallenpineapple
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Pony Syncs: More Syncs Edition

>What is this?
Peer to peer based folders.
Like dynamic Torrents.
We got different ones, look out below(First post in this thread).

>How do I get in?

1. Download here: http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync.html
2. Install and "Add a Sync Folder" in the client
3. Choose your local folder and use a key from first post.
4. ???????

>How do I contribute?

Due to the chaos and the nature of 4chin, its read only. But you can contact me and other horsefuckers, we add stuff.

>How do I mail/contact?

Upload your stuff to some free hoster like mega.Post the link or send it per mail.
When creating a account you dont need a real confirmation mail, just use trashmail.

You can also join IRC #mlpsync on canternet to communicate.
If you don't know how to IRC, use the web interface canternet.org/chat


1. Sync your system clock
2. Check your firewall and router
3. Lower "folder_rescan_interval" (Preferences>Advanced Pref)
4. Do some reading: http://btsync.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/BitTorrentSyncUserGuide.pdf
5. Restart BitSync from time to time(every few hours).
6. Make sure you aren't using a External Harddrive, or else BT will say the HD is "Read only"

Current MLP thread:

Last MLP Thread:
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/lit/ - that thread for books and shit

So, what are you reading?

If you're not reading anything at the moment, maybe consider picking something up off the Genesis Library: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/
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Trigger Warning: MLPG meta

What in the ever loving fuck is up with the armor spammer who hates drugs and the guy who keeps posting images of ponies doing drugs to goad him into responding?

It's such a bizarre form of shitposting I'm just baffled that people who would waste their time doing that exist.

And it seems like both of them are there at all hours of the day. Christ it's annoying.
R: 41 / I: 5

Meetup thread

Post your states, area codes, whatever, and meet fellow horsefuckers near you.
R: 18 / I: 2

Official MLPGco Bronycon 2015 Thread

Almost that time of year again, feel free do discuss the con and any related activities here!

Doing the BarTrot thing too this year, hopefully it will end well.
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/fit/ thread

It's time, MLPG!

Time… to get /fit/!

Post your routine, brag about your progress, discuss your weird fad diet, whatever you like!

Also, read the fucking sticky: http://liamrosen.com/fitness.html
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I really don't want to unload this on MLPG, so I'll post it here in /ot/ so no one would ever actually read it and I can get it off my chest.

Holy fuck Xieril is terrible person.
Every time I read his tumblr it just makes me incredibly angry, but this kind of anger is addicting. I mean hell every single thing reblogged about this French killing almost tells me that he's glad they got killed, I don't really know if that's true or not but considering it's Xieril

This isn't even really an attack on Xieril though, even though he has puke inducing taste in video games and he likes anime, but rather an attack on his sociopolitical views and the people that share it
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BABScon 2015

They'll have Season 5 premiere screenings on loop there. Pretty cool.

Anyone going?
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ded archive general

413chan and the MLPG archive are down

The most recent "official" post on the matter is this: http://archive.heinessen.com/mlp/thread/S15243351#p15247595

Although this may change at some point

so you can use this

if it's really dead forever, horsefucking.co/locator/go is the new beacon to use
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Are there any greentext stories and/or pastebins of planeponies?
R: 35 / I: 4

gay thread

General Gay thread. Be gay here.
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Who is NeverPostsAnything on Tumblr?
He just deleted all his pony art and I don't normally keep up with tumblr anymore but I noticed it today and couldn't remember what he drew.
R: 14 / I: 8

The MLPG /soc/ Thread

Because we didn't all spawn from Adonis or Aphrodite, though we may wish.
Off Topic doesn't have many rules, but I'm still treading lightly in an uncharted area.
R: 98 / I: 39

Official MLPGco Bronycon Thread

So how many of you horsefuckers are heading to this thing?
An unexpected chunk of time opened up for me and will be now be attending.
Maybe a MLPG meetup would be possible, not that I think many of you guys actually want to meet each other.

Feel free do discuss the con and any related activities here!
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/mlp/ LEAGUE

So, /mlp/ is hosting a PES league

Details are here: http://www.horse-news.net/2014/05/the-mlp-league.html

I know how much some of you hate participating with the rest of the board, but I think it would be fun to put a team together

Any thoughts?
Anyone know anything about soccer and want to volunteer to manage?
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I wanted to share some albums I like with MLPG just because and someone suggested I make a thread here.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - #3
>Twee pop

of Montreal - False Priest
>psychedelic pop. R&B, soul punk, funk, features Janelle Monae and Solange Knowles

Blazo - Colors of Jazz
>Jazz-hop, instrumental

Mouse on The Keys
>Japanese Nu-jazz, instrumental

Scallops Hotel - Poplar Grove
>hip-hop, art rap, some glitch elements
It's a side project of the underground hip-hop artist Milo and it's amazing.

Feel free to share albums you like as well if you want or make fun of my taste.
R: 16 / I: 8
Just came here to vent. Banned for making a thread about the new pac-man cartoon on /co/. What the fuck.
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Jewtube just merged Google+ Accounts and Youtube.

It's over. I'm done. I deleted my Youtube and Google+ accounts. I'll manually bookmark channels now.
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Alright. This will be the general thread for a MLPG sings production!

When I say MLPG sings, I mean something such as this: http://youtu.be/8e-BgnZY5qg

So, the first order of business is figuring out which song to sing. I think it's been unanimously agreed that singing an actual song from the show is not a good idea, as it would both be difficult and make this whole ordeal considerably more fagtacular.

We also need to figure out who can compile all of our beautiful voices into one clusterfuck. Eurobeat was suggested, so if anyone has any connection to him, might want to send a message, although he's likely busy. So anyone else who can take some audio files and sync them up would be very much appreciated.
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Ridiculously stupid question: Do tripcodes generated for 4chan have the same output here on the sub?

In exchange for an answer, I offer you this adorable pone in the middle of being adorable in addition to my undying thanks.

No, seriously, it won't die. It's kind of creepy.
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Nonsexual MLPG Meetup

Would you meet up with MLPGers at Bronycon nonsexually
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"Dont believe her lies"

Haha, hindsight is 20/20
R: 40 / I: 7

Janitor Thread

This is for discussing the somewhat overly excited janitor who seems to have taken an interest in MLPG.

Post any evidence of abuse on his part in the thread, caps of rule-breaking threads out in /mlp/ that are going ignored while he's in the general, bans for bad reasons, etc. If there's enough evidence of him overstepping his boundaries maybe we can coordinate a response to be sent to moot.

If mods think this would be a better fit for /meta/ or one of the others please move it there