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Unf 2: Hot Glued Scootaloo
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File: 1383087325566.gif (667.63 KB, 421x311, 1380981811705.gif)


In this thread we cum on toys.

Please keep it civil, and if you have any hate, direct it to me, keep it out of the thread.

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ulptqlhbby7c9ky/l4Ofbet0vm
I hope to make some new stuff soon(ish), and the dropbox is currently full. I'd gladly pay for more space if anyone wants to contribute.


File: 1383087358131.jpg (530.78 KB, 878x1200, 2 outta 3.jpg)

And the reason I say soon(ish)…


File: 1383170976587.gif (4.9 MB, 358x258, flut.gif)

I hope hyperspermiaanon doesn't mind that I made this

And I hope he comes back ;-;


File: 1383435622221.jpg (985.75 KB, 3072x2304, Rainbow Dash 92.jpg)

Dropbox down for updating, dupe check, and expansion.

Skype in email in case anyone wants to add me for anything.


Dropbox up and running, Total file size almost doubled from the update



File: 1383544196912.jpg (45.92 KB, 1000x668, P1010549.jpg)

Oh wow, there's a new board for this 3dpd stuff

How about a contribution for you guys~


File: 1383544218475.jpg (29.79 KB, 1000x668, P1010542.jpg)


File: 1383544245852.jpg (46.83 KB, 1000x668, P1010546.jpg)

And another close up…


File: 1383544278925.jpg (43.08 KB, 668x1000, P1010548.jpg)

I shot pretty far… It's been a while hehe




I thought you were dead?

But seriously though, that was amazing!
Such thick powerful shots that I would have loved to feel shooting in my mouth.
Thank you SO much for this.

OH, by the way, you're on the stack right?
How long did it take to really work?


Nope, not dead! Thanks!

I'm not on the stack anymore, but when I was, it took about a week or so the see some results for me at least.


Hang on a second, I just remembered

Were you the guy that was in mlpg that was saying he was saving up?


Nope, I'm not him. Although I'm also a little excited to see his load


I'm a lot excited, I'm not 100% sure, but I think the same guy said he was going to do a no-fap november too, then make a video

The only thing I could think of being hotter is if I was able to suck it out of him after all that time


File: 1384680480654.jpg (417.39 KB, 890x1066, pank1.jpg)

First time after starting the stack, looks about average for an hour of edging. This is without increasing water and exercise. I do get a ton more precum then I used to.


File: 1384680558492.jpg (382.16 KB, 912x930, pank2.jpg)


File: 1385534982180.jpg (939.32 KB, 1840x3264, Lily Blossom 03.jpg)

Two new anonymous submissions

All contributions are welcome and very appreciated.


File: 1385535031478.jpg (711.38 KB, 1840x3264, Applejack 92.jpg)

Three days of hard work paid off I'd say.


day 3 of edging

my balls feel like rocks


How do you set your jizz area up? I shoot far and really forcefully, so I was thinking of draping a towel over a chair or something. I'll probably end up knocking the fig over because I shoot with so much force.


Something crotch height
My computer desk works great, just cover the valuables.


so uh

how about it?


Short answer: No

Long answer: I don't like the idea of showing my body off as I don't like it much myself. I'd prefer being appealing based on other things, attitude and such.

Seems like it's working at least


What are your thoughts on watching someone cum on their pony stuff over Skype for you


I think it'd be super hot, but I'm pretty shit at ERP and stuff like that
Also I like videos/images because I can see them multiple times, and share with others if the creator is ok with that.


File: 1389163805440.jpg (1.9 MB, 2448x3264, 20140107_010722.jpg)

Some OC.

I was someone in the other thread coughcough


Much appreciated Anon


File: 1389242383529.jpg (1002.54 KB, 1536x2056, image.jpg)

As requested


Oh DAMN that's good
Bet it felt great to finally get that out, huh?
Did you…use her a bit…to help you along?



Like really, two unfs up man

Not sure if hyperspermia anon, but either way you did great.


File: 1389399812015.gif (5.77 MB, 295x270, beautiful.gif)

…couldn't help myself


File: 1389419338264.jpg (511.14 KB, 1042x1200, Twi3.jpg)


File: 1389419351930.jpg (454.19 KB, 872x1200, Twi2.jpg)

I needed to make this

For reasons


File: 1389419957547.jpg (413.33 KB, 1122x912, missed.jpg)

Oh and most of it missed


Part of the reason this turns me on so much is because I think about how good it must feel to shoot a load like that. Blowing a fat load is so satisfying, it's my favorite thing about masturbation.

My all time favorite video is this one of a guy with the biggest cock and balls I've ever seen in my life getting a blowjob on command from a real mare. It actually sucks his cock like a person, and even swallows his load. The reason I love it is because of the groan he makes when he cums.

It's like nothing I've ever heard, it's just this pure, primal groan of overwhelminly intense pleasure. You can tell that was probably the best orgasm of his life, that must have been so intense. Link is here(warning, beast):



That's nice Anon, but I don't think it really fits this thread

Maybe next time you watch it, you could make a little contribution?



Here's another one with some super intense orgasms, this girl gives the best blow/handjobs I've ever seen, she teases mercilessly and you can tell the guy is having the time of his life.


Thinking of doing a vid of a printout. I'm not going to masturbate for a while because I've been taking kratom and it makes it hard to cum, so I'll probably end up abstaining for around a week. I don't take the stack, but I take an Optimen multi, Progene daily complex, and Libido Max every day. The Progene and Libido Max I stole because they were really expensive and I was too embarrassed to buy them, and then find out they don't even work.

Makes a big difference for me, I get HARD now, like the hardest I've ever been. I've got a tight circ so it kinda hurts when I'm that hard because the skin is stretched really tight, thinking about foreskin restoration just to give myself a little slack. I can't tell if my loads are any bigger, I always cum into a paper towel, but I noticed there's more shots and there's a lot more force behind them. I'd guess I get around 7-8 shots on average.


Hey, everything is appreciated, and as long as it'll feel good for you, I'll like it.

Any ideas on what you'll be printing?
Willing to take a request?

Would you be willing to use the same print out a few times? A friend of mine likes multiple loads on one pic


Nah, that's kinda gross, I'd just do one big load. Not sure what pic exactly I'm gonna use, probably something with Cadence or Celestia, maybe Lyra. There's a few Lyra pics that I love.


>Cadence or Celestia

Would something like this be an option?



This is one of my favorites, I'm doing some more browsing.


Here's a few more candidates, the spa twins is another one I really like. Pony on human blowjobs get me horny as fuck.


I'm leaning toward that Cadence one I posted before, I really like that one.


There isn't nearly enough of it


Kevinsano has some great blowjob pics. Blowjob pics are what really got me started beating it to ponies. Those petite little mouths and tongues, oh fuck.

I've got an older digital camera, it can record video, but quality isn't good. It does have sound, but I never make much noise when I cum, at most you might get an 'ohhhhh fuck' if it's a really good orgasm or a grunt or two.


What's the main appeal about hotglue to you, anyways? I like it because I think about how good that must have felt, I love when they grunt and let out that really long, deep moan. That's how you can tell it was an intense orgasm, if they don't make any noise at all, and then at the end they just groan like an animal.


It IS related to the pleasure I knew they were feeling, but I don't need video or sound. I'm not even concerned with the size of the load, I just know that letting it out feels really good

It's also a little voyeuristic I think, the fact that they're sharing something so personal.
And it's even better if they're doing it for me.

I also have a big fetish for cum in general, and if you cum on a tiny pony, it's easy to see it as a MASSIVE load on a regular sized pony


Would you consider yourself gay, straight, or bi? Are you into real mares? I'm straight, I might let a dude suck my dick if he was REALLY good at it and looked girly, and had no facial hair. I'm really into real mares, their muscle control is incredible, the winking must feel like heaven.


Personally I consider myself Bi

I'll plead the fifth on the mares question

I think a blowjob just for the sake of getting a blowjob shouldn't really say anything about your sexuality.
That being said, I haven't had the chance to practice and I'm not girly looking.


File: 1389849906392.jpg (86.6 KB, 463x800, Gilda 22.jpg)

A new contribution from a great friend of mine.

And it's the very first Gilda VIDEO

Thanks again for the great work


How do post video content


If you can add me on skype, I can host it for you


File: 1390181682450.jpg (689.61 KB, 1920x1080, derp.jpg)


File: 1390369967334.jpg (179.04 KB, 2064x1548, 1390369431743.jpg)

Hey, it's the anon from the other day who came on the large dash plushie. Im here again with the miniature dash plush and a video. I came on the belly as requested. Enjoy!



I just realised the background noise in mine (the rainbow dash one) was really bad, I guess I shouldve turned down the tv before I did it lol




Holy fuck thats me…i didnt think id ever find my video again.


id be willing to do a lot more of these, with better lighting and a better camera now too


Hey, any new contributions are greatly appreciated, though I won't be able to keep the dropbox up to date until september.



I should be disgusted
But I just want more

And a cumshot right the camera would be hot


you can find lots of those, but ill see what i can make work with our theme


Much appreciated Anon


Holy shit. Was goin through old bookmarks and forgot about this place. Anyway, I picked up a Vinyl Scrach funko figure. Who wants some glue action?



Nice load, looks like a mouthful


Is this thread strictly for cumming on pony toys? What about cumshots in general?


I'd like to try to keep it pony related in this thread

Toys are the norm, but printed images work too

That said, I DO love cum in general, and wouldn't be against a link to something missing a toy…


File: 1407784136637.jpg (962.76 KB, 1536x2056, image.jpg)

Two more pics incommin


File: 1407784176982.jpg (938.16 KB, 1536x2056, image.jpg)


File: 1407784276153.jpg (1020.18 KB, 1536x2056, image.jpg)

Some of it even shot behind my PS3. I shoot big loads when I'm stoned.



Thanks a lot man, that IS a big load.


Good work! Nice load for a very cute pone. If I had my Derpy vinyl figure I'd totally shoot her some fun juice


Oh boy, this thread is delicious!
I'm new to MLPG and I heard about it from the Mega collection that gets posted on Derpibooru sometimes.
Here's something new: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5fgy7jgjfxri4dz/RaritySticky01.mov


As always, it's much appreciated
Sounded good, too

I'm on RLPV too, they could use stuff too, no reason not to post it there too.



About half of my load went straight over the figure and into my keyboard which sucks major balls, but eh.


Aww man sorry about the keyboard…was that you asking this morning on mlpg how to get it out?

But really, thanks a bunch, hope you enjoyed doing it cause I'm enjoying watching.

AAAND I MIGHT get a new phone in a bit, which would let me make my own video.


Haha yeah, that was me, the keyboard is fine though


File: 1410322421304.jpg (2.12 MB, 3264x2448, 20140824_155617.jpg)

i was on my lunch break


Heh, well that's different



File: 1412022376189.jpg (1.71 MB, 3264x2448, B84A8140-B2C2-464A-9E67-31….JPG)

Bumpan with a thing.


So what's the deal with the drop box? Did it move or something? I'd really appreciate a new link if so.


I've had to rearrange a few things, it'll be back up in a bit.


I'm pretty sure that it moved to https://mega.co.nz/#F!VsRSDQKD!HJmKwBf41QJIRFl9CATz9w

This link is everywhere on Derpibooru


That isn't mine, some guy just reuploaded them.

My power supply actually died before I could get it back up. It would be down fo another week.


is this thread dead or something?


Why don't you add your own content?


sadly, I have no merch of sorts…


>not just recording yourself cumming or with socks on


File: 1509406950382.jpg (3.11 MB, 4160x2340, 20171021_133139_HDR.jpg)

Don't know if this thread is dead or not, but I'll post this here.


Is this thread dead?


File: 1558228741807.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 2576x1932, 20190518_004504.jpg)

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