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File: 1361690791216.png (49.61 KB, 1250x875, New Canvas 159.png)

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People like the rat girl. Some people hate the rat girl. At any rate, she's not a pony. So I guess she goes here? I'll post everything that I have.
Also, I guess this can be a general thread for my stuff if I remember or if anyone has questions.
Anywho, I'll start posting all my images of her after this OP.


File: 1361690848763.png (513.64 KB, 503x800, Edith Standing.png)

Here's the first drawing. I drew this at work and scanned it. At the time, I just felt the urge to draw a filthy rat girl.


File: 1361690941331.png (994.63 KB, 3270x2550, Edith Experiments.png)

This is the second thing I drew. Feeling out things, working out things, experimenting. Goat Train wanted to know her backstory and this is what I said:
>Her name is Edith. One day she decided to just retreat into a shitty apartment and watch anime and eat delivery food and surf the internet forever. She hasn’t seen the light of day in years. Eventually she mutated into a rat girl, somehow, what with the seclusion and filthy conditions. That can happen, you know. How does she pay bills…. Hmm… She makes pony porn videos and lives off the ad money.


File: 1361690999192.png (427.93 KB, 1070x1400, Edith Kawaii.png)

One anon requested I "make the rat girl cuter" so he could "jerk off to her". I did this jokingly.


File: 1361691094685.png (286.74 KB, 1000x700, Edith - Goat Train.png)

By the way, those images I drew with a ballpoint pen on printer paper.
Anyway, this is the next thing that happened. Goat Train drew her. I really like this one, he's better at anatomy than me. I guess this is after and before her transformation.
I think he managed to make her a bit cuter in some ways, and toned down the grossness.


File: 1361691178491.png (675.09 KB, 1520x1375, New Canvas 170.png)

This is the first of the ballpoint pen sketches that I did digital stuff to. It's from this image: >>1110


File: 1361691326930.png (148.42 KB, 625x1225, New Canvas 171.png)

Here's the next digital one. Her body was a pen sketch, and her face is from this image: >>1110 I really liked that head and I really liked the body, so I put them together. If you guys desperately need the sketch, I can post it, but anyway here's the finished drawing.
I really hate the way I did her socks, the perspective is all off. And her legs are a bit weird.
Buttercup Saiyan liked this image and reblogged it. I think it's a really cute face.


File: 1361691414943.png (371.84 KB, 1280x930, Edith Room.png)

At work again, I decided to draw her in her room. /co/smo asked if this was based on my room, but it isn't. I am actually big on keeping things neat.
An anon remarked that pet rats are cute so I gave her one.
This is very rough.


File: 1361691566020.png (67.02 KB, 588x371, Edith - GG 1.png)

That evening, I think, GG was on Goggles in the thread. I asked him to do some rat girls, and he did. These are different from Edith, but still worth posting.
Apparently he thinks Edith is too gross. She is pretty gross, but GG is already the master of making weird creatures cute.


And another GG from Goggles.
This one might be a bit NSFW. Trigger warning: Pubes.


File: 1361691688034.png (326.51 KB, 941x2000, New Canvas 172.png)

Next, I drew her hissing with fear or anger.
The body and head are both from this image: >>1110 but they didn't originally belong to each other. I think it works, and you can see I was getting a better handle on the legs.


File: 1361691857406.png (292.08 KB, 1241x3512, Edith - Bathing.png)

Okay, now things get weird. Apparently, last night, there were two porno stories written about her in MLPG. I wasn't around, but an anon linked me these caps on Tumblr. This is the first. I guess it was written by Buttercup Saiyan, which is surprising. Then again, it's surprising that anyone would write sex stories about one of my characters.


File: 1361691913952.png (270.37 KB, 1240x2280, Edith - Gross.png)

And here's the other.
This one is quite a bit more fetishistic than the other. It focuses more on her filthiness and body hair and stuff. It ends up on her feet. Beware.


File: 1361692061509.jpg (827.05 KB, 1212x1280, Edith - Nobody 1.jpg)

As I was looking through that archive thread, I saw that the artist Nobody did a picture of her too.
He actually did two pictures, but only improved on the second one the next day.
This is the first. I think it's really cute, especially the heart tail.


File: 1361692106878.jpg (425.65 KB, 1280x702, Edith - Nobody 2.jpg)

Here's the second one by Nobody from the next day. I like this one too, but her breasts are a bit large.


File: 1361692192358.png (168.49 KB, 425x917, Edith - SB.png)

And more fan art. This poster was anonymous, I don't know who the artist is. I think the style looks a bit like SB, but I could be wrong.
This one's pretty cute, and he's cleaned her up a bit. No body hair, and her hair is nicer.


She's a qt, Corwin. You did a good job with her.


File: 1361692365374.png (424.75 KB, 746x1920, Edith Sketch.png)

Next, I wanted to draw her again. A response I guess to the porno stories. I'm sure she'd be incredibly flattered by them. This is the sketch, which I like a lot better than the finished. I absolutely love the legs and the hips and the stomach. This was referenced from an anatomy thing.
Also, I cleaned up the design of her tail some. I think it looks a bit more appealing this way. I was thinking she might run it out one of the legs of her shorts.
Thank you very much.


File: 1361692439559.png (717.36 KB, 1400x2475, New Canvas 173.png)

The finished version of: >>1125
I'm not so crazy about it.
She's standing in front of all that spoilered naughtiness written about her.


File: 1361692567829.png (141.69 KB, 805x722, Edith - Soup.png)

Oops, I forgot. Before I did: >>1125, Soup drew some fan art of her. This is pretty cool, and I can so imagine her playing Nintendo alone in the dark.


File: 1361692668265.jpg (1001.6 KB, 1097x1920, Edith - Wundersides.jpg)

And, finally (for now), this is a drawing done by an artist that I follow on Tumblr called Wundersides. He's not really a pony artist, and doesn't draw a TON, but I really like his stuff and he seems like a cool guy. This is his take on Edith.

So there it is, folks. I suppose this can be the designated thread for her, if you have any questions or requests. I don't mind the fetishistic discussion, but I probably won't draw any of it.
I'm really glad you guys like her.


File: 1361747089047.png (831.56 KB, 4712x2838, 1361622184128.png)


I haven't seen this, but I did skim the thread in the archive.

Anyway, here is something Creepycurse did. He made her a lot creepier and rat-like. I imagine this might be what she ends up mutating into if she continued in her filth and isolation.
Tasteful censorship, as well, but still probably NSFW.


I asked SB and apparently he DID draw this.

Also, apparently someone had a dream about Edith last night. They were playing video games and she was nuzzling his shoulder and stuff. He said she was like a drawing.
It's a strange and wonderful feeling to know people are having dreams about your stuff.


I tried to make her something a little more rat creature and a little less gross.
I sorta figured she'd be holed away somewhere obsessing over her hobbies in her make-shift den.

Dunno if I worked it out right, but I tried to make her body a little more ratty as well, small torso, a bit of a tummy and thick long legs to go with her skinny arms.

Want the uncensored version just ask.


I thought the drawing was awful so I edited it something fierce.


File: 1361785865979.png (2.07 MB, 2364x3428, Edith Expressions.png)

WOW! That is absolutely monstrous! I don't think I can see anyone writing gross fetish stories about HER. Thank you so much for this, you're a good dude.

And here's something else I did with her, while I'm here. Expressions practice, based on that thing Art-Anon is doing.


> tfw made a drawing not trying to be too creepy still turns out uber creepy
ambiguous feels


Man, you should be proud. Creepy's your name, after all. And she IS a rat monster thing.


I guess you could say it's a curse?


File: 1361786485867.jpg (20.55 KB, 349x421, Nosferatu.jpg)




File: 1361948348169.png (103.34 KB, 600x700, New Canvas 176.png)


File: 1361948366202.png (88.73 KB, 600x700, New Canvas 177.png)


pls, corwin
rat can't be for sexual


I just realized the picture of Edith squatting down in the center looks like she's taking a huge dump.


File: 1362200054808.png (175.07 KB, 1601x905, Untitled.png)

She used to be a normal girl. She's still got a human soul!
Oh, sweet jesus, why did you have to say that? That's one reason I eventually cleaned up the design of her tail to make it look more appealing and less…. Like that…

I've drawn some more of her. This I did at work. I forgot her tail.
Ballpoint pen on printer paper.


Because I want to see the world burn.

Also Corwin can you go ahead and just turn this into a general Corwin are thread? You got more junk to post than just rats.


File: 1362286716434.png (234.34 KB, 500x1399, Untitled.png)

Enjoying some cheese. I don't like this drawing.

I don't know, the main reason I made it was to give people a place to talk about her other than MLPG, but it doesn't seem to be working.
I suppose I'll post stuff here, even though I've also got Tumblr.


Don't you post this stuff on tumblr also?


Oh, yes. I post everything on Tumblr.


>Anonymous asked: So is she your ideal furry girlfriend or something? Some dirty neet failure of a person?

>I wouldn’t say “IDEAL”, but I like her.

haha ha oh wow.


Might as well dump all that up in here. Keep dem pones nice and toasty


File: 1362525676535.png (246.9 KB, 625x814, New Canvas 183.png)

I will as I draw, then.
Here's something new. I deserve whatever I get.



O-oh wow


Doesn't it totally look like images from a bishoujo game or one of those undressing Flash things?



Oh my gosh, it does

now you've gotta make a Dress Up Edith game


There are like five people on planet earth who would enjoy that and play it.



What if it was commissioned?


Well, I really don't know anything about Flash, and I've never been commissioned before, but it's definitely something to think about.



Well, the offer's on the table.

Please don't give up on this kinda thing, man. I see you're being doubtful in the thread and it's just bad news bears.


Send me a message on Tumblr and I will see what I can do. It can't be too hard to make a dress-up game.



I'd need to make a tumblr for that, and I don't really do anything to justify a tumblr.


Well, it would be easier to discuss the details of this project. What you want to see and stuff. If you're serious about commissioning…



Could you make a FA? I've got one of those.

and it'll be a bit until I'm ready to commission anywho.


That's okay, it would probably take me a bit to learn this stuff. I suppose I might as well take the plunge and make a furry account. I won't be too active with it, but send me a message so we can be in touch:



Uncensored when


I don't really want it public.


>Artist Type: Photographer
Corwin pls.


I really don't think I'll use it for anything.
I am a bit creeped out by furaffinity, I'll be honest. The front page, the banner ads…


>not wanting furrybucks


I'm sure I'll cave in eventually.


File: 1362864712388.png (658.98 KB, 793x1753, 1.png)

Ehh, I don't know if I really want to start dumping all my stuff here yet. For the time being, I'd rather it just be the Edith thread. I'm sorry, but it's my autistic sense of order. Maybe I'll post other stuff here eventually. Anywho, two new sketches.
I don't really like the body on this one, or on anything I've drawn really. But I like the head and the hair.


File: 1362864769800.png (1.26 MB, 2400x1380, 2.png)

I like this drawing a lot better.
Anon said "I like her. Although you wanting to fuck her puts you in the weird category for me…".
I will not attempt to defend or rationalize my proclivities. I know I'm not the weirdest drawfag in MLPG, and I don't think I make a habit of this kind of thing.



corwin, do you have a smoking fetish?


No, not especially. I do tend to draw a lot of characters smoking, don't I?



Yeah, so I was just wondering.


There's probably a few reasons:
1. It's an easy way to add character. In this case, to add scumminess.
2. I am pretty entrenched in an older style, interest-wise, and there was a lot of smoking in that kind of stuff.
3. Actually, maybe I do have kind of a thing for smoking. The girl I loved in high school smoked a lot and started me on them. I don't know…



I think smoking adds more of a trashy look than a scummy one, especially with an ash tray full of butts.

also hah, you're having a fetish epiphany.


I was sort of thinking "Welcome to the NHK" with the smoking.
Also, don't tease me.


File: 1362873416662.png (13.03 KB, 684x313, what.png)



say what


File: 1362873864402.gif (1.95 MB, 350x197, Average 4chan user.gif)

It's an anime series about a shut-in otaku. I've just recently started getting into some anime, and this is one that Ronnie Filyaw said was amazing. It really is, check it out sometime.



I don't know, it's pretty rare for me to find anime entertaining. Something about it usually throws me off.


Yep, same here. But, like I said, I've been getting into different things lately.



what kinda different things?


Anime, actual drawing practice, drawing nakedness, lots of stuff.




oh gosh


Right up here: >>1251
I don't know if I'll start doing it regularly or posting uncensored, but I wouldn't be surprised…



Well it's a big step probably, I'm not an artist so I wouldn't know.

but I wouldn't be TOO offended if you decided to start posting nude pictures, I guess~


At this point, the way I'm going, I'd probably count on posting nude stuff within a few months.
I don't know if anyone will like them or care, though, unless I try it with ponies.



Well, I'd probably like them.


Some people would, I'm sure. The people who wrote those fetish stories probably would. We'll see what happens.


For some people who really really like her. Please don't tell my mom.



that's a few months before you speculated, dontcha think?

not too shabby though


Just realized she looks more like a girl with contacts and a mustache, who enjoys using tail buttplugs.


I'm not making a habit of it. I might end up deleting this in horror tomorrow morning.
Your words sting me.



>girl with contacts and a mustache, who enjoys using tail buttplugs
It could make a pretty simple cosplay…


I don't think cosplayers usually go out with tail buttplugs as part of their outfits.

Probably more a fursuiter's secret shame.


Well, her tail is meant to sort of run through one leg of her shorts. One could easily sneak a plug up there in secret….
What a weird conversation.
Anyway, I don't know if I should post Empty Audio's greentext cap here. I do want this thread to be a record of every Edith thing, but it is a bit gross. A bit really gross.


File: 1362968731867.gif (2.54 MB, 200x150, Have you ever been so mad,….gif)

3 days banned from 4chan.
Don't they realize I need their website in order to function?


For anthro?


Yep. I posted a weird pic I found on Derpibooru. It was a justified banning, I suppose.


>getting banned


I have been using 4chan regularly since 2007, and I am being 100% honest: I was never banned once until November 2012, and this now is my second ever banning.


I guess I got unbanned somehow.


File: 1363156812478.png (190.44 KB, 665x664, French Sweetie.png)

Goat Train said he's going to do another Edith thing. I don't think I'll draw any more of her for a few days, so I guess it's time to start posting other stuff here. I've created an Edith Master Collection folder where I'll put everything done of her into chronological order so I can have it all in one place. Maybe one day when there's hundreds of files I'll put it up for download some place.

ANYWAY, here's what I'm working on now. I saw a dessert bun at the store the other day called a "French Sweetie" so it gave me this idea.
I have never attempted any kind of digital painting before and I am really struggling. BUT I know that I have to start somewhere if I want to become the true artiste. I used to think I should focus on mastering drawing before trying to render anything, but I still want to try something new. I'll post my progress on this here. Please remember that I'm a beginner.


File: 1363234062998.png (366.71 KB, 1280x896, 31.png)

Ffffffuck, I've had a long day. I almost wish I was a NEET again so I could just focus on drawing all day, because I am worn out. I will try to work on the French Sweetie painting some more tonight.

In the meantime, here's an Edith that Goat Train drew. She's a Legend of Zelda boss.
To be honest, I kind of like his first drawing of her better with the turned-up nose, even though this one is closer to my own design.


File: 1363723138045.jpg (35.59 KB, 392x577, ;pkj.jpg)

I just bought a set of brush pens and holy shit this is so much fun. I have never done any traditional inking before and I am loving it. It's making my drawings come to life. I wish wish wish I had a scanner at home, or at least a better camera, to show you the detail in this stuff.
I feel like an artist.


File: 1363723656481.jpg (241.25 KB, 876x1198, ;pkj.jpg)

Nevermind, here's a much better photo.


File: 1363778792709.jpg (453.37 KB, 1280x1024, 1.jpg)



Someone help me. I can't stop.
I have a problem.




Corwin I think you're not telling us something


I am a vast tapestry of secrets and lies. I always tried to keep my proclivities away from my "identity" online.
But, lately, they've been breaking through. And the more I show, the more I'm willing to show, because I have less to lose.

I know I'm being super melodramatic.
Anyway, I'm glad you like her.



I'm just waiting on the monster girl, corwin


come on, corwin


I was thinking lately of starting a semi-nsfw tumblr for monster girl-type creations. Maybe not nsfw, but embarrassing at the very least. Because I really like them, but I don't feel like putting them on my main tumblr if I EVER WANT MAINSTREAM SUCCESS.
Also, someone from real life found my tumblr and is now following me. I don't know her that well, I just met her in class, but it does make me worry about what I post.
What do you want from me?


File: 1364086710002.png (89.66 KB, 1004x1408, New Canvas 197.png)

More stuff.
I'm glad at least one person loves her so much.


Also, I forgot her ears, but this was a quick shitty thing.
I really hate her face in the final panel.


Fat milf butts. It's Rarity's mom.
Request, kind of.


Well, there go two followers.
I know I shouldn't think about this stuff, but it feels like letting people down. I think I'm going to start a tumblr strictly for nsfw drawings and anon asks soon, like Rose.



Do it!

those are always fun, no joke



More lewdness. Humanized cake butt.


Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.


File: 1364358508276.png (394.25 KB, 972x1340, Untitled.png)

Sneak preview for the upcoming dress-up game. This is just a shitty sketch, obviously. I really really really hate those arms. I think arms are the next thing I need to dedicate some practice & study to.


File: 1364359440124.png (907.96 KB, 647x582, 133db9d57e9461dfa1804516a8….png)




I love this series so so much. Each new issue inspires me to draw more.


File: 1364376551933.png (1.14 MB, 2500x1400, New Canvas.png)

Fuck, I'm having so much fun. This gross rat girl has rekindled my love of drawing and my desire to learn. I drew all day today and I don't want to stop. I'm riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave.
[s]I hope I don't get sad again when I return to pone. ;_;



Well… it's hiatus time anyway, I say we animate our own stuff. I'm going to the Bronycon animation panel and doing a Twilight Zone parody for that in July till August with S3 Studios, it's going to be fun stuff.

But sometimes you just need to do your own thing, for your own good. And when you're happy, it comes out in your art. And people like that.


>it's hiatus time anyway
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. I drew pones all of the previous hiatus, but I don't know. I think I've changed a bit since then.


File: 1364460244223.png (228.83 KB, 904x608, Untitled.png)

More outfit concepts.


File: 1364469749200.png (219.73 KB, 548x778, 35.png)

So, Mangneto drew this. GG showed me. I think it's really really impressive.
More than that, though, it is a very flattering feeling that people are talking about my stuff, and creating stuff based on it, when I'm not even around. And I never even knew this existed until GG asked if I had seen it. I don't think I've ever spoken to Mang, although I may have briefly at some point.


File: 1364485005205.png (291.2 KB, 404x331, 199dfaa91c0a4b45573be53788….png)

Oh wow, mang's version of that is great.

Once the craziness of my deadline is done, I'll try to squeeze in a concept art run. I'm kind of slacking right now. Can't go 24/7!



That is SO cute


File: 1364505434974.png (1.24 MB, 1666x1666, New Canvas 205.png)

Good luck! And thank you.

Here are all the outfit sketches I've done so far. I've already posted most of them, but here they're cleaned up and fixed to a nearly imperceptible degree.
I am quite proud of the sundress/hat one, and the cheerleader one.


Holy fuck, holy shit, holy jesus fucking peanuts.
Someone I met at art class is now following my NSFW blog. I don't know her very well, but we talk in class and stuff. I am so fucking nervous. God dammit, I never ever ever wanted my real life and internet life to intersect.
Fucking a, I hope she likes pubes and chubby monsters, and esoteric fetishes.


just tell her you draw stuff for furfags for a little extra scratch, dude

it's not a big deal if you don't make it one


You are right, anon, as always.
The implication seems to be that I myself am a furfag, but I'm not big on labels.



I'm not calling you a furfag, I'm just saying they're always a fantastic scapegoat.

You're only a furry if you identify as a member of the furry fandom


I agree with this.


File: 1364545228945.png (214 KB, 892x1153, edith.png)

I guess I'll put this here.


I love it so so much!
The face and the hair and the legs and the socks and everything are just perfect.
It seems as though you've sort of done her a bit closer to my own "model" or whatever, which is really cool. I like it when artists have put their own spin on her, but this feels more like how I would draw her in about six months or so, hopefully.
Seriously, great job and thank you very much. I owe you one.

Also, Super Nintendo is my second favorite console ever.


File: 1364547433849.png (63.65 KB, 600x600, Edith - MT.png)

MT did one too. I feel lucky for such generous art pals. I really really owe everyone.



It looks great!


You think that's bad? A guy from The Young Punx contacted me for MTV knowing FULL WORK all my work … and that goes for LinkedIn too. ARGH THE INTERNET MEMORY IS FAR TOO LONG





I mean… I'm not trying to brag… I'm saying you gotta be brave!




I know who wrote this one, lol. Do you?


You are right. My prudish pretensions and general repression have been just completely deteriorating lately, and my sense of shame is following close behind. Papa's got a brand new bag, etc.
What kind of stuff are you guys looking for?
I believe I do~


Frederator says "characters you want to be/be with" and four minute long shorts so…

I think that's not too hard to grasp, the work is just in making the magic happen between idea and production phase.


I will keep y'alls in mind.


Wow, that doesn't sound too bad.
A little over a year ago, just for fun, I storyboarded/planned out with images this whole idea for a one-off short/pilot thing that I had.
I still have them, but they look like baby scribbles compared to now.
And this was before Gravity Falls came out, and I think comparison between the two would be inevitable. Similar premises.


I am debating on pitching it with that form, but I'm not sure how much detail you guys want. I have the whole short planned out.


File: 1364632560450.png (582.31 KB, 1500x1500, New Canvas 206.png)

Final outfit design sketches for the game.
Now comes the easier part.
I censor the nipples because the commissioner requested that I only give him the explicit version.


Exclusive privilege commissions and watermarks are dick moves, especially for such small details. I would forbid them right out in my own commission terms.


File: 1364638052594.png (1.8 KB, 167x135, Untitled.png)

It's not that big of a deal, is it? I mean it's tiny little nipples made of lines. Look, here's some.
It won't be censored like that in the game that I post, I'll just change up the outfit a little.


Topless human Pinkie Pie. I think it's pretty bad, especially the face, but I'm getting better. The face especially is horrifying.



Keep it simple, pitches have to fit into 4 minutes. Try to hit the high points before doing what I do and getting yourself in way over your head and having to greatly expand the team just to keep up with future workloads.


Well, I mean should I explain and lay out the entire 4 minute short, or just a very basic idea of what it's about?



Both is fine, let me update the form to reflect that change


File: 1364707022470.png (23.2 KB, 552x297, Untitled.png)

This is going to stick with me.


> I don't see it happen
> Therefore it doesn't happen.

Fuck 'em. You've come a long way, Corwin.



> This entire conversation

> pitching to a studio
> have no ideas to pitch since leaving school
I think I'm going to go lie down forever.


File: 1364714810487.png (10.18 KB, 1236x140, Appraisal.png)

This kind of stuff gets to me, though. I know it's probably damaging, but I save negativity that really really seriously stings me. I find it as motivation and "wake-up call" kind of stuff.
Maybe I shouldn't, but I don't find it depressing. I find it as motivation, even though I'm not typically motivated by negativity.


On second look, this is pretty weak.
It just seemed to sting more because I think it was the first bit of negativity I got and it shocked me.


I was wondering, how hard is it to run a quest? I did one anonymously once but then I quit when work got in the way.




You are a good person Corwin and you do have a place in art. You just haven't found that place yet.


Also, get a skype! Nigga.


Thank you so much. You guys are great.
I wouldn't really know. I imagine it's as good as the work you put into it.


Why are you asking Corwin? GG's thread is right over thataways. >>401


I replied to the wrong thread, it had been a very long night.


Please please please let me post.


File: 1364938034538.png (282.7 KB, 1137x819, New Canvas 209.png)

I drew this last night. I was inspired watching LK stream a Femrover. His sketching is just scribbling and his stabilizer is zero. So I tried it out myself. I really like it, the scribbling helps me to plan out the form better I think. I never scribble. I really really love this, even though the pose is super boring.
Some of my followers are getting mad that I haven't drawn a lot of ponies lately. I know I shouldn't worry and just draw for myself, but I like it when more people appreciate what I do.


Her farther away "knee" is really bothering me the more I look at it, though….


I have just created a skype account.
My username is corwindraws
I do this because I have been asked to by a lot of people. Feel free to add me if you want.


File: 1365418025065.png (87.01 KB, 696x655, New Canvas 210.png)

Tried to get back to ponies.
I have lost it completely.


File: 1365418055191.png (32.75 KB, 747x785, New Canvas 211.png)

Then I tried to human and got a little closer.


File: 1365418093208.png (195.58 KB, 686x808, New Canvas 212.png)

Then I attempted to clown and I don't know what the fuck I was even thinking.


File: 1365824478388.png (456.52 KB, 1980x1980, Untitled.png)

More nonsense. I'm in a down period right now, but I think it will clear up soon.


Buck teeth are cute on cartoon girls.


File: 1365939276988.png (157.19 KB, 450x900, New Canvas 214.png)

I have forgotten how to draw.



The leftmost one is really good.


Thank you!


File: 1366413285955.png (358.91 KB, 1308x1389, 1366411114236.png)

It's a butt with panties. I really really really love it, but if I drew the rest of her, I think it would be ruined.


Just try and see! What the worst that can happen anyways?


File: 1366634760020.png (26.21 KB, 426x1146, Dangerously Cheesy.png)

A hairless rat.


To the anon that said he couldn't see the Edith picture on my blog, and wanted to see it on the sub, the post above this one was the last Edith picture I posted to Tumblr: >>2197



Oh. I've seen it then, it's nice.

Thanks anyways.




By request of the commissioner. This is a small part of a larger project.


File: 1368170728852.gif (54.12 KB, 250x225, New Canvas 222.gif)

Just some keyframes. She's saying "Yabba Dabba Doo!"


File: 1368299669396.png (77.31 KB, 386x574, Derp.png)

A human derp.




Sorry, anon, I've been lying low lately.
I've been pretty much just doing practice in sketchbooks, I haven't done anything for fun in a while.

That said, I JUST drew the single lewdest thing I ever have and I don't know if I want to post it.


Well now you absolutely must share it with us. MLPG's butthurt would be phenomenal.


But it's literally 100% furfag stuff.
And there's a penis.


>Human Penis



post it


Fuck, someone on mlpg discovered it within literally four hours of it being posted.
Although I suppose the odds of anyone from MLPG searching for dog, anthro, panties, penis, semen, masturbation, or futa on e621 at any given moment are pretty close to 100%.

Anyway, I drew this for an art friend and posted it to e621 in a show of extreme boldness.
I'm still pretty embarrassed of it, though, so I don't think I'll be posting it on my lewd blog.

This is the most pornographic image I've ever drawn. Also the most furry.


Also, I'm aware of how fucked up the upper body is.



1) Gross
2) Good job, though


More gay furry shit.
It is so fun to draw, and I'm glad I'm feeling good about drawing again, but I'm sorry it's stuff that grosses most of you out.
I still am too worried to post it on my blog, but here it is.
She's supposed to be a donkey thing. I think she looks a bit like AJ.

I told you I'm riding a slippery slope.



you're improving.

also unf


Thank you so much.
I think I can see it too, and it's a lot of fun!
Also, I've got to say, it's a crazy feeling of liberation and freedom to draw and post this stuff.


Okay, here's what we've got tonight.
Not as good as last nights, in my opinion.
She's too fat in the second one, and maybe too sweaty. Oh well.


Also her feet are dumb.



>too sweaty


wish her head and calves were smaller though


Her head is like that because she's an alien, but I understand if it's weird.
As for the calves, I don't know. I was sketching her out in the first pic and was originally going to give her a tight space suit with shorts. Then I thought to giver her this outfit, and it kind of reminded me of wrestling/weightlifting gear. So in the first one, I tried to make her kind of strong & beefy looking. In the second, I kind of just made her too fat for that. I have real trouble drawing the same body consistently.
Anyway, that explains the calves. I am also inspired by Robert Crumb, though, so that might be where the legs came from.




I'm still gonna fap to it.

would also be nice to see what she's packing


She's packing a fat cock and balls.
But I can't promise I'll draw her again. I'm really glad you like it, though.


Buuuuut she's got a dick.
I actually don't like this one too much, but my friend seemed pretty impressed by it so I'm posting it. She looked better in my head, but I guess this isn't so bad.
Also, she looks just completely retarded as fuck. She should have string of drool hanging from her mouth. I just wanted to make her kind of dopey, she looks too stupid.


That is pretty hot


Thank you nasse, but you forgot to take your name off.

Also, it has grown on me the more I look at it. At first I didn't even want to post it because I didn't like it so much.


Sometimes it looks like the head is too big on your drawings, tends to be the cranium part.


That might be a stylistic choice.
I have no defense for myself.


TWO images tonight!
Dickgirl Edith behind this spoiler, you have been warned.
I actually don't like this one so much. I don't think she really works for me with a dick. I mean, she's hairy and kind of flat-chested. Add a big dick, and she's a dude.
And contrary to what you might think, and in spite of the fact that I just drew five big dicks, I'm not into dudes.
Oh well, I wanted to draw her with a dick anyway.


File: 1370940196946.png (538.19 KB, 1358x1349, New Canvas 228.png)

Pink Horses and Richard Pryor.


File: 1371066040883.png (115.1 KB, 575x425, New Canvas 229.png)



The Easter Bunny from Corruption of Champions.


File: 1371225374490.png (411.56 KB, 741x1948, Untitled.png)

Bikini (or is it underwear?) version without male genitals.


File: 1371309730400.png (456.62 KB, 1522x450, New Canvas 232.png)

Come on, guys, do you like the bunny or what??

More loomis, this is from a more cartoony section, I don't really like it as much.

I…. Don't really like…. cartoony…. as much as realism…..

What am I becoming????



I really, really like the bunny.


>I…. Don't really like…. cartoony…. as much as realism…..
And soon, you might unwittingly cross the line into abstraction…

Just do what feels right.


File: 1371383521738.png (347.67 KB, 800x1013, New Canvas 233.png)

Thank you very much.
Don't count on it.

Anyway, here's a gob.


File: 1372068098077.png (290.65 KB, 1100x1450, New Canvas 236.png)

I've now drawn this month just as much as I drew in the past two months combined.
But they're all just sketches.

Oh well, here's a fat horse woman.


FFFFFFFFFurry porn.
This I did for my friend who really likes the thing in this hentai: http://exhentai.org/g/560025/90c852a319/
I drew it and, HOLY SHIT, INKED IT!!


That is pretty hot



Corwin confirmed for Lolicon/Shotacon addict.



>Pedo AND a furry



holy jump in skill

have you been grinding art again, corwin?


File: 1373171792979.gif (2.61 MB, 250x135, An Angry Minnesotan.gif)

I'm doing what I can. Thank you very much, I really appreciate compliments on my growing abilities.


File: 1373189027672.jpg (106.17 KB, 363x507, 1371098914507.jpg)


>frequents pedo sites

>draws furry porn
>annoyed that people call him a pedo furry


File: 1373194335817.gif (2.62 MB, 275x150, Another Angry Minnesotan.gif)

Nah, I just take every opportunity possible to show off gifs I made.



wait why is exhentai a pedo site now


It hosts some loli stuff. To be honest, I don't visit that often. My friend really liked this one hentai and I drew her for him.


File: 1373196025099.png (140.24 KB, 350x1018, New Cavas 240.png)

And speaking of pedophilia, here's a little girl.




Uh, that's an understatement. It's all the grey area comics that can't be hosted on the main site.

>I don't visit that often.




>Young Edith in happier days


Daaaamn, anon, you may have something there. Although Edith isn't that gangly.



This stuff should be obvious. Once she was more out going. Even a Club Scout girl. Then something happened in her early teenage years and she became a recluse.


Yeah, that sounds right.
My idea was she was a shut-in for SOME reason, and just stayed inside living in her filth without human contact until she mutated into a rat girl. She's supposed to be in her early-mid twenties.
I guess I never really thought of her childhood, but that sounds pretty good.




File: 1373475655479.png (207.72 KB, 1020x448, New Canvas 241.png)

Here, I'm trying to apply what I've been learning from loomis. I think I'm improving pretty well from my first drawings of her.



She's gorgeous.


>think LOOMIS is some sort of joke and/or meme
>see the improvement
Well, guess it's time to open those books.


Well, I really should be doing more of it, but it really is helpful if you use it right. I don't know how it compares to other art books, because I haven't read many. And I have seen people do some really shitty loomis… All I can say is that it's working for me.
Thank you, anon, that means a lot to me.



It's just that they are:

1. Legally free
2. Really easy to use and easy to read without getting too bogged down in technical stuff
3. Great for beginners and amateurs (like us)


File: 1373549583442.png (717.43 KB, 1280x720, WHY2.png)




/ic/ why are you the most terrible board on 4chan? Seriously, you make /mlp/ look good by comparison…


"This board is only populated by bitter washed up artists. Enjoy your criticism."


I have found that /ic/ is full of helpful resources, and you can learn a lot if you pay attention and just lurk.
I know I've learned quite a lot there.



It's both awful and awesome at the same time.

I don't know why I still go there, it just makes me depressed I'm not as good as some other artists are…


File: 1373813596618.png (61.06 KB, 500x586, tumblr_mpxdt69mFH1rjoh3co1….png)

>Couldn’t figure out a body, so just have a head. I went through several pose attempts, but nothing was working. I know too much about heads compared to bodies. I drew her before, more lewdly. I don’t know her name or her story, but I think she looks cool. A doofy girl with a mickey mouse hat.

Apologies if this gets fan-ficy. Here's my stab at some ideas.

>Kinda awkward nerdy girl who's not that popular

>Fairly normal otherwise
>Does not typically wear the Micky Mouse hat, but did on a few occasions (Picture of her in the mouse hat can be displayed in her house from her trip to Disney land)
>Used to be good friends with Edith in high school before she dropped off the map
>Hasn't seen her for about a decade
>Finds Edith, scene plays out a bit like a horror movie at first

Do you think it makes sense to pair them? Would she make a good foil for Edith?


File: 1373873130725.png (1.63 MB, 1956x1516, New Canvas 243.png)

MMMMMMaybe…. I guess it makes sense, I just don't know what this girl's deal is at all, or how she would work with Edith.
>Does not typically wear the Mickey Mouse hat

Anyway, here's this. I don't know what i'm doing.


For any kind of Edith comic/show/whatever what kind of tone would you go for? Comedy cute? Maybe something Venture brothers-esque with tons of idiots? Or serious drama?


Put her in the Micky Mouse hat for like one episode. She's totally into it, but everyone else gives her shit for it. I don't think that a Micky Mouse hat can work in a design forever, plus there's legal stuff.

Try drawing her without it, and medium length hair.


>For any kind of Edith comic/show/whatever what kind of tone would you go for?
Honestly, I have no idea. I have thought of this before, and I don't know how she'd work for a narrative. She just sorta…. Sits around the house all day. And to be honest, her creation was at least 50% sexual in nature. When it comes to the thing I want to make, I like fast-paced, self-contained comedy. If not old-fashioned, then at least traditional kind of humor. I don't know if Edith works for that, she's too low key. Although convoluted stuff like Venture Bros and Watchmen are my very favorites, they aren't necessarily the kind of thing I want to create.

As for the other girl, I still don't know. I think she's just to draw sometimes, maybe not really a character.


Also, without the hat, she's pretty much just msob's twist!



Well obviously, the series would start with Edith being discovered by someone. The story would be trying to rehabilitate her into society. So far the premise is sounding like some sorta depressing tale of loss and mental illness, and you'd likely have to deal with the tragic events that led to her wanting to shut off from the world.


Then further tweak her.


Fuuuuck man, that is wayyyy too heavy.
And a lot of this kind of stuff was done really well in Welcome to the NHK.
I don't have a non-comedic bone in my body, I'm afraid. It would have to be more wacky shenanigans akin to It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular, if she were trying to re-enter society. Or someone trying to help her.

As for mickey mouse girl, I'm telling you I just like to draw her sometimes. She's not for stories.


MSoB's Twist is kind of plain.






Exactly. I think Edith's backstory is just too dark for comedy. You could just ignore it and put her in cute or goofy situations. She's so cute when she dresses up.



I love her backstory!!



Edith stealing Micky Mouse hat, and the other girl trying to get it. Edith keeps it just out of reach.



more edith


File: 1375011105453.png (1.03 MB, 1994x2124, New Canvas 245.png)

Decided to try and draw how I always did. Thhis is how I learned how to draw, and it's still what's most comfortable for me.


File: 1375011135615.png (1.37 MB, 2376x2217, New Canvas 246.png)



I crave for more edith.


File: 1375158371735.gif (1.87 MB, 300x169, I'm not sure what this gif….gif)

Okay anon, fine.
One Edith request.
YOu get one. I get dozens each week, probably most from the same person.
But I'm gonna do one for you.
It can be lewd, but not TOO disgusting.


Edith in a dynamic pose with 3 point perspective a full background


unf talk more artistically technical talk


Is that your final answer?



That's not me.


Ah jeez, ya put me on the spot. I sorta thought you'd be the one making the ideas. Um, about this. Go for "cute", not lewd. I like seeing her in little outfits, and hats. There were some old posts in her in some formal dresses, and I love those. I think there was a picture like that. Her smiling, enjoying herself and kind of being an awkward retard. I can't think of a specific scenario.



Me again. I actually thought of something.

Edith as a samurai.


The hair and bandana like that picture. Nothing else. She's wearing a nice kimono (I guess a male's since the female one looks dainty). You can choose to try to make her actually look cool, or make her a clumsy goofy idiot fumbling around with her sword.


Okay, I will.


File: 1375577406824.png (309.35 KB, 842x936, New Canvas 248.png)

But first, this.
It's the simpsons.
My one regret is forgetting maggie's bow.


File: 1375873423139.png (147.36 KB, 895x370, New Canvas 250.png)

Samurai Edith is next, because I really like that outfit.
But right now it's Zoidberg, and Abe Simpson in his middle-age.
New Canvas 250, woooooo


A mutant rodent thing with excessive body hair lying down and masturbating.
I hope I can get to posting more often.



woah nelly



Body shape implies she's old. Kind of milfy (30's early 40's, out of shape). Also kneeling.


She's supposed to be lying back on a bed, but I didn't draw anything behind the figure…
As for the body, I don't know. I was just going for like unhealthy skinny/fat.


File: 1377321255420.png (280.23 KB, 822x870, New Canvas 254.png)




Leg placement looks more like she's kneeling.



Where you hiding?


File: 1378326211233.gif (2.75 MB, 325x183, Mokocchi.gif)

Under your bed.




File: 1380246322877.png (30.46 KB, 239x174, tumblr_mlmz91Hm9h1rjoh3co1….png)



He will be missed.


Not dead… Almost dead.
I've just been working on the natural way to draw with a friend. That's all I've been drawing, an hour a day from the book. I don't have anything to post lately, and I know I haven't shown up anywhere in quite a long time. I have been planning on SOMETHING, but I am laying low for now and doing boring practice.
I'm sorry for not being anywhere guys, but you can contact me whenever if you really want to.
I plan on getting back to regular posting in november, but we'll see what happens.
I'm not depressed or anything, I've just been doing other stuff.



Post what you've been practicing.


samurai edith



File: 1383358344039.png (489.18 KB, 907x1386, New Canvas 256.png)

Sorry, anon. I'll do it someday. Some… day….

For now, I'm re-doing that monster girl challenge I did exactly one year ago. I'm back into tumblr, and posting. This harpy could be better, but I'm rusty. I have come quite a ways since last year.


File: 1383693984622.png (328.47 KB, 972x1137, New Canvas 257.png)



File: 1383694001872.png (120.62 KB, 920x672, New Canvas 258.png)



File: 1383906151527.png (440.52 KB, 1592x1506, New Canvas 259.png)



>Naga playing basketball


So subtle not even I get it. I just put her in basketball gear last year. Am I more clever than I think?




corwin come back to muhpulg

we miss you

you don't even have to draw ponies


File: 1383936958184.gif (874.07 KB, 250x179, Prince Chawmin'.gif)

I might pop back around when the new season starts.


File: 1383949415491.gif (1.99 MB, 183x224, 1383275802446.gif)


But only if she's cute and not scary.

Make her dance like this. This is like the cutest thing ever.


That IS cute. And I love the outfit.
I remember Ross used to post this gif.
Are you Ross? Does Ross like fat girls AND filthy rats?


>Are you Ross?

God no.


File: 1383969747952.gif (116.08 KB, 400x400, Vibrating Shrek.gif)



File: 1384141798433.png (517.34 KB, 1047x2045, New Canvas 260.png)

Here you go, anon. Her face is totally fucked up, I don't know what I did.


That's actually pretty well done.


And I don't mean it like you usually draw bad, but rather like, you know, that it's my favorite Edith picture, and I'm not exactly a fan of her.


>that face
This is adorable!


Thanks guys, it just looked really wrong to me, but maybe I'm wrong.



You're getting back into things after a break. It's only natural.

Just keep drawing Edith. Love her.


Draw Nathan. He's funny looking.


No, you were right, the drawing is a bit awkward.


File: 1384356652721.png (452.8 KB, 2212x952, New Canvas 60.png)

This spike is based on Nathan.
Man, these were some fun designs. Maybe I should go back to them.


File: 1384356711096.png (534.94 KB, 2010x3020, New Canvas 68.png)

The fucked up CMC too… Man, I was so proud of this, and everyone absolutely hated it and the thread got ugly.


I like how even though there's no actual punchline here, the visuals are just so fucking ridiculous it's still funny.



Some of those designs are nice, some are Ross tier horrifying. The ones I like:

>Twilight nerd

>Tall Fluttershy

You can deponify them and make them original characters too.


Draw Inuitinua.


They were supposed to be horrifying



I don't like horrifying.



I remember these, that spike gets me every time.

I like em.


File: 1385949838753.png (291.69 KB, 1124x1105, New Canvas 261.png)

What is anatomy?


File: 1387069773081.png (170.17 KB, 700x700, Edith - Goat Train 3.png)

Today's my birthday, I'm 22 now. Goat Train drew me a nice cutie picture of Edith.


Happy Birthday!

Yea that is a qt Edith
I still enjoy your style of her more.


File: 1387167233354.png (196.84 KB, 600x600, Edith - Cheshire.png)

Thanks, anon.

Chesh made me one too!


I promise I'll try to draw you something once I get my tablet trouble sorted out.


Thanks man. You know you don't have to, but I would definitely appreciate it.


Happy Birthday, Corwin. I could draw you something if you wanted, provided I get out of this rut of not drawing.
Sorry for being late


Hey Cor, draw Mumia Abu-Jamal with Edith. Pleaaase???


Hey, I'd love that! Again, don't feel like you must, but I always appreciate when people draw stuff for me.
I am dying to know what you are thinking with this.


File: 1388323132023.jpg (445.63 KB, 1077x1077, Waifus.jpg)

Made a waifu chart, they aren't all for sexual.


That clown girl I drew twice back in April, I made her lewd. I have sexualized a clown, there is no going back.
I did this one, which is tasteful, and another which I am embarrassed to post.


File: 1388787754400.png (432.91 KB, 901x901, 2013 Art - Corwin.png)




It's right here, anon: >>4354


I found it


Can you draw more Edith?


I have found that promising anything doesn't usually work out for me, but I'd like to hear your suggestion anyway.


My laptop's been dead for a few weeks, but I'm back now.


Whoops, forgot trip


File: 1391017613517.jpg (248.64 KB, 1280x1024, Itchy & Scratchy.jpg)



File: 1391080107613.png (160.24 KB, 858x748, New Canvas 264.png)

Nobody asked me to make a satyr.
Nobody the artist.
He asked me.


I love this one.
That's cool too.


Thanks! I'm glad someone is reading my thread.




I wished people posted on the sub more often.


File: 1391536958879.jpg (18.84 KB, 209x400, 1.jpg)



Naked monkey. Crotch fucked up, it was supposed to be fluff, but I messed up and was using ballpoint pen so couldn't erase.


It is bright red and hairless.


File: 1391805021041.png (399.82 KB, 1300x1151, New Canvas 266.png)

Holy shit, pony stuff.
This last episode was just incredible.
This accordion is the opposite of incredible.


File: 1391805069431.png (364.95 KB, 1251x1028, New Canvas 265.png)

And Twilight as a goblin girl. I am planning on doing the rest of the main six, but don't get your hopes up.


Aaaaand nearly naked.


File: 1391825381297.png (201.45 KB, 600x1000, New Canvas 267.png)

Rainbow Goblin

What I like about these is they're pony, technically, so people will care about them.
Buuuut also they could be original characters if they remain uncolored.



File: 1391879818753.png (368.66 KB, 746x1054, New Canvas 268.png)



File: 1392542372295.png (399.46 KB, 760x1963, New Canvas 269.png)

I hate this one.


Fuck you, I like it.

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