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File: 1364007647753.png (7.81 KB, 300x300, 22-llllladies.png)


Maybe having one of these will make me get up off my butt and post more. We'll see.


File: 1364030657669.png (12.85 KB, 300x300, 1364007647753.png)

Color bump!


File: 1364048321153.png (13.64 KB, 300x300, 23-teef.png)

Also now with teeth, I knew I forgot something.


These are great. I'd like to see more of your stuff.


Oh goody, another thread on the sub to watch


File: 1364320031357.png (1.08 KB, 64x32, Skins-Saffron.png)

Oh, and I may or may not have been using this. I might do an Anchor Arms version, too.



HNNGH, are these from your Quest thing I always miss, LK?


File: 1364355912797.png (187.47 KB, 584x788, 03-sketchPage-RenneAndSaff….png)

Yep. Renne on the left, and Saffron on the right.


Ahh. She's like the only female Diamond Dog design I've seen that I even like.


File: 1364555215630.png (71.17 KB, 600x1200, 266120__UNOPT__safe_vulgar….png)

Klondike draws good female diamond dogs as well. I've noticed that most of the time people tend to ditch the gorilla-arms and odd proportions for normal anthro dogs. And they also suddenly add hair, which is weird.


We Diamond Dogs now? Sweet


File: 1364989357463.png (79.87 KB, 466x582, 1362010440113.png)

Are there any semi-canon looking refs for a DD girl?


File: 1364997333843.png (52.07 KB, 865x823, 01-femroverScritch.png)

There were a few as statues in the first arc of the comic, forget the exact issue. It was more a reference to David Bowie than a canon appearance of females, though.


File: 1365004592101.png (585.78 KB, 573x530, diamonddogfort.PNG)

There's the comics, although it's just for a David Bowie joke


File: 1365099744040.png (289.2 KB, 1000x744, 04-don't know what her nam….png)

After drawing some Weaver monster girls, I was prompted to make up my own. This is the result. She doesn't have a name yet or anything, but I think she's okay.


File: 1365104192224.png (215.51 KB, 704x800, 04-dragonKazooie.png)

Also, here's an extremely off-balance dragon Kazooie.


oh my god
shes so cute and she's hot as hell holy god I just want to bury my face in that adorable belly
are you down with "suggestive" fanart


Glad you like her!
I'm cool with whatever, go nuts.


Oh, wow, that dragon Kazooie is cute. Needs color!


File: 1365353203004.png (382.37 KB, 1000x920, 07-plantGal.png)

So I thought up another monstergirl thingamajig. She's a carnivorous plant lady who lives in a pot. She can still get around though, either by dragging herself or with some assistance from the fatty dragon girl. She needs to be watered, although it can be overdone at times.

Thanks, I might color her later then.


File: 1365353862955.png (589.06 KB, 1047x1358, 07-wizardTower.png)

And now I finally found out something to do with them!

Both of the girls are residents of a Wizard's keep that has since been abandoned by its owner. The dragon girl has been there for a while, and is sort of the maid of the place to keep it from falling too far into disrepair. The plant girl was one of the wizard's experiments. There's more monster girls in the keep, we just haven't seen them yet. That means I can make shit up when I want!
I really really need names for them.


Well, the obvious etymology for plantgirl is to have something related to the names of plants she could be related to. However, the stranger and less-associated a name you give to her, the "odder" her perceived personality and identity becomes.


It really depends on what kind of ''personality'' you want to give her

That or just go lazy as fuck and name her Daisy or Margaret or something like that


Well, she's less patient counterpart to the dragon girl's stability. She gets restless easy and doesn't like to stay in the same place for long, due to the fact that she's limited in her mobility. It makes her want to move more. She enjoys company and can be put off when others don't want to be near her because they think she'll eat them.
She doesn't "eat" all that often due to being unable to sit still and wait for stuff to fall into her mouth, it's mostly whenever she can catch a little critter or something by chance. Most of the time she subsists off of water and sunlight.


Fuchsia could be a good name since it's the name of an actual plant and her hair color too

Briony is a type of climbing plant, which fits the enclosed tower theme…

Does she make fruit?


I kinda like the sound of Briony/Bryony, however you spell it. She doesn't produce fruit, only flowers on that bushy stuff.


File: 1365904514633.png (719.04 KB, 1352x2000, 12-tabasco.png)

Have some small horses.



Hehe, that is cute. And I always love seeing the food ponies actually being used as food stuffs.



That is adorable.


Chomps. Do tits with no nipples count as NSFW?
Probably going to be working on another monster girl next.


LK please do more of these doings of this. Doing it do it!


This got posted in MLPG for you LK

just passing it along


File: 1368192196160.png (235.49 KB, 1000x637, 10-dragonLady.png)

Man, I love this.

And here's some more dragon girl.


File: 1368193511872.png (424.41 KB, 833x977, 10-dullahan.png)

And here's a new one. Dullahan girl. Not exactly 100% sure on the design, but I do intend to keep her around.

She arrived at the Wizard's keep while he was still around, collapsed outside of the tower with a gold dagger in her back where she could not reach. Someone that she was riding to find and deliver death to did not exactly feel like dying that night and got the upper hand on her, wounding her and driving her away. She was taken in and treated by the Wizard and a few other girls around the facility. Upon recovery, she refused to learn the names of any of those in the keep, not wishing to say the name of any that helped her. Instead, she has nicknames for everyone, and refers to them by such.

She decided to stay and repay the Wizard and those in his tower for treating her, and she is one of the primary guardians outside of the tower (with one other I hope to draw next). Her decision to stay is also what prompted the removal of any and all gold items in the keep, by decree of the Wizard, having them moved into storage deep within the dungeons below the tower. She tries to be as courteous as possible, remembering to knock or even loudly announce her arrival due to her natural ability to unlock anything that might block her way.


File: 1368194063304.png (7.68 KB, 275x242, 09-hats.png)

Also, I am currently doing a raffle-ish thing on tumblr to mark a year since I started up Renne Quest.
I'll be giving away copies of Fez if you're interested. The entry junk is at the bottom. If you don't have a tumblr, feel free to post about it here or in the General and I'll note your name down.


Well I sure wasn't expecting this one

Always nice to see more humans from you


File: 1368753747946.png (387.15 KB, 901x708, 1368753578714.png)

something posted on mlpg again


>not doing the ACW turn-crank gatling bit


Spoilers if you haven't read/finished Renne Quest yet, but here's that cast pic that took so long to do.




File: 1371827363482.png (348.06 KB, 1200x959, 21-thri-kreen.png)

Most newest monster girl. Based heavily on the design by that one guy that draws thri-kreen for /tg/, because bugs in big skirts are adorable.

No I don't have a name for her yet, either.

With a taste for adventure and want of magic knowledge at a very young age, she left her clutch and wandered on her own for some time. Taken under the wing of the Wizard on one of his many adventures, she quickly bonded with him and stuck to his side like glue. She learned the ways of alchemy under his very helpful teachings. She spent a good portion of her young life assisting him in adventures, considering him her closest friend, and her one of his. In her pursuit of alchemical knowledge, she asked if she could stay with the Wizard and keep learning from him after their travels were over. She inherited his extremely studious and reclusive tendencies, and has spent up to years in the keep without leaving, the only contact being with the residents of the tower that she has come to refer to as her clutch. She serves as the doctor of the keep, her potions being proven time and again to cure any ills that befall any of her family members. She's prepared one of the Wizard's favorite mana potions and keeps it corked on the top shelf in the hopes that he'll return one day.

Her inherent roadblocks of communicating with other humans, coupled with her reclusive nature, ensures that she's constantly dropping spaghetti if an adventurer ever comes to visit. Though she loves her family, she's been one to long for the companionship of a male (she's always wondered just why the Wizard's family consisted entirely of women). Though she has a level head, her frustration can get to her. More than a few times, playful romps with a visitor have resulted in him waking up in a nearby field outside of the keep, his clothes put on hurriedly, and with a small pouch containing several antidotes to her natural poison and an apology letter.


>Dear adventurer,
>I'm sorry I drugged you with aphrodisiac and flunitrazepam
>as an apology, have these complementary potions
>drink the pale periwinkle vial if you value your reproductive system


File: 1371858927172.png (31.7 KB, 240x265, 21-it's scorves, sweethear….png)

Oh yeah, a tiny Saffron happened, too.


File: 1372169755688.png (335 KB, 482x800, 25-spaghetti.png)

What do I say? Oh gods his armor is so shiny. Please don't ask for some potions. Where did I put those sedatives? I need a bigger hat. Oh no, don't walk this way…


File: 1372169798609.png (431.28 KB, 609x1200, 25-easyJokes.png)

And because it wouldn't be me if I didn't, at some point.


Spaghetti Mantis Quest when?


+1 for Pasta Mantis Quest


File: 1372426267472.png (347.65 KB, 900x797, 28-kaboom.png)

I wouldn't even know what to do. I haven't developed her very much, nor any of the others. They're fun to draw though, so hopefully that's an incentive to work more on them.


Hips on a Thri-kreen make me feel feeling I have never felt before.


File: 1372796602465.png (167.98 KB, 800x513, 02-koboldSketch.png)

Venturing out of her cave by chance one day, 10 years prior, she saw the Wizard and his dragon companion passing by. From that moment onward, neither have been able to get rid of her. Not that they would want to, before long, as she grew on them both rather quickly. Though she is technically twice the age of the dragon girl, she looks up to her as her "big sister," both literally and figuratively. Always doting on her and trying to help, she would come off as annoying to anyone else, but the dragon girl's patience goes far.

In a bid to let her stay (they were going to, anyways), she offered to take up a job at the Wizard's keep so that she could help and be around the dragon girl more often. She settled on being a Ranger, and she tells herself that she did so to keep her eyes on the skies and her ear to the ground to warn of any danger to any one of her family, but really it's because the bow was pretty light and she saw a cool guy using one just before they arrived at the keep. She's not exactly the best ranger, having trouble doing the required meditation techniques to further the spells she has learned.

Speaking of which, she has made good use of the vast array of spells available for her in the Wizard's library. Such ever-important ones as Allfood, so she'll never be without a snack when she's a little hungry and the kitchen is pretty far away; and Commune with Animals, because it really does get kinda boring sometimes.


File: 1372796717456.png (159.89 KB, 913x883, 02-sisters.png)

Double the trouble, 1/5 the height.


File: 1372796865637.png (174.8 KB, 559x800, 02-ridingHigh.png)


File: 1372796909717.png (392.8 KB, 1200x676, 02-sizeCompare.png)

And a sketchy comparison of the group, so far.


Dragon girl is one of the cuter things I've seen in a long time


I like the cast so far.


I suppose this should go here


File: 1376087405277.png (317.71 KB, 704x903, 09-theLadies.png)

Been mulling this one around in my head for a while. Might do some more.


File: 1376473344123.png (282.52 KB, 757x889, a1376472769897.png)

don't forget to properly care for your recycle pone


File: 1376867882466.png (489.49 KB, 636x875, Hobopony.png)

Finally got around to scanning this. LK drew this for me at Bronecon. Thanks again LK!


Ooh, thanks for uploading it! Hope you had a good trip back.


I did, sat next to some other guy from the con who liked to draw. Apparently having company kept him awake the whole flight to draw quite a bit, even drew me a picture of a batpone and a changeling. Couple other neat things happened but I don't want to /soc/ up your thread.

If I ever get a better scanner I'll re-upload your pic with it.


>implying Spaghetti Alchemist Mantis Girl Quest won't end like this


File: 1377961522954.png (313.7 KB, 800x821, 30-sketches1.png)

I did some things.


File: 1377961539142.png (261.6 KB, 800x579, 30-raributt.png)




File: 1402070892357.png (42.63 KB, 326x436, doge.png)

Ha ha! I'm posting in LK's ded art thread and no one can stop me!


File: 1403258420741.png (612.1 KB, 1000x881, 397458__safe_oc_book_sleep….png)

that's crazy
you're crazy

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