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File: 1366842850476.jpg (282.85 KB, 1444x719, Flutt.jpg)


Design ain't mine, just wanted to draw it since it was appealing

Also a thread about me, tarara boondeeyay


File: 1366857744942.png (170.53 KB, 591x813, 301648__UNOPT__safe_fat_di….png)

post more stuff


yay john k is awesooooome


File: 1366949142621.png (427.81 KB, 2000x588, Design for Boasting.png)


I don't really care for being compared to him. Kricfalusi and his blog was my alarm clock and nothing more. He has his influences and I have mine.


File: 1366949389141.png (135.97 KB, 682x582, Like, Ewwww.png)



File: 1366949478103.png (403.42 KB, 747x575, Bitchslapped.png)


File: 1366949491492.png (529.14 KB, 919x716, Kiss w Rough Colors.png)


File: 1366949710816.png (97.69 KB, 666x643, S4S.png)

Shit Dumb Teenagers Say


File: 1366949793002.png (139.45 KB, 569x737, Thank You!.png)


File: 1366949846441.png (53.27 KB, 655x384, Splits.png)


File: 1366949919211.png (82.15 KB, 341x432, What.png)


File: 1366950082581.png (59.77 KB, 389x613, Some Nightmare Night Costu….png)

Yes I like Sweetie Belle

Rarity'd flip her shit over this Nightmare Night costume


File: 1366950551968.png (1.69 MB, 2400x1613, Humiliating.png)

Something I gave up on


File: 1366955245335.png (79.33 KB, 240x648, Babs Seed.png)

Some things about this design would change if I were to draw her again.


File: 1366955281794.png (96.32 KB, 503x461, Uh Oh.png)

Zip zap game over


That anthro Fluttershy is cute, the colored one I mean, the other one is disgusting.


File: 1367035550813.gif (2.43 MB, 494x265, 1364982536039.gif)

I like you Ross. No matter what happens and despite what anyone says, you just keep on doing what you like to do. I respect that.

Also, I like your Scootaloo. And your ponies, whenever you draw them. They always look so appealing in this style.


File: 1367059412435.gif (253.23 KB, 300x168, 1323763791595.gif)

Ross, whenever I touch myself I imagine a giant fat black woman ramming her ass into my face forcing me to lick gravy out of her ass cheeks covered in warts and spider webs. Just letting you know.


File: 1368757925688.png (228.96 KB, 790x776, You Can't Stop the Rock.png)

My thread's on the third page? WHOA-HO, wotta suhprise!

Fuck you too.


That actually looks pretty good. Similar to the game's model.



That'll happen when you don't update for a while.

This looks pretty good though. Is the game worth playing?


File: 1369444774301.png (178.99 KB, 690x899, Uh-Oh.png)



File: 1369817007771.png (139.94 KB, 549x815, Imposing Girl.png)

She's a ladystack
that's a fact
and she ain't holdin nothin back


File: 1369979485040.png (231.65 KB, 780x947, Zangief Painted Bust WIP.png)

Just painting practice to prepare for doing my actual piece for that artbook. I got two weeks, I think I'm good.


File: 1370502725162.png (168.63 KB, 416x875, Brickhouse Updated.png)

Still nothin, huh

How about this


Needs more muscle definition especially along the arms.


It kills me that you only draw your shitty humanizations when your other stuff is really quite good


"I think I'm good."- Ross


File: 1370767308017.png (215.28 KB, 1001x951, Kick It.png)


I know I'm good.

Also, never go with your first draft. I drew the second version in half the time because I knew what I wanted and I could then refine it.


File: 1371883697482.png (476.29 KB, 1549x987, 6-21-13.png)

These were all requests.


File: 1371883962701.png (59.71 KB, 253x747, Twilight S4 Design.png)

And my adapted design of Twilight for Season 4. I was torn between a light purple for the longsleeve or just black, eventually I settled on this.


You've improved ross


Ross pls
He actually has, although his hands/feet are still pretty bad
dem asses though


File: 1372075797658.png (282.26 KB, 1105x896, Double Ship.png)


Sometimes romance is really corny


File: 1372107296487.png (159.12 KB, 354x421, 014c64689f9215c6e5f185f656….png)

I made this for a quick laugh



What's the meaning of either of these?


File: 1372202937088.gif (137.96 KB, 725x716, 356696__safe_animated_trix….gif)

Man, if you have to ask, you wouldn't get it. Lamo.

It's an artist in joke, but bronies suck at getting jokes apparently.


Also this is my favorite song in the history of ever, you should give it a listen.




Jesus christ, why don't you draw more of this Rarity?


Who even is this supposed to be


No, that's pinkie

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