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File: 1368160396795.png (68.39 KB, 645x544, desperate.png)

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Monstergirls and More
Frequently NSFW

old dead thread: >>401

Point of discussion: Monstergirls


first for PB


can you repost the fullsize height chart? It broke last thread


Let's start the thread off with a chart of all the current monstergirls


and the fullsize version


I'd like to see more Veronica


Gillou will always be my favorite.


Me as well, though Dewbon is quickly overtaking Caimon as number 2.



Caimon is replacing PB for me


Wow, Dewbon is big
Anon could straight up curl up and take a nap between those tits


could you draw Dewbon in the missionary position?


Yea the size chart really put it into perspective how big they all are. Which is makes them even hotter.


Now I'm curious
Everyone is encouraged to post your monstergirl rankings
doesn't have to be the entire list, since some of them have virtually no art yet, but at least top 3




1. Caimon
2. Gillou
3. Veronica

Although, I'm loving the fuck out of Dewbon's design.





Among that lineup
1. Gillou
2. Caimon
3. PB

Though Ona would take #1 if she's allowed.

On another note, I didn't like Gnathodelli that much when you first started drawing her, but she's grown on me.


1. Gillou
2. Caimon
3. Veronica



1. Caimon
2. Princess Bitch
3. Dewborn


I don't count Ona among the monstergirls for a number of reasons, including that she's a character from an existing work and merely part of a fantasy race, not really a "monster".

But here's some Ona for you anyway.


File: 1368161554617.jpg (51.7 KB, 400x330, gonna need both hands for ….jpg)


>Caimon's bush is as big as anon's head


That's actually kinda difficult
I like different things about them
I think I have to say I like Gnath most. The preditary, feral look with a fun personality is a pretty straight path to my heart

1. Gnathodelli
2. Veronica, because she's a cute lizard thing
3. Dewbon, because of related fetishes
4. Caimon, because she's entertaining. Not really waifu material though, to me
5. Gillou, because PB is unpleasant, even if she's a good character for what she is I can't help but dislike her a bit personally and Agua has no character yet
She's cute though
And just because she's fifth it doesn't mean I don't like Gillou, she just doesn't appeal as strongly as the others


1. Gillou - She's bubbly and cuddly. She is often shy which makes her Waifu-tier.
2. Dewbon- She's big and she has kind of an imposing passive shyness about her.
3. Caimon - She's nice and sisterly.
4. Gnathodelli - I like feral girls and she seems all touchy feely.
5. Veronica - I like her body type.
6. Agua - Haven't seen much of her. Am pretty much neutral.
7. PB - only one that I dislike. Mostly because she lives up to her namesake.


does Caimon have a tail?


I just gave up trying to draw it because it was visually distracting in that pose
but she does have a big fat alligator tail


>big fat alligator tail
I never thought I would find that particular string of words erotic.


None of you actually really waifus any of these things, right? I mean finding them cute is one thing, but waifuing I just can't believe.



I dunno, Caimon's pretty great.


Gillou pretty much has an ideal personality and body type, so this makes her credible waifu material in my book.


so something like this? or bigger and have spike things?


Oh that face brings it all together.


hot damn that's good
It's probably a little more dragging and less flexible, but yeah, that's a good thickness
alligator scale ridges are optional but that's usually how I draw her


I don't think I've ever seen Caimon look nervous/shy/embarrassed before.



Depends on what exactly "waifuing" is

I've never been particularly clear on the distinction between liking a character and "waifuing" it




Not waifu like /a/ would call it
But kinda
Less than pony waifu, more other things I guess?


I usually take waifu to be "The one who I prefer the best".


i stole the thread
i didn't know if veronica had a tail or not so i didn't add one
i'll let you take the thread back now


Nice, it's always good to see freckle-tits.


Not at all
Your presence is greatly appreciated


1. Gnath
3. Caimon


Does her saliva glow in the dark?


Yes it does.


Does licking her cause hallucinations?


1. Veronica
2. Gillou
3. Dewbon
4. Caimon
5. everyone else


1. Caimon
2. Agua
3. Gillou
4. the rest
5. Princess Bitch

Tell me more about Agua, Glitta Gloo-kun.


>Dewbon's areolas are as big as anon's head. unf.


Hey GG, who would be the ideal VAs for your monstergirls?


Gillou, do you think I'm a whore?
Because you are implying I am a whore.


…how the hell is Anon supposed to pleasure these girls!


I like the somewhat translucency of Gillou. She's not a slime girl, but I can imagine her being somewhat similar. I remember seeing a sword go through her like nothing with no ill effects, so I'm guessing there's no organs. I wonder what she feels like?


>blowjob in the dark with glowing saliva


Gillou - She has a genuine and raw air, like her heart is on her sleeve and made of glass despite how huge she is… which I also like. Don't really have strong feelings for the rest to rank them, but they are all good in their own way.

Also, I would like more on Gillou, just anything in general. I didn't realize she was ten foot tall, was expecting more of a seven. Her eye is bigger than Anon's head and could probably eat him in four mouth fulls.

Also also, a silly question, but why would they want Anon? Besides the fact he's the only male in this "story", need some sort of reason to draw me in more.


Chrysalis with a ponytail


>Also also, a silly question, but why would they want Anon?
Well to get all metacontextual about this, "Anon" is just a male stand-in who has had his identity stripped away. So really, you're approaching it backwards.
It would be more accurate to say whoever they've fallen for, that person became Anon.
If they had fallen for someone else, that would be the person I'd be drawing in there, and he would also be Anon.


File: 1368269283041.png (68.68 KB, 578x671, queen chrysalis.png)

Speaking of Chrysalis


Please don't make Gillou an annoying fangirl who cosplays. I couldn't take it if she was that socially retarded.


The only thing we have of Dewbon so far as I can tell is that she is mopey. A few questions for you:
1) What is she?
2) Why so huge?
3) Care to expand on her personality?
4) Why does she want Anon to notice her?


No, she's not into that
She's just trying it because she thought maybe it would make you like her


Why would I? She should tell me directly.


1) Gnathodeli
2) Dewbon
3) Gnathodeli
4) Amon Amarth


That is cute of Caimon. I love her expression.


I like when Gillou is being adorkable.


File: 1368377421990.png (40.85 KB, 1066x469, tumblr_mbak6cfiKl1r9y1sco2….png)

I'd like to see something with Gillou similar to this.



I drew a super fluffy bunny


I'd be scared of sexing Ruby. What if those eldritch powers manifest in the middle of it?


I would pet the fluffy bunny.


That would be the best part.


And here's a cat to go with it


Weaver, have you considered doing a monsters drawstream?


File: 1368584568844.jpg (59.29 KB, 500x379, Yes I Want to Pet the Kitt….jpg)

Yes, I want to pet the kitty.


File: 1368591372433.png (219.24 KB, 1280x1024, Ona Thingadoodle.png)

Ona is a QT


File: 1368624338596.png (56.93 KB, 639x496, caimon pone.png)

alligator pony!

fuckin' cute as hell
I like her colors here


File: 1368662511162.gif (11.07 KB, 353x782, tumblr_lywri94Umh1r5h2ogo2….gif)

this looks like a a sock for me

what the hell is it anyways


A veiny dagron.


File: 1368710154327.png (142.8 KB, 1060x814, paula.png)

Brand new monstergirl from the stream which is STILL GOING ON RIGHT NOW



Some porn of Gillou using her ASSets.


Ona is the absolute top one for me.
Gillou would be the next one.



>Ona on top of Gillou

You know what you must do.


The truth behind madness, a deep and screaming thing that was never meant to be yet lives, all things wrong made flesh, the unspeakable word that sings at the heart of all nightmares.

My waifu


File: 1368711501309.png (99.78 KB, 1051x749, wosyet.png)

Another brand new monstergirl





No I didn't
In fact I explicitly said I was putting the kobold trio into the stash


File: 1368723345307.png (53.34 KB, 374x844, gumberry.png)

So many new monstergirls
how can anyone keep up


Who is that behind the door?



Ha, I didnt know PB had any capacity for blushing. I like to think after this she starts eating more and acting tsundere as shit.


Hey GG, I know bigger is better, but how about some small monstergals? Something like, let's say for sake of example, a spidergal the size of a basketball with big boobs (relative to herself) that still has four pairs of eyes and other spider traits? …and has a saucy personality too.


>No-Ink drawing Gillou all over the place
My nigga.


My favorite of the new 3. What's up with her hands? Does she just have 2-3 fingers?


Yeah she's got big blocky hands
Probably 2-3 fingers and a thumb, haven't really worked her out yet


GG, do you like big booty bitches?


more like big booty LADIES.


I don't know what to think of you anymore.
I always thought you were the one who sang this.


Naw, GG's far too classy to slander a large boned lady by referring to her in such a derogatory manner.


File: 1368821663861.png (58.09 KB, 428x634, meara.png)

How's this?


I like her, her name reminds me of large breasted horror show hosts.


All right, opinion time


…or B?


Disregard everything.

Paula is the best monstergirl.



Definitely B


B, a grey matches her black outline better and makes more sense than it matching her cape. Though I guess if her nips were purple she would be wearing the cape for that reason.


File: 1368906452274.png (275.12 KB, 705x936, monstro village.png)





I prefer A.


All aboard the monster girl train WOOWOO!




File: 1368918930408.png (199.91 KB, 863x1278, monstro 2full.png)


Oh baby.


I like where this is going. Big Lady being the receptionist is great.


Oh man, thanks GG. I was wondering how you would do it. She going to be "cannon"? Also, do you like it when people request monstergals? If so, how do you want them to? Just a general idea or a full profile? I got a personality for her in mind if you want it. Can't pick between the two nipple colors, how about a combination of them? A deep purple or something.


oh geez oh man this is going to be good love me some monstergal stories
I'm guessing this is a sort of "cannon" story? Is it a quest? Can we steer this in any way or should we just wait for when you post the pages? Also like the SMRPG reference. Taking a guess and saying this is an all female house that either lets Anon stay on a special condition or they are hurting for cash so just let him join. Perhaps no guy wants to live there and he doesn't know what he's getting into, like it has a reputation for being full of crazies.


Anything too specific I don't go for. A small, spiderlike girl is one thing, but too many details and I'd lose interest. I have to be able to put my own take on it, you know?

Meanwhile here's some Veronica.


I love how her areolas pretty much take up the entirety of the bra.


ronnie is my fave and i barely know anything about her, i just really like her design a lot

could we get a lil background for her, GG? or just some info on her in general


File: 1368933411171.png (133.32 KB, 1000x1000, onainternet.png)

“So this is the internet. People use this for porn, right?”






File: 1368940318972.png (74.05 KB, 737x889, BBsowut.png)

We have such sights to show you.


File: 1368946389335.png (538.88 KB, 853x480, KingYemma.png)

Reminds me of pic related.


I want to see Meara's abdomen…


Before you ask, no, this isn't one of those rape things.


Then look a few posts down.


Ronnie is a pretty smart girl and she's keeping busy in her college classes
But though she's an intelligent and strong-willed girl in day to day interactions she's incredibly submissive in the bedroom and tries to work hard to reconcile her kinky, lip-biting sexuality with her campus activities

It's a precarious duality


oh god
right in the boner


wait does veronica have a tail

i never asked before


I mean her spider abdomen, the thing that houses her organs and spinneret.


but she has a body for that


C'mon GG she needs one.
I like how her vagina is placed pretty much where the oviduct is.


Nah, she ain't need one. She's on the people side of the anthropomorphic spectrum.


Then where do the other legs attach? Still want to see her from the side.


I don't know if I ever intend to do more of that Anon in Monsterland thing, since it's more just a premise for a semicoherent setting for all the monstergirls to live in, but here's the basic setup as far as I have it planned yet:

Anon's housemates are Princess Bitch and Caimon.
Meara lives in the dark corners of Anon's room.
Gnathodelli and Wosyet are the downstairs neighbors.
Dewbon is the receptionist/front desk manager.
Paula and Veronica are the upstairs roommates attending the local college.
Gillou lives in the swamp behind the apartments.

There are probably a few more.


>Meara lives in the dark corners of Anon's room.
>Tiny hot spider cohort roommate.
Fund it.

Also, as a stand alone premise, what has been presented so far is just fine. The rest could easily be filled in with imagination.


What I want to know is Meara's personality if she's going to essentially be his roommate. Some interaction with Anon would be nice. What if he didn't know she was there until a week after moving in? Masturbation conversation inbound.


Yea, like over a course of weeks Anon starts noticing things missing or not where he left them. Then he starts seeing things out of the corner of his eye. One night he wakes up to Meara and they have a mutual scream.


File: 1369034462343.png (29.13 KB, 791x601, dewbon.png)

ignore the man behind the curtain



jesus fuck she's got huge tits


Reading is for gaylords. Press Ctrl until bewbs.

Do you mean in relation to her or Anon? It would probably be true on both counts.


But anon, if you skip through it, how will you be able to make the right choices to get the proper storylines? You'll never unlock PB's consensual storyline if you don't pay attention and make informed decisions.



>wanting the consensual PB line


>not wanting sensual consensual intimate happy loving sex


File: 1369078100531.png (44.45 KB, 805x626, snails.png)

this isn't a real thing


File: 1369078135297.png (29.63 KB, 795x597, pb.png)

just testing
pay no attention


What I get from Dewbon so far is she is kind of detached. I don't know if she's an Eeyore, but somber seems to be the right word, a sense of melancholy. I bet there's not many species as big as her, so it makes her feel alienated. Something else I've been wondering is how she can sustain herself financially. Is she the owner of the buildings? Food must cost a lot, and common things like clothing, furniture, and basic necessities would be not only hard to find but pricey from the amount of materials needed and time to make. Maybe that's why we only see her in simple clothes. Everything that a "normal sized" specie considers so average that it blends into the back seat of their life is probably a chore for her. Gillou might have a similar problems, but Dewbon has it bad. While Gillou seems to fight those problems with peppy niceness, Dewbon seems to do the opposite. I want who she is expanded, it's probably like a kuudere but hopefully not cookie cutter.

This all changes when Anon starts to live there. First it starts off slow, a hello when he leaves the place or comes back. Then they have conversations when he comes to pay his bills or to say something is broken. Piece by piece Anon gets to know who she is under that aloof front. He even gets her to smile every once in awhile, although she likes to keep her emotions hidden from fear of feeling exposed. Dewbon eventually enjoys his company, and finds herself looking forward to seeing him. This brings out thoughts she keeps pushed back, and they begin to interfere with those repressed emotions. "Does he like me?" "…can he like me?"


>not just making a femSnails expy


Isn't that just Gillou?


I probably would
but I'd need some time to figure it out

not exactly, though both are pretty lonely in similar ways


you know, now I wonder
if this actually got made – I mean a full-length game, adult scenes, branching paths, multiple endings, different girls and maybe even guys to pursue, with actually good art – I wonder if anyone would consider it worth money



I'd buy it.


You sell yourself short too often. You're not a mainstream sensation, granted. But you do good work, be it your stories or personality filled drawings. You don't have to be Da Vinci to be a good artist or for your works to be worth money.

I get that you would rather stay humble and not become a self entitled douche like Onta, but yes you have a followership that'd likely support you in this.

Also niggertits.


A dating game with monster girls? I think you would make a nice pile of money. As for good art you tend to be way to hard on yourself. Your art has improved immensely over the past few years.

Honestly if you threw something like this up on one of the kick-starter platforms I think you would be surprised. Cept it would have to be offbeatr cause the porn's and such.


I'd pay a bit for such a thing, though for more than a few dozen people to buy it there would have to be much hype.


GG, start a kickstarter for it and advertise it everywhere you can

then you'll see if it has weight


This is a worthwhile idea.


well the thing is I'd want to know if it was a worthwhile idea BEFORE bringing it to a kind of kickstarter

I'd probably have to bring in other folks (mostly for the art) to work on it too


I'd definitely play it
Probably wouldn't pay for it, but I bet a surprising amount of people would, or kickstart it or something

What kind of game would you want it to be?
Just a simple dating sim VN thing, or something a little more complex like MGQ?



Well, you've been around enough to know where to advertise it and ask if it's a good idea


How much money would you consider this project to make in order to be worthwhile? Just have that as the minimum goal. Or do you mean worthwhile non-monetarily.


File: 1369097697893.png (24.65 KB, 800x600, whatever.png)

Well, I'm getting ahead of myself

No sense speculating on a project like this when I can't even finish what's already on my plate


I'd look at the creators of Katawa Shoujo for reference on how to release a dating sim online.


I mean nothing quite as big as KS but just a flash game, maybe instead of a Kickstarter you could put a donate button?


Quick question, Is Wosyet a golem? i cant help but see her as a large clay lady carved to the shape of an ancient Fertility God.


Hell, Fenoxo raised almost $200,000 for his Corruption of Champions spinoff on Offbeatr, if you're willing to commit to this project you could probably get it funded.


File: 1369113048659.png (1.1 MB, 2947x4708, KatawaShoujoFlowchartv29.png)

I will only buy your monstergal game under one condition. The thing about Katawa Shoujo I didn't like was that, even though well written, I felt like there was little option and I couldn't do what I wanted to. Posted is the flowchart of the entire game. Limiting in a meta-sense, isn't it? I want freedom. Instead of being the back seat driver of some guy, I want to choose what Anon does. What if I don't want to romance any and want a chastity path? Or want to lie and cheat on them, playing with their emotions? Or just want to be a slut and attempt to make them all fuck buddies? I know that in any quest or tabletop RPG there's an element of the illusion of choice, but something like KS locks you down a path that you pick from the very beginning so the choice feels beyond moot.

I think the way to do this is to let the player choose their reactions rather than letting the game do the talking/thinking/feeling for them. This is a social interaction game, so I say the gameplay should be about interacting socially with others, not reading a book. KS felt padded since you read Hisao in the first person when what people wanted was interaction with the girls, not how he felt or thought. It tried to coax the reader into a certain way instead of letting them be who they want. It's up to the player to fill in the main character's reasoning and motivations, the game should just show the reactions and consequences. Give them the freedom to be anything by giving the tools for social interaction and people to use it on. It's not your job to make Anon a person, nor the game safe (in the sense that it's hard to lose), only to make the interface and setting.

A sense of "slice of life" is probably also needed. These people (I use that term to mean any sentient being) have their own lives. Hopes, fears, likes, hates, desires, and problems. Yes, Anon will become a part of it as that's needed for the game to exist, but that takes not only time and effort but the other has to want him involved. Wouldn't you feel creeped out if some random guy moved in your complex and wouldn't leave you alone, ignoring all social expectations and boundaries? You should let that be an option, by the way, as the player has to gauge who these people are and actually get to know them. Probably write Anon in the second person narrative and make him have a job or someway of making cash to pay bills, buy things, give to others, etc. Nothing like micromanaging each coin, but a way to make it seem that he (i.e. the player) has his own life too. Things to sustain and hobbies to practice that he can share. Also, don't know if you want the possibility of Anon being female…




What I see in my head is an interface that allows the player to pick and choose their dialog and reactions. The more they get to know the people and the setting, the bigger it becomes. A list of nouns, verbs, and actions that is strung together. Maybe even go so far as adverbs and adjectives. Examples: "ask - Dewbon - job" "tell - Caimon - love - Caimon" "touch - Gillou - butt" "ask - PB - date". Sort of like a text parser but the words are all listed. There will be contextual decisions, but there's an option to take control of the conversation rather than just reacting by making a raw sentence or bringing up a list of pre-made ones. If you want, I can draw and map the dialog system with examples since this is very important and understandably complicated.

A random element should be implemented. Instead of it being "Day 17 there is an option to increase standing with Meara if flag X was triggered" something like a value system will be behind the game. You've played tabletop, you know how to add dice rolls to circumstantial modifiers and compare it to a target number. Although I don't think Anon should have a character sheet with ability scores, feats, and skills, as that forces a min max toward a desired goal before the game has even started, but that all choices add values that can trigger situations with a chance of critical success or failures. The player can be everything the person wants or doesn't want to be with them, but emotions are a fickle thing that makes people do dumb stuff. Make situations, let players react, get values, repeat.

On the whole money and quality thing, I say do what you desire and money will follow. I know you feel bad about selling your work, but isn't it our decision to determine if we think it's worth cash? I have nothing against your simple art style, in fact, I like it. The way it's minimal means you could make a ton of pics to use rather than rotating a handful of extremely detailed ones. You have to give the illusion that there is a person, so having a lot of expressions and scenario panels to use will reinforce this more so compared to a single image as you scroll past pages of text. Also hoping for more than just a front pic of the person you are talking to throughout the entirety. Use those "lazies" to pad out situations.

Anybody here can bounce off what I wrote.


>and maybe even guys

I didn't know you drew that sort of thing.


how exactly does dewbon work


Well KS is more like a book (that's why is labeled a visual novel), so it might not have been the best reference out there, so point taken. However, that idea may be alittle too complicated and time consuming, still very interesting though.


I'm not sure what most of what I'm looking at is
but I like it


>Quick question, Is Wosyet a golem?

>how exactly does dewbon work
I think you've got it pretty well
is it weird that I'm most focused on how nicely you drew her hair

I dunno that seems pretty divergent, maybe I'm just reading it wrong

I was going to say that your whole premise about turning a VN into a completely open, dynamic, adaptive social matrix was pretty beyond the scope of almost any game I'd heard of, let alone something I could patch together in my spare time – but then when you got into having a job sidegame and writing your own sentences and constructing on-the-fly in-game logic via verbs and nounds, you went above and beyond pipedreams and into some sort of Turing-capable alternate reality. A world where you can dynamically enter sentences mid-conversation at any point and have characters react not only realistically but in context of all other factors within the complex social matrix. The more I read the more I thought this post was some sort of parody.
Do you really think this kind of stuff is possible for me, let alone the professional industry?

What you're asking for isn't a VN or even a dynamic dating sim, it's a virtual reality social construct.


I know! I was reading it and was wondering if this was even possible for computers to even run such a program without frying itself.


I feel like the scope of a VN would be a bit much. It would require multiple writers and if GG was not scripting it would lose most of its charm. However, if you do ever decide to undertake such a project, I do I have bit of programming experience I could lend.


one more for the night

glad you liked it
pls never stop drawing monster people theyre all wonderful


Well ain't she a beaut.


I know I'd try and help however I could.
Maybe see if people in the Developers General on /vg/ could help or something. I know at least some drawfags could emulate his style pretty good, so he wouldn't have to do all the pictures himself. If we were to get this funded, I know at least a couple people on /ic/ could help with backgrounds for a small cut.


I was fooling around with the software that the KS people used and it seems like pretty simple Python. Given sprites and dialogue the implementation doesn't seem too heavy.


Maybe my idea wasn't explained properly. I can understand how it can be seen as asking to just make a virtual reality, but let me present it similarly like you did in http://tgweaver.tumblr.com/post/22923067346/divequest-game-design-doc-planning-take-two with tiers. You haven't really given us any sort of meta data on how the game is, so I'll present it with possibilities and what I think is best for the players. Some of the tiers can be moved around, but I think this is the easiest order of priority.

0: Interactive fiction.The basic gameplay is where the player interacts with the setting and it's people. In order for it to be considered interaction, there has to be a choice, otherwise it's just a comic. There are two types, linear and sandbox. In a linear type, you start off and it branches based on what choices you make until you run out of game to read, like KS. Sandbox are like those dating sims where you are just sort of let loose in a setting. You exhaust the scenarios, usually repeating just to grind up a certain stat to "unlock" progress. Both have their positives and negatives, and I think a mix is the best idea. Take the ability to roam of the sandbox with the scenarios of the linear. Let the player pick where to go, what to do, and how to react. Don't have a character sheet with stats, instead have the choices the player makes collect values for IF THEN functions, sort of like a character sheet in the background that's collected data. Once one gets over a certain value, a scenario is played. Having several that is randomly picked and only played once is a good way to make them seem like chance happenings. A problem I see happening is having those "random chance" encounters repeat to grind out value, which can break the willing suspension of disbelief. This tier can be a lot in itself considering how much padding you can do with tons of choices and the reactions.

1: Sense of normalcy. Making the characters more believable by them having lives that don't center around the player, who also has his own things going on. Time cycle, jobs and money, bills, favors, any sort of obstacle that emphasizes they aren't playthings that are just waiting for the player to interact with and who himself has to maintain. I don't know how you are setting up Anon, but if you are going to have him living with other people, then he may have to help them out with basic house maintenance from time to time. And when the characters start to befriend Anon, then they might ask him for favors. They don't have to be minigames, but just "You decided to go to work for X hours and earned X money" type of things. No need to have a game with different gameplay that interferes with the main game. Just something that takes away a resource (time/money/etc) so there's less to go around, scarcity forces budgeting. Something else is that if Anon doesn't keep up with a certain character, then they may slowly drift apart. A relationship on any level takes work, and there may be things that Anon does that might make the characters really dislike him. Can't please everybody and they all have different standards and categories of relationship.




2: Dynamic choices. Next level is that the choices chosen will effect the reactions and choices from other people. Some examples: Getting close to Veronica makes Paula jealous, being a jerk to PB makes Gillou think you are a bad person, acting like a horny sleazeball makes Caimon lecture you since word gets around, etc. A sense of randomness also falls here, from values collected to reactions not going the way you think they will. Something to compare it to is dice rolls in tabletop RPGs, and also critical successes and failures. Might want to have a bell curve of probability other than equal percentages. This will give more replayability. You can try to do everything to get someone to like you, but that doesn't mean they will, or someone can fall for you that you aren't interested in. These can give more scenarios to play with to collect more values.

3: Illusion of choice. In any game, one of the best ways to get a player immersed is to make them think they chose what you wanted them to do. In an IF game, you have to both give false leads and the tools to go down the path. As of right now, the only dialog options that are involved is a contextual one where the player just reacts to the conversation. This works, but can make the player feel like they aren't in control. There doesn't have to be the ability to interrupt what's going on to change things like a tabletop game, but rather that if it isn't in "scenario mode" then there's a roaming aspect. Some examples are in Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind where there is a pop up dialog box full of nouns you can pick to initiate a conversation with a NPC or in Lure of the Temptress there is a way to string together nouns and verbs to create your own actions. Any of the older graphic adventure games that had a text parser can be examples too. If the player went to one of the characters and wanted to talk about a certain topic, they can use this interface to initiate it. You could then use that to get values and sort of build who the player is and make things more dynamic.

I'm not demanding anything, just trying to give you some ideas that you might use. Hopefully this is easier to understand. Dunno what kind of game you have in your head since you haven't told us in detail yet, but I know that me and others would be willing to help out. Something as simple as asking us "What kinds of scenarios would you like to see?" can get us posting like what I wrote at >>2233 for example. I'd play whatever you made, and would appreciate it.


i think you should make a game with lots of boobies


And like 12 vaginas.


You are tempting to add all your characters in one little hotel, huh?


File: 1369367272343.jpg (82.22 KB, 312x334, 1363314210971.jpg)



is he dead?

>tfw no GG


GG no re


Someone wandering off for a few days does not mean they are dead. I hope.


He's going to come back, see where this thread went and facepalm at his fans.


rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

here's caimon's butt


Neat! Hope you have good luck with your whatever you're doing!



That's good to hear. Your last post on MLPG was kinda cryptic


Hey Weaver, I hope everything's alright and that shit gets better soon. But just know that you've entertained me way more than any video game I've paid full retail price for or website I've generated ad revenue for (except maybe 4chan), and I'm sure a good number of other people who donated to you feel the same way, so rest assured there's no angry mob of people who hate you because you bit off more than you can chew.


>big fat alligator tail



I really want to massage sunscreen onto her back but I don't think scales burn


I like it. Imagine waking up next to her. I bet she snores like a lawnmower.


watch out fluff time


Is Caimon the type of girl that doesn't really care who sees her body? Objective about it, in a way, instead of it either being "Oh no I'm nude don't look" or "Look at me I'm a slut". Seems like a practical gal.


>All these monster girls
>giant monsters
>swamp monsters

Where are the insects GG. What if I want a Thri-Kreen waifu?


Meara's a buggy girl


Would she mind if I wrap my arms around her and spoon her?


That is quite a fluff.


Don't be afraid to just pop in and say hi with nothing to report once in a while, Weaver.


I don't think spiders fall under "bugs".


File: 1370160426756.png (139.5 KB, 941x964, 1370157216248.png)



Uncensored just for you guys

don't you fucking nitpick


So… about that feminism class…


File: 1370163623044.jpg (29.46 KB, 303x297, 1369812367504.jpg)

Glitter glue you should draw your monster girls pressing together and embracing each other.
it is sexy as fuck.



Bioluminescent naughty bits and fluids, huh?


>Bioluminescent naughty bits and fluids, huh?
yes indeed
I'll do a little bit on how it reflects on Ronnie's design philosophy sometime
She's actually one of my older designs, I think she actually predates Gillou even

>Glitter glue you should draw your monster girls pressing together and embracing each other.
You mean like that one of Gillou and Delli posing for the camera and sort of groping


I'm talking full on body pressing and bearhugging


I tried.


GG pls



Because Veronica is so luminescent, this is what I hear every time…


that's pretty great, all right. Thanks very much for this Dooks! Love the subtle texturing making her look that much smoother and shinier.

>GG pls
pls what?



pls more ronnie


File: 1370325415598.gif (7.98 KB, 800x363, 1298790604520.gif)


No, I'm reasonably certain you actually mean this


File: 1370326969308.gif (97.53 KB, 1250x1150, 1370325516673.gif)


I drew a thing.


And a variation of the thing.


I couldn't help myself again.


Rave mode!


This is just getting silly.



where are these from
i wish I was more autistic so I couldn't miss any of these, you guys are lucky


She's turning right!


Yeah she is… right into my heart.


boo hiss


File: 1370422226524.jpg (5.77 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Hey GG have you played or heard of Undertale? It seems like it would be right up your alley.


I played Earthbound both as a kid and recently and I just couldn't get into it. The combat gameplay is just the one style that bugs me more than anything. I never really got into it personally.


The thing is you can play the entire game without killing a single enemy. Trying to figure out what makes every enemy tick to make them back off is fun. Plus the game likes to fuck with you A LOT.


So have you ever drawn genderswaps of your monstergirls?


I want to see more monstergirls taking the D


I once drew a pretty doofy looking Male Gillou but I wasn't happy with it


File: 1370846066324.png (81.63 KB, 379x637, caimon3.png)

party time
which girl to draw




Whoever you like. I'd recommend one of the girls that doesn't get much fanart though, rather than one of the popular ones already.
Maybe Dewbon or PB or Ronnie


Weaver please tell us about Wosyet because she seems cute


Gillou or Ronnie would be nice


So is there a personality guide for all the monstergirls?
So far I've just picked up scraps from other Anons.


here's some dewbon


I love you.


I kinda want to just talk with her. See how she thinks and what she likes.


>Weaver please tell us about Wosyet because she seems cute
I'll have to write something up
I haven't got much for her in mind

>So is there a personality guide for all the monstergirls?
You know what
that's a good idea
Maybe I should do like a social/physical profile for each girl?


Oh by the way this is really great
what a cute expression and pose you gave her <3



>Maybe I should do like a social/physical profile for each girl?

That'd be cool. Would ones with no defined personality yet figure into this?


>That'd be cool. Would ones with no defined personality yet figure into this?
I'd do my best to come up with something for them.


I'd appreciate something like that. Some of them like 'lil Agua have almost NOTHING.


File: 1370855743123.png (228.74 KB, 700x1050, ronnie04.png)

oops forgot her tail the first time i posted


Thanks, I don't think the pose is too great
I mean it's kind of the same one from the ref but at a different angle mostly


I'm trying to paint PB.
No promises that I'll actually finish it, but if I do I'll post it.


This made my day. Love her expression.




Aw, cute.


File: 1370974746523.gif (11.66 KB, 603x730, 1195671991311.gif)



Too bad his name is The Villager and not Player 1.

I would have flipped my shit if his name was player 1 though.


Weaver, you should stream yourself playing New Leaf.


Sexy scowl.


File: 1371008688184.jpg (767.05 KB, 1081x1636, 1370729704065.jpg)

Yeah, you should stream yourself playing New Leaf!

I wish I had a copy…


Hey GG, what was that mmo you played on your stream a while back?



That's Vindictus.


File: 1371059488520.gif (32.13 KB, 646x1550, confirmed for brawl.GIF)





You are now in the top two percent of all psychics.


oh dear


Woah, nelly.


she doesn't seem that much into it
I suppose no less so than anything else


Oh god I never imagined Dewbon in a sexual situation. Why is she looking at me?

Also, are you going to do that personality sheet for all the monstergals? I wrote a few speculations but you never really replied to them, so I'm curious to a few.


time to draw porn


yes, I will be doing them






hmm, needed more chub, and belly button


I can't deal. I just can't.
Also, the furrowed eyelid makes it look like anger.
How about adding something to emphasis her size?
Since you censored her vagoo anyway, why not Anon standing there?


Based dotkwa!
Now to fap and pass out.


but she is angry, angry there's not anyone to fuck
I'll leave it like it is for now


…I wonder how sexually frustrated Dewbon is.


File: 1371123433018.png (105.69 KB, 400x600, card dewbon.png)

I have no idea how to organize anything
I realized this was a bad idea halfway through but I was too stubborn to stop


In the general you said you had no idea how to do a card's graphic design. You could look at trading cards for some ideas, sports or otherwise, but you don't "have" do to a card style. Considering the point is to detail a character, maybe something similar to a social network's profile page might work better. Hell, you could just do panels that detail who the person is and string it like a comic panels.



>Rumor suggests extreme bottled frustration due to sexual inactivity


oh my

At any rate, something like >>3679 said, organizing information like, say, a Facebook "about" page would work nicely.


File: 1371135379485.png (60.45 KB, 563x525, 1371130161566.png)

I am overjoyed that this is happening. Your monstergirls deserve the best.


I have no visual organizational skills
If someone wants to try throwing together a template or mockup to be filled out I'll do my best to produce as many as possible for the girls here


We still ranking?

1. Ona
2. Coriander
3. Gillou
4. PB


File: 1371167218850.png (74.37 KB, 543x775, monkey business SFW.png)





nudie version


This really tickles my pickle.


File: 1371197013219.png (52.1 KB, 535x535, chubby apex.png)

more monkey business


File: 1371197024163.png (29.69 KB, 383x352, chubby apex grumpy.png)


File: 1371197038505.png (126.14 KB, 683x842, captain clueless.png)

and another thing from the starbound general


whoa what


Glitter Gay?


i have been summoned


Thanks again for those images


I like the new GG



no problem dude!
i've contemplated getting a thread on here for stuff like that, but derpibooru tends to work nicely as a storage place


But if you make a thread for yourself, it'll be like a super secret club of MLPG with you as the centerpiece.



Why must you do this to me, Weaver?





Starbound just has infinite possibilities for lewd


regarding rubyquest, who is supposed to be 'it' the dummy or the fetus thing?


oh hey look what I found


File: 1371410481885.png (114.15 KB, 862x510, agua.png)

Did someone want more stuff on Agua?
Because here's more stuff on Agua.


She's so prickly. She may never hug ;_;
Anon, I mean. I don't think pricklies would hurt Caimon or Gillou.


File: 1371414164874.png (54.08 KB, 579x449, agua splash.png)

splashy splashy


File: 1371414381069.png (37.45 KB, 331x454, agua bloom.png)

look quick anon look


File: 1371414401031.png (42.27 KB, 458x474, agua wink.png)

and that's Agua for you


File: 1371414419657.png (26.64 KB, 386x393, agua sleepy.png)

now go away, she's all tuckered out


She's such a cutie. If she's blooming, does that mean she's going to bear fruit?


So how much do you have to water her for her to blossom?


Well, it can't be much, because if you over-water a cactus, you cause the roots to start to rot.
I think it's, what, once a week or once every two weeks they get watered? I dunno.


>valley girl cactus

This could potentially be the most amazing character you've ever created.


File: 1371442507649.png (21.23 KB, 328x308, agua catnap.png)

Agua is fun and easy to draw
here she is taking a quick nap standing up

not like she lies down anyway



I like how you do her "thighs."


How does she move?

Does she move?


She doesn't move much
but she's good at hopping


An airhead valley girl?


I always saw her as more just not afraid of being silly and spacy.
Also she has a weird accent that's really really cute.


File: 1371485451415.png (60.88 KB, 497x478, agua watering time.png)

Don't let her get too dry


File: 1371486418551.png (47.54 KB, 444x412, agua negative.png)



File: 1371486910415.png (77.85 KB, 749x531, agua freedom.png)

heavy stuff


File: 1371487384898.png (106.47 KB, 730x750, aqua1.png)


Oh so Agua is more of a hippy type?



I don't think so, that sort of thing is just the best "philosophy" an airhead can come up with.


You know what Cactus Juice does to people who just drink it; her veins are literally filled with the stuff.

She doesn't really have anything else she could be.


GG please draw Twilight watering cactus pone


But… she IS a hippie type.


That accent is like, called Valleyspeak dude.


Like, whoa there, man
Hippies overused like, like, WAY before valley girls

And now we've come like, full circle
Far out


Does she partake in the chemical wonders of the desert?


She IS the chemical wonders of the desert.


She IS the chemical w

damn it


If that's the case can we get a picture of anon nervously trying to lick her while she sleeps?


And then she rolls over.
Towards him.


File: 1371540629837.png (69.75 KB, 609x497, agua hugs.png)

quick now
those spines come back fast


>implying what we're about to do is hug


I would hug this qtpi so hard. She is already my favorite monstergril.


She's so shiny!


File: 1371574673672.png (539.02 KB, 1280x731, IPBC.png)

Song of Ice Pack: http://youtu.be/XIRIsKG95lg

Cover by David Lee Roth: http://youtu.be/PeXjBWN8LO8?t=1m39s


File: 1371657529599.png (298.69 KB, 1600x1600, Caimon.png)


File: 1371661475036.png (30.17 KB, 547x324, caimon gummy.png)


File: 1371668839842.png (53.95 KB, 572x835, unnamed mantis girl.png)

well this happened


File: 1371669083646.png (25.97 KB, 376x514, mantis blush.png)


File: 1371669149308.png (31.02 KB, 407x556, mantis glance.png)


She's not gonna bite my head off, is she?


Only if you fuck her.


the belief that mantids murder their mate is based on singular and flawed laboratory observation

further study has since disproved the belief that cannibalism is a part of mantid mating behavior



They don't always do it, but they do frequently do it.


Yes but again, this was based on stilted information

Even the subtext makes it clear: these were captive laboratory settings, which recent study suggests was what skewed the behavior
It exists, but is rare, in the wilderness
Under a microscope in a sterile lab they're a little more unpredictable


Two buds just hanging out on the sofa
n o t g a y


Oh, hey, it's that picture. You're a nice guy, GG.


He looks rather nervous. I wonder why?


That's a nice dix.



yes you posted that last time too


I know, just felt like reiterating.


While researching preying mantis mating habits I learned that on average, copulation lasts
six hours



Because if you don't tire her out first, she'll eat your face as soon as you finish.
<3 you GG



So Metal Glen treats gastrointestinal hemorrhages as well as blindness, then.


File: 1371691578878.png (22.34 KB, 402x462, linda.png)


Princess Bitch
Linda (this mantis girl)
Meara (the spider)

am I missing any of the monstergals?
Not counting Illistere who I guess I sort of wrote off





Oh, well, there's always the newcomers, Wosyet, Gumberry, and Paula


Oh that chitinous exoskeleton gets me hot under the collar.


File: 1371708940008.png (750.84 KB, 1500x1500, caimon swampuncolored.png)

May as well post this.
Someone requested Caimon earlier.


This is grand, seems like the perfect setting for her.


That bottle makes me wonder what she's like when really drunk… or any and all of the monstergals for that matter.


File: 1371763983698.png (466.42 KB, 1239x1161, monster hunter.png)

Now here's something.

I call it "Monster Hunter".


…can we play Monster Hugger instead?


The emotions in this picture make me wonder the situation. Wosyet and Guillou look pissed as hell. Everyone else looks quizzical, bored, or excited.


Some of them have probably had more experience with "adventurers".


Some just take the threat more seriously than others.


God dammit Paula. She's so cute.

Nerf PB; dual wielding daggers means she's obviously a dirty rogue.


Wosyet seems like the gal who is literally unsexable. No holes, no libido, no awareness of her curves.
Though, she'd be a beast if you manage to break into her room or break her friends' heart.


appearances can be deceiving


Can we assume Wosyet's chem is written under the thing on her forehead?


Her chem?
Is- is that an Egyptian thing?


Jewish. She's a golem.


File: 1371861237995.png (11.6 KB, 422x312, a list.png)



>Gillou that low



Fucking casual.


>Princess Bitch at the top
Guess that explains the rest of his shit taste


This Monstro Village setting really intrigues me. The mention of a visual novel earlier in the thread made me really want to try doing it. I've had a looksee at the software that Four Leaf Studios used to make Katawa Shoujo, it doesn't seem too difficult.

If anyone thinks that this would be a worthwhile venture and would like to help, please send credentials to the email in email field. I'll use this to gauge the viability of such a project.



I've never heard of Weaver just handing his ideas over to people. You might be barking up the wrong tree here, bub.


I'd see it as more of a fan work, since Weaver has expressed he won't do a project like this anytime soon.


why she ded tho?




So about those video games.

I want to help you make them.


Do you have any formal training in programming, or are you self-taught? Cuz if you're serious about making games, you could take some programming courses on Coursera or something like that.


>Do you have any formal training in programming, or are you self-taught?
Self taught
I don't even use a real programming language I use Game Maker
And no I'm not really all that serious about it, it's just a hobby for me

I have a hard time working on projects with others because I'm too controlling and I feel like everything has to be done my way



>too controlling

Over code? That seems a bit silly. It's all just basic commands and shit, I don't really see how that would impose on the creative aspect of the game.

>do you have this item?

>if not, x
>if so, y


Even the internal structure of the code?

Honestly, I'd want to work with you partly because I can't seem to get myself to do much work on personal projects without someone else to work on it with.


I guess it would depend on the ability of the programmer to create results like I want
I would be a bad boss is what I'm saying, you would end up doing all the work and it would never be good enough



>it would never be good enough

Well you know, not everything has to be a masterpiece revered by generations to come. As long as your game is entertaining and not technically broken, it'll be fine.

And do remember, this doesn't have to be done as quickly as possible. If you want to direct the programming in any way, just say so and the people will get to it when they can.


File: 1372226825600.png (17.72 KB, 800x600, 1372125603193.png)

So, these guys

do they always share a hole, or do they engage in more traditional stuff like spitroasting and vaginal/anal
wow that was a lewd message


How about this then - next time you decide to play around with games you put up the source somewhere?

Or some other way for us to contribute code I guess.



Yeah just do this, pick what you like and don't like and toss it back at the programmers to pick at. You're making mountains out of molehills bro.


My code really isn't self-contained or intuitive enough to just post snippets and have people fix it
Usually the problems are larger in scope, more approach than method


>implying I don't love refactoring
Seriously - I get a kick out of finding a way to come up with a better structure for code.


While two-for-one is their specialty I'm sure they have no problem dividing and conquering



I sure hope so, I'm curious about what sHE's got under that dress thats so embaressing.


File: 1372342422652.png (61.06 KB, 542x838, tom manly.png)

Tom I'm sorry


File: 1372344000733.png (26.88 KB, 558x554, tumblr_mczb6llw4j1r5h2ogo1….png)

I like this gay trend you're on.


i hope


>on a gay thread
figuratively or literal?
Implying it matters


Great, now I have to choose between asking for more zebras or more tom.

I'll flip a coin, heads for double zebra dickings, tails for catbutt.


I don't. :\


You're in the minority.


Needs more gay. Hurrah!


Or the rest of us are just willing to let GG do what he wants and don't feel the need to say we hate something.


me too. GG's turning me gay.


File: 1372488306356.png (133.68 KB, 800x600, a1.png)

quorum is the new hotness


I'm pretty hyped that you're doing something with the setting again.



Didn't he say it had all been in his head up to this point?


It hasn't ALL been in my head.
Most of what I've done has never been made public. However, I've written a bunch of stuff about it, run online D&D-style games in this setting, and even had three mini-quests set there.


He said mostly. GG's done a few campaigns, quests, and (abandoned) games using the setting before.


You apparently have a lot of things that you don't share, don't you?


File: 1372514310580.png (73.08 KB, 770x595, yagawarrior.png)

I assure you it's not out of selfishness.


I'm pretty goddamn hyped.


File: 1372519795463.png (99.3 KB, 842x658, act.png)

Also another big update just went up


Because I am a huge autist, I went and made this:


I'll see if my interest keeps up enough to update it with each new post.


So I guess GG is done with ponies now.




Have you missed all the zibba stuff?


That was all before


I'm right here anon



He's been working on Quorum for years, and it never stopped him from doing Rubyquest or ponies or anything else.


File: 1372575764504.png (21.35 KB, 396x785, fancy.png)

more just went up
Petrods and Lomites this time


This shit is fucking brilliant to see again, man. Glad you're posting it!

Also, I just realized the map of Khobru Angda is actually a cross section, and not a top down view. Shit blew my mind. I'd been looking at it wrong the whole time since it was first posted on the World Eater thread.


So, what exactly was ACT about? I never really read up on that campaign but I'm interested now that I know a bit about the setting.


File: 1372626031946.jpg (78.2 KB, 922x691, buddies.jpg)

I see occasional discussion about Quorum popping up in pockets on MLPG
Now I'm very flattered by you guys talking about this stuff but it's probably better to do it here

Of course I will more than gladly answer any questions or discuss it with you
and even doodle stuff if you like

this is definitely the better place to do it


File: 1372626361118.gif (30.88 KB, 980x442, petrodarchitecture.gif)

ACT was a meaningless acronym used to describe a modified GURPS-lite system I used to run games online set in the Quorum universe.

Overall really helped me build the universe and lore as we went, because of the things that would be required for the stories and campaigns.



Oh, hah, I thought ACT was the name of your campaign.

What were some of the stories you've played in Quorum?


In regards to that specific pocket of greentext, is racism common among the Prime Races? Certain cultures more predisposed to judge a book by its cover than others?


File: 1372627577438.png (23.75 KB, 449x537, sadantaure.png)

>is racism common among the Prime Races?
There are sort of 'tiers' of respectable races, with Yaga, Olympians, and Asogas as the more renowned and sort of 'high class' sort, while Antaure, Lomites, and some others area seen as 'lowly'.
That doesn't mean, however, that the 'lower' races have any kind of camaraderie. It depends on the area and context but racism is pretty rampant.

>What were some of the stories you've played in Quorum?
Oh, there have been many. The larger campaigns usually went on for many months and encompassed dozens of smaller stories. I'll see if I can't draft up a few of the more interesting ones.


File: 1372642306511.jpg (22.85 KB, 400x383, ramutaph.jpg)

New update just went up, regarding Throtts and Dwerms
That covers it for the first two spheres. Only one to go.


>I'll see if I can't draft up a few of the more interesting ones.

I look forward to that. Dis gon be gud.


File: 1372649026024.png (41.48 KB, 560x441, unimpressed yaga.png)

Okay, here's a little story

In one mixed-race town, the party met a Lomite named Quake – "because baby, when you're with me, the earth is gonna move". He was something of a guilty pleasure in town, few if any residents would own up to sleeping with him but word on the street was he had lots of repeat customers.
Unfortunately it turned out that unbeknownst to him, Quake was a literal mutant. His seductive technique which involved nibbling ears/necks was in fact inadvertently injecting his venom, which had mutated into an aphrodisiac chemical cocktail.
Everyone (Quake included) felt incredibly creepy and uncomfortable after all this came to light. He ended up getting more people coming to him but he felt so guilty he vowed a life of celibacy.


File: 1372660795076.png (401.27 KB, 1024x804, pie boss.png)

Okay here's a simpler one

One of the first bosses one of the parties ever fought was a pie golem



Dear GG, some ideas for improvement:

1. Get a tablet, and create more detailed art. This does not mean you have to stop making mouse drawn art.
2. Create some centralized location for all your updates. You spread yourself too thin.
3. Sign your stuff.

Your talented.


Thanks, my talented. I will consider all these things in the future.


File: 1372687859150.gif (5.59 MB, 320x240, mj-laughing[1].gif)


Hey GG, any plans to expand on Mti and Mua?


File: 1372894605111.jpg (59.92 KB, 470x517, items1.jpg)

The Quorum "Races & Cultures" overview is done now

I'll be asking people what aspect of the universe they want to hear more about next

in the meantime I made a little poll to see how people felt about the races

in retrospect maybe this should have been "check all that apply" but I think it'll do
so cast your vote for your favorite of the 12


I like the Dwerm. For the purposes of roleplaying and storytelling and such, I've always loved the archetype of the working-class soccer hooligan, and the Dwerm seem to fit the bill for that perfectly.


are you kidding me only 2 votes for thrott what is this chicken chungus


Asoga = Draenei

you should probably kill yourself imho


File: 1372914610311.jpg (182.95 KB, 605x600, medicine man.jpg)

At least I can comfortably say I have never played and don't know shit about WoW


File: 1372914905368.jpg (71.1 KB, 907x791, Lostonesdraenei.JPG)


If he's been working on Quorum for 8+ years, then that means the Asoga were created before the Draenei got retconned into looking like they do today instead of like this.


File: 1372915192820.jpg (112.31 KB, 575x795, sketchpage2gh1.jpg)

oh that reminds me, re: this picture
I was trying to come up with new races and I wanted something sort of lizardy
The same series of sketches spawned both the Asoga and Lomite races.

in fact it appears I still have it saved


Warcraft actually has some great story. You could definitely draw inspiration from it for story scenarios within this Quorum setting of yours.


Oficially released 6 years ago, keep in mind years taking development. Even if not physically alike they are still a copy

also GG was that a burn
compare basic knowdlege vs autism: the world


File: 1372948944237.png (433.62 KB, 1024x1024, wegroup.png)

>Even if not physically alike they are still a copy
if you say so




thanks for having OCs that cater directly to my fetishes, weaver


I do what I can!

they sure look like they're having fun


Now if only we could see the aftermath.


Wow. No love for the poor Petrod race.


What if PB in Cube World


File: 1373143953333.png (80.66 KB, 604x576, goblin porcupine.png)

>What if PB in Cube World
she wouldn't last ten seconds



What if GG had talent?


talent for what

Talent for stock trading? Talent for sports? Talent for making crystal meth?
Because if he had talent for those then he probably would be out making mad cash and not hanging around here.

But he does seem to have talent for storytelling and (though not necessarily in a technical sense) for drawing.


I would argue that an understanding of economy of lines, emotive expressions, character design, what makes concepts appealing, etc., are in fact technical abilities.


File: 1373202892045.png (64.97 KB, 512x512, art.png)

someone in the cube world threads redrew this character

I'll concede my art isn't great, and I've never debated that

But at the same time I think in its own ways it's better than some people usually give it credit for
And it's certainly improved over the years


Yo for real I love your art's aesthetic.

yeah it's not super detailed rendering or anatomically precise (which for some people is the only way art can be appealing)
but it has tons of personality and it's easily recognizable, which is something worth striving for, in my opinion.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I like your work and its neat to see how your art has gone from "doodles" to "drawings" if that makes sense.


he wouldn't be here
he would be succesful


Forever waiting for a Tom striptease that will never come.


what a horrible feel.


Weaver is a very talented artist. He sticks to a simpler style that lets him put out art at a very fast pace.

Some of his more complex drawings have a very high level of detail and you can see he has his anatomy and perspective down.



I find that weavers simpler style means that he can put more focus into the smaller things like emotion and feelings instead of into a 5th layer of shading in teh shoulder pad of dante




pfft, don't you know he's filming Poor Little Blue Cat 4?


I don't want that

I want something one on one.

With quest style options on how to precede.




File: 1373252756613.jpg (112.83 KB, 896x717, sketchgroup unfinished.jpg)

I haven't really made all that many really detailed pictures anyway, and most that I had were some time ago, like >>4241 and >>4304


Those are actually pretty impressive, at least by my standards.


We need more of Mua and Mti…



I don't even know where to start
Why are you using my icon for it? It's not me.
This is just an art dump for Mti/Mua stuff and given that there's not all that much stuff it seems like a bad idea
But worse still is that you present it as an Ask blog when clearly it is not actually an ask blog

this just seems like
maybe not a very good idea


BCS why did you make a tumblr for someone else's OCs and pretend like GG made it?


For what purpose



I did not pretend like GG made it

I guess you missed the Weaver thread on /mlp/





What thread? How was it relevant?



yuh, they asked for an archive so that they could find the fanart more easily because they really REALLY hate derpibooru


>yuh, they asked for an archive so that they could find the fanart more easily because they really REALLY hate derpibooru
Oh, okay, well that's probably fine then
The only thing is that you call it an ask blog when it isn't, that'll probably just be confusing for some people



I'm usually not, I've changed my trip 3/4 times now but people keep on figuring out what the tripcode is and impersonating me so it's super fucking annoying


Weaver, draw more monster girl titties or I'll be forced to threaten to slap your shit on the internet.


Have you considered just using a secure tripcode?



This is what it looks like with 2 ##


GG pls draw more Mrs. Cake coaxing Mr. Cake into gay things






I'm sorry, GG.



i'm not <3


So GG, what have you been up to?


working on nanquest, doodling ponies, that sort of thing


What if Anon is really intimidated and freaked out by the monstergirls even as he tries to keep his cool because he thinks they'll eat him if he freaks out or something




i love nanchan


I heard there were to be monster girls here


yes there will be




what kind of monster girls


Forecast calls for 80% chance of Caimon



that is the best forecast


She may be used to hot temperatures, but that doesn't mean she likes them.


I'll call tomorrow


File: 1374009219321.jpg (18.99 KB, 379x401, [heat wave intensifies].jpg)



Well she's just effectively screwed herself out of an AC



RIP gator waifu


GG pls draw Caimon biting and drowning the fuck out of a deer


No way she's outgrown that savage stage



Aw come on, maybe even in a dream

and she can be kicking her legs and Gillou can be calling it adorable


Anon please
that's not just ignorant
it's offensive




oh wow

that is much better



also now caimon can bite her sexually


So little Caimon hadn't yet?
You realize you need to draw that now


I'm gonna need more of this girl, GG.


vorefags pls



I take offense to that

Crocodiles and alligators are just my favorite animals


Why don't you want to draw teeny little Caimon futilely trying to deathroll >>4798?


File: 1374016996680.png (41.98 KB, 389x441, HUCKABUCKS.png)




i'm die


I have to google every third word in these things

Little Caimon is adorable
Her sunglasses are so huge


Where are the underage titties?



>Its a sexual position where the girl is leaning on the back of her neck with the rest of her body straight up in the air, while the guy is standing over her dropping it in from the top, it in kinda painful, but fun.




That's adorable.

Are you ever gonna do anything with her brothers?


maybe you shouldn't trust urbandictionary

sure did you have something in mind
I might come up with something


>Where are the underage titties?
she's flat yo


She don't even have nipples dog


maybe I just chose not to draw them homie


Oh jeez, it's getting cultural in here. Where the Zimmer when you need him?


Where da nipples at. G


how are the other girls handling the heat?


Yeah. How does Gumberry or Gillou deal?


Okay, how about

Her brothers very subtly flirt with her as she serves supper to mixed company, which flusters her but she has to play it cool.




more stuff like her brothers untying her bikini while she sleeps

yeah, that's good stuff


I'm kinda glad her brothers vanished. Sourthern incest is played out.


would you mind if I made a video project based in a particular work of yours ? , I'd credit you for it btw


You're going to have to be less vague than that


I think he wants to do a thing with your stuff


I want to do things with GG's stuff



cinema project for my college, you come up with an idea and you are provided with gear for recording. I know the people who can fit in the characters properly

there's no need for greenlight because it's a pre selection


Yes but what are you intending to do
which work are you basing this on


Anything on the menu today?

Maybe more young OC antics?


chapter 1, 2 and some of 3 on nanquest. it's basically reenact the gist of that segment, adding and sorting here and there, but true to the original


What you mean like, live action?
That sounds cool as hell, and as it's just a school project then by all means, go with my blessings

let us know how it goes, of course


Hey weaver, how about a group shot of your monster girls in pony form. With anon very confused by this turn of events.


File: 1374189037494.jpg (34.96 KB, 533x367, i am a big pony.jpg)

that's not gonna happen sorry
group shots take a long time and doing it all as pony doesn't interest me that much


thanks, I will !
it's gonna be in spanish though


Huge and somber is a great combination. It's why Dewbon is my second favorite.


Gumberry is 2cute

Does she have a personality yet?


She seems pretty


File: 1374207756363.jpg (94.74 KB, 679x725, gator.jpg)

What if Caimon offered you a blowjob?



There was a greentext about that once


I need this.
Not that I know of, but process of elimination due to the other personalities, I'm guessing airhead.



>I need this.

It gets kinda weird toward the end, as greentexts are wont to do



File: 1374297809901.png (76.9 KB, 800x600, 1.png)


Quorum lore posts continue.
On the table this time: Gods and religion.


File: 1374450460232.png (99.41 KB, 676x634, raepette.png)

ancient tentacle monster girl by request


After all that discussion about Raepi and Raepette on MLPG, they might deserve a revisit.


File: 1374476299437.png (173.39 KB, 917x773, caimon and donut joe.png)


File: 1374538265821.jpg (7.08 KB, 190x46, Sue_chat_box[1].jpg)

RetroArch added a Cave Story engine, so I decided to check that game out since I never did before. I was just thinking "Man, this game's art style, storyline, and characters is totally something Weaver would have made".

Have you played it Weaver? (sorry if this is a dumb question).

I think you posted before about doing games. It sounded like you were trying to do everything yourself though. Don't do that. You're an art guy. Stick with that. Find a programmer guy, and maybe a music guy and divvy up the work.


File: 1374557276809.gif (15.99 KB, 543x890, 1194588614761.gif)


File: 1374677742671.png (9.04 KB, 600x600, ccc.png)

some shitty /v/ thread brought up CCC out of nowhere so I drew her a bit but nobody cared
oh well
her time has come and gone


File: 1374677757583.png (8.45 KB, 600x600, ccc2.png)

mugging for the camera is her regular thing


File: 1374677785084.png (9.8 KB, 600x600, ccc3.png)

and tongue



CCC's one of my favorite things you've drawn.


I like everything below the shoulders.


/v/ doesn't really stick together enough to follow contributors.


You created CCC? I've always wanted to thank the artist who drew her. So, thank you, you glorious bastard.


File: 1374835521886.png (148.57 KB, 966x695, caimon types.png)

Caimon's stylized body design makes her easy to draw from one pose, but movement is not as easy
For this reason I'm considering a redesign. Just putting ideas down at the moment.



I like the original the best, but if you're set on changing, then I like long legs over high def.


Random cyclopean monstergirl


lewd warning


That cyclops girl is cute. Can I draw fanart of her?



She seems pretty casual about it.


>"I'm bored, give me your dick."


well it was definitely something like that


If you are out of ideas, may I make a request? Or do you keep a document of requests?


You guys are always free to make requests, I just can't give any kind of guarantee I'll do them. Especially before I know what they are.


It could be a good idea to keep a word document or something of things people have requested. Even if you think it's dumb or you don't feel like you'll do it, you might scroll through it later and change your mind. It could give you ideas when you have none.

I request Dewbon getting flustered around Anon. She's so used to being in control of her emotions, usually keeping them distant, that attraction/desire/lust/wanting feels alien and stirs her heart in ways she doesn't understand.


Mister Weaver, I'd give anything for more art of Mua and Mti.


Draw Corwin's Rat girl. Sexually.


hrmmm i like hi def caimon


Ive never seen anyone draw derpy as a dragon? up for the challenge?



…I would ask what the fuck I'm looking at, but I'm about 99% sure I don't want to know.



Wander Over Yonder, Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust's new show that's coming out in a couple months.


File: 1375301341297.png (1016.16 KB, 894x819, 1375289215929[1].png)

I wonder if this position would work for the twins

With a lusty alicorn in the middle.



This seems like a pretty accurate portrayal of their relationship.


File: 1375391715342.png (260.86 KB, 1200x706, cockblock over yonder.png)



I'm glad you've taken an interest in Wander Over Yonder.


That show really suits your style


I remember when GG used to draw mti/mua
good times


File: 1375657045958.jpg (413.98 KB, 1280x720, mom.jpg)

Please DON'T draw anything with Button's Mom, GG.


File: 1375663434430.png (105.63 KB, 798x598, quorum criminals.png)

Let's leave Wander Over Yonder for a bit and get back to my own works

Here are two Quorum outlaws, a Lomite and a Yaga.


File: 1375865464958.png (148.08 KB, 800x600, death of sarxous.png)

More Quorum stuff


Have you ever made any longer stories involving PB & co.?


Scraps and linked drawings but no actual comic pages or anything


File: 1375934386838.png (1.04 MB, 687x1399, neverhood set.png)

Thought you might be interested. From the Armikrog backer updates. I didn't know where else to contact you so i'm just gonna put it here.


I'll miss your pony stuff, GG.

Enjoy WoY, though…


big bush big areolas big hips
by request


no towel version


wowza, that's…does she take showers with the hat on

that can't be good for leather



I'm masturbating

could use wider hips
and a bigger bush


How big are we talking?



To the belly button would be perfect


hey GG, can I get those Applejack ogre things uncensored?


Stops being bush and starts being body hair.



semantics, semantics


Any chance we could get some more info on the new monster girls? (Paula, Wosyet and Gumberry)


Seconding request for big hips applejack being attacked by her own giant mutant bush


File: 1376188305162.png (62.4 KB, 549x797, grappler.png)

put up some fighting game characters I doodled over the course of two hours

also turned anonymous asks back on
we'll see how that goes


How did it go last time? It seems like you don't post answers onto your blog, so going anonymous is like a one way street of communication for tumblr.


did someone ask for bush



I love you, GG.


I heard someone say Dewbon has a disproportionately small vagina for her specie. Now I haven't heard you say it GG, but I can see it being used as an anthropic principle. A reason for her to be an outcast, distant about those topics of conservation, and maybe even sexually frustrated. Not all species has the same proportions of a human, for example ducks are bigger than us while gorillas are smaller. Evolution could favor seemingly smaller reproductive systems for Dewbon's specie or maybe even it's something that's bizarre to humans.


While I haven't put down much "official canon" for Dewbon, I've never been interested in any of the more bizarre methods of sexual pleasure extreme giantism might warrant
So despite her size Dewbon is shall we say
Accommodating for a man-sized partner

Whether that's just her species having small bits or something unique to Dewbon as an individual, you'd have to ask her


I forget, which piece of mine was it that you said got your attention about me? I need to know what to look at when I need some reminding of inspiration feelings.


Do you want to discuss fetishes GG


I want someone I can share my smut with and discuss it and drive to draw more
instead of just dumping it somewhere and hoping someone says something
it's a more active thing, not really the same
I don't know how else to describe it

it wouldn't really work with most of my friends



Got a skype?


>I will never discuss fetishes with GG

I LOVE fetish talk
I LOVE GG's art
I would NEVER leak any art, I have too much respect for GG to do that.
I was why the zebra twins came about

I just can't draw for the life of me.


I feel the same way it's like… doesn't everyone already know I have a slime, bondage, and mindbreak fetish? Duh.


Wow, do you have to shove your nose into everything?



>tfw GG ignores your skype request


dbNonymous, but I have to leave for work soon, just really bad timing…


File: 1376308655886.png (42.46 KB, 392x357, face.png)



I'd like to be screened. This sounds like fun.


Rabbits are cool.


File: 1376517615956.png (50.97 KB, 705x579, ruby carsnooze.png)




How about it indeed







He told me not to say anything, but his secret stash is mostly porn of cereal mascots.






File: 1376639360388.png (113.59 KB, 500x1000, 130815-gg_paula.png)

Since everyone's having fun at the moment


beep boop monstergals and fetishes
How goes those projects?


they're comin along mostly


Not fun enough. Put a dick in her!


And what are they?


File: 1376641036760.png (479.73 KB, 1239x1161, Monstergals versus Anon.png)

Monstergal Fetish List
Princess Bitch: Rape, Body transformation, mind control
Gnathodelli: Rape (female dominant), femdom, light violence
Veronica: Exhibitionism, big tits, humiliation, experimentation
Caimon: Casual sex, teasing, incest
Gillou: Big girls, voyeurism, shyness, "first time" atmosphere, mild TF
Dewbon: Giant/size-difference, maybe some other stuff
Agua: Nothing really specific for her. She's just a hippie cactus.
Paula: Nerdy girls, "girl next door", casual stuff
Gumberry: Goo girls, obviously
Meara: Flirtatious attitudes, sizeplay, some other stuff I can't describe well
Linda: Insectoid, inexperienced, curiosity and experimentation
Wosyet: Well, that's for another time


File: 1376667134817.png (10.14 KB, 435x702, wise_words_from_the_weav.png)

for true story



Embrace the homogay, Weaver.


File: 1376701762878.jpg (243.68 KB, 2560x1440, STUDIO(2).jpg)

This is about as close as I can get to making "fanart"


File: 1376701848116.png (25.52 KB, 256x256, dewbon.png)

And the emblem itself.


Requesting a pic of Anon sitting on top of Dewbon's head and holding on to her horns like handlebars.


AND I didn't make the horns outlined


man look how happy agua is
look at her


What would happen if I tried to hug PB?


I would fund monstergirl plushies.


>tfw no Gillou to sleep on


File: 1376779726033.png (12.08 KB, 278x278, monstergals.png)

Looks like we need something to kick up discussions.

Everybody post your favorite monstergal and explain why they are the best.



Gillou the best monstergirl

1. Cute as hell
2. Soft, very huggable & cuddlable
3. Lovable personality
4. Big ol tits and hips and ass


Gnath is my favorite

I always love the inhuman, feral ones
I what GG has said about her personality
I like her associated fetish
I wish she had more development


Agua, because cute little hippie cactus.

Also needle play.



Caimon is the best monstergirl because only Hitler doesn't like her, and also because she's got a big belly that is probably all warm and soft. She's the friendliest, most stylish(those sunglasses, yo), best roommate, most entertaining, etc.


>she's got a big belly that is probably all warm and soft

She is ectothermic, anon

her belly is only warm after she's spent some time basking in the sun.


What if she likes to snuggle because she needs your warmth?



I dunno, she's been all sweaty before.

She might be exothermic thanks to a little monstergirl magic.


Damn, I meant AUSSIE cactus


But Agua IS a hippie, not an aussie


I've done a handful of "roommate Caimon" art
I think next up I'll do some more roommate monstergals


But her accent always sounded aussie in my head



Please do PB


File: 1376781505506.png (114.11 KB, 857x509, agua.png)

It's pretty solidly hippie


Ooh, do Gnathodelli engaging in playful roughhousing



I must have been dreaming that accent


She reminds me of that plant in Super Mario RPG that is an alarm clock. Does Anon keep her in a flower pot in his room?


What if Agua offered free acupuncture treatments to her roommate?


Something tells me that Agua is a great dancer. That or I just want to see her dance.


Why does Agua have the Little Miss Rarity chest scaring?


I bet it was unintentional


She's like, WAY into acupuncture
She's also into crystals, meditation, and mood rings

>Little Miss Rarity chest scar
It's needles in the shape of a heart
LMR didn't invent hearts



How awful of a roommate is PB?


But is she actually GOOD at acupuncture?
Or do her clients/victims just grin and bear the pain to not upset her/get hundreds of needles stuck in them?


How does Agua get around?


I'm pretty sure she can move the bottom corners of her torso to "walk"



She probably hops around much like one of Weaver's chain chomps


Really? I thought she was planted (pun intended) into the ground. Maybe she has a rubber flower pot and she hops/hobbles.




File: 1376782258939.png (168.29 KB, 905x922, agua compilation.png)

>But is she actually GOOD at acupuncture?
Well, ____________________________no__________ __________________________

>How does Agua get around?
She's very good at hopping


Does Agua for sexually


Look at the chart

I always assumed those were little leg stump things


>fucking a cactus

No, seriously, I'd at least try to please her.

Damn me and my philiophilia



would you rub your dick on a cactus?


Does Agua have mescaline in her?


But what if she doesn't want sex because plants just pollinate?
Philophilia sucks to have because nobody does it.


I just figured out that the reason Agua might me all hippy like is because she's filled with cactus juice.


>her juices are an extremely powerful combination of mescaline and yohimbe
>it's the best sex you'll never remember



Eating Agua out sounds like it could be hazardous to your health.


But she doesn't have any genitals. Unless you like, play with her flowers?


Nah, I'm pretty sure she's smooth down there.

I remember GG saying that she does, in fact, have genitalia


There's like, one image where she has tits. Every other time she has that heart. Maybe she is only for sexual during pollinating season.


Whick monstergirl was for orgasm denial again?


God damn, I can't type today.


Do you think Agua might be rather pent up, what with a lack of suitable cactus guys around and most other species being unwilling to stick their dick in a cactus?



Probably Gnathodelli

She won't let you finish until she's totally done with you.


>"Oh hey Anon, how are you this wonderful day? Oh me? I'm pretty stellar… we're like, good buds, right? And good buds can like, ask each other for favors, yeah?"


At her size she'd probably be more than satisfied with fingers.


Or tongue?


Probably a small-to-average dick if she's feeling adventurous.


>tfw 5"


She'd barely be able to handle you. You'd have to be real gentle.



Proportionally, she's about the same size as PB

And lord knows what size of dicks PB takes. I think Agua would be fine with an average human dick.


Hey GG, do you keep a list of requests or ideas up? Found this >>2233 in the last thread.


That's different. PB's got a cursed vagina.







I need too see agua/anon sex now…


>PB's first adventure actually got her a cursed vagina
>like someone she pissed off was a very powerful wizard and they put a hex on it to be raped
>a lot


Does Princess Bitch ever experience any kind of sexual pleasure?


Considering she was brought up Goblin (I'm assuming that's her race) I guess what Goblins consider sexy plays a part.



Well, sometimes, surely. She's got needs like everyone else. They're just mostly fulfilled with her hand. Everyone else in the world is a huge fucking jerk, who needs em?


Yes, frequently
doesn't mean she'll admit it



So you mean

she sometimes enjoys it


Roommate Gnathodelli

she's a real considerate sort
And a little of romantic
the kind of girl who'd quietly enter your room and wake you up with a kiss on the forehead

…something like that, anyway


Such an understanding gal.


And then she puts her claws on your scalp and tells you to get licking.



Poor Delli

it is Anon's duty to assist her, in the absence of any male feral monster things.



Does Anon get to have sex with all the monstergirls?


she seems sheepish


File: 1376789426549.png (93.82 KB, 672x770, gnatho cleaned her plate.png)

>tells you
Gnathodelli doesn't speak in English
her standard mode of communication is some strange animalistic language of hoarse braying and laughing noises

that does not mean she only has an animal level of cognizance though


Sorry, was thinking of someone else that did that to me once

Well, not the claws thing



I'm sure that particular command wouldn't be very difficult for Anon to understand


Funny story about Delli
One of my friends with whom I share my designs was a fan of all my monstergirls but one
to date, Delli is the only one he says is just "too far"

It's probably the eyeless face, but really, there's a lot of weird stuff about her
She's really for the stronger xenophiles out there



I think the major reason I'm not so big on her is the lack of human speech.



I don't like her belly


But Delli's belly has a special ability





PB: Bad roommate or Horrible nightmare roommate?




Which monstergirl would be most likely to have sex with FEMANON?



Probably Veronica

College girls, you know.


Awww yeah
Pass out for a couple of hours and when I wake up there's a treasure trove of wonderful monstrous monstergirl

>she's really for the stronger xenophiles out there
That's pretty accurate. She's still 'human' in that she has a personality that's mostly relatable, or at least recognizable, but is still really alien.
And the more fun stuff that gets thrown in like >>5633 is just icing on the cake. That's her as a pony, right?
Have you ever drawn normal her doing that?

Also, how does she get around without sight? Echolocation? That electromagnetic thing sharks do? Maybe she's just always brushing along the walls.


>Have you ever drawn normal her doing that?
Yes. It's posted here: >>1153

She's got some sixth sense I don't feel like sciencing up so it's a handwave for now, but it's not 100% compensatory so she's still a little slinky and blind. Still sorta sashaying around rooms and turning to face sudden noises and the like, following your body more than your face.
It also means she gets pretty feely from time to time.


File: 1376804855055.jpg (237.53 KB, 2560x1440, STUDIO(3).jpg)



File: 1376807323716.png (155.84 KB, 648x725, weirdgirls7.png)

Headin' off for tonight, so have this:
unused monstergirl designs from a while back


File: 1376809104479.jpg (266.86 KB, 1200x1200, delli.jpg)

I was trying to draw Gnathodelli

I think I've been reading too much Shadowrun lately


File: 1376809204080.jpg (388.83 KB, 2560x1440, STUDIO(4).jpg)

Thanks for everything, Weaver



I especially like the moth-looking one on the center-right.


File: 1376854077269.png (64.94 KB, 605x907, gnath polite.png)

So anyway
Point is, Gnathodelli isn't really designed for broad consumption. She's a monster-lover's monstergirl, only for those who're ready to stomach the real weird stuff.
It fits her modus operandi however: if she was desirable to everyone, she wouldn't get to play the predator as much.

Anyway, that's all from her for now. I'll be moving on to another next.



hope it's Peebs


How about Gillou?

She could probably use some loving.


Delli is definitely my kind of lady.


I got 3rd out of 26¡ that's pretty great if I were to remark (to be honest, the first and second places were cliche artistic movies).
Now I'll try to get the equipment again and show you the clip



Somebody made a short film based on one of GG's past works. Apparently they got third out of twenty-six, which is really good.


Oh shit I totally forgot about that, without the context I was confused as to the post's meaning
I look forward to seeing it immensely!

This is great too
As usual I love how creative you get with translating various visual modifiers into human characteristics: toothy motif on the outfit and belly tattoo, flap-ears into pigtails, eyelessness into sunglasses, the piercing, it's all perfect for her design
If only all humanizations could be this inspired, instead of "generic anime girl with the same color hair"


The ponies on the show are pretty simple in regards to design, so I guess there's not much for people to work off of.

Unless you were talking about /tg/ stuff.


Delicious toast


Even if she is casual about it, you should still knock first


File: 1377016957134.gif (20.5 KB, 600x713, weaver get outta them thre….gif)

Stop poppin up on 4chan Weaver or I'll have to break your knees.


Gonna need me some tsundere Woyset.


Why are all of your monstergirls so cute

I want to hug them all except maybe PB, she would probably not like that



so what, just eating toast straight out of the tub?

caimon is weird


What I would like to know is the living conditions of that apartment place with all the monstergals. Is it like one of those dorms where everybody has a bedroom to themselves but share a kitchen and living room? How does Anon moving in mess with the established routines and general flow of the place?


File: 1377132731390.png (59.91 KB, 589x574, dragon.png)

>so what, just eating toast straight out of the tub?
she got out of her morning shower
don't you eat toast in the morning

I haven't given it too much thought but I always figured it would be like what those brief comics introduced: a tower of apartments, with a few bedrooms each and a common/living area plus shared kitchen and bathroom.

The idea was going to be that Caimon, Meara, Anon, and Princess Bitch take one apartment.
Delli, Gumberry, and Wosyet are the downstairs apartment.
Paula, Linda, and Veronica (all students at the local college) get the upstairs apartment.


>areolas just barely exposed


Also, what kind of interpersonal dynamics do those apartments have? You've said a lot about an Anon-PB-Gillou-Delli apartment but not much about the other girls in such a setting.


Where is Dewbon?


Dewbon lives in the Manager's Suite on the ground floor. Because she's the Manager.
Agua basically lives in the lobby, foyer, and front lawn.
Gillou lives in the swamps out back.


I'd like to see what Dewbon's life is like. All that space she needs, food she eats, clothes she wears, etc. must be a chore.


Who does the maintenance?
Changes lightbulbs, fixes toilets etc
Do they have a handyman or is one of the monstergirls a bit of a handymonsterwoman?
Maybe they just make Anon do it


They have fliers, wall-climbers, some with long arms, some with high strength, etc. I doubt they're lacking in the 'fixing things' department.



File: 1377200867053.png (142.88 KB, 1082x892, dewbon suitors.png)

Because Dewbon is not physically suited to the kind of regulation and upkeep an apartment complex would require, she employs three small magical creatures to help her with miscellaneous daily tasks.
These beings, known informally around the apartment as "The Suitors", handle maintenance, plumbing, janitorial services, and even landscaping. They are usually given free reign of the complex and come and go as they please, even into occupied apartments.
Most inhabitants are quite used to them by now, but Anon might take some adjusting.



how do the inhabitants react when they walk in on private situations?



Aww, one of them's curious about Anon!

What, if any, intelligence do they possess?


By all accounts, the Suitors are largely dronelike in behavior. They seem to focus on their tasks quite singly and appear incapable of speech or advanced communication. Because they largely ignore the inhabitants, they're generally ignored. Each tenant surely has their own opinion about them, of course, but by and large they're mostly just in the background.



would you ever do a series of the Suitors doing their jobs around the complex, but through the eyes of the Suitors?

it'd be a neat way to see characters doing their own thing


alt nsfw version



>the suitors trying to cover her



it just occurred to me that the monstergal group is missing a few major archetypes
outside of maybe pb it doesn't even have a tomboy

this must be rectified


File: 1377209101164.png (71.39 KB, 608x907, gremlin girl.png)

Local gearhead


Is that

a beard


She's just fluffy
like >>3709 >>3692



i don't like it


So what fetishes does she cater to?


>one of her arms is actually robotic
>she starts every session with a handjob


Her expression sells it.


Female suitor sans clothing, please.

I like to imagine a male occupant that has trouble ignoring them. He… appreciates them. too much.


The Three Suitors are not female.



Then does Dewbon ever use the suitors for





He didn't say they were male either. Not that I'm implying anything, just sayin'.


genderqueer representin



There's still a lot they could do with no genitalia.


Male/Female isn't gender, it's sex. You can't be sexqueer, and these things aren't genderqueer.


Whatever the case, the Suitors aren't capable of that. There are probably multiple reasons as to why, but it's not like Dewbon's going to write a dissertation on it.
Bottom line is they can't really help where that's concerned not that she hasn't probably tried.


Sounds frustrating.


sexually frustrating


File: 1377283668388.png (71.34 KB, 703x660, dewbon at counter.png)

does this look like the face of sexual frustration



Well we have no idea what's going on below the counter now, do we.


That looks like the face of a master poker player.
I don't think she'd let it show that she was overjoyed by a surprise party.


She's wringing her hands

she is clearly contemplating getting down on her knees (or, as the case may be, elevating Anon to an appropriate height) and sucking Anon dry


File: 1377296544221.png (78.17 KB, 601x755, twins.png)

you know what else I'm missing



File: 1377296646754.png (90.94 KB, 826x833, athletic.png)

We're also lacking in athletic types


I like the gnoll-looking one. She looks rad as hell.


Thing 1 and Thing 2?


Yes. Yes it does. The type of sexual frustration so bottled up that you can't even see it. One where she has to abstain so much less it explodes.


File: 1377321223131.gif (226.83 KB, 703x660, dewbon.gif)


Does it?


Hey there Dewbon, is something the matter?


She wants the D.

D is for dollars, you're waaaay late on rent.


Oh no! Listen Dewbon, it's hard for a human to find work here. I've been doing odd jobs, is there anything I can do to prolong my stay? Please, I'll do anything…


feel like drawing some gals for a bit
suggest a monstergirl to spotlight



the harpy girl!


Wosyet, we've only seen her once before.





Woyset and her personality.


pls gg

pls post gay muschio


But silly anon, Muschio is straight.



File: 1377467269417.png (44.7 KB, 866x330, muschio prelude.png)

that doesn't mean the other guys care



How can Muschio possibly get raped by that puny-looking guy?


he poses no threat at all



So what is that picture a prelude to?


The dangers of underestimation



what kinda dangers


What sort of texture does Gillou's body have?


File: 1377551878972.png (92.08 KB, 628x489, beat the heat.png)

If I had to throw out a guess I'd say soft and slightly spongy probably

Not sure if I mentioned but I finally decided what her species was: Algae Nymph


I'm just gonna close this tab now.



Has she ever met any other Algae Nymphs?


No, she's the only one in her area.


>look up definition
Huh… does anybody ever make jokes about the "modern sexual connotation" at Gillou? Does she have any abilities?


Like memory foam covered in frog skin?


Memory foam Gillou, for the best sleep ever.


Does PB ever have consensual sex?

What's it like?


is she more or less jiggly as a gelatinous lifeform


>Does PB ever have consensual sex?
>What's it like?
pretty tsundere

less jiggly
she's not a gelatinous form
she's just soft


Does she make consensual sex feel like you're raping her anyways? That'd be kinda hot
Okay, it would be super hot


So what's the deal with Wosyet then


File: 1377726596233.png (68.49 KB, 319x486, woz.png)

Regarding Wosyet:
Very serious. No-nonsense. If Caimon's role is akin to the generous and caring matron of the house then Wosyet is the disciplinarian. She's tough, easily ruffled, and has little capacity for humor.
More than almost anyone else (perhaps except PB) she'd be against Anon's newfound residence in the apartments and wouldn't be afraid to make that known.


File: 1377726601816.png (53.53 KB, 540x289, caimon.png)

Gooify all the girls


Why is she so serious? What's so important in her life that causes such a defensive stance on everything?



She's "guarding" the HOTEL
It's all so clear now


Someone mentioned the "Egyptian Guardian Deity" aspect
If anything, she's not guarding anon, she's guarding the apartment and its residents from him


Do you want me to play armchair psychologist or do you want to
I don't know what made her this way. Maybe her heart is carved out of literal stone. Maybe she was born without a sense of humor. Either way she's on your case.


Yeah, that was me

I completely forgot that the focus is the HOTEL, and not ANON


Or, more the interplay between hotel occupants.


Okay, what is she going to do about Anon? Obviously be vocal about not wanting him there, but is she going to do anything? Is it because there's all females and he's a guy?



So she doesn't like the other residents getting too chummy with Anon, then


How would Gillou feel about Anon being curious about her body and who she is?


Move INCEST fetish to the new twins
Also give them THREESOME and ROLEPLAY

Give Caimon a new fetish


>fetish RPG
>equip fetish combos on different characters to maximize your fetish power


Well unfortunately he signed a lease with Dewbon so there's not a lot she can do, certainly can't kick him out
Mostly what she can do is give him a fucking hard time constantly and always be on his case about shit

The way she sees it, she's the watchdog
And you're the fox in the henhouse


She's a massive cockblock, isn't she? I just realized that's a joke because she's a block of stone or something.



Does she frequently catch Anon in innocent yet apparently-compromising positions that justify her feelings

Does she frequently catch Anon in non-innocent compromising positions that justify her feelings


Yes to all questions
She is not about to let you take advantage of her friends
She knows what you're REALLY here for
Human men are all the same


So her tsundere thing

Is it more like she starts seeing Anon isn't so bad and might really be a pretty nice guy or does she just start to crave that human dick


I see where this is going. Also, question, are humans rare in this setting? Even if they are common, are they seen as weak/incompetent because they don't have the strength, speed, or abilities of the other species? Does Anon have to work harder just to compete in the job market and be seen as an equal?


I would imagine it being that Anon finally gets a stable job, starts to become friends with everyone, and proves his good character despite Woyset's hindrance. She then starts to think that maybe he's not such a bad guy. Slowly but surely she befriends him but is paranoid the entire time. Then the sexy thoughts start to happen.


I wonder what the most extreme fetish is in the hotel.




It's not so much that humans are rare in this world, it's more that you're a long way from home, boy

Monstro Village is pretty isolated and you're the only human for a long distance
If anything humans are probably seen as they appear in many fantasy settings: self-righteous and violent oppressors


>If anything humans are probably seen as they appear in many fantasy settings

So then that MUST mean that AT LEAST one monster girl represents XENOPHILIA, and wants to jump on Anon's hot human dick.

Maybe it's that monkey girl.


>AT LEAST one monster girl represents XENOPHILIA
If anything it might be Gnathodelli


So, what's each monstergirl's first impression of Anon? Aside from Wosyet, I mean, since we already know that.




I mean

She represents xenophilia with ANON AS THE NON-XENO

What would be the inverse of that, where Anon is the xeno to the xenophile?


Is there a stigma against humans and the fact Anon is so far away from their rule means there is racism against him?


To other species, humans are the aliens.



Like how Pinkie Pie asked to see Anon's WEIRD HUMAN COCK



To Delli, Anon is the Xeno. She probably gets it on with all sorts of races that are exotic to her.


I know what you meant
Still Delli the most though, probably

>Is there a stigma against humans and the fact Anon is so far away from their rule means there is racism against him?
There is some, but most of the girls in the apartment are pretty cool about it


File: 1377729214408.png (46.62 KB, 464x548, Pinkie wants to see.png)


Okay so

After Delli, who's the second one to jump Anon's bones



You know what that means, right?
You need a "race traitor" monster girl.

Kind of like extreme tsundere, but she REALLY LOVES sex with filthy, worthless humans.


I don't know if there will be a specific girl for that, but PB can fit that type. She'd insult you the entire time, but deep down she might be doing so to mask her emotions. Veronica would probably be self punishing about sex so she might feel dirty about doing it with a human.


PB is probably the one who hates your guts
Some, like Gillou and Agua, probably wouldn't even bat an eye at you being a human
Ronnie would probably be a little awkward about trying to show she's not racist, like she's a little weird around you but tries to act like she's not because she doesn't want to think of herself as racist



Veronica would probably research humans on Wikipedia and try to impress Anon with her knowledge of human culture but end up embarrassing herself showing only a superficial understanding of humanity


And she'll probably attempt to start sexual encounters by bringing an empty pizza box to your door.



That's hilarious



All of her knowledge about human sex would come from hardcore human porn so she'd think Anon would like fake porn moans and that anal was pretty much required.



It'd probably mean she'd be disappointed in your cock, too


Being fake is a huge turn off. It's like an insult.


What happens if you gooify Gooberry?


Every time I try a game with RPG like stats and romance/sex, it always feels too grindy and mechanical that it takes away from my enjoyment.


So does Anon eventually have sex with every girl in the building or what


Only the sexy ones.



But they're all… wait, I see what you did there.


It seems like just a setting and Anon is the empty placeholder for YOU, or whoever you want to be there.


Just my speculation:

Dewbon: Dull surprise. She probably felt bad for him and let him stay. My idea is that she has a soft heart when it comes to problemed people and that's why her apartment complex is full of personality.
Agua: Like, totally stellar and psychedelic. Sees him similar to seeing a butterfly and wondering about it's life in a harmonious way.
Gillou: Maybe another potential friend. Optimistic about it and hopes that he isn't a jerk.
PB: Something to complain about. Probably is in a sour mood all the time and just uses him to justify it, but doesn't really care unless he interferes with her actions.
Caimon: Welcoming once she knows he's moving in. Like those stereotypical very friendly southern neighbors.
Deli: A new toy to play with. Considering there's no other guys (I'm guessing) she's gonna play with him and jump his bone eventually.
Woyset: As described.
College girls: They are focused too much on school or something I dunno.
Meara: I don't know, GG hasn't said too much. Since he is staying in the same room as her, I'm guessing Dewbon doesn't know she is freeloading. Guessing she stays hidden and reveals herself after some time once she thinks she can trust him or she gets caught. Then Anon would think about all the stuff she heard and saw in what he thought was the privacy of his own room.
Gumberry: No information given.


Even if most of the girls are okay with him being a human, what about jobs? Are employers either not wanting a human at all or leery about him working for them? That would make it hard for him to earn money and he'd have to work harder just to stay afloat. Or maybe you are just going to hand wave money and jobs and say it isn't important to the setting.

Also, is this the complete roster of characters, or are you adding more people willy nilly and might even add some males.


>Dull Surprise

I can suddenly completely hear Dewbon's voice as Kathy Ireland. The juxtaposition is wonderful to me.


This is pretty accurate
PB would probably be on your case more than just indifferent to you and some of the college girls would be particularly awkward, but otherwise it's a great guess
Dewbon would probably be genuinely unphased though

>Or maybe you are just going to hand wave money and jobs and say it isn't important to the setting.
yeah this



Do you think the others would get mad if you raped PB?


I wonder if Gillou and Caimon have a good rapport, being fellow swamp creatures and all.


>"No guys it's okay once a girl has been raped she can't be raped again so it's just sex!"
You wouldn't survive long enough to breath after that sentence.


>Do you think the others would get mad if you raped PB?
Yes I think that's a pretty fucking safe bet



File: 1377762199022.jpg (327.62 KB, 1600x600, sisters and brothers.jpg)

Hey, GG

I hear that Pinkie's sisters are visiting ponyville in season 4

I also hear that Pinkie had a great time with Mti and Mua


Did a whole bunch of lewd Mti and Mua stuff this afternoon
incoming alts


sweaty version


>hover over it
>it's transparent


part 2


with minor bulge


with bush


messy finish


messy finish with minor cum inflation

that's all, folks!


That is absolutely fantastic.


Which one's your favorite?


>double vag internal finish
+1 nigga points


Why don't you ever draw it, MSOB?


>implying I don't
It's all in teh sekrit stash




>Which one's your favorite?
Which one's YOUR favorite, anon?



Not him, but

Call me old fashioned, but I like just the regular ol' double vaginal one.



Me too…



These two are my favorite of the set, the whole thing is simply Unftastic



The bushy one.

I'm glad you're drawing more Mti and Mua


Why don't you ever post it, MSOB?


File: 1378261942616.png (313.75 KB, 1000x1000, agua.png)

I like these two along with Gillou.


File: 1378261956142.png (342.45 KB, 1000x1000, dewbonponders.png)


File: 1378263409545.png (233.19 KB, 1000x1000, paybycheck.png)

Retail only.


Aim for her weakspot!


Love these. Dewbon is one of my favorites.

Unfortunately, my laptop was sitting on my lap when I viewed this picture. The ensuing erection sheared it in half.


File: 1378510310948.png (9.03 KB, 800x600, 1.png)

I've been getting a lot of people asking, so I'll reiterate something I said before

In addition to just its content potentially causing backlash which recent events have only cemented as a well-placed fear there is another more substantial reason the stash remains the stash

A lot of the stuff in it was done either for or with other people.
Some of the stuff is canvases I've done that include the work of other people and would have to be excised (often leaving a nonsensical mess behind). More importantly, some of the stuff I've done I'm not at liberty to distribute without permission. There are commissions and series and comics that are out of my hands.

I hope people will understand that it's not just me being a tease, some of this is just not up to me.



Woah shit, I'd totally not care about the stash anymore if you started taking regular commissions

then I could just pay you to draw the stuff I hope is in your stash


File: 1378537871924.png (85.64 KB, 839x722, gumberry underwear.png)

suddenly gumberry


and here she is again, with less clothing


I need a personality, please.


File: 1378538904449.png (43.66 KB, 258x458, gumberry.png)

Well outside of sexual considerations, Gumberry is a very polite, friendly, and upbeat individual, though she is a bit meek. Despite her tough physiology she's a somewhat fragile girl, and her upbeat demeanor can quickly break to a tearful, sobbing mess, locking herself in her room when someone like say Princess Bitch so much as turns an unkind word at her. Her roommates, resultantly, are very protective of her.

She can't speak normally, but she understands English perfectly and can communicate through all manner of gestures. She can make other small vocalizations, like sigh, purr, moan, etc.

She is curious and inquisitive, and though she is friendly with all those around her, her self-conscious and unsure ways mean she'd rather watch a movie on the couch than at the theater, and would prefer a nice night in with friends than a worrying night out where there are strangers. Her tastes are a little traditional but she's very earnest and never hides ulterior motives – partially because, even mute, she's a terrible liar.
Overall, she's a big softy and you can see right through her.


I like it. Didn't see the pun until it was too late. So what are her abilities? How far can they go?


As for her sexuality, however:
Like a fair deal of the other girls, Gumberry's pretty pent-up, but she doesn't deny or rationalize her desires like some of the more tsundere girls might. She's perfectly fine with outward expression of it.

Gumberry likes to feel sexy and wants to express it. The only problem is she's very self-conscious, being so strange even among strange people plus she's not very happy with her figure I mean "volume"

She needs a little help coming out of her shell, and as much as she wants to pose and show off like this, she still feels pretty shy about it.
With some tender reassurance and care, however, she could probably go pretty wild.


Does she want/use sex the same as humans (which is kind of the norm here) or is she just using it as a means of connection and validation?


She wants sex because she's pent-up, horny, and it feels good.
It's just tied in many ways to her own self-esteem.


Seems like every monstergal is pent up, but I guess that's because they live in a place with no males (unless you add to the roster) and an anthropic principle. It's like Anon is the catalyst for a lot of stuff, stirring sexual tension and shifting around the interrelationships.


With all those pent-up feelings, I guess they're all living in a regular penthouse!


If they weren't all pent up and fiending for dick it wouldn't be a very good harem anime now would it?



Well, you could have one girl who has guys, but who also has a rapacious libido and harem culture of her own enough to still lust after the male protagonist. Bein' all tempting all the time and such. Sort sort of ant/bee/naked mole rat social structure? Or some sort of anglerfish girl who - no that'd be too much.

But a good few harem anime have one character who fits the slutty big-sister-to-other-girls predator-to-dudes type. She never really has a chance with the hero besides some risque moments (poor girl) but she's there to tease him and to give embarrassing advice to the less experienced girls. For humour, all her advice could be based on monster males, and causes shenanigans if tried on a human.

Maybe a female tentacle monster.


File: 1378548720543.png (13.93 KB, 631x350, tentaclegirl.png)

>Maybe a female tentacle monster.



Does she like to wrap around fat hard dicks and slowly squeeze and tug on them?


So, Gumberry would be one of the first to jump Anon's bones, huh?


>So, Gumberry would be one of the first to jump Anon's bones, huh?
If she were more self-confident, it would be a possibility. As it is she'll just watch from afar and think about it and not feel good enough. Maybe she'll have to work herself up to it.


Okay, the most important question to ask about any goo girl is What happens when she comes into contact with your cum? Does it add slightly to her mass? Does it stay suspended inside her for a while as a clear indication to everyone of what the two of you have been up to? And if so, might she, in her newfound confidence, take pride in it?


>cum as a badge of honor
I could see another monstergal teases her for it and she gets all bashful.


I think this is one of the few of your monstergirls I can really get behind, even though I'm not really a big goo girl fan. She's not as "extreme" as the others, I don't think.
Though that's all personal opinion.


Who are the others?


Oh man, don't make me do this. I have very specific tastes.
…Okay the proportions and features on most of them really just aren't up my alley. It's pretty cliche as fuck, but that's really how it is. A lot of people like Caimon and Gillou, and I feel pretty weird because I'm not a big fan of either. I mean, I like the fetishes that they (and most of the others) stand for, but I can't get past the proportions. I know that probably sounds shallow as fuck, but that's one of the main reasons. Aside from the sexual things, I'm cool with the characters. They're all interesting and they work well enough. Agua's cute, and I like Gnathodelli because she reminds me kinda of a Xenomorph. Veronica's bioluminescence is awesome.
So when I say extreme, it's just mainly the proportions. Please don't hate me.


>not liking Paula
check out this pleb.cam


>People posting your zebra stuff in CCG
GG stop.


File: 1378788832166.jpg (70.21 KB, 699x517, zebra dungeon.jpg)

I tried to change their appearance for this


Someone did argue that they looked different than normal pone.
Regardless, I didn't expect to see your stuff there today.


Just do something really explicit. Someone face fucking one of the monster girls.


they look like segmented robots in the thumbnail.


File: 1379131535155.png (1.07 MB, 2000x2000, agua tears.png)

I love Agua. I was feeling down though, so I made her cry.


That's very cute
I imagine she's not the type of person who you could keep down for long though. Give her a minute and she'll think of something and spring up with a smile. She's resilient. Like a cactus.


This isn't going to be a recurring character, but here's a girl I just threw together
inspired by a chocolate donut


And nudie version


File: 1379164408957.png (27.94 KB, 547x560, meara.png)

what do you guys think
meara's size
small or extra small


Might as well go all the way

Extra small



I think I like the larger one better, but if you're going for variety, extra small would probably be better since you don't have any, like, "tiny" monstergirls.


I suppose whichever supports her personality and motives better. I don't think you've expanded on them so I can't make a well informed vote. I'd say XS because you already have huge characters as it is. Being a foot tall should be enough to not be discounted as a gimmicky pet yet small enough to give her that cute quality. Two feet is like a large dog size. Do you have a bio for her?


I'm not gonna do a write-up for her just this second but despite her size, she is, personality-wise, more the MILF of the group
She's the oldest of all the girls and has an unflappable, confident demeanor. While many of the other girls may be shy or inexperienced, she knows exactly how to use what she has, and enjoys some (good-natured) taunting and teasing from time to time.
She lives in the corner of Anon's room and rarely (if ever) leaves. She's a recluse in a lot of ways but seems to take an interest in Anon's activities, and is likely to make prods about what he looks at online.


Is she a squatter? Does Dewbon or the others know about her and does Meara pay rent? Because right now she seems like pet status. I would need a good reason to keep a stranger in my bedroom.


I haven't quite decided yet.
Either she's on the lease and nobody but Dewbon really remembered, or she's squatting and tries to convince Anon to keep quiet when she's discovered – either by blackmail or persuasion.


Okay! Settled on a "very small" but slightly larger than the previous very small for Meara.
Here's the updated height chart.


I'd like to see a thing where Anon "explores" how big Gillou's head is.




Yeah, that's a good size for her. The question is now, what sexual actions she can do or "creative ones"? Using web? Spinnerets?



Woah there Anon, she has some pretty sharp teeth. If you're getting at what I think you're getting at, that would be pretty dangerous.


She has a long tongue.


File: 1379204950911.png (1.62 MB, 2000x2000, Buddies.png)

This is what I want out of these two! My hope at least is that the spines wouldnt hurt miss Gumberry.



That is absolutely adorable.


File: 1379225770703.jpg (60.59 KB, 500x374, MadeofDreams.jpg)


I wasn't really talking about sex, just a general awe about how big her head is.


Spider bite contains aphrodisiac?


>lots of monstergal talk in MLPG
>nothing here


File: 1379236816771.png (49.41 KB, 500x300, RIP ;_;.png)

rip agua


File: 1379237197722.png (85.68 KB, 967x628, staredown.png)

So Dewbon has some sort of paralyzing gaze?


I think that's just the magic one eyed pone monster that does that.


Actually, according to the card thingy, she has a "Petrifying" gaze. So, paralyzing or turning to stone.


File: 1379371070330.png (439.71 KB, 700x700, shut up pb.png)

Thought this would be funny
Needs more Agua


Caimon keepin' that pimp hand strong.

Which monster girl would, proportionally, bench the most?


File: 1379372527599.png (149.23 KB, 700x700, strongest.png)


Agua is stronk.



File: 1379425240355.png (79.89 KB, 575x746, gnoll gal.png)

>Which monster girl would, proportionally, bench the most?
possibly this one


That's what Anon needs, someone to get him off his fat ass. "SQUATS AND OATS!".


File: 1379449340929.png (192.8 KB, 700x700, shaved.png)

More Agua doodle, since nobody's told me to stop. hehe.





Oh yeah, now THAT's hot.


I request Dewbon smiling.


File: 1379518457691.png (70.52 KB, 503x650, agua.png)

Started doing little profile pics for each of the girls, along with a quick five-word-max summary of their character as a fun exercise

Got a few done so far:


File: 1379518477693.png (78.63 KB, 503x650, meara.png)


File: 1379518512742.png (62.35 KB, 503x650, elinda.png)


File: 1379518549267.png (61.61 KB, 503x650, princess bitch.png)

Just these four for now.


I can't help but imagine anon trying to empathize with her over the constant rape, only to have her shrug it off and call him a pussy.



Aaah she is so cute I'm going to die!

But not before drawing her a few more times.



Soooooo just what sort of things does Elinda want a taste of?


Your head.


File: 1379530188465.png (178 KB, 700x700, Shower.png)

Agua enjoying a lil shower.


File: 1379540168039.png (68.86 KB, 503x650, paula.png)

Finished two more, which will conclude the half that are smaller than Anon


File: 1379540194030.png (64.35 KB, 503x650, gumberry.png)

And Gumberry makes 6/12


You know, in spite of what you might expect, I think Paula's my favorite.


File: 1379543997096.png (172.38 KB, 788x722, lizardfishghostgirl.png)

This is going to sound very strange, but I have to tell it.

So, this morning, I had a dream with Muschio in it. It was in a sort of strange style - the characters were drawn like GG does, but the background wasn't, it was like some sort of 2.5D sidescrolling platformer sort of thing. Muschio was going through, like, a sort of cave system, and he finds a door, and walks through to this little cozy-looking room where there's this… sort, fish lizard girl. I've made the attempt to duplicate the scene, here, see.

I can't remember exactly what they talked about, I think she started treating him like he was a guest come to visit, while he's all puzzled. And as it goes on she seems sort of sad and desperate, and Muschio is getting nervous, and she tells him not to leave because she loves him. Which, of course, persuades him all the more to scarper. But just as soon as he's out the door, she gets this weird flickery effect with her lower body going transparent and, I am not joking, she's a ghost. And, what's more, she calls after him that he was going to meet more women of her kind (fish lizard women, not ghosts) and that he had to beware because they'd hurt him. The dream started moving on with the story, but that was when I woke up.

So, in short: I had a dream where Muschio meets a fish lizard girl ghost who tries to keep him from some unpleasant prophecy, and felt compelled to recount it, with illustration.

But now, GG, you can say you had vaguely creepy fanart from someone's subconscious mind.


How does aligator, bird and other monster girls know what breasts are?




File: 1379613993403.png (75.77 KB, 503x650, gnathodelli.png)


File: 1379614065313.png (64.39 KB, 503x650, wosyet.png)


File: 1379615058001.png (62.51 KB, 503x650, veronica.png)

Ronnie makes 9/12


File: 1379619505642.png (88.33 KB, 503x650, caimon.png)

The Not-So-Ragin' Cajun


File: 1379621031980.png (56.42 KB, 503x650, gillou.png)

Gillou makes 11/12


File: 1379622219185.png (75.68 KB, 503x650, dewbon.png)

Last one!


It didn't really occur to me until now that so many of them are in swimsuits most of the time.


Clothes as humans wear them are for warmth, and from that necessity we developed modesty. These guys don't need the clothes for warmth, mostly, so only wear enough to satisfy modesty or style. Or in Dewbon's case, it's virtually impossible to find anything big enough, so she basically wears a sheet.


Love the cards.


I'm getting pretty hype for Waifumon already

When can I expect the rest of the deck?


File: 1379963170147.png (142.32 KB, 701x721, vP3gb36.png)

Hmmm… How should I clothe these two? I wonder how each monster girl would dress casually. I don't want "they always wear swimsuits or go nude" to be the answer!


File: 1379963295197.png (166.92 KB, 646x647, CYzxFqy.png)

Attempt #1: Caimon in denim, deer girl dresses conservatively. Perhaps too conservatively, both of 'em?


File: 1379963421947.png (120.9 KB, 586x618, pbwnwsr.png)

Attempt #2: Soft casual wear. Daisy dukes for Caimon at a buddy's request. Sleepwear for the unnamed deer girl.


That outfit is definitely more Caimon's style. The deer girl is adorable too!
Thanks for all these, they're super cute.


File: 1380072773590.png (279.07 KB, 750x750, caimondeer.png)


I'm glad you like them!! I'm having a lot of fun drawing your characters, hehe. I've been wanting to see more of your deer girl since i saw >>4798

Drawing her is almost as good!


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