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File: 1369166850660.png (15.9 KB, 440x321, Untitled.png)


huh. well okay. here we go. not too sure about this


File: 1369166988141.png (211.08 KB, 1000x740, birthday cake.png)

ill post some ponies first, not sure what to post here exactly


File: 1369167233402.png (148.27 KB, 1000x928, celestiafa.png)


File: 1369167485841.png (202.51 KB, 829x824, c7b3daaf6a0eec0beb599f3c8d….png)

here's my dragon i was drawing, though i kinda had to stop to work on other shit
i draw a lot of non pony stuff


Well, just post your work, like many have done. Oh and you should add a spoiler to your nsfw stuff.


File: 1369167739232.png (364.31 KB, 1097x1200, akako.png)

well, that's the plan haha
i just wasnt sure if i should post everything? even non pone stuff. and fetish stuff. but i guess someone wanted to see what this was? a character i am working on
sorry, my net keeps going out


File: 1369167826025.png (332.91 KB, 925x1794, change.png)

some clean up on the design


File: 1369167985877.png (837.86 KB, 1198x1871, beachball copy.png)






So something I've been wondering, why do you like… thick people/pones?


I'm pretty sure red does not like chubby anything


File: 1369169017246.png (1.11 MB, 953x1659, ll4 copy.png)

its kinda hard to explain. its more the process that i like a lot. i like soft things too, its nice to hug a bigger person. i like the curves a lot too. i dont actually like a lot of real life huge people though, i also dont like chicks irl that much


The process? So like, a series of pics where a pony (or person) gets chubbier then. Or pregnant, you did a few of those too.


File: 1370305847135.png (510.57 KB, 1074x1980, cadance1.png)

Yeah, pretty much!

also here's a concept for that pin up book? what do you guys think?


Cadence, right?

Looks pretty alright so fan, legs might be a bit soo short


I know you prefer the wider and heavy set body type, but so far this doesn't exactly shout "Cadance" to me. I do like that you're keeping the wings and horn, it would add a very nice fantasy art touch to the collection.


File: 1370329756549.png (231.63 KB, 963x1200, fa.png)

does it really look that wide? i guess my "style" (sorry) just kinda leans that way. ill make her more thin and work on her design.

posting a picture as well i suppose


I've made a note of your condition in my internal tracking list for the MLPG Prints project. Best of luck, and let us know when you're doing better.


File: 1371180543629.png (322.88 KB, 942x1200, sylveon.png)

When's the due date? I might still be able to make it. I've been getting better.


I'll try to announce one on Friday. I just want to see where everyone is at right now to get a sense of how much more time is needed. If you haven't made progress on Cadance since last time I saw her >>3457 then I'll just share that with the group for now, if that's alright.


File: 1371238762415.png (238.59 KB, 969x969, flutterbutter.png)

Well, I might redo it, and kinda want to, but if you want to that's alright. Maybe I'll just edit it or something.


File: 1371560470449.png (355.45 KB, 925x1000, return.png)

is there a new due date for the pin up book yet? I havent got any info about it


Wow rediv, you are lewd.


File: 1372205410254.gif (850.97 KB, 500x281, MLPG's opinion on rediv.gif)

Will you take requests?


File: 1372410803182.png (972.96 KB, 1407x1546, dee02.png)


i thought everyone knew this
uh it depends i have some stuff to do


Christ in a bucket,rediv.


what if like 6 guys all on the stack could unload inside you after a week of edging

what if


>implying that's not what she does every friday


File: 1373679748457.png (436.1 KB, 1280x1199, tumblr_mplg2wP7R91qhxd10o1….png)

Fuck, I keep forgetting the Book only sends updates via Gmail and I don't use that. Is the thing still happening? I am so sorry that I forgot. I've had a lot going on lately.


File: 1373679769537.png (2.42 MB, 2000x1444, rrprag.png)

upload dump as well i guess


File: 1373679875252.png (410.52 KB, 1137x955, dancewip.png)


Uh… I'm on Skype as well and address the group.

There's also the tumblr, and the thread here in /art/


File: 1373681331862.png (226.61 KB, 701x994, komaeda001.png)


Didnt I give you my skype? I never got an add from you


I don't have a Skype handle listed for you on my tracking list… Welp, you could still add me. Same handle there as here.


Of course if privacy is an issue you could e-mail it to the project e-mail, or respond to me on Tumblr.


File: 1374375725689.png (371.95 KB, 1109x1238, cadance02.png)

attempt 2


File: 1374393999370.png (256.02 KB, 1296x1281, unicorn.png)


File: 1374394031889.png (243.7 KB, 1426x915, redupdateb.png)


File: 1375295285819.png (208.76 KB, 762x899, colors.png)


File: 1375295317188.png (157.9 KB, 800x791, fetlocks.png)


File: 1375295343328.png (159.45 KB, 603x800, cadance.png)


File: 1375295357614.png (170.66 KB, 608x900, cadance02.png)


File: 1375295372519.png (114.16 KB, 479x800, isabelle.png)

done for now


Stop reading this and draw something!


rediv how do you feel about people from Mlpg adding you because they are interested in you and want to ERP?


File: 1377397699917.png (183.98 KB, 800x899, wide sweetie rq.png)

i dont mind but im really shy about rping


File: 1377397762627.png (234.64 KB, 800x850, rd - Copy.png)

a fat shit


File: 1378366138228.png (263.97 KB, 895x852, destroy mewball.png)


File: 1378366155086.png (380.98 KB, 989x970, wew.png)


File: 1378366266792.png (251.78 KB, 1000x1000, zephyr.png)

new horse


File: 1378817722341.png (373.25 KB, 1069x1500, syo.png)


File: 1378817742799.png (348.81 KB, 714x1236, akako.png)






File: 1381373813380.png (171.83 KB, 449x470, cake.png)

i just woke up


Your humans are pretty cute.


File: 1381492292035.png (163.43 KB, 387x566, weirdos.png)

whoa, thank you friend


File: 1381903066448.png (162.72 KB, 491x756, 25999a9ec72d11aa8b737bf6d9….png)


File: 1382065968944.png (210.1 KB, 647x777, junko.png)


File: 1383287237506.png (688.99 KB, 1433x1918, 03.png)



File: 1383287251191.png (361.58 KB, 1107x1443, cen.png)



Just making sure you see this. >>6986
please love me


File: 1383456247944.jpg (61.11 KB, 500x282, lightning dust humanizatio….jpg)

>wielding an axe
>not a charged mace


File: 1383991114327.png (43.09 KB, 296x292, head.png)

tbh it was just a random thanagarian,


Posting this because it's cute

If you say so


File: 1384231089503.png (179.31 KB, 900x762, goodra.png)


File: 1384231144073.png (211.68 KB, 800x800, sugar.png)


File: 1384231670654.png (202.04 KB, 800x800, laighg.png)



Hey red, what brush is that you're using for your lines?

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