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File: 1352043086991.gif (249.42 KB, 500x364, tom smash.gif)

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The old one keeps saying "Your Post Looks Automated", and I guess I'm not the only one seeing it. So until then, this is the new thread.

Old thread: >>4
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I'm imagining some sort of armadillo cyclops that goes all Samas Aran and rolls around.


File: 1368099848082.png (55.87 KB, 623x563, hunch3.png)

She doesn't roll. She just plods along at a very slow pace.
Her job sticks her behind a desk (as in the first picture) so she's really more of a fixture.


She's probably pretty chill

I think she looks like she could get a pretty good, if really short burst of speed
Probably by running on all fours for a bit


The only thing I can imagine is how her tits would flail about if she did that.



that's too funny to unf to


She once got a black eye from trying that.


She'd probably trip over them, yeah
Or at least on her hair
Or her tail


Sheesh you guys
they're huge and fat, they're not floppy pancakes
she wouldn't trip on them
but she'd be jiggling like a lava lamp


Draw it.


Are you talking about just her breasts or her whole body?



well, that's not too funny to unf to




Her tits mostly

Well good
Gillou's a gray area but this one would definitely crush you



Not if you're on top!


Wait, how big is she? Or perhaps just… dense? That thing on her back looks hard, like a shell.


>Wait, how big is she?
she's the biggest yet




is she sensitive about being so big?


I'm going to need her and Anon next to each other… for reference. Yea, reference.


I might have to do a size chart of all the monstergirls


I was going to guess like, 8 feet at most with the slump

How big are all the monstergirls, approximately?

I like Nobody's Gnath size in >>2626, but she looks smaller than that in all the stuff you drew, I think


I just realized most of the monstergals are pretty big. Only Princess Bitch is below average human size.


Bigger is more interesting most of the time, I think


But what about >>1859


Actually maybe Illistere is smaller than normal

Illistere, I dunno
I like her outfit and her design but I have no ideas for her and she's not as interesting as I hoped she'd be
Though I had imagined setting a spot in the main monstergirl "lineup" aside for her I'll probably replace her


What about it? PB is smaller than Anon.



Was Illistere anything but a dancer?




Seems like the closest thing to a "size chart" but they don't seem too huge compared to a human. Not like >>2626 for example.



Did you draw any more of her ever?


File: 1368101822494.gif (9.78 KB, 800x600, huh.gif)

Here are some old monstergals I dug up

No, not really
like I said she didn't interest me much


I would ask for a monstergal quest, but you've got others that are currently going. How are they, by the way?



>What fetish is that exactly?

The way you put it in MLPG was nice

"a girl getting herself into a dangerous situation because she thinks it's harmless and playful, and still, hopefully, trying to treat it as a game even as it becomes more and more dangerous"




I've seen your persona-avatar being drawn everywhere in my country

how does it feel to be internationally famous ?


He doesn't feel like royalty, that's for sure!


I colored one of your Gillou drawings.


Nice job, I always love this picture.


say what?

oh my
thank you muchly dooks, that's some fine roundness you've added there


File: 1368142708592.png (6 KB, 128x128, avatar_61c1281442e9_128[1].png)

uh, your avatar ? , pic related

it's drawn in virtually every bathroom stall you can think of, restaurants, schools.. etc

you should feel proud that your creations are put next to the toilet


what fucking country is this



i'd tell everyone who the real creator is, but I would be linked with your stuff

because there is already some people claiming to be the original artist


Thanks! It's the least I can do since I love your monstergirls (specially Gillou, Ona and Caimon) and I can't draw.

Have another one.


Makes them look so very soft and round


this took longer than I thought
monstergirl height chart/comparison



Huh, is Agua new?


File: 1368159880458.png (40.98 KB, 373x377, cactus.png)


File: 1368160134792.png (7.48 KB, 193x93, 1368153182936.png)

I was getting hype when I saw that monster girl pallete. All the girls look amazing. Though I'm starting too see as time goes by that the macrophiliac side of me is becoming more and more pleased with your work.


totally forgot agua's hair

maybe I should start a new thread, since this one seems to not be bumping anymore?


Gnathodelli is the last one I'd expect to shave her pubes.


Seems prudent.



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