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File: 1330554258097.png (108.36 KB, 945x945, 1329696884554.png)

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It also isn't 3d


don't blame me, it's really hard to find loli pinkie


That poor Anon, keeps getting into awkward situations.



>no fair, you can't use anything with fingers!

>don't you have any appendages that don't have fingers or toes on them that I can wrestle?


Why is she playing with mayonnaise?


I would still want to cuddle with her if she got like that after a particularly bad night.
She looked all soft and warm and stuff. You could probably curl up right on her belly and go to sleep.



>Sunguard giving a speech to the new recruits
>"You have passed through rigorous training and a thorough screening process - you began as over a hundred, and now only the twenty of you remain."
>"Many of your friends from training could not meet the bar, and were sent home. We have rejected Wonderbolts just as we have rejected Weather-Ponies - The Royal Air Guard does not choose just any pegasus to serve in her ranks."
>"Congratulations, boys and girls - you are officially Equestria's Greatest Flyers. And you have attained that rank because you wanted to serve with the greatest airborne defensive corps in all of Equestria, second only to Celestia's own Royal Guard - needed it as badly as you need to breathe - and that dedication and focus are the hallmarks of a Royal Air Gua—."
>Derpy speaks up.
>"I joined because they said we get free muffins!"


File: 1340864304393.png (1.1 MB, 962x962, MegaSweet same everything.png)

urgh..it's so hard to find MS's stuff hot.




>At this point Nightguard is rolling on the floor, gasping for air between gutlaughs.


wait, why is she in the holding cell?


>Derpy believed the recruiter
Damn, she really is retarded.




Would you kiss and lick and sniff and dry-hump her?


Renne quest is still going, in case anyone actually made it to the sub that wasn't here when 4chan went down.



B^U strikes again!


I know that feel, anon. I'd love to just nuzzle and massage her bloated form. Once she was asleep I'd drift off along with her, lulled by the gentle rise and fall of her sloshy stomach with each breath she took.


That wouldn't be too weird for her?


File: 1340864658172.jpg (90.57 KB, 600x400, earl-sweatshirt1.jpg)

Eww gross, I'm not going to fuck a horse!


File: 1340864684758.jpg (136.89 KB, 1280x903, pinkie_surprised_by_iopich….jpg)

>that artist
And now that we're not on 4chan I can post anthro without fear of being banned


Fukken reported.




I think we got arrested for some reason.
It's like playing a Bethesda game.


No, she's drunk. She doesn't mind.
And she likes you~


File: 1340864814826.png (579.48 KB, 882x1080, 1330311611763.png)

I always thought that was the stupidest rule even though I don't like furry that much
inb4 %%>slugbox


It's so much chiller tonight than on most nights lately.
Submarine is best marine.


I like pretty much everything they've ever drawn, its crazy.

I think its the colours.


File: 1340864837473.png (288.03 KB, 800x800, i miss you.png)

I miss you, /co/


>over 1000 posts
This thread is getting fucking laggy.


>can't post
come on submarine, get it together


File: 1340864881977.gif (244.99 KB, 338x338, 1334760327776.gif)

Anonymous pls go


Guys I'm..I'm kind of reluctant to go back. This is so fucking chill. I don't want it to ever end ;_;


>Do you really want to rape me, /co/?
GF threads are weird there


Shh no tears, Anon…
Only dreams now…
But seriously, get over it already.


this thread's getting kind of big
should we make a new one?




We need a new thread.



File: 1340865009400.jpg (94.36 KB, 564x800, 1328877877435.jpg)

I just like the style. It reminds me of Panty and Stocking




Oh! Um… Well… I guess in that case, I would. It might be fun to fool around a little while she was all poofy. I just don't want to take advantage.



>Sunguard shuts his eyes and mutters under his breath that he's going to have a chat with their recruiters, while Moonguard pounds the floor, trying to force herself to breathe.

>Derpy smiles up at him obliviously, as the other recruits stare incredulously at her.


right then.



here you are, gentlemen.


It would be taking advantage if she was sober later and regretted it.
She's always drunk so you're good to go.


New, less laggy horse here:


Nonsense. She only drank so much tonight to get the courage to make a move.
And she'll be back to a normal size by tomorrow morning.



oh you guys


I guess you guys have a point.

Do ponies have bellybuttons?


Loads way too slow, and the script doesn't fucking work.


Perhaps if I post on a thread this old ill go back

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